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347 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jomo

    Happy Friday!
    Is it ever!!!!!

    I am waaaaay too sad with Nice Guy right now, it is not healthy…
    Maybe a caramel candy apple will help?

    • 1.1 am

      Hi Jomo! I wanted this Friday to be happy but I watched NG and well, EG opened her eyes in the end and now my heart hurts!

      Here’s a caramel candy apple for you.

      • 1.1.1 Korazy Lady

        It’s like a pleasurable form of torture watching this show. I so want to be optimistic, but am so preparing for the worst!

        • am

          I read somewhere, someone calling NG a pleasurable torture or it hurts so good or something hahaha

          ‘guess everyone is trying to be optimistic, knowing how things will probably end up but still hoping we’re wrong.

          • Korazy Lady

            I think that was JoAnne. Must give credit where credit is due!

          • am

            @Korazy Lady Thank you! Now I just have to find the comment hahaha

            But doesn’t her description perfectly describe the feeling? Knowing your ship will sink but you’re not jumping off or getting on a life boat.

        • Shukmeister

          I would guess JoAnne also, but all your comments almost make me want to go back and start it, just for the pleasure/pain. Maybe after next weekend, when I’m at loose ends, I’ll tentatively open that Pandora’s box.

          • am

            Aww… what is NG doing to us all?

          • JoAnne

            DO IT

          • jomo

            Do it!

          • Raine

            I’m scared to open it too…but its SJK…and MCW…

          • JoAnne

            Raine – it’s GOOD. It’s sooooooooooo GOOD. And it’s well-done, too. Everything is just what you could ask – you get ready to hate people and they reveal humanity. You get ready to trust people and they screw you over. The writing is good, the acting is ah-MAZE-ing, especially our young lead. There are light moments to break up the tension, and anyway – listen –

            it’s amnesia done RIGHT. When does that happen? Ever? For that alone, you must watch. This is history.

        • Celina

          Yeah, no kidding…

          When he promised not to die… I was like no! don’t promise that… that’s just pushing your drama fate too far…

          • Saner

            I have to say, every Saturday I wake up sad – because it’s another 6 days till I get another addictive taste of NG.
            It’s soooo good but I make this face >.< every time somebody pushes a drama fate button….

      • 1.1.2 jomo

        Thank you! It is delicious AND healthy!

    • 1.2 John


      Happy Friday!

      I’m 1 ep behind on NG.

      Watching: Seer , May Queen and Zhen Huan

      • 1.2.1 Shukmeister


        Any damages from the storm? You didn’t lose any mead or anything, I hope.

        How is Zhen Huan?

        • John


          Wind and rain, a bunch of leaves in the yard.

          I feel for those that are without power and/or flooded.

          Zhen Huan is a typical C palace drama, lots of intrigue, plots, cruelty, etc.

          Beautiful costumes.

      • 1.2.2 jomo

        Hello –
        How far did you get with ZH?
        Scariest show ever! Who knew it was deadly to be a concubine?

        • John


          We’re at ep 26 of Zhen Huan.

    • 1.3 SD

      Ikr? The last scene of episode 16 was insanely heart-tugging. I felt like I could collapse any minute. 🙁

      • 1.3.1 am

        EG is THE female version of Maru. I know that now.

        The other day, I read something (here I am again not knowing her sources) about opposites attracting. But according to that person, people don’t get attracted to people who are different from themselves. They fall in love with people who are very much like them. A slightly modified version of who they are. Maru and EG really embody that thought.

        ***off to find that quote!

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          I agree with you. Though opposites may really attract, people are tend to like a person who is similar to them more. If a person were to choose between someone opposite to them and someone who is like them, usually, they choose someone who’s similar to them.

        • bukaholic

          “EG is THE female version of Maru.” I was thinking the same thing. It freaked me out when EG opened her eyes during the kiss- felt like i was looking @ Maru 4m Aamori.

          Also weren’t their roles reversed in this ep? Last time it was EG who was waiting 4 Maru until nyt fall & he showed up & gave a calculated kiss, this time it was da other way around.

          I’m a nervous wreck thinking what’s gonna happen in the next few episodes. NG what have u done 2 me???

        • Llamaesque

          EG is absolutely the female Ma Ru. She even took the blame for the lawbreaking of someone she loved early on in the series, just like he did. After being hurt by people they loved, they both also cut themselves off from romance and instead used their attractiveness as a weapon—Ma Ru as a gigolo, and EG as someone who uses her femininity to manipulate her coworkers. (Like when she flashed the lawyer in the Japanese hotel.)

    • 1.4 iZzie :)

      Happy Friday too, jomo! 🙂

      This is the first time I saw you get to comment #1. 🙂

      I haven’t seen Nice Guy, so can’t comment yet. I’m still watching Arang – coz I just finished Faith. I’m on a lean 1-drama-diet these days coz there are lots to do, both at work and at home.

      OMG. Sweets? I’d go for it if I were you. 😀 Caramel. Candy. Apple. Mmm. (^.^) I miss the Korean apple pie that my friend brought from Seoul.

    • 1.5 oftheshore

      Hello, ladies of the JB court!:) Not watching Nice Guy, but this seemed to be an appropriate place to say hi to everyone.

      • 1.5.1 Korazy Lady

        Just wanted to say hi back at you, oftheshore!

    • 1.6 whimsicalnet

      as much as i like SJK and what i read abt the show in recaps, I dun think I can actually watch NG.

      It will twist me up and leave me sleepless for nights. But for those who enjoy the genre, the show does seem to be doing a great job.

      Candy Corn for all and happy halloween and OT.

    • 1.7 Enz

      I dare not read thi thread too much in case there are spoilers. Just finished episode 12 of NG and am sooo loving this drama. Am so emotionally invested that for every little victory against jae hee, even by good luck ( like the call from her brother) or just the littlest glimmer of hope for POTENTIAL happiness, I find myself clutching my cheeks and crying while doing little bicycle kicks in the air!!

      Hope to catch up by tomorrow.

      Happy OT everyone!,

      • 1.7.1 Enz

        Oh and of course, I cannot say any of this to anyone but those closest and dearest to me

        • Korazy Lady

          Your secret is safe with us!

          • enz

            i know it will be – i feel so safe here!


  2. am

    The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    Have a happy weekend!

    • 2.1 Shukmeister

      Good morning / evening / night / Friday / Saturday, am!

      That’s one of my favorite sayings, although in my case, thanks to the landlord, all mice go straight out to the trash pail. Hopefully the exodus from the cornfields to the kitchen is done.

      • 2.1.1 am

        It’s Friday night where I’m at but I’ll take all those Good’s for tomorrow because I’m greedy like that 🙂 Thank you!

        While I lived in Florida, man, the mice are just everywhere!

        But the saying reminds me more of The Hunger Games for some odd reason.

        • Shukmeister

          Maybe because everybody else jumped in her traps so she could become the Big Cheese? lol

      • 2.1.2 Mystisith

        Leave the mice alone! They are cute.
        Well I also love cheese. Ottoke? …. Grab those mice!

        • Shukmeister


  3. FishcalledWanda

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week!

    I’m finally finished with mid-terms and can watch dramas again, yay!
    First I finished White Christmas. I’m not sure about the ending, I felt really weird after watching the last episode. I think I didn’t like the ending as much as I hoped, but I certainly don’t hate it. The very ending scene I really liked, with them all standing together (minus one) in the light, with the darkness behind them. I thought it very symbolic.
    Also finished Arang, it was so cute! Very thrilling until the end. I’m glad with the way the wrapped it up, but I could watching Arang and Sato bickering like forever.
    After that I marathoned Shut Up Flower Boy Band, which I wasn’t planning, but ended up watching in one go. It turned out to be a new favourite, I love it show so much!
    Next up is Vampire Prosecutor and 1N2D!

    Wishing everyone has a good Friday and weekend!

    • 3.1 mud

      You are so productive!

      I am waaaay behind on 1N2D, Arang and Faith. I am too enamoured with VP2 to fall behind. Please post your thoughts on VP once you get around to them =) But how are you going to marathon 1N2D? There’s like a gazillion and one episodes.

      Happy Friday everyone!

      • 3.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hahaha, that pic made me laugh so hard! And yes, it is soo true! I have a really productive and satisfied feeling!

        I just finished the latest episode of VP2, and it’s so great! The cast is hilarious and it feels like they really are a team. And Red Eyes! He’s so sexy, haha. I really liked the fight scene between him and Tae-yeon. Which episode/moment did you like the best so far?

        Well, I started watching the second season (for Joo-won, haha) and now I’m only a few episodes behind. But I’m making it my long-term project to watch everything ;p

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          Where do you watch 1N2D? I want to watch few special episodes from season 1 ( especially the bestfriend special) but I can’t find a site where season 1 is still watchable.

          • Sabah

            I tend to use ‘boosaysharingiscaring’ site. Do a Boolean search and it should come up.

            Some of the older episodes links are broken but I do know that for the friendship special ep 236 and 237, though the YT episodes are dead, the RS dl links are working just fine since I downloaded them just recently to watch.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Well, I watch season 2 on and there are download links for season 1 on
            But I’m having a hard time finding season 1 episodes, since most links are down. On A Virutal voyage, the links are gradually uploaded, I think it’s now up to 159 or something like that. Hope that helps!

        • mud

          Ep 5 is my current fave for VP2. It tied everything together and was hella scary. Plus, that was the ep that brought Tae-yeon back to the forefront, which I think they should definitely do more of. I want to see my vampire prosecutor with all his conflicted emotions and not just smirky smirks, which I still adore, but I just want more of his character to show. And I agree that Red Eyes is smexy =) That fight scene was intense.

          1N2D is my long-term project too! I watch it sporadically. Basically my problem was (and still is to some degree) my unwillingness to let go of the former cast Eun Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi. I miss them *THIS* much! And I understand the new cast needs time to adjust and get to know each other better and show off their own individualities, but still… I also miss Na PD.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah I agree with you that Tae-yeon should be more in the foreground. The latest episodes it was less again, but I’m hoping the overall storing will be picking up soon, cause I want some action!

            I think the benefit of not seeing season 1 first, is that I could embrace S2 more easily. I can imagine the difficulty of letting go the cast you loved so much. So I’m actually glad I watched S2 first. That saves me some tears, which I might be needing, seeing as I finally started Nice Guy!

          • enz

            fishcalledwanda, oh I hope you love NG too. SJK IS fantastic in it. he is soa natural and relaxed in his acting. and I LOVE his voice. the girls are equally good too. even when the storyline occ puzzles me a bit the acting has remained top notch. such a pleasure to have stumbled on this gem for me since this is my first melo. am keen to check out SJK and mcw’s other works now 😉

          • FishcalledWanda

            Three episodes in and I really like it, though I’m not (yet) obsessed about it, but that can’t take long. SJK has really done me in, I never saw him before but he’s enchanting to watch. And like you said he’s very natural and relaxed, you can’t tell he’s acting at all! And his voice is to melt for!

    • 3.2 RockPaperScissors

      The ending to White Christmas left me a little bewildered also, but it is a drama so different from the rest, I give it high marks. I’m giving a shout out to HeadsNo2 for introducing me to something I would not have bothered to watch without her excellent recaps. If I had to described this drama, I would say it is “The Shining meets The Breakfast Club”.

      I also enjoyed SUFBB, I think it is in my top 2 or 3 dramas for this year. Which is surprising since I am way beyond the age group this was targeted for (I am a grandma) but it goes to show that a great drama knows no limits.

      So happy Friday everyone, and let’s get some rest before the next crop of dramas is hatched.

      • 3.2.1 Leaf

        The ending to White Christmas is insane…
        seriously Hospital? What sorta crazy idiotic people are you?

        But yeah the rest of the series was great <3

        I just pretend the ending didn't happen…

        • FishcalledWanda

          Yeah the hospital! And the bodyswap, totally unbelievable! And the police were so incompetent, haha

      • 3.2.2 Shukmeister

        LOL “The Shining Meets The Breakfast Club”

        Perfect description! [hats off]

      • 3.2.3 FishcalledWanda

        The drama is so different from what I’ve seen, so I give it also high marks. I liked the intensity and the cinematography was so beautiful! And indeed, without HeadsNo2 I would never have watched it!

        Haha, there’s no age limit to great dramas! Glad you enjoyed it to.

        I’m very curious to the next batch of dramas, I hope I will have the time to keep up!

    • 3.3 Sabah

      Hey, how did your mid-terms go? I hope well.

      I am so glad you finished White Christmas. It’s one of those dramas where the end is not the destination itself but rather the journey there. It made me contemplate things, my own feelings and re-evaluate how I estimate people, my own self too WHICH was so different to many other Kdramas where the end is just about getting the OTP together. It’s a drama that has lingered in my mind and for that reason alone, I am very fond of it.

      Shut Up Flower Boy Band is my favourite drama this year, AM1997 included. That ending was so inspirational. Again not about getting the group back together or the OTP but rather about loyalty to each other by supporting them no matter what, even if that means giving them the strength to leave. Beautiful.

      Currently I am checking out Sung Joon’s new drama ‘Can we get married?’ I wish the actress was someone else BUT then again, that someone else might annoy me more SO I am just going to accept it.

      1N2D, season 1 or 2?

      • 3.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Sabah! : )
        I don’t have the results yet, but I have a really good feeling about my exams! Thanks for asking!

        It’s so true what you said about the drama being about the journey rather than the end. That’s why the ending of White Christmas, though I don’t love it, doesn’t really bother me. I really liked the intense feeling and not knowing what will happen next. The characters were extraordinary and so layered and thought out. And the cinematography! Just wow, the snow the building, so beautifully done. I found it refreshing to watch a drama so different. (If anyone has suggestions to dramas with a feeling alike White Christmas, I’m listening….)

        The ending of SUFBB I really loved. I was kinda surprised about the band not being the goal, but realised that I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s not a drama about a band making it big, but about the friendship of these guys. Seeing a group of people having a tight friendship always gets me.
        And I kinda forgot that Sung Joon was in a new drama! One more on the list! Too bad about the actress, but is the rest any good?

        I’m watching 1N2D season 2, for Joo-won, but now I love the whole cast. Eventually I want to watch season 1, but maybe I’m being delusional on that succeeding, haha. Do you watch it?

        Kinda longer comment than I was expecting, I hope I don’t tire your eyes to much, haha

        • Sabah

          I think it is much better and more sane to reward hard effort than the results. As long as we know we did our best, we are able to sleep at night even if life is sometimes unfair. Wishing you success upon success!

          The cinematography was stunning, adding a contrasting layer to the entropy and degeneration of the characters. There were beautiful moments too. I loved those scenes between JiHoon and Moo Yul, (I think episode 7) where they fight in the snow. That moment when Moo Yul just collapses lying in the snow, a mess of emotions trying to order themselves was just mesmerizing to watch. Dramas tend to change my opinions about others but this one made me think more about myself, about how I deal with the darker feelings within me. We are clouded by self righteousness so much that we can even justify the most heinous of things. What were your favourite parts, characters and what did you take away from it?

          SUFBB was awesome as much as it was heart warming. I didn’t see the end coming either which is why it really did affect me in a profound way. Again making me question why I wanted, was rooting for, the band to get together. It made me change the manner I define success and maturity. Really finely done.

          Can we get married? is all right so far. I am really only watching it for Sung Joon, who is wonderful as ever but other than that nothing has caught my attention.

          I haven’t watched S2, only the second half of S1. Nowadays I don’t have time to watch everything I want, so it pains me to know that I miss out on a lot. However as long as those things that I do watch are good, I am not going to complain. Yeah, I am not going to say anything about long posts seeing that I almost always double what the other person has said. I love reading your posts, so please don’t limit yourself.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah, that scene you’re referring to, was amazing. All those moment flashed through Moo Yul’s head and he was THAT close to letting go, but he didn’t. That moment is one of the most defining moments of the show I think. The doctor said that he was very interested in Moo Yul’s inside monster, but with that moment he chose not the monster’s option, but the good one (one can still argue about what is ‘good’ of course, but that’s another discussion). That moment also brings the two of them more together. I liked it when they had this communication going on with just one look, and made plans together.
            I think I liked almost every moment with Mi Reu, he has such a strong personality and also takes action. Of course Moo Yul was a favourite character too, because he tries so hard to be a real hero, but feels outshined by Ji Hoon. I think that’s a feeling a lot of people can connect too. I really liked Ji Hoon too (probably also because of the actor), he has a very analytical approach to everything and despite not being able to feel very much emotions, he does the right things. I was so very afraid he’d really died!
            Yeong Jae was such a weak character (character-wise, not story-wise), he always chooses himself before others. That’s a thing we tend to hate, but how many would actually react the same?

