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by | November 9, 2012 | 282 Comments

Rumble Fish – “으라차차 2012” (Eurachaha 2012), an update of their song.
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282 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shirin-noona

    Happy OT everyone:)
    Nice Guy is truly killing me!Wow!What a beautiful yet exhausting journey!I’m emotionally drained…Next time there’s a melodrama that I really want to watch I’ll wait for it to end and then marathon it!This week to week waiting is just excruciating!:D
    So anyway,in order to calm my achy breaky heart I made this music video for Nice Guy and gave it a happy ending!Check it out if you like:)
    Have a great weekend everybody

    • 1.1 shirin-noona

      Wow!I was first??I’m never first!!Where are Ivoire and leaf?!:D

      • 1.1.1 Leaf

        I haven’t been first for ages!!!!

        I got bored of it haha
        Plus I have a lecture now at OT time…

      • 1.1.2 kakashi

        yeah, it’s just not the same since Ivoire is so busy … but shirin-noona, you can always start a new trend and make sure that you are first from now on! 🙂

        • shirin-noona

          I’ll try my best!:D

          • lemonade candy

            I dunno that being first is something to be proud of in dramabeans… I iz new in this bean-land… please forgive…

          • shirin-noona

            I was just joking around lemonade candy:)

          • kakashi

            I think it is something to be proud of! It means you are super fast and very eager and like Dramabeans very much = a very good thing ^_^

          • lemonade candy

            i see. well, if it makes you guys happy being first to comment; fighting! ^^

            I’m guess I’m just not that eager like y’alls…hahaha…I read the post and comment when I can~ even if its 3 days later. lol

        • Ivoire

          Good morning Kakashi,
          “yeah, it’s just not the same since Ivoire is so busy …” Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it :-)!

          • kakashi

            good “morning”, mon amie! Hope all is well. just ate dinner and have a very full stomach now. we had some (ready made) lobster soup from France, very tasty.

          • Ivoire

            Kakashi, that lobster soup from France sounds yummy AND tasty. It is making me hungry. Bon appetit! 🙂 (although you ate already, so my wish is late :-)…)

          • Enz

            Ivoire!! Finally! Welcome back. I assume you must have been super busy. It’s good to ‘see’ you here again

          • Awe

            yo! Ivoire–

            missing you. 🙁 hope life is treating you well.

      • 1.1.3 Ivoire

        Congratulations, shirin-noona! I hope being “first” on DB made your day :-). Have a wonderful weekend!

        • shirin-noona

          Thanks Ivoire,it really did make my day:D
          But I like it better when I see your name up there,honestly:)

        • Ivoire

          Awwwww… shirin-noona, and thank you for making my day :-)!

    • 1.2 am

      Congratulations on being first ^^

      I’ve been watching BTS clips to tide me over until the finale. It’s not really helping haha

      • 1.2.1 shirin-noona

        Haha,I should do that too:)

        • am

          Keeping my rose tinted glasses on until ep 19. But I swear, when someone dies in ep 20, which I’m hoping for everyone else just not my bb Eunki, there will be so many tears.

      • 1.2.2 DayDreamer

        Are there BTS clips that are subbed in English available?

        • am

          There are v few subbed BTS videos but if you know where to look, you’ll find good hearted Korean speakers translate or explain what’s going on. Moon Chae Won, Song Joongki and NG threads on soompi are your best bets.

          • DayDreamer

            Thank you so much!

    • 1.3 SD

      The last episode is indescribably beautiful. I am amazed by how splendidly executed the phone conversation scene between MR and EG was.

      Nice Guy is no doubt one of those dramas that will leave you wanting for more. The end of the journey is unpredictable. I can’t believe we only have two more episodes left. 🙁

      • 1.3.1 shirin-noona

        Ooh!I haven’t watched episode 18 yet.I wanted to,but I just couldn’t.I was so afraid of what was to come…!I guess I’ll watch it tonight.

      • 1.3.2 kika

        Oh yes the last episode was good… I was watching it at work and teared during the phone conversation scene when Maru stood outside her door, and when Eun-ki called him with san francisco played in the background.

        But damn it, both times, someone peeped in my cubicle to talk to me. So convenient…. They must think I’m going through a bad break up or something. Urgh!

