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King of Dramas: Episode 7
by | November 27, 2012 | 186 Comments

It’s a regular media circus, and Anthony gets to be the ringleader in yet another strong episode. I keep running into this problem where I love each one more than the last – wait, is that even a problem?

This was an hour filled with everything I love in a good show – tension, payoffs, teamwork, meta references, and just the right dash of romance. Getting to peek further into Anthony’s teddy bear side is just a treat to watch, and whether it’s acting or writing or both, the changes feel true to his character and all the more satisfying for it. Rock on.

Ratings-wise, though, King hasn’t been pulling in kingly numbers. They started low and have actually gotten lower, with Episode 7 dropping down to 6.8%, from 7.7% last week. Which, eek. Comparatively, Oohlala Spouses pulled in a meager 6.9% for their penultimate episode (now that I can understand), while Horse Healer took the lead at 17.7%.


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EPISODE 7: “Asphalt Gladiator”

Go-eun is rushed to the hospital with Anthony by her side, though she remains unconscious even as Mom arrives, threatening to kill Anthony if anything happens to her daughter. Hyun-min just stands there in the ward, shell-shocked.

And to no one’s surprise, he’s later mobbed by press over his drunk driving charge.

Director Nam heads a meeting at SBC over the Hyun-min situation, with the general consensus leaning toward replacing him.

But it’s Director Goo who charges through the door to admonish them for jumping on the media bandwagon. “I cannot abandon my actor like that!” he proclaims, and I just like him more and more.

It does nothing to sway Director Nam, since he tells Anthony that there’s no reason not to replace Hyun-min when the public is in such an uproar. To make matters worse, he wants Go-eun replaced as well, presumably because of her health (or lack thereof).

Anthony pleads for more time to resolve the problem, refusing to back down. Director Nam relents, but gives him three days. If he doesn’t find a solution by then, Hyun-min and Go-eun are gone.

CEO Oh takes this self-made opportunity to once again try to squeeze Elegant Revenge 2 in for broadcast. This time he meets with Deputy Director Kim, despite knowing he once helped Anthony, and convinces him that Kyungsung Morning is dead in the water now that they have no star and a writer in a coma.

Aww, the World Boys are keeping vigil in front of the hospital, each of them tsk-ing the media for ignoring Go-eun’s injury in favor of Hyun-min. Maknae Goo, the spy who tipped CEO Oh off and started this whole mess, squirms nervously.

Mom stays by Go-eun’s side while Anthony questions the doctor – she doesn’t have any external injuries, so why isn’t she waking up? The answer could be brain damage, but they won’t know until they see the test results.

Anthony pays a silent visit to Go-eun’s hospital room, and reminisces over their cute teamwork moments as he watches her sleep. When he slips out of the room the World Boys are there (minus Dong-seok), but they haven’t the heart to go back to work when Go-eun’s just lying there.

It’s up to Anthony to get them focused, as he assures them that Go-eun will wake up, and that they have to get back to work to start shooting her script right away.

Everyone disperses except for Maknae Goo. It seems like the guilt has gotten to him as he begins to stutter the truth about what he’s done to Anthony, only to be interrupted by Dong-seok’s arrival with news on who broke Hyun-min’s story first.

It was Reporter Park, aka CEO Oh’s slimy guy, aka the guy who broke the dead motorcyclist story three years ago, aka the guy who rear-ended Hyun-min. “I think it was all a scheme, not a coincidence,” Dong-seok says, and Anthony knows instantly that it’s CEO Oh’s doing.

Anthony marches straight into CEO Oh’s office, and before the smug bastard can get another word in, Anthony punches him in the face. Awesome.

“Oh Jin-wan, I’m warning you,” Anthony says, his demeanor barely restrained. “You can do anything to me, but you can’t touch my actor, my writer, my people. I won’t stand for that.”

But CEO Oh sneers, saying that he’s only doing what he learned from Anthony. Unfazed, Anthony offers another terse lesson: “A death match is only between gladiators.” Welcome to the thunderdome.

CEO Oh lets out his trademark yell before calling Deputy Director Kim to put their plan in motion.

Dong-seok calls Anthony back to the hospital, because Go-eun has finally woken up. He’s not able to get out the second bit since Anthony goes rushing into the room, but he finds out once she sees him and asks: “Who are you?” Oh no. Amnesia!

Right now I’m laughing, because I’m sure this has to be a joke. Anthony takes it dead serious though, and looks like he might cry: “I am Anthony,” he stresses. “Anthony, who buried you in this field three years ago after only using you, and later threw you away without mercy! Did you even forget your hatred and resentment toward me?”

He grabs her by the shoulders, leaning in close. “This can’t be. You must remember me. Even if you have to use the power of hatred you must remember me, Lee Go-eun!”

She looks him straight in the eyes. “So you do know it – how mean you have been to me!”

And then she high-fives Dong-seok. Psyche!

I’m laughing SO hard. She totally fooled him and got a rib in on the amnesia trope at the same time. Best hospital wake-up scene ever, or greatest hospital wake-up scene ever?

Anthony realizes he’s been had and takes a deep breath, before leaning in so his face is just inches from Go-eun’s. Omo omo.

He defends that he didn’t fall for such a clumsy act – he’s used the amnesia plot over a hundred times in his ten years of drama producing. He could tell she was acting from a mile away. Pah. I’m not buying it.

But, it’s good to know Go-eun’s fine and back to writing. Dong-seok ribs Anthony outside: “You totally fell for it earlier, didn’t you?” Anthony glares him down. Haha. He totally fell for it.

And then he leaves Dong-seok in time out in the hallway, elementary-school style. This. Is. Amazing.

Deputy Director Kim, now working with CEO Oh, tries to get Director Nam to renege on his promise to Anthony and give the time slot to Empire instead. But Director Nam has integrity, and won’t make a decision until the three days have passed.

Anthony has a powwow with Hyun-min and his team, explaining the situation as it stands: If they don’t get their act together in three days, Hyun-min will be fired. For that matter, the whole production is in trouble because Hyun-min was their only option.

There’s a good chance the breathalyzer results were tampered with since Hyun-min didn’t drink enough for it to have registered, so they’ve submitted for a blood test. They just don’t know if they’ll get the results in time.

Hyun-min’s mom calls to interrupt the proceedings, and it’s hilarious how he stomps his feet while whining like a kid while talking to her. But Anthony latches onto one thing in particular – she’d gone to the ER for a stomachache the night Hyun-min got caught.

Anthony declares that Hyun-min go visit her. “The only person who will resolve this situation is your mom.” Huh?

Anthony goes into damage control mode, and he’s awesome at it. The timing works out so that they can claim that Hyun-min, having found out his mother went to the ER, had no choice but to drive. Then, the accident.

Unfortunately, Hyun-min’s Mom pays regular visits to the ER for nothing in particular. So even though she’s now fine, Anthony tells him that the only way they’ll survive is if her condition becomes serious today.

“Hyun-min,” Anthony begins, “You and I, the fate of us all, now depends on your mother’s acting today.” I like this plan.

Mom must have gotten the message, because she goes from lying calmly in her hospital bed to thrashing around in “pain.”

The media follows Hyun-min to the hospital, and watch him act concerned for his mother’s health. They’re falling right into Anthony’s trap, thinking that Hyun-min’s DUI was because he was rushing to his sick mother. Hook, line, and sinker.

CEO Oh sees the headlines and knows something’s up, considering that Hyun-min’s planning a press conference. Anthony stresses to Hyun-min that they have to keep their plan a secret from everyone and, most importantly, Go-eun.

Hyun-min’s confused, because she’s one of them. Anthony: “She is one of us, but she can’t be one of us when we’re lying.” She’s too honest for their dishonesty, so they agree never to tell.

Hyun-min acts all contrite as he updates Go-eun on the story, and she’s trying to take it all in. “Then, when you said that you were going to see your mother… You were being serious?” she asks. HA. He doesn’t even remember at first, but then he remembers how he’d fired back at her in the car: “I’m going to see my mom! Happy?!”

Anthony’s there to shoot him looks, and Hyun-min just goes with it like he totally meant it. Haha.

The World Boys marvel at the new headlines, but Maknae Goo still can’t relax. A call from CEO Oh sends him out, but at least Dong-seok seems to notice something’s up.

CEO Oh wants him to find out if Hyun-min’s mom is really ill, and when Maknae Goo expresses trepidation, he reminds him that he’ll be blackballed if CEO Oh reveals him as his mole. And he’s got a sick granny to care for, so how’s he going to do it without a job?

If CEO Oh is able to find proof that Hyun-min’s mom is faking it, then he’s sure the DUI charge won’t hold a candle to it. Plus, it’ll bring down Anthony too, since he orchestrated the lie.

Meanwhile, Go-eun writes Hyun-min’s apology for the press conference, and he has a good whine about it. “Did I ever ask them to love me?” he says, about his adoring fan base. “They just fell head over heels for me because I’m so hot!” Oh, Hyun-min.

I love that Go-eun looks to Anthony like he’s the dad in this situation. Because, let’s face it, Hyun-min is acting like a kid.

So Anthony steps in and throws his arm around Hyun-min’s shoulders. “Yes, you’re hot. So you can also make a hot apology.” He then coaches Hyun-min through it, line by line.

Deputy Director Kim makes sure to tell Director Nam that, if Anthony staged this whole press circus, they’ll be in big trouble. Director Nam agrees to give the slot to Elegant Revenge 2 if that’s the case.

It’s press conference day, and Hyun-min wonders if they shouldn’t just come clean about his mom. Anthony refuses on the basis that everything’s over if it’s revealed that his mom was a fake patient. The fate of their drama rests on Hyun-min now.

