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I Miss You: Episode 3
by | November 14, 2012 | 184 Comments

Wow. Um, you might want to steel yourselves before venturing into today’s episode, which takes the tremendous cuteness of the previous episode, gives it the big ol’ backhand, and locks it away. In a box of nails. With torture. The general plotline isn’t anything we weren’t expecting, since the whole premise is built on this huge trauma that rips apart the couple in their youths, but the dramatization of said trauma is a little, well, traumatic.

But if you’ve already gone and seen the episode, maybe what you really need is a big cathartic cry-vent-release session. That’s what comments are for? Have at it.


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Detective Kim gives Jung-woo a ride home and is surprised to realize how rich he is. They have a heartwarming rapport already, which relieves my mind since it’s so clear Jung-woo wants a close relationship with his father—at least he can find that kind of connection with ajusshi.

Detective Kim gives him a bit of advice, saying that he thinks Jung-woo will be able to fulfill his own life’s unfinished dream: “Grow into a proper adult. That’s the hardest thing.” He leaves him with a salute and the request to look after Soo-yeon.

Dad (Chairman Han) arrives just then, and casts a suspicious look at the police siren in Detective Kim’s car. Jung-woo introduces them, but Dad ignores the handshake and heads inside.

Detective Kim notices a strange van parked across the street, and his officer instincts kick in. He approaches—we see shadowy figures sitting inside it—and the van immediately peels away. Yeah, that’s not suspicious. Detective Kim makes a note of the license plate.

Since having a cop around tends to put a damper on being able to continue with one’s lifestyle of crime and skullduggery, Chairman Han tells Jung-woo not to associate with the detective anymore. Jung-woo says he wants to keep seeing him, only to get threatened with being shipped off to the States. Aw, this just makes me love him more for growing up into a cop.

In front of her house, Soo-yeon answers Jung-woo’s call (she’s carrying around the huge cordless phone). He says teasingly that he’s about to cry since the wind is getting in his eyes again (in his big empty house) and tells her he had fun today, asking if he can come over again. Soo-yeon says yes and tells him Eun-joo likes him too. He sighs about how it’s annoying that all Eun-joo talked about was kissing, and then cuts himself off, remembering the kiss she totally slept through.

Jung-woo tells her to be ready to give that promised present tomorrow: it’s supposed to rain. She says no, it’s snow on the forecast. He bursts out, “No, it can’t! Before the first snow falls, it has to rain.” Adorable! Since rain equals Soo-yeon’s present and first snow equals kiss, he basically wants something from her before he kisses her.

Soo-yeon asks what he’s going to do on the day of first snow. He answers that he’ll have to meet her. They are so cute.

Soo-yeon has been drawing on the wall as she talks, and now we see the chalk letters spelling our drama’s title: “I miss you.”

The days pass. Soo-yeon makes a little flip-book with her school notes, showing a boy and a girl meeting under an umbrella and kissing. Is your present a kiss? That’s awesome. Basically there are gonna be smooches all around.

As Jung-woo looks up at the sky and holds his hand out wishing for raindrops, Soo-yeon writes in her diary of their respective waits. She’s never waited for anything before in her life, but decides, “I like waiting. And I like Jung-woo.”

Then, it starts to rain. Jung-woo goes tearing out of his house, HAHA.

Soo-yeon has to wait for Mom, who’s taken the umbrella, and impatiently tries to usher her home so she can run back out. Mom’s gabby today, though, so finally Soo-yeon just says, “Mom, I’m sorry.” And runs off, leaving Mom stuck in the rain.

Just as Jung-woo races past that broken light, it sparks dangerously. He stops to take a closer look, which makes me a little nervous… and then he’s grabbed from behind. A man drags him backward while clamping a drugged cloth over his mouth, and Soo-yeon gets there just in time to recognize Jung-woo.

She screams his name and runs after the car, and although the kidnapper is safely on the move, he growls that the girl saw his face. Stop the car.

Soo-yeon peers inside to see Jung-woo slumped over, unconscious. She pounds on the window begging the ajusshi to let her friend go, and finally the frustrated kidnapper opens the van door…

As expected, it’s nurse Hye-mi behind this plot, acting on the instructions of Kang Hyun-joo. Hye-mi has relocated her hideaway and Hyung-joon looks better now, though his leg is still injured from that dog bite. She tells the boy that he’ll get his wish and see his mom now.

Mom is still being held essentially prisoner by the chairman, and she sobs to see Hyung-joon arriving and hobbling toward the building. But rather than allowing him inside to her monitored hospital room, Mom and Hye-mi exchange a look, and the boy is dragged back to the car. I guess she just wanted to see the boy, if not up close.

She makes her decision and agrees to meet Chairman Han. He gets the call and smiles devilishly. (It just occurred to me that these two played out a bumbling romance in the MBN sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here. What a change.)

That night, Eun-joo alerts her Dad to the umbrella she found in the street. It tugs my heart a little that she’s been standing guard over it to make sure it stayed exactly like this until Dad could see, and she fears that this is bad news. Soo-yeon went to see Jung-woo, who isn’t answering his phone, and she’d never throw away that treasured umbrella.

When Jung-woo comes to, he’s lying with his hands tied behind his back in a grimy warehouse. He works the cell phone out of his back pocket, but the call doesn’t go through.

He becomes aware of Soo-yeon lying nearby, painfully stirring awake. He scoots toward her on his back and asks tearfully why she’s here. Her answer just makes it worse: “To save you.”

Hearing the kidnappers moving, they shoot each other panicked looks and huddle closer together. Looks like the guy’s doing some drugs, and he pays the kids little heed.

Jung-woo says, “Let’s go home.” He looks around and spots broken glass nearby, which he can cut his ropes with.

Chairman Han arrives to see Hyun-joo. Ah, he had her locked up in an asylum, which explains her virtual prisoner status. Hyun-joo repeats the chairman’s own words at him to make her threat known: Go get your son, he won’t be dead yet.

Chairman Han calls his wife immediately, who isn’t even aware that Jung-woo’s out of the house. But he puts on his stone face when confronting Hyun-joo, who thought she could barter the son’s life for her freedom. She threatens that Jung-woo will be killed if she doesn’t leave this building, but he calls her (possible) bluff.

Instead, the chairman orders her dragged off, never to see the light of day again. She’s carted off screaming that he’ll never see his boy or his money.

Hye-mi calls her kidnapper thugs to ask if the job’s been done. The kidnapper tells him to come and get both kids, wanting to be rid of the unexpected tagalong. Hye-mi doesn’t care about the girl, but she’s intent on getting Jung-woo.

