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Golden Time writer puts foot in mouth, insults cast
by | November 14, 2012 | 148 Comments

javabeans: So, did you read this news? *passes story along.* *waits for spit-take reaction.*

girlfriday: *SPIT TAKE*

javabeans: Because it’s crazy, right? To be the writer of a successful television drama (in this case, scriptwriter Choi Hee-ra of MBC’s medical series Golden Time), and then give an interview bashing all your stars and calling them puffed-up on ego pills?

girlfriday: And that they ruined your Work of Art? Siiiiigh. It’s a drama!

javabeans: And saying that you had to write around their failings and reduce their scenes — when they’re the leads — because you couldn’t trust them with your material?

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure at one point she calls them pigs. That… can’t be right.

javabeans: Omg, she totally called them pigs. Okay, to show you all that we aren’t just exaggerating for the hell of things, let’s quote things verbatim. Here’s one gem: “From the midpoint on, I couldn’t trust the actors so I even took away some scenes from them.” Or this: “Each actor has his part and is supposed to carry along the story and then step aside. That’s what a lead actor does. But once he started getting more popular, the lead character started to get ruined. He started to get drunk on his popularity. I thought he was like a stuffed pig.”

girlfriday: I’m not sure if I’m more stunned by her ego, or by her balls. What is she thinking? For one, the drama is over and it was a big success.

javabeans: So she was joking, right? Or maybe planning to retire from showbiz forever and thought she’d go out with a bang? It’s a debacle of the hugest order that she said any of this in public. Or, you know, at all. Did she decide she had two dramas under her belt, that was a good run? (The other was OB-GYN.)

girlfriday: Or she was drunk. It’s the only explanation.

javabeans: It’s also super specific and long, so you can hardly backpedal and claim, “Oh, it was taken out of context!” She’s saying it was “edited” wrong, but pshaw. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of reality television: If you say it, it’s game. SO DON’T SAY IT. She just kept digging that grave. Inserting extra feet into that mouth. Who’s stuffed now, lady?

girlfriday: Seriously. Way to fulfill your own worst metaphor. It sounds like stuff she’d vent to another writer, perhaps with some liquor involved, but to a reporter? Was it a secret spy interview?

javabeans: The worst thing is that she doesn’t even try to veil her words, or hide who she’s talking about. And now the big question is: Uh, so no Season 2 then?

girlfriday: Dude, forget Season 2 — will anyone want to work with her on anything, when there’s the likelihood of being called a stuffed pig looming overhead the whole time? I wonder what she calls the actors of projects that fail, yeesh.

javabeans: There were no names named, but gee, I WONDER WHO SHE MEANS. Especially since she added, “In comparison, Lee Seon-kyun had the most scenes but he still pulled back to balance his role with the other actors and allowed his character to shine. I could see why he had been the lead in so many dramas all these years.” So… process of elimination sez: She’s talkin’ about Lee Sung-min. Who was awesome, by the way.

girlfriday: He’s totally awesome. He made me cry like a little girl in The King 2 Hearts. And now he’s having to release all sorts of stupid press releases saying he’s clueless as to why the writer, with whom he had no friction, is dragging his name around publicly. He’s being really polite about it too.

javabeans: That’s so sad, but also sweet of him. I mean, granted I’m going to be on his side since he was the one called the pig by a crazy lady. But wait! There must be a GIF perfect for this kind of situation.

Via Hankook Ilbo, Kyeongin, Star News


148 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yue

    I wonder whether that writer was high on something. I mean, no matter how much you dislike someone, there’s really no point of insulting them in the first place. It was either that or she was just THAT arrogant. I know the drama was good and all – but, I wouldn’t credit it to writing alone. Doesn’t she realize that without the actors portraying the roles the best they know how the drama wouldn’t even be half as great as it would have been? I dare her to cast a plank of wood in place of Lee Seon-kyun and see what happens. I would call the woman a bitch, but, that would be an insult to all the bitches out there. She’s just plain mean.

    • 1.1 Awe

      good post, Yue.
      I agree that “speaking ill of others” is one of the most harmful human character flaws. All of us have to polish our characters by removing this flaw. For some, there is more polishing than others.
      That said, casting Hwang jung-eum as Golden Times female lead caused disconnects for me, in addition to the fact that i am unimpressed with her acting. She was far too young to take her role seriously. A medical intern turns Chief Administrator…highly impossible to actually happen. So my point, is that casting director and writer caused big problems for believability which in turn, crippled the overall success of the drama.
      The old adage proves true:
      “when you point a finger at someone, realize that 3 are pointing back at you”.

