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King of Dramas: Episode 8
by | November 29, 2012 | 134 Comments

So funny. It’s time to get the whole gang under one roof and on one production schedule, which is about as impossible as you’d think. It’s a clash of inter-drama egos more than outside interference (for the moment anyway), which means yet another uphill battle for our team of all-stars, has-beens, and rookies. Needless to say, the drama in this drama within a drama is to drama what Anthony is to every animal which has not yet experienced the deadening joy of being worn around his neck.

EPISODE 8: “Reinforcements Will Not Come”

The World Team anxiously waits for Anthony’s return, all on pins and needles about their lead actress.

When he does return he heads to his desk silently, and everyone just assumes the worst. Shoulders fall.

Then, Anthony instructs Dong-seok to ready a press release with the title: “Sung Min-ah Confirmed as Kyungsung Morning’s Lead Actress.” Hah. Anthony is such a troll.

The whole room erupts into cheers, with no one happier than Director Goo and Go-eun. He remarks to her that Anthony may be nasty and mean, but he’s a pretty decent producer. Go-eun acknowledges that, even if she still gets the urge to beat him up every now and again. Hee.

Hyun-min is putting in some community service hours at what looks to be an orphanage, by bathing kids and getting his picture taken. It’s bizarre and funny all at once, especially when he gets his second kid, and then goes outside to see a whole LINE of kids waiting for Hyung to scrub their backs. Dying.

He calls Anthony up to complain, but Anthony’s not budging – he’s got to fix the image he ruined. He can either scrub dead skin or shave his head, the choice is his. Ha.

There’s one boy who marches straight up to Hyun-min, picks his nose, and smears the booger onto Hyun-min’s hand with this expression like, Yeah, you wanna fight about it? It’s the slow escalation of Hyun-min’s rage that has me crying laughing. Priceless.

He reacts just as childishly, by holding the booger up and telling the kid to eat it, accompanied with a sluuuuurp! sound. Eww.

Director Goo interrupts the fun to tell Hyun-min that Min-ah is his new costar, which puts renewed pep in Hyun-min’s step.

Min-ah is under contract with Empire Productions, but she doesn’t let CEO Oh order her around and gives him the orders instead, her tone curt. She’s acting in Kyungsung Morning.

He tries to remind her of what Anthony did to her (we still don’t know what), but doesn’t succeed in changing her mind.

CEO Oh takes this news to Empire’s Chairman, vowing to stop her from acting in Anthony’s production. But the Chairman says not to bother, since he’s got another plan of attack in mind.

Anthony fetches Go-eun for a meeting with Min-ah, and leaves the two to talk. (I love that while waiting, Go-eun wonders what Min-ah’s character is like, only for Anthony to reply: “Probably better than yours.”)

Except, that turns out NOT to be the case, since Min-ah is nothing if not prickly and arrogant. She at least eases into what she has to say, but it boils down to her being upset that her character doesn’t show up until the end of episode two.

And because she’s a big fancypants actress worth her weight in gold, she demands that Go-eun revise the script to give her more screen time. When Go-eun is hesitant, she immediately calls her out for being a “rookie writer,” with all the derision she can muster.

“I will make this clear,” Min-ah says. “You did not cast me. I chose you. No, I chose this drama. So right now, I’m not asking a favor. I’m not trying to give you advice, either.” She adds that she’s only worked with veteran writers.

“This rookie writer who knows nothing will only say one thing,” Go-eun replies. “This drama is not a drama for you alone. Even if it’s for Sung Min-ah, I can’t fix even one character.” Go Go-eun!

Outside, Go-eun blames Anthony for leaving her alone with Min-ah when he knew what she was like. But she’s going off his past behavior, and thinks he’s trying to implement changes to her script by using Min-ah.

“I was wrong for trusting you,” she says before she storms off, leaving Anthony blinking in her wake. Aww.

Go-eun pays a visit to the set to get some advice from Director Goo, and while it’s cute that she looks to him as a mentor, him asking her “Why are you here instead of writing?” sounds a lot like “Who let you out of the basement?” Unintentional, but funny.

She tells him about Min-ah and how she thinks that Anthony is conspiring with her to change the script. Director Goo offers her a bit of insight into the mind of the actor, in that there’s one thing they’re never willing to give up: Their fair share.

Go-eun doesn’t understand this on a fundamental level, and wonders if there’s not a way to change an actor’s natural instinct to, well, act. Director Goo doesn’t know of one, and pretty much pats her on the shoulder all, Good luck!

She gets called in to see Director Nam only to find Min-ah already there, which means Min-ah told on her.

The two share a look before Go-eun is left with Director Nam, who’s nothing if not levelheaded. First, he tells her that as a fellow drama creator, he sympathizes with Go-eun’s point of view and is rooting for her.

Then he talks to her as the SBC broadcasting director, telling her that Min-ah’s demands aren’t out of bounds for the caliber of star she is, and hopes Go-eun will reconsider.

She leaves his office with slumped shoulders, only to find Min-ah waiting outside with a sour expression. Go-eun asks if Min-ah had to go to such a length to pressure her, and Min-ah sneers: “Yes. If I say so.” Ugh. We’re not even at the half hour mark and I’ve had it up to HERE with this girl. It’s not that I don’t understand where she’s coming from, but she could do with a little less attitude.

At least Go-eun holds her ground on refusing to modify the script. Min-ah drops to banmal as she warns Go-eun: “You. Don’t act up.”

Anthony signs Min-ah’s contract with CEO Oh, who seems miffed that Anthony’s been able to re-hire people he’s thrown away, like Go-eun and Min-ah. Anthony agrees that the only thing he’s missing is CEO Oh’s inferiority complex. Ha.

CEO Oh claims that their fight isn’t over, even though Anthony claims he never even considered him as a target. But CEO Oh still vows to bring Anthony down, and fumes that Anthony’s day will come. Alright, time to just get a token fat cat to stroke while plotting evil schemes.

It’s nice to see Bit-na make a reappearance as she worries shrilly that Hyun-min will leave her for Min-ah. She makes him swear not to fall for her first, and during the pinky swear he mouths: “That’s a lie.” Ahaha.

Hyun-min’s running late to the poster shoot, and scoffs when his manager tells him Min-ah is always punctual. “Even if she’s hot these days, is she this drama’s protagonist?” Hyun-min all but cackles in glee as he instructs his manager to drive even slower.

When he arrives on set, Min-ah’s not there. I love that Hyun-min pitches a fit because no one pays attention to him, especially when Min-ah walks in late only to have everyone fawn over her. I foresee some diva battles in their future.

Hyun-min even makes a comment to her about her lateness, but it doesn’t faze her in the slightest. So when he acts like he totally put her in her place to his manager, he’s either in make-believe land, or he can’t read people to save his life.

Anthony calls Watanabe to update him on the status of the shoot, but Watanabe is strangely agreeable, which is perhaps due to a suspicious man at his bedside. Hmm. Empire’s Chairman did say he had a plan to take Anthony down involving Watanabe.

It’s poster shoot time, and Hyun-min hilariously spends a couple of frames shoving Min-ah away so he can take up the full shot. Hahaha. Hyun-min is a total riot.

Director Goo asks Min-ah about the script changes she’s asked for, and she doesn’t back down. I love that he defends Go-eun when one of the CPs starts bad-mouthing her for being daring, saying: “She’s not daring, but persevering. Without even that much backbone, how could she write scripts?” Teamwork!

Hyun-min certainly has no love for Min-ah, but he offers her a handshake just the same. She refuses it and leaves him hanging, telling her manager that he’s just a brat who thinks he can act, and isn’t worth her time. Okay, but, that doesn’t change the fact that you have 9283729 hours to spend with him. Just shake the guy’s hand, sheesh.

While Go-eun gets a call from the poster-shoot CP demanding that she change the script, Min-ah visits Anthony’s rooftop to ask if he can fire Go-eun.

He doesn’t entertain the thought, and instead asks what she’ll do if Go-eun keeps refusing to change the script. Min-ah replies that she always gets what she wants, insinuating that the one thing she was ever denied was him.

“I know that you don’t feel or want such a thing as love,” she tells him. “But I don’t care. Because I will make you love me.” Ugh. UGH. Don’t tell me she’s THAT girl. Anything but that girl. I would rather watch Anthony act with a jar of pennies, or a live chicken. Literally anything else would do.

Go-eun heads to the rooftop and sees Min-ah leave, instantly jumping to the conclusion that Anthony was once again conspiring with her to change the script.

She reminds him that he promised not to change her script, and he agrees – he hasn’t told her to fix it once. (Er. What about that time he told her to fix it? Yunno, by changing everything about it?)

However, he does remind her that fighting with directors, broadcasting stations, producers, and actors is a drama writer’s fate, which Go-eun takes as him telling her to just give up the fight now.

Maybe Anthony realizes he’s got to get through to her somehow, so he yells, “NO! Fight. Fight openly against her. You said you wanted to protect your script, so fight. Fight, and win. But in return, you’re fighting alone. Not a single soul will help you. That’s why being a writer is an infinitely lonely job.”

CP Lee calls Anthony in for a meeting over budget, but finds himself in over his head when Anthony can cite every figure, including projected sales, by heart. CP Lee wants to shortchange him on the budget per episode to roughly about 300k, which Anthony claims is grossly inadequate.

