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Nice Guy: Episode 16
by | November 2, 2012 | 207 Comments

It’s time for some truth up in here, and that truth comes with its own dose of forced smiles and infinite levels of deception. Maru’s finally embracing his inner nice guy and pulls on our heartstrings while he’s at it, which somehow makes the cute moments in this episode the saddest thing ever. And then the actual sad moments end up feeling like a relief, because at least we knew they were coming. It’s that in-between time of wanting to be happy for our couple all while bracing for impact that’s hardest on the nerves.


Eun-ki’s on cloud nine as she and Maru walk home, fingers firmly intertwined. It’s with a smile that she tells him she’s remembered who he was to her: “The one I placed all my bets on and loved. The one I liked so much that my heart would burst. Before I lost my memory, you were that kind of person to me.”

And Maru, struggling under the weight of his guilt, fights to hold back his tears.

They circle back to his old house where Eun-ki asks if he remembers her confession in the rain. After taking a moment to flashback to that exact moment, he finally answers that he does.

Eun-ki poses the same question now that she’d posed during her confession: “Is it possible?” As in, is it possible for them to grow old together, have children, and live happily ever after?

Maru doesn’t answer, and kisses her instead. She’s not one to be distracted as she blurts right after: “Let’s get married. I want to marry you, Maru.” She’s actually proposing? Oh, Eun-ki. I luff you so much, brain damage and all.

She’s on pins and needles as she waits for his answer, and practically cries with joy once he gives the okay.

I love that she wastes no time and takes him straight to a bridal boutique for some window shopping – she’s already picked out her ideal dress. Her head is spinning with all the things they need to do – plan the wedding, find a honeymoon spot, decide on how many kids they want, etc.

Maru’s bright smile during all this is somehow heartbreaking, but what really gets me is Eun-ki’s “how many kids should we have?” talk. When he suggests having one son and daughter, she scoffs at the idea – she wants nine. “And then we can set up our own baseball team.” So cute. SO CUTE. So why is it making me so uneasy?

But then, she decides against the baseball idea, because they should give their children the freedom to be whatever they want to be. Aww. She even has plans for how Jae-gil and Choco can participate, and we just know that all this talk means it’s never going to happen. Because dramaland, especially melodramaland, is a cruel mistress.

Jae-hee drinks alone in a dive bar surrounded by drunk ajusshis, and loses it when one tries to hit on her. She addresses the whole room as she shouts, “Do you think any of you are worthy of being in my company?” Spoken like a true elitist. Or someone who just really, really wishes that they were.

Min-young arrives to take her home, and it’s with a sneer that she wonders how many spies he’s got following her if he knew where to find her. He’s emotionless as he punches one of her drunk suitors away, but she’s lost in her memories. This was a place she and Maru would come to often, before she gave up everything for Taesan.

Eun-ki’s still high on marriage talk, and unsurprisingly wants to discuss how they’re going to be making their bed now that they’ll be in it together. Maru finally puts a stop to her: “Let’s get married after you recover your memory.”

He wants to make sure she won’t change her mind after she learns what a bastard he really is, even though she’s adamant that nothing could change her mind.

“Either way, now is not the right time,” he stresses. “After you recover your memory, if you still want to marry me… If you still want to marry a punk like me, have children together, and grow old together, then let’s get married at that time. If you still feel the same way you do then, I won’t let you go either. I won’t ever let you go, then. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says.”

He pulls her into an embrace to make his point, and this is the first time a confession of his has brought me comfort. At least he’s finally giving us a sign that he’s not just going to go off quietly into the night once Eun-ki remembers, and that he’ll let her make her own informed decision when the time is right.

Min-young helps Jae-hee home and tucks her in bed, but when he tries to go in for a kiss, she turns her head away.

She’s still hung up on the Eun-ki thing, seemingly unable to wrap her mind around the concept of leaving Taesan for Maru when she left Maru for Taesan. Her eyes and words scream desperation as she struggles to convince herself that she’s the right one. She made the right decision… right?

Min-young sees right through her: “So you want to go back? Like Seo Eun-ki, you want to give up all of Taesan to go back to Kang Maru?” A tear slips from Jae-hee’s eye at his words because they hit home. That’s exactly what she wants to do.

However, he’s not going to let her waver. Because she wanted him to, he betrayed Chairman Seo and played a part in his death – there’s no coming back from that now. He really loves his car/road analogies as he tells her that he hopes Chairman Seo will be the only roadkill they come across: “Let’s not add Kang Maru to that list.”

Cue shivers of horror. When she demands to know what he’s planning, he throws back that Chairman Seo isn’t her only casualty. He knows Maru took the fall for her other one, and reminding Jae-hee of this works to keep her docile better than physical restraints ever could.

Maru and Eun-ki have flashbacks of the accident at the same time, only she still can’t recognize him as the other driver. With Doctor Suk’s words about finding out the truth to her accident still ringing in her head, Eun-ki uses Choco’s computer to google-equivalent the accident.

There are news articles detailing the scene of the crash, but Maru’s name is kept anonymous by the media calling him “Person K”. Choco grows increasingly more nervous as Eun-ki reads on, and doesn’t volunteer any information when Eun-ki asks her who Person K is.

Jae-gil comes home looking like death, because he met up with Maru’s neurosurgeon sunbae and found out everything about his hematoma. Medical ethics don’t exist in this universe.

He crumples to the ground, overcome with sadness. Maru has to beg him to keep quiet about this and not tell the girls, and takes him out for soju in order to try and explain that he’s not going to die.

Jae-gil is breaking my heart with how utterly and completely crushed he is, but he still manages to see through Maru’s front and threatens to tell Eun-ki and Choco everything if he doesn’t get surgery.

But Maru claims that it isn’t because of them that he’s refusing surgery. He’s done horrible things for Choco, and he figures he’s paid Eun-ki back for about half of what he owes her. The other half is up to her, because she chose to trust someone like him and needs to take responsibility for that.

He explains to Jae-gil that the surgery isn’t without its risks, and that he could die on the table, lose his memories, or become paralyzed.

Jae-gil: “Why do you always think the worst?”

Maru: “Because that’s the story of my life.”

With Choco in better health, and with Eun-ki having returned to him, Maru couldn’t be happier. He wants that happiness to last just a little bit longer, and promises Jae-gil that he’ll get the surgery afterward.

Jae-gil doesn’t believe him, and starts sobbing in the middle of the restaurant while Maru just pours himself another drink.

The next morning, Eun-ki and Choco stand face to face with a bowl of live loaches they want to cook for breakfast. Eun-ki puts up a tough front like, Oh, it’s so easy, but both girls scream when Jae-gil grabs one and chases them around the kitchen with it.

It’s so cute, and so family-like, which Maru realizes as he pretends to be asleep in the next room.

Maru [in voiceover]: “I hear the laughter of my friend, my sister, and my love. They are part of the most beautiful, delicious, and fascinating dream in the world that I could ever dream of. I’m afraid that if I open my eyes, I’ll wake up from my dream. So I can’t open my eyes out of fear. For this beautiful morning, thank you for gifting it to me.”

Eun-ki sneaks into his room and plants a kiss on his cheek. He smiles, his eyes still closed.

“I won’t be greedy and ask for more. I won’t expect any more. Right now, I am happy.”

Hey there, Tears. Wasn’t expecting you to show up before the half hour mark.

To contrast this warm and happy scene, we find Jae-hee sitting alone in her ginormous and very empty dining room.

She’s not alone for long once Jae-sik forces himself inside, and she coldly refuses him attention besides asking what she needs to do to kill him. “Hey, how would I know that?” Jae-sik replies. “Only you, who’s actually killed someone, would know.” Buuuuuurn.

He tries to play brother to her now, and passes off the blackmailing incident from before as an automatic reflex. If there’s one good thing about Jae-sik it’s that he’s honest, since he flat out tells his sister that Min-young wants him to kill Maru.

So, he’s come to see whether she wants him dead before he acts? How sweet.

We find him next at Maru’s house, and while Jae-hee refused him even one grain of rice, Choco feeds him the stew they all made for breakfast. Jae-sik takes one look at her with Jae-gil and declares that she’d be taken care of. You know, if Maru were to disappear.

Dude, these people are feeding you out of the kindness of their hearts, and you’re still thinking about killing Maru? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, and Jae-gil isn’t either. His suspicions have been raised, at least.

Jae-hee follows through on her deal with Jung-hoon, in exchange for him spreading the word about Eun-ki’s amnesia through the media and stock markets.

Luckily, Joon-ha has put a countermeasure in place by announcing Eun-ki and Maru’s impending marriage. Which means (as Min-young explains to Jae-hee) that even if they oust Eun-ki on the basis of being professionally incompetent, everything will go to her husband.

Jae-hee brings this issue up with Maru, and threatens to tell Eun-ki about their past if he doesn’t call off the wedding. He takes it a step further and suggests that they take a picture while kissing and send it to her. Which, he realizes he’s already done, right?

Telling her that Eun-ki doesn’t live in the past but the present is what really hits Jae-hee hard, causing her to change tactics. This time, she pretty much begs him to reconsider.

He leans in close to make his point: “I’m telling you, I need Eun-ki. Now, without her, I can’t even go on for a day, Noona.” He drops his speech to call her that, and the once-endearing term has Jae-hee crying.

Once he switches back to calling her “Chairman”, the discussion is over.

Jae-hee catches Eun-ki in the hallway, curious as to whether she’s done any research on Maru. Eun-ki replies that she’s researched all she’s needed to, but is thrown for a loop when Jae-hee asks whether Choco still cries at night, or whether Jae-gil is still claustrophobic. Eek. Bad news bears.

Joon-ha pulls her into a meeting with Maru to explain the wedding announcement as well as the upcoming board of directors meeting, where her professional competency will be discussed. He hands over a cheat sheet of questions and answers she can memorize.

Before he leaves, Eun-ki asks him about the other driver in the accident. Joon-ha hesitates a bit before lying that the other driver was female, and that she was fine and compensated well and moved to another country so they’ll never hear from her again. Which, ugh. I’m disappointed in you, Joon-ha.

Eun-ki doesn’t believe him, mostly because the blurry outline in her memories is distinctly male (and distinctly Maru, but let’s roll with it). So she asks Secretary Hyun to do some fact checking for her.

Jae-gil paces outside of the audition room Choco’s in as he tries to digest Maru’s surgery postponement. Inside, Choco finds herself unable to work up the courage to sing and is ready to quit, but Jae-gil’s entrance stops her.

He explains to the judges that Choco’s voice is like Mariah Carey’s, and that she’s just shy around new people. So he asks for permission to help her out a little, and takes to the piano to play the accompaniment for “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys.