But, Maknae Goo recorded their conversation. He’s pretty torn about it even as CEO Oh calls and demands to be sent a copy of the file, threatening him in the process.

Maknae Goo runs to Anthony right before they head off for the conference to come clean, but Anthony’s in too much of a hurry to listen. Aaaaugh.

They get the blood test results in before the conference starts, and Hyun-min was below the legal limit. Phew. They’ll be in the clear if the apology goes well.

Hyun-min starts the conference, while Maknae Goo frets about doing the right thing. CEO Oh calls to threaten him for the umpteenth time.

So he sends along the voice recording to CEO Oh and his lackey, who’s at the press conference. The lackey goes to the broadcasting room to presumably air it on the loudspeaker…

But when CEO Oh finally listens, it turns out to be a recording of his threatening conversation with Maknae Goo, wherein he’d admitted to being behind Hyun-min’s DUI and that Go-eun was just collateral damage. Hah. That’s what you get.

Flash back to reveal that Anthony had stopped to listen to Maknae Goo before the press conference. Ah, so he planned the reversal. Niiiice.

CEO Oh manages to make it in time to stop the damning evidence from being broadcast. He catches Anthony’s gaze through the window, and Anthony’s look can best be summed up as such: How do you like them apples?

They meet, and CEO Oh asks him what he plans to do with the file. Anthony says it depends on how CEO Oh behaves from now on – if he keeps digging into Hyun-min’s mom’s case, he’ll reveal it and ruin CEO Oh’s career.

Oh, and CEO Oh is to use his media connections to spread only rainbows and sunshine about Hyun-min henceforth. “Now, the combat between gladiators is finished,” Anthony says. “I will go back to the Colosseum and enjoy my victory, so you’d better hurry up.”


Hyun-min completes the press conference, even shedding tears at the end. It’s all an act, of course, and he’s sooo proud of himself. Anthony isn’t, and warns him against making a single misstep going forward.

But their tactic works, since public favor turns back toward Hyun-min, securing Kyungsung’s time slot in the process.

Meanwhile, Hyun-min’s Mom sneaks into Go-eun’s room with flowers, looking fine as can be. Go-eun is worried for her health, and Mom’s all, “Well, I am sick.” *Wink wink* You know, for being a fake patient.

Go-eun’s smile starts to fade as she “gets” it. Oh, crap.

Director Nam calls Anthony with the news that Kyungsung is good to go, though he notes that Anthony doesn’t seem too surprised and wonders if this was the result Anthony had anticipated.

Anthony finds Go-eun angrily typing away in her room, and she confronts him over Hyun-min’s mom. He owns up to it, at least, and gets her confirmation that she would never have gone along with it if she knew.

“You’re really immoral,” she fires. “Turning someone’s perfectly fine mother into a seriously ill person in a second wasn’t enough?”

Anthony shrugs. “Someday, she’ll be seriously ill, I guess.” This made me laugh SO hard. His quips are hilarious.

Their bickering is harmless, since Go-eun can’t stay mad, and Anthony is just being too funny. The look he shoots her once he closes the door, like he’s a little kid who’s won a game, is maybe one of the best things ever.

Work resumes, and Anthony is given Maknae Goo’s resignation letter as Go-eun receives the same while leaving the hospital. In it, he apologizes and thanks Anthony for his kindness while wishing them all the best. Aww.

Go-eun seems to know what Maknae Goo did, and asks Anthony to forgive him once she returns to World. He refuses on the basis that someone who betrays once will do so again, even when Go-eun brings up the fact that he’s not free of mistakes either.

When Dong-seok tells her that Maknae Goo hasn’t even been picking up the phone, she pays a visit to his house where his ailing grandmother lives. She notes that her grandson has had a few visitors from work today, and one left a letter. Eek. I keep freaking out that CEO Oh will literally kill him.

But, it turns out to be from Anthony: “Shut up and come to work early before I really fire you.” Awww. Big ol’ softie.

Go-eun calls Anthony later that night from her rooftop, where she can easily see him on his. His version of the story is that Maknae Goo begged him for his job back so he gave it, and Go-eun is just happy as a clam to see him finally become a real boy.

But then, she asks, “Why did you lie?” She’s talking about the fact that he reinstated her as a writer, and not Director Nam. Anthony completely denies it, totally straight-faced. A-dorable.

Maknae Goo returns to work the next day, and Anthony un-welcomes him with his usual grumpiness. But everyone knows better by now.

Now it’s time to tackle the next production hurdle: A lead actress. Their options are pretty limited, and Director Goo has his heart set on one in particular. The only problem is, she technically belongs to Empire.

Director Goo isn’t the least bit happy that Anthony’s personal issues with CEO Oh are affecting his choice of actress, and tells Anthony as much. He wants Sung Min-ah.

Cut to: SUNG MIN-AH (Oh Ji-eun), posing for the camera. We see her grace the covers of most major magazines, going from glam to simple and fresh in an instant.

However, she walks off the set of her latest shoot displeased because her photographer had bad breath. Okay, so maybe a bit of a diva.

She stops short when Anthony visits the set, and there is definitely some recognition of the bad kind going on – she does NOT look happy to see him.

The way they talk confirms that they did know each other, and by her reactions I’m guessing they were romantically involved. She rejects the script outright because she doesn’t recognize the writer, and she doesn’t happen to like the producer, either.

However, Anthony says he’ll pay her as much as she wants – no amount is too small for Korea’s best actress. He tells her to think it over: “My number hasn’t changed.” Yup, they have a past.

Once he’s gone she throws the script and cries. Yeek.

Go-eun’s typing away in her studio when she gets a visitor in the form of Hyun-min bearing flowers and his knack for winning conversations: “Quite spacious for a writer’s studio. It’s about the same size as… the second bathroom of my living room.” What a charmer. How DO the girls stay away?

He knows she saw his mom and found out the truth, so he does have a moment of sincerity in thanking her for helping him out. She’s a little weirded out by his demeanor, especially when he gets in close to put a hand on her shoulder.

“I feel as if… I found a new friend,” he starts. Hah. What is he up to? “…Wouldn’t it be better to take out that swimming at sea part? I’d love it if that part was cut out from the whole script!” That’s more like Hyun-min.

It’s a no-go for her, and now I’m wondering if she’s refusing to budge on it just to see him squirm. That’s what I’d do, anyway. *cackle*

Meanwhile, Min-ah follows Anthony out to ask: “Do you still love me?”

He takes a long pause before replying, “If you would act for Kyungsung Morning.”


I’d all but forgotten that we’d need a leading actress, and now I remember seeing Oh Ji-eun‘s name in the cast list. I was wondering when she’d pop up. Perfect timing, too – I’d just warmed up to the idea of Anthony and Go-eun as a romantic pairing. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m completely excited for them as a possible couple, even though that thought hadn’t really crossed my mind until now.

Like I said up in the opening, I’m loving the gradual shift we’re seeing in Anthony, and the little ways he’s changing while still keeping true to, well, himself. He’s still as shrewd as ever, so it’s not like getting in touch with his more sensitive side has dulled that aspect – it would have been more out of character if he hadn’t outsmarted CEO Oh. And that whole sequence, from the delayed reveal of Anthony’s conversation with Maknae Goo all the way up to his closing conversation with CEO Oh, was so well done. I was on pins and needles wondering if Maknae Goo was going to change allegiances, or whether Anthony was really going to lose all the footing he’d gained.

I doubt that this’ll be the last of CEO Oh, but I am hoping that maybe, with this setback and the threat of blackmail, he’ll have a little less impact going forward. He’s been great as a source of conflict so far, but hearing/seeing him scheme maniacally was starting to wear out its welcome, especially since we weren’t going anywhere new with him character-wise. And with such a colorful character assortment, CEO Oh has so far been the flattest.

Needless to say, I love Go-eun’s resourcefulness. She might be new to the industry but she’s not all that naive, and she wins points for not only pulling one on Anthony, but for poking fun at a narrative trope I’ve definitely had my fill of since Nice Guy (and every other drama ever): Amnesia. Maybe with such a sense of self-awareness, we might end up avoiding a lot of dramaland’s biggest overused conflict-generators. A girl can dream, anyway.

In a drama about dramas, the meta shenanigans are endless, and I’m hoping that we get to see the ins and outs of Kyungsung Morning’s production just to see how everything fits together. I’m missing that ticking clock from the first episode, because right now it feels like World Productions has all the time in the world before broadcast, if a leading actress just crossed their minds. But knowing the way k-dramas work, I’d say they’re planning a whopping five minutes ahead.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you so much for the recap, off to read now…

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Sorry, my comment is further down (I thought I had attached it to my comments here). If you are interested, please read comment #24. Warning, it is long. Thanks! I don’t want to double post.

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      I just finished watching the last 20mns of epi. 7. I loved the scene with the “betrayer.” When he quit and how the World Prod. team reacted. I had a few tears because I found it moving, and loved how nervous he looked when he came back the next day.

      That made me realize that this drama actually has an emotional and tender side to it. It has heart and I love it for it. Those scenes are well played during the drama and so it doesn’t feel like there is a dichotomy within the drama. This drama is many things, as a whole.

      I also loved the bickering between GE and Anthony at the hospital, so cute and endearing. When Anthony got out of the room, he looked like he would stick his tongue out, just to tease her, hehehe
      When GE and Anthony were talking on the rooftop, her voice changed and it sounded like she was flirting with him, some. Her voice changes, depending on what she is telling him and on what she wants from him (she does a little bit of aegyo, I think. Just a little bit). His (voice) doesn’t change.