Anthony brings the matter up with Director Nam, asking why his drama is getting the same budget as one of the smaller dramas airing. Director Nam acknowledges that the smaller drama won’t bring in the same kind of cash as Kyungsung, but “Even dramas that nobody thinks will make money need to be produced, is what I think. Not for profit, but for its benefit to society.”

Of course, the words “not for profit” do not compute with Anthony, and he’s left dumbfounded.

Go-eun tracks Min-ah down to a spa only to have one of the employees deliver a message straight from Min-ah’s mouth that unless she brought the changed script, they have no reason to meet.

And, ha, Go-eun decides to just vault past the employee and find Min-ah herself.

Director Nam makes it clear that Anthony needs to go through the proper channels from hereon out, instead of directly coming to him. They end up running into the Chairman of Empire Productions, and Director Nam refuses him a handshake.

The Chairman advises Anthony to leave the industry while he’s still being civil, and Anthony replies that he’ll decide his own fate. The Chairman, however, seems to have some eeevil plans in store.

As for Go-eun, she’s gentle yet firm in telling Min-ah that she won’t be revising the script: “The legendary British actor Alec Guinness once said, ‘There are no small parts. Only small actors.'” Love her for using that quote.

She ends up finding Anthony drinking soju in a street stall (I know, it’s like we’re seeing a rare white elk) and updates him on the fight: She won’t be doing any script revisions, so Min-ah won’t be attending the script reading or the press conference.

Anthony thinks that she will, and tells Go-eun it’s because Min-ah’s a professional: “Both professionals and amateurs, they all make mistakes. An amateur blames the world, but a professional takes time in reflecting on themselves. Time which an amateur like you wouldn’t dare to think about.”

This really gets to Go-eun, and for the first time she looks over her Episode 1 script while actually considering the criticism Min-ah gave. She’s quick on the uptake, that’s for sure.

It’s the first day of official production for Kyungsung Morning, and Anthony celebrates by upgrading his fur collar. We see the role each member of the team gets to play in preparation, and at last it’s all coming together.

However, Anthony does get the odd news that Watanabe isn’t coming. We see that it’s because Empire’s Chairman plans to pick him up from the airport instead.

Go-eun shows up with a Cheshire grin, along with revised copies of the first two episodes. She claims she could see the excessive use of theme Min-ah talked about and fixed it, which gets the nicest smile out of Anthony.

For that matter, Min-ah is also pleased with the revisions, and grudgingly acknowledges that Go-eun isn’t half bad.

And ha, just when you think Hyun-min’s mad about the changes, it’s revealed that he hasn’t even bothered to read them and has instead chose to play Anipang. Points for consistency.

Everyone loves the changes – including Director Goo – and all the script copies are replaced. Hyun-min and Min-ah arrive in identical celebmobiles, and he doesn’t waste the opportunity to rib her for showing up on time when she’s not even in the first episode. Maybe read the script next time, Hyun-min.

Min-ah and Go-eun have a short chat in the hallway before the reading, and though it isn’t explicitly said, it seems like the two have come to terms. At least for now.

The reading starts, but Hyun-min makes a pretty obvious flub when he directs his lines to the wrong person, since Go-eun’s revised version has him meeting with Min-ah’s character.

He goes still for a long while, maybe even a little embarrassed, before he stands and announces that he won’t do it. Why? Because Anthony & Co. didn’t even blink when he asked to take the ocean-swimming scene out, and now he can see that they clearly changed things around just for Min-ah.

Well, when you put it that way, it does look like the team favored Min-ah. But Hyun-min did put his foot in his mouth by claiming that Anthony was seduced by Min-ah, leaving her too affected by his accusations to continue the read once he’s stormed off.

Anthony catches him outside and tries to play it safe since they’re in view of the media, and asks him when he’ll stop whining all the time. But Hyun-min’s as serous as we’ve ever seen him, and he pries Anthony’s hands off his coat: “Do you think I’m whining right now?”

Meanwhile, Empire puts their plan in motion by bringing Watanabe’s son into town. Ah, that explains the man at Watanabe’s bedside. He’s introduced as WATANABE KENJI (Jang Hyun-sung), and it just so happens that he speaks fluent Korean.

Go-eun works on convincing Min-ah to return to the reading while Anthony works on Hyun-min.

The latter isn’t going so well, since the threat of contract-breaking fines does nothing for Hyun-min. So Anthony waits until Hyun-min is in an elevator to grab the star by his collar, shove him against the wall, and tell him what for.

It’s only when Anthony threatens to spill the story of Hyun-min’s mom’s fake illness at the press conference does Hyun-min take notice, especially because Anthony is vowing to take them both down in one fell swoop.

When Hyun-min calls it a bluff, Anthony grates out: “I don’t care if you believe it or not. I have nothing to fear any longer. Choose whether we live or die together.”

We don’t know which way he’ll go, but while we’re waiting, Go-eun’s mom scuttles into the press conference… and sits right next to Bit-na, wearing sunglasses and a tight-lipped expression. HA.

The CP is just now finding out that both his stars have fled, moments before the conference is set to begin. And, surprisingly, the Chairman and entourage arrive, which include none other than the President of SBC and Kenji. Eek.

The MC announces that it’s time for the stars to come up, and everyone holds their breath…

But no one walks through the door. Oh no. The audience starts murmuring as Director Nam is given a message, which he passes on to an irate Prez: Hyun-min’s not going to make it.

Prez & Co. get up to leave, and they’re really leaving. Eek! No last-second surprises? Someone needs to come through that door!

Go-eun is with Director Goo and Min-ah backstage, and just as they’re planning to go up without their lead, Hyun-min makes his grand return.

Anthony stays outside the conference room to waylay the Chairman and his crew, only now getting introduced to the new CEO of Watanabe Group, Kenji. Oh. Huh. Well, I guess that’s it for his dad.

Kenji explains that his dad is ill and gave all management rights to him, and furthermore, that he is withdrawing everything from World Productions, and Anthony.

Oh, and that initial money his dad gave them? Anthony needs to return it. Yiiiikes.


One of the (many) unfortunate byproducts of the live-shoot system is a pervasive sense of unease whenever we have a drama that is by all means made for success, like King of Dramas, failing instead as far as ratings go. When ratings are high, I don’t necessarily worry about a show taking a wrong turn (even though that’s obviously no guarantee that wrong turns WON’T happen), since the production team gets to pretty much keep doing what they’re doing either way.

When ratings are low and feedback is instantaneous, I become worried for shows like King, which in turn makes me paranoid of any suspicious story turn since the chances of a writer attempting to buoy a sinking ratings ship are much higher. That’s not always the case, and it might not even be a concern here, but it’s probably because I like this sinking ship so much that I feel inevitably protective of it. I just want King to have even a base level of ratings success so that it can tell the story it wants to tell however it wants to tell it. We’ll see how the numbers go next week, when Oohlala Spouses is out of the running.

Anyway, what pinged most on my live-shoot suspicion radar were Min-ah’s scenes as Stock Second Female Lead (Variation #2, the “I will make you love me!” as opposed to Variation #1, the “Love me or not, I’m dying of cancer anyway!”), and the curiously abrupt or just clumsily-handled introduction of Watanabe’s son, Kenji.

Granted, both of these things (Min-ah’s romantic temperament and Kenji) might have been planned long in advance, but I wasn’t getting that sense of assuredness. With Min-ah, I felt like I was watching two different people: Min-ah the Professional, and Min-ah the Potentially Psychotic Jilted Lover. Professionals have their fair share of dual personas and it’s entirely possible that the front Min-ah puts on is not who she is, but I found her inclusion in the first half of the episode to be downright painful, especially without any effort to endear herself to… well, anyone.

Then the second half came around, and we saw Min-ah operating as an actress. While her outward demeanor didn’t win any points with me, I liked being able to see a more human and hard-working side to her once the revisions were made, and she gained some respect for rising above Hyun-min’s petty ribbing, along with the fact that she didn’t even bat an eyelash when Hyun-min made his mistake during the reading.

If given the chance, I’d like to think she would have acted like absolutely nothing happened in order for Hyun-min to save face. Even if she’s the only real “actress,” she’s got to keep Hyun-min afloat because their fates are now tied, which she should know better than anyone if she signed on to star in a show with him. And we’re getting flashes that she does know, which has me intrigued.

So I’m liking that professional aspect of her character, and think she’s leagues more interesting when she’s not just being mean and terrible. But I’m more wary of the fact that the crazy portal has been opened with her if the story chooses to go down that path later, because even in this episode, her romantically-inclined scenes with Anthony felt out of place and oddly clichéd for a show that’s so far been too self-aware to fall into the usual traps. I’m holding out hope that Min-ah will be given more to work with than someone like CEO Oh going forward.

Aside from all that, Hyun-min continues to deliver the most laugh-out-loud moments without feeling like he’s just one big joke, which I love. (The nose-picking scene literally had me crying from laughter. That makes me twelve years old, doesn’t it?) He’s a walking punchline with a punchline for a girlfriend, but seeing his unspoken competition with Min-ah come to a head at the reading went a long way in showing him as a person. He still doesn’t have many Deep Thoughts as it stands, but it is nice to know he takes his acting career semi-seriously, because it means we get to now take his acting career semi-seriously as we become invested in his success. Along with everyone else’s this side of Team Anthony.


134 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kika

    I much prefer the previous episode to this. Felt that the elements of comedy, romance and the behind the scenes machinations was much more balanced.

