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Oohlala Spouses plans for extension
by | November 2, 2012 | 61 Comments

Dramas that perform well in their time slots are invariably going to go through a round of will-they-extend-or-won’t-they, but it’s looking like a distinct possibility for KBS’s Monday-Tuesday comedy Oohlala Spouses, starring Kim Jung-eun and Shin Hyun-joon as a married couple who are forced to spend a little time walking around in each other’s bodies. ‘Cause yunno, therapy is so passé.

The production is reportedly in talks to extend the show by 2 episodes, bringing the total count to 18. They considered 20 as well, but ultimately landed on just two more episodes, and are now in the process of getting all parties to sign off on the extension. It’s probably a show that can bear a 2-episode extension without much harm, especially given the fact that we’re only on Episodes 9 and 10 this week. If there’s enough lead time to work the extension into planning half the show’s episodes, then it’s less worrisome than the kinds that will extend by the skin of their teeth.

Interestingly enough, follow-up drama School has already announced that they’ve pushed their premiere back a week, so we’re looking at a December 3 premiere for that show regardless. It’s possible that School needing more prep time brought the extension to the table in the first place, but in any case now KBS is very keen on filling that week gap with more Oohlala.

The show premiered in first place and has been performing well in ratings throughout its run, though recent episodes have conceded the lead to The Horse Healer. With the dip in ratings, Tuesday’s episode logged 12.5%, just 1% behind the winning horse. It’s doubtful that the 50-episode sageuk will let go of its lead once it’s been established, but with School’s production schedule, extending Oohlala might not be about the numbers anymore.

Oohlala Spouses airs Monday-Tuesday on KBS.

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61 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    That drama is a strange animal. I started it for the leads and I’m now more invested in the secondary characters. I came for the slapstick comedy (which quickly annoyed me) and in the end what keeps me aboard this ship is the raw emotional scenes.
    I’m sure the extension is here to give time for School 2013 but if Ohlala Spouses can keep the style of episode 10 (absolutely excellent), I’m in.

    • 1.1 Betty

      What you describe is exactly what I feel about this show. Funny in the beginning, then annoying because of the overacting specially from KJE, then nice again at episode 10. :/ .

      Me too I prefer the raw emotional scenes. They act much much better and I relate to them much more when they play themselves.

      • 1.1.1 amyhangukolic

        Me too… Over exaggerating acting put me off for a while.. The ep10 is much more acceptable to me..

      • 1.1.2 M.D.

        I subscribe. She confirms my previous impression on her. She could do much better for her fame. I never really enjoyed her acting.

      • 1.1.3 Mel

        could have said it better. KJE as the male character was really over board. but the recent episodes is really good and i’m invested in it now. i’m still counting down the days until the next episode is air.

    • 1.2 Odet

      Me three. I wanted the female lead and second lead to be together that I’m thinking of how the pregnancy will be played. Oh my… Btw, Shin Hyun-joon is good, no, very very good. <3 <3 <3

      • 1.2.1 odet

        uh-oh.. no more baby.. well..

    • 1.3 skelly

      I was really put off by this show. I think this is one that you can either love or hate, and let’s just say I’m happy for those viewers who found something to love.

    • 1.4 Lang

      I’m the total opposite. I LOVE THE slapstick humor and the hilarious over-acting….

      The emotional scenes are good too, but I”m watching this for the funnies…

      Now that they’re back into their regular bodies, I just hope it doesn’t turn into a regular kdrama where the main lead sees his girl with the secondary lead hugging, but it turns out the secondary lead is only hugging her for the last time, because she learns that she’s really in love with main lead. But because main lead saw her hugging secondary lead from the distance he feels dejected, and hopes for her happiness, and he leaves, not knowing the truth, and we have to wait for the next episode …..

  2. Tammie

    I. Love. This. Show. Even hubby is watching it with me and every night he asks if there is a new epidsode ready for him to watch. Ha.

    So glad I will get two more weeks of these crazies. Shin Hyun Joon is beyond fabulous. Even as hubby is sitting next to me watching, I continue to say, “I love him…errr…her… him.” I think he’s getting a tad jealous.

    However, I’m really torn at who I want to end up with whom. Anybody else feel that way? I really like the old boyfriend! Waahhh!

    Bring it on Oohlala! I’m ready!

    • 2.1 Tammie

      *sigh* Two more episodes, not two more weeks. I really need to calm down.

