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Lee Seung-gi turns photo-essayist (sort of)
by | November 28, 2012 | 90 Comments

javabeans: We can add another hat to the many already worn by Lee Seung-gi, since he’s apparently coming out with a photo essay in conjunction with his mini-album “Forest,” which is already a hit. You know, to make Korea’s mothers-in-law love him more, because he wasn’t popular enough with them.

girlfriday: But… he doesn’t look good in hats. It’s to do with his problematic hair.

javabeans: I’d think hats would benefit the problematic hair. Because for a huge star with access to lots of stylists, he’s always rocking some really weird perm or something.

girlfriday: And yet, problematic hair and all, I’m just wondering: Will there be any pictures of Seung-gi in this photo essay??

javabeans: I’m wondering more: Can you really call him a photo-essayist when he’s snapping pics of sheep with a smartphone? (This is a cross-promotion for Samsung’s NX20.)

girlfriday: I take pictures of my cat on my smartphone. It’s Samsung (the phone, not the cat). Does that make me a photo-essayist too?

javabeans: Where’s MY variety show? And mini-album. And CF contract?

girlfriday: Seriously. Do you ever think that Seung-gi’s management team should really be running the country or something?

javabeans: I have no idea whether they’d be able to get anything accomplished, but you know South Korea’s image would be awesome and pristine and making lots of money. Maybe bad at cooking, though.

girlfriday: And it sure would have lots of noona fans. ♥ ♥ ♥.

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. temari

    I might just be weird but I actually like Seunggi’s hair haha These photos are just so pretty :O

    • 1.1 mud

      You are not alone in your admiration. I find it abominable at times, yet strangely attractive. It probably works because it is him. Or maybe, I’m just too blinded by his awesomeness to realize what is on his head.

    • 1.2 Twinkles

      Me too, I luv his hair. I think he looks great!

    • 1.3 Fab

      I love his thick hair too, imagine going through it with your hands… :$
      Downside is that it covers his cute face.

    • 1.4 Gom

      I love this hair style too! I hope he doesn’t change it yet. It gives a very nice contrast with his squeaky clean image. I love it! ^.^

  2. Arhazivory

    Cute sheep.

    Seung Gi ah~! <3

    • 2.1 sweetcloud

      I thought you were referring to his hair until I remembered the actual sheep in the post 😀

  3. Shukmeister

    Sheep ~ Lee Seung-gi’s hair. Coincidence? Hmm.

    • 3.1 oozzeee

      hahaha.. thank you for providing a smile to this otherwise uneventful day…

    • 3.2 jomo


      • 3.2.1 crazyajummafan

        Sheep = Seunggi’s curly hair = cute! Hahahahah!
        You guys are so hilarious!

  4. Osi

    Those photos are so pretty. I love all the songs in his mini-album. So beautiful and sweet. The MV of “return” is also beautiful and heart warming.
    Seung Gi yaaa ♥ ♥ ♥

    • 4.1 Matcha Latte No 1

      Agree. IMO this mini album is his best. Can’t stop listening to all the songs.

  5. glo

    Hahaha I always love your witty convo, gf & jb. About Seunggi’s hair, I gave up on his hairstyle long time ago.

    Apparently, there’re many pictures of Seunggi in the photo essay; just being himself, taking his well-deserved break traveling around the country and enjoying delicious food.

    I read bits of his essay’s translation and as usual, he’s a very eloquent writer. Bet that the readers will start to explore the places that he traveled, especially the restaurants that he visited and ah maybe they’ll also bring NX20 camera with them.

  6. Cielo009

    I have to ask, is the gumiho drama thing that he’s supposed to be on still on? Coz that might actually explain the hair. Wait, does a male gumiho have long hair? Does that mean we will see Seunggi with his own mane of glory?

    • 6.1 glo

      Yes it’s still on, at his Indonesia Press Conference he said that his new drama will be aired around May 2013.

      • 6.1.1 Maya

        He was in Indonesia?! Man, this is just not fair, why is everyone going there while I’m not there… *sigh*

        • Osi

          He was in Indonesia last Nov 4. I saw him up close, listened to him singing live, and let me tell you, he is sooo good looking. His skin looks sooo smooth. He’s really great and adorable. He really gave his best. Now I miss him already. <333

          • manassuper

            remember shin minah saying in an interview .on being asked among actors you worked who has best skin,she responded with lee seung gi and no.min woo.that interview i think not sure that interview i read on is here on dramabeans on lsgfan site……

    • 6.2 pillowhead

      I can’t wait for that drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. leerenah

    Seriously love the guy.

  8. kdramapedia

    Oh, Lee Seung-Gi hair, what are we going to do with you? No matter, this noona will love you anyway!