Hye-mi has been watching the hospital window from her car, and both she and Hyung-joon see the lights go out in the room and realize that the plan failed. The boy screams for his mother, but Hye-mi tells him to forget her now because she’s dead. There’s no way Chairman Han would let her live—he killed his father (who is, crazy enough, also little Hyung-joon’s father) and maimed Hyung-joon’s leg. Her plan now is to get Jung-woo, then somehow flee with Hyung-joon.

Jung-woo stoically works on his ropes, even though this cuts up his hand on the broken glass. Then the kidnapper approaches the kids in his drug-fueled stupor, and the scared kids clasp hands. Jung-woo pleads with the man to get his ransom from his father, but the man just grabs Soo-yeon by the feet and drags her off.

Jung-woo shouts, which gets his mouth slapped with tape and a few hard kicks to the gut. The kidnapper turns, and gets whacked in the head with a stick. Soo-yeon wields a wooden beam and warns him to stay away, while yelling at Jung-woo to go. He works harder on cutting his ropes, and Soo-yeon holds the man at bay, warning, “Do you know who I am? My father’s a killer!”

She screams that she can kill too, while Jung-woo cries. The man knocks her to the ground and crawls over her body. Ugh.

Jung-woo gets more frantic, and she gets dragged away again. We don’t see what happens to her, but it’s perhaps all the more horrifying because of that—the sounds, the slaps, the screams. The camera fixes on Jung-woo’s reactions as she’s assaulted. Gack. It’s wrenching.

Finally Jung-woo’s ropes give way, though it’s a bit late because it’s over by now. The door opens, and the other kidnapper sees the scene and realizes his partner is doped-up again. He growls, “You oughtta die!” and starts punching him.

Jung-woo staggers over to see Soo-yeon on the ground, beaten and traumatized. She just lies there with her eyes open. He takes in the terrible sight, but registers that the door has been left open… and makes a break for it. Leaving her there? Ack!

I totally get why—he needs to run for help—but the way she just lies there whispering his name is pretty awful.

Then to make the worst day ever even just a little bit more hellish, it starts to snow, making a mockery of their innocent romantic hopes. Lordy. We get it. Why don’t you add in a Truck of Doom while we’re at it?

The kidnappers realize Jung-woo’s flight and give chase, the sober kidnapper pursuing Jung-woo into the woods and the druggie driving the van. Uh, did you think this through? Didn’t think you might want to trade roles here?

The chase takes them to a railroad station, where he ducks for cover underneath a train car. He manages to leave unseen and arrives in a sad-looking town. He runs from closed shop to closed shop asking for help, and spies a pay phone.

Chairman Han doesn’t seem very worried about the kidnapping, and would rather not kick up a fuss by reporting it—not when the nurse is bound to contact them. But then Jung-woo calls him and gives him his location, begging him to save Soo-yeon.

Chairman Han orders his men mobilized. Then, Jung-woo calls the police line and begs for help. He’s asked to provide his location… and drops the phone. He runs to hide himself, but the kidnappers find him anyway.

Detective Kim arrives at Jung-woo’s house to ask after him, but Stepmom turns him away with a lie that Jung-woo’s in bed. Thankfully this is not a man easily deterred, plus he gets the call that Jung-woo called the police.

Jung-woo gets a beating by the two kidnappers, but they’re not out to kill him and call it a day, saying they have to get back to “take care of the girl” anyway. Jung-woo begs for mercy, not for himself but hers.

An then, a whole fleet of black cars arrives: Chairman Han and his private thug army. Druggie makes a break for it, while Jung-woo begs his father to save Soo-yeon. Dad sends his right-hand man but refuses to let Jung-woo go too, even though Jung-woo begs, saying that Soo-yeon’s in danger from the second man. He can’t even bring himself to say why, because it has him breaking down again.

Dad slaps him and orders him taken home.

The kidnapper’s cell phone rings. It’s Hye-mi, calling to check up on the hostage situation, and the kidnapper is forced to answer as though nothing is wrong, telling her she’ll find the boy at the warehouse.

A figure darts in front of her car, and Hye-mi slams to a stop. I don’t even know whether to be glad Soo-yeon has found them, or worried.

Hyung-joon recognizes noona, and Hye-mi realizes that this must be the extra kidnappee. This means something went wrong… so she drives backwards, leaving Soo-yeon collapsed in the middle of the snowy road. She gets ready to run her over. Goddamn it, drama, you’re really starting to piss me off with all your heaps of terrible terribleness. Whatever happened to a little subtlety?

Hye-mi says that the girl knows the kidnappers’ faces, so she can’t be left as a loose end. Vrooooom. Hyung-joon screams, “NO!” but the car hurtles for Soo-yeon, who can only stand there frozen in fear.

Chairman Han’s men take care of the warehouse crime scene by setting it ablaze.

Detective Kim arrives in the vicinity to see the fire from a distance. A parade of black cars passes him on their way down from the mountain, and the chairman seems to recognize the cop. So does Jung-woo, though Detective Kim is preoccupied with the fire.

At home, Mom and Eun-joo worriedly await news. Eun-joo is keeping the details from Mom at her father’s request, though she confirms that there are no hospital admittances. Mom grumbles that she’s off with that boy again.

By the time the police arrive at the scene, everything is charred black. Detective Kim hunts for clues in the rubble, and finds… one charred clothespin. He knows it’s Soo-yeon’s, even though his teammates scoff that it’s an ordinary pin and not a clue.

Detective Kim keeps looking, though, and follows prints in the snow, tracking Jung-woo’s escape route.

At home, Jung-woo gets scolded by his parents, just in case you weren’t clear on how awful they are as people. Dad growls at him for being a 15-year-old who had the audacity to get kidnapped, like that makes him weak and unmanly. Though really, the whole point is that he’s not a man yet.

Worst of all, he called the police—Stepmom chides him for making that mistake, since drawing attention to ex-con Dad will hinder his business recovery prospects. Excuse me while I say: Boo fuckin’ hoo, lady. Guh, I hate these people.

Jung-woo kneels before his father and begs him to help Soo-yeon, saying she was trying to save him. Dad says derisively, “Save you? And you left her behind?! If something happens to her, you killed her.”

Fear-stricken Jung-woo even appeals to his stepmother, asking her to stay with him, but she snaps her hand back and tells him none of this would have happened if he went back to America: “Don’t act so high and mighty with me. This is all you amount to.” LORDY.

Finally, Detective Kim finds a clue in the snow: blood spatters here and there, and a shoe. Soo-yeon’s. He imagines the scene in his mind’s eye, seeing her staggering along this way, and follows that vision to the road. More blood spatters here, and then a large stain. Eek.

