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Jang Geun-seok: “Just Crazy”
by | November 28, 2012 | 181 Comments

javabeans: So. Here’s this.

girlfriday: O.M.G.

javabeans: I mean, I’m not surprised or anything… It was the last leg of his 2012 Asian tour in Saitama (you know, since touring actors are a thing) so he must’ve wanted to outdo himself. Which in his case means less sensical than all occasions previous, I suppose.

girlfriday: Sigh. That guy.

javabeans: I get what he’s going for, I do. (Which hasn’t always been the case.) It’s Johnny Depp meets Liberace on an acid trip.

girlfriday: With a dash of Prince, and some non-metaphorical peacocking.

javabeans: Yeah, definitely going for the literal on that one. And conceptually, there’s a point. It’s just that… is there a reason? Why, Jang Geun-seok, whyyyy?

girlfriday: If I had the answer to that question, I’d really be halfway there to knowing all of life’s unknowable questions. I honestly wonder sometimes what goes on in his head. I mean, I think I know, but go figure, he always surprises me.

javabeans: He does manage to hit that curious balance of being predictably wacky, yet in an unpredictable way. So while you’re never shocked that his new look is insane, the look itself is… well, just look at it. Either you’re high or he is.

girlfriday: You know where my vote is. And did i just see the headline that his new album is titled “Just Crazy”?

javabeans: Like I said, literal.

girlfriday: Well “Just Crazy” just sold out, so either Willy Wonka and the Peacock Factory worked, or just plain crazy sells.

javabeans: You make it sound like those are mutually exclusive things.

girlfriday: Point taken. Here, have a feather for your cap.

javabeans: Am I pretty, Ma, am I?

Via Hankook Ilbo


181 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aya

    lmao gotta love this trainwreck

    • 1.1 MsB

      trainwreck is a very nice way to put it…My first words when I saw the picture? “Oh Geez”

      • 1.1.1 Pepperandice

        Really? I think he looks great! Anyone who’s followed jrock at all the last 15 years would appreciate it I think, if someone had showed me this picture without telling me who it was idv thought it was Hyde, which is a huuge compliment. It’s a festooned suit and hat what’s not to love! Take that any day over someone boring and typical

    • 1.2 True2u

      LOL!! It all started with You’re beautiful. -_-
      Then picked up a lot of speed with Marry stayed out all night? right? sorry don’t knowthe name.

      • 1.2.1 isthisreallife

        exactly, YAB started it, MSOAN continued it and that snooze fest with Yoona cemented it. I like JGS, but I detest this weird Bohemian, wacky phase, he is currently in. He’s becoming a caricature.

        • Gom

          Oh, bohemian would’ve been acceptable, right? But this thing he’s got going on is just… plain wacko!

    • 1.3 Lord of the Things

      I love him the most! I like to think he’s like some elaborate satirical stunt dreamed up to mock the idol industry, but I mostly just think he’s wackadoo… but he’s earning lots of money, so hey! It works!

      Seriously though, I prefer this kind of nutso idol. I feel like its more honest (or maybe i just have a soft spot for him).

      • 1.3.1 xine

        Seconded! LOL Willy Wonka and the Peacock Factory

        But I love people trying things out and having fun, playing dress up (and this includes recent grungy rappy stuff elsewhere). If it doesn’t work he moves on.

        Altogether too much serious in the world at the moment – I always get a laugh with his live performance stuff. And I do think he’s a really good actor – not always the best projects, tho.

        (Also like a lot of the visual kei band looks if not the music.)

      • 1.3.2 cheekbones

        Agree !

        He idolizes J-rock figures, so this is not a surprise or weird at all if you’re familiar with what’s happening in j-rock.

        Love the look !

      • 1.3.3 Just Another EEL

        The girls know it and we know it – he is so out of the Korean norm that he became almost unacceptable to the average Korean. So no surprise that javabeans and girlfriday dislike him (let say that euphemistically).

        Another simple truth. The fans will follow him and will love him exactly for this madness and his brazen way of being, outspoken and breaking the cliches. The others will dislike him to the guts. But there is this saying “If you have nothing good to say, better say nothing at all”. I don’t like this gratuitous backbiting. I have never spoken, but I noticed the ladies’ attitude towards him, even when Love Rain began.