            The scene in which Jae Gyu chases Yeon Jae with a piece of wood, I found very disturbing. Jae Gyu seemed very gentle, but when put in the position he held power over Yeon Jae he changed. To be the one holding the weapon brought an unexpected dark side of the character. One that is usually not seen, but comes up in such a situation.
            The doctor was such a complicated character and I felt myself hating him for using these kids for his own twisted games. As HeadsNo2 pointed out in the recaps, sometimes it almost seems like he wants to help them (especially Eun Seon), but that’s a weird thing for a hostagetaker (?I don’t know the right word for that!).

            Like you said, the show makes you think. Not just think about the show, but also about yourself. What I found most noteworthy is that I asked myself what I would’ve done in that situation. Would I give someone else up for myself? Would I sacrifice myself, if that means I won’t become a monster? Would I try to take the gun, even if that means I might get shot? These are questions that linger in my mind after completing watching it. Everyone has dark feelings, but everyone deals with it differently. Jealousy can turn to something very dark and evil, but doesn’t necessarily have to. It’s just how a person responds to it. But on the other hand it’s not just that, sometimes the situation is so that it creates an opportunity to make it wrong, like Moo Yul holding Ji Hoon’s life in it’s hands.

            Everyone knows what is the moral and right thing to do and probably just thinks he/she would react in that good way, but the show lets us see that that’s not always the case.

            I think I took your comment to not limiting myself to heart, haha

          • Sabah

            ” I liked it when they had this communication going on with just one look, and made plans together.” That’s so true.

            “because he tries so hard to be a real hero, but feels outshined by Ji Hoon. I think that’s a feeling a lot of people can connect too.” I never understood that need to be a hero. I loved the concept they presented in this Japanese film ‘Ping Pong’ that we all need heroes, people that outshine us, because there is a comfort in knowing that we can rely on someone else rather than the ‘difficulty’ of knowing that you have to be your own hero. However recently, I had to protect a vulnerable person and I was filled with this warm feeling that I have never felt before, of being someone else’s safety net and I completely understand now the reason why being a hero is sought after, (I mean in the genuine sense not seeking fame or stardom.)

            “I was so very afraid he’d really died!” Me too. I held my heart so tightly until I realized it was all right to let itbeat again. Very well done.

            “That’s a thing we tend to hate, but how many would actually react the same?” Exactly, there have been so many moments that I regret that I wasn’t more brave or shown more courage. I hope that one day, I become the person I ‘think’ or rather hope that I am.

            “To be the one holding the weapon brought an nexpected dark side of the character. One that is usually not seen, but comes up in such a situation.” There is this saying in my culture that people can only forgive IF they have authority to punish. Basically they are saying that if someone wrongs you, but you have no way to seek retribution, you forgiveness is of a lesser value than if you did because well, what are you going to do about it. I am not saying I agree with that sentiment but it makes me wonder about meek/shy/weak people because you don’t know a person until they are given authority or power. Put them in a position to do something and then you will finally see what is their driving force.

            “Everyone has dark feelings, but everyone deals with it differently. Jealousy can turn to something very dark and evil, but doesn’t necessarily have to. It’s just how a person responds to it. But on the other hand it’s not just that, sometimes the situation is so that it creates an opportunity to make it wrong, like Moo Yul holding Ji Hoon’s life in it’s hands.” I loved this paragraph so much. Very insightful and thought provoking. I have always believed that every decision we make will affect our character, in a way that we can’t shield it or protect ourselves from it. Many people do terrible, wicked things to get their version of ‘happiness’ justifying it by saying that once they have that and its accompanying happiness, they will become a good person, do good and so forth BUT actually doing the deed itself, changes you in a way that you don’t foresee and so you never end up doing any good. I remember someone justifying her affair because it was her only chance at love. That without it, she would just become bitter, she needed it to remain a good person.

            She couldn’t see it but after she made that decision she lost some part of herself, she changed, became less generous in some respects until what she had wasn’t enough and it ended up with her destroying a family just to get what she wanted AND she still isn’t happy. When I look at her and where she came from, I can most definitely say that decision affected her, changed her and that no good came from it.

            It’s made me very protective of my soul. I contemplate every decision, even the smallest things because I don’t one act to be my undoing.

            “I think I took your comment to not limiting myself to heart” Please say more, I love talking things out with others, because I already know what I think. I have really enjoyed hearing your notes on it. Please add more to it, if there is anything else you wanted to say. What about SUFBB?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Thanks for saying you enjoy my notes on it. I’m not always sure what I’m saying is totally coherent and completely understandable for others. Also because English isn’t my mother language, I sometimes struggle to find the right words. And when I read my comments later I find many stupid mistakes, but oh well.

            ‘I have always believed that every decision we make will affect our character, in a way that we can’t shield it or protect ourselves from it.’ I totally agree with this. Every decision influences the path my life takes, even if it’s just a tiny bit. And there is also the choice I didn’t take, which also defines me as a person. Why did I chose this and not the other option? What does this say about me as a person? These thoughts often fly around in my head. Sometimes a bit too much, seeing as I have to habit to fret about a lot of things like that. In my country there is the saying: ‘het doel heiligt de middelen’, which translates a bit as: the goal legitimatises/justifies the needs/means, meaning that it doesn’t matter what you do to accomplish certain things, as long as the thing you want to accomplish is a good thing. I cannot disagree more with this. It also connects to what you said about that person you know justifying her affair like that.

            SUFBB is a show that means much to me, because I feel like I’m a bit in the same position as the guys. Not because I’m still in high school or the same family situation, but because this is the moment for me to choose how I want my future to look like, where in life I want to go to. It frightens me a bit, and I’m scared I might choose the wrong thing and regret it later. But it’s also a feeling of freedom, because there are so many things to choose (maybe a bit too much!). And of course what I choose now isn’t going to define my whole life, but it’s a starting point, still a very important moment. That feeling really resonated with me.

            And because I’ve struggled to make good friends, though I have now a couple of very good ones and feel satisfied and happy with them, a group with such a tight friendship always gets me. It’s nice to know that you are accepted in this group and you feel completely comfortable in it. I cried my eyes out when the whole group threatened to fall apart. But I was so happy when they realised the problem that they all had different dreams they wanted to pursue and overcame that, so great. Ji Hyeok really was great there, because he realised he was pushing his own dreams onto the others, causing them to fracture. It’s also very interesting to see these group dynamics, how losing one person leads to a whole different group and in a way changes to persons. Min Ki was amazing in his guest role! Very sad to lose that character.

            The ending was perfect, I’m happy they didn’t do the fast forward to a couple of years later. An important point in the show is that you don’t know what’s ahead of you in the future. Them running all together in the last episode really got to me. They looked so happy and free and together.

            The drama also showed that it’s very important to speak out your thoughts and frustration, to not let the misunderstandings come to a boiling point where your anger takes over and destroys thing that are hard to make whole again.

            I loved every single bit of the drama, also the fact that Su-ah spoke up for herself and didn’t let herself be pushed around. That’s one thing that’s occurring a lot in series (not only Korean) and books lately, so I was happy she turned out to be a strong girl who spoke out her mind. And they were so cute together.
            The music was so great and addictive! I find myself singing the line “wake up” still a few days after completing.

            I’ve rambled a bit (I could probably write a book about it, haha), but I’m glad I can share my thoughts with someone who has very insightful comments, because as you said: I already know what I think!

          • Sabah

            English is my ONLY language and I still mess up, more times than I should.

            “And there is also the choice I didn’t take, which also defines me as a person.” I didn’t think of this. This is such a good point. Now I am pondering over the things I didn’t do or choices that I rejected. There is a real truth here though, because what we omit to do becomes a gap within us, a hole that can not be filled.

            Yes, I have never agreed with the axiom that the ends justifies the means. How can it when the feelings realized are wholly dependent on the path that you took there? The feeling you will find erupting in your heart when you find out that you aced your midterms through earning it with hard work is upon a whole other level than if you cheated.

            “…But it’s also a feeling of freedom, because there are so many things to choose…” Not to sound depressing but I find that most people I know including myself, spend their entire adult life trying to capture that feeling again. I loved that feeling, standing upon the edge of everything that is possible. I think it is why I watch a lot of things that are meant for much younger audiences because in a way I want to go back. Not in the ‘Peggy Sue got married’ way to rectify mistakes but rather I want that optimism back even if it comes with naivety. I hope you find everything that you wish for, and those wonderful things that you haven’t even imagined yet.

            People are so involved in finding their one true love that they don’t appreciate the people in their lives that make them feel less lonely. People who make them feel a part of this world. Ji Hyuk and Byung Hee’s confidence and independence was rooted in their dependence upon each other to be there when everyone else went home to their families. Most of the time we are with people we have to be with, whether at work or education, and we feel that distance, that alienation from them BUT just knowing that there is one person out there that gets you, that laughs with you and will always have your back is a blessing. That look just before Byung Hee dies, that smile, seeing Ji Hyuk, it’s worth the whole world and everything in it.

            “I’m happy they didn’t do the fast forward to a couple of years later.” Yes, I agree. I remember a film about the optimism of youth called Boston Kickout and they have a similar BUT different style, of that scene where they are running, just running together. It’s as you say, they don’t know where to but it doesn’t matter because they have already gained something precious; good company, loyal friends.

            I really liked Jo Bo Ah, I really wished she had been in ‘Can we get married?’ but that might be too much of one pairing too soon. I hope she gets to be in something good again. Her character was awesome! Naive but slowly gaining experience. You could actually see the difference in her demeanour as she becomes aware of how the real world works. At the beginning she is forthright yet apprehensive whereas by the end I found that she was more questioning yet confident.

            The other thing is of course communication! I get really agitated with the lack of communication in Kdramas but I find that I do the same. Sometimes, I just want people to understand my needs from my actions. If I don’t say too much, don’t prod and poke or take it personally but understand that I just need time to work things out in my head. I loved this saying from this Cdrama Chinese Paladin about how love isn’t finding ways that you want to express your love and devotion to your beloved but rather understanding what that person needs, which might just be space sometimes and giving that to them. That’s what I loved about Ji Hyuk and Byung Hee, they knew what the other needed and just gave it to the other unconditionally. It broke my heart when he died but for me that is what this drama was about; Ji Hyuk’s healing in the face of such a devastating loss. AND I know that he is fictional but just knowing that he made it, and not in that spectacular ‘he become a star of a big boy band’ but rather grew into a confident young man, being able to love those whom he loved and do what he loves too, it made me feel like everything would be fine for me too. I know it’s silly but sometimes I just need to feel happiness, even if it is fictional because sometimes my heart doesn’t really understand the difference and is healed nonetheless.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, well then I’m not the only one who messes up occasionally.

            You often hear the saying that it’s better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn’t do, but I always feel hesitant to agree with that. Yes, you might be a coward for not trying, but some things cannot be undone. But on the other hand it’s like you said: ‘what we omit to do becomes a gap within us, a hole that can not be filled’. So it’s a difficult line to balance.

            Ha, you don’t sound depressing (well, only a little bit). But isn’t it mostly so that you appreciate things to most after they changed or are gone? And if you could go back in time with that knowledge of now, you probably could enjoy it to the fullest.
            Thanks for your kind wishes!

            ‘I loved this saying from this Cdrama Chinese Paladin about how love isn’t finding ways that you want to express your love and devotion to your beloved but rather understanding what that person needs, which might just be space sometimes and giving that to them’. That’s so true! Sometimes I just wish I didn’t have to say how I feel or what I think, because it’s (in my opinion) obvious from my actions! Sometime a little space and time to think is all you need, and the best thing the other person can do in that moment is give that to you, without any grudging feelings. And as you said that was so true for Ji Hyuk and Byung Hee, losing a friend like that must be devastating. I’m glad to see that Ji Hyuk’s definitely in a healing process at the end of the series.

            What dramas are you watching at the moment? I finally started on Nice Guy after buying myself a stock of tissues. I’m curious as to where this show will be going!

          • Sabah

            One thing I learned after watching Shinhwa Broadcast ‘Fool Eric’ episode is that negative thoughts generate negativity that can affect not just yourself but ‘fate,’ as it were. So remain positive about your results!

            Currently, I am waiting for the new batch of dramas as well as watching ‘Can we get married?’ VP S2. I have put Third Ward on hold because I don’t feel an urge to watch it ‘right now.’ Finally there is ‘Nice Guy.’ Don’t worry no spoilers. After last week’s episode, like Joey/Rachael from friends, I have put that drama in the freezer, (not literally like them of course.) Just put it on hold until I know it’s safe to watch again.

            I am pretty much a coward, I have always been so. I always need to know how the film/book is going to end before I conclude watching it. My heart just can not handle the uncertainty of watching things ‘live.’ Very recently I learned the value of doing that though. The best way I could explain myself is to use the example of thirst. Normally, I don’t allow myself to get thirsty and make sure I am hydrated and comfortable. However I can not deny that one of my favourite feelings is that quenching of thirst when you are parched. The problem is that you have to allow yourself to feel that thirst first. Sometimes, normally on days of fasting, I get to feel that beautiful feeling of relief. Yeah, I don’t know what that says about me.

            It’s the same for Kdramas/TV. Most of the time, I would have found out beforehand how something is going to end, so that I can prepare myself for it, whether happy or sad. However occasionally I won’t read spoilers and just watch it until the end without knowing what is coming. It is one of the hardest things for me to do, as a coward, but truly the emotions I feel of elation or sadness do not compare to those times when I do know what is coming. Anyway, enough blah blahing, what I am trying to say is that Nice Guy isn’t going to be one of those times. I am waiting until I can prepare myself. It’s just too scary.

            Don’t let me put you off. No matter who it ends, I would recommend it for Song Joong Ki’s portrayal alone. Beautiful. Other than that, I am watching Ojakgyo Brothers. My first ‘long’ drama. It’s very endearing.

            May I ask, do you read spoilers before watching dramas?

          • FishcalledWanda

            I don’t read spoilers, in fact the word says it all for me! When I know how things are going to develop, it kind of puts me off. I only read spoilers and recaps before watching when I’m not that interested in the show, I did that with Faith. But now I most of the highlights a lost a bit of interest (not that I had a lot of that for Faith in the first place). I do understand the feeling of being scared of what’s going to happen, but for me that’s part of the fun. I like it when I’m surprised and the shock effect that causes. I really like your comparison with being thirsty, I hadn’t looked at it that way, but it describes my feeling of not wanting to know things beforehand pretty well. But in real life I’m a coward too, so maybe I balance that in dramas, haha. Paradoxically, I can really enjoy rereading or re-watching books/series. It’s like listening to my favourite song again and again. Some of my favourite books I probably reread about ten times (and can even recite passages) and I still like it more every time. Still nothing can beats the feeling of reading/watching it for the first time. I can’t really explain why I do like rewatching/reading but at the same time dislike knowing what’s to come.

            I’m three episodes of Nice Guy in now, and I really like it. I don’t feel the addictive feeling yet, but I’m sure that’ll come soon. Song Joon Ki is amazing here, I never saw him in anything before. He can display his emotions (or being completely numb) so well on his face in a very nuanced way. It’s not like he’s screaming at you I’m SAD!! But it’s very down-toned, but the effect is even more poignant. How far will he go? He looks very mature, but also very young, so I was surprised he was born in ’85, still hard to believe.
            In fact all the characters are not likeable in the sense that I feel myself rooting for them, they are all twisted and broken in a sense. So I’m very curious how the relations between them will play out.

            You mentioned Can We Get Married before, I’m seriously considering checking that out. The same goes for Okjagyo Brothers, but I’m a bit put of by the length, even though I have a great love for Joo Won. I watched Can You Hear My Heart before which was also very long. I did like it, but sometimes it was a struggle to continue. And I really dislike watching medical series, but that’s possibly because I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, and relate every sickness to myself, haha.

            How do you feel about VP2? I really like it and the feel of it, but do think it’s time for the overarching storyline to come into play more.

          • Sabah

            You brought up two really interesting points. Firstly that you can not re-live that first time you watch something. So many times, like Holly from Red Dwarf, I wish I could erase my memory and re-watch something I love for the first time. Those feelings of expectation and anticipation are so raw, so pure that it inspires you to hope and dream, even for fictional characters, in a way that you can’t when you re-watch things. AND yes! I know I say this as a person who just confessed to being a spoiler addict but I was thinking about those dramas where I was braver.

