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Kim Min-seo joins Secret Agent War
by | November 13, 2012 | 76 Comments

Now THIS is casting I’m happy about: Kim Min-seo has just been added to MBC’s upcoming Secret Agent War, playing a spy alongside Joo-won and Choi Kang-hee. Yay!

Kim Min-seo always rocks her roles, whether she’s being evil (as The Moon That Embraces the Sun’s dark moon and princess, not to be confused with moon-princess), or… uh, slightly less evil as the bitchy fashion designer in Baby-Faced Beauty. But she can do good characters as well, like her badass gisaeng Chosuni in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, or the sweet dead girl in Bad Guy. Basically, she’s way too good to be still playing supporting roles. When is she gonna get her heroine part?

In Secret Agent War, Kim Min-seo will play Shin Sun-mi, a rookie agent who’d rather die than show herself to be weak, who dreams of becoming a “fierce elite woman.” Her trademark trait: zero coyness. Awesome. She grew up with brothers, and that honed her survival instinct, ha. It also toughened her into putting on a strong facade at all times, though she is devoted to those she cares about and trusts.

As a newbie in the country’s intelligence ranks, that probably makes her close to Joo-won’s level, since he’s also a younger agent, with Choi Kang-hee playing the older, more experienced agent. Since Choi’s gonna fall into a romance with our hero, I’m going to expect (based on the Dramaland Rules of Conduct) that the two ladies might be up for a little rivalry.

Secret Agent War premieres on MBC in January. Woohoo!

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76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rashell

    Awww….now I’m just going to wish that she was the leading lady. LOVE HER!! Why, why, why couldn’t she have gotten the Choi Kang Hee role. I really don’t hate Choi Kang Hee, but with Joo Won (the baby) it really just doesn’t compute.

    • 1.1 Haein

      I agree with you πŸ™ I really liked KMS in SKKS and since TMTETS I’ve been really looking forward to her in a leading role…

    • 1.2 zsa

      me too….i’m still hoping CKH would drop the role…i still can’t finish PTB because of her….ohhh pls drama gods…

      • 1.2.1 Liemkopi

        I can’t even watch PTB though I tried to because of the female lead so gotta skip this new drama too!

    • 1.3 Bengbeng

      oh, i’m about to wish it too after reading her character in the drama. I think i will ship her and Joowon =)

      • 1.3.1 cg

        same here πŸ˜€
        liked her a lot in Sungkyunkwan scandal…..

  2. Thing #1

    I really like her character description. I am thinking the same thing. She was over due for a heroine role.

  3. Annie

    ‘Basically, she’s way too good to be still playing supporting roles. When is she gonna get her heroine part?’

    I feel this way about a lot of younger actresses. The whole casting process just perplexes me at this point.

    • 3.1 pogo

      I know!

  4. nomu nomu nomu

    I’m just hoping any badass female character, her and the heroine, stays badass because (“based on the Dramaland Rules of Conduct”) a badass female character will become a whimpering doormat after she falls in love.

    • 4.1 nomu nomu nomu

      I understand the frustration with the casting of CKH, but, the dead horse ain’t gettin’ any deader πŸ˜‰

      • 4.1.1 Rashell

        True….but everytime I see something about this drama, I get excited….then I remember the casting. I’m still giving it a chance, but it is still hard to process. And took a drama that I really was looking forward to, and made me less excited about it. Can’t help it.

        • nomu nomu nomu

          fair enough. πŸ™‚ I didn’t mean to imply anything to any posters here. I just feel, that’s it time to complete our “Stages of grief” and be on the Acceptance stage by now or at least soon.

          • la dee dah

            I agree, people can vent about the casting, it’s their right, but it’s kinda futile at this point. I think at this stage, it would be better for people to wait until after they watched the first episode, then if they’re still unsatisfied with the casting, they can vent. Who knows, she may surprise people (unless the only reason they’re against the casting is because of her age, in which case there’s nothing she can do about it).

          • nomu nomu nomu

            Just checking in a day later to see the condition of the dead horse.
            Dang…there’s not an ounce of flesh left on its carcass.

        • skelly

          Yep, as they say, all the perfumes of Arabia can’t sweeten this little hand. I think CKH is a mistake, and Chansung is a blot on the landscape, so all viewers can hope for is that they spend a lot of time establishing Joo-Won and Kim Min-Seo as the doomed alternate pairing.