  9. km

    Huh, isn’t Samsung’s NX20 a camera?
    Anyways, I ordered his album + photo essay and I’m excitedly waiting for them. I saw some photos and very like them.
    And his hair, IDK, I think I’m used to seeing him like that and kind of like it, LOL

  10. 10 dix

    this is my first comment … couldnt resist seeing that its seungii here …. love him in anything and everything ….. 🙂

  11. 11 reeen

    “South Korea’s image would be awesome and pristine and making lots of money” “And it sure would have lots of noona fans. ♥ ♥ ♥.”

    Isn’t South Korea’s image kind of like that already? Maybe Lee Seung-Gi’s management company IS running the country behind the scenes and created Hallyu.

  12. 12 nomu nomu nomu

    So, nobody else is wondering why there is a Grand Piano in the middle of a forest? but, then I remembered the piano scene from The King 2 Hearts and now I forgot my train of thoughts 🙂

    • 12.1 ilikemangos

      dont get me started on that scene!

    • 12.2 LSGLover

      YES! I’m not the only who remembered that beautiful scene 😀

    • 12.3 Dol

      I laughed when I read your comment because I think a grand piano in the middle of a forest is totally normal. Seriously. There’s a group of musicians from my part of the world who are always posting videos with their grand piano/cello in the most random places. My favorite (location, not song), is when they airlifted the piano to the top of a red rock formation in the desert. Totally cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgovv8jWETM&feature=share&list=UUmKurapML4BF9Bjtj4RbvXw.

      Anyway, I’d watch LSG play that piano no matter where he puts it. Love TK2H!

  13. 13 Miky

    Go,go,go Seung Gi!!!We already ken that this guy is multifunctianal but we can’t really have enough of him♥ Who knows,will he run for Blue House!!!
    Well yeah he had so many wierd hairstyle…BUT….I absolutely loved his hairstyle in The King 2 Hearts,best one ever…
    Ohh and y sould also be famous,my cat is also a model for my Samsung phone…

    • 13.1 jomo

      OMG, does that happen in SK?
      It would be so interesting if he did that, like when he’s 50 years old. The grand-noonahs would be out on the campaign trail in droves pushing for him!!
      If Regan could do it…

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Hum… Bad at cooking? I read an article about LSG taking cooking lessons, with his mom, I think. How bad would he be? Or maybe it was baking, I don’t remember exactly, it was a while ago.

    • 14.1 buldut

      you should watch 1 night 2 days season 1 to know how bad he is at cooking! haha 😉

      • 14.1.1 mejiak

        where can i find 1N2D with subtitles??
        i reeeally want to see them!

        • wanne

          You can check boosayssyaringiscaring.com. There are streaming & download links but you need to register first to be able to see the links. If there’s any question you can ask the uploader at her twitter, @ahbooooo. She didn’t upload some of the older episodes. And I’m not sure if the links are still available because a lot of 1N2D videos have been deleted by kbs.

          You can also check 1N2Dfansubs.wordpress. They have the complete collection of 1N2D episodes.

          Hope you’ll be able to watch. The first season of 1N2D is really great, the best variety show I’ve ever watched actually. And seunggi is soooooo adorable in it. Watch the oldest episodes when seunggi first join the show, the year after that was the golden age of 1N2D.

          • sweetspring

            luv ur ending “the golden age of 1N2D”, a fitting description of the epicness that was 1N2D when the whole old gang was around- pure variety gold I’m sure KBS would sell the soul of some of their PDs to bring back.
            I’m juz super grateful it came at a time of the internet & subs or else the world would be a helluva lot gloomier without Seung Gi’s adorableness & smile in it!

        • Osi

          In addition to @wanne information, you can also download the episodes here:

        • mel

          Another site is 1n2depisodes.blogspot.com is uploading the episodes streaming. Though they are only up to ep. 84 (subs start at ep. 27 when Seunggi joins) but still that’s a lot to watch. You should definitively watch it. It’s so brilliant, especially when Mong and Kim C. were still around. And Seunggi’s cuteness in 1N2D’s is a miracle of the universe tbh.

    • 14.2 wanne

      He was bad so that’s why he takes cooking lesson hehe.
      Now I’m reminded by his cooking timer and his beer can chicken hahahaa

      • 14.2.1 Maya

        Omg! His cooking timer!! It’s so cute and hilarious when he used that.. Haha.. and how despite being precise with the time, he still managed to ruin it.. LOL.

  15. 15 Sajen

    why is there a piano in the middle of the woods, with some random girl?

    • 15.1 djes

      it’s the still cut from his latest MV “Return” starring Kim Yoojung ( not a random girl, btw. She’s the future of SK’s best actress 😀 )

    • 15.2 wanne

      Like djes said, its from his MV. There’ll be part 2 of the MV where there’ll be a wedding there in the forest. So I guess that’s why there’s a piano there.