            I think it is different with books. I find that my emotions deepen, become more intense when I read it for the second, third or fourth time, up until a certain number which varies with each book. I think it might have something to do with the labyrinth that connotations of combinations of words can make. Don’t get me started on poems…

            The second point that I liked was about that comfort of the familiar when you revisit a favourite. I understand that too. I tend to leave things for a few years though, then when my memory becomes hazy about the specific details of the story, I watch or read it again.

            I had to put Nice Guy on hold because truly, I am losing sleep over it and I don’t think that is healthy. I always get too involved, take things to heart, even fictional but I have learned now to take a step back and ground myself before I lose my sense of reality. Song Joong Ki is just so beautiful to watch. I only knew him through his variety performance in Running Man and loved his variety persona. He could go from inept team mate to killer noona romancer in a blink of an eye. Before I had seen him acting, I knew he could pull off a layered and complex character such as Maru. People say SS is good too, but I just had enough of girl pretending to be boys dramas.

            I still am not sold on Can We Get married but I would recommend Ojakgyo brothers, even at 50+ episodes because it is really cute. VP I am liking but not as much as S2. I am not sure why, I think it isn’t just the lack of the over arching story but the development of characterizations/relationships, with the exception of Dr Jo and Ji Hye (whom I have fallen in love with, I want my daughter to be that sweet!)

            May I ask, how did you begin watching Kdramas (or asian dramas) and which one was your first?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah, sometimes I wish it would be really possible to erase it from your memory and watch it again for the first time! But then again, you’d also lose the fond memories you have of it and that comfort of familiarity you mentioned, that sometimes becomes a part of the series too. I like what you say about it being different for books: ‘I think it might have something to do with the labyrinth that connotations of combinations of words can make’. You said that beautifully. Do you read a lot? What is your favourite genre? I love reading, I just love losing myself in stories in general, dramas being no exclusion.

            Some 4 or 5 years ago I met someone who was really into manga and anime and she was so enthusiastic about it that I decided to see it for myself. I didn’t really get into it and didn’t become so obsessed with it as she did. Until I discovered the manga Liar Game, it was so good, so intelligent. Then I found out there was this thing called live-action. There was also a live-action of Liar Game. Convinced that it would be silly and very cheesy like those very bad and cheap American adaptations of animeseries. I tried it to give myself a good laugh. But it was strangely addictive, I couldn’t remember the last time being so obsessed over something. I watched some more Jdramas after that, but they never hooked me as much as the Liar Game drama. Then I came along You’re Beautiful and I became more addicted with that one than I was with Liar Game. I think I watched the whole thing in two days. I never marathoned anything before that, so I didn’t know what happened to me, haha. After that I converted from Jdramas to Kdramas and then I discovered another good thing. While watching City Hunter (to which I became even more addicted than to YB) I stumbled upon Dramabeans. A whole world opened up, I didn’t know there were so many drama addicts! I wasn’t the only one! Now I can’t imagine my life without it (dramas and Dramabeans). Sometimes it pains me that I have no one to talk about it, but that’s why I’m so glad to have this Dramabeans (and other dramablogs) community and finally getting the courage to join the OT. It’s so good to share my thoughts and read other opinions and insights on dramas!

            Sooo that was a long story about my drama lifestory (sorry for blabbering so much about myself, you probably didn’t expected such a long answer, haha). But I actually never told anyone how I came into this dramaworld, so I’m glad you asked! I love hearing stories about how others found Kdramas (whilst not being in Korea, or being part of the Korean culture), so how did you found out about dramas? And how long have you been watching? Did you also had trouble remembering those foreign names in the beginning?

            I didn’t know Song Joong Ki was on running man! He’s not a regular there, right?
            It’s indeed not very healthy when you start losing sleep over a drama (not only in the marathon-staying-up-late-sense), but I certainly know the feeling!
            On a whim I’m watching the first episode of OB, which I interrupted to write you a response back. I hope I’ll like it!

          • Sabah

            I love to read too. I tend to read more non-fictional works though in terms of modern stuff and pretty much any fictional classics EXCEPT Chaucer, I really don’t like his style. Yes, I do think I was born in the wrong era, though ‘Midnight in Paris’ did make me question this desire to go back to another time. So, what do you read? It’s so interesting to hear how people from such diverse backgrounds find their way to Asian dramas.

            Around the year 2000, me and my sister decided to give away our TV. We had enough of it dictating our lives where we would just sit and watch whatever line the channels had lined up for us. More than half of it we weren’t really interested in, just watched because relatively it was the best thing on at the moment. I gave my time to reading in the evenings and studying and my lil sis scoured the internet and YT for interesting videos. That is when she discovered TW dramas and introduced me. From there we slowly migrated to CDramas, then Jdramas and around 2006 we found Kdramas, the first one being My Girl, one that though isn’t the best, is one of my favourites for sentimental reasons.

            I do agree that I miss being able to talk to my friends about the things I watch, but I have my sister AND I have introduced many friends along the way too. It’s about finding the most appropriate ‘first Kdrama’ to an individual. Sometimes I get it right but sometimes I don’t and then it is very hard to get them to give dramas or me, another chance. It did take me time to get used to the forms of Asian names but I love the languages, I love listening to them. Do you still watch Jdramas/live action or read mangas? Have you introduced anyone to Kdramas?

            Song Joong Ki left RM I think around episode 40 but made a reappearance in episode 66, which is one of my all time favs. I miss him there BUT then I get to see him in Dramas where he is just wondrous, so I don’t complain too much. As for OB, it is slow moving in the beginning, you would probably need to give it to around episode 10-15 to be fair, if you want to consider to continue or not. Joo Won’s character gets really adorable in it, just in case you need an incentive…hehe.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Do you like the Brönte sisters classics too? (I read my first classic because I share my first name with one of the Brönte sitsters, haha) I’m still working my way through classics like that, It’s taking me a while to really appreciate books like that. I pretty much read everything (except story with a setting in war, I get nightmares from that) but I like reading fantasy the most, indulging myself in another word with a fantastical setting and rich background. But only if the characters are done right and not some excuse to blabber on about this world the author clearly finds great, but fails to convey that to the reader. That’s why my favourite fantasy books are written by Robin Hobb, she does everything right. Do you have a favourite book?
            It’s interesting that people from all over the world find a connection to Asian dramas, one way or another. I’d never thought I’d like series so much where they speak in a language I don’t understand one word of and which country is so many miles away! After getting used to it, I find Korean almost more beautiful than my own language! It’s just so elegant, whereas I find my own language sometimes rather blunt. And I feel really happy when I recognise the occasional words or sentences!

            How nice that you have your sister to share dramas with. I wish I could introduce people I know to dramas, but in my country Asian culture (Japanese is most well-known) is often considered ‘weird’. I don’t like that label at all, but it puts me off a bit to say to other people that I watch Kdramas. Actually very silly, of course. It took me almost two years to tell my brother I like Kdramas, haha. And that was after I found out he was watching an anime (which I found out per accident), and PSY made his entrance. It almost feels like coming out of the closet!

            Do you still watch TW and Cdramas or mostly/only Kdramas now? I occasionally watch a Jdrama (mostly Jmovies, I think), but I tend to like the Korean ones more. Partly because there is a more community feel about Kdramas, which I really like!

            Uh, oh, I think I now have to watch those Running Man episodes! Where is that fourth dimension?!

          • Sabah

            I’ve read Bronte, though not my favourite, more of an Austen fan, I did enjoy them. I love Shakespeare, I could read it all day. I also like Homer and Dostoevsky. I too enjoy fantasy, like Terry Prachett, Lord of the Rings. The Princess Bride by Goldman is one of my all time favourites, I love the detailing. I haven’t heard of Robin Hobb, but I am always interested in female writers. Thanks, I will look her books up. What about you?

            Korean is a beautiful language. Japanese and Arabic too. I would love to be fluent but I find it so hard to pronounce things well. Also it takes me so long to say a sentence, because my mind to mouth co-ordination is poor! I tend to mumble my English too, though my American friend tells me that my English accent makes me sound like a professor, so I sound good, nevertheless.

            I would never have thought it could be so weird to like Kdramas. I think it is brilliant that you ‘found out’ your brother. Hehe. I was very fortunate that I grew up in a multicultural environment so a mixing of different cultures is almost the norm for me.

            I still watch other dramas but lately I have been watching Kdramas exclusively, which I never like to do. I think it is better to have diverse range in anything. So I began watching Sprout, a Jdrama and I am looking into either a TWdrama or Cdrama too. Any recommendations?

            Check out
            It’s free to join and you can find the earlier episodes there. Before any of the other, watch episode 15. Trust me.

          • FishcalledWanda

            I love Austen so much! After finding the concentration to read those books I really enjoyed them. I also really liked (most) of the movie adaptation! Sometimes I wished I’d lived in that time (though I would not like to be married off to some old guy). The Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb is my all-time favourite and heartily recommended if you enjoy some good fantasy. Terry Pratchet, Joe Abercrombie and like the like I also really enjoy, and also some more contemporary fantasy. Princess Bride has been on my to-read list for ages, but I’ll probably pick it up soon. The problem is that I don’t like to read English books translated to Dutch I prefer the original language. But that means I have to buy most books as the library doesn’t offer a big selection of English books, which has the consequence I’m nearly almost broke.
            I used to be a diehard Harry Potter fan (still kinda am, haha), so I always get this nostalgic feeling when I reread that series.

            I never watched a TW or Cdrama and in the end I mostly watched the fluff Jdramas (Love Shuffle, Nodame Cantabile), but Q10 is a bit different. While not the best drama (it becomes a bit weird near the ending) it raises some nice questions. Do you have a favourite J/TW/Cdrama?

            Yeah, it was very funny when I ‘caught’ my brother. Though I haven’t got him to start on Kdramas, as most are not really up his alley and I don’t see him much these days.

            Thanks for the link to that site, it’s such a good site! I’m waiting for episode 15 to buffer and then I’m off to watch!

        • Sabah

          If you can find a copy then I would recommend the BBC TV adaptation of P&P with Colin Firth. I also loved their version of Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds.

          Of course those times had bad things too, but it’s those manners and etiquette that I miss the most. Nowadays it is almost cool to be rude. Why would you want to go back?

          I do understand about wanting to read originals rather than translations. It is one of the reasons that a good friend of mine refuses to watch Kdramas because she says that there would be so much she just wouldn’t get and miss, those intricacies of language within the dialogue. She too, like me, loves detailing in stories. I remember whilst watching FBRS, the recaps here would try to illuminate some of the puns of words etc, and it really made me wish I could understand Korean. Are you learning Korean, or is it on your list of things to do? May I ask, if it isn’t too personal, how many languages do you speak/understand?

          I’ve never read Harry Potter. I know, I know. I think because of my age, I just never thought it would be for me, though I know a lot of adults have read it. I tried the first book but could never get into it. My friend tells me I should just leave it for something I could read to me kids, if I ever have kids…if I ever get married…hehe.

          I have added Q10 to the list! Thank you. Just like Jdramas differ from Kdramas in style and execution, so do TW and C dramas. In fact my friend loves Thai dramas too, but I just couldn’t find one that interested me. I think you should give them a go, just because you should try everyone at least once. My favourite TW is Meteor Garden, (the TW version of BOB) but I would probably recommend ‘Devil Besides You.’ As for Cdramas, I don’t watch the HK stuff but more into the epic fantasy stuff. I love Hu Ge and my favourite is Chinese Paladin. One of my all time favourite dramas is a Jdrama ‘Nobuta Wo Produce.’ Wonderful message and excellent ending! Other than that I love ‘Hana Kimi’ the J version of TTBY and Anego, mainly because I really connected to the lead protagonist, the manner she thinks, her problems etc.

          Let me know what you thought of Song Joong Ki’s try at raising Song Ji Hyo’s heartbeat…

          • FishcalledWanda

            Already saw that one! Man, is Colin Firth handsome in that one. I think I probably saw every version of Jane Eyre too and liked Sense and Sensibility. It’s like you said: nowadays it’s seems cool to be rude. I wished I’d lived then because respect was so important, outed in etiquette and good manners. I also love those dresses and I think the dancing looks so dignified. Suits me probably more than the dancing that is done these days, haha. But then, I wouldn’t have had the chance to go to university, and don’t want to miss that so I still prefer this time!

            I wouldn’t not watch Kdramas because a lot is lost in translation, but I sometimes wish I knew the nuances more. But I have watched enough Kdramas to pick up most nuances, still I often have the feeling that I’m missing something. I often visit the site to get more (grammatical) knowledge and expand my vocabulary. It really helps and I feel really happy when I recognise something I know!
            Of course you may ask, it’s not to personal at all! Beside Dutch, I speak English (as you probably noticed ;)), and I did exams in French and German at high school. Though I don’t speak those two as good as I want to, and I’m better at listening than speaking. What about you? You said that English is your only language?

            Seeing as you liked Nobuta wa Produce (I also liked that one very much, though I watched it a long time ago so my memory’s a bit hazy about it) and Hana Kimi, I’m pretty sure you’ll like Q10. If I had all the time in the world I’d probably watch Thai or Chinese dramas too, but I haven’t really found one that interested me, so I sticked to Korean ones. I also have the feeling that here are more blogs about Kdramas, which alert me to new dramas I might like.

            And that episode of Running Man was priceless! I laughed so hard I almost cried! And that try of SJK had my heartbeat racing! So cute! I wish I was Hi Hyo! I’m so glad that you shared that link, definitely going to watch more SJK Running Man episodes.

          • Sabah

            Ah! The dresses! Though I like modern clothing too, I much prefer classical styles. Even when I watch Kdramas, I ooh and aah over the chic clothing but then when I watch a sageuk, I just fall in love. That’s speaks to my soul. I don’t think there is any version of dancing that would make me look dignified.

            Q10 has just jumped right up my list then! Have you seen Orange Days? Kimi Wo Petto? or Kurosagi? I used to read the posts at ‘silent regrets’ but I don’t know what happened to that site.

            Thank you so much for the link. I agree there are hardly any blogs for other Asian dramas BUT not to sound rude, there aren’t that many Kdrama blogs that provide what I am looking for either. What I mean, is that I don’t want just a recap but a review that might add things that a non-Korean might miss etc. For instance, in episode 3 of NG (you mentioned you watched it, if not all the way through skip to next para) that bit where they talk of debts and he comes close and says ‘toong’ I just felt like it had more meaning that I was missing. Most recaps, even the one here didn’t note say much about it but I hunted out the significance from Soompi. “퉁 doesn’t mean anything, he’s just imitating the kind of sound you’d hear if he flicked something. ” Sorry, if you already knew that.

            I ONLY speak and write English. I have never been good a learning other languages but my love for other cultures has motivated me to try. I have been learning Arabic for a while now, and now I wish to add Korean and Japanese, though most people have suggested I stick to one, mainly because I am not good.

            That is one of my favourite Song Joong Ki in runningman moments. My favourite is his reappearance in ep66. Ah! As I stated before, I wish I could go back and rewatch things the first time. RM would be one of them! What would yours be?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, well you’re not the only one doubting there is a form of dancing in which you could look dignified. My motoric skills are just not made for dancing. Though, when I’m at a concert I tend to forget that and just be absorbed in the music.
            I just love dresses, you won’t see me in pants! Nah, not very feministic on that point, haha. I always want the dresses that the girls were in dramas, makes me greedy! And how awesome would it be to wear a traditional Korean dress, they are so beautiful with such vibrant colours! Though it took me a while to get used to the hats the men wear!

            Haven’t seen Orange Days, but it’s been on my (ever growing) to-watch list for ages. Kimi Wa Petto I’ve seen, I thought it very cute. Have you seen the Kmovie adaptation? Kurosagi I really liked in the beginning, but then it became a struggle to watch on, cause I lost interest in it. I might finish it someday, though. Did you watch Absolute Boyfriend? I find the concept of that drama so weird! Do you also watch Asian movies?

            That ‘toong’ moment had me wondering too! I really felt like I missed something there. Thanks for giving some clarity. Sometimes when a person calls another person a bad person the subs say often ‘unlucky person’, I think that’s a bit of a weird thing to call someone, so I’m wondering if that’s something that’s translating weirdly of that it’s a Korean thing. But mostly here on Dramabeans that extra subtext is given, like if they’re speaking jondeamal of banmal. I didn’t know that distinction existed at first!

