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Extension for Oohlala Spouses, not for Nice Guy
by | November 6, 2012 | 72 Comments

Good news and not-so-good news? Monday-Tuesday’s Oohlala Spouses looks like it’s getting its extension, while Wednesday-Thursday’s Nice Guy is not.

It’s no secret how we feel about extensions ’round these parts (almost universally met with dismay), so I’m not super thrilled about Oohlala getting two more episodes, although I can see how it may be more about giving succeeding drama School 2013 extra time. That show has just started filming, and for whatever reason it seems like they’ve been running behind schedule all this while. Oohlala’s story doesn’t need the added time, and in fact I’m feeling a little dread about Oohlala now that it’ll need to find more material.

It’s a show I’m enjoying, but for various reasons it really needn’t be longer than its initially planned 16 episodes. First off, I think the story’s at a place where we’ve finally got most of the big conflicts either addressed or at least out in the open. I don’t want new storylines introduced at this point, but I also don’t want the current ones dragged out any longer than necessary.

To detour a bit, regarding the plot — It’s a curious show in that while I find the conflict palpable and the cast mostly likable, I think the basic premise has a major flaw: I am not convinced this is a marriage that should be saved. I really liked where the show went in flipping the husband and wife around and showing them what it’s really like to not only be in the other’s body, but to be treated in ways that they were blind to as the other spouse. Okay, mostly it was gratifying for Shin Hyun-joon to have his rude awakening and realize how it must have been like to live as Kim Jung-eun; I’m not so sure the wife got as much out of the bargain.

But in any case, I’m sort of happy to let these characters own up to their mistakes, forgive each other, and maybe walk away in amicable divorce. I can appreciate the message that marriage requires compromise, but to be frank I think once you’ve wronged each other in certain irrevocable ways, there’s not always a way back. I don’t hate the husband and wish him painful death, but I also don’t know that he should be let off the hook with his wife in the end. (And I say that not even loving the wife character that much.)

So… I will embrace the extension on one condition, and one condition only: Can we work out happy endings for the alternate pairings? ‘Cause I would really prefer, at this point, for Kim Jung-eun to move on with Han Jae-seok, and Shin Hyun-joon can have his sweetly adoring Han Chae-ah.

The Nice Guy extension talk has been a lot quieter, but I’ve been reading speculation over the possibility for several weeks now. I placed my hope in the fact that the extension talk didn’t pick up much steam, and in the end the production looks keen to keep its run to the original 20 episodes.

To which I say: THANK YOU. I get that once you hit first place in the ratings and hold steady for weeks, it becomes awfully tempting to want to enjoy that success for longer. Its numbers have been creeping up toward the 20% mark, and I’m sure everybody’s watching anxiously to see whether it can break that benchmark.

But this is a show whose speed and momentum are key in maintaining the buildup of suspense, where the pacing almost seems to be a character in itself. It’s high on style and mood; you take away that artistic touch, and you risk upsetting the entire balance of the show. Granted, you could probably stick another bout of amnesia-recovery-reamnesia in there (hey, it worked once?), but I’m thinking we’re all amnesia’d out at this point.

So, to wrap up: Oohlala Spouses is just about ready to finalize its 2-episode extension (they’re in the last stages of negotiating with the cast, but are announcing this as a done deal), meaning it will end with Episode 18 at the end of November. Nice Guy has four more episodes to go, wrapping with Episode 20.

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72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Unni

    Totally agreed!! No to extensions!

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I agree too. Extensions are rarely, if ever, good. With that said, I just couldn’t keep watching Oohlala after the first 4 episodes. There were too many things that irked me although I so wanted to love it based on the premise.

      • 1.1.1 tweetie

        Me too! I still watch it on and off, but it hasn’t been as good as I hoped 🙁 I agree with JB I so don’t want the couple to end up back together, it just wouldn’t be right and unfortunately it looks like they want to put them back together! Have just started Nice guy and am hooked!!

        • dpacats

          yap….i agree with JB that the marriage can’t be saved and i much prefer Han Jae Seok for Kim Jung Eun

          • dbsklove

            TOTALLY AGREE.

      • 1.1.2 ~Feather~

        I saw the first 2-3 episodes and I’m not sure if I can continue because of my immense disdain of the husband. I think I’ve decided to wait until it ends to see if they remain divorced and get together with their respectively new partners because I don’t think my values would agree for two people who have wronged each other (the husband more than the wife) to get back together. What kind of moral is that to the audience? It’ll show that it’s better to stay together despite issues that are creating strife than to go their separate paths and create new and happier lives with someone else. I know of some people that have been able to be divorced amicably and still be happy with someone else. They were mature enough to realize that the relationship wasn’t working and it would be better for everyone if they separated instead of living in misery.