  16. 16 charoula

    never got on his train:/ guess u cant satisfy all tastes

  17. 17 rouby

    me too…. i like that hair….
    Wait.. i think i love all of seunggi… 😉

  18. 18 I love drama

    Dear writter dramabean, love your recap and most read everyday.what’s that show me today? Style lee seunggi and jang guen suk! Really honest! I can understand all what that you meant but ot all . It should fun? I don’t knowe of methode to recap someone.

  19. 19 sweetspring

    Lee Seung Gi can basically do anything & turn it to gold, he’s got the Midas touch & I think puppy deserves it coz he works super hard & he’s given up alot to walk the straight & narrow never being caught up in any major scandals (knock wood).
    I’m a true blue Seung Gi fan & admirer & damn proud of it no matter random photos of sheep & questionable hairstyles!!!

    • 19.1 pillowhead

      yeah, Seung Gi is a devoted entertainer and deserves tones of respect and love from this noona. I think he works hard to be the best he can. He even became a pretty decent dancer even though he’s not a natural at it. That is not easy, take it from someone who cannot dance worth poop. 😀

      • 19.1.1 pillowhead

        I also love that he doesn’t wear skinny jeans.

    • 19.2 peach leaf


  20. 20 Airyn

    The photo essay book is bundled with the “Forest” CD as a Limited Edition, and is currently what’s available in Korea. Actually, there are lots of pictures of Seung-gi in it during his travels + pictures he took of scenery and other stuff. The book is around 100 pages. 🙂

  21. 21 wanne

    I think you girls only see the photos posted by Samsung because there are a lot more pictures in the Photo Essay which don’t have Samsung and sheep lol.

    You can look at some of the photos here: http://tryp96.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/lee-seung-gi-limited-edition-mini-album-photo-essay/

    The Photo Essay does have words written by Seunggi alongside the photos, thus the ‘Essay’.

    I think its a nice addition to the album, as the photos fit the mood of the songs and well, to add to fan’s collection of Seunggi. Its a special edition together with a poster. So, people have option to only buy the album if they don’t want these extras.

    Regarding Seunggi’s hair, I give up already. When fans representative had a meeting with the management, they brought up this issue. The management said Seunggi has to keep his hair long for his next drama and that the perm style is a trend nowadays. I understand the former but the later, urgh, a good stylist should know how to style a long hair to fit Seunggi. Anyway, if that’s what Seunggi likes and is comfortable with, what to do. I like him nonetheless.

    • 21.1 wanne

      Ok, that’s really ignorant of me. But I just found out what is ‘photo essay’ huhu..

    • 21.2 reglest

      I shouted: “timer” when he was asked about cooking *bad me :p

  22. 22 pillowhead

    my cutie-pie 🙂
    His hair looked good in King2Heart cause it was super short. I wish he’d keep it that way. It’s worst when it’s permed and puffed, and he’s running. Then there’s that flap of hair that bounces up and down. Still love you Seung Gi!!!

    • 22.1 sweetspring

      About the hair, Seung Gi has a complex about his forehead. In one of the old 1N2D episodes it was likened to a dinosaur thats why his fringe has to be long enough to cover it. So I think Seung Gi himself likes his hair suitably long to cover it & his face is small enough that he can carry off poofy hair (those who’ve seen him in person can attest that all that hair actually nicely frames such a small face, it just looks more bigger on screen). At least its not that shaggy, down to the shoulders disaster he had briefly that I saw on an old stage singing performance of his, now that one was pretty bad!

    • 22.2 ilikemangos

      Agreed. i think actors in general look good with short cropped hair no matter what.
      Kim Myung min in King of dramas is looking more handsome with his hair slick back vs his past hairstyles.
      And agree with sweetspring that our seung gi seems to have some insecurities about his forehead.
      I think he looks alot better personally with short hair instead of a raggedy mop.

    • 22.3 peach leaf

      Yes, King Jae Ha hair is the best for our Seung-gi.

      If he keeps it short & styled like Jae Ha’s hair, then everyday would feel like that day when he proposed to Hang Ah. Ahhhh!!!

  23. 23 cutieblue

    I like that his hair is wild and uncontrollable and odd. Everything else about him is just about perfect so he needs at least one flaw, right? 🙂

    • 23.1 pillowhead

      yeah. that’s true. <3 me some Seung Gi.

  24. 24 Bandi

    Lol is that the piano from 0330 or am I just silly??

  25. 25 Shae

    Love his cheeky smile reminds me of Skywise from Elfquest….different genre. *L but that’s what I think every time I see Seung-gi ~shrugs~

  26. 26 Roxy

    What happened to the rumour that LSG and Suzy were going to be together in a drama?

