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Nearing its end, Five Fingers in spoiler control mode
by | November 12, 2012 | 53 Comments

SBS’s weekend drama Five Fingers is heading into its final stretch, having aired 26 of 30 total episodes, and apparently suspense is mounting to such a degree that the producers are taking extreme pains to keep details about the ending from getting out. To that end, they’ve imposed a gag order on the scripts for the last four episodes.

(Who else is relieved to hear it, if just for the fact that this suggests that scripts exist for the last four episodes? I’ve heard way too much about drama production to assume complete scripts are a given; not when you hear of shows where pages are still flying into actors’ hands moments before scenes are shot.)

I haven’t been watching Five Fingers so you’ll have to fill me in on the exact level of suspense the show is building toward its big climax, but since it’s basically a makjang melodrama based on a fierce rivalry between its main characters (Joo Ji-hoon, Ji Chang-wook), it makes sense that the production doesn’t want its grand finale to be spoiled. Plus, apparently there are people believed dead who are not dead after all, throwing wrenches into the works. Deaths, non-deaths, and secret identities rank pretty high on the spoilery index.

Still, usually you don’t hear of production teams being that hardcore about spoilers, aside from wanting to stop them. You’ll always have people who work at/visit/know someone from the show who’ll let slip details, or those who post on internet message boards — it’s not easy sealing off all potential leak points. The staff is reportedly reorganizing everyone’s internet accounts as a safety measure, and taking extra pains to keep tabs on scripts so that nothing gets disseminated outside of the show.

Not to start any rumors, but doesn’t this type of lockdown rather suggest a huge “twist” to come? Usually when the ending is rather projected, there’s no point in hiding that a show, for instance, ends on a happy note. And unlike huge productions like Friends that took extra precautions to prevent spoilage, Five Fingers isn’t a buzzed-about phenom. It’s done reasonable ratings in the low-to-mid teens, steadily coming in second place after MBC’s May Queen. So…could we be in for a major shocker? A murder, a stunning secret, a last-minute it-was-all-a-dream gimmick?

Only time will tell. Five Fingers has two more weekends, after which Alice in Cheongdam-dong will air beginning December 1.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Pearl

    Sounds like publicity stunt, maybe they’re hoping to drum up viewers’ interest.

    • 1.1 Dominique

      When, in the drama, all four children grew up and became replaced by three adult actors and one adult actress, I was treated to the horror of horros – the actress who had played Mok Dan in Gaksital.

      To make matters worse, the drama dressed her in costumes that revealed her exact figure from her waist down that no one should be forced to endure seeing. If you cannot believe me, watch episode 5 and on.

      And the adult actor playing the elder brother – I kept thinking that something was really wrong with the shape of his head, as if it had been squeezed wrong or something.

      That is when I stopped watching the drama.

      • 1.1.1 Tarits

        I so agree with you. Your words were exactly my words which I posted in my fb! I cannot stand the girl who is boring and so dull and with one face in all emotions in every scene!

      • 1.1.2 liza

        I have never seen the drama, had no desire to do so but based on your description I am going to scan through episode 5 and hope that it is as funny as your description.

  2. Carole McDonnell

    I so wanted to watch this because of Joo Ji Hoon but I just couldn’t take the silliness of some of the plotting. Sure, Dr Jin was worse when it came to plotting but…well, this is a close runner-up.

    • 2.1 Anaïs

      Thank you. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t – despite all good will toward Joo Ji Hoon – continue to suspend disbelief one too many unbelievable plot point.

      • 2.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        yeah, it was like… Seriously?? Seriously????? Seriously?????

        Sometimes i had to laugh at some of the stuff that popped up. I gave up.

    • 2.2 Tarits

      I dropped Dr. Jin and I had to endure 5F because of my favorite Jihoon, Chang Wook was okay, CSRa and the others ok except for the dull girl!

  3. MsB

    Happy ending? I really don’t expect one? Great drama? In my book it is! I dropped May Queen to watch this exclusive! The fact that its getting subbed faster speaks volumes!! I liked Ji Hoon before, love now. I knew nothing about Ji Chang-wook but now I am a fan!! Ji Se-yeon? much better for this role than Mok Dan! Its been one HELL of a ride!

    • 3.1 ck1Oz

      That is an assumption.No 1 tkadi picked up subbing this drama and she subs it fast.She is also the Full House 2 subber which is why that is getting subbed fast. Also SBS has captions so someone else I know is using it as a challenge to sub from it.
      Fast subs doesn’t mean a good show it just means someone subber wise likes it.Like King of drama is going to get good subs because a great subber likes it.She is the one who helped in Gaksital and helped resubbed Reply Me 1997.

      • 3.1.1 pipit

        Haven’t watched this one, but I really want to thank and show my appreciation to the subbers. Particularly those who subs King of Drama and Prosecutor Vampire 2. Love you guys.

