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I Miss You: Episode 4
by | November 15, 2012 | 282 Comments

The search begins, as we face the fallout from yesterday’s tragedy, and it’s actually Detective Kim who takes center stage in this episode, as a much-needed (and let’s face it, only) father figure in these kids’ lives. Jung-woo grows up as well, and man, I know that growing up is hard to do, but today that just feels like the understatement of the century.


Jung-woo lies in his bed practically catatonic, while his little sister Ah-reum cries because he cries, and tries fruitlessly to cheer him up with a song.

The doctor tells Dad that Jung-woo needs to go to a hospital, and might even need to spend some time in the psych ward. That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, but Dad’s response is to leave Jung-woo in his stepmother’s hands and ignore the whole problem.

Soo-yeon’s mom calls out Jung-woo’s name from the front gate, and he panics at the sound. He pulls the covers over his head and shudders in fear, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Eun-joo is there with her, and suggests that she should go inside and find Jung-woo. So Mom creates the perfect diversion, flailing around for the bodyguards, while Eun-joo sneaks in behind them. Nice.

She goes tearing through the house screaming his name, and it’d be funny if the circumstances weren’t so dire. I love her pluck. She finally finds him in his room, huddled under a desk, shell-shocked.

She asks why he’s hiding—does he feel guilty about something? Where is Soo-yeon?? How can he be sitting here when their family is upside-down? All good questions.

He just rocks back and forth, trembling like a leaf, not saying a word. Eun-joo pleads with him that they have to find Soo-yeon, and shows him her journal.

“You said you’d never pretend not to know her again! You said all you needed was her! See, it’s all written here! Look! Don’t you know how much that dummy liked you?!” Oof.

Stepmom and the maid drag her away before she can say anything else, but she leaves the journal behind.

Detective Kim finds the kidnappers’ van abandoned in the woods near the crime scene, and gets to work searching for any evidence left behind.

Meanwhile, Dad’s torturing one of the kidnappers, demanding to know where “that bitch” is. (He means Hye-mi. I don’t think he gives a rat’s patootie where Soo-yeon is.) He spares the man his life in exchange for finding her and bringing her back.

After a while, Jung-woo reaches for the journal and starts to read all the little details Soo-yeon noted about him—how he always turns to the left when she calls his name, how he memorizes the multiplication tables backwards.

We see some of their sweet, mundane moments doing homework or hanging out at their playground, as she narrates in her journal that it’s weird how she thinks about him even when he’s right next to her.

Her gift for him was a little good luck mantra of hers—that thing she always does with the ripples in the water as she chants, “He’ll come, he won’t come.”

She writes that if there are five ripples, it means your wish will come true, and she wanted to share that with him on a rainy day.

He cries as he reads: “The wind blows / I think of you / The wind blows in my eyes / I think of you / I run till I’m out of breath / I think of you / The street lamp flickers / I think of you / From the street lamp to home is 280 steps / I think of you.”

He weeps as he thinks of how he left her lying there, clutches the book to his heart.

Detective Kim stops by the house to pick up some of Soo-yeon’s things, in hopes of finding a link to Jung-woo that can connect any of the forensic evidence that comes up to the two kids.

But then he gets a call from the lab—the blood they found matches Soo-yeon, but there’s evidence that it wasn’t just a kidnapping. His face twists as he hears the words, “There was evidence of rape.”

He falls to the ground. Eun-joo asks him what’s wrong, but all he can do is cry. He holds Eun-joo’s little hand in his.

His tears soon turn to anger and he darts up, “That son of a bitch. That son of a bitch! Eun-joo, look at me. From this moment on, I’m not looking for Soo-yeon, but for you. I’m not going as a detective, but as a father. So I’m going to do anything. I’m going to do anything to catch him, and I won’t leave him be. Can I do that? Can I just go crazy?”

What a good papa. Eun-joo, ever the awesome the little girl, shouts right back, “Of course you should! Of course you should go crazy—you’re my dad! If you don’t, I’ll be really mad! Find her. Bring Soo-yeon back.”

And thus begins his quest. (And honestly, this is the drama I’d rather be watching—Surrogate Dad, Action Hero.)

The higher-ups threaten him with his job, but Detective Kim says he stopped being a true cop the day he agreed to cover up the fact that Soo-yeon’s father wasn’t a murderer. He says he chose to be pathetic, but now he’ll stop at nothing: “What would you do if YOUR daughter were missing?!”

He storms into Jung-woo’s house armed with a warrant (and a sneer for Chairman Han), and Jung-woo surprises them all by coming downstairs and asking what took Ajusshi so long. He silently sticks his hands out, to be cuffed.

Detective Kim says he’s sorry, but he’s gone a little insane right now, and cuffs him. Once they’re alone in the car, he says this is the only way he could reach Jung-woo, and that he fully intends to set him free.

Meanwhile, Chairman Han sends his minions to track down the second kidnapper before the cops do. After letting him go? Urg, I’d be madder if I cared about you, but I don’t.

Detective Kim takes Jung-woo to the river, and Jung-woo confesses that he ran away. “Soo-yeon came to save me, but I ran away.” It’s in no way a thing you could blame a fifteen-year old for, and yet it’s the last thing a father would want to hear.

Detective Kim just asks if Jung-woo has things he needs to say to Soo-yeon, because he does too. He tells Jung-woo the truth about her father: “I made her… a murderer’s daughter.”

Their mutual guilt is actually the thing to make them get their act together, and thankfully, Ajusshi is able to get Jung-woo back to the land of the living. He says, eyes full of purpose, that he’ll say everything that he can remember from that night.

The important clues: one of them was missing a finger, cracked out on something he called “ice,” and the van they found in the woods is the same one they were kidnapped in.

Detective Kim suggests that one of the men grabbed Soo-yeon while the other lit the warehouse on fire (to destroy evidence), but Jung-woo says that’s not right: Dad came before the police, and he had the bad guys.

He darts up, ready to go question his father, but Detective Kim urges him to wait, and that he shouldn’t suspect his father. Yes he should! Yes he should! Not everyone is like you, Ajusshi.

At home, Eun-joo stops short at the sight of Soo-yeon’s dress hanging from the clothesline, and pins it up with a clothespin. Inside, Mom lays out Soo-yeon’s uniform and caresses it like she’s there, lying next to her.

Detective Kim finally catches a break when a witness comes forth to say that he saw a young girl get hauled over a man’s shoulder. They search on the riverbank where the girl was spotted, and start to dig where the police dog indicates. Uh oh.

He starts to dig, and uncovers Soo-yeon’s sweater—the matching one to Eun-joo’s that he bought for the girls.

Jung-woo waits by the river, throwing stones and playing Soo-yeon’s game: “She’ll come, she won’t come…”

The fingerless druggie angle makes it relatively easy to find their target, and Detective Kim starts trailing one of the baddies.

Chairman Han continues his quest for The Money, and acts annoyed when Jung-woo comes to ask him about the baddies that they caught that night. Head Minion jumps in to say it was his fault, and that when he went back, the warehouse was already on fire and they got away in the chaos.

Chairman Han walks out, telling the secretary to either send Jung-woo back to the States or lock him up in his room. Gee, why aren’t we suspicious of Dad again?

Detective Kim follows Baddie No. 1 to Baddie No. 2, and beats them both up without breaking a sweat. He demands to know where Soo-yeon is. He’s got the first guy cuffed to the wall while he beats the second guy, and that’s when he sees it: the missing finger.

He lights up in a furious rage, and STOMPS the bloody hell out of the rapist’s groin. “Does this hurt? Does this hurt, you son of a bitch?!” Well, at least karma’s on our side today. I hope the damage is permanent.

He calms down enough to ask again where Soo-yeon is, and the sick bastard laughs as he says he threw her in the river, “kerplunk,” and killed her. Oof, poor Ajusshi.

The media covers the reenactment (which I always find so gruesome, even if it’s just with a mannequin), and Jung-woo watches on the television. Mom shows up in person, and stumbles up to the killer. It’s of course snowing that day.

She begs to be allowed to ask him one thing, and so they bring the man over to her. She searches his eyes, “W-why?” She asks so innocently why, like there should be a logical reason.

He turns to go without answering her, and she grabs his jacket, pleading with him to say that Soo-yeon isn’t really dead. She wails that she’ll forgive everything if he’ll just tell her that she’s still alive. Augh, even though we know she couldn’t have died the way he’s telling it, her pain is still gut-wrenching.

Jung-woo goes running out of the hospital into the snow, all the way to their playground. He checks under the slide, just to be sure. She isn’t there. Gah, that kills me.

Imaginary Soo-yeon comes and asks him the same thing she asked on that first day they met: “Will you be here tomorrow?”

Jung-woo: “No. Tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that… I’ll be here every day.” The vision disappears, but then he hears a familiar squeaking of the swings. He looks up with such hopeful eyes, but it’s just the wind, pushing along an empty swing.

He thinks through the order of events one more time, and something about Dad and his secretary’s stories don’t add up. He runs back home and tears apart Dad’s office to look for clues.

Inside a locked drawer, he finds surveillance photos of Detective Kim, a police profile, and a cell phone. He turns it on as a last-ditch effort, thinking it a lifeline to Soo-yeon. Suddenly, it rings. Someone’s calling him? As soon as he turns the thing on? Buh.