    • 1.2 Dominique

      I disagree.

      The writer will get what she deserves for what she said. After all, what we do or say has real life consequences.

      But why shouldn’t she say what she said, if she so chooses? So long as she did not make up facts (that would be slander), she is entitled to airing her own interpretations and characterizations of her experience with the actors and actresses in question.

      Since 9/11, one big change in how we think and behave that is occurring in societies everywhere in the US can be summed up by the slogan you see everywhere in the US: If you see something, say something. I totally approve.

      Actors really come in all kinds of personality or behavioral dysfunctions. And exhibitionism is their occupational hazard. On the rare occasion when the curtain parts and they are exposed as what they truly are, maybe that will get through to them like nothing else will. Or not.

      • 1.2.1 LeeLee

        Her opinion could be totally valid. Who knows? The problem is that she showed no sense of professionalism. She didn’t make the actors look bad even if what she said was true. She just made herself look foolish and immature. Sometimes you shouldn’t say anything. This was one of those times.

        • Aliiiiiiiice

          If someone has grievances, why not air them?

          What is interesting about writers is that unlike actors who are house hold names, they do not go to media training school or have publicists to help them figure out the best response that will put them in the most attractive light.

          So the whole “the actor was gracious, the writer was rude and therefore should never work in that town again” does not hold water for me.

          If it was a great show, it was a great show, end of story.

          But then again, I’m a writer, as well. And it’s not uncommon for us to be introverted and feel and observe very intensely. And to accidentally offend people left and right with honest opinions.

          If the writer did her job, wrote a riveting story despite challenges and animosity, then that is a feat in and of itself.

          And if she has strong opinions about the whole process, why crucify her for them?

          The truest thing anyone can say about her is “You’re rude! And I don’t like you!”

          But we don’t hire writers because we like how they interview.

          We like what they give us, especially when it’s of substance.

  2. JS

    That’s crazy!!! o__O

  3. ck1Oz

    I mean.
    Not even a drama writer could write a scene that good. And I am in the midst of episode 4 of Kings of drama.

    Good lord. No one sane. Okay she is not sane. Not even drunk will excuse this.

    &^%$# WOW

    • 3.1 John


      This sounds like it’s ripped right out of King of Dramas.

      Truth is stranger than fiction, eh?

  4. Mystisith

    When reality surpasses fiction.
    Feels like a personal quarrel which exploded. Anyway, clearly not a smart move by the writer. The lawyers will be happy: That gif is perfect.

  5. cheekbones


    Did he reject her or something ? *shrugs* You know, a woman scorned……

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      I don’t want to take sides cause really we will never know what happened. But if her blood was clean, she wouldn’t blow her top without any reason. No smoke without fire.

      • 5.1.1 colors

        Well, yes and no. When you know that nothing can be said against you, you can pretty say whatever you want. I could insult you out of the blue, even if what I say is not true, if I said it to people you know and potentially care for you, it’d cast a doubt.
        That’s what I don’t like about insults, that’s for screenwriting materials. It’s free, without proof, and it can make people wonder.
        It can be really bad for someone, like being publicly accused of rape when you’re completely innoncent.
        On a lighter note, as Adèle sings, “people say crazy things, just ‘coz I said it don’t mean I meant it, just ‘coz you heard it…”

      • 5.1.2 eargasmto_trace_bundy

        I’m on the fence too… no smoke without fire… the actor might not be able to project whatever that she desire.. he/she might have his own way or thoughts on the character they play.. and worse if the actor happen to be a male chauvinist who won’t take advice from a lady or a female actor who cannot act but a prima donna…or some actor who thinks he/she know how to act – not wanting some non-actors telling them how to do their job…. who knows what goes behind the scenes…

        One thing for sure though… this writer is not very smart

    • 5.2 cg

      lol 😀

    • 5.3 houstontwin

      That’s exactly what my reaction was. Middle-aged woman writer attracted to sexy and talented middle-aged actor. He rejects her and she hates him.