Choco starts out faint at first, but eventually belts out the song with all her might. As Jae-gil watches her, he thinks to himself, “Choco… Maru is having a hard time. From now on, let’s live a good life. Let’s live well.”

As Maru grows more anxious about Eun-ki getting closer to the truth, Secretary Hyun confirms that same truth with Joon-ha: Maru was the person Eun-ki crashed into.

But Joon-ha tells Secretary Hyun to withhold that truth from Eun-ki, and works with her on corroborating their lie.

…Not that it does them any good, since Eun-ki finds a mysterious folder on her desk containing the accident report. Driver one, Eun-ki. Driver two, Maru.

This instantly triggers a memory of the accident, and this time Maru’s face is clear as their cars rush headlong into each other. Eun-ki sinks to the floor in shock.

Maru comes into her office… to find her sitting calmly at her desk? Yikes. So now she’s hiding the fact that she knows?

As they walk to the board meeting, Maru’s words of encouragement are juxtaposed by Eun-ki’s returning memories of him – specifically, all the harsh things he’d said to her at the Breakup Beach. Things like “Do you think there was anything I wasn’t willing to do to get Jae-hee Noona back again?”

And as he pats her shoulder for support in the present, Eun-ki remembers how he’d patronizingly patted it at the beach, when he was chastising her for falling in love with him so easily.

Eun-ki’s face looks like it’s about to crack at any moment from the smile she’s forcing, but she manages to fool Maru and make it into the board meeting where she’s pelted with questions about the state of her brain.

Instead of using the script Joon-ha and Maru prepared for her, Eun-ki announces to the board members that she is in fact suffering from amnesia and brain damage due to her car accident.

“Like what everyone here is thinking, I have no intentions of hiding behind the person representing me,” she says. And if they determine that she’s not capable of running Taesan, she’s willing to step down and start from scratch as a member of the company. All she wants is a chance to prove herself.

Afterward, Maru praises her for doing well, because “That was the Seo Eun-ki I know.” As in, that’s the Eun-ki everyone knows. Maybe because it IS the Seo Eun-ki everyone knows.

There’s this moment where she fixes a smile on her face before turning toward him, quite literally putting on a mask. He just got his paycheck and offers to buy her anything she wants, so she asks for flowers, a purse, pork belly, and a kiss. Complete with a little eyebrow wiggle, which is cute.

So Maru goes out to get her all of those things, and you know it’s love when he even stops by the only coffee shop in Seoul just to get her specialized-yet-generic coffee.

It seems like she just sent him on a wild goose chase so she’d have time to visit her father’s ashes, and she tearfully apologizes for being late. This spurs a flashback to her childhood, where Dad had placed unreasonable responsibilities on her because of her future in Taesan.

“You cannot show your weakness to others,” Dad had warned her. “Do not trust anyone in this world. You shouldn’t show the real you to anyone.” He does mention her mom and how she betrayed him (I’d really like to know more about this), which might explain why he went a little crazy with trusting Eun-ki Lite. No wonder why she grew up with so many trust issues.

In the present, Eun-ki cries as she apologizes to her father, saying, “I did you wrong. If only I had not gone to Maru that day, if only I had not gone to see that bastard, maybe you wouldn’t have passed away.” Ouch. That’s a lot of guilt to shoulder.

Maru ends up waiting a long time for Eun-ki to finally show up, and when she does, she has to plaster another smile on her face.

He happily shows her the gifts he bought her, before giving her the last one: A kiss.

And though Eun-ki closes her eyes for just a moment, she eventually opens them and stares ahead, with Maru none the wiser.


Ding dong, the bitch is back. I know that’s not quite how it goes, but I’m just so happy to have Eun-ki back again. Even if I’m not really sure what exactly is going through her mind.

It’s not hard to see why she’d be angry with Maru for playing her, though in this case it really does take two to tango attempt a double suicide. Unless she was just trying to kill him and didn’t care about herself, which would technically make it a murder-suicide attempt… but Maru knew what he was doing. Heck, they both knew.

And while Maru’s conversation with Jae-gil seemed to be made of half-truths (I’m not sure I trust him on this ambiguous surgery deal), there was an interesting line in there I latched onto, about Eun-ki needing to take responsibility for trusting him. Whether he honestly believes that or not is up for grabs, even though we’ve heard lines of this ilk from him before, though they normally seemed to be his way of shirking responsibility. Like, It’s their fault because they knew how terrible I am.

It doesn’t seem like he’s trying to wiggle out of his own misdeeds this time around, but it’s worth noting that Eun-ki had both eyes open when it came to Maru (toward the end, anyway), and made her choices with the ample knowledge she had. But, I admit I’d probably be much more on board with her newfound anger if she hadn’t instigated the amnesia-causing crash, something I just haven’t quite been able to get over. Despite all that, Maru got a hematoma for his trouble and has spent X amount of months rehabilitating her. That’s got to count for something eventually, right? If someone’s tallying up karmic points, please share Maru’s score with the rest of the class.

One of the relationships that’s really had time to blossom (even though I feel like “blossom” denotes something good and not unholy) is the perverse and psychologically abusive union between Min-young and Jae-hee. Surprisingly, he works in making her more sympathetic just by virtue of being more evil than she is, yet at the same time, he’s a product of her creation. But like all things Jae-hee touches, this one’s come back to haunt her in a bad way.

What’s most curious about their interactions is whether Jae-hee might be moved to make some right choices… if, and this is a big IF, Min-young wasn’t there to constantly remind her that she’s no longer fit for the rest of society. The fact that he now feels he has to continue steering her down the dark road of evil just because he gave up everything to join her on it is a thought-provoking one, and one I’m not sure I have the answer for. Is she partly responsible for what he’s become, or was he always this way and just needed the right opportunity?

But that ending? So perfectly cyclical. And so, so frightening. Maru did say that he looks at himself when he looks at Eun-ki, and nothing brought that home more than her forced smiles and her eyes-open kiss. Seeing as how she doesn’t have a whole drama to navigate the arc of vengeance-to-redemption, it’ll be interesting to see how she operates from here on out. No one’s going to come out of this fight smelling like roses though.


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  1. ini


  2. red

    oh thank you! 4 episodes again

  3. sita

    thank you so much! i love this drama 🙂

  4. jen

    noooo! what’s going to happen to maru now that he’s finally happy???

    • 4.1 jubilantia

      Since he’s this drama’s butt monkey? Terrible, terrible things.

      Ahhhh my heart aches for him. At first I thought Eun-ki was the butt monkey, but now I don’t feel as bad for her somehow… I mean the worst that happened is that she discovered the love of her life initially approached her to get revenge on somebody else, but he loves her now, so that’s pretty much silly.

      • 4.1.1 SP

        We know he loves her now but EG with full memory can’t trust him now either. How can she’s sure that he doesn’t do all these things for getting JH back. So I understand why she’s angry but she will come back to MR eventually.

        • JoAnne

          We dont really now if she has her full memory yet – she has the last day – which is the absolute worst possible day for her to remember and the day he actually flat out lied about not caring ever – because by that point he DID love her but he was trying to send her away since he had started it under false pretenses

          • JoAnne

            oops – what we have now is she has an event in the past that DID happen but is NOT true and no context to understand that it is not true – she has to recall the falsely loving sweet guy in order to recognize the truly loving mean guy in her vision

        • jubilantia

          It’s true. I’m just very, very afraid.

          • ashura

            Yup agree with JoAnne. I think at this point she remembers only the Worst Last Day Before Accident, but doesn’t remember her emotional state of mind when she decided to forgive him despite knowing he was had bastardo intentions when he approached her. Now these selective memories’ totally unfair to Maru and I can’t help but feel a little upset with Eun Gi.

      • 4.1.2 am

        My heart just bleeds for everyone. As someone has mentioned, JaeHee has this conscience that keeps overriding her evil, not making her 100% evil which makes it a million times more difficult for her.

        Now that Maru is finally being the nice guy the tables are turned. Nobody is really winning except Lee Kyung Hee because she’s playing with our emotions just like she wants. Ugh.

  5. vialin

    poor maru………

  6. clichique

    guys, i’m back on dramabeans since forever because i need to talk about this show.

    does anybody else think that it was maru who put that document on eunki’s desk?? i think when they met up for that date, the first thing he asks is, did you see who you needed to see? did you do what needed to be done?

    honest to god if it was maru who did it………….. my heart breaks for him seriously.

    but i have hope. damnit, i have hope for a happy ending. i know jaegil will spill the beans about maru’s disease. i have hope.

    • 6.1 kristi

      does anybody else think that it was maru who put that document on eunki’s desk?

      As far as I can tell, 90% of viewers/fans I’ve talked to/seen agree with you. Which suggests a) we know Maru too well and/or b) the episode left some significant clues.

      • 6.1.1 houstontwin

        I don’t think that it was Maru. Didn’t he say that EK would have to find the answers herself?

        • personainnominatum

          Who do you have in mind then? I don’t think it would be atty ahn, he knows nothing about EGs current queries..

      • 6.1.2 tinatot

        gawd. i hope maru did put the document on her desk! heartbreaking but it means more points for maru not that he needs more since he has done a lot for eungi already but the more the better right? LOL.

        wahh… i still am not solve on this drama having a happy ending but i sure hope that it would be because twisted as it maybe (or not) maru and eungi are perfect for each other 😀 the bitch who turned good then back to bitch mode and the nice guy who became bad then went back again as the nice redeemed guy… hahahaha i love these characters all of them even jae hee… they make my Wed & Thurs nights interesting haha.

    • 6.2 Abibuyog

      Yes, I do believe that it was Maru who put the accident document on EunGi’s desk, and what is more surprising, he knew that Eun Gi regained her memory already..

      and that is the character of Maru that we knew, putting his life behind so that those people he loves may go forward.
      it seems that he cannot afford seeing Eun Gi hear those lies with those words my Joon Ha..

      and NOW the game of endless revenge is now on Eun Gi’s hand, and Maru is willing to go and be part of Eun Gi’s game, as if telling us that he still want to stand beside her, and decide whatever she want to do with him.. and he can be real to her more.

      • 6.2.1 Big Unni

        And that’s what kills me the most. He’s all like ‘look I’ll hold the gun and pull the trigger if you just tell me too’. It just breaks me the way he knows the realistic ending but keeps a small sliver out for happiness.
        The whole scene with him and Jae Gil had me in tears and I mean I was balling. Then seeing him soak up probably the last happy scene in the show, yea I was a wreck and I generally don’t cry at every little moment but boy I was waterfall. What really got me was the fact that Jae Gil knows what really is going to happen just like Maru. The difference is he knows the real fallout and isn’t as hunky-dorey about it.
        I hope, I mean really hold hope, for a okay ending. It doesn’t have to be white dresses and smiles but everyone surviving that would be nice. Yes I would like that.

