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Nice Guy: Episode 20 (Final)
by | November 16, 2012 | 365 Comments

And so it ends, and we have to say goodbye to the nicest guy we’ve never seen anywhere in the world – the drama world, anyway. More than just coming full circle, our characters (and especially our side characters) are able to finally move on from the shackles of their pasts in a satisfying way, even if they might have had to jump through one too many off-screen hoops to do it.

Some payoffs inevitably feel more earned than others, but at least we’re offered something sweet and hopeful to chase away all the bitter suffering. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a box of tissues for the journey ahead.

Final episode ratings clocked in at an even 18.0%, a solid and successful finish to a solid and successful show.


Eun-ki doesn’t even seem to waver at Maru’s offer to run away together, and coolly pulls her hand away. “I think you’ve misunderstood something,” she says. “We have already ended our relationship long ago.”

And right now, justice for her father, Taesan, and Joon-ha are all more important to her than Maru.

He wrist-grabs her into a hug as she tries to leave, and it shakes her resolve. It’s with a smile that he tells her to go, but he steadfastly holds onto her sleeve until she’s out of reach. Even though he’s letting her go, he doesn’t want to.

(I had to go back and check another episode because I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but today’s opening credits are different – the clock in his hand is moving forward at a normal speed, not speeding backward, and he’s smiling through his tears. Seriously, what an awesome touch.)

Eun-ki confronts Secretary Jo about Joon-ha’s accident, and he chalks his appearance that night up to coincidence. She acts understanding and sweet as she asks him to take a seat… and then kicks the chair out from under him. Eun-ki-ya! Why did you ever have to have amnesia?! You and your bad self were gone for too long.

She grabs him by the collar and demands to know who hired him. To say that he’s afraid of her is an understatement, but neither of them are aware of the spy listening outside.

And of course, that spy reports straight to Min-young.

Maru tells Jae-hee that it’s time to turn herself in, since the death recording will make its way to the police tomorrow regardless. Jae-hee threatens to reveal the slush funds Eun-ki’s dad took out for her and ruin her, but Maru is unaffected.

He explains how he was so scared of her threat that he wanted to run away with Eun-ki, but she rejected his offer because of all that needs to be done. “Seeing that side of Eun-ki put me at ease,” he confesses. “Because it’s her, she would be able to handle anything that comes her way just fine. Now it’s okay for me not to be next to Eun-ki.”

Jae-hee still has no intention of turning herself in, and getting Maru’s empty shell as payment is unappealing to her. She’d rather die.

On that note, she asks Maru, “Do you want to die together? Let’s die together. Even if we live or die, we can only go to hell.”

Maru: “If you want to die, then die alone. I am not going to die. Why would I die? I didn’t even do anything wrong. Even without love, I can live fine alone. It’s not like I’ve always had what I wanted. I was never selfish or full of greed in my life, not even once. The things I want to do, the things I want, the things I wish for… Have I ever had any of those for at least once in my whole life? I can live fine without love. I will find a way to survive. Dying is hell. Why is living supposed to be hell? I definitely won’t di-…”

He gets cut off by a sudden wave of pain. Well, that hematoma certainly has a knack for dramatic timing.

Eun-ki thinks back to Maru’s offer as she tends to Joon-ha. She notices his fingers starting to twitch, and tears fill her eyes. He’s waking up. (Rejoice!)

Jae-gil comes home to find Maru passed out on the floor. His horrified reaction Breaks. My. Heart.

Choco can barely contain herself when she arrives at the hospital. Jae-gil’s eyes are bloodshot from crying as he stands vigil outside Maru’s door while the doctor is inside, and Choco confronts him about keeping Maru’s illness from her.

He doesn’t deny that Maru didn’t want her to know, and even admits he thought it was for the best, too. Choco breaks down, blaming herself for not noticing sooner, when Maru would be able to notice when she had the slightest fever. Time for a tissue break.

Jae-gil comforts her, at least, in telling her that Maru could do that because he’s her older brother, and she’s his younger sister.

She steels herself to go inside, but turns around at the last minute and leaves. Is it too much to hope she’s gone to get Eun-ki?

Maru finally stirs, and it’s Doctor Suk at his bedside. Yet they don’t act like strangers who haven’t seen each other in years, as Doctor Suk tells him that his surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. And because of all Maru’s dilly-dallying, his chance of survival is now 50%.

Then the reveal, as Doctor Suk admits that what he regrets most is doing as Maru asked, and treating Eun-ki. So it wasn’t coincidence that she was seeing Doctor Suk – Maru had arranged for it all along. Which means he must have known where she was after the accident.

He regrets it because he knew Eun-ki would go after Maru the moment she regained her memories. But it’s with a smile that he tells Maru that he better live, or else.

Joon-ha finally opens his eyes. Eun-ki’s there for him and cries in relief.

Jae-sik saunters into Jae-hee’s dark dining room, nonchalantly munching on a corn-dog while she sits in silence.

He’s eating it for a reason, as he explains that he’d gone to juvenile detention once for beating up a kid who made fun of their mother’s prostitution. When he’d been released and found Jae-hee eating a corn-dog with her friends, he’d asked for a bite. She’d thrown it on the ground instead.

“Since then, you’ve treated me like this,” Jae-sik adds. “Like a stupid dog that’s just passing by. Not even once calling me Oppa.”

But then, he tells her that he was fully planning on killing Maru, despite Jae-hee being against it. He claims he couldn’t pass up on an officetel, and was planning on just shutting his eyes and killing Maru.

The only thing that stopped him and his greed? Choco, whom he affectionately calls Chici-Chici-Choco-Choco. Because she’d regularly fix meals for the man who came to kill her brother.

And even when he went yesterday to kill him, she’d cooked him seaweed soup for his birthday with the beef he asked for. “So how can I… how can I kill that guy, her oppa? How can I kill him after I ate her seaweed soup for me?” Pump the brakes, Jae-sik has a conscience? This scene is amazing in ways I can’t describe.

However, he’s NOT happy about losing the officetel, and blames it all on Jae-hee. If she’d ever shown him an ounce of human kindness, then Choco’s kindness wouldn’t have affected him as much, and he could have killed Maru for the officetel. Er. Well, when you put it that way, both Jae-hee and Choco saved Maru’s life.

Of course, Jae-sik is holding back since Maru’s dying anyway. His lack of conscience returns as he wonders if he can pass off Maru’s natural death as his doing so he can get the officetel, but Jae-hee has only heard the “Maru is dying” part and demands to know more.

That night, Maru thinks back to Doctor Suk’s words, about doing everything he needs to before tomorrow’s risky surgery.

Jae-gil finds Choco singing her heart out in a norebang, and chides her for not being at Maru’s side. She refuses to see him until after the surgery, because she doesn’t want him to feel at peace if he sees her.

She knows because she’d almost died while Maru was in prison, and the only thing that kept her alive was the thought that she couldn’t give up without seeing him. “So my Oppa, also, if he gets the surgery without seeing me… By chance, while getting the surgery, if he’s having a very hard time and is in so much pain, if he thinks he wants to quit everything… ‘No, that’s not right. I didn’t get to see Choco.’ He will think like that and gain strength, so he won’t die and come out alive.”

Jae-hee calls them to ask about Maru, and she can barely hold herself together as she dresses to go. She remembers Maru proclaiming vehemently that he wouldn’t die, and now understands the meaning behind it.

She catches Eun-ki on her way in for a change of clothes, and remembers Maru saying that he could survive without love. So when she decides to tell Eun-ki the truth about Maru being sick, she’s chosen the higher path – what’s best for Maru, and not herself.

As Eun-ki zombies her way through the hospital hallway, we hear Jae-gil in voiceover telling her that Maru sustained the hematoma from their tunnel of love. She’s also carrying the guilt of Maru delaying the surgery because he’d wanted to help her regain her position in Taesan first.

Eun-ki hesitates at the door, as Jae-gil’s voiceover continues: “Maru said he was very happy being together with you, Eun-ki.” As for the surgery outcome, no one knows.

She can’t work up the courage to knock. Maru, perhaps sensing her, opens the door… but she’s not there. Is someone going to be there for him?

The sad realizations hit Eun-ki one by one. She flashes back to the Wedding That Never Was, and all the cruel things she’d said to him. How he didn’t say a word in his defense. She eventually breaks down in tears.

Jae-hee, alone in her room, also breaks down into sobs.

Min-young calls Jae-hee from his car, his tone rushed and nervous. He’s taking the blame for everything, and says the story he wants to go to court: He manipulated Jae-hee out of his greed for Taesan. So he alone is responsible for the Chairman’s death… and Eun-ki.

Oh. No. You. Didn’t.

Jae-hee starts freaking out, knowing very well what he’s capable of. She tries to talk him out of it, but he’s intent on taking out Eun-ki so she has no more obstacles in her way. And then he’s ready to take the fall alone.

He puts on a black hat once he sees Eun-ki stumbling down the street. No. You. Aren’t. No you are NOT, you crazy bastard! (*flails*)

Jae-hee’s shaking as she tries calling Eun-ki to warn her, but Eun-ki ignores the call.

Jae-gil visits Maru to lie about being unable to get ahold of Choco, even though he’s more interested in the fact that Eun-ki came to the hospital, but never showed up. Aww. Was Maru waiting for her?

Maru runs outside to look for her, his spidey sense tingling. Just in case we forgot he made the “Run away with me” offer, Eun-ki flashes back to it again as she wanders on the street.

Finally, she turns around and starts running back toward the hospital. Maru spies her from the other end of the crosswalk. Please no Truck of Doom. Please no Truck of Doom. Please no Truck of Doom.

He smiles brightly, and the light changes. She notices him too, and they start closing the gap between them…

But Maru sees a shadowy Min-young approaching her from behind and runs forward, throwing his arms around Eun-ki as he spins around just in time to save her, getting stabbed by Min-young in her place.

Silence. Min-young leaves the knife in his back and walks away, disappearing into the crowd.

The light changes, and Maru just keeps holding her. Does she know what happened? Does she know what happened?!

Maru just holds her tighter in the middle of the crosswalk as traffic moves around them.

Cut to: Jae-hee, calm and collected in front of her mirror. She makes a call: “This is the police station, correct? I want to turn myself in. My name is Han Jae-hee.”

Maru sits on a bench with Eun-ki, using his hand to cover his stab wound. Eun-ki. I know you didn’t really pay attention when he was the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but for the love of all that is holy, pay a little attention to how he looks. His hand has blood on it. Maybe try giving that the once-over.

To his credit, Maru struggles to hide his pain from her. Using the excuse that he’s tired, he tries to send her on her way. Everything they need to say can be said tomorrow. They both keep saying ‘tomorrow’ as though it’ll really come true if they say it enough.

She has one thing to ask before she leaves: “At that time, in that tunnel, why didn’t you avoid my car?” Question of the year.

His face is tense and his words are rushed, since he clearly wants to get rid of her before she notices he’s got a hole in his stomach.

He claims he doesn’t really remember why, but he’ll think about it and tell her tomorrow. She seems to accept it, only to surprise him by swooping in for a kiss.

Jae-hee gives her statement to the police, confessing not only for her crimes but Min-young’s as well. She even takes the blame for Joon-ha’s murder attempt, claiming that she seduced Min-young and forced him to help her.

She even brings up the murder from seven years ago, finally confessing as the killer and admitting that Maru took the blame. I love that even the policeman stops writing the confession, in a “Are you sure you don’t want to check yourself before you wreck yourself?” fashion.

But Jae-hee declines a lawyer, and chooses to keep confessing.

Eun-ki and Maru kiss, and he’s loathe to pull away. She tells him she’ll come back early tomorrow, and that she’s grateful to Jae-hee for one thing – in letting her meet Maru. (Girl, I love you and you’re my favorite character, but how dense can you possibly be? Even if you can’t see the blood, wouldn’t you think it’s odd that he’s keeping that hand to his side? AHHHH. *headdesk*)

Maru stumbles alone on a deserted street, his sweater dripping blood. He falls to the ground, struggling with all his might to get up. But he can’t.

“Eun-ki asked me, at that time in the tunnel, why didn’t I avoid the car? Even though I told Eun-ki that I don’t remember, I remember the reason very clearly.

At the time, I was exhausted by the world and by my lot in life. And this present life of mine, even if it ended this way, I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. And that in the next life, I would definitely meet Eun-ki, and we’d experience that ordinary kind of love that everyone does, the simple kind of love that everyone in the world, no matter who they are and what they do, gets to experience. That ordinary kind of love.

I want to start all over again. This is what I think I prayed to God.”

He gasps for air as he remains sprawled on the ground. Slowly but surely, his breathing begins to slow, until there’s only still and silence.

Seven years later.

A little girl smiles for the camera, as she says in both Korean and English that Park Jae-gil is her father and Kang Choco is her mother. Choco sighs – her name is Jeon Ji-yeon, not Kang Choco.

Hah, and her daughter even says “heol” (bull) like her mother. As they go downstairs to meet Dad, we see Choco and Jae-gil’s wedding pictures on a shelf. Look what happened while we were gone!

Jae-sik is making an honest living working in a fried chicken shop, which Jae-gil stops at in the morning. Secretary Hyun pops in too, to sourly give back a love letter Jae-sik had written to her. Aww. That’s weirdly adorable.

She’s not totally averse to the idea of Jae-sik, and they bicker back and forth over the “love letta” while Jae-gil smiles knowingly.