        • temponess

          OMG me too.. I just wanted them to make up and runaway together! It was super heart breaking!

    • 1.4 kika

      Oooooh I like the music video! We should just take matters into our own hands and think of 1000 different HAPPY endings, just in case….

      • 1.4.1 kika

        By the way, shirin-noona, I replied to your comment on my blog. It went into the spam folder, I have no idea why. Just in case you didn’t see it being published and wonder why (:

        • shirin-noona

          Oh really?I’ll go check it now:)Thanks!

      • 1.4.2 shirin-noona

        Thanks for watching it kika:)
        I am sooooo dreading next week.I’m planning on being spoiled for next week!If Maru dies,I won’t watch the last 2 episodes!I just can’t handle all the pain…

    • 1.5 DayDreamer

      Nice Guy is also breaking my heart piece by piece. Although I’m not crying at the scenes…more like, “Oh my poor baby, Maru” *pout*….but I want to see some redemption going on. I hope Eun Ki can see Maru’s true feelings and I’m happy that she wasn’t going on an all out revenge sorta thing, that she still loves him, and that maybe she won’t be blinded to his love either. Hopefully, Jae Hee will also let go of Maru completely and try to see her mistakes, redeem herself, and move on in life. And y’know, serve time in jail cause you can’t just kill someone and not get the punishment.

      • 1.5.1 shirin-noona

        I really really hope that drama gods hear your words and give us a happy ending:)

      • 1.5.2 christy

        oh my goodness, I’m right there with you DayDreamer. 🙂

    • 1.6 D'andra

      I have the same thought of waiting for the melodramas to finish then to watch it but I was just so curious about “I miss you” I started it. My heart is going to giveaway

      • 1.6.1 shirin-noona

        Lol.But I’m going to resist it.I’m not going to watch “I miss you”,I’m not going to watch “I miss you”,I’m not going to watch “I miss you”…I think that if I say that enough times I’ll be able to resist it,but I know in the end I’m going to give in and have the excruciating process of waiting and having my heart broken all over again!:D

        • D'andra

          lol I tried that for “Nice Guy” but it never worked. I think that process is neverending. We always end up watching it. When I watched the 1st episode of I Miss you and I was already left heartbroken! But hey that’s the fun of it right? The worse is when the drama ends I feel like a huge piece of me leaves as well…I don’t know why?

  2. redfox

    Hi! How is everyone doing? St. Martins´ day here today, and a fair. Kind of like Halloween with a little dress-up, except with an actual point, going door-to-door throwing peas, singing songs and bringing good luck for the family, cattle etc. and THEN asking for candy. Going to the fair later, hope I don´t spend too much money.
    I am on break from dramas since I have a lot of books to finish. I have been reading Castaneda, cause someone said I could get a better understanding of “parallel worlds” and “shapeshifting” from him. Got me thinking…. our conscious could be inside a different shape completely. so …. there should be nothing extraordinary going to the Upper World, Underworld, turning into a bird or an animal like Northern Siberian shamans… How much our thinking has changed where something that was once considered just as common as wearing a different outfit, is now “supernatural”, “fantastic”. But at the same time, animal world has almost-supernatural traits we dont even see! Animals can do things people would need supernatural powers for… yet it is natural for them. natural, except not for humans. but not impossible. perhaps we will master it too? what I am saying is… turning into an animal, travelling through space and time, flying and all those superpowers is just embodying peoples´ wish for doing all that as naturally as they see happening in case of animals…. just like shamans borrow the strenght of a totem animal. – you can draw a line to dramas from here if you wish and something comes to mind. like supernatural powers, borrowed from animals, shape-shifting and existing in two different shapes but one soul… maybe in different worlds.
    also, I just went to see Frankenweenie, Tim Burton´s new stop-motion and it is awesome! sweet, funny, witty! I felt his love towards the genre. and it explores the question of life-death, and peoples relationship with their animals (who live a much shorter time than the owner, so you´d have many sorrows if you keep pets. ) Tims films contain a lot of characters who arents real, yet they are. they are more like symbols…. or spirits, maybe.

