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Yoo Seung-ho joins I Miss You as Yoochun’s rival
by | October 22, 2012 | 211 Comments

Hot diggity. Yoo Seung-ho has just been added to I Miss You, and I am STOKED.

Funny that he should be going right from one Wednesday-Thursday drama (Arang and the Magistrate) into the show replacing it, but you will not hear me complaining about more Yoo Seung-ho. He has just confirmed that he’ll be playing the character of Kang Hyung-joon, aka the antagonist to hero Han Jung-woo (Yoochun), and his “mild-mannered smile hides the sharp blade of revenge.” The two men’s conflict dates back to their parents’ generation, and the role ought to give Yoo Seung-ho a change of pace as he displays an “icy charisma.”

One reason for Hyung-joon’s two-faced character can be traced back, naturally, to a painful emotional scar. That’s basically the foundation of all K-drama characters ever. Admittedly sometimes you just want to take aside those fiercely bitter antagonists and play them a round of “Everybody Hurts,” but I’m intrigued to see how Yoo will create this “devilish” character.

I know Yoo’s way younger than the rest of the cast and probably also his character, but he’s been playing above his age for years. Thankfully he has the skills, the presence, and a physical appearance that allows for that; he doesn’t have the round baby face that keeps him looking childlike. I’m a little bemused at how one considers both Yoo Seung-ho and Chun Jung-myung for the same role, but in any case I’m super excited about this direction. Yoo’s played villains before (Warrior Baek Dong-soo) and he’s acted in a range of genres despite his young years (he’s 19 now, although he did technically debut 12 years ago and is quite experienced for his age). He’s also played a number of kings (Legend, Queen Seon-deok) and a god, so authority and gravitas are not in question.

The drama stars Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye as a couple who fall in love as teens, then miss connections over the next decade until they meet again as adults. Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun (of The Moon That Embraces the Sun) portray their younger counterparts and will appear in the drama’s first couple weeks. There’s a short mini-drama scheduled for MBC’s post-Arang slot, placing I Miss You’s premiere in early November.

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211 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. saltandpepper

    waiting for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Carolina

    i dunno about it… still finds him a little bit too young for the part…
    seeing him with YHY? hhhhmmmm noona-dongsaeng but not in a nice way, imo

    • 2.1 redfox

      TOO YOUNG? that Old Fogey??? LOL

    • 2.2 nene

      agree w you..i can’t take him srsly n top of that so scrawny ..he looks like a teenager n these idiots expect us to take him srsly in adult roles..trollol

      • 2.2.1 soonie

        Agreed….but maybe he chose this role to shut up all of us who are going “wth??” I sure hope he can live up to whatever age the character is… But I def can’t complain about seeing him nonetheless!!

    • 2.3 Belle

      His character is suppose to be younger than the other two… & if anyone can pull it off, it’s YSH! He’s very talented!

  3. kakashi

    Amazing actor. There cannot be too much Yoo Seung-ho; they could as well book him for all the upcoming Wed-Thurs dramas.

    • 3.1 paper

      LOL totally agree with you! I hope he out-acts the rest of the cast ~ and shows them how its done D;

      • 3.1.1 fdyane

        well i hope not over out-acts ALL of the cast..i mean yoochun is in drama too u know..Seung ho is such a hottie and a great actor, i juz hope he doesnt steal the spotlight from yoochun..seung ho must think this drama is good cause he used to play lead roles and agreed to be da bad guy in this drama..lets hope its a good one! im curious hows da chemistry between SH with YEH..cant wait

        • Joan

          Yoo Seung-ho never played lead roles except for Operation Proposal.. which was cable… right? Or am I missing something…

          • Roshogolla

            God of study. 4th period murder mystery. The way home all had him as the lead.

        • jomo

          Just saw that YSH’s WBDS sunbae Jun Kwang Ryul (of Baker King, too) is also cast.

          Wonder if that influenced YSH at all…

      • 3.1.2 Mic

        Why would you want him to out-act the rest of the cast? The drama wouldn’t be any fun if there was only one good character. :/

        I hope they’re all good.

      • 3.1.3 what

        Wow are you friggin serious?! what kind of mentality is this?

        They are first and foremost actors. They are not there to compete or steal the limelight against eachother but work together as a team, inorder to make the drama a success.