        I can understand and accept your attitude – although I know you couldn’t care less about my opinion – but it is hurtful and I am sad to find it on my favorite drama analysis site. Because your recaps are for me more than recaps and I always enjoy reading them for the comments you post throughout your recaps – not only the final thoughts.

        I hope not to have offended anyone.

  2. Celest

    Well, if they ever remade Willy Wonka in Korea, I’m sure JGS is the first one on the list…he can even release oompa loompa as a single

    • 2.1 Airyn

      I am imagining this and it is awesome. Yes, please! ^_^

    • 2.2 ilikemangos

      Or he can join in on the cast of cheongdamdong alice, meet up with a previous costar, and cameo as mad hatter.

  3. Shaz81

    Did he fall asleep into Willy Wonka’s wardrobe and wake up drunk ????????

    • 3.1 canxi


  4. UJ

    Why does he do this to himself?????
    I guess it’s one of those questions that really have no answer! *sigh*

    • 4.1 zodd

      At this point he’s just a joke to everyone.

      • 4.1.1 anniejang

        That’s NOT true!

  5. aoiaheen

    You know, sometimes – even if you don’t follow the actors personal life – what you do see if them kind of colors the way you think of the actor in his new roles.

    Like, a few years back, I saw a video on youtube of Park Shi Hoo admiring his abs in a mirror. I think it was a personal video that got uploaded as a prank of something.

    After that, whenever I see PSH I can’t help but think of that.

    Now with JGS, somehow it doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure why. I know he’s crazy, but he’s so very different when he plays a character that I actually forget how he behaves in real life.

    • 5.1 jubilantia

      It’s the mark of a great actor, when they can make you forget so completely.

      I wonder, could he actually play something like Siwon’s character in King of Dramas? Or is it too close to home for him?

    • 5.2 pogo

      yeah, I can shake my head that such a pretty boy chooses to do this to himself but honestly, I don’t mind it because he does completely transform when he’s in character. He can play Korean Helena Bonham Carter all he likes, I just want him to do another drama already.

      • 5.2.1 visitor

        “Korean Helena Bonham Carter” BAHAHAHAHA!

        • YS

          “Korean Helena Bonham Carter” BAHAHAHAHA! [2]

      • 5.2.2 Periwinkle

        Korean Helena Bonham Carter LMAO Brilliant!!!

      • 5.2.3 Airyn

        “Korean Helena Bonham Carter”

        ROFL. Best.Comment.Of.The.Day.

        And now it’s gonna take so much work to erase that mental image. o_O

      • 5.2.4 Kate

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! Korean Helena Bonham Carter! =)))) almost fell out of my chair laughing

      • 5.2.5 watchumlots

        Korean Helena Bonham Carter!
        Channeling Johnny Dep on acid!

        That’s it! He is Korean Helena Bonham Carter channeling Johnny Dep on acid (KHBCcJDonacid)!!!

        Was shopping with my husband in a Korean market, husband says to me when pointing to a skincare product ad with KHBCcJDonacid: “Does that girl have an Adam’s apple?”

        I could not stop laughing or control myself enough to tell him that was a guy! That’s how freakin’ pretty KHBCcJDonacid is, even to a guy!

        Certainly he is climbing aboard some current trend train, and running to the front car, but he should learn “L – I – M – I – T – S” Else he will be just a joke. A pretty joke, but a joke nonetheless.

      • 5.2.6 Ladymoonstone143

        Korean Helena Bonham Carter……

        Now that is funny. My friend got a crush on him, so I probably tease her about this one..:))

  6. pogo

    Am I the only one who wishes he’d stop curling his hair and pull it back off his face? (and maybe ditch the red too, he looks better when it’s dark).

    Far be it from me to try to control the crazy, though – as far as we’re concerned, he’s just being JGS.

    • 6.1 dadadupuz

      I wish that too… ): I just wish he will look like to MAN again.. sniffs

      • 6.1.1 houstontwin

        I feel sad for him. If he wants a career as an actor, he will probably have to resume his manly pretence. But, I think this is the real JGS.

    • 6.2 oozzeee

      I would go so far as to pray that he shave all his hair completely….

  7. nomu nomu nomu

    hmm, having read the comments from a particular thread from King of Dramas, This post has the potential to bring… er, lively discussions.