With renewed vigor, he returns to the Han mansion and demands to see Jung-woo. Dad’s assistant tells him to get a warrant.

Detective Kim continues the investigation and makes the connection to the strange van he saw the other night. His boss gets wind of his investigation and tears him a new one, because if Soo-yeon’s name gets involved, that draws interest in her father’s name, and that puts them all back in the hot seat for that criminal execution. He seizes his badge and orders him not to go around doing any illegal investigations.

Eun-joo calls with news. By the time he gets back home, Mom is convinced that Soo-yeon’s been taken or attacked by the victims of her husband, and begs Detective Kim to make it known that her husband was wrongly accused. Detective Kim lies to her to calm her down, saying nothing’s happened and he’ll bring her back.

On the other hand, news about the false accusation has Eun-joo looking disillusioned with her father. She rebuffs his attempt to explain and can’t believe he’d lie, either, reminding him that he’d once said that as a cop, he hated lying more than dying. And does Soo-yeon know her father wasn’t a killer?

She starts to cry, her whole world crashing down around her: “You catch bad guys, you aren’t a bad guy yourself! You tell me not to lie, but why do you lie? Who am I supposed to trust now?” I really like this girl.

Jung-woo lies in bed, mumbling Soo-yeon’s name in his sleep, reliving her assault. He rips off his IV and runs downstairs yelling her name, interrupting his father’s meeting to ask where she is. He’s practically hysterical as he screams that Dad said he’d find her. He falls to the ground, sobbing.


Wow, um, wow. That was a little grimmer than I was prepared for—and I was plenty prepared for Soo-yeon to go through the wringer, since the Big Childhood Event must’ve been sufficiently monumental for Jung-woo to fail to protect her from it, as the show’s promos constantly reminded us. It was a lot to watch. I almost resented how beautifully lit and shot the scenes were, because the content was so repellant.

While we’ve seen her go through a lot already, there’s just that added layer of wretchedness in adding a sexual violation to all the other stuff, not just because rape is despicable but also because there’s an inherent gender divide in the transgression. And I don’t mean that Jung-woo becomes complicit in the crimes of his gender—not at all, not in the least. But it’s as though their shared trauma diverges there, from the moment their blood-stained hands were wrenched apart.

Compounding that is the fact that Jung-woo left her behind, which was such an awful moment for both of them (and us too, I think, watching him have to make that choice). I don’t blame him for his action, but I have to admit my heart sank when he did it. I expect that Soo-yeon wouldn’t begrudge him his choice either, but you have to think she had that same moment of feeling abandoned and left to her misery alone. One shudders to think how that can/must/will grow and twist and develop in the years of their separation. Will she harbor resentment under the surface, denying its existence while it informs everything she does? Or will she be so full of love that she would hold him entirely blameless? I don’t know.

What I AM pretty sure of, however, is that he isn’t going to let himself off the hook for it. That makes his adult trajectory really intriguing, and this episode certainly explains why the adult Jung-woo is described as a dogged cop who throws himself into catching criminals with a fiendish devotion. He’s out to punish everyone ever, and maybe even himself most of all for failing her. I’m not just speculating that part, since we already see signs of that mentality—when his father tells him he’s responsible for Soo-yeon’s possible death, he looks broken and admits that he ran out of fear. He doesn’t hide behind the noble excuse I was all ready to give him, that he was only leaving so he could save her; he all but concedes that he fled for himself. It’s a moment of weakness that will inform the rest of his life.

What does this bode for our future? Well, it pretty much means I’m rooting for Jung-woo and Soo-yeon to be happy forever and ever no matter what that entails. They could probably go on robbery sprees a la Bonnie & Clyde and I’d cut ’em slack. At this point I’m just relieved to know that there IS an actress playing older Soo-yeon, who presumably must still be sane and functional and communicative in her adulthood, inasmuch as I haven’t heard of Yoon Eun-hye being described as playing a catatonic deaf mute suffering from PTSD.

So the extreme content of this episode (and episodes prior) doesn’t, in and of itself, turn me away from the show or where it’s headed. I think it establishes the characters and paints the three leads in sympathetic lights, while showing us just exactly why Jung-woo and Hyung-joon aren’t going to be able to simply reconcile and bury the hatchet, unless that’s in each other’s backs, maybe.

What this does, do, however, is make me incredibly wary of the drama to come, because I have just about HAD IT with this show’s tragic tragedy and the tragification of all things ever. It’s one thing to show us the grimness of Soo-yeon’s youth and the extreme events that led to the separation. I get that. That works.

Where it gets iffy for me is when you surpass that level of narrative necessity and then just add on the pain and trauma, just because you can, and because a thousand tears are better than two. You’ve shown us this couple being precious and sweet, and you’ve basically already won us over. I’m not averse to dramas going dark—when it’s dark with purpose, I love it—but everything on top of the base level of horror just starts to feel like gratuitous pain. It’s not even angsty pain, which I can sort of understand because separation angst at least is rooted in longing and love. Pain for pain’s sake gets to a point where you’re on sensory overload.

Worse than the tragedy, however, is that I hate every single adult except the detective, and find them ridiculously over-the-top. Sad events may end, but terrible characters continue being terrible. It’s the makjang stable of baddies here, where people act for evil reasons more because that helps our plot, rather than starting with developed and interesting characters and building the conflict from that. I keep trying to tell myself that the levels of cute are sure to balance out the awful, that the sweetness will calm the boiling blood, and that the tragedy is now established so surely the ratio will favor the fun stuff now, right? But I fear that that kind of clinging-to-blind-hope will lead me down a path of misery and—what else?—paiiiin, so I find myself seriously contemplating the merits of calling it a day now, of getting out while I can and not forcing myself to sit through aggravation because I’m hoping it will improve. I am not convinced it will.

So… that’s fair warning that continued recaps may not happen. I’ll be giving it a pretty thorough mulling over.

Granted, all is not doom and gloom in the show. We have adorable leads, and I can see Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye carrying over that charm. And here, I’ll leave you with an upbeat image. It does rather dull the impact, however, to know that this happy version of Jung-woo is only so happy because he hasn’t been hit with the ton of bricks that is his very soon-to-be future.


184 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Pokioki

    I was all geared up to maybe watch this drama, but now they throw in sexual assault too? I can’t even….

    • 1.1 decale

      This is a really good show. Dark and haunting, but well written and well acted. The drama leaves you speechless and tugs at your emotion.