    I’m starting to get tired to the back and forth between Empire and World Productions. Feels like meaningless corporate machinations or the typical back and forth between the evil mother-in-law and the potential daughter-in-law.

    Still loving it overall though 🙂

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Hello Kika,

      I thought it was interesting that Kenji showed up and decided to get the first part of the investment back. I am wondering why and how he came to that decision. Did the chairman talk him into it?

      It felt to me as though Empire Prod. got really lucky, with the conflicts that erupted because of HM’s reaction at the script reading. I don’t think anybody could have anticipated that, even though director Goo mentioned the real problems rising once the actors (and actresses) are cast and things are ready to go. Anthony said the same thing, now that I think of it, when he warned GE that a set (and the making of a drama) is not without its own drama. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if things had gone smoothly at the script reading (or had been solved before Kenji walked out or before he walked into the room). I guess the writer would have had to come up with a different conflict to place in the hands of Empire Prod.

      I have a question, because I am trying to understand how dramas are made as I go along and I don’t to assume anything:
      1–the TV station gives a time slot (and days to be aired) to a drama and they also give money to the drama production team to cover the costs necessary to shoot (or make) the drama? (is that it)?
      2–And the set that was built, it is a set at the SBC site, right? (or on one of their locations)?

      I liked that director Nam is still principled and he doesn’t bow to anyone. He is also not impressed with titles and power either, although he understands what they mean and how things work in his industry. I was glad to see him defend the smaller drama and advocate for dramas that bring a different element to the world of dramas. In that sense, he reminded me of GE a little.

      I don’t know that I can say that Anthony is in love with GE at this stage in the drama (I don’t see it clearly), it still seems fuzzy to me. I do think that he likes her (as a person, he likes who she is) and he is very supportive of her and he wants to see her do well. He, however, will not sugar coat what happens in the process of making a drama to her and he makes her realize (or understand) that it is an uphill battle and that she needs to fight for what she wants.
      He also teaches her to listen to others, and see if there might be some truth to what they say (even though they might not say it in a nice way). I might be in the minority, but I was glad to see GE acknowledge that she could have been wrong (about the first two episodes of her script) and being willing to make changes, and not just be idealistic, holding on to her ideals, no matter what. GE (as a character) is also going through some growth of her own, which is nice to see, because in typical dramas (i.e. the cinderella kind), the female lead is mostly there to support the male lead and does not really grow or change.

      I do personally think that Anthony has changed. Since the accident, he has not tried to change her script. I think that even if he knew (or suspected) what the exchange would be like with MA, he wanted GE to learn to deal with actors and actresses, because I am assuming that is part of what writers have to go through (and there might be clashes), and GE needs to toughen up. I think Anthony wants GE to understand what it takes to make a drama (from beginning to end) and he wants whatever scales might have been in her eyes (or mind) to be removed. He is harsh with her at times, but it is for her own good. It comes from a caring place.

      I am having a little bit of a hard time believing that MA can be this accomplished actress (so she must be smart, to have made it in a male dominated industry), and yet she believes that you can make someone love you. Really? When has that ever worked? In a few dramas maybe, and even there, that’s debatable. I agree with Heads that it is somewhat of a cheap cliche to use here. I do hope that she will be given something more meaningful to work with.

      • 1.1.1 khai03

        Hello Ivoire,

        I love to read ur comment and it make me think more deeply about my understanding about this drama.
        I love to watch this drama because of its feature about drama in making. It make me think is it happen in real world. “when there is smoke there must be a fire”.
        I hold on that. It makes me think in different angle instead how the actor it self work for a drama. This drama show what really happen before the drama we watch aired.
        I hope it will not disappointed me in any time sooner.
        I really love how their character develop.

    • 1.2 luvs

      i want one of those fur collars that Anthony wears 🙂

      • 1.2.1 Ennayra

        lol. no you don’t

  2. nakai

    (Er. What about that time he told her to fix it? Yunno, by changing everything about it?)

    He is a changed person, ever since the accident he now loves her more than ever. Ahaz

    And when he told her to fight to win; that’s not the old Anthony talking right. That’s the new bear Anthony.

    Thanks for quick recap. <3

    Please someone tell me what Anthony saves Go Eun's number as. I'm dying to know.

    • 2.1 nakai

      It’s in ep 7.

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Nakai, I think Anthony saved GE # as “Loony,” at least that is how viki translated it as.

        • nakai

          Thank you !

        • Ivoire

          You are very welcome :-)!

    • 2.2 pereleal1

      If I’m not mistaken, he had her in his phone as 똘아이 which means a child who does whatever they want, the way they want, without listening to adults 🙂

      • 2.2.1 nakai

        Thank you ! I understand ‘아이’ as kid. Didnt know the first word.

        • whitewire

          Haha! 똘아이…
          Trust http://translate.google.com on this one. 🙂

          • nakai

            Ahaha….That’s why I was so curious about what it really means. Google translate was the first place I went to to help me out. And I’m like Anthony cant be calling Go Eun ‘THAT’. lol

          • Maya

            lol. I’d have never guessed that..

  3. Orion

    I think the problems Hyun Min and Min Ah cause and their immaturity (in different ways) is good to have. For one, it brings the “adults” together and makes them bond better as a team.

    Also, we get to explore two types of actors and where they’re coming from, what their place in the industry is and why such personas exist.

    For Min Ah, I am seeing a lot of potential to show just how the way the whole industry is run has turned her to this. A woman in a male-dominated society, someone used as a commodity. She probably had to fight like mad to get to where she is. That would corrupt any person to a degree.

    Hyun Min, on the other hand, is being exactly what others want and expect him to be. He’s a shallow walking pack of abs and hotness. But he also shows his true moments. When Anthony first said he won’t tolerate more incidents like the car one, Hyun Min got hurt by his guilt. It felt like it, because he brushed it off and joked about it. Then, when he thanked Go Eun, which did look sincere, he turned it into a joke immediately. He looks like a guy who does have something more about him, but knows it’s just easier to be the valuable idiot. Play someone long enough, every minute of every day and you become it, though. He mostly has.

    I have to say, I agree with your worries. Ratings rule and as we see here too, if those aren’t going well, some greedy jerk will step in and “fix” it. Because this series is so good, but also because it is exploring exactly these issues, it would be incredibly sad.

    So, here’s to the ratings improving so that no one puts their dirty paws on what has so far been an excellent series. A series which has trolled us before though, so let’s not worry about Min Ah yet.

    • 3.1 Femme

      Here’s toasting with you for better ratings!

      So deserving of the highest possible ratings!
      (I know — such a rotten UNDERSTATEMENT)

      • 3.1.1 Reena

        This drama is gold, really… I really hope the ratings will go up… It’s soo refreshing and hilarious! Gosh!

        The nose picking scene had me in fits of laughter. It’s no longer Siwon I’m seeing, it’s another character already. I love it. He has definitely improved!

    • 3.2 Arawn

      Agreed. I actually found Min-Ah pretty interesting because of her duality. She is bitchy but on the other hand she does have a point in her argument. She’s tough and collected but it seems that what ever happened between her and Anthony has left it’s mark on her. I don’t think she loves Anthony – she may have loved him once but now it feels more like an obsession than love. I feel like she’s wanting to proove something by “making” him love her instead just doing it for the sake of Anthony loving her. It’s possible that her past with Anthony has had a huge effect on what she is now and I would like to know more about it.

      • 3.2.1 Orion

        I am guessing he left her and probably used her badly while she was a rookie. He might have even offended her for being a rookie. After all, we’ve seen how he treats such people. It would explain why she has gone all diva. She wants to prove herself and dominate him.

    • 3.3 cg

      Another nice episode 🙂

  4. bear99

    I want more Hyun Min scenes!
    I think watching him alone is fun enough. Im LOLing like crazy seeing him bathing those kids and booger scene its just hilarous.

    Yeah im tired with drama between World prd and Empire *dapdapae its just too much.

    • 4.1 jomo

      Siwon was very credible during that intense collar grabbing scene. I really believed we were seeing a strong dark side of HM.
      I hope that his exposure to his sunbaes keeps making him better durng the series. If he’s smart, he will be taking advantage of Kim Myung-min’s knowledge.

      It’s funny to think that Jung Ryeo-won started out as an idol, too, all those years ago.

  5. Minnetter (aka: Min)

    corporate machinations are much less interesting than the conflicts that arise between the people working on the drama and I wish we didn’t give so much time to the Empire productions people…

    • 5.1 kika


    • 5.2 ilikemangos

      Totally agree.

  6. pinkpia

    thanks for the recap ^^

  7. Mystisith

    I was mad at that Boosted Ego actress, the moment she entered the picture. How many good drama writers in SK and how many good actresses fighting to get good parts? Do the calculation girl… And if you’re not happy with what you’re given, go work in the next Jin or Fashion King for what I care. And she has the nerves to say “Don’t act up.”? I was raging in front of my screen. And she wants to get back Anthony on top of that. *rolling eyes* Btw, did she ever really “get” him? Not proven yet.
    Trolling Anthony is still a pleasure to see and childish Hyun-min is a riot. Go-eun continues her discovery and adapts herself to this cruel environment: Lonely job indeed.
    I can’t believe we’re half-way with this show. For the next half, I have a wish:
    May the conflicts and problems come from the inside of the production. The all Damocles sword of the budget taken out is getting old. A signed contract is a signed contract and son or whatever Kenji couldn’t do anything about that. Putting the words in the mouth of Anthony: “Sue us… And get you money back… in 10 years.”
    Director Goo and CP Lee are wonderful characters (meaning human beings) in this drama: They understand the complexity of human relationships and they play the peacemakers in front and behind the cameras. Precious people.
    My wish is to see the ratings rise for this show. Figures are not understandable for me. Now than OLLC is over, indeed maybe it will get better. I like horse Doctor as well but it could give a few percents to KOD. Be nice show… *A girl can dream*.