    *grabs pop corn*

    • 7.1 Mystisith

      *Brings soju to the table… And orange juice for the minors.*

      • 7.1.1 True2u

        Aww come on now, I’m a student with no money, but……

        *Brings 2 bags of chips and a case of water*

    • 7.2 Orion

      Did someone call me? >:)

      No thanks. I do occasionally remember the “trainwreck”, as someone above said, but I prefer to spend my time with actors and things I do like, like rational people do. 😛

  8. Fab

    Going Lady Gaga much?
    I still can’t believe what happened to that extremely cute guy in Lovers in Prague, was it really JGS, the presidents son?

    • 8.1 Mystisith

      His role was small in LIP, but he was adorable there.

      • 8.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        I have a question. You have been following Oohlala Spouses, right? Since you stated your preferred pairing a long time ago ( and I shared that preference), my question is, do you like the pairing at this point? I bailed somewhat early on in the show and am just debating whether to continue or not.

        • Mystisith

          @nomu nomu nomu: I finished OLLC ep 18 yesterday and wasn’t happy at all with what I saw. I even ranted strongly on my blog about that. http://wp.me/p2odKQ-aY

          • Fab

            OMG I didn’t know the other guy was Han Jae Suk! Who on earth would pick that [bleep] over him??
            I dropped that show after the 3d episode, because really when those ”angels” were talking about fate and such, I knew that they’d eventually get them back together; horrible scenario actually happened, really disappointed… Love your ranting, totally agree!

  9. Yoli

    IDK….my first thought when I saw the pic was Mad Hatter meats Willy Wonka! Definitely seen weirder 😉 LOL

    BTW first time I ever post; but a huge fan for years of your blog! Love you guys!!

  10. 10 bgr

    looks as if he’s singing into a feather duster (while clearing his wardrobe).

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Wow. Just wow. I’m a card-carrying member of The Loquacious Society, and I’m speechless.

    • 11.1 Fab

      LOL, what is that?

      • 11.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        loquacious is the fancy word for “talks a lot” hehe and Shukie is the queen but it’s never nonsense stuff so it’s always interesting to read 😛

        • Fab

          I kinda figured what that word could mean, but my mind went too far thinking Shukmeister is a member of some outrageous dressing-loud community… LOL never mind really.
          Sorry Shuk…

          • Shukmeister

            Lol, no worries, Fab.

            I’m one of those scary older woman that dress way more, um, out there than most of my friends. So I think with a different colored shirt, like a dark green, and less chickenhead, the rest of the outfit is good to go!

            I do think the sparkly chickenified microphone is maybe the Korean version of Steve Tyler, but it kind of takes away from his suit. Of course, that’s probably a blessing. LOL

  12. 12 jubilantia

    He’s Korean Adam Lambert!

    Willy Wonka, yeah, but also Mad Hatter. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

    • 12.1 dadadupuz

      Would that mean he’s Gay? hehe Adam Lambert is 🙂

      • 12.1.1 jubilantia

        With this guy, it’s hard to tell, but he is the same brand of outrageously flamboyant.

  13. 13 owl

    Buh-buh-buh-benny and the jets. ELton John.

    I capital “l” love JGS. Loved Love Rain. Couldn’t get enough of the fountain kiss. No one can play back alley punk ganster/lovah-boy with a killer smile like he can. My withdrawals are waning. Like him as an actor better than singer idol.

    That Just Crazy poster profile – *swoon*

    Looks like no one can do peacock feathers and skinny legs like he can. Except maybe the peacock itself.

    • 13.1 pogo

      That is true – he can work the crazy, that strut alone makes him worth watching. And like aoiaheen says, it doesn’t colour my view of him when he’s actually acting.

    • 13.2 Lizzy4e

      “Looks like no one can do peacock feathers and skinny legs like he can. Except maybe the peacock itself.”

      I had a paroxysm of laughter over that statement. omo I convulsed with laughter. (not sure why it struck me, okay it was the addition of the “and skinny legs” that pushed me over the edge.

      Thank you for the huge laugh!

      • 13.2.1 Enz

        I second the thank you and for the same laugh 🙂

    • 13.3 scarlett

      our apologies to all peacocks in the world ^___^

    • 13.4 Gaeina Lee

      In my eyes, he looks way prettier than the peacock itself… ^^

      And I like him in Love Rain too. I watch his short documentary abt day to day life in Arirang(?), and he really is leading a normal life as uni student and young man. However, once he’s on the road, and up for the stage… Bam! He changed. He just changed 180 degree. For that, I admire him for his dedication to his fans.. ^^

  14. 14 kopytko

    I know that he’s an actor and actors tend to differ from your average Joes. I know some people like being simple and others going for the flamboyant. But there is also a limit, after which the flamboyant ceases to be amusing and becomes tiresome. I guess JGS has shown us too much flamboyant. How about going to the army, JGS ;)?