      This episode opened my eyes (more) about the power of spin (in the media) and about how the public can be manipulated to think a certain way or believe certain things. It is a lot (or all) about the image and about how celebrities are perceived. They really do live in a fish bowl.

      • 1.3.1 reeen

        It’s so sweet how playful Anthony and Go Eun are becoming. Loved all their interactions in this episode, especially the one where Anthony called himself a devil and had so much fun with it 😀 By now I think there’s no one in the office who doesn’t know that Anthony is actually quite the softy inside.

        I also enjoyed seeing Crazy Bulldog Oh fume in this episode. He’s so much fun when he’s enraged.

        Kang Hyun Min totally takes after his mother 😀 He’s so hilariously vapid and still it’s a surprise sometimes. Just as you think that we finally see some self-reflection from him he bursts out laughing. His persona is quite convincing, but I guess Anthony’s assessment that he’s the biggest fool in the industry was quite correct.

        I hope we get to see more of the director, but I guess that will happen once the shoot starts.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Reeen, I agree with all you said :-). Good points…

    • 1.4 luvs

      This drama is so much fun. I am watching king gwanggaeto at the same time and I can’t help but notice how much “war” and scheming and plotting is happening in Drama King as there is in a historical drama as King Gwanggaeto.

      Great acting and dialogues — I love it!!!!!!

      • 1.4.1 Femme

        Sharpest dialogues

    • 1.5 luvs

      ohh i have another thought – I think all these dramas is keeping Koreans employed! They must need thousands of extras and bit players for these dramas especially those historical dramas that requires soldiers. It’s been great watching their history dramatized. I have a lot of admiration for Korea because of these.

      • 1.5.1 Ivoire

        Hello Luvs,

        I like your comparison between King Gwanggaeto and this drama. I haven’t seen any big budget historical dramas (at least not in their entirety), so I didn’t think of those. However, you do have a point, and a good one.
        And yes, those historical dramas do have a lot of actors, which is one of the reasons why they are big budget dramas. And as Anthony mentions in the 1st epi., Korean dramas DO help the Korean economy and they DO keep Koreans employed, a lot of them. Koreans are really good at historical dramas, I agree with you there.

        • luvs

          Ivoire hello,
          I have been watching historical dramas marathon – i just discovered them 🙂
          i just finished queen seondok, jumong, god of war, kingdom of the wind… goguryo, silla, baekje – LOL i can place these in the map now… i feel like i am getting my history lessons now. I hated history in High school..
          i am actually learning a lot from them – and i am envious a little bit because at least Korea has a 2000 year history on record that they can boast about. It has gotten me more curious about world history and where nations were at different eras. More than that, I love watching the era when men were real men, and when chivalry and brotherhood and honor was black and white. there were some bad parts too like slavery and restrictions on women… ahhhh how much society has changed since then.

          • JO

            I particularly like the joseon period (a biig period lol)
            I reccommend the famous ones: Tree with Deep Roots, Yi Soon Shin (the immortal yi soon shin) WHICH ALSO STARS KIM MYUNG MIN!!!, Chuno, and my lovely darling The Princess’ Man.
            Saguek lovers!!

  2. pinkpia

    thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 cg

      I just kept on smiling throughout the episode 🙂 🙂

  3. befuddled

    I soo hope that this show picks up in the ratings, as it well deserves.

    • 3.1 V

      I am thinking that maybe Koreans don’t want to be reminded of how their dramas are made. Maybe it takes them away from the fantasy of it all.

      I can see it being similar to Americans not wanting to know if something is a special effect or not nowadays in film. We just want to enjoy the movie.

      I love seeing the behind the scenes of Kdrama land though!

      • 3.1.1 ilikemangos

        I thought the low ratings might be to the fact that they probably don’t want to see all the crazy work that gets put into these shows. It’s like V says, it takes away from the fantasy of it all. Not to mention, you sort of do see the flaws with the live-shoot system, and the corruption behind it all. Makes you think, is that REALLY what happens on set? Either that or people would rather watch Horse Healer.
        I personally love seeing what goes into a drama production — i think we dramabeaners love that too, and it certainly doesn’t take away the love i have for k-dramas.

        • yammy

          as a person who watched couple episodes of this drama while watching horse doctor before solely watching horse doctor, I would have to say that I didn’t particularly like the type of humor in this drama. I do appreciate the depiction of making a drama though. Or maybe I just liked historical dramas 😀

        • luvs

          hello ilikemangoes,
          how have u been? missed u…
          like this drama so far…anthony’s voice? wow
          never heard a voice so sexy…
          leading cast is great and story is going really well…

        • JO

          Koreans tend to favor sageuks. Look at all the sagueks (true sageuks, not really the fusion kinds) and look at their ratings. They tend to lead in the time slots they are in. It doesn’t really have to do with not liking a certain drama, it has to do with the fact that they favor another drama over the other.

      • 3.1.2 Orion

        It’s not just maintaining the fantasy, I imagine it’s also a form of denial. I mean, the audience is part of the reason why there is a live-shooting system. Their demanding nature and willingness to accept what is given is what lets people like Anthony and Ji Wan get so greedy and make the industry so dirty. They’re to blame as well.

        If they face how dramas are made, they’ll have to face that all the accidents, manipulation, corruption and even occasional deaths and suicides are partly their fault too, for being so nonchalant about what/who they adore and then give up on when it no longer serves for their entertainment.

        I read an interview from the writer of ‘Secret Garden’ saying she will never go pre-produced because then they won’t be keeping up with the trends. I was furious, still am and considering she wrote ‘On Air’ which illustrates exactly all those problems, I have absolutely no respect for her and will not watch her dramas from now on. Yes, let everyone suffer so that fans can like you and your trends.

        I wrote two pieces on these issues, also found at Hancinema, so I won’t make a huge spam-like post here, but yes. We don’t like being told we are to blame for cruel things.

    • 3.2 pillowhead

      Me too. Loving the whole antihero, battle of wits thing. Maybe, just like it was said in the story, only melodrama’s get high ratings…?
      I’m totally curious about the movie they’re making. I wonder if we’ll get to see any of it.

    • 3.3 coolrepublica

      Some shows will never be rating giants but still worth watching. Mad men and community are two shows I like but don’t get much rating here in the US.

      King of drama is an amazing show. It’s different from other Korean dramas. Lately Koreans have been braking the mold they’ve made and it’s progress.

      Here to more funny episodes and more stellar writing. If Koreans are not watching it’s their problem, I am enjoying it here in America.

  4. Amberscube

    I love Lee Go Eun…

    Thanks Heads for the recap.

  5. nomu nomu nomu

    King of Dramas continues to entertain me, I like that it continues to pull a fast one on me, for example, just when I thought the mole was sending the recorded message due to what they showed us, nope, KoD pulled a fast one on me. KoD keeps referencing various drama cliché but makes fun of it by not doing it, is awesome, and so far the plot is still moving at a good pacing. *thumbs up Show*

    This is the first episode where I’m starting to respect Anthony, I mean as a person, and not just because he is a very capable businessman. I’m starting to feel that he actually cares a little bit more about his team than the success of his drama, where-as before, I felt like he might of cared for them but not at the expense of his success. Yes, there was some small hints thru out previous episodes that he had a heart and humanity, but we had to read between the lines that may or may not be actually there, but now, KoD has given us more solid physical proof. I continue to see small clues that he is starting to respect, worry for and care for Go-eun more and more, and likewise Go-eun seems to be slowly finding out more and more about his good sides. This low-keyed romance portrayed by KoD is appreciated by me. With mutual respect established between them, let’s see where this will lead us. Given these two people personality, I wouldn’t buy it if the romance progressed too quickly though. I know it’s not the fast paced/steamy romance that some viewers are looking for, but this type of romance is just one of many variation of romance that’s out there in the real world, and to me, I like varieties in dramas when it comes to characters, plots, conflicts, romance, etc. (other dramas out there, stop showing the same stuff over and over and over again)

    Jung Ryeo-won, thanks for continuing to play a kick-ass heroine, just like your previous role. *nods in approval* We need more heroine like Go-eun in dramaland, I love Go-eun, she’s moralistic and idealistic yet not above playing a tiny bit dirty tricks albeit harmless, she’s spunky and clever at the same time, if she was a Facebook page, I would be going *Like*

    CEO Oh, boo, shave your mustache will ya, you twirling it all the time, I actually find it annoying and not at all scary as a villain. At least let me know why you are twirling it, for example, are you a psychopath, a sociopath, did Anthony steal your girlfriend, are you a bored alien from outer space who now wants to rule the drama world? Give me something, anything, and no “Duh, because I’m a villain” is not a good answer.

    And, once again, King of Dramas, Thanks for keeping me entertained. 🙂

    • 5.1 Anaïs

      After Episode 6, I entertained the possibility that the accident of the quick messenger in episode 1 wasn’t exactly an accident but perhaps planned by CEO Oh as well. When Go Eun got hit, that’s the thought that entered my mind. Now, I’ve scaled back Oh’s villainy to just manipulating the PR re: the messenger to bring down Anthony, but…

    • 5.2 reeen

      The directing is masterful. Great comedic effects, great at raising tension. The soundtrack is also very good, I haven’t heard such good, fresh instrumental pieces in a drama for quite a while.

      I like this type of love story the best. I think it’s more realistic than many which are portrayed in dramas. Usually it’s either fairytale or lust, but with Anthony and Go Eun I can see why they would really like each other. Don’t know if their romance could ever be successful, but a true friendship would be just as satisfying.