      • 5.3.1 Mystisith

        Talented, yes. He is a very good actor. Sexy, you’ll excuse me…

        • houstontwin

          I’m old! I think he’s sexy. I guess someone under 40 might think differently.

        • Laica

          I would have had the same reaction before I watched King 2 Hearts. His Jae-kang totally made me melt.

    • 5.4 saranga

      i’m quite sure that he’s married with an adolescent daughter. he was recently on healing camp (great program) a month or so ago and talked about his career and family. of course, him being married doesn’t exclude the possibility, but just saying 🙂

    • 5.5 asianromance

      I wouldn’t assume that it is because she was interested in him and he rejected her – women do care about and get mad about things other than romantic relationships and crushes.

      It is equally likely and perhaps even more likely that there was a professional and creative disagreement. Maybe he ate the yogurt she left in the communal mini-fridge and she completely just lost it because it’s the 10th time someone has stolen her food (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2xi7B3mkr0).

      But because she’s not very smart or business savvy, she went and insulted him. It’s not like the guy’s a criminal, so why risk it?

  6. Fab

    It looks like SHE is the one getting drunk on the fame. I haven’t watched Golden Time, but did watch OB-GYN and that was pretty good, and certainly not only in the writing department. She should be feeling lucky for having great casting done to complement the writing. But hell, let’s assume that actor is an ass, did she think the public would feel for her when she is being the biggest pig about it? Woman, this is just your second drama.

    And she talked about not trusting the actors, so there is more than LSM?

    Lee Sung-min, fighting!

    • 6.1 houstontwin

      I watched Golden Time for the actors. Lee Sung-min really was awesome. As for the writing and directing, I was sometimes embarassed by how weak they were.

    • 6.2 zsa

      I love LSM…what has he got to be big-headed about? He’s a middle aged actor without army abs…so he’s relying solely on his acting, and IS one hell of a great actor! This woman is crazy! What you say about others only speaks Volumes about who you ARE!

      • 6.2.1 dbsklove

        LOL army abs

  7. gracie

    She’s only had two dramas under her belt and she is this egotistical?? Don’t think she will have many more, who the hell would want to work with her after this?
    I think King of Drama should take this interview and make it part of one of their episodes it would be fitting. Most of us would know who they were referring to and she would have to hide in a corner after it being shown on national TV.

  8. chichiri

    A .gif!

    A FRAKKIN’ .gif on a DB post!!!


    • 8.1 kahlanrich

      the GIF made this post even more perfectly sarcastic for the b**** writer, right?

      i wish jb and gf will use more GIFs in their next posts!

      • 8.1.1 kahlanrich


      • 8.1.2 Mystisith

        I remember an epic gif for the recap of To The Beautiful You. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md1rxbDhzd1rw1262o1_500.gif

        • kahlanrich

          oh my, i haven’t seen this, mys, coz i wasn’t following this series. * goes to check it out.

        • kakashi


        • chichiri

          Oh my. Turns out I haven’t been here long enough yet. I though this was the first time.

          BTW, that .gif is adorbs! LOL

        • shelhass

          But Gummi was the one recapping TTBY. So, does it means this is a first for JB and GF?

          P.S.: This lady has huge issues. That’s probably the only answer.

    • 8.2 mandelbrotr

      I read the crazy news today that the Oxford English Dictionary named GIF as the word of the year.

      I thought they were decades late, but they included it because it has become a verb in common use.

      • 8.2.1 birdscout

        Oh, thanks for this. I missed seeing it before I posted my question about the pronunciation . Turns out both are in use.

  9. jomo

    I am glad she decided to pick on an actor:
    who has done a million dramas,
    whom everyone has a soft spot for,
    and for whom these larger than life, kinda supposed to be ego-driven characters are perfectly suited.
    He isn’t an idol, he rarely gets the actual LEAD role, he isn’t some super handsome guy that the ladies are clamoring after. He’s one of those hard-working actor who anchors dramas, and who deserves the spotlight when he manages to steal it from the BIG names.

    My vote is she’s both drunk and nuts. I get that she and he did not get along. They prolly butted heads when they talked, but, dude, keeping your mouth shut is part of your (former) job.

    • 9.1 chrisso

      I absolutely agree. He is such a good actor. He was so fully human in Golden Time, especially compared to the cartoonish and horribly written department heads. if he fought her for better lines it was to good effect.