          • swimmingrose

            Actually, I’m kinda excited about Chansung being a part of this drama…I think the boy is really hot;) plus I think he can play a pretty decent bad guy!
            Reference: JOO’s Bad Guy MV feat. Chansung…lol

            However I do agree with you that CKH was probably a mistake…I think she is around a decade older than both boys…

  5. katiamon

    bummer!!!! too bad she wasn’t chosen as the lead female, she would be great next to joo won =)

  6. Eunsoo

    Ahhhhh I hope the other one drops out somehow I hate her! I hope she becomes the lead

  7. crazedlu

    I’m still raging about casting. -_-; But this, I accept. Exactly whyyyy did the “experienced” spy have to be friggin old? I bet there are a bunch of them walking around young. Choi Kanghee. – -; I don’t think I’ll ever get over the worst casting of the year.

    Joo Won. ~

    • 7.1 crazedlu

      How did I manage a double post? @_@ I must really hate casting. Siiiigh.

  8. crazedlu

    I’m still raging about casting. -_-; But this, I accept. Exactly whyyyy did the “experienced” spy have to be friggin old? I bet there are a bunch of them walking around young. Choi Kanghee. – -; I don’t think I’ll ever get over the worst casting of the year.

    Joo Won. ~

  9. wowow

    Still upset with the Choi Kang Hee casting :'( i dun think i can get over it anytime soon :{

    Why oh why, she may be a good actress but i just cant imagine the love line between her and joo won :'( Joo won ish too young!. :O no prob with kim min seo,in fact i wud rather she be the lead πŸ™
    still contemplating if i shud watch this solely for joowon hehee.

    Anyways, i heard he guest starred in WinWin and confessed that he only dated twice in his life! :X Wonder where he got those kissing lessons though haaha!

    • 9.1 liza

      He said he only dated twice in his life not that he only kissed twice in his life. heheheh

  10. 10 Kiara

    I’m so happy for her. Loved her in Moon Sun.

    • 10.1 Kiara

      I love show stealers and she can definitely do that plus she shines more as the underdog.

  11. 11 la dee dah

    What??? She was the princess in Moon/Sun and Chosuni in SKKS? I didn’t know they were the same person!! It may be the way she was made up in SKKS. In any case, seems like she will kill in this role! And I haven’t seen Choi Kang-hee in anything, so I don’t know how she is acting-wise, but I have absolutely no problem with her being older than Joo woon as long as she does well acting-wise.

  12. 12 Laurita

    Well, in the drama-land there were these cases where the heroine would choose the second-lead at the second part of the story. If Joo-Won and this girl will have a super super powerful chemistry… then… then… it is possible, right? Right?

    • 12.1 mems

      Oh dear, I do hope you’re right. That is my only teeny-weeny glimmer of hope now.

    • 12.2 Bengbeng

      Or maybe they will do a Queen reversal, where the lead actress ending with the 2nd lead because their chemistry is just too great and the fans were just clamoring for it. Got an extension to boot!

  13. 13 Kiury

    I don’t want Choi Kang Hee with Joo Won, I prefer Kim Min Seo at least she’s young, pretty and pettite just as my Joo Won oppa.

    Please Kang Hee shi step out of this drama, all Joo Won’s fans ask you to.

    • 13.1 la dee dah

      Wow, that was a mean superficial statement.

    • 13.2 lenrasoon

      i’m a Joo Won’s fan and you don’t speak for me ¬¬

    • 13.3 DaDa

      LOL oh yeah, Choi Kang Hee will drop out for the sake of you lot…right…

    • 13.4 Enz

      I am a joo won fan and I don’t remember asking CKH to leave the drama

    • 13.5 FishFillets

      errrm… Sorry but i like joowon as well but i’m not going to ask choi kang hee to drop out just because i prefer kim min seo, because that’s just…. wrong. She got the role fair and square and please kindly refrain from doing the same thing as some of the yoochun fans did, it would really hurt the actress’ feelings.

  14. 14 lovepark

    Hmm… I haven’t really caught most of her work, but I’ll assume the little I have seen of her weren’t the best to make a rushed judgement on so I’ll hold back on my opinions on her.

    Because there doesn’t seem to be too many on the opposite spectrum, just wanted to add my two cents:
    Why did Joo-won have to be cast as the male lead? Tarnations! I love Choi Kang-hee and wish she were partnered with someone better. It’s all a matter of perspective. Some people have their opinions, and I have mind. No disrespect, just thought I share. πŸ˜‰

    • 14.1 Laurita

      Well, when you put it that way… I guess since Joo-won is so popular right now, most of the fans want to see him on tv screens again. I also can’t wait to see him portraying a different character, therefore I have no complaints about him being the lead. On the other hand, I don’t know much about Choi Kang-hee… I honestly don’t have anything against her… it’s just that they don’t seem to be very compatible together and since I know more about JW, my scale is on his side. But your opinion really makes sense πŸ™‚

      P.S. I’ve just learned a new word in English – thanks for “Tarnations” πŸ˜€

    • 14.2 Tha

      Add two more cents to that! Peeps just need to chill a little.

