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Yoon Eun-hye joins Yoochun in I Miss You
by | October 9, 2012 | 261 Comments

Finally, a leading lady! I was beginning to think they were going to shoot this drama without her. Confirmations are in that Yoon Eun-hye will be starring opposite Yoochun in the upcoming melodrama I Miss You, set to premiere next month. Yoon was rumored to be a candidate along with a handful of other actresses, but the production was oddly hush-hush about casting news, despite the ticking clock and less than a month to go before broadcast. With actors picking up and dropping the show left and right, I was beginning to fear the worst; but yay for pulling through in the final stretch.

The 20-episode melodrama is described as a hide-and-seek love story, about a pair of teenagers who fall in love and get painfully separated, and then meet again as adults. There’s not a whole lot to the plot other than that, so it looks like a Fate vs. First Loves kind of story — heavy on the angst with a side of salty tears. The fifteen-year old versions of the leads will be played by Moon/Sun’s Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun, who are both delightful and becoming stars in their own right.

And then following the painful period of Ye First Love Torn Asunder, we’ll meet up with our adult cast: Yoochun who plays Han Jung-woo, a cheeky detective in the violent crimes unit, and Yoon Eun-hye as Lee Soo-yeon, a talented rookie fashion designer. Both characters are cheerful types, which is a huge relief, considering the amount of times the words “pain” and “separation” appear in any given description of the project. The heroine is bright and confident, despite carrying a deep scar from something in her past, and the hero is a cheeky monkey off-duty, and a baddie-chasing fiend when he’s wearing his gun and badge.

The drama will be helmed by PD Lee Jae-dong of Can’t Lose and Thank You, and written by Moon Hee-jung of Can You Hear My Heart and Smile, You. I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic, mostly because I like the cast, and also because I’m dying for Yoon Eun-hye to do something good again. I adore her, but that’s 100% residual love from projects that are frankly quite old now (Coffee Prince, Goong) and it’d be really nice to see her play a meaty, substantial role. Please be good, Show. Please, be good.

I Miss You follows Arang and the Magistrate and premieres in November on MBC.

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261 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kopytko

    Sorry people, but when I see “designer” again I know I will not watch this drama. Except that would be something more fancy, like car designer, but fashion? Yawn…
    Not to mention, that I never really liked YEH. Or Yoochun…

    • 1.1 Nokcha

      Yoochun is growing on me, but like you, I haven’t enjoyed YEH in anything but Coffee Prince and Goong (and I actually didin’t like her in Goong now that I think of it). I’ll probably skip this one as well.

      I like your point about fashion designer. Car designer would be really interesting.

      • 1.1.1 morris

        Everyone has the freedom to post, but I do not understand the need to come into a drama’s thread, just to post, how you will not even be giving the drama a chance. There is hardly any information about this drama; the leads haven’t even shot one scene, yet some already feel comfortable to judge the drama.

        If you don’t like the actors, like the commenter above, who made it a point to be the first comment on this article, that is also your choice, but why feel the need to upset those who are their fans.

        I guess I am just a strange person, who does not feel the need to be unreasonably negative.

        • denya88

          hi morris don’t worry you are not the only one who feel that way..

        • msim

          Morris – I tip my hat to you (sir or madam).
          A bit of graceful manners goes a long way.

          For these 2 – I’ll fight my aversion to melodrama.

          • mamadua

            I totally agree with you Morris. It will be nice if people aren’t so negative.

        • rabbitsfortea

          Honestly, you’re on the Internet here.
          Regardless of whether people are posting negative comments just to troll or genuinely expressing their feelings, you are going to have to face both positive and negative comments on EVERY post.

          If you can’t deal with that or if it bothers you, I reckon you shouldn’t be reading the comments section.
          There are bound to be people who disagree with each other and feel the need to express their feelings whether appropriate or not.

          • True2u

            THANK YOU!!!!!! This is the internet. It won’t always have all positive comments concerning the actress you love!! I like her too, but I’m mature to respect others opinions!!

        • hawaiianseoul

          don’t mind me, I’m just here with my bucket of popcorn.

          jks~ but let this whole debate slide guys. This is dramabeans, where we either criticize or adore. That’s what makes this place a lot more interereting.

          • true2u

            I do mind you, pass those pop corn over here!

        • mummy

          Agree, don’t like, don’t see .. but don’t judge before the thing is done!

