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King of Dramas: Episode 4
by | November 23, 2012 | 106 Comments

This drama is really shaping up nicely, and this is another strong episode, filled with equal parts humor and suspense. This show accomplishes the uncommon feat of taking its relatively small stakes and making us care about them, even rooting for our characters’ successes with pounding hearts and bated breath.

In the scheme of dramaland as a whole, television airdates and budgets can’t really hold up to the grand drama of revenges, generations-old strife, and murder plots, and yet everything is delivered as though it really is life or death for our people. We believe Anthony is all-in, but it’s not depicted in a condescending way. He cares, we care.

And most of all, it’s just plain fun to watch.


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EPISODE 4: “The Art of War”

The room of SBC execs gape as supa-star Hyun-min strolls in as part of Team Anthony, contrary to their (and our) expectations. Rival CEO Oh Jin-wan finds he’s one step too late, hearing that Anthony got to the star first. Fume.

Over a celebratory drink, Anthony asks about Hyun-min’s change of heart. That flashes him back to the scene we saw last episode, where Go-eun promised to show the world Hyun-min’s sincerity as an actor through her writing. He had walked off scoffing at her naivety… but then turned back.

Ah, it was a fakeout. This show is getting better at subverting our expectations, and I’m digging it. Rather than leaving the scene as we saw it, Hyun-min had reapproached, asking if she meant it. She’d said of course, and he’d warned her to keep that promise.

To Anthony, however, Hyun-min says smugly that he never once wavered in his decision: “How can a man renege on his word?” Heh, no way he’s going to admit he was moved by Go-eun’s words—not when he can posture about being all manly and loyal. However, he does ask, just to make sure: “About that writer… she keeps her promises, right?”

She does indeed, and gets to work, her cubicle now plastered in Hyun-min photos to keep him in mind as she writes. Either that or she’s a secret fangirl.

CEO Oh is not ready to throw in the towel yet, and gives the instruction to continue with their plans. He’s gotta be up to something nefarious, judging from his air of frustrated villainy as he vows to hand Anthony his defeat.

Hyun-min’s unilateral decision to go with Kyungsung Morning has his agency president in fits, especially since Hyun-min never used to be swayed by anything other than his own bottom line. But Hyun-min’s holding all the cards and points out that Prez needs him more than he needs the agency, and that’s enough to get him to back down.

Hyun-min pays a visit to his pop-star girlfriend, Bit-na, who’s a member of the girl group Angel Six. He goes gaga over her looks, while his manager hyung mutters that she’s got the pretty face, but insinuates she’s missing other qualities.

Sure enough, she strolls over looking glamorous, only to open her mouth and whine—and the voice that comes out is a godawful falsetto screech. HA! She’s Lina Lamont! It’s awesome.

Bit-na complains that she’s been told to keep her mouth shut at her next concert, because her voice will send her fans running. She’s a singer who’s been ordered not to speak? That’s even better. Hyun-min assures her that her manager’s the crazy one, since her voice is unique and sexy. I’ll give him one of those two. Either he’s a really sweet boyfriend, or he’s tone-deaf; honestly, odds are pretty even at this point.

To cheer her up, Hyun-min offers to buy her the new car she’s been wanting, since he’s expecting a big fat payday. She coos, “I luh-luh-lub you!” He doesn’t even cringe. Aw, this is a cute couple. Totally wackadoo, but they’re sort of perfect for each other.

At SBC, Anthony meets with the head of drama programming, Director Moon, who’s pleased to hear of the progress on the scripts and yet orders Anthony to replace the writer. They need somebody more experienced who can handle the live-shoot. Uh-oh. Director Moon makes it clear that there is no room for negotiation on this.

Anthony doesn’t look happy, but we hardly expect him to stand up for Go-eun—not with his production on the line. Still, it’s gratifying to see him squirm a little when he returns to the World Productions office to find Go-eun’s mother there, happily feeding the crew. They’re so cute, especially my favorite of the PD-minions, Dong-seok (Anthony’s right-hand man).

Anthony takes Go-eun aside as soon as Mom’s out the door and gets straight to the point, offering a generous payoff for her to step aside. The words don’t compute, so he gets even more blunt: “I have to fire you. Leave.”

She asks for the reason, and interestingly, he doesn’t tell her the straight answer. Instead he paints himself as the bad guy: “I used you to get the investment and now that I don’t need you anymore I’m ditching you.”

She spits back his words about not letting her dream turn into a mere memory, and he says that was a lie. Furthermore, he’s already found her replacement. She calls him trash, and it’s only when she threatens to storm into the broadcaster’s office that he tells her she’d better not, since they’re the ones wanting the writer replacement.

Go-eun beelines for SBC and storms Director Moon’s office, interrupting his meeting with another CP. She asks if it’s true that they demanded the writer switch, and Director Moon confirms readily. He’s unmoved by her plea, saying he can’t leave such a big deal in the hands of a newbie with no experience: “The answer is simple. In this war, all we need is you to leave for us to win.”

We’ve seen that the other exec, CP Nam, has much more of a moral compass than the other producers and he looks uncomfortable at the scene. But it’s not his battle, and you know, you can’t really argue with Director Moon’s reasoning. Although neither can you argue with Go-eun’s rejoinder: “If I left, would you be able to promise you’d win the war? You can’t. Nobody knows that. People need chances to show their skills. Even if I have to quit the drama, I wanted to say this.”

She leaves, and CP Nam points out that she makes sense. Heh. I like him.

That night, minion-PD Dong-seok retires in the tiny bedroom of the office he shares with Anthony, and that fact alone is enough to crack me up. But even better is the ridiculous sleeping area, fashioned just like the outer space: Anthony’s fancy bed and an ornate painting lie two feet away from Dong-seok’s folding cot and a stack of boxes. Freaking hilarious.

Dong-seok asks Anthony whether Go-eun will be okay, too worried to sleep. Anthony reminds him of his mantra: To make a drama a success, you have to be willing to abandon even your father. But even Anthony lies awake in bed, ill at ease.

Go-eun returns to her mother’s restaurant that night, but doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. She ducks out of sight and sobs to herself around the corner.

Anthony heads over with contract paperwork for Hyun-min, finding him at the gym where he’s busily showing off his physique to the gawking ladies. Hilariously, his one-armed pull-ups are all the work of his long-suffering manager, HA. That’s my favorite shot ever.

Hyun-min is promised his big payday (2 billion won) within two weeks, and signs his name to the contract in super-childish block letters. This guy is a hoot.

