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Kim Ji-hoon joins tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door
by | November 5, 2012 | 71 Comments

Woohoo! So many things about this news make me happy: Kim Ji-hoon is returning to dramaland post-army service (and for real this time, not like that weekend show he was cast in, then wasn’t). He’ll be taking up a lead role in tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door, the third drama in the cable station’s “Oh Boy” series of Flower Boy programming (following Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band), which has already cast Park Shin-hye and Yoon Shi-yoon as the main leads.

The 16-episode romantic comedy reportedly takes a humorous and upbeat approach with today’s culture of sneaking peeks at our neighbors. Um. Okay, that sounds wrong. I suppose it means more in the sense of google-stalking and being a nosy neighbor, although I do wonder how the show’s going to keep Park Shin-hye’s character from being a creepy stalker girl with the way she keeps sneaking looks at her hot neighbor (the role Kim Ji-hoon will play). I’m not worried they won’t be able to; I’m just hoping for the best. It’s a younger man, Yoon Shi-yoon, who catches her at the peeping and presumably lots of cuteness will ensue between them.

As the object of our heroine’s interest, Kim Ji-hoon portrays a rather weak rookie webtoon artist. Heh. He’s described as being attractive despite his difficult, stubborn, and rude personality. With constantly tangled hair, a wardrobe consisting of tracksuits, and a coarse mouth, he’s reminding me an awful lot of Lee Seon-kyun’s character in Petty Romance, the adult comic artist who was poor at storytelling. Not a bad association, in my book.

It’s not a character type I’ve seen from Kim Ji-hoon yet, but I have plenty of faith he’ll be able to do it. He does grumpy hotties so well (see: Wish Upon a Star), and can do a pretty great droll/deadpan delivery. He’s also no stranger to tvN, which was the home of his cable sci-fi-mystery-sageuk Joseon X-Files, one of my favorite K-dramas ever.

(Urg, apparently there’s yet another nonsensical shortened word that’s been coined to refer to his type: the ung-mae-nam, aka the bumbling yet attractive flower boy. I’m hoping that’s a term that doesn’t catch on; I’ve just barely come to terms with cha-do-nam and bol-mae-nam. Not everything needs its own label!)

Can’t wait! Flower Boy Next Door kicks off on January 7, 2013.

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71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kilmenyanne

    Omg I’ve been a Kdrama fan for two years! Kim Ji-hoon was going off to the army then….

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Well you better get ready then because he’s baaaack. I absolutely love this guy.

  2. rabbitsfortea

    So excited for this, the cast is awesome.

    • 2.1 skelly

      Truly, lots of talent all over the place, and no doubt a cute story line with a happy ending (perhaps someone can actually get Park Shin Hye to act like she’s enjoying it when she gets kissed at the end).

    • 2.2 Steph

      It’s officially PERFECT!


  3. ck1Oz

    * screams *
    NOW this is what I call casting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This show can’t get any better. Okay… bring it on, who is the 2nd female lead?

    mumbles under my breath about SOME other

    • 3.1 Danna

      I know!!! Its been a dissapointing array of casting news lately..b
      but this show keeps getting better and better

    • 3.2 BeastGR

      I want CHOCO from Nice guy!!!! I think she would be AWESOME ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Kelinci Biru

    yay!! this needs celebration! I’m watching Love and Marriage now, just in time..

    • 4.1 gala

      One of my fave rom-cons. I’ll even coin it as the ultimate romcom for a kdrama. It mixed the right amount of romance, comedy, and angst. Park ki woong was also an amazing 2nd lead.

      • 4.1.1 Kelinci Biru

        Oh, I can’t stand his pouting, so cute^^. I want Park Ki Woong and Joo Won have pouts battle, just for fun.

  5. kate9joy


  6. red

    Kim Ji Hoon!!!! yay!!!… totally squealed when I saw this, I’m so glag hes back.

  7. rainbow

    eagerly waiting for the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kate

    I can’t wait.
    He is like 11 years older that Shinhye. I wonder how their chemistry will be like

    • 8.1 Kate

      He is like 11 years older than Shinhye* ^^

  9. canxi

    Hot web-toon artist next door? Not gonna lie, I’d be sneaking peeks too. “I’m just another artist trying to get some inspiration, is all”

    • 9.1 Nauna

      LOL! That was my reaction too. Yeah, if KJH was my neighbor I’d be sneakin peeks.