    • 2.1 kika

      Is Castaneda easy to understand? I’ve never managed to fully understand the concept of parallel worlds… I’m an arts and humanities student through and through and things like time and relativity, though fascinating, just evades me. I’m usually only able to make it through 10% of the theory before giving up…

      • 2.1.1 kakashi

        Hello redfox, hello kika! Ah, Castaneda … what a classic! He has written tons. But it’s all easy to understand. However, one should be aware that he was quite heavily criticized for his approach by (mainly) follow anthropologists and nowadays, it seems clear that he made a lot of the stuff up. It’s still a good read, though. Something else I can really highly recommend (in fact, I find it far more interesting than Castaneda) is Jane Roberts’ writings, mainly the “Seth materials”

        • redfox

          thanks! I have managed to get myself through 2 books, he seems confusing, but it at least gets you on the path of a “different thinking pattern” even if there is stuff made up or being criticized, I think it is like a “thinking practice” and maybe that is actually what he intended? to get them all to argue about the subject itself?
          however, I need something different for what I am researching. a genuine look into, for example, siberian nations´ minds and how “turning into an animal” dropping by into the underworld / upperworld is something so everyday and unsurprising. unlike in Arang where it was all so …dramatic. I have read a lot on udmurtians, kalmyks etc I just need to freshen my memory. there hasnt been much on shape-shifting or the parallel world travels in the usual shamanism books. I might have to talk to a real shaman. Since Korea also has “shamans” or used to at least, it is very interesting. for example, the shamans in dramas. they dont seem to use totem animals or animal-spirits as helpers though.
          thanks for the recommendation, I will look it up in the electronic catalogue.

  3. myweithisway

    Happy Friday All!

    Super happy that Raine is taking on a cello request from me *giggles*

    Anyone watching Can We Get Married? w/ SJ and JSM? I love it so far even if the editing gives me nausea sometimes.

    And I hope all those going to the Big Bang concert have an awesome time and stays warm and comfy!

    • 3.1 KDrama Fan

      I am enjoying watching CWGM too.

      That and My Love Madame Butterfly are my only constant dramas at the moment. Enjoying the recaps for I Miss You and Nice Guy here in DB.

      • 3.1.1 Mystisith

        CWGM? is absolutely my new crack. Now, that’s a new kind of dramas: Misunderstandings last 30 s. People talk to each other and try to put themselves in other’s shoes. Really good and innovative. Dialogues are funny and characters are flawed but in a likable way. Also, they use pop songs for the OST. 4 episodes in and I’m in love.

        • enz

          haha mystisith. I have to admit at one point in nice guy I wondered what the fight was all about. but still love it

      • 3.1.2 ~Feather~

        How many episodes are CWGM and MLMB? I tried getting into Oohlala Spouses but my hate for the husband turned me off, so I’m not going to force myself. I haven’t checked out any of the sageuks that are airing, so any thoughts on those? I still have to finish the ending for TTBY, and I’m currently watching FH2 and VP2 (which I’m a few episodes behind.). So, does anyone have any suggestions?

        • Mystisith

          CWGM will be 20 eps and Butterfly 50. I’m not a sageuk person but Horse Doctor is nice: First eps are a bit raw and bloody, now it’s strangely cute and light. And there are A LOT of animals in it! I love pets…^^

          • ~Feather~

            Thanks for the reply and insight!

    • 3.2 zgznoona

      Really, for what song. I love when she does OST arrangements.
      Btw, we wrote very similar comment. Must be the twitter influence.

      • 3.2.1 myweithisway

        I do think I’m on Twitter too much. I’m so jealous of all the unnis that are going. If I didn’t have class, I’d be there too =(

        Not a OST but a kpop song. I requested the beginning of FT Island’s Love Love Love. It’s one of my all time favorites and I love the moodiness of the first 30 secs or so. I think the cello sound will heighten that moodiness even more. It reminds of Bad Guy’s OST which I adore like no other OST.

        Raine said that it was her first time getting a request, I feel like it’s quite the honor for me =D

        • zgznoona

          I saw that comment, wasn’t sure what is was about. I like FTisland 🙂
          She started working in one piece from What’s Up long time ago,. I wonder what happened with it. She’s so busy

          • myweithisway

            Oh What’s Up! My heart still flutters every time its songs come up on iTunes. I hope we get to hear it one day.

