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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 410
by | November 3, 2012 | 98 Comments

EPISODE 410. Broadcast on October 28, 2012.

javabeans: This episode starts off with a chyron reading, “Well, they say they were like that.” Cut to Shi-kyung wondering at the correct spelling of a simple word (caption: “Shi-kyung was supposedly once a good student”), then Seung-woo in a silly singsong moment (caption: “And Seung-woo hyung was supposedly once a charismatic actor”). Ha. So it’s going to be one of those episodes, is it? Lots of humiliation and image-crushing?

girlfriday: Otherwise known as awesome-for-us, not-awesome-for-them hilarity on the horizon?

javabeans: Other things the cast members used to be: Su-geun was agile (he falls over in the clip), Joo-won was a pretty boy (he screws up his face crying)…

girlfriday: Is Tae-woong wearing a vest that says “Uhm PD” and skipping with his arms swinging back and forth?

javabeans: And Tae-hyun’s wearing one with his catchprase, “We’re screwed.”

girlfriday: I think I’m gonna like this episode. So we open at a train station at the crack of dawn, but the boys seem to be pretty energetic, singing and dancing and goofing off right away. Su-geun announces that Jong-min’s guest appearance on Seung-woo’s talk show Win-Win won first place ratings, and everyone cheers. And Tae-hyun gives him a lap dance. Sort of.

javabeans: Apparently Bird PD was an unannounced guest, and revealed that Tae-woong is his favorite member. Why do I love that so?

girlfriday: It’s such a great unexpected bromance to come out of the cast. They prod Bird PD to tell them who was last on his list of members he wants to be close to, but he refuses to answer. Probably for the best. They add that Shi-kyung’s even more popular now as Sungchoongi, which I love. He’s just so much funnier as the dummy.

javabeans: I don’t think he’s quite comfortable with that persona yet, but he should just take it and run with it. The nickname’s pretty funny too, like calling him Shi-dummy or something.

girlfriday: I think he’s on a really good variety trajectory. It’s like early Seung-gi, when he wanted to look cool and be the ballad singer, and they were discovering the heodang persona. Embrace the embarassment, dude. Su-geun starts to tell another back-in-the-day story (I’m starting to think he skipped from his thirties to his eighties), and now the boys know to roll their eyes at his exaggerations. Tae-hyun dubs him Bbong-Su-geun ‘cause he’s always telling outlandish stories.

javabeans: We move on to the trip details, which will entail a four-hour train ride. The show has taken out a whole train car, so I’m guessing we’re gonna have games and mini-tasks during the ride. Bird PD says he “won’t torture you with bokbulbok” because the train ride is meant to be enjoyed… but I’m suspicious of the catch.

girlfriday: Immediately he’s like, “But we have to shoot something… so we’ll be riding in four seats.” They’re like, uh… there’s seven of us…

javabeans: Tae-woong bursts out, “You just said no bokbulbok!” Bird PD: “I said not on the train. We’ll pick the three now.” Blink-blink.

girlfriday: HA.

javabeans: Then Tae-woong scoffs that the three are obvious, grabbing the arms of Seung-woo and Tae-hyun next to him. I love that Tae-hyun resists — fight your fate! Refuse to accept defeat!

girlfriday: The game is old-school comedian catchphrases, and the boys all argue that Su-geun is someone who watched and studied these people, so he agrees to hang back and let one or two people take turns before raising his hand. That seems like a fair handicap. But it does seem like a given that he’ll score a seat on the train.

javabeans: This is hilarious. Even if you’re not familiar with the catchphrases, just seeing Seung-woo and Tae-hyun doing their best gag routine (and failing to recreate it perfectly) is cracking me up.

girlfriday: Seung-woo should’ve been a gagman.

javabeans: I love him. He’s actually, like, prancing. He’s got this awesome way of not letting the embarrassment stop him. He commits. He and Jong-min earn the first two spots on the train.

girlfriday: The next comedian prompt is Jung Jun-ha, so the younger guys jump on their chance. Joo-won tries and misses, so they egg Shi-kyung on, to try it without his glasses.