But after all that, all is not yet smooth sailing: Director Moon won’t give Anthony the guarantee that Kyungsung Morning will get the timeslot. Not without proof that they’ve got the production budget, so there’s no embarrassing drama-runs-out-of-money-and-can’t-pay-anybody scenario. He says, “Bring me the money.”

Yet, how is he going to get the budget from his scary yakuza investor without a guarantee of airing? It’s a chicken-egg conundrum. And without the money they can’t pay Hyun-min, who will be sure to bolt. Anthony mulls this over, and realizes that the money Director Moon wants isn’t exactly the production budget.

Anthony drops in unannounced to a dinner of SBC executives, and takes Director Moon aside. He makes a veiled, almost coded message: I hear you play golf these days at this club. Could I have your locker code? He says meaningfully that he’ll prepare that money for him after all. Clearly we are no longer talking about budgets.

Director Moon first acts outraged, but Anthony lists all the recent examples of Director Moon’s bribe-taking. Suddenly he’s nervous and fidgety, and more willing to play ball.

So Director Moon replies in vague code as well, not outright acknowledging the bribe but giving Anthony the passcode to his locker.

The less-corruptible CP Nam approaches afterward, knowing exactly what’s going on and noting that Anthony’s still up to his old tricks. He says bluntly, “I don’t like you. Especially your dirty and crude tactics.” He calls Anthony a low-life and insists on paying for his own drinks. I really, really like him.

The next day, Anthony sends Dong-seok to deposit the cash in the locker, then heads out to get the broadcast guarantee from Director Moon. Just as Dong-seok is nervously packing the cash into a duffel bag, Go-eun arrives. With shame, he admits it’s to ensure the drama gets on air.

Anthony gets his guarantee and tells Director Moon that his employee just happened to drop by that golf course recently. Wink-wink, nod-nod.

As he leaves, CP Nam congratulates him for getting what he wanted after all, using his dirty methods. He asks whether Anthony’s aware of how people in this business deplore his methods, and Anthony replies that yes he is aware, as he also happens to be a person in this business. Ha. I love CP Nam for sticking to his guns, and I love Anthony for being so imperturbable. You’d think they could make a fabulous team, if only they weren’t polar opposites who hate the way the other operates.

As Anthony drives off, he gets an angry call from Director Moon, who accuses him of playing games. He’s highly insulted: There was no money delivery.

Anthony calls the office, and is told miserably by Dong-seok that Go-eun hid the bag of money and stopped him from going to the locker in the first place.

Anthony storms into the office and demands the money from Go-eun. She fires back that her exit was supposed to smooth the drama’s progress, and yet he has to resort to bribery? She demands an explanation and refuses to tell him where the money is until he makes her understand.

He tells her that the drama won’t make it to air without that money. She replies that if that’s the only way to make it work, it’s not worth it.

They have a glare-off for a charged moment, then Anthony starts tearing apart the office for the money, which can’t have gone far. But time is ticking; he has just thirty minutes left to get the money to the golf range.

Anthony clocks something strange about Go-eun standing guard in front of the fuse box, and shoves her aside. Inside is the bag. He grabs it and heads out immediately, unfazed by Go-eun’s threat to sue. Go right ahead, he says.

He arrives at the club, makes the money drop, and puts in the confirmation call to Director Moon. Phew. Sigh of relief.

Go-eun, on the other hand, drowns her sorrows in soju. A few bottles in, she drunk-calls Anthony to tell him just how terrible a person he is, how he’s a devil without blood or tears. Interestingly—and I don’t think I’m reading too much into the acting here—I’d say there’s a measure of self-loathing in Anthony for being That Guy, despite all efforts to look like he could care less. He says that he knows all that, “Better than anybody.”

She asks, “Living like that, are you happy?” He turns the question around on her—is she happy, living her way and getting trampled?

Go-eun says, “I’m not unhappy, because at least I didn’t live making the world dirty.” Anthony clues her in: “The world was filthy from a long time ago.” He’ll play according to the world’s dirty rules and win.

Go-eun warns, “You’re going to fall down to hell.”

Anthony returns, “It seems there’s something you don’t know: The place where we live right now is hell.”

Hyun-min dresses for a night out, giving himself a hilariously serious once-over to assess his appearance. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Siwon mocking himself and the entire class of vain hotshot stars out in dramaland.

He has a guest: Go-eun, who politely but drunkenly apologizes for imposing on him. She says she won’t be able to keep her promise to him and thanks him for liking her work, but she’s been fired. She entreats him to continue caring for her work despite her absence.

Hyun-min eyes her skeptically, assuming she’s here to beg him to help get her job back. Clearly she’s flattering him and acting sweet to butter him up, isn’t she?

His assumption sparks her temper, and she insists that he’s got it all wrong. She scream-slurs at him that she poured everything into Kyungsung Morning, and is asking that the others value the project too: “Why can’t you understand that?! You idiots!”

Meanwhile, Anthony stands on his rooftop, mulling over her words: “Living like that, are you happy?”

Hyun-min heads out, driving through his neighborhood just in time to see Go-eun get accosted by a group of rough-looking high schoolers. They demand that she hand over her cash, and with exasperation over witnessing the hapless damsel in distress, Hyun-min calls in a tip to the police station. Aw, that’s cute. (He calls in anonymously, identifying himself as a mere citizen, albeit “one who pays a huge amount of taxes.”)

Go-eun says calmly that she’s in a rotten mood today, asking to walk away without a scene. The teenage hoodlums aren’t having it, and the ringleader grabs her by the coat lapels threateningly.

Go-eun shoves him back, though, and flies into action; she’s drunk and not quite coordinated, but clearly is more than capable of defending herself. Soon the kids are strewn on the ground. Heh, not so damsel-y after all.

Go-eun slurs at the kids to study. Hyun-min recoils in shock and drives on wondering if she’s writer or gangster.

Anthony gets a call from the police to collect Go-eun, whom he finds passed out at the station. The three high schoolers give their report, and the cop asks curiously what their relationship is, given that Anthony was logged in Go-eun’s phone as “crazy dog,” ha.

Anthony regards the scene with a mix of disgust and annoyance, though he does pay up to settle the matter with the kids’ parents. That means she’s free to go, but instead he asks the cop, “Can I leave her here for the night?” and saunters off.

He catches the news on the way home, and a breaking report sends him into panic mode: A certain drama department director was arrested for corruption tonight. Pictured onscreen is Director Moon.