    • 9.2 trotwood

      Yeah, I agree seems like an odd target. Let’s find someone who is clearly respected in the business for NOT being that kind of grab-the-attention actor.

      As a writer, who we would assume would understand the rhetorical scenario that would come as a result of “words,” she seems to completely misread how this would play out. Let’s just say that he was a huge ass. Everyone who worked on the drama would know,so she would not need to make that public; it would still have an effect. The show was also a success, so is she still thinking her art was compromised? I would understand this rant if she was on the defensive, but none of really makes much sense, esepcially for a relatively new writer.

    • 9.3 Arhazivory

      He made the drama for me. His character on Golden Time was my favourite. She’s an idiot. How can she be an idiot? I don’t know, because she wrote a good story. But apparently….she’s an idiot.

  10. 10 ceire

    I wonder how she’ll try to clean up this mess. Short of persuading the masses that “The Martians came and possessed my body!!!”, I don’t see what could save her…

  11. 11 katiamon

    wooooow! crazy woman!!!! you can’t trash people like that! there could be three explanations to her statements: she was drunk, she was high, she’s insane… hey, i think there’s a fourth: all the above.
    i didn’t watch the drama but if it was a success why would you destroy all the efforts and achivements of the cast and crew. too sad 🙁

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      And what about she’s a victim initially? Everyone’s jumping on the bashing train here. Again, we are not well placed to judge. We weren’t on the set when the drama was shot and we don’t know ANYTHING about what triggered her reaction. We don’t know ANYTHING about their personal relationship either.

      God dammit! Are people so sure about what happened? Is that guy an angel of some kind to be that protected? She’s been rude and not smart, I agree. For the rest, people should stay cautious about their affirmations.
      WE DON’T KNOW!

      • 11.1.1 mud

        I agree. Her interview was not a cool move, but bashing should be refrained because there could be circumstances.

      • 11.1.2 marquees

        She could very well be a victim but airing her grievances in such a public manner and with such words, she’s not going to get any sympathies and respect.

        • Mystisith

          I’m sorry but being called a pig is not worst than being called a b***h and it happens all the time. Furthermore in a macho and twisted environment like SK Entertainment.
          I don’t say she’s innocent and yes, it’s a stupid move. But I hate witch hunts.
          For me it’s people who judge hastily who are arrogant.

          • jomo

            Who called her the b-word?

          • Mystisith

            It’s just an example, jomo: Not for the present case.

      • 11.1.3 Fab

        Exactly, we have no idea what sort of event that lead her to being this rude. But we only see a writer calling her actor a PIG. And the actors’ cool reply. Even if she was mistreated or whatever, there’s zero evidence leading to such. Anyhow, if she has a problem with him, talking it out in private is the best move.

        • kakashi

          a “stuffed” pig, actually. a stuffed pig sounds so much nicer than just pig, don’t you think? 🙂

          • Fab

            I think just the opposite, a stuffed pig is a pig times 2. (but that’s coming from someone that doesn’t eat pork…):p
            Nonetheless I am not on the side of calling her a b*** and such…

      • 11.1.4 kakashi

        I agree with Mystisith. Nobody does things without a reason. And if you do something big like this, there probably is a big reason.

      • 11.1.5 Annie

        Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. No matter what happened behind the scenes, calling someone out for being bad at their profession (i.e. source of livelihood) is a dick move. Would I say the same if some hot male lead insulted some frumpy female scriptwriter? You betcha.

        • Mystisith

          Taking advantage of that post, I will evoke a larger problem: The way women are considered in Dramaland and Kpopland. They are treated in ways more cruel and insidious than simple bird names or ego injuries. Blackmailing, rapes, pressure, extorsion…
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is what happened here. But things are rarely as simple as it seems.
          People are ready to declare him as the victim, and her as the psycho: Personally, I refuse to judge. Also, the medias can be manipulated too easily. T-Ara scandal anyone?

          • Annie

            I understand your reservations about judging this woman’s motivations but shouldn’t professionalism and integrity supercede female solidarity? We don’t have to excuse bad behavior simply because we need some sort of platform to sustain dialogue about industry abuse.

            Your point about the media manipulation is a relevant one, but from the looks of things, she just threw some one under the bus in a spectacular fashion. I guess we’ll be seeing fallout from this interview soon and get a clearer context.