    • 14.1 pogo

      How about going to the army, JGS ?

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not at this stage, anyway – I saw a pic of him with a buzz cut a few years ago, and just…no. I don’t need to be made to feel more like a pedo-noona than I already am (which will happen when his hair gets the chop).

      • 14.1.1 kopytko

        Pffft. He’s 25. He may be a noona-killer, but I guess if he didn’t try to look like a teenage girl, he would make a fine young man. I really think he needs a break…

        • Sinyard7

          I second that 😉

          Enough already JGS.

    • 14.2 AnotherFan

      Exactly my thoughts too. I have the stomach for wild craziness, but this is not – this is simply over the top just for the sake of over the top (and maybe out of creative ideas) and it looks silly.

  15. 15 redfox

    I like him despite all his wackyness. he reminds me of Kerli – you know, Kerli Kõiv, Army of Lovers, Moonchild? well she also went from stylish gothic lolita to this techno-angel fluff and I don´t get it. but at least she wrote Skyscraper….but her style is just so questionable. But she is one of us, our very own, and even if it is questionable we do not question. she has the right to be herself. and it is the same thing for JGS. If that is what he is, ok. what right does an outsider have to force him out his his skin if he feels great in it? like forcing an indian wear a suit.

    • 15.1 redfox

      sry, Army of Love

  16. 16 cv

    HEheheh HE’s so adorable though! ^^

    Wish he would star in a drama soon. Miss him on the small screen.

  17. 17 MariD

    Wow, just wow.. He is just trying to hard now. He is such a handsome kid, he can act, he can sing. Are the over the top costumes necessary?

  18. 18 ella zala

    *speechless for about a minute*



    Go back to your planet JGS’s coordi ! whaaaat the….

    can’t comprehend these images =_=”

    • 18.1 djes

      don’t blame the coordi!
      I think he came up with these wacky outfits himself.

      I guess, it’s his coordi who gave up on him 😛

      • 18.1.1 ella zala


        Then, coordi can stay…but Jang Geun Suk…ARMY! NOW!

        Go MANnify yourself and awe us with GOOD drama!

        • ella zala

          and by DRAMA I meant chocolate abs. thank you very much.


  19. 19 crazedlu

    don’t want to hate on the dude completely, but i used to respect him as an actor. can’t stand this outlandish persona. whatervs.

  20. 20 Rina

    Can’t I’m totally surprised…I never know what to expect from JGS.
    After looking at JGS’s crazy Willy Wonka/Liberace/Prince/pimp/Peacock mash-up and re-reading the recap of his interview on Knee-drop Guru…I wonder if JGS had any influence on Lee Min-ho’s bright green mad hatter outfit in that photo shoot.

  21. 21 jomo

    Girlfriday took the letters out of my mouth.
    All I can add is:

  22. 22 Mystisith

    For SK artists, touring in Japan is like what happens with our beloved Western actors who film Cognac CFs: A way to earn money rapidly and without too much work. (See Lost in Translation).
    I have a feeling than being tagged as a Hallyu star means being successful in Japan and it’s not always related to the quality of your work. Trigger a mania, even a crazy one, and the masses will follow.
    It’s sad more than anything, really: I love(d) JGS when he played interesting characters. Now I’m in the camp of those who wish for a military enlistment. He needs to return to Earth and think of his career in the long term.

    • 22.1 charlie

      My thoughts exactly. I used to think of him as a young actor with lots of potential who chose interesting projects but now all I see is someone drunk on his hallyu fame in Japan. Which is really unfortunate.
      *sigh* I also wish he would chop off that hair already. :S

  23. 23 Grace

    Well, no one can ever say this guy is not entertaining. But the shallow side of me wants him to cut his hair because he is really a hottie. Dude is ruining his prettiness with the crazy though.

  24. 24 AuntieMame

    Uh, hate to tell you. But, he would be considered completely normal in San Francisco, especially in the Haight.

    Matter of fact, he looks just like a homeless guy I see all the time. I wonder if he copy-cat the guy. Or, bought the outfit from the guy . . .