        I really hate hearing such crab mentality!

        • Jo


          Pardon the kid, she just wants the best for her Oppa. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • paper

          holy smokes :O
          Calm thy tits people XD I’m an avid drama watcher & fans of both Yoochun & YEH (just not the stalker type) ๐Ÿ˜€
          What I meant with my comment was that seeing as how naturally YSH carries each role he is given~ I hope his character or better yet~ his acting will make both Yoochun & YEH step up to the plate and act as strongly… because from their recent projects both have been swinging like a pendulum acting wise~ my love for YEH has still been carried over from Coffee Prince because honestly since then her projects have been poor… both script & acting wise. As for Yoochun~ well I didn’t very much like rooftop prince~ yes it was laugh out loud funny but I wanted more and I just didn’t get it. He was great in Miss Ripley and then went down a notch in rooftop. But I still watch all their projects & 55% of the time I enjoy it. YSH on the other hand has been a consistent actor role after role~ portraying various characters and improving every time acting wise~ going forwards as one would say and not back (the opposite of what YEH has done thus far).

          Also i’ll be watching this show for the child actors & then YSH and last but not least for YEH & Yoochun ~ LOL. So if one of those factors was to be taken out ~ i’d still be watching it… heck i’d still be watching the show… cuz its a wed/thurs show & its Kdrama & I usually watch all the shows except the daily ones (with the exception of one per year LOL).

          • what

            Yoochun or Yoon Eun Hye for that matter does not need to get schooled by Yoo Seung Ho. They are working really hard to improve their craft, and they all can learn from eachother. No actor is perfect and yes not even the child actors or Yoo Seung Ho. They each have their strength and weaknesses.

            I agree Yoon Eun Hye suffered from terrible scripts but don’t agree with the acting part. There’s only so much actors can do to save a drama from drowning because of the sucky script. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan saved it through their acting and even korean drama critics wrote about it.

      • 3.1.4 dtp_jnr

        Him & Choi Min Soo owned the lead actor in Warrior Baek Dong Soo….

    • 3.2 Gaeina Lee

      MBC might as well heed your suggestion and sign him in till 2013… ^^

    • LOL! They might as well make him the lead star on the next Wed-Thu drama after I Miss You..

      I was not actually going to watch I Miss You until its done because of its genre. Waiting for a week kills me. But knowing YSH will join the cast as Yoochun’s rival, i change my mind! HA!

    • 3.4 jomo

      Excellent idea!

      • 3.4.1 eny

        if the role good he could steel the attention from park yoo chun, i’m not really nteresting with this drama but after hear this news may be i’ll try it, he is good actor

    • 3.5 Nicole

      This would be too much for him. miscasting.

  4. Depz

    First… I guess?

    But I’m really really excited once Seung Ho came in.
    Hopefully age gap doesn’t matter.
    Waiting patiently now….

  5. Jolyn

    Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. funkypicklez

    interesting.. you would think that yoo seung ho would be more interested in the lead roles with all his years in the acting field.

    • 6.1 shiku

      I think he was begged to do it.

      • 6.1.1 JoAnne

        they heard me?

        • jomo

          LOL! Thanks for being so LOUD.

        • D

          hihihi.. thank you!..

          me & my friends are stoked with this news.. more reason to watch this drama now..

      • 6.1.2 Mystisith

        The savior to the rescue.

    • 6.2 girlatsea

      He’s only 19, he has plenty of time to snag all the lead roles he wants later on. He still has a lot to learn.

      • 6.2.1 moose

        lol so why is Yoochun leading a drama if YSH still needs to learn?

        • Shiku


  7. v

    What he is only 19 years old?!?!

    • 7.1 Midori

      I know, I thought he was in his mid-20s. Must keep my thoughts clean!

    • 7.2 moll

      he looks like so ji sub in that picture!

    • 7.3 Jambo

      My thought exactly!

    • 7.4 Fab

      And that only in Korean counting… So he is actually by western standards ehh 17!

      That aside I think this show can’t get any more points. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 7.4.1 bishbash

        Nope, he’s a 93er.