          • yellowcake

            I agree with everything that you said. Oftentimes there’s a double standard against women in situations like this.

          • rearwindow

            I’m sorry, I completely agree with what you mentioned about the very serious problems facing women in drama (and every) land, but I feel like it’s doing those women a disservice to excuse this scriptwriter’s mind-bogglingly unprofessional behavior.

            Yes, we should (always) try to avoid the mob mentality and leave the pitchforks at home. I feel that way about most scandals. But regardless of gender, calling one’s actor a bloated pig is unconscionable and completely out of the spirit of creative endeavors. I mean, she is actively attacking a person who poured his blood sweat and tears into a role for her. And who had a good deal to do with her drama’s success. Look, I get it. There’s a LOT that goes on behind the scenes. He could be a total jerk. I have no idea. But if that’s the case, and if she really wanted to shed light on that and challenge his behavior, there is a way to do that without looking and sounding like you’ve taken a trip to crazytown. If she were bullied on set, if he verbally attacked her, if she experienced blatant misogyny, then she can tell those stories in a way that elicits sympathy. But she is doing the attacking, essentially bullying her actor in a very public forum. And that is not ok.

            I don’t care what he did to her or what she’s been through; she should have to deal with the professional consequences of her words.

            The ONLY circumstance in which I could even understand this huge gaffe and MAYBE sympathize with her, aside from her having a genuine mental imbalance, is that she got drunk and unloaded on a friend who was secretly recording her and leaked the information to the press. And even then, she should’ve been more mindful. And THEN, if that is what happened, she should’ve gone straight into damage control and said “I apologize sincerely for what I’ve said. I appreciate the hard work _____ actor did on behalf of my script. I should have been more mindful of my words and I apologize for any damage that I’ve brought to said actor.”

          • Laurita

            yeah, I also choose not to judge. We don’t know the story. Maybe she did said some harsher words but they were exaggerated by the reporter, or maybe she also said some good points which were not added, or maybe… There are millions “maybe”.

            But this thing really dig her a grave (permanent or temporary) in the Dramaland…

            By the way, can someone explain me what actually means “puts foot in mouth”??? I understand it from the context but cannot formulate clearly…

          • nomu nomu nomu


            “Foot in mouth” is an idiom.
            Basically, it is used to describe someone who has just said something embarrassing, inappropriate, wrong or stupid.

          • Laurita

            @nomu nomu nomu, thank you very much.

          • Mitray


            LOL, If she was drunk and in the presence of a friend then you are a seriously conceited person by suggesting that she should have been careful. Either you trust absolutely no one or you think you are some perfect specimen of self control incapable of blunders especially under the effects of a substance. Just wow.

            Now if she was sober, (which I’m guessing she was) then she has no excuse and she was unproffesional.

      • 11.1.6 katiamon

        I think her statements might had affected the final perception of the drama. It’s not the first time people complains and i think they are crazy for speaking in such an unclever way, like when Han Ga In said some harsh things about the writers and the PD of Witch Yoo-hee, it wasn’t cool at all but she was polite compared to CHR.
        Also, i never meant to defend him, perhaps he is a difficult person to deal with (proffesionally-wise) and it might be true that she had to endure many things while writing the drama. What annoys me the most is the way she expressed her complains, you have to be more professional when talking about hardships on your job place, it’s not hard to tell the truth about your problems without calling them names and throwing them under the bus. It all about manners.

        • Mitray


      • 11.1.7 saranga

        completely agree.

  12. 12 nomu nomu nomu

    wait…that wasn’t from King of Drama…that was real life?

    well, now i’m having a Dramaception moment.
    stranger than fiction is what comes to mind.

  13. 13 kaka

    whoa.. whoa.. whoa..

    Why did she say that?? Is there any translation for the interview?

  14. 14 Saima

    No, she d’int!!! She cannot be sayin’ crap about our Jae Kang oppa!! o_O

    On a serious note, what was she thinking?! Or should it be that she wasn’t thinking AT ALL!!

  15. 15 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    I think LSM is a good actor. I’ve only seen him twice. In Golden Time and in Pasta. In my humble opinion, he did a good job on both roles. 🙂

  16. 16 yumi

    It’s ironic (moronic) that she is bashing the one thing that made me keep tuning in to that drama. The writing on this series was prosaic, pedestrian and pboring. The acting was what kept me engaged, especially Lee Sung-min.