        Sorry for the rant, I just had to get that off my chest.

        • Ryoko

          I was excited for Oohlala Spouses because of the basic premise of the husband and wife swapping bodies, so I watched the first episode as soon as it was subbed. By the end of that episode, I was so disgusted by the husband’s character I’d actually given myself a headache from glaring at him for practically the whole hour. I never went back to watch another episode because it was clear to me that this was a couple and a marriage that I did not want to see saved. I would be fine with them learning some things about themselves through the swap and then parting amicably, but you know Korean dramas: the chance that the writers would not have them end up still together is like .00000001%. So I decided not to stick around and I definitely don’t regret it, especially not now that, like Javabeans mention and I suspected, the writers indeed seem to be headed down the path to reconciliation.

          This was my rant on Oohlala Spouses 🙂 Glad to see someone else felt like getting that off their own chest, too.

          • ~Feather~

            Yeah, I know what you mean. They probably are going to get back together since this is airing on one of the main channels. That’s what I don’t like about the main channels–they always fret about showing more modern, and realistic choices because it’s deemed “immoral” or looks down upon by society. One of the reasons I prefer the cable dramas is that they, at least, attempt to embrace a bit more western way of showing relationships. (I’m not saying that they are “americanizing” the shows, just that they seem more open to different scenarios.) I wonder if this was shown on a cable channel, if they would have created the story the way we would want it to end (ie. divorced and happy with someone else…or maybe the husband dies a painful and slow death.).

  2. DayDreamer

    I’m certainly glad Nice Guy isn’t getting extensions. I’d hate to see such a great drama drag needlessly. And Oohlala Spouses didn’t need an extension either since the drama is so-so but it’s not like I’m upset with it either for the same reason.

  3. Jilly

    Completely agree with Javabeans regarding ohlala spouses. Me and mom just did a catch-up marathon and I feel that the husband and wife are being forced by the cosmos to be together when they really shouldn’t be. A kind of reverse-Rooftop Prince. I was relieved when I thought the writers were going the alternate route, but after episode 10, I’m not so sure anymore.

    • 3.1 Saner

      I also agree. I literally sit there every episode going “But why…why do people feel so intent on them being together?” Wolhwa’s reasoning about their love transcending lifetimes wore transparent after we found out that he had a WIFE.

      And the deeds that have been carried out in this lifetime too…his mother, his sister, the cheating, the constant disrespect and talking down to each other, the fact they only stayed together 1.5 times because of her pregnant – URGH. And Wolhwa was shoe-horning them together (both newly broken hearted to boot, natch).

      Please. Just let them go their separate ways!

      • 3.1.1 skelly

        Maybe the thinking is, if they just have a little more time they can convince everyone of the OTP-ness of the OTP. What they do not realize is that for some people, there will never be enough time. For me, as soon as the wife saw the husband and mistress in bed it was Game Over. It was no longer a comedy, this wasn’t going to be a fun ride, and there was no way I was ever going to root for that guy.
        I know that my zero-tolerance policy is a little extreme, and most people are more forgiving, but I think it is still quite a bit of a stretch for a lot of people.

        • mommai

          That’s exactly why I haven’t been watching the show, and why I’ve stayed clear of other dramas. If he had been caught flirting with other women, or even having lunch with them, it might have been different, but the fact that he was having a serious and sexual relationship with another person while treating his wife horribly was a definite Game Over for what I thought was going to be a body-swapping reversal-of-situations comedy.

    • 3.2 Raitei

      So true. I really, really want Yeo Ok and hot oppa to be together because I can’t stand ex-husband, no matter how much he cried/cries to show his regret. I just can’t. I hate the character a whole lot and am wishing so hard for an unexpected ending. Although, I don’t have high hopes because, well, dramas almost always follow the standard pattern. +_+

  4. Kwhat?!

    I think that if Oohlala Spouses goes the way of Hyun Woo and Yeo Ok pairing up (like I hope it will), they could use the extra 2 episodes to develop that story, and still come out okay. BUT, if that’s not where things are headed, I think it would really get draggy there at the end. If we get more awesome hijinks, I’ll be happy, though I think the body-swapping is over for good.

  5. wowow

    but i wanted more of eunki and maru >< oh well 🙂

  6. rainbow

    that is a good news….as I don’t want extension for Nice Guy…so many dramas are coming up so no time for more 🙂

  7. Fab

    They should use those 2 additional episodes to build a happy ending for the wife and a miserable one of the husband. I’d pick up the show again if that happens!

    • 7.1 Fab

      for the h

  8. nomu nomu nomu

    I have never met an extension for any shows (ANY SHOWS) that I liked. It has always seemed to inject forced conflict into the storyline and sometimes I just notice more fillers.