Anthony thinks to that bag of money in the locker and immediately heads there to intercept it before the police can. If he’s tied to that money, he’s going down too.

Go-eun wakes up at the police station in time to catch the news, and is told she’s free to go thanks to Crazy Dog paying off the settlement fee.

Also watching the report is a smug CEO Oh, who gets a call from his sunbae working this bust. Ah, you tipped him off. He’s surprised to find one name not on the list, but points his sunbae to the golf range, the scene of somebody’s favorite bribery method.

By the time Anthony arrives at the club, the doors are locked for the night. The back door is chained shut, so he resorts to climbing to a second-floor terrace and finds a door that is thankfully open.

The police are close behind, and screech up with sirens blaring just as he grabs the bag of money. That means his exit is blocked, and he jumps painfully from the terrace to the ground. He’s spotted by a cop who radios his teammate on the ground, but Anthony manages to escape without getting recognized or his license plates read. I know he deserves to be caught for his crime, but I can’t help but cheer along.

In the morning, the news is abuzz with the bribery scandal. Go-eun calls the office to ask Dong-seok about it, and he assures her that they barely escaped thanks to Anthony’s quick moving. That means the immediate threat to Kyungsung Morning has been neutralized—but as with everything, they’re not out of the woods yet.

Anthony gathers his team for a meeting. SBC has yet to make their final broadcast announcement, which means that Empire Productions is sure to try to interfere. Notably, Elegant Revenge 2 submitted a 10-page synopsis yesterday; it’s still in the game.

Empire is banking on the shakeup to work in their favor, and they hold their own strategy meeting. The biggest question is who will be appointed the new director, because he’ll have the most say in the scheduling decisions.

Both teams discuss which senior executives might be promoted to the new director slot. There are a few contenders, but the weaselly Deputy Director Kim seems the likeliest candidate.

That’s enough to tip Anthony off to the fact that CEO Oh must have been the one to take down Director Moon, because Empire has been working with Kim on pushing Elegant Revenge 2. That also means: “He intended to get me arrested too.”

The next morning the executives file in to SBC, while our CEOs await the confirmation call. We get a particular shot of Deputy Director Kim arriving at the building and being bowed to by a subordinate.

The notice is posted, and the new director’s arrival is announced. The employees hurriedly line up to greet his triumphant entry.

It’s CP Nam. Awesome.

I love this. Now everybody’s plans are foiled! And by somebody with integrity!

CP Nam—er, Director Nam—conducts the morning meeting and addresses the recent unfortunate events that led to this change. He outlines his priorities: Good dramas, actors who will be well-received by the public… “And fostering a production environment of transparency.” Guess who that leaves out?

Therefore, he announces that the drama lineup cultivated under the previous director will now be wiped clean. Every project is to be reassessed.

Anthony storms into the drama department, arriving just as CEO Oh leaves Director Nam’s office. He calms himself, and says he knows that Director Nam hates him and his corrupt tactics. However, he pleads for one more opportunity.

Director Nam replies that he cannot allow one more opportunity for someone like him to shake up dramaland. His decision is final, and he dismisses Anthony.

Anthony clenches his fist… and gets down on his knees.


I had a feeling CP-now-Director Nam was going to play a huge spoiler in the plans, so I was particularly excited when he became the replacement. Not only is he the exact opposite of what everyone was expecting—therefore throwing everybody off-kilter—he’s also the guy who is least receptive to their tactics. Anthony’s going to have to do some major brainstorming and transforming to appeal to Director Nam, and it’s going to be a mighty uphill road for him because Nam is completely aware of who, and what, he is.

This is also a great game-changer for Go-eun, in that till now she’s been a bit of a pawn. She’s a great character and I love that she’s so rock-solid about her integrity, even to the detriment of her career and future, but that very steadfastness also makes her a bit predictable. I am not advocating that we make her personality inconsistent just for some narrative excitement, but by shaking up the position of the major players we arrive at the same conclusion just the same. Smart of the show.

Because now, Go-eun goes from being the project’s dead weight to being their asset. Just when she’s been chucked aside, too. Everybody seems to be in agreement that Kyungsung Morning is a good script so it’s not a question of her talent, but her inexperience and her firm moral stance makes her a weakness at best, and a liability at worst.

Except now, we have in Director Nam an executive who’s rather in the same mold as she is. He doesn’t show a partiality for her, necessarily, but at least she’s one way for this project to speak to the head honcho. It’s similar to how she was the key in bringing Hyun-min around, except now it’s on a greater scale.

And yet, what makes things complicated (in an interesting way) is that Go-eun is aligned with Anthony, and thus Director Nam is going to be wary of her. I like this complex view of the playing field, which not only has multiple players running around trying to score at the same time, you practically have multiple games going on on the same field. It’s not a simple antagonist-versus-antagonist setup, because we’ve got lots of people and therefore lots of personal agendas.

You’d think that the adage of the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend would apply, but instead everyone’s an enemy to everyone else. Except, this is dramaland and you all need each other to succeed. How’s that for irony? It keeps things interesting. It’s also clever of the show, always keeping the pieces moving so that there’s never one clear winner, or favorite, or shoo-in. For instance, there’s this element of one-upsmanship to CEO Oh that makes the rivalry work; he’s in the position of greater power, but you get the sense that he suffers an inferiority complex next to Anthony. And it’s true that he’s not as good—he knows just how to throw a wrench into the works because he knows Anthony’s patterns of behavior, but he isn’t actually inventive enough to trump him on his own merit.

It’s why Anthony’s really quite good at what he does (lack of ethics aside), because he’s not only commanding and powerful, but shrewd. You throw him in uncharted territories and he’ll find a way out. It’s why I have no doubt he’ll emerge on top and crush CEO Oh in the long run. That’s not the big mystery; what IS the question is whether he’ll do it as Old Ruthless Anthony or Reformed Anthony.

My favorite thing about this show, which just edges out the hilariously self-referential (and self-mocking) sense of humor, are the characterizations. Some are sincere and others are farcical, but they’re all played with investment and aplomb. I’ve always liked Siwon though I don’t think he’s really stretched himself much in prior roles, so it’s such a treat to see him launching into this ridiculous top-star caricature with gusto. The thing is, he’s utterly ridiculous at this point, but I suspect we’ll get to see more of his own sincerity emerge over the course of the show, and I’m eagerly awaiting that gradual shift. Although, for now I’m content to laugh along at his wide range of facial expressions (it’s so Zoolander, and that’s never a bad thing) and his willingness to just put himself out there for mockery.

