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Eugene and Lee Jung-jin headline new weekend drama
by | November 22, 2012 | 47 Comments

New drama alert, and just in time, too: MBC’s current weekend drama May Queen ends in five weeks, and they’ve just cast the show that’ll follow it. It’s a family drama called Third Generation Noodle House, starring Eugene (Baker King King Tak-gu) as the noodle-factory-inheriting heroine and Lee Jung-jin (Runaway, Pieta) as her love interest. Aw, they’re gonna be adorable together.

It’ll be helmed by PD Joo Sung-woo (Hooray for Love) and writer Gu Hyun-sook (Indomitable Daughters-in-Law and Pure Nineteen), and will be a funny lighthearted rom-com centered around a family that runs a noodle-making factory. Eugene plays Min Chae-won, eldest granddaughter of said noodle family, who comes back to the family business after a divorce. She eventually turns the small mom-and-pop operation into a “designer noodle company,” whatever the heck that means. Basically she makes all the boys want her noodles, yeah?

Lee Jung-jin plays a surgeon, Doctor McDarcy (or, okay, his name is really Lee Se-yoon), a guy who seems cold and prickly on the outside but is actually warm and cuddly on the inside. Sigh, I really wish dramas would stop giving that character description. It’s like saying he also has eyes. And hair. And maybe even arms. Mmmm, Lee Jung-jin’s arms… wait, what was I saying?

They’re both described as warm characters — the heroine is bright and cheery, and made of tough stuff — so it should be a cute happy-go-lucky kind of romance, if all goes well. The tagline for the show is “unraveling people’s interconnected lives one noodle at a time.” Badum-ching.

Third Generation Noodle Shop premieres in January on MBC.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mtoh

    January keeps getting better!

    • 1.1 pabo ceom reom

      Seriously! As much as I think Eugene is adorable with her hubby Ki Tae-young, who the hell can deny Lee Jung-jin?! Hubby better be ready!

      Also, weekend series tend to be more conventional, but I’m always down (or is it up?) for a fluffy rom-com.

  2. bebeswtz

    FI.NAL.LY. Eugene noona in another drama!!!!!! Keke Can’t wait!!!! And to have Lee Jung-jin is, like, one of the best cherry-on-top bonuses ever!!!! Kya ~!!! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

    • 2.1 bebeswtz

      *unni* …. I meant unni… I’m a girl lol whoops!! Aigoo ~!! My brain has been turned into a pile of goo thanks to this awesome, awesome piece of drama news, that I can’t even get my Korean right lol Oh dear, imagine what the actual drama will do to me once it airs O.o But brain-turning-into-goo situations occuring cuz of Eugene unni and Lee Jung-jin?? I don’t mind…. noooooot at all!!! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

  3. houstontwin


  4. Annie

    I have been in love with Lee Jung Jin ever since ‘I Love You, Don’t Cry’…. I shipped him and Lee Yuri so hard it hurt. Still mourning the ending, tbh, but it’s one of the few dramas that has rewatch value for me if only for the sake of nostalgia.

  5. saranga

    interesting pairing. i have a soft spot for lee jung-jin ever since love story in harvard, but i’m usually meh on eugene. but so long as this doesn’t lean makjang i’m intrigued!

  6. Annie

    I could do without the ‘heroine is divorced’ storyline though… seems like the topic has been done to death in recent years.

  7. nomu nomu nomu

    I’m sure alot of boys wouldn’t mind having her noodles…er…ramyun, what did you think I meant?

    As for the drama. I’ll be honest, looks like your standard-weekend-family-drama-been-there-done-that formula. The only thing that differentiate these dramas is the execution and the stars that’s in it. meh

  8. Bengbeng

    i’m on board, definitely gonna watch this drama =)

  9. blokkoms

    Eeeee this sounds amazing! Deliciousness in the form of Lee Jung-jin AND noodles. Yum.

  10. 10 TammieR

    Dr. McDarcy? Bahahaha. If that’s the case, I’m SO in!

  11. 11 chichiri

    So, is this sorta mature version of FBRS? Hmmm. Coz that’s gonna be kinda hard to top.

  12. 12 Mari

    I seriously think I just read this articles to see how JB and or GF will make me laugh.. This was it today..
    “It’s like saying he also has eyes. And hair. And maybe even arms. Mmmm, Lee Jung-jin’s arms… wait, what was I saying?”
    Anyhow.. I love Eugene, I just saw “Romantic Island” and like her diva character. Plus the fact that she’s married to her costar from “Creating Destiny” makes me wish her nothing but good luck ( they are just soo freakin cute).

  13. 13 Onichick

    *Still thinking about Lee Jungjin’s arms* Hmmmm….

    I like this drama already

  14. 14 Daisy

    Sorta wish she wasn’t divorced but still looking forward to it

  15. 15 cg

    yippee 🙂
    Lee Jung Jin in a rom-com!!!!! 😀

    • 15.1 becca_boo

      It’s been far too long, wouldn’t you say?

      *throws celebratory confetti*

      • 15.1.1 cg

        yeah right…..

  16. 16 bora

    this is gonna be awesome!!