He answers it, trembling, and it’s Soo-yeon on the other end, “Jung-woo-ya…” But he barely has time to say her name before Nurse Hye-mi pushes her away and snatches the phone out of her hand.

She screams that they shouldn’t have kept her alive, and Hyung-joon (clearly the one who saved her) helps her up and demands that her life be spared. Soo-yeon’s face is covered in bandages, though we don’t know why.

Chairman Han grabs the phone out of Jung-woo’s hands as well, and argues that Soo-yeon is dead and he’s being crazy. He swears he’s not imagining it, but the more he insists, the colder Dad gets.

He slaps Jung-woo across the face and throws the phone to the ground. Jung-woo goes to pick up the pieces, only now realizing the truth: “You were never going to look for Soo-yeon, were you? You lied.”

Dad doesn’t even care to continue the lie, “Of course I did.” He calls her trash and a murderer’s daughter—someone he shouldn’t be connected to in the first place.

Jung-woo gets up to face him and asks if Dad really only trusts his son. Dad: “I trust no one else, only my son.”

Jung-woo: “Don’t. Don’t trust me. I don’t trust you anymore.” Nice. He goes up to his room to pick up Soo-yeon’s journal.

Dad orders him to stop, warning that if he walks out of this house now, it’s the end. Jung-woo doesn’t even give a glance back as he marches right past him and out the door without missing a beat.

Detective Kim is concurrently having his own rebellion, as he smashes up his precinct over how little anyone around here cares for procedure and fact. He asks if they’re just supposed to take everybody at their word—if the bastard said he killed Soo-yeon, he just killed her? Without proof?

He simultaneously gets fired and quits, which is right when Jung-woo comes running through the door, “Ajusshi, Soo-yeon is alive!” The exchange is actually really sweet. Ajusshi: “I know.” Jung-woo: “No, she’s really alive!” Ajusshi: “I really know!”

He gets down on his knees and begs Ajusshi to find her. “I trust you.” It means so much, in light of the crushing blow that he can’t trust his own father. He turns to the other cops too, “I trust all of you.” He cries, “I have something to say to her. I…miss her.”

Hye-mi decides she’s had enough of babysitting, and threatens to leave Hyung-joon behind if he insists on staying with the girl. She snaps the necklace from his neck.

He warns that it’s useless until he turns eighteen anyway, and that she can’t get to the money without him. He counters that he won’t go anywhere without Soo-yeon.

She sits numbly, even as Hyung-joon shows her the newspaper with her own murder in the headlines. He says that Jung-woo left her and isn’t looking for her, and she finally screams, “That’s not true!”

It’s as if him voicing her fear makes her face the trauma all over again, and she breaks down in a fit of terrifying screams as she relives the horror.

And then it fades into the same future sequence we saw at the beginning: Adult Jung-woo running to Soo-yeon, Crying Hyung-joon, and Bullet-in-the-brainpan Jung-woo.

As he lies there bleeding to death, he says in voiceover: “I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because the wind is blowing.”


Oof. This show. It’s beautiful, but it’s a painfest, and I’m pretty sure it relishes doling out the pain. I don’t think there was one tearless scene in the entire episode, and Yeo Jin-gu—I didn’t know he could cry that many different ways, but I’m not sure I wanted to know either. He’s doing a fantastic job as a performer, but when I get scene after scene with tears upon tears folded into flashbacks with tears, I start to get desensitized, and I’m not sure that’s the effect we’re going for. Well, it’s either that or Total Emotional Destruction. Either way I’m ducking for cover.

There were solid, uplifting moments, of course—Ajusshi stepping up to become a dad to Soo-yeon even if it’s too late, and Jung-woo’s disillusionment with his own father. It was a nice parallel between the two men, both lost and losing faith in their figures of authority, and questioning themselves for the selfish choices they made, both feeling guilty for failing to protect Soo-yeon. I do really like both these characters and their struggles to grow up and become men in different phases in their lives.

In fact a good number of the themes in the drama are really very sweet and uplifting, like outsiders banding together, and found families being tighter than blood. But it’s the heavy melodramatic hammering and re-hammering of the pain that takes away from the could-be warm-hearted, uplifting kind of execution. Instead we live through the trauma the first time, we cry as we suffer the fallout, again as we get flashbacks to the original trauma in case we forgot, and then we’re to cry as the snow falls to remind us of how Fate is a total bitch. IT’S TOO MUCH.

We really wanted to give the show a good lengthy trial period because we’re fans of the cast. But it probably won’t come as a surprise that we won’t be continuing with recaps. It’s a well-made show, so the choice has nothing to do with the quality of the show itself in this case, but rather the feeling (and okay, fear) that the pain has only just begun. It’s just not how I want to spend the next ten Thursdays of my life, yunno?

I do hope for good things for Soo-yeon and Jung-woo, and will even exit with a rain dance to make that flash-forward a dream sequence, a drama-within-a-drama, a loop in a time slip—or whatever else that makes it not true. And I’ll choose to remember the few sweet droplets of happiness that we did get, mixed in among the tears.


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  1. Aquila

    Yay for recaps! Thank you!!!

    • 1.1 Aquila

      Was it just me or was I the only one who did a major fist pump when awesome Dectective Kim belted the living day lights of the rapist??

      Although I knew that Soo Yeon was alive, the desperation from the mother when latching herself to the murderer… Omg.. I want to cry a river for her all over again…

      Thank goodness nice guy finished… Dont think I can handle any more drama…. My heart can’t take it anymore

      • 1.1.1 bog


        especially when he stomped on the rapist’s groin, and what about the scene when the rapist’s friend asks Detective Kim to spare the rapist’s life…he’s horrified at the thought of Detective Kim killing the guy but doesn’t mind the company of a man who raped a 14 year old girl?

    • 1.2 wishiwasasian

      I actually really love this drama, given I am a huge YEH fan, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look, but nonetheless I began watching it with serious apprehension because I normally run away immediately from melodramas. This one is different though, it has a very distinct feel from other melos. Rather than it being psychotic spoiled rich people blowing their ridiculously stupid problems out of proportion, it actually feels like gritty real life drama, which I am all about, even if it is twisted and difficult to watch sometimes. The feel of it reminds me of the movie”The Crucible” starring Gong Yoo, which actually was so tortured that it makes this show look like a box of fluffy kittens. But nonetheless I ate up the dark, gritty, indie feel of that movie just like I’m eating it up in this drama. But all that being said, I can definitely understand how this is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I am very happy to see that Yoon Eun Hye is taking on a much heftier role that will maybe allow her to bring out some of that much loved depth of character and earnestness that we saw in Coffee Prince, though something tells me that we are not going to see the level of cuteness of Go Eun Chan…

      • 1.2.1 86680

        Thanks to JB and GF’s recaps, I am able to know about the story without having to watch all the sad scenes. I usually don’t like to watch dramas that makes me sad but I will try to start watching it from Ep5 as I am not just a hugh YEH fan, but also Yuchun/JYJ’s. I don’t understand why they showed that Jung Woo has such a major bullet wound which makes people believe that he will die! As if to confirm and guarantee that there is no future for Jung-woo and Soo-yeon.

      • 1.2.2 Ms.Simone

        People complain all the time that Kdramas are filled with the same clichéd plot lines and tropes. Now we have a drama that is willing to take risks and people are shocked. For one, most 20 episode dramas do not devote this much time to show the background and childhood stories, this drama added that element to show that South Korea is not just a land of rich chaebols, rescuing plucky heroines and turning them into Cinderella.

        The drama showed that bad things happen. It doesn’t mean the drama writer is a sadist, or the drama is evil, like the commenter who continues to post her dislike in every single recap and even multiple times in the same recap likes to proclaim. If the drama ended on that note, then yes, you could say the drama was dark. But, by all indications, it seems Lee Soo Yeon grows up to be a successful woman, who has the love of 2 eligible men and is a respectable member of society. Doesn’t that offer hope to those who might be going through the same or other difficult situations in their lives; that there is a better future ahead. I guess, I am just a glass half full kind of person that likes positivity, rather than being unnecessarily negative.

        • nina

          Yes i totally agree wih you. Even though I perfer happy endings I’m sticking with this drama till the end. I will go through all the tears and harships that these characters have yet to face. :'(

  2. krys

    YAY OMG. Thank youuu! <3

  3. nomu nomu nomu

    and to sum it up.


  4. cg

    thanks for the recap…..

  5. Kelinci Biru

    Yeo Jin Goo, what made a fifteen years old have so much pain? Is it the ability of conveying pain so realistically goes hand in hand with the pain he went through? In all fifteen years he live? Or is it he’s just a good actor?

    Kid, grow up, as soon as possible.

    • 5.1 QIII

      he’s just that good

      and `kim so hyun is only THIRTEEN

      • 5.1.1 kelinci biru

        Imagining what they’re doing at those age. Talented and hardworking.

      • 5.1.2 CA

        If I’m not mistaken, Kim So Hyun went/goes to acting school.

        • pogo

          it doesn’t make what she does any less impressive, though.