    • 14.3 Mar

      @lovepark-Like! lol Very nice way to address this.

    • 14.4 tillen

      Why did Joo-won have to be cast as the male lead?

      Really why???? just liked the script? Is drama suitable for his age or not??


      I think originally this drama should be with those casting kim tae hee vs kim nam gil or lee dong gun, same in the movie lovers in their 30, but after decided to choose JW they changed script even Kim tae hee dropped(dont think she like to romance younger actor).
      so its JW who accepted the role not match his age.

    • 14.5 mary

      Thank you for making sense.

      (Tarnations! Haha)

  15. 15 canxi

    While everyone continues to be upset about casting…I just wonder when exactly did they change the title of the show?

  16. 16 becca_boo

    If her character lives up to her potential, I might be shipping the second female lead. How often does that happen? (Hint: something about blue moons).

    Thanks for the update, jb!

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Yay.Love her.Okay shipping her character already.

  18. 18 mars

    I think she’s a pretty fantastic actress and this role sounds really great! It kind of makes me laugh that people are talking about how great it would’ve been if she got the lead role. Do you guys actually like her or is she just “better” than Choi Kang-hee? Anyways stay pressed because Choi Kang-hee is gonna eat that young spy up all over your screens come next year.

    • 18.1 lenrasoon

      “Choi Kang-hee is gonna eat that young spy up all over your screens”


    • 18.2 ck1Oz

      I’ve seen her in 3 dramas already and liked her acting.

  19. 19 lenrasoon

    i can’t wait for January!

    and seriously, at first i was a little upset with the female casting but i got over it real quick ’cause Choi Kang-hee is actually a good actress (even better than Joo Won), also seeing people bitching about the actress age/looks bothered me and made me feel eager to see her together with JW (i hope they have lots of chemistry so some people will eat their words lol).

  20. 20 jakebot

    she’s awesome. i liked the movie, and am a little weirded out by the super noona casting for the lead, but i am a fan of kim min seo. definitely on my watch list, now.

  21. 21 tillen

    JW gonna have tough job competing Jeon won shi and then Iris.

  22. 22 dtp_jnr

    For some reason i think this would be Joo Won’s first drama that wouldn’t even cross 20%….i’m not even sure it would go past 15%

  23. 23 DeeDee

    Eh, I always ship the second leads anyways.

    • 23.1 zsa

      Exactly…already seeing her with joo won…

  24. 24 DeeDee

    Wait, Chansung is going to be in this drama as well ? Oui. I am thoroughly not excited for this drama. I can’t believe they’re gonna put two younger guys as her love interests. I would rather have her contemplate between picking between a guy who is in her age range with an A4 quality who’s stable (well, as stable as a secret agent can be) and mature vs. a young guy which is Joo Won.

    With that dynamic, they can do the whole “The more logical choice is older guy but I laf da young guy moar”. Love that dynamic to bits.

  25. 25 FishFillets

    whaaaaat why is she not the female lead WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!
    i don’t dislike choi kang hee but honestly i don’t think she looks as good as kim min seo with joo won…. Sorry if i seem shallow but i really really do care a lot about the visuals…
    ._. Dayum i’m really disappointed. Still gonna watch it tho, her character sounds kickass fantastic.

  26. 26 Suzume

    I love Kim Min Seo. Why cant she still get any leading role??? After Moon/Sun, I think KeyEast at least know that they have to find her a script in which she’s the lead, and shines. SOON. But now, here comes this πŸ™ Forget it.

  27. 27 blackitty

    to be honest im not a fan of Choi Kang-hee, but im hopping for the best cuz I love jw

  28. 28 ckdarkraven23

    great!!she makes a good second lead! πŸ™‚ i hope to see her take the lead role someday. So much potential πŸ˜€

    hmmm…i’m keeping my fingers crossed…if Joo-Won can create chemistry with Eugene (who’s also way older than him) I think he pull off another one with Choi Kang Hee πŸ˜€

    • 28.1 Annie

      I generally agree with your point about the possibility of chemistry, but let’s be real – Eugene was 6 years older than him but I doubt anyone looking at them would have guessed it. Some people just age better than others.

      • 28.1.1 NikaNika

        That’s because she was 29 at the time of Baker King, not in her 30s. Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee belong to different age groups; I don’t know how they will pull off this romance without it being a slight bit weird at first.

        • Fab

          With all do respect you sound ridiculous…

          • Fab

            due not do. thanks autocorrect….