javabeans: I wasn’t sure whether he’d be able to put his shame aside for this, but he actually gives it a full-on attempt, with crossed eyes and hoarse voice. He does crack up halfway through it, but it’s enough to win him a seat. Aw, Sungchoongi came through.

girlfriday: Now there’s only one seat left, so Su-geun nabs his seat without breaking a sweat.

javabeans: Ha, it’s so easy and spot-on for Su-geun that the others marvel that he really was self-handicapping for them.

girlfriday: Then Bird PD says there’s one more question, but he’ll reveal the reason later. I hate it when he does that. So Tae-woong gets that one right, and happily joins the others.

javabeans: They spend a few moments thinking up other famous catchphrases, and basically Seung-woo slays everyone by doing them all. It’s so unexpected, but hilarious.

girlfriday: And then Bird PD says that the standing team — Joo-won and Tae-hyun — will play a version of London Bridge and pick their last teammate. What? But then what was the point of the game?

javabeans: It is kind of mean but I also kind of think it’s awesome. While Seung-woo is complaining that this isn’t fair because they went through all that trouble performing, they tell him to do it again and he performs on cue. He totally should’ve been a comedian.

girlfriday: They start the game, and it’s clear that Tae-hyun and Joo-won are just rigging it. They start the song over if it doesn’t land on the right person, and then they start moving the bridge, and trap Su-geun. Ha. They make their way into the station and the boys seem super excited about the train — it’s full of memories for the older guys, and Joo-won is riding one for the first time ever. Is he new to everything?

javabeans: Ha, he keeps saying that what he’s really looking forward to is eating eggs on the train, since that’s the thing you do on trains. But this one’s a pretty nice one, with arcade games and a computer station. The boys take their seats, and the three standers squeeze themselves between rows so they can at least lean on the seat backs as they go.

girlfriday: They argue that they have to eat eggs to fulfill Joo-won’s wish, so Bird PD sends him and Shi-kyung to go buy one egg for each member and one soda to share between all of them. Tightwad.

javabeans: Always one to invent games out of nothing, Su-geun proposes that they all crack their eggs in the “most entertaining way possible.” So then Tae-hyun mimics a cracking motion, wondering if he could get one on his nose (ow) or chin.

girlfriday: Joo-won and Shi-kyung buy the eggs, but then get sidetracked by the arcade games, heh. Finally after a while, a PD comes by to say that the hyungs will be waiting for their eggs, and they’re like, eh whatever.

javabeans: Shi-kyung is the first to crack his egg, and he tosses it in the air and heads it like a soccer ball. It gets a huge laugh, and even Bird PD cracks up. Then Jong-min suggests that he and Tae-woong drop the egg and smash it together between their foreheads. This should be good.

girlfriday: HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love the slow-motion shot of the egg passing right through, and then the pause… because you know they’re about to collide… and then SMACK!

javabeans: This had bad idea written all over it, but I love that nobody stopped them.

girlfriday: Then talk turns to lunch, and the boys ask why some of them were asked to bring rice and some of them only side dishes. Flashback to Bird PD calling each member before the trip, and assigning specific foods to bring.

javabeans: So now to eat a proper lunch, one rice guy will share with one side dish guy. That leaves one guy lonely… and Bird PD says he’ll have to skip out.

girlfriday: Sad. It was smart of Bird PD to ask the Marrieds to bring the side dishes, but it does skew the game in their favor, since it’ll be one of the Singles who only brought rice that’s left out in the end. It’s time to show off what side dishes they brought, and Tae-hyun goes first with the triumphant announcement: “Everyone! She. Woke. Up.” Lol.

javabeans: The rice boys can hardly compare with lavish multi-course side dishes, so the big question is: How many people can eat what you brought? Joo-won says that his is enough for two. Shi-kyung one-ups him: His can feed five.

girlfriday: Five other people or one Shi-kyung?

javabeans: The Singles are seated in separate rows, with one empty chair next to each of them. Ha, are they going to give the Marrieds the choice to pick their partner? This is like a really mean dating game where the loser starves.

girlfriday: Haha, they even play dating game selection music and everyone stirs in anticipation.