          I mean, Song Joong Ki went to an acting academy too, but without raw talent, no amount of polish would turn out performances like Maru in Nice Guy/Yong Ha in SKKS, or in KSH’s case, Bo Kyung in Moon/Sun and Soo-yeon here. I have actual trouble believing it’s the same actress.

    • 5.2 ilikemangos

      This is what i wonder about young actors/actresses that are able to convey such emotions at that kind of age. Usually we know actors/actresses pull from their own experiences and project their emotions out into their characters.
      Oh, i do wonder where this boy is pulling his tears from!

      • 5.2.1 Kelinci Biru

        Oh, I wonder who break his heart that bad. I feel like kicking someone. *overprotectivenoona*

  6. Roxy

    Oof you girls won’t be recapping? But…but… the adult cast (YEH, Yoochun and YSH) are just now appearing. Will someone be taking over this?

    If not that’s too bad I love reading your recaps and I rely on it to see how a show is doing so far but it is always your choice of course. I guess the drama is just too much to handle. Or is that an understatement?

    • 6.1 Kelinci Biru

      Understatement it is. I totally understand if they don’t continue recapping. I’m so ready to back out and not look at this show again and follow only from recap. No recap means I don’t have to drain my tears..

      Can you girls pick up Sung Joon’s and So Min’s “Can We Get Married” instead? Its adorable..

      • 6.1.1 constellations

        Seconding this! ‘Can We Get Married’ is pretty enjoyable to watch, though the side characters can get quite noisy/frustrating at times.

        • shelhass

          Me too! That show is so nice.

          It made me even rewatch White Christmas.

  7. galaxyxy

    oh noes continue with the recaps please!! Baby recap perhaps? Stick it out until the adult cast comes (and hopefully a semblance of normality instead of neverending waves of pain).

    • 7.1 Linda165

      Nop, if they’re not enjoying it, it’s better if they stop right there.
      Trust me. We don’t want another Lie to Me recaps in our hands.

      • 7.1.1 Rachel

        Oh gosh that show was a mess.

  8. Veronica

    Didn’t you guys read the whole thing, there won’t be more recaps coming from them, which is sad I really was looking forward to them.
    I guess I will be crying in fear 2 days per week by myself

  9. christina

    NOOO continue recapping pleaseee!!! i love this drama

  10. 10 SH

    Thanks for these recaps GF and JB!

    I only saw Ep. 3 out of curiosity (melo is not my thing), and I was really impressed with the acting and cinematography of this show. Ethically speaking, I’m a little iffy about the inclusion of sexual assault in the story, but oddly I became emotionally invested in the “first love” conflict after that.

    I’m not sure if I’ll follow this show live. Might consider marathoning it once it’s over, mainly because like what you and JB wrote, the pain is too much. Not to say that the story doesn’t grab me, it’s just too exhausting to follow weekly.

  11. 11 cv

    Thank you for the recaps JB and GF! This looks to be a good show–melooooo that is. 🙂

    I hope you ladies continue to recaps a few more eps. I would really like to see read about the adult actors.

  12. 12 klamchops

    thank you so much for the first 4 episodes!!!!

    I dno if I’m ready for all the tears…but I’ll still stick it out! thanks for giving it such a good trial run!

  13. 13 bog

    I love this drama and it’s sad that you won’t be doing recaps for it any longer 🙁 , but at least the people at dramacrazy are doing a really good job of subbing it really fast. Just finished watching the 4th subbed episode and I just …it’s painful but just so beautifully made.

    Can’t wait for the net episode because it looks like YEH’s character still grew up to be positive, the way YSH was looking at her in the car and on the chair…I think I’m already rooting for second lead..hehe

  14. 14 faith

    thank you for the recap GF

  15. 15 chocopie83

    pleaseeee keep recapping.. or your reviews at least! i really enjoy reading them 🙂 kinda give me a new light on seeing the drama 🙂

  16. 16 Mystisith

    Thank for the recaps of this show ladies.
    Now I’m going to be very childish and selfish: I prayed so you would give up on this show. Wish granted. I’m glad you dropped that thing which decided to play with the emotions of the viewers in a very unhealthy and artificial way. I repeat here than it’s written by someone with very creepy sadistic tendencies. I can’t be on the side of someone who takes pleasure on the (forced) tears of the viewers. When you see commenters on streaming sites who write they “enjoyed” episode 3, you start to question their empathy. Yes, I still didn’t digest this.
    I can now understand why producers had so much trouble casting good actors for that drama. I just hope they had a nice pay-check and free coupons for a good ophtalmologist. It’s really them who I pity now but hey, they signed for it.
    We MISS rom-coms & warming dramas and a few promising ones will start soon. School 2013 starts in 2 weeks. I hope they will address the problems of the youngsters in SK in a more delicate and constructive way than here. I can’t help it, I value hope and feel-good dramas over those feeding on hate and despair.
    Dear I Miss You lovers, feel free to flame me: Fire at will!

    • 16.1 syer

      bye bye~~ troll harder~~

      • 16.1.1 skelly

        Mystisith is not a troll, she has been here for years and contributed her time and words often. Just because you do not agree with someone’s opinion does not make that person a troll.
        Obviously she has thought a great deal about this issue, and it means a lot to her. It does not appear that she is sharing her opinion just to get a ‘rise’ out of someone or stir up debate; I think this is a serious issue that should be discussed. I do not believe in shutting someone down, or stopping from listening to their words, just because I do not agree with them.
        And I am curious, too – do other people think that Korean TV is becoming more “Americanized”? Is there more gore, more sex, more violence and sensationalized crime? When does violence stop making a statement and become gratuitous? Is it like pornography, that you”know it when you see it”?
        Have other people found, like Mystisith, that this drama crosses that invisible line?

        I don’t see this as trolling, I see it as honest debate.

    • 16.2 dramaready

      Wow, hating a melodrama for being a melodrama (a damn good melodrama at that), concluding that the actors hate their decision to join the cast out of thin air, and then trying to start a flame war with your last line?

      I’m not even replying to you because you hate the show because everyone has the right to watch what they want, instead I am replying because you are obviously a very hateful, cynical person. One thing I will be happy for Java Beans stopping their recap is so that I dont have to see ignorant and childish post coming from you anymore.

      • 16.2.1 Mystisith

        … I’m a very hateful person: All those who know me can testify on this…
        For the record, melodramas are not my cup of tea but when they are well done I can perfectly appreciate them: Padam Padam, What’s up? to name a few were very well written.

        • Misha

          “that thing which decided to play with the emotions of the viewers in a very unhealthy and artificial way”

          Sorry, but this must be the most stupid thing I ever read here.

          I mean… really stupid.

          • Mystisith

            What sounds stupid to me personally is people who continue to beg and plead for recaps when the boss here says it’s over. We all have our issues.
            Also, I suppose you must not come here very often: I’ve written things much more stupid than that, I assure you. Oh well, ridiculous doesn’t kill.

          • shiku

            It’s not stupid, it makes sense.

    • 16.3 yuka sato

      well, may i know what is your intention?

      you can DISLIKE the drama, but why are you discouraging people to not to watch it? if you DISLIKE THIS DRAMA, why are you still here and commenting?

      it’s people own decision if they want to watch or not.

      it’s people own decision if they think this drama is sadist, unhealthy or not. why are you judging what people can or cannot watch?

      i respect your decision to dislike the drama and your thought of it, but what you’re doing by saying something discouraging like this could hurt people.

      they way you’re saying is like “WE” who watch this were all insane, an idiot and sadist who cannot choose a good show.

      while i respect you, it seems you are disrespecting everyone who love this show, not just for the actors and actresses, but they who love this show for the plot.

      you can have your lovely rom-com or happy drama in other posts, DB have many of them. i just hope this is your last visit in IMY thread IF DB still want to continue recap this.

      because reading your comment is more unhealthy than the show itself.

      thanks, and goodbye.

      • 16.3.1 syer

        yeah…i agreed~~~so much hate from @Mystisith..just follow ur feel-good dramas..from the first recap I saw ur negative comment..donno what ur intention if you really hate this drama why bother to read the recap and watch it(i dont think u watch it right..)
        my advice, if you dont watch the series dont comment because you donno the flow of the story from beginning.. For me this drama is really good drama in terms of story, cinematography, the acting and editing..its really hardcore and for someone with weak heart maybe a bit difficult..it has flaw here and there but no drama is perfect right! Overall I love it and will continue to watch it hopefully till the end.. 🙂

      • 16.3.2 Mystisith

        My intention is:
        Saying than “enough is enough”. Let’s just say I’m blowing my top.
        Gratuitous dark stuff and cruelty seem to become a heavy trend in dramaland and I don’t like it. Gaksital, Nice Guy, some episodes of VP2 or TEN, this one…
        They are taking the bad things of the Western television and are flattering the worst human instincts (not that I want only PG stuff). As someone else said, we are becoming desensitized to violence and suffering… and it’s WRONG. I dropped Western shows for Asian ones partially for that reason. I see comments sometime about people irked by stalker characters or forced kisses. Well, my pet peeve is this: Violence, torture, revenge until you get literally sick of them.
        I know what I want from the dramas I watch: I want to distract my mind, to laugh, to drool over hotties, to get touched by an organic conflict, and if I can learn things in the process, it’s even better. I prefer shows which elevate my humanity. I would really like to know why people watch those kind of shows. I’m not even sarcastic or mocking here. What is their motivation? What is attracting there?: Is it to see people unluckier than them cause they are unsatisfied with their lives? What kind of gratification? Sincerely, I want to understand: What is that entertaining in seeing crying and bloodied people being stomped over for 20 or 50 frigging episodes, almost non-stop?
        If with my little rant I can open the eyes (and the heart) of some people about it, then I gladly accept all the critics.