    • 3.2 Cupcake

      Love this drama. It really keep you in your seat. I thought it was about playing piano but not at all. LOVE IT!

    • 3.3 Naz

      Ji Chang-wook is the only reason I tuned into this. Looks like Warrior Baek Dong Soo is going to be his best work in my opinion. His character in Five Fingers is on the fence to a mental breakdown all the time but I feel he’s over acting as if his character’s brain has been fried during the fire.

  4. Jae Shin

    Is this a good drama? If it is , I would like to try watching this.. ^_^
    Happy Monday everybody!

  5. nomu nomu nomu

    well, good luck on that. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that humans have mouths and some can’t keep em shut.

    I don’t know much about Five Fingers or May Queen as I’ve haven’t been watching. I don’t mind the emotional tearjerker melodrama, but am allergic to the crazies of makjang melodrama.

    For those that are watching, any feed backs? how do you find it?

    • 5.1 MsB

      I like crazy!! You’re talking to someone who is watch Glass Mask! Anything that gets my blood boiling, I like. May Queen, I stopped watching after 10 episodes, did not like but Five Fingers? Crazies for days! I love it!

      • 5.1.1 zhill

        I’m one of those crazies that watches Glass Mask, May Queen and Five Fingers. I just love the actors though the 3 dramas are really stupid and ridiculous … better leave your brain to the door when watching it, and just enjoy the pretty boys in tears.

        Missing You seems like another crazy makjang, but still too early, so am still hoping for the best.

  6. anne

    i remember the extreme lengths the whole production of Sex and The City movies to keep everything mum. from making people sign non-disclosure documents to watermarking the script owners name on each page, so that they’ll know who’ll be responsible if the script gets leaked.

    must be a great ending if they’re going through all that pain.

  7. kopytko

    Actually, the biggest birth secret is already known, the big question is what the characters will do about it. It must be difficult to keep up the tension for four more episodes, so yeah, one could expect some more twist. But, honestly, the biggest twist would be to straighten everything out. I guess it is not so much about plot, but rather conflicts between characters and groups of characters.

    • 7.1 kopytko

      BTW, all the birth secrets in recent dramas, especially May Queen and Five Fingers got me thinking about the census in South Korea. I mean, isn’t it necessary to register a newborn baby to obtain some identification documents?
      I understand one can bring a child and say it was born out of wedlock or is an orphan, so the neighbours’ curiosity is satisfied, but one needs some document to enroll a child into a school, right? Or you just come and say: it is my kid, I want it to learn here. Are birth secrets technically possible in modern Korea?

      • 7.1.1 Mystisith

        My thoughts exactly. I think if I was Korean, when I would reach my majority, I would DNA-test all the members of the family just to know where exactly I’m written in the family tree.

  8. Yoori

    I’ve only watched FF til the adults showed up. The children did an amazing job and it was really great. After the adults showed up I got a little bored.

    Anyone keeping up with this drama? Should I continue?

    • 8.1 Lucille

      I agree. After the children left it got really boring. It didnt start getting interesting again until episode 22.

      May queen was the oposite. I lost interest around episode 19. The female lead startes getting ridiculous.

      • 8.1.1 Naz

        Thats exactly what I did lol, watched the kids then skipped to the ending.

    • 8.2 Carole McDonnell

      oh my gosh, yes!!! When the adults came in, all sanity and real-life plotting went into suspenseful but utterly unbelievable weirdness.

  9. Mystisith

    Spoilers? LOLOLOL!!!! “Frankly my Dear, I don’t care.”
    I watch this damn show on FF mode (15 mins/eps or how to get straight to the point), only for Ji Chang-wook’s acting. I just hope they won’t kill his character at the end… He can be an alien or anything else, it’s OK with me. The characters relationships are so twisted anyway than I feel like watching science-fiction.

    • 9.1 nomu nomu nomu

      Mysti, did you just censor or ‘G’ rate a famous quote, or is that from somewhere else?

      from what I’m gathering from people, seems to be alot of crazies in the storyline. Am I going to check out Five Fingers? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

      • 9.1.1 Mystisith

        I just wanted to appear civilized… [more probably it’s a quote epic fail.]
        Honestly, this show takes itself too seriously. I just don’t buy the fabricated tension and I want to go through my screen to joke with the actors on the set.

  10. 10 myra

    I noticed that in the drama list here on the right, Five fingers appears with ep. 25-26 this week, but I think these episodes aired last week…and your article confirms it…

  11. 11 Birdie

    That is a publicity stunt to get more viewers.The plot is the usual makjang affair with birth secrets and siblings rivalry. I watch it for the classical music and the second male lead, Ji Chang-wook,whose acting is interesting. I found the other casts are stiff, esp JJH and for Ji Se-yeon , you think you are watching Mok Dan ( same expressions). The fabricated tension with the overplayed tense music is annoying sometimes. Nevertheless, I guess we will find out how the characters deal with the birth secret out in the open.