            I totally envy her musical abilities! She’s so awesome!

    • 3.3 owl

      Hi – it’s my first thread. I’m watching CWGM and also Full House 2 (which is better than I thought it would be). With Daniel Choi in the upcoming School 2013 kdrama, for some reason I wanted to watch DC kdramas like Musical and Baby-faced Beauty. Loved the cast chart in the dramabean review of S2013.

      Not sure if King of Dramas is a keeper yet, and I’m starting I’ll Miss You this weekend. Somewhere someone reviewed Dalja’s Spring, so I stayed up late last night watching 6 episodes because it is so stinkin’ cute and funny. The lead female Chae Rim is adorable and quirky funny, she get”s it! I nanny so I have time to watch hours of kdramas, and sadly, my love life IS my real fake world of kdramas, Ahhh, the truth such as it is…

      Love dramabeans site for updates, posts, and reviews. I recognize some of the post names here from Faith (loved it, will marathon rewatch soon, wudalchi withdrawals), To the Beatuiful You (Eun Gyul withdrawals), and Nice Guy -but must take a break from it right now- too emotional and frustrating.

      So, happy to join in on the threads – love to read what other junkie addicts are sayin’ — 🙂

      • 3.3.1 Kelinci Biru

        hi Owl, welcome! I haven’t been around in OT for a long time, but who says we’re junkie addicts, we just like K-drama a little, okay, A LOT. ^^

        I think even though you love Daniel Choi, better skip musical..

    • 3.4 HaibaraChristie

      I actually feel weird saying that I am, but my god is that show adorable.

      • 3.4.1 HaibaraChristie

        sorry for the double post!

    • 3.5 HaibaraChristie

      I actually feel weird saying that I am, but my god is that show adorable and fluffy. Just what you need when college knocks you over.

    • 3.6 Sajen

      I’m enjoying it it’s just a little weird because the 4 main characters are supposed to be around 30 but Han Groo is 20 the other girl in 23 and the guys are 24,25 something like that.

    • 3.7 Kelinci Biru

      I downloaded it but haven’t got the time to watch. It seems so fun…

    • 3.8 D

      hello… im seldom here cos u guys move so fast and it’s a friday for me where i’ll be off doing house chores..

      anyway. abt CWGM – i watched 4 eps last night and the verdict is LOVE!.. Sung Joon is so adorkable but it would be kinda exasperating to have a dongseng like that.. and it hit me that i know the mothers (non korean version, ofcourse) in RL and we’re blood related.. hehhhh..

    • 3.9 christy

      I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far, but I plan to continue when I have time!

  4. am


    Anybody mind sharing me their Friday night playlist? Any playlist? Or song recommendations? I’d take anything 🙂

    • 4.1 shirin-noona

      Lately I’ve been really into epic scores.I just listen to songs by audiomachine or two steps from hell,but you really have to be in the mood for them.Oh and also Peter Gabriel.He’s amazing…:)

      • 4.1.1 am

        Thank you! Audiomachine, I’m liking it 🙂

        My brother listens to scores at any random time of the day so I’ve kind of gotten used to listening to it. I feel like I’m in a movie hahaha

      • 4.1.2 oftheshore

        Here to support the Peter Gabriel love. He is an amazing artist, a visionary. What’s your favourite song by PG?

        • Shukmeister

          It would be a toss up between the live extended version of “In Your Eyes” and the video “Sledgehammer.”

          • FishcalledWanda

            The Sledgehammer video is amazing, haha!

        • shirin-noona

          I just love “Signal To The Noise” and “Rhythm Of The Heat”,and of course “In Your Eyes”.