    Hmm . . . Actually, I haven’t seen the guy lately. Maybe, the guy sold the outfit to JGS. LOL

    • 24.1 Gaeina Lee

      AuntieMame, you made me ROTF when reading your post. Thanks for brighten up my days, dear!

    • 24.2 Gom

      LOL-ing forever. 😀

  25. 25 V

    Aw, Bless his heart.

  26. 26 Ccccc

    I want to put him and Big Bang’s GD in the same room!

    • 26.1 ajj

      I would love to see that..both of them in one room would be pretty epic.

      • 26.1.1 xine


  27. 27 ceire

    Willy Wonka meets the Mad Hatter…

    … I’ve actually learned to accept his eccentric style. Sort of. I mean, he’s kinda not giving us any choice, is he?

  28. 28 tessieroo

    Not a huge, fanatical fan but I love this guy doing his own thing and to hell with what everyone else thinks. He’s happy and that should be all that matters. (besides that he’s very young) He has plenty of time to be serious, proper, boring (chop all his hair off so he looks like an ajusshi) to meet everyone’s expectations when he’s older. I think he’s awesome.

    • 28.1 mia

      Ah….finally someone who puts JGS in the right perspective, hehe. Korea needs people like him ( and GD of Big Bang too ) to stop the koreans’ plunge into stifling, stuffy stiff neck confucius-ism.

    • 28.2 canxi

      But we (most of us?) really like him! Who doesn’t poke fun at someone they like from time to time? Especially when they’re in purple and peacock feathers. Thass love right thurr.

      Though I’d still wish he’d cut his hair. I still don’t think it suite his face, personally.

  29. 29 an_nhien

    as an avid j-pop lover, this is considered normal for j-pop costume…. just check out the JE thing….

    I’ve seen much worse…

    • 29.1 mia

      Hear, hear !

      Dear JGS, just ignore all these stuffy ahjumas, wipe off their splashes of cold water on your fine peacock feathers and just carry on with your jig, heheh.

  30. 30 plumeria

    My oh my … I love all his dramas and most of his films, find him extremely good looking and cute, but this is such a turn-off for me 🙁 Well … at least he’s not wearing the awful blonde wig he sometimes has during his concerts (urgh!).

  31. 31 Sajen

    if he’s just wearing this for the stage he needs a new management team and stylist, if he wears clothes like this in his daily life I want to be his new best friend because there is nothing on earth more fun than hanging out with harmless crazy people.

  32. 32 Denali

    Has Mrs Koala seen this yet? She must be so floored. lol

    • 32.1 Danna

      she has, if I remeber correctly these concert pics are a few months old?

  33. 33 Danna

    Um, have you guys not seen this? http://d1i45kki000yqu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/120911-jang-geun-suk-girlified.jpg

    • 33.1 Danna

      If this is his personal style then so be it….if he wants to milk his Japanese popularity with his “music” and all this crazy, that’s fine too….but as a longtime fan of Jang Geun Sook, the actor all I ask for him to pick better roles instead of just going for what is profitable for him

    • 33.2 owl

      Oh, man, I din’t need to see that. Unintentionally burst out singing in my head ## do(e) a deer a female deer… yeechh. Not in a good way.

    • 33.3 wazinluv

      Oh Geez! And I was so in love with him.. That pic is stuck in my head.

    • 33.4 estelle

      I choked on my water when I first saw this photo months ago. I could never take him seriously since then.

    • 33.5 Momos

      Oh crap, I shudn’t have opened it… I want my REAL JGS BACK!!!!

  34. 34 Nilechoclat

    Why JGS I wish to back even though I love crazy things but just not suite you I am sorry 🙁
    G Dragon and Top are kings of crazy stuff but just suite them 🙂

  35. 35 byj_angel

    By the looks of it, I think he’s gay?!

  36. 36 Nokcha

    This is what happens when you begin to believe all the hype around you…you move farther and farther away from reality and begin to live the fantasy.

    Or is this considered artistic integrity – He’s keeping true to his artist vision.

    Whatever it is, I can’t appreciate it. I actually like my men with armpit hair, muscles, and no make-up. Oh, and no feathers or purple sequins…

  37. 37 janet

    i just love JGS and his crazy style. he’s the little brother i wish i had! Not everyone has the opportunity to dress as crazy as possible or wear what they’re feeling in their heart, so i applaud him for giving it his all with experimenting.