            I’m very bad at mathematics (that’s why I feel a connection with Umh Tae Woon when he flukes at that again in 1N2D), but language has always been my stronger point. I almost chose to study English or Language-science (bit of a weird translation, but I don’t know how else to). But I went for art in the end.

            I have some many things I wish I could watch for the first time! Like the ending of Gaksital, cause I never felt that emotionally invested in a story before. Some of my favourite moments of White Christmas, when I had NO idea what was going to happen. The moment in 1N2D when I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. The cute moments between the leads in Queen In Hyeon’s Man and the thrilling moments in City Hunter. But mostly the first dramas I watched cause I know that if I would rewatch them I wouldn’t like them so much as the first time, cause I’ve become too picky! Are there dramas that you like more than that they are actually (objectively) good?

            Tomorrow colleges are starting again, this is my last moment of total freedom for a while!

          • Sabah

            Firstly, wishing you well for a new season of studies! I hope we might find ourselves back on OT sometime in the future to catch up on our latest Kdrama news. Hehe. Thank you so much for this conversation. I really enjoyed talking to you AND I gained some wonderful suggestions and links too. I am much obliged.

            Yeah, that’s my dancing style too, ‘…dance like no one is watching.’ It isn’t very elegant or co-ordinated so no one is ever watching…or rather trying NOT to watch!

            I probably wouldn’t have finished Kurasagi if it wasn’t for Yamashita Tomohisa. He has major swag going on! (Did I say that correctly, I think my niece is cringing somewhere…) Orange days is a gem, something like White Christmas in that it gives you a lot to think about, question yourself but also gives you insight into the world of a person with hearing disability. Highly recommended.

            I haven’t seen AB, but sister really enjoyed it. I can pretty much let most things go, for the sake of fictional coherency but the one thing that I can’t is inconsistent characterizations.

            For me too, DB is the go to site for my Kdrama needs, but sometimes I do end up scouring the internet for little things. I don’t know about the ‘unlucky person.’ That’s an interesting point, should look it up. I know from my own culture for instance, it is derogatory to be referred to as an owl. Yeah, I don’t really get it but people don’t like it if you call them that.

            That is such a good point about rewatching things without expectations that we now carry. I never thought of that. It is very true. For instance, my sentimental favourite My Girl, which I still love, does annoy me now at certain points which it never did the first time I watched it. I think a lot of things that I like aren’t ‘objectively good’ since all it takes for me to give my love to something, is one moment, one sentiment or one scene that is beautiful, poignant or profound. The rest can be a pile of nonsense, but still I would say it is wonderful. I think because those moments lay upon those moments before. They can’t stand alone but are dependent upon them for the emotional punch my favourite/good parts impact upon my souls.

            Language science sounds so interesting. I never really ‘understood’ or knew much about modern art but recently I have been looking into it and I have gained a lot of respect for it. A lot of modern artists are really doing a lot of good for people and the global community through their art. I wish you much success for tomorrow, start as you mean to go on. I hope this Kdrama weekend rejuvenated you and returns you to college motivated! Until we meet again, Wanda,(Is it all right to call you that?) : )

          • FishcalledWanda

            Aw, thanks! I really enjoyed this conversation too and hope we’ll find ourselves back in future OT’s. So thanks to you too! Also thanks for recommending Orange Days and the link to the RM episodes!
            Sadly I have now a college on Friday just around the time the OT starts, so I’m probably going to join in later for the next weeks.

            Yamashita Tomohisa did make me watch on that drama, he did have a swag going on, haha!
            And I just put Orange Days higher on my to-watch list! And I agree with you that character inconsistencies puts me really off. For me the characters make the story and the drama. And a drama can be very good, but if I’m not emotionally invested I don’t get it. So when I’m emotionally there I’ll like a relativity less good drama better than an objectively good one.

            Yeah modern art can be very weird and hard to get sometimes. But I’m glad my studies do not only focus on that, but give also some historical context. So I like that mix of new & old very much!

            I thank you for your kind wishes and wish you a very good week!
            And Wanda’s fine! : )

          • Sabah

            Wanda, : )

            Aw, I understand about life clashing with ‘things you just wanna do…’ I will look out for you on OT in the hopes that you managed to steal some time away from your own life.

            Once again, thank you and I truly hope you better even your own expectations this year.

      • 3.3.2 mud

        Shut Up Flower Boy Band is also still growing strong as my favourite drama of the year, though I haven’t watched White Christmas…and still need to finish some other ones. But I loved everything about it from start to finish (ok, maybe not everything, I didn’t really like the main girl….but who needs romance when there’s awesome bromance happening left right and centre?) And the ending pretty much did me in.

        • FishcalledWanda

          I would heartly recommend watching White Christmas!

          I’m curious as to why you didn’t like the main girl. I liked her more than some of the other main girls in dramas of late. She really spoke up for herself, I think.
          And at the end of the series I was a mess, but a happy mess!

          • mud

            Don’t get me wrong, I love characters who stand up and have backbones, but I just found her acting wrong and annoying. It’s been a while since that drama has aired but I think it was her constant smiling that is suppose to be interpreted as “happy go lucky” that peeved me. Maybe there was too much cutesy put into those smiles? There was just something about it that made me wish someone else was playing her character. I tried to like her because her character had principles, but it was really hard to like the character when the actress was so aggravating.

    • 3.4 Ladytron33

      Hiya Wanda! Sounds like you got through your school work all right and are making up for lost Drama watching time!! I actually marathoned Nice Guy and started with Panda and Hedgehog this week. Needed one to balance out the other!!

      Am still loving Full House 2 and Ooh la la Spouses. I’m also looking forward to King of Dramas and a few of the ones starting in the new year (yay for the next Flower Boy show!). Things in drama-land have seemed slow for the past few weeks, so I’m hoping they’ll pick up soon.

      Any good uses for those potatoes by the way?

      • 3.4.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi there Ladytron!

        Haha, of what I’ve heard of Nice Guy the cuteness of Panda is definitely needed. I’m planning of starting it after I shopped some tissues.

        Yay indeed for the next instalment of the Flower Boy series, so exited! And I’m super curious how the next batch of dramas will turn out (please be good!). You already mentioned King of dramas, which other new drama are you really excited about?
        After hearing good things about Full House 2 and getting slowly over the heinous styling, I think I’m ready to take that one on!

        I tried out the potato soup, and it was really good! I’m amazed at the fact that soup can be made from potatoes without tasting all weird, haha. I also found out I really like potatoes first cooked and then baked, so that the outside becomes really crusty, but the inside is still soft!

    • 3.5 Raine

      WC is my favorite favorite show. That ending is just mind blowing! SUFBB is rockin too. I’m so excited for the next installment in the series!

      • 3.5.1 FishcalledWanda

        Yeah, White Christmas is definitely high on my list of favourites!

        I’m also very excited for the next instalment of the series. I’m praying and doing raindancethingies to the dramagods that it’ll be good!

  4. kewbie

    Just wanted to drop by to say hello and Happy Friday/Happy OT, everyone! Nothing much going in the drama department for me. Hope you all are well!

  5. cg

    I have my very important exam tomorrow….so will start watching my dramas again from tomorrow….yay…. 😀

    I was watching only Nice Guy(as it comes only twice a week)..

    well I wanted to ask….what food do the Koreans eat at home normally…like daily….??

    in India..we eat Dal,chapati,rice,vegetable curry…..

    • 5.1 Leaf

      Good luck with the exam!! 😀

      • 5.1.1 cg

        Thanks a lot 😀

    • 5.2 cv

      Goodluck with your exam! I’m sure you’ll do just fine! ^^

      • 5.2.1 cg

        thank you so much cv 🙂

    • 5.3 FishcalledWanda

      I wish you a loooot of succes! May the dramaforce be with you (I hope that helps, haha).

      • 5.3.1 cg

        haha….thanks 🙂

  6. Korazy Lady

    Happy OT, everyone! I hope you all had a good week and for those in the Northeast, I hope you were able to ride out the hurricane without damage. I for one, lost power but had my computers charged and was happy to to have Queen In Hyun’s Man downloaded to I could spend the evening catching up!

    Now that Faith is over, I’m just watching Nice Guy (what a ride) and lots of Big Bang videos in preparation for the concert next Friday! Yeah! Noonas, here we come!

    • 6.1 Shukmeister


      Yeah, it’s going to be fun next week. Probably damp and smelly, but fun!

      • 6.1.1 Korazy Lady

        I am praying/crossing fingers/looking for a talisman so we don’t have to forfeit our noraebang evening! That was seriously the main reason I was going (although after downloading 5 Big Bang songs on my IPod, I’m actually really excited about the concert hehe.)

        I have 3 pairs of binoculars I can bring in case we actually want to see their faces!

        • Shukmeister

          I sent an email to the Karaoke place to confirm that they are open. It’s in Koreatown, and we will reach Manhattan at Penn Station, so it would be a bit of a walk if we were forced to it. Still got my fingers crossed though!.

    • 6.2 John

      Korazy Lady~

      My wife watched QIHM last week. She marathoned it.

      • 6.2.1 Korazy Lady

        I had started it, but when life gets busy things get dropped. Still have 2 episodes left, but it was a great diversion from my basement slowly flooding!

    • 6.3 kakashi

      Hello Korazy! and hello everyone! I’m currently on a mini-break in the mountains, there’s snow … but there’s also a lot of sun, which does not go well with the snow. Anyway, I still need to finish a text, but then … THEN! I am ready to watch dramas like crazy. like Korazy. I need to catch up on Nice Guy and Vampire Prosecutor 2 and am getting ready/excited for Jeon Woo-chi

      • 6.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Hi Kakashi! Do you get to watch your dramas while on break? Feign a sore throat, send the others out skiing or snowboarding and take the time to catch up!

    • 6.4 OMG

      OMGGGGGGGGGosh m soooooooo excited for the BigBang concert…..i have exams on the Monday after the concert so m studying extra hard now to make up for lost time for the concert….even though i wont be able to meet any DBs before for the dinner….(n karaoke i hear…..gonna resist changing mind about not coming…..)….m so excited to be screaming with them collectively…PS..m sitting in section 8 row 15….so if anyone is near by…holla at me!!!!

  7. Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    I keep waking up with the Faith Ost in my mind, but am holding up with the help of J-dramas Ooku: arikoto etc, Priceless, and Monsters. Also totally loving Ooh la la spouses. Am really loving them all.

    Still waiting for subs on some others. (Piece, Sugarless, Ugly Cake, Tefutefu) Waiting for I Miss You. And wondering what wonderful surprises waiting in the wings will bring me great wonder!

    Happy weekend, all!

    • 7.1 Carole McDonnell

      oops, forgot to add that I’m liking Vampire prosecutor as well and didn’t expect that 2-parter. Am trying to commit to seeing Nice Guy cause I really should but I’m so worried about a nasty surprise near the end, such as Maru dying. (That’s why I dropped Kekkun Shinai, I hate going through a drama and getting an ending that upsets me with a kind of nihilistic hopeless fatalism. Sometimes I can spot the fatalism coming but sometimes I’m wrong. Will see.

      Other than that, I attempted to make Rooftop Prince omurice with a friend. I challenged him. He made it for his wife –even using kimchi– who praised it to me. I messed up totally. So I’ll have to see if there’s another recipe from another drama that I won’t mess up.

      • 7.1.1 Korazy Lady

        lol – nihilistic hopeless fatalism – I think all Nice Guy fans have a slight expectation of that! It’s called “steeling my heart for the impending doom!”

        But, on a brighter note, the acting is fabulous, as is the writing in my opinion. And the OTP is just so beautiful to watch 🙂

        • pillowhead

          Hi, I’m fairly new here. Love it, but it only fuels my addition. btw, love your name, Korazy Lady. lol. that’s cute.
          So, what does OTP mean and what show is SUFBB?

          • Korazy Lady

            OTP – one true pairing (don’t know who came up with that title!) SUFBB – Shut Up Flower Boy Band (haven’t seen that but heard it’s good!)

            There’s truth to my name, and yes, the OT is very addictive! Enjoy 🙂

          • Llamaesque

            Know Your Meme has an interesting article about the origin of the phrase OTP. A lot of things about the Kdrama fandom were new to me when I started watching last summer, but I remember OTP from my days as a bandfic writer/reader.

            ::sigh:: 1997, I will always miss you.

        • ELENA

          When it’s that well done, I especially can’t watch the heart wrenching ones, as it sends my bloodpressure to the moon. 🙁 I have to be satisfied with the wonderful recaps.

          My speed is mostly lighthearted and funny.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’ve been reading the recaps because I am just so fearful of that heavy thud in my heart when the hammer of doom slams MaRu on his hematoma. IF the ending turns out well (sorry, i had to laugh there…somewhat maniacally cause I do not believe there will be a happy ending) I’ll go and watch all the episodes I missed.

          So I’m interested in this drama still. Very much so. But not gonna put my heart in danger of full-blown grief by watching it.

          • Korazy Lady

            laughing at picturing you laughing!

          • whimsicalnet

            i’m totally with u on that… sniff…

    • 7.2 JoAnne

      I have Sugarless in my queue too! I watched most of the 1st episode unsubbed and the beginning really grabs you kind of epicly and then – hahahahaha… I won’t spoil it for anyone but MAN I want to watch this and understand what they are saying.

      • 7.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I know a friend who learned Chinese so she could keep up with the RAW subs of her dramas. I’m thinking I’ll end up learning Japanese or Korean for the same reason.

        • Mar

          I have to take a language for my degree and I’m seriously considering Chinese or Japanese because I think it would be useful with my FL movie and drama love, and because it only requires 2 courses whilst something like Spanish requires 4 classes. They do not offer Korean at my university or I’d be all up on that. I’m American, anyone have any opinion on whether I should go with Japanese or Chinese fl classes?

          • enz

            just my opinion but since Chinese IS the most spoken language in the world, it SHOULD be more useful. that’s how I would choose. although I am
            Chinese and speak mandarin poorly and instead wanna learn Korean myself . I do speak my dialect though, in my defense

  8. Unnursvana

    I am one episode behind on Nice Guy, I might watch it later today.

    I have been rewatching Warrior Baek Dong Soo and I am going to try to finish it before Missing You (or is it I Miss You?) airs, but we will see. After watching Arang, I am finind it so funny when the characters talk about heaven and hell and the king of heaven (because Yoo Seung Ho and Park Joon Gyu are in it).

    I am very excited for Missing You though, even if it is a melodrama and that usually isn’t my thing, but so is Nice Guy and I am kinda enjoying it.

    • 8.1 jomo

      One of my most endearing shows ever, even if it drags a little in the ginseng, made me a YSH fan for life.

      PS ((Hugs))

      • 8.1.1 Unnursvana

        Yes Warrior Baek Dong Soo, I loved that show when it first aired and I am enjoying it so much now too ^^ it also made me a Yoo Seung Ho fan ^^

  9. myweithisway

    Happy Friday to all!

    I’ve been marathoning Panda and the Hedgehog! It’s so cute! the bromance is so sweet that I’m actually envious!

    Have fun all those peeps that will be going to the Big Bang show in LA!

    • 9.1 Ladytron33

      I’ve been marathoning Panda and Hedgehog this week too! I needed the cute after watching Nice Guy. Wow, that show is intense…

    • 9.2 Raine

      That show is ALL about the bromance! HAVE FUN WITH BB!

  10. 10 Leaf

    Happy OT day everyone!!!

    I think I’ve finally come down from my several weeks of happyness and socialising now… it feels weird being back normal again…

    Still so behind on Nice Guy and mega mega behind on Faith (yeah I’m not even sure if I’m actually still watching it…)

    Hope everyones having a good week! <3

    • 10.1 Shukmeister


      Eh, what is normal anyway? Normal is overrated. lol

      I spoke with someone who is on the fence about going to see BB in London. I told her to bite the bullet and go. That way there’s a whole group of us that can spazz over our respective experiences!

      • 10.1.1 Leaf

        Oh she should definately come!!! It will be worth it!!!

        And I can’t wait to hear all about the OT Unni’s trip!!! <3
        HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! <3

      • 10.1.2 iZzie :)

        Is BB = Big Bang? I know someone who watched all the Big Bang concerts in almost the entire Asian leg. Almost, coz she missed one because of a Zac Efron fan meeting. 😀 She regretted it – the ZE fan meet. LOL.

        BB must be really good? I haven’t heard a song of theirs. Or maybe I had but just didn’t know it.