        • Lisa

          Why exactly are people not allowed to post their opinions? Neither of those two people even insulted the show or the actors, they simply stated that they didn’t like them/the idea.

          Maybe you should move to China, where you can’t access this website, and most others. You might be happy there!

      • 1.1.2 ARIAH

        If you don’t have anything good to say its much more awesome if both of you will just keep your mouth shut!

        • S a r a h

          Oh, people. Leave these two people be. People are entitled their own opinion. It’s kinda wrong to not let people express their own opinions when you (we) are forcing your (our) own opinions on them as well.

          Anyway, regarding this drama, I’m kinda willing to give it a chance.

      • 1.1.3 rabbitsfortea

        Oh ditto. My love for YEH faded after her older projects, somehow…

        But Yoochun is def growing on me.
        So on the fence on whether or not to give this a try…

    • 1.2 hanie

      after Fashion King, ‘fashion designer’ gives me shudder. I guess this year favorite job is fashion designer.

      • 1.2.1 amyhangukolic

        I shiver with the combination word of ROOKIE + FASHION DESIGNER. XD

      • 1.2.2 rabbitsfortea

        Fashion King ought to win the worst script of the year award.

    • 1.3 yehwarrior

      replying here, because I find it odd that a negative quote was the first to rush in and comment.

      To clarify some things, because I saw comments saying that many actresses were offered to be in this drama.

      1. I Miss You script was sent to Yoon Eun Hye for female lead. She has agreed to do this drama for a long time already and that’s the reason why she took the semester off school. (some of us Yoon Eun Hye fans have known about it since August, but we never openly talked about it even on YEH thread, only through private message, because we took in consideration that many things could happen/change before signing).

      2. The report that Son Ye Jin received the script first is false…since Son Ye Jin herself clarified that the production has brought up about the drama to her awhile back, HOWEVER, they have NEVER sent her the script.

      3. The reason why other actresses name showed up on DCMBC rumor was because some trolls started it to promote their favorite actresses. So rumor that other actresses rejected I Miss You is false.

      4. MBC wanted 2 of the biggest hallyu stars in their 20’s. http://news.nate.com/view/20120813n28072

      5. Yoon Eun Hye really wanted to do this drama because the writer and the PD have good record

      cr: CDBLOOM

      • 1.3.1 kopytko

        But who cares who got the script first?

      • 1.3.2 Mystisith

        Just a question: If she was involved in the project from the start, why the production is in such a rush now? Given the airing date they should have started shooting weeks ago… For me they thought about her but anyway signed her late in the game.

        • canxi

          Word. If she did get the script early on, it seems like she took a while deciding on whether to take the role or not. And maybe the PDs were holding out for her but she had other obligations I read she did some directing for school and had a showing of her film a film festival too. Now that everything’s done, I guess they are ready to go.

          • canxi

            Plus, I also think Yoochun took his time in deciding on the role.

        • actually

          Not true at all. Her fans in soompi already knew that she signed since early August. They were even giving hints about it at the thread but talked in details via private messages. YEH did not want to be announced first this time, because she wanted to announce after her BIFF directorial short talk appearance, she didn’t want the news of her directorial debut news and acting comeback to get mangled up. Like she wanted to keep them seperate since her directorial debut has nothing to do with her acting comeback. And if you notice, even the role fashion designer was tailored for her.

          There is no rush at all cause tentative airing is November 7. The first 4 episodes will be just the young ones, so Yoochun and YEH wont be on till Nov 21 and 22 episodes. They have more time to shoot than the adults from Moon Embracing The Sun back then. The young actors have already began shooting weeks ago.

          • canxi

            *shrug* It doesn’t matter. She’s working again so I just hope it’s a good show and not a let down.

          • chichi

            thanks for all the infos πŸ™‚

    • 1.4 houstontwin

      I’m with you! Fashion designer makes me yawn! How about a profession like social worker, speech therapist, engineer, or scholar?

    • 1.5 iloveloaf

      no way!!! see, thats wrong with that??? i don’t particularly like them, but their works. better than unknown fancy looking actor/ess with no basic act to begin with. and the story is duhhhh….

    • 1.6 mariolawpanda

      I actually love YEH just because of Goong and Coffee Prince. If I haven’t watched those two, I would’ve stacked YEH with crappy actresses with the past couple of shows she’s done. Major let down.