And Anthony continues to compel, especially with these growing hints of… is it conscience? A heart? A sense of knowing better?

What’s fascinating about him is how he does appear to possess a conscience and he clearly feels bad about some of the dickish things he does. That doesn’t get him off the hook for his underhandedness since doing a thing still counts even if you don’t want to do it. So that flash of humanity doesn’t stop him, but I almost wonder if he hides behind that (hard, stern) facade to make himself feel better—if you tell yourself you’re awful, you can avoid the turmoil of grappling with your inner decency.


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  1. enz

    so glad i started on this drama yesterday and now almost caught up with episode 6! really good combo of suspense and comedy (esp with si won) and heart. thanks for the recaps.

    am i first?!

    • 1.1 enz

      especially needed this after all the angsty ones recently! plus real life downers too 🙁

    • 1.2 enz

      oh and javabeans, i la la lub you!! since i am on a roll and am 1st, 2nd and might as well make a 3rd comment!

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      Hello Enz, you are on a roll writing today. Thank you for the recap, JB!

      • 1.3.1 enz

        he he hi ivoire – good to see you again. i guess i just opened the website just as this got posted 🙂

      • 1.3.2 Ivoire

        Yes, Enz, I guess you did, good for you! I did get your email, thank you! Sorry I haven’t answered yet 🙁

        • enz

          no worries ivoire. i saw you on OT and just reading ALL that’s on your plate, i got breathless. you asked about activities for the kids – what about roller skating – exc for the 2 years old. or wall climbing exc for the 2 years old again. can you telll i have very little experience in this matter ? 😀

          • Ivoire

            Yes Enz, thanks for your suggestions :-)! And yes, I can definitely tell you have very little experience in the matter :-). Thanks for trying though, I appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend :-)!!!!

          • Ivoire

            Enz, I smiled at this: “i got breathless (when you saw what is on my plate on OT).” I didn’t see it the first time when I read your post. Thank you for feeling my pain :-)…

    • 1.4 Ivoire

      I have a question: what does CP mean? Thanks!

      Question # 2: Was I the only one who noticed that KMM seemed to have something that looked like a cold sore on his upper lip? (just wondering…)

      I continue to love this drama, so-well-acted!!!! I especially love how KMM does subtlety and how he lets us see the cracks in Anthony’s bad behavior/personality. We are starting to see some of Anthony’s humanity (just tiny sides of it, but that counts in my book) and I expect those (cracks) to get bigger.

      My favorite scene was when Anthony had to rush to get the money back. I felt the adrenaline and I was right there with him, and as JB said, I was ACTUALLY cheering him on and was ecstatic when he got to the money first and was able to get away and not get caught.

      Also, that last scene, when he gets down on his knees: SO POWERFUL!!! I mean, Anthony Kim, former king of dramas, bowing and kneeling before an enemy? And the musical score at that moment: EPIC and so well done!!!! It is moments like that that make me LOVE this show SO MUCH!!!

      I also really LOVE GE and the way she is being written. JRW plays her so well, I just love watching her. I don’t hate CEO OH. I like seeing him against Anthony and seeing how he keeps trying to throw obstacles his way. It makes me want to see how Anthony will overcome that.
      Director Nam rocks, and he is played with such aplomb too. I l LOVE how different the characters are in this drama, it is one of its strength, imho and it makes the drama that much richer. The writing here is SO GOOD!!! I just love the characters’ lines.

      When I watch this drama, I just want to soak in everything about it, that’s how much I like it.

      • 1.4.1 enz

        Ivoire, if i have used CP it will usually mean coffee prince – in what context did i use CP ? the other CP is cerebral palsy. hmm.. when did i use CP?

        no, you were not the only one – i noticed the cold sore too. it must be that. it wasnt coverable with make up!

        i agree with you about the drama – they really manage to keep it very thrilling and at the same time, the stakes are not just about making the drama but also about whether we lose ourselves and our ideals when stakes get higher. i will always root for eun go – while we may need to compromise sometimes in life, there are matters that ARE black and white that cant be negotiated without losing a piece of yourself and therefore become meaningless even as you might ‘win’ in the eyes of the rest of the world

      • 1.4.2 enz

        oh CP Nam *facepalm* – ihave no idea -co producer?

      • 1.4.3 nomaden

        It was actually the opposite for me, when I saw Anthony kneeled, I sort of said to myself, “So you’ll resort to this too, you low-life scum?” It’s like he completely cheapened the act. This is a show that actually made me glad when CEO Oh does a counter attack to Anthony. I just despise him wholly, though knowing at one point he’ll most likely redeem himself.

        • Ivoire

          Wow Nomaden! KMM must be doing some serious acting (which he is, by the way), if you despise Anthony that much. At least you are enjoying the drama… I hope?

  2. topper

    My favorite drama currently! Humor plus suspense for the win.

    • 2.1 enz

      totally agree! are we the only ones on site?

      • 2.1.1 kika

        hello enz! there’s me too who’s falling head over heels for this drama 🙂

    • 2.2 kika

      My favorite drama currently AND maybe my favorite drama of the year! Love the solid acting all round, the humor, suspense.

      It makes one hour feel really short!

      • 2.2.1 enz

        too right – it might be my fave too if it keeps this up. i admit to being disappointed with the last few episodes of nice guy. and reply 1997 too towards the end didnt hold up as well as its very fresh beginning.

        i like the insights into the world of drama making and you can imagine that it could very well be all true

        • kika

          Count me in too for the finale of nice guy. And humor beats melo for me any time.

          It’s so ironic, and I’m sure it’s intended, that perhaps more drama seems to be taking place behind the making of the drama than the drama itself. Reminds me of the Spy Myung-wol fiasco with Han Ye-seul.

        • mysticmalady

          I was going to ‘like’ your statement…till I remembered this wasn’t fb. xD But…the fact that this could well be true in reality just blows my mind!!!

          • kika

            Haha, and I really wonder who are the two-faced actors like Hyun Min…

          • V

            @kika all of them! To varying degrees of course, but I think they are all two faced. It goes along with the actors world of wanted adulation.

            Just look at Uhm Tae-woong, he had us all believing he was single when he had a woman and a baby on the way!

      • 2.2.2 cg

        very true……in fact it’s the first drama this year for which i have “can’t wait for next episode” attitude 🙂

  3. kika

    i love the show best when they pit the characters’ different worldviews against each other…

    and kim myung-min is killing the role. i’m falling for the ahjusshi.