          • oftheshore

            I love In Your Eyes and Sledgehammer, but also Here Comes The Flood and Sky Blue. I used to take language classes with a guy who would normally listen to death metal, but when I gave him Up to listen to, he fell in love with Sky Blue and kept raving about it until the end of the course. I think listening to Peter Gabriel made him more open to differnet types of music.:)

    • 4.2 redfox

      Tenfold Rabbit “Before the Eyes are Open”, “Oblivion”, If there was no sex there would be no relationships”
      Frigg “Fantomen”
      Haydamaky “Yidu Tramvaem”, “Efir”, “Polissija”
      Iker Goenaga “Ahaztu Zitzaidan”, “Xuriak Eta Belzac”, “Metxa”
      Genticorum “Cuisinaques”
      Jamiroquai “Black Crow”
      Kerli “Strange boy”, The Creationist

    • 4.3 canxi

      Lol, the only thing I’ve been listening to lately is One Ok Rock (a japanese rock band) ahahaha XD

      • 4.3.1 alua

        Ha! I just wrote that down myself. That’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to these days/weeks.

    • 4.4 DayDreamer

      Haha…I made my brother listen to Gangnam Style and he is totally obsessing over it so now I hear it practically everyday and that’s like the song stuck in my head even in my dreams, lol.

    • 4.5 alua

      I’m currently doing repeat plays of ONE OK ROCK (all their albums). They are a Japanese rock band.

      If it’s not that, it’s 넬 (Nell), a K-indie group. Or the soundtrack for the Boys Love movies (J), because it’s beautiful and I can work/study/etc. to it really well!

  5. zgznoona

    Happy OT!!!
    I wonder how many people shows up today. Since I know there are many going to BB concert tonight.
    Anyone watching Can We Get Married, I gladly surprise with it.
    Seriously with so many makjang fest going around, I hope this one stays as it is now. real, yet funny, and well scripted.
    I hope those going to the BB concert tonight have a great time

    • 5.1 shirin-noona

      The BigBang cincert is tonight??Oh I’m jealous!:)
      I hope they have a great time.

      • 5.1.1 shirin-noona

        concert!I meant concert!:p

      • 5.1.2 zgznoona

        The unnis going had an awesome weekend planned. I wish I could be there

        • Shukmeister

          It’s great so far! All the weather worries were mostly for naught. Soo looking forward to the concert and meeting the rest of the Movie Noonas East Coast!

          • kakashi

            ha! Shukmeister!!! Hello and greetings to everybody who’s with you, particularly Korazy Lady. 🙂

          • Korazy Lady

            Thanks for the shout out, Kakashi! The concert was awesome, even though I ended up sitting behind the other noonas, in between two groups of what appeared to be 15 year old Korean girls. When I got up to leave, I loudly said to the others “Now I hope I can find my daughters in the VIP section!” Yeah, I felt a little out of place there but had the time of my life!

            Also, had soju and makkoli for the first time. Good stuff, good times! Now I have to add Big Bang to my addictions 🙂

    • 5.2 Shukmeister

      We are back from the concert, breaking in our new shot glasses and enjoying a post-BB concert carpet picnic! The six of us are having a blast!

      • 5.2.1 canxi

        I went tooooo with friends. Wasn’t it awesome!? Wasn’t T.O.P BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL. *melt melt* Glad to see ya’ll are still partyin’ hard. 😀

        • Korazy Lady

          Isn’t it nice to know there were miscellaneous DBers in the house! I’m back now, but have to say the movie noonas, who I met for the first time, are awesome!

          • come2noona

            I was there too! Awesome fun time. I am home now, exhausted and happy.

      • 5.2.2 JoAnne

        I’m home again! I did my bit on the second page – GREAT time in Jersey, lots of fun with the noonas! We kept waiting for hotel management to complain about us being noisy…

  6. Link

    Just watched ep. 17 of Nice Guy. OMG too good for my eyes! Eun Gi’s starting to scare me but she’s the reason I’m watching! xD

    Watched first two eps of King of Dramas and I have to say it’s pretty extreme. It goes from one end of the drama spectrum to the next. It’s got that dark tone underlying the pretty. Hm. I think Jung Ryeo Won just really likes that kind of mood. On the other hand, the male lead, whom I don’t know, has really funny facial expressions xD Love a man with style…even when he’s dirt poor! and cheap!

