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King’s Dream extends hiatus, loses lead actress
by | November 23, 2012 | 23 Comments

After taking several weeks off the air to let its star recover from a serious car accident injury, it turns out that weekend KBS sageuk King’s Dream has to lose Park Joo-mi from its cast after all.

I’m not surprised by the news — each update over the past weeks hinted that Park was not improving, despite assurances that she would return to filming soon — but rather the fact that it took something like this for the show to actually realize that sometimes you can’t just insist filming continue in impossible conditions. How did it take nearly a month after the car accident (which totaled Park’s vehicle) for producers to finally give up on hoping for miracles? After all, doctors said at the outset that Park would need four to five weeks of absolute rest, and yet all sides were so sure that two weeks would be enough for her to come back to shoots.

Park Joo-mi plays a major character — Queen Seon-deok — which is why the show opted to take two weeks off the air rather than writing her out of the plot or recasting with a new actress. I suspect that they would have pushed forth with Park anyway, had not her biggest health concern been with an infection of her vocal cords, rendering her unable to speak.

Currently the drama is searching for a replacement. Initially the two-week hiatus meant that new episodes were supposed to resume this weekend, but the break has been extended for another two weeks. A four-episode special will air in the interim, and new episodes will resume on December 8.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fab

    Pfieuw I read King of Drama loses its lead actress! Thank God that’s not the case, I just started watching it.

    Feel bad for PJM, I hope she recovers soon!

    • 1.1 Merrily

      Me, too! That’s what I first thought when I read the title too. lol

    • 1.2 DarknessEyes

      That’s EXACTLY what I read it as and I was like, whaaa?

  2. Annie

    Get well soon, Park Joo Mi! Not related, but can you believe she’s already 40? She hasn’t aged a bit.

    • 2.1 moose

      o_o she doesn’t even look 30… wow

  3. nomu nomu nomu

    That’s sad news for Park Joo-mi. I knew it was serious considering they actually took an hiatus. Best well wishes to her.

    “How did it take nearly a month after the car accident (which totaled Park’s vehicle) for producers to finally give up on hoping for miracles?”
    I believe it’s because the drama production is run by a bunch of Anthony’s (or worse). And no, I did not come to that belief because of ‘King of Dramas’. I came to that conclusion years ago. short answer: money. money. money.

  4. Mystisith

    I’m really sorry for her and for the staff but yes, health is first priority. They didn’t give details on her injuries didn’t they?
    I wouldn’t like to be the actress who’s going to land in her spot. SO uncomfortable.

  5. HeadsNo2

    An infection of the VOCAL CHORDS? An actress who can’t speak? Insanity. That’s her bread and butter, so I hope she gets better. Has the media started accusing her of not working hard enough, or of lacking conviction? If they have a heart, they better not. *shakes fist*

  6. Daisy

    Does this mean she will be written out of the story? Or just replace her?
    I hope Park Joo Mi has a speedy recovery!

    • 6.1 Catherine

      They can’t write her out of the story. Her character is one of the major plot points of the entire drama so her character can be taken out, only the actress replaced… but by whom?

      Anyway, hope that Park Joo-mi will recover!

  7. Addylovesbwood

    I got scared for a sec, I thought it was King of Dramas. I feel like her health is more important than filming a drama. I wish her the best and I hope she gets well soon!!

  8. kakashi

    she was Collin’s mother in AGD, right? The poor woman … first she got such a hateful role (or rather a role where erverybody hated her in) and now this! I hope she gets well soon. And I hope for her replacement that she’ll not have a hard time.

  9. Arhazivory

    Makes sense. Replacing an actress in a series isn’t the end of the world either. Anyone remember how Fresh Prince’s mom suddenly looked completely different. ^^” Since viewers know what’s happened it will be okay.

  10. 10 asianromance

    I had no idea that she had an infection in her vocal chords! I wonder if they had been hiding the seriousness of the accident or if a delay in treatment had worsened her condition since there has been no improvement in the past few weeks.

    I wish her the best of luck on her recovery and hope she will end up being the lead in a high ratings drama on day. It’s like the worst of luck to get hurt in an accident that occurred while she was filming a drama where she has a lead role – after returning to the drama scene last year after so many years.

  11. 11 cherkell

    I had read on Nate.com that her injuries turned out to be worse than initially diagnosed — her esophagus was crushed and that the infection set in her vocal chords because she tried to talk too soon after the accident. The doctors said that she’ll need at least 8 weeks of bed rest and NO TALKING… which would have been impossible if she was planning on returning to the set in two weeks. I bet it was her management company that made the decision to rush her back to the set without knowing all the facts at hand.

    You all already know how strongly I feel about the shitty live-shoot system and how it’s hurting such wonderful actors and actresses sustaining injuries rushing to and from the shooting sites. It’s just so sad that events like this will continue unabashed unless the process is finally abolished once and for all. But I’m not holding my breath. So get well soon, Park Joo Mi — can’t wait to see you rested and ready for your next project!! AJA AJA AJA!!!

    • 11.1 Peridot

      I totally agree with you regarding the whole live-shoot system. I just cannot understand it, no matter what justifications are provided. What is it going to take for things to change? I feel bad for actors, writers, and crew members. An actor (etc.) protesting those working conditions may be accused of being difficult or disrespectful but their is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a human being and not some money-earning machine. I respect those who can push on with such conditions as well as those who would try to speak out against them. I really hope that this actress is able to heal completely and that she takes a long break before embarking upon another project. I surely wouldn’t think less of her for doing so.

  12. 12 Orion

    Oh, Korea. The problems that would be solved by pre-produced shows. But no. We can’t risk disappointing kyaagirls and ajummas if some idol’s haircut isn’t to their liking and needs to be adjusted.

    The day I see an actors’ union and pre-produced shows based on quality and not purely cash… well, it certainly won’t be the Korea we know now. So, I don’t have much hope for such a day considering their messed up society.

    • 12.1 bjharm

      a real working union in Korea…hmmm ice ball in hell comes to mind. The culture and mindset is hard wired against it.
      As for pre-produced show, you talking about companies that even with the life shoot system still take their profit off the top before even thinking of paying cast and crew, often forcing them to wait months before finally paying out, can you imagine them actually paying out in advance! of a show screening?

  13. 13 cg

    Hope she gets well soon

  14. 14 more

    Is it just me or do Korean actors have the strangest accidents?? U rarely if ever hear american actores with these sort of filming issues smh!

    • 14.1 Orion

      American actors don’t need to rush to sets after two hours of sleep and with an equally sleep-deprived and overly stressed manager driving, in traffic full of people of other occupations who are also too tired and sleepy and stressed.

      American actors get treatment when hurt, because shows are pre-produced and there is time for delay programmed into the whole thing, in case of emergencies.

      American actors have rights and can cause hell if they’re more known and those rights are trampled.

      American audiences don’t consider their next drama-fix more important than a person’s health and this “crawled to the set despite both legs having just been chopped off” mentality that is encouraged and admired by useless individuals in Korea is pretty much an insane thought for non-Korean audiences.

      American actors don’t have to fear being called spoiled or “difficult” if they dare take some time to rest or heal when there is something gone wrong.

      Should I keep going? 😛

  15. 15 Miranti

    NOOOOO! Not her. Not her. It’s disappointing Щ(ºДºщ)
    Well, it’s decided, so things I really hope of are that she should get better soon & the replacement will take care of the role like her, or better.

  16. 16 Christy

    I read somewhere that actress Hong Eun Hee is replacing her.

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