    • 7.1 Nena

      The problem with the money-retrieving son is that the guy is the head of a Yakuza clan, not just your ordinary contract partner. I doubt that the mentioning of “sue me” will make Anthony’s life any safer…

      • 7.1.1 Mystisith

        If the drama fails, Anthony is dead anyway. So… “Dump me and I’ll tell the cops what I saw.” Watanabe group and World Prod are chained together, for the worst or the best. I wonder what ep 9 will give us as a reason for the withdrawal. Better be some serious stuff: I want a convincing explanation.

        • whitewire

          This is where you’ll see Anthony is a man of virtue.

          Akiko said it is a secret that the Chairman will die, and he did not tell the info to anyone.

          He didn’t even mention the real motive for completing the drama within the year: TO PREVENT HIS DEATH.

          Well he said in Episode 3 something like “We die” but the staff took it rather figuratively (not literally) just like what Anthony always does… Playing with metaphors and more metaphors.

          Oh Anthony, my Anthony. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          My thoughts also! Son Kenji doesn’t know that Anthony knows. And son Kenji should be able to tell that his dad isn’t doing well. After all, yakuza dons don’t readily give up management rights of their empires to their sons unless death is a-looming. So the upcoming explanation BETTA be good.

  8. Midori

    This show is all kinds of awesome. What a shame that the ratings don’t match. The making of the drama is fascinating enough without the World & Empire machinations.

    • 8.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yes, it is a shame. I so wish the ratings would improve and I really am hoping they don’t do some horrible turn in the story just to melo it up and get better ratings. I’m getting protective of this show’s integrity and organic cliche-free plotline. Sad the audience seems so brainwashed by rom-c0ms and cliches and inorganic plotting to give it a chance.

      • 8.1.1 Moko

        Could it be because of KMM? Is he to old to be sexy? Isn’t his macho-character enough? They make him wear weird fur and a forelock. He even wears tons of make up! ….wait…now I guess I get it.
        still…he can act. Not just serious characters, also funny ones. I hope it sells well in Japan!

        • nakai

          The reason why most people check the drama out was because Myung Min Joa. lol…Too old to be sexy? No such thing.

        • Pinkeu

          Yeah KMM’s famous in Japan. 🙂

          I think Koreans don’t think that he’s ‘too-old-to-be-sexy’ because they had the “Kang Mae syndrome” during MBC’s airing of ‘Beethoven Virus’ and they preferred Kim Myung-min’s character over Jang Geun-seok’s.

          • nakai

            It’s not just Beethoven Virus. Closer to Heaven was a big buzz too. That’s when people thinks he’s crazy. lol Just kidding. The guy’s acting is a sight to behold. I doubt anyone cares if he’s oppa, ahjussi or harabeoji. Or whether or not he has a six pack to show off.

          • Ivoire

            And we shouldn’t care if he has a six pack or not to show (thank goodness that is not what they focus on here, when they show him), or if he is an oppa, an ahjussi or harabeoji. He is an actor who can actually “act” and that says it all.
            I also like Park Geun Hyung (who plays the chairman of Empire Prod. in this drama). I have seen him in a few dramas so far, and he is a delight to watch as well. He is aging really well, having a lot of grace and being so handsome at his age, still 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          ::sigh:: I hope not. One is never ever ever too old to be sexy.

          Everyone seems to be loving the drama about Mr Kim. So maybe that’s sucking away audiences. I’ve often thought the folks who do posters for k-dramas are often just not really good at showing the heart of the drama. Arang had an impish poster which seemed all fun and playful but it wasn’t. The poster for King of Drama was not that exciting…and it didn’t show the warfare that’s going on in the plot. But I’m thinking that even if a poster is bad, shouldn’t the potential viewer give the story a chance. Maybe they think they’ve seen too many dramas about dramas.

  9. nakai

    Sigh. I dont want to think about the ratings anymore. Ep 1-6.5, ep 8-6.8……I feel like it gets nowhere. It’s just a big nightmare. I’ll just buy the OST and DVD, I hope it helps.

    And I just have to say. On one of the Korean sites , I read someone called it,”The SM curse” …..

    I’m not blaming anyone and I love everyone on the show but I just think it’s unfortunate and it made me wonder do Koreans hate SM that much. Btw, I’m a fan of SMTown although I do love my actors a lot more.

    KMM’s Pacemaker which stars Go Ara, a SM artiste was struggling in the box office as well even though it stars another great actor Ahn Sung Ki and the movie has good reviews.

    • 9.1 Ivoire

      Hello Nakai, I think I will follow you in buying that OST and the DVD as well. Let’s hope that the drama will be good till the end.

      • 9.1.1 nakai

        YAY…Glad you’re on board. 🙂 Fingers crossed on the drama.

        • Ivoire

          And knocking on wood as well, :-)…

  10. 10 Kwhat?!

    “It’s the first day of official production for Kyungsung Morning, and Anthony celebrates by upgrading his fur collar.” Hahahaha! I died! Anthony’s fur collars are one of those subtly hilarious aspects of this show.

    Also, I just have to say, I. Love. Hyun. Min. He is so hilarious and Siwon manages to portray these nuances that are amazing, especially considering (as you said last recap) “beneath the surface there’s just more surface.”

    Min Ah was always explained as being another part of the love. . . whatever. Before watching this drama, I thought Hyun Min and Anthony would fight over Go Eun, and Hyun Min would end up with Min Ah. But I think it’s so much more interesting that she has a past with Anthony and wants him back. How fitting would it be if she’s the one he stole from old what’s-his-name, Hyun Min’s sunbae?

    I think it’s awesome how we get 2 actors who aren’t at all what they seem to be to their audience. Hyun Min seems so deep and is evidently a great actor (which we’ve only seen in the press conference about his DUI), but is really dumb and shallow. Min Ah projects this image of being sweet and humble but is in fact a major witch AND a spoiled brat who just wants to get her way. But both of them change when it’s time to perform.

    Anyway, I, too, hope that this drama sees some major upticks in its ratings, because it definitely deserves it. I want to see it continue to tell this awesome story, and not become the victim of the very beast it so wonderfully satirizes.

  11. 11 nomu nomu nomu

    Wow, HeadsNo2, you are on a role. 4 episodes in less than a week. Thank-you. 😀

    Kyungsung Morning: It sure does have endless obstacles, doesn’t it? I mean, we had funding issues, writer being fired because she’s a rookie, script issues due to an actor and an actress acting like immature/spoiled divas, constant interference from the villains (who I still don’t get why they are over the top obsessed with ruining Anthony) and now we are back to funding issues again. And we all know there’s going to be plenty more obstacles in the future. However, the good news, with all these obstacles, it is providing the OTP the opportunity to gain more trust, teamwork, respect, admiration, etc. and the romance is slooooowlyyy building up. KoD is continuing to give us a constant stream of small moments after small moments with them. I recognized that some of those small moments are negative clashes between them, but it all serves to build their relation. I’m finding it a realistic and natural progression by them.

    Hyun-min: I know many viewers seems to be in love with him, but I don’t mind being in the minority voice and say this, for me, his air-headed adolescent personality is starting to over stay his welcome. Yes, he is still cracking me up at this point (read: I’m laughing at him and not with him), but there has to be more to him, right? I mean he is one of the main leads, I’ve seen plenty of side characters in dramas that does about the same, because if there is not more soon, then the laughs start to turn into yawns. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely still want the funny from Hyun-min, but who says you can’t have the funny AND more. And also, I feel exactly the same way when a drama has an air-headed and nothing else character trait from a main female lead, so why would I feel any different with him?

    Min-ah: hmm, I didn’t get that rolls-my-eyes reaction towards her with her entrance to KoD like I tend to get with some other 2nd female lead characters. I can for sure predict many viewers will hate though. she’s somewhat of a stereotypical 2nd female lead character, She seems somewhat like those clingy psycho ex’s and to top it off, she has a diva complex, but so far not at an extreme annoyance level for me (at least not yet). I can somewhat accept her diva attitude if she has the skills to back it up (if you can walk the walk, then you can talk the talk) I’ll look on the bright side, at-least she’s not one of those very needy, helpless and poor-me type (psst, Jung Ryeo-won, you remember MNIKSS, right?). The relationship between Minah-Anthony-GoEun-KyungsungMorning seems quite complicated and plenty of potential conflicts for them, and then there’s the fact that Kyungsung Morning has two divas as their star. I suppose we are in the very early stage for her character, so anything can change.

    Thanks again HeadsNo2 and KoD.
    *back to waiting for new episodes*

  12. 12 Abbie

    First, Jang Hyun-sung! I love him! I’ve been a fan since Vampire Prosecutor last year. So I’m glad to see him again.

    Second, Siwon continues to be the source of funny in this drama, for me. I can’t get enough of Hyun-min.