      I have to add that the drama is so well shot, and the cinematographer is very well done. I know many are not used to such darkness in Kdrama world. But, Kmovies have been like this for years. So this drama is more like a movie, even the way it is shot is like a movie.

      The adult part is angsty melo, not tragedy melo, like these childhood episodes have been. I hope everyone will hang in there, because it seems the dark part is over, or will be over by episode 4.

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith

        I’m not sure than doing copy and paste of your comments (#19) will help convincing people to watch this. You can put poison in a beautiful pink bottle with a satin knot, it’s still bitter. Furthermore after all the melos we had to ingest recently. When lovers of the genre say “enough” you know than the writer went too far. Dramas are made to entertain and lighten up our lives a little bit. I’m not even “using” children rape a a trigger of a story, but why being so explicit? For me it’s sadistic. Period.

        • Mystisith

          Typo: Not *against* using children rape.

        • JO

          hm, I disagree. They weren’t explicit in the rape scene. We didn’t hear screams or anything. We just see Jung Woo’s reaction. I would say that they tried to keep it sort of on the dl….as dl you can get with rape of course.
          People will get offended just for bringing that into the story, I’m sure. For the rest of us, we’ll keep on watching and loving these two leads.

        • Coco

          It wasn’t wxplicit at all. They don’t give you the gory details. Maybe you should “watch” and judge for yourself.

          • Bambi

            um i think it’s the fact that they don’t show what happens that’s terrifying. fear of the unknown, all that jazz.

            either way i hate rape. this is not sth specifically against this show but a general statement towards everything that includes a “rape as backstory”. i also hate how it always happens to the women when depicted in fiction. it’s like, oh, we have this societal expectation that women = victims (and therefore need to watch out for themselves have ppl walk them late at night etc.), how’s about let’s take that twisted expectation and perpetrate it even more by always enacting it in our media! great idea! self-fulfilling prophecy ftw!

        • Rule

          my sentiments exactly….im going to skip this one, much as i love the cast and all, i watch drama to get entertained not feel depressed and miserable.

          • Joy

            Guys, seriously? That’s why they call it a MELODRAMA not a rom-com.

      • 1.1.2 Coco

        It’s an awesome drama. Most of the dark part of the story is “implied”, so you don’t see the explicit dark murky part. Which means you can enjoy it without feeling eeky. You don’t see the rape, it’s implied. And you don’t see her get knocked over. That’s also implied (but somehow she survives, so one is not entirely sure whether she was runned over).
        I love the show. Every aspect of it is so well done. So dramatic and compelling. I can’t stop watching. Even without subs.

      • 1.1.3 Chelz

        It’s a melodrama not a romcom. I do agree the adult characters are over the top. The story between the two main child actors are written well, but everything else is annoying and messy. I do like that this drama makes us think and talk about the violent acts. It’s not ok to abuse your child, it’s not ok to kill an innocent man (who should be in jail for abusing his daughter), its not ok to do drugs, its diffinantly not ok to rape anyone, oh, and its not to kill a dog (ep 1). -__- I don’t know where my emotions are at this point in the series, but I feels so emotional. I’m also watching ‘Nice Guy’ so lots of emotions are coming front from me.

        What I do want to say is that ‘I miss you,’ is pretty good. It’s very different from what I’m used to watching. The children move me. They’re great actors and I will continue to watch their growth as actors. I do hope we’ve past the gloomy parts of soo-yeon

        • Chelz

          Oops I pushed the submit button by accident.

          As I was saying I do hope we’ve past the gloomy past soo-yeon. If, there’s more I think it would be way too unrealistic. I think these two leads have a bright future. They’re so good so young.

    • 1.2 faith

      wow applaud for JB for recapping, I thought you might not recap, I even consider to stop watching.
      Is a good story as a movie but as a drama 🙁

  2. Amberscube

    So i havent watched the three episodes yet nor read all of the recaps…

    I am a little hesitant but may give this a chance after Nice Guy.

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      I don’t know how you guys all do it and watch this. This is insanely depressing and I’m just skimming the recap!

  3. cv

    Wowser! Talk about tragic melo… this one takes the cake. I’m so glad I’m reading and not watching. The tears in this episode about tears me up. Geez…!

    But yea, I would hope that as we get to the adult part of the story, there’s actually something happy when they find their way back to each other. It would really pissed me off if we see pain and more pain..and then a tragic ending. pssst!

  4. Femme

    If it weren’t for JUN KWANG RYUL, I wouldn’t be interested in this drama. Giving this a chance…

    • 4.1 jomo

      I love him, too.
      Wish he wasn’t the lone non-toxic adult character though.

  5. sally_b

    Thanks for the recap JB. I’d decided early-on that this was the kinda show I would *watch* through recaps.

    ANY show with more-than 1/4 parts of Evil Baddies is NOT a show for me. It just flips OFF my internal ‘give a shit-o-meter’ when the awful characters rule the air time.

    I desire entertainment, not being whipped with a mean-baton……if you chose not to continue recaps, I’ll be the First to say…”I totally get why.” (hugs)

    • 5.1 Fangy

      I second.

    • 5.2 topper

      Same for me, skipping this. But ratings will be good as the trend now is to do melodramas, and this is bordering on tragedy drama.

      • 5.2.1 sjsmn

        Are you all out of mind? Did you the first time watching movie with sexual assault? I know this is KDrama, but still … ,

        One word, I ‘ll continue watching this.

        • sally_b

          @sjsmn – no, not in the least of mind – presuming you meant to say ‘out OF mind’.

          As a westerner I’ve viewed many TV/movie rape scenes. They never fail to disgust me…no matter which continent it was filmed on… or what the narrative is trying to prove.

          My original point WAS: I don’t like shows where the EVIL Characters get the majority of screen time.

          just. don’t. never. will.
          (find it a waste of time that could be spent watching a love story that includes normal people dealing with actual everyday struggles of just *keeping the love alive*) That’s a lot more entertaining to me than wactching soul-less characters whip&beat the sweet characters.

          Four words, I’ll keep reading recaps. 😉

          • Coco

            Sadly you are missing out. Alot.

          • Rule

            i agree with you totally…no matter how great the show is, no matter how realistic, I would still opt for a happy cheerful story than a beautiful but morbid one with unhappy characters, sadly who had a tough life, who will always live a life dealing with the repercussions of thier miserable past…
            so sad. but I only watch drama to escape from these realities and want to live in a fantasy happy world atleast for a few hours while watching drama

    • 5.3 Joy

      I don’t understand why people expect humor and cute in a dark melodrama. You should have realized what you were going into before watching it. smh.