      • 9.1.1 canxi

        Lol, it wouldn’t hurt from to time. As long as we don’t get creepy and start camping out waiting for him to come near the window, which I kind of imagine Park Shin Hye’s character doing,hahaha.

  10. 10 cherkell

    I. AM. SO. IN. What an awesome New Year’s present for us all — Kim Ji-hoon, you have been missed!! There better be Post-Army Abs on display no more than three episodes in, or I’ll be mad!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    And is it too much to ask to see Seo In Guk appear in a cameo as a little wink-nod at the audience (yannow, ‘coz they look like twins and all that…)

    • 10.1 OMG

      Then one post-army abs display for every episode after that….

      • 10.1.1 canxi

        Maybe he likes to work topless?

  11. 11 UJ

    Now this is a great news! cant wait to drool over Kim Ji Hoon :Q___

  12. 12 nyle24

    another hottie for this drama.eagerly waiting for january to come..*scream…^^

  13. 13 Saima

    NICEEE!! Of all the forthcoming shows this has piqued my interest the most.

  14. 14 BattleAngel

    Oh I love everyone they’ve casted so far! I love Kim Ji-hoon! It’s definitely a must watch! But a little part of me will be sad he won’t be getting the girl most likely since Shi Yoon will most likely get the girl…maybe there’ll be another cute lovely girl for our Ji-hoon in the end.

  15. 15 hellochloe

    Ohh boy, can the cast for this show get any better? All my favorite peeps in one show.

  16. 16 MeeisLee

    I’m excited for this one! And I should have time to give it the majority of my attention. Eek, by that time most of my college appellations will be submitted! At least it will be a nice way to get rid of that kind of pressure!

    Anything I’ve watched on TvN so far has been a big hit with me!

    • 16.1 Lynnet

      Am really looking forward to this and how great is it that each flower boy series is made up of only 16 episodes, they never drag and carefully leaving you panting for more. I loved Flowerboy ramyun shop and I have only heard good things about shut up flower boy band so I hope I get to see this one.

  17. 17 Viki

    ::SCREAMS:: I didn’t make the connection that Flower Boy Next Door is tvN’s and is related to the Oh Boys series!!! Omg, I hope this is gonna be just as good as the other 2!!!

    and Yoon Si Yoon!!! OMG! can’t wait!

  18. 18 wowow

    This show sounds like fun!!! :DD

  19. 19 jubilantia

    Hell. Yeah.

    January needs to come NOW.

  20. 20 Aienlacassie

    I’ve got nothing to say except……KIM JI HOON!!!!! Eeeeeeeppppppp!!!!

  21. 21 biankoy

    awww.. does this mean that he’s not going to get the girl? it’ll be Lee Kiwoo all over again ๐Ÿ™
    anyhoo, I’ll take this. My eyes have been Kim Jihoon starved for two years, I’ll grab whatever projects he’s in. especially those post army abs. there’ll be abs, right? Oh Park Shinye how I envy thee. Getting paid to oggle at a hot guy’s post army body? some girls have all the luck

    • 21.1 OMG

      Maybe he will have his own love interest…..hopefully they cast a nice actress! Like shin min-ah….haha

  22. 22 Mymymai

    Omg I still remember his shower scenes from Wish Upon a Star! Can we get those post army abs in the first episode, Drama Gods??

  23. 23 trotwood

    I love this cast. I already screamed elsewhere, so I won’t embarass myself by screaming or gasping or panting here. But really, Kim Ji Hoon AND Yoon Shi Yoon?!?!?! Where does one look? I can feel my retinas already burning from the pretty. They are also two of the best kissers in Kdrama. I love Park Shin Hye, and she has not been in dramas where she has been allowed to really kiss. What great news for her that she will get such practice! Oh yeah and act. That is what I really meant. We are all focusing on the acting.

    P.S.–Post army abs? We’ve seen his abs before. Could they get any better? Is that even legal?

  24. 24 halftwin

    the first thing that comes on my mind after reading this is… SHOUJO MANGA…

  25. 25 Sponge

    WHAT what WHAT?!