    He is a fantastic character actor. He has turned in amazing and very different performance in Can You Hear My Heart, Brain, The King 2Hearts, and Golden Time.

    I began watching for Lee Seon-kyun, but I’m not sure that in the beginning of this drama he was doing his best work.

    • 16.1 houstontwin

      I agree. LSK took a long time to find himself in this drama, though I first started watching because I loved him in Coffee Prince, and White Tower (not so much in Pasta). LSM, on the other hand presented a fully realized character from the very beginning of the drama.

  17. 17 Barbarella

    Thanks JB,

    OH ! how could she be crazy woman when she a scriptwriter.

    Women ? don’t be too hard on her! why we women are “hard” with our own gender.

    But when it comes to men we go gu gu !! ga ga !! for them even when they are not good actors.

  18. 18 azu-catto

    Actually the writing wasn’t great.

    The show started off great, the slow romantic feelings from the two leads was attractive and refreshing and then it slowy slumped to a nowhere ending.

    • 18.1 ck1Oz

      If you consider the drama as the creation of a trauma centre. The year where the 4 of them were interns.
      Then it wasn’t a nowhere journey. Nowhere did it say it was a medical romance drama.

      To tell you the truth, how many interns here fall in love DURING the intern year? You do it in medical school or during residency. You’re too busy surviving department to department. Plus sleep I tell you- is the no 1 priority. Oh, and not killing anyone or making a major mistake.

      It wasn’t a great drama but I thought as a medical drama it was well done. Ob gyn was more a romance set in the medical field. What with the low probability of some of the obscure gynaecological conditions.

      • 18.1.1 Rie

        Yup… I love the drama for the fact that they didn’t go for the romance of the two leads. I found it rather refreshing to watch something like that. Heck… It is one of the reason why I love Japanese Drama so much. Not everything has to be shipped and become OTP. Not every relationship has to be developed into romance and not just based on friendship.

        • BB

          I agree with your thoughts on J-doramas. Sure, they genre-fy their dramas BUT I find it more refreshing on their take on the stories they want to tell.

          • Annie

            Japanese dramas are zany and fun but still have substance. This is more than I can say for Kdramas as a genre but I’m a sucker for romance and sentiment so I appreciate them all just the same, lol.

  19. 19 auzakia

    Lee Sung Min?

    Were those comments really aimed at him? Where does it say so?

    The writer was either very drunk or just stupid. BUT it is Korean media and nobody knows what went on behind the scenes, so you shouldn’t judge too fast.

    • 19.1 moose

      You have two male lead actors.. she calls out one of them and says that the other one (Lee Seonkyun) was better. So obviously, it has to be Lee Sungmin that she’s dissing.

  20. 20 kidstonbaby

    ” Oh dear”.

  21. 21 Conny

    Wow, I’m speechless.
    Did someone spike her juice? Did she forget to take her meds?
    Honestly, as you two have mentioned though, I think it’s a severe case of arrogance. Thankfully she just cured herself, since after statements like these no one will ever want to work with her again.


  22. 22 Ss

    Hey, king of dramas writer!!! You can include a new scene into your drama just in case you have an extension!! -.-;;;

    • 22.1 owl

      That’s what I was thinking! Is this a case of no longer being able to separate your life from your kdrama life (in this case, your own script)? Such a blur, such a bad call! This writer would be a natural ego maniac (I can’t even say the *_ig* word, it’s so ugly to use in speaking of another human being) in the King of Dramas. She’d take them all down. Easy. Bam. Or did someone write that script and the writer just read it?

      This is sort of the opposite of what we do every day – go kdrama-ing to escape. But her real life drama here is everything that is ugly and bad in a (fiction) kdrama. Tho it’s such great fodder for a kdrama and wouldn’t we hate that evil *_itch* villain to the max! But it’s no fun. In real life. Ya gotta keep it separate. Boo hiss.

  23. 23 Carole McDonnell

    I’m thinking the writer is probably inexperienced. What she says is probably true but a more experienced writer knows not to complain in public.

    That said, she pretty much dogged (uh..pigged) the whole cast. That does make me wonder. It’s rare to have everyone involved in a project be all horrible. If she picked on one person ONLY, I’d be cool. But it seems a lot of folks annoyed her. So she is…yeah…young and inexperienced with dealing with folks and accommodating herself to the human flaws of others.

