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Alice in Cheongdam-dong’s family portrait
by | November 9, 2012 | 59 Comments

Admittedly, these aren’t much in the way of promo stills, but something’s still better than nothing, right? (But seriously, SBS. Step it up for Alice in Cheongdam-dong. Your promo photos have been lackluster, not to mention few and far between.) You’d think that with such a lineup of stars—Moon Geun-young! Park Shi-hoo! Kim Ji-suk!—they’d be working the buzz angle a bit harder.

Here we have the family portrait for the heroine’s family, which features Moon Geun-young, Mom, Dad, and little sister. The sister will be played by Shin Hye-jung, a 19-year-old singer in girl group AOA. The family looks down-to-earth and (for lack of a better word) normal, which fits with the description of Moon’s character as an ordinary young woman who for whatever reason embarks on the project to become a “Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law.” (That’s a common term used to describe the upscale, fashionable young ladies who marry into the social upper crust in Cheongdam-dong, a particularly posh neighborhood in Seoul’s Kangnam district.) Basically, it means that Moon’s aspiring designer character makes up her mind to marry a rich dude. Please tell me there’s a reason, other than “I want to be Cinderella.”

The title refers to the heroine’s fish-out-of-water status in said neighborhood, like Alice in Wonderland if instead of murderous Queens of Hearts we have queens of fashion and gossip and style. She agrees to enter into a marriage, but what ensues is a “warm and cheerful story of finding real happiness.” I’m hoping that means she knows she got into the situation for the wrong reasons, rather than, say, depicting her choice as something to aspire to.

Below the family photos are a couple of stills that were released last week, featuring Moon between shoots. Alice in Cheongdam-dong will be a weekend drama, following Five Fingers and premiering on December 1.



59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. am

    MGY cannot pull me into this drama. I’ve been scarred by Mary Stayed Out All Night.

    • 1.1 mas

      I know exactly how you feel, but….Park! Shi! Hoo! *0*

    • 1.2 lizzie

      How is this her fault? It was the writer fault, I won’t ever see a drama with the same writer.

      So you won’t ever watch JGS, KJW and other actors who did Marry Me?

      • 1.2.1 Opal

        I will watching MGY or KJW in all drama and decide whether to continue or not depending on the drama plot and character development. But will never watch JGS in his future dramas (sorry for the fans), I don’t think he can act.

        • Annie

          Oh thank God! I thought I was the only one who thought that. I don’t get HIM at all.

        • morisei

          I stayed away from Mary Stayed Out All Night cause of the horror stories, but did you watch Love Rain? I hated all of JGS’ performances till that drama… made me think he can actually act (ignoring the first 4 episodes >_<).

          But yeah, after Love Rain, I'd give him and another shot.

    • 1.3 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      scarred…lol! Yes, Mary Stayed Out All Night, was horrible. But give MGY a second chance everyone makes mistakes. Plus..Park Shi-hoo! Yeah even if this drama was so horrible that it gave me hives and made me want to throw my laptop into a raging fire, I’d still watch it for Park Shi-hoo. Just sayin’

      • 1.3.1 Falcy

        uhm..i am slogging through ep7 right now and though honestly the humor is crazy in a nicely fun way and i have liked both leads very much in the past but..i dunno. its like they seriously have no chemistry together. and despite how the main guy acts, i can’t even feel the whole ‘aw puppy’ for him towards the girl.

        it’s kinda upsetting me because im just a casual watcher, not one who picks up somehow on all the meanings in between nor even remebers actors, writers, directors, photographers, makeup artists; names and so on…

        im thinking also that maybe i need to look at it more objectively..but at this point..do i even need to say?

        thank you for turning up on google. gonna go take a look at your recaps now.

    • 1.4 Kirin

      I like Moon Geun Young, but… some of her drama choices haven’t been the best and somehow, this new drama’s summary and the character descriptions don’t assuage my worries. But. I’m giving this a try because it has MGY. We’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  2. kika

    Hmmm is it just me, or does the younger sis look older than moon geun young.

    • 2.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I agree with you. MGY really looks a lot younger than the sister. 🙂

      • 2.1.1 Dux

        the sister doesn’t look much of a teenager in that shoot

    • 2.2 am

      MGY looks younger than everyone. She drinks from the fountain of youth or something 🙂

      • 2.2.1 nomu nomu nomu

        She shares that fountain with Jang Nara. Dammit, I wish I knew where it was.

        • niKai

          har har har.

