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King of Dramas: Episode 5
by | November 24, 2012 | 90 Comments

It’s time for the ideological argument of artistic integrity versus commercialism to come to a head, with Go-eun and Anthony standing on opposite ends of the very, very wide divide. We know that both these things have to coexist, even though Anthony would gladly have one be sacrificed completely for the other.

Er, wait. Artistic integrity and commercialism do coexist, right? This show is making me worry that every writer is just a hopeless pawn, that no one ever gets to write what they want, and that mercenaries like Anthony will always win because everything is always about money when we get down to it. We’re… that’s going to be proven wrong, right? Right?


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EPISODE 5: “The Counterattack of the Fallen”

Anthony drops to his knees to beg Director Nam for the time slot: “I’ve put my life on the line for this drama.” This might sound overdramatic to Director Nam, but we know it’s the literal truth.

However, Anthony’s grand gesture does nothing to move Director Nam. He replies that what he wants most is for scum like Anthony to disappear from the industry, and that nothing will change his mind otherwise.

CEO Oh meets with Writer Jung and assures her that they’ve got the slot for Elegant Revenge 2. It’s time to get to work.

In the SBC lobby, Go-eun sees a posting for a scriptwriting contest, determined to win in order to prove herself. She ends up running into a morose Dong-seok, who updates her on the state of affairs: Director Nam hates Anthony and has cut them off. There’ll be no Kyungsung Morning, and he may need to look for another job.

Just then, Anthony emerges from the meeting. He and Go-eun share a charged moment before he continues on his way.

Hyun-min is having a grand old time playing video games before he’s interrupted by CEO Oh, with news of his drama’s lack of a time slot. Hyun-min isn’t keen on listening at first, considering how CEO Oh called him an idiot.

CEO Oh brushes all that off without apologizing, but revels in the fact that Hyun-min had no idea about Kyungsung Morning’s cancellation.

Hyun-min calls Anthony up to demand details, and Anthony surprises him by admitting that they did lose their time slot. But he’s unfazed, and tells Hyun-min to wait forty-eight hours. They’ll have their time slot back by then. Hyun-min: “How?”

“I’m Anthony,” he replies. “Anthony, who’s survived by killing off countless enemies in this bloody battlefield. I told you, right? Just wait forty-eight hours. By then, the only standing survivors will be you, me, and Kyungsung Morning.” Eep. I’m kind of afraid of what he’ll pull, but I’m also rooting for him to pull it all the same.

Anthony goes straight to Deputy Director Kim’s house. It’s clear that Kim has no great love for Anthony, but Anthony instead preys on his desire for the position Director Nam just took, even going so far as to claim that the “Director” position should have gone to him instead.

Wow, so Anthony is playing for keeps with this one. He manages to get Deputy Director Kim to support Kyungsung Morning because that’s what Director Nam doesn’t want, and in doing so he can unseat Nam from his throne and take it for himself.

The power play starts the next morning, with Deputy Director Kim working to convince people over to his side before the board meeting.

Once the meeting starts, his strategy becomes evident. The other deputy directors he’d talked to voice their concerns first, in order to make it seem like Deputy Director Kim isn’t the sole ringleader. Despite Director Nam naming Elegant Revenge 2 for their November time slot, concerns are raised over its lack of a cast and script.

But, as Deputy Director Kim points out, Kyungsung Morning has a top star and four episodes already written. Director Nam keeps trying to shut the idea down since the matter is finished as far as he’s concerned, but Deputy Director Kim ends up walking out, taking a considerable number of members with him.

Director Nam pulls Deputy Director Kim in for a private meeting, and stresses that he’s not going to budge on Elegant Revenge 2. He’s also shrewd, since he’s guessed that Deputy Director Kim made a deal with Anthony, but refers to it in more vague terminology.

It’s enough to get Deputy Director Kim fired up, and he reminds his hoobae: “No matter how much you bullshit, you’re below me.”

Director Nam accepts this with a straight face, but not without his own barb – despite that being the truth, Elegant Revenge 2 will still be airing under his name, not Kim’s. Burn.

That night, Anthony goes to a fancy dinner with a bunch of important-looking men, having been invited by an old colleague of his. He shows incredible respect to the man at the head of the table, and talks a little about Kyungsung Morning. But what’s he really there for?

At least Hyun-min is staying faithful to Anthony, even though the end of the forty-eight hour mark is fast approaching. His agency president urges him to just go sign onto Elegant Revenge 2, but Hyun-min’s willing to hold out just two more hours.

Director Nam gets that all-important Letter of Confirmation, and all he has to do is put his personal seal on it for Elegant Revenge 2 to legally own its time slot.

But, right before he can stamp it, and urgent call comes in: The Chairman wants to see him.

So he goes in for the meeting… and the Chairman is the same man Anthony met with last night. So that’s what he was doing. Director Nam’s face falls when he sees Anthony is also in attendance, knowing now that Anthony went over him and straight to the top. Smart thinking on Anthony’s part, but it sure isn’t going to win him any points with Nam.

Props to Director Nam for sticking to his guns, even when Chairman Joon implies that the entire department hasn’t reached a consensus on Elegant Revenge 2.

He urges Director Nam to look at Kyungsung Morning more positively, and when Director Nam claims that the time slot has already been decided, Chairman Joon’s words take on a hard edge: “Director Nam, do you not understand what I am implying?”

Anthony keeps his eyes on Director Nam to drink in his every reaction, and even tries to suppress a smirk (or is it a sneer?) while watching Director Nam get put in a difficult spot. I’d wanted to say ‘squirm,’ but Director Nam is too awesome for that.

After the meeting, Director Nam grudgingly admits that Anthony is resourceful – though that’s not a compliment. Anthony reminds him that he’d do anything to get what he wants, and gets his dramatic exit as he enters the elevator alone…

Except Director Nam totally subverts it by thrusting his hands in between the doors before they can close. He’s not going to back down so easily.

They head to the roof and try to hash things out, with neither willing to back down. After Anthony tells Director Nam to just admit defeat, Director Nam replies by punching Anthony in the stomach. Ha!

To his credit, Anthony takes it pretty well. “I’ll take that as you giving me the time slot.” So it is, but Director Nam clarifies that it’s only because he doesn’t want Kyungsung Morning to go to waste.

“Don’t forget this either,” Anthony reminds him. “We’re in one boat now.”

“One boat?” Director Nam scoffs. “Don’t delude yourself. It’s not your boat.”

Differences aside, there’s one thing Anthony wants now that he’s more or less in charge of his own show again – Go-eun. When asked why, Anthony replies that it’s because she’s the only one who can write Kyungsung Morning better than anyone else.