      Yoochun’s actually really growing on me. Gotta give him props for showing a little range with his body of work for a relatively new actor.

    • 1.7 Roma

      Well! I do not have problem with Yoochun as his acting become impressive but Yoon Eun-hye I had never liked her. She understands that romance means be very shameless.

      • 1.7.1 girlfriday

        You’re welcome to like, dislike, praise, and defend your stars to your heart’s content, but please, don’t bring those judgments about female sexuality in here. Not in this house.


      • 1.7.2 Roma

        Oh! Sorry ! I did not know this is rude to say something like that!! Sorry again ! I hope that I can delete my reply

      • 1.7.3 ek12

        Yoochun is even more shamless cos he cant act…..

    • 1.8 jessi

      Lack “Lie to me” Yoon Eun-hye.

  2. QIII


    PD of Thank you
    writer of Smile You
    Cheeky PYC

    YEH coming back with a decent writer

    I can’t wait

    YEH and Yoochuns X Man chemistry was cute


    Looking forward to this <3

    • 2.1 libra80

      yah thats right ive watched them on xman days:)
      yes cant wait any longer as long as its YEH im gonna watch!!!

    • 2.2 chichi

      I totally forgot that they were together on X-Man…oh the good old days ^^

  3. anonymous

    Wow, I thought she has confirmed a looong time ago…hello, Where’s everyone?

  4. rouby

    I don’t know,,about yoon eun hye and yoochun pairing,, but I will try it,, I miss yoon eun hye ,, I hope this drama will be good..
    Thanks GF

    • 4.1 MsB

      I’m with you on this. This is a maybe. Maybe if I’m bored and have nothing else to do or watch

    • 4.2 Korazy Lady

      Love Yoon Eun Hye – she’s one of those actresses that I just keep hoping for the best for. But I would love to have seen her co-starring with someone else. Yoochun grew on me in RTP, but he just seems so young. YEH can have chemistry with anyone, though, so I will definitely watch!

    • 4.3 Llamaesque

      I completely agree…and sort of wish she’s signed on to do Cheongdamdong Alice with Park Shi Hoo instead =X

      It’s not as if the script sounds much better (or much different, in fact), but I find PSH to be a more interesting on-screen presence.

  5. esmeralda

    am not going to watch not a fan of the leading lady nor have i ever been interested in the male lead.

    • 5.1 Laura

      why do you have to announce that?

      • 5.1.1 Jilly


      • 5.1.2 Mystisith

        It happens on every thread announcing a new drama, everytime: “I don’t like her/him for whatever reason”. Every one is free to say what they want and feel, if it stays courteous. No big deal.

    • 5.2 morris

      and you felt the need to post this, why?

      When did Dramabeans become a place of hostility and hate. You don’t have to act like a hipster, who disdains every drama. If Kdramas are such a bore for you, why not find another style of dramas to watch.

      I have been around here for so long, and I am sick of this current landscape of complaining in every drama’s comment section. People acting like their taste is so refined.

      If the drama started airing and there were legitimate complaints, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But, all the negativity for a drama that hasn’t even started their principal shooting just seems weird. And all these complainers regaling us all, with their lack of interest in the drama, *rolls eyes*.

      • 5.2.1 urbanique

        Thank you. I couldn’t agree more about the “People acting like their taste is so refined” part, that and the sheep mentality.

    • 5.3 ARIAH

      If your not that interested why do you have to read the blog and why the need for a comment. Are you also one who wanted to ride the stardom of this drama by commenting negative!

    • 5.4 True2u

      I LOVE this leading lady, but hun keep saying how you feel. Some fans just don’t know how to handle others saying what you have said. EVERYONE has their own opinions, and we should respect that. I’ve heard more disgusting comments on Kim Sun Ah who is my most fav. actress and just let it. I’ve come to the conclusion, people won’t always love what we love. Now fans get over yourself!! And yes I’m on the edge about this drama as well!!

  6. Jules

    Yay! I love her.

    I hope that this drama does well (and, er, that she does well in this drama).

    *draws sparkly hearts*

    • 6.1 Jules

      But, hang on… Arang ends next week, right? And I Miss You is due to premiere at some point in November… So what will they air in-between? Specials?

