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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 413
by | November 24, 2012 | 52 Comments

EPISODE 413. Broadcast on November 18, 2012.

javabeans: When we resume, both teams (Cans and Cannots) have had one win each and a taste of grilled meat. Now for the third game, which has everyone furrowing their brows in confusion: golf ball heading. First of all, huh? Second of all, owww.

girlfriday: Bird PD even demonstrates just to prove that it isn’t painful, but he’s clearly trying to hide it, and badly at that.

javabeans: To even out the numbers, the Cans decide to cut Jong-min from the round this time, because he has a rock head, ha. Joo-won steps up all full of confidence and determined to win this, and we get a whole slow-motion sequence to build up the anticipation… which makes me think he’s going to embarrass himself.

girlfriday: And he pretty much does, because the golf ball goes a few feet, and he doubles over, clutching his head.

javabeans: Tae-woong’s must be even more embarrassing, because we get a whole round of reaction shots before even getting to see him, and everyone cracks up. Ha, it goes backwards.

girlfriday: Pwahaha. That was worth the round of reaction shots. Shi-kyung gets pretty far, but it costs him some brain cells. I love that the promise of food can always put a smile on his face though, no matter how excruciating the pain.

javabeans: More of his balladry scores the pain of the moment. Lucky for the show he has such a lengthy discography. Seung-woo’s head-bounce isn’t that strong, but it has the most strategic placement because it rolls right past Shi-kyung’s. See, there’s a smart way to do everything. (And then there’s the 1N2D way?)

girlfriday: The way of pain and laughter?

javabeans: Su-geun actually manages, somehow, to do a whole running jump into the heading (and then has to deal with the pain). See, I feel like I would try that and then just hit it with my eye or something.

girlfriday: And then you’d be gifting us with lots of laughter, and replay fodder.

javabeans: Lol, and then the next game is a heading in the opposite extreme: a huuuuuge red ball the size of a car. The Cans won the golf ball round, but at least the Cannots manage the red ball round. So two rounds of eating each. So far, an unusually well-balanced 1N2D dinner.

girlfriday: The final game is for stew, and it’s a water balloon toss — the team that can catch at the greatest distance wins.

javabeans: How cute, Tae-hyun says he’ll have to think of the water balloon as his baby. Wait, now I kind of want it to burst. Ha, thankfully for him, he manages a save. Su-geun’s also good at this. Is it just a game for the fathers?

girlfriday: Maybe they just really want the metaphor to work. Sadly, Tae-hyun drops his on the next round, so no Father of the Year awards for him. The guys that get water-ballooned in the pants keep doing this oh-don’t-mind-me-I-just-peed-my-pants silly gag, but the funnier thing is that Tae-woong wants to do the gag so badly that he asks to play the game, even when it’s already over.

javabeans: The Cans claim the last meal round, and then it’s time to rest up before bedtime. Tae-hyun shows some adorable pics of his kids in superhero getups.

girlfriday: Omg that’s so cute. He says his son dressed up as Batman and then he fought Jeon Woo-chi for an hour. He’s gonna be the coolest dad for at least a year, right?

javabeans: And then Jong-min suggests arm-wrestling, “to see who’s a real man.” Those are pretty aggressive words, no? And then he calls out Shi-kyung as his opponent? Uh….

girlfriday: He’s clearly not thinking straight.

javabeans: They start, and everyone’s actually a little surprised that Shi-kyung doesn’t just flatten him outright. I think Jong-min’s stronger than everyone expected, but at the same time, Shi-kyung seems like the dad who’s just humoring the kid for a while before he claims the win. Which he does, seemingly pretty easily.

girlfriday: So then Tae-woong goes up against Su-geun, and the rest of the boys argue over which team they’re going to root for (they don’t win anything for it, but it turns into a Thing).

javabeans: Tae-woong wins, and the victory pileup is the cutest thing ever. And now, of course, everyone wants to know who would win the Tae-woong vs. Shi-kyung matchup… except for those two involved, who both demur with excuses. Are they being modest? Or scared?

girlfriday: Being pride-protecty?

javabeans: Oh, it is ON. They don’t even joke around this time, they get right to it. Shi-kyung takes the early lead, and tries with all his effort to claim the victory. But Tae-woong’s arm (despite being closer to the ground) won’t give in, and we cut to his face and I swear he looks about eighty years old, grimacing and hanging on with everything he’s got.