    Third, last episode I was willing to give Min-ah the benefit of the doubt as second lead, but whoa, she’s really mean. Her scenes with Anthony really don’t seem to fit, especially the “I will make you love me” scene. I want more of her professional side, please.

    Fourth, I also want more scenes with Anthony and Go-eun. They’re the main couple, right? So, where’s the romance?

    Lastly, I really hope this drama doesn’t start to suffer from live-shoot syndrome. I really enjoy it, and want it to do well.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  13. 13 Nallali

    Oh Lord the moment she said she would make him love her I just took out a good chunk of points from this awesome drama! Like really? It’s like we r back to 2000!!! It would have been awesome if the drama within the drama had this stuff then it’d be poking fun at the whole clingy, delusional ex device most writers love to use, but not for the real drama, what thinkest thou writer nim?!!

    • 13.1 reeen

      I hope they undermine that overused trope somehow. Like make him her father who abandoned her or something 😀

  14. 14 lalala

    Been waiting for this the whole daaaaaaay!!

    Wooooo so worth the wait baby!

    I’m kinda annoyed with Mina. But I like the fact that she still cherishes Anthony although she is fully aware what he has done to her to wound her past and her heart.

    What I DONT LIKE is her star complex so hungry for exposure. 🙁

    Though both characters have skyrocketing pride, HYUN-MIN is better than Mina, imo!!!

  15. 15 Femme

    Am I the only one who felt some kind of love and affection covered in full facade of coldness Anthony shouted at Go-eun: FIGHT! FIGHT WITH HER OPENLY! FIGHT AND WIN!

    And the fact that he kept his promise.
    He did NOT touch Go-eun script.

    I feel love. Well initially I felt it was part of Anthony’s game plan. But yeah, everything was heartfelt. 🙂


    • 15.1 nakai

      I felt it too. 🙂

    • 15.2 Mystisith

      I loved that scene too. Anthony is a Pygmalion character: He will help Go-eun achieving her true potential but he won’t take the easy road for that. If he has to kick her ass or say the awful truth, he just does it.

    • 15.3 Kwhat?!

      It was totally there. You just get this feeling that while he can’t always openly fight for her, he’s definitely in her corner. There are so many looks that he shoot her that convey his growing affection.

      • 15.3.1 Femme

        And Go-eun’s too naive and innocent not to notice this. Anthony’s so good in playing he dislikes Go-eun and she’s just “another writer” Anthony needs in succeeding his business.

        But omg ain’t in obvious, she’s more than a writer to him. Anthony had a vast chopice of writers in Ep. 5 when Director Nam was aware that Go-eun was fired by Anthony.

        But Anthony chose HER, among many other good options.

    • 15.4 reeen

      I felt it, too. It’s like he just shared his life story with her and is aware that they are each in their own boat, but the boats are pretty similar.

      “Fight, and win. But in return, you’re fighting alone. Not a single soul will help you. That’s why being a writer is an infinitely lonely job.” I’m convinced this is Anthony’s life motto and experience as a producer. To have him share it with Go Eun is quite an intimate moment. In Go Eun’s stunned expression I hope I correctly saw a moment of recognition that Anthony was also saying that “Being a producer is an infinitely lonely job.”

      • 15.4.1 Autumn

        Best. Comment. Ever.

      • 15.4.2 speakup


    • 15.5 ilikemangos

      That was definitely MY favorite scene from this episode.

    • 15.6 Liza

      Anthony is changing and in part it is because of the Go-eun’s influence. Yep, I agree that he likes maybe even love her, also I believe that his ex knows that also.

      I believe that this Drama will be more popular outside of Korea as the subject matter is more universal than the regular kdrama kind of romantic story. To be quite honest some of the romances, i have issues with as sometimes the leads behavior is illogical. This drama, the push to succeed,pride, the Kill or be Kill mentality, betrayal, childhood scars and changing for someone without realizing, etc, etc is understandable in any culture. This will be hit over seas.

  16. 16 JoJo

    Thanks for the recap, Heads. It’s a lot of fun watching and then reading your recap and the comments…wish I had more time to join in. I am on pins and needles with this drama. It’s so good that I feel someone is going to screw it up. It’s happened so many times before. As for the Watanabe son character, if CEO Oh’s character is wearing thin, someone has to pick up the slack. Anyway, even if Watanabe demanded the money back, Siwon already tweeted that he’s swimming in the ocean. Anticipating the next ep.

    • 16.1 nakai

      lol….Didnt he thank someone? I think there’s a stunt double to take over his place.

    • 16.2 Femme

      Maybe the beautiful AKIKO will help Anthony!
      I looooove her!

  17. 17 ladysarahii

    This drama is so intense. I’m interested to see if this is a Kenji-decision or a father decision, and if Kenji’s dad will get angry that he doesn’t get to watch the drama before he passes away. It seemed kind of strange, since the whole reason for a rush order on the drama was so he could see it before he dies, and now suddenly he gave all the rights to his son, who clearly doesn’t want it to go through.

    Or, wait… he’s handing over the rights to Oh’s corporation, isn’t he? *Sigh*

    And this has nothing to do with anything, but the promo posters for Kyungsung Morning are smokin’. They remind me of the posters for King 2 Hearts, actually. It’s amusing how during the entire shoot you had a conflict between two the two actors and their egos, but when push comes to shove they put together quality work.

    Now I really want to watch Kyungsung Morning. Haha.

    • 17.1 RockPaperScissors

      I agree whole-heartedly with your comments regarding the promo posters. This drama is all in the details. They could have glossed over this for the press conference, but the finished posters were so convincing, makes me love this drama even more. I too wish they would actually film Kyungsung Morning. After all, the script is already written, right?

      • 17.1.1 ladysarahii

        The details are incredible. I went on a tumblr account for Choi Si-won and the credits are really on there, like a real poster. It’s really awesome. I can’t make out much, but both actors’ names are there, and I *think* I see Lee Go-eun’s name on there, too. But my hangul-reading skillz are shady at the best of times.

  18. 18 Nena

    Thanks for the recap! 😀

    I just hope that the drama stays on track, and that the “Anthonys” behind the scenes of the real life production company aren’t going to push for too many changes. But I can understand that they don’t want to end up bancrupt because the sponsiring companies run out of them. It’s a real drama about the drama!

    Otherwise, I really love the show. The writing/acting/directing makes me want to rexplore each of the characters. It’s a shame that we only have 16 episodes, with so many potentially interesting characters. Like, what made PD Lee stay with Anthony when everyone else left him, what’s the backstory?
    And just what is it with Hyun Min? I have a feeling that there is more to him than meets the eye – for someone who’s supposedly so vain, why has he such a child-like handwriting? Why didn’t he read the script properly in the script reading? Was he just lazy and went by what he learned, or maybe there’s another reason than making a point about “hey, the script is different” why he did not – or could not – read the script right in front of his eyes?
    Anthony really quite interesting. He’s still pretty much the same kind of person he was at the beginning of the show, just minus all the money and power. But it’s interesting to see how the small changes he makes to himself help to portray him in such a different light. He has an honest heart inside him, despite all the lies and scheming. That’s what makes him so interesting, because it’s obvious what a price he’s paying when his heart gets into conflict with his job. His mom sure taught him well. I wonder if she’s still alive, or if she also was one of the sacrifices Anthony made for the sake of success.
    GoEun, I just love her character. She’s a strong female lead, you can see how her mom raised her to become the woman she is now. But GoEun also makes mistakes, has her weaknesses, learns the hard way. I love watching her grow. I hope she will not decay into the “regular weak and whiny person” as ratings are pressuring Drama King.

    • 18.1 reeen

      woah, I hope your prediction for Hyun Min is right! That would make his character infinitely more interesting. It would also explain another reason behind his tantrum and walking out of the script reading – he couldn’t stay and be discovered.

  19. 19 Mystisith

    I have this lingering feeling (not saying it’s coherent but…) What if Watanabe was Anthony’s father and Kenji a brother or half-brother. That quote by Alec Guiness is not here for the decorum.

    • 19.1 nakai

      Eh, I hope not. I dont really like it when Kdramas take that route.

    • 19.2 reeen

      I think Min Ah is Anthony’s daughter 🙂 I’d like that better.

      • 19.2.1 nakai

        So makjang. ^^”

  20. 20 kopytko

    This was a difficult episode. Sadly, not as entertaining as the previous one, but the show does need more than fluff and giggles.
    The diva actress gets on my nerves. Very much so. Because she’s a conceited clingy ex and a conceited actress. When she told Go-Eun not to act up, I was wishing for JRW to switch back into her YeoChi persona and answer in open text, YeoChi style. However, I must admit that I like the facette of profesionalism from MinAh, which got me hoping she won’t be your old second lead witch, with no other goal in life than getting the ex back and trampling everybody on her way. Although the line “I will make you love me” is a definite miss in my eyes. Interesting, what the writer will make of this character.

    I was also surprised by Go-Eun changing the script. Admitting to yourself that you are wrong and that nasty witch does know what she’s talking about is a hard thing to do. This issue gave some depth to both female leads. And to Anthony – his emotional way of advising GE was impressive. Liked that, although when I was watching it raw, I thought he was plainly scolding the poor girl. Huh, another kudos to writer for giving us fresh scenes – I’ve gathered enough Korean to understand the more popular, typical ones, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I think this was my favpurite part of this episode.