    I’m enjoying Nice Guy, therefor, It’s good that Nice Guy is not getting an extension. I for sure don’t want the momentum to drastically slow because of of unneeded storyline.

    Oohlala Spouses extensions is just drama-production politics. Just look at the ratings, it’s barley in the double digits right now. School 2013 starting date was already pushed back regardless of whether Oohlala extended or not. With Oohlala, it’s just a decision of will the money grubbing head honcho make more money with some Specials aired befor School 2013 or more episodes of the mediocre ratings of Oohlala.

    Side note: Dramaland sure is obsessed with this hole Fate idea. It’s like they are trying to say “We don’t care how incompatible these two are and that they would live a much happier life being apart, we are going to force them together, goddammit .” hmmm, maybe they are just fated to live in misery and a non loving marriage for.

  9. Sajen

    I love Nice Guy but I have to say I’m glad it’s not getting an extension, as for oohlala spouses I dropped it after the first 4 episodes because I despised not just hated but despised the husband and saw no possible way he could redeem himself in my eyes, does he get better on not?

    • 9.1 Saner

      Er. He tries….

    • 9.2 Mystisith

      LOL! *******Spoiler for ep 11 of OhlalaCouple****
      You should see how the writer tried to worm its way in hour hearts with the husband: Abandoned, drunk, hallucinating, crying a river, begging for pardon…
      But there is just NO WAY I want them to go back as a couple. Oppa team forever!
      I want the extension to be about the alternate pairings with reconstruction of all the damaged souls. And someone send back those stupid Gods to Heaven or Hell, whatever.

      • 9.2.1 Moko

        I still like Ohlala but I guess I’m just like you guys, hoping that they will bring the alternate pairings together…

      • 9.2.2 trotwood

        I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I really do, but I am distressed to see marriage in so many Kdramas forced upon people. This is the reason why I dropped Oohlala Spouses-despite the fact that I REALLY wanted another drama about people my age. I just could not forgive the husband for not only his treatment of her but because he allowed his family to walk all over her as well. I am not buying his mea culpa. I also don’t think I could buy her forgetting (while she was in his body) that he really does/did have feelings for the other woman. Why aren’t people allowed to move on? This was my biggest disappointment in 12 men in a Year as Well. The daughter gets to move on from her original boyfriend, but the mother who had been neglected and repeatedly cheated on by her husband had to stay in that marriage. UUUGGGHH!

      • 9.2.3 javabeans

        To throw in my two (more) cents:


        For me, the infidelity wasn’t even the thing. It made him hard to like, but. I was willing to entertain the prospect that this marriage could be saved, if both characters grew and learned and, most importantly, wanted to remain together.

        What killed it for me was the abortion/miscarriage bit. The husband, in the wife’s pregnant body, took her in for an abortion despite knowing she didn’t want one. I’m all for people having the right to choose, but that’s just the thing: He took away her choice. That’s akin to dragging her by force and inflicting one on her. His saving grace was that he changed his mind, but it showed a shocking lack of respect for her agency.

        Then, he takes that pregnant body to rush to his mistress’ side, endangering the wife’s life and resulting in miscarriage. I know he didn’t get the abortion but the fact that he wanted one makes it all the crueler when the wife wakes up in her own body and is told the baby died, and it’s because of the husband’s disregard for her body.

        After these two things, i can’t be happy with a reconciliation. He can cry and beg and repent all he wants but some things are just irrevocable. The best i can wish for him is enlightenment, growth, and a graceful exit from her life

        • mommai

          Ouch, yeah, never watching that show.

        • skelly

          And people still like this guy? And think this show is funny? Sorry, but the mind, it is boggled.

        • DarknessEyes

          da fuq? I was thinking of watching the show again because I dropped it after ep 4… but I’m definitely not going back now.

  10. 10 Sammi

    Totally off topic, but does anyone know where or even who makes thoses sweatshirt that the couple are wearing in the above picture? I saw those on Running Man and have been trying to find out where I can get my hands on them.

  11. 11 cutieblue

    Seems like it would be a better idea, instead of extending oohlala, to show a couple of specials of the original School. I think that would hype the new one a little both for younger viewers, who might not know too much about the old show, and older viewers might get a nostalgic feel and want to give the new version a chance. I’m just sayin’.

  12. 12 MsMilkT

    @Sammi: It’s a korean brand called Pancoat. You can buy it from their facebook page for international buyers: https://www.facebook.com/Pancoat.Overseas?ref=ts&fref=ts

    ok back on topic..
    I am really glad they’re not extending Nice Guy. I’d hate for such an awesome drama to needlessly drag on especially since it’s so close to coming to a conclusion.

    I don’t care much for the other drama.