javabeans: Seung-woo comes out first toting his lunch bag, and stops right next to Jong-min’s chair, which makes Jong-min grin like a fool… until he asks “Will you eat with me?” To Joo-won, sitting in front of him. Jong-min looks so betrayed, ha.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun is up next, and they cut in a moment of Tae-woong before the game started, and he says that Tae-hyun pities him so he thinks he’ll be chosen. Heh, and aw.

javabeans: That’s so cute and a little sad. Especially when he’s like, sometimes he has nobody to eat with so he calls Tae-hyun and is the third wheel with the wife.

girlfriday: I know! It’s so adorable. But I want Tae-woong to have someone to eat with other than Tae-hyun and his wife. Sure enough, Tae-hyun sits down next to Tae-woong for lunch.

javabeans: Tae-woong is so absurdly happy. Then Su-geun does a fake-out for the last lunch partner — he starts to sit next to Shi-kyung, but then leans over to the row in front and asks Jong-min to be his lunchmate. Shi-kyung just about dies.

girlfriday: Aw, poor hungry Sungchoongi.

javabeans: It’s so sad, but hilarious. He even wrote 1N2D on his rice in beans. While everyone is digging in, he’s just eating his plain rice, in the back, all alone. You know, it cracks me up that Shi-kyung basically is the soundtrack to the sad moments of his own life.

girlfriday: I was just gonna say, it’s his own ballad that puts it over the top. So funny.

javabeans: HAHAHA, it turns out Shi-kyung has actually hidden foods inside his rice. Omg. At first the guys are like, I think there’s a little spam snuck in there, but then the camera pans over and there’s this WHOLE, full spread inside. That’s awesome.

girlfriday: Sneaky!

javabeans: It’s totally smart. Like, if you got the call to bring JUST rice, you’d want to hedge your bets too, right?

girlfriday: They finally arrive at their destination four hours later, and Bird PD says they’ll be exploring the town in a bokbulbok marathon. Smiles vanish. He hands out uniforms — ha, these are the nickname vests we saw in the preview.

javabeans: Some are better than others. As far as nicknames go I think Tae-woong got luckiest with Uhm PD. Shi-kyung doesn’t love Sungchoongi, while Su-geun is Bbong-Su-geun, meaning liar.

girlfriday: It’s funny that Joo-Rodin stuck.

javabeans: I want everyone to call him that forever.

girlfriday: They line up for the marathon, and even have a guest-caster for the big event. The first bokbulbok: freshwater or salt water. They each pick up a drink as they run past… and Every. Single. One. is salty. Is this game rigged? The second stop: catch a grasshopper. Ruh-roh, how will Joo-Rodin ever get past this round?

javabeans: Muahaha. Some guys have more trouble than others. Jong-min cringes through it all but manages, and Joo-won even seems to complete it without much reaction. Tae-hyun’s still dead last, not being able to find any.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung and Su-geun are way ahead, and get to the third stop: Rubik’s Cubes. Dude. Oh, they only have to complete one side. Whew.

javabeans: Dude, I was going to say, if you had to do the whole thing nobody would ever finish this. One side is hard enough that this round could turn the tables, depending on your skill level. Shi-kyung’s having a good day, after finding the grasshopper quickly and then getting his Rubik’s Cube in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, Joo-won wonders, “Can I just peel off the stickers?”

girlfriday: Pfffft. All the boys get stuck here (minus Shi-kyung), and even Tae-hyun finally catches his grasshopper and joins them.

javabeans: Omg, Seung-woo literally dismantles his rather than figure it out. He gets to work putting it back, color-coded. Yeah good luck with that.

girlfriday: Hahaha. It cracks me up that he thinks this is the easier way to do it.

javabeans: Shouldn’t it tell him something that the PDs didn’t stop him? As in, they’ll let him do it ‘cause it’s not actually a shortcut?

girlfriday: Meanwhile, Shi-kyung is the only one who gets to the next stop, where you have to cross a marked section of a field on a pogo stick. The announcer leans in to whisper at the camera that Shi-kyung doesn’t have to go back to start every time he falls off, and just giggles. People! Tell him the rules!