    • 23.1 yumi

      It is difficult to be a create something and to have your vision supplanted in execution.

      The thing is, unless you direct the material yourself, it often happens in theatre, film and television.

      If you want complete control, you have to direct and finance the project or write novels.

      • 23.1.1 owl

        And also maybe a touch of I-am-the-smartest-one-in- the-room syndrome, which blinds one to common sense, tact, give/take, graciousness, and your own indespensibility.

  24. 24 pumpkinattack

    Ha! LOVE the GIF!

  25. 25 Danna

    LOL…there’s probably more to this story but even so saying LSM is a bad actor is ridiculous…this man totally gets the vote for thr best supporting actor of the year for his work in K2H, GT and Ordinary Love Story…he was amazing in all of them

  26. 26 zashi

    She’s going to say she was drunk and that the interview was off the record. hahaha. Let’s see if she works on a drama again. ever.

    • 26.1 yumi

      How does being drunk or thinking the interview was off the record changes the situation? Truly curious to understand your take.

      Perhaps if she was drunk (or not) and sharing in a personal context instead of professional one (i.e. reporter) or she was being sarcastic opposite “The Dramabeans site would be better without those silly series recap” then maybe she can recoup. Otherwise. . .

      If she is able to orchestrate a redemption story I’d be curious to know the details.

  27. 27 zinaa

    korean entertainment world is a crazy place….
    especially the tv drama world… this what come to my mind after watching only one ep of king of drama…

  28. 28 HeadsNo2

    That GIF was poetry in motion.

  29. 29 crazedlu

    Jacked. Up.

  30. 30 Julie

    bahaaaha Woody Harrelson from Zombieland as a GIF in a post on Dramabeans ? that’s just too many good things in one sentence ! you guys rock my world

    and yeah, crazy woman

  31. 31 subject

    WOW! That’s INSANE! I can understand the frustration of writers cause in the end, the audience remembers only the stars who played the drama and sometimes the name of the directors. Let’s be honest, how many screenwriters do you know? Let’s say 10 or less? BUT, and it’s HUGE but, this is NOT the right way to penetrate the consciousness of viewers at home. Creative people (any kind of creation) usually have a crazy ego, whether it is visible or not. The smart ones know how to use materials that are in front of them (in this case the actors and director) so their work comes out perfect or at least have the satisfaction results.

    Golden Time, for those who didn’t watch the program, is a medical drama NETO. No romance at all (or barely notice it, but you should obtain a NASA telescope), it has no clear narrative, but has a lot of heart and soul. It also has a phenomenal acting of highly qualified team, that easily manages to touch their audience because we can be touched only if we are convinced. She can’t take all the credit, it’s SO wrong!

    As an avid movie lover, I saw thousands of movies in over 30 languages. I saw hundreds of excellent scripts destroyed by playing sloppy and unprofessional, and I’ve seen hundreds of movies with a weak script that even great and stature players could not resurrect. Anyways, it really pisses me read what she said. I was glad of the opportunity to receive a second season, because all the signs of the last episode showed that more will come. My hopes to know what happened to the four true heroes just faded away just like her career.

  32. 32 MsB

    Regardless, this was an interview that should not have been given. With this business, especially in SK, with these netizens, it was not a good move. Who knows, maybe she had a grievance, maybe she did not. Maybe she needs to work with more unknowns; not with seasoned actors. Who knows. But ppl perceptions will probably not be on her side.

  33. 33 lenrasoon


    I’d read before about actors kinda complaining about the writers but it’s a first to read this coming by the writer itself and actually being pretty rude. I wonder what’s going on…

    i feel like watching this drama now lol.

  34. 34 nyss

    they should totally insert this in The King of Dramas…lol

  35. 35 mandelbrotr

    Awesome! I wasn’t interested in this drama before. Now I totally want to watch it.

  36. 36 Matt

    What an idiot. I hope she has enough saved to live off..

  37. 37 Sajen

    well that’s one writers career down the tubes granted she praised Lee Sun Gyun who in addition to having the best voice around is also a fantastic actor who has been wonderful in everything I’ve seen him in, so I’m sure even though I haven’t seen it yet he’s wonderful in Golden Time, on the other hand she also disses Lee Sung-min who is an equally awesome actor who I have also been impressed with in everything I’ve seen him in even if I didn’t like his character.