      Regarding CEO Oh (the crazy bulldog) I’d go with “bored alien from outer space who now wants to rule the drama world”. He certainly looks the part. I think he’s a fairly boring, one-dimensional villain, but I find his expressions of anger hilarious. He’s so powerless.

      • 5.2.1 Lord of the Things

        re: the soundtrack – I’m loving it too, it fits into the direction well, like in that scene where Dong-seok was laughing at Anthony for falling for Go-eun’s misdirect, and you could feel the music lifting as if this was about to be some touching moment where Anthony drops his facade a bit and lets his humanity show to his colleague – but then it cuts short and we realise that Anthony isn’t that easy to crack.

        Also the 3Oh!3 song playing when they were introducing the new female lead? Helped introduce her character AND they totally didn’t censor out the F-word, naughty naughty. My immature self approves.

    • 5.3 Carole McDonnell

      I love our heroine as well. Sometimes a heroine’s naivete is so innocent and gooey that it’s unbelievable and feels patronizing. Like the writer is forcing us to like this way too impossibly childlike person. And sometimes the heroine is the other end. Utterly tough to the point where she seems selfish and blind to the hurt she causes others (that’s one of the reasons why I gave up on Can we Get Married?” The heroine in the main OTP was spunky, naive, argumentative, AND only saw things through her own eyes…and I just wasn’t willing to go on that ride for too long.)

      But I digress. Writer Lee is perfect. A talented regular girl. Not a doormat, not naive, not vicious, not selfish. She’s someone I can root for wholeheartedly without feeling I am stuck with her.

  6. ilikemangos

    Heads you are on FIRE.
    Thanks so much for the recaps for this AWESOME show.
    I also loved this one more than the last. haha.
    will finish watching in subs and come back!

    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      While i was watching this episode, I just totally laughed at the smirk anthony makes at go eun in the hospital. I was thinking, it would be totally awesome for Heads to use that as the main screencap. and WALA! there it is. haha.

      Heads, you’ve basically summed it all up for me so i’m just gonna mention some TOTALLY win/HAHA moments for me:

      1. Punch to CEO Oh’s face.
      2. Go-Eun’s PYSHCE moment. (this takes the cake for me) Really anthony, even if you’ve seen the amnesia scope 100 times you still fell into her trap.
      3.Dong-seok punished by anthony elementary style.
      4. Hyun-min’s mom’s hysterical stomach ache acting.
      5. Anthony’s smackdown of CEO Oh’s plans.
      6. Hyun-Min’s totally fake speech.

      • 6.1.1 Anaïs

        My favorite part was just before Dong Seok’s punishment. When Dong Seok comes out of the hospital room and laughing so brightly, with the upbeat music playing in the background, when Anthony turns and the music stops dead, and Dong Seok’s smiling face falls. That the music stopped dead just as the camera stopped on Anthony’s glaring face… it killed me. I laughed so hard that I started coughing uncontrollably.

        • reeen

          that was some masterful directing. I loved that scene as well and died laughing. The scene where Kang Hyun Min fibs to Go Eun about his mum is similarly well-shot, with Anthony’s satisfied smirk that turns to a neutral “I smiled? You must have seen it wrong” expression.

          • DayDreamer

            I agree with both of you. Today was just full of winning scenes. Too many to count, hahaha! I think this was the best episode thus far. Can’t wait to watch episode 8 now.

        • twentyonebuds

          And then we cut to Joo PD on his head! LOVED it! HAhaha

        • ilikemangos

          HAHA. I loved that part too! I was expecting really cheerful scene, cue happy music. And then BAM — gone. I was laughing so much.
          They were trying to undercut the silly moment with some seriousness(on anthony’s part), but it really just made us laugh.

        • Arhazivory

          Oh wow. I just typed basically the same thing. lol. That was too funny!

        • Lord of the Things

          OMG, so good. I think it really shows that the director really knows what he or she is doing, all the details (music, costuming, editing) are aligned in subverting our expectations, its so clever! And hilarious.

      • 6.1.2 Maya

        Both PD Joo’s punishment and Hyun-Min’s fake speech had me in stitches. Honestly, how vain can Hyun-Min get?? haha.

        • reeen

          The speech was hilarious, especially because even his managers were fooled by his crying! It was so funny when Hyun Min cracked up laughing and bragging about his acting like the air-head he is.

      • 6.1.3 bigwink

        HAHA moments for me is your WALA! pfffftt lub it

        Thanks for the recap Heads!

      • 6.1.4 racheose

        i always read your comments in this site mango and i am just curious if you are pinoy because of the word ‘WALA’ and i do agree with all you said.

        and to save space i’ll also include some of my rants here lol…i am still torn if my favorite scene is anthony’s bickering with go eun or the ‘colosseum victory’ thing with bulldog but i guess i love everything this episode is the best. i want to give KMM an award for best facial expression haha even without subs i have no trouble seeing his emotions he doesn’t even need dialogues so tell us the story but when he speaks its really daebak even if it was a mean line but i still like it… i really love the writers very good lines and KMM’s voice and his straight face delivery is so good (how can his poker face send gazillion messages?) and i really love hyun min he is the most lovable among air-heads because others are plain annoying but i can’t hate him haha.

        anyway i really liked this episode and i watched it during classes while the prof thought we were dooing our cadd drawings… miraculously i didn’t die from holding my laughter (so hard but i can’t stop watching)nor i was caught hahaha good thing my prof goes out most of the time but now the whole class thinks i am a psycho hahaha

        i’ve always admired KMM and watched everything i can about him… for me he is an actor who can never do wrong in my eyes.

        for me anthony always valued his people, it never crossed his mind that his downfall might have been caused by bulldog, in ep one we saw and heard his speech about the motorcyclist i still can’t forget when he said ‘he died while working on my drama what more reason do i need’ he did admit himself that he is human too but sadly he needs to throw that away to live, and it was nice how he protected everyone in this ep calling them his people even the betrayer… no wonder dong seok never left him in three years even if he is not paid on time and his meals are always noodles…

        i can’t wait for the lovelines to begin i remember being dissapointed a bit with beethoven virus because the romance part was a bit ummm… i mean it made me think it will lead to something but at the end i was just like that’s it?(or maybe it’s just me)

        haha i could rant and rant how much i love this drama and it still won’t be enough with this awesomeness… i had just marathoned this yesterday and now i am reading all the recaps and all the comments while i wait for ep8… the ratings are sad though i hope this drama can make it big even if not in korea i’m sure many people overseas will appreciate this more… thanks for the recapXD

        • ilikemangos

          Aw! Thanks Racheose.
          I’m actually vietnamese. Is WALA a Filipino thing to say? haha.

          I also really loved the part where Anthony threatened CEO Oh that he can mess with him but he can’t touch his people (writer,actors,etc).
          Granted, it’s due to his greed and own benefit to see this drama succeed for riches&fame, but still, i love how protective he seemed! Anthony has a heart deep down. haa

          • Ivoire

            Hello ilikemangos,

            I like reading your comments as well :-). I loved seeing Anthony being very protective as well, however I (slightly) disagree with you on the reasons why he acted so protective. Yes, Anthony cares about his drama (or their drama) being made and he has too. He could lose his life if that doesn’t happen, and we know that.

            However, I think that him being protective here was actually an instance where we saw that Anthony really cares about his staff. He might not have been fully aware of that himself, and he might still not want to admit that to himself (he definitely does not admit that to others, and we saw it in this episode).

            Look again at Anthony’s face when GE’s mom comes into the ER room. He looks very remorseful and is very apologetic towards the mom, and that (imho) has nothing to do with the drama being made or being successful. Next is how enraged he is, when he finds out that CEO Oh is behind the whole accident and scandal. He is totally reacting out of emotions and this is Anthony we are talking about, a man who thinks everything through and who is very calculating in everything he does.
            We have to remember that at that time, GE is still in a coma (or so we are led to believe) and no one knows if she will wake up, when she will wake up and what her health will be like then. So in that moment, I think Anthony (and everyone else at World Prod.) is more concerned about the staff well being than the drama.

            So far, we had never seen Anthony hit anyone, and I don’t think he had lacked the desire to do so in the past. This time, he (literally) hits CEO Oh (after having told one of his workers “move, if you don’t want to die”) and doesn’t care about the consequences (that is assault, by the way. It is a serious offense. CEO Oh could press charges. Anthony could counterattack, but I think CEO Oh could still at least press charges).

            The next thing we see is Anthony bolting and running to the hospital when PD Joo calls him (he doesn’t even let PD Joo finish his sentence, I think). When he gets into GE’s room and she doesn’t (fake) recognize him, he steps back, almost like he was going to fall backward because he is so shocked (and not in a good way). That gesture (when he stumbles backwards) lasts less than a minute, but it is there and it says a lot about how he feels at that moment.
            To make her remember, he is willing to tell her how despicable he had acted towards her in the past. I think he was still reacting based on emotions and he wasn’t calculating anything and he was genuinely concerned for her. Once he found out it was a prank, he didn’t like it, because he has this image he is trying to preserve and present: that he is still mean and a jerk, even at his core, which we are finding out is not totally true.

            Yes, I do think that Anthony is very much so the businessman and a maverick and he has to be, especially this time around, because so much more is at stake, as we know. However, I would also say that he is slowly changing: he listens to GE when she talks to him (even though he argues with her) and he DOES act on what she says (bringing the maknae back, working things out with the director in the previous episode). He recognizes that she HAS talent and she needs help to make her mark and become successful (that and he also OWES her, for messing her professional life 3 years ago and using her several times). Remember also that he already had a key to a studio for her, when it wasn’t clear that she would stay with him. He wants her to be a part of his team.