      • 6.1.1 haz

        yup, two drama specials are airing the week after arang’s end to give IMY a week’s breathing room

  7. oh

    Everything seems ok for me. Just hope for no fanwar w these 2 fandoms lol
    And a nice melo.

  8. Stardust

    I missed Yoon Eun Hye so much after the meh Lie to me, I really hope this drama will be awesome! And I have no complaints seeing our Prince Park again on tv, in a non-chaebol role finally?? Cute fiend cop, like Park Yoo Chun being aegyo? Not dignified poise? Those words just makes me all tingly..
    WOOHOOO… Thanks for the confirmation!

  9. Lynnet

    Am so excited to hear Yoon eun hye will be in another drama ,please let this one be good. She is one of those actresses who can really nail a good role but who hasnt had a really good role to sink her teeth into since coffee prince. Hope this will be a hit!

  10. 10 obsession

    Yoochun ‘wow’ me in Rooftop Prince, and I’ve been YEH’s fans since Goong days. So, when 2 of my favourite people will be paired in a drama, I’m totally hype for it…

    Their chemistry might be good or awful, but we wouldn’t know it until it airs. Plus, I always start a drama with positive thinking, although I might drop it in first few episodes… πŸ˜‰ But for now, I Miss You is totally in my list, Drama To Watch!

  11. 11 Jade

    I can’t wait for this, melodrama for winter!
    I like the PD and writer, cast also seem OK for me.
    Bring it on !

  12. 12 Chelz

    I’m really excited about this pairing. I’m excited about the whole cast! Can’t wait for this drama. Please, be good.

  13. 13 bd

    While I’m glad YEH is in another drama, not sure if a melo is the right thing for her.

    Hopefully she’ll have better material this time and a PD who can draw out a winning performance as did the PD in “Coffee Prince.”

  14. 14 picklemonster

    YES YES YESSS!!! I can’t wait to see Park Yoochun’s return. I’m crossing my fingers that this pairing will bring TONS of chemistry. It’s going to be hard to top off the sweetness between Yoochun and Han Ji Min from Rooftop Prince. Hoping for the best! >.<

  15. 15 lovelyday

    Yoochun’s role sounds really really interesting based on this character profile translated by one of the fans:

    “3. As for Crazy Rabbit
    Crazy rabbit! It’s the nickname given to the homicide detective who has his pair of eyes red from looking hard for his first love, and who does not tire from running.
    The reason for putting the word crazy in front is because he hunts down criminals like he is searches for his beloved.

    “Don’t escape, haven’t I said that I love you~?”
    “Crazy person!”
    “Because of you, I kept my eyes open and stayed up several nights! Pacing back and forth at the doorstep of your house!! I couldn’t eat my meals too!!! When I wake up from sleeping, your face is swaying in front of my eyes!!!!……If this is not love, then what is it? You, this rubbish-like fellow (O.L furious roundhouse kick)”
    Even when encountering a chap with huge strength and armed with a knife, (he) doesn’t need to threaten with a gun. (He) must capture them barehanded in a manner filled with love. (He) understands that in the aspect of love, physical contact is very important. These words may sound like a joke, but they are not.
    They are very important words.”

    Telling the criminal you are hunting down that you love him? Ehehehehe

    • 15.1 lovelyu

      Yoo Chun character sound like Jang Hyuk character in Chuno.

      Hope this drama will be good, even though the lead casts do not have really strong acting in emotional department but do have charm to seduce the audiences.

    • 15.2 kaka

      Wow, a cop who catches criminal with the power of love??!! Lol, this is gonna be funny!
      So, what crime should I commit to get hunted by Yoochun?

      • 15.2.1 visitor

        HA! If you find an answer to that question, let me know!

        And yeah it sounds funny so….why is it a melodrama? I LOVE cheeky Chun, but how cheeky can he be if there’s also so much angst/tears/pain/etc?

    • 15.3 Mystisith

      Looks like a wonderful premise for a rom-com. I would kill to see that! Oupss. *catch me if you can!*.

  16. 16 Lynnet

    Not at all worried about the chemistry; Yoon Eun hye seems to be able to create chemistry with anyone, just watch any kiss scenes she has ever done; from Coffee Prince to Lie to me this girl really heats up the screen even when the script is rather dry.