        • sally_b

          @Mystisith – “I prefer shows which elevate my humanity.”

          THIS ^

          …and your point that with an average of 16-20 episodes for Kdramas – *this* show has rolled out a stunning amount of BLINDING-PAIN™ in only the first FOUR. wowsa.

          It’s like going to an amusement park and ONLY riding the rollercoaster …about 20 times. There’s the tea-cups, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars, arcade, cotton candy and corndogs yet to be had. Why the need to pile-on the same ride until you puke? hunh? hahaha.

          Seriously – it’s not a 2 hour movie, let’s say…like *Ajusshi* (with Won Bin) There was PLENTY of Quentin Tarantino-esque tragedy/horror in that…I mean, the Mom gets gutted-up like a holiday turkey for her organs…and children are being held captive, raised like veal, for the same purpose. The killing scenes spared no gore…

          BUT….it was a 2-hour movie…. and in such cases a swift resolution with a lingering note of UP-beat can leave you feeling satisfied instead of nauseated.
          I personally, and clearly you do too, percieve that since this show has rolled-out THAT many gut-punches …so early-on, then…….it’s just not a show for us.

          (grabs your arm and skips towards the bumper-cars & arcade) ♥

          • Mystisith

            Thank you for understanding my point of view. I’m all for 1h30 of “let’s get wild” from time to time. And when I need to cry I listen to a sad song of 3mins30: Works fantastically well.
            Now, where is that cotton candy? 🙂

        • alicestargazer

          So there’s something called expressing your opinion and then there’s something called accusing people of THEIR opinions. Sure, you can like fluff and happiness. You can hate melodramas for the pain they evoke. You can “drool over hotties”, I’m not saying you can’t. But why are you questioning the values of people who enjoy melodramas? People don’t watch melodramas for sadistic reasons but for the ability of these dramas to evoke strong emotions, for their ability to reveal the more ugly nature of life, and for their ability to show us that one can fight against such awful experiences. Do you honestly think people make melodramas simply to show people getting tortured? If such dramas existed, I’m sure they’d have a 0% rating. And I’m pretty sure melodrama writers don’t take pleasure in the tears of the audience. They take pleasure in the fact that the audience is moved by it and have hopes and dreams for the future. Nor are actors forced into acting out these scenes. They are aware that what they’re acting out isn’t fiction; it’s real and it’s happening right now. At this very moment. Feel-good dramas don’t have the ability to ‘solve the problems of the youngsters of SK’. You call their approach ‘delicate and constructive’? Psh… I think ‘I miss you’ is way more delicate and constructive than these so called feel-good dramas, which show for the most part the happy side of SK. (Not that I don’t like them; I’m a huge fan of certain feel-good dramas) Melodramas show in a very eloquent way that the world is not a perfect place, and I really think you’re not aware of this fact.

          • syer


          • Riri

            bravo, great comment

          • Coco

            Yes. Put some brains into her head. Please!

          • Mystisith

            -“You can hate melodramas”: I don’t hate them if they are meaningful and not obsessed with “always more suffering” for the sake of it.
            -“Why are you questioning the values of people who enjoy melodramas?”: Again, not ALL melodramas. If they have a bit of decency and a story I can identify myself with, I’m in.
            -“Do you honestly think people make melodramas simply to show people getting tortured?” Not all the viewers, but a part of them. It’s clearly an outlet for negative emotions. Horror movies have always been successful, may it be in SK or anywhere else. (Not because of me, you can imagine).
            -“Writers don’t take pleasure in the tears of the audience.”: Indeed. They are happy with good ratings and success. Some of them don’t care about the audience at all. If just with my little voice I can stop one from writing a lame script who uses the suffering of others in such a casual way, then I will be happy.
            “Hopes and dreams for the future”: That’s exactly what I want. But here it’s just misery and sordid stuff. Again, if there is a happy end with a living resilient heroine, then I’m game.
            “Feel-good dramas don’t have the ability to ‘solve the problems of the youngsters of SK’: Have you seen movies like Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society? You can be inspirational and talk about society issues without plunging in the toilets. Heck, at this point I would prefer J doramas (dark but with retenue). Movies or dramas that get people sad and depressed (see the comments of the recappers) should be a minority and they are getting invasive. Excuse me if I care for the well being of JB and GF. And for mine of course.
            “The world is not a perfect place”: I know that. And I know what’s to have a dysfunctional family. And I know what’s to be sexually abused. First hand, mind you.
            Finally, that melodrama is not “eloquent”: He is using each and every plot device available to make people cry and throw the stuff at your face. And they care about solving problems as much as I care about the fortune of the next chaebol.

          • Matt

            This…For me, a drama has to evoke some strong emotion that is relateable to life.. any genre can do that.. from happy dramas to dark..

            I miss you doesn’t have as many grey characters I would like and the pain inflicted this early can be tough to watch.. but dramas like this are about the journey not to single out all the dark moments..

        • mkverse

          Ok then, point gotten. Go elevate your humanity drooling over hotties. If you find it so distasteful, why are you continuing to comment about it. Wash your hands of it already. Personally, the scene did not delve into the physical at all and focused on the emotional, and that’s the trauma that really lingers with you. Showing that, how its dealt with, how people will work past it, I think that’s far more commendable then yet another plot point of “gosh, I’m heartbroken cause my crush doesn’t like me.” Your implication that people who appreciated this plot point are twisted and get off on it is really sickening. I really think you need to go watch other dramas because your humanity needs more elevating.

        • yuka sato

          i have a suggestion for you!

          watch disney! ^^ it’s full of unicorn and happy ending that will not make you feel nausea or angry or bawling!

          every evil people always got their karma faster and the princess will get the prince soon or later~

          no pun intended, cause i’m dead serious with my suggestion. LOL.

          the thing that disturb me is..people have freedom, people have choices. YOU have option. You know from the very start that this drama is not your cup of tea. if it’s me, i’ll ditch it.

          I ditched nice guy and refuse to read or watch bridal mask. it’s not my cup of tea. i turn to look at IMY basically just for yoochun, then yoon eunhye and last but not least, for yo seung ho. the child actors are just icing on the cake that i enjoy so much.

          this kind of drama, is also not my cup of tea. but i took a peek and hooked. and maybe if i took another peek at bridal mask and nice guy, i would be emotionally invested as well.

          my point is, this drama is not fitting your likes category, why are you still here?
          why forcing us to eat your philosophy about drama that will “elevate your humanity”? if you dislike it very very much, why rant in here? compalining about IMy in IMY post? O.o make a personal blog then rant all you want, that way, your comment wouldn’t annoy people who like the show.

          do you want attention? that much?

          geez, i said good bye yet i reply your comment.
          this time i mean it,
          good bye.

          ps: Aang the avatar also good ^^ it have all elements of love, friendship, funny and cool power showdown. although i’m a bit interested with boboy Boy right now. that cartoon from malaysia is hillarious! keke..

          • Shin Haido

            let me shake ma hand with you. you just said what i want to say. oh man, i just want to read the recap but in the end the comments so attracted and give so much fun to read. that’s why i like to stay anonym on internet lol.

        • sally_b

          @Mystisith – just between you and me —► I think there’s a whole lotta reading comprehension missing in some of these replies.

          …others, while perhaps having fully read your perspective, may have forgotten that you were originally responding to girlfriday who has chosen not to continue recapping….AND MORE— back to javabeans who wrote:

          “Where it gets iffy for me is when you surpass that level of narrative necessity and then just add on the pain and trauma, just because you can, and because a thousand tears are better than two.”


          “I find myself seriously contemplating the merits of calling it a day now, of getting out while I can and not forcing myself to sit through aggravation because I’m hoping it will improve. I am not convinced it will.

          So… that’s fair warning that continued recaps may not happen. I’ll be giving it a pretty thorough mulling over. ”

          BOTH of the Premiere re-cappers of Drama Beans have weighed in on: their personal time spent invested in this drama and have 1) bowed out …2) is seriously considering letting it go.

          That doesn’t mean no one is going to watch it…or that it wont get seriously outstanding ratings….OR that those who are enjoying it will do so any less…..because a few of us find it over-reaching in it’s grasp for angst & tears.

          There’s a GENRE for everyone – it’s be COOL if everyone would just take a deep breath now. ~ ❤ , right? 🙂

          • sally_b

            grrrr…spell check where are you?

          • Mystisith

            @sally_b – Well, I didn’t want to take the ladies in hostage or as a witness but yeah… Their comments say basically the same (more diplomatically than me surely.) When JB and GF who have notoriously a higher level of tolerance than me for dark dramas say “bye bye show”, it speaks volume.