    • 2.2 Mystisith

      For me the divorce is consummated.
      I want Yeo Ok with her oppa and Victoria with the ex-husband.
      I hope this show will have the guts to say than
      1- It’s OK to be wrong and commit mistakes: We learn from them and divorce was invented for that.
      2- Divorce is not the end of your (love) life. And being a divorcee is not a crime in a modern society.

      • 2.2.1 red

        Well Said!!! And I wish the same…but somehow I feel its not going to happen

      • 2.2.2 Raitei

        Exactly what I feel. SHJ’s character makes me want to break his neck off. Not knowing much about his own wife and always acting on impulse, how can I not blame him for all the hardships his wife went through, especially with the baby? To be honest, I don’t really think they’re meant to be together since in their past lives, he was married to and even had kids with Victoria. Fate shouldn’t have tied them; they’re better off with others. >.>

        Also, I’m so hoping Yeo Ok will end up with her so lovable, adorable, and totally devoted oppa, but like with every other drama, I don’t think that will be the case. *sigh*

      • 2.2.3 IBELIS

        I felt this way at first especially after seeing Victoria as the wife in the past, but this couple has been through a lot, and have just started to realize what the other persons life was like.

        This impacted the husband more than the wife because other than getting to know more about him and Victoria she didn’t seem to concern herself with him as much. I do believe that they are more understanding of each other than they were in the past. They can see what was wrong and needs fixing. I think they will now realize how important they are to each other.

        There is still work to be done.

      • 2.2.4 pumpkinattack

        Have you seen Queen of Reversals? 😀

    • 2.3 Gimmie

      Same here. I like her to end up with the first boyfriend. I think they should be together and ex husband can stay with Victoria.

  3. Jinny

    I don’t care much for the extension but I am excited for school to air! For anyone watching this drama, do their overreactions an squeaky voices after switching bodies get better or is it just as bad as it was in ep 3? I stopped watching because I wanted to punch my computer screen every time I heard their voices…

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      I almost dropped it for the reasons you give: It wasn’t even overacted, it was caricatural to the max.
      Let’s just say than “things” happen and it gets better: At ep 8 or 9? Can’t remember clearly…

      • 3.1.1 momosa

        I am not sure og the over-acting part too.

        I think they acted so well to the point it’s annoyingly similar to real life – like how husband is nasty and how wife is shaken by everything crumbling around her.

        I can feel her emotional state and was like, hey, this is too much, it’s bad for my married life. Don’t need to be reminded of our own dramas in daily married life, so yeah, I stopped watching after ep 4.

    • 3.2 Betty

      Yeah after episode 2 it gets really bad… I mean the overacting plus the emotions are lost in all this bad (over)acting…

    • 3.3 Birdie

      It did not get better. I really don’t care for an extension, but after episode 10, I like to see how it ends. It is just not overacting but the actors are not acting each other but more the stereotype.For example the way the wife sits with her legs open but her husband never sits like that when he is himself, etc.

      • 3.3.1 Kiki

        Yes. I was excited as heck when it started to air in my country, but after episode 4, which aired last week, I decided I’m not going to bother anymore. My mom and dad are in love with it. I really hated the lead male, and if I have to watch him do some stupid, selfish stunt every episode, I won’t put up with the drama anymore. Also, I’m imagining there are a lot of women who went through divorce with a douchebag husband getting annoyed with this show. My aunty, for one.

  4. Monona

    I think I love Shin Hyun Joon. And this show is downright hilarious (usually because of Shin Hyun Joon’s portrayal of Yeo Ock XD). I now have another reason to finally watch Gaksital 😛

    I agree with Mystisith – “I want Yeo Ok with her oppa and Victoria with the ex-husband”.
    I would love it if these two developed a newfound appreciation and respect for each other without that having to translate into falling in love and getting back together.

    • 4.1 Toystar

      Oh I agree with monona I would prefer them as co-parents and friends but not as husband and wife.

  5. jyyjc

    Really liking this show so far. Kim jung-eun can really work the emotional scenes that made me feel as if I can empathize even though I’ve never had a cheating husband. Heck I’m not even married. The second leads are really boring though, I’m especially disappointed that Han chae-ah’s follow-up role after the fantabulous Ueno Rie is this bland homewrecker character. Idk, we’re not that far into the drama so maybe her character will be more developed? Also this show is the funniest body-switch drama show I’ve ever watched, I never laughed this hard with Big or Secret garden.

