Jang Geun-seok: “Just Crazy”

javabeans: So. Here’s this.

girlfriday: O.M.G.

javabeans: I mean, I’m not surprised or anything… It was the last leg of his 2012 Asian tour in Saitama (you know, since touring actors are a thing) so he must’ve wanted to outdo himself. Which in his case means less sensical than all occasions previous, I suppose.

girlfriday: Sigh. That guy.

javabeans: I get what he’s going for, I do. (Which hasn’t always been the case.) It’s Johnny Depp meets Liberace on an acid trip.

girlfriday: With a dash of Prince, and some non-metaphorical peacocking.

javabeans: Yeah, definitely going for the literal on that one. And conceptually, there’s a point. It’s just that… is there a reason? Why, Jang Geun-seok, whyyyy?

girlfriday: If I had the answer to that question, I’d really be halfway there to knowing all of life’s unknowable questions. I honestly wonder sometimes what goes on in his head. I mean, I think I know, but go figure, he always surprises me.

javabeans: He does manage to hit that curious balance of being predictably wacky, yet in an unpredictable way. So while you’re never shocked that his new look is insane, the look itself is… well, just look at it. Either you’re high or he is.

girlfriday: You know where my vote is. And did i just see the headline that his new album is titled “Just Crazy”?

javabeans: Like I said, literal.

girlfriday: Well “Just Crazy” just sold out, so either Willy Wonka and the Peacock Factory worked, or just plain crazy sells.

javabeans: You make it sound like those are mutually exclusive things.

girlfriday: Point taken. Here, have a feather for your cap.

javabeans: Am I pretty, Ma, am I?

Via Hankook Ilbo


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