    My petty self wants Hyun Min to pull some trick on the big-headed actress and be the one to show her, that a star or not, she’s not all that.

    BTW When I saw the ending part with Watanabe junior withdrawing his money I thought for a little while that the drama would end here with the words – World Production lost the money, they cannot make the drama, do there is nothing to make a drama about. Thanks for watching anyway ;P

    • 20.1 Nena

      >>BTW When I saw the ending part with Watanabe junior withdrawing his money I thought for a little while that the drama would end here with the words – World Production lost the money, they cannot make the drama, do there is nothing to make a drama about. Thanks for watching anyway ;P<<

      Now, THAt would be an unusual ending! 😀

  21. 21 Carole McDonnell

    Seeing Kang Hyun Min’s childish petulance and Bit-na’s snobbery toward’s Go-Eun’s mom was really sobering. I had liked them because they were cute…but wow, vanity and petulance can be mucho dangerous. I wouldn’t want to cross Hyun Min for all the world, cute though he be. One never knows when pride and peevishness will make him do something utterly selfish and dangerous. And wow, Bit-na…will she grow into a Min Ha one of these days? Scary.

    Gotta say the ending was annoying. On the one hand…it was like, “Oh, gee, not another ploy at stopping the drama! Let’s get matters moving!” I understand that Big Bad wants to stop matters at the onset but I hope we won’t be stuck with tons of little ploys/cliff-hangers like this for the next few episodes. Writer-nim, just let it go and find another way to clog up the works.

    Thanks for the recap. Funny and insightful as usual.

    • 21.1 kopytko

      Actually, the plot is begging to make some sort of connection between Min Ah and Bit Na. Either BitNa can act out of jealousy and become a pain in MA’s a** or Min Ah will be clever enough to manipulate Bit Na for sake of making everyone’s life just a tad bit more annoying. Could be fun to watch.

      • 21.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow!! YEs, so true. I hadn’t thought of that. Bit-Na could be troublesome pesky girlfriend. Whoever she thinks her beloved might be attracted to. I’m not sure Hyun Min is that faithful to her. There was this moment when she was warning him about his hottie actress that made me worry that she would be very jealous if the drama-within-the-drama OTP was really powerful and hot.

        I think Bit-Na has it in her to be dangerous and also manipulative and also to do anything to protect Hyun Min. She’s someone I’d worry about because there is nothing more dangerous than a stupid woman who is scheming. They don’t see far enough down the road to stop their machinations.

  22. 22 bird

    i was eagerly looking forward to min-ah’s entrance – oh ji-eun is adorable and super endearing in i live in cheongdamdong. she deserves mainstream fame, and i was really hoping for her to strike gold with this role. keeping my fingers crossed that the writer tones down the whole crazy ex thing and confines her rivalry with go-eun to a professional one.. yeah i wouldn’t count on it.

    (incidentally, people, go watch ILICDD! was late to the party, but am glad as hell to be in)

    • 22.1 kana

      I too saw ILICDD, and totally agree with you; Oh Ji Eun was both adorable and endearing in that series, and I also agree OJE “deserves mainstream fame.” I’m glad she took on this role, whether “sweet face” or “witch face” I’m sure she can deliver. We saw what she was capable of in ILICDD; there she aced both the romantic and the comedic parts. I’m not worry about her role in KoD; actually I’m delighted that it is different than anything she ever done (though I may cringe watching her being a nasty diva). OJE is the second lead, so it is natural that the writer could want to make OJE character really bad as a contrast to GE, can’t have two competing roles be the same, nice that is (though ILICDD successfully presented three adorable characters in that love triangle). Besides, MA, the villain could help speed up the romance between the two leads, AK and GE, from reading this thread, I can see that 99.99% of the audience wants AK & GE as a couple. This series is so much fun to watch as is that I do not care if romance exists, or whether there is a love square, or a love triangle, or two love triangles.

  23. 23 smo_ore

    Now, I’m worried about the drama too. Here’s hoping the producers realize their audience just hasn’t figured out how awesome this drama is yet and won’t rush to change things.

  24. 24 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, Heads! Always love reading your words.

    I love Minah’s character.
    I love that when she went toe-to-toe with EG, she used a very literary and knowledgeable arguement:
    Too much theme. She thinks the audience will say, “We GET it. WE GET IT! His origins were bad and he has a lot to overcome.”

    [This is where we look at exhibit #1 – I Miss You. Note that the writer of that show did not follow this advice. Note how we were repeated CLOBBERED with THEME, and then, she took out the dead horse that the theme became and hit us with THAT, too.]

    MA did not try to tell the writer HOW to bring her character in sooner, she suggested it (OK demanded it.)
    It would also be very ironic, perhaps hypocritical, if EG did not make the change just to show her power. Espcially when she said something like: Don’t ask for things that are ONLY good for you, but remember to think of the whole drama.

    I agree if the female lead is introduced too late, it feels as if she is an after thought to the story.
    I agree that in her male dominated industry, she has to fight for every second on screen.
    I agree that MA has probably paid her dues over the years as a supporting actress working at Empire, and has the right to feel that superstar HM doesn’t deserve his popularity.

    We did see in the end that MA does admire EG. I think they will have a good relationship in the show, even if they are fighting for the man.

    Now what about MA’s “I will make you love me?”
    Maybe the drama is playing us with that line like they did with the car crash/amnesia part.

    We haven’t really seen Anthony answer this. He may surprise us with a very smart reply that shuts her down. He may be able to make her see the ridiculousness of this and we, the audience, will stand up and applaud at how a real person would react to such nonsense.

    I have to agree though, that the two halves of this character don’t match. You know, like those flip books where you can see the Baker’s head over the Painter’s coveralls? They really need to play the match game better!

    • 24.1 nomu nomu nomu

      I’ll second the MINORITY VOICE regarding Min-ah and her professionalism. When I said, “if she can walk the walk, then she can talk the talk” I mean she seams to be a very capable actress and knows her stuff, she has earned the right to come off strong. (think Anthony, he’s arrogant, but deservedly so). So far, she hasn’t done anything over the top to make me roll my eyes at her.

      about the potential psycho ex’s cliché, it’s still very early in her character introduction. KoD can still do about anything with her character at this point.

    • 24.2 jinglejings

      I am with you on Min-ah’s. There was a difference in how she requested the change as compared to our dear Hyun-min. She had a good reason and stated it in a softer, professional method. Though, she did that partly for the selfish reason of getting more screen time. But I understood her point of view.

      Hyun-Min on the other hand sounded kiddish. Not wanting to be in the cold water… is understandable but he could have suggested something like him doing a part of it and in addition, get a stunt man. He sounded like he was just whining like a kid….which he is.

      Anyway, I thought it was a newbie attitude of Go-Eun to utterly reject the request without considering the drama…the irony as you mentioned! I am glad that she thought it through plus was willing to admit that she was afraid of loosing her voice.

      By the way, ANTHONY is such a manipulator.. in a good way maybe but he totally talked her into changing the script. lol.

      I do love the conversation about being a professional. This episode centered around professionalism. They gave a lot of insights about actors’ thought process, as stated by Director Goo and then by Anthony. It was clearly shown by action when Min-Ah’s appeared at the script reading and press conference without much expectation of getting the screen time in episode 1.

      Ratings wise- I gave up hoping for more. Koreans like their melos. Now, I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy… Err. Maybe relax might not be the right word with all the DRAMA. Yikes!

      • 24.2.1 nakai

        ”By the way, ANTHONY is such a manipulator.. in a good way maybe but he totally talked her into changing the script. lol.”

        hah….All that talk about professionals and amateurs. He probably was a little drunk in that scene. Whether it was intentional or not, it did influence her. But some cookies points to him he really did try initially not to interfere.

        • jomo

          I heart Anthony drinking in the tent all by himself still dignified, sortuv, in his fur collar.
          Hats off to Wardrobe for keeping that quirk alive. I can just imagine their glee in finding yet another dead animal to adorn him with.

          I love how the character keeps playing with our idea of who he is, too.

          • daniela

            Lol, I fear for my Russian blue cat now!

    • 24.3 random person

      Agree on Min Ah! I love Go Eun and she shines as a newbie writer but Min Ah is not at all without her reasons. As Anthony pointed out in the roadside stall, Min Ah is a professional. In an industry known for being capricious to its women, I sort of understand her demands and aloofness. I wonder how the romance part will play out though, because the Min Ah I see now is not someone who will stoop low to win Anthony at all cost.

    • 24.4 gbrd

      I actually do think that Min Ah’s obsession with Anthony makes sense. She is used to everyone wanting her. Everyone admires her and sucks up to her and thinks she’s flawless, and she worked hard to attain that kind of status. But then there’s Anthony, who doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her. It’s hard to read their relationship since the show hasn’t given us any backstory, but we can probably surmise that she was attracted to him simply because she couldn’t have him. Or maybe she sees herself in him and that’s why she likes him. Or maybe it was about power in the past and now it’s about vanity. Or maybe he helped her to get where she is now and they had a romance and he dumped her because it scared him. In any case, he purposefully closed himself off from her and she doesn’t understand why she can make anyone in the world but him love her.