We find Jae-hee sleeping in her car outside of a prison, apparently waiting for Min-young’s release. He sees her waiting, but chooses to leave before she wakes.

She tries to follow him, but she’s stopped by Joon-ha, who really looked like Maru for a second. (Or is that what they wanted us to believe?) He tells her to respect Min-young’s decision. And by his words, it sounds like Jae-hee was only released from prison a few months prior. Her dreams these days are much more simple than they ever were.

Joon-ha asks her about Eun-suk, and she admits she hasn’t seen him yet. Apparently Eun-ki has been taking care of him, and they’ve been getting along great. That’s so sweet – he finally got his Eun-ki Noona.

Speaking of, we see Eun-ki in Maru’s old neighborhood hiking a sick child up to the local health center. But the doctor isn’t in. Can we dare to hope…?

When she returns to the clinic later, we hear a familiar voice. And the doctor is, indeed, Maru.

Alive. Maru’s alive. Cue collective gasps of relief.

He explains everything that happened in one convenient fell swoop, but all we need to know is that he got the brain surgery, and it was obviously successful. And now he’s a doctor again.

BUT, the little girl goes on with her exposition sickness to add that Maru lost his memories after his big hematoma surgery. He can’t remember anything or anyone he’s ever loved, nor can he recognize faces. (It explains why he looked a little confused when he first saw Eun-ki in the office, even though he smiled soon after.)

Despite his lost memories, the little girl mentions that it’s odd for Maru to always go to Eun-ki’s Bakery, because the food there is terrible and everyone knows it. But he eats there every meal. So why?

Maru just smiles. We find him next at Eun-ki’s Cafe, and she sneaks a couple of pictures of him. (If there was a drinking game for how many products have been placed in just this final episode alone, I’d be getting my stomach pumped right about now.)

He discovers her, and with a sour look, ushers her over. Her camera is full of his pictures, and he asks, “Are you interested in me?”

Eun-ki shyly admits that she is, because he’s her ideal type. “Since when have you been interested in me?” Maru asks.

She pauses. “It’s been a while.” He presses her for more details, but she doesn’t give them because she’s embarrassed. He scoffs and leaves.

We hear him in voiceover as he ends up wandering back to her shop when she’s not there – what we’d heard as he was not-dying, about wanting to start over again with Eun-ki in another life and experience an ordinary kind of love.

Maru: “What kind of person she is… I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at times, because I want to look good in front of her, I’d learn the old school trot dance that her father likes, and learn baduk, and learn how to eat all different kinds of foods without being picky. And at times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artists. And at times, I’d go to the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day.”

He says this as he ends up waiting for Eun-ki on a road she frequents, and she goes to sit by him once she sees him.

“I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her, and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement and gratitude. To date like other people… I think I prayed for it.”

He sits awkwardly for a moment, before he passes over a ring box. She opens it to reveal two couple (wedding?) rings inside.

Maru turns to look at her, the old him filtering through his gaze as he smiles.

They stare at each other, both smiling happily. The last lines of Maru’s voiceover follow:

“And I say my prayers again: Thank you. Now, I am happy.”


What a ride that was. And were it not for these final minutes, I would have walked away feeling a lot more dissatisfied. Not that a happy ending cures all – the ending could have been happy or sad, as long as it made sense – but thematically, it definitely worked. Narratively, not quite as well.

I couldn’t help thinking, once Maru was revealed to be alive, how moot most of the big conflicts ended up being in the long run. There was an inevitable rushed feeling that came from having so much thrown at us in these final two episodes, yet most of it didn’t emotionally resonate with me as it should have, simply because we weren’t given adequate time to really process what was happening.

Up until the forty-five minute mark, almost every auxiliary story going on was more interesting and immediate than Maru and Eun-ki’s story, which shouldn’t have really been the case. But it’s a small complaint, considering that we did get such nice wrap-ups for our side characters. Excluding Joon-ha, even though it’s good to know he’s fine. I do wish there had been more time dedicated to his accident and subsequent coma, because as it was, it felt like a throwaway device employed to spur Min-young into action. And Joon-ha, as a character, deserved a little more respect than that.

Nice Guy was never a show that delivered huge twists and jaw-dropping surprises, and most of the time it was just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. The surprises sprinkled in, like Joon-ha’s accident or even Maru’s stabbing, didn’t pack as much punch as was probably intended. Joon-ha’s accident-and-recovery inattention was probably a time constraint, but Maru’s stabbing was just frustratingly meaningless. And it had the added side effect of making me think less of Eun-ki, a character I love, because too many coincidences had happened just so and at just the right time to allow Maru to do what he does best: Sacrifice. And she got to do a whole lot of nothing.

And in that sense, his saving her was absolutely nothing new. I had hoped that Eun-ki could regain some of her lost traction by saving him from saving her, which would have done a nice job of subverting expectations. But then we’re supposed to believe that even after ALL of that, she couldn’t be bothered to notice a thing? And then it was never brought up again on screen where we could see the aftermath? Yes, his face is beautiful and it’s hard to look away, but the whole stabbing/noble sacrifice scenario felt oddly fabricated compared to the fairly organic storytelling we’ve had till now.

I loved how Jae-hee’s trajectory ended, and thought her arc was one of the more satisfying ones of the series. While I wish we had been able to learn a little more of the Jae-hee that left Maru for the Chairman, I appreciated that she was never evil just to serve the plot, nor was she ever without her own twisted justifications for her actions. The way her morally questionable actions always had immediate and terrible consequences fit in nicely with the eventual change she made for the better. Her choosing to turn herself in, without being literally forced, was as perfect an ending for her as any.

In that same vein, I was surprised that Jae-sik was also afforded a decent arc, and found myself liking his character regardless of his moral compass. This might speak more to how well he was acted, with an ease and total lack of self-awareness that you don’t normally get in your usual villain stock these days, but his refreshing honesty about how awful he was made what could normally be a frustrating character not only palatable, but also dynamic and interesting.

His realization that he couldn’t kill Maru because Choco treated him like a human being was moving, even when his thought process remained so very flawed. The fact that time was spent giving him a happy ending was a little surprising, but it was nice to see that both siblings were able to correct their past mistakes and turn over a new leaf. That was some 2+ Grade Satisfaction.

Where I find myself held up is the completion of Maru and Eun-ki’s arcs, and more Eun-ki’s than anyone. The epilogue we reached was sweet if not slightly confusing (as to whether he had his memories or not), and even though everything changes with time… What happened with Taesan, again? Not that I held any love for that company, but after making it the biggest deal for the past nineteen episodes, was it all for her to give it up and own a shop in the countryside? Not that there’s anything wrong with that decision, but if that’s where we were going, then why oh why did we spend eternity trying to get her to the top of a company she may or may not have wanted?

By leaving the hematoma reveal until the last minute, and by not letting Eun-ki catch on to Maru’s sacrifice, she ended up being so woefully removed from what was happening around her that it felt almost criminal. She was in control of nothing while Maru, up until what might have been his last moments, protected her from everything. This speaks more about him than it does her, since I think that by the time the hematoma news hit her I’d lost sight of who she really was. Who knows, maybe it dates back to the car crash, when the first sprinklings of disillusionment hit. Or maybe it was when Eun-ki 3.0 took the stage.

While I do wish we were allowed more time to spend in the aftermath of the reveals we all saw coming, I did like that the ending worked so well for Maru thematically, and thus worked for Eun-ki by extension, in allowing her to be happy with the man she loves. And while his journey wasn’t about faith, the fact that he started with none and gained it by the end to pray for what he wanted – a fresh start – was a nice touch. He was granted what he needed to live again, not in another life, but in this one. Finally, time is moving forward again. Maybe it’s moving forward for the first time.

In the end, and to an almost frightening degree, Maru proved that there is such a thing as nice guys. Endlessly fascinating and fantastically portrayed by Song Joong-ki, Maru will probably forever remain as one of those characters I liked watching from a distance, but one I wouldn’t necessarily want to know personally. I’ll gladly leave him to Eun-ki and their future soccer team of the world’s most beautiful children. They’ve earned it.


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  1. Noelle

    OMG! Thank you. Off to read.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Yup, thanks for the wrap up! I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade so I’ll keep this short. The ending was really not satisfying. I groaned at the hematoma plot line from the beginning because you can see what’ll happen from a mile away. The fact that BOTH leads had dealings around amnesia and not recognizing faces just scream lazy and clunky writing to me. In the end, besides Jae-hee’s characterization, I feel like Nice Guy was formulaic in its genre when it could have gone a bit more.

      • 1.1.1 M. D.

        I join you, pabo ceo reom. Am I glad that they ended happily ever after? I would lie to say no. Am I satisfied with the ending? Not even close. He was as good as dead, but for the big finale he resurrected like the Phoenix bird. Plus all the other things previously mentioned by the hard working Heads to whom I bow respectfully and by ceo reom. Not to forget the Jae brothers having a conscience whatsoever and Ahn devil-lawyer – I for myself did not buy it, they all have gone too far to suffer a sudden conscience attack. I am not convinced that their actions are in-character.
        However, all in all taken into account – specifically the last episode – I really think that this is going to be my drama of the year 2013.

      • 1.1.2 Silverteem

        Oh but you never saw that the hematoma actually played not the role it was supposed to do — redeem Maru. And failed what it was supposed to do — kill Maru.

        And no Maru did not went amnesiac. pabo-ssi pay more attention to details. 🙂

        The entire drama was formulaic, nothing new has been done, except for LKH’s sudden reversal (of nothing is how it seems) — which if you actually paid attention was the running theme of the drama, everything else is pretty simple. Nothing groundbreaking… but NG’s main selling point is it’s characters. Characters that you would actually care to root for and despise.

        I think, the fact that people could actually question (even hate) Maru and Eun Gi’s decisions are a sign of written characters… The flawed and broken characters were fleshed out really well.

        But I do agree with Headsno2, the ending seemed so rush that the emotional punch did not hit us because we were not allowed to settle on all the repercussions of the character’s decisions. Rather we were immediately brought upon to the resolution.

        Here’s to me really wishing that an episode extension was granted, then the finale would have been better.

        • Silverteem

          *well written characters..

        • glitzmadrb

          If not for an episode extension, maybe they could have lessened the flashbacks? That way, they could have added more screen time with the characters and added more story into it.

          • Roggy


          • kimchi pop

            could not agree more

      • 1.1.3 am

        I feel you about the ending. However, since it’s the end, I try to just enjoy it. I wished they wouldn’t extend it. For the first time, I really didn’t want an extension for a drama that I really love. Although this time, I felt it needed that. Everything was just so rushed in the last 15 minutes.

    • 1.2 cg

      yay….for the happy ending 🙂
      All in all…a good drama….my first melodrama and i’m totally satisfied with it…

      • 1.2.1 lemonade candy

        I’ve just finished marathon all 20 episodes of this show. Man, that was crazy…I just can’t stop watching! Daebak! So mind blowing…I cried, laughed, cried, bawl, laugh and excited from episode 1~ waaaa…. overwhelmed!

        I LOVE THIS!

    • 1.3 MaryKenya

      I’m guessing that taesan is doing well and eunki still has it. As the kid said, it is amazing how her shop doesn’t close even though she has no customer but maru. She may have opened it because she wants to see maru and has it as a hobby or maru devotion. Anyway, i’m guessing she’s doing fine financially and taesan is behind that. By the way, nice summary 👏🏻👏🏻 iwas also wondering what happened to the company and somehow came with that conclusion. It was a good series. It didn’t interest me at first and i watched it because i run out of kdrama that i would like to watch and saw that joongki is the lead. In the end, for me, it was worth watching. There were flaws, yes, especially in the last episode with eunki not noticing the stab but it is quite good.

  2. Amberscube

    Thank you Heads for your hardwork.

    I love the ending!

    Fave Scenes:
    Maru smiling in the opening sequence and the clock turned clockwise…

    Jae Shik flirting with Secretary Hyun . So cute.

    When Maru narrated why he did not avoid Eun Ki’s car. He loved her back then for him to say that he wants to meet Eun Ki in another life and have chance with her again.

    The last scenes of Eun Ki and Maru. Dr Maru with the little girl. I knew he remembers Eun Ki when the girl asked him why he kept buying sandwiches three times a day when in fact other people find it not too good. His expression showed that the sandwiches were not really good… The ring confirmed that he remembers her.

    • 2.1 Amberscube

      And also Jae Hee waiting for Lawyer Ahn when he got out of prison.

    • 2.2 Faranak

      😀 completely agree with fave scenes! Good choices, :-*

    • 2.3 Dark Justice

      Let me make a point here and as this is the first comment it will be helpful so if you don’t mind. …. First of all let me say that it is made clear that he remembers Eun Gee but also has all of his old memories as well. So in other words HE DID NOT FORGET EUN GEE at all as he never had amnesia. Infact he tells the girl that the only side effect that he got from the surgery was Prosopagnosia. (face blindness) This means that while he knows people he wont be able to recognize them without some sort of aid. ie maybe their voice, multiple method of them dressing and a combination of some lotion that they use etc… So most probably he wouldn’t recognize the girl even if he met her the next day or if he bumped into Choco and Jah Hee the next day without some prompt but after that initial thing he would know them and could then talk about old times.