            More importantly, I think that Anthony likes her, as a person. I am not sure about the romance, at this stage. Yes they bicker and have great chemistry (in their exchanges) and they each have to take care of KHM and make him do things like parents do with their children by cajoling him and being stern with him at the same time, when necessary (so in that sense, they do act like his parents at times).

            I do believe he likes her and appreciates who she is and what she does. She is the only female in the team and she brings them together. She is the negotiator, the one who goes around talking to people when there is conflict and she tries to bring to peace and resolutions to conflicts (she talked to director Nam and advocated for Anthony and she talked to his predecessor before that. she also talked to Anthony about Maknae and advocated for him).

            She IS getting under his skin, she beats him at his own games and she knows how to read him and she knows who he is. She also seems to know how and when to challenge him (she is the one who makes him reconsider his conflict with Director Goo, and even director Nam was surprised that Anthony worked it out with a team member, when he wouldn’t have before. It would have stayed his way or the highway). She sometimes acts like middle children do in families.

            This episode not only built on what we had seen about Anthony’s caring side, but it also revealed a lot more of that, pealing many more layers. I know I wrote a lot, and I didn’t mean to give a lecture. It is just that I love analyzing this drama. There is so much one could talk about because the writing is good, coherent and it flows, so far. The fact that the OST is one of the best I have heard, the editing is good (imho) and the acting feels organic and natural just sends me to the moon. Like some here, I also really love how GE has been written so far.

          • Ivoire

            Hey ilikemangos again,
            I just reread your comment and realized that I read you wrong. You were totally on point, so please disregard my comment. I made valid points (I think), but all that you said is actually stands.

          • racheose

            haha yes ‘wala’ here means ‘nothing’ ^^ and i’m in class again can’t rant >.< lol

      • 6.1.5 Arhazivory

        lol. The Amnesia bit was too hilarious.

        i loved how the background music started playing when PD Joo called out Anthony on his pretense…then with one glare from Anthony, the background record scratched and stopped instantly. LOL. I laughed my ass off at that. Classic.

    • 6.2 Femme

      Thanks Heads for the hardwork!

  7. V

    I am rooting for Go-eun to have her drama made.

    I love Anthony as a character, and want him to succeed, but I really want Go-eun to stick up to all the bullies that want to %@*! with her drama.

  8. Dongsaeng killer

    Love this show!!!!!! Thanks for the recap Heads 🙂

  9. RockPaperScissors

    Thank you for the recap!

    This episode was absolutely pee-your-pants funny.

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      i was giggling throughout the whole episode.

  10. 10 Reena

    Why the dismal ratings? This drama is gold… gold I tell you, GOOOOOLD!!!

    Siwon… ohmygoodness! I think this is his best performance out of all the dramas he has done so far.

    I loved to see CEO Oh squirm. I literally feel so sadistic when Anthony one upped him! Ahhh… I can’t wait once Kyungsung Morning begins production. At least we get to see a glimpse of what kind of drama happens behind the scenes!

    • 10.1 JoJo

      Agree…KOD keeps getting better and Siwon is giving his all…love it.

    • 10.2 speakup

      Can’t be easily done.
      Can’t be easily found.


      THIS IS IT.
      I KNOW IT.

  11. 11 Kim Yoonmi

    The amnesia bit had me dying from laughter. The. Best. Ever.

  12. 12 Hmmm...

    I’ve said this before but I’m kinda hoping for Kyungsung Morning to be a spinoff drama starring Siwon and Oh Ji-Eun.

    • 12.1 pillowhead

      Oh, Hmm! That is brilliant!

    • 12.2 ladysarahii

      Yes! That’d be so awesome. I’d also similarly like maybe a fan-made trailer for the fake drama? Too bad I have no video editing skills whatsoever.

  13. 13 Onichick

    Anthony is such a pile of grumby jello. I wanna hug him. And mess up his hair. For reasons.

    I am in love with this show. Its beyond amazing.

    Cant wait for more ^^

    Thank you Heads for recapping this ♥

    • 13.1 reeen

      I totally have a crush on Anthony 😀 He’s so adorable when he’s being mischievous and I want to just give him a hug when he’s all lonely and broody and distant.
      His vanity is also quite amusing (the suits! the hair!). I actually see several parallels to Kang Hyun Min, only that Anthony is much smarter and also has more depth. But I hope those two will have to plan more secret plots together.

      • 13.1.1 DayDreamer

        Haha totally!! And ohhh, did you see that scene when Anthony puts his arm around Hyun Min’s shoulders and saying in his sexy voice, “Yes, you’re hot. So you’ll give a hot apology.” I was like, “Omo, this is hot too!” Two good-looking guys in good-looking suits this close to one another, giving a small sense of bromance. Yes, I certainly would like them in more secret plots. 😉

        • Femme

          Omg omg omg omg!!!



          WITH UR HOT VOICE 🙁

          I die
          I give up

          • ladyana2j


        • reeen

          Ha, I hadn’t noticed the hotness of that scene. Need to go back and pay more attention 😀

    • 13.2 nova611

      this is the way i see it (practicing fake apologies scene)
      AK = father
      GE = mother
      HM = baby son

      1 happy family~

      • 13.2.1 Femme


        When Go-eun looked at Anthony, Anthony knows he should teach the child in his own special “fatherly” way. 🙂

        • ilikemangos

          Totally. Haha. The frustrated look go-eun gives anthony, and of course anthony steps in to tame the unruly son.

    • 13.3 racheose

      i’m with you i want to touch his hair and mess it but it looks like it can hurt hahaha

      love the chemistry? of si won and anthony like father and son plotting and keeping it a secret from go eun the mom and go eun scolds them but still doesn’t betray… just like a real family (i really hope si won character don’t have a loveline with go eun, i really want to see bit na again haha)

      i don’t find si won hot not a fan of his but when anthony put his hand around siwon and told him he is hot i had amnesia attack and forgot all the hot guys of kdramaland… okay it’s a fake out i still remember….. uh oh until now si won and anthony… si won and anthony… si won and anthony… hot really hot… who am i? hahaha

      • 13.3.1 jomo

        I think that there needs to be more scenes of Siwon and Anthony, too!

        The actors are about the same height, so when they face off and look each other in the eyes, we get a distored mirror image.

        On one side is powerful, wise and older A, who currently controls his world. He has experience and confidence on his side.

        On the other side is a powerful, in his own way, dumb-but-catching-on and younger HM. He has ego, looks and popularity on his side.
        Both need the other to get what they want making it a balanced relationship. Both know they need to play games with the other to make things happen their way.

        HM can learn a LOT from A, if he listens and invests his image and money wisely,perhaps one day will be in the producers fur collars and shiney shoes.
        You can’t be an idol forever.

        • Arhazivory

          I agree jomo. I love seeing the two of them in scenes together.

  14. 14 firsttimenewbie

    I love this drama.

    That is all.

    • 14.1 reeen

      well said 😉

  15. 15 nakai

    Anthony and Go Eun scenes in this episode is the best.

    • 15.1 whitewire

      So true! Until I watched Episode 10 my gosh. I died really.

  16. 16 sorrysarah

    Fantastic recap. You summed up my thoughts exactly! I love the way Anthony’s subtly changing. At the beginning of the show I was perfectly content with the idea that there might not be a romance between Go-eun and Anthony, but I think I might have squee-d during their bickering scene and when Anthony popped in the window with that smile. I feel like that was the first genuine smile–meaning, not a smirk, not a smile at others’ misfortune–that we’ve seen on him so far. Love love love this show!!!

  17. 17 jomo

    OMG, thanks for the recap!
    Too tired to write much now, but Holy shit that was a funny show. I was non-stop laughing the while time, at EVERYONE!

    Most of all, I liked the high five with Dong-seok!
    They were both so happy to have effed with Anthony, like it was an early Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Valentines and Halloween in ONE.

  18. 18 jjang

    This drama is simply amazing. Kang Hyunmin cracks me up everytime he’s on camera. Loving Siwon’s portrayal of him here.

    I don’t get bored with this drama. Which is amazing because.. lets be honest.. majority of dramas really do become draggy.. even the high rated all time favourite ones that have over 40% ratings..

    Hopefully, the plot continues to intensify.

  19. 19 Janelle

    I’d say the amnesia wake-up is tied with Taegu Sung’s in Haeundae Lover’s. This show just gets better and better. I kind of don’t even want to see them make the show – just stick to the preproduction drama.

    • 19.1 nomu nomu nomu

      but, this is the first time I’ve felt this way.

      ha. I bet anyone that hasn’t seen Haeundae Lover’s are going, huh?

    • 19.2 ilikemangos

      haha. i got you ladies on that. 😉
      was also reminded of that scene with the fake out amnesia

  20. 20 saranga

    this has (sort of) nothing to do with the episode, but does ANYONE know the song that plays throughout the drama? it’s the soft song with lyrics that go “like a raindrop slowly falls, it’s been a long long day… and i stop counting the days… say goodbye, don’t know how to…”

    given the singer’s accent, i’m inclined to think the singer is korean, but the song doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere and i’m dying to have it. any takers? T.T

    • 20.1 nakai

      She sounds like one of the singers for AGD’s OST. Hopefully she’s part of the OST and they release it soon.

      • 20.1.1 saranga

        i certainly hope so. it was first played in episode 5? when go-eun fell into the water, and they’ve been playing it in every episode since, so it does give me hope that we’ll find out soon. it’s so nice and mellow 🙂

      • 20.1.2 Yuki

        its “Tuesday Song” by Big Baby Driver. She also sang OST for “AGD”

  21. 21 Jinglejings

    This is my fav episode thus far. Indeed, best amnesia scene ever. Go Eun could be an actress herself.. It felt so real for a second there. The two of them, get together already!