        • JoAnne

          ooh, he’s – what’s the word when they’re the same age. With my daughter

          ohhhh, son-in-lawwwwwwwww (but not until you guys are at least 30)

          Fortunately my love for him is motherly and not pervy.

          • jomo

            Dong gap?

          • JoAnne

            that’s the one. I knew it was something gap. Dong makes complete sense when you consider dongsaeng but I was only half thinking about stuff.

            Oh who am I kidding I’m only EVER half thinking about stuff.

    • 7.5 Lisa

      Oh man, in Arang I thought he was like 30…whoops!

      • 7.5.1 janie


  8. kaka

    OK, I can see him as Yuchun’s rival, but YEH’s love interest? I don’t know…

    I hope they just gonna make him to be Yuchun’s rival in anything but love and give him another love interest that is more his league.

    • 8.1 jyyjc

      I feel the same. He looks like he could be on equal footing with yoochun despite being 7 years apart. But with YEH who’s not that much older than yoochun, it just doesn’t look right in my mind.

  9. QIII

    So is Eunji in as well?

    • 9.1 kaka

      Isn’t eunji casted for Jo Insung’s new drama? Or do I remember wrongly?

      • 9.1.1 QIII

        she is
        but that drama doesn’t start till next year i think

        i read it from the i miss you soompi thread
        check page 48.

    • 9.2 Meghan

      Eunji being cast was just a rumor I think. She’s been cast in a small role in Jo Insung’s new drama. And she’s portraying Elle in Legally Blonde at the moment. I don’t think she has time for another drama. lol.

  10. 10 Katherine

    The awkward moment when I find out through this article that Yoo Seung Ho is not an “oppa” to me but a “dongsaeng” = MIND BLOWN !!. I could’ve sworn he was older than me … Wait that means his the same age as SHINee’s – Taemin & IU. *trying to process* LOL.
    (I seriously need to go and check out his profile after this LOL.)

    Anyways I’ll be honest I wasn’t going to check this drama out whilst it was airing, maybe check in at the half way point to see how it was trudging along. I just wanted it to do well for Yoon Eun Hye BUT with Yoo Seung Ho joining in I know I’ll end up watching it & now more so I hope it is a success or at least not a complete flop.
    I wonder, has it been done before where an actors follow up drama is actually the following drama ?!!.

    • 10.1 anicheung

      I think I had the same “MIND BLOWN” moment when I found out how young he really was a while back. Just by looking at him, I already knew he was way younger than me (as are the majority of all my favorite hot K-drama actors and K-celebrities and idols… MAN, age catches up to you fast when you think of things in those terms… *cries*) But I never realized that he was THAT young. Always thought he was in his early twenties… or well, at least twenty until I found out he hasn’t even seen the two-oh combo in his lifetime yet.

      I’m the same age as Yoon Eun Hye, so if there is a possible love rivalry and if Yoo Seung Ho can make the age difference work… then I am SO letting my imagination run wild with it… just for this series. ;D

      • 10.1.1 Katherine

        I honestly thought he was a 1988’er (along with Kim Soohyun, Taecyeon, Taeyang etc). Even though he is only 2 years younger than me but he totally feels & looks older than his age.

        Eun Hye seems to always have great chemistry with her co-stars so I’m not fussed about the “age” difference here cause Yoo Seung-ho is talented, I have no doubt he’ll be able to bring his A game to the show & match or even surpass the leads.
        I’m getting more hyped for this show now, since it has been announced his apart of the team. Bring on November !!.

    • 10.2 girlatsea

      Yeaah, he’s only a couple of years younger than me but it’s just so weird to me because that’s my brother’s age.

      I think Yeo Jin-goo hurts me the most though. I must remind myself every once in a while: he’s fifteen.

      He’s fifteen.

      He’s FIFTEEN.

      ใ… ใ…œใ… ใ…œใ… ใ… 

  11. 11 Kiara

    I was going to watch this until Yeo Jin-gu’s done but I might hang around for a bit for Yoo Seung-ho.

  12. 12 sumee

    mother of holy God !
    that’s some casting ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. 13 jandoe

    “quite” is probably not what I’d use to describe him and his acting chops! Surprising casting news, but also very intrigued. Also this JB? “Heโ€™s also played a number of kings (Legend, Queen Seon-deok) and a god, so authority and gravitas are not in question.”