  6. Naz

    Not sure if I can handle this tear fest, might have to wait till a holiday break or something.

  7. jenny

    Terrible though it may be, sexual assaults happen all the time. I have seen rape victims and it is not pretty. But the thing is, that they either end their lives or learn to forge ahead. Learn to find happiness. I guess for most people, it is just too “real.” I know a lot of people think it is just too much, but I think the exact opposite. This is a subject that is so rarely discussed in the industry but it is a subject that needs to be discussed. If this drama is done right, it could be extremely cathartic. If not, then it might just be the most horrific thing ever but this writer’s previous body of work makes me hopeful that she knows what she is doing.

    • 7.1 mary

      Agree. The druggie kidnapper sexually assaulting a defenseless girl is more true to life than twisted family trees and nurses plotting a kidnap-swap of sons.

      If anything, the drama should focus on how the characters move on with their lives, the cop trying to fix his mistake and regaining his daughter’s trust — rather than the Evil Rich Family machinations.

      • 7.1.1 jomo

        I agree that while this is not at all pleasant subject to watch, if handled carefully, this could help victims of sexual assault.

        It is so important that SY’s reaction and the consequences of what that evil man did be portrayed very very true to life.

        I have seen crime shows and hospital shows deal with rape, and remember Dream High took us there for a bit, too, but no melos yet.

        Both of them will be traumatized by it, and it’s important that eventually we get to a place where neither character blames themselves or each other for it.

    • 7.2 Matt

      i agree to a point but I think people are scared that there is not gonna be enough happy moments to make up for stuff like this.. I can dig the separation angst but if adult Soo-Yeon is endanger or being harmed by somebody it would be bordering on too much even for me..

    • 7.3 anais

      I totally sympathize with people who may have desired trigger warnings, both those who just couldn’t stomach this violence and those who’ve suffered similar violence and might be re-traumatized by this portrayal.

      However, I personally found the rape scene totally motivated. As Javabeans wrote, that was the moment that LSY and HJW’s shared experiences ended.

      A lot of people have difficulty handling someone they know personally suffer trauma. Especially sexual trauma. They themselves want to run away from it, as if running away will help them deny that anything bad had happened and that they were helpless or failed to do anything about it.

      And I do think that factored into HJW’s decision to run away. And it also factored into LSY’s inability to run away with him at the same time. And likely her interpreting his decision as further confirmation of her being too tainted, too abject to the core of her being, that even he would abandon her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she regarded that experience as both abandonment and spurning. The first puts the shame on him whereas the latter puts the shame on her. That is the psychic damage of traumas such as rape, the way it eats away at a person’s ability to trust others and selves at a very basic existential level.

      I think it’s powerful and really ballsy of the drama to go there. The young cast has done a marvelous job, and I hope the adult cast will be able to do justice. (Let it not be a Moon/Sun letdown.)

      • 7.3.1 Coco

        Wow. Very interpretative. It’s very spot on.

      • 7.3.2 crashbabe

        Yes i agree with you. Sexual trauma is traumatic not only to the victim but to those around them. It is not a pain you can share and there really isn’t much you can do for them and that eats you up too. So going around like a lunatic trying to find the perp who did it is the only thing on your mind for a long long time.

        And in HJW’s case, pile that up with his guilt of running away, however justified it was then, and the fact that she got into the situation because of him, will be the driving force for his future character development. Reminds me a little of Choi Young’s character in the recent Faith, a little recklessness and a whole lotta deathwish.

  8. Lemon

    Oh wow… I was scared to watch this episode. But after reading this recap I don’t know if I can watch it today.. :/

    And I love that boy that plays Jung Woo.

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  9. jollyroger


  10. 10 Airyn

    I am getting goosebumps just seeing the stills of So-hyun and Jin-goo. Such awesome young actors.

  11. 11 Aquila

    I can’t believe how much squirmed during the assault.

    Brilliant acting from the two lead child actors! Absolute brilliant!

    • 11.1 AuntieMame

      Agree with you that the acting by the two teen-agers was totally brilliant. Better than many adult actors.

      I also questioned the need for the assault scene until I realized that the scene was a set up, not so much for the SY character, but for the JW character. The scene was created so traumatically to make him terrified enough to run off . . . again. Just as he did when he first heard that SY was the daughter or a murderer.

      I agree with JB that the adults are ridiculously evil, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the drama. Thank you to JB for another great recap and insightful comments.

    • 11.2 jomo

      Really really really good.
      Felt like a film.

  12. 12 cg

    So much pain…..Can’t watch it 🙁

  13. 13 vegaspink

    Awww…… I don’t know what it is but I am loving this drama so much, with all the happy and also the tragic moments ….
    I think that that rape scene was believable scenario of why LSY does not return for 14 yrs. It is more believable than just getting run over and was taken abroad because in the future version, she remembers her past… So something must have traumatized her enough to keep her away… And I believe that while it is because she might have resentment and anger towards HJW for leaving her, it is more about being ashamed of having what happened to her happen and alll the while, being witnessed by HJW…. Resentment may keep her away from HJW, but not from her family, especially her mom… I think it is the shame of being violated and having to be reminded of it, so she ran away and hid for 14 yrs…
    And I think that HJW, the 15 yr old boy that he is and who lived a “good” life did leave LSY more because of fear for his life than wanting to find help… We already saw how fear overpowers him from the way he avoided LSY from the first episode so it is not surprising that he left her because of fear for his life.
    Anyayzzz, love the beautiful cinematography, editing, and acting…. Top notch.. And I can’t wait for the next episode…!!
    Hope that you do continue recapping this because this is an amazing drama because of all the pain and happiness that this drama has… That’s what life is about.. Having both sad moments as well as happiness.

    • 13.1 ladyana2j

      I totally agree with all of you have said, from first line until last line! I will keep watching I Miss You until end, InshaAlloh..

      Actually, I have never watched any drama of yochun and tough I watched almost all of YEH’s drama, she is not my favorite actress… I just started to watching IMY because I like the idea of story, first love, kinda reminded me of Winter Sonata which I re watch currently…

      I just love IMY since first episode with all of sadness and happiness, its all made IMY more interesting and cant wait next episode!

      happy there is one think exactly like me, so let’s keep our hope for better and more interesting IMY in future.. 🙂

    • 13.2 anais

      I think your read is dead on.

      Both AuntieMame’s take on the rape scene and yours about LSY’s disappearance ring true. The scene definitely didn’t seem gratuitous, at least not to me. It was definitely “motivated,” as film editors might say.

