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Yoon Sang-hyun headlines new drama as an ajusshi idol
by | October 25, 2012 | 104 Comments

javabeans: Wow, it’s like Korea took our Ajusshi Idol idea, aka A-dol, and made a drama out of it. It’s not quite what we envisioned, but on concept alone I’ll take it. Where else can you get Yoon Sang-hyun, Oh Man-seok, and Jung Jun-ha acting as an aging former ‘90s idol trio called X-Generation? I mean, the jokes, they practically write themselves. But okay, we’ll write some too.

girlfriday: It’s not the story we imagined, but the group, the group is perfect. The drama is called I Love You, Ajusshi. Cute.

javabeans: The setup cracks me up too. It’s sort of like 17 Again in reverse. Get this: So in 1996 Yoon Sang-hyun is the top hot idol du jour, and then he gets into an accident and lies in a vegetative coma for 17 years… until the day he wakes up as an old dude, but with the mind of an idol.

girlfriday: Hee! The hijinks!

javabeans: Can’t you just imagine him crying, “My face! What happened to my beautiful face! What are these — gasp! — lines doing on it?”

girlfriday: And then trying to get his ass into skinny jeans, or… would he go with baggy ones, if he’s a ‘90s idol?

javabeans: Are we going to get a whole scene where he decks himself out in acid wash and dyes his bangs orange?

girlfriday: And wears his overalls over only the one shoulder? I cannot wait for this drama.

Oh Man-seok, Jung Jun-ha

javabeans: Then we have the heroine, an idol girl named Bom (an appropriately idol-y name), whose casting is rumored to be of some real-life young hot idol, and Z:EA idol Dong-jun playing a popstar named Sirius, and altogether they make up a love triangle. One of these things is not like the others.

girlfriday: No kidding. But how awesome is it that he thinks he’s just like them? I just can’t even imagine the trauma of going to bed 17 and waking up 40.

javabeans: Horrors! If ever there was spot-on casting, this would be it. I always thought it was a shame Yoon Sang-hyun broke out when he was already in his late thirties, and now he gets to sort of play to a character he totally missed out on.

girlfriday: This is his niche. Has-been popstar. It’s just so perfect for him. And he can sing, which makes the whole thing work.

javabeans: Plus he just has that cheesy-awareness too. He knows how to ham it up.

girlfriday: Oska was definitely his best character.

javabeans: We’re gonna get tons of jokes about “Ajusshi!” and “Dammit, call me oppa!” aren’t we?

girlfriday: So many. And it’s going to be so cute if the heroine can see past his ajusshi looks and fall for the idol boy within.

javabeans: Given the name of the drama, I think we’re in for a treat. It’s like opposite-Big, including the part where this one doesn’t suck.

girlfriday: Better be. Or imma cry. Again.

javabeans: You’ll cry, I’ll hit things. We all handle grief differently. There’s no scheduled premiere or definite broadcaster yet, but the drama is hoping to get on the air with a Big Three station early next year. And so am I.

girlfriday: Me three! Ajusshi love for the win.


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104 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lila

    Can’t wait for this! Although Yoon Sang-hyun’s not even that old to me, he’s have to be over 40 for me to call him ajusshi. And Oh Man Suk always looks so young, he can still pass for an idol.

    • 1.1 Monch

      Well soon you will call him ajusshi since he is 39, 40 in Korea jejejejeje, but i think the same as you, he doesn’t seem that old.

      • 1.1.1 Lila

        Oh yeah. I guess it also depends on how old they look. Some people are 40 and look 45 or older so I’d call them ajusshi. At 40, they could easily be an oppa (in age) to my mid 20’s, I think they need to be at least 20 years older than me to be an ajusshi.

      • 1.1.2 zsa

        Yoon sang hyun is so awesome…when he sings , i just melt…plus that killer smile….can’t wait for this…and love love love OMS…glad he gets to shine, again!

  2. Caitlyn

    Oh awesome, i’m watching this for sure!

    • 2.1 paper

      Who knew drama writers read dramabeans? LOL

      I was praying that they make the Ahjusshi Idol idea into an actual drama & am so excited its happening!!!

      Now if only a writer visits the city hunter recaps D; City Hunter 2 PLEASE!!!

  3. dustdevil

    This totally seems like an “Oska” sequel in them, and since Oska is one of my top three K drama characters I cannot wait!!

    • 3.1 dustdevil

      “Oska” sequel in theme is what I meant to say…

    • 3.2 skelly

      And here I’ve just been re-watching Secret Garden, and remembering all over again how he gets some of the best lines – and delivers the most funny. I loved his Oska…and this new drama sounds like the same comedy/pathos, only more so. As someone who has already traveled that 40-ish road, I can appreciate it!