        • lemonade candy

          try asking keanu reeves. i think he drank from the fountain too…

        • kumi

          I guess it’s in her name: “young” 🙂

          • pumpkinattack

            Waka waka waka! 😉

      • 2.2.2 ilikemangos

        I searched the girl (never seen any of her projects aside from Autumn in my heart) and couldn’t believe she’s 25.
        She looks like she could go for a highschooler..
        Man. Where is this fountain of youth?

      • 2.2.3 pipit

        She looks like a little boy in that picture, definitely not the onnie!

        If someone bottles ‘this fountain of youth or something’ up and sells it with her as the model it will be sold out in a second.

  3. fionnula

    Does there need to be a reason for someone to marry a rich man? :p

    Definitely going to be watching this. MGY and Park Shi hoo! It’s going to be so cute. Can’t wait!

    By the way, I haven’t been up to date with Five Fingers. Has the obnoxious younger brother stopped throwing tantrums yet?

    • 3.1 Fab

      A rich man with looks of Park Shi Hoo? Any time of the day! Heck even a penniless PSH will do…

      I hope this show won’t be merely about a marriage contract thing that will be dragged to hell.

    • 3.2 nomu nomu nomu

      There should be a reason for anyone to marry anyone (regardless rich, poor, anything-you-can-think-of)

      but, that’s just my view and I won’t force it on you.

  4. jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    I hope they can release pictures of Park Si Hoo and Kim Ji Suk, too!!!

    I guess PSH is still busy with his movie. But I hope he will be able to find time next week! 🙂

    • 4.1 kakashi

      yes! hello?? Moon Geun-young is fine and all … but we want Park Shi-hoo!!!! give us piiiiictures!!! anything!!!! fast!!!!!

  5. queencircles

    Need more than this to get me to watch this drama …like Am said, I’ve been scarred by MSOAN. And it sounds bland in general. Lol marketing needs to pick it up.

    • 5.1 lizzie

      Rather than MSOAN we should say Fashion King and Glass Mask?

      Because is it the same writer or something like this?

  6. Jae Shin

    Oh my word!!! It’s that dad from Secret Garden! For the life of me I cannot seem to find his name, but I love that dude! ^_^ And it doesn’t hurt that he has such a mesmerizing voice, too. ^_^ hehe

    • 6.1 enz

      he is also the father in FBRS. and i love his way of talking too although as you said it might be the voice rather than the delivery

  7. nomu nomu nomu

    hmmm, still not a whole lot to go by and so far the available details (what little of) is not enough to reel me in yet. I love Moon Geun-young and is 100% confident that she will perform well with amazing acting as usual but that doesn’t guarantee the show will be good. *coughMarycough*

    That being said, even if they don’t release additional details about Alice in Cheongdam-dong, Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo does have the star power for me to check out the first episode or two. So, I will come for the pairing but will only stay for the show.

  8. mac

    One of my favourite girl in K-drama.

    I miss her angst character in Cinderella’s Sister and wish to see her in that kind of role again.

  9. ck1Oz

    Yeah for a drama starting soon there is a serious lack of BTS photos.Just this and the costume animal scenes.Am beginning to be a bit worried with these constant news aout her wanting to marry up.

  10. 10 kamee

    Somehow, I just cannot see MGY and PSH together. They just don’t go together..but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • 10.1 ilikemangos

      I’m glad i’m not the only one.
      was beginning to think i was alone on this.
      But i always make room for any surprises.
      Countless times i’ve been proven wrong when two actors are put together that i don’t feel would look good, only to find out they are bursting with chemistry on screen.
      We’ll see!

    • 10.2 pan2cute

      maybe i’ll be like han ji hye n lee dong gun on sweet18
      they’re so cute together in it!
      and hell MGY! so young why she still looks super young although she already 25?!?! i’m envy!

  11. 11 Monona

    Love the cast, but the plot just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ll check out the early episodes – especially to see Nam Goong Min (someone give this guy a lead role already!)

    • 11.1 Jade Butterfly

      I love MGY. Everything about her seems so authentic.
      I enjoyed her in all her different roles even MSOAN.
      Because of her hiatus , I feel starved from the lack of this my fave actress .I got a feeling ,I’m gonna like this show regardless of the seemingly ordinary plot. Just feasting on her & PSH is quite enough. Happily waiting.