        • jomo

          I, too, was sobbing watching JG sob.
          That scene worked so well because at first, he was so over the top loud that I was laughing. It took a split second for that to turn to tears. Of all the people in MR’s life, JG knows him the best -warts and all – and loves him the most. They really are a great pair.

          I am hoping it is JG who convinces EG to see MR for the good guy he really is.

    • 6.3 Aliiiiiiiice

      the thought crossed my mind, but since I’m hoping it’s true, I’m doubting that it is. because everything I’ve hoped for thus far has turned to sh*t.

      i am hoping it’s true because that means that Maru won’t be super shell shocked the moment EunGi pulls an about face and stabs him in the back. though I’m wondering how she can possibly betray him in a way that will really hurt him other than threaten JH’s livelihood, as she may be prone to believing that Maru MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT still have feelings for JH.

      But then again, she’s got none of the passionate self-destruction that JaeHee has, nor none of the cold, calculating intellectual faculties of Maru.

      She’s very straight-forward, honest and truthful, even when she was angry and b*tchy. Lies don’t hold up well with someone like EunGi.

      But then again, the look on her face with that kiss…I mean, she’s already toying with deception, which has never been her strongest suit. Even at the beginning with the Japanese false claim, the deception of forcing the woman to eat the cold cream in her dessert was immediately revealed.

      She’s been egged, she’s been cursed at. So she isn’t one to run away from direct confrontation.

      So I’m just curious. WHAT is going on with her. Is she trying Maru’s old suit on for size?

      It’s worth noting that even when Maru was a rat bastard, he still held a code of ethics and held a strong sense of responsibility.

      I can’t imagine EunGi going totally evil, especially when she is, at her core, emotionally pure. Untrusting, maybe, but pure, nonetheless.

      She’s never one to not understand her feelings or twist them around into something perverse.

      Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

      • 6.3.1 Betsy Hp

        “the thought crossed my mind, but since I’m hoping it’s true, I’m doubting that it is. because everything I’ve hoped for thus far has turned to sh*t.”

        Hee! I love the way you word this. 🙂 The idea hadn’t even occurred to me (for some reason I just figured a lower ranking secretary got the info for her — very unimaginative of me) but it would be cool if Maru did do it for exactly the reasons you gave.

        I don’t see Eun-gi playing a game like Maru played earlier. But I can see her laying low, playing along, while she figures out who her enemies are. And then coming out in crush-mode. (which is would be totally awesome as long as she identified the right enemies — tragic if she goes wrong).

      • 6.3.2 ashura

        My guess is JH. Didn’t she kind of threaten Maru that Eun Gi will leave him once she knows the truth?

        • Jade Butterfly

          I totally agree with ashura.My money’s on JH .
          Smaller bet’s on AA (abominable Ahn).

          • Jayden

            I disagree with the Jae Hee theory because it does neither JH nor Ahn any good if Eun Gi recovers her memory. Hence my money is on Maru.

      • 6.3.3 Gasenadi

        “…She’s got none of the passionate self-destruction that JaeHee has.”

        IMO, EunGi barreling across the double-yellow line straight onto oncoming Lover sounds like self-destruction (and murder) to me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE and ADORE EG, yet I think THAT incident is consonant with the drama’s premise that each character is fully capable of dark deeds and irrational moments. She may not be totally evil but, then again, no one in this drama is; there are varying degrees of evil and good in NG. Which is what makes it, for me, so addictive. Just my 2 cents.

    • 6.4 girlatsea

      OH, I kind of thought it was Maru’s desk. Guess I was wrong?

    • 6.5 jubilantia

      My vote’s on Maru. Kid’s allergic to happiness.

      A distant possibility is Min-young, but I really think it’s Maru.

      I also have hope for a happy ending! They’ll pull through! *sniiiff*

    • 6.6 foolmoon

      Yay, you read my mind !
      That’s what I think, too, because we see before how Maru was brooding after Eun Gi’s question. His expression was like ..” Well, come what may… ”
      And his response after Eun Gi’s confession in the directors meeting feels so sincere, more relax, and not holding back. He was like “I’m ready to get my punishment. Do what you wanna do with me, Eun Gi, as long as you’re happy.” No more pretending that he is going for her wealth, in his mind.
      It’s interesting, isn’t it?

      • 6.6.1 clichique

        yeah, like when they were discussing the accident and he looked uncomfortable the entire time joonha was lying about it, and brooding afterwards….. and then all of a sudden he’s just letting himself go all out happy about buying gifts for eunki??


        why, maru, why do you have to do this. i swear. it is really, really heartbreaking.

    • 6.7 asianromance

      I had assumed it was creepy lurker Secretary Jo or anyone from Team Jae-hee, since Secretary Jo was the one who had at one time given her that pic of Maru and Jae-hee.

      Or Eun-ki was just smart enough to request a copy of the accident report and to have it delivered to her office.

      But so sad if Maru was the one who gave her the accident report and it would go along with him basking in that beautiful morning moment and asking for nothing more. (This show’s got some great twists, but sometimes I do think we’re giving the show and characters too much credit for being clever or sneaky when the situation turns out to be straightforward…)

    • 6.8 jomo

      Hello clichique –
      Nice to see you.

      I think JG will do one of those classic, “If only Maru could live to see your debut, Choco, —- Ooooops! Pretend you didn’t hear that…” and the truth comes tumbling out.

      Choco would RUN to EG to tell her and ask for help. Choco witnessed the change between MR post meeting EG vs all those years of him mooning and suffering over JH. She knows EG will be able to bring him back to life.

      I don’t know how or why the picturing the death of SJK as Maru rips a hole into the fabric of my real life happiness, but it does. I don’t know how I would go to work the next day!!

      Kudos to the writer’s balls if she kills MR. I wouldn’t want to be her, or any of her relatives in SK after the show is over.

      We should all get suspicious if we find out she has purchased a three month European excursion before the last broadcast.

      • 6.8.1 am

        I like how you think since I can totally see JG doing that, however, this drama has been playing with us, that everything we’ve been expecting to happen, minus the preempted amnesia scenario, hasn’t really happened.

        LKH is seriously going to kill off someone. Let’s just hope it’s Min Young hahahaha

      • 6.8.2 jubilantia

        Heeee. Right? It’s great that she can make us feel so much for the character but ah my heart.

  7. kristi

    then the actual sad moments end up feeling like a relief, because at least we knew they were coming. It’s that in-between time of wanting to be happy for our couple all while bracing for impact that’s hardest on the nerves.

    I don’t know about ‘relief’ but at least it’s out in the open, more or less, and we can confront it.

    What kills me, what I didn’t expect at all, is that I’m pretty sure (and I’m hardly the only one who suspects it, I think the episode left some strong hints there) Maru’s the one who left the envelope about the accident report. He doesn’t want the torment of uncertainty any more, not for himself and certainly not for Eun-Gi. If it’s Judgment Day, then let it happen now and he’ll pay whatever price she wishes to inflict on him.

    I don’t think it’ll be a ‘simple’ case of Eun-Gi going vengeful on him, despite the ‘scary’ ending. If that’s a parallel to what happened in Japan, then the parallel also has to extend to what ultimately happened to their relationship, where he became drawn to her and fell for her despite himself.

    Someone commented elsewhere their relationship is a series of “despite…”. There have been a hundred reasons for them they shouldn’t fall for each other, be with each other. Remains to be seen whether that will also apply to the final four episodes.

  8. Aliiiiiiiice

    UGH. That look just kicked me in the heart. I understand the importance of symmetry, with the happy-sun-filled Maru and the patient waiting while she very coldly calculates a way to right a painful situation — the ice cold kiss at the end.


    I mean, Maru is the story of a nice boy gone heartless after having his tender, ever-faithful innards thoroughly mind-frakked, but it’s just excruciating to see the same story unfold for EunGi…possibly.

    I say possibly because although the two are cut from similar cloths, Maru has always chosen his mind over his heart and EunGi has always been his complement in that aspect.

    Even when his heart is ready to love again and is open to EunGi, Maru still is able to choose because he listens to his reasoning faculties to form moral choices.

    I’m interested in seeing how this plays out for EunGi, since she has the chance to play the game differently to set things right.

    There are 4 episodes left and a lot can happen in 4 eppys. (Or 6, if the extension comes through.)

    I expect some kind of twist, some mutual fall from grace.

    In the most ideal situations, I see them both surviving this story, but walking away from the TaeSan empire to make good on their promise on each other.

    Thematically, I don’t know if someone as emotionally driven and secretly heartfelt as EunGi was destined to rightfully rule over a company like TaeSan. The way her father tried to teach her to become wasn’t the right fit for a person like her, which is why she fell so impossibly headfirst into love with a guy like Maru.

    I really do believe she wanted to unconsciously escape from the weight of a kingdom like TaeSan.

    In any case, this drama is all about Fate laying options and characters making hard choices, despite the consequences.

    Jaehee, when shown all the cards, had made hers. Maru, the same.

    I think EunGi, now having had the opportunity to see the situation as it really is, has the opportunity to make hers.

    P.S. When is the whole Jae Gil’s chaebol connections gonna come to play? Seriously, if they don’t start building on that element now, it shall be a valuable card wasted.

    • 8.1 anduril

      I thought the point was that his family was wicked and wealthy and he chose to reject them. This gives him the experience to be the moral compass character.

      • 8.1.1 Aliiiiiiiice

        Even if JaeGil were to stand in as a major SYMBOL-OF-HOW-THINGS-COULD-HAVE-TURNED-OUT-IF-THEY-ALL-DROPPED-THEIR-ACHEY-NEED-FOR-REVENGE, I think his chaebol connections are still being underutilized.

        There’s gold right there. And they’re not even using it! (yet)

        There have been quite a bit of commentary regarding how cute and how much we all enjoy Jaegil and Choco together, but there’s a missed opportunity there if they don’t use it.

        Most of the major characters have had incredible arcs — from JaeHee to EunGi to MinYoung to Maru to Choco.

        Yes, Choco.

        Remember when she was a total brat at the start of the series and did a complete 180 after her brother rescued her from a less than ideal living sitch with the battered moms?

        About Lawyer JH, I’m cool with him being a knight in shining armor. It makes me feel not as angsty over my sporadic cases of 2nd lead syndrome.

        But JaeGil — I just want to say, “Come on, man! Make good on your declaration and LIVE for once!”