  4. theju

    This sounds amazing…

  5. Laurita

    So. Waiting. For. This. So. Excited right nowwwwwww 😀

  6. Mystisith


    • 6.1 JoAnne

      OH MAN SEOK-AH I am waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuu

      • 6.1.1 sunny2000

        Manzzang…How much have I missed you!!!! I love you three!!!!!

    • 6.2 cherkell

      I FOURTH THIS!!! OMG, this is gonna be SO freakin’ awesome!!! FOR. THE. WIN. BIG. TIME. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! *dancedancedance*

  7. Saima

    Yoon Sang-hyun and Oh Man-seok together in a drama AND playing aging former 90s idols sounds pretty epic.

    Oska’s antics were hilarious and he was the best character in SeGa.

    • 7.1 canxi

      I dunno why, but I hope Oh Man Seok’s character is sarcastic,lol. It’d be such a good counter for Yoon Sang Hyun’s literal man-child hahahaha.

      • 7.1.1 Bengbeng

        oh yeah! always telling the YSH to face reality, hahaha. I love that! And they should be fierce rivals during their teen idol days. Would also love to have them sing-offs scenes. Both have fantastic voices, or OMS has the best voice, but YSH has the charisma =)

        • canxi

          LOL a sing-off would make my day for many days!

  8. MEL

    thumbs up

  9. Tammie

    I’m. So. There. Give me some Ahjusshis! Wahoo! I may even be able to convince hubby into watching it with me! He’s cracking up at Oohlala Couple, and loved Wild Romance, so maybe… 😉 And yes, I’d rather he be present when he finds out my fascination with Oh Man-seok. lol

  10. 10 reeen

    This certainly promises to be fun. Can’t wait 🙂

  11. 11 Fatemeh

    OMG! Love the idea!

  12. 12 becca_boo

    eeeeeeeeee!!!!! A-dol for the win! The only thing missing here is Yoon Kye-sang. Because he’s perfect, and we love him.

    Like you two said, the casting for this is just perfect. It’ll be like have a drama all about Oska! Without the annoying ex-girlfriend. Uh… hopefully. Wait, there’s gonna be an ex-girlfriend isn’t there. I hope she’s funny, but I’m guessing he’ll be heartbroken that she moved on while he was in a coma, and once he finally starts getting over her, she’ll decide she does want him back. Doesn’t take a lot of brains to figure out THAT part of the story. *rolls eyes* Please, show, be better than the cliché.

    Still, A-DOL!!!!! So. Excited.

  13. 13 True2u

    YAY!!!!!!!! Yoon Sang-hyun is BACK!!!!!

    Been waiting for his come back, Sorry I couldn’t watch Can’t Lose *It bore me to tears* but This!!! Yes I can’t wait!!!!!

  14. 14 Bu Young

    I love Yoon Sang Hyun (:
    I loved his OST in secret Garden so he has the voice!
    I can’t wait!

  15. 15 Suzi Q

    3 can do zany comedy! Yes!!!!
    OSKA is back? Yoon Sang Hyun’s most memorable character in Secret Garden was the best! Also loved him in Queen of Housewives!
    Sounds like he’s going to be a great AJUSSHI IDOL!

  16. 16 Danna

    Bom? As is in Park Bom of 2NE1?
    lol…hmmmm idk how I feel about this drama..though I have missed Yoon Sang Hyun

    • 16.1 javabeans

      No, her character name is Bom. The actress is not Bom.

      • 16.1.1 Hagar

        I’m a 2ne1 fan, But let’s all hope it’s not Bom coz that would just be awful.

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Why yes I WOULD like some A-dol.

  18. 18 Arhazivory

    Omo! This sounds like WIN WIN WIN. I’ll definitely be watching it. 😀

  19. 19 Vinn

    I maintain that he’s not even ahjusshi-old yet 😀 Hee. Sounds really exciting, and may work out better than Big (hopefully).
    I hope we don’t get Suzy as the heroine because I don’t get “WOW YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE” vibes from YSH & Suzy. Maybe an idol who doesn’t do innocent girl next door (if only Eunjung wasn’t in T-ara..)

  20. 20 row.an

    yeayyyy! sounds like a hoot. is it too much to hope for cameos? like he runs into his industry juniors, but they’re all super respected seniors now….

    • 20.1 mary

      ^ THIS.

  21. 21 lenrasoon

    I’m so ready for this, i’m eager to watch more light comedies.