The ball gets rolling for Kyungsung, and the time slot is now official. Watanabe gets his letter of confirmation and sends Anthony the initial investment money, which has all of World Productions cheering. Now they can send Hyun-min a check.

Speaking of, we find Hyun-min car shopping with his shrill-voiced girlfriend Bit-na, just like he’d promised. I love this running joke, because her voice is quite literally atrocious, and Hyun-min seems to have selective hearing when it comes to it.

She asks the car salesman (in a spectacularly awful attempt to have her voice taken seriously) how much one of the cars is, and the price has Hyun-min gaping. You’d think it’s because it’s really expensive, but instead he replies… that it’s too cheap? Ha.

It gets better – turns out Hyun-min is just trying to stall Bit-na on buying a car because he hasn’t gotten his check in from Anthony. Hahaha. Worst idea in the history of ideas.

Luckily, Anthony’s deposit ends up coming through. Hyun-min’s facial expressions never cease to make me laugh.

News breaks that Kyungsung Morning secured the November time slot, and CEO Oh is left fuming. It’s not over just because Anthony won, he asserts. Lordy. This man is in need of a hobby.

Things are looking up for Anthony, since Dong-seok even manages to get him his old (fancy) car back. It’s only a matter of time before he’s off to fetch Go-eun.

He heads to Eunie’s Go-Kalbi only to find Mom there, though she’s of the belief that Go-eun went to the countryside to work on the script, funded by World Productions. Ah, so Go-eun didn’t have the heart to tell Mom she was fired.

Anthony picks up on that extremely fast and covers smoothly for Go-eun, claiming he just came by to check in on Mom, before using her cell phone to track Go-eun’s number.

Go-eun’s certainly picked a pretty spot by the sea to work on her scriptwriting contest submission.

Anthony ends up finding her on a pier, and she’s not happy to see him. “You must have resented me a lot,” he confesses. “I looked for you when I needed you, and then abandoned you again.”

She’s not willing to listen, and keeps backing up for every step he takes forward. He starts telling her about Kyungsung Morning’s confirmed time slot, but in her effort to get away from him she slips… and falls into the ocean.

Anthony dives in after her.

Cut to: Go-eun giving Anthony CPR on the shore, as she angrily asks him why he jumped in when he can’t even swim. HA. Way to totally throw that would-be heroic moment on its head. This is why I love this show.

Anthony wakes up in the island clinic, and rushes out after Go-eun. She’s still outside, sticking around to grudgingly make sure he’s all right.

He approaches her like nothing ever happened, and tells her that everything he said before was true. She has to come back.

Go-eun eyes him suspiciously as she asks for the reason, and he doesn’t admit it was him: “The new Director told me to reinstate you.” But she sees through his bull, and asks him the real reason.

“Where does a cheaper writer than you exist? I need you, and it’s enough if you have a fabulous debut as a writer with this drama,” Anthony admits. It’s enough for Go-eun, and he smiles, glad to have her back.

On the ride home, Go-eun asks why he jumped in after her when he couldn’t swim. “It couldn’t possibly have been for me,” she says. Anthony: “I slipped.” So there is a heart in there, somewhere. He drops her off at home to get some sleep before their big meeting.

Meanwhile, CEO Oh seems to have some nefarious plans in store for Anthony.

Hyun-min is told that Go-eun is back on as scriptwriter, and it’s like someone’s just put the fear of God into him. He remembers kicking her out when she was drunk, and how she took down those bullying high-schoolers.

He’s worried she’ll torture him with her script now, and all but cries to his manager: “You just don’t know. That girl’s a total gangster.”

Gangster Go-eun gets a text from Hyun-min, saying how happy he is to have her back. Oh, and “Fighting!”

She smiles, while on the other end, Hyun-min is literally trembling with anxiety. HA. It’s been less than a minute and he’s already freaking out about her not replying.

And when she does (with a positive message), he literally jumps for joy. He’s. Adorable.

Go-eun’s temporarily waylaid by CEO Oh, who’s basically all, No hard feelings, right? She’s polite but eager to get away, and his smile falls once she goes. What’s he planning now?

Team Anthony (minus Anthony) congratulates Go-eun on her return with party poppers and confetti before the meeting starts.

Unfortunately, things quickly derail for Go-eun when Anthony “suggests” some major revisions: Make her noir a garden variety melodrama, make the hero a chaebol, and change the ending.

Go-eun, in shock: “If you want me to change the genre, then does that mean you want the entire script changed?” Anthony: “That’s right.” Uh oh. And he means everything.

Go-eun takes him outside for a private chat, shocked to find out Anthony had this planned from the start. He was simply waiting till they had an assured spot before he made the changes.

We see her idealistic, sincere side clashing against his mercenary business sense as she tries to reinforce that she’s the writer. Anthony isn’t doing a good job of reigning in his temper as he tells her: “To put it simply, you’re employed by me. And I have no intention of creating art with this drama. What I want is a money-making drama with a 40% rating, not a mania drama with mediocre ratings.”

Go-eun accuses him of wanting a money-making drama to feed his ambition, and he doesn’t deny it. But, hey, she’ll become a star writer, so what’s the deal?

She’s floored, and claims that everything is money to him, but a drama isn’t about money. This, obviously, sends Anthony overboard. “That’s what a drama is about!” He cites numbers and figures to support that fact, and stresses that they either succeed in ratings or lose everything.

“You’re insane,” Go-eun says.

“That’s right, I’m insane,” he fires back. “I’m going to succeed and rule this world again. I will stand up again as the king of dramas, and make everyone obey beneath my feet! Therefore, this drama must succeed no matter what.” (*makes the cuckoo clock noise*)

Go-eun goes to Hyun-min in an attempt to gain support, and tells him that Anthony wants to turn her script into a conventional melodrama and set the first episode in the present to allow for PPL.

Hyun-min… thinks it’s a great idea. Ahaha, of course. Go-eun realizes her mistake and leaves. At least his manager believes the original Kyungsung Morning was really good on its own.

Go-eun goes back home to Mom to think things out and write her script. Anthony notices her absence in the office.

CEO Oh talks to one of his informants placed within Anthony’s company, which is how he finds out that Go-eun is on strike.

…And it’s Dong-seok who walks in late through the door over at World. Nooooo! It can’t really be him, can it?

Anthony goes over to Go-eun’s house to try and bring her back, but she refuses to trust him again. “When I was your age, I also thought I was right without the slightest doubt,” he advises her. “But looking back now, I realize I wasn’t always right. I’ll wait for you. Come back before it’s too late.”