        • Coco

          I will tell you what you did wrong. Still lurking around IMY posts, still reading it’s recaps when you hate it that much. Are you a sadist yourself? It’s been 4 episodes and you’re still here. You claim you hate the drama, but you didn’t stop at episode one or two. It’s been FOUR episodes already, yet you are still reading the recaps. What’s up with that?

          • Mystisith

            Yes, I’m still here and I will give an honest reply to all the persons who are able to have a decent conversation with me. If the owners of that blog had posted recaps for the 20 eps, I probably would have commented and ranted on each one of them. Like I did for the Jin recaps cause the drama was worthy of critics. And like I do for many other dramas. Hopefully for everyone involved, the discussions for IMY will stop here. Unless people want to share their views on the Open Thread: They are welcome.

          • skelly

            Coco, I read recaps for things I don’t watch, as well. I like to comment on dramas for lots of reasons – because I like the show and I am watching it, because I don’t like the show but I am trying to stick with it, because I am watching the show and I think I know how it will end/how it could be better/why the writer or director did this or that, and because I am interested in Korean drama as a whole – its history, its breadth, its direction, its triumphs and problems.
            If you really want a comments section that is all cheering section and squeefest, there are lots of boards out there, like soompi. One of the things I really like about Dramabeans is that, led by our intrepid leaders, we often dig a little deeper.

        • Antimys

          Its easy..U dont like it..than go..find what u like..

    • 16.4 mkverse

      Well since you gave the invitation…Are you kidding? Do you think happy little rom coms with their plucky but unlucky heroines and unbelievably handsome heroes aren’t gratuitously “playing” with our sucker for cute and happy story loving hearts? Isn’t that the point of dramas? To tell a story and make you feel something while experiencing the story.

      I grew up in an orphanage in S Korea, and the things that happened there…well they weren’t rainbows and unicorns that’s for sure. And I still wasn’t offended by the portrayal of the rape scene. I thought it was very well done, nothing explicit. Nor did I think the writer just threw it in wily nily to be ‘edgy.’ Why can’t this topic be in a drama? Too gross? Too dirty? Too hateful? Well thank you for affirming all the fears that rape victims have that prevents them from talking to someone or seeking help after these things happen.

      People rolled their eyes at the plot before the series started saying it what could have possibly happened to tear them apart, that motivates him to become a detective. Now, here, is a very powerful, real world motivator and people are saying it’s too tragic. Shitty things happen, but I say bring it on, talk about it, write about, show dramas about it, show it’s not the end of the freaking world, show that a person who experiences such things can fight past it, can still have a good life, have love, have a healthy and successful future. Here’s to still having hopes and dreams, no matter what life throws at you.

      • 16.4.1 octoberholt


      • 16.4.2 krys

        Well said.

      • 16.4.3 Gaeina Lee

        Second to this. Very well said.

      • 16.4.4 Lexington

        I want to like this, but seeing as this is not facebook and threrefore no like buttons, I will just say this:


      • 16.4.5 wanzhaf


      • 16.4.6 yuka sato



      • 16.4.7 Riri

        *cries* so many great comments here today

      • 16.4.8 alice_IW

        very well said.

      • 16.4.9 bianca

        thank you.

      • 16.4.10 Coco


      • 16.4.11 Misha

        I wish they were a LIKE button D_D

      • 16.4.12 Nessa79

        Love you!! Well said!

      • 16.4.13 Meg

        Well said.

      • 16.4.14 wanne

        “..show that a person who experiences such things can fight past it, can still have a good life, have love, have a healthy and successful future. Here’s to still having hopes and dreams, no matter what life throws at you…”

        The thing is, this might just be the beginning of this drama, and there could be many more heart wrenching plots to come. I hate it when a show depict how a pitiful person just become more and more pitiful, to the extreme through out their lives. That’s totally not realistic and just trying to be melo for the sake of being a melodrama.

        I have no problem with the rape scene, but with only 4 episodes, these amount of terrible things had happened to Soo Yeon, and a sign that her life will never get any better, it gets worse actually with the future sequence showing more tears, pains and guns, its discouraging and annoying on the writer part. They are clearly plot devices to go as melodramatic, as makjang as possible. I hate this kind of melodrama.

        I enjoyed the heartwarming parts in Episode 1 and 2 and that’s the reason I’m here, still interested to see where this drama goes. But now I don’t know if I will continue watching. Too much makjang, and there’s so little of heart to balance it.

      • 16.4.15 Shae

        I’m still stuck on these dramas “elevating humanity”….. Still laughing at that one…..

      • 16.4.16 Matt

        Amen. This stuff happens although I will say the foreshadowing of Jung woo dying has me worried… I really feel this show needs a happy ending..

      • 16.4.17 pogo

        I’m coming to this almost ten days late, but thank you for this:

        Why can’t this topic be in a drama? Too gross? Too dirty? Too hateful? Well thank you for affirming all the fears that rape victims have that prevents them from talking to someone or seeking help after these things happen.

      • 16.4.18 Briana


    • 16.5 Gee

      Gee, if you dislike the show, then you can just not watch it. Why would you “pray” that JB and GF discontinue their recaps of it? I may not watch every episode, so I would have liked to be able to read recaps of it. I don’t think you should categorize viewers of this drama as people with very creepy, sadistic tendencies. Watching melodramas can be cathartic; you can release all the tears and sadness you feel inside. People didn’t “enjoy” the rape scene, but rather were deeply affected by it. Personally, it made reflect on the cruel, sick, depravity of human nature that would abuse and violate children. It’s disturbing to think about, but it’s part of reality. The rape scene in IMY actually touches upon an issue in S. Korea. There were several recent, widely known cases of child rape that sparked a lot of outrage and discussion. I will say I really appreciated the acting of the YJG and KSH. I don’t think that makes me sadistic. I feel like the scriptwriter treated this situation in an appropriate way. I suppose one could categorize people who watch melodramas as sadistic people, but in the same way, one could categorize people who watch romcoms as shallow, immature, randy people who avoid reality by indulging in romantic fantasies. Neither stereotypes are fair…

      • 16.5.1 Mystisith

        Catharsis. Something with a documentary quality. OK, I can accept that. But I’d rather watch The Crucible then.
        Because is that drama even giving justice to the rape theme? In my opinion, here the rape theme is 1 plot device drown among MANY others to trigger our tears. (Only 4 episodes in, so maybe things will get better?)
        I wrote it on the last recap: If they treat the subject honestly and in depth then I will redeem this show.
        I’m not even mad at the actors: The kids did an amazing job apparently and as for the grown-ups, only time will tell.
        What I despise here is that cheap writing. There is lame humor and there is lame dramatic sense. Obviously it’s the second case here.

    • 16.6 BabyAxelle

      i’m totally agree with you.. this show just too much..

    • 16.7 auzakia

      You don’t have a problem with the drama itself, but with genre.

      This show is clearly not made for you, please stop watching it and learn to respect people who like different things than you.

      A fitting quote:
      “The whole principle is wrong; it’s like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can’t eat steak.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

    • 16.8 Julie

      Wooow… Your comment sure fires up a lot of people.. 🙂

      After, again, reading your post more cautiously, I get your point of frustration about the trending theme of krdrama recently, they’re getting to dark and gloomy, yet somehow its just pointless, just selling tears and misery.. am I rite? This not only goest to IMY, though perhaps this particular one frustrate you the most…

      I’m not gonna blame you or attack you here, I just share the reason why I decide to watch this drama.. I watch IMY because somehow I feel connected to the story. Whether we like it or not, sexual assaults do happen, a lot! But we don’t like to discuss about it because its taboo, and hurt our sense of dignity. So instead of talking about it, it’s easier to just cover it, keep our mouth closed and live in denial.

      In my point of view, so far IMY is brave enough to bring out this subject. I hope (and I try to be positive) the writer is trying to get our awareness about this matter. That this thing happen so please don’t be so ignorant about it. And I really wish that the writer is trying to send the viewer a massage trough this drama. Hopefully it’ll tell the story of how these kids would overcome their traumatized experience and move on with their life. Would that be inspiring story rite? But this I can not decide yet. We’ll have to see how the story goes and how they gonna execute the drama. Yes it can also turn out to be like you mention, the writer and the production team just want to milk viewers tears for profits only. I would definitely drop the drama if this happen.

      What makes IMY become such a big fuss is, IMO, they got top stars in the casting division. Can’t blame them, because professionally this role of this drama would be very challenging. For the actors would be an achievement if they nail to portray the role. But, most fans of lead cast, Park Yoochun, YSH is in level teenager or young adult. Sure this theme is too heavy for them to handle. These fans want lighter, lovey dovey, rainbow unicorn or whatever you may call it. And then, boom, they were presented with such a heavy dark drama. Also added that, perhaps the society in SK haven’t ready and not yet prepared for this issue to be brought up. Watching IMY sure needs a lot of wisdom to interpret what’s beneath the line. Maybe it’s more suitable for adult consumption.. Not only for the realistic (though portraited beautifully and still humanly) scene but also need deep thought for watching it.