  17. 17 Andy

    I want her noodles 🙁

  18. 18 cutieblue

    Aww, this sounds super cute ^.^

  19. 19 Fab

    For Lee Jung jin’s arms an Eugene’s noodles will definitely be tuning to this. I worship LJJ ever since that baseball themed drama with Su Ae! And Eugene is always great in everything. I am just iffy about weekend family dramas; usually dreadfully boring…

  20. 20 Mar

    I really like Lee Jin-jin as a actor. Eugene, I’m not all that familiar with her but I’ve seen Romantic Island and liked it. And I like that the female lead is divorced. I like a little reality mixed in with my fiction to give us a happy as we can be.

    • 20.1 msim

      With Korea’s divorce rate; half the heroines should be divorced gals.

      I like it also because it also by-passes the tired 28-year-old virgin drama stereotype (“Can We Get Married” has one but in effort to top itself also has a 50-year-old virgin).

      More divorcees, less virgins.

      That is one sentence I never thought I’d type.

      • 20.1.1 Mar

        msim- Agreed! And not a fan of that trope either. And it’s not even a choose celibacy thing, it’ the 30 year old never been kissed thing that bugs me.

        Unless they make the dude the 30 year old virgin in this one and please let’s just not, erasing that thought from my brain argh.

        I’ll second that quotable quote: “More divorcees, less virgins.”

        • Annie

          More divorced male leads too, please! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander 😉

          • Mar

            Absolutely! I think on my part I focused on the female being divorced because, well, you, know, in ‘general,’ for drama land, good girls have never been kissed let alone have had sex , so a female character being divorced means we might not have to suffer through the bug eyed kiss thing. Not that I do not like coming of age dramas. I just am glad to see this kind of plot line too.

            Actually let’s just have adult characters acknowledge that they have had past adult physical relationships lol and we can be all good, right.

  21. 21 ultramarineblue

    “Lee Jung-jin plays a surgeon, Doctor McDarcy ” PWAHAHAHAHAHA

    I did a spit-take at that sentence and actually believed it!XD

    Anyway, good to hear about eugene in another drama and I also LOVED lee jung jin in 9 end 2 outs so I’m looking forward to this

  22. 22 Ivoire

    Thank you GF for the news. I loved how you wrote it, very funny!!!! Especially this part: “a guy who seems cold and prickly on the outside but is actually warm and cuddly on the inside. Sigh, I really wish dramas would stop giving that character description. It’s like saying he also has eyes. And hair. And maybe even arms”

    I like Lee Jung Jin (and I don’t mind Eugene), but as someone said here, the characters sound like characters we have seen before. I guess the execution and the acting might make a little bit of difference? Let’s hope so…

  23. 23 becca_boo

    I won’t pretend to understand what “designer noodles” might be, but I love Lee Jung-jin and like what I’ve seen of Eugene, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be adorable together. So… please be good, drama?

  24. 24 Gaeina Lee

    Lee Jung Jin!! It’s about time to be back to small screen, dear..

  25. 25 Apgujeong Nallari

    i actually had to google him cuz i was thinking who’s the hottie?!! turns out its the 9 end 2 outs dude!!! never found him particularly attractive till now, pure wine he is 😉

  26. 26 Noelle

    Finally something light. I’m so heavy with all the melo. If this does a 180 i’m gonna break something. Ohlalala Spouses turned out to be more drama then it said it would be. PLEASE. I’m begging u dramaland.

  27. 27 bluehart

    FINALLY!!.i’ve been waiting for Eugene in a drama abd its been a loooooong time…..:)happy me..

  28. 28 DaDa

    Yesssss Eugene is back!

  29. 29 Sajen

    On the plus side I loved Lee Jung-jin in 9 end 2 outs and Eugene is basically all by herself at the top of former idols turned actresses with maybe one or two others, also does this mean her sister is finally better? if so good. On the down side I’ve never been able to watch all of a weekend family drama, ever.

  30. 30 Nish

    Yay Eugene is back! She’s one of my favorite actresses in korea. I’m glad it’s a light comedy drama like Creating Destiny which I really enjoyed.. Looking forward to the new dramas coming early next year 😀

  31. 31 pamela

    excited! i like lee jung jin! i hope 2013 for more good dramas to come i wish to see han hyo joo,lee wan, kim soo hyun and suzy and many more.. esp my fave vamp hunkie yeon jung hoon with han ga in…:D

  32. 32 Kimchi

    Lee Jung Jin! Watched him in Pieta and he could have scarred me for life, if not for that gorgeous arms whee! I won’t mind seeing him gooey gorgeous in a rom com

  33. 33 Appledumpling

    Ah, Eugene, the only performer out there of whom I’ve seen every single drama and movie in which she’s appeared. I’ll be there for this one to… 🙂

  34. 34 neener

    as long as it Eugene I’ve got no complains!

    I missed her!

  35. 35 asianromance

    “a guy who seems cold and prickly on the outside but is actually warm and cuddly on the inside.”—> if they were going to go with that description, they could at least have this guy be someone with a secret cuddling addiction and has a hidden closet full of teddy bears to cuddle up against. Then he goes out into society and overcompensates for his cuddly nature by meaning a prick.

  36. 36 Lady Seoul

    The actor’s name wasn’t familiar and I was like I wonder what he looks like and as I was reading I scrolled down and WOA~ count me in. ;D

  37. 37 Maris

    Another good casting for 2013. Lessons learned. Looking forward to this promising drama

  38. 38 trebuchette

    Eugene is back in Dramaland! <3

  39. 39 Linda ng

    I love this guy , he is really a great actor . With smiles and expression on his face alone , wow , he doesn’t have to over react .

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