    So Korean drama producers if you’re looking for an American writer for whom dialogue is a weakness and has never been able to successfully get his ideas on paper, I’m available.

  38. 38 Cynthia

    Her ill-advised rant sounds more like a ‘woman scorned’ scenario/diatribe. It’s hard to imagine what else (other than an overly-bloated ego) could account for this outburst pretty much directed at one actor. It’s just too raw and mean.

    The GIF? Perfect.

  39. 39 supah

    Argh! What a cow! And to think how much I praised her writing in her two puny projects.
    And I love Lee Sung-min. But you know what? I’m thinking she meant Hwang Jung-eum, maybe? As she was the one whose scenes seemed tp have been altered as the show progressed. Lee Sung-min was the star, the heavyweight who gave this show more gravitas than it may gave even deserved.

  40. 40 Mystisith

    By the way, I don’t read Korean. I tried to use the links given at the end of the article but it’s not convenient for me.
    Was it a radio interview or a transcription published in a magazine?
    Basically, what I want to know is: Is there a first-hand physical support of the writer’s words accessible somewhere?

  41. 41 kumi

    The lady is not right.

  42. 42 Abbie

    I didn’t watch Golden Time, but I know the actors from other dramas, so whoa. The gall of this woman is unnerving. To say such things about someone, anyone, is the lowest, especially if you’re saying it to a reporter. She’s crazy. I feel sorry for these actors.

  43. 43 momosan

    How funny. It’s the old, “not naming names, but it totally wasn’t Lee Seon-kyun.” Which leaves you with exactly one person. LOL! Way to shoot yourself in the foot, writer.

    I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes, but it was a fairly decent show. It was never going to set the drama world on fire, but it’s watchable. Lee Sung-min was one of the best things about it.

    The show it’s most easily comparable to is New Heart, where instead of trying to establish a trauma center, the hospital is trying to establish a cardiac center. While the story lines in Golden Time are medically somewhat more believable, New Heart is better written.

  44. 44 Steph

    Say wha? That’s horrible. I can’t even imagine how the actors involved must feel. Only the fierce (as in they will give it right back to you) will probably ever work with this person again.

  45. 45 morre

    lmaoooo! why is anyone attacking this women??

    she is saying what a lot of directors dont have the nuts to say! There are a lot of dramas where the lead actress is painful to watch *boys over flowers* where the acting from most of the leads should have been cut in half! let her have her opinion dont BASH HER FOR HAVING ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 45.1 ranisa

      You’d say that in a perfect world, where everything is nice and pleasant. She had her say, let us have ours. What? Can’t we bash her for bashing someone else that we like?

  46. 46 girlatsea

    Funny because Lee Sung-min made that drama for me. He was absolutely outstanding.

  47. 47 meowmeow

    Why can’t I find this news anywhere else?

  48. 48 saranga

    this is unfortunate for both parties involved. no matter what kind of bad blood there might have been between writer and actor, the writer is essentially spitting on her own face by saying these things. i’m not sure which side to take—i’m inclined to think that there’s no smoke without fire, as someone expressed somewhere above.

    but by all accounts it seems like lee sung-min did an exceptional job on that show. i haven’t watched it, but it still seems disrespectful to talk about one of your actors that way. maybe he did get greedy about his role, wanted to do more with it than the writer had intended for his character, but this sort of debacle could hardly benefit anyone.

    on some level, though, i appreciate the writer’s guts (or foolishness). it’s ugly, but more honest and real. i’m willing to critique, but not bash either one without having all the facts for the time being…

  49. 49 nomu nomu nomu

    The source of the articles are from Korean sites. click on one of the source link at the bottom of the article. Non korean speakers/readers can still confirm the gist of the articles by using for example the “Wiktionary and Google Translate” addon of Firefox. it can translate whole page at a time.

    One of the good thing about Dramabeans is they list their source of where they derived their articles from. We know they’re not just spouting rumors and gossips.

    • 49.1 nomu nomu nomu

      sorry, that was suppose to be a reply to #47. meowmeow

  50. 50 Ann

    I liked the drama, but the writing was the weakest aspect of that show. The actors made her look good, especially the leads!

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