    Love how they are incorporating the swimming thing. lol

    And btw, Siwon tweeted that he is indeed going to swim in the sea!! Can’t wait’

    • 21.1 ladysarahii

      Oh, that’s so funny. His character is complaining about it, and the real-life production team is going to make Siwon swim in the sea for real? Oh gosh, so funny. Hope the water’s warmer for him than Hyun-Min projected, though. *shudder.*

  22. 22 redfox

    omg so hilarious. Anthony is all fierce gladiator but when he gets fooled and humiliated by that amnesia trick – who would actually fall for it, it takes a blow from a meteor to get amnesia and it almost never happens in reality. only alzheimer gives you amnesia and tahts way more serious.
    and then his face, hah! I just love the jokes on his account. he is like a wet cat, no ego left at all.

    • 22.1 redfox

      I take it back, he is not a wet cat. he got even with his assistent at least

    • 22.2 reeen

      don’t forget that he was indoctrinated by kdramas from early childhood onwards 😉

  23. 23 owl

    Faked amnesia – ha! I laughed so hard when Anthony said “I’ve been making dramas for 10 years and have used amnesia over 100 times.” Yeah, don’t we know it (NG). So funny true.

    I have a love/hate thing for his fur collared coat collection.

    • 23.1 sally_b

      @owl – re: “I have a love/hate thing for his fur collared coat collection.”

      I know! …that man has more carcass-collars than a cave-man. Herds(!) of creatures have been devastated so that the King may don them in his majesty ….hahaha!

    • 23.2 PetraLorre

      For some reason I view the fur collars as distinct from the suits. I think he has an enormous case full of clip-on fur collars in his closet that he mixes and matches with his very tight suits.

      • 23.2.1 jomo

        Your image of his closet made me giggle.
        It is difficult to picture him carefully selecting his tight suits and fur collars every morning. He never takes more than three seconds to decide anything.
        But everything is so carefully put together, he is worse than HM!

      • 23.2.2 owl

        Yeah, those larger than life collars seem to be set on his shoulders apart from the suits. There’s just so much f-u-r. Several comments above about having a crush on Anthony – not sure it’s a crush for me, but more like I am attracted to the person he might really be under it all –

        I’d also fluff his hair 🙂 before going out with him 🙂

        Th name – Anthony – is so not Korean that it has its own attraction in a kdrama 🙂

        • reeen

          of course the crush refers to who he may be inside, or rather to what is showing through already. but more than that I think I have a crush, because he’s a well-written, supremely well-acted character who has depth and feels real. the fur collars were not a deciding factor 😉

        • reeen

          I guess he got that name while he was staying in America. I wonder whether he uses it because it’s stylish or because he wanted to distance himself from his presumably miserable childhood (and with that also sort of from Korea) with that name.

          • whitewire

            While I was thinking of the name “Anthony Kim” I was also thinking of the romance involved using his name. I was following your theory about him distancing himself from his childhood.

            Re: The romance — I was hoping that Go-eun and only Go-eun can call him using his birth name. 🙂

            To others it’s not available. To everyone he’s ANTHONY.
            To Go-eun, he is THAT name (Whatever it is). Hihi.

  24. 24 Ivoire

    Great and funny recap, Heads! Before I make my comments, I would like to start with my questions:

    1–I am not very familiar with how kdramas productions work or what the different positions are in TV stations and productions companies so I was confused: Empire is a production company right? So supposedly they produce dramas? Only? Or is it that it IS a big company so they tackle other responsibilities as well such as being a management company for Sung Min-ah? I didn’t understand how and why she “technically” belonged to Empire and as such would be hard to be employed, hired by World Productions.

    2–Anthony has another (korean) name, right? I have heard people call him “Kim Tae Pyung?” (which happens to be Hyun Bin’s real name, if I am not mistaken).

    3–I know some commenters have pointed out the action figures (life size) in KHM’s apartment. Are those in the drama to allude to his childish side (that he hasn’t let go of)?

    4–The timing (of the mom at the hospital) and KHM going to see her (in his story), did not match to me (the way it was explained to us). Maybe they fine tuned it later? It didn’t totally make sense to me.

    I feel the way Heads feels about this show, each episode is progressively better than the last one, and surprises keep being thrown at us (that I don’t see coming), and I love that. Was I the only one who noticed that for someone (Anthony) who constantly put GE down, he made sure she had a spacious and really nice room at the hospital? His guilt, his wanting her to recover (from the accident) and his conscience (because we know he has one) are definitely continuing to show. Little touches like that are another reason why I appreciate this drama.

    I also like how we are shown the times when Anthony is shocked, emotional, when he is touched and when he is remorseful and yet, as Heads so aptly put it (and I agree with her), “he hasn’t fundamentally changed” and that could be seen both ways. A)-He was always a softie, but buried it deep inside because he thought he would get nowhere showing his vulnerable and caring side. B)-In this episode, he DOES show that he cares and is protective, however, he still wants to be perceived as a meanie and maintain that tough exterior.

    The scene at the hospital with the World boys reminded me of RTP, with HJM’s character and the boys. Also, when Yoochun (his character) found her in the freezer truck and brought her home, the “boys” followed him and her, to make sure she was OK. So now, GE has her protective, will-be-there-for-her boys, and that actually includes Anthony 🙂 (Yay!) The stunt that was pulled on Anthony was priceless, as was the reaction he had outside of the room for having been found out. I loved the scratchy sound they used at the end of PD Joo’s smile, to signal that he was in trouble, that was funny.

    Did anyone felt like CSW was smiling when he was pushing “his mom” on the cart when they were wheeling her in? He looked like he was smiling, when his glasses fell from his nose. I think even he might not have been able to contain his smile/laugh at the scene which was so over the top 🙂 (I know I was smiling).

    I was kind of relieved to find out that GE’s accident wasn’t plotted, because that would have been too cruel. As the maknae said, she could have died or being seriously injured. I loved how principled Director Nam is, and how he just tries to do what is right. It was also interesting to me that CEO Oh’s assistant was hesitant to carry out the task about the file. Another one with a conscience.

    My favorite lines in this episode: 1–Anthony to KHM ” She (GE) is one of us, but she can’t be one of us when we are lying.” I loved that line, and how serious Anthony looked when he said it. It is a little like when your dad gives you candy before dinner (or something like that) and tells you not to tell mom, :-). 2–One of the PDs (at World Prod. Headquarters) about Anthony and CEO Oh, “Could it be that they were married in a previous life?” (trying to rationalize why they are constantly at each other’s throat). 3–Anthony to CEO Oh, ” Now the combat between gladiators is finished,” (and I just reminded you of how this game is played. Now scoot along).

    Some of the things I loved in this episode: when Anthony barged into CEO Oh’s office and hit him, that was a fist pump moment for me. I also loved that seeing GE’s mom lose it in the ER really moved Anthony and KHM.

    One of the big reveals for me was that Anthony got lucky to have someone in his team who had a conscience and confessed what had caused the whole scandal. That goes to confirm what GE had said before to Anthony, that he needs to win people’s hearts and bring them to his side, instead of alienating them. Having people’s loyalty and trust go a really long way, and that can’t always be bought with money or threats (CEO Oh).
    You have to practice the golden rule, assuming Anthony would want to be treated kindly and fairly in the 1st place. In so doing, some people will want to protect you and see you succeed and do well, and will want to collaborate on projects with you. It is called Emotional Intelligence I believe, and a whole book was written on this subject. Let’s hope Anthony learned the lesson and will remember it (I know, we still have 8 episodes to go and we need conflicts, but a girl can hope, right?)

    • 24.1 nakai

      Answering Ques 2

      haha @ At first I I thought that too.
      But it’s actually…대표 – Representative

      • 24.1.1 Ivoire

        Thanks Nakai! 🙂

    • 24.2 Bu Young

      I don’t know much about the rest and I’m far from being korean, for #2,but this word comes up in many dramas ;when they call him that, they’re calling him something a long the lines of president of the company/producer/representative/ something that has to do with his role in World productions so no it’s not his Korean name.

      I also am aware of Si Won laughing during that scene, ahaha(:

      • 24.2.1 jomo

        I want to do a screen grab of that.
        He almost makes it out of frame before losing control.
        They prolly kept it because it was in character that he couldn’t help it!

        • Ivoire

          Hi Jomo, I agree with what you said…

      • 24.2.2 Ivoire

        Hello Bu Young, and thanks for explaining… I am glad you saw CSW laughing 🙂

    • 24.3 Maya

      Hi Iv,

      Let me see if I can answer some of this question:
      1-Empire is a BIG company (at least that is the impression I got from watching the drama). So I guess they would also have their own talent (actors, screenwriter, director, crew) to work in the drama they produced. Maybe the same way SM producing To The Beautiful You eventhough they are a talent agency..
      2- I agree with nakai, daepyoja (sp?) – 대표자 means Representative, and I think that’s how producers are referred to in Korea. I’m sure Anthony has a korean name, since he grew up in Korea, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it mentioned.
      3- Could be, since it’s life-size so I guess it’s there to make a statement, no? lol.
      4-Yeah it doesn’t match, and they’re aware of that too. So what they’re trying to pull is to say that Hyung Min was rushing to see his mom after he heard that she has been admitted to the hospital and then to make it more believable they ask his mom to fake the stomachache again so he can visit her in the hospital for publicity.

