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Kim Sun-ah considers lead in revenge film
by | November 28, 2012 | 49 Comments

Looks like Kim Sun-ah is lining up a movie for her next project, and a stark character change-up to go with. She’s reportedly in talks to star in The Five, a dark revenge saga that will put her front and center of a ragtag team on a vengeance tear. Hell yeah. Badass Kim Sun-ah is my favorite. It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s a role I’d love to see her in.

The movie is an adaptation of a popular webtoon written and drawn by Jung Yeon-shik, who will be writing and directing the film version. That’s cool in and of itself, though of course it would make all the difference to have an A-lister like Kim Sun-ah headline. If she signs on, she’ll play the heroine who loses her entire family at the hands of a serial killer, and sets out on a mission to get her own revenge.

The description says she becomes a woman who dreams of gruesome vengeance, so it sounds pretty dark. It’s not the first time she’ll play a badass, but she’s mostly known for her rom-coms of course; it would certainly be a transformation worth watching. The webtoon which began in April 2011 (and is still ongoing) is highly rated as well, so I trust that there’s a good story there.

The lead character is a woman who watches her own husband and daughter murdered by a serial killer before her eyes, and ends up half-paralyzed herself in the attack. She manages to get away with her life, and becomes singularly obsessed with revenge. But because she’s in a wheelchair, it’s not something she can do on her own. She eventually assembles a team — The Five — who all have their own reasons and vendettas, and together they form an unlikely alliance to go after a killer. Awesome. I love found families and ragtag crews, and the premise sounds perfect for a movie adaptation.

Something to look forward to in 2013.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Danna

    woah that is some awesome synopsis for a revenge movie…..This could be fantastic if done right

    • 1.1 Danna

      now I’m kinda wishing they’d made a drama out of it

  2. skelly

    Weak Kim Sun-Ah makes me sigh.
    Cutesy Kim Sun Ah makes me cringe.
    But a come-from-behind, on-a-mission, underdog-but-coming-up-fast-on-the-outside Kim Sun Ah?
    Sign me up. This could be fabulous.

  3. Shukmeister

    That’s definitely something I’d love to see!

  4. gulsan

    The story sounds fabulous! With kim sun-ah it’s going to be magnificient!!

  5. salt ndpepper

    The story sounds similar to an Indian film I had seen…

    • 5.1 anklegirl

      Yes!That’s what I was thinking, umm “Army” in mid-90s’.

  6. nomu nomu nomu

    synopsis sounds pretty good, with a badass Kim Sun-ah, sounds even better!

    *off to look for any Eng scans*

  7. Fab

    That is so what happened to Kim So Yeon’ character in Athena, minus the wheelchair…

    Too bad Sun Ah won’t be walking on those incredible legs, although no doubt she’ll be bad-ass!

    • 7.1 True2u

      “Too bad Sun Ah won’t be walking on those incredible legs”

      LOL!!! XD!! To true, hahahahaha

      I have no doubt that she will kick some major butt!!!
      I’m just wondering who will be the rest of the ragtag crew!!

      • 7.1.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

        i hope the whole team will be as badass as the leader.. 🙂

        The story sounds interesting. I’m in!

        • True2u

          You read my mind. I really hope everyone in the crew is as bada** as their leader. Now I’m just wondering who is going to be the killer?

      • 7.1.2 mary

        I bet Kim Sung Oh will be in this again. Haha

        He’s like National Cameo Guy of South Korea!

        • True2u

          LOL!! i love this guy! Loved his cameo in History Of A Salary-Man!

  8. egg

    Oh but will she be in wheelchair the entire movie? I would want to see her kick ass (literally) at least part of the movie!

  9. True2u

    Kim Sun Ah!?!?!?! O.O……… o.O Say no more. I AM INNNNN!!!!!!!! Love her to pieces!! XD ^^

  10. 10 jomo

    Does anyone know who is directing?

    • 10.1 True2u

      It was stated above, but here ya go. ^^

      “The movie is an adaptation of a popular webtoon written and drawn by Jung Yeon-shik, who will be writing and directing the film version”

      • 10.1.1 jomo

        Wow! I read that but didn’t read that.
        That is pretty ambitious for the man – good for him!

  11. 11 Orion

    Sounds very interesting. I do hope there’s a good moral in it though, because if you’re going to show me a very dark film, it better be made for a purpose. Not just to depress me. I’m depressed enough already.

    I hope they pick a great cast. If it’s as character-driven as it sounds, with colorful and diverse roles with different problems and motivations, I think finding excellent actors for all of them will give a big boost to the writing.

    Nothing beats a talented ensemble.

  12. 12 trotwood

    I love her. I even liked her in She’s on Duty, a movie my “friend” told me that I shouldn’t admit to watching (why not? Sun Ah, Gong Yoo AND Ha Tung-Woo?!?! PFFFT). Anyway, she can be badass as she showed in that (literally beating people up), and this movie has the potential to be Excellent, especially with her showing her mental toughness.