  17. 17 eny

    park yoo chun acting is boring so far, same charracter i don’t have faith in him but may be i consider it for Yoon eun hye, i like goong n take care of young lady,l ie to me is too predictable i just like the early episode

    • 17.1 la dee dah

      Just a question because I’m curious why you would think this … how is Yoochun’s character from SKKS the “same” character as his character in Rooftop Prince? One is almost always calm, collected, smart, the other one is childish, emotional, arrogant, shouts at other people, etc… I think they are very different.

      • 17.1.1 Coco

        That’s becaue she probably hasn’t watch the boy in any of his dramas. lol

        • eny

          i see SKKS ,miss ripley and early episode of rooftop prince. Three of the drama the basic charracter is same and in rooftop prince when he jump to modern time that should give more comedic expression he fail.I didn’t continue rooftop prince because of that

    • 17.2 boblicy

      I thought Yoochun was really different between SKKS and RTP. Other than the fact that they were both aristocrats, each character could not have been more different in terms of personality and maturity. …Maybe that’s just me though -_-;

  18. 18 ND

    oh no….there goes my hope of seeing Han hyo-joo in this show….:(

    • 18.1 ND

      not really a fan of yoon eun-hye..

      • 18.1.1 eli

        Thank you for letting us know !

        • True2u

          LOL, Ur welcome!

  19. 19 Kelinci Biru

    now, i can’t wait for this!! Yay for Eun Hye..

    Please be good. please be good. please be good.

  20. 20 M

    1. I Miss You script was sent to Yoon Eun Hye for female lead. She has agreed to do this drama for a long time already and that’s the reason why she took the semester off school. (some of us Yoon Eun Hye fans in soompi have known about it since August, but we never openly talked about it even on YEH thread, only through private message, because we took in consideration that many things could happen/change before signing))

    2. The report that Son Ye Jin received the script first is false…since Son Ye Jin herself clarified that the production has mentioned the drama to her awhile back, HOWEVER, they have NEVER sent her the script.

    3. The reason why other actresses name showed up on DCMBC rumor was because some trolls started it to promote their favorite actresses. So rumor that other actresses rejected I Miss You is false.

  21. 21 Ace

    If there’s time, I’ll probably check out the first few episodes for…Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun. I’m not a fan of melodramas (some are more interesting than others like Nice Guy). And YEH in a melo? Uhm…nope, sorry. But I’m sure Yoochun’s gonna be good in this even if I’m not a big fan of his either.

  22. 22 Hiiii

    I CAN’T SLEEP, I’M TOO HAPPY FOR THIS ! I MISS YOU, please be good ! Be good please!! SINGER, ACTRESS, DESIGNER, DIRECTOR and etc, YOON EUN HYE!!! we miss you,eonni. YAAYY, YOO CHUN FANS ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTIVE so no worries ^_^ both have huge fanbase, so if fans will just support together then it’s DAEBAK !! YOOCHUN I LOVE YOU FOR OUR EUN HYE πŸ™‚

    • 22.1 anva


  23. 23 Melmax

    I’m for this pairing. Hopefully some funny moments not too heavy on the tears… Thanks

  24. 24 JIW_sobangnim

    YEH. I used to love her. and then she was just MEH.
    Yoochun, loved him since I started of my own Sung Shi Won (you can pretty much guess my age? :O ) fandom.

    SO. Let’s remain optimistic.
    Too much drama, too little time πŸ™‚

    KIM SU HYUN. LEE SEUNG GI. When are you guys coming back? πŸ™‚

  25. 25 song pong

    this pairing can be either very good or very bad

    as for the drama…it sounds like a snooze-fest to be honest

    I was disappointed by faith and arang (my expectations were too high) so hopefully this one will surprise me

  26. 26 satsuki

    hmmmmm I can’t imagine Yoon Eun Hye being paired up Yoochun. plot sounds pretty meh too but I’m willing to give it a try.

    After YEH’s lackluster projects sing Coffee Prince, I hope this one isn’t yet another snooze.

    Am also wondering if Yoochun will be able to pull off sucha role.

  27. 27 bibimbap

    I am 100% confident that YEH will thrive in a melodrama.

    Goooooooo YEH!

  28. 28 zodd

    Will probably be another dud for YEH. She hasn’t been in anything good since Coffee Prince.

  29. 29 Grace

    Am definitely putting this on my “Must See” list.

    YEH-Yoochun, rock this drama!