      I am impressed that the drama chose to go as far as it did. This stuff does happen, to a lot more people than we care to admit. I do remember watching past Korean melodramas and finding certain scenes false because the scenes were pitched as being traumatic but refrained from going all the way.

    • 13.3 jomo

      “love the beautiful cinematography, editing, and acting…. Top notch”

      Yes, agree!

      I am also going to keep watching.
      I hope MY can keep the same vibe his young counterpart did.
      My fear with MY is overacting, mostly, because this is going to require lots of BIG moments.

      And JB, this may be the worst this is going to get as far as the violence and trauma. What we have now is the fall out, right?

      I wish you could recap and ejoy the benefits of fastfowarding like I can, because as far as I am concerned, there is no reason whatsoever for me to watch any of the parent/adults machinate and harm each other. I can get away with reading subtitles to get the gist.

      But I do want to see how YEH, MY and YSH do with the roles. If the director can get these performances out of the kids, I have hope for the “adults.”

  14. 14 rashell

    JB, I joked that all your episodes would be the sad ones and GF would get the cute. I really didn’t mean to jinx you.

    This episode just gutted me. I can’t even imagine what that poor girl suffered. And it does explain why our hero is unable to move forward. That poor sweet boy will never forgive himself for leaving her, and to be honest my heart sank when he did it too. I know logically it was the only way to save them, but I can’t imagine how poor Soo Yeon felt as he left her there.

    I agree that this drama needs to find some happy and soon for me to keep going. I hope the adult cast may mean the end of the current adults. Detective ajusshi really is the only one who is decent. I’m sticking around for the first couple eps with the grown ups. But if it doesn’t find some joy, I’ll have to bail. I don’t enjoy pain enough to watch it on purpose.

  15. 15 katiamon

    OMG!!!! This is too much angst for me to take… Poor soo yeon, i really hope she can overcome this tragic episode, i don’t expect her to be cheerful but i really want her and jung woo to be happy in the future. Thanks for the recap

    • 15.1 jomo

      I have hopes for SY.
      She had no good fortune before this shit happened, and we got to see that somehow she remained strong, even though her life was hell. I am expecting this because as JB put it, she “presumably must still be sane and functional and communicative in her adulthood, inasmuch as I haven’t heard of Yoon Eun-hye being described as playing a catatonic deaf mute suffering from PTSD.”

  16. 16 Lyna

    I thought of giving this drama a try and watch the 1st 2 episode and had pray and hope that more cuteness would come. Sure, the premise was a traumatic experience that tear them apart but I did not expect that it would in the form of rape towards a young girl … even reading the recap made me oh in disgust with the writer having to throw such a curveball because that to me is just going over over board with the tragedy.

    Because I mean, there are many ways love experience a trauma that tears them apart, aside from chosing the rape escape route.

    Now I really debate on if I should watch episode 3 or just skip in general until episode 4.

    Is it selfish of me to hope that Soo-yeon get a memory loss (cause the girl went through too much) … I wouldn’t care for a memory loss now that the writer is through over the top tragedy in to this …

    Tragedy could be more subtle vs. over the top, for me!

    • 16.1 Sam

      Rape is something that affects people way more psychologically than physically. This drama is all about emotion so choosing that route is probably the only thing so far that would prove to me that the separation has legit reasoning.

      If you can handle it is a different story. Some people are too weak to watch strong content like that, and it’s understandable but it’s not going over-board imo

    • 16.2 Coco

      Sadly and unfortunately, rape happens to alot of young girls and even young boys in real life.
      It’s people’s attitude of “it’s too shameful, too disgusting, I don’t wanna hear it, don’t talk about it”, that makes it difficult for the victims to come out and seek help.
      I think it’s a good thing, not a bad thing, that the drama brooched this subject. People go through stuff like this. Just because we don’t want to acknowledge it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  17. 17 Angskeet

    i like the lead actor and actress, but i’m not so sure about the drama…i might give it a shot since the best drama ever “Nice Guy” is going to end soon lol

  18. 18 Riri

    Haven’t watched the episode yet but I screamed. And not a squeal I actually screamed my head off.
    Why couldn’t they just make this drama into a romantic comedy where I could just enjoy these two children happy instead being assaulted into a pulp. WHY?!
    My guess is that Sooyeon is now living with Hyung Joon and they will grow up together and then that’s how he forms a unrequited love for her. DAMMIT I don’t think I will cope with Yeo Jin Gu transforming into Yoochun in the next episodes. I don’t think anyone could fill in for that boy.

  19. 19 decale

    This is a really good show. Dark and haunting, but well written and well acted. Wow! The drama leaves you speechless and tugs at your emotion.

    I have to add that the drama is so well shot, and the cinematographer is very well done. I know many are not used to such darkness in Kdrama world. But, Kmovies have been like this for years. So this drama is more like a movie, even the way it is shot is like a movie. I hope everyone will hang in there, because it seems the dark part is over, or will be over by episode 4.

    The adult part is angsty melo, not tragedy melo, like these childhood episodes have been.

  20. 20 cherryng

    Thanks for recap…this drama hooks me in from beginning, superb acting with the young casts..story line
    rarely seen in Korea dramas..

  21. 21 Bella

    omg.. reading this recap made me feel scared out of my mind. sadly, I don’t think I have the nerve to continue watching this now.. 🙁 I’m a coward when it comes to these sort of twists…

    *need to watch a romcom or any happy-laden dramas.. or read well..anything..just so I can erase that scene off my mind ><

    thanks for the recap anyway.

  22. 22 Misha

    I don’t understand why people here in the comments gets upset or saying they’re not watching anymore because the drama have too many evil or sad things… IS A MELODRAMA!

    They’re trillions of books and movies with worst scenarios and the bloggers said before it was a melodrama before airing so really, move on…

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      Melodrama is different than horror / torture. I’m sorry but if people can’t take it anymore, they have the right to say it. For my part I say you can write melos without being that shocking and demonstrative. People have different levels of sensitivity and what is bearable for one can be impossible to watch for others. You’re not alone in this world.

      • 22.1.1 Coco

        This is your idea of “horror” and “torture”? Boy, have you been missing out. If you want “horror” go and watch “The chaser” or even “Vampire prosecutor” was much more graphic than this.

      • 22.1.2 Misha

        This drama doesn’t have any horror or shocking scenes (yet), not if we compared with movies/books/dramas, but even if I respect others opinion (yes I do), the thing I don’t understand is why the main complaint to not watch this drama is because ‘too shocking’ or ‘too evil’ when is not.

        My question is why this sad drama with some soft shocking scenes makes so many people feel the need to drop or not watching it?