girlfriday: Dude, they hold that seemingly forever, getting redder and redder in the face, both giving all their strength and not moving.

javabeans: HAHHA. Omg, I love how in the end, Seung-woo just pulls their hands apart and says it’s over, before there’s a winner or loser. I think in this case they’re both winners.

girlfriday: Or Tae-woong would’ve popped an eyeball trying to hold it any longer.

javabeans: I think it would have just come down to endurance more than sheer strength (admittedly, they’re related). Who would have that moment of weakness first? I could see Tae-woong being the tortoise, biding his time, but I could also see Shi-kyung just wearing him down. In any case I think they’re both relieved it got called off.

girlfriday: Heh, Tae-hyun says they should revisit it in a year. It’s not a slap-bet!

javabeans: Then it’s time for bedtime games.

girlfriday: First is the game to pick the MC, who gets indoor sleeping rights. It’s that pig wrestling game, and the boys decide to take it literally, scotch-taping their snouts and adding a rule that you can only oink during the game.

javabeans: I didn’t know this was called pig-wrestling. It’s the game where you’re on your butt on the ground, arms locked under your knees, and you have to knock everyone over. Is this a thing pigs do?

girlfriday: It doesn’t seem like a thing any animal would do voluntarily.

javabeans: Seung-woo once again displays his ruthlessness in knocking people over. He cracks me up. He’s totally the ringleader, directing the others (through a series of sophisticated (?) oinking) whom to target.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. Su-geun makes this really lame pig pun in the middle of the game that cracks me up. I don’t even know why — it’s not that funny, but maybe it’s that he didn’t really catch the pun till after he said it?

javabeans: The thing that cracks me up is that when Joo-won is knocked over, he’s dragged off by the other guys who are already out and the captions call them “Reaper Pigs.” It’s hilarious.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung wins the MC job, and puts Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Joo-won on one team and Su-geun, Tae-hyun, and Seung-woo on the other.

javabeans: Ha, Bird PD introduces the game as a Truth Game, and Su-geun’s all, “What, like first kisses?”

girlfriday: Now THAT’s a game we’d like to see.

javabeans: Turns out Bird means that one member from a team would, for instance, drink something and the other team has to decide which guy drank it. There’s this whole chorus of, “Ohhhhhhhhh” that’s tinged with understanding and, I like to think, disappointment. Heh. For some reason that just makes me giggle.

girlfriday: I wonder if Bird PD is thinking, “Crap, I should’ve said yes and just gone with it.”

javabeans: With the partition drawn between the teams, Tae-hyun eats a whole lemon and squirts juice into Seung-woo’s eye, while the other team has to guess. If Tae-hyun doesn’t stop shuddering and wincing, he’ll be a dead giveaway. To compensate, the others feign reactions too.

girlfriday: Oh that actually makes it hard. I was imagining all stoic faces, but if they’re all wincing, they have to figure out who’s acting and who isn’t.

javabeans: They decide that Seung-woo looks like he’s reacting for real, and here’s where it’s probably a good thing he got squirted with lemon juice, since his eyes are still teary. They manage the fake-out after all, and then it’s the other team’s turn.

girlfriday: On this side they have Joo-won, who actually likes eating these things, but maybe they worry it’s too obvious. Jong-min eats their lemon, which takes a while.

javabeans: So they have Jong-min reacting like crazy, Joo-won trying to act like he ate a lemon and is handling it well, and Tae-woong’s somewhere in between. I like the range here, since they know Joo-won wouldn’t be going all-out like the others.

girlfriday: At first they rule Jong-min out because he’s overreacting (which they read as bad acting), only then Su-geun sees a little piece of lemon stuck in his teeth. Oh crap.

javabeans: They lose, which means that they (Jong-min, Tae-woong, Joo-won) have to win the next round if they don’t want to sleep outside. It’s the butt-wrestling game, and everyone’s actually excited that this means they get to see Seung-woo in action again. Ha.

girlfriday: Hee, they’re not the only ones.

javabeans: But this time it’s Tae-woong who gets on a roll, beating his first two opponents (Su-geun, then Tae-hyun). Strong arms, and strong butt? That puts him up against Seung-woo, and I’m laughing at how Tae-woong says he wishes he could see Seung-woo, instead of, you know, playing him.

girlfriday: You can watch it on TV, like the rest of us.