javabeans: LOL. It’s not until after he succeeds — all red-faced, gasping, and tired — that the announcer reveals that tidbit. Ha. Then, reversal! Sitting at Rubik’s Cube Central, Tae-hyun makes a final twist, and looks shocked himself — he’s gotten his side. Everyone just gapes at him, totally shocked at how he could have done it, and Mr. Last Place now runs off in second place. He, at least, doesn’t start over every time he falls off. He manages to finish just as Jong-min arrives, and Jong-min is having such fun he just keeps pogo-ing all over after he crosses the finish line. Ha, who else has images of him going home and buying one just for himself?

girlfriday: Okay, now this is a surprise: the next guy to finish his Rubik’s Cube is Joo-won. I love that the guys who manage to get it are just as surprised at themselves, ‘cause they don’t really know how they did it. Tae-woong is right behind him, and they run to the next stop together.

javabeans: Shi-kyung comes to his next stop, which is to pick one of those fish-shaped sweet breads — half are sweet, while others are laced with a super-hot additive. He picks carefully, and takes a cautious bite… then breaks into the most adorable little-boy smile. It’s like a kid on Christmas.

girlfriday: He really IS having a good day. Tae-hyun isn’t so lucky, and picks a spicy one. And so does Jong-min. Shi-kyung’s next stop is a Bitter Tea/Green Tea station, where he picks a bitter tea and does a spit take. Su-geun FINALLY finishes his Rubik’s Cube, and tellingly Seung-woo, who took his apart, is last to finish.

javabeans: Did he actually bother to put it together so ALL sides were completed? Man. Everybody ends up spitting out his bitter tea, and I’m wondering how you pass this round. Usually spitting means you lose the game, but since this is a marathon do you just have to keep drinking till you can keep it down? Or do you just take the cup and deal?

girlfriday: You just pick one and either drink or spit.

javabeans: Then it’s not much of a round is it?

girlfriday: Which is why I’m convinced they’re all salt water and all bitter tea.

javabeans: So it’s just a marathon of suffering?

girlfriday: Pretty much. You say it like it’s a bad thing. Shi-kyung gets to his next stop, and enters a classroom where he finds a test waiting for him.

javabeans: Ha, it’s a grade-school level test, so I guess it should be easy. But I’m just thinking, there’s math on that thing! I’m pretty sure I forgot all about angles and hypotenuses as soon as I was able to.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung stresses over the questions, and hands his in to get graded as Tae-hyun enters the classroom. You have to get 70% to pass, which shouldn’t be this stressful, but it is.

javabeans: Hee, he gets the all-clear that he passed, and starts to run out, but then stops to ask for his score. (It’s 70.) Then as he jogs out, he runs over the questions and tries to figure out which one he missed. I love nerdy Shi-kyung.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun is just like, “I don’t… even know…” I’m pretty sure he’s going to be doing geometry till everyone catches up to him.

javabeans: Then Jong-min joins him, and I think he’s going to be doing the spelling one till everyone else catches up to him.

girlfriday: Haha, does he have to read it aloud that way? Soon all six of them are sitting in the classroom sighing over their tests.

javabeans: By the time one of them passes (Tae-hyun), Shi-kyung has already passed his next round. Wow, everything’s going his way today. He grins, “I must be fated to eat tonight!”

girlfriday: Now I don’t feel so bad that he had to eat lunch alone without a date. Finally, Jong-min and Tae-woong pass their test and run off together.

javabeans: We see bits of the test papers after the guys pass, which crack me up. In one sentence construction, Tae-hyun wrote, “When I saw the problem, I didn’t know the answer so it made me mad.” Tae-woong’s answer to the same one was, “I met Jong-min but he talked too much so it made me mad.”

girlfriday: By now Shi-kyung is strolling along, thinking about dinner and stopping to look at the leaves and such, and then gapes to see Tae-hyun show up behind him.

javabeans: That’s what you get for being the rabbit!

girlfriday: This game is hilarious. Basically we’ve got Shi-kyung and Tae-hyun fighting over first place, and Su-geun and Seung-woo struggling in the rear at every stop. Their test montage is write-write-grade-return, write-write-grade-return, over and over again in tandem.