  30. 30 emm

    i am so excited tat eun hye is the lead.yes pls let it b good.with yoochuns string of goodluck hits,there is hope!

  31. 31 Katherine

    I so badly want this to work out for YEH. I’m in the same boat in that I’ve adored her since Xman Days, Princess Hours & Coffee Prince but those shows were years ago. Although I like Yoochun the singer, I haven’t checked him out as an actor as of yet – his shows so far haven’t really caught my eye to be honest.
    Will give the first 2-4 episodes a try, to get the jist of the over-all show.

    • 31.1 canxi

      I wasn’t really interested until I heard YEH was going to be in it. She isn’t my favorite, but I like her enough to check out whatever she’s in and she hasn’t been in a lot of good things lately. I hope this works out well for her too because I felt like she was slipping away into obscurity.

      Yoochun is one of the better idol/actors. I actually think if he was just an actor he would have a pretty successful career. I’ve only watched him in Rooftop Prince so it’ll be a nice change to see him not in “King mode”,lol.

  32. 32 czmych

    Yoon Eun Hye and fashion designer… even my love to Yoochun wonΒ΄t be enough to make me watching this drama

    • 32.1 eli

      So that is easy …DON’T WATCH !

      • 32.1.1 True2u

        Temper Temper!! if you can’t handle this, Don’t got to facebook, some opinions might kill you!!!

  33. 33 Lala

    Waahh so excited , really like the lead actress and lead actor ,I hope it will be a very good drama ,the best!!

    Looking forward for this drama πŸ™‚

    note for who NOT interest or DON’T like or NOT a fans of the lead actress or lead actor or think that this drama would be BORING ,please JUST LEAVE and DON’T leave a comment ,what would you expect for your “not interest or hate” comment ? You just shutter other people hope!

    This drama hasn’t even aired why you’re so mean ,just ignore and prove you’re oppinion when this drama air. You know I’m sad while reading those “not interest or hate” comments . Please be kind ,respect other. Peace

    • 33.1 eny

      nothing wrong about writing not interest about the drama or the actor/actress acting, the comment about acting is one way to courage their acting improvement. it will be wrong if people comment about their personality because we don’t know the real them

    • 33.2 Lynnet

      I totally agree with you I dont get why an anti fan would log on just to diss an actor’s upcoming projects we all have actors or actresses we cant stand but we dont spend our time predicting doom and gloom for their next project after all whatever your opinion of their work they are still just people. Guess thats one of the drawbacks of the internet people can project their most negative thoughts anonymously.

  34. 34 Jagi

    I loovve Yoochun and YEH. Heard the script is good and I like the PD. I am in.

  35. 35 missjb

    Maybe I’m in the minority.. But I mainly excite about the writers + PD combo than with the cast LOL

    I Loved the writers previous work, Can You Hear My Heart, though not so much with Smile You. And I liked Thank you. I hope it will a hit, rather than a failure.

  36. 36 epuda

    hope it has a happy ending! I love Yoohun and any leading lady will do!!

  37. 37 fary

    I love a Eun Hye Yoon, I’m super happy for his return to TV, since you already have my support and I wish you much success

  38. 38 faith

    Exciittedddd!!!! I love YEH sooo muchhh!! I don’t care what other people say immm ssoooo excitteedddd!!!! :)))

  39. 39 Dara

    Don’t care about the cast tho luff YC to bits, I just need my writer Moon’s dose ^^

  40. 40 chulz08

    i don’t know about the others, but I’m actually waiting and expecting for this drama…Aside from my undying love for PYC (winks), both leads were one of my favorite actors and actresses in S.Korea..

    I’m not hoping though for a very melo melodrama.. As far as I’ve seen both of their acts, Micky and Eun Hye were both good and delivers well, not to mention Chunnie on RP, he totally moved me..keke.. For Eun Hye though..The PD-nim said that they’re going to give the viewers a new kind of YEH..a more woman or lady-like, not the usual YEH that we saw from her past work, mostly ROM-COM, although I loved her when she’s being cute and funny :)..

    A designer as well fits YEH’s character in real life..Aside from being an actress, she’s also known as a fashionista. I don’t mind her being a designer in one of kdramas coz I’ve always waiting for her combination of clothes and outfits every time she appeared on screen..She’s like a living doll with her porcelain skin and all LOL (fan girl over here) πŸ™‚

    anyways, hopes are high for this drama and this tandem. I’m hoping that it would give the same feeling and thrill like what Nice Guy did to me. But base on the plot, I guess it would be lighter one..