  12. 12 houstontwin

    FF was just too ridiculous to follow…unbearable for anyone who actually has worked in the classical music field.

    • 12.1 ellen

      i agree! they didn’t make enough research about piano making. i read in an article that a single steinway piano takes about a year to make. how can they ridiculously make a 1000 pianos in so short period of time. about classical music, they gave it a superficial treatment. sometimes korean writers can be so presumptuous to claim that they can be the best at everything. for the record, no korean piano is in use in any musical hall or music college in the u.s., they prefer steinway or yamaha.

  13. 13 pogo

    I’m just glad Joo Ji Hoon is back, and I hope his next project is even better – he does well in Five Fingers, but the show just doesn’t cut it for me.

    And I’m glad about the spoiler lockdown, I’ve heard of all kinds of extreme measures to prevent spoilers back when I was watching Battlestar Galactica – there, they went as far as scripting and “shooting” fake scenes with no film in the camera just so no one could really tell what was up (and the finale was fittingly epic even if it made me angry).

  14. 14 spazmo

    this drama takes dastardly deeds to new heights. for me, it’s painful to watch, but i’m vested just to see how it will end. the shocker would be if it DID have a happy ending… doesn’t seem possible.

  15. 15 korean4ever

    Honestly, I tried watching the first few episodes, got interested, and then couldn’t handle the immense makjang anymore…

  16. 16 jenn

    more than ji chang wook and joo ji hoon, it’s all about the lady lead chae si ra imo…these three are the reasons i continue watching this show, but alas there are too many offshoots and side characters for my liking, but thats just me…
    the writing is not very tight, i would have preferred more focus on the important stuff (bromance et murder a la piano concerto), instead of the ludicrous makjang tropes…but the otp is kinda very popular from what i know
    if you’re a genre fan…this series is understated in a way…man, i’m not making sense, but you should give it a go.

    • 16.1 jenn

      btw, one of the best things I love about this show is how ji chang wook has to look up to joo ji hoon, like literally!
      got my fangirlism going places like you woj’t believe 😀

  17. 17 Quiet Thought

    Hah! Applause and cheers for Chae Shi-ra, Princess of Power, for never missing an opportunity to strike her fierce Mak-Jang pose for the camera. She knows she’s making high-end trash, and she’s determined to enjoy making it.

  18. 18 cherkell

    LOL is it a ‘spoiler lockdown’ if I’ve known they were going to black-bag the set for the last four episode shootings weeks ago? 😛

    I beg to differ about 5F not following the lines of ‘anyone working in the classical music field.’ I pretty much walked-the-walk in my lifetime, both performing and teaching. The PD-nim did a spot-on job capturing the knock-downs and drag-outs of that insular world and the cutthroat way musicians compete against each other. And providing 1,000 pianos in 18 months is not an unsurmountable feat for an instrument company tooled up to do that very thing — they’re not looking for Steinways; just student pianos with good sound. Yes, there’s liberties taken, but they are few and far between. I just wish the OST would have contained more of the classical pieces played throughout. Oh well. (But JCW sings again! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!)

    I don’t care if all four leads sit there and read the freakin’ Seoul Phone Book — this show is gonna be my crack-to-end-all-cracks for a very long time. Until My Precious’s next project, that is. 🙂

  19. 19 Oxcell

    I’m so glad Joo Ji Hoon is come back in drama and does a great job in Five Fingers but somehow to me this show is not really “Joo Ji Hoon’s come back drama”.

    -may be because there are some ridiculous lines in FF.

    -The character…the character of Joo Ji Hoon in FF is too stupid and weak..can’t appeal me. I like his character in Goong which he was Like a Boss and jerk. In FF, they he was beaten and fooled like a thousand times by many characters until he realized how stupid he was. Gah that was so tiring seeing him always dropping his precious tears and being fooled by those evil people.

    -The second lead female, which is also Joo Ji Hoon’s leading female in FF. Like seriously? he is paired with a 18 years old girl in Drama? LMAO
    and the worse thing, JSY’s acting is very boring and FLAT.
    oh my, that’s really makes me miss so badly the great chemistry of Joo ji Hoon+Yoon Eun Hye. I miss the Goong couple!

    I don’t care how they are taking extreme pains to keep details about the ending from getting out, I just hope they will give the makes sense and great ending for this show.

    • 19.1 Tarits

      Excellent post. I have been ranting in my fb and twitter than the girl in BMask is one dull, boring and not pretty girl who calls herself an actress? Her thighs are big, her legs bowlegged and her face shows one kind of emotion in all scenes. Her dying scene in BMask is comical. And to be paired with wuri Jihoon who is an excellent actor? I am sure the PD had a difficulty retaking each scene as she was not able to effectively carry what her acting must show.