        Happy Friday! 🙂

        • Shukmeister

          I just want to see pretty boys cavort on stage in the company of KDrama, like-minded party noonas. lol

          But their music is good as pop sounds go.

      • 10.1.3 enz

        i completely agree and use that whenever I get called crazy :D. you get crazies all together, THAT becomes the normal.

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday, everyone!
    I hope this finds you all in good health. The East Coast here is battered but unbowed. My area didn’t get slammed as bad as those farther north, and I hope all Easties here came out relatively unscathed. I had to work straight through my wekend but [shrug] hey thats overtime, and it will help pay for Big Bang!

    As far as I can determine, the concerts in Newark will still go on, and everyone who planned to go is going! Yay! Ive been posting updates to the repair efforts for those who want to know how the Tri State transportation repairs are going.

    In spite of everything, I managed a bit of drama watching:

    * Faith – a scraggly LMH has it’s own appeal.
    * When Love Walked In – the subs were slow on this TWDrama on viki, but, with the help of a friendly recapper, I finished it. Pretty cute, not a heck of a lot of angst, but lots of pretty.

    * FH/T2 – Okay, blame JoAnne for this one, but I found it cute and remarkably watchable. Watched all available epis up to 8 late last night.
    * Sherlock – Color me behind, but I marathoned the first season (4 episode total) of this BBC gem. Why the heck did I miss it when it first aired? Whae?? 😉 Love the spin on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters.

    Farewell, good and faithful servant! I’ve tossed my Palm Pilot. Okay, I’m still carrying it around but I finally bought a smartphone and have been slowly moving the bits of my electronic life from one gadget to another. When I’m done, I’ll probably play a final game of Bejeweled which will be the 6XXth game, and consign it to a lonely drawer.

    ~ ~

    Episode 13 of my 18 vs 29 recapping will be posted by the end of the weekend, thanks to both the storm and technological delays. I just need to screenshot the second half. I got distracted by the custom ringtones which took those few precious hours. 😎

    ~ ~
    For anyone who is going to be in Newark, the Movie Noona’s East Coast group is meeting at the Hilton Newark Penn Station’s Market Street Bar and Grill prior to the Big Bang. If you are interested in meeting any of us (JoAnne, CherKell, cv, KorazyLady, and me, plus some Intrepid New Yorkers), drop me a line through my blog, and I’ll share the deets.

    Have a great day everyone! And, as Teddy tweeted on his blog, after Halloween, glow sticks are on sale, so buy’em an bring’em to the concert!!

    • 11.1 Leaf

      Oh Sherlocks awesome!! Seriously all my friends are completely obsessed over it!

      And Big Bang should be on…

      I’m glad you weren’t affected too bad! My Mum was meant to fly to DC on monday but she only got to fly yesterday…

      Have fun at Big Bang <3
      Hope you have a good week!

      • 11.1.1 Shukmeister

        Leaf –

        I remember you saying that last week. Everyone focussed on NYC, but I didn’t hear of any significant damage in DC. I still thought it was funny that VA had tropical conditions and blizzard conditions at the same time, thanks to the one-two punch of the hurricane and the nor’easter.

        • Leaf

          Yeah cause my Family is around DC we spent quite a bit of time worrying if they would be ok but they were fine.

          I’m glad everyone on OT is ok!!
          Hopefully New York can get back to normal soon!

      • 11.1.2 kaka

        Agree with Sherlock!! I think Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes ever!! Do you know that they actually make Watson’s blog? They updated it after every new episode aired. It contains spoiler until the ending of season 2, so if you want to check it out, I advise you to hold it until you finish season 2.

        @Shukmeister: Consider yourself lucky. Waiting more than 1 year for every 3 new episodes is torture.

        • Shukmeister

          kaka –

          I’ve got Season Two waiting in the wings and probably won’t get to it before Christmas (or armageddon, but whatever).

          I agree, about the characterizations.
          A lot of, um, older noonas like myself 😉 grew up with the Basil Rathbone image; upright, snooty know-it-all. It wasn’t until I read the books in my adult life that I realized that Sherlock was actually a psychotic opium-using nutter.

          • kaka

            Haha, maybe I was too hasty when I said Cumberbatch is best Sherlock when in fact I’d only watched 3 adaptations of it.

    • 11.2 Shukmeister

      Fish Called Wanda reminded me!

      I’m also watching VP2, although I’m about 2 epis behind. The new Big Bad scares me with his strength and ruthlessness, even as our prosecutor smiles and looks cute more.

      • 11.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        Haha, how could you forget our cute vampire prosecutor!! I really like Red Eyes as the new Big Bad, it’s so different from last season!
        Also, Sherlock is so awesome! The twists and turns are always unexpected, and so good! Benedict Cumberbatch is rocking it as a very annoyingly Sherlock! And the ending, not gonna say anything, but it’s a crime to wait until the next season!
        @ kaka, I didn’t know there was an actual blog. Gonna check it out, thanks!

    • 11.3 pillowhead

      BBC’s Sherlock is awesome. So much better than Guy Richie’s movie version.

    • 11.4 pogo

      omo Benedict Cumberbatch left me completely SHERLOCKED by the end of the first episode (even though I’d read all the ACD novels/stories as a child and remembered who the murderer would be in that one, and for the second episode I unfortunately remembered some bits from my Chinese lessons as a kid and spent quite a bit of time yelling ‘THEY’RE NUMBERS, YOU FOOL!!!’ at the screen).

      And you must watch the second season if you haven’t already. It’s SO GOOD.

      • 11.4.1 skelly

        YES. And having read the actual ACD stories many times over, I got a lot of side-jokes that other people may miss – especially their references to previous cases…

      • 11.4.2 Shukmeister

        It’s ready to go, pogo, just lacking time to watch.

    • 11.5 ELENA

      I love Sherlock.

    • 11.6 Enz

      Shukmeister, saya harap kamu semua Akan menikmati konsert big bang minggu depan! My niece and her friends were there for the one in kl and they actually had rehearsals the night before to better sing along during the concert, can you believe it?

      • 11.6.1 Shukmeister

        Terima kasih, enz. I appreciate the sentiment, and despite the nor’eastercane disaster, the Noona meeting will go on as planned.

        And I’m ashamed to say I’ve been humming along to their “Alive” album myself…. lol

        • enz

          yes you should be ashamed since you should be SINGING it instead! I wish I knew at least One BB song but alas, no. so I should really be ashamed @.@

          • Shukmeister

            The guys at the precinct look askance when I start belting out tunes, whether in English, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean.

            I will say that the lockup, with all its concrete block and metal, has better acoustics than your average shower stall.

    • 11.7 MeeisLee

      I haven’t watched BBC’s “Sherlock” but I have been watching CBS’s “Elementary”. I don’t know how the two compare but I’m liking it so far. I’ve never really been into the Sherlock story but I like the idea of female Watson in this version.


      “….prior to the Big Bang.” Lol, on first read I was thinking about that other less important Big Bang that resulted in our current universe.

      I would love to meet you guys even though I’m not super active on DB like you guys are. Don’t know how you guys would feel about hanging out with a dongsaeng though.
      I’m actually still working on convincing my parents (really just my mom) to let me go to the concert. But you know… teen rebellion might ensue. I must see the result of my 4years of BB fandom in person. (Any noona advice :)?)

      • 11.7.1 JoAnne

        Well you could tell your mom you’re going to hang out with a bunch of women in their 40s and 50s who talk a good game but usually go to bed by 9:30 and hold down responsible jobs…

        How old are you? What have you done on your own so far? Break down the situations you would face and think of situations in the past where you have demonstrated the skills (social and self-protective) to handle those situations.

        I began letting my daughter spend the day in NYC without adult supervision (we live 2 hours away, in CT) when she was 17. But she was familiar with the places she would be going, she had demonstrated remarkable equanimity in the face of various travel related snafus over the years, and I knew that she was aware of her surroundings and well-versed in how to be careful with strangers. I let her spend the night there on her own when she was 18, because she had several successful day time trips under her belt. It’s all about building on the skills and experience.

        • MeeisLee

          I’m 17. I shall be legal in March. I know NYC pretty well having grown up here. I have gone out in the city on my own many times. I think her issue is with the Newark area and the time. Tbh, I’m not the most direction savvy person, if that makes sense. But I plan on meeting up with a friend in NYC and taking the PATH together. I’ve tried to get my dad on the case to help convince her.

          • JoAnne

            Path puts you 2 blocks from Pru Center – we are staying at the hotel right there – should be tons of people so even if not a great area you should be safe – what if your dad or mom came and waited at a coffee shop or something – I used to do that in New Haven when she went to stuff there

          • MeeisLee

            My mom wouldn’t be up for that D:. My Dad might but he would probably be working late. I’m determined to convince them though! There will be a way!

          • shel

            You can tell her I’ve already been places with my teenager and CherKell (who will be there) and I’d trust my girl with her in a heartbeat.

            And if you have a friend with you, to help figure out any emergencies. From a mom’s perspective, it does depend on the friend. There are friends I would send Meg (almost 16) with alone, because they seem to be level headed and show good sense, and others that nothing in the world will convince me.

            And these ladies are awesome…the ones I know, anyway.

          • Korazy Lady

            Yes, but some of us may be korazy! Actually, MeeisLee, I am the mother of three grown daughters and my niece has been living with me since she was 15 (she’s 19 now). I am sure there will be a group of us walking back to the hotel after the concert, so since the train station is right next to it, your mom may feel more comfortable knowing that.

          • MeeisLee

            Thanks so much for the advice guys. I’ll let my mom know that there will be some viable adults around! Are you guys heading into the city before or after the concert?

          • Shukmeister

            We are actually staying at the hotel the day before and the day of the concert.

    • 11.8 Raine

      I want joint blog posts and stories about this!

      • 11.8.1 Shukmeister

        Raine –

        I’ll see what we can do. No guarantees though, since we have to maintain our reputations as calm, mature, and responsible adults.

  12. 12 Agatha

    Aww Faith is done and over…. No more Lee Min-ho in chains, I’m sad…..

  13. 13 kaka

    Happy Friday!!
    It’s my first comment in Open Thread (I think).

    I’ve got myself Nice Guy marathon these two days and it was great!The last scene in ep 16 gave me chill. Didn’t expect EG would react that way after she gained her memories. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

    I’ve just watch Hello Counselor with UV as the guest. In the end of the show they played their MV (I want to live with her) which is HILARIOUS!!! It has been released since last September but I’ve only knew it now. Sigh, all the good things I missed…
    For you who haven’t watched it: here, have a little funny with English sub

    And bonus my other fave UV’s MV with Yoo Hee Yool and Jung Jae Hyung:

    • 13.1 kaka


      That first paragraph contains SPOILER!!! Sorry I can’t edit it out T.T

    • 13.2 Shukmeister

      Kaka –

      Welcome to OT1 I hope you stick around and comment more often. The more, the merrier!

      • 13.2.1 kaka

        Thank you! I hope I can stick around, too.

    • 13.3 Korazy Lady

      Yes, welcome Kaka. I always feel bad if I don’t welcome the newbies, but this OT fills up with comments so quickly that I miss quite a few.

      Hope you enjoy the experience!

      • 13.3.1 kaka

        Thank you! It’s so nice of you for welcoming newbies. It makes us want to stay longer.

        • FishcalledWanda

          You should! So I’m welcoming you too : ) The more the merrier!

  14. 14 drama4mama

    Hi all, it has been a hurricane of a week for me, Sandy blew in, took my power and along with it my ability to watch dramas online, have power now but no internet and am reduced to standing in Dunkin Donuts to catch up on my dramas on my phone, NOT comfortable at all! I’m hoping my internet is back this weekend and I can catch up in bed

    • 14.1 Brandi

      So sorry. A friend of mine is in the New York – New Jersey area and she said that it was chaos. They’re settling down now, but there’s still a lot to be done.

    • 14.2 will work for soju

      That would totally be me! I moved out of the NY/NJ area ten years ago, so it’s all dramas all the time in MA for me, until the next one comes.

  15. 15 Licia

    First my prayers go out to all those affected by sandy on the east coast may the peace and provision of LORD be with all.

    Hey OT I have not been here in a while since the third or fourth episode of RMPW.

    With that said it’s great to come back and share with you all. First I have to say farewell to Faith. I was very faithful to this show. Was it perfect no but it got me in the Heart. I loved that it played on faith in several different ways with all the characters and how it played out in their relationships. Ultimately both Yoo Eun Soo and Choi Young had to have Faith and trust that they would be together again even though they would have to overcome time and space that just makes me swoon.

    I had never seen Kim Hee Sun before but I really liked her in this role. She made laugh and I felt her pain when she cried. Lee Min Ho was great in this role as well there was sincerity in how he played Choi Young. The two of them really made me fall in love with them as a couple. I thought the show was actually quite romantic. There were flaws yes and loose ends like what happened to the scenes his father? How did some people have powers and others didn’t? How did that guy from the Yuan have a watch? But honestly I’m happy because I’ve been angry with many a Kdrama endings before and all that really mattered was our main couple so I am content with the ending.
    I can’t take kdrama stress well so I went to dramabeans recap scrolled down to the ending of ep 23 and 24 because I was so scared they would really screw things up then I watched the episodes in a much better state. To me it like running down a tunnel in the dark and dramabeans recap was the flashlight illuminating my way so I knew where the exit was and what to expect ahead of time down the tunnel. LOL

    I have to say I’m so excited that Yoon Shi-Yoon and Park Shin-Hye will be on the third installment of the Flower boy shows. How is it possible to have that much cute on screen. I love Park Shin Hye because when she acts I see a real girl and not a character type. I feel like I can relate to her. Though heartstrings was not perfect its all the little things that she does that I love. And I was really impressed with Yoon Shi-Yoon in Me To Flower he has heart when he acts that’s what I like about him. TVN is really something special they just know how capture the essence of youth huh?

    Oh did anyone catch Can We Get Married Yet? Its not fully subbed yet on viki but I like what I see far. the only thing is Jung So Min and Han Groo are suppose to be in their late twenties and Jung So Min has such a cute baby face but I didn’t say they don’t pull it off I think they should have lowered the age just a little. So I am waiting for it to be subbed so I can fully enjoy. This show has a bunch of cute in it as well because of Sung Joon I still think of Shut Up Flower Boy Band every time I see him.

    Besides that’s I’m currently watching Miss Ross which I adore. Nobuta wo Produc I’m on ep 10 why did I wait so long to watch this show its great. I love the characters here.

    Ohlala Couple I enjoy this show so much because of their antics. The only thing is that I don’t think the actors act like the characters in their swapped bodies. I think they act in the manner of a stereotyped version of how a man and a woman are suppose to be but that’s what makes it so funny. I also wish that when they do the swapping scenes they could at least be wearing similar color or clothes they tried to do it in the beginning but they just stopped. Anyway I really want Kim Jung Eun character Na Yeo Ok to end up with the second lead Jang Hyun Woo shes been through enough I don’t want her to get back with her husband. This show could totally be a continuation of her last show I am Legend it even has the same co star actress Hyun Jyu Ni that plays her sister in law. This show could set things right and have her end up with the second lead.

    Also I want to watch My daughter So Young because I’m a sucker for family dramas but its not really getting subbed on ep 1-3 so far. I’m hoping it will pick up some speed. Lastly I’m dabbling in Full House 2 but the hair and the clothes is so distracting. I don’t even mind the cheesiness because it’s so silly you have to just laugh. I’m really starting to think their making fun of these type of characters in Kdrama like its a romantic comedy parody it’s the only thing I think of to make it make sense.

    • 15.1 kaka

      Hello, Licia! I like that you update about Can We Get Married Yet?. I want to watch it, but not until I can get my hands on the sub. I wonder why JB haven’t highlight it since I thought she like Jung So Min, Han Groo, and Sung Joong. But maybe she just busy.

      • 15.1.1 Licia

        I just saw ep 1 up on drama fever. For those who want to watch it.

        • JoAnne

          It is GOOD – go watch!

    • 15.2 oftheshore

      Hooray for Park Shin Hye love! I think she can really shine when given good material to work with – see Syrano Agency, for example. It helps that PSH is just extremely adorable.

    • 15.3 Ladytron33

      I’m also watching Oohlala Couple. The last two episodes were so sad! I had a feeling that was where it was going to go (as she’d be trapped if it hadn’t), but it was still heartbreaking 🙁

      I really don’t want the married couple to be our OTP either. The husband is such a bad guy. Just because he acts like a human being for a week or two doesn’t make up for a lifetime of abuse and neglect. In my opinion, everything he did right was way too little too late. And that mother-in-law…sheesh. She’s one of the lowest people I’ve ever seen. Get the heck away from her!!!