    OMG THIS. A+

  14. 14 Tha

    There can never to be too much of Yoo Seung-ho but I was really hoping for Chun Jung-myung…

    • 14.1 jomo

      Maybe PIE will have the show following this one?

      Let the string of hearthrob dramas continue for EVER!

      If we can get Yoon Shi Yoon back in the rotation, too, I’d be really happy.

      • 14.1.1 JoAnne

        Just keep feeding me pretty boys I admire but dont’ consider seriously until My Beloved man comes back…

        • jomo

          Hyun Bin?

          • JoAnne

            oh please. Lizard? No. My Beloved is, was, and ever shall be Rain.

          • jomo

            Lizard. Hmmm….LOL

            Rain has to be back soon, don’t he?

          • JoAnne

            It was a year on Oct 11th (sob)

            Although to be frank he’s done so many concerts this past year that there’s been no shortage of new pictures. And Army food seems to have bulked him up, which is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL, I like big Rain as much as I like Ninja Rain…but he’s awfully covered up these days and I need ta see some SKIN here pretty quick.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Please no more Rain pining. I will have to watch ALTK again. Or Ninja Assassin. Or Rain dancing Sad Tango.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          Mine too. Rain.

  15. 15 Jilly

    At least SOMEONE knows how to cast. I’m so in it’s no even normal.

    • 15.1 sumee

      Iโ€™m so in itโ€™s no even normal ..i m rolling at ur comment !

  16. 16 Saima

    Initially I thought he’d be playing the lovelorn angelic second male lead type but now am crazy excited if he’s the antagonist. I’d prolly swoon if he’s as sinister as Oguri Shun’s Seiji in Smile. That character filled me with dread when other characters spoke of him (before his introduction) and then left me cold when he appeared on-screen. Drama please be gooood.

    • 16.1 JoAnne

      Shun played a bad guy? Is this available streaming? I gotta see.

      • 16.1.1 Saima

        Unapologetically evil and he wreaks havoc in Vito’s, MatsuJun’s character, life! A heads up: Shun’s on the show for only 30-45 min so not much screen time but leaves a lasting effect. It’s available on DramaCrazy.

        • JoAnne

          *adds to Never Ending List*

    • 16.2 pogo

      yeah, antagonist YSH = I am definitely watching this, as if YEH wasn’t enough reason already!

  17. 17 Roxy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if YSH ends up taking the spotlight from Yoochun and I end up rooting for him for YEH’s affection instead. Regarding the age difference, if anyone can make it work, it’s YSH.

  18. 18 vegaspink

    Well, in the drama YSH’s character is supposed to be younger than PYC and YEH’S characters… YSH’s character is 25 yrs old and the other two are 29 yrs old… And YEH’s character calls YSH’s character as “little boy”. I know that YEH and YSH have a 9 yr aga difference but you never know, they may have chemistry…. She did have chemistry with Jung Il Woo and Sung Joon..First time for YEH to have both the male leads younger than her…
    This news came as a total shock for me and I am super excited… Can’t wait!!!

  19. 19 weenhiecookies

    OMG! HAHA. There’s no problem with the age gap(I think?) I remembered his drama “Flames of Desire”, his partner was Seo Woo which is also way older then him and it turned out good,

  20. 20 MsTree

    Yoo Seung-ho as a love Rival to YEH? 9 years difference! Way to go!

    I want them to win best couple, it would be a laugh.

  21. 21 christy

    Hold up…isn’t Yeo Jin Gu like 15 or 16? Barely any age difference between him and Yoo Seung Ho in reality…but while I’m sure Yoo Seung Ho will be able to pull it off the maturity in his acting, his face, I mean, I still see it as a baby face.

    • 21.1 jomo

      It was like that in WBDS.

      Park Gun Tae ’96 played baby Una to YSH’s “adult” version.

  22. 22 anicheung

    Oh no…

    Looks like I’ll be playing a lot of ship-hopping (whether it be for the sake of romance or just for personal rivalry)… Because if I like Yoochun, I more than LOVE Yoo Seung Ho. And now that just means that I definitely will be watching this series.