      Since Eun Gee must have told him that she was opening that sandwich shop over there so just to see her he would go and buy a sandwich from her. Plus someone mentioned that the translation for the shop meant Eun and Marru so even if she didn’t tell him he could have gone over and since he is no idiot would have eventually figured out what the case is about etc…

      For the ring I guess he was ready to move on and I suspect that he would have been confident in recognizing her no matter what so that’s why offered them to her.

      Someone else asked what happened to the company. To be honest I had already forgotten all about it showing that it was never that important as I felt that the story was about these two / three characters.
      But lets try to explain it (via imagination ofcourse)
      We all know Eun Gis personality by now. She was all… Fight for Truth, Justice and the Korean Way ofcourse. So when she discovers the truth she does her best to fix it. This causes her to use up most of her resources and all that she is left with is the amount that she uses for the start of her new business (the sandwich shop) (again maybe she never found out) or what some can hope is that while she fixed the problem she is not that interested in the company that much rather she would spend more time with her Nice Guy (Yes pun intended) so while she is still incharge of the company she isn’t running the day to day running of it as before. She leaves that bit to trusted people like her lawyer friend and her Secretary. For some major decisions she will be looked for advice but apart from that nothing else.

      I guess that while she and Jah Hee will never be comfortable with each other (such as her calling the later Mother or considering her one) plus with their past histories and all. They might hold a truce due to Eun Seok and we know who. So I guess if Jah Hee shows up and the company is still in town I guess Eun Gee might let her run it again as long as she doesn’t harm it in any way or try to get rid of sentimental places. Though Jah Hee getting any post in the company would be slim due to the company not wanting to hurt its reputation.

      It would have been nice to see Eun Seok in the flesh so that we would know exactly which school that he is going to and all that. Hmm maybe the girl that he likes is going to be Choco and Jae Gills daughter. Weird but nice.

      I think that I rambled on to much again but would like to hear from you on what you think

      • 2.3.1 S a r a h

        Dark Justice,

        THANK YOU for rambling!
        I completely agree with you and your imaginations.

        Oh, and those rings at the end means that he remembers her after all!

        Having said that, I was so RELIEVED to see that all those happened in the present! And that it wasn’t some imagination a-la Lovers in Paris.

      • 2.3.2 Korazy Lady

        I’ve been pondering this all night and there are still two things that bug me. I know, I know, everyone is pretty much on board with this, but why wouldn’t Eun Gi have insisted he go back to the hospital (with her) even if she didn’t know about the stabbing? Did she think he was just out for a walk the night before surgery? And he said he was really tired…..

        And if he really didn’t have amnesia, what happened after his operation, before he went to America? Are you going to tell me that Eun Gi wasn’t there by his side the whole time? I don’t believe she would have deserted him at that point and time. So how did he go to the US for 7 years (or let’s say 6, giving 1/2 year for his recovery and maybe he’s been back for 1/2 year) without any contact with Eun Gi? This is why I would have preferred he DID have amnesia and they were working on starting the relationship from scratch. No, no, no, this just doesn’t make sense.

        • Silverteem

          Let me just repost this:
          I dont know with the rest of you guys but I had the impression that was where he was going all along. I mean he just literally walked out of the hospital and instantly found EunGi, so it wasn’t that FAR that he needed to call for a cab or WAIT for an ambulance. As for why did he send Eun Gi off?

          Here’s my short answer: Knowing what MinYoung’s willing to do, and how much of a crazy btch EunGi gets when angered, he knew that EunGi might go after MinYoung.

          REMEMBER: the tape was going to get released to the police INEVITABLY w/in a day as per Maru’s conversation. So all that Maru needs to do is wait so that he could put his mind at rest that Eun Gi will be safe once MY is in jail. He doesn’t want EunGi to go after a guy who just tried to stab her already.

          Also, guys Maru’s a Med student, he probably knew that no vital organ was hit that’s why he was able to talk that long w/ Eun Gi. Notice also how he insisted for the cab to wait for Eun Gi. He really wanted to get Eun Gi outta there.

          • Betsy Hp

            I totally agree that they weren’t that far from the hospital and Maru was on his way back. (Maybe was in the garden in front of the hospital when he fell? The place where Eun-gi was curled up on the bench when she went missing from the hospital that one time.)

            And yes, Maru is a genius med student who’s been back in touch with his genius professor for a really long time. So he’s no slouch and probably had a very good idea of where to apply pressure, etc.

            I like your take on why he didn’t say anything and just rushed her into the taxi.

    • 2.4 Rule

      Exactly!!! I was wondering how noone mentioned the rings. they were the ones he bought to give her before the surgery…so obviously he did remember.
      All in all a wonderful drama…loved it. but I agree about the ending it was too rushed and the questions about ‘how’ not resolved.

    • 2.5 kate

      When Maru narrated why he did not avoid Eun Ki’s car. He loved her back then for him to say that he wants to meet Eun Ki in another life and have chance with her again.

      I like this part it really says that he falls in love with Eun Gi.

  3. Anne

    Im going to have some serious withdrawal issues with this drama. I need a continual dose of SONG JOONG KI in my life.

    • 3.1 Rachel

      Feed on Wolf Boy, sister.

      • 3.1.1 Anne

        Im not sure if it’s showing where i am tho.

    • 3.2 Conny

      Penny Pinchers. Omg, he’s simply adorable in that one!!

      • 3.2.1 Anne

        I kept replaying his male out sesh. Lol but i dont like that movie tho.

    • 3.3 twentyonebuds

      haha YES ME TOO! I started rewatching old running man episodes and Sungkyunkwan Scandal… Probably rewatch Tree with Deep roots after that! Can’t wait to see Wolf Boy 😀

    • 3.4 pogo

      Sungkyunkwan Scandal, bb! That was the show that first gave me a monster crush on him, and he’s just so good there, he and Yoo Ah-in have 1000xbetter chemistry than the actual leads <3

  4. rjyuggy

    Bittersweet ending indeed. But for the past 19 episode….why did they focus so much attention in Taesan if they are going to ignore it in the last episode.

    • 4.1 Myeloid

      I disagree with people saying Taesan was important. One of the main points of the drama was that it’s NOT important. Jae Hee’s trajectory is proof of that in and of itself. She had to lose everything she’d ever loved in her life to realize that. The only reason Maru tried to get Eunki back to her rightful place was that he was part of the reason why she lost it in the first place. He only wanted to give her back Taesan so that she could decide for herself whether it was important to her or not. He even said that outright earlier (when Eunki told him she wanted to give it up after talking to the wrong chairman guy when she still had amnesia). Maru didn’t want to decide for her whether Taesan was important or not since it rightfully belongs to her, which I think makes sense.

  5. tiny

    i was super weird with the stabbing incident because i would’ve thought Eun Ki would see Min Young because HE WAS behind Maru. And the following scenes just required so much suspension of disbelief but I’d reckon it’s because I’m a med student and stabbed just don’t last that long without fainting ^^

    But it is a drama! So yey, I love all three actors separately so it was such a great treat to actually have them work in one drama. Thank you HeadsNo2 and Dramabeans for the prompt recaps. 😀

    • 5.1 asianromance

      I think this is what happened. When Maru saw Min-young approaching Eun-ki from behind, Maru rushed to Eun-ki, hugged her, and spun around so that his back was to Min-young and Eun-ki was facing Min-young or where he would have been. Since Min-young stabbed mid-stride and Eun-ki was so focused on Maru, I’m not surprised she didn’t see MY (though super surprised that she could be chatting with Maru and not notice he was clutching his side)

    • 5.2 Dominique

      You mean it is a “Korean” drama.

      A plot hole like that, making an otherwise-smart heroine suddenly and inexplicably ditsy (or sloppy as in Full House over a missing watch), seems dime a dozen in Korean dramas.

      All I can say is that a professional writer should die rather than stoop to it, but as long as viewers accept it without voting with their feet, that is not going to happen.

      In terms of storyline or plot, there is nothing new in Episode 20. Every arc has been borrowed, every manufactured crisis or resolution of it is derivative. And the writer did not even bother to mix and match them all that differently.

      Yet, so long as the writer provides

      • 5.2.1 tiny

        i have to agree with the arc being borrowed because I wasn’t really watching this drama. I read through all the recaps and watched episode 20 and I didn’t feel lost because really, there was nothing new. But I still love this drama as a whole. It’s been a while since a drama had a satisfying ending. And I wanted this one to have it cos I’m greedy like that kekeke

      • 5.2.2 Silverteem

        “Every arc has been borrowed, every manufactured crisis or resolution of it is derivative.”

        I’m not sure what’s wrong with that? Where else could the arcs originate from? And the resolution is supposed to be derivative, not fabricated, right?

        But you’re right, you would have to stretch your suspension of disbelief a bit more during the stab scene. But with only 5 mins left in the final ep, all I could think of is, lets just get to the happy ending already. 🙂

        • tiny

          yes! especially since Song Joong Ki hung back til almost the end. But when he finally came out, I just threw logic out the window. ^^

        • yumi

          I believe in some ways we overrate the importance of originality. Originality is a relatively new concept. In classic literature the same story is retold by various writers to an audience that knows it by heart. In that instance it’s execution that counts, not originality.

      • 5.2.3 Betsy Hp

        @Dominique: I disagree with your oddly specific generality. And also your specific specific-ality. 😉

        For the general, sudden stupidity on part of a character (female or otherwise, but often sadly female) to further the plot is certainly not limited to Korean dramas. (Read any thoughtful article on Hollywood and its treatment of femal characters.) And if it were the case that Korean dramas always relied on the female characters turning suddenly stupid, I wouldn’t watch.

        For the specific: Eun-gi didn’t turn stupid. The way Maru spun her and the direction Min-young struck from, she couldn’t have seen him. He was random dude behind Maru she wasn’t looking at, who had to shuffle step to get out of Maru suddenly being in his path. (I went and rewatched just to double-check.) Maru was wearing a bulky sweater, was applying pressure to the wound, and was bound for surgery. There wasn’t any blood for her to see at the time, and his seeming shaky and sick was covered by his needing emergency brain surgery.

        @tiny: Hmm… When I lived in NYC waaay back in the day there was a guy who got punched in the chest several times (random subway violence), and it kind of hurt, so he made his way to a hospital and when he took off his coat in the ER it turned out he’d been stabbed in the chest. Everyone talked about the sharpness of the knife. But anyway. He didn’t faint right away. Obviously.

    • 5.3 nova611

      n also i remember from ep 10, the mortality rate after surgery is only 20%…shoudnt it decrease instead of 50/50?

      i found the ending is somewhat familiar with Arang n sato; hero lost his memory..haha

      • 5.3.1 silvia

        Thank you, you’ve just spoilered me the final of Arang and the magistrate. Tomorrow I would have watched the last 2 episodes.

      • 5.3.2 dood12

        THANK YOU for ruining the ending of a drama I was about to finish…

    • 5.4 foolmoon

      You’re not alone!
      At that scene, I was like: WHAT THE JHLGJGPMXZ !!! *rollingmyeyes*
      Not even an “UGH” or hurting sound from Ma Ru when he was stabbed, not to mention he walked with Eun Ki to some chair and talked. My guess at least it took about 7 minutes while he bleed, and not even Eun Ki suspicious a little.
      So, my suspension of disbelief lies on:
      1. He was already disensitized by anesthetic for his brain operation tomorrow, thus he couldn’t feel the pain
      2. Min Young stabbed him with a sharp nail clippers, sharp enough to make Ma Ru bleed but not dangerously deep
      3. And Eun Gi was dazed, confused, absent-minded, and a little bit thickheaded

      • 5.4.1 HeIsGuYongHa

        Well, I actually screamed when I Min-Young suddenly came up behind Eun-Gi but when I saw that his (MY’s) hand was close to Maru’s coat, I knew there was something there. And the blood proved me right. Idk whatever. I just need to rant about this.

  6. Lisa-Loo-Loo

    A moment to rant, please…this show and I almost came to fist-a-cuffs when Maru was stabbed and laid bleeding to death 2 feet from a HOSPITAL. REALLY show…REALLY! However I have since recovered my sanity, most of it…alright like one third. I usually stay away from the melodrama (way too much unnecessary angst) but I enjoyed this show…okay I admit Song Joong Ki had a lot, A LOT, to do with my enjoyment. But don’t lie you ALL felt the same way. Thanks for the recaps.

    • 6.1 asianromance

      I agree! REALLY, show, REALLY?!

      First of all, hasn’t the man been through enough? He had a 50/50 chance to live anyways. For a man who now wants to live, why wasn’t he getting immediate help? The hospital was super close! did he think he was a goner? Why walk through an area where no one can see you if you’ve been stabbed and fainted dead away? Not all stab wounds are fatal and this one didn’t seem too bloody. Get up, call 119, and tell them it’s an emergency! And Eun-gi, didn’t you think it was weird Maru kept on holding his side? Why aren’t you both returning to the hospital together (wasn’t Eun-gi going to stay with Joon-ha overnight?). It was all so ridiculous, I couldn’t even feel sad or shed any tears during that scene. The drama’s been good about not taking things too far, but that scene crossed the line between sympathy and eye rolls.

      When the episode ended, I was pretty sure he had died and the rest just a fantasy, because then what was the point of going out of the way to stab him? But then I found out that he didn’t die, which I’m super happy about, but since it’s the case that he didn’t die, what was the point of the stabbing? And for the love of all that’s holy, Maru, get your stab wound fixed and talk later.