    • 22.2 Drea


      • 22.2.1 Drea

        Was expressing my thoughts to Misha. I agree. This is the writers story. You are on a journey with her/him and not your own wishes. I think we forget that and want what we want. We did not see what occurred. I think that it is shocking to some because this is a Kdrama. I assure you there would have been explicit details do what occurred in a movie/TV show/hell after school special here in America. The attacked bothered most. With time and help you may move on. However, being beaten by your father repeatly and being told your nothing by someone you love is more traumatic. Key word is perspective.

  23. 23 Jlee

    What the hell is this episode, man… Creeped.

  24. 24 Matt

    I didn’t watch this episode yet.. I will but I’m glad I read this so I’m prepared.

    I’ve seen stuff like this before but the problem is, adding rape and possibility that the male lead may think his girl is dead for years? (Obviously they’re separated for a long time so it’s only natural to think.) it kinda backs the writers into a corner.. You can only have separation angst.

    Adding more pain to either Soo-Yeon or Jung-Woo is just soon is just overkill..which actually will make the drama predictable or sadistic.

    I’m gonna keep watching.. it’s the first drama I ever saw (lol) but damn is it gonna hurt.

    Finally, I hope they somehow sneak in cute, new flashback scenes with the younger version cause those two are adorable.. The adult leads have alot to live up to in my mind.

  25. 25 crazedlu

    I just don’t know how there is going to be ANY happy in here. I think I’m outtie on this one. I kind of like sunshine and rainbows. The flash forwards in the first ep totally turn me off. If Mr. Pain And Agony is going to die with a bullet in his head, DUUUUDE. Yes, I really think this is going to be THAT kind of drama. :'(

    • 25.1 Sam

      If you like happy, why did you start watching a melodrama? Doesn’t make much sense haha

      • 25.1.1 crazedlu

        I also like good stories and give dramas their due chance. But this, no.

  26. 26 chewy

    I wasn’t expecting this much trauma fro SY, but when it did happen I wasn’t surprise since I was expecting tears already….but ….ooh boy….was I boiling w/ tears. It’s just too much for me.

    Young JW & SY are just too adorable together. I just wish they could of spent a little more time together before the storm hit us. It’s unfortunate we only got 3 ep of both of them together. :'(

  27. 27 glo

    Wow, this recap alone has left me speechless. I have yet to see I Miss You (Nice Guy still owns my heart & soul), but I think I’ll skip the childhood part.

    Heard many rave reviews about YJG & KSH brilliant acting performance, and I believe this what makes I Miss You truly depressing & angsty, more than the writer intended it to be. They made it so real.

  28. 28 maxzzr

    I think this is going to be a good drama. I know today’s episode was hard to watch ,but it is needed to set the direction for the coming episodes.
    Remember guys this show has 20 episodes and we are still on episode 3.

    Thank you for the recaps, and I hope that they will continue.

  29. 29 kbap

    Um…should I keep on going because of the amazing cast and faith for the writer? I’m not sure…But seriously, I’ve decided. I will AT LEAST stay until I see Yoo Seung-ho. Okay. That’s probably all the commitment I can make. Though if it’s alright I guess I’ll stick with it.

  30. 30 Brenda

    I was so excited for this episode to see what was so bad that they got separated. . .was it that his dad does something to her family? Was it that his dad did something to him to make him leave?
    I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought that the writer would go towards that road.
    I read the spoilers and now I can’t bring myself to turn the episode on…I know it’s not proper, but I’m just gonna skip this episode entirely and wait for episode 4 to come tomorrow. I barely even made it through these recaps.

    Now I am dying to know how they will meet in the future. Will he even recognize her? Will she acknowledge him?
    She is so scarred him her short fifteen years of life that I want to put her in a bubble and lock her away in a vault so that she’d be protected and safe for the rest of her life.
    How she will bounce back and find a way to smile is beyond me.

    I am so scared of what the future will bring for our OTP, yet I’m really looking forward to seeing how both of them will overcome this great evil and find the peace and resolution that they (especially Soo Yeon) so desperately need.

    ***Though I haven’t (and won’t) watch this episode. . .kudos to both Kim So-Hyun and Yeo Jin-Gu for bringing so much life and emotion to these characters in only three episodes.

  31. 31 prettybo

    Thanks for a blow by blow recap and your insights here Jb. Much appreciated.

    For me a tragedy is a tragedy – period. How can this be sugarcoated? I even had this notion that the crew showed restraint in portaying the “purported rape scene’. We just had to draw our own conclusion whether it really happened or was aborted in time.

    Rape is repulsive no doubt but what about brother killing brother- father killing own son or vice versa which is even graphically portrayed in some recent drama? Rape is happening all around as we know it but the thing is people tend to deny it. Will it go away by doing so? A big fat NO! Crime statistics shows that most rapes are perpetuated by people closest to the victims and even in their own environment. Only saying – hey we need to confront it in the face and be warned so we can protect ourselves or our beloved from this occurrence. My own POV.

    Now that everything seemed to have been thrown at LSY way (kitchen sink and lavatory included), then I can sigh a breath of relief as I know things will be a little better. Else how could the adult LSY be described as a bubbly person with a ready smile (though hiding a dep scar)? Just saying . .

  32. 32 risa

    I’m giving I’ll Miss You a miss. This looks like it’ll be about as fun to watch (not!) as A Thousand Days Promise. Too bad, ’cause I’ve really enjoyed a couple of the writer’s previous dramas. But I sincerely hope that those of you who like this sort of thing have a good ride. *resumes watching Nice Guy*

  33. 33 JIW_sobangnim

    Sniff. How. Joo Won, help me with fluffy love soon.

  34. 34 aleen


    Yeo Jin Gu & Kim So Hyun is such talented actor. They can delivered the feeling very well, excellent! >_____<
    I cried just seeing their teary eyes T_T

    oh btw thx for the recap ♥

  35. 35 childboo

    the rape plotline was not needed. i wish there would have been a trigger warning on this episode.

  36. 36 Gaeina Lee

    I managed to stay clear from NG E19 until it’s complete tonight, yet I fell and slipped into IMY E03… My heart is tugged, twisted and wrenched watching the tragic event happened to SY whom JW must witness it. Am in pain, for Soo Yeon and Jung Woo.

    Now I can’t wait to see the adult casts portray these heartwrenching-embittered characters and raise the angstiness level of this story… ~~ am ready for cryfest!! ^^

    Note to self: Need to buy more tissue.

  37. 37 exquisitemelody

    Thanks for the recap!!! PLEASE CONTINUE!! I don’t have time to watch dramas anymore…this is the closest I get 😛 At least until they meet again in the future? That’s all I want to know!