        He’s pretty much the same guy from eppy 1 to here, as much as I adore him and still do!

        Maybe it’s BECAUSE I adore him so much that I really want him to step up, man up and DO something other than being perpetually unemployed or running away from his father’s company.

        I know it’s asking for a lot, but the show’s already done such a great job so far, even this late in the game, that I don’t think this burning request to give JaeGil something meatier to sink his teeth into is too much to ask.

        For some reason I’m okay with Choco having not a lot of depth. She’s young. Or Jae Hee’s oppa: he’s a stock character who’s abrasively honest about his self-absorption and greed.

        But JaeGil… he was groomed to take over this entire empire, this huge conglomerate — to run away for love, get dumped, shift from sporadic part-time piano-playing gigs, one to another, while falling in puppy crush with Choco. It’s niiiiiiiiiiiiice, but there’s still so much potential there.

        Before I EXPECTED a big reversal in terms of his presence and clout, some huge impetus for his character to grow up and man up, but now I’m….timidly hoping? Fervently praying?

        Come on, Show.

        I know you’ve given me much, but I’m asking for juuuuuust a bit more in the JaeGil department. And I want more than just cuteness and wounded puppies because I think he can do more. I think he has more potential.

        • Aliiiiiiiice

          correction: he didn’t run away to get dumped, he ran away for love to get swindled, then jumped into the arms of a jealous moocher before falling in like with Choco.

        • moose

          except that Jae Gil never ran away for love though? the reason he left his family was based purely on his morals. and even when he was given the chance to come back, he still rejected it – not because of love, but STILL because of his morals. i feel like you’re really undermining Jae Gil’s choice to leave his family by saying that he did it only to get conned and dumped.

          • Aliiiiiiiice

            “the reason he left his family was based purely on his morals. ” <– um, I disagree. And to clarify, I disagree with the word "purely". Purely suggests that his morals was the 1 and ONLY motivating factor as to why he left his family, but that isn't QUITE the case, though, is it?

            I don't mean to undermine Jae Gil's choice to leave his family. I love him as much as the next person, but he is scared-brave little puppy.

            And, as it appears, though I could be wrong, Jae Gil left his family for a girl who conned him out of his savings.

            Our morally spot-on Jae Gil can be a brave puppy, but he's a puppy.

            **When EunGi left her family the first time, she left her job, her suitcase, most of her belongings and her money. She acknowledged that she was leaving wearing the clothes on her back because she can’t walk outside stark naked, could she? She even refused JH lawyer’s credit card, even when he said he was giving it to her as a friend and not as a Taesan employee.

            ** JaeGil left with a significant amount of cash (I’m guessing large enough for him to live off of for quite some time, or at the very least, large enough for some gold digger to find tempting enough to swindle out of him) and a girl on his arm.

            JaeGil THOUGHT he was running away for love, which was why he was blubbering about the lost money in eppy 1. The tragedy was that it turned out what he thought was love was actually a con.

            Had he known that the girl was conning him, I’m not quite so sure he would have so “bravely” left his family.

            From how the story unfolded, he didn’t leave 100% because of his morals, but, yes, his morality compass did help keep him from crawling back to the family.

            ” i feel like you’re really undermining Jae Gil’s choice to leave his family by saying that he did it only to get conned and dumped.”

            I’m sorry it feels that way, honey bunny.

            My purpose was not to undermine JG, especially since I’m such an ardent JG fan. If anything, I admire him all the more BECAUSE he started out as a wimp.

            Part of the reason why I’m such a fan of his is that he’s just as brave as he is cowardly. He has challenges and he surmounts them.

            He’s a coward and he’s not the smartest guy in town. He got swindled out of his money had he had neither the ability nor the guts to confront the girl and get it back. He can to call on his buddy Maru for that one.

            He was so “in love” with Moocher #2 that he ignored Choco’s indignance when she was accused of kicking his girl and pulling her hair.

            But admirable is that, when push came to shove, he recognized when the Moocher was lying because he understood Choco’s personality. And dumped the Moocher, even though he was desperate for a girlfriend.

            He’s a coward when it comes to admitting his feelings for Choco, but will ultimately do the loving and right thing when push comes to shove.

            YES, JaeGil left his fam and his fortune, only to get conned and dumped. But the incredible thing about him is that he decided to stay away.

            While he might not have been strong enough to leave before without a motivating factor (gold digging, swindler of a lover), he was strong enough to stay away when the drama was said and done.

            I don’t mistake Jae Gil for what he is and what he isn’t. And I think that’s what makes my fangirl adoration for him a little more honest than the garden variety fangirling.

            Characters that are fascinating and strong and layered are the ones who don’t start out with all the courage and spunk and I-must-do-the-right-thing attitude. ( I mean, dude, he covered up for Maru, thinking Maru was only playing EunGi.)

            They’re the ones who are just shy of being really good people and, when Life challenges them and puts them between a rock and a hard place, they make the tougher choice.

            THAT’s what makes JG worthy of my admiration and adoration.

            He was no Nathan Fillion at the start of eppy 1, though he desperately wanted to be cool and debonair, but he eventually became his OWN version of cool and debonair with the tough choices he had the courage to make later on.

            Kinda like collecting hit points in an RPG, or from going saiyan to super saiyan.

            In any case, I want our Golden Boy to go all the way. If the story ends, I feel like JG never gets the opportunity to really turn from dinky little catterpee to a badass butterfree, to show that it’s not chaebol = evil, but what people do when they have that sort of power.

            That it’s JG’s heart that makes Jae Gil, well, Jae Gil. And that it’s not power or money that corrupts it.

          • moose

            wow your post was really condescending lol. i’d appreciate it if you didn’t call me honey bunny as if i was some kid next door or if you didn’t treat me like some fangirl who’s not seeing the truth or something. i still stick by my statement because nowhere in the show was it implied that Jae Gil left his family for the girl. either way, i don’t know why you’re fixated on this when Jae Gil’s only in each episode for like 3 minutes. he’s not big enough of a character with enough depth in the first place for there to be that much of a development.

        • hatikristal

          Wow, we shares a same point of view !

          I expect more from Jae Gil, as a chaebol.

  9. hanyuja

    one of the only times i was refreshing the page, waiting! thanks!

  10. 10 wowow

    Oh nooo :0 Ive always knew that eunki would be the one thats gonna have her turn at getting her revenge on Maru in some point of the story, but why now?? D: right when Maru’s being a Person again? 🙁 Gosh thaat kiss …

    Btw thank you for the awesome recap! :))

  11. 11 kika

    Thanks Heads! Enjoy your thoughtful comments and analysis as usual. They make me appreciate the drama more.

  12. 12 Adelina Francis

    The million dollar question who left the envelope with the accident information
    3 if the person she asked two combined to say that they did not know if it was a woman or man, for me it was Ma Roo, he wants out of this situation quickly that although she feels happy to be beside the knows he can not protect her forever:
    1st. if the operation becomes something could go Tues
    2nd. while colasar could help the dying and their increasingly worse CONDITION

    • 12.1 Awe

      my money’s on MaRu. i think he left the envelope with the crash details in it on her desk.

  13. 13 Momi

    Eungi’s dead eyes….CHILLS!!!!! :O

    I honestly wanted to give up on this drama but this episode made it all worth it. Even though I kind of saw everything coming already, it was still an enormous bomb to drop. plus I realized the last 5 or so episodes were really pretty dull because I honestly don’t enjoy amnesia Eungi. She’s way too passive.

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      I’m with you momi.
      I missed the fiesty Eun-Gi dearly, although i still loved how honest she remained even after the whole amnesia on top of amnesia plot.
      The last portion of this show has brought me back, and im curious as to how eun-gi will progress from here on out.
      I loved loved loved the reversal in maru& eun-gi’s roles in that last kiss. It just symbolizes so much of how different their relationship is now.
      Now that she knows everything(or majority of it? the show didn’t clarify yet if she remembers ALL her memories), it’s her time to make her decision. No more taken advantage of, no more lies. Just fiesty Eun-Gi ready to make a come back and take back what’s rightfully hers.

  14. 14 Momi

    OK what is with JaeHee’s lips?????? I saw her putting on lipstick a few episodes ago and she does it on purpose. Terminal disease lips I call them. -_- They’re so distracting and not a good look hon. Since I already hate her it makes me even more angry at her lol.

    • 14.1 muhloy

      she only puts the lipstick on the insides…it’s really weird and distracting!

      hahah but you are right, we aren’t supposed to like her anyway, so i guess it’s okay.

      • 14.1.1 Ann

        I have gotten the feeling that she has been less physically attractive in the last few episodes deliberately. Perhaps it’s the stress of her desperation.

        • asianromance

          I think it’s because she’s putting on the ugly CEO-esque clothes. Like the Chairman had said, being the head of Taesan is equivalent to giving up being a woman (which is pretty sexist).

          • houstontwin

            I think that the actress looks like she might be a few months pregnant and is wearing clothes to hide it.

    • 14.2 ilikemangos

      Oh yeah. apparently the gradient lips style is sort of a popular trend right now in korea, i heard?
      I find it really distracting when she talks because her lips are all I see, really.

      • 14.2.1 Momi

        OH, so it’s called gradient lips? I don’t like it at all. It makes the person look sick. @_@ and yeah, it’s really distracting because it’s all I can focus on.

    • 14.3 bambledd

      Not only that Jae Hee has bad botox lips. The upper lip is all bumpy. Looks like they’re filled w/ pebbles or something.

    • 14.4 Awe

      it seems to me that JH started her transition when the chairman scolded her for not being “mom-like” to EunKi. ever since that episode she has become much OLDER looking. her hair style, her mom pants and mom-pantsuits and the washed out lips.
      prior to the scolding, she had long hair, luscious lips and wore short-sleeves and stylish clothes.

      now, she really looks noona.

  15. 15 mel

    re: Karmic points lol I was thinking the same thing. Surely he’s made it up to her by now right? I mean he’s got hematoma courtesy of her and keeps dropping huge hints that he wasn’t a great guy in the past. Being ran over has to count for something surely.

    I feel bad for not really feeling that sorry for EG, other than for her bastard father. Maru using her early on I could understand because JH seriously screwed him over repeatedly, but in the end he couldn’t even go through with much of his “revenge” using her because of his awakening feelings. Her using Maru, who she does completely love just seems a lot worse.

    Though I do like her character more now. She’s just as screwed up as JH and Maru so I’m glad to see that back instead of super innocent EG. And Maru totally knows she has her memory back. He’s just playing along letting her do her thing.

    JH is gearing up to make a sacrifice and/or save Maru in some way. I could see her dying now. It’s pretty clear to me that she does actually truly love him in her own little twisted way.