  6. True2u



    I’m so hooked to this its not even funny. You have no idea how much I laugh since episode 1. I laughed so hard that it hurts. Shin Hyun Joon is AMAZING, My Gosh, he nailing the whole female in male body scenario PERFECTLY. But ep 10 is definitely the turning point. I cried non-stop. Kim jung-eun definitely knows how to work a emotional scene. Girl had me doing some ugly crying. T^T!!! Now it’s time for our second lead to have some screen time and I’m excited about it. Let’s hope those two bumbling idiot match makers don’t mess things up.

    • 6.1 M.D.

      He’s acts a little bit too exaggerated, it looks far from a natural woman. However he is so much more bearable than her!
      All in all, coping with their acting when in each other bodies, especially, the show has something worth watching beyond the surface, the story deep within. I resonated and felt heart struck with the way her mother acted when she came to Seoul. So much painful truth in that story – mothers hiding their real feelings from their children and being harsh.

  7. a_diva

    i’m really loving this show and interested in seeing what they will do with the additional two episodes.

    like just about everyone else, i was sooo annoyed by kim jung eun’s acting. she’s great in the sad/emotional parts, but watching her playing the husband was grating on my nerves big time despite my love for this drama. particularly the way she held her lips would literally have me screaming at my computer screen. why oh why OH WHY didn’t the director or anybody else tell her to stop before they went through filming . . . ugh!

    but shin hyun joon made up for her overracting with his great performance.

    needless to say, i am totally in love with the second lead. can i move to fictional korea and marry him when that dumb a$$ yeo ok eventually goes back to a$$holde soo nam???

    • 7.1 a_diva


      • 7.1.1 Taber

        I feel the same way, it’s has to be the first love. The husband was out of the running by episode 2 and there is no redemption in my eyes for a man who treated his wife the way he did because he felt he was sand bag. I watch this drama very closely and it my have been fated for her to end up with her husband but fate and happiness don’t go hand and hand. Being bless bring happiness and since the story is about fate not about being blessed she will continue to live a life being unappreciated and undervalued. Even if she wasn’t the woman of his dream, he could have been thankful she was a good wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and most importantly a good “MOTHER”. It’s appears he starting to see that now which is great, I would love for them to have a relationship of mutual respect especially because they do have a child but that where I hope it ends. If Queen of Reversal can do it so can this drama. With the extension I hope it would lay out the foundation of her moving on, because it has already set in stone in my heart he was never worthy of her from the beginning.

        As for the comedy part of the drama, I never care for it especially because it so childish, this is where TW-drama goes wrong at all the time. This is not the drama for this, the storyline is gut wrenching and the pain is heart wrenching and reality there no room for ha-ha… If they wouldn’t have went for the juggler with the obvious sexual relationship between Victoria and her husband (video) I can see they adding a pinch of humor, but my chest is still hurting from when she was pounding her chest outside of the apartment after witness her husband and Victoria. I hope she don’t end up spending her life with a man you never loved her nor had any respect for her. The husband is selfness and his character is ugly they can extend it to 50 episodes but that man is a piece of SHI*. Lastly I was so disappointed in how they didn’t get up in your face with the whole Victoria confrontation; it should have been a 10 min table scene where the wife lets Victoria know there is a cause and effect from her actions! I let it go because at least they didn’t have the wife begging the husband to stay and cry that she will be better! I can only hope that the hottie first love is the one by her side at the end proving that being Bless beat out fate every time!

        • a_diva

          you totally hit the nail on the head. there are no redeeming qualities in the cheating, lying husband and i’ve never understood how they were fated to be together when he has always been a selfish, manipulative, liar when dealing with her. she has suffered nothing but hurt from him and for the drama to have them end up together will go too far imo. but this is kdramaland so i won’t be completely surprised if she stays with him but i wll be disappointed.

  8. Carole McDonnell

    I love this show so much. True the actress overacted when she played being inhabited by her husband’s spirit… but I wasn’t annoyed. Actors try their best and they put their souls out there …which is a very brave thing to do. So I never pick on actors. I only get annoyed with stupid plot points. So far this story has been really good.