    • 3.1 enz

      i think all of them are doing a great job – jung ryeo won and si won too. i love the girl’s idealism and spunk and can -do attitude. i love that she doesnt change her world views despite having had the world disappoint her. jung ryeo won is playing it really well – very fresh. and si won playing it up as a diva top actor is really funny to

  4. mysticmalady

    KMM is just killing it as Anthony! I can’t stand his dirty ways and arrogance…but I’m still rooting for him & World production to succeed against CEO Oh and his dirtier tricks. GO TEAM UNDERDOGS!!! =D

    • 4.1 kika

      Hahaha, you’re not alone. I even love his smirk, especially against CEO Oh. Very satisfying.

      • 4.1.1 mysticmalady

        You have nooooo idea how many times I punch the air when he wins another ‘battle’ against CEO Oh. My family must think I’m mad when I do such things in front of my computer….><

    • 4.2 Arhazivory

      He’s hot.

  5. cg

    Loving this show 🙂
    thanks for the recap……

  6. Ace

    I’m just starting to watch episodes 5&6 tonight. Man, I really love Siwon’s expressions. And I cracked up at his scene with Bit-na (I immediately thought of either SNSD’s Yoona or Tiffany when I saw her, hahaha)

    I’ve always loved Kim Myung-min since Bad Family, and I know he’s doing great in this drama, but at this point I really don’t like his character. I get how the character’s like that and I guess there are more than a few like him & CEO Oh in the SK entertainment industry, but his character reminds me of the husband in OohLaLa Spouses who is also played by a good actor but the character is unlikeable since the first episode.

    Anyway, off to watch! Siwon fighting! 😉

    • 6.1 Orion

      I think these two characters are very different. Soo Nam in “Ooh La La” is selfish and always thought he was awesome and right. He has no concept or understanding of decency and that is why his sudden shift was unrealistic.

      Anthony is fully aware of how big of a jerk he is, but because he had such a tough life, he probably feels he has earned the right to be dirty in this dirty world and get a piece of the pie for himself.

      Javabeans is absolutely right in that Anthony has a conscience and a good heart, but his logic tells him you can’t make it big with those. So he’s caught in his own play, trying to be the bad guy and punish himself for it, because he feels that it’s the only way to not let the unfair world take over.

      Which makes him a very excellently fleshed out character and also very interesting considering our times. We live in poverty, injustice, corporal dictatorship. We live in very troubled days and people become bitter. When the world has been spitting in your face for so long and you see all the scum getting what they don’t deserve, it’s very easy to become someone like Anthony.

    • 6.2 Orion

      I got an error and I have a comment awaiting moderation, apparently, so I’ll post again just in case.

      I think these two characters are very different. Soo Nam in “Ooh La La” is selfish and always thought he was awesome and right. He has no concept or understanding of decency and that is why his sudden shift was unrealistic.

      Anthony is fully aware of how big of a jerk he is, but because he had such a tough life, he probably feels he has earned the right to be dirty in this dirty world and get a piece of the pie for himself.

      Javabeans is absolutely right in that Anthony has a conscience and a good heart, but his logic tells him you can’t make it big with those. So he’s caught in his own play, trying to be the bad guy and punish himself for it, because he feels that it’s the only way to not let the unfair world take over.

      Which makes him a very excellently fleshed out character and also very interesting considering our times. We live in poverty, injustice, corporate dictatorship. We live in very troubled days and people become bitter. When the world has been spitting in your face for so long and you see all the scum getting what they don’t deserve, it’s very easy to become someone like Anthony.

    • 6.3 DayDreamer

      To me, Anthony cannot be grouped as either just good or just bad. He’s a very grey-shaded character. He has humanity but is also a jerk. However, I think that he’s a jerk and does the bad stuff because he is very realistic and knows how things operate in dramaland. Integrity can only take a person so far especially when there are limitations. I am very much on the road with Anthony’s journey and would really love to see him and his team go against all the odds and succeed. It also helps that he’s such a sexy ahjusshi with a sexy voice.

  7. nomu nomu nomu

    It’s quiet in here. Turkey and spiked cranberry cocktail overdose? kekeke

    • 7.1 nomu nomu nomu

      *Turkey (as in Thanksgiving turkey) in case a few were wondering what I meant, it was Thanksgiving in the U.S. yesterday.

      • 7.1.1 Arhazivory

        LOL. Happy belated thanksgiving nomu nomu nomu.

    • 7.2 RockPaperScissors

      Cranberry cocktails? I knew I forgot something.
      I’m staying home from the Black Friday sales so I can get on Open Thread when it starts. Crazy how many comments there were last week…

  8. V

    I was cracking up when Anthony had to scale that golf course wall. The look of determination on his face was hilarious!

  9. Arhazivory

    I loved this episode. Seriously, this show is my crack this season. The chase for the money was so nail biting like an action movie. And I love how Nam became the head. And Siwon is so awesome.

    And….i love this drama.

  10. 10 Sabah

    I really like the dialogues in this drama. That back and forth banter that is very sharp and astute is very difficult to do. Profound words need time for the audience to comprehend their gravity so a fast pace is not functional. However if done correctly that quick witted back and forth is made easy to follow like the old movies of the 1950’s. Like here, it is electric.

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      I agree. Mastering (and remembering) all those lines must be tough job for the actors but as a viewer I appreciate them. All the filling lines like “what to do?”, “what did you say?” and “don’t worry!” we hear all the time are so lame: I’m sure even the actors must be bored. A drama is video and dialogues and sometime writers forget that.

      • 10.1.1 Sabah

        Hehe, I thought it was only me. I agree those filler lines have left the land of endearing quirks to grating now. It’s not only the lines themselves but the accompanying over the top expressions. Just phoning it in…

        This drama is quite refreshing on that front BUT I do wish its rating were higher to reflect that.

  11. 11 cg

    But I have a question…..why do they pronounce “Anthony” differently????

    • 11.1 topper

      My guess is it’s formed using Hangul, so you can’t exactly pronounce it the same.
      Different but the same tongues keke.

    • 11.2 reeen

      Because they pronounce it the way it’s written in Korean. There’s no “th” in Korean, so they pronounce it as Anssony. Also, for some reason the schwa (the sound you pronounce for the “o” in Anthony) in always converted into an open “o” (like the one in “dog”) in Korean script. It’s kind of Konglish, a similar phenomenon to “Copy (instead of Coffee) Prince” and “Shitty (instead of City) Hunter”…

      • 11.2.1 Ann

        “Shitty Hunter”. Heh, heh, heh.