  16. 16 neener

    all I can say at the end of the episode was MARU YAAAAA~~~ I really think he’s fallen for Eun Ki really hard!

    • 16.1 Vincy

      It seems that when Maru falls for someone, he falls hard. Ahaha ==;

  17. 17 KLover

    OMG… that look says it all 🙁 sooo scary, soooo cold, and sooo calculated. I want the nice EunGi back. I feel for her though, now I wonder what she’s thinking. How is she going to play her cards, will she play Maru like he did her? I can’t wait for the next epi… 4 more to go.

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2! Now, I can sleep in peace and watch tomorrow. 🙂

  18. 18 Kiki

    Scared for the next few episodes. I really wonder how they would wrap it up in 4 episodes, too many plots, subplots, etc…NG had been my life for the last whole month…and so far had been hurting so good…I was actually looking forward to the extension, because they would have no time to bring sweet eunma scenes by this rate…that said, I can’t help being a bit disappointed by the two previous eps with the live-shooting, the drama had a different feel to them IMO. No more extensions, unfortunately. Two more weeks to real life once again.

  19. 19 ladida

    So. Delicious. My show is baaaaaaaccckkkk! Thanks for the recap!

  20. 20 missjb

    God, Ma Ru is so calculating. I’m amazed but scared to death at the same time about knowing and aware for his capability and understanding someone’s feeling, emotion, and their psychological condition. No wonder he is capable to seduce any woman, It’s not merely his looks.

    And now, he use it to dig his own grave? I just about to cry when heard his voiceover, it’s so heartbreaking. 🙁

  21. 21 Sajen

    crap… they’re all going to die aren’t they, even Jae Gil and Choco

    • 21.1 muhloy

      i too feel a sense of overwhelming doom and gloom

  22. 22 Village Mrembo

    Come on Eun Gi time to grow up! so he used her then dumped her (not cool) But she in turn tried to kill him (and who knows if he does indeed die then its on her!) and now she’s feeling sorry for herself? Maru’s more than redeemed himself in my book what with nursing her, running her company and even forgoing his surgery while at it.
    I for one do not see the big conflict regarding her basically being with Maru while dad was dying, yes she wasnt there for her dad but wasn’t the major reason for their fallout, and her subsequent leaving of her home business related and very little to do with Maru in the first place? Plus i know dad is still dad but wasnt this the same guy that was so cruel to her esp with the Japan resort thingy? Or maybe i’ve suffered some short term memory loss, in which case pardonez moi!

    • 22.1 moose

      i don’t see why she should grow up? she’s not feeling sorry for herself that she was betrayed. she’s ANGRY that she was betrayed. and she doesn’t know that maru’s being genuine this time. for her, he’s taking advantage of her amnesia, and trying to take over the company now by marrying her (which i think is why she openly admitted that she has amnesia in the conference, so that the company would still go to her, and not maru). she doesn’t even know that maru has hematoma, so i don’t know what you want her to do about that.
      her guilt regarding her dad isn’t a conflict.. it’s more of a motivator, i think, because the guilt she’s feeling makes her even angrier at maru (and herself) since she left her home and father only to be with a guy who wasn’t even sincere. and just because her dad was an ass to her, it doesn’t mean that she didn’t love him. i’m sure there’s a reason why she was still living with her family despite having the money to move out and live on her own.

      • 22.1.1 Village Mrembo

        damn! u sound like an EG fangirl geez! its just my opinion no need for the clearly ‘not very impressed’ response, besides she’s a fictional character, she doesnt exist, damn!!!

        btw she should grow up because he used her and she in turn tried to kill him, the hematoma isn’t even relevant at this point so whether she knows about it or not it don’t make a difference, plus fact is whether she thinks he is being genuine or not Maru still has helped her loads after she came back, so i still stand by my opinion, them 2 are pretty much even, no need for her to feel sorry for herself.

  23. 23 muhloy

    Min-young punches like a total nerd.

    • 23.1 HeadsNo2


    • 23.2 moose


    • 23.3 Gasenadi

      Yeah, right?! Exactly what I thought! LMAO!

  24. 24 Sajen

    something I forgot….

    Why is everyone so determined that Eun Gi have Taesan when I don’t think she herself ever really wanted it, all her work was just to prove herself to her cold father, so again why is everyone so convinced that it’s her “rightful” place and what she wants?

    • 24.1 Village Mrembo

      Nah i think she explains it best herself when she told JH she doesnt really give a fudge but seeing as theres so many people determined to ensure them snakes don’t get their hands on the company, she feels obligated to atleast lend a hand (and who knows once said snakes are out of the picture she might just appoint that Director ahjussi she was tricked into meeting as the new chairman! Or so i wish!)

    • 24.2 Aliiiiiiiice

      That is an excellent point.

      And very telling that she stopped herself when imagining the futures of her imaginary Maru children as a baseball team and said, as a way to correct herself, something along the lines of “scratch that, let’s have them become whatever they want to become.”

      I wonder what it is that EunGi wants to become.

      Before it was to live in worship of Maru and the life that they were to build together. But now that her idealized picture of him has shattered, as evidenced by her apology to her dad and calling Maru a no-good jerk, I wonder what EunGi wants for herself.

      We know it’s not Taesan.

      We know it’s not to worship the Kang Maru who fooled her and played her as his pawn.

      So now, what? I’m suuuuuuuuuuper curious!

      • 24.2.1 missjb

        what she really want is the truth?

        1. what cause her dad died when she went to MR
        2. To knowing MR geniune feeling towards her

      • 24.2.2 jubilantia

        Yeah yeah! This new line of possibility is awesome because her pre-accident relationship with Maru was a mite unhealthily obsessive, even if he hadn’t been using her in a revenge plot. Since we’ve had both extremes now, hopefully it will become more balanced. You know, right before everybody dies *crosses fingers that that won’t happen*

      • 24.2.3 jomo

        I have a little time/POV problem with Eun-gi’s self correction about letting her kids be whatever they want to be as opposed to what parents want.

        Here is the problem – the person saying this is Amnesia EG – who has NO recollection of her father AT ALL , let alone a domineering father. She would have no awareness in that mind that parental wishes for children can be counter-productive and stifling. Her world was all sunshine and rainbows at that point.
        It is a small thing, but it struck me as a stretch.

    • 24.3 mel

      I’m assuming because most are loyal her father and she did work hard before she met Maru. I like Maru’s take on it. She needs to get it back and then do whatever she wants with it. But she shouldn’t let other people just have their way with the company, especially someone like JH who would run it into the ground in a few years. EG does at least have that responsibility.

      • 24.3.1 Saner

        I feel they both need a purpose in their lives.
        Today, Maru was talking about how his only purpose in life is Eun-ki. Before her, it was Jae-Hee.
        Why doesn’t he love himself to give himself a purpose outside of people he loves to strive towards?

        And Eun-ki’s reactive nature is cut of the same cloth – As Eun-ki 1.0 she worked at Tae-San because of her Dad, to preserve her mother’s memory, to block Jae-Hee.
        Then both Eun-ki 2.0 and 1.0 (to a degree) threw it all away for Maru.
        Now Eun-ki 3.0 seems determined to use Maru, as she’s angry at him for her father’s death.

        Reaction, reaction, reaction.

        However, I agree with the commentator who said Maru knows Eun-ki better than she knows herself:

        there was an interesting line in there I latched onto, about Eun-ki needing to take responsibility for trusting him.

        Unlike Eun-ki 3.0 who is pretending to be Eun-ki 2.0, Maru continually warned Eun-ki 1.0 away from him (yes, maybe with the knowledge it would drive her crazy). But initially, he was never really initially warm to her. There was that moment outside of the house where Eun-ki 1.0 blatantly asked Maru out again to rile Jae-Hee up as well.
        There are constant moments where Eun-ki decided to keep driving in the direction of the relationship, instead of letting it go. Although Maru hurt her at the Beach (out of his own selflessness, gah!), she does have to take responsibility for continually seeking him out, despite his initial warnings to her about his intentions.
        Oh, and for driving the car into him too.
        That’s a biggie.
        She may be angry at Maru, but it isn’t his fault that Chairman Seo died (*looks at Min-young and Jae-Hee – oh, and Joon-ha who totally knows this too!!*) and he didn’t exactly drag her to that beach either – the first time or the second time in the car. She needs to reflect and realise that it was a combination including her choices that brought her up to this moment in her life.

        • jomo

          About EG and her feelings/future with TaeSan.

          I think EG does care about the company a lot.
          At first to not disappoint her father, and some to protect her mother’s memory, yes.

          But whenever we hear from JH or at the business meetings about what the rest of the company thinks, or their business partners, or even the striking workers think, it is positive.
          We hear and see that EG’s touch, despite being drawn for us as cold and heartless, is far from that. Her passion for the resort hinted at how she felt for the projects SHE chose, and direction of the company SHE would like to see.

          I think TaeSan in EG’s hands would evolve into a different, smaller and better company that what her father has built, and I think her father knew that. I get the impression they were too diversified and too spread out.

          With her father, and JH and Ahn finally out of the way, EG would have a very happy existence running TS the way she wants. Not sure if Maru would have a part in it. I would very much like to see him out of the company, too, and doing his own thing.

    • 24.4 justpassingby

      I don’t think she ever didn’t want the position at TS but when she loved Maru, the desire to love him was far greater than the desire to keep the position. It was enough to make her give up TS if it were to bring her closer to Maru.

      When she lost her memory, she WAS being led into the whole TS business, but I personally think Joonha and co. were doing the right thing. By letting her settle into TS it was giving her both options (by no means were they forcing her) of continuing or pulling out of TS once she regained her memory; after she remembered what was important to her. AND if ‘what was important to her’ was still important to her, she would stay. This ‘important thing’ used to be memories of her mother, and her desire to keep TS to herself only because it was better than being in JH’s hands.

      Now, this ‘important thing’ has ironically become the memory of her father and her feeling she needs to make things up to him.

      So, in part you are right. I dont think anybody was “convinced” she wanted the position but they were keeping options open. Smart move. Imagine if EG had not returned to TS, then regained her memory and all the things that were important to her…all her motivations. She would not be happy. Once you’re out of the TS circle, it would be so so so much harder to get back in. BUT you are right in that she doesn’t want TS for meaningful reasons.

      EG wants TS…even though, like you said, she doesn’t quite want it for meaningful reasons. Rather it is a symbol for the revenge and the memories that motivate her.