Go-eun turns to her practical mom for advice, and Mom gives the practical answer that there were plenty of times she thought she was right when she really was wrong. “A human isn’t a god,” she says.

Go-eun returns to the office, ready to accept Anthony’s changes, just as Dong-seok is leaving it suspiciously, phone in hand. I really hope this is all a fake out.

He seems hesitant to let Go-eun inside, and we see why: Anthony’s chatting it up with a new writer. Eeeek.

He introduces Writer Oh as a “supervisor” for the “amended” script. All the words he’s using are red flags. Go-eun realizes as much and still manages to be surprised over Anthony’s low tactics, and walks right back out.

A storm brews, and CEO Oh gets word that Go-eun has left again. His secret informant turns out to be Maknae Goo, and not Dong-seok. Phew.

Go-eun walks through the rain, followed in secret by CEO Oh. She arrives, soaked, at Writer Jung’s doorstep. They resolve their differences and commiserate over Anthony, with Writer Jung admitting that she read Kyungsung Morning and liked it.

CEO Oh just “happens” to drop by, but leaves once he sees Go-eun. “You’re the one who should protect your script. Never compromise with a dirty businessman like Anthony, got it?” Writer Jung tells her before sending her off.

Of course, CEO Oh is there to catch her outside, and offers a ride to the bus stop. He tells her that the only way to protect her script will be to get it out of Anthony’s hands, and offers to front the money for her to break her contract with World Productions.

Meanwhile, Anthony basically rewrites the first episode using Writer Oh.

Go-eun calls him to say she’s quitting, and that she’ll pay him for the breach of contract. For her to know that terminology must mean she’s with CEO Oh, and Anthony rushes out to stop her.

CEO Oh has no better plans for her, as he admits to his lackey that he just wants to sign her over, get the rights to Kyungsung so he can hand the show to a veteran writer, and kick Go-eun out.

Go-eun reviews the new contract just as Anthony bursts through the door, commanding her not to sign it. She turns back to the contract with new resolve, and looks like she’s about to sign it anyway…


Gah. I almost think it would have been better to muddy the waters a little by not revealing CEO Oh’s nefarious plans to use and abuse Go-eun, because now it’s just a matter of picking between the lesser of two evils.

Of course, I gravitate more toward Anthony, which is the intended effect. CEO Oh isn’t necessarily a caricature, but that much smirking and underhanded planning never really gets anyone to root in your corner. Really, though, Anthony isn’t that much better – we’ve seen a few more flashes of humanity from him, and maybe Anthony doesn’t take as much malicious glee in ruining other people’s lives, but they’re both snakes in their own right. Go-eun is stuck – no way is really the right way.

I’m really interested to see how this show tackles the issue of Go-eun’s artistic integrity, since I’m torn about the issue as well. On the one hand, you have an artist wanting to protect her art. I sympathize with that, and her, more than anyone or anything right now.

But then you have Anthony, who’s been in the business a long time knows what it takes to make a hit. Like we saw with Writer Jung, he thinks that everything’s gravy as long as the ratings are good. What’s a little lost integrity here and there when you come out on top? That’s his modus operandi, and it hasn’t changed throughout his trials. And the problem is that numbers don’t lie, so if you were him, would you see a reason to change what works?

Of course, that’s when we operate under the Money Is Everything school of thought, and with dramas being a commercial business, I can see where that’s mostly true. Which is what makes it so hard for Go-eun and us, because the odds are stacked against her. Even when she was willing to compromise (and that was A LOT, to submit to all of Anthony’s changes), Anthony ended up shooting himself in the foot by pushing her too far. Again. I don’t want Go-eun to sign with CEO Oh, but I do hope that this scares Anthony even a little bit. There must be room for compromise in there somewhere – a way to let Go-eun tell the story she wants to tell (and one that’s undisputedly good, as everyone in the drama keeps telling us) while racking up the numbers Anthony wants. He’s a smart enough guy. He’ll be able to find a way.

Otherwise it seems like the world was just made to trample Go-eun, even if she has a good script with fresh ideas. I definitely like that conflict, which seems like it’d be so commonplace in a drama about dramas, but our characters really ground it and make it real. We’re in the same position as Go-eun, learning right along with her. And I’m glad that I’ve been with her every step of the way – despite her leaving Team Anthony for the umpteenth time, I didn’t end up rolling my eyes and going, “Again?” because each time she had a damn good reason. She wants to be there, and I’d say she’s much more willing to play ball and compromise than Anthony. But he keeps making it difficult for her, so you can’t really blame the girl.

I feel like I’m sounding harsher on Anthony than I really am, but it’s mostly because I want him and Go-eun to work out as a team. Yes, he wins points for jumping into the ocean to save Go-eun without knowing how to swim. I understand what he’s doing and the truth in it, but if we accept his cold-and-experienced logic as the gospel truth, it’s like rainbows and puppies and unicorns will cease to exist and all dreams will be shattered. Which is kind of Anthony in a nutshell, isn’t it? Sans snazzy suits and furry lapels, of course.


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  1. Miss D

    My favorite part had to be when Anthony dives into the water to save Go-Eun….and next thing we know she’s yelling at his unconscience body about why he should jump in if he couldn’t swim. Hahahaha!

    I love how this drama can have both really meaningful discussions of whether artistic integrity can go along with commercialism AND then present such funny scenes. And with Hyun-min on board, there is definitely a lot of laughter.

    What I keep wondering about is whether there will be any romantic aspects to this drama? Before the drama aired, based solely on the previews, I thought a ship between the polar opposite write and producer was definitely going to be a thing but right now I think the focus is a lot more of the production of the drama. Hum…

    • 1.1 ilikemangos

      lol that was my favorite part too!
      So unexpected. The camera pans over and we see go-eun trying to resuscitate an unconscious anthony. ahahahha.
      Did he forget he couldn’t swim? I think anthony’s really starting to show his humanity.

      • 1.1.1 ladyana2j

        LOL, my favorite scene too! I really in love with AK right now and cant wait to see, how far their relationship will goon…

  2. boholAnna

    Thanks for the recaps! I religiously watch this drama as it comes out but reading the recaps here make me enjoy it all over again.

  3. pereleal1

    I think I’m in love with this drama. One (naive) question – can anyone explain to me how ratings = money? I understand that higher viewership means that drama-related paraphernalia is more likely to sell, and maybe pave the way to overseas broadcasts, but do the producer/broadcaster somehow inherently get more money when ratings go up? e.g. in the first episode, why is it such a big deal for the drama they were making to hit 30% only in the last few minutes when ratings were much lower before?