javabeans: I was actually a little worried that this time he wouldn’t be as funny, but I’m totally laughing out loud here.

girlfriday: How does he DO THAT? He’s like triple-jointed in the hips, and yet totally stiff in his upper body, and while Tae-woong just stands there, Seung-woo butt-dances back and forth wildly. Too bad it doesn’t win him the game though, because Tae-woong holds his ground.

javabeans: The third game is the decider, and possibly the hardest. It’s a first-team-who-laughs-loses premise, and requires each team to “prettify” one of their members. So Tae-woong and Seung-woo are given their makeovers, and before the game even begins this has people in stitches. Particularly Seung-woo, who has these little pigtail-like things sticking out of his head. Shi-kyung’s trying to be the dignified ref but he just falls to the ground laughing. Then Shi-kyung peers over at the other side and just about dies again.

girlfriday: Hee this is gonna be good. The funniest thing is that Seung-woo and Tae-woong don’t get to see themselves, and it just gets worse and worse, while they keep asking if they look okay.

javabeans: It’s a really good thing this game doesn’t require the teammates to be laugh-less, just the players, because it would be over in about a second. The big reveal comes, and Seung-woo totally gets in character, talking in this gagman voice and doing a whole routine. Meanwhile, Tae-woong just sits there stone-faced… with his face all marked up in red and black: He’s a trauma patient! Ha. It’s funny because it’s unexpected.

girlfriday: Okay, Tae-woong just looks scary. Seung-woo totally sells his — the face itself isn’t the thing, but his ain’t-I-purty attitude that kills. I don’t even know if Tae-woong can laugh with his face taped up like that, but he finally cracks and Seung-woo wins. Pffft, is Tae-woong having a tantrum over being uglified?

javabeans: He totally is. He’s getting pissy, as though it totally makes sense what the other team’s saying about how Seung-woo’s brand of joke-prettification is soooo much cleaner and neater and funnier. Dude, you’re both freak shows.

girlfriday: Yeah you’re both damn ugly. Seung-woo just knows how to sell it like he’s the prettiest thing ever. Though that soon disappears when Shi-kyung brings him a mirror after the fact, and he busts a gut at his own reflection.

javabeans: I love the moment of shock when he realizes he’s been posturing this whole time, while looking like THAT.

girlfriday: Not quite so confident now, eh? Afterwards it’s bedtime, with the news that the morning mission will be a village-wide hide-and-seek game between the indoor/outdoor teams. The winners get breakfast from the staff food truck. Tonight the outdoor team gets sent out to find their own campgrounds, and then once they choose a spot, a staff member just tosses a tent at their feet. Aw man, they gotta build it too?

javabeans: It’s self-serve tonight. So while they build their tent (and the indoor sleepers settle down), both teams try to plan their strategy for tomorrow, though they’ve only got limited info to go on, trying to outthink the other team. Where should they go? Should they separate or stick together?

girlfriday: Morning comes and the hiders decide to separate, which seems like a bad idea to me. (To win they have to ring a bell near basecamp before the time is up.) If it were just a hide-till-the-end thing, then sure, splitting up is better. But now how will they strategize for bell-ringing?

javabeans: Telepathy? Prayer? Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Joo-won are wired up with personal cams and sent on their way, though they soon find that their hiding options are limited. A flashback to their brainstorming session shows Jong-min telling Joo-won just to run for thirty minutes: “Your chasers will get tired!” That’s hilarious.

girlfriday: WHAT? That is your plan?

javabeans: Wait, did they mean that seriously? That’s even more hilarious.

girlfriday: They must’ve, because Joo-won doesn’t seem to be looking for a place to hide at all.

javabeans: Maybe the plan is for Tae-woong and Jong-min to hide just long enough that Joo-won can sprint to the bell.

girlfriday: But that is a dumb plan. It’s tag, not tackle football. If he’s going for the bell, he’ll need backup.

javabeans: I think it could actually work, if Joo-won approaches this smartly. (Seung-woo had decided last night that he would guard the bell rather than pursue, so that one man would always be there.) But that’s a really big if.

girlfriday: It would be a good plan if Joo-won draws all the other guys away in a chase, while Jong-min gets in Seung-woo’s face, and Tae-woong sneaks up behind him or something. But… that doesn’t seem to be the plan.

javabeans: Their plan should have been to all converge at the bell halfway through, so that while the seekers were scattered, the hiders could all take on the bell-defender.