  22. 22 Mystisith

    Can we have Soo Young as the girl who crushes on the ahjussi? Please? Pretty please? She just blew me with her acting in The 3rd Hospital with both dramatic and funny.

    • 22.1 kram

      i like your idea mystisith..eventhough im not a fa of SNSD, im really impressed with soo young performance..i think she is the best actress in SNSD..

  23. 23 mommai

    SO on board! I <3 Ajusshis!

  24. 24 saranga

    this definitely sounds fun. i love the idea of yoon sang-hyun and oh man-seok together!

  25. 25 Amberscube

    Is it just me? At first look, Oh Man-seok looks like Lee Seung Gi to me…

    Im excited for this one. I love “Oska”.

  26. 26 jenny

    hahahah sounds like so much fun! i can’t wait for some light hearted fare after all the tears and violence this year =D

  27. 27 Anne

    Heart skipped a beat when i read the name Bom. And then i realized it was just the character’s name. Phew!

    How terrible would that be.

  28. 28 Jane

    Pwahaha YSH is really funny being oska so i hope the writers make something memorable out of this premise or else.. Well lol

  29. 29 anna

    So happy that Yoon Sang-hyun and Oh Man-seok won’t be playing love rivals! Here’s hoping for lots of bromance.

  30. 30 haaruka

    Aw, this is screaming Oska Part 2 to me, which is totally my liking. Bring it on!

  31. 31 A-M

    Break out the Oska socks!!

  32. 32 Sajen

    I love the cast but it sounds like they haven’t cast their female idol yet so I pick SNSD’s Sunny. Sure Tayeon is a better singer and as far as we know Yoona is a better actress but as far as pure raw entertaining ability Sunny blows everyone else is SNSD away, plus anyone that can move mud fish,nasty little things, from one tank to another drop one find it and pick it up with her bare hands all while saying her lines has to be able to act. Or maybe it’s just that to me Sunny is not just the most attractive member of SNSD but the only other idol that comes close is A Pink’s Eunji and she’s doing something else.

    • 32.1 Rin

      agree!! Sunny is such a darling.

    • 32.2 qwerty8

      OMG Yoon Sang-hyun and Oh Man-seok! Two of my favorite ahjussis lol. I’m sold at that. The premise sounds fun too.

      • 32.2.1 qwerty8

        oops sorry! *obviously not supposed to be a reply*

        Speaking of Sunny, she’s such a badass cutiepatotie and she did well in Catch Me If You Can musical (she was praised by the critics and got nominated for best newcomer too didn’t she?) but I don’t think she’d do as well in drama… her acting fits musical/theater more, imo, if you know what I mean 😐

        • Sajen

          Oh well I’m new to Sunny fanhood so I didn’t even know she was in a musical, heck a few weeks ago I didn’t even know she existed. I don’t like idol groups I like the ones I know of that can sing Taeyeon and Sistar’s Hyorin, and the soloists like IU and Ailee as well as the ones I know can act Yoona, T-ara’s Eun Jung, Jiyeon and Eunji, she belongs to both groups but I discovered her through Reply 1997 so I put her here. A few weeks ago I was bored with dramas and wanted something different so long story short I ended up watching Invincible Youth season 1 which I fell in love both with it and more importantly Sunny. Since then I’ve been looking for everything with her I can, so as much as I love the male cast her presence would further my interest in the show, but I’m not keeping my hopes up, drama producers rarely cast the actors/actresses I want them to.

  33. 33 kaka

    Woaaahh… This is awesome!!!
    I hope there will be ahjumma fans, too! I’ve watched enough Running Man to know that fanjumma can be real terror

    • 33.1 kaka

      And for real life young hot idol cast, I’m not sure who I’m rooting for since almost all good actress-dol is currently unavailable (UEE, Suzy, and Eunji are already casted in other dramas, and I’m pessimist the producer is going to recruit T-ara’s member).
      I think my best choice is Kara’s Hara. If the character is cheerful and playful, I think she can do a good job.

      • 33.1.1 Rin

        i dont mean to be rude but Hara really? Hara??
        i think the Kara’s maknea(forgot her name) will be more suitable (if we are going to pick someone from Kara) but she’s in IRIS 2.

        • kaka

          Well, I like her in City Hunter.
          Anyway, I think idol casting is more about the similarity between drama character and real-life character, not her/his acting competence. Idol’s acting competence mostly lower than real actor. But if they were cast in suitable roles, I believe they can do decent job.
          Like I said, if the role is cheerful with a little bit sass, I think Hara can do well.
          I’ve never seen Jiyoung (the maknae) act before, so I didn’t consider her.