        • Melmax

          She-won instead of Siwon….

      • 11.2.2 Kim Yoonmi

        Should be Sitty in standard and correct Korean. rather than Shitty, but actors are lazy with pronunciation… and also viewers outside of Korea don’t know better so hear the other pronunciation.

  12. 12 Fasiris Fay

    I’m absolutely loving this drama! It’s been awhile since I’ve watched something this good, since everything’s been so doom and gloom on the drama landscape, so I’m really enjoying the characters and the conflicts.

    I wish Si-won’s character wasn’t such a joke, since it’s hard to take him seriously, especially if he’s supposed to be a second contender for our heroine’s heart, but he is doing a fabulous job, regardless.

    Can’t wait to see what antics are characters get up to next week! Thanks for the recaps 🙂

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I don’t think he’s real competition at this point. There hasn’t been a real love connection as of episode 6. I’d kinda prefer no love story or even backgrounded love story.

      Si Won’s character is funny and great though. ’cause it requires over acting on a whole new level. I don’t think we’re supposed to take him seriously.

      (Some of the self-referential stuff in episode 5 and 6 had me laughing)

    • 12.2 yha Jing

      I totally agree with you. love it …excellent setting and everything….

      I haven’t seen any good one for a while.

  13. 13 firsttimenewbie

    Both times I watched this episode (without subs and with) and when I read the recap on another site, when it got to the Director Nam part, I had a huge grin on my face.

  14. 14 firsttimenewbie

    Also, way to be obvious, standing right in front of the fuse box. I knew straight away that’s where the money was. 😉

  15. 15 hannah

    When the game changer of appoint a new Director of S Broadcasting came along, I crossed my fingers (like it would help!) and hoped for the one with cool hair!

    Thanks for the Lina Lamont shout out. As soon as I heard her voice I immediately thought of Singin’ in the Rain.

  16. 16 katy

    i love this drama .
    another excellent drama too is Horse healer .

    These two drama , their actresses are good in acting ,
    they make you love their characters , none of them so
    stupid with low IQ , i really do not like stupid characters ,
    they can be comic but not stupid , i like princess , this actress is so cute .

    K. Actors ARE ALWAYS GOOD IN ACTING but some of them
    having too much cosmetic which disfigure their unique
    figures . I specific like MC in horse healer , he looks natural ,
    and his acting is convincing .

  17. 17 news

    KMM, what an impressive actor. Where have I been not to know who he is? His charisma and intensity is totally on a different level.

    I’m loving his Anthony character. He’s a business man through and through, but I admire how honest, realistic and unapologetic he is about himself and the world he inhabits. His conversation with Go-eun speaks volumes about his experience in life (which we have yet to see) and how that’s shaped him to be the person he is today. I can accept that.

    All the conflicts and characters, including the baddies, are played out so well. I especially like how the writer smartly leveled the playing field in this episode. It’s also interesting to see how Anthony, Go-eun and Hyun-nim’s approaches based on their morality and integrity clash with each other’s even though they have the same goal. I can’t wait to see how and if their approaches will align so they can happily hold hands and skip to the finish line together as one team, spirits combined.

    And the love line between Anthony and Go-eun? Absolutely can’t wait!

    I just sure hope the writer doesn’t lose steam halfway or towards the end. Fighting!

    • 17.1 shiku

      You should watch him in immortal Yi soon shin, he is fabulous there and it was his first lead role. It had great battle scenes too!

  18. 18 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!

    YAY for CP Nam! I’ve seen the actor in various things and I just KNEW he wasn’t going to be some average executive and that he was going to come to the front of it all! He’s going to make a great ally, once Anthony stops being such an unscrupulous person.

  19. 19 Df

    I can’t believe I’m halfway through episode 6 and barely bored. I’m actually excited that the romantic feels are coming out (on one side) because it will further develop Anthony’s humanity. I am scared it will turn Go-Eun into a blubbering, love worn mess though. I will admit that I was not as intrigued by the rivalry with CEO Oh after a couple of episodes. the personal reasons weren’t compelling enough to not make the one upmanship game with him feel redundant. It’s also exhausting how there’s a huge obstacle at EVERY step of the drama’s development but I understand that it’s the point.

    I love everything else about it especially Anthony’s suits, poise/confidence and that VOICE!!! This is my first time seeing him act (seeing him at all actually) He rivals Alan Rickman and that is big!!’ There’s a scene in episode 3 (?)where Go-Eun is recalling Anthony asking her if she’ll fry mackerel all her life and I replayed it about 4 or 5 times because his voice flowed so smoothly and was as deep as the ocean. Paired with the wonderful music, It was just perfect. Perfectly sexy..aaaand I’m done.

    • 19.1 Pinkeu

      Ahhhhhh, I know! The torture I’ve been through when I heard that **ahhhhhh sexyyy deeeep perfeeeect** voice of Kim Myungmin in Beethoven Virus!!!

      But here?? Omg Anthony Kim is the finest man indeed. 🙂

    • 19.2 sugarpunch

      lol it suddenly occurred that “Versailles Yoo” (Yoo Bang in Salaryman) also wore the suits with the fur collar around them. LOLL. Of course, in that show, he was wearing it ironically. Here, Anthony Kim wears it HOT.

    • 19.3 Orion

      Burning charisma, great skills and a good voice. Glad to see those still work with women in Dramaland. After seeing so much kyaaing over pretty-boys and gender-vague celebrities in Asian entertainment, I was losing faith. XD

      • 19.3.1 whitewire

        I am so seconding the motion here, Orion.

        I lost hope in the attraction of humanity, but then ‘King of Dramas’ came out and there’s hope for the taste of womanhood!

        Thank you Anthony Kim! I will always love you, Kim Myung-min.

        • Chickletta

          I am with u and orion on tihs one, too. More men that are men, please. I saw skimmed through the first recap of Full House 2 and wasn’t sure which person with big red curly hair was a man and which one a woman. Kim Kyungmin in the role of Anthony is a dream! And he’ll become more human and humane soon, and I will swoon and swoon.

        • yha Jing

          I love what you said….it’s true ….some of dramas are just terrible…

  20. 20 mjfan

    well , solid acting from all the characters , breath taking suspense , wry humor that makes your stomach hurts from laughing so hard , usual cliches made upside down , HOW CAN I NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW ?!!!

    • 20.1 tae-syu


      KING OF DRAMAS is the king of dramas indeed!

    • 20.2 Kim Yoonmi

      That’s two words. 1. Pure. 2. Awesomeness.