    • 3.1 HeadsNo2

      More visibility/popularity = More ad revenue. A drama will either be able to sell more commercial slots or sell those same slots for more moolah if the ratings are high, since advertisers know their ads have a higher chance of being seen. It doesn’t seem like ratings have an impact on overseas popularity – Love Rain, for instance, sold to Japan for a hefty sum even though the ratings abroad averaged about 5.4%.

      • 3.1.1 Dominique

        When determining market price of a drama, ratings achived in one market, such as Korea, may have little to zero relevance in another market, such as Japan or US.

        Many niche or exotic filmed entertainment products do not sell well beyond their borders. I still remember the time in college when a group of us went to see The Seven Samurai. When the light came on, several in the group were simply baffled by the distress caused by flooding of rice paddies. Even after hearing the explanation as to what rice paddies inherited from their ancestors mean to Japanese farmers, the pragmatic Western minds simply could not accept that the grief was in proportion to the loss.

        Then, there is the difference between network and online. Both collect ad revenues, but each employs a different revenue model. I see so many Korean dramas listed on Hulu.com today for the US viewers, but Hulu.com does not pay minimum guarantee to a Korean drama for making it available online, while, say, CBS, had it licensed the same drama to air it in primetime, might.

      • 3.1.2 pereleal1

        Thanks, Heads! I guess what was confusing me was that the K-dramas I’ve seen in Korea generally don’t seem to have commercial breaks… but I guess ratings could affect surrounding ads/product placement?

      • 3.1.3 Bengbeng

        product placements are quite important to the client or advertisers, one because they are ensure that viewers will see their product, unlike when its within commercial gaps that are prone to channel switching. two, their products are being endorsed/used by stars with big names without them paying them as much. However, when you see the stars used them several times within the program/kdrama like the berocca in May Queen), it could mean that the talents/stars are already getting paid for it =). making them earn double =)

  4. reeen

    Woah, I wasn’t expecting the recap for 5 so fast. Thank you, HeadsNo2!

    • 4.1 reeen

      I know there are many who dislike Anthony’s character as it is now, but I’m glad that there’s someone like him who can deal with the underhand methods and power battles and get the drama on air. He doesn’t need a 180Β° change, just a little more humanity, integrity and artistic appreciation where it doesn’t hinder him from competing with the rivals. I think in the end he will become the producer who does the dirty (or by then less dirty) work and thereby creates the space needed for a fresh and powerful work of art.

      • 4.1.1 DayDreamer

        I totally agree with you. I certainly hope not to see him completely changed but enough so that he gains more support than just a whole industry of haters. He still has to be the awesomely competent King of Dramas and sexy ahjusshi rolled into one. πŸ˜›

        • reeen

          So true, it would be awesome if he becomes more respected and better liked. Especially by Director Nam! I do think there is plenty of incentive for Anthony to change. Although the ratings of his past dramas didn’t lie, the number of the writers who were willing to follow him when he left Empire (zero) also doesn’t lie. If only he had been a little less overbearing he may not have taken such a deep fall. If he doesn’t change, the same thing could happen again in the future. He just needs to face his failure and the reason for it and I think he’ll draw the right consequences which will make him more humane, a better producer and a happier person. Can’t wait to see it happen.

          • DayDreamer

            You are taking the words straight from my heart! I also want to see a deepening bond between him and Nam which, from subsequent episode, seems very possible. The better relations Anthony develops with the right people, the more secure his future will be unlike his past.

      • 4.1.2 Orion

        I agree on how I want this to play out. Right now, drama=money. In real life as well. Going 100% for art will also be unrealistic. I hope this series can show that you CAN have both some artistic quality and something which sells.

        It’s also about educating audiences. People always resist change, but the industry also has the power to “train” the viewers. If the industry took that risk, we’d have pre-produced shows with wonderful and diverse stories. Sure, viewers would complain for a while, but the masses are needy. They’d get used to it, gain more in terms of art appreciation and maturity through it and the rest of us who already grew up and aren’t demanding little brats or needy ajummas can have something slightly more challenging and interesting to watch.

        • reeen

          I think that’s really the charm of the drama. None of our characters could produce a good, successful drama on their own. Only through the clash of their different personalities and talents will they be able to make it happen. I’m most interested in those conflicts, how they will be resolved and how everyone will grow through them.

          After the 1000th variation of “spunky girl+chaebol prince” I’m always on the lookout for dramas with a fresh storyline. I do hope they put in interesting twist on it, but basically I think plots like “Alice in Cheongdamdong” are just redundant and a waste of talented and/or likeable actors. It’s not that I don’t like fluff (although challenging storylines are great!), but even the fluff needs to be fresh and warm, right out of the dryer, so to speak, to feel good. πŸ™‚

          • Orion

            Exactly. Romance is romantic because it’s surprising and intense and always different depending on the people involved. When every rom-com goes down the same old road, sometimes to a disgusting degree of step-by-step precision, it stops being romantic. Or fresh, or interesting, or funny.

            By all means, use the Cinderella story if you must. But even that can be fresh and done in a million different ways and yes, we do like it, but not over and over and over and over again, in every single damn series.

        • Dominique

          For Korean TV dramas, didn’t Episode 5 already spell out what such changes might be? Anthony wants to have the script rewritten precisely how?

          I heard melo mentioned, among other things …

          • reeen

            You mean by wanting to change the script he’s going to have his life changed? That’s quite the ingenious connection. I dread what other script changes he’s going to demand…

  5. Yasmin

    Thank you!! I’m totally loving this drama and all three of our leads!
    I watched ep 6 yesterday and it just cemented my love for this drama!! Choi si won is killing it in this role and I love it! I hadn’t seen anything for Kim myung min since bad family and I think he’s great! Can’t wait to see what’s it in store for the rest of the drama since it seems its one of a few that are actually *good*..

  6. Kandmt

    I’m loving everything about this drama so far!! Thanks so much for the recaps, I enjoy reading them πŸ™‚

  7. DayDreamer

    Well, I’ve already seen all the episodes aired thus far so the thoughtful questions asked in the recap already have answers. Hence, I’ll move on to other things.