    Yesss the third installment of the flower boy series! *____* I could not be more excited that yoon shi yoon (only highlight of baker king and the reason i stuck through all that makjang!) and park shin hye (been waiting for her to be in something good since you’re beautiful ended) are cast, and though i haven’t heard or seen anything kim ji hoon has been in, i’m definitely looking forward to his character :)!

  26. 26 pinkpia

    Kim Ji Hoon *tears* I love him so much. He has taken a soft corner in my heart. It wasn’t love at first sight but he definitely grew on me. Eventhough I knew he was in the army I kept thinking about him, hey I tried to forget but remembering him & missing him….its hard to get someone out of my mind once they capture my heart & soul *sigh* so I wanted him to be back in dramaland ASAP. Finally my wish is being granted ^^
    I was excited to see this drama before but now it is a MUST WATCH!!! I am already loving his character description. And I finally understand why shin hye’s character would be peeping at her neighbour kekeke who in the right mind wouldn’t! I am completely enamoured by him ๐Ÿ™‚
    This will be the SWEETEST New Year everrrrrrrrr
    Kim Ji Hoon <3<3<3

    • 26.1 Jihoongal

      i agree w/you 101% & it seems u took the words out of my mouth! i luv him to death too! i miss him since he’s gone for 2 yrs!

  27. 27 VB

    *happily sighs* I feel like I’ve come full ciricle, googleing Joseon X-Files was what lead me to dramabeans (Dream High made me stay), so I now forever associate Kim Ji-Hoon with my introduction to this wonderful site and community. *warm fuzzies*

    I can’t wait to watch Kim Ji-Hoon again!

  28. 28 ailee

    totally loved him in Love & Marriage. no doubt i’m gonna love him more in this ^^
    totally the sole reason of watching this show.

  29. 29 E_Kun

    This is amazing news! I have just turned a cart- wheel! I can’t move now but I digress….

  30. 30 Abbie

    Okay, I loved him in Wish Upon A Star, so I’m looking forward to this show even more than I already was. I love Kim Ji-hoon. He’s awesome.

    Can’t wait for this show!

  31. 31 Mystisith

    I think I will need a fire extinguisher when I will watch this show. I don’t know that actor for his craft since he must have gone to MS when I started dramas but I’ve seen the pics of his abs on google quite often.
    PS: Don’t worry YSY, I know my priorities and you’re still number 1. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 32 Ace

    Yay! He’s back and not only in another tvN production, but specifically in the tvN’s third Oh Boy series! I actually forgot that there was gonna be a third Flower Boy drama after SUFBB. Plus I’m more excited about Kim Ji-hoon than in Yoon Shi-yoon (sorry fans of his!). I thought of LSK’s Petty Rpmane character too after that description. It’s about time for another Second Lead Syndrome. I haven’t had that since 2010’s hot, sexy, & dreamy second lead Moon Jae-shin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. 33 nomu nomu nomu

    Frankly, I don’t care who they additionally cast. I was already sold when I knew it was tvN 3rd installment of the oh boy series. I really enjoyed the well written dramas with a heart. I have learned a long time ago that a show can have countless of gorgeous cast members and still be utterly CRAP. Don’t get me wrong, the best combo is good story AND good looking cast, but story is more important.

    Basically, I think the series is the actual cake, the ice cream, etc. and the pretty cast is the cherry on top.

  34. 34 Village Mrembo

    The best thing about kim ji hoon, his accent/dialect! Love it, love him!

  35. 35 redfox

    talking about neighbors, I have a crazy neighbor (ahjumma) who is said to bang on my door when I am at work and then when I come home she nags me that why am I working such long days, she has no one to chat with! and tehn she LISTENS at my door can you imagine. and she even peeks at my mailbox. crazy!

    I wish I would rather have a flower boy as a neighbour. I am not gonna make a move on him but we could at least watch football together or such. or cook, or listen to music.

    • 35.1 lemonade candy

      or makeout? hmmm… =p

      • 35.1.1 ella zala

        yes. if said neighbor is Joo Won ^^

  36. 36 Gayle


    It is WAY MUCH better to act with ACTORS rather than IDOLS!!