    • 12.1 True2u

      Admit it!!!!!!! She’s On Duty is one of the best Rom-Com film ever made. I love it to pieces. I’ve seen it so many times and it never gets old. Who doesn’t love some Sun-Yoo? Their chemistry was also screaming through my laptop screen. ^^

    • 12.2 jomo

      I really liked She’s On Duty, too.
      Wasn’t Ha Jung Woo in that also with really really bad hair?

    • 12.3 leiah2013

      She’s on Duty is my favorite movie of Suna unnie. I hope Suna will accept and sign it the soonest. it a must to look forward project of her when she agreed already. Oh excited much!!!!

  13. 13 Sajen

    it does sound awesome, it also sounds like something that Hollywood would buy and proceed to screw up

  14. 14 mvl

    are you all forgetting the film yesterday that she stared in. the movie didn’t do well & from what i remember of the reviews folks had a hard time transitioning her from her rom-com roles to all out bad ass!!!

  15. 15 asianromance

    I love Kim Sun-Ah’s rom-com persona, but I’ve been itching for her to go and be an angsty badass.

    Now I need to look up this webtoon.

  16. 16 noozie

    This plot reminds me pretty strongly of Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie, in which a previously badass character (she’s a mercenary! and awesome! and also fucking her brother, which seems to be an unfortunate trend in fantasy-land right now. Or fortunate, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

    Anyway, this character ends up crippled, assembles a team of badasses, and aims them at the asshat who hurt her. (Of course, she has no moral grounds; she’s just as much of an asshat.)

    Moral ambiguity, can I have you?

  17. 17 hgirl

    I love her. I could watch her watching paint dry and I would find it riveting…and give it a standing ovation. I’m so in for this movie.

    • 17.1 True2u

      LOL!!! I kno that’s right. hahahah XD

  18. 18 zsa

    hell YEAHHHH!!! I’m just hoping to see her kick asss…to bad she’s not doing that literally but imagine the kind of acting it takes to transfer that revenge without having the ability to physically do it herself…it calls for REALLY good multiple dimensional acting!! Can’t wait!

  19. 19 Rhian

    Go Sunny!!! Do it!!! We miss you so much!!!

  20. 20 So3

    I think this is the kind of character that KSA is looking for. She has been mentioning how she wants to play a “bad woman” role. Well this character doesn’t exactly translate as “bad” (since she’s a victim herself in the story) but I bet it’s quite likely she’ll take it.

    *Keep my finger crossed*

    I just hope the webtoonist will prove himself to be a good director as well…

  21. 21 jastinel

    The waiting is over, KSA come back movie sounds awesome. I really want to see her in this kind of role and I hope she will accept the offer. It`s time for her to win Best Actress award for movie`s and this film might be the one.

  22. 22 Kwhat?!

    I would be so excited to see this! Make it so, dramagods.

  23. 23 kakashi

    oh wow. sounds very interesting. Does anybody know whether the webtoon is available subbed?

    • 23.1 kakashi

      I mean translated. jeez.

  24. 24 donnapie

    This movie had me at Kim Sun Ah. Is all.

    • 24.1 msim

      She, indeed, is all.

  25. 25 Okj

    Kim sun ah is way too thin. She looked much better as a fatty Kim Sam soon

  26. 26 eimichiko

    SuNNy unnie, do it!!!!

  27. 27 Jess

    Totally random, but that’s a beautiful picture of her!

  28. 28 Crazy Unni

    Wow! This sounds awesome and I love her too! It totally sounds like Kill Bill to me from her watching her family killed before her eyes and escaping paralyzed. I have never seen her kick ass literally in any dramas so I am excited about this. I am used to her comedies.

  29. 29 feydo

    love her, can’t wait to see her again, if it happens. Wish and hope to see her again exactly when she was with Bi, Rain dancing tango, regarding health and physique she was at her very best, very sexy with her attire! still watch that video clip, till now.

  30. 30 mlou

    It’s about time she got a serious dramatic role that shows off her talents. More of this, please.

  31. 31 marina

    i am torn between being sad and being happy!sad because i madly wanted to see my beautiful Sun in a drama and happy because my Sun is considering a project.anyway if Sun ah is in i`m in too:)she is the reason that i watch korean D/Ms.fighting sweetheart.
    shine forever the only sun of korea.kiss~hug.marina

  32. 32 Marine


  33. 33 linda

    i like daniel henney will be the hero…and one of the five member…

  34. 34 Aisu

    I’m afraid the movie will be sadistic and rough like Korean movie eventually. high and low of Korean style.
    But I’ve got images of her dark character and I have high expectation on it

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