    Anthony’s the grey-shaded character that I love. He doesn’t put much faith in integrity and all that idealistic stuff because he’s lived through reality and knows what it’s like. He’s also self-aware of his misdeeds even though that doesn’t stop him from doing more of ’em. It’s because he’s in such an industry where there are plenty of sharks and people like him (ie, Oh Ji Wan) and he’s gotta be the tough one. This episode alone proved his great tenacity, willpower, and above all, his ideas of giving others and himself a chance to be moral. In other words, Anthony kneeled and bowed to Director Nam. To me, that was his way of morally and sincerely asking for what he wants without any underhanded moves. He was giving himself and Director Nam a chance to sincerely work it out. However, Director Nam refused (albeit justifiably) and Anthony decided on other (perhaps only) available options which happened to be underhanded. I could only support these tactics because he tried to do it the right way (after all, he had everything set in place in terms of script, budget, etc; it was only the fact that Nam was biased towards him that he couldn’t get the slot despite the aforementioned stuff) but it didn’t work and his goals had to be achieved.

    All the problems that Anthony will face and have faced will eventually turn him into a better person. He will learn what it is like to compromise and still produce a drama that will be a winner. He’s only seen other formulas work but slowly he’ll find another one.

    Someone commented on the romance angle in this show. I personally would prefer this to be romance-less and more about team work, team spirit, and being underdogs. However, if there is romance, I think it will come slowly and most likely from Lee Go Eun’s side rather than Anthony’s. It seems like Anthony will be slow to have feelings but Go Eun will like him despite his faults. After all, so far she has remained on his side despite being trampled on by him. She sees more humanity in him and understands his frustrations too. In a way, they’re kindred spirits too and Go Eun may realize that much sooner than Anthony.

  8. Cynthia

    I’m loving all of the twists and turns in this plot – everyone has a solid reason for their personal reaction. I like clearly delineated characterizations and the infusion of humor is spot-on.

    Everyone can do their dance but the hard wall of the bank-rolling Japanese terminal gangster is still ahead of us. He read the script and wanted it brought to air. When he discovers that the writer and changes to the script will change the storyline, I’m hoping that he makes his preferences crystal-clear. Let the hi-jinks ensue!

    • 8.1 jomo

      How will he find out, though?
      I was hoping for the same thing.

  9. Anne

    Hyunmin calls his manager Chagi sometimes right? I die…..

    • 9.1 anais

      I know!!! What’s that about! Loves it!

      • 9.1.1 nova611

        hes CUTE!! squeel with joy

    • 9.2 javabeans

      FYI, “jagi” doesn’t always have a romantic meaning. Women can use it with women, and men with men. It’s very familiar, but can be a friendly usage.

  10. 10 jomo

    Thanks for the recap and thoughts.
    I just just just finished this ep.

    The whole idea of a fresh approach reminds me of HotS, especially with JRW being the one talking about protecting her script. I feel like everyone involved with that show felt confident they did not have to sell out to tell interestingly their story. Of course they also had PPL throughout.

    Am I the only one that doesn’t mind PPL? I haaaaaate commercial interruptions. If the PPLs can keep them at bay, I am fine. Plus, I like buying what the characters buy.
    It’s fun. If I am going to buy a car, a watch, a phone, a donut anyway, why not pick something I see on the TV?

    I am starting to get alt+tab itchy fingers when Oh Daepunim comes on screen. He is not really getting more interesting in his machinations, and doesn’t he have a job to do instead of trying to destroy World?
    At least have us see a flashback where we see a really good reason he hates Anthony so much. Did Anthony humiliate him in front of others, or was he just a very demanding/crazy boss? There has to be more to their story than what we have seen.

    • 10.1 DayDreamer

      I don’t see anything wrong with PPL either unless it’s super obvious that it’s PPL, like how in Nice Guy, Moon Chae-Won spent like a good 10 seconds showing some phone application. When things are subtle, that’s when they’re nice.

      About Oh Ji Wan…I think he was power hungry and had been treated like a dog by Anthony, running behind him and all. Moreover, he said something about always having to clean up after Anthony and not even getting credit for it. I guess the under-appreciation also did it for him. So now Oh Ji Wan is trying to make Anthony fail at every step possible, particularly during pre-production stage. He probably fears that once Anthony makes a comeback, he’ll be doomed or something like that. It’s probably a way of acknowledging Anthony’s impressive skills.

      • 10.1.1 anais

        I actually liked that Moon Chae Won demo. I was like, NO WAY!!! That’s so COOL!!! Nothing in the U.S. does that. I seriously contemplated buying that thing when my iPhone contract ends. (Wouldn’t it be funny if PPL in kdramas started having an impact on Apple sales internationally? I love Apple, but that would be an interesting scenario.)

        And, I thought it was well integrated. Otherwise, how would non-Koreans who don’t have such technology know how the heck she was able to identify Secretary Jo’s car.

        In fact, I’d love to see more PPL demo. What do you folks in South Korea have that we don’t…

    • 10.2 Orion

      PPL is necessary and I don’t find anything wrong with it. The problem is when it’s not incorporated well. Some dramas have a whole scene of a character using a mobile app or showing an app to another character for no apparent reason. And they zoom in on the phone, making the thing like a demo video. I hate that. If you need to use it, make it fit into the scene, at least.

      Some series, on the other hand, at least use PPL in a way that makes sense. And I’m all for putting it in the story in more direct ways too.

      I personally loved the ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ bit with the phone. They got their PPL done and they did make it an actual part of what was happening (love reaching/calling through time, even through a random object because it’s so “meant to be”).

      The issue is that there is a certain screen-time probably demanded and with live filming, it’s often impossible to have a good reason for it, as we saw with the random orange juice bit here. It’s not PPL that’s the problem. It’s lack of talent to use it well or lack of time or lack of power to use it in a sensible way, with guys like Anthony breathing down your neck for how it will look like.

      Also, yes, series like ‘Salaryman’ show that you can make something good, fresh and that it will be appreciated and get good ratings. Just because the masses are dumb doesn’t mean everyone in them is. However, if you want to cater to as many as possible in expense of quality, this won’t change. And when the drama industry is run by people like Anthony and the top dogs above him, I don’t have much hope.

      Cable is giving me more hope at the moment. Pre-produced shows (sometimes, as far as I can tell), shorter duration, 1 episode per week so that actors can actually sleep and create their characters in peace and since it’s paid TV and there are commercial deals done beforehand, there is no need for rushing to fit orange juices into the whole thing. πŸ˜›

      • 10.2.1 jomo

        QIHM is a good example.
        Ever since BD bought her that Audi I have been threatening to spend 45-50K for a car to get ME some kissin’!

        • Orion

          You can and should get plenty of kissing without the need for bribes. πŸ˜‰ It’s a lady’s responsibility to give some sugar to her man, as it is the gentleman’s to give her his attention. And sugar, but that’s a given at all times and most places, for guys. πŸ˜›

          • jomo

            But I need to attract Boong Do, specifically.