    So much angst! But I’m really curious to see where they go with it. Yeo Jin-goo can’t catch a break can he 😛 Screwed up childhood romances in Moon/Sun and this one. Well, at least he always gets the girl in the end!

  38. 38 d

    watching this online and i cried like crazy…. i mean tears kept on going down………

    recap also make me crazy…

    am a melodrama person, i love this story eventhough i hate the rich family fighting for money; which is very common in kdrama.

    hope u can stay recap this; =), for those that still unsure/want to quit watching this, please at least wait till the adult character come~ maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

  39. 39 Shin Haido

    thanks for the recap dramabeans. been waiting for this a whole week 😀

  40. 40 klamchops

    I’m gonna stick it out….more realistic storyline now…sad but I expected it from a melodrama…..

    those young actors are amazing!!!! hope yoochun + eunhye get some cute moments in too…

    is it weird that I want the same actors on a fluffy cute drama again to heal myself from this weeping fest??


    thanks for the recap!!!

  41. 41 earthna

    I was so happy with the first 5 minutes but then the next scenes until the last was so hardcore, I cant even. Oozing with total tragedy and I love it. It’s been a while since I watched a drama like this coz I gave up on Nice Guy by episode 4.

    However, they could just get rid of all the family conflicts that are way too complicated. I agree with you that besides the investigator, I hate all adults in this drama.

    In turn, the leads are wonderful! I cant even believe that Yeo Jin Goo is 15 while Kim Sohyun is like 13. They played their roles very well. The scene where Sooyeon got assaulted was shot beautifully with Jungwoo wanting to save her but cant (it’s a bit weird to say it was beautiful though). This drama has really powerful shots. I hope we getthis kind of video quality until the end. *cough* Arang *cough*


    Thanks for the recaps, javabeans!

    Now i just want the two to have a happy ending or at least a not so tragic adulthood. Please please. No? Darn.

    • 41.1 jomo

      Agree on Eunjoo!! I like having someone strong like her as a second lead. She will be an awesome character. I hope the actress (I know zilch about her) can keep it going.

  42. 42 FB

    “..tragic tragedy and tragification.. ”

    LOL… so clever..

    • 42.1 Mystisith

      What you call a script overkill.

  43. 43 Dongsaeng killer

    Dude……… buckets of tears man, buckets of tears.

  44. 44 Sajen

    I am so glad I decided to pass on this drama, for now, most likely I’ll watch it later casue I’ll watch anything with Yoon Eun Hye in it, but if I watched this now between Nice Guy and deaths in my family I think I’d end myself.

    “They could probably go on robbery sprees a la Bonnie & Clyde ”

    thay would be so awesome please tell me that’s what happens

  45. 45 Dav

    Urgh. Yeah, this episode is a big ABORTABORTABORT sign to me. God only knows where they’ll escalate to. I think I will read the recaps and watch something a little less soulcrushing, thanks.

  46. 46 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I don’t think I can stomach to watch this, but I’m glad that the sexual assault was written in and that the horror of it was more obvious. If the rape was supposed to happen during the kidnapping, I had expected them to vaguely refer to a rape during some future scene.

    Man, how much crap can a girl take in her young life? I’m only glad that Eun-joo isn’t evil since the show seems bent on making every person there crappy.

    I know this isn’t a revenge drama, but I really wish it is. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Soo-yeon hide away as she grew into an adult, slowly plotting her revenge. And then one by one, take them down.

    I need to go back to that scene in Hon (Soul), where this guy was planning to rape Im Joo Eun’s character while she was knocked out. He didn’t realize she was possessed and had superhuman-demon-y strength until it was too late. We never really got to see what happened to that dude’s body.

  47. 47 Na Ra

    I was actually waiting for a kdrama to tackle this issue: “rape” and to my utmost joy this drama did it. first of all *applause* for all the cast, directer and writer to take on such a brave category *bow* second, what a killer performance the young cast showed!! and I cannot wait to see the grown up cast. I started this drama because of its cast, but now I forgot all about them, watching for the plot itself. HWAITING

    • 47.1 Dav

      I’d hold out and see before applauding the inclusion of rape. So far, we’ve got a really cliched set-up of the least common type of rape (from a stranger) and none of the fallout. There’s been rape of this sort in other dramas, and they’re usually handled about as well as abortion plotlines. (Good characters decide to keep their pregnancies, bad characters usually plan to abort, and often there’s a convenient slip to cause a miscarriage.) I’m not a fan of rape as an element to be edgy, or prove the drama’s intent to be dark. It’s too common in the real world. Handle it properly, realize that a big proportion of your audience has been sexually assaulted, and don’t just toss it in. I Miss You hasn’t cleared those bars for me yet.

      • 47.1.1 yellowcake

        Yes. Yes to all of this. The drama has only included rape as a plot element, it has not “tackled the issue” at all.

      • 47.1.2 Jay

        Thank you! Those are really good points. As powerful as those scenes are, I’m not sure I trust the show to handle the consequences for the characters equally well, given the over-the-top makjang evil of the adults and the whole convoluted kidnapping heirs set-up.

        What will be particularly important for me is if SY becomes an agent in her own life. I just don’t want to watch this character endlessly victimized; I want to see her fight and take action for herself. I’m really hoping they don’t go the route of “SY is convinced she’s unworthy until JW convinces her she’s okay.” I mean, eww. A rape victim’s recovery should not be dependent on some guy. It should be HER recovery.

  48. 48 Mars

    The writing is absolutely horrible. So many unnecessary stuff and yet so many things that the writer wants as to accept as just facts without preamble. As javabeans said, the characterization of all the adults (except MAYBE the detective) are all over the top.

    And it is a big pity because the cinematography and acting is amazing. Which is a pity since I’m pretty sure the ratings will drop mainly because it is very hard core and either you’re a sadist or a BIG fan of the actors to be able to stand it. Unnecessarily hard core. And I put all the blame on the writing staff.

    • 48.1 cHRi5

      So agree with you!

  49. 49 Christy

    OMG!!!! I’m hopping off the I Miss You ship as of right now, deuces! From the events in today’s episode, MIND = BLOWN, and SOUL = CRUSHED. Do the writers have no more hope for humanity? I’ll be back if things EVER turn upward, ’cause it seems like things keep going further and further down the crapper for these characters.

  50. 50 Faranak

    Wow! It was soooo sad,this episode made me cry for both young charachters,so sad,but i still love this show,thank you for recap,please continue recapping this show,its plot an actors are great that i think it worths to watch and recap,please please please recap it till the end:-*

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