    And I agree with Roxy. While Yoochun has shown some pretty natural acting skills that have won me over, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Yoo Seung Ho outshines Yoochun without even trying (which Yoo Seung Ho seems shine anyway whether or not he’s the main lead). And again, agree that if anyone can make the age difference work, it would be Yoo Seung Ho.

    Somehow, after Warrior Baek, I’m a bit intrigued to see a Yoo Seung Ho be the true antagonist since his character in Warrior Baek wasn’t entirely a baddie. It idea of him in a villain role very much intrigues me.

  23. 23 nova611

    actually i was gonna pas dis drama cos i think YEH acting is just so~so
    but once i learn that YSH is gonna b in it..
    dats it…it takes only a sec
    im gonna watch dis drama coz i lurve him…

  24. 24 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    OLD fogey is backk!!!! Hhhhhh now this drama attracted my attention ..but I’ll try to not watch anything till the end of this semester early January or Else I’ll fail in exams xD hhh

    i just say to myself this words everytime lol
    But I hold in this time….

  25. 25 dulcedeleche

    uhhh i hope he has time to catch up on his sleep. Although i guess he didn’t have THAT many scenes in Arang towards the end.

  26. 26 Daisy


  27. 27 ellen

    Yay! What a lovely surprise! Can’t get enough watching YSH in movies & drama series since he was a cute boy. He has that charm that matches anyone on screen like the bromance in BDS. Can’t wait to see YSH with YEH who has that magnetic charm too. I love both YC & YSH but if I have to choose…YSH/YEH. Can’t wait “I miss you”.

  28. 28 Sunshine

    i am intrigue i wanna see this ‘devilish’ character of his…when he played the villain in baek dong soo he was just cool….cant wait!

  29. 29 toystar

    OMG he’s so hot!! I can’t wait!!

  30. 30 katiamon

    O.M.G!!!!! it’s awkward to have him pair with YEH, but i won’t deny i love to watch him on the screen *o*!(he’s one of the many reasons i loved to watch Arang besides the posibility of watching LJK’s choco abs, which never happened TT_TT)
    anyway, can’t wait for his bad boy characterization ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. 31 come2noona

    SWEET! I just adore that boy!

  32. 32 aoiaheen

    This is a pleasant surprise. I thought he was headed to the army in 2013.

    Now I am really looking forward to I Miss You.

    • 32.1 Saima


      He has close to a decade before we briefly bid him adieu from our screens. *sighs in relief*

      • 32.1.1 ss

        haha!!! thank god!! the only good thing about young actors!

  33. 33 crazedlu

    Aw yeah!

  34. 34 sogazelle

    He has mesmerizing eyes for someone so young…
    On the other hand, Yoochun eyes are so sexy… he is my latest K-actor crush.
    But it’s a definite treat to have 2 such hot guys in “I Miss You”!
    Don’t even get me started on YEH…I just love that girl to bits…

  35. 35 Abbie

    I absolutely adore Yoo Seung-ho thanks to Arang and the Magistrate. I cannot wait for this show to start! Mostly because of him, but also because I want to see Yoon Eun-hye in something good again. Lie to Me was a disaster, and I haven’t liked any of her dramas since Coffee Prince. Also, I had no idea Yoo Seung-ho was only 19. He’s my age! In Arang he had such a mature presence that belied his youth. He’s amazing. Can’t wait for this show!

  36. 36 Unnursvana

    I never expect him to be cast in this drama. I remember going on tumblr this morning and seeing someone talk about this in the Yoo Seung Ho tag and I honestly thought they were confusing him with Yeo Jin Goo or something. Still, I am very excited to see him in this drama.

  37. 37 MEL

    ysh–‘cried for him in ‘warrior’ this drama is getting more interesting… just hope not too much of a tear jerker.. but can’t wait… thanks

  38. 38 Angel

    He… Acts way better than Yoochun. *runs away*

    • 38.1 thehaydn

      no i agree. i think he acts better than yoochun & eunhye COMBINED. XD

      • 38.1.1 Alexandra

        Couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t going to watch I Miss You…but now because of YSH it’s a DEF!!!