        • nova611

          arragh..u makes me wanna watch that kissing in a car again
          HOt KissiNNNg….totally gonna watch QiHy again

    • 10.3 Carole McDonnell

      I don’t mind PPL. I remember seeing a show on an American channel where they discussed the pros and cons of a villain using one’s product. I think it didn’t help American sales if the villains had the “product”…while E T eating M&M’s upped sales immensely.

  11. 11 mjfan

    Ah , Anthony is diving me crazy !!! cant they work in peace without this crazy I – will – rule – the – world speech !!!
    , anyway , I totally loved that ocean scene , this show is really great with getting cliches upside down ,
    I really think king of dramas will literally be a king of dramas …

  12. 12 nomu nomu nomu

    Thank you for the recaps HeadsNo2. πŸ™‚

    I’m Still enjoying the show overall, ‘Show’ has me guessing wrong on some twists and turns, and that is a good thing. Still liking Go-eun, She’s has a blend of idealistic yet feisty personality that I find endearing. With Anthony though, at this point of time I’m still having a Love-to-hate feeling towards him. Narrative wise, he is a very interesting character. He shows guilt, knows difference between right and wrong, etc. but still CHOOSES to do what ever it takes at any cost regardless of collateral damage. (I’m convince, he’d screw over his own mother, if necessary). CEO Oh, meh, been-there-done-that villain type of character, nothing for me to add really. Hyun-min, at this point of time, not much more than comic relief, let’s hope we are going somewhere with him. Regarding the ending of HeadsNo2 opening paragraph, yes, it will eventually be proven wrong because this is FICTION, but come on now, we read blogs and articles on the real Dramaland, right? The real life ‘Anthony’ in Dramaland does not get a character arc. However, I actually hope ‘Show’ has the balls and not give Anthony a complete overhaul on his JACKASS personality, I sometime find it a cop out that drama’s does that and sometime it feels forced by the writers. note to self: at least he hasn’t crossed the point of no return and committed criminal offense and still have viewers swooning over him. So, Anthony, please don’t go there.

    Regarding the romance, it’s exactly where I feel it should be at this point of time. I would be calling BULLSHIT on writer-nim if Go-eun and Anthony had any romance this quick. Remember, from the heroine perspective, She knows him as someone who has no problem being dirty and back stabbing anyone, including her and she did not witness his conflicted emotion as we did. I still want a romantic storyline to eventually develop but at more behind the scene. There needs to be mutual respect first and we can go from there.

    • 12.1 reeen

      I don’t think Anthony should be given a complete overhaul either. He’s ruthless, but sometimes that’s simply what he needs to be to survive in the industry. However, he is overdoing it (especially towards his own team) and becoming very inflexible because of it. That’s what I’d like to see changed. For all I care he can still be a complete jackass to Oh Jin-Wan πŸ™‚

      The bribery issue was a criminal offense, no? He just wasn’t caught…

      • 12.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        sorry, I wasn’t very clear on the criminal offence. In a drama, I can overlook some white-collar crimes and dirty business tactics (conflicts is good for drama’s, no?) but I can not overlook, hmm, lets say Grand Arson, Murder frame job, etc, etc. (on those scales) Some will know what I’m referring too, hehehe

        • Orion

          Yep. I feel the same way. I mean, abortion is illegal there too and that’s messed up plenty already. There are some crazy laws around the world. I’m more sensitive on issues of morality than actual law. I’d find no wrong with a poor person stealing from a rich one to feed their family. But coming back to the series now, it’s illegal to bribe, but Korea runs on that. Same with my country and pretty much most countries, although granted, some places are way too dirty and corrupt by global standars. Bribing, lobbying, those are just how business works.

          I don’t consider Anthony in the wrong for having to do something which doesn’t harm others to get his way, but it does become a no-no for me when it actually hurts people other than those who deserve it and mostly brush it off.

        • reeen

          true, that’s what still distinguishes Anthony from… others…

  13. 13 kopytko

    Love this show. So much.
    I can’t get enough of Anthony and his shrewd ways. Gosh, he’s got style. Not to mention his voice *massive swoon*.

    The other thing that constantly has me grin is the mocking portrayal of idols. They are laughable, dim, vain, yet still human beings. It’s such a nice contrast to their images as presented in interviews and media publications. It sure helps that Hyun-Min is a total hoot.

    I am also thankful for Go-Eun’s character. A sensible female character is usually a grandma or a mother with a bunch of kids and problems, the alternative being a successful busineswoman – clever but b****y. With her spunk and her doubts Go-Eun makes a person I can relate to.

    What I am hoping for is a development of Anthony-Go-Eun relationship. It doesn’t have to be on the romantic level, although I wouldn’t mind, but I think this could be a nice story of two people learning from each other and supporting each other.

  14. 14 redfox

    more and more I get these images of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers spring to mind with Siwons expressions.

    Anthony is a gambler.

  15. 15 Dieffe

    OMG this drama. I can’t stop talking about it with another friend who likes k-dramas (I already convinced her to watch it, but she doesn’t have the time right now) and after watching episode 6, I’m looking foward to more and more.
    Siwon as Hyun-min is hilarious, seriously, he’s the highlight of the episodes, but I’m seriously captivated by Anthony (despite knowing he’s not doing the right thing most of the time…but he has his reasons, and he’s incredibly charming and well dressed and…argh, I can’t help but root for him!).
    Although I love the fact that Anthony as a main character is almost about as ruthless as the antagonist, I’m glad we have Go Eun as the morall compass of the story.
    I like the way she fights for her script and I hope that together with Anthony and the rest of the team they’ll make a successful drama.
    Seriously, I don’t even care if there’s a romantic development (though after episode 6 I think I know where it’s going and I’m actually quite happy about it), the story is simply so good and interesting, and the characters are likable and unique and this is more than enough for me.
    If it wasn’t clear by now…I’m totally hooked!

  16. 16 meddkiks

    I really liked the scene with Go-eun at the seaside town, it was really beautiful! Does anyone know the song they played during that scene? I tried to play it through Shazam but to no avail =\

    • 16.1 reeen

      It seems to be μ‚¬λž‘μ— λ©€μ–΄μ„œ (Because I was blinded by love) by Yesung. But I could only find a snippet of it on youtube.