      I’m so hoping Yeo Ok ends up with her first love. He was the only person to ever really, truly love her. She got a son out of her first marriage. Hopefully she’ll get happiness and love out of her second one.

    • 15.4 Saner

      Evening all! (Or morning – past midnight here in Paris)

      I agree with you about the Oohlala Couple. I dislike the stereotypical acting in each others bodies for comic effect.

      Seems a bit farcical.

      I’m hoping that the body swapping teaches them to be more appreciative of their other halves that they’ll have. Moments like in episode 9 where Yeo Ok ALWAYS brings up the past or where Soo Nam admits he only married he ‘cos she was pregnant…

      Even if they get over it all, I never will…

  16. 16 cherkell

    Yeah, what Shukie say above! At least all the NYC-NJ-Tristate Area folks have checked in and are pretty much safe and sound, but waterlogged. CAN’T WAIT to see you all in 6 more sleeps!!!

    Drama Watching? Hah, what’s that? Winding down the last few weeks of work (I was asked to stick around through the Black Friday maelstrom) and getting ready for the trip have sucked all the energy out of me. Trying to keep up with the “Five Fingers” recaps as best as I can, so thank you all for the kind words of support you’ve sent my way. Everything else will have to wait until December at least.

    Minasan in the States, remember we Fall Back with the time change this weekend at 2 AM on Sunday (3 November). That means if you’re up at oh-dark-thirty like I will be live streaming 5F, the Sunday broadcast it will start an hour earlier (for instance, at 4:50 AM for my peeps on the Left Coast).

    Off to the mines for a couple hours, and then it’s over the hill to see Shel and the gang this afternoon. YAY!! Seeyas later!!

    • 16.1 Shukmeister

      Cherkell –

      Good morning! I’m soo excited about next week too, notwithstanding trying some of Shel’s homemade stuff and introducing Korazy Lady to the joys of soju. 🙂

      Don’t go crazy at work. TTFN.

      • 16.1.1 Korazy Lady

        I am going to be good. So good. Just one shot. I know my limitations. Maybe 2. 3 at the most…….

        • Raine

          My sister and I finished a bottle to ourselves the other night…wow…but you will have lots and lots and lots of fun!

    • 16.2 Korazy Lady

      Is it your birthday today, Cherkell? Or cv’s? or someone on here with a c in their name? I seem to remember someone having a birthday, but don’t have time to forrest through the old OT’s……oh well….Happy Birthday to anyone having one!

      Looks like a lively group here today, but unfortunately my 88 year old mother calls – I need to get groceries and run errands for her.

      Looking forward to meeting you, cherkell!

      • 16.2.1 cv

        Hehe not mine. TOP bday is the 4th tho.

      • 16.2.2 cherkell

        Can’t wait to meet you too, dahling!! Actually, we have a convergence of birthdays this week — @JoAnne’s was yesterday, mine’s Monday, and @cmrprindle’s is the 6th/7th? (Anyone else I’m missing?) So we’re going to be celebrating HARD when we hit The City!! I’ve already got my eye on the perfect Paris Baguette cake to share. 😀

        Shukie, and the whipped cream too. Everything is always better with whipped cream!! *ahem*

        • Shukmeister

          Everybody knows that, Cher… lol

          Is Paris Baguette in Palisades Park? Because that will probably be our best bet to anything right now.

      • 16.2.3 shel

        JoAnnes was yesterday.

        • shel

          Ha, Cher and I replied at the same time. Didn’t know about the other birthdays, though. Hmmm…..

          See you at lunchtime, Cher-chingu!

          • cherkell

            We had the bestest time!! Hanging with The Megster and finally getting to see Sam in the flesh — woo hoo!! Make a plan for a return visit when I get back from the Right Coast with goodies in hand!

  17. 17 Amberscube

    Happy OT everyone..

    Nice Guy is killing me. Im preparing myself for what is to come. My heart breaks for Maru and Eun Ki…

    There’s another Maru that made me cry one time… Bong Maru of Can you Hear My Heart… Be kind to my heart. Can i have Maru in a romcom next time please.

    And i started Shut Up Flower Boy Band and im hooked.

    • 17.1 Llamaesque

      I like Nice Guy and all, but this is still my favorite Maru 😉

      • 17.1.1 Korazy Lady

        That is one cute MaRu. A really close second, but not quite SJK!

      • 17.1.2 Amberscube

        Awww so cute…

    • 17.2 Ladytron33

      Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with Bong Maru!! The first time I ever had second lead syndrome. I still think they should have gotten together in the end. *sigh*

  18. 18 Katherine

    It’s 1 in the mornin in Sydney right now & my mind refuses to shut off so re-watching Running Man it is LOL. Every time I see Joong Ki in RM now I just think “KANG MARU !!” *tears*, his absolutely adorable on the show & kind of wish he was back on it again cause I miss seeing him with the gang.
    I’m sure the news will pop up here soon but is anyone else freaking out that 2PM’s Chansung is the second lead in “Secret Agent War” with Joo Won & Choi Kang-hee ?!!.
    I’m glad he is getting the opportunity to act since he was an actor before being an idol BUT I don’t know if I can convince myself to believe that both Chansung & Joo Won would go for Choi Kang-hee.

    • 18.1 skelly

      Sigh. I can’t believe it’s another idol. And Chansung – the least intelligent, least talented member of 2pm, and that’s saying something.
      Every time I hear that some idol is “getting the opportunity to act” or “improving with every role” I know it is going to stink to high heaven. It means that we get to put up with their stumbling attempts at becoming a Serious Artist because fanservice brings in the notoriety and the money.

      I foresee overdoses of aegyo maknae cuteness to make up for the fact that it’s yet another talentless lout. This is the main reason why I have pretty much given up on jdoramas, as well.

      • 18.1.1 canxi

        even with T.O.P??? I really do think he improves with every role,lol.

        • skelly

          canxi, there are a few exceptions but they are appallingly rare; and even with the good ones, we have to suffer through their first few roles while they get it all figured out.

          • canxi

            ahahahaha so true

  19. 19 Viola

    Hey guys!!

    I met my best friend brookeeve here in Dramabeans two years ago. I am going to see her for the first time ever in the Big Bang concert in New Jersey on November 9th.
    But we didn’t get seats together. 🙁
    Our seats are in Section 7. Row 12 seat 9. And row 20 seat 4.
    I know all of us here in Dramabeans is like a family, so please family, will one of you switch seats so my best friend and I can sit together?

    Thank you so much!
    And thank you JB and GF for this blog. It has given me some of the strongest relationships of my life. Without an ounce of exaggeration, I can honestly say that it changed my life.

    • 19.1 Shukmeister

      Aw, Viola, that’s a nice sentiment and one I agree with.

      It was quite the juggling act to get seats together ourselves, since they were purchased at different times, so good luck on your quest!

      • 19.1.1 Viola

        if you won’t mind sharing, how did you manage to find seats together? Thank you!

        • Shukmeister

          I bought the first four frantically typing at 10am EST the day the tickets went on sale.

          Then I just haunted the aftermarket places like Stub Hub until I found tickets literally next to our seats. Called the person in question, sent her the link, she bought it, and ta-da!

    • 19.2 grateful1

      Uri Viola is back! Orenmanida (long time no see)! It’s really good to hear from you again. There are several people whom I miss hearing from here at db, but your presence is one of the ones I miss the most.

      If anyone is even remotely considering swapping seats with Viola, I just want you to know that she is a really kind and generous soul who totally deserves to receive some beneficence. She is the one who donated an SM Town NYC concert ticket (that she could have easily sold) to the dramabeans community last year.

      Good luck, Viola! How wonderful that you’re finally gonna get to meet brookeeve! I hope your studies are going well and that you stop by db again soon. You know that lots of folks ’round here will be thinking of you when your hubby struts his stuff in King of Dramas. 😀

      • 19.2.1 Viola

        You made me teary. Thank you so much for your kind words, I miss you guys too. Yes, I will be back soon. Wow…I honestly did not think anyone remembered me here.

        • grateful1

          “I honestly did not think anyone remembered me here.”

          One thing I’ve learned about db is that there are tons of lurkers here. Out of curiosity, I just checked the stats– so far today, there have been about 300 comments made on today’s posts (including the OT), but over 100,000 visits to the website! (That’s insane, right?!) Rest assured, among the thousands of lurkers, there are lots of others who remember and miss you, too.

          (In case anyone is wondering, I found the # of visits/day info by clicking on the sitemeter link on the right.)

          • enz

            hah. thanks for answering that question before it got asked. hope you get your happy ending viola! welcome back to DB. am pretty new here 🙂

    • 19.3 MeeisLee

      Viola, try the FB group that exchanges tickets!

      • 19.3.1 Viola

        Thank you so much for sharing the link!! Thank you! 🙂

    • 19.4 MeeisLee

      VIOLA! I hope you check this again! I messaged you on FB, I know someone with a Sec 7 Row 12 seat! You reply back to me on FB since I might not see the message again.

  20. 20 cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^^

    Finished Faith. It was a nice watch. Ending was acceptable. ahahahah

    Been watching the new batch of Jdoramas. There’s some good and some okay ones.

    Akumu chan: creepy eyes. haha I like it the storylines about the little girl whos dream about what happens in the future. Interesting stuff, funny too. 😀

    tokoyo airport: so far so good. Storyline is getting interesting, getting into the characters backstory why she went to to work there.

    OOku Touju: I like it. I want to see how the storyline goes for all character.

    Monsters: hahaha so far, the weird detective is funny and a creepy way. Will watch more of this one for sure! 🙂

    Doctor X: yup, my kind of drama. She is coool. ^^

    Perfect Blue: The dog is difinitely the narrator of this show. It’s okay show for now. had to ff a few parts.

    Otherwise, I will catch up with Great Seer and third hospital this weekend.

    I did rewatched Sungkyunkwan Scandal for Yoochun. Still as awesome as ever. haha
    I really hope that his new show IMY do really well even with all the haters/crazy fans of his out there. He’s been doing pretty well since then.

    One more week until until NJ! BigBang, can’t wait to see you and the ladies from JB! ahahahha! :p

    • 20.1 Licia

      I am also watching Doctor X your right she is cool. I think the reason she takes surgery so seriously and says “I don’t fail” is because she probably made a mistake in the past and now that’s what is motivating her.

      • 20.1.1 cv

        Yep. I believe so too. Latest ep ending kinda mention that.
        She’s just so confident n u can tell she works hard to perfect her skill.

    • 20.2 Shukmeister

      One more week, cv, and we will all be there in our glory!
      BIG BANG!!

      • 20.2.1 cv

        Shukie! I can’t wait too! Heheh going to be so much fun!

  21. 21 tiny

    been watching vintage 1N2D the whole day. i missed their pettiness! i hope the Season 2 cast warm up to each other really fast.

  22. 22 QQ

    First time joining the OT. Happy Friday, everyone! Just wanted to share that yesterday I went to the Opening Gala of the London Korean Film Festival to watch The Thieves. While I have to say, the subtitle is not really good – how could they translate “be careful” to “I love you”- but the movie was very, very funny. There was a short Q&As after the film with the director and also actor Kim Yoon-suk (He’s so funny). The audience praised his mandarin (no dubbing, so wow!) so replied enthusiastically saying “Thank you! Gangnam style!”

    • 22.1 QQ

      Oh, I have to add that Jeon Ji Hyun shines in this movie. You can’t help but love her!

    • 22.2 am

      Welcome! 🙂

      Ack! I’ve been wanting to see that movie!

      how could they translate “be careful” to “I love you”

      -Legit lol. A lot of things really get lost in translation. What about the people who don’t understand a word of Korean? Ay.

    • 22.3 kaka

      Wow! You’re so lucky! I’ve never watch Korean movie on big screen here in my city

    • 22.4 Korazy Lady

      Welcome QQ! How great that you got to go to the opening gala and watch The Thieves. Sometimes the translations are so bad that even I know that’s not what they are saying, and I only know about 30 sayings in Korean!

      • 22.4.1 QQ

        I was once not-so-picky when it comes to bad subtitle. how could I when the those were the best you could get. It’s especially worse when it’s been retranslated (i.e. from korean to english to my language, malay). I remember from one drama, the guy was talking about his contact lens (the japanese just pronounce it as ‘contacts’), yea and then later it gets to translated to malay which means ‘phone contacts’. How annoying was that?

        However, after the release of quality subs coming from various sites, my standards have gotten higher, even a single error gets on my nerve. You know, what they say about humans, they’re not easily satisfied. Haha!

        Anyways, on a less serious topic, I think the funniest thing that happened during the Q+As was that when Kim Yoon Suk was asked on what kind of project he wanted to do next, he answered ‘ero-yeonghwa’ which the translator incorrectly translated as ‘porn’. Hahaha. Luckily, the director/actor corrected her.

    • 22.5 enz

      welcome qq from a fellow OT newbie. thanks for the little endorsement of the thieves. might go and catch it too. you know lee sinje who is also in the movie, comes from the same village in kedah as my mom’s. she is really pretty too but seems tobe famous for scary movies

      • 22.5.1 enz

        lee sinje I mean not my mom >.<

        • QQ

          oh, yeah, I’ve seen her in The Eye.

  23. 23 Carfaycor

    Hi, I rarely ever post on here but I’m going down to the bigbang concert this weekend in the LA area and was thinking about visisting ktown. I’ve heard that it covers quite a large area, does anybody know any good places there to stop by?

  24. 24 JoAnne

    Greetings My Wondrous Beans!

    Still very much feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy here on the CT shoreline but really, even with the areas of destruction and flooding – we came off so much better than poor NJ, or the simple logistics issues facing poor NYC, so I can’t feel right about complaining.

    Cried my way through the last two hours of Faith and so happy with the ending.

    Ooops gotta jet I will be back to finish.

    • 24.1 JoAnne

      Ok back!

      So – Faith: someone mentioned how sad they were because ‘no more Lee MinHo in chains’ – hear hear! I have a very fond place for this drama and for many of the characters in my heart, but I won’t like and say it’s completely altruistic: Lee Min Ho in armor and chains and that tiny bit of facial hair (ooh and the loose wavy hair from the beginning, YES YES YES) – that was not hard to look at. I’m so glad they got their happy ending. I am so glad they believed so hard. I loved them. I loved Gongnim and Noguk. I loved those Woodalchi boys – I loved the little boy king who sacrificed himself, I enjoyed the heck out of Ki Chul…the Suribang never failed to make me smile, either. It’s enough. I know it wasn’t perfect or even ‘good’ by critical standards…but it was enough and more than enough and I’m sorry to see my babies go.

      Nice Guy: OhgoodGODsheopenedherEYES I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. All along I’ve been saying Maru is going to die at the end and yet, and yet…please don’t kill Maru. Please let him be happy. Please. In my nightmares, Lawyer Ahn and his narrow obsessive ass freak out and try to kill Jae Hee in the big showdown that we will eventually get, and Maru will throw himself in harms way to save her. Not because he loves her, but because he’s a human being. And he will die in Eun Gi’s arms and I will throw my computer through the kitchen window, then race to the neighbors to book a plane ticket to Seoul, and when I arrive I will hunt that writer down and kill her. I have a list to read to her. Bok Gu. Sang Du. Maru. Die, bitch.

      The Great Seer – haven’t seen this week’s episodes yet but still wholeheartedly on board this train. This next episode is the one that brings all the players together and lets them know the connections, and I’m gonna LOVE it. I miss the Bear Skull outfit, but Ji Jin Hee is still rockin’ it in a top knot so I’m ok.

      Full House 2 – the little show that could, despite the handicap of horrible hair and clothes. I luff you. We ALL luff you. You are adorable, and while Park Ki-Woong has a smile that lights up a room and I continue to be in awe of his range (Shunji and Kang Hwi reside in the same body? Really? With that autistic guy from the prison? How is this possible?) – I am 100% behind Tae Ik and always have been because yo, tortured souls with dark eyes and mean streaks just float my boat. I blame it on Barnabas Collins when I was four, really. And it was just reinforced by Heathcliff when I was 10, you know. I can’t honestly blame KDrama for this one.

      Is that all I’m watching? really? Oh wait, no – on the weekends I watch Time Between Dog and Wolf – omg omg omg – Jomo where are you? YES, AmnesiaKey with the shorter more casual hair and the half-smirk. God Yes. Have my baby. I mean, let me have your baby. Whichever works.