    • 38.2 fdyane

      hahaha..ehem..*yoochun’s fan coming through*…well, seung ho IS a sunbae in this department rite..he has been an actor since he was a kid, so we expect as much…it would be weird if yoochun is the better actor, then he would be a genius in acting….mmm lets wait and see shall we..*rubbing both hands*

    • 38.3 katiamon

      hahaha! yeah, he has more experience in the acting department but i think Yoochun improved a little his acting skills in RP.
      In the end i don’t think i mind about the plot because it’s a makjang drama, i just wanna watch them together on screen for my eyes delight ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 38.4 Arhazivory

      You don’t have to run away. He’s a veteran in the business and even his colleagues acknowledge that. lol. Its like comparing an old tree to a young one.

      Yoochun is good but he’s just starting out in this. Seung Ho is king already.

      • 38.4.1 909

        I don’t understand the mentality of k-drama fans when they assume the “veterans” are OBVIOUSLY better than any one that debuts after them. I”m not defending yoochun or bashing seungho. I’m just saying, I guess I’m used to more…American-style presumptions where sometimes (and I mean sometimes) the new-comer can act way better than the veteran. I can’t think of an example right now but I hope u get what I mean. Acting is not always about who has the most experience but who can get into the character more and have the natural instinct of the character.
        I’m not taking sides, just saying….but I guess it’s all subjective in the end

    • 38.5 I want ChunChun too

      12 years doing dramas and YC 3 this is somewhat expected..


      So no ChunChun couple T.T

    • 38.6 Belle


    • 38.7 Lotus_Blossom

      Hey, come back!! Just wanna thank you for stating the obvious.

      • 38.7.1 Kiara


    • 38.8 Coco

      It would be more worrying if Chun with only 2years of experience (since 2010) was was better than him, who already have 12 years of experience. However Chun was so impressive in RTP that I’m waiting to see him pawn all this veteran Kids.

      • 38.8.1 YooYooYoon now

        lol me too…

    • 38.9 JD


      Of course. YSH has been in the biz nearly all his life so to compare him with PYC who’s only been acting for 2yrs, is just PLAIN ABSURD.

    • 38.10 estelle

      I think he will outshine Yoochun by far.

    • 38.11 chulz08

      never mind the acting..
      It’s a baby face competition :))

  39. 39 Carole McDonnell

    YAY!!!!!! Jade’s star is mega-rising. Will be good to see him play evil after all that heavenly mysterious beneficence. Gonna be tough, but will be wishing both the antagonist and the protag well.

    • 39.1 RealKDramaaddict

      Will they let him water a goat?

      • 39.1.1 jomo

        I’d let him water my goat.

        • Arhazivory

          LOL! Oh wow…this is so funny and it shouldn’t be. Hahahahaha

        • JoAnne

          He can water my goat but I’m not letting him pick any flowers.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Or fruit of your loins?

          • JoAnne

            oh the fruit is another story entirely.

          • cherkell

            Why do the lyrics to Steve Miller’s “The Joker” suddenly come to mind now? (“I really love your peaches; wanna shake your tree…”) ๐Ÿ˜›

            Spazzing spazzing spazzing big time. Interest Factor up 705% now!!

          • jomo

            Lovey dovey lovey dovey l
            ovey dovey all the time
            Oooh- whee baby, I’ll sure show you a good time…

        • Carole McDonnell

          i, as well. Poor kid…noona jailbait.

        • Belle

          LOL!!!!!!! …too funny!

          (I just keep lol’ing comments…they’re hilarious!)

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Ladies, I hope your men will get lucky tonight on behalf of this pretty boy. Go 50 shades of gray all the way but leave Jadey alone.

            One goat, two goats, three goats…

          • JoAnne

            four – 5 goats 6 goats 7 goats MORE

          • jomo

            so now, high on a a hill, the lonely goatherder ain’t so lonely…

            I officially TM YSH as the Goatherder.TM

          • JoAnne

            GOATHERDER yes!

  40. 40 owl

    Hot diggity dawg cast! I am up for this! Thank you for a recap that makes me look forward to the next Wed-Thurs kdrama to feed my addiciton!

    • 40.1 jomo

      And now I am doubly please knowing how fast this is going to be subbed.

      • 40.1.1 RealKDramaaddict

        There will be many fingers subbing.