    • 16.2 lettuce

      I’m curious too – Not Yesung’s song but the one with English lyrics which start to play at the very beginning of the seaside town scene. Some lyrics snippets such as “It’s been a long, long day. When my days turn like a river..” and “I don’t know how to say goodbye” are clear but I just have no luck in Google. :s

      • 16.2.1 ck1Oz

        I think it’s Korean Indie music. Was browsing through about 100 songs on YT and I swear I heard this singer before.

        Best bet to ask someone from Daum/Navers.

        • reeen

          I think it might be Adultchild (어린아이), they/she sound/s quite similar. Let us know if you find out πŸ™‚

          • RIH

            Found that lovely song. It’a called the “Tuesday song” by Big Baby Driver.

            It’s on YT! Enjoy πŸ˜€

  17. 17 smo_ore

    Yay! They had me thinking Dongseok was the mole. I need to pay more attention if I missed the reveal. But now I won’t be as angry.

    Does anyone else want Director Nam and Anthony to be best friends?

  18. 18 thinking_lotus

    I have the hugest crush on Kim Myung Min’s Anthony Kim character. That rigid hair! The tight suits that look like there were sewn on him (he must have a tailor to follow him around on set and fix it every time he splits his pants) The shoes! The 60s Baroque Carnaby-St-style personal decor! But most of all his flexible face and expressive body. He is just so much fun to watch.

    But in Kdrama World, is it true that directors are ALWAYS men and writers are ALWAYS women? Holy biological determinism, Batman!

  19. 19 Sajen

    it’s the end of this episode and the beginning of the next that I fall in love with Go-eun, before I loved the show but now I really love it

  20. 20 lincolnmon

    Being a producer of television programs, I understand where Anthony is coming from, his thinking, if not his methods.

    So let me make a controversial statement of sorts.

    How can a artist claim that his work is better than others if less people wants to watch it?


    Why should I pay to watch the self gratification of an artist?

    To me, it is simple, you know your audience, you write for them. You know the ones who give you money, you write and act for them.

    And a lot of artists change their tune, script writers write in their own PPL and things the audience likes, but defies their artistic integrity when suddenly their payment is dependent on how the projects get paid.

    • 20.1 Saner

      But I think the whole point that they’re making in this specific case is that you don’t know if people want to watch it or not. I have no idea what’s in the script, but people in the show keep using the word ‘fresh’, which to me, implies that it’s a semi-new genre, with a format that they haven’t seen before.

      Also, I also think that Anthony completely disregards the work that is put in by the writers (and everyone else) to make a show. We saw that in the first episode – what pressure! And all for some orange juice. Sure, they got lucky and managed to do it all in time, but he completely disregarded what Write Joon had been doing all this time and the work and time and effort of the other crew members…..in order to get a screenshot of some orange juice.

    • 20.2 Orion

      The reason as far as the writing goes is that, unless your heart is into something, you will not do it as well and as honestly and passionately as you would something which you dig yourself. When it comes to art, that often shows through the work itself.

      To you, as a producer, most views = better work, but it does not go that way to viewers like us who appreciate quality and something which doesn’t numb our brains. We like diversity, we like different characters and stories, useful things to see and hear and think about.

      If better = a lot of viewers, then Twilight is a work of art as well. Only it’s not. When you categorize any work as bad/ok/good, you need to at least have a basis for it and clearly state it. If sales is your thing, Twilight is one of the best. If a decent story, good acting, compelling characters, meaningful things to say and general overall aesthetic and artistic quality are what you are after, or just some honest light and unpretentious entertainment, then the whole bad/ok/good system changes.

      Twilight is a sales/box office masterpiece, but it’s pathetic if we look at it in terms of quality, through the eyes of an adult and not a teenage girl.

      Also, you assume people just need to be entertained. Yes, people will watch anything, when it’s the only thing thrown at them. When you focus on sales and force the market into such repetitiveness, people will watch and sales will rise, because no one has a choice. But art and entertainment should enrich people’s minds in some way. That is their original purpose, before business turned them into a sales race.

      Did anyone ever wonder, why are there such obsessive and demanding fans in Korea, to the point they harm others? The answer is, if you keep giving into such people’s childish demands instead of guiding them and teaching them useful things and acceptable and decent morals, they will keep getting worse.

      But a mindless audience with big wallets is what works for the people who make and air shows, so of course no one gives a damn about intellectual wealth. If entertainment had not become so pathetic, money driven and shallow, there would be more people around who can put together two coherent sentences instead of “OMG! His liek SSOOO HOT! Saranghae oppar!!!111”.

      And it IS up to education, society and entertainment to help people mature and reach higher standards. So if one wants the world to be full of living zombies ready to make them richer, yes, I agree that the best works are those with the biggest ratings.

      • 20.2.1 Arhazivory

        Nicely said Orion. ^^

      • 20.2.2 ilikemangos

        Orion, i love your comments on this thread!
        Really gives some insight. Thanks hun!

  21. 21 cg

    Thanks πŸ™‚
    I have a doubt……are ads not allowed during the episode run of a drama in Korea??

  22. 22 jomo

    Forgot to mention this.
    It is so strange to me that folks are signing contracts sooo quickly with NO LAWYERS consulted?!

    That would NEVER happen.
    I totally expect anyone to get screwed up down and sideways by the person handing you the contract.

    Better safe than sorry, kids!

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      Darn it! I’ve lost that restaurant napkin again. It’s an important document…

      • 22.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        *gasp* That’s not the marriage contract to the Chaebol, is it?

  23. 23 maechan

    I loved Hyun Min’s reaction when he noticed that Go Eun came back: first so scared and a second later the happy/goofy puppy he is hahaha

  24. 24 xarden

    Lalalalalalala how perfect is this drama!
    Will always follow this!!!

  25. 25 xarden



    What exactly did they do?!
    It’s torture! It’s something like… I have to know what happened!

    It’s not a cliffhanger that requires one viewer to wait another one week… with seven days… with 24 hours each day!!! It’s simply… torture!! I can’t stand waiting!

    That’s just my hatest (YET AHHHH SUPER FAVORITE) cliffhanger in the world!!


    • 25.1 AK

      lol ….Dont worry. Only a day more.

      • 25.1.1 lalala

        If you are ANTHONY KIM, I’d like to say I love you!
        I’m THIS desperate lol. πŸ™‚

        • AK

          I LA LA LA ….I love you too ! πŸ™‚

  26. 26 Koirv

    If KING OF DRAMAS won’t win any of these awards:

    BEST ACTOR for Kim Myung-min
    BEST ACTRESS for Jung Ryeo-won
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for Siwon or Jung Man-shik
    BEST COSTUME (omg Anthony’s wardrobe!)
    BEST COUPLE (Kim Myung-min and Jung Ryeo-won)

    I’m done and I’ve lost respect.