      • 6.1.1 yumi

        This is an unpopular sentiment judging from everything I’ve read, but I really felt the stabbing was necessary or else the series would have been ended anti-climatically for me without the attempted company theft and the multiple love obsession stories coming to a head.

        I don’t know exactly why I feel that way, but I do. [Then again I might just be blood thirsty.

        The only other climax that might have worked would be for Min-Young to go after Maru and then Jae-Hee have take the knife for Maru. In that case it would imply some reciprocity in the Jae-Hee/Maru relationship. Maru sacrificed his life for Jae-Hee and she returns the favor, and in doing so, sorta validates his action–there always was good in Jae-hee all along.

        However since the internal plot was to take over the company, going after Maru doesn’t advance Min-Young’s goal of getting Jae-Hee what she wants. Only going after Eun-Ki does that.

        I think that it made narrative sense for Min-Young to compete with Maru in sacrificing his life for Jae-Hee. Maru gave up years of his life claiming to have killed so Jae-Hee could go free. Min-Young wanted to give up years of his life so that Jae-Hee could have the wealth he felt she needed. Min-Young always intended to get caught.

        This is a weird drama about ‘love/obsession” where every one is in love with someone’s back.

        Min-Young loving Jae-Hee and Jae-Hee looks away
        Jae-Hee loving ???? respectability and security and both are always trying to elude her.
        Eun-Ki loving Maru and Maru pushes her away
        Maru loving Eun-Ki but refuses to embrace her
        Joon-Ha loves Eun-Ki yet Eun-Ki looking in another direction.
        Choco- spends her time loving Jae-Gil and Jae-Gil looking away

        It is only towards the end that people begin to accept the love that has been behind them.

        • Silverteem

          Agreed, I don’t get why people get so agitated about the stab scene.

          People the STAB was MEANT FOR EUN KI. Not that Maru wasn’t meant to die anyways on Jae Shik’s hands.

          I thought Min Young’s plan was made very explicit. He’ll kill anyone who stands on Jae Hee’s way and he’ll take the blame for it.

          In other words, Joon Ha, Eunki and Maru. Check, check, and check. Except none of them died.

          • Lisa-Loo-Loo

            I did understand the stabbing scene and I also think it was necessary. It was the let’s have a heart to heart as I sit here and bleed to death inches away from a hospital. I couldn’t feel sympathy for Maru who just took a knife to the back for the woman he loves. Nor could I feel joy for Eunki, who was able finally to let go of her ghosts. Why? Because my mind kept saying, why are you bleeding to death 2 steps away from a HOSPITAL?

          • Silverteem

            Lol, that’s true. That one part was a bit of a stretch. I understand. 🙂

          • JaC

            I just too distracted by the reaction of Eun ki regarding stabbing scene… not to complain it is sweet for the last scene, the confusion is just to great. XD

          • yumi

            I was okay with Eun-ki not noticing Maru’s injury because who expects someone to be stabbed, and he looks, but she knows he is sick, and must have just left the hospital.

            @Lisa LouLou

            “It was the let’s have a heart to heart as I sit here and bleed to death inches away from a hospital.”

            I was so busy enjoying the scene that I hadn’t put that together. But if they had done the sensible thing then we wouldn’t get that wonderful cinematic moment of Maru’s collapse with his hand reaching for his dream as he narrates. We would end up with another hospital corridor scene.

            Also regarding Maru’s bad choice of not going to the hospital right after he was stabbed–perhaps he was on per-operative meds and couldn’t think straight and the sight of Eun-Ki so overwhelmed him he just had to hold on–I’m not sure why since he didn’t telll her anything. Why Maru did not heading to the hospital and Eun-Ki left, maybe he was light-headed and confused from blood loss. [T
            hese are meant to be real reason, but the lack of logic and pragmatism didn’t mess the end for me.]

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Silverteem. Ugh.

            For the record, PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STAB WAS MEANT FOR EN KI. You are answering to questions that are not being asked. Love talking to yourself much? Or you just pretend not to understand what others write?

            Let me make it simple for you: people question the plot that results in MR being hit, stabbed, losing memory, etc.

          • silverteem

            And thus my explanation, the plot requires Maru to be close to death. Otherwise there will be no conflict.

            Are u mad much? 🙂

        • Lisa-Loo-Loo

          I like your statement about everyone being in love with someone’s back. It describes everyone in the drama, except Maru. He never really had anyone’s back. Both women loved him (in their own twisted ways).

        • asianromance

          If Maru got stabbed and fainted right there in the middle of the street while Eun-gi screams, that could have worked. A complication at his brain surgery would have worked. Also like you pointed out, Jae-hee sacrificing herself for Maru would have worked too. And it would have been a big in-your-face to Min-young (like you stabbed the girl you loved!)

          I feel like all things that happened right after Maru got stabbed was ridiculous – him delaying medical treatment, him not wanting to worry Eun-gi (she’s not a child.), Eun-gi not noticing, Maru wandering into a side street to collapse… Like someone else mentioned, Eun-gi’s non-reaction was sort of a distraction. Instead of concentrating on their conversation, I kept look at where Maru’s hand was and thinking “will she see it now? will she see it now?”. I also like it unnecessarily tried to prolong their suffering and prolonged our feelings regarding their suffering. And then I think about how later, Eun-ki would have felt super guilty on top of the guilt she already felt about being harsh to Maru…

          So glad Eun-ki gave him that kiss before she left in the cab!! If she left without kissing him or without him initiating a kiss with her (who knows. it could have been their last), I would have been really upset. I’d like to think that kiss gave him a boost on the operating table – like “damn, I really want another one of those. Must live!! HULK STRENGTH! MOAR KISSES!”

          • missjb

            “damn, I really want another one of those. Must live!! HULK STRENGTH! MOAR

            Hhahahha… I’d like to think that way, too…. I want to believe that kiss give him strength and boost his desire to live. Gahhhh.
            I still can’t stop replayed that kiss, the feeling is sooo memorable in my heart. MR’s reaction before and after the kiss killed me the most. as if he has been yearning a kiss from EK and when she gave it to him with when he didn’t expected it make it more moving..

          • Lisa-Loo-Loo

            HULK STRENGTH! MOAR KISSES….*hahaha* Now see that makes total sense. Also I agree fainting after being stabbed would have been more believable. And that comment about Eun-ki not being a child, so true. Misplaced concern can be bad. We all have to accept and understand pain in order to grow.

          • bulleusekat

            LOL love your last paragraph.

            But yeah, I completely agree with what you previously said. I was almost screaming at my screen both at Eun Gi and Maru during this episode. I think the two last episodes were more flawed than the others but I still love this show, the ending is not so bad considering the reputation of the writer ! Everyone was like : “let’s pray she’s not gonna kill them like in A love to Kill” and even one of my friend attacked me the other day about ALTK with a big “WTH IS THIS SHOW”. Haa~

          • foolmoon

            Yes, scream please! And before Ma Ru fainted, Eun Gi should just give him the kiss to kept him awake (a la Arang). The hotter the kiss, the stronger Ma Ru would be, y’ know adrenaline rush and all …
            And we can still hear the voice over while waiting for the paramedic.
            Perfect ^__,^

        • Betsy Hp

          Oh thank God! I agree with you Yumi and am glad to run across someone else who thought it worked. We needed to see Maru struggling to live — reaching out for his dream. Especially after so long seeing him aiming to die. And passively waiting for his brain-surgery wasn’t going to be enough.

          (And of course he didn’t wander into a side street to die. He was heading back to the hospital. …that’s why he didn’t die.)

          I do think it didn’t do anything for Eun-gi’s storyline. That’s were it fell down for me in that she became passive after turning back for him. It would have been nice to have a scene afterwords (don’t see how they could have incorporated it into the stabbing scene) where Eun-gi struggles towards the life she wants. (Turning day-to-day running of TaeSan group over the Joon-ha over board protest or something? Not very exciting, though…)

      • 6.1.2 HeIsGuYongHa

        But but but… WAE?! I cried a river during the scene where he was dying/not-dying. How could you not cry? T______T

    • 6.2 pogo

      this show and I almost came to fist-a-cuffs when Maru was stabbed and laid bleeding to death 2 feet from a HOSPITAL. REALLY show…REALLY!

      I was THISCLOSE to screaming at the screen by that point. Like, what is the point of having him do that if not to be pointlessly meodramatic, especially when it goes against everything he’s saying in that scene, which is that he finally wants to LIVE?!

  7. shiku

    I liked the drama series a s a whole and I loved the acting of the most of the cast. I was mainly invested in Jae Hee’s journey (because of Park Shi-yeon’s potrayal) so I am happy she developed and was able to face the consequences of her actions. I just hope her son was able to forgive her.

    I originally thought that Maru died because of the stabbing and the voice-over but I read an article that said that the ending was real. I’m happy that Maru and EunGi have a happy ending but I have to wonder why the stabbing and why did EunGi spend so much time fighting for TaeSan only to give it up?

    I liked the way JaeShik and the secretary were flirting although I’m sad that Lawyer Park is alone.

    Hopefully in SJK’s next project he will get pants that actually fit and starts to wear socks. No more 3/4 pants pliz.

    • 7.1 Silverteem

      For the record, Eun Gi’s desire for Tae San is only rooted to her desire to please her dad. When Maru came along, all her desire for TaeSan was gone, thus she was willing to run away w/ Maru every given moment that she had.

      In the end, Tae San was a symbolic reset button — to bring everything back in order, to bring back Jae Hee, and yes, even Eun Gi went back to Tae San, as confirmed from the interviews.

      Surely enough the ending is not without flaws, and it did feel a bit rushed. This is probably one of those rare occasions where an extension could have probably helped.

      But I’ll take it.

    • 7.2 shiku

      I still don’t get why EunGi crashed the car into Maru. She already knew Maru was using her by that time but I have to say he was extra harsh at the beach. Was it because her dad died? Why would she leave Taesan and her mum’s memory behind? Was it guilt?

      • 7.2.1 Silverteem

        I think she felt a lot of GUILT when her dad died, and what time she could have spent w/ her dad was wasted to the bastard Maru who just chose to kept hurting her. With her dad dead, and Maru possibly in love w/ someone else, she has no one left in this world anyways… so with the right combinations of guilt, anger, and despair she crashed.

        • RealKDramaaddict

          Everyone apologized and recognized what bad choices they made.

          Except for EK who skipped and hopped free of intended homicide because of her disturbed feelings?!

          Makes no sense if especially when we talk about justice for other people.

          Something like, ‘You know, you told me to leave you and I did but then I heard about my father dying and I drove back to kill you and myself in the process. I am sorry I made the wrong choice, lost Taesan, my cognitive abilities and gave you a hematoma. Being emotionally disturbed is never a legitimate defense. Let’s go to the police and I will admit my sins.”

          • Silverteem

            You know the same can be said of Maru… Why didn’t he evade the oncoming car? Was he planning to kill Eun Gi too?

            Between the two, Maru was in a more “right state of mind”… so whose fault was it really? The one who was wronged wasn’t Maru, it was Eun Gi.

            So you might think it’s not a legitimate defense for Eun Gi to drive and kill Maru off, but as you see in the end, even Eun Gi was asking Maru why he didn’t evade it.

            And if you want to go with legalities, did you know that if a man catches his wife sleeping with another man and he on rage killed both his wife and the lover, that it is a legitmate defense? And that he can be acquitted.

          • Silverteem

            ALso whatever happened to the kid whose father died because of Maru? Being an industrial spy and gigolo scammer, Maru did get off scott free.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Oh yes, the only one who gives such pleasure to haters based on legalities is JH but both MR and EK are very unpleasant, twisted, and sick characters with murderous hearts and entitlement to ruin others’ lives if their feelings are hurt or they think they have a cause for crimes.

            And please, let’s not bring the jealousy murder because MR was clear with EK about JH and letting her go. The girl went back, found him in the tunnel, and drove straight toward him. The masochist decided that he deserves to die and did not swerve.

            With time, when I look back at NG, I wonder how could I even appreciate the self-inflicted pain and sick, sick love/stalking of MR and EK at all.

          • silverteem

            And so now we finally get to the bottom to all of these. You hated the show.

            And here I was puzzled of your interest in trying to rebut everything I post.

            Or wait, is it that you really hated the show, or I’m just sensing that you’re particularly hating on certain characters only. I’ve read your post about Jae Hee too. Okay, I get it, you like Jae Hee, but you don’t need to bash the other characters just to make your point.

            But who am I? This is the internet. 🙂

    • 7.3 pogo

      Lawyer Park is alone because he’s ALL FOR ME (or so I say)

      And am I the only one who likes Maru’s ankle-exposing short trousers+no socks? That style + Song Joong Ki’s gorgeous face make him look like he belongs on a streetstyle blog and I love it.

    • 7.4 HeIsGuYongHa

      “Hopefully in SJK’s next project he will get pants that actually fit and starts to wear socks. No more 3/4 pants pliz.”

      OMO! That got me. Tho my biased self chose to write that off as adorable. HAHAHA.

  8. Silverteem

    Want clarifications?