  25. 25 justpassingby

    mm 🙁 what i dont understand is…that if EG remembers everything now, in particular the relationship with maru in which he had already confessed he was initially using her, why does she not remember how much she had liked him regardless of his motives? why is that an issue now? besides she would be able to pick up on his change of attitude. from condescending and emotionless zombie to the nice maru who is more on par emotionally now.

    anyhoo thanks for the recap 🙂 hehe

    • 25.1 Jade Butterfly

      EXACTly .I agree totally wt justpassingby!
      Whats with the cool stare ? She knew his assyness & yet she loved him. She tried to kill him off !! Shouldnt that more than even the score? I hope she doesnt fell like she needs to be cruel to him or what. He’s so immensle in love with her , its not a joke. She should just take it from that level of love.
      I dunno why I dun think its Maru who left the document.
      I just dun feel its him. Dunno.

      “we just know that all this talk means it’s never going to happen. Because dramaland, especially melodramaland, is a cruel mistress”……SHHHHH!!! Writer -nim will hear you…They might kill him off just yet..sshhhhh..

      • 25.1.1 Jade Butterfly

        Typo : immensely in love

        I dont feel its him who left the document.

    • 25.2 SP

      Reading many comments that don’t understand why EG mad at Maru. This is my thought.

      1. If EG have full memory back.

      2. If EG have only selective memory we’ve seen in ep 16 back.

      Whatever she got the option 1 or 2. What MR lie to her at the beach is what she believes now. MR is a great example of the boy who cry wolf. EG will never trust his word or his action again.

      You see EG believed MR has some true feeling for her so she decided to be damn with what he deceived her and told him she still want to be with him at the beach but he told her that everything he did to her was calculating and he can do everything to get JH back and more. So at the end EG really believes that all MR did was lie to her (couple with her father dead) that why she decided to suicide with him. And that the last impression she got from MR before she lost her memory.

      Now she can’t be sure anymore whether what MR did for her during her amnesia are calculating or genuine one.

      We all see and know that MR lie to her at the beach about his feeling for her and he’s so sincerely love her now but EG doesn’t know and see it so she may think that he help her to pull JH back to be with him.

      Anyway, I think EG will use MR to revenge JH not exactly revenge MR though.

  26. 26 muhloy

    i liked how Jae-gil cried. it was very real and messy and sniffly. not like that pretty crying that all the other characters do…

    he cries like i do.

    although once Maru started proclaiming that he wasn’t going to die i was already planning my recovery after his damn funeral. gah!

    • 26.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      (( H U G ))

      i know. JG is adoraburr!!

  27. 27 christy

    I look forward to these recaps just as much as I look forward to the show each week. Thanks. 🙂

    I’m so excited for these last episodes, at this point, I just keep hoping that it’s a satisfying ending. With how often people keep reminding Jae Hee about Maru taking the fall for her, I just keep hoping she’ll get outed and Maru will be cleared. Bah, I keep trying not to speculate because nothing has gone how I thought it would.

    I too feel like something is a little off about Eun Ki going all revengy/cold on Maru right away. I dunno, like getting her memories back shouldn’t wipe out everything since the accident! Maybe it just seems too underhanded for the girl who was so up front and forthright. I kinda hope it doesn’t last long, or Maru sees through her soon.

    Whatever the case, can’t wait for next week!!!

    *hugs* <I think we all need them. 🙂

    • 27.1 asianromance

      I think in her mind that everything that happened since the accident was because Maru still wanted to get Jae-hee. And to her, Maru hiding the connection/past he once had with Jae-hee would be indicative of his underhandedness (lying by omission).

      One of the flashback-memory-returning moments has the line Maru said about how he would do ANYTHING to get Jae-hee. (which was Maru’s lie to try to get Eun-ki to stop liking a guy like him).

      • 27.1.1 jomo

        By george, asianromance, you’ve got it.
        “In her mind that everything that happened since the accident was because Maru still wanted to get Jae-hee”

        This is the key “misdirection” that EG has latched onto coming out of her amnesia.
        MR engineered his fake confession at Heartbreak Beach to confirm EG’s biggest fears and to use the hornet’s nest of EG’s hate for JH to effectively shut off any of EG’s positive thoughts towards him.
        EG is absolutely going to believe that JH is the reason Maru ever approached her.
        In her mind, JH is the person who drove away her mother, JH is a rival for her father’s affections, and
        JH is the mother of her probably competitor for the company.
        The good news is, though, that pre-accident EG never looked at JH as someone who could defeat her. If EG decided before the accident that she would take MR as he was, in spite of JH, the post amnesia EG will also make that decision.

        • jubilantia

          Maru might make that choice, but maybe not before he gets amnesia/paralysis/dead. Or right before. 🙁

  28. 28 wowow

    Thumbs up Alllllllice 😉

    • 28.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      🙂 heeeeeeeeeee.

  29. 29 anduril

    I want Eun Gi to remember that she didn’t leave her father for Maru. She left her father because of Dad, Maru just gave her courage to stand up for herself. That seems to be her main anger, that she wasn’t there when he died. But that is her fathers fault first, her fault second, and maybe Maru’s fault at a late third.

    • 29.1 jomo

      I know!
      It is interesting that she chooses to accept JH’s accusation that EG wasn’t there for her father when he died.
      Didn’t he die so quickly there was no warning?

      But her father’s death affects EG on many levels.
      Despite having lost him over a year ago chronologically, she is only NOW processing her grief.
      Part of her post-amnesia shock is EG getting through the anger, guilt, acceptance, etc.
      Do I think his “Trust no one!” speech influenced her development more than anything? Yes.
      Do I think now that he is gone that she will continue to accept HIS words to live by as her own? Nope, I don’t.

      I think the Eun-ki 3.0, as Saner so neatly put it, coming out of that kiss is someone we haven’t seen YET completely. Once the emotional dust settles, I don’t think she will follow a simple revenge path, and I don’t think she will be taking anyone’s previous words/accusations as facts. She is too smart for that.

  30. 30 watcher

    I love this episode! Agree with other comments:
    1- Old ES is back and planning a revenge on MR
    2- MR put the accident report on ES’s desk
    3- MR knows ES regained her memory

  31. 31 watcher

    Totally agree with the following revelations from this episode:
    1-MR put the accident report on ES’s desk
    2-Old ES is back and planning revenge on MR
    3-MR knows ES has regained her memory, and just going along with it

  32. 32 boms

    Ok, I have two theories to EG’s being back and her possible plans… Her opened eye kiss thing.. -shudders- scares me and I’m assuming that it’ll end in one of these two ways:

    1.) After remembering everything Eun Gi is pissed off at everyone and everything and with all her hatred and anger, uses Maru in the process. Maru realizes she’s back, notices how she’s going about solving things the wrong way, gets hurt, but accepts the consequences of his actions and does his best to help her while help her realize what she’s doing. He tells her that he made the same mistakes and blah blah blah about self reflection and redemption and etc; they eventually end up dealing with everything by finally just letting it all out in the open and things get better from there… and THEN they will finally work together (as in no one has their own agenda) and win over the company and then the whole hematoma business will happen- BUT that is a whole other conversation that can happen later.

    2.) She’s angry at first, but evaluates everything and decides that maybe it’s time Maru gets a break. Although, I’m not sure how levelheaded this Eun Gi will be as she’s basically a combo of all the previous Eun Gis we have seen [ both pre and post amnesia(s?)] or is it the other way around in which she was like this before, we just never got to see these different faces until recently…? (Boy am I just confusing myself -_-) ANYWAY, If this does happen. She’ll probably be more headstrong and independent with her battles and become a badass lioness protecting her cub (Maru) and makes Jaehee get all her shit (this includes MY) together and leave..

    Meh, I feel like it’s pointless to be predicting anything.. One this is for sure- this drama is kinda unpredictable. Which is why I appreciate it so much..\I look forward to what comes next XD

  33. 33 Suzi Q

    Oh no,… now EK is doing the “open eyes” kiss…

    I still don’t get if she really knew if Maru was driving in the oncoming traffic lane when she crossed over to commit suicide?

    Seems like Maru has redeemed himself and is finally happy and a nice guy with EK. The idealistic dream of family and children was really heartbreaking sad. At this point, I really felt sorry for Maru because I felt their relationship was doomed.

    Darn! EK’s memory returns at last! I was wondering how long they would delay her getting her memory back but unfortunately Ek is only dredging up all the bad memories from her past.

    Maru better watch his back…Everyone is going to come at him from all sides..Eun Ki.. Jae Hee…Jae Sik ..Joon Ha and Min Young. Still just loving this intriguing drama.

  34. 34 Anvesha

    Thank you! Someone realizes that Eun Ki’s anger is misdirected on Maru for the most part. What gives her the right to feel wronged and vengeful at this point? Her dad’s death (or the accident) was not his fault.
    I thought she trusted that Maru’s feelings were real despite him insisting otherwise and the accident was some sort of indication of this..? Or is she just trying to exact revenge because her previous tactic (double suicide) didn’t work? The only time I wanted her like this was when she found out about his grand revenge plan.

    • 34.1 SP

      MR misleads her feeling first that way. It’s his wrongdoing. If he didn’t tell her all lie at the beach. She will never angry at him like these. I will just quote “27.1 asianromance’s comment” here.

      “I think in her mind that everything that happened since the accident was because Maru still wanted to get Jae-hee. And to her, Maru hiding the connection/past he once had with Jae-hee would be indicative of his underhandedness (lying by omission).

      One of the flashback-memory-returning moments has the line Maru said about how he would do ANYTHING to get Jae-hee. (which was Maru’s lie to try to get Eun-ki to stop liking a guy like him).”

      I think this is pretty clear why she mad at MR couple with the thought that she leave home the raining night for love confession (show her vulnerable side) to MR who always love JH (her great rival) and all his action to her were calculating (that what MR lie to her) leading to her missing to be with her father for the last time (which I think it was partly her fault to ignore Joon Ha called and choose to believe MR too).

      “A boy who cry wolf” is can apply greatly for MR at the moment.

  35. 35 jubilantia

    AHHHHH it’s the soulless eyes! Nooooooooooooooooooo

    I guess it’s a reversal that had to happen, but oh, my heart. Poor Maru.


    -It’s heartbreaking how Jae-hee is so unsure as she’s crying to Min-young, desperately trying to convince herself that the gold-digger way is the normal way. This drama has done a great job setting her and Eun-ki up as foils to each other. They both have similar personalities, but want completely different things (Maru/love vs. financial comfort), and the dichotomy is really well-portrayed without being too on-the-nose.

    -I thought Min-young was shaping up to be the real villain against a possible Jae-hee redemption arc, but then she went all “we can get rid of her without getting our hands dirty” and she’s back in Eviltown.