      I say this girl should change career!

  20. 20 Jacen

    I tried to get into this drama, but after the whole Eun-Jung getting dropped and replaced with Jin Se-yeon debacle I completely lost interest. I’ll probably try to watched the first two episodes again and just watch the ending.

    • 20.1 Tarits

      I am a certified hunnie/hyoonie and no one has the best chemistry with Jihoon than Eun Hye and no one has the prettiest face and cutest lips than her. I would have preferred EJung to be in the drama. Did the dull girl bring followers to the drama, the answer is – Nope!
      All the cast did an excellent job, my first time to watch Chang Wook is not only handsome but so good an actor too. Too bad the dull girl’s acting spoiled the drama to continue to watch it.

      • 20.1.1 skelly

        I always thought he did better with Shin Min Ah…

      • 20.1.2 pogo

        I think his best chemistry was with Eun-hye and Shin Mina – very different vibes but they just burned the screen up, both pairs.

  21. 21 Sarah

    the drama was really slow but it has down well with the pace of secrets unveiling themselves. i’ve really been enjoying the last 4 episodes…i can totally imagine the last episodes to be of humungous shock-value.


  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    This just in . . . Jin Sae-yeon makes an appearance on Running Man this week and she is just as feckless and useless as she was in most of Gaksital and apparently also in Five Fingers. You could have replaced her with any twelve year old school girl and got more screen presence.

  23. 23 Maricel

    Right the drama is stupid and predictible at times. However , it’s JJH comeback so i’ll watch it till the end.

    I like Da Mi, i like her voice and her character is soft and nice, when they kissed the scene was pretty and the chemestry was ok…I don’t think she is that bad. I hope they get together at the end 🙂

  24. 24 soserious

    my mum is in love with this drama…

  25. 25 Sharon

    Where are the ending episodes?

  26. 26 Charlie

    It’s appalling how many comments were made about the second lead’s ‘fat thighs’ and ‘bow legs’ – if you are watching the show for the thinness of an actress’s legs, you have no right to critique the show.

  27. 27 AnaBanana

    I actually like 5F — aside from the shrill shrieking and screaming from the ajummas of this drama. Yes, there’s tears galore and lovely over-the-top acting.

    I much prefer Joo Ji Hoon in this drama than in any of his previous works. He becomes an anti-hero — my favorite type of hero! He starts out as a really good guy trusting everyone he loves — only to be stabbed in the back (figuratively, of course). Thus begins his cold, dark harrowing journey to the dark side. What makes his character different from Kimura Shunji, though, is well… Shunji was a mental case. Ji Hoon’s character at least knows his limits and how far to go. He’ll never commit murder. At least I don’t think he will. Hope not.

    Anyway, with last final episodes, the PDs and writers have really been stepping up their game. Yes, secret births are a age-old drama ingredient or staple. But when done just right, you can actually have a good dish of makjang. And in 5F, they did in a way that the secret birth isn’t just to serve as shock factor. It’s actually crucial to the story — you have to really take everything the characters’ have done so far when you face the ultimate secret. Alliances do change. Stone hearts can be moved. It’s silly and awesome at the same time.
    Lastly, I’ve never seen Chae SiRa before, but as an older and more experienced actress, she is superb. The real power couple here is the mother and son — Joo Ji Hoon and Chae SiRa. They have way more chemistry (not in the icky way) than any other on-screen character relationships. The actor who played DamSari actually has a bigger role than he did in Gaksital and we love him for it.
    The last 4 episodes really are a roller coaster ride

  28. 28 clairerosean

    I’ve watched Five Fingers from beginning to end, without blinking..! Truthfully, i almost quit watching it not because the plot sucks or something but, the intensity and cruelty is so painful, but i’m too glad i hold on till the finale!

    The transition of the story and the roles for each characters were presented meticulously (like you really need to grasp it to really understand it).. i’m not sure if everyone would agree but, people with less maturity will never appreciate this drama..

    It is a very heavy drama and the story is full of depth.. if someone is cynical, then they will find the story lines as unbelievable or if the viewer prefers rom-com) then they will find this drama boring.. but like my self who liked deep-serious dramas (not to mention that i’m a Pro-Ji-Ho oppa too) i could say that i really enjoyed FF from beginning till end!

    The ending was presented very emotionally… imagine a tragic and happy ending well-mixed together.. and i’m impressed how the writers can make a viewer feel the pain and relief at the same time.. Mother’s Death combined with the union of two brothers… it is so heart breaking and so relieving at the same time.

    I really really hope that the tv show/ production and the main casts will be recognized for the good job done… without any bias, JJH’s acting can make you feel so hurt that you wanted to hug him or something while the ‘evil mom’ can stir your emotion to the extent that you’ll curse her to death.. yaay… i’m so sad that FF is over..

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