    Here is the SJK’s interview:
    In the interview, Song Joong Ki also revealed the ages of the characters at the very end, Maru is 37 and lawyer Ahn is 50 (by the time he gets out of prison), so we can use that to figure out the rest of the character ages. He also said that the little girl pointing out that Maru goes every day to buy crappy food from Eun Gi is also a confirmation that he remembers her. She probably spent 6 years raising little Eun Seok and running Tae San while Maru was in medical school abroad. After Jae Hee got out of prison and Maru came back to open the clinic in the countryside is when Eun Gi left Tae San to Jae Hee and Eun Seok and followed her heart to Maru. The name of her bakery is Silvertop and in Korean silver is pronounced eun and top is pronounced maru. EunMaru bakery, that is just too cute. I suppose I could keep nitpicking the ending but I’m actually really content and at peace with it, flaws and all. Below are some pictures of the cast at the wrap party. For some reason Song Joong Ki wasn’t photographed but everyone else was there.

    • 8.1 Silverteem

      Credits to Koala’s playground.

    • 8.2 Hagar

      yeah but I don’t get it why would he lie about his amnesia though..
      maybe he had amnesia but was healed by spending more time with her?? idk idk I just loved that it was a happy ending coz after this weeks eps of I Miss You I can’t have any of these tragic scenes my heart is too weak tbh

      • 8.2.1 pogo

        He never lied about it, he did tell the kid he had propo-whatever-it-is so he had trouble with faces. I remember Arang and the Magistrate pulling a similar trick at the end and I always choose to interpret it as just a touch of teasing

        (and anyway, Maru gave the game up when he got that ring box out on the park bench, he remembers her now)

    • 8.3 Farpavilions

      Thanks for the clarification!

      But much as I love this show it’s probably a sign of weakness or info gaps when the lead has to explain/speculate on key narrative facts outside of the show….

      • 8.3.1 Silverteem

        Yeah, the ending did felt rush. They could have plugged more holes with the episode but I guess it won’t fit an hour without removing JaeChoco scenes, lol.

        • yumi

          I think some of the hospital scenes towards the end could have been tightened to give more room for the time after the jump.

    • 8.4 Betsy Hp

      Thanks for this Silverteem. 🙂

      That’s kind of how I pictured the ending — just daydreaming off what we were given. Though not with TaeSan going to Jae-hee (I never got the sense she ran it well, nor really had an interest in running it beyond the prestige). So I’ll keep my head-canon that Eun-gi turned day-to-day running over to Joon-ha (with Eun-seok getting some training… though he strikes me as a little young yet).

    • 8.5 HeIsGuYongHa


      I badly needed those clarifications becoz when I finished the last ep, I was like “WHAT&” Like rly, some parts of the ending did not make much sense but here you are, my hero/heroine. GOMAWO!

  9. Silverteem

    The ending wasn’t much of a BANG but it was fitting. I think the entire point of Nice Guy was really redemption and not revenge. I think it’s pretty clear now, that not Maruo nor Eun Gi ever gotten their revenge. This drama was about 3 broken people (and some) fixing their lives for the better. The common complain that I have been hearing is that people were really expecting Maru to die but then BAM he lived despite getting stabbed and hematoma. But that’s where the magic of Nice Guy kicks in… I don’t know if we’re all at the same boat here but for me, Nice Guy’s strongest point was it’s pacing and sudden twists and turns. We’re never 100% sure of what’s gonna happen next, and even if we have clues, we have to always second guess ourselves. Not everything is what it seems. So here comes Maru, a nice guy with very bad luck, when everything else is pointing towards his demise, we get our rugs pulled off, and he suddenly gets a dream-like ending… and the Twist? NO ONE DIED (well except for the chairman, but that was kinda coming already anyways).
    Think back to Eun Gi’s words: Eun-ki: “Memory plays a game that no one can avoid. Memories will be rewritten, will decay. Are my memories whole? Can my memories be trusted? What was it that I saw that day?” And this synopsis of the drama: “No one escapes the “tricks of memory”: Memory is discolored, forgotten, and embroidered over time. So all of us become amnesiacs, forgetting loved ones and valuable emotions and insisting upon how we originally were.”
    The point is again, nothing is what it seems: All the while all of us are painted with a story where everything seems to be pointing towards Maru’s death. But just as the running theme of the drama suggests, what we know now, might actually be different in the future.
    Think back at all the cliffhangers of the drama, we’re always given a preview but ALWAYS in the next episode, we are given additional info of what actually happened prior the cliffhanger.
    Again, nothing is what it seems, and I believe the writer stayed true to her craft. Could the ending have been better? Absolutely, but I think it is truly fitting as it is. I don’t feel cheated at all

    • 9.1 mnt101

      Silverteem>> I totally love your comments.

      The charm of this drama is “redemption” (as you said) and I also think about “second chance” that JH and Maru did.

      “People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings”

      I love the part that nobody died, bad guys were punished and have an opportunity for new life. Also love the ending that is such a perfect one.

      Thanks to all of “Nice guy’s team” for producing such a great drama including good actings from Song Joong-Ki and Moon Chae-won

  10. 10 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    thanks for the recaps gals… I didn’t watch it… thanks to having no time and no steady internet, but your recaps were wonderful 🙂

  11. 11 Ss

    I feel that the ending was a bit flat. I expected a much more climatic ending for maru and eungi. And I’m with you. I feel that the ending to the other side characters were nicely done. Except junha. I’m gg to miss nice guy!

  12. 12 jane

    Well for me the ending SUCKED. The writing was rushed, lazy and just not creative. One thing this drama always did well was the plot in my opinion, it was always moving no matter what happened , it had a direction but in the end it’s like the writer was stuck and couldn’t advance the plot anymore so we got this incredibly weird and rushed ending. Of course the lack of time is a huge factor but i still think they could have done better.

    • 12.1 Rachel

      Thank you. I felt the same way. Wild yet soft breeze that maneuvered a sailboat came to an abrupt stop that I didn’t appreciate.

      So the real twist is Song pretended to lose memory. Why? A payback for Eunki? One drama with two memory losses.. too much. So who took over the company? Questions hanging in the air, no answers anywhere.

      • 12.1.1 Silverteem

        Look up my post.

    • 12.2 RealKDramaaddict

      I too feel that the ending was a cope-out.
      Storylines did not feel believable and authentic. For example, ES never saw his mom in jail? Suddenly he is completely on a side of his half-sister and judges (betrays) his mom? That’s pretty lame, especially for Korean dramas, which worship mother-son love.

      Where was EK during all the 7 years? She is kissing MR but leaving him without checking on MR knowing that he needs a surgery? When it comes to MR, she is a bulldog that would never let go. She was stalking him consistently in previous episodes. Not in the line with her character. Her being all the kissy-flowery-bad-pancakes girl on a bike? What happened to a business genius?

      I wonder if all of the JH’s haters continue to keep her in their very personal, special one-person hell with no hope for redemption.

      • 12.2.1 Silverteem

        It’s the beauty of literature… you have your imagination, not everything has to be spoonfed.

        Like I said, if you look up my post you’d understand it even more. Eun Ki took care of Eun Sok, and Eun Sok was what, 7? How can he betray his mother? Huh? Eun Sok only judges it as he sees it through his innocent eyes.

        Presumably, Maru got his surgery and he survived the stab wound, you know it kinda follows that Eun Gi eventually knew it too… You’re basically asking questions that are self-explanatory.

        And in case you yourself suffered some amnesia, we did see the TRUE Eun Gi when she lost her memories… her memories might have come back, but her personal walls are taken down, especially when NO ONE KNOWS her, she doesn’t have any reason the be a btch.

        Here let me refresh your memory, both her and Maru dreamed of running away to a place where no one knows them, so it is completely in line with her character. In fact earlier in the episodes when she fell in love w/ Maru, she even explained to her secretary how “childlike” she became…

        Really, these are all common sense. 🙂

        • RealKDramaaddict

          I understand your post but I don’t agree with it, so no need for unending self-reference and unsolicited memory refreshment, OK?

          Falling in love with MR in like 5 seconds never felt authentic to me; more like wanting to possess MR no matter what, which is totally in line with EK’s character.

          FYI, I am not asking about EK not knowing about the outcome of the surgery but her letting go of MR despite the buildup of all the feelings in previous episodes where she couldn’t go to sleep if she did not see him that day.

          Letting go for 7 years, not taking care of him after the surgery, not doing anything for MR like she did for the lawyer after the car accident, that I question.

          And yes, ES was 14 years old at the time his mother left jail and could have visited her on his own, but he remained unnaturally attached to his half-sister, that I question because it does not fit with Korean dramas’s mother-son love and kids at the age of 14 being able to make their own choices.

          I am expressing my own amusement at cognitive dissonance that this drama evokes. So happy for you that your common, black-and-white thinking is repeated in self-referencing posts. 🙂 Keep it up.

          • silverteem

            I’m glad that you do agree that conflict with Eun Gi’s character is not the fact that she “fell in love” with Maru, but that she had an “obsession” with him.

            Now you ask why did she suddenly let Maru go for 7 years when she was “obsessed” with him. Now, let me just indulge myself some more with my self references, (more like show references actually), and refresh you that this was the finale. For Eun Ki to hang on Maru after his surgery, is truly “in line” with her character, I agree, and I would have expected that reaction too, had this been like 3 episodes back. But again, it’s the finale, the point is, Eun Ki learned to love Maru and not just obsess on him. In other words, her character has progressed. Just like how Jae Hee learned to let go, or Jae Shik turning over to a new leaf, etc. Almost everybody in the show, did what we did not expect them to do. And so referencing back to what I’ve been saying all along, this is one of the main themes of the show: Nothing is what it seems, (memory can be colored).

            As for Eun Sok, was it ever mentioned in the show that he did not visit his mother? And what did you expect him to do? Eun Ki was his only family.

            So you see, it’s not really cognitive dissonance, because the show is purposely trying to lead us into believing one thing, only to punch us back with vengeance.

          • silverteem

            And you make it sound like 14 is such an old age. It’s young even for Western standards. Can 14 years old kids even visit prison on their own?

          • RealKDramaaddict

            If you really watched the show (which I now question based on faulty info your provide to support your thinking), you might recall that lawyer Park talked to JH after she was released from jail and asked her if she had seen her son. She said that she hasn’t seen him in all these years.

            Even during the amnesia times, the plot was absolutely unbelievable when it came to ES and EK. The kid was bullied by her and pushed away for 5 years; then EK disappears for one year, surfaces and does not remember him, then EK plays one lousy game with ES, and suddenly he could not live without her?

            Either the writer never spent time around young children, or she just used ES in weird, unrealistic ways to show how an innocent child relates to a disabled dummy angel and an evil mother.

          • silverteem

            The dialogue wasn’t clear on that. Lawyer Park asked her first when she got out… it’s quite possible that ES tried visiting her before too you know and that they just haven’t MET YET after her release.

            But granted, let’s go with your ASSUMPTION, and so what? Jae Hee just caused ES’ father’s death, and admitted to doing other crimes too. For the kid, he probably felt betrayal. Ashamed even. It’s a common trope on Kdramas too that the children hate their parents for reasons justified or even borderline sociopathic.

            Again, EK was ES only family left aside from his mother. Just because EK wasn’t nice to him when he was youngerdoesn’t mean that they could not get along anymore. And you’re right, you said it yourself, a 14 year old kid, despite being young, is old enough to think for himself. In his eyes, EK and HIM were the one’s that was wronged by Jae Hee, if I were on his position I’d probably feel the same way too, albeit I’d be too ashamed to be near EK though.

  13. 13 Hagar

    I think I would have liked more if we spent a little more time in the happy island and watch Maru and Eunki fall in love (for the 3rd time??) again.

    And I think they said that he remembered her at the end and was teasing her.

  14. 14 yumi

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 14.1 yumi

      “What happened with Taesan, again? Not that I held any love for that company, but after making it the biggest deal for the past nineteen episodes, was it all for her to give it up and own a shop in the countryside? Not that there’s anything wrong with that decision, but if that’s where we were going, then why oh why did we spend eternity trying to get her to the top of a company she may or may not have wanted?”

      Although Eun-Ki worked hard for the company I never got the sense that she really wanted the company for the sake of having the company.

      The times she got possessive about the company was when her family heritage/legacy was in danger of being wiped out. When the hotel her Mom cared about was being sold off she sprung into action. She also sprung into action to avenge her father’s death.

      Throughout the series she made the decision a couple of times to surrender the company to be with Maru.

      I’m willing to overlook Eun-ki not noticing Maru was wounded even though he looked awful. But since she knew he was sick and having surgery the next day I assumed she attributed his appearance to that fact.

      • 14.1.1 pogo

        yeah, I got the sense that she took charge of Taesan while Jae-hee was inside and Maru off at med school (it seems to be suggested that he’s been back in Korea for only a short time now), but is now free to do what she wants i.e. run her little bakery (that name, so cute!) and be with Maru.

  15. 15 jiggy with it

    I loved the Choco and Jae Gil side-story… Sorta hoped they’d almost drag it out like in Gentlemen’s Dignity… But great ending…..

    The ending was nice and simple… Just the way I like ’em.

    Thanks for recapping, Heads!! Too awesome for words…

  16. 16 Grace

    aaaaand now time for a song joong ki romcom, AM I RIGHT?!

    • 16.1 Hagar

      YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!
      I want to watch my Joong-Ki without having to cry on every corner.

    • 16.2 Mystisith

      Amen to that.

    • 16.3 S a r a h

      Hear, hear!

      I want to see the winking Joong Ki, like in Sungkyungkwan Scandal, or the sassy boy in Penny Pinchers.

      But whatever, he has GOT to have more projects after this.