    • 12.1 cherkell

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the link to Pancoat!! I soooo need to get one of the Boston Terrier hoodies like Shin Hyun Joon is wearing — kyaaaaaah!!!

  13. 13 missjb

    NICE GUY! My crack drama right now…
    I’m so crazy about it. LKH is again write a drama where her character suck me in to their journey….
    from MISA, WISFC, and now nice guy. I just hope she will kind with her leading man this time with giving him a satisfy ending.

    With this turn, I don’t know why I become root for MR to re-unite with JH, am I crazy? Lol…. All of sudden I feel bad for JH.

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    My poor abused heart and emotions thanks the no extension for Nice Guys.
    Enough of putting us through the wringer. I am already anticipating someone dying and wouldn’t take another week’s extension well.

  15. 15 ailee

    thank goodness! the extension would probably mess up with the nice flow in Nice Guys.

    agree with Ohlala Couple. the more i watch it, the more i wonder what the exact purpose of the soul swapping really is. yeah the husband might finally realize about how his wife has been all this while but about the wife? personally, i don’t think she deserves it. she may not be the best one out there but we all know where she’s coming from. it’s hard to adore someone who has been treating us less than what we deserve. i do enjoy the humor and all but the plot is pretty empty.

    i do like the way KBS organizes their drama shows tho. there is a balance in it. relaxing for Ohlala Couple while pretty heavy for Nice Guys in the drama feeling sense.

  16. 16 Carole McDonnell

    I wouldn’t mind the extension of Ooh la la if there is a real reason for it.

    I gotta say that this is the only drama in years where I am utterly unsure who the main character will end up with. Usually, we know from the beginning who is fated.

    So many questions:
    ONE: If Victoria is pregnant with Soo Nam’s child, that would be two unplanned pregnancies (plus the original Gi Chan pregnancy that caused Soo Nam and Yeo Ok to “yoke up”) in one drama. I so hope that doesn’t happen.

    I understand that sometimes pregnancy can be caused by fate to bring people together, but apparently it can also be uncaused, or it can be caused by some interferer to separate fated lovers. Pregnancy can both cause and end marriage.

    Two: Gi Chan being Hyun Woo’s son? Uhm.. I dunno. Is it possible?

    Three: Who is the father of the little boy at the monk’s house?

    Fears: That Victoria is somehow related to someone in this story. Who are her real parents? I fear that will come back to haunt a lotta people. Heck, she might be related to Soo Nam’s Father or Yo Ok’s Father.
    Fears: That the scriptwriters will suddenly make Hyun Woo do a douche-baggy thing so we will dislike him and make him end up unworthy of Yeo Ok. I’ve been married for 27 years and I generally don’t believe in divorce or affairs but dang! Soo Nam and Yeo Ok are divorced and although I feel sorry for Soo Nam, I seriously like the idea of Hyun Woo and Yeo Ok getting together. They seem like an OTP even if they are not fated.

    Gotta say Victoria is way pushy. I understand she’s needy and it’s perhaps her neediness that made her have the affair. (In anime etc, needy folks fall in love with any kind person who says something caring to them.) But the self-involvedness and the pushing herself into someone’s house. She’s in love with the idea of a family and will probably be a good addition to the family because needy folks can be so charming sometimes. She has studied to know how to make people like her. But didn’t Soo Nam cheat on Victoria in his past life? No marriage is perfect. And why did he cheat on Victoria in the last life? And doesn’t he owe Victoria some karmic debt since he cheated on her as well? So marrying her in this life might be great to get rid of that debt he owes her, but even if they marry…would their marriage really work? Wouldn’t he get sick of all that praise and gooeyness? OR would he eat it up because that’s what his petty immature soul needs…a woman to adore him?

    I like this drama in that it’s attempting to play with the idea of fate versus love, marriage caused by children (blood tie, family ties and love for the in-law) and real affection between the folks in love. If everyone in the family loves (or hates) a prospective spouse, is the love fated or unfated?

    I’m hoping the scriptwriters answer whatever question they’re trying to explore.

    I can see an extension for Nice Guy if it gives time for MaRu to be healed of that annoying, ever-present but not too quiescent hematoma.

    • 16.1 subject

      I really enjoyed reading your post. Most of the actives in La La team at viki are with you about Oppa Hyun Woo. I wish, just for once, the writers will be courageous to end the link between this poor couple and consolidate my Oppa with Yeo Ok. I don’t care about Soo Nam, he can get Victoria as he pleased before. I also hope (subject, don’t push it!) that Yeo Ok does not surrender her in-law, and shut once and for all her big mouth (yes, even if she’s older than you, sometimes you have to answer back. Is there a movement of cats in Korea that swallowed women’s tongue or always, overwhelmingly, I keep getting messages from kdramas that always and without question, doing what an elder says?) And take the child to live with her and with Oppa.