    I don’t know how much his stylist is responsible for, but getting to know a bit more about his personality through this blog, I’m sure it’s all him. As well as a bit of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonky & the Mad Hatter.

  38. 38 Lemontictac

    His cane looks like my duster.

    • 38.1 Lemontictac

      Oh shit, it’s a microphone stand.

      • 38.1.1 canxi


      • 38.1.2 Gaeina Lee


      • 38.1.3 jambo

        Oh my looord! let me just roll and laugh here for a while!

      • 38.1.4 Steamy Bun

        There are people around and I’m trying so hard not to LOL right now!!!!!

  39. 39 Sunshine

    lol they should of add the rest of the chocoball!! i can just imagine a poster of them already haha

  40. 40 Goldie

    seriously, my tummy is aching, i laughed so hard. My thoughts exactly. just when you think you’ve seen it all from hi, he just runs you over with some new wacky outfit.

  41. 41 Tama

    Though I can’t say I like the outfit….he can still make it look decent… Maybe it’s just because I am bias LOL

  42. 42 mskololia

    Wow, Japanese women are actually “paying” to see this guy perform at concerts? JGS is crazy like a fox.

    He’s does not strike me as musically talented as Elton or Liberace, who definitely come to mind with those photos….

    • 42.1 redfox

      are foxes crazy? I can live with that. Foxes are good. they take no ones shit.

  43. 43 Jeannette

    Love him, don’t love this. I have “Just Crazy” but after about 5 minutes of listening to it I had to turn it off. 🙁

  44. 44 Lizzy4e

    As the Southern women say: well bless his heart.

    I think he has too much free time and is surrounded by too many flunkies. I think he is bored. crazy too but bored.

  45. 45 Syb

    I guess he just take the Just Crazy literally! (or he´s high…or the costume disigner is high…or was fired…or nobody has the guts to tell him that it was a LITTLE over the edge…or he wants to be the “male version” of Lady Gaga…or I don’t know…maybe he´s just high…)

    (love the Willy Wonka and the Peacock Factory thing…mean but absolutely funny! hahaha)

  46. 46 girlatsea

    Kinda funny how I saw the picture and merely scrolled through it. No reaction whatsoever. Just a day in the life of JGS.

    He officially no longer surprises me.

    • 46.1 asianromance

      So true!

      Now, if you’ve got JGS dressed and posing conventionally – THEN I’ll be surprised!

      • 46.1.1 ajj

        He did looked normal last year’s award show with Moon Geun Young and he looked phenomenal.

  47. 47 Odet

    I refuse to look at his pictures. What happened to that boy? I will continue to pretend he’s on military service and wish him to work with Moon Geun Young again. He is most normal when with MGY.. sigh…

    • 47.1 pogo

      for me that’s Park Shin Hye, I’m praying they reunite in a drama at some later point in their careers because his costumes in YAB could be silly but were mostly really normal (and he looks GOOD in suits)

  48. 48 canxi

    This isn’t nearly as bad as that picture he tweeted of himself in women’s make-up that he said was his new girlfriend. Which was terrifying by the way.

    Also that album cover reminds me of 90’s-00’s Kids Bop meets a Lisa Frank sticker book. Too. Much.

    • 48.1 mskololia

      “…he tweeted of himself in women’s make-up that he said was his new girlfriend.”

      So he’s in love with himself…? Hilarious!

    • 48.2 Jeannette

      Reminded me of Adam Lambert’s album, kinda.

  49. 49 Suzi Q

    I like Lady Gaga’s outfits because I think they are provocative, controversial, creative, and artistic looking. I saw her perform on stage. She rocks, and she’s totally fantastic. He is definitely no male Lady Gaga.

    His mike stand looks cheesy like it was made from some feather dusters, and his hat reminds me of the Mad Hatter’s. Ugh… : (

    I think it’s an insult to compare his outfit to the late, Liberace. I saw Liberace perform in person, and his outfits were beautiful and spectacular! No comparison.

    However, JGS’s outfit looks like a mish mash, wacky, and totally tacky.

  50. 50 ajj

    He’s a Chocoball so I’m not surprised at all. I love Jang Geun Suk zany and all. He’s always been like that. Im honestly excited about him releasing an album in Korea,I hope this means he’ll be doing the rounds of variety shows because this guy will do great.

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