    I feel like dramas lately just aren’t that… sigh… EPIC. After Queen Inhyun’s Man and Gaksital and Arang, I’m just not into dramas as I was. Or maybe it’s just junior year and homework that’s stopping me from obsessing…. But anyways… Loving Nice Guy and King of Dramas. Watching Oohlala Spouses on the side, but I do agree, it’s becoming very MELO lately… BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE A ROM COM!?! It’s always been pretty depressing though.. Even from the first episode. OMG Now I want to know what happens. Lady should get with her ex-boyfriend and live happily ever after on that island… but that won’t happen.

    Well, I’m a newbie to this open thread but I’ve been reading you guyses comments. HAPPY OTFRIDAY EVERYONE! 😀

    • 6.1 am

      I’ve been practically saying everywhere that Eunki is scaring me. Like I’m legit scared for everyone around her. Even Choco.

      I believe QIHM did something to people. Like raising the bar for Kdrama standards this year. So has Nice Guy. It’s hard to appreciate anything that is mediocre, or even watch them “just because”.

      Welcome to OT! 🙂 We hope to see you often!

  7. Leaf

    Happy OT day!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone’s having a great week!!!!
    All the Unnis have lots of fun at Big Bang!!!!! <3

    Love xxx

    • 7.1 Shukmeister


      Just finished breakfast. Cv has landed and we are waiting for her to show up before we head out for some fun!

      • 7.1.1 Leaf


        GO CRAZY!!!! <3 <3 <3

        • Shukmeister

          You too, in London!!

          • Leaf

            Oh I will!!! <3

    • 7.2 Leaf

      Oh and I almost forgot!
      YAY Obama WON!!!! <3

      The whole world breathed a big sigh of relief when that was announced haha
      Stayed up til 5:30am watching the results coming in!!! So awesome!!!

  8. OMG

    Happy OT everyone…
    Three words – BIGBANG TONIGHT!!!!!!! Okay that was two haha….

  9. missbess

    Drama Fever is having a trial in Australia. Woohoo!! Drama fans in Aus spread the word so that it sticks around!

    • 9.1 Annie

      Are you serious?!?!
      I’m so excited now

  10. 10 pinny

    I haven’t posted on OT before but I’ve been lurking for months now 🙂
    The reason I’ve come out into the open is because I have a question…
    I’m going to Korea in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if it’s possible to buy season 1 of 1n2d with eng subs as a box set over there?
    And what about other dramas with english subs? I’ve heard some of the subs are terrible so I’m not sure whether to risk it or not.

    • 10.1 myweithisway

      No clue about 1N2D but if you can get them with KBS World english subs, those are pretty decent English subs.

      I’ve seen english subs by KBS World and MBC only so I can’t vouch for SBS but I think KBS & MBC do a decent job with the subs. I don’t know if you can buy dvds with the subs though.

      Where are you? I’ve heard YesAsia has decent box sets so it might be cheaper to actually buy it there.

    • 10.2 Lisa

      I’ve purchased two box sets of DVDs and they both had the same issue. The first two thirds of the program the English subs were fine. Then it appears they ran out of time and the remaining sub was transliteral. It was as if they had just put the Korean into Babelfish and got the translation but didn’t do any editing. It made absolutely no sense to me even having seen the programs several times before. So I would be very wary of buying DVDs.

      • 10.2.1 Lisa

        By the way, the DVDs I bought weren’t from YesAsia. I, too, have heard good things about them. I would be okay purchasing from YesAsia.

    • 10.3 Llamaesque

      Depending on your region, DVDs you buy in Korea might not work, anyway.

      • 10.3.1 Lisa

        Good point about the DVD. However, you can buy DVD players without a region code programmed into them. I bought one about 10 years ago and that’s how I watch DVDs from the UK. You can also do a web search to see if you can change the region code on your DVD.

        • pinny

          Ok thanks for the tips guys. I’ll look YesAsia up but won’t buy any DVDs over there I think then (that’d be so frustrating Lisa – to get almost to the end of a drama and then not understand it – blegh).
          I’m not worried about the region – Ive changed it on my computer anyway coz all I watch these days are k dramas, k dramas and erm…k dramas 🙂

          Thanks heaps!

      • 10.3.2 Conny

        Just in case anyone needs it.. here’s a list of region codes for DVDs.

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday!

    I am here in sunny, chilly Newark, sipping on cranberry juice and waiting for my co-conspirators to come back from Starbucks.