    But then a good plot, a well written story plus a great chemistry of our lead actors will definitely bring us a daebak drama..

    til then..Eun-Chun couple fighting πŸ™‚

  41. 41 larise

    can’t wait for this drama to be aired… i really miss YEH.. it’s been a while since her last drama ( lie to me). i hope they have a good chemistry…

  42. 42 Bengbeng

    i can see a chemistry here. Will surely watch it =0

  43. 43 I want ChunChun too

    YooYoon couple <33333

  44. 44 Village Mrembo

    Wow, Yoochun in modern clothing! (Ok i know he did modern in RTP but he still had that Joseon fob feel!) And a cop to boot! Well he can always get police brutality tips from Jaejoong (then convert them from joseon style to present style of cuz!)

  45. 45 Karen

    I dont really Like yoon eun hye…..I might get hate comments for this but in my opinion she’s not pretty at and if she’s got money she should do something about her front teeth she might be a little talented and I did like coffee prince but she wasn’t really the reason it was mainly Gong Yoo so I’ll probably watch this one because of the kids and yoochun whom I love!!!! But I really wished they would have gone with a different actress

    • 45.1 I want ChunChun too


      • 45.1.1 skelly

        Me too! I love it when actors leave their teeth alone (like Ji Hyun Woo!) it makes them more “real” to me. I always find it funny when these characters in period dramas have perfectly straight, white teeth (magical Joseon dentists!).

        • mamadua

          skelly: magical Joseon dentists… you are too funny.
          agree with you though, a little imperfection makes it perfect.

      • 45.1.2 True2u

        Me too!! I hope she don’t fix them!!

    • 45.2 eny

      it’s ok if you comment about her acting but comment about ‘not pretty and her teeth’………..

    • 45.3 brigitte

      Squirrel loves his teeth, I also love his teeth.

    • 45.4 la dee dah

      IMO, it’s really sad that someone would not like an actress (or anyone actually) mainly because of her looks. Why are you affected by her teeth? Why should she fix her teeth because “other people” don’t like her teeth? She’s an actress, so should be judged mainly by her acting.

      • 45.4.1 Village Mrembo

        Uh huh, like whats her face the former MJ from spider man, they both got cash to burn but clearly choose not to fix their teeth (i on the other hand would kill for that kinda cash to fix my teeth lols)
        And YEH is gorgeous! Whos calling my girl ugly?!!

    • 45.5 faith

      I liked Yoon eun hye more in coffee prince

    • 45.6 chulz08

      fixing her front teeth?..it’s a no no for me..It’s one of her assets. Thanks for noticing πŸ™‚

    • 45.7 bd

      YEH’s teeth is a cute quirk.

      Now, that’s not to say that YEH’s other facial features are flawless (she can look a bit weird at some angles), but she is a cute girl and it’s her personality that make sher even more attractive.

  46. 46 Fab


    Love the cast. And the PD and the writers works are really good, so I am excited for this.

    It’s a good thing the character is a fashion designer, wouldn’t be hateful if she was sloppy and called ugly b/c they dress her in unfashionable attire? Ahwell.

  47. 47 graygirl

    Yoon Eun Hye is totally fine for me! But I think it’ll be better if she pair up with park shi hoo for the other drama that’s about the designer or what.. I think that pairing will be more interesting..

    • 47.1 graygirl

      or probably pairing with joo ji hoon again? I really wish that happen someday..

      • 47.1.1 pogo

        I think Personal Preference was originally being considered by YEH and JJH before his drug scandal happened – I would have DIED if they’d made it, but YEH did do a cameo in that πŸ™‚

  48. 48 ps18

    new couple so amazing πŸ™‚ ^^

  49. 49 Jilly

    On one hand: aaaw I really wanted her for Joo Won πŸ™
    On the other hand, I’m SO ready to love this drama now. I love all of this couple’s work that I’ve seen so far, including ALL of Rooftop Prince and most of Lie to Me.

  50. 50 Mikii

    Can’t wait to see this drama soon.
    I always adore YEH and love all her drama.
    I think YEH and YC will match well. They will have a good chemistry.

    • 50.1 skelly

      Not too sure – if YEH is on, she’s going to eat him alive.

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