  34. 34 Termas

    This sounds like a ton of fun…and since obviously they got the idea from here, I now have great hope for the Fate and her younger sister drama being made…

  35. 35 crysalide

    How about T-ara Eun Jung as the lead. she doesn’t look that young and is an idol / actress. i can imagine her compatible with YSH instead of younger and dongsaeng kind of idol. i don’t YSH character to look like a pervert.

  36. 36 Lang

    Wow, this sounds really fun , can’t wait !! HIs Oska character was hilarious!

  37. 37 cutieblue

    Wow, this sounds like a great premise for a drama!! Slightly twisted and full of fun, definitely soo many ways to make jokes out of this! 😀

  38. 38 hipployta

    Ex leads of Yoon Eun Hye unite!

    • 38.1 Ennayra

      I know! They really should all get together and marvel at her.

  39. 39 Ara

    Oooh, does anyone else think this is the drama that IU’s people kept hinting at?

    • 39.1 hanahh

      when i first read this I immediately thought of IU since her company said she got 10 offers to be in romantic comedy. and this is a recipe for rom com plus this sounds like a perfect role for her ( hot young idol) but Im crossing fingers for female lead not to be IU she’s too young to be paired up with YSH

      • 39.1.1 Ara

        Yeah, it would be kind of shocking considering her ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ image but I can actually see them being cute together and starring opposite a career actor would probably be much better for her development in the long run. I think IU definitely has the potential to be a very good actress.

    • 39.2 qwerty8

      Ahhh I’d really like it if it’s IU! But then I’ll be troubled if the main leads have too big of age gap. Granted that Yoon Sang-hyun character thought he’s 17… but still! D:

  40. 40 Katherine

    Saw the name Bom & immediately thought of 2NE1 Sandara Park for the role. Anyways “Oska Oppa” is back ^^~ the premise of the show sounds funny already, kind of like Captain America. Can only imagine the fun that will unfold, can’t wait.

    • 40.1 Hagar

      OMG I thought of Sandara too haha

      • 40.1.1 Katherine

        I so badly want to see her in a drama !! *tears*. LOL. This drama from the sounds of it, I reckon would suit her.

        • ~Feather~

          has she been in other dramas before?

          • Katherine

            The only Korean drama she was apart of was “The Return of Iljimae” (she even got to kiss Jung Il Woo in it *envy lol*) but besides that she was actually signed to YG as an actress, since she was one back in the Philippines but she had a stronger desire to become a singer and her perseverance eventually payed off.

  41. 41 lizzie

    Hm, why I do feel they are riding in the Reply me 1997 to make it too?

  42. 42 ~Feather~

    I would watch it just for him. The awesome plot is a plus, though! I can’t wait! Next year? I’ll be ready. 🙂

  43. 43 saltandpepper

    what a plot!!
    will watch this for sure…..

  44. 44 Laica

    I’m surprised they didn’t cast a Shinhwa A-dol for this. Or would it be too much of a blow to their pride to play has-beens? Would be fricking hilarious though.

    On the other hand, YSH and OMS in the same drama? I AM SO IN. I CANNOT WAIT.

  45. 45 redfox

    a mind of 17 can burn a car down out of jealousy, trick someone to be naked in public and spill his energy all around throwing benji-jumping parties and turning up the music to 258 dcB
    so if they go for any less than that, in an ahjussi form, I wont be satisfied. But then he´ll probably get arrested. or then everyone is just dumbfounded and cant move a finger thinking “Is that guy possessed or born this way?!”

  46. 46 Ennayra

    I’ve loved Oh Man-seok ever since I saw him in that 2006 drama with Yoon Eun-hye. What was it called?… Oh, Vineyard Man! He looks so young in this picture though (in a good way). The wonders of make up and lighting. 😉

  47. 47 asianromance

    Sounds like fun! And that pic of him makes him look like he really could have been a young idol. I hope there will be bromance! Saw Oh Man Seok in Wild Romance, he makes a good hyung.

  48. 48 HK

    I am excited already!! Oska is one of my all time favourite character! He was hilarious and he actually has a nice singing voice!

  49. 49 Bengbeng

    oh, i would love the scatterbrain and funny Bom of 2NE1 to do it, hahaha =). Sandara Park would be nice too =)

  50. 50 lovepark

    Yoon Sang-hyun!!! The character sounds perfect for him!
    I actually hope they don’t cast a female idol just because I’m sure there are plenty of actresses out there who can sing and dance alright and act better, and are trying to get a role. If they do go with an idol, please let her be decent and good. I don’t have too much hope, but I do wish the drama will be funny and look forward to it.

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