      So for me, I’ll wait and watch for more episode to decide. But it’s interesting to know your POV. It tells me new perspective of how you see the drama. Oh, I don’t mind you question my emphaty for watching IMY, because by mention this, I then have a deep thought upon myself, is it true? Do I have tendency of being creepy sadistic person… LOL.. And here, this post of mine is my answer to your question.

    • 16.9 toystar

      OMG its overkill 2 much trauma! I wanted to watch but I really can’t.

    • 16.10 Lotus_Blossom

      Nah, not gonna flame ya. *cyber-hug you* There, there, feel better now? Just let it out, dearie. Venting you spleen out is good for the soul.

      As a veteran drama watcher of Asian-Indian/Hong Kong/ South-American melos and American tv crime series, I consider Missing You a minor leaguer.

      As for your sweeping generalization of the drama and its viewers, I am not gonna dignify it with any clarification. I don’t feel the need to defend myself against such hoity-toity attitude.

      Just enjoy your drama of choice; and I shall enjoy mine.


    • 16.11 Jeannette

      I haven’t started watching IMY yet…I’m still trying to decide if I want to wait til it’s over to watch, or to watch live. Personally I love the funa nd light dramas over the really melo ones. I have a hard time finishing the ones that are like this…stressful and agonizing.

      I think your comments open up a good debate topic. How much is too much? Is K-Dramaland turning more like American-Dramaland? What will be the result in this? I don’t really find it necessary for people to be so mean and forceful…some of the dialogue in this thread has me really scratching my head and kind of shocked. Some people will like these shows and others not. What I think is everyone needs to just take a step back and take a deep breath.

      I honestly love all of you and it kind of tears me up to see stuff like this go on in such an awesome community. But what do I know? I’m still perving over Minho and mourning the end of TTBY.

    • 16.12 Briana

      @ Mystisith…..I’m like this show…….it isn’t for everyone and I could understand why people wouldn’t want to continue watching but I do not feel that watching these kinds of dramas desensitize viewers….I for one have seen alot of jacked up stuff and literally cried everytime. Sometimes I’m in the mood for fluff and sometimes I want to watch melodrama’s. Sometimes I don’t want to cry and other times I don’t want fluff overload.A woman is raped (in America) every two minutes so just ignoring things that happen in everyday life and focusing on just the good stuff doesn’t depict real life at all. If we lived in a world where these things didn’t happen then that would be different.I think it would be hurtful to all the people who have been through trauma to turn on the tv and never see anyone with a similar story… They mite wonder where they fit in in this wonderful world where nothing bad happens to anyone but them…I continued with the show (despite the constant tears that flowed from my eyes) and realized that without the rape chunks of the storyline would go missing once they are adults….when hse shows up years later under a different name jung woo knows it’s her by her reaction to the rapist and when her rapist shows up dead she is a prime suspect and Jung Woo wants to protect her, if they had both just been kidnapped alot of the story goes away and that is the pivotal moment that drives them apart so I got that after sticking with the show. It doesn’t make that scene any easier to watch but I did understand why they chose to go the way they did. My favorite dramas of all time are fluffy but I often enjoed the shows without really relating to the characters.I can now say that I can also relate to Yoo Seon in I Miss You.It’s sad that more women can say they have been raped than courted by the two most popular boys in school. I’m not expecting you or anyone else to love this show or try to watch it now. All I want is for you to not question the empathy of people who like this show or didn’t stop watching after episode 3. I’m literally the most sensitive person there is……it hurt my feelings just to see people calling you a troll for your opinion and calling your review stupid. that isn’t right.All I ask is please don’t put me in a box with a bunch of sadistic freaks or think my empathy is lacking.

    • 16.13 Briana

      I forgot to add that after the childhood episodes the show focused more on lies and deceit and I just finished episode 17 and shit got real on that episode…lol!!!

  17. 17 oh

    i heard once the adult casts scrub in it will be more heartwarming and less pain in the beginning, why not give it a try? just one more ep coz they will appear in ep 5.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      “Heartwarming”: Excuse my French but bullshit! It will be tears,TEARS and “eau de tears” with 30 seconds of sun by episode. If I remember correctly, the title of the drama is “I Miss You” which implies someone will be “missed” at one point. The trailer showed the male lead shooting himself in the head.

      • 17.1.1 oh

        Oh honey I do not know if you have anything against the show but you seem pretty much pissed off and overacting even though you don’t really watch it.
        Oh maybe you are against the actors in that, that I can totally understand.
        If you find it such a pain in the *ss then just drop it, dropping here I mean is stop caring, reading, looking and watching everything related to the drama, will your life become easier?
        I mean everyone has their own opinions on things, like how I think Padam is such a boring show with underacting and lackin chemistry between leads (because of the female lead for me) then yeah you would be all over me.
        However, I am not that kind of person. You can say whatever you want like you did above (that, by the way, seems overly bitter and doesn’t make any sense to me), I don’t care lol so I would have appreciated it more if you did not jump on people and try to embed your opinion on them. No don’t try to do that with me. Ever.
        There are something that happens in real life that some of you can’t understand and don’t even try to understand but it does not mean everyone will be the same.

      • 17.1.2 LingLing

        Go somewhere else to troll… You’re not even entertaining as a troll. Such disappointment.

        • Mystisith

          May I suggest you read all the comments? Try to understand what I’m doing here and once you have the answer I’m ready to discuss the question with you. After that, if you still believe I’m a troll, you know what they say: Don’t feed the troll. I’ve been commenting on this site for years and I’m not going to stop because people fell uncomfortable with the ugly truth I put in front of their eyes.

          • LingLing

            I read your comments before I commented. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to my opinion. You’re a disappointment as a troll to me. Deal with it.

        • JoAnne

          This is unfair, honestly. I know Mysti – many of the people who frequent DB know her – and she is not a troll at all. She has a strong opinion about a trend she is noticing towards very dark thematic material and she has concerns about that, but she never attacks an individual. She wasn’t looking to start a fight with her comment, nor was she attacking any one. Instead, it was more of an acknowledgement that her comment would inspire some personal attacks against HER.

          Honestly, I am the QUEEN of melos. I love them. Love them to BITS. I find the emotional catharsis of tears shed for someone else very necessary in my life. And God, I would never want any real person to suffer through the situations in a melo – so fictional characters, it is. But I do get Mysti’s point about the mind of a person who comes up with this material.

          I have made that point myself when describing why I enjoy horror movies, but want to be scared, not grossed out. It’s why I boycott movies like Hostel, or even Saw – which admittedly over the course of all the movies had a quite serious theme worthy of discussion. But I couldn’t watch humans torturing humans hour after hour. It was too much for me.

          This is too much for Mysti, and she’s sharing her thoughts. There will be others who agree with her. You don’t have to be one of them. But please, if you don’t know her – give her the benefit of the doubt. She is a kind, thoughtful, intelligent woman with a great deal of value to contribute to the discussions here and she deserves some respect as a human being. As do you.

          • Coco

            No, she shared her thoughts in episode one. And episode 2. And she shared her thoughts once more in episode 3. That should have been it. Afterall they say third time is the charm. But when she does it again in episode 4 in such a manner, calling people bad names for enjoying the drama and praying that the drama not be recapped, it is no longer considered “sharing your thoughts”. It’s called “trolling”. Hardcore trolling. It’s as if she’s invested her time in hating the drama. That can’t be healthy even for her. I suggest she just “ignore” the drama alltogether. That would be healthy for her and for all involved.

          • shiku

            @Coco Or you could take your advice and ignore her posts.

          • LingLing

            She’s the one bashing people for watching this drama and trying to force people to side with her. I don’t even watch the drama, but just read recaps, but I felt like she was going overboard.

      • 17.1.3 earthna

        I like your interpretation of the title + the preview. Hmm. Now, let me spend hours thinking about that.

  18. 18 vegaspink

    Sad that you won’t continue recapping this drama.. It really is a wonderful drama, with both the pain and happiness. I guess not everyone can watch through both.
    I hope that you change your mind once the adults show up. There will still be tears but there will also be smiles.

  19. 19 chewy

    I understand where you & java are coming from. This drama is too heavy for my weak heart. I cry watching the show & I cry again reading your recaps.

    I too need a break, but somehow I have to find out how SY will have her ending as well as JW.

  20. 20 Rachel

    And I thought Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung were the only kiddy couple with exploding chemistry.. Yeo and Kim So Hyun are looking pretty good!

    So if I looked like Kim So Hyun in junior high/high school, someone like Yeo would have stumbled upon in my life, eh?

    • 20.1 Hannah


  21. 21 yuka sato

    i think bridal mask was worse (in term of darkness) for me, maybe its because the setting was in the past, and the whole relationship, i stopped in 1st ep. the whole sacrifice of life for brother and mother was too much to handle.

    maybe it’s because i can relate it with my life, i have a weak heart for family matter that IMY is more bearable to me. IMY’s problem was more on traumatic events that bringing down everyone involved. something i had never experienced. it’s so saddening and heart wrenching, but i can handle it well without really affecting my life.

    i really hope DB can continue recap this drama, because it seems that nothing can beat the whole tragedy in the character childhood’s life. so whatever heart wrenching problem happen in the future, i think it can’t beat what happen in ep 3. so nothing worse to fear right?

    at least give the adult version a chance, if it’s still a sobfest, you guys can drop it like what you want.

    it’s kind of unfair since the adult character doesn’t event have an action yet you’re already turning your face to other way.