  17. 17 rebecca53

    The most ridiculously overrated drama of the year. Yup, I do walk away learning a directing lesson or two, but the script is so pathetically laughable that makes the beautiful directing seem pretentious. Park Si Yeon really shines. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won are just meh. Definitely not a drama I’d recommend to my mentally sane friends.

    • 17.1 Rachel

      Not to rain on your parade, but Song and Moon are visually blessed couple. Now if you’re talking about a chemistry between them, I think Song and Park Bo Young have a stronger one.

    • 17.2 Silverteem

      I think Park Shi Yeon is the weakest link… Her acting was just okay, a great IMPROVEMENT from her previous works, but it was just OK.

      You’re right the script is simple… The story is not the most compelling thing ever written out there… but the true beauty of Nice Guy is self discovery of the characters. Really, it’s the characters that drives the story. It’s a peak into the minds of flawed people with their own convictions, just like you and I.

      Nice Guy is in my opinion not overrated. It delivered and EXCEEDED expectations. Remember this was a melo with a notoriously merciless writer. I think Nice Guy is a breath of fresh air from all the “pretentious, I want to be gritty so I’m going to kill my characters, because damn that’s what’s art is all about, makjang.”

      • 17.2.1 Vincy

        Girl, I completely agree with everything you’ve written-even the post above.

        You’re a star 🙂

      • 17.2.2 Kate

        lol watever

      • 17.2.3 Danna

        It delivered and EXCEEDED expectations. Remember this was a melo with a notoriously merciless writer.
        Exactly how I feel…this could have been all doom and gloom with no purpose, but it wasn’t…it was about the characters’ journey and boy, those were some unique characters

        • pogo

          yeah, you said it better than I could. For LKH, this is way more of a revolutionary ending than the ‘kill them all!’ approach of earlier.

        • Betsy Hp

          Agree, agree! 🙂 I’m really surprised at the arguments that this was predictable and tired when all the predictions I saw were for a doom and gloom sob-fest at the end.

          I was pleasantly surprised that Maru got to live and find happiness and actually wanted to live for that matter. It’s not the best drama ever, but it’s solid. And far, far, far from the worst.

      • 17.2.4 obachan

        I do NOT agree with you AT ALL. Park Shi Yeon carries this role brilliantly. So are MCW and SKJ.

        I don’t like JH’s characterization at all. I don’t think you really watch Park Shi Yeon’s previous works, especially La Dolce Vita. I think the writer of La Dolce Vita is WAY better than writer lee in creating complex “material girl” character. Lee Kyung Hee actually produces a very one-dimensional character of JH. It is PSY who makes JH shine. Koala also comment how good she is. Also the Korean critics (NOT those crap you read from naver, nate or DC I am talking about professional critics those don’t care to write on the commercial media like naver/nate or fan sites like DC).

        I do think the ending fails to deliver. Nice Guy is visually stunning and acting is all good. But honestly, just like girlfriday puts it, all of them need to go to therapy. In fact, I think EG and MR need it desperately. JH is actually a Faust, who knows what she is doing and knows her deal with evil. So she needs to go to prison instead of pay for couch sessions.

      • 17.2.5 S a r a h


        I LOVE all your comments here.
        I agree that Nice Guy exceeded expectations. I was actually worried that the writer might just go ahead and kill the characters.

        So glad the writer didn’t.

      • 17.2.6 RealKDramaaddict

        I disagree because for me PSY carried the drama with her inner conflicts.

        • Silverteem

          Carrying the drama is a bit of a stretch. Her inner conflicts did add layer to the drama, but let’s be honest here, what carried the drama were SJK and MCW.

          • RealKDramaaddict

            Maybe, rereading what I wrote would give you a clue? “FOR ME” PSY carried the drama. Not for you, so please don’t stretch yourself on my behalf.

            Listen, I wonder about your reading comprehension. No need to go back and dispute every single post that is not in line with your thinking. I am expressing my opinion and I don’t ask you to correct my subjective feelings and thoughts.


          • silverteem

            I was just stating my own opinion too… For me, she did not carry the drama. You don’t need to question my reading comprehension either. As you would notice you’re the one who replied in almost every post I made, I was just replying back.

      • 17.2.7 mnt101

        I definitely agree with you….this drama is not the best script, a chemistry between Song and Moon is not much impressive but as I said I love “redemption” part and the ways that each character being and turned to be

    • 17.3 gaeran,mari

      Park si yeon definitely improved from her ‘my girl’ days even with the bad script of this show,but sorry I disagree with you song joong ki and moon chae won are clearly the better actors. I actually read somewhere that PSY was considered for the role as the secondary girl in equator man but she turned down the part for this drama.I say it was a big mistake on her part.I think she would’ve been great for that role.She was not at all memorable in this drama,and her character wasn’t written too well either,anyway I agree with you that nice guy is definitely the most overrated drama of the year.I heard people calling it the drama of the year,LOL sorry but bridal mask is the drama of the year :).

      • 17.3.1 Kgrl

        Love the bromance, but gosh is the chemistry between the lead pair mediocre. NG definitely had better male-female chemistry. Again, depends on your value placed on a production’s differentiating factors.

  18. 18 Eye Candy

    Wow! I didn’t expect that ending, but I was so happy it happened. Yay!I just loved this show so much, and I’m just so happy that Eun Gi and Maru ended up together in the end!!!

    • 18.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      I am with you ’cause I actually expected a sad melodramatic ending where everyone dies…so I was happy with the everyone lives to rediscover themselves ending.

  19. 19 jomo

    Thanks, Heads, and Dramabeans, for the recaps.
    Man, that was a short 20 episodes now that I look back but so much has happened almost NONE of which I guessed correctly, LOL.

    I was very very happy with the ending. Very happy that beautiful Maru and beautiful sweet EG got a reboot.
    It was a lovely last few minutes of watching these two smile at each other finally and listen to SJK gorgeous speaking voice.

    BEST PART? The dark jacket and skinny black pants were

    But was it satisfying? I agree that it wasn’t.
    Maru could have died. EG could have sobbed her heart out and then went to non-gay Lawyer Park, who is all good and deserving of all her love.

    All the other wrap-ups I loved. And Jae-shik was so awesome because Yang Ik Joon is amazing. Maybe the powers that be will star him in a quirky detective role where he can continue to make me smile being inept and conscience free. Someone buy that boy an officetel!!

    Please, SJK, stick around tv a few more shows before going off to the Army and subsequently films.
    We love you and your gorgeous sexiness.

    Oh, and I actually cried when he smiled at the opening. I felt like SJK was looking into my soul.

    • 19.1 Awe

      greets jomo—
      i agree that the ending was fanservice. and your statement about 20 episodes zipped by in a flash pretty much sums up the pace of this drama. so, for me, the short turnaround on the reveals and the swift unfolds always left me wanting more. i appreciate show for this. and laugh at myself for show staying true with the zippy “wrap-up everything NOW” applied even to the end.
      sigh. watching this drama has left me tired.

  20. 20 owl

    How do I hate thee, amnesia? Let me count the ways . . .

    All the jump-starts with the amnesia plays made it hard to the kdrama charged ‘til the very end. I even watched in jump-start style, on again off again, now that I think of it. HeadsNo2, you are right, so many points ended up as moot. That translated for me as what started up as dark and zoned ended up un-dark and no-zoned. The last 2 episodes were a bit boring compared to the rest.

    Can I say this? I would have been an okay ending for me with Maru having died from the stab wound/or aneurysm when he collapsed. (I’m ducking any large items being thrown my way through the computer screen and covering my ears.) Just sayin’. It’s not that I wanted him to die, but more about the way the drama was moving that, an ending in which he died would have settled in my brain and worked. That’s all.

    The kick chair moment – “Eun-ki-ya!!” – at her best!

    • 20.1 gre

      the chair kicking scene was the best of the last episode..Badass and kickass EG is just so cool. Maybe an action movie/drama for MCW’s next project? I’ll definitely look forward to seeing it.

  21. 21 Blubber

    last episode was daebak!! anyone can tell me what happened to lawyer park after the 7 years? it looks like there’s something around his waist (at the prison scene)…

  22. 22 Miss D

    I’m just really happy with the ending! Kang Maru was such an amazing character!

  23. 23 Matt

    Wow, me and Heads have very similar thoughts to this episode and the drama as a whole..

    I felt this episode was too rushed especially concerning Eun ki and Maru. Its nice to have a happy ending but still, things need to fit and be explained better..

    I also wanted Min young to die…. and I thought it was dumb that Jae Hee would wait for him.. he was creepy. Just because he loved you, doesn’t mean you owe him pity. (It’s kinda like JH and Maru but JH actually did love him unlike Min young)

    I was very happy with Jae Hee’s ending, as well as Choco..

    But no Taesan talk whatsoever… They even could have had Eun Gi mention that she left Taesan to take care of Maru…

    Maru obviously knew who Eun Gi was. That’s the same engagement box he had before.

    Its hard for me to like break down the issues.. I’m new to Kdramas and not recapper but the execution could have been much better.

    Also, less flashbacks would have helped.. all the flashbacks tell me that the writers were padding to get to 20 episodes which should have been ridiclous considering how many story points they could have hit upon.

    Anyway, I still enjoyed the ride and as the first Kdrama I ever compleated, it will have a special place in my heart.

    The acting was brilliant, characters were well done.. I’m in love with Moon Chae Won.. so all and all, good drama.


    • 23.1 Silverteem

      I don’t think they were padding, much more like they were expecting the extension but the extension did not come. The ending sure did felt rush.

      I’m in love with Moon Chae Won too, this is like 2 consecutive years of Daebak for her already. 🙂

      • 23.1.1 Matt

        I don’t really understand how the extension works being new but wouldn’t the writer plan something out clearly for the 20 episodes?

        The other Daebak for MCW was the movie right? I need to see it.

        • Silverteem

          I think ep 19 was geared in such a way that there was supposed to be an extension. That’s just me. And the final ep wasn’t shot not until like last week I think. I do know that the last scene was shot during MCW’s bday which was 11/13 so that was very recent.

          Yep watch her movie Arrow, and another epic drama The Princess Man.

          • Anaïs

            I definitely agree. This was one drama that would have benefitted from one more episode.

        • Danna

          that and Princess’ Man..she’s on a winning streak….I wanna see her in something cute and cuddly for a change though

          • Matt

            Me too! I’m not really into that sorta of thing but she could pull it off.. 🙂

          • Silverteem

            You could watch her support role on My Fair Lady, although it was completely [i]support[/i] role on its very definition.

            I think her debut drama the one with Lee Min Ho was supposed to be RomCom too, haven’t watched that one though.

        • Jushi

          She had an impressive performance in The Princess’s Man as well which introduces me to her. And the film is War of the Arrows.

          I’ve thought of the extensions as well but my issue really is how all issues are wrapped up in just 2 episodes. They could have spread it out or started to untangle the tangles from earlier episodes so we can have the time to process things. Seems that everyone had their redemption happening all at the same time. The hematoma thing is one powerful mind changing strategy from Maru though. He could have dangled it in front of Jae Hee long before so she has gone to prison much earlier. Hahaha.

      • 23.1.2 pogo

        add me to the Chae-won fan club please, I really loved her portrayal of Eun-ki, especially since it’s hard to play a character who’s morally the straightest person in the love triangle without making them boring.

        (and also, her chemistry with SJK made it so easy to root for Eun-ki and Maru, even when episodes 5 and 6 came along and I wanted to throw Maru off a tall cliff for what he was doing to her)

    • 23.2 Awe

      hey Matt and everyone else who is forgetting:

      EunKi stepped down from Taesan after announcing her amnesia and (little bit of) brain damage during episode 17ish? remember, at the board meeting when the old men were asking her condition and she stood up and told them.
      i think her fate was sealed to permanently exit from Taesan when Jae Hee threatened to expose the slush fund. and then JaeHee did expose the slush fund during her confession with the police.

      so i firmly believe that EunKi walked away from Taesan around the time of MaRu’s surgery. we saw in the almost wedding episode, EunKi telling MaRu that he could have it all. meaning, she wasn’t attached to Taesan like her father or JaeHee were.

      i whole-heartedly agree with you about the flashbacks and songovers…waaaay tooo much of this technique in kdramas…so if this is your first kdrama, prepare yourself for (a lot) more of this frustrating time-wasting technique.

      seeing as you like this drama, i strongly suggest Gaksital/Bridal Mask that is available on hulu.com.

  24. 24 stars4u

    Imma miss my nice guy!!!

  25. 25 Roxy

    I would have loved to see Eun-ki as this powerful CEO of Taesan so I also thought that was a let down especially after I ended up caring for her more than Maru, but at least it was a happy ending for all involved.

  26. 26 myla

    thanks for a wonderful recaps…finally the exhausting ride with “nice guy” end…MCW & SJK the rapport of this two actors are great and it shows…one of the best drama of 2012, for me 🙂

  27. 27 Vincy

    One of the best dramas I’ve seen.
    In fact, one of my all time favourite dramas.

    Though, like you HeadsNo2, I didn’t like the vague ending. I wish they had possibly a special to tie the ending properly. Maybe actually explain why Joon Ha got put into a coma. What purpose did that serve?

    Why did Min Young stab Maru? I guess that sorta answers itself as he was meant to stab Eun Ki…but…you know, no purpose, in a sense.