    • 16.2 Pink Violet

      actually, he didn’t cheat on Victoria in their previous life, he married her after Yeo Ok had already died.(it was Yeo Ok who felt betrayed ’cause he’d promised before that they’d die together, but found another woman(Victoria),not even waiting for her body to get cold.)

  17. 17 Jinsight

    The only extension I’ve ever liked was Queen of Reversals, and precisely because it set-up and executed the alternate pairing. Here’s to hoping Oohlala does similar!

  18. 18 saranga

    agree with jb completely. i too am rooting for an alternate pairing. the show hasn’t convinced me that the main couple are healthy for each other. seems like soo-nam got more out of the swap than his wife did—he discovered all the quiet sacrifices she had made throughout the marriage, and now he realizes what he’s lost. i’m not sure that KJE, on the other hand, mined that many redeeming discoveries about her husband during the switch. and it was painful to watch when soo-nam admitted that he too had resented her for getting pregnant (along with his mother). because if she hadn’t, he might have found a better woman. it was brutally honest, and necessary, and he apologized, but i don’t know if anyone would be able to get over such an admission.

    true, i think we were shown that soo-nam has a good heart, despite his cheating scum, selfish pig-like ways. he genuinely cared about the hotel he worked for and the people in it. but i don’t know that that is enough to justify him winning KJE back… to me, it would signal great character growth if he let KJE find new (and better) happiness with han jae-seok’s character…

  19. 19 Arawn

    So… I admit it. I’m in team Go Soo Nam sshi. I have nothing against Hyun Woo but he’s just… too perfect. He’s more a caricature than a real person and to be honest, he just bores me to death. I’m not against women choosing men I find boring so I’m cool if Yeo Ok ends up with him. Most important to me is simply that it will be HER choice, whether it’s Hyun Woo, Soo Nam or her being on her own.

    But, that said, I like Go Soo Nam. I like him because he is so flawed. He feels real. And I’m also sucker for this kind of “I was a bad person, I really fucked up, then I saw my horrible ways and now I repent and work hard to be a better person” stories. I don’t care about fates or one true loves, I just like the fact that so far in the story Soo Nam actually DEVELOPS as a character. He learns from his mistakes, he admits doing wrong and starts to become a man instead of douche. In all my life I’ve met so few who can honestly admit their mistakes and take responsibility so this makes me really like Soo Nam. He’s not yet there where I want him to be but people don’t change over night, it takes much more time. But he’s on the right path so far. I just hope he’ll continue on it.

    People nowadays are so black and white about cheating, at least in theory. “Cheating is a deal brakes, I would NEVER forgive etc.” In real life people forgive and continue relationships with cheaters all the times. Personally, I think that one time is forgivable and so it’s not a deal breaker for me. It’s not easy to mend things after cheating but who said that life was easy? Relationships can be very painful and messy.

    And like Javabeans, I find Yeo Ok to be very flawed character too and for me she’s definitely not a saintly victim of her verbally abusive husband. Victoria, as some one said, is very need – I would call her almost borderline obsessive. At first I was all for her and Soo Nam but as story progressed, she became more and more scarier. Their relationship is not healthy. Victoria should spend some time alone and learn to cope on her own instead of trying to find meaning in other people as she’s now desperately doing.

    • 19.1 meowmeow

      I wish they could have an amicable divorce where she forgives him and moves on with her life. I’d like it if she ended up with her hometown oppa but it’d be ok if she doesn’t.

      The problem I have with the main guy is that it wasn’t just a one night stand, which I think most people would forgive, it was the whole deal. He treated his wife like shit. He let that girl stay in the apartment that his wife got for them to move out into?! Then they couldn’t move out because his mom needed help so she gave up on living happily alone with him to be a slave to his family. I think its also kind of funny that he didn’t know of his wife’s illness but he knew his mistress’s.

      I laugh whenever they try to make him look pitiful now, its really amusing.

    • 19.2 subject

      I believe just like you that once in awhile people can staggered because people are full of flaws, and perfect exists only in fairy tales. But this is NOT the case here. Soo Nam is ABUSER the worst kind there is. Because Soo Nam is like the Hebrew Idiom: “adding insult to injury” Literally: “add sin to crime. Let’s say he is a cheater and I wish it would have ended just there, as cheater. So, for me, and I’m really not petty and vindictive type, it was done deal to watch him along with his mother admitted that he too had resented her for getting pregnant, because if she hadn’t, he might have found a better woman. (Just as saranga wrote).