      • 40.1.2 Gaeina Lee

        There’s Micky and Eun Hye, now add Seung Ho in the mix… Voila! Power subbing reinforced… ^^

        • RealKDramaaddict

          Unlike 5 Fingers.

          • jomo

            Shoulda had more fingers…

      • 40.1.3 JoAnne

        Shoot, we’re gonna have subs as it airs.

        • Belle

          …& that would be awesome! Kinda like what they did for “To the Beautiful You” on Viiki where it was subbed within 12 hrs. from being released! Crazy!

  41. 41 watch&listen

    on the day knowing Yoochun are confirmed for this drama = Yay!! get to see him again on tv. I going to watch this.

    on the day knowing Yoon Eun Hye are confirmed for this drama = Finally a comeback! Im so going to watch this.

    on the day knowing Yoo Seung Ho been added for this drama = nothing in the world can stop me from watching this! ABSOLUTE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

    • 41.1 Belle

      Agree 1,000%! Absolutely NOTHING!!!

  42. 42 Carmelia

    thanks jb !

    MBC, I am anticipating a flop drama !!.

    How to kiss two young men ?.

  43. 43 saranga

    i haven’t seen him in EVERYTHING he’s done, but i actually don’t think he’s as good an actor as a lot of people seem to think. for me he was pretty dull in arangโ€”nothing in special. and flame of ambition, which i didn’t care for but my mom and sister did, didn’t really do him any favors. he was acting way above his actual age.

    i think he’s got some ways to go before becoming a really solid actor. maybe he should stop doing more “serious” type roles and stuff suited to his age…

  44. 44 Seorori

    I’m a guy, but I’m getting excited by all these male leads (both kids and adults). I’m definitely watching this drama.

  45. 45 jomo

    You can’t get more awesome than this piece of news.

    While the Old Fogey wasn’t the best role he has played to date, it was a way for YSH to continue to grow as an actor.

    You gotta hand it to the 19 year who keeps choosing interesting characters over leads.

    If I were YEH, I’d be dancing the happy dance knowing she gets to play with across from this beauty.

    And the scenes with YSH vs Yoochun? Bring it on!

    Who is the second lead girl? She gets him as a consolation prize most girls would kill for!

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      Completely agree with you on this. Yoochun is going to be eaten alive by his junior.

      • 45.1.1 Peeps

        Junior? Which one???

        I don’t actually think Yoo SeungHo’s YooChun’s “Junior”, haha. SeungHo’s drama portfolio is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer/larger than YooChun’s.

    • 45.2 RealKDramaaddict

      I thought you worship SJK’ body, voice, face, etc. daily? Where do you get time to obsess over YSH? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 45.2.1 jomo

        With the help of my time/space/reality machine that I will be inventing someday in the future…or is it the past? Hmm….

        • RealKDramaaddict

          When in doubt, ask Dr. Jin.

          • JoAnne

            It’ll just give him a headache.

            But I bet Seungri would lend him a towel, if he wanted to get comfy while he was thinking about the answer…

  46. 46 Perevell

    I was all spazzing that Yeo Jin Gu will be in this drama, and now Yoo Seung Ho? HOMG WHY ARE THEY ALL YOUNGER THAN ME.

    This show is practically driving me nuts and it hasn’t even started yet! I love all the mains ( all that talent *drools*) but this drama’s starting to convert me into an obsessive noona :/

    I hope,hope,hopeeeee that this drama does really well. Scriptwriters, you better not give me flats *fingers crossed*.

  47. 47 Noelle

    WOOT! I ate a peach the other day and thought about Arang. Made me so sad. So glad he’s on to the next drama so soon. Now Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina… what will you guys do next?

    He’s 19? Well he’s legal here! LOL.

  48. 48 Annie

    He looks his age to me… I’m not sure I’ll be able to take him seriously as an antagonist, but we’ll see I guess.

  49. 49 Wendy

    TQ JB,

    YSH, 19 years old, must be a very rich teenager

    singer/actor. Big portfolio since daddy fish,

    16 dramas and 10 movies !.

  50. 50 canxi

    OH SHIT!


    All caps because I love him. I’m only 2 years older than him so I feel like I can crush all I want and not feel bad. Also, spazzing. And Ah, I’ve never seen him as the antagonist? Fun fun fun fun.

    • 50.1 JoAnne


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