girlfriday: Yes exactly. In fact, I would’ve had the whole team hide together right by the bell, and go after Seung-woo as soon as the other guys leave him. Instead, Joo-won seems to be running aimlessly, while Jong-min and Tae-woong hide.

javabeans: Adding to the hiders’ disadvantage is the fact that the seekers can talk to each other via walkie-talkie. So when Su-geun spots Joo-won, he radios his teammates, who all hurry over to his location, minus Seung-woo the guard. On the upside that does mean he’s diverted everyone else.

girlfriday: It turns out Joo-won does have a walkie-talkie, because he finally gets caught after ten minutes of running away from Su-geun (geez, even that’s a long time). I’m so confused by this team’s strategy. Or lack thereof.

javabeans: I don’t think it’s a lack of strategy, I think the editing is trying to trick us again — only revealing the brainstorming session in bits and pieces.

girlfriday: Oh noes, and then once Joo-won gets captured, Bird PD rides around in a van announcing Tae-woong’s hiding spot.

javabeans: HAHAHA, is that legal?

girlfriday: That’s just mean. Also hilarious. How cute, Shi-kyung gets all into the game, “This is what detectives must feel like! Once I catch this bastard, it’s twenty years!”

javabeans: Jong-min hears and radios Tae-woong to warn him away before he gets caught. Meanwhile, Seung-woo’s just standin’ at the bell, doing some calisthenics. He’s joined by Joo-won, and for whatever reason Seung-woo starts to tie him to the tree. I have no idea why, but let’s go with it.

girlfriday: It’s just funny. He’s probably dying for something to do, mostly. Or he’s so lonely he doesn’t want Joo-won to go away.

javabeans: Tae-woong appears to be in danger with both Tae-hyun and Shi-kyung heading his way, but dodges a bullet: Tae-hyun arrives and finds the area empty, and is ready to head back. Tae-woong’s just around the corner, hidden under a bridge, but he’s not out of danger because Shi-kyung heads over too.

girlfriday: Ooh, it’s getting tense. Shi-kyung barely misses him while radioing his teammates.

javabeans: Eep! And then Tae-hyun spots Tae-woong’s feet, just under the bridge, and quietly calls Shi-kyung over. He’s trapped!

girlfriday: Hahaha, I love that image of just the feet, from Tae-hyun’s point of view.

javabeans: Jong-min can hear the events via walkie-talkie, and realizes he’s the last one left. He’s gotta make a dash for the bell, or they lose anyway. But now it’s four against one… and Tae-hyun gets a glimpse of him, haha. He radios, “I think I can get him myself, but all of you come too.” The chase is on, and there are four minutes left….

girlfriday: They’re not getting breakfast, are they? Haha, Jong-min turns around so many times that at one point, he’s chasing Tae-hyun. Pfft.

javabeans: Nope. Jong-min gets caught, and the game is over. It was either a flawed game or there was flawed thinking here. Then again, when you put Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Joo-won on a team together you’re not really getting the masterminds. I feel like if the other team were the hiders there would have been a lot more craftiness.

girlfriday: They would’ve been the opposite extreme — over-crafty, like spending the night building camouflage suits to blend into the woods right by the bell, or a twelve-step plan involving call-signs.

javabeans: If that team lost, it would be because they way overplanned, and their opponents just strolled in and upset the plans. Which would also be funny. In any case, the winners heap their plates with food, and the losers have to satisfy themselves with rice balls.

girlfriday: Afterwards the whole group goes on a morning trip. Wow, they haven’t done one of these in a while. Now I’m just used to them playing games to go home early.

javabeans: I know, while they were riding in the bus I was wondering, “What’s that about? Where are they headed?” Ha. I guess their “great inheritance” nature trip should show a bit more than just a hike.

girlfriday: They sign off from there, and then next week’s preview announces that they have guests. Ooh!

javabeans: Aw, yay. It’s Yoo Hee-yeol (Toy), Yoon Jong-shin, Yoon Sang. Dude, some of my favorite songwriters.

girlfriday: Is it like a ballad trio special?

javabeans: Can we have a ballad-off with Shi-kyung?

girlfriday: OOH. Okay, now that’s a good time.


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  1. foodluver88

    i love this show more and more each week. i cannot wait for next week’s episode! i’m especially curious to see how differently shi-kyung will act, since he knows all 3 guests pretty well on a professional and personal level.

    thank you once again for the subs!