    -God, the Jae-gil scene broke me. Be our voice, Jae-gil! Drag him to that hospital. Kidnapping may be in order. Also, Maru lampshading all those cliché surgery outcomes means they won’t happen, right? Please?

    -And then the soup scene broke me. Again. Also, be greedy, Maru. Moar happiness! You deserve it.

    -I’m sort of loving the role reversal with Mara pulling a Jae-hee by marrying into Taesan, but for reasons completely unrelated to gold-digging.

    -We knew this already, but Song Joong-ki is fucking awesome. His show-down with Jae-hee was so brilliant and cathartic and chilling, and major points for that crushingly, mockingly cruel use of the word “noona”. It’s also terribly sad how Jae-hee mistakes her self-preservation tendencies for love as she begs him to call off the wedding, or rather that that’s the only way she can connect with someone. She is messed in the head, but I can’t totally hate her, so yay for fully-realized villains.

    -The subtext in the JH/EK scene is great. I don’t know if current Eun-ki is actually thinking this, but you can practically hear Classic Eun-ki crowing “I’ve got him now, bitch.”

    -Terrifying thought: even if she regains her memories, will Eun-ki’s old personality come back? Answer given a few scenes later: signs point to yes.

    -Oy, with the Stepfordness after the accident revelation. You’re freakin’ me out, girl. My reaction at the board meeting, as she stares daggers at her lying heroes, was pretty much “ohshitohshitohshitohshit”

    -The directing as her memories come back is really well done, but my overall reaction as it continued and shit kept getting more real was “shiiiiiiiit fuck no no fuck fuck no fuck FUCK” and a resounding “FUCKNUGGETS” when she opened her eyes during the kiss.

    -In the aftermath of the madness of that reveal, I was hoping she would confront Maru about it and give him a chance to explain himself, but it looks like it’s her turn for revenge. Which would be great if it weren’t now mostly unwarranted, him having already repented and actually loving her now and all. It’s my very least favorite drama trope, when issues could be solved by the characters having a pretty simple pow-wow, because it’s a lazy way to create conflict and tension. I’m really hoping this drama won’t resort to that. Don’t do this, writer. Here’s hoping the drama doesn’t derail into non-sensical horribleness for everyone. Sensical horribleness, yes. I know a certain (high) amount of tears are warranted in the last quarter, but at some point the “Then it got worse. Again. Some more. AND THEN ALL THE PUPPIES IN THE WORLD DIIIIED. BY DISMEMBERMENT.” moments just make me disengage emotionally. Mostly as a defense mechanism.

    P.S. Joon-ha, a “TO BE OPENED WHEN YOU GET YOUR MEMORIES BACK” envelope for Eun-ki containing the fact that 1) your daddy loved and respected you and was gunning for Jae-hee and 2) it’s actually Jae-hee and Min-young’s fault that your dad is dead would have been really helpful. I’m disappointed in you, adorable lawyer.

    P.P.S. I guess the point of Eun-ki’s revenge now is to say that Maru can’t get off scot-free for his initial revenge scheme, but honestly. As you said, a hematoma and self-mutilating guilt is not scot-free, and he has paid the debt further by taking care of Eun-ki. The worst thing he did was lie about his feelings in that last scene by the Breakup Beach (love it), because I’m pretty sure at that point he actually did love her and was wrestling with major guilt/self-esteem issues and trying to push her away.

    • 35.1 jomo

      Agree on this:
      “As you said, a hematoma and self-mutilating guilt is not scot-free”

      In one of the NG recaps, someone pointed out how the hematoma represents Maru’s guilt perfectly.

      Hematoma, oh so weighty,
      Hanging round my Maru’s brain
      Why does he think he deserve this?
      Seeped in sadness, guilt and pain?

      Won’t remove it, won’t choose living
      Even though he’s soo NOT bad.
      Won’t admit he’s worth forgiving.
      and when Eun-gi finds out, she’ll be sad.

      I need to see my Eun-gi happy –
      beside her Maru on the mend.
      Just let him see he is Nice Guy
      and let us have a happy end.

      • 35.1.1 Laurita

        oh my, what a piece of poetry (applouds) never thought that it’s possible for the drama :’)

      • 35.1.2 jubilantia

        Awesome poetry! Also SYMBOLISM.

        I’m really hoping that since the hematoma has been foreshadowed for freaking EVER that the characters will actually combat it and get through it without Maru dying.

        What I really hate is when stuff like that comes out of the blue. It’s like a cheap sucker punch to the heart without any narrative weight (49 days anyone?)(God, fuck melodramas. Why am I here again? Oh, right. Song Joong-ki. Damn you, Song Joong-ki! … Ok, no wait, come baaaaaack…)

    • 35.2 JoAnne

      “Then it got worse. Again. Some more. AND THEN ALL THE PUPPIES IN THE WORLD DIIIIED. BY DISMEMBERMENT.” Between that and fucknuggets I pretty near peed on the couch so – thanks for that

  36. 36 GaksitalPyong

    You know what was awesome about this episode. The fact that Maru chose the bag that MOON CHAE WON hers truly designed. It is even called the Moon Chae Won bag. Lol that was probably on purpose but boy is my Chaeki heart racingggggggggg!!!!

    • 36.1 Laurita

      really? wow, I didn’t know that haha

    • 36.2 clichique

      dude i ship those 2 in real life so hard.

  37. 37 Laurita

    Who can be reasonable, logic and always do right decisions all the time? We are not machines. And especially in such tangled circumstances. I know, maybe we are used to oh so faithful heroines who always does the right thing (even though it makes them suffer), but in real life it is not so. Ok, yeah, it’s not the real world but still. Especially when the memories are coming back so many at once, the hurt must be huge. So while I am not telling that Eun Ki is right in starting the journey of open-eye kissing, I do understand her for now. (Of course, I feel the forthcoming hurt to Maru and my heart aches too. )
    And finally, I’m sooo curious to know how everything will turn out.

    • 37.1 GaksitalPyong

      THIS. I am sick of everybody feeling oh so bad for Maru when he was truly being evil when he used an INNOCENT bystander for his revenge. Even if Eungi was going to go all vengeful on him I would totally cheer her on. What Jahee did to Maru is no different from what he did to Eungi..use love to manipulate. At the end of the day she will be choosing to do what Maru did to her. She won’t do..this girl is too honest. And BTW how can the girl know he’s sincere now? I mean the boy covered his tracks making sure he was perceived as the big bad wolf. Once Eungi finds out he was asking for half of Taesan she will know why he was being good to her all this time–even if it is not the truth WE know..she will see it that way. And maybe if MARU would freakin ARTICULATE his feelings instead of using voice-overs all the time she will understand him better. But once the trust in a love is gone, it’s hard to earn it back.

      • 37.1.1 mel

        Most have issue with the fact that 1)she knew he was bad 2) she was warned repeatedly 3) she kept doing it anyway. She was hardly an innocent bystander when she’s very much a part of what happened to her and now Maru.

        I don’t actually think she’ll go through with much and other than hiding in the crowd in Japan I don’t see anything Maru did as truly evil.

        • SP

          I think MR did some Evil things more than you mention.

          1) MR told her that he loves her whlie he clearly didn’t at that time in front of JH and used her love confession to hurt JH like EG’s love didn’t matter to him.

          2) He kissed her knowingly that he used her and want her to falling more on him.

          I agree with what you have pointed out.

          1) she knew he was bad
          2) she was warned repeatedly
          3) she kept doing it anyway

          This is my view.

          1) Pre anmesia: She was warn and she knew MR true purpose but she still love him believing that he has some true feeling for her that way she kept pursuing their relationship. But after the beach scene she truly believe now that MR never has sincere feeling for her and he did everything to get JH back.

          2) Post anmesia: She was warn but her heart know that she love him. However she’s curious so she tries to remember everything. Now she remember (I can’t be sure that she remember everything or just only the memory that shown in ep. 16. Anyway, it’s unfortunate that she remembers the beach scene with lead to her believe that MR used her to get JH back just like he told her that “There not thing he can’t do to get JH noona back”. And she angry that he took advantage of her anmesia for his get – JH – back plan which we know that it totally misunderstand. And she must angry at herself that she left her dad for the guy that not worth her love and did show her vulnerable side to him which betray what her father had taught her and choose to blame it on MR too.

          Btw, if she plan to revenge MR I’m sure she wants to hurt him as much as to hurt herself. Because she blame herself too and she still loves him. It must hurt like hell to intend to hurt someone you love the most.

          Both EG & MR weren’t innocent and their choice brought them to these point. We can’t blame only one not MR not EG or not JH. Every characters get to be blame for their poor choice. Ok I think I should left little kid ES out of these.

    • 37.2 missjb

      @laurita: I’m right with you…
      I know right? Eun Ki’s Point of view is so messed up. Thinking Ma Ru only using her, and for her, What she did to her father for abandoning him for someone who are not even worth her love is A BIG DEAL and she regret it so much.

      When someone has so much hurt and feel emotional, they can’t think with a clear mind. That’s how real life is.

  38. 38 sudi

    OHh..uhoh.. what a turn round situation is this/ Like Ma u played her..I GUESS SHE IS GOING TO PLAY HIM.It’s hard when a girl is cheated when she left her everything just to be with that guy..let’s see how she will play

  39. 39 GaksitalPyong

    I see why people might speculate that Maru knows that Eungi knows but this just feels like that time everybody was saying that Eungi knows that Maru is using her. I think that the writer leaves A LOT to be interpreted (and that’s why the audience speculates a lot), but the actions carried out my the characters are not all that complex…it’s the emotions behind them that are. I think the point of the open-eye kiss at the end was to show that there has been a role reversal..now Eungi is the one playing and Maru being totally unaware of it. It will be a nice little twist if he does know, but something tells me that Maru was genuinely unaware at that moment. All those other times..holding the drink near the window and his shocked expression during the meeting are just hinting at him being afraid of losing Eungi to her memory. I mean if the guy really knew she got her memory back I don’t think he would go about letting her use him. I know it lines up with his sacrificial character, but Maru is on borrowed time. Not only that, but he knows more than anyone Eungi’s pain that will come with her memories. That seems like something he has to confront/comfort her about.

    • 39.1 asianromance

      I also feel like Maru is genuinely unaware of the moment too – because like you said, there were so a lot of assumptions that Eun-ki knew Maru was using her and that she was using him back, when it really turned out to be a straightforward Maru-was-using-an-unaware-Eun-ki. And we’re supposed to see this moment as a parallel to the Aomori moment, where a totally happy Eun-ki was kissing a Maru who was just manipulating her. At the meeting, I think Maru’s shock was because Eun-ki went off-script.