      • 24.3.1 Ivoire

        Hi Maya, thanks for responding to my questions and for helping me understand this episode better. Your answers actually helped 🙂

    • 24.4 twentyonebuds

      For q4, they worked it out so that KHM got the call about his mum while he was at the meeting with the drama people (where he had a drink) and had to rush off immediately (forgetting that he did drink) and he didn’t know that his mum had been released because he got in an accident before finding out and then he couldn’t go see his mum, hence why he went to see her the next day..

      I think that’s how it went? Hope that helps

      • 24.4.1 Ivoire

        Hello twentyonebuds,
        Thanks! Your explanation actually helped. I will have to rewatch that scene in the context of what you shared here.

    • 24.5 Mystisith

      You’re absolutely right about Anthony real name being the real name of Hyun Bin. 🙂 Cute drama jerks, Unite!

      • 24.5.1 Ivoire

        Hello Mysti :-),
        From what I have read from other commenters, it is actually a word that means Representative, however, it just really sounds like Kim Tae Pyung, doesn’t it?

        “Cute drama jerks, Unite!” 🙂

    • 24.6 Ivoire

      Ok, Re: my 2nd question, I just watched the beginning of epi. 8, and I heard and saw the translation of Representative. That was not what I was referring to however, I really heard something like Kim Tae Pyung said by CEO Oh and he was talking to Anthony (in epi. 6 or 7), that was why I asked the question I asked. If I hear it again and if I can find where I have heard it, I will mention it.

  25. 25 yumi

    Looking forward to seeing more of the actress playing Hyun-Min’s Mom.

    She is good at going weird. I like her in her zany weird mode more than her rich witch mode.

    Man that shade of lipstick she was wearing just screamed crayzzzzyyyyy!

  26. 26 news

    I love this drama so much! How can we tell them how much we love this drama?! Even if it’s not the King of Dramas for everyone, it’s the King of Dramas for me.

    • 26.1 speakup

      It is for me as well.
      Literally THIS is the KING of all dramas I’ve watched. I’m so surprised a drama, as good as this, is possible.

      • 26.1.1 news

        I know, right?! If it continues to deliver the clever and surprises til the very end, I’m gonna have to crown this the King of all dramas too.

  27. 27 Bu Young

    I think we all agree that this drama deserves a lot more attention that it’s getting. I really hope it picks up in Korea soon before it ends!

    I glad there was a tad bit of romance in this episode between go eun and anthony but I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind if she end up with Hyun min either, heehee

    King Of Dramas, fighting!

  28. 28 ilikemangos

    I really do think Kim Myung-Min looks best with his hair slick back like that.
    Much more handsome.
    And although some might not like his fur jackets, i’d say it definitely adds to his character. We’ve seen it way too many times that it’d be weird if he suddenly stopped wearing them.
    it’s like hyun-bins tracksuits in secret garden. Not sure if you love it, but definitely a signature style you can’t forget.

    • 28.1 ilikemangos

      And i swear to god, for me, his smirks are the best i’ve seen amongst all the smirks in k-dramaland. LOL
      something about it that just makes you either laugh hysterically or totally fist pump.

  29. 29 Fan123

    Beethoven Virus x (On-Air + White Tower) = Entertaining drama series~ ^^

  30. 30 Anya

    I dont know how I mangae to follow this drama without skipping a beat when it doesn’t have a slice of Romance. Me, the romantic me, watches this drama void of romance, give me romance please, romance. hehehehe but damn I was laughing hard on this ep. especially the amnesia scene! Hilarious! nothing beats making fun of a serious , dead serious kind of person!

    • 30.1 owl

      With “not a slice of romance”, Anya, it still pulls me in. EG is such a confident, no nonsense person from the get go, unlike many lead kdrama lead women. There’s nothing fussy about her! Also I really like that CEO Oh and Anthony are such strong antagonists. I’m not crazy about HN so the lead guy is not the main focus for me, which is RARE in kdramas.

      • 30.1.1 owl

        oops, GE

  31. 31 Pinkeu



    I hate it!

    In my diary, I wrote,

    Then Episode 7 came along!!!
    I wrote,
    “Okay huge mistake, Anthony & Go-eun ahhhhh in Episode 7. Wow! It’d be hard for the prod to top this…”

    NOW, EPISODE 8!!!


    • 31.1 reeen

      I also feel this manic about every new episode 😀

  32. 32 Pinkeu

    Can a drama get any better? Gee I’ve been watching K-dramas since year 2000 because of the influence of my korean friend. This is the best drama… ever. Out of the typical k-drama format!!!

  33. 33 Pinkeu

    I’m sorry just had to say it again

    Jung Ryeo won unni, too!!!

    And Siwon, I’m soooo totally surprised by you!

    Fighting, all of you!!!

  34. 34 speakup


    Coming from an avid K-drama fan who knows how it is to watch worthwhile and worthless dramas.




    • 34.1 PetraLorre


      (You have to add the exclamation mark – it gives it oomph) 😉

  35. 35 whitewire

    Ahhh! The first MV of King of Dramas that I saw!


    Covers the cold-notsowarm-but-sweet relationship of Anthony, Go-eun & Hyunmin!



    • 35.1 Mystisith

      Yeah! I was waiting for them to appear, those fan MVs.

  36. 36 Cabbage

    For once, the amnesia seems to serve a purpose. During the flashbacks, Anthony remembered her asking him to trust her…and then she can’t come through for him. You can see the tender scars under the skin when he finally opened up to someone.
    And then it gets tossed in his face!
    And Siwon in this episode shines. It’s the first time I can see him without thinking of Dokko Jin.

  37. 37 ranisa

    This episode is epic. It’s filled with hilarity, heart, and Anthony’s smug yet warm smiles. I’ve never liked Siwon more after this ep, he’s the epitome of wacky. It’s like he’s not acting at all. I also love that we see a bit of his soft side, it doesn’t hurt to see him care for other people aside from his own ass.
    I love love love Anthony in this episode because we’re seeing his kinder side in clear daylight. We all know he’s that big ol bear with a huge heart inside that thick skin, but it is in this episode that he bared it for all of us to see. The scene in the hospital where he reported to Go Eun about maintaining the broadcasting slot just melts the heart. He’s like a kid wanting adulation from the girl he likes.

    Do you know the title/singer of the song that played while Go Eun and Anthony were on the phone in the rooftop? I really like that song and I can’t find it. Thanks for any help.

    Again, Heads2No, thanks for such an awesome job. I can’t wait for episode 8.

    • 37.1 jomo

      Love this:
      “The scene in the hospital where he reported to Go Eun about maintaining the broadcasting slot just melts the heart. He’s like a kid wanting adulation from the girl he likes.”

      This type of love story is so much better than falling in love at first sight, or attraction because of looks.
      What Anthony does for her demonstrates how he feels about her no matter what he says.

      • 37.1.1 whitewire

        The old epic:
        Action speaks louder than words.

        Anthony owned that phrase.

        • nomu nomu nomu

          That is why I call bullshit on over a third of kdrama “hero” out there in dramaland, for example, if those drama shows a “hero” to be a cold hearted, jackass, obsessive, forceful type of personality, etc., etc., then I don’t give a F**K what he is supposedly inside because Action speaks louder than words. (actions suddenly performed in the last two episode of the drama means nothing to me)

          Anthony physically does things for Go-eun that proves to us that there’s more to him than he lets on. With him the actions, albeit small, has started early in the show. It feels like a more realistic and natural character transformation arc. I feel that when viewers tries to read between the lines of the “hero” personality, they are just seeing what they want to see. for me, it’s solid physical proof that I believe in.

          regarding many other dramas out there:
          Why do viewers keep buying that extremely overused Mr. Darcy cliché character type.
          If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, and no, I wouldn’t assume it’s actually a Swan.

          • deb


          • nomu nomu nomu


            in case you reading anything into my post, there was nothing to read into. I have similar train of thought about stereotypical heroine, hero, villains, second male/female leads, etc. I just find it annoying that dramaland recycles character descriptions over and over.

          • speakup

            Come on baby speak it up!!

          • reeen

            I agree. I also don’t like sudden miraculous 180° transformations of jerk into prince charming. I think Anthony just relishes his devil persona and he probably won’t stop doing that. I guess it’s a defense mechanism that served him well in the business world. I hope at the end of the drama he’ll still be seen as the big bad from the outside, but everyone at World Production already knows him better than that.

          • deb

            “in case you reading anything into my post, there was nothing to read into.”


  38. 38 twentyonebuds

    This recap was HILARIOUS! And I wasn’t expecting it up so fast, thank you so much 🙂 I think it’s about time I said this, I really love your narrative voice, Heads! You’ve recapped almost all the dramas I loved to pieces this year 😀

    What can I say, this episode was SO GOOD! Every episode just keeps getting better. There’s so much I loved about this episode (what’s new) but everyone’s already mentioned them anyway haha.

    • 38.1 twentyonebuds

      Oh, and I loved the mole’s redemption! I was just on the verge of getting annoyed by the fact that no one was noticing the suspicious guy who keeps anwering suspicious phonecalls. What a clever way to end that conflict by having him tie into Anthony’s development as a character and the development of GE and Anthony’s relationship too!

      Seriously, this writer is so wonderful. Another one of my favourite things about this drama is how seemingly throwaway lines come back to make an impact or give us a laugh. (eg. CEO Oh’s phone convo, KHM line about going to see his mother in the car to GE before the accident HA!)

  39. 39 jini kazama

    I just love how Anthony changed attitude towards GE from totally dismissing her to actually fear that she would know about his mischievousness & lectures him about it, she totally got to his conscious, not to mention she played him twice! Anthony finally found his match
    Gotta love the spunk of that girl

    • 39.1 Lizzy4e

      I agree, GE is totally his match. Love watching these two interact.