    I’m kinda hoping Yeo Ok ends up with her old oppa. I know she has karmic stuff to work out with her ex-husband. So this is not just another show where divorce will be okay. There are cosmic issues a-plenty. Heck, he was the cause of her suicide the last time. Plus he cheated on his wife (now Victoria) in the last life. So, if the film only works with issues in this present reality, I’ll feel cheated. Especially after coming after Arang and Faith where other lives (or other times) etc are important in the mix of things.

    I was really hoping we would have another view of the past lives to see how all the other folks worked into the mix, since some of the same folks in the present were also in the past. So it’d be not just the married couple having to work through their destinies but a whole cast of friends/acquaintances/destined ones/ancient enemies. But nooooooooooo, Yeo Ok cut the hypnosis regression short. So, am thinking the writers are not gonna care about the past retribution/repair/owed karma thing.

    Anyway, as I said, I’d like Yeo Ok and her old oppa to get together and I wouldn’t mind it being a “divorce is part of life, so move on” kinda ending. But I’d feel they mess up on the past life stuff and didn’t quite do the cosmic repair thing. But if reincarnation is not super-important to this story (and if we aren’t going to see any past scenes from past lives) I guess I could accept the divorce ending.

    Will see.

    • 8.1 Aliiiiiiiice

      I thought I would hate this show because I hated that Soul Garden show. (That was the name, right? With Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin?)

      The over-acting and weak plot lines were unbearable and I had a hard time conceiving of why the show was so popular. It just became a running joke that ran too long for my tastes: let’s see HyunBin act like a girl and HJW act like a chaebol dude.

      I also was not a fan of the actress playing Na Yeo Ok. She was in some melodrama set in some European country and was just very bleh for me.

      BUT SURPRISINGLY the Show really surprised me with its heart, great acting and clearly believable motivations. Oh, and the story and subtext ain’t half bad either.

      I think this shows such strength in the writing, directing and acting with the leads. They really do commit 1,000% to their characters and I can see them really reach for and strive to express the hidden motivations and plights of each character and how to express them in sympathetic and human ways.

      None of the 2nd leads are evil, which is another bonus. They are genuinely good people who ACTIVELY pursue their One True Love, giving the audience extreme cases of 2nd lead syndrome.

      I also love how the fantastical elements with the gods take an active part in the story lines (something I wish Arang could have done a little more masterfully). Yes, they’re CUTE, but they aren’t there just to be cute. They actually ask compelling questions and challenge one another to think: How important is passion in relationship to Love? How important is passion in relationship to Marriage? Is there a way for the two to be balanced in a loving relationship?

      I laughed. I cried. And I’m actually not the type to laugh or cry with slapstick shows.

      Normally I’m accustomed to frowning and writing snarky commentary in my head in time with the drama.

      I think the original re-capper of the 1st 2 eppys hit the nail on the head when she said that this is a show in which it feels like the 2 leads are actually LISTENING to each other.

      Though I didn’t know what she meant by it at the time, now that I am totally invested in the show and its 2-eppy extension, I can see that this one extra act of commitment on part of the actors makes a WORLD of difference.

      • 8.1.1 True2u

        LOL @ Soul Garden

  9. colors

    I haven’t been posting there for awhile, but I can’t help talking about this drama.

    I like it, I really like it, which means I keep watching it every week even though I’m currently living and working in another country than my own with lots of things to do, to learn, etc.

    But, SPOILERS, ranting or whatevs, I really hated the way they handled the pregnancy arc. The idea in itself is sorta gross but then, if you exchange your body with someone you love(d), then why not try sharing a bed? I mean, that’s one of the things people really get curious about, right? But then, since it’s sort of a family show, you don’t have much funny or serious details or about it, like how the guy or the girl changed their minds about sex, etc. It was kinda lost in the end, except that…

    The guy-in-a-woman’s body got pregnant. Which is fine, getting a man to know more about hormones and babies. But the plot in itself delivers a real issue: how can you think of aborting a baby when it’s not really your body and the woman might get it back anytime soon and she’s against it? And WHY ON EARTH, show, if I just say something about the abortion issue in general, do you choose to have one of those awful American anti-abortionist moves by forcing the Dad to hear its heartbeats to make him keep it? Why not choose a conversation with his wife or his Mom or even his kid, or a sudden realization in a park where you see babies everywhere or, I don’t know, a simple pre-natal visit to make you sure you’re pregnant instead of literally making the guy feel guilty?