      But in a way, after the initial shock, it really isn’t that shocking. Bits of Eun-ki’s old personality have returned and from her speech with the ceo she had offended, Eun-ki’s getting more willing to bet on herself, her recovery, and her skills. Even if she had to work from the bottom-most rung, she’s confident that she will climb back up the ladder to Chairwoman in no time.

    • 39.2 Angie

      I would love to think that Maru is unaware so that he could be happy for a little longer, but I really think that he does know that she has her memory back or at least more of them. He has been preparing for this moment for a long time even if he doesn’t really want it to happen. He has accepted that her memories will be back and will do whatever she wants even if that means she’s going to use him.

      Clues that make me think that he knows:
      1) As you mentioned the meeting scene I think that when Maru looks shocked and heartbroken because it’s sinking in that she’s remember. Her personality came back during the meeting. She even specifically stated that SHE doesn’t want to hide behind anyone anymore and that she would rather start from the bottom to show them her ability. Maru is smart enough to pick up on the hints of her true personality showing that probably indicates that her memories are coming back as well.

      2) After the meeting, he says “That’s the Eun-ki I know.” Meaning that he acknowledges that she’s back, or at least her personality is.

      3) (This idea came from another blog) She asks Maru to buy her gifts and she specifically asks for a kiss. When Maru and Eun-ki initially started dating in the beginning, they agreed to end their relationship with a good bye kiss (ep 4). I’m pretty sure Maru remembers that and knows this is why she specifically asked for a kiss. I don’t know where this scene will lead to in the next episode, but I think the kiss symbolizes the ending of whatever it was that they had before and the beginning of her using him for her own purposes and he will let her do what she wants.

      On a side note, it was interesting to see the role reversals during the last scene because Maru waited forever for her with her gifts like she did in Japan and the kissing scene where Eun-ki opened her eyes like he did before.

      I disagree with saying that he wouldn’t let her use him. I think that he will because of all the guilt he has. He has already stated before in episode 14 that she needs to stop hurting herself and hurt him. It means that he wants her to take out her anger on him because of how much he has hurt her and that it’s okay for her to use him. But like you have said, he will still comfort her and help her adjust to having her memories back. He has accepted that he will get hurt but its not going to stop him from do as much as he can for her.

      • 39.2.1 Betsy Hp

        Ooh… I’d forgotten about their goodbye-kiss agreement! That does make for a nice tie-in. (Even if Maru doesn’t realize, for that matter — could be Eun-gi’s own thing.)

        I’m honestly unable to make a call on Maru knowing or not. I could see it going either way — and see good and bad occurring either way — so I’m very much in wait-and-findout mode. But I like how you laid things out here!

  40. 40 D'andra

    Ok So what do you all think is most likely…He will die or he will have memory loss?

    Honestly I am just hoping for a happy ending but I don’t like the idea of memory loss. I hope she realizes the whole truth quickly with the help of the sexy lawyer! I really don’t like the sound of the statement she made when she said she did her dad wrong buy going to meet Ma Ru. He dad death was inevitable and was going to happen around the same time anyways. I like how the Eun Gi is strong willed. I mean who does not like that in the lead female’s character… But I have to admit she ‘s a bitch and things looks dismal.

    • 40.1 shelhass

      Sorry to tell you that but this is a Lee Kyung-hee drama, there’s no such thing as happy ending with her.

      Do I have to throw the “A Love to Kill” card?

      • 40.1.1 ju

        Well, isn’t it a bit too much of a cliché? To be sure that the characters are going to die because in the previous dramas it was the case is a bit disappointing. It makes it lose its narrative strenght. Well, I want to be surprised and the end is always, to me, what makes a drama a good one.

      • 40.1.2 adelfra

        I agree with you, all his dramas are thus of additive and end with the death of or the main characters or have an ending that we were all upset, always say the not going to see anything that says Lee Kyung-hee, but then fall again

      • 40.1.3 ju

        Even if it’s not that happy, I can throw the “Will it snow for christmas” card 🙂
        Well, even if I like this phase of assumptions… let’s not bet on it and stay in doubts, this is so much more interesting! Maybe it’ll be death, maybe worse… or maybe, we will be suprised…

      • 40.1.4 foolmoon

        Oh, I wish there is someone out there like Si Won’s mother (Answer Me 1997) who keep calling (today maybe spamming e-mail) the writer-nim to change her story. At least, don’t let Maru dies.

      • 40.1.5 adrian

        not forgetting ” i am sorry, I love you”…. a very sad ending but atleast both of them died… hukhukhuk

      • 40.1.6 reen

        I want to add ” sorry i love you ” Drama

    • 40.2 mel

      He’ll live with some debilitating side effect of the surgery. Not enough to ruin his life, but enough so other people will have to care for him. At best I could see an open ended ending where you can think he might get better in the future.

  41. 41 spazmo

    is anyone else noticing that park shi yeon is pregnant? how is jae hee’s babybump going to play into the story – or not? is it creepy guy’s kid or are they going to show her just from the waist up, from now?

    • 41.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      they’re giving her bigger coats.

  42. 42 ju

    Thanks for the recap!

    Well, well poor Maru! He is stuck between his guilt that tells him he already has enough and his greed of wanting each time a little bit more. They are in a dead end because no one seem to be willing to tell Eunki the truth, no one is really honnest… And so, she is left free to make her own assumptions. I guess the story will end if she was all forgiving already… but it’s kind of interesting to see that the role are interchanged. Eunki is the one who is pretended when Maru is the one who becomes crazy in love. Is this going to end in another breaking or another amnesia?

  43. 43 ailee

    *gonna get 10 boxes of tissues ready for the next few weeks. plus 5 if SJK die*

  44. 44 kahlanrich

    i love u, heads!

    your writing talent is so compelling.

  45. 45 John


    Thank you for the recap.

    I;m guessing that it was Maru that left the accident report on Eun-ki’s desk.

    I think he did that as both a blocking move on Attorney Joon-ha , that exposes his lie; and as a gesture to Eun-ki to show her that he, (Maru), isn’t going to hide anything from her.

    I like Choco and Jae-gil together. If anyone is going to have 9 kids, let it be those two.

  46. 46 Carole McDonnell

    Dang! She had to remain her memory now…. Darn!!!! Just when …just when….

    oh cruel ironic world!

    Still gonna avoid watching it UNTIL the ending where Maru and Eun-ki live happily ever after with much wealth, power, and many children. Just sayin.

    • 46.1 mskololia

      I’m avoiding watching until the end and do not anticipate any children by this couple at the end.

      For the sake of humanity. Just. No. 😉

  47. 47 mskololia

    Thanks Heads! Perfection as usual.

    Well, it will be interesting if MR allows her to use him to bring JH down, which should be brutal.

    Does atty Park have any balls on his person?…..Give her your #$*&@%^ package already and the tape recording. Or has he done so after her announcement during the board meeting by leaving the accident report and will finish with the taped conversation of the chairman, JH and MY when her father was allowed to die in all of their presence? Hopefully, the company atty is smarter and not so impotent as what they have shown thus far.

    Get your game on atty Park!

    • 47.1 asianromance

      I know, right?! Sometimes Joon-ha will do or say something nice and I’m all like “hell yeah”, but then I remember how he hid the truth regarding the Chairman’s death (and then texted Eun-ki about her dad’s death). I really hated that reveal that Joon-ha’s dad was responsible for EK’s mom’s death just so that he wouldn’t reveal the truth behind the Chairman’s death.

      If he’s a daddy’s boy and want to protect his dad – maybe that’s a little bit understandable…

      But if it’s to protect his relationship with Eun-ki? I’d like to think that Eun-ki would appreciate that Jae-hee and Lawyer Ahn be brought to justice sooner rather than later.

      but then we wouldn’t have episodes 10-16 then….but I’d also like to think that the story can be told without having Joon-ha obstruct justice.

      • 47.1.1 jomo

        Joon-ha’s seems to be confused on how to help EG, which is interesting since he really knows her personality better than anyone. Why would he think subterfuge – keeping the truth from EG about, well, EVERYTHING, would make her happy?
        It doesn’t mesh with the way he treated her pre-amnesia.

        He seems to be going by the idiom “You gotta be kind to be cruel.”
        Dude- just rip the bandaid off FAST and let EG decide how to deal with the facts. She is all grown up.

        • jubilantia

          I know, adorable lawyer has been laying down on the job lately. I don’t really understand why he’s suddenly lying. And seriously. Write her a letter about her dad so she doesn’t like, blame Maru for his death and exact unnecessary revenge on the poor guy as she seems to be doing.

      • 47.1.2 ju

        I think that the characters are not nice or bad (well, really really bad for some of them) and Joonha is not an exception. If he was perfect, it would be troublesome since it would mean that our characters can be all nice all the time? I mean they would have no excuses for their faults. Well, it’s just my way to explain it. 🙂

  48. 48 tinatot

    quick realization, if maru indeed was the one who put the document on the table then i guess he now know that eungi could have regained her memories and could just be playing with him. so its like he’s on a suicide mission since he’s sleeping with the ‘enemy’ (you get what i mean hahaha)…

    • 48.1 mskololia

      I’m going with Team Park on the discovery….

  49. 49 aqua girl

    is it true that Maru himself revealed the documents, after he said in his voiceover that that morning was the happiest moment he ever had?
    And their talks during the walk… how sad and romantic and cute, all at the same time!

    Aargh… how come this drama be so dark and so twisted yet so sweet?

    I just wish this one won’t end up tragically, though the hematoma, open-eyes kisses, revenge, etc…etc…

  50. 50 Sajen

    so I thought of something while I was sleeping.

    As happy as I am that Eun Gi is almost certainly back her amnesia did have a purpose. I may be wrong but from reading other comments I and most everyone else only liked Eun Gi but but after the accident suddenly Maru and even Jae Gil and Choco became more likable.

    Perhaps more important is her bonding with her half-brother, because as of right now I have this terrible feeling that everyone, Eun Gi, Maru, Jae Gil, Choco, Min Young Jae Hee and her brother are all going to die. So now I wonder if she might leave Taesan to Eun Suk with Joon Ha ans the secretary running the company till he’s old enough.

    • 50.1 asianromance

      I think Choco and Jae-gil will be spared.

      I have a feeling that anyone deeply embroiled in a tragic relationship will die at the end: Eun-Gi, Maru, Jae-hee, and Min-young. It’s like they’re all stuck in some sort of loop with no way to get out except death.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Min-young gets rid of Jae-sik within the next episode or two.

      • 50.1.1 jomo

        But, JS, the happy fool, will somehow weasel out of it, again.

        • jubilantia

          Oh god, will he be the only survivor? Social commentary! *facepalm*

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