    Thanks for recapping this drama, HeadsNo2! I really enjoyed having you answering most of my questions of this emotional rollercoaster ! 😀

    • 27.1 Silverteem

      The whole trying to kill Joon Ha and Eunki AND Maru (it just Jae shik chickened out in the end) was Min Young’s plan of erasing everything that is on Jae Hee’s path.

      He did tell Jae Hee to pretend to the police that everything was Min Young’s fault. MY’s grand plan was to sacrifice himself as the BADDEST Guy and to place all the blame on him, leaving Jae Hee unschated.

      • 27.1.1 Vincy

        Ahhh thanks for that 🙂

        Ahahaha the baddest guy! Jae Hee has too much pride to let herself be pitied like that…

      • 27.1.2 foolmoon

        Well, if it was his purpose, then Min Young should just show his face to Eun Gi and stabbed her properly (especially if he wanted to keep Tae San for Jae Hee or at least Eun Sok).
        But noooo… he just walked away, not even checking who was he stabbed. So, what’s the point of the stabbing?

        • Silverteem

          For the sake of argument he’s in the middle of the busy street then he also saw Maru. He could try to stab Eun Gi again after stabbing Maru, but that would pretty much have driven the nail in the coffin for our happy ending. Logically though, any proper criminal would have fled after failing their crime. He probably thought, at least I got Maru…

          But NO Min Young, Maru has a liver and brain made of steel. :))

  28. 28 Danna

    I actually liked the ending a lot…..I do feel that the stabbing scene was pointless besides the voiceover monologue from Maru which revealed some things because ….it made the rest of the epilogue feel out of place though the epilogue itself made sense to me and wrapped up the trajectories well…..I do think that the writing did justice to the themes that were presented in the beginning…about taking responsibility for your own actions and choosing redemption over revenge etc…..this is more than what I can say for writer Lee Kyung Hee’s past few works….I think directing and the acting were the strongest points..definitely a turning point for Park Si Yeon’s career
    I have a feeling this might be Song Joong Ki’s last drama before he’s up for the army next summer or fall 🙁

    • 28.1 Danna

      And a big thank you to HeadsNo2 for the wonderful recaps!

  29. 29 kristi

    I LOVED the ending, and despite some problems along the way, I’m very happy with the way they wrapped up Maru’s journey. But that’s an analysis I’m still making my way through, and for now, I just wanted to say thanks for all your work and dedication, I hope it’s been a labor of love worth your time despite some personal upheavals.

  30. 30 gre

    i don’t think MR knows EG’s whereabouts after the tunnel accident. MR’s doctor professor only treated EG after EG returned to MR and MR decided to help the amnesiac EG in Ep 11.

    Awesome directing, wonderful cinematography, amazing acting and I particularly love Moon Chae Won’s acting since EG is a very difficult character to portray, having to transform from a strong character to an innocent one and a mixture of both with a vengeful and conflicted heart after she regained her memory. Impressive performance from her to be able to bring out the transformation smoothly and subtlely with depth.

    • 30.1 Matt

      I agree on both counts. Moon chae Won was brilliant in the role..

    • 30.2 Silverteem


      I wish that they could have used Eun Gi’s character more because there were a lot of potential in her, but I guess that would just decrease too much on Jae Hee’s and Maru’s screentime. So that’s fine.

      And whatever the hell happened to the Barbie?

      • 30.2.1 asianromance

        Eun-gi left it in her room before climbing out of the window and running barefoot in the rain to Maru.

        • Silverteem

          But I thought she couldnt live w/o it? lol 🙂

          • asianromance

            Maru > Barbie doll =)

      • 30.2.2 Korazy Lady

        The Barbie should have been in the shop window. That would have been a nice touch!

        • RealKDramaaddict

          ES is now talking to the Barbie in place of his mother. Imagine what that kid grows up into.

    • 30.3 Jushi

      It is quite difficult to appreciate her acting style because she’s the type who does not explode. She seeps like water. She silently and subtly express the depth of her character. And it fits well with the directing style of PDnim (I couldn’t remember his name but he is one hell of a great director, I love him).

    • 30.4 pogo

      I don’t think Maru knew where Eun-ki was during that amnesiac year either, he certainly didn’t behave like it when he was trying to die and the look on his face when she did turn up was pure shock.

      I’m in the school of thought that believes Maru asked his old teacher to treat her AFTER she came to find him, not before when Secretary Hyun and Lawyer Park were hiding her.

  31. 31 Genieg

    Did anyone notice if the couple ring that Maru gave to Eun Ki at the end was the same rings that he bought for the wedding-not-wedding? He never gave it to her when he realized that she had regained her memory and wasn’t going to actually go through with the wedding. It looked like the same rings! I still can’t figure out if he actually remembers her or if his heart remembers her and he falls in love with her all over again.
    Totally agree that after 19 episodes of Taesan, it was weird that 7 years later we have no idea what happened to the company. The last two episodes were somehow not as well paced as the rest of the show. A common symptom of good dramas… When they don’t really know how to end it. Eun Ki’s character was sorely lacking in the last episode especially when she didn’t notice Maru was stabbed and i don’t understand why Maru couldn’t have revealed to Eun Ki that he was stabbed and got a ride to the hospital. She kissed him… Didn’t he want to live?

    • 31.1 Anaïs

      Yes, those rings were another indication that he hadn’t lost his memory.

    • 31.2 missjb

      “I don’t understand why Maru couldn’t have revealed to Eun Ki that he was stabbed and got a ride to the hospital. She kissed him… Didn’t he want to live?:

      My asumption is He doesn’t want to make EK worried about his wound. he is true to his character till the end.

      I really think EK’s character is not well written at all.. I just didn’t connect with her even from the start…. She actually stay true to her character from the start. I often questioning her compassion.

    • 31.3 pogo

      The rings do look like the same ones, and the box most definitely is – he didn’t lose his memory, and I’m glad of that.

      And I will NEVER for the life of me understand why they sat there on that park bench letting him bleed out after the stabbing. Or why he didn’t get into the cab with her and let it take him to hospital to, y’know, get that fixed. Way to ruin a sweet scene with the triggering of my urges to scream ‘BUT GO TO THE HOSPITAL ALREADY YOU FOOL MARU!’

  32. 32 Jushi

    About the symbolic significance of Taesan in the series. Taesan has been there in the majority of episodes ie episode 1 – 19 because it is the world that all the lead characters are inhabiting. It is the tangible representation of the flawed paradise they all try to be part of, except for Maru and Eun Gi.

    I have always thought that the best thing that Maru and Eun Gi could ever do to their redemption is to run away. Because what ever kind of fixing they can do to the broken world they are currently living in, it will forever be broken. And Taesan signifies that. It stands strong amidst the fact that corruption and all sort of evil business shenanigans loom underneath its mightiness and grandeur.

    Jae Hee believes to it as the paradise. Eun Gi has been there and she knows it is not though the rest of the people around her thought otherwise or that they do not know anything at all.

    Now that everyone has moved on and realized that not all that glitter is gold, Taesan is now out of the picture. Whether Taesan has redeemed itself or if Eun Gi resolved the issues of her dead father is insignificant to Maru and even to her to some extent. It is not the kind of world she ever dreamed of in the first place. For Maru, well, it has nothing to do with him at all. All he wanted is to go back to his simple living up up in the steep.

    Oh boy, does he love hiking so much? No wonder he got a nice bum.

    • 32.1 joy

      Yes! Totally agree with you all your points. A+ comment!

    • 32.2 Betsy Hp

      I like your take on TaeSan, here. 🙂 I agree that it was more symbol than objective. It didn’t really bother me that its ownership didn’t get settled. And you’ve articulated exactly why I felt that way. Thanks!

    • 32.3 pogo

      yeah, I agree about Taesan – it’s not important except in terms of what it means to the characters, and by the end it really doesn’t mean much to any of the main three – Eun-ki was willing, even earlier, to throw it all away for Maru, Jae-hee finally learned to put doing the right thing ahead of her own selfishness, and Maru only cared about it at all because of what it symbolised to Jae-hee and later to Eun-ki.

    • 32.4 Gasenadi

      Brilliant analysis of Taesan, thanks! I know corporate ads pay the bills for dramas, but the whole “XYZ” Group plotline in dramas makes my eyes glaze over. That’s why I was sooo excited with EunKi’s openness to dialogue with the union and her willingness to leave Taesan, despite her workaholism.

      Off topic maybe, I love how kdramas obliquely show how unemployment (at times, post-encarceration) affects male characters especially, and whole families. Best friend JaeGil spends the whole show looking for a job despite his business acumen. The sleazy “jobs” MaRu resorts to in order to pay his sister’s hospital bills (a sooo frequent situation in kdramas, needing money for health bills) cuz bartending wasn’t cutting it. Frequent resorting to gambling to “supplement” income.

      I’m glad EunKi left Taesan and wonder if her being a woman factored in. If she’d been a son, would she have left? (I do a slow burn when, like in History of a Salaryman, the “prize” is to become CEO and continue perpetuating the status quo.)

  33. 33 jean

    I am actually half and half with the ending.. the half of me is happy that it was a happy ending and the other half of me is not satisfied for they left a lot of questions in my mind.. they time skipped a lot and left a lot of things/questions/scenes that wasn’t answered at all..

    I do agree to a lot of people, why make TAESAN the center point of everything when you’re just gonna leave it behind, abandon it and then not gonna show the audience what happened to it. It was the reason why MARU won’t get the surgery because he wanted EUN GI to get her right place in that company. Why give MARU the hematoma when you’re just going to stabbed in the end?

    Who helped by the way? Because as we saw in the scene there was no people in that park…

    And I felt like they pulled out the dynamics of CHOCO-JAE GIL & MARU. They made it seem like they’re fighting or something because of how they integrated their scenes. I saw only one picture of CHOCO & MARU in the house and he wasn’t even in their wedding photo.

    AND WTH!! They made EUN GI looked like a person who doesn’t pay attention to details. Can’t she see the blood dripping on MARU’s hands?

    But I am glad though that there was a happy ending in this drama. MARU and EUN GI needs a happy ending and be together knowing what they have been through together.

    I’m going to miss both of them. Is there any chance that they’re gonna do another project in the future? I am a really big fan of Song Joong Ki and a casual fan of Moon Chae Won and because of this drama, I find myself a bigger fan with the two of them combined and coupled. I am wishing that they’ll do another project together in the future, a romantic-comedy perhaps 🙂

  34. 34 KZ

    Good drama and yay for a happy ending. I don’t want another Hong Gil Dong(first drama I ever watched) and fall into another spiraling depression. Who else wants a Nice Guy special on Running Man or something. I mean you already have Kwangsoo. Get Jongki back (cuz I miss the hell outta him) to guest star and Moon Chae-Won and Park Shi-Yeon.

  35. 35 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!

    I’ve had a wonderful 2.5 months with this drama. It’s no masterpiece and has got its storytelling flaws, but it kept the story moving, even during the last half when dramas plots tend to just linger and annoy us. The music, directing, and editing were amazing and made what may have been a tedious story in script become a riveting drama on screen.

    my other comments:
    -when I saw the new opening sequence, I also went back to check one from a previous episode to make sure I’m not imagining the change!
    -Eun-ki kicked out Secretary Jo’s char from under him. Bastard didn’t seem like he got jail time.
    -Loved Maru’s convo with Jae-hee here. Glad he didn’t try to save Tae-san for Eun-gi. Learned that illegal activities really need to be punished.
    -Expected the truck of doom too. super surprised it was a stabbing.
    -What stabbing? What was the point?? Give Maru a break!
    -Loved the kiss between Maru and Eun-gi! Now the number of sincere versus insincere kisses is 2:2
    -I also thought Joon-ha looked like Maru from the back in the end, too!
    -Jae-shik’s transformation and hinted pairing with Secretary Hyun didn’t sit well with me. Probably because he seemed to have experience in trafficking women. I wonder if Jae-hee and Jae-shik were stuck in some vicious cycle of misunderstanding too. She probably treated him that way because she was embarrassed by him. Then he treated her badly in return. And whens he got rich, she treated him even more like trash. I did love his explanation on why he didn’t kill Maru. Good always triumph. Go Choco, who really shone in this episode.

    Though I gripe at episode 20 and that frustating stabbing scene (and an evening more frustrating scene of Eun-gi not realizing her man’s been stabbed), it was still a good ending. Not the most satisfying I’ve had, but still a good one. And love this series! 2012’s been a good year for dramas!

  36. 36 Faranak

    OMG! Wow! … how can i find a nice guy like maru in the world?
    awesome ending, this show is one my most loved dramas, I LOVED maru and eun ki charachters, and, it has a solid story, i enjoyed watching it, and as always ,
    I LOVE SUNG JOON KI:-* ,he acted powerful and great,
    The ending was soooo lovable,specialy the Dr maru’s part,he looks awesome and sooo Handsome in that white coat, woah!

    At the end,
    Thank you soooo much HeadSNo2 for great recaps, i loved your personal comments too, tnx :-*

    I ‘ll miss NG!

  37. 37 Octopus

    Good job headsno2, I really looked forward to reading your recaps! Awesomesauce for you! 🙂

  38. 38 su

    I noticed the anti clockwork/clockwork as well…n thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!! lol!! it was not me….tg !!

  39. 39 itie

    WOW!!! i loved this drama… although melo is not my type, but didn’t mind seeing Maru’s pretty face 😉

  40. 40 hk38

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a sequel to Nice Guy in which they actually showed what happened to the characters during the seven years, and then maybe the blissful lives of Maru and Eungi after that? 😀

    • 40.1 niceguyobsessed

      awesome suggestion!