  27. 27 Abbie

    Cool! But what is a photo essay?

    Seung-gi can do just about anything. He’s awesome.

  28. 28 salt ndpepper

    he is so cute 🙂
    and I love his hair…….

  29. 29 cg

    I really like him and his hair 😉

  30. 30 MariD

    I love this kid! He just seems like the boy you want to live next door to you. So he can be your best friend! Those cute brown eyes!!
    Does anyone know where I can buy his new album in the states?? I had no luck finding Korean music..

    • 30.1 mel

      Yesasia has it. Or itunes.

  31. 31 JoowonLover:P

    Seung-gi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Man, I miss this guy, I lub him! <3!

  32. 32 Ennayra

    I think the photos are pretty. I really want his scarf. If I could get about 5 of those in different colors, I’d be satisfied.

  33. 33 Faranak

    I LOVE his RETURN Mv,it has great lyrics and song,so beautiful 😀 + after king2hearts I Am a Fangirl of lee seung gi :-*

  34. 34 Kitzeekat

    I just love LSG from top to bottom 🙂

  35. 35 May

    Yeah, Seung Gi – excel in all things that you do! Love you and your adorable, charming, doe-eyed look and personality – go! go! my boy, your
    dedicated ajumma 😉

  36. 36 mel

    I always dig his bad hair. It’s endearing for some strange reason. Plus I was worried he would stay manly Jae Ha forever after K2H and not revert back to puppy Seung-gi. Will he grow it out for his new drama though I wonder? I’m kind of fascinated and scared at the same time to see. And his album is really good. <3 The photo essay in his album is mostly him being adorable obviously.

  37. 37 gwen

    watched him on Running Man and he was so darn funny!!! i never found him good-looking but his appearance on Running Man changed that. i totally get his charm now <3

  38. 38 May

    That is why he should also return to variety, that’s where people see and appreciate his charming ways – that is his killer attraction! Good-looks waned when they grow old, but charm remains like a vintage wine.

  39. 39 Angel

    Samsung NX20 is a camera! And he’s keeping his hair long for the new drama, thus his current hairstyle…

  40. 40 herminigilda lentija tan

    for me i like his hair style>>the way he moves so cute and so sweet to look at>>

  41. 41 Maris

    LSG’s personality and amazing talents really make his hair a non-issue for me. Though I have to admit that centre parting never works for any man sporting it….just my pov

  42. 42 hanayori

    Never quite like his permed hairstyle but his latest one does really look good on him…


    He’s super cute and adorable in RM… love him!

    (GIF credit: http://lsgfan.wordpress.com)

    Seung Gi ya… all the best in your 2012 Hope Concert!! Hwaiting!!

  43. 43 jambo

    His hair is one that I actually have no issue with…unlike some styles that are in a drama I am strangely and unbelievably following right now. Seung Gi’s hair personifies that “adorable mop of hair.” Geuleohjji?

  44. 44 owl

    Phorest photo essay. Via phone. What’s that? A grand piano in the middle of the forest. Sheep. Where’s the sheep playing the grand piano? Seriously, SG is gorgeous, and wow – to simply stand, gaze afar, and *!snap!* pics and the noonas (pinching those adorable cheeks) and everyone else -perhaps including the Korean government- love you all the more.

    Love him in Strong Heart esp his debut back when in ep 1 🙂

  45. 45 Addylovesbwood

    Just had to sneak in a comment… SEUNG GI is my favorite korean actor!! I love every and anything he does, wears, eats…haha!! but seriously, he earned my respect as actor and an artist and thats why he’s #1 on my list, plus he has an awesome down to earth personality and gorgeous smile!!

  46. 46 Steamy Bun

    Aw, I just love him and his hair (actually I really do like his hair! I feel bad that he has a forehead complex but even I think he looks better with the fringe.)

  47. 47 sweetiehunnybee

    Hi everyone this will be our stepping stone to bring Lee Seung Gi to the Philippines. A production company, and 2 other companies have shown their interest to endorse and sponsor the proposed event. So we just need to do our part, answer and spread the survey. Thank you Airens. ♥


    please help us, we will appreciate it:))

  48. 48 May

    Nothing wrong with his forehead. Just wide, and according to the Chinese facial reading, they are smart and intelligent people. Look at those world leaders with wide foreheads!

  49. 49 Krista

    I love Seung-gi even if his hair looks like a mop 😀

    • 49.1 peach leaf

      this is funny :-))

      Yeah we adore him, mop hair or otherwise

  50. 50 eternalfive

    AAAH LEE SEUNG-GI, WHY SO PERFECT. <3 Love him. ^o^

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