          • NikaNika

            Eh? “Ridiculous”? Why so? You seriously think that a 23-year-old and a 29-year-old in a relationship is comparable to a 25-year-old and a 35-year-old in a relationship? ‘Cause I disagree. Okay, with being ridiculous then.

        • asianromance

          depends on how you define age-group. According to tv ratings in the US, 18-49 is one entire age-group. 25-34 is an age group being tossed around too in stats.

          If we’re counting by decade (20-29, 30-39, 40-49), wouldn’t Ha Ji Won, born in 1978, (and now 33)’s be in a different age group than Lee Seung gi ( now in his mid 20s) – which should mean that their pairing in OTP was unnatural in some way? How about when Ha Ji Won was 31 and Hyun Bin was only 28 when they did Secret Garden? How about Park Shi Hoo being 30 and Moon Chae Won being 24 at the filming of the Princess’s Man.

          • NikaNika

            Age-groups are usually designated depending on context. When I wrote my comment, I was thinking in terms of appearance: people in their twenties look significantly different those in their thirties, obviously. Also, people generally marry and date those close or similar to their age. So a 29-year-old Eugene didn’t look odd with Joo Won at the time of Baker King, unlike Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee (to me).

            The awesome couples you mentioned worked because they had great chemistry; I hope Joo Won and Kang Hee do as well. BTW, I don’t think it will be unnatural, though. Just when out-of-context, it’s kind of weird. I am used to watching couples who are within the same age group.

      • 28.1.2 asianromance

        well maybe Joo-won and CKH aren’t playing similar age characters? If CKH’s character is meant to be older, doesn’t it make sense for her to be older and perhaps even look older than Joo-won’s character? Maybe the characters are supposed to have a May-December sort of romance?

    • 28.2 sisi

      Eugene is real beauty but CKH …..

    • 28.3 gaeran.mari

      that’s cause he looks waay better with eugene and their chemistry was off the charts.keeping choi kang hee as the main female lead is not a good idea imo..

  29. 29 Mar

    You know, if people don’t care for CKH because they do not like her acting, that is cool. Personal preference is, well, just that. As Yoda would say, watch or watch not lol. There are actors and actresses I do not particularly care for, but I might watch something if they are in something with someone I do like to watch. For example, I do not like Gwyneth Paltrow, but that didn’t stop me from watching Ironman. Generally, I’ll avoid movies she is in though. But just not caring for the actress acting does not seem to be the case here, it seems more about CKH’s age. I could be wrong, but that is my perception. I just really don’t care about stuff like that as long as a show is entertaining. I mean really, what does the ages of the ACTORS in REAL LIFE matter as long as we aren’t dealing with child actors? Gosh, in western film and tv, I’d never watch anything if I focused on ACTORS age gaps or one party looking older than the other, as it’s still common for actors to be cast with actresses 15 and 20 years younger.

    All that said, my guess is the two leads will click just fine onscreen.

    And on the subject of this blog on KMS, I think her character could be a lot of fun to watch based on the description. Thanks for posting the update!

    • 29.1 Annie

      We are definitely socialized to think that an ageing man is attractive and distinguished whereas an ageing woman should hide herself in a corner and lament her lost youth. One wonders how much of the negative response is evolutionary psychology at play and how much is culturally driven.

      • 29.1.1 gaeran.mari

        it’s not just cause of her age,people doubt she will have good chemistry with joo won.I’ve seen many cases where the female lead was older and no one really complained.I honestly don’t care about the age difference I mean it’s not like it’s a 30 year age difference,but choi kang hee and joo won sound like a terrible pair,they just don’t compliment each other.

  30. 30 Mar

    Annie, yes I agree, and you have nailed it on the two primary response factors.

    I do not know if CKH is in a relationship or married because I do not concern myself with celebs privates lives, but if not, this kind of reaction makes me want to root for the two of them to enjoy a torrid real life romance and for her to totally ruin Joo Won for all other, uh, girls.

    • 30.1 asianromance

      Me too! Maybe they’re secretly married already. And nothing wrong with guys marrying older women. Hugh Jackman’s wife is 13 years older than him.

      And it’s not like Joo-won is a 15 year old who needs to protected from a cougar adult preying on teenage boys who don’t know better. He’s like 25.

  31. 31 niKai

    can she be the lead please thank you. she’s awesome. but ckh is fine too,but if only minseo was not in the picture.

  32. 32 asianromance

    Whoa! Totally didn’t realize she was in Baby-faced beauty. I thought the character looked familiar, but assumed she was one of those girls who had played a clingy second lead before in another drama I’ve seen. Now that I know that’s Kim Min Seo, she’s wasted in that role. (I’ve only watched up to episode 15. Maybe she will be amazing later on…)

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