  41. 41 Anaïs

    Lol! Truck of doom.

    The writer totally messed with viewers who are familiar with her dramas. That truck of doom in SD left me so scarred.

    I absolutely agree, HeadsNo2, with your assessment of the ending. (Thank you for the recaps!) I wrote in an above comment that I thought the drama needed one more episode dedicated to post stabbing and hematoma. Maybe even two, depending on what they decided to do with the trajectory.

    Anyhow, SJK and MCW were awesome. I loved him as GYH in Sungkyunkwan and totally bought him as that character, but it’ll be hard to let go of SJK as Maru. Such a complete character. MCW sort of was robbed at the end because Eun Ki just deflated a bit as a character, though I love that face she makes in the screen capture above of her pointing to her face in Maru’s clinic.

    PSY was great too. I was happy for Jaeshik’s resolution as well.

    All in all, I do wish the ending had been fleshed out a bit more, and I don’t know whether I am glad or not that this wasn’t a typical LKH ending.

    • 41.1 Ennayra

      I think the writer did the truck of doom on purpose too. I mean, she had them meet in a crosswalk! I was so busy looking out for a truck (or car) of doom, that I didn’t even see Mr.Stabby coming.

  42. 42 lizzie

    When I read people talking about hoe they loved/liked Maru I don’t understand it.

    I thought I would end up liking him back after some episodes, but I never did. Sure he was sweet helping EG stand alone by herself again, but most of the pain Maru frlt it was him who chosen it or it was because of his doing.

    Until the end I was annoyed with his character.

    Everyone forgets that Maru could avoid the car accident if he wanted to, he could also get treatment faster and not wait until has no time.

    He could also be honest with EG instead of telling lies that won’t help any of them and will only put them on danger ……. why he couldn’t tell the truth after EG regained her memory… I think his way of thinking is stupid and doesn’t help at all.

    He felt guilty first when he used and said mean things to EG one year later and she ended up on an accident, but then knowing it, he again makes it look like he used her and lies to her again, for what purpose I don’t know.

    What I want to say is, I didn’t feel connected to his character, he was annoying, I didn’t feel bad for him, and if he died It would be because of his stupids choices….

    This drama sure has good acting (didn’t like Maru but LOved SJK’s acting as Maru) and was good but not best of the year Imo, and it left me cold…

    Like for example, look tree with deep roots. Amazing drama, amazing characters, amazing plot, script, but it also left me cold. Didn’t make me warm… but I still think it was one of best dramas of last year but not my fav.

    • 42.1 Silverteem

      That’s because Maru have an unhuman sense of guilt and care. He know the pains of love and betrayal. I think during his epilogue he explained why he didn’t avoid the car, it’s because he was tired of his CURRENT life.

      Okay, to understand Maru better you would have to at least understand where Jae Hee’s coming from too. Both of them are from broken families, livng (surviving) in a filthy world. Maru, all his life has been sacrificing everthing for his sister and Jae Hee. If there was one thing he ever WANTED it was Seo Eun Gi, but it was too late, when he used her, he knew already that he wasn’t supposed to love her, but Seo Eun Gi fell on him deep. He understands her rage and was willing to accept it.

      Now during her amnesiac period, there is really no point of him telling the truth. Because there is nothing to tell Eun Gi, once Eun Gi recovers her memory, all the truth will be in her mind anyways. Almost all of it, that is. Again, Maru up to that point was still trying to atone for his sins against Eun Gi. His convictions were still pretty much the same, Eun Gi and him, on that time, cannot be.

      And thus leads to your third dilemma, the hematoma surgery. Maru is purposely delaying it because of 1) it’s risks 2) if he was not too unlucky, he’ll end up like Eun Gi and you saw how long and hart it was for Eun Gi to return back. Which leads to 3) He simply wants to enjoy everything he had at that point and is willing to let go when his time comes.

      Which will lead to your final frustration, it took so damn long for Maru to regain his will to live.

      Thus the clock starts clicking clockwise again.

      • 42.1.1 niceguyobsessed

        Agree, Silverteem, love your comments!

        On his not avoiding the car accident – Maru seemed like a really depressed guy. And it’s no wonder with the life he was living that time. So his deciding to die with Eun Gi, the acceptance that he can no longer turn back the clock to a time when he and Eun Gi can be together (when he can deserve someone like her), makes sense to me.
        The scene where Maru and Jae Gil were discussing his hematoma and how he’s concerned he will be part of the 20% for whom the result of the operation can go wrong was really sad. He said something to the effect that things taking a turn for the worse seems to be his lot in life. That seemed to be his sentiment throughout the drama until the last two episodes where he found his desire and will to live again.

        • Korazy Lady

          I’m surprised Jae Gil wasn’t mentioned more. I thought his character was amazing. He was the one person throughout the entire drama who stayed loyal to MaRu and Choco. His character never wavered. I almost felt the scenes he had with MaRu (in his bedroom the time after MaRu had conned a guy who killed himself, when he lied on the floor to keep MaRu from leaving, etc.) were the most heartfelt and moving scenes of the drama. I was so glad to see him happy at the end.

          • Silverteem

            I just cannot take Jae Gil seriously, during the times that it was supposed to be moving, i just cannot, lol 🙂

            But I do like his character. Here I thought his chaebol status will somehow come into play, if there is one nuance in the story that was left out I think it was that one.

          • Korazy Lady

            I had the advantage of never having seen him before (I now know he’s a Running Man regular.) I thought he was a dufus and weird looking guy, but man, when he cried, for some reason I did too!

        • Silverteem

          IKR, Maru is the king of pessimism yet he takes everything so cooly, almost arrogant like. He has a lot of self pity but he just never shows it. He wears that smirk well.

        • Gasenadi

          Agree with you. About the cars crashing into each other: Reminded me of the coyote/jackal story where they go over the cliff together (flash to the Barbie cliffhanger). It was as if MaRu, seeing HER determination rushing at him full speed, decided to go along with her: “Let’s do this together”. It was never about what HE wanted. It was always about putting what he thought SHE wanted first. And if she was willing to die and take him with her, he’d do just that. (Yeah, and we know it’s sick. Did this show get fined for this double suicide attempt? I heard 49 Days was fined.)

          I only came to this conclusion after reading all you guys, cuz frankly, that whole episode fried my brain for days. I soooo hated MaRu and thought he would NEVER be redeemed. But he was. And that scene w/him and JH on the park bench was catharsis to the nth degree.

      • 42.1.2 RealKDramaaddict

        MR did not tell EK the truth during her amnesiac period because he still treated her like an invalid, a childlike creature unable to handle the truth. He, just like many others with “good intentions,” robbed her of knowing and understanding the truth about her past life and relationships.

        EK lived in the dark and her fury after she recovered her memories was completely understandable.

        There is always a point in telling the truth. Lying is never a good way to atone for sins.

        By the way, EK was not the only thing MR ever wanted. He truly wanted and was in love with JH, the same obsessive and unhealthy type of love he then had for EK.

  43. 43 Anaïs

    Oh and by the way, that kiss between EK and Maru. Hawt! The way they both inhaled after parting. Yup.

    • 43.1 missjb

      My most Eun Ki – MA RU’s kissing Scene! I swear, I replayed it multiple times! Maybe one of my most fav. kiss scene

      The kiss has a big impact in my heart. The kiss is not the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen. It just so moving and memorable.

      the reason:
      -their sincere kiss after all their misunderstanding become clear
      -Eun Ki is the one who took the initiative
      – the most important part kills me the most: MR’s reaction before and after the kiss.. it kills me… GAHHHH

      I’m not even invested with their love story this much before.

  44. 44 Korazy Lady

    I mentioned this link on the OT, which seems to prove that the ending is owed to fan service. Since SJK mentions that the crew sat around and decided what kind of ending they wanted to give the viewers, I’m wondering how on board the writer really was.


    I agree this could have been a show where MaRu dying would have made sense. I almost would have been OK if the last scene was his imagination as he died, because it would fit the tone of the show. But I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water! I’m happy they were together, and thought that Nice Guy was an awesome show with awesome acting all the way around.

  45. 45 ZOBear

    I was waiting for this recap. Because I was soooo confused towards the end. Did he recognize her or have any memory of their past together? or was it like Eun Ki’s symptoms where she knew she loved Maru, but had no memory of their lives together? But I knew once a recap was done I would be able to go…”OOOHHHH so that’s what happened.”

    I love this site.

  46. 46 Sajen

    I’ve been reading the recaps before I watch the episodes to which I say great job headsno2.

    On to what I wanted to say right now I’d have to say the ending is unsatisfying maybe it’ll be better when I watch the episodes.

    but whatever the case I gotta say Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were both wonderful and carried the whole show on their very capable backs so hip hip hooray for them.

  47. 47 CrazilyAddicted

    I loved this drama and fell in love with the characters. but there were definitely areas I felt were lacking, like what was said about the company, unnecessary stabbing, and seven year gap? I mean, I get that they did that to show the release of the baddies and their change. BUT. we missed out on so much. like. agh. and amnesia again for maru? I was a bit eh about that, but I’m glad we got a happy ending for them.

    • 47.1 Silverteem

      Actually it wasnt an amnesia. Read above. 🙂

  48. 48 Gaeina Lee

    Time to bid adieu to the beautifully portrayed, written and produced drama. I’ve shed tears, felt the pain and frustration and the feeling of helplessness… and I found joys in this 20 hours long emotional roller coaster ride.

    When the clock moved forward, and the woeful teary face turned to smile, by then I had the answer. I’ll smile with them in the finale, throughout at the ending… I learnt from Maru that to love is willing to let go, and to be brave to live on. But praying has its benefit too… Ahh, am gonna miss them so.

    Thanks Heads, for the recaps!

  49. 49 shirin-noona

    HeadsNo2 ,you are brilliant.Thank you so much for your amazing recaps.I wouldn’t have loved Nice Guy as much without your absolutely insightful and funny recaps.You’re the best!

  50. 50 niceguyobsessed

    I watched the final episode yesterday and all day today I kept thinking back to the last two episodes and remembering Maru–his suffering and his triumph–I’m just so happy that he got his happy ending.

    On getting stabbed
    – I think that with the way the story was progressing, someone was bound to get hurt c/o Min Young. Maru said that Eun Gi will definitely be the next target. And when he saw that creepy guy, he acted out of reflex and got himself stabbed instead of Eun Gi. If Eun Gi were stabbed–and for the last few minutes of the show, I really thought something awful will happen to her–I don’t think Maru will have the will to live. He might get crazier, too, and just decide to die. Also, he cannot afford to take on Min Young with his worsening condition. If a fight ensued, both Maru and Eun Gi may get hurt.

    On not telling Eun Gi he was stabbed
    – It is stupid and a sign of mental instability but the reason why Maru probably did not tell Eun Gi about his wound was simply because he didn’t want to ruin that perfect moment. Again, he’s crazy. But Maru has always been crazy.

    On Eun Gi’s not noticing his wound
    – She is crazy. The writer is crazy. Though I don’t mind this that much. Eun Gi wasn’t in the best condition after finding out everything. Maybe she hasn’t fully emerged from her guilt and also a sense of disbelief that she was loved all that time.

    On not dying
    – For the first time, Maru articulated that he wants to live. He doesn’t want to die. And if he does, I believe he can accept it because he believes that God will give him a chance, if not in that life then the next. His prayer in the tunnel was answered and he knew that if he put his faith in God, He will listen and he can accept what He decides.

    Tae San
    – We don’t know what happened with Tae San but I think it makes sense that Maru and Eun Gi are removed from that world in the final episode. When Eun Gi had amnesia, Maru turned his back from what he was becoming because Eun Gi came back. Now that Maru has amnesia, Eun Gi can turn her back from Tae San because Maru has come back. Maru may have forgotten everything but he got his wish to fall in love in the most ordinary way and sort of run away with Eun Gi to that far place where no one seems to know them.

    I just love this drama so much and I love the writer. Her other drama, MiSa, is an all time favorite.

    • 50.1 Silverteem

      NOw that you mention it, Maru was literally footsteps to the Hospital.

      I dont know with the rest of you guys but I had the impression that was where he was going all along. I mean he just literally walked out of the hospital and instantly found EunGi, so it wasn’t that FAR that he needed to call for a cab or WAIT for an ambulance. As for why did he send Eun Gi off?

      Here’s my short answer: Knowing what MinYoung’s willing to do, and how much of a crazy btch EunGi gets when angered, he knew that EunGi might go after MinYoung.

      REMEMBER: the tape was going to get released to the police INEVITABLY w/in a day as per Maru’s conversation. So all that Maru needs to do is wait so that he could put his mind at rest that Eun Gi will be safe once MY is in jail. He doesn’t want EunGi to go after a guy who just tried to stab her already.

      • 50.1.1 Anduril

        Best explanation so far. Not that I believe necessarily that the writers thought this way. But that thought fits well with the story so far. Of course Maru doesn’t want her to go on her patterned revenge habit.

        That, and the reconciliation is far more important to him. I felt that he wanted the happy moment with her more than being distracted by a little blood. After all he could die in the hemotoma surgery, so lets not waste precious time on distractions.

        • Betsy Hp

          Nodding to all three of you. Maru prioritized in his very… Maru-type way. 🙂

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