javabeans: My favorite thing about the sequence is Seung-woo’s caption — he’s still smarting from the hot bun and asks Su-geun which one he got. His caption is: “Yeah, I’m here because I can’t concentrate from the hot sauce.” Su-geun didn’t eat one, so then the caption adds, “Su-geun, you’re here because you’re dumb. (Small consolation)

girlfriday: Shi-kyung gets to the very last station by the finish line, and is asked to pick a wild card. This oughtta be good. The card he picks: Kim Jong-min. The PD says he has to go and tag that person, and THEN cross the finish line. Dude.

javabeans: Well, HIS small consolation is that at least Jong-min is running toward the finish. If he got Seung-woo he’d have to run all the way back to school.

girlfriday: That would suck. The interesting thing is, if Tae-hyun gets Shi-kyung for instance, then he could actually win this.

javabeans: …but he picks Su-geun, HA.

girlfriday: Oh noes.

javabeans: Haha, Shi-kyung runs past everyone (who don’t know why he’s doubling back) and finds Jong-min at one of the game stations. He doesn’t explain, just ruffles his hair and makes sure from the PD that he’s good to go, then runs back. Jong-min looks totally confused at the hit-and-run. On the other hand, Tae-hyun’s walking back knowing he’s screwed, and just raises raises his arms to indicate his nickname: “I’M SCREWED.”

girlfriday: Omg, and then Shi-kyung races back to the last station with Tae-woong right behind him, and then Tae-woong picks Shi-kyung’s name card! CHASE!

javabeans: Thanks to the announcer, Shi-kyung gets a warning and starts bolting for the finish line. Hee.

girlfriday: This is hysterical. We just see Shi-kyung and Tae-woong zoom past, and suddenly the announcer and Bird PD and the VJ are huffing and puffing and running behind them.

javabeans: Bird PD and the announcer’s excitement just makes it all that much more exciting.

girlfriday: We cut to the view from the finish line… and Shi-kyung is the first to run out from the train station. Winner!

javabeans: Tae-woong’s so cute. He’s in second, and he picks up the fallen tape and gives it back to the holders so he can have his victory moment too.

girlfriday: Hee, back at the table Joo-won picks Tae-hyun’s name card and runs back, which makes Jong-min run away just because he’s suspicious. And Joo-won just chases him for funsies.

javabeans: Tae-hyun quips, “Whoever picks my name is screwed too.” Heh. He spots Su-geun and Seung-woo heading toward him, gets a high-five, and turns back. Ha, the funny thing is, Joo-won will tag him on the way back too, and we know Joo-won’s faster. Another race is on. He has to chase Jong-min, though, who’s currently in third place ahead of him. We get a camera shot of the final stretch and it looks like Jong-min’s going to take it… but then Joo-won comes up with about 15 feet to go and leaps in front. HA.

girlfriday: What? Did he get confused? There’s a GIANT white tape waiting ahead of him. Jong-min just stares agape as Joo-won crosses the line ahead, and takes the third place spot.

javabeans: Maybe he was just maxed out and couldn’t speed up? Seung-woo and Su-geun know they’re last, and promise to go in together. They stop just in front of the finish line to insist, “We are not last place. We are simultaneous sixth places!”

girlfriday: Which just means we’re waiting to see who betrays the other first, right?

javabeans: The PD doesn’t accept the idea of a dual sixth place and says they’ll check the winner in slow-motion. We get the replay… and it’s Su-geun. The best part? His BEER GUT is what touched the line first!

girlfriday: HA. Best use of big belly ever. They make their way to basecamp and explore the house, and then out of the blue Su-geun sees a rubber shoe and says to Jong-min, “You know it hurts to get spanked in the butt with one of these…” He challenges him to rock-paper-scissors and Jong-min loses of course. But that just makes him thirsty for revenge, so he goes around to every single member to play… and loses to each of them and gets spanked six times in a row.

javabeans: That cracks me up. You can’t even feel bad for him because he’s the one insisting. He finally goes up to Bird PD — and wins. That just takes the cake. Bird PD goes scampering off before he can get spanked on camera by his underling.

girlfriday: Now THAT is a good reversal.


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