      As a 36-year-old woman with a healthy relationship that lasts 10 years, I would always rather dull man who loves and respects me over every man who knows he’s full of flaws and tries to atone for them. I don’t care about his DEVELOPS as a character, I do care for him stop abusing Yeo Ok and let her go.

      • 19.2.1 Mystisith

        “adding insult to injury” Literally: “add sin to crime.
        I could even forgive him as a cheater if he came to her first: “I love someone else and I want to live with that person. What do we do now?” Those things happen, I can understand. But he is dishonest, disloyal and he doesn’t care a bit about her: She’s a disposable furniture. Furthermore he has a violent tendency (remember when he threatened to slap her in the early eps?) WTF!
        Your wife is not there to be your psychologist and clean your mess.

    • 19.3 nomu nomu nomu

      Honestly, I just find your post a long excuses for Soo Nam.I hear the same excuses from spouses that’s in an abusive relationship (he/she is improving, learning, feels bad for what they doing etc, etc.) No one is perfect, but it’s hard not to notice the major major flaws of his character. This person did not just simply cheat (one time sex, one night stand,etc.) This guy had a long term, full fledged sexual affairs going on and at the same time treated his other half like crap.

    • 19.4 Arawn

      Well, to reply you all, thing is, that I hold Yeo Ok responsible for the state of their marriage, too. Soo Nam was clearly verbally abusive, I do not deny that, but Yeo Ok has made mistakes, too. She instigated their relationship in the first place when Soo Nam was still heart broken from his break up so vulnerable and probably easy prey for her. I say prey because it was clearly her plan to marry a Seoul man who happened to be Soo Nam – this is clearly shown in episode 2. She did not become pregnant alone, of course, but I can see and understand how the beginning of their relationship makes Soo Nam resent her.

      There are many other things too, but I won’t rant about them now because that would make a very long post. For me Soo Nam is redeemable if he truly regrets and mends his ways towards Yeo Ok and his family (that guy MUST learn to take care of his son for crying out loud). So far it looks as he’s walking this path and so I’m in his team. Amicable divorce is ok, too, but not at the first place on my “this is how I hope things will end” list.

      And if we start to talk about how our own experiences have effect on our views on this matter, mine have taught me to try to understand both parties as far as possible. I too have spend over 10 year with my partner and even though most of the time has been happy, there was a major crisis that was both messy and eye opener in many ways. So I continue to speak for Soo Nam. Somebody’s got to!

      • 19.4.1 subject

        You remind me of people who say: “She was wearing a mini skirt and acted too wanton, so no wonder she was raped”
        It made me sad to read your comment, but really.

        • Arawn

          Okay… So now I’m an apologist for rapists. That’s a nice way to have a discussion with somebody. 😛

          • subject

            Well, this is encapsulated what I felt when I read what you wrote, but I can do it with more words for your satisfaction.

            That’s right, it takes two to tango, and I blame Yeo Ok in this situation also, but unlike you for other reasons. It was WRONG to get married to man like him in the first place. You can see by one look that he dragged to unhappy marriage cause of pregnancy, but since he got there, he should “wear it” to see if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, he should have cut it long before all the abuse started.

            I say something else. If you CHOOSE to stay in marriage with a woman you do not like, at least respect her. Show her you care about her. She’s the mother of your child. She’s the woman who for 13 years gave her heart and soul so you can develop a career and rise through the ranks.

            My mom says we’re a generation that gives up quickly. It’s difficult for us? We retired in the middle. It hurts us? We whingeing. Slightest quarrel between two pair can undermine the relationship. In other words, we have forgotten how to fight really for the important things. In this case, I blame Yeo Ok. She had to cut a lot before she found out about the betrayal or at least, to fight for her place in this relationship. The silliest thing was the decision to stay together because of the new pregnancy, despite her husband’s faults that were spread before her.

            I agree. Life is not just black and white, but in this case nobody in the world can convince me the world has more than two of these colors. But since it’s clear as daylight that we can’t reach to a common ground, I will stop my failed attempts to explain to you what you are missing in the whole picture.

          • Arawn

            You are right in one thing. We clearly cannot find common ground on this. I came here with good will to discuss about Ooh La La spouses even though I know that my view is in minority and I was kind of expecting to be able to simply exchange some thoughts about it. Instead I’ve been effectively compared to a rape apologist and dismissed as not being able to see “the whole picture”.

            Ok, I can take the hint. Carry on.

      • 19.4.2 Jilly

        I don’t get where your logic comes from. If I met a guy I liked, I wouldn’t give two sticks about how long ago his girlfriend dumped him and I don’t think I’m wrong for that. Even if he just came out of a relationship, he’s a full grown man and he can say yes or no as he pleases.
        Furthermore, she’s allowed to have standards for choosing a husband be it a man from Soul, Busan, New York, it’s her right and it doesn’t turn her into a gumiho preying on “innocent” men.
        I won’t liken it to rape, but do you mean to tell me that Yeo Ok getting pregnant by Soo Nam was her asking to be abused for the rest of her marriage? She didn’t get pregnant by herself so the one he should be resenting is himself. Nothing she did gave him the right to cheat on and abuse her. Period.