    • 21.1 Annie

      I agree. I couldn’t really watch Bridal Mask. First of all, all that silly torture. THAT was pain for the heck of it. And people miraculously recovered from it the next minute. And of course they dealt with other dark issues as well.

      I am loving this drama and I’ll continue watching. I only really read the recaps if I need some points explained better than the translators and to skip over the boring parts. So far this show hasn’t had any boring parts.

  22. 22 amaneri :D

    —“This show. It’s beautiful, but it’s a painfest”
    —“It’s a well-made show, so the choice has nothing to do with the quality of the show itself in this case, but rather the feeling (and okay, fear) that the pain has only just begun.”


    I am used to melodrama since it’s almost everything in my country. I MISS YOU,FIGHTING ! YOON EUN HYE FIGHTING!

    • 22.1 amaneri :D

      sorry for that smiley.. that smiley looks angry.. lol. but I was intending to write a SMILE smiley 😀

  23. 23 Cindy

    I hope KSH and YJG get paired again and this time on a weekend drama where they can have more than 8 episodes with them ebing cute together.

    Love love them ^^

    Ps: This drama is very beautiful, but episode 3 is so bitter…. Also the actors were so good but when I had to screen cap that ”scene” it felt wrong. And it is just a drama.

    But still not the worse rape scene I saw. In mars tw drama had one very disgusting rape scene….

    • 23.1 ladyana2j

      —I hope KSH and YJG get paired again and this time on a weekend drama where they can have more than 8 episodes with them ebing cute together.

      me too!!! I would love to see them act together again 🙂

  24. 24 katiamon

    Too sad because there won’t be more recaps but i’ll keep watching anyway. Maybe a series update in the future???? I would really appreciate your comments about this drama. Thanks again for the recap 🙂

  25. 25 QIII

    Is there any chance headsno2 will continue <3?

    I hope we get to hear you guys talk about it during podcast

    Thank you for the lovely recaps.

    • 25.1 HeadsNo2

      Alas, my drama recap cup already runneth over.

  26. 26 imisssyouu

    NOOOO, don’t stop recapping! I love this site so much , and it helps me understand the parts that I didn’t get while I was watching it… And also your self comments are funny.. keep recapping please. C:

  27. 27 beppu10

    Aww, this is sad, just as I have decided to be content on reading the recaps (I’m not in the mood for melos nowadays despite of my increasing fangirling over Yoochun). Anyhow it’s your blog and I do respect that. Thanks for the first four.

    P.S. Are there any other blogs picking this up?

    • 27.1 mary

      Am also hoping that someone else (or someblog else hehe) will pick this up. 🙂

      It’s too bad that db isn’t recapping this because they’re so good at explaining things but I also respect their decision. 🙂 And I understand the reason why they’d want to stay away from this weepfest.

      (I’m also hoping the adult versions of the cast won’t face worse things than ep3 and just focus their story on moving on and understanding themselves and what happened in the past… and a teensy-tiny hope that if the mood picks up, db will decide to recap this again.)

      • 27.1.1 ailee

        lemme noe if you guys found new recappers 🙂

    • 27.2 yuka sato

      not blogs, but @enewsworld recap this series. it’s international korean news. follow them in twitter. some of the journalist are fans of JYJ and def a fans of yoochun ^^

      they just recap ep 3 yesterday. their recap is not as detailed as DB but quite interesting cause they put their thought about the ep in the end.

      i enjoy their recap so far ^^

      • 27.2.1 shinkica

        koala say she will do the recap for this drama after NG finish, and it’s finished anyway http://koalasplayground.com/ ^^
        thx JB and GF for recaping till now, i really enjoyed read your recap though 🙁 i can’t wait next episode of missing you, i got hyped to see yoochun ^^

        • jomo

          I’m pretty sure she did not commit to that.

          We can talk about the show on the OT, too.

        • Tien

          Oh, yes. she does. But I haaaaaate it that her blog is more like Yoo Seng Ho + Yoon Eun Hye’s part of I Miss You recap rather than the whole series in fairly objective opinion.

          Sad, sad, saaad..
          This is my very first time ever experiencing this..
          experiencing the watching the drama alive (being broadcasted in SK today, and being able to watch it with engsub the next day)..
          experiencing the Can-Wed-and-Thur-come-faster feelings beacuse I just too eager for the show..
          experiencing the frantic feelings looking for the fastest recap available just to make my heart feel ease..


          experiencing the pain knowing that there won’t be any more recaps for this show in DB..

          hics..hics… *grab for tissue*

      • 27.2.2 86680

        Many thanks Yuka, just found the IMY recap page at @enewsworld.

        • yuka sato

          got some blogger who will recap this series ^^




  28. 28 dadadupuz

    ohh nooohhhhh !!! you guys wont do recaps anymore.. i hope something will change your mind…

  29. 29 Faranak

    Wow! Last scene just killed me! Awesome episode,great acting and show,great story, i cried a lot during painful scenes,and even if my heart breaks in 100 pieces in every minute,i still love this show and enjoy watching it and reading your recaps,please continue recapping it,please please please,i’m pleading you! 🙁
    Anyway,thank you soooo much GF & JB for recaps,:-* :-* :-*

  30. 30 jude

    I just finished watching Episode 3 and 4 and boy, that was excruciating. And I totally get JB and GF decision. It’s one thing for a drama to bring forward a dark and painful story but it’s another thing to overly dramatize the already dark and painful story.

    So um yeah. I might be watching this drama next week for the sake of checking the adult casts for the first time but then, I”l probably find something else to do on Wednesday and Thursday nite.

    • 30.1 Lilly

      Will watch here because of Yoochun.

    • 30.2 Hannah

      I totally get what you mean. I honestly felt physically sickened after episode 3 (probably because I wasn’t expecting what the Trauma would be), but even as I told myself to stay away, I still watched episode 4. And bled tears from my eyes.

      I keep telling myself to just give it up, but I’ll probably end up watching next week’s episodes with hope that happiness is present in the characters’ respective adult lives.

      I should have never started in the first place, honestly, but the pull of Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun was too strong and now…I wait for some sort of happy ending for the characters, because with that kind of traumatic experience (or Traumatic Experience) there just HAS to be happy ending. (I’m especially holding out hope for the writer Moon Hee-jung whose dramas [Last Scandal; Smile, You; Can You Hear My Heart?] all had happy endings.)

  31. 31 Lilly

    Agree it is rough emotional ride. Not that many people have been close to someone who was violently killed but unfortunately a lot of people have been close to people who have been raped, so it is probably rough for a lot of people.

  32. 32 Shin Haido

    oh… i want moree… T_____T

    thank you for the recaps dramabeans… i’m so happy… ^___^

  33. 33 hawjimage

    I can’t even watch this drama because it scares me since there’s so much sadness in it so I had to come read the recaps. Ah, I’m not sad you’ve decided to discontinue the recaps because we all deserve happiness on Thursdays. Lol.

  34. 34 exquisitemelody

    Aww, thanks for all the recaps so far! Wish you could continue! Guess I’ll just have to wait until I have time to marathon it 😀

  35. 35 glo

    Jb & Gf, thank you so much for recapping the first 4 episodes of IMY. I understand your point of view for not continue recapping this drama, but I’ll miss your insightful comments and most of all your recap.

    Everyone has their own preference and for sure, IMY is not everyone’s cup-of-tea. I don’t really mind the “rape” scene because it’s realistic and I applaud the writer as well as the casts for bravely portraying this sensitive issue in IMY. But hope the adult casts storyline will be more heartwarming and hope they won’t have too many “traumatic” flashback childhood scenes. We don’t need so many remainders of how traumatic their lives are / were; but we want to see how they can move on from their tragic childhood.

    I think I’ll marathon IMY and will dedicate my Weds & Thurs to Jeon Woo Chi as I’m looking for a happiness instead of a heartbreak.

  36. 36 MapleAna

    I’ve never made it all the way through a melo before but I think this might be my first. I know the story is dramatic and depressing but the show is just so pretty! And well-acted!
    It’s a shame you won’t be recapping anymore episodes, I always read first and watch later…

  37. 37 ailee

    aww please don’t stop recapping !!
    i was planning to follow your recaps instead of watching it.
    i hope you guys change your mind, please do so.
    i’ve been reading all your recaps and i gotta say they are way more interesting than actually watching the shows, not just for this drama but others too.
    i think i’ll cry a river starting next week if there are no recaps anymore.
    still thank you for your effort 🙂

    • 37.1 LT

      Come next Wednesday and Thursday and those following, we may have to adopt Soo Yeon’s mantra -our recapper ‘’will come….she will not come…..I miss you’’.

  38. 38 b3an

    nooooo pls keep on recapping! this drama is on the darker side, and I do get angry while I’m watching lol!! I hope things pick up on a more positive note soon. THNKS FOR THE HARD WORK SO FAR!! 🙂

  39. 39 Cinderella

    Wow, reading that recap made me cry and bawl like a baby… And not just in reading entire scenes but in reading the ENTIRE freakin’ recap.