      So this time next OT I will be in Jersey getting ready for the Best Boys in the Universe 🙂 So excited. Words cannot express. I cannot deal. Am I 12? Is this David Cassidy? That’s what it feels like.

      Bye my loves 🙂

      • 24.1.1 shel

        HAHAHAHA! I love you, JoAnne. Wish I was going to be there with you guys. I have a feeling I’d need a case of inhalers and box of Depends, though.

        And, when you go kill that writer in Seoul, take us along to document it. :0)

        • shel

          Sam knows karate….just so you know…if it’s helpful and all.

          • JoAnne

            Sam is a good guy to have around. I have made a note 🙂

        • JoAnne

          You will be there with us in spirit – it actually seems weird that you WON’T be there. I keep having to remind myself you aren’t going.

          • shel

            You gonna make me cry….sniff sniff…… Maybe the next party will be out here and I can play host.

      • 24.1.2 Ladytron33

        Hi JoAnne! I feel the same way a you do about FH2. I was actually really upset this morning when I woke up and realized there was no new episode waiting for me. Why are people so turned off by the hair? I mean, it’s crap, but not enough to ruin the show.

        Anyway, yes, I too am in luff with Tae Ik. Every time he does something sweet, my heart jumps in my chest. You can see how he’s just a wounded little boy who needs some love and attention to become a real human being. He’s on the road…

        And gosh, I know he’s skinny as a rail and has terrible hair, but boy is he pretty.

        • JoAnne

          Lady I just want to say Noona can hug it better for you and HUG him and if clothes fall off I cannot help that

      • 24.1.3 jomo

        See? LJK rocks Amnesia Kay with the bubblebum and the lack of any morals whatsoever.
        I will watch eps 8 and 9 tonight.

        Maybe I’ll watch a little Full House 2 if it doesn’t suck like all you guys are saying.

        Also enjoying – TVN’s Once Upon a Time in Saengchori, which is just offbeat enough to keep me watching.
        It is laugh out loud funny and touching and a teeny tiny bit romantic, and, well, good. It’s written by the same person who did High Kicks, Lee Young Chul.
        What else did he write? TTBY? I know, headscratcher.

        I have to mention that Manager Jo’s – Ha Suk Jin’s – crazy straight-laced by the book, but OH! SO! sexy character is quite nice on the eyes, too.
        Look at this not-anything-to-do-with-the-plot-shirtless-scene and you will agree.

      • 24.1.4 Raine

        I need to start Great Seers bc of you and if I wasn’t working I would love to be a ECNoona!

        As for FHT2, Deeno and I love it, too. There’s just something ridiculously endearing about it…

      • 24.1.5 Raine

        Oh yes, Joanne unni, you’re okay? the family? The place?

        • JoAnne

          all is well here chingu

      • 24.1.6 Korazy Lady

        JoAnne, I gotta say I’ve braced myself for a lot of endings to Nice Guy (from slightly tragic to horrifically tragic) but I never pictured the one you mentioned!

        Every time I feel down watching that show, I think of your comment about SJK’s skinny (albeit sexy) bow legs and I just crack up.

        Can’t wait to meet you this weekend – good times ahead!

        • JoAnne

          noona waaaaaaaaaaaaants *grabby hands*

      • 24.1.7 Mar

        Joanne says– “I am 100% behind Tae Ik and always have been because yo, tortured souls with dark eyes and mean streaks just float my boat. I blame it on Barnabas Collins when I was four, really. And it was just reinforced by Heathcliff when I was 10, you know. I can’t honestly blame KDrama for this one.”

        I should have known you were a kindred soul between always reading your posts, (Should I mention Bi Rain?)

        For me, it was that my mother would allow me, nay, encourage me, to read the most god awful horrid romance novels, while repressing me with tragic clothes and strict no leaving the yard and forget about dating and R rated movies rules. Because reading was fundamental you see, even if it was non con sex apparently. There is no other explanation for my undying acceptance of Gu Jun Pyo, really. Yes thanks to my mother it’s no wonder I have a thing for bad boy semi abuse control freak characters. Thank goodness I have a semi healthy image of self worth or I’d be in big friggin trouble in real life. But gosh I don’t want to change them. I expect them to be pirates and good men at the same time, Ha. Thankfully Heathcliff repelled me, and that perhaps that reaction pulled me back from the brink of doormatness.

        • JoAnne

          Because reading was fundamental you see, even if it was non con sex apparently. *crying with laughter* – oh Heathcliff – at 10 12 and 16 you were irresistable – at 20 you had serious issues – at 30 I found Cathy reprehensible and Heathcliff a weak boorish lout – I shoud read now at 50 to get a new take on it! As for Beloved – just dont get too carried away

          • Mar

            Hahahaha! I happened to turn a few college age girls on to Bi Rain a few weeks ago. I had to give out a warning though of course. I said to them, this may possibly ruin you for all other men if you watch this video, so turn back now ye who lack courage. Gird up your lady parts and ovular fortitude because Hip Song may cause, uh, well, things to happen. My girl Tiffany, she asked me if she could stick her head in my freezer for a while. She wants to know why she can’t get him on itunes. I saw K fever coming to life in her eyes hahaha.

            Let me know how you feel about H if you read WH again. I read Jane Eyre again last year, and it was so ahead of its time I have no idea how it got published. Mr. Rochester, ah, yes, he fits the mold too, well, until Bronte got done with him, ha. (BTW it was kind of sad, I got it from the public library and they had ONE copy in my city, and it was in storage. I however could go into the young adults section and find all of BOF manga omg)

      • 24.1.8 enz

        Joanne you are so funny. thanks for making me lol on a working Saturday

  25. 25 pogo

    Hey Beanies! I’m completely wiped at the mo since I just started a new job and it is weird to be back in an office again, but I am so ready to catch up on Nice Guy (and still missing Arang just a little, I love my sageuks and Faith just didn’t do it for me).

  26. 26 pogo

    Also does anybody know if there is any Arang and the Magistrate fanfic out there, in English? I haven’t been able to find any and I feel like the internet has failed me.

  27. 27 Noemi

    Happy Friday!

    Has anyone else seen this article on BBC?

    It reminded me of Yoon-sung’s elephant at the beginning of City Hunter…if only it had been able to “speak” Korean too!

    • 27.1 FishcalledWanda

      Omg, that’s awesome! And also a little… creepy. It sounds so much like human voice!

      • 27.1.1 Llamaesque

        It makes me sad that even after all this drama watching, elephants have bigger Korean vocabularies than I do. 😉

  28. 28 neener

    HAPPY OT everyone!!!

    currently watching Nice Guy episode 16 and I saw some comments about the ending so I’m refraining my self in reading some spoilers!

    and yesterday, I had the courage to watch Arang and the Magistrate… OMG! I LOVE IT!!! I know I should fall for LJK but I already liked him during My Girl so I fell for YSH!Love the long hair in him and when he smilee~~gosh!and to think I’m just a few months older??YES!! hahaha

    I’m currently deciding which of his many dramas should I watch next.. any recommendations???

  29. 29 Jadielaw

    Happy Weekend.
    Does anyone know what happened to Mr X’s DramaTic website? I can’t access it anymore – says “Site not published’

    • 29.1 Mystisith

      Site was taken down a few months ago, DMCAed: Consequence of the Subbing Wars.

      • 29.1.1 Llamaesque

        But it’s back! He’s now located at The Vault.

        As a random aside, I have an obsessive list of Kdrama links on my blog.

        • Mystisith

          Thanks for the info! 🙂

        • Jadielaw

          Thanks so much!

        • Raine

          I saw his name going around on twitter and found the vault just last night! Oh yes, Llamaeque- I use that list alllll the time!

        • cv

          Thanks much! ^^

        • enz

          thanks for the link to your blog Llamaesque

    • 29.2 kakaiko

      He’s a jerk. Dramabeans member db5k questioned his ratings politely and he was supremely rude to db5k.

  30. 30 Kim Yoonmi

    I added the J-drama Priceless.

    It has an impressive cast and a quirky storyline. It’s roughly this employee gets kicked out of the company after being named CEO of the company (though he doesn’t know that). Becomes absolutely poor and then learns the true value of things and find out what’s truly priceless.

    The drama itself has a lot of people with quirks and little obsessions, but it’s oddly realistic at the same time as quirky and heart warming. (Things don’t automatically go the character’s way after a heart-warming moment like in old American television.)

    I think there had to be fairly good funding on it, though it doesn’t obviously drip money, the A list actor cast is kinda telling.

    And I finally got through the first few episodes of Horse Doctor (K-drama) Getting through the first 4 was a chore because it’s basically the same storyline as Dong Yi and Dae Jang Geum. So I had it on fast forward.

    I’m on the fence about the villain. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to like him, hate him feel mixed, or it’s just the acting isn’t up to par. (Some of the actor’s “Shocked” looks and then stare to the side were kinda awful…)

    Despite that, (and some eye rolling at the recycling), it still is fairly good to watch–I just wish the writer would not rest on her laurels so much and take a few more risks.

    (While Big wasn’t the Hong Sister’s best drama, I do admire them for taking a risk and trying to fix the problems people have with their writing.)

    Still doing the others as well.

  31. 31 canxi

    Hi everybody!

    I don’t have a stable internet connection so I hope this post gets through. Hurricane Sandy came by and my basement got flooded with 3ft+ of water! It was awful ): So many things have to be thrown away and the boiler and the water heater are looking to be done for…the basement needs repairs. But my family and I are alright. We got the power back like Wednesday night, but I’m not sure when things will be back to normal. The whole neighborhood is like this. My dramas are on hold for now. Hope everyone is having a good Friday!

    • 31.1 cv

      Canxi, I’m glad u n ur family is doing okay. 🙂

    • 31.2 Mystisith

      Sorry to hear you’ve been touched by that all sandy debacle. 🙁

    • 31.3 Hillary

      @canxi: I really feel for you. And I am glad that you and your family are safe. My basement flooded a few years ago and it was the most horrible time of my life. I was so glad that I worked for an insurance broker (and that both my homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance was placed by them) as they were able to help me with my claim. Flood insurance doesn’t cover anything but the basics (dry out basement, put back drywall – unfinished, covers washing machine/dryer … but not much else …) and homeowners’ carrier denied the claim (essentially saying it was a flood). My broker was able to get them to reverse that decision (because essentially, basement was flooded because sump pump had failed) and homeowners’ carrier eventually coordinated with flood carrier to cover everything else including replacement of cabinets, doors, furniture, electronics, etc. that I had down there). But it took 9 months from flood to finishing the basement. And there are some losses (photographs, etc) that can never be replaced.

    • 31.4 Raine

      Canxi, take it easy and good luck!

    • 31.5 canxi

      Thanks all! Yeah, it’s going to be a while before the house is all organized again and the basement is fixed up but we are definitely not putting any electronics or anything back down there (we carried most of them up before the water literally rushed in) and I think my mom is looking into space bags (those air tight ziploc things) and barrels. Hopefully, something like this never happens again though. Praying praying praying.

      Also, the water heater is fixed up thanks to the magic of dad! I dunno about the boiler though. All in all, I think I am pretty blessed and am certainly doing alright.

  32. 32 oftheshore

    Hi everyone! I have some ideas for discussion today!
    So this has probbaly been discussed before, but this week’s discussion on EatYourKimchi made me go back to the topic of aegyo. The question is, how much aegyo is too much and is there such a thing as too much cuteness in K-Dramas/K-Pop videos?
    On a related note, what do you think of the portrayal of independent/successful women in K-dramas? Someone on EYK noted that they were often elderly ladies or women/daughters of CEOs or simply had an unbearable character.
    Finally, tonight I hope to watch a couple of Save The Boss episodes. Hope it’s good – and hope that the director was able to successfully adapt the humor from PTB to Russian reality.=)

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      I have a love (a little) and hate (a lot) relationship with the infamous Korean aegyo. Basically the only one who can pull it out without driving me nuts is Ha Ji-won.

    • 32.2 Llamaesque

      I hated every single minute of Can You Hear My Heart that included the female lead, and only realized afterward that it was because the writers and directors were going for aegyo with her character. My tolerance for it is approximately zero :b

    • 32.3 skelly

      When it comes to aegyo, I have this blissful, “free” feeling, rolling along on the sails of a story – when aegyo is totally absent.

      Sorry, but even a dot of aegyo is a blot on the landscape, a mole on the Mona Lisa. Takes me right out of the story and reminds me that this is an actorly actor acting, and in a cartoonish way.

      And I can’t see all that mugging and posturing as cute; I’ve watched too many Toddlers and Tiaras episodes (a half dozen is more than enough for one lifetime) to ever think aegyo is cute.

      • 32.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Skelly, now whenever I see aegyo, I will immediately see Honey Boo Boo’s face. You may have ruined it for me forever….

    • 32.4 oftheshore

      @Mystisith, Llamaesque and skelly,
      It’s good to know there ar emore people who dislike aegyo. I sometimes wish there were aegyo-free/aegyo-light versions of K-dramas for people who cannot stand it. It would make the viewing process much more enjoyable. As I said on EYK, a major reason why I like Miss A’s new video is that the band members just act naturally.

      • 32.4.1 jomo

        I am with all of you.
        Hate it. From women or men.
        Maybe because it is so manipulative by being fake submissive.
        Maybe because it works, which makes me even more upset!!

        • Mystisith

          Does it work with men? I’d honestly like to know what the men think/feel about it. *Handing mic to ricky and john*

          • ricky trh

            Yes, but only to a certain extent.
            Excessive aegyo is repulsive. You must know when to use it and how much you are using. I don’t know, but maybe it’s an Asian thing?

    • 32.5 OMG

      OMGosh….i hate aeygo with a passion…i just dont understand how grown men/women choose to act like they r four…..whats worse is the the Korean audience just eats it up like its so cute……no 20 n above women (especially) and men should act their age not like they r four…..ugh!!

  33. 33 Jinny

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Currently not watching any dramas (scandalous I know) and I really need to watch one…any suggestions? Preferably one that’s just finished airing or is currently airing and is not/has not been recapped on db because I’ve already tried those 😛 oh and not too long because I am going to die from schoolwork. Otherwise I’ll just stick it out and wait until next week for Missing You!

    I am watching many variety shows but oh the torturous experience of waiting for subs or a new episode….especially 1N2D where there ARE more eps out, just no subs 🙁

  34. 34 terisunny

    Reading all about Big Bang, I just have to share – Just had Big Bang in town (KL) last Sat. It was the SUPER DUPER MOST AWESOME EVER concert!! I miss the boys soooo much. Everyone going for their concert is in for a fantastic ride!! Enjoy!!!! My euphoria from being at the concert has yet to diminish….

  35. 35 shel

    Not much to say today. Been watching Nice Guy and I’m totally behind JoAnne on that one.

    Loved Faith, I think the characters saved it. Lots of flaws in production, etc, but the awesome Mini-Chona and his Princess, Choi Young and the Doctor, the funny WooDalChi kid with the wild hair…actually all the WooDalChi…Court Lady Choi, ALL of them were great characters, and thought well-cast. It was fun and I’m gonna miss it.

    Marathoned Arang, loved that too.

    I think I’m gonna jump in on Great Seer. Love Ji JinHee and JiSung, so it’s a must.

    Get to have Thai with Cherkell today! Yay! Sending ollalieberry jam with her to Newark for ya’ll to sample.

    Gotta run….

  36. 36 Anne

    Is anyone watching jtbc’s CAN EE GET MARRIED? Thoughts?

    • 36.1 MeeisLee

      I was wondering the same thing! I saw some super steamy and interesting pictures on tumblr with Sung Joon and I was wondering if it’s worth getting into.

      • 36.1.1 Anne

        I really like, the OTP is real cute even when they Argue, and i feel like they argue like real couples. One moment they’re lovey dovey, then they’re nitpicking about something trivial and it escalates into a fight. And then back into being cute.

        And i love the scenes with han groo and jung so min. Those girls can spit out lines like nobody’s business and do it so naturally.

        And the MOM! omg the mom and her tacky eyeshadows she’s awesome.

        Plus awesome kisses!!!! First 15 minutes you get two couples on full make out sessions. Love love love.

        I personally really like it, no heavy stuff, nothing ground breaking about it but i feel like it’s going to be really fun and also have lots of heart.

        I just need subs to understand the thing 100%.

        • MeeisLee

          I will probably end up watching it because of Sung Joon.
          I should probably catch up to all my other dramas (Faith, Arang, Oohlala) that I’m so behind on.