      On Anthony’s end, we can see that he’s shaken by her, but it’s hard to tell if it’s because he once loved her or if it’s because he feels tremendous guilt over something that he did to her. He looks miserable in the scene on the rooftop where she vows to make him love her, like he either really hates her or he is fighting whatever feelings that she stirs up inside of him. But even so, in that scene his heart was with Go Eun. Min Ah really doesn’t stand a chance, especially not when Anthony looks at Go Eun like he did in the scene where she brought the revised script. He trusts Go Eun like he trusts no one else, and it’s allowing him to open his heart to her. No one can compete with that.

  25. 25 DJ

    I seriously love all the little details this drama has.

    Like… the one with Hyun-min and Bit-na, when they are doing the pinky swear, you can see Hyun-min crossed his fingers as well. LOL!


  26. 26 Robin

    As I have watched this drama unfold I’ve been increasingly reminded of another drama – MONEY’S WARFARE – at least tonally. There is the formerly down-and-out (and once successful) male protagonist climbing his way back up to a position of success by whatever means possible and the honest and forthright female protagonist who struggles with his methods. The bold and often hilarious moments of MONEY’S WARFARE were countered by the serious, darker moments, just as we’re seeing here. This makes me very happy, but on the other hand it makes me very worried because I know how Park Shin Yang’s character ended up! To the writer of KOD I say, “Let’s not go there!”

    • 26.1 Pinkeu

      OMG Robin noooooooo let’s not go there!!

      Not to Anthony noooooo!

      (Park Shin-yang’s my fave actor too, next to Kim Myung-min!) Geum Nara’s enough. Anthony noooo!

      • 26.1.1 nakai

        Oh boy you guys are making me curious. I thought of watching Sign now I think I want to watch Money’s Warfare instead.

        • Femme

          Sign is good. But Money’s Warfare better.
          Basically it is hats-off the best drama of 2007.
          PSY definitely deserves his Best Actor award there.

          • nakai

            Thanks 🙂 Will definitely check it out.

  27. 27 Laurita

    “NO! Fight. Fight, and win. But in return, you’re fighting alone. Not a single soul will help you. That’s why being a writer is an infinitely lonely job.”

    “The legendary British actor Alec Guinness once said, ‘There are no small parts. Only small actors.’”

    “An amateur blames the world, but a professional takes time in reflecting on themselves.”

    That’s it. I’m saving this drama for the later use (or many later uses, if it turns out to be good till the end, despite the ratings).

    At first I was kind of disappointed about Min-Ah’s love demands on the rooftop (so k-dramatic), but later it was shown, that she has other (good) qualities and I like it. Just don’t make her love maniac (as seems to be the case with many second-leads) because of the hope to rise the ratings, and for now I’m fine with what we have.
    Yep, now I like everyone in the Anthony’s group. Because they are growing.

    I also liked the ending for its big cliffhanger but I didn’t like the reason behind it. Because of being late for some 10 minutes, CEO is making his exit and declaring he will withdraw the money? Seriously?

    And one more thing. Since I don’t know a lot about the creation of the real drama, I waited for the script reading part so much. It was interrupted, yeah, but I still grasped the idea of how everything is working.

    By the way, do the actors read their scripts with intonation and gestures, or just read plainly (during the first script reading)?

    • 27.1 ladysarahii

      I believe typically it’s read fairly monotone, although I guess it depends on the actor’s personality. For instance, the woman who played the mother in the BBC version of Pride And Prejudice acted out her part during the read-through, complete with her famously high-pitched wailing, making everyone laugh.

      A script-read is more intended for the writers and production team, to identify wooden language or problematic parts in the script. I don’t think anyone cares if they do act, but it’s not required.

      • 27.1.1 Laurita

        I’ve always thought that script reading is more for actors (to make some notes on how the writer wants the scene to be act or whatever), but it tures out to be totally different thing.
        Thank you very much 🙂

        • Laurita

          *turns out (sorry, my mistake 🙂

    • 27.2 nakai

      “NO! Fight. Fight, and win. But in return, you’re fighting alone. Not a single soul will help you. That’s why being a writer is an infinitely lonely job.”

      He’s acting in this scene is beyond awesome.

      • 27.2.1 nakai

        his acting – sorry abt my grammar

      • 27.2.2 Pinkeu

        An acting only a genius can do.

    • 27.3 ilikemangos

      Totally love all three quotes you mentioned.

  28. 28 ranisa

    Was that Jang Hyun Sung from History of a Salaryman? He died there, right? Oh boy, I don’t want to know what will happen to him here in this drama. Will he survive too or what?

    The background sound of this drama is just awesome. It makes me nervous sometimes I clenched my teeth while watching. I did the same when Bit Na let out a thrilling high pitch voice.

    I hope they create something unpredictable with the story. Just give me some reason why these men are fighting with each other, other than hatred and money. I don’t expect Ji Wan and the Empire’s CEO to show some heart, I only want a deeper reason why they’re ready to shatter the life of some people for a drama, again, aside from making more money. But I often get the feeling that there really are no reasons other than money and fame. That makes me sad.

    Or maybe it’s just about obstructing Anthony’s way to dramaland. He’s that big of a threat, I can say if Empire’s CEO also joins the offensive team. Which really makes me sad about Oh Ji Wan because now, he’s just not even good enough to be Anthony’s second best.

    I can feel the angst setting in and I hope the drama won’t lose its heart. Thanks for the recap Heads2No. will wait again for the next episode.

  29. 29 IBELIS

    Thanks for the recap.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one sick to death of the I’m going to make you love me girl.

    Second, I hoped Anthony filmed the dad committing murder.

  30. 30 reeen

    Just want to add how much I like the editing and soundtrack of this drama (especially the instrumental pieces), on top of everything else.

    • 30.1 random person

      Second this! The drama just looks really well put together!

  31. 31 reeen

    I was just thinking this is kind of “You’re Beautiful” for grown-ups with the zany fun and the meta. Then I saw that they have the same director.

  32. 32 Laeah

    Love this drama, but can we ever finally start making it? I feel like they have dragged this plot out for 8 episodes. Is it going to be in pre-production for the rest of the whole drama? Ew. I don’t want to keep see the same back and forth. It needs to finish soon, because it’s getting old and sloppy.

    I only hope that Minah just acts a catalyst for Anthony to find GoEun more attractive. Professionalism or not, she doesn’t see Anthony as a human and just as something she wants to win or possess, whereas GoEun constantly, despite criticizing his coldness, sees past that and asks him to remember himself and his feelings. Both Anthony and GoEun are striving for something and I think that mutual desire to succeed is what makes them admire each other. Anthony’s is based out of fear and GoEun’s is based out of hope, but Anthony helps provoke GoEun into becoming strong and GoEun provides a sense of compassion. I think that is how their relationship will unfold if this drama is successful at that.

    HyunMin is great comic relief. ha. But I kind of hope to see sparks between him and Minah because of their competition. It would be so hilarious to see him fall for her and attempt to win her. 😛

  33. 33 umalily

    I think Siwon is killing it! I also loved the meta in the fact that Nickhun also helped at an orphanage as community service after his DUI.

  34. 34 chickletta

    I don’t have a problem with the Kyungsoung Morning not being produced yet. That’s the source of the excitement – how to put the whole thing together in spite of all the problems. What would be so interesting about watching the drama being made if it all goes smoothly. It would be like watching a documentary. SO, I’m all for more impediments and more romance between any combination of couples – with Anthony and Goeun being my fave!

  35. 35 Jushi


    Is there an English OST for this series? I couldn’t hear it clearly if it’s an English song which was playing during the scene when Anthony was drinking beer on the roof-deck and he was talking to Go Eun over the phone.

    • 35.1 Jushi

      It was in episode 7 though. Right after Go Eun went to the house of Oh’s spy.

      • 35.1.1 nakai

        They are just teasing us with that song still. Hoping they’ll release it soon.

  36. 36 twentyonebuds

    Three things I loved about this episode:
    Anthony and GE’s rooftop (“fight”) scene,
    GE actually going back and revising the script only after Anthony gives her some food for thought in the soju shots scene,
    And director Goo’s scene with Anthony when he tells him why dramas that don’t have huge investments backing them and are bound to bring in the high ratings should be made too.

    I’d like to think that that’s where this show will go now.. with Anthony learning (or relearning?) the value of dramas as more than just moneymakers and fighting to make their drama against those odds. I actually like Minah’s professional actor side too and hope we get to see more of that.

    • 36.1 twentyonebuds

      *are not bound

    • 36.2 Pinkeu

      The rooftop scene is priceless. You could see him feeling the same thing Go-eun feels. 🙂

  37. 37 Pinkeu

    I had limitless laughs when Hyun-min was shoving Mina out of the frame…

    Okay sorry, just had to say it. =)))))

    • 37.1 nakai

      Me too. And how he wants to tame her by coming late and she comes even later and he gets tame instead. lol

  38. 38 nova611

    KoD makes me wonder if in the real world
    the same thing happen in the first reading script?

    If it is, next time i read about first reading script of other upcoming drama. I will unconsciously remember KoD first reading script

    Arrgh..im confusing myself~~bulla!

    Does real life actor/actress really as the same as Director Goo description?

  39. 39 sally_b

    I’m now addicted to noticing Anthony’s fur collars – color, size, fluff ~

    I wonder …if everytime he feels more powerful he chooses a BIGGER one….like for the Press Conference.

    IF the drama finally gets made…and is a BIG success — will he wear an entire fur suit? Because the visual of Anthony in fur pants just totally cracks me up !! hahaha!