      ^^;; I can count.

  21. 21 sugarpunch

    This drama really perked up 2012 for me:):)

    I think everyone feels the same way — we dislike the flexibility of Anthony’s morals but yet we want him to succeed. He is definitely a pessimist regarding his philosophy on life: “we are living in hell”. Bummer.

    I like that Go-eun’s words tickle Anthony’s conscience and I think she may be the change that he needs to regain his status as King of dramas. because let’s face it, his methods are pretty myopic. Especially since the entertainment industry is controlled by only a few big companies, pissing one guy off is enough to cause doom to Anthony’s career.

    This drama will prob be just like salaryman, the person who fell from grace will be redeemed by someone humble and ballsy. Then… *sparks of love* 😀 Although the outcome may be quite predictable, I’m getting ready for lots of laughs and “awwww” moments in between. After all, they are the writers from Salaryman, right?

    • 21.1 Orion

      Nope. Not the writers, not the crew. I’m surprised so many see these two as similar. In some aspects and that they both rock, yes, but the “feel” is different for me.

    • 21.2 nomu nomu nomu

      The next project from the producers of Giant and History of the Salaryman will be “Incarnation of Money” with Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ji Hwan.

      • 21.2.1 Orion

        Kang Ji Hwan’s hilarity and craziness coupled with the killer trio of ‘Giant’ and ‘Salaryman. Yep, I wet me combinations when I read that. Can’t wait.

  22. 22 Ann

    I had to laugh at Bit-Na’s remark about not speaking because on Win Win, Jong-Min said the exact same thing–that his manager told him not to speak! Apparently it hurt his sexy image to say his typical goofy things!

  23. 23 ilikemangos

    How can a rom-com have such AWESOME ost.
    And i mean, there’s the funny. There’s the SUSPENSE.
    And there’s the sweet.
    At times I get reminded of my beloved K2H’s ost because some of the songs on here resemble it. Which just adds to the anxiety of some of these over-the-top scenes.
    Something about this show, and ya’ll have said it.
    I love it. Probably my favorite show currently airing.

    • 23.1 jomo

      Agree on the OST.
      Even if they are using LOTR battle-type music for a CEO showdown, it is still gorgeous to listen to.

      If I could rewrite my life, I would sign up to be a person talented enough to either write, perform or conduct music for movies/TV, combining both of my loves.

    • 23.2 Ivoire

      Hello ilikemangos.
      I agree with you on the OST comments. I have the CD of the K2Hs and yes, some of the instrumental songs in this drama reminds me of TK2Hs as well (and I have been saying that as well). I am glad you have noticed it.

  24. 24 Laurita

    I can’t wait when the recaps will go at the same pace as the actual series do (I noticed the best way to read it is right after watching, to cool off my emotions 😀 and… i can find the time to read it that way).

    Each time when I skim through the comments (I love when someone explains acting and writing-of-dramas stuff), I feel kind of weird seeing everyone so cheering for the wonderfulness of the show. Like… everyone :O Uh… I guess I need ep. 7 to refresh my enthusiasm in order to match it with all of you, because after a week, my mind just brushes everything off… (and I weirdly just don’t hear the awesomeness of the ost somehow…)

    Anyways, one more time, can someone please explain me who is that someone that fired Anthony in the first place and who was Mr-someone with whom Anthony met for the first time and drank tea (or what was that) in ep. 6, in order to get the slot for the drama???

    (I’m at fault because I didn’t pay the attention, but I don’t have enough time to repeat the watching session…)

    • 24.1 Laurita

      uhm, sorry, the song of the day is really nice 🙂

    • 24.2 Chickletta

      Anthony was the CEO of Empire Productions – a movie/drama producing company, but not the Chairman (the owner), so he was fired by the Chairman of Empire and was replaced by Oh Jiwan. The big cahoona he met in episode 6 is the chairman of SBC, one of the three major boradcasting companies in Korea (like CBS or ABC in USA). Production companies are the ones who are fighting to get good scripts, actors, directors. They need to secure funds and slots on TV, etc. It’s a dog eat dog business. I have a friend here in Korea who owns a production company on a small scale. Crazy business.

  25. 25 ranisa

    Just before that last scene, I was already thinking, “Oh man, don’t tell me you’re really going to kneel in front of Director Nam?” And he did and I was flabbergasted. But when your life is literally on the line, kneeling is not even a huge issue.

    You’d think with today’s modern technology a CCTV will capture that scene when Anthony recovered the money bad. Or fingerprinting will be done, but I guess it’s not that huge of an issue since the police and everyone else just let it go. And when i think about how intelligent Anthony is, I can just believe that he can get away with anything he does.

    Episode 5 and 6 are even better. I’ll wait for the awesome recaps. Thanks for the recap Javabeans. I hope both you and Heads2No catch up to the current episodes soon! Fighting!

    • 25.1 Kim Yoonmi

      It was at a club–it wasn’t as if it were a train station. Plus the money is in the LOCKER room… (he also entered through the roof, so even if there was one, it would be in the front, not at the roof. He also left through the roof too.) I think people would have serious issues putting a camera where people CHANGE.

      • 25.1.1 ranisa

        The locker is not really used for changing. If you watched it closely, the lockers are right behind the golf area. The lockers serve as storage for golf clubs or other equipments. It’s not inside a shower room. And of course I watched that he entered through the rooftop or something, coz he jumped down afterwards.

        Well maybe they don’t put cameras in the golf area or whatever its called, but as I said, most buildings have cameras all over the place. And they can still use fingerprints if they really want to catch him. But well, it’s easy to say that the drama didn’t want to explore that problem and I couldn’t care less since I really want Anthony to just get out of there. I just got curious coz he got away so easily. And there are possibilities, if dim, of it being a problem in the future.

        • Orion

          That is a golf course for extra rich members, probably there to receive bribes or have meetings with iffy people. They would never install cameras on the playing area, because the members would never accept it. The entrance and elevators would probably be the only place, since having extra hard security on simple golf lockers would also clue people in on maybe slightly more important things than golf clubs located there. Such places are very much about satisfying their super VVVIP members.

          Fingerprints also don’t mean much. The dials can’t be used for that and a locker row at a golf place probably has prints from anyone who used or leaned on it. Given that Anthony hangs out there and probably has a membership, it wouldn’t mean much as evidence. The exact amount of money he withdrew inside the locked PD’s locker would be more of a smoking gun though. 😉

  26. 26 Mari

    I la la lub everyone today!!! Gosh that was a horrible voice, I could not stop laughing when she spoke. I’m soo in for this drama, I can’t wait for next weeks episodes. Thxs for the recap.