    • 36.2 cv

      It’s being subbed on viki but slow since there aren’t many k-subbers. I’ll be watching it soon. ^^

      • 36.2.1 Anne

        I watched it without subs cause im impatient like that, will watch again when the subs are at 100%

        • shel

          Dramafever has the 1st ep

  37. 37 opheliadrowning

    I am still missing Arang so much. None of the new shows are really doing it for me (I’m watching “Ooh La La Spouses” and kind of hating some of it but liking it enough to keep watching, and watching “Full House 2,” which is all cracked out but I like it better than the original, which irritated me so much because the heroine was seriously too stupid to die–why would you keep those horrible friends?!)

    Any word on Lee Jun-Ki and Shin Mina’s next projects? Gosh, I really would love to see those two do a modern story with each other in the future.

    • 37.1 pogo

      I know the feeling – after Arang ended, I’m just not as into any of the other dramas. I adore SJK and am really enjoying Nice Guy, but not with that ‘oh please please PLEASE let them end up together!’ kind of feeling that Arang had.

      And omo I want to see Lee Jun-ki and Shin Mina together again, so badly – in modern clothes this time! Their chemistry was out of this world, it’s just too much.

  38. 38 jomo

    I don’t speak Korean, but this guy does.

    Have to say I didn’t understand what he was saying in the video, but that could be me. LOL

  39. 39 MeeisLee

    Hi, OT! I hope everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy is doing OK now.

    In a more optimistic tone, Sandy has allowed me to participate in Open Thread today :). No school for NYC students and postponed SATs this Saturday. Sadly, with the week off I haven’t been able to catch up any dramas, so I’m not really watching anything (schoolwork is a mood killer) actively. Gah, I haven’t even been on dramabeans in so long *tear*. I feel so lost in Dramaland!

    This time next week though… I’ll be somewhere much more magical… YAY BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR IN NJ~

  40. 40 hydrangeabloom

    Hi everyone! Very sad today about the news about YA Entertainment. I enjoy their DVD box sets very much.

    Still making my way through Ojakgyo Brothers and finding it light and breezy, which helps counteract the emotional intensity that is Gaksital. I’ve been stuck on Arang and the Magistrate for the past month or so because of problems with dramacrazy’s streams – anyone else having the same problem?

    As for jdramas…does anyone know where to watch the Gokusen 2 special? Have a great weekend everyone!

    • 40.1 cv

      What’s happening with YA Ent?

      Gokusen 2 sp, u can see it on

      • 40.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        Hi cv – I’ve been trying dramacrazy’s stream for the past several months, and it is still listed as having been removed from the original video source on youtube.

        YA Entertainment has just announced it will be closing down business in the next couple months. I subscribe to their e-newsletter, where they broke the news. Will it Snow for Christmas? will be the last set they release, and then all their remaining stock for previously released sets is set to sell out within the coming months.

        • Mystisith

          I’m truly sorry for the people who will lose their jobs.
          That said, with all the streaming sites (cheap and legal or free and illegal) out there, tough competition. I think didn’t buy a DVD or even a CD in the last year.

          • hydrangeabloom

            Me too. I always felt that the people at YA Entertainment put thoughtful work into their subtitles and provided excellent customer service to all those who sent in requests and feedback. I have a few of their sets, though because of the cost it is more of a special treat than something I can haul out for whenever. I would have thought that streaming sites, rather than download sites, would have been a boon to them because more people would see certain dramas and want to own them, but I guess not. What a disappointment.

          • MeeisLee

            I think a lot of the time I watch a drama, like it/hate it, and then I forget about it after a while. It has to worthwhile for me to spend my money and buy it even though I’ve watched it once already and can watch it many more times for free. My very first kdrama was Boys Before Flowers which means I have an odd sense of sentiment to it (flaws and all!) and I considered buying the DVD back then. Instead, I borrowed it from the library on DVD. And can continue to do so, for free. It’s a sad reminder that everything is becoming digital and electronic these days.

        • cv

          Oh dang, that suks. I must have gotten lucky when the G2 sp was on and haven’t been deleted yet then. LOL

          as for YA ent., yea, I like their dramas with subs. Done really well. It’s too bad that they are going out of business. Where are we to get good quality when we want the dvds eh?

          IF YA is gone, what other company has good quality subtitles?

          I want quality and done well. Example:I want to see when they say “oppa” as oppa or hyung as hyung instead of the person’s name.


  41. 41 KrazyK

    Happy Friday!

    I just finished watching Faith this week. I felt that the ending was good. I don’t know how they would have made it better. i am just glad that the OTP ended up together. I also could not stop laughing at the little wiskers on LMH face, I feel that it would take him months to grow that much hair on his face. I just though it was too funny so instead of enjoying the ending I was laughing at his facial hair.

    I am also watching Hong Gil Dong. I have about 2 episodes left and I think that it is a good drama although I am not too sure why I am watching it.

    I have also been reading the DB recaps of NG and I think that the story is really starting to pick up. I cannot wait to see how EG will act next week now that she seems to have her memories back. I also want to know how long until everyone finds out about KM need for surgery.

  42. 42 whimsyful

    Happy OT everyone! Been away for a couple of weeks because school picked up. Been so busy I haven’t had time to watch anything. How is everyone?

    Has anyone checked out Can We Get Married? It looks cute and Sung Joon is in it (which is why I’m interested), how are the eps so far?

  43. 43 Raine

    Hello OT! It’s been ages and ages and ages! I hope everyone is well.

    MadDino and I are joint recapping FullHouse Take 2. I’m sadly enjoying it WAY too much. I’m also recapping The Thousandth Man. I’m a sucker for Chudnerella and gumiho stories.

    I’ve been loving lurking around kdrama sites lately. So many fun people and opinions! And of course DB has an awesome cast of characters!

  44. 44 oftheshore

    BTW, if anyone’s interested – here’s the Ukrainian version of Protect the Boss on YT: It’s in Russian, though, no subs yet.

    • 44.1 Mystisith

      LOL! Need to check that. Kdrama influence is everywhere… 🙂

      • 44.1.1 oftheshore

        From what I can see/hear it’s almost a carbon copy! They even used the same music! The jokes are similar, too.:)

        • oftheshore

          Mmmkay, having FF-ed through a couple of episodes, I can definitely tell that they basically translated the entire K-drama. As in, phrase by phrase. I actually wish it were less faithful to the Korean version, because some things just don’t work in our context. For instance, take the pervert on the bus – why not replace him with a thief on the bus? That would make more sense for a Russian/Ukrainian viewer. The futon on the floor in the main character’s flat – we just don’t use futons. If anything, she would’ve had to sleep on a duvet/airbed. Eh, at least the main couple is oddly cute and seem to have a lot of chemistry together.

    • 44.2 redfox

      good thing I can understand. It looks interesting, haven´t seen the original, the second lead guy looks handsome. If it is ukrainian I will love it, they are different from russians, more like me, like fire .

  45. 45 redfox

    Today is Spirit Day in Estonia and I thought, how weird, thinking back to Arang, which only interested me in the sense of ethnographic tradition, that we take porridge to the spirits today. I made millet porridge. How alike…. but just a few days a year – Spirit day, New Years´ Eve, midsummer holiday and Vastlad.

    I hope to see granny today. And my deceased cat.
    ooops, I should put some cat food on the window too… Good thing I did not have a horse as a pet.

    I was thinking, we had a good service course at work, and I got to thinking about “selfless servitude”. there was a book recommended by Hermann Hesse, was it Journey – something…. and I thought, what is selfless ervitude? Devotion? The “right hand” of a leader, the Miss Lemon, the ahjussi of City Hunter, where servitude may gain nothing much to yourself – other than self respect and filling your obligation. Or your soul won´t rest. ahjussi served both Yoon Sung and Nana, he had a debt… but even without a debt, you serve others cause it is a way of life….well, I am not selfless enough. but I also understand that living while trying to become happy is only possible through making others happy. if your goal in life is to bring baraka, the divine energy to others, to share and spread kindness and good will, you get more satisfaction. there are warm actions and cold actions. who could be the warmest, most selfless, sincere “servant” in dramas? or in films? often these are commonfolk mothers or nannies…. oh, Shunjis nanny. no matter what path we take in life, even if we become full of evil, there are some that never abandon us. cause it is their life mission to serve you and give you all the warmth they have, hoping it can break through your hardened cold shell even just a little. and mothers come back to eat your porridge even from behind the grave. I am always very moved when people talk to their deceased parents in dramas, or brothers or anyone. no matter if you become a “villain” or a “hero” in life, they are the straw you hold on to for humanity.

    sorry if I sound sentimental. It is just reality. but of course it is great getting paid too. or to use your masters credit card, being a almost selfless servant.

    Happy Spirit Day and Open Thread

    • 45.1 shelhass

      Here in Brazil, we go to the cemetery just to talk to ours deceased loved ones.

      Happy Spirit Day and Open Thread everybody.

    • 45.2 oftheshore

      Happy Spirit Day!

  46. 46 Jeannette

    I’m partaking in a craft show tomorrow so I’ve been rushing all week to get stuff done (including sewing up Gryffindor robes and a stuffed owl for Halloween). I still have to wrap and label my soaps and bath cupcakes once they are hard enough. I managed to watch one drama this week: Goong. I really liked it but was somewhat unsatisfied with the ending. I liked the guy who played Yul, though, so I’ll watch that other drama he was in, “I Need Romance.”

    Also, this Full House 2 looks good. Will I be okay if I don’t bother with the original?

    • 46.1 Mystisith

      Absolutely no common point between Full House 1 and 2, except that central premise of forced cohabitation. The first one was OK, not more. The 2nd one has an interesting entertainment factor and is very Japanese flavored.

      • 46.1.1 Shukmeister

        [Nods to Mystisith]

        I agree. I watched the first one several years ago; it was okay but didn’t really lift my skirts. FH/T2 is a lot more manic and is peppier by many degrees. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I watched it based on Korazy and JoAnne, and now I am all caught up and wanting more.

        • Jeannette

          Thanks, guys! I’ll check it out! I picked “They Kissed Again” back up but it feels weird not watching something in Korean, haha. I think I’ll add this to the rotation!

  47. 47 Enz

    Happy OT everyone!! Did anyone catch song joong ki’s interview on guerilla interview? He was ssoooo adorable. At the time I hadn’t started on NG ( hadnt seen ANY of his work) but was still squealing along with all the fans on tv. One girl won all the challenges and got a hug, a back hug AND a piggy back ride from him. He was asked if he would date quietly or openly and he said openly if he got caught. Ahh he was really cute

    And then I watched NG and my goodness, I am soooooo loving this drama. Great script great directing and awesome acting all round . SJK is so good in it. I just have to add to the chorus of praises on the OT. love love it.

    • 47.1 enz

      and just a random thought – how is it that so many k actors have really nice voices? SJK has got a beautiful voice – i wonder if its their language that makes them have this rich kind of voice. often thought this when i watch k dramas – how much i love the actor’s voice

      • 47.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Yes, I totally agree with you there, enz! SJK’s voice is so beautiful, much deeper than I was expecting and so gentle too. After watching a lot of dramas I can now recognise my favourite actors voices, which I can’t with American actors, or actors from my own country. I think that says something about my obsessiveness with Kdramas, haha!
        And omg, I want a piggy back too! Or with even just a hug I’m content. Off to watch that interview now…

        Have a nice weekend!

        • enz

          FCW did you find the interview. did you see a d hear the unending squealing and squealed along? I really couldn’t help squealing all the way even though at the time I hadn’t even NG or any other works of his. esp when one fan stamped her feet while hiding her face then went up to him and with both hands just touched his cheeks and squealed and hid her face again in excitement

          • FishcalledWanda

            I just watched the star date guerilla interview (this one: , don’t think it’s the same as you did, though..), I was squealing the whole way through, too! All those screams from the fans were insane! They had an woman with a little kid come forward and when asked what she liked about Song Joong Ki she said that he was so handsome, and even better than her own son!

          • enz

            ooh thanks for that link. he was so handsome in that interview – more so than usual i thought. i would have squealed along with all the girls too

          • enz

            i tried looking for the recent one – it was on the korean entertainment tonight monday which would have been 29/10/2012 0 but i cant find it either. am sure it will pop up on you tube one soon.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah, he was incredibly handsome! I wish I’d been there, haha. I’ll keep an eye out for the video you mentioned! Can’t have enough Song Joong Ki, that’s for sure!

          • enz

            FCW just for you 🙂


          • FishcalledWanda

            Enz! Thank you so much! That video is great, SJK has such a beautiful smile, and he’s so handsome and seems like a nice person too! I want a hug too~ And touch is his face, haha. Those girls are so lucky! I felt myself squealing too! And I eat an apple everyday too, hehe

          • enz

            youre welcome. the squealing were just too infectious. i really thought that girl who gingerly went and touched his cheeks was very cute – as if she couldnt quite believe it.

          • FishcalledWanda

            If I were to touch his cheeks I think I couldn’t believe it too! It must be a dream! Speaking of which, I don’t know if you’re a Joo-won fan (I am!), but last night I dreamt he turned out to be my neighbour and then gave me a hug, and when I woke up my heart was beating very fast, haha!

        • enz

          hah- joo won was my first klove! coz of ojakgyo. that was the drama that drew me into k-land. am so glad he is in 1n2d for us to enjoy but more so coz i think its so important that he gets to be with his hyungs that will help guide him and ground him as he is rising so rapidly that there is always the danger of losing reality. really think that he was really lucky to get into that coz as he himself says it is so much fun for him and he seems to work so hard at his dramas that even though this is physically tiring, it still feels like a holiday to him. when i read the interview with lee junki, i couldnt help but feel sorry for him that perhaps he became famous so young that he has not a good work/personal life balance coz he came across a little sad.

          i still go to softy’s site cadence to keep up with joo won news. those days when ojakgyo was playing, we were all so caught up 🙂

      • 47.1.2 jomo

        SJK’s natural voice is very effective at conveying all kinds of emotions, but I think he has done a lot of work making it even better. From the view interviews I have read, he hasn’t had an easy time going from being considered a pretty-boy bouncy MC (and reigning KING of advertising) to being viewed as a serious actor.

        He credits Tree with Deep Roots as being the turning point, and the acting award he won from that role had a profound effect on him.

        • enz

          honestly. he is just blowing me away with this performance. it seems so effortless. that’s the main thing I think. his posture his manner of walking everything is relaxed. like non acting. just a pleasure to watch.

  48. 48 jambo

    Happy Weekend Fellow Kdrama Lovers! Suffering from Faith withdrawal….what to do? What to do?

    • 48.1 enz

      do NG 🙂

  49. 49 dirtydrunkennoona

    Your music posts make me seriously happy. K-indie and K-rock is where it’s at.

  50. 50 merry

    Happy OT everyone. Just had to loop in as the East coast reunion of this OT family was on my mind when Sandy came to visit. Scary pictures on international TV. While people were discoursing on the economic consequences, my thoughts were with the reunion for the Big Bang concert. Now i am happy to hear that you are all fine and that the reunion will go on. even hoping you get to that karaoke place. Hope to hear in next OT how the reunion went. provide links to photos as well please.

    It is awesome how this connectedness is strengthened across the world through OT. Truly a community of dramabeaners!

    • 50.1 Korazy Lady

      Awww, how nice that you were thinking of us! I consider myself lucky because I only had to deal with a power outage for 24 hours. Our basement flooded, but we knew it would if the power went out so had put everything up as high as possible so the damage wasn’t too bad.

      I am very excited to meet the other DBers. I’m sure you’ll get to hear and see some of how it went (as long as I get approval rights of the pictures, first! haha) I am also amazed at how small the world becomes on Dramabeans – it’s a beautiful thing!

    • 50.2 Shukmeister

      Thanks Merry!

      As of this posting, it appears the transportation routes between Newark and Manhattan should be more or less intact by the time we all meet. The concert is going on, everyone with tickets will be going.

      I sent a friendly request to #Kaedejun and #gummimochi who I thought had tickets, but I haven’t heard from them. I had hoped they would meet us for dinner before the concert at our hotel, but, given the current chaos, I’m sure they have other things on their minds.

      Everyone is hoping for the noraebang, so I’m gonna try hard not to disappoint them. I could belt out a show tune on the side of the road, but I don’t think that’s the same thing. LOL

      Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts, and, yes, I hope to do a little posting and definitely have some stories to tell!