        • tamtam

          What she means is that both parties were at fault for rushing into a relationship and then marriage, so she can understand where SN’s resentment towards her stemmed from. She didn’t deny that over time it turned to infidelity and abuse. Nor did she justified the abuse. You’re the one who made that leaping conclusion…

          Man, some of you only see in black and white and are way too sensitive. I think there’s value in finding comedy in a sad situation and it doesn’t need to be over-analyzed and butchered apart to be enjoyable. That said…

          Douchey men like him who don’t deserve forgiveness exist in PLENTY in reality. A bad marriage and turn anyone involved into a mess of a human being. Why not depict his redemption and show how he’s shown mercy and grace through the loving wife? There are marriages that are saved like this, it’s very rare and it’s a hard process, but it’s not impossible. I personally don’t even think the marriage should be saved because SN crossed the line a long time ago, and they were obviously happier with someone else, but I can ENTERTAIN the idea that YO can be the much bigger loving person. Good gravy, I know that DB comprises of mostly women readers, but what’s with the overwhelming feminist views on Oohlala?

          • Arawn

            Wow. Thank you. You pretty much understood what I was trying to say. I don’t mind a bit people having different opinions and I do get why people don’t like Soo Nam but I didn’t realize that it’s a bad thing understanding his motivations and hoping that he will change and redeem himself. I find a bit funny even because in other dramas there have been characters who’ve done much worse things than Soo Nam and yet they have gathered a lot of sympathy and people have hoped for their redemption. Take for instance that bad guy from Arang who was a practically a serial killer and yet people were cooing over him. Yes, I doubt any hoped he and Arang would get together but he did gather a lot of sympathy.

            For me Soo Nam is 100 times more interesting character because he is flawed and conflicted but also because there are obvious good qualities as well. So his path from abusive jerk to a better man and maybe a better husband interests me especially because it’s a tale you rarely see nowadays. Many disagree which is totally fine but I hope we could be civil about it.

            I wasn’t going to continue here but since I happened to glance this discussion once more, I wanted to express my gratitude that somebody understood my point and didn’t slam it just because she disagrees. Thank you. 🙂

          • Arawn

            Oh and one more thing to be clear. What I really wish from this show is that Yeo Ok will forge her own path. I want her to live alone, calm down and then consider what is it that she really wants from life and then act accordingly. If this happens I’ll be happy whether she’ll choose to be with Soo Nam or Hyun Woo or even totally independent.

            I do not stan for the pairing Yeo Ok and Soo Nam because I think that he “deserves” to be forgiven or that he’ll deserve her as a prize if and when he’s walked his path of becoming a better man. I just honestly believe that there is a real chance of happiness for them. This is what I wish for, for the to be happy together and that Soo Nam would spend rest of his life making up to her. That he would do those many things he failed to do in their first 12 years, he would stand up to his mother for Yeo Ok, he would help her with home chores etc. I don’t find it unrealistic and I actually find it quite endearing.

            So, ok, two things. Yeo Ok finding her own path and Soo Nam manning up and redeeming himself, whether it’ll be them together in the end or amicable divorce. This is what I ask for.

          • tamtam

            You’re very welcome. I’m just tired of reading the same close-minded opinion about this drama. It’s great to see someone taking an opposite side or see an opposite side of the topic and try to have a healthy discussion. It’s a shame to see people here degrading and dismissing someone else’s opinion simply because they don’t understand or disagree with them. I know that DB readers are much more discerning people than that. I also hate seeing people blindly standing up and judging others for what they think is a noble idea. It just sounds like a lot of bitterness and close-mindedness to me.

            I’m with you on your last post. Whatever happens, I want to see them both become better people.

  20. 20 cruthy333

    As relieved as I am about Nice Guy’s non-extension, I must say I am very much going to miss Song Joong-ki’s face on my screen.

  21. 21 Trina

    I drop Ohlala Spouse after the second episode. I hate hate hate that husband soo much. He was a douchebag and I totally hate everybody treat her like she is a slave including her son. =P My two sons never treat me like that if they do they get a time out and NO TV, COMPUTER, and IPAD!!!!
    I am glad that NG is not extending as it does not need to be. The only one that I watch got extending is QSD and that was due to that I love KNG.
    KNG please please come back to dramaland!!!!