      • 39.1.1 fatima

        me too, the chemistry is electrifying & we haven’t reached the romance stage yet!
        I particularly loved the scene where GE intered the studio for the first time & started daydreaming & nodding on stage like she is accepting an award, the way Anthony was looking at her like she remined him of his childhood when drama was a fairytale, before it turned into money

  40. 40 kopytko

    I love Anthony. I like seeing him fooled and fooling others. I cannot get enough of watching Anthony the Puppetmaster (with Hyun Min being the puppet). Anthony the Gladiator is also great. And that voice…
    But what cracked me up most was the mischievous smile shown in the first picture of this post. Anthony FTW!

    Seroiusly, this year in dramaland isn’t all that bad – AGD with Kim Do Jin, now Anthony – yeah, I want more characters like that!

    • 40.1 Mystisith

      🙂 Those cute jerks are my favorite kind of male leads. Period. They are smart, caring, crazy, good looking and endearing. If someone knows a man like that in real life, please send him my way.

      • 40.1.1 kopytko

        Huh. So true. As for me, the said type doesn’t even have to be good looking. Average would do. *turns into searching mode*

  41. 41 DayDreamer

    This episode was pure awesome. I was on the verge of falling off my seat with my heart racing so fast and fingers clenched until nail imprints were formed on my palms. Yeah, it was that good.

    I am falling more and more in love with Anthony. This guy is shrewd as hell and honestly, even if he’s a bit of a jerk, he’s the kind of person I would trust most to be my boss/colleague provided I don’t get ripped to shreds by him. He is absolutely proactive and miracles of miracles, he’s even becoming more humane. I just loved his threat and then victory speech to Oh Ji Wan concerning battles only being between gladiators and not hurting others around him. Also love that despite his ever-growing humanity, he still wants to keep appearances of being a hardass. So cute.

    I am very happy that finally ALL of Team Anthony is on board with him and supporting him. The spy grew a conscience and gave the episode a heart-warming edge to it. I was all, “D’awwwww. You poor lip-biter. Come here and get a big ol’ hug and some chapstick.” I, for sure, thought it was going to be PD Joo catching him in the act of deception but I’m glad the spy went old school and just confessed to Anthony. Loved how that whole thing played out with the suspense building up to a crescendo and giving a feeling of equal satisfaction as Ji Wan getting punched in the gut.

    And oh man….Hyun Min was hilarious. I found him more interesting in this episode probably because he had more screen space. But also because it was just interesting to see him in a predicament and how he would react to it. He’s just shallow as ever which is funny because I keep thinking he’ll suddenly have a deep side to him.

    The slight twinges of romance shown in this episode were probably far more romantic than any outright romance I’ve seen in kdramas. How beautiful was that scene between Go Eun and Anthony on the roofs? I think I replayed that scene like five times already, hehe. Go Eun had a look of admiration, respect, and “ha! You can’t hide the truth from me.” Loved the contrast between her gleeful look and Anthony’s more stoic one.

    Overall, I am just so hyped for this drama. I’m really sad that it’s not getting the ratings it deserves and really urge people who are still reading the recaps and not watching it to do watch it and spread the word. I’d hate to think that ratings will somehow make the production team of this drama change things around and not make it the drama we all love. So it’s an earnest plea from me. 🙂

    • 41.1 whitewire

      One of the most, if not the most, well-written pieces I’ve ever read that agrees with my heart of hearts.

      “King of Dramas” fighting!

  42. 42 John


    Thank you for the recap. Ah, there are so many subtle little twists that keep the story fresh.

    Liitle boy Hyun-min foot stomps.

    I swear, for a split second, when he put his hand on Go-eun’s shoulder, I thought she was going to melt.

    Anthony the victorious gladiator! Take that CEO Oh.

    Go-eun is slowly bringing about change in Anthony.

    I can’t wait to see the dynamics of the Min-ah/Anthony/ Go-eun triangle .

    • 42.1 jomo

      And, I think we will find out that Kim Jin Woo’s (The bratty actor in QIHM) character is the actor that Anthony stole her from.

      Which is nice because I need to see Kim Jin Woo on my screen again!

  43. 43 Femme

    The way Episode 7 ended, still not ignoring the past episodes as well, do you think Anthony likes:

    a. Lee Go-eun
    b. Sung Min-ah

    My mind and heart’s battling.
    Mind says Mina; heart says Goeun.

  44. 44 girlatsea

    Loved this episode. So hilarious! I thought episode 6 was my favorite so far but now I don’t know hahah.

    Anthony hasn’t noticed yet but he already has a little crush Go-eun ㅋㅋㅋ I love that he fell first and not the other way around.

    And omgsh I’m excited for Oh Ji-eun. She was so funny in I Live in Cheondamdong, I really hope they give her some funny scenes.

    ㅋ I’m off to watch episode 8!^^

    • 44.1 Pinkeu

      Yes, indeed. He fell for Lee Go-eun first! What a relief for me! 🙂

  45. 45 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my! I sooooooooooooooooo loved this episode. I was cackling away like a banshee (do Banshees cackle? or do they only just wail?) Every once in a while I’d squeal in delight and a couple of times I shouted, “I looooove Anthony!” So yeah, total fun.

    And yes, yes, yes, to the side-slap you gave Ooh la la Spouse. Aaargh.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 45.1 Chickletta

      banshees actually scream ^^

  46. 46 Orion

    Just finished the episode. Yep. Wonderful, as expected. Was laughing from start to finish. I love how Anthony is starting to show his humanity, but with subtle small steps. Playing with Go Eun when she learned they fooled her (the “I win” face outside the door was epic), forgiving the kid because of his circumstances.

    Hyun Min is equally bratty and funny, so he manages to balance juuuust between annoying you and winning your approval. He does irritate you at times, but you can’t really get mad either. Si Won is doing very good (not award-stuff, but ok) and it only works because he’s not afraid to be silly and embrace what is wrong with being famous.

    The part about girls only liking him because he’s hot had me in stitches. This illustrates exactly the problem. Idols and their companies try their best to get simple-minded people hooked, then they blame the people. On the other hand, the people get attached much more than the exposure would justify and then think they’re not in the wrong when someone complains about fans going too far, neither do they try to change their level of demanding. The blame just keeps going round and round.

    I like that they’re being subtle with introducing the “rivals” like this. Hyun Min got a bit “hands-on” with Go Eun and they buddy-bonded and we have Anthony’s ex making an entrance without the “Here, audience! Start worrying! Ooooh! The ex! Look!” way in which most series do it. Where we either have the bimbo type of ex coming back from abroad or whatnot, running into the arms of the guy like they never broke up. Or then the overly dramatic ex and of course, the “MINE!” psycho ex. I sincerely hope her character doesn’t end up such a cliché.

    However, the end left me a bit confused. Either he dumped her and will now use the fact that she’s not over him to keep her tied to the show (which will be quite a lousy thing to do), or then she dumped him and he plans to continue it in a “If you act, I will forgive you” manner.

    Can’t wait to see where they’re going, because it’s not like the romance is in full swing and they need to introduce the rivals right away. So I imagine they will drag this out a bit, with both the “threat” of the other people constantly looming, as well as the main romance, if any, progressing. Slow and steady wins the race. Just not slow and stupid, because most dramas do pretty much that.

  47. 47 KEYA

    I’m thanking Dramabeans for showing me the light!

    Great drama! i usually watch dramas that have ok/high ratings..but all the positive comments made me curious.

    Though I still wish for the ratings to get better..still boggles me why the numbers are so low..KoD definitely deserves more hearts.

    Also I love, love, love all 3 leads in here, and Siwon surprised me, not a fan of him (always thought he looks kinda weird and greasy in real life, lol) but he’s amazingly good at playing this role, i find him adorable now.

    all in all, I’m in love, KoD jjang <3

  48. 48 daniela

    Best hospital wake-up scene ever, or greatest hospital wake-up scene ever? BEST episode of this drama – for me it’s the first drama with KMM but I simply fell for his acting.
    Thanks for the recap, Heads, this drama is a real treat after JIN <3

  49. 49 Lizzy4e

    This show is so crisp, so smart, and does not take itself seriously. I dearly hope that those involved with this project know how we, the overseas viewers, feel about this drama. Is there anyway to know how many have watched this on viki? Of course, I doubt our viewership means much to the bottom line.

    Oh! I just had a thought, would King of Dramas even bother to touch on the subject of the overseas, internet, non-resident of Korea viewership. Do we qualify for any form of consideration when a drama is produced? I am unclear if we have any tangible impact on the bottom line. I assume we are the red-headed stepchild of the viewership demographics.

    Thank you for recapping this show!

    • 49.1 jomo

      He does talk a little about that in his opening monolog to the lecture hall.
      But he only references where SK can sell their product – meaning the airing the drama on not-korean tv stations, copies of the DVDs or the products used in PPL. Pan-Asia is the target market for all of that.

      Not sure what revenue they make from viki or dramafever.

      They certainly don’t make money when we download from non SK broadcasting sites. And even if shows like TK2H makes me buy donuts, SK doesn’t make any money on that sale. And I bought LOT Of donuts!

      • 49.1.1 Lizzy4e


        Thank you for that info. I find the business end of kdramas to be interesting but am not sure where to learn more.

  50. 50 cherry

    they should actually write into the script as to what happens when the numbers dont show in the country but is widely watched overseas, and how the production company views it as. or make “Morning of K” a hit over seas and Anthony cashes it in as a new type of success and regain the title KING OF DRAMA. or KING OF CABLE!!! lol. and judging the success in cable dramas in korea that is the new type of money making.

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