  37. 37 lulu

    *screams* YES LAAAAAAAAAWD! I love Kim Ji-Hoon!

  38. 38 ladida

    Ahahahaha! Happy dance and clapping!

    So does this mean our heroine is going to fall for the person who isn’t mean and rude? And oh, he doesn’t even sound like the typical hot rude guy, he sounds like a loser who just happens to be hot…which I love! Oh, please be great show, please, please be great!

  39. 39 DaDa

    I wasn’t planning on watching this at all because I am not a fan of the Flower Boy series, Park Shin Hye or Yoon Shi Yoon. But damn you Kim Ji-hoon for pulling me in! So now I suppose I HAVE to watch this and also the whole urban Rapunzel storyline has me curious.

  40. 40 lemonade candy

    will watch this definitely

  41. 41 Jin

    when i first saw this news fr another blog it made my day! can’t wait to see him back, he’s actually my no. 1 K actor since seeing/liking him in SFFTS!! and what a treat too with Park shin hye & Yoon shi, i like the casting need i say more? i’m happy for him for turning down the other drama, this is a good choice KJH! fighting! luv him to death! his eyes, curvy lips sum it up plus i agree with DB he can pull this charac i’m sure! he’s good in anything be it melodrama, comedy or in his joseon x file series! i’m just so thrilled i can’t wait for 2013 bcoz of this!
    thnx for sharing this wonderful news!
    Fighting Kim ji hoon ssi! i’ll support you yong won hi

  42. 42 SaJ

    i’m so excited about this & i just can’t hide it….i know it reminds you of the song but truly, i luv him – he’s a great actor & i hope he doesn’t back down on this anymore albeit i support his decision on the other proj coz that wld be awkward to have him & choi jung as twin siblings andwae yo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    luv ya Kim ji hoon & i luv PSh too not so keen on YSY coz he did alter his face he doesn’t look as cute as he was in Baker king drama! ๐Ÿ™

  43. 43 howforwardsale

    okay drama mathematics (bear with me).

    Kim Ji-hoon + Park Ki Woong = Love & Marriage
    Yoon Shi Yoon + Joo Won = Baker King Kim Tak Goo
    Yoon Shi Yoon + Park Ki Woong (cameo) = Me Too Flower
    Joo Won + Park Ki Woong = Gaksital
    now we have
    Yoon Shi Yoon + Kim Ji-hoon = Flower Boy Next Door

    We are slipping on our game guys. We should have been able to see this coming. Does this work with other dramas? Is there a hot lead/ hot 2nd lead algorithm? Off to see what other mashups I can predict.

  44. 44 kimikazuki

    What’s a difference between a “lead” and a “main” role? Well n-e-ways yeiii i am excited for this drama!!

    • 44.1 canxi

      Not much. A lead role could include secondary characters that the show focuses on from time to time, but a main lead role is usually who the show centers around–they’ll have more screen time, maybe an elaborate back story, and stuff like that.

  45. 45 Almontel

    i am highly anticipating this drama…though I love Park Shin Hye but the addition of more flower boys is making me go crazy…ke ke ke…
    since I totally adored the other 2 installments of Flower boy here at TVN i am really keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the Big Bang for the New Year for TVN!!!

    PSH Fighting!!!

  46. 46 Carol

    Mal posso esperar pela temporada de dramas de 2013. Jรก estava ansiosa pelo novo drama do Joo Won e agora uma nova franquia de Flower boys. Tรฃo feliz. 2013 chegue logo, por favor^^!

  47. 47 Lila

    A little disappointed this is a second lead role but I like him so I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching the angst

  48. 48 ultramarineblue

    AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I missed him SO MUCH after wich upon a star and love marriage!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Glad to see he’s in this drama which was already on my watch list b/c of yoon shi yoon lol. The only character I’m worried about is Park shin hye’s because I feel like her character is going to be this meek girl and I really want a good heroine for the yoon and ji-hoon….

    • 48.1 ultramarineblue

      LOL I meant wish* upon a star >_<'

  49. 49 Shurlee

    Kim Ji-hoon??? Count me in!

  50. 50 bigwink

    Tomorrow is the 7th of January! Yeay!

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