    In the end, I just want the couple to make up and be friends, taking care of their kid with some European normal divorced situation (normal, I say. Well, sometimes parents aren’t friendly, but you know.) I think the woman would be better off with her first love and the guy with Victoria because on each side, they’re somehow made for each other. You can’t fight destiny, right? So let’s say being harshly betrayed during two life times is enough for now. You can do better next time, ok? Hope you hear me and the others who said the same, show.
    I felt it’s a really badly handled decision and it gives the wrong message.

    • 9.1 Mystisith

      I think they realized they were stuck in a dead end with that pregnancy of the husband stuff. To back pedal they had 2 choices: Abortion or miscarriage and well… They took the easy road to get rid of the problem. I may be wrong but I feel writers uneasy with those “women’s issues”. Which is strange cause most writers of rom-coms are women.

      • 9.1.1 tamtam

        I respectfully disagree because the pregnancy arc ended nicely and acted as a precursor to the second arc–which is when the husband finally realized the wife is pretty amazing to have put up with him and his family all this time, but now it’s a little too late. I agree that the sonogram solution was pretty cliche, but how else are you going to force this stubborn character to change his mind? The pregnancy wasn’t a “problem” but a catalyst for the turning point. His choice to keep the baby changed him and this is where the character will start to grow. (no pun intended) He once saw pregnancy as a burden, but now it’s a blessing.

        I think both the OP and you are thinking about this pregnancy plot device too realistically. They don’t have five episodes to spare to get everyone in the family (who is against the pregnancy anyway, with the exception of Ki-chan) to sit down with the husband to educate him about the woman’s body and choice. This isn’t a public service announcement, it’s entertainment. It’s much funnier and faster to get the point across by writing in the abortion scene. Yes it’s the easy way to have ended the arc, but it’s ok, not every scene HAS to be meaningful and cleverly written. This is really obvious and it’s probably been said over and over before, but because it’s true–comedy can just be funny. But it can also provoke thoughts and inspire new ideas. Judging by the conversation in this thread, I think it’s succeeded very well whether it’s liked or disliked.

    • 9.2 Carole McDonnell

      But the thing is he cheated on Victoria in a past life, so that past marriage to Victoria wasn’t a fulfilling marriage for him either. He betrayed both women. Now, in this life, he likes Victoria because he hasn’t lived with her in a marriage situation. It’s the typical “I work with you and you are needy and you adore me…and my wife is at home not praising me or attending to my needs, therefore I’ll leave my wife for you” affair.

      If he had married Victoria without the body switch, I have no doubt he would have cheated on her as well. Now, perhaps because he is enlightened by the whole body switch thing, he might actually treat Victoria better as a wife. That’s often what happens; the second wife benefits from what the first wife suffered through.

      As for the abortion pre-natal sonogram screening, I don’t think a man would be affected by seeing kids in a park. He needed to see the real life of his particular baby so, while it’s a bit hackneyed to show the sonogram, i really think it works in this case. Also, his mom already felt Yeo Ok was manipulating her. Conversation would have been useless cause Mom wanted to be rid of both Yeo Ok and the “unseen” baby anyway. And having a conversation with your son about why you want to get rid of the baby cause you want to start over with a new wife…well, I’m not sure that woulda worked either. Nor would he even be affected by seeing his young son –even if he didn’t talk to son about the abortion. From the beginning we see that he doesn’t have that much of a relationship with his son. All he had is his mother…and

      I’m not sure if the seeing sonograms before aborting a baby is an American move; It’s done in several countries. The US is not the only country with pro-life people and it’s certainly not the only country where folks have sonograms and used them to either kill or save children.

      I still really wish they would extend the story in the past so we can really see how all the relationships work out. Kinda like Cloud Atlas done way better and done only in Korea. I’m hoping the 18 or 20 episodes will be what that’s all about. One can hope.

      • 9.2.1 colors

        In the previous life as we saw it, he was happy with his wife and kids who loved him when he came back, so he was just a cheater. And then you had the whole “heroic” background, and well, war and love, so you know, I didn’t feel like the loser of the story and past-Victoria.

        He wasn’t that close with ex-wife at the beginning of the show or in their flashbacks together actually, and as you said with his child. (I mean, compared with the short scene we had with previous life wife and children.)

        I’m not saying that only pro-life Americans make women who want an abortion listen to the baby’s heart but that just what pop into my mind when I saw the doctor-not-doctor-because-mythological-being (at least they save money on the cast with those two!) insisting so much. And that’s what made the man change his mind, so I feel bad about this part of the drama ’cause I really like it outside this scene. The screenwriters could have tried something else less awkward even if the ideas I gave may be wrong.