    • 26.1 nova611

      BEST SEXY VOICE (Anthony Kim)

    • 26.2 Chickletta

      LOL 100% agreed. Except: I can’t really see Siwon’s greatness. He’s good enough for the role but for me still doesn’t amount to much more than a pretty face with a good 6pack. Maybe, if his character develops, we’ll see if he can stand being pitched agianst such great actors as KMM

      • 26.2.1 Koirv

        Yes, being pitched eye-to-eye cheek-to-cheek with THE ACTUAL MYUNG-MIN BON JOA (true guru in acting) is the world’s #1 & toughest challenge.

  27. 27 inxomnia

    This is seriously one of the few dramas I’m watching as it airs in a very long while (can’t even remember the last time I did this lol). Anyways, I ADORE this drama so much. Every time it pushes me on edge with Oh’s sabotaging, it pulls me back in. Not to mention that the comedic timing in TKOD is seriously perfect. I love how the serious scenes transition into the lighter scenes so flawlessly.

    I’m loving how we as the viewers see the fleeting flashes of Anthony’s humanity and Go eun suspects so too. He’s a complex character and I love that. How he’s able to be so ruthless to be so commercial, yet you can tell he appreciates Go eun’s trust to an extent, for sticking with him. I like Go eun (and JRW now) because she’s so bright and has the loveliest smile at times. And Hyun Min is so funny with his quirks – calling his manager darling, him being scared of Go eun, just gah *melts*

    • 27.1 AK

      Yes I agree he appreciates that Go Eun’s trust him and the way his face soften because of it …. Aaaah, LOVE.

  28. 28 AK

    Monday soon. I’m so excited. Thanks for the recap …<3

  29. 29 Francis

    Did anyone notice any familiar faces from Gaksitaaaaaal?

    • 29.1 ilikemangos

      Director Kim! Director Nam!

  30. 30 Carole McDonnell

    Gosh, i love Bit-na so much! Such grating aegyoness and her jagiya is just smitten! How can one not like that pair?

    I also agree about CEO Oh’s card being too laid out. I hate all that easy bad guyism. I would’ve wanted to believe he maybe kinda sorta had a crush on Writer Lee. Fact I was trying to see if he had a wedding ring on.

    The great divide between perfect art (which no one will understand, like, get a chance to see) and perfect commercialism (which is utterly empty caloric viewing and which folks just love) has a lot of increments between both extremes, methinks.

    Dang! Is his name Dong-seok? Have I been calling him PD Joo all along? Ay me! Whence my confusion.

    Am glad to see Anthony be underdog ..I don’t think he’s ever seen himself as having comrades or being in one boat with others. This will be healing for him. I so hope he doesn’t have to do something sacrificial in the end for love of the team etc. I hate all that sacrifice at the end to show the redemption of the protag’s soul….just too abundant in dramas, alas.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 30.1 Pinkeu

      My thoughts too! Really and seriously, CEO Oh can have a crush on Go-eun! I know it’s his pure intention to crush Anthony, that’s why he intentionally steals Go-eun away from him. In the process, he’s developing feelings. I don’t know. I just feel it. πŸ™‚

      Wouldn’t it be lovely if ANTHONY BURNS UP WITH JEALOUSY when Oh Jin-wan gives flowers to Go-eun and Go-eun appreciates em!

      I mean, anyone BUT Oh Jin-wan!
      “Oh Jin-wan steals my employee not as a writer but as a woman!”

      Okay I’m speculating lol!


      • 30.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        let’s keep our fingers crossed. Right now I can’t really see a full-blown romance developing. Maybe a light touch. It BETTER Be a light touch or I won’t believe in it.

  31. 31 glitzmadrb

    This drama is so interesting and promising. What I love about it is that it gives us a glimpse of how dramas our made in Korea. I knew it was complicated, but I never knew it was THAT complicated!

    What I also love about the drama is how every character has a different persona and how each of them interacts with one another. It’s like an explosion of personalities, which makes it the more entertaining.

    As always, thanks for the recap and the lengthy commentary HeadsNo2. Looking forward to the next recap!

  32. 32 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.
    I get tense when they are maneuvering around for the drama. Then laugh so much when they interact with each other.

    This is one well written show. However this time round, I am dying for the lovelines to form not because I want kisses. It’s because the 2 guys are such a**es that I can’t wait for her to knock them down and wipe the floor with their egos.

    • 32.1 Pinkeu

      Hah! Very, very, very well said!

      “It’s because the 2 guys are such a**es that I can’t wait for her to knock them down and wipe the floor with their egos.”

      So true! Actually I started thinking…

      The only women with big roles in the whole of Episode 1 until Episode 6:

      LEE GO-EUN

      Well maybe Bitna
      Maybe the writer Anthony hired

      However… Men?

      Oh Jinwan
      Kang Hyunmin
      PD Joo
      The 4 boys under World Prod
      PD Nam
      Many other MAJOR MEN ROLES

      • 32.1.1 Orion

        That is because Korea is suffering from gender inequality. This series depicts a very business-dominated industry. Of course the women would not get high positions.

        I suspect that is also the reason why we had this reunion with the writer of Elegant Revenge. It takes a lot for a woman to prove herself and keep power in her hands.

        We’ll see more women now, as the filming begins, because they do have smaller positions in productions, as crew. Also, we will have a female lead and actresses for the series they are filming.

  33. 33 xarden

    Tomorrow will be awesome!!!

    I’m sorry I’m obsessed with this drama. I really am.
    JUST ABOUT THE BEST DRAMA KOREA MADE after so many years of hibernation, typical and predictable storylines.


  34. 34 ranisa

    This is the only drama where I mutter under my breath and say “You lowly bastard!” I’ve never had such strong reactions with a drama before so my feelings towards this one are really new to me.
    Lightning hit me, but I take it back! Anthony will definitely fall for writer Lee Go Eun, I can feel it in my nerves. Kim Myung Min is that good of an actor. He switches from a cold bastard to a cute and sweet ol bear. There’s a little boy inside that thick wall of ice.

  35. 35 Giona

    Does anyone know what that music is RIGHT at the end of the episode/cliffhanger? It is SO EPIC.

  36. 36 Ennayra

    Thanks for the recap!

    The fur lapels on Anthony’s suits are starting to remind me of Lee Dong Wook’s wardrobe in My Girl. They aren’t that bad yet, but if the volume of the fur keeps escalating, we could be headed in that direction.

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