  12. 12 FishFillets

    whatttt .__. MGY looks waaaaaaaaaay more like the maknae of the family -.-“

  13. 13 canxi

    It seems like the promo people are not telling us something about this story line o.O

    I feel like the character is a lot smarter than that (or I hope anyway) and she didn’t just wake up saying, “I’m going to get married to a rich guy”! I feel like she’s either doing some kind of get-rich-quick thing to compete with that ex-classmate at her job or just being ruthless and using someone to get what she wants (a la Jae Hee of Nice Guy? [I dunno what she’s up to though])…ya know because hard work doesn’t pay off.

    None are nice situations, but they are more interesting. I think I’d rather see a kind of manipulative heroine who unwittingly falls in love.

    • 13.1 nomu nomu nomu

      “I’d rather see a kind of manipulative heroine who unwittingly falls in love.”

      I would like to see that too. k-drama heroine has almost become a cookie-cutter, one size fits all. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Jang Miri a la Miss Ripley (not for the plot but for her interesting unlikeable-but-somehow-you-root-for-her character traits)

      • 13.1.1 Kirin

        Just talking about that sort of summary makes me dreamy-eyed. As nomu says, K-drama heroines are pretty much all the same– kind-hearted, hard-working, and blah. I will like to see some variety. I was hoping that Eun Ki from Nice Guy would be like that, but we saw more of her innocent and vulnerable side than her ruthless, bad-ass side so I’m disappointed. So if they do end up doing that, I hope that after the heroine falls in love she ends up keeping those manipulative, bad-ass traits instead of mellowing out completely.

        I would also love to see more heroines who are more focused on their career and being competent than love ala “Woman Who Still Wants To Marry” style. In fact, any female lead that deviates from K-Drama norm will be much appreciated.

        • pipit

          “I’d rather see a kind of manipulative heroine who unwittingly falls in love.”

          Exactly. Those sweet, innocent, good natured stereotypical of kdrama heroines are becoming too sweet to swallow.

          A ruthless, shrewd, manipulative heroine who goes after what she wants like a brilliant general in war would be my cup of tea anyday!

        • canxi

          Indeed. And I know Moon Geun Young can pull that kind of character off, too. It would just be a lot more fun that way.

  14. 14 cg

    looking forward to this…..I like love stories with marriage plot 🙂

  15. 15 Odet

    Will watch this definitely. love MGY to bits… period…

  16. 16 lemonade candy

    I’ll watch for MGY and PSH. Both are my favs!

  17. 17 Mystisith

    I put this show on probation. It sounds so much been there, done that. I like PSH and I think in a good story she main actress can be watchable but…

  18. 18 birdscout

    I think I’m most looking forward to Kim Ji-suk in this. He was really winning in I Need Romance 2012.

  19. 19 ilikemangos

    I do agree they need to give us more promotional stills to really suck in more of an audience..
    We still don’t really know much aside from the generic plotline w/ a modern twist.
    As of now, i’m really going to check this out only for Park Shi Hoo.(Usually don’t say this, but really. Give us more info on this show!)
    Have yet to see moon geun young in some of her projects so no pull there.

  20. 20 Lovebug

    Ok i am begining to doubt Park Shi hoo’s involvement in this project. Release a picture already!! I believe in you PSH and that this won’t be lame!

    • 20.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I am also putting my trust in Park Si Hoo. Iljimae, Prosecutor Princess, Queen of Reversals, and The Princess’ Man are all good dramas. And after his hiatus, I believe that he won’t pick a lame drama as his comeback project. There must be something more that they haven’t revealed yet. *fingers-crossed*

      Yet, the presence of PSH is enough for me to watch this.

      • 20.1.1 Songie

        My sincerity as well.

        PSH is definitely on board. 😉 There are tons more photos from fan sightings than what SBS has shown.

  21. 21 Taiba

    i want pics with park shi hoo already! this drama better not fail. i’ve waited a long time for his comeback!

  22. 22 Noelle

    She does not look like the Unni.

  23. 23 Bakachild

    Seriously they need to expand on this plot. I’m tuning into the first week of episodes soley based on MGY and PSH. I can’t even say I think I’ll hate the marriage thing because we literally know nothing of it.
    I know PSH has movie related things to do but come on SBS; get a move on.

  24. 24 Dona A.

    I’m not sure i like the plot but i love the cast. As for promotions, with MGY and PSH, I’m sure plenty of fans have been itching to see those two actors back on screen. I know I have. They probably don’t want to release a lot of pictures so it will only leave fans anticipate it even more. I say that’s a pretty darn good promotion!

    As for those who wants to see PSH and MGY filming, here is a link to some pictures:


  25. 25 gg

    omg those boots in the last few shots are so fashionable! (sorry a little off topic i know)

  26. 26 zolty 1

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