        It was akward and bad enough to get the mother-in-law to get her daugther-in-law to have an abortion regardless of what she wanted: her body, her baby, her mind. She’s not part of this marriage (ok, at the time divorce) for God’s sake.

        I think the miscarriage was supposed to be (and will be) an important part of the plot to get the main couple separated for another good reason not related to the “past” (the affair with Victoria, or even what went wrong early in the beginning of their marriage), but as Mystisith said, the show didn’t know how to handle those matters properly.

        • tamtam

          I’m not sure how else they should handled it when the entire situation is as ridiculous as it already is. When I saw that scene, I didn’t really see it as a pro-life propaganda.

          It’s within the mother-in-law and the husband’s character to want an abortion. Remember that the husband at at time still doesn’t care about his wife. When he’s trapped in her body, he still saw her body as a burden. Look at the way he never brush her hair or tried to dressed nicely. We can tell he knows how to dress properly and keep up with the apparences as a man so he knows how to coordinate outfits. Also just because he now has a woman’s body doesn’t mean he’s forgotten how to do basic grooming. But he doesn’t do it because he’s just putting up with being in her body. It’s the fact that he doesn’t care about her OR her body that almost got her killed when he risked her life trying to save Victoria.

          That said, if the solution to the pregnancy goes according to how you want it to, it would’ve been a very abrupt change in at least two already established character and it wouldn’t fit in the pace nor the plot.

          • Mystisith

            This is what annoys me a bit: This show works better in the dramatic than in the comedy. So I would have liked for the serious topics like preg/abor to be treated seriously and in depth. If not, they shouldn’t have even started.
            I agree with you though, about the way he treats her body and women in general. He is really a selfish macho with in prime a tendency for cowardice. Bleh!
            I mean, I have a high level of tolerance for jerks in dramas but here the red line is crossed: I just want him to disappear from my screen.

  10. 10 kit

    It’s interesting that as the episodes progress, we see that the guy was a bastard even in his previous lifetime heh. It makes me think that it really is open ended right now, they could really end up with the other person. I mean, I’m sure it will end up with the leads, but even with the gradual understanding the guy’s going through it could just make him into a better human being l o l. Just waiting for her in law family to grovel at her feet one day ehehehehe. I’m enjoying this drama, it pisses me off so much and that’s a plus I think.

  11. 11 asianromance

    I just stayed up most of the night last night watching this. It’s a surprisingly addictive drama once you get over KJE’s badly acted version of Soo Nam and some of the more preachy moments (like the abortion scene). This show’s got a lot of heart and SHJ cracks me up! I love the parts when husband and wife team up together. And I also really enjoyed some of the more meta moments – like how there may be more people in the population suffering from soul-swapping and that is why there is an increase in soul-swapping dramas lately.

  12. 12 saranga

    this show surprised me. i commented on a previous post about the show’s first place debut in the ratings, basically saying i wasn’t all that impressed. the characters seemed a bit exaggerated, and i was ready to write it off, but then the swap happened, and i couldn’t stop laughing.

    i actually loved kim jung-eun’s portrayal of her husband. thought it was hilarious, some of the best comedy she’s ever done. her facial expressions were priceless. i suppose if you compare her portrayal to the original portrayal, it’s not really accurate, but she did such a good job in making me laugh, i sort of let it slide. shin hyun-joon did amazing in portraying his wife, but something that bugged me so much…

    those eyelashes. i think he curls them, and i cannot stand to look at them…

    • 12.1 Jyyjc

      Oh you noticed too? I also noticed his curly lashes, i wonder if thats natural or if the makeup artists actually curl his lashes. Anyway, i must be the only one who sees no problem with kim jungeun’s portrayal of Soonam. I thought her outbursts were uncanny to how Shin hyunjoon played Soonam before the switch during the scenes where he yells at her at home.

  13. 13 JO

    I think it’s hilarious. There are parts where I roll my eyes but I would say because 90 % I am literally laughing out loud or truly empathising with the characters, I love et. I also would like the couple to go their separate ways but regardless, I love the antics. ESPECIALLY khj. Gawd. He is so funny.
    Also, I don’t think he curls his lashes. . .
    maybe only when he is a woman?