    • 21.1 True2u

      Time out? LOL i would love a mom like you. My mom would have torn my ars* up if I ever disrespect her, THEN take away TV, Laptop etc…

  22. 22 JC

    I think I can safely say that there is a veryyy high chance an extension would have wrecked some of the best parts abut Nice Guy- its fantastic plotting and pacing- completely.
    As much as I adore Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and really, most things about this drama, I’d much rather let it go at twenty episodes and remember it forever than have it struggle through a painfully tacked on week.

  23. 23 Bum

    I cannot believe how funny Ohlala is So late just started to watch it and cant stop oh my gosh its so funny I wish they could switch in ep 13 if they will extend it Kim Jung Eun is the best when come to comedy shes up there I think shes the only actress who can do this stuff even her bffs cannot do this so hilariously. And the husband is so funny too but I also think the GM is so darn Hot OMG his the only girl for him how can u beat that… I know its 1 in a 100 million to get a guy like him it is a dream most guys are truly is like the husband if the wife gets old they look for young woman thats reality…..

  24. 24 meowmeow

    Well good thing is, from watching episode 12, it seems VERY likely that we’ll get our happy ending. Husband is only chasing her around because of guilt, not love.

    • 24.1 Arawn

      After episode 12 it does seem so. His old self is definitely starting to surface now… I’m quite ok with him wishing to be forgiven but his methods are less than satisfactory. How about proving his point (I’ll do better now) by actions towards his family? Instead of that he barely knows that he has a son. He has changed somewhat because now he’s at least able to feel other people’s pain and understand their grievances but he is still very selfish because now all he thinks is forgiveness for himself instead of, for example, asking what his ex-wife wants from him or what the rest of the family want. Well, people do change slowly… We’ll see where this will be going.

  25. 25 L&E

    OhLaLa not my cup of tea, find KJE acting so artificial & fake & so is the script. Never into swopping of bodies, kinda kiddy stuff who can get entertained through this type of story.
    Innocent Guy different genre & more realistic that may relate to real life. The casts are much better than OhLaLa. Hope for a happy ending, so no extention please!

    • 25.1 lizzie

      ??? Cast is much better?

      The main of Ohlala is an awesome actor, he is really good.

      I think you guys are all crazy for the young and pretty cast of Nice guy.


      I also find KJE acting a bit fake but she is doing well in this drama, I really feel her pain and hurt.

      Ohlala and nice guy are so different on plot you can’t really compare. lol

  26. 26 rose

    Aaaaaaaaaaah,nice guy…nice guy….I want to know the end…Ah,it’s making me crazy….

  27. 27 qz

    i think we gotta give credit both to SHJ and KJE. both were excellent in portraying their respective switched roles. SHJ carried out the female portion so convincingly i kept saying “daebak” throughout the few episodes of oohlala. KJE is really good too. if i were an actress, i would never dare to open my legs wide like a man and start displaying disgraceful acts. after all its kinda “ugly” for a “pretty” actress. so kudos to both.

    but still, the 2 eps extension better be good. hopefully she can end up with her oppa, but i don’t cast out the idea that she will reconcile with soo-nam. just that everyone in the family gotta start giving her some god-damn respect she needs if she ever heads back to that soo-nam’s house.

  28. 28 pogo

    I’m loving Nice Guy right now (and every one of the cast members is killing it, so watching more of them would be a pleasure) but I’m glad it’s not extending its run, it doesn’t give me Arang-like feels of anticipatory missing-it from like Episode 14 onwards lol.

    on the other hand, this probably means Maru is as good as dead right now, I never trust LKH not to kill off her characters/leave them really miserable.

  29. 29 Pamie

    I agree totally with JB and a lot of others on here about extensions… they turn out to be so disappointing.

    I thought that the actors did a great job with the body switch and laughed at both of them BUT that is the only part of this drama that is comic. Overall the cheating topic is a serious one even if you are trying to make it light-hearted. Yeo Ok and Soo Nam are both responsible in some way for the state of their marriage. They are both flawed characters who need to experience some personal growth. Can they work it out and stay together? Maybe… couples do everyday but the whole miscarriage makes me feel that maybe this is too much for them to reconcile. I would like to see both of them end up with the person that they love most.

    That said, I am all for the alternate paring. Maybe some of you guys can tell me… has there ever been a K-Drama where an alternate pairing worked out? I don’t want to get my hopes up.

    • 29.1 tamtam

      Sure, I can name one off the top of my head. Queen of Reversal, and it was really sweet they way it worked out.

  30. 30 Lady Seoul

    I think they decided right. Because Episode 17 of Nice Guy was a bit redundant and draggy for me, although it did pick-up speed towards the end. So, I think 20 Episodes is just right~

  31. 31 Webteav

    So nice drama.. i like that … love u

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