    • 1.1 foodluver88

      oops i meant recaps.

  2. Minnetter (aka: Min)

    I love this show… even just reading about it makes me bust a gut

    • 2.1 pink lady

      Just saw an interview with Lee Seung Gi (former castmate), and he said the show has gotten funnier.

  3. Dh

    Who are the guests? All are has beens. Always getting has beens to guest.

    • 3.1 topper

      Oh shuddup, they are really talented musicians and have great personality.
      Yoo Hee Yeol was reportedly invited to be a fix cast for 1n2d too, which he turned down as he feels that he cannot take the physical strain.

    • 3.2 pauper

      The guests are not has-beens. They are all legendary composers/musicians in the Korean music scene for more than a decade until now. Get your facts right.

      P.S.: Yoo Hee-yeol!! The man is hilarious and I love Toy music. They make great songs.

    • 3.3 ck1Oz

      Ignorance is not an excuse to be rude.

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        Triple like!!

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        SUPER LIKE!

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  4. Starstruck.

    If it’s a ballad-off then why no puppy? He’s the ballad prince! Haha, at least we still get to see him on RM for 2 eps!

  5. ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. I don’t even know which game is funnier. The made up face and the butt game had me in stiches.
    Am so happy you guys started recapping this every week.

    • 5.1 juniper

      I almost died laughing at the made up faces!!!

  6. mariana niculescu

    Imi place 1n2d azi 25.11.2o12 am vazut pe T.V.KBS WORLD inca un episod ,mi-a placut bataia cu apa,kim Jong Min primeste cele mai multe pedepse(HAHAHAAA) ,toti cei 7 sint simpatici,talentati si cu umor.Imi place si obiectivele turistice din KOREA

  7. bigwink

    A lot of continued episodes in season 2, if I’m not mistaken.
    I love it! It means that they’re having a great time. And we’re too!

    Thank yous for the recap ladies, this will always be a treat.

  8. lemonade candy


    nuff said

  9. redfox

    heheh it feels like when Shi Kyung laughs there will be an eathquake somewhere.

    • 9.1 juniper

      ^^LOL!!!:) He’s really a giant!

      • 9.1.1 ella zala

        like the butterfly effect or something? lol ^^

  10. 10 yvette

    Thanks for the recap!:)

  11. 11 yvette

    Off to read now!:))

  12. 12 yvette

    and BTW, love the first pic!:)

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    Hey guys, Just wondering…are there any guys here that watch 2D1N?

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    …and thanks for the recap GF! I always look forward to them!!

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    Thanks ladies. I honestly can’t recognize Taewoong and Seungwoo under the weird makeup. O_o What did they do to my favourite oppa and ahjussi? lol.

  16. 16 tebz10

    I’m giving lots of props to Seungwoo. He just goes all in and doesn’t think about how ridiculous he looks. So cute that it’s the two ajusshis who got their faces messed up by the dongsaengs.

    Next epi looks like a Shi-kyung bestfriend special 🙂 I’m looking forward to Yoon Jong Shin, who I think is hilarious!

  17. 17 adnap

    Thank you! Sounds like a great ep.

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    Thanks for the recap

  19. 19 jessie j.

    off to read now

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    the “prettified” faces of seungwoo & taewoong are the funniest faces i’ve seen in years! when i’m sad, i could just look at them and laugh my heart out! 1n2d, why so funny? 😀

    good job for the recap, jb & gf!

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      IKR? Just watching 2d1n eps I feel happy and contented!!

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    Bit off topic. But Can anyone enlighten me on what seung woo’s nickname ‘na daem’ means…im still not really sure. I remember it came from the pillow fight they had…anyone know? Thanks

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      All I know it that it means “disruptive”. Jongmin mentioned during their pillow fight that Seungwoo shouldn’t be disruptive.

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      That trick was awesome!! SK was really dumd-founded!!

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    Great and funny recap!

  34. 34 far

    the losers team has a good plan, actually. use joowon as bait, and the other two go the back way to ring the bell.

    but they lack the enthusiasm to win. they werent trying hard enough to win. i guess they should use secret codes or something. like “code 1: i’ve been caught, so u can make ur bell move now”

    it hasnt been long since i started watching this show season 2. i hope the casts are more badass after this. ^^ they need more emotion and passion during the games. i hope the new PD will bring that out in them.

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