  14. 14 tamtam

    Great news. I’m rooting for the secondary characters, esp the childhood oppa. I’m watching mainly for KHJ’s hilarious interpretation of the wife, but I don’t mind KJE’s caricature of the “brash and manly” husband. I think it’s because this drama doesn’t put on a big air of pretense that it’s suppose to be realistic and dramatic like Secret Garden. I think it’s a hidden gem once you get past the superficial hoo-ha.

  15. 15 Veronica

    You know who I wanna slap? The ajusshi that wants the together because “their fate was arranged since their past lives” like seriously just let them divorce or they will end up killing each other

    • 15.1 Mystisith

      Yep. It’s going to be The War of The Roses all over again.

    • 15.2 saranga

      same here. it drives me crazy, this pre-arranged Fate stuff. i actually don’t want kim jung-eun back with her husband. the show hasn’t convinced me yet that they are actually good for each other.

  16. 16 Village Mrembo

    Premier week was an absolute killer, loved the characters so much. Then 2nd week came and the show lost me, i struggled to get thru ep 3! But considering the leads and all i know i might come to enjoy it sometime in future just not now. Horse Healer on the other hand…addicted!
    Btw ‘Can we get married’ is great too, looks very promising plus it’s on cable, TvN no less if am not mistaken which can only mean loads of awesome!

  17. 17 MEalways

    I love this show because I can relate to it. It supposed to be comedy, but it touched a lot of soft spots of man vs woman, Mars vs Venus, in relationship here and there.

    Sometimes, the acting is too much. But, it isn’t that easy to interpret soul-switching roles, even if one may have more x or y gens in them ;p. And most of us weren’t Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire…

    I never thought that other woman may think working as hotel manager could be so different from handling or managing a household. Or any man would think twice about the hardship being a housewife.

    And how people could easily fall for the same mistake (aka affairs) again and again, wishing they found the soul mate or the one that really his missing rib/her being the missing rib.

    Never meant to be sarcastic, but oh boy… this drama really hit some sore spots of relationship…

  18. 18 soonam

    well, I LOVED this show so much I can’t wait for every Monday and Tuesday. I loved both actors portraying of each other. This drama made me laugh my head off every time. I love it even more than Big.
    I cried buckets in ep10 when the baby is gone..their emotional acting was sooooo good. And now I can’t wait who’s gonna end up with who. Love the old boyfriend but I still hope she’s gonna end up with her reformed husband again..

    SHJ and KJE rock my world!! They’re great. Really, really great!

  19. 19 ym

    Omg! Okay, I feel better that I’m not the only one who didn’t like the main female leads portrayal of Soonam. I’ve been watching but basically skipping through the first 8 or 9 episodes. Loved episode 10. I feel like the abortion plot wasnt that bad, and I’m glad they did not go too indepth with it since that is not the focal point of the show. I’m excited to see next weeks episodes! I think the extension would do well for the drama. Hopefully they will take the extra two episodes and show us more of how their lives are connected.

  20. 20 Gustave154

    Why no recap for this awesome rom com??? Whyyyyyyy

  21. 21 gj

    The only Rom-Com theme that I cried buckets! So Im happy that it’d be extended. 🙂

  22. 22 misshuili

    why not? Remember queen of the reversals? The woman lead get together with the 2nd male lead, despite the story trying to make 1st male lead a better person… Haha….

  23. 23 MsB

    Totally not happy about this. Guess they need time to convince us to love them as a couple again. Not me! The writer will have to be super clever to win me over!

  24. 24 Annie


  25. 25 naeus

    Im surprised that this drama hasnt been picked up by anyone to continue recapping. its such a great drama…i dont mind and over the top acting i think they are fabulous with what they do…hope YO with HW…its not the first time that everyone wanted the 2nd lead…see Queen of Reversal…sometimes even if the husband realises his mistake and repent…its just unfortunate if the wife moves on…love is sweet the second time around…with somebody else…..deserves to be happy and she deserves HW. Hope the drama gods grant our wishes since HW oppa has been sincere with his love after all these years he never married as YO is the only one for him…in today’s episode HW told YO he loves her…I havent heard SN saying he loves YO when asked by a friend in previous episode he just said ” i dont know all i know is i can’t live without her” what is this? at least HW knows he loves YO all his life with all his heart and even wants to fulfill his promise of letting YO stay in the house they liked when they were young and live together…they did promise with each other right? so it means they will keep it right? hope hope hope sooo…

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