    Or even just Fur boots…cue the music ~ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫
    “Tony got them apple bottom slacks…coats with the Fur…
    The whole club was lookin at Sir….” 😉

  40. 40 owl

    I feel like a fly on the wall in the making of a kdrama kdrama. KOD is a lot of fun. Sung Min Ah has no idea she has met her match in Writer Lee, but Anthony knows it and knows GE can win. It will have to be her own win. But those are the best kind. We don’t know what the rewrite is, but I am sure it is not a compromise in GEs mind in the big picture (which Anthony helped her to see and think about).

    Must mention the FUR surrounding Min Ah’s shoulders and head like a continuous fountain spray. Worthy competition that gives Anthony a run for his money in the fur department. It is a random distraction that only adds to the class of this drama.

    • 40.1 Sajen

      I’m with you on the fur, also I kind of wonder if all the fur has made Lee Hyo Ri and all her fans boycott the show causing the low ratings

      • 40.1.1 nakai


        That is all.

  41. 41 Sajen

    so does this mean the evil frog president Oh is no longer the main villain, not meaning to offend anybody I’ve just always thought Jung Man Shik looked like a frog, never more-so than this role.

    “Ugh. UGH. Don’t tell me she’s THAT girl. Anything but that girl. I would rather watch Anthony act with a jar of pennies, or a live chicken. Literally anything else would do.”

    can we get a jar of pennies nothing on earth would make me happier than seeing Kim Myung Min act with a jar of pennies, especially if he goes crazy and falls in love with it, watching Kim Myung Min act out romantic scenes with a jar of pennies would just make my day, no year, no life.

    Can Bit Na and Go Eun’s mother become friends that would be the second best thing ever after seeing Kim Myung Min fall in love with a jar of pennies.

    • 41.1 nakai

      Oh excellent idea. I didnt know a jar of pennies maka such great lovers. You must be speaking from experience.

      Here is KMM’s agency

      You can email him your suggestion, he can read English so dont be shy.

      • 41.1.1 nakai

        Oooops, make not maka.

        I think I’m too excited by this idea I cant even spell.

  42. 42 jini kazama

    Thanks for the recap, a pleasure to read as always
    I see everybody worrying about the low rating & how it may affect the quality of the story but personally I don’t think this would be the case here, on the contrary, it’s precisely the point of the drama, the hidden message of the story is that it’s up to the industry to decide the quality of the work it delivers, & bringing up the necessity of having a good drama even though the rating might be low could be an insinuation to the very case of KOD, I mean.. They can’t preach up on the necessity of having principals, fresh ideas & sticking to the good script & then do the opposite, can they?!!!!
    Besides, I don’t think the lack of the romance is a cause either, Ghost & Gaksital have proven that a Drama CAN be engaging & have high rating even without the romance & the melo
    & there IS a romance who says there isn’t?! it’s subtle but it’s there, & I have to say that I prefer it that way much more than the obvious stuff, it makes me daydream about how these two will end up together despite all their differences
    I wonder if GE will be more understanding when she realizes that Anthony is not the spoiled heir she thinks he is, but a self-made man who suffered A LOT before reaching the top & falling again

  43. 43 jini kazama

    it’s funny how it was GE’s & CP Nam’s integrity who saved Anthony’s neck in the end, GE sticked with him even though he deceived her twice & CP Nam kept his promise about the 3 days, how is that for an irony?!

  44. 44 fatemeh

    Don’t they have a contract? How ban W the son come and say he wants his dad’s money back? It is ridiculouse!

  45. 45 Sajen

    so I’m not sure when it happened but I realized as I was watching episode 8 that while at first I was really just rooting for the people around Anthony to succeed I’m now rooting for Anthony himself to succeed as well.

  46. 46 GreenTea

    i LOVE this show !!!

    Can we vote for this show or somehow show them how much we are enjoying this show despite the low rating?

  47. 47 Lilian

    Not sure why this show is not doing well in terms of ratings compared to On Air. That was also about the making of a drama, and a drama which I felt was overly dramatic. oh well….

  48. 48 Liza

    Thank you Dramabeans This drama was not on my to watch list, there was something that imply put me off, that is untilI read your recap and then a second. I have just finish watching the 9th episode in 2 days. To date this is one of the best , Kdrama that I have seen. You see the evolution of a whole group of people, the subplots are introduced seamlessly and I find myself paying extra attention so I do not miss anything. I laugh and when Anthony got so choked up when his team offered him their life’s savings, I too got choked up.
    I love the thrilleresq and the machiavellians plots. While it is true that If you really want to, you can always find faults and flaws, the show is a seriously well written show and I like it as much as I like “Homeland”. Maybe, this is not a great show, but compare to the kdrama that I have seen before, I think that it has taken my expectations up a notch and I haven’t fast forwarded not once, I so hope that the remaining episodes will not disappoint me.
    I have also read some of the comments and the complaints and my response is simple. Although it is their right to critic,but to do so as if this is “real life” instead of a show, I am sorry, but that is plain idiotic, this is not the drama for people who need everything mapped out, or unable to “join the dots”, you actually have to remember things from prior episodes that make perfect sense in later episodes.
    Anthony is a classic example of the saying that we are the sum total of our lifes experience and the only thing constant is change itself, Anthony is slowly but surely opening up.

  49. 49 Dark Justice

    Being a fan of Oh Ji-Eun I was finally glad to see her make an appearance. I actually thought that she was going to be main female lead and when she didn’t show up till the first 3 episodes I gave up on that notion finally. I figured that she was going to be the 2nd female lead with the typical tendencies and the show didn’t disappoint me in that aspect.

    She was (just as I guessed) going to portray a diva actress who thought that she was the best and have a thing for the main male lead and will try to win him over. (Lets be honest who was surprised when she said that she was going to make the male lead fall for her)

    Some one said that she was good in I live in (someplace can’t remember tat) Well I wanted to watch that show as well but only found that in Raw Format without any English Subs so if anyone can direct me to a site with English Subs I will be greatly obliged.

    As for her character demanding more screen time I don’t feel that she was completely wrong. It was like Halle Berry saying that if she didn’t get more screen time in X-MEN 3 she wouldn’t take part in it. People thought that she was just demanding more because she was now an Academy Award winner but her character (storm) does have an important role in the comics at times (Storm did lead the X-MEN at one point) but I seem to be getting of point. What I mean to say is that it is natural for a actor or actress to demand more if they can handle the pressure. I know what I am talking about. I get stage fright so even if I get a small role I am terrified that I am going to mess up so I tried to never volunteer for a part fearing that I might mess up somehow. But I had friends that were good and felt that their parts were not enough.(They could handle the pressure just fine so they could take a bit more) Therefore if she was a top star she didn’t get that title for nothing and thus entitled to ask for some more. Plus she never demanded how to make that happen just to do that maybe she may have gone a bit overboard but it seemed like she knew what she was doing out of experience.

    The matter about the son cancelling the contract. Sure that was wrong but you have to see it from his point of view as well. His dad had invested a lot of money but so far he got nothing in return. Sure Empire may have convinced him to do so but look at what happened. The main leads of the show didn’t show up (granted it was 10mins later) Even I might have doubts over here. I would be saying to myself why didn’t they show up. Am I being conned over here by saying that I have leads when in reality I have nothing. Is this guy therefore trying to fraud me or even if there is such a problem Anthony should have managed to solve the problem in such a way that he didn’t have any problems so to speak. (Ie better control over his people) this way it seems that is not really in charge. ie a poor leader. In such cases I am sure there are clauses in contracts that permit the main side to step away from the other part thus not being forced to pay the penalty because the other party is at fault.

    It is even possible that SMA is taking part in this drama to take revenge on Anthony I may be wrong and hope that is the case.

    As for Bit Na I am actually even surprised that she was even in a K-POP girl group. With that voice of hers how was she even selected in the first place. It is true that the only K-POP groups that I have actually seen are only in shows like Dream High (Season1 and 2) and there was one more (can’t remember the name) so I don’t have that much experience on this matter so Imay be wrong over here.

    So let me make a short guess of what is going to happen.
    The drama is going to face a lot of hurdles but in the end it is going to be produced and it is going to be a resounding hit. Bringing back Anthony into power and Go Eun fame. They are going to do future dramas together as well. All those people taht were against are going to be taught a lesson, some are going to be remorseful, some will be sent to the dog house etc….

    About the matter of Empire being against Anthony. I thought that at first it might be a matter of principle that they fired him but that seems to not be the case anymore. I think that they just wanted him to leave and were just looking for a good opportunity to do so. Sure the guy was good at his job but he was also like a loaded gun and no one knew when he was going to explode and take them with himself. (remember Pride comes before a fall and the higher the one is the greater the fall is going to be.) So since he was so good he must have demanded more money (every right to do so) but Empire may have felt that was robbing them, then after that Anthony may have been good but no one was really willing to work with him (due to his my way or the Highway philosophy.) so that would be costing Empire a fortune to get people to work with him etc… (for that they would not be completely wrong as well) So if I was a boss even I would not like to have a person as Anthony in my employee someone so rigid and not that much of a team player. But I can’t downright fire him if he has done nothing wrong (otherwise I would be taken to court etc…) So finding even a small infraction would work ie the case of the man dieing in an accident due to your …. well you get the point. (this is the only bit I would agree with Empire but not their methods) So empire is just as bad as thugs to me.

    I clearly have more to say but I would rather listen or read your thoughts and love to hear what you think of my points as well.

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