    In all honesty, I’m not even watching the episodes (I only watch a few scenes like their cute scenes together) because I’ll be bawling like nobody’s business and I just don’t think that I can be able to handle crying for an entire hour (with only a small possibility of 5-10 minute breaks in between).

    I think I’ll just stick to reading the recaps….

  40. 40 Brenda

    Despite the intensity of this show, it’s actually quite solid; both on the acting and the writing (so far).
    However excited I am to see Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Chun, and Yoo Seung-Ho, I don’t feel like I’m ready to part with the kids yet, especially since they are doing such a solid job.

    I feel like someone shoved a knife in my heart and twisted it a hundred times over. . .i don’t know how I’m going to survive this drama until the end; but I can’t pry myself away from it either.

    • 40.1 Annie

      It’s hard to gauge writing in translation, but the parts from the diary were so beautiful. The little moments of her observing him made my heart ache. I’ll continue watching for parts like that again.

      • 40.1.1 Hannah


  41. 41 hellochloe

    While I’m not watching this show, I’d really like to read until they’re all grown up. Just to know they’re doing ok 😉

    Thanks for enduring all the pain btw, reading it was bad enough – don’t think I can stomach the real thing.

  42. 42 UltimateMaknae

    Oh please do continue with these recaps! They are amazingly written and I much prefer to read your recaps than bare the horror of the actual drama (though, knowing me, I’ll end up watching it just for the hell of it)

    The adult cast will be coming in soon, it’s bound to get better right? It’s not like they can just kill off everyone (…or can they…?)

  43. 43 d

    T.T soooooo it’s official now u guys wont be recapping this series…….

    T.T forever crying,,, since i always always love u guys..

    tq for d sweet n awesome recapped of 4episodes JB & GF

  44. 44 earthna

    Is it just me who really likes this drama? Yes, it is beautiful yet painful but it’s a melodrama, right? The actors are really doing an awesome job here. They deserve awards.

    I hope to see more Eun Joo in the future. She’s really nice, genuinely nice. That scene with her and detective Kim. It was the first time I cried after watching this drama. Yes, the other episodes were extremely painful. I dont know why I only cried through that scene. Oh, and there’s the mom and murderer scene. Cried there too

    Preview was intense. We’ll probably see them as grown ups next week. I’m gonna miss the younger versions. ㅠㅠ

    Thanks for the recaps, gf!

    • 44.1 Annie

      Not just you. I had to drop Nice Guy after a few episodes because I just didn’t see the point of it. But I already care so very much about these characters and I’m invested in what happens to them.

      • 44.1.1 earthna

        Yeah. I gave up on Nice Guy by episode 4. The evilness of Park Shiyeon in there, that I cant take. I just ask my friends every week if she’s still liking the drama. She texted me today saying she doesn’t like the ending. We have pretty much the same taste so I’m glad I stopped watching it. Well, I hope that with all this pain, we’ll get a happy ending here in I Miss You.

        And oh, I’m happy enough to see Eunhye here after Lie to Me. Gosh, I still dont know why I wasted hours of my life for that.

        • Hannah

          I actually enjoyed Nice Guy (though not as much as I wanted to, especially since I’m a fan of a lot of that writer’s dramas), but I agree with you in that there was hardly any emotional investment for me with the characters. There was something entirely cold about Nice Guy despite its slickness.

          With I Miss You, however, despite finding some plot points a little too gratuitous in execution (like greed for money suddenly spiraling into kidnappings with a disappearance and suspected death of the female protagonist that seems a little Stairway to Heaven-esque), I’m invested because the protagonists are likable and I’m rooting for them to be happy. Please.

          • earthna

            I think Nice Guy was well planned. The first episodes were so intense it will keep you watching. My problem with it though is the extreme stuff that I just cant believe anymore. First when Maru went to Jaehee instead of getting his sister to the hospital. Like really?

            Maybe because I Miss You is about two teenagers who fell in love, gotseparated by fate, then met each other after 15 years. It’s closer to the heart than what Nice Guy offers.

          • shiku

            I dont get why ppl r bothered by that, he loves both of them so he chose to go to JH and have his friend take care of his sister.

  45. 45 my2cents

    A friendly heads up to all those who are pleading for more recaps: that’s considered a no-no around here. That’s why in the FAQs section, they included the following: “Can I request recaps?” “No.” “Why not?” “Can we request that you do the dance of joy when we snap our fingers? (Well, you can always ask. Just don’t expect a yes as your answer.)”

    They recap what they want to recap, which is as it should be since this is their blog. There’s bound to be someone else who will be recapping this on another blog. We are exceedingly lucky that jb and gf devote as much time as they do to this blog (which we get to enjoy for free)… do you really want them to burn out doing something they don’t enjoy? I understand many of you feel like you’re “just asking”, but in the past, jb and gf have tended to get annoyed (understandably) by all the people who don’t respect their decision to not recap a certain drama. So let’s just be grateful, respectful, and move on, okay?

  46. 46 ladyana2j

    I LOVE IMY!!! So far, drama has been so amazing, I will keep watching it, InshaAlloh until End!!!

    Beside incredible acting from both lead child actors, I am adore writer too, this drama is really well written, I really love it!

    My favorite scene was when junwoo’s step sister cried and sang for him then moments between eunjoo and his father, it was so wonderful!

    So sad jb and gf wont recap IMY anymore, but still, thank you very much for recapped ep 1-4 :-).

    @Mystisith, Are you alright? it is like you love being hated by everyone, ckckck… thanks to @yuka sato, have been replied you perfectly… 🙂

    • 46.1 Mystisith

      I feel better now that I poured my heart: Not good to keep things bottled up. Thanks for asking… I dislike being hated like every normal person. What I like a lot tho, is people who can participate in interesting discussions with me.

      • 46.1.1 skelly


      • 46.1.2 jomo

        I like you, too.

  47. 47 pigtookie

    I was a little fearful of more anguish from watching, but reading the recaps already made me teary and emotional. The main characters feel pretty awesome though, something I registered when I watched only Episode 2, but I don’t know if I’m prepared for all the tears just yet.

  48. 48 ramenlee

    Thank you for the recaps. Found it on dramacrazy.com hope Viki.com get permit in USA region soon…

  49. 49 putihlilac

    Thanks for the recap. But i really wish that somebody wil recap this drama. I want to watch it but with a busy life as a medical student, i dont think i can watch this drama. afraid if i losing my energy due to crying for ane hour :'(

  50. 50 anais

    I can totally understand JB & GF’s decision not to continue the recaps, but I am personally thankful to the show for tackling rape. I know personally a number of women who’ve been raped or sexually assaulted, some very close to me. Most have gone on to have productive lives. Only one struggled with its lasting impact, but her difficulty stemmed from people refusing to acknowledge anything had happened to her. In other words, they invalidated her experience and treated her as simultaneously a victim, a nutcase, a pariah, and her experience as some taboo subject. So, I appreciate the show for acknowledging that some people unfortunately get to experience how ugly human beings can be, instead of treating such people’s experiences as some verboten topic.

    • 50.1 jomo

      I agree.

      I was concerned that they wouldn’t “handle” the rape in an authentic fashion, and use it as the really big bad thing that we won’t talk about again, but already it looks like we see poor little SY experiencing PTSD.

      I hope we see that while she relives the horror over and over across the series, that she will deal with the feelings rather than bury them.

      We tend to miss/forget the psychological wounds because we cannot see them. It was a good visual to have SY bloodied and bandaged, especially as it covered her face.
      Her very identity has been harmed by the crime.

      I also like that Joon-ah, even though HE is also a wounded character, is trying to help her. Yes, because I love YSH and want his character to be more than bitter for his own fate.

    • 50.2 foolmoon

      You reason it well.
      I was agree with Mystisith on the first episode, because the conflict seemed forced and exaggerated. But after reading recaps episode 3 (yes, reading …), I see a solid reason for the story of missing someone over 15 years.
      Raping is disgusting, but not the victim. It is the first time I see it in K-drama and judging from the recap, it looks like appropriately portrayed, so people can feel the pain.
      I’m curious how the drama is gonna handle this issue for the next episodes, the adult part. It should be the main issue and not the daddy’s machination. If the drama play it right, I think it’s something worth watching for.

      • 50.2.1 Mars

        Nope. The raping makes no sense at all. I’m not so conservative that I will shy away from it but adding it makes no sense. It makes you more emotionally invested to the drama without actually adding anything to the story. That’s how the writer is coming across to me. Adding pointless stuff to the drama to sell it rather than focusing on actually making a good story. And yes the writer has a a sadistic leaning no matter what your opinion of the drama is. What the rape scene was is that it was well made much like the beating in the first scene. And that credit goes to the amazing cinematography and acting. It doesn’t mean that it makes sense though.

        • Briana

          rape is an awful crime and I had trouble watching as well but by episode 10 or later it fit into the plot…….when she comes back with a new identity her reaction to the rapist is how Jung Woo knows that she really is Soo Yeon and when her rapist is murdered she is the prime suspect and Jung Woo wants to protect her. If it was just based off of the kidnapping evryone is a suspect so I’m not justifying but I get it.

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