Yeesh, is there some bad juju flowing through Chungmuro? Yet another film has lost its cast this week: both Ha Jung-woo and Jeon Ji-hyun have backed out of the action thriller The Road Home, where they were to play a married couple falsely accused of drug smuggling and forced to take the law into their own hands. It’s too bad; together they’re blockbuster material, and I would’ve watched it for either one of them alone, but now the production is back to square one without any headliners.

The film is the next project from director Bang Eun-jin, of murder thriller Suspect X, in theaters now. The filming schedule for The Road Home was delayed, which makes it understandably difficult for actors with packed schedules to stick to a project that suddenly conflicts with the rest. I was beginning to wonder how Ha Jung-woo was going to manage being cast in every other movie to come out next year, but I guess the answer is he can’t. Even still, you can’t help but wonder if they wouldn’t have found a way, if the project were worth its salt.

The movie is about a woman who gets framed for smuggling drugs while on her way home from Paris, and her husband’s dogged quest to clear her name. Commence badassery, in the name of love. Guess we’ll stay tuned to find out if it can score another cast and get back in the game.

Meanwhile, you can catch the pair of actors in the other action thriller that they’re co-starring in, Berlin, reportedly due in theaters later this year. Uh, they do know there’s not a lot of year left, right? Perhaps “sometime this winter” is a better bet.

Via TV Report