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    Love this drama. Love Director Nam. He has an honest integrity to him. I’m hoping Director Nam, Director Goo, and CP Joo will be good noble folks in that evil world Writer Lee finds herself in. Nothing more annoying than being the only person with integrity in the entertainment biz.

  28. 28 WaWa

    Thank you for the recaps! I am hungry for more. Waiting for monday to hurry up and come quickly but until then I will have to continue to stalk all of KoD pages!

  29. 29 Lilian

    Prefer Siwon’s role here to all his previous roles so far. Hope we get to see different sides of his character and maybe see him grow up too…. (but not too much, please!)

  30. 30 Janelle

    I’m enjoying this show much more than I thought I would. So glad you’re recapping it. I don’t know how much Siwon fits this image in real life, but it’s not hard to imagine that it might be close to the truth. 🙂

    My favorite minion PD is the kid who was also a minion PD in You’ve Fallen For Me.

  31. 31 cherry

    reason why this is my new crack is bc i read the recap. THANK YOU!

  32. 32 cherry

    the way he curls his lip in a sneer reminds me of how cha seung won does it too! love both of their lips and voices!

  33. 33 mysterious

    I don’t understand why Anthony had to pay the parents to settle the dispute. The kids started the fight. I guess because she went so far and beat them as opposed to just defending herself. But still, if a kid can start a fight yet the other party has to pay how is that fair? Just ranting off-topic. But so far I like this show. Just wish it had better ratings because it deserves them.

    • 33.1 jomo

      There were no witnesses to what happened, and the accused was passed out, unable to defend herself.
      If you tallied all the injuries, it doesn’t look good for Writer Lee.

      If Siwon’s character knew about the charges, he could have defended her, as he was the one who called 119, but alas, he didn’t.

  34. 34 DarknessEyes

    thanks so much for recapping this show.. I didn’t think that it would be so good 😀

  35. 35 Kdrama_addict

    I have been a huge fan of KMM since Beethoven Virus (though I had watched all his previous dramas before.) Most people may say he is too old or married or whatever and it sounds strange, but I know I cannot be the only one who absolutely loves him!!! ^^; KMM has such overwhelmingly amazing and powerful charisma, acting, and style. And his role as Anthony Kim in King of Dramas is no exception. The other actors and actresses are doing pretty well with their roles, but for me, KMM completely dominates the screen. This is the most extreme character he has yet played- yes, even harsher than Kangmae in BV. At least in BV, Kangmae had pure passion for what he did and he did it honestly (it’s not like he tricked his way into becoming a conductor) and he obviously had a heart from the start because he shows so much care for his dog, Thoven. Anthony, though, is ruthless and full of corruption, with only slight signs of a conscience (as seen in this ep). But, he is vulnerable deep down and I am really hoping that he will develop into a better person by finding his true happiness through actually learning to truly love and care for someone/something (Go Eun *cough cough*) other than a successful money-loaded drama and himself. XD I know this drama can easily end like BV, with an open/almost platonic relationship ending, but I REALLY HOPE FOR TRUE ROMANCE TO HAPPEN (just cause I now ship the AnGo couple hard~~) Errr… I mean, I really want to see Anthony change in that way (and with that kind of personality, he has the potential to make things adorkable in their relationship (like in ep 5 when he comes up with that ridiculous excuse of slipping). 😛 Anthony, I should hate you, but I love you more and more with each passing minute! 🙂 And those furs…. so fuzzy and stylish….

    • 35.1 Chickletta

      I am there with you 100% regarding KMM. He is so amazing. I’m rooting for the romance between the two and I think I’m going to get my wish. I can’t hate him in spite of his underhanded wheelings and dealings. Behind each great man stands a great woman – it seems he met one in Go-eun. Fighting, woori couple!

      • 35.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Chickletta!
        I have a favor to ask you, about finding certain stores in Seoul (do you still live in South Korea)? If I may (ask you for some information), please email me: amvondo1@gmail.com
        Thank you!

    • 35.2 Orion

      If one is a teenage or teenage-minded bimbo who only thinks someone is a “great actor” (read: Is horny over him) if they are young, single and would look great in high heels, then yes. He’s old and married and ugly and therefore “ew”.

      On the other hand, some of us do appreciate skills and charisma and non gender-vague looks, because we don’t use every guy we see as a sex or romance fantasy, demanding they’re single and telling the world they “love their fans” more than anyone.

      So those girls can take a hike and go “adore” their lady-boy dolls for all I care. We’ll be enjoying some awesome acting from a charming guy. 😉

      • 35.2.1 Ivoire

        Say it Orion :-)!!!!!! (I am there with you and I second all that you said).

      • 35.2.2 Koirv


        I adore Kim Myung-min for not trying to be charming.

        He does not have to exert extra effort to be “hot”, awesome, lovely and overly talented.

        He is adorable for being THE ACTUAL Kim Myung-min who’s most respected in his field.

        • Orion

          Exactly. Charm is a very natural thing. You either have it or not. You can’t fake it. It’s about how you speak, your body language, how you use your expressions etc.

          There is charm as an actor and then there’s charm as a man/woman. Having both AND talent is what separates great from fantastic actors.

          Also, I don’t preach. I ramble. 😛 Bwahahaha.

    • 35.3 Arhazivory

      Can’t help loving him because….. He’s hot.

  36. 36 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recap. I loved episode 4 and can’t wait for ep 5’s recap.
    Bit Na was a hoot her voice was so funny. Go Eun beating the living daylights out of the kids, and Kyun Min’s reactions 🙂 🙂

  37. 37 redfox

    siwon can be so hilarious, his delivery of the character somehow reminds me of John Cleese . on the edge of absurdity.

  38. 38 jomo

    Thanks for the recaps!
    Love this show…I am laughing out loud all through, when I am not on the edge of my seat, and that makes me very happy indeed.

    I am down with every single character in the show.
    They all so well cast, and Siwon is killing this role. Such a goofball. The walking around in his towel sequence last episode was as ridiculous as his working (his assistant) out in the gym.

    I liked the mini reunion of the MNIKSS actors:
    JRW and Nam, Kwon Hae Hyo, who is fabulous in every single thing he acts in.

    This seems so surely plotted, directed and acted, I doubt we will have a ending as rushed as Elegant Revenge. Though I am sad it is only 16 eps.

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