    BIG BANG!!!

    Last night, the Terrific Three watched Uhm-force’s “Introduction To Architecture” and KorazyLady tried soju for the first time. She likes it! Hey Mikey! Lol

    The rest of the gang will be here early this afternoon and then – THE CONCERT! Woot!

    • 11.1 shirin-noona

      Have a great time in there!:)

    • 11.2 zgznoona

      Shuk, you know we want pics of the fun 😉

    • 11.3 Ladytron33

      I hope you stay warm up there! Have lots of fun so all us Beanies can live vicariously through you! No pressure or anything 🙂

    • 11.4 enz

      hi shukmeister! hope all the beanuts have a blast at the bigbang concert.

      did you all make that obligatory ahhhh sound after drinking the soju? you know like yang eun bi in FBRS? i recently tried it when the local supermarket had a promotion and made the promoter laugh by going ahhhhh and wiping my lips after the few drops of soju that she gave me to try 🙂

      have fun and keep waRM

      • 11.4.1 kika

        Haha, that’s funny! I never could understand why all these drama characters had to go ahhhh after drinking soju.

        I should try the next time for dramatic effect.

    • 11.5 myweithisway

      Is it too late to talk about kidnapping plans?

      Have fun and represent all the Beanies!!!

    • 11.6 Shukmeister

      Just a quick response to everyone –
      – shirin noona it’s great so far
      – zgznoona there will be pics, but I have to reserve the rights of any blackmailable ones
      – Ladytrom33 – a scuba diver; I can handle the pressure – lol
      – Enz imade KorazyLady do that for her very first shot! She actually made us shot glasses for our drinking pleasure! Everyone brought warm stuff, and CherKell got us all fuzzy socks
      — Kika you can never go wrong with a hiss on the first shot
      – myweithisway you would have to kidnap yourself… Lol

      • 11.6.1 Enz

        Excellent excellent!

      • 11.6.2 risa

        I trust you’re all having a bang up time at the BigBang shebang. I’m a little green with envy but I’m also really happy for you all. A lot of Beanies are with you in spirit. And to JoAnne, cherkell and cmrprindle– Saengil chukha hae! I hope you’re having a Fantastic, Baby birthday bash. Geon bae!

      • 11.6.3 shel

        I can’t believe there’s a Movie Noona party without me. Even though, technically, I only watched one movie with them, lol. BUT, it wasn’t cuz I didn’t WANT to, you know?

        Stay warm, you guys can split my share of the liquor. Although I guess you’d do that even if I was there. But, you’d have a designated driver or piggybacker or something.

        HAVE FUN, enjoy the boys, the jam and the jams. :0)

    • 11.7 Leaf



    • 11.8 shel

      I can’t believe there’s a Movie Noona party without me. Even though, technically, I only watched one movie with them, lol. BUT, it wasn’t cuz I didn’t WANT to, you know?

      Stay warm, you guys can split my share of the liquor. Although I guess you’d do that even if I was there. But, you’d have a designated driver or piggybacker or something.

      HAVE FUN, enjoy the jam and the jams. :0)

      • 11.8.1 shel

        Oh fine, NOW it shows up. Posted twice..sorry bout that.

        • Shukmeister

          We missed you too, Shel! Soju and whipped cream isn’t bad, but not my fav. Next time, I’ll try and make it to the West Coast

    • 11.9 Shukmeister

      Well, chingus, KorazyLady has left for the wilds of her hometown. JoAnne will soon be wending her way north, as the three left begin the Manhattan portion of the adventure.

      Great concert!! I’d like to think the Boys were really moved by the audience response, especially with the encores and the shenanigans.

      • 11.9.1 come2noona

        I really hope so, Shukmeister. At the end when they were goofing around, it felt like they were no longer performing for us… it felt like they were partying with us! GD with the dinosaur hat on… too cute!

  12. 12 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Hi folks!! so this is just going to be a mini rant because this is the second week without internet or land line at home and it’s horrible!!!! I hate Telmex, they promised that it’d only be for three hours and now it’s been two weeks… and they won’t even effin tell me why, but of course they keep charging me for the services that they aren’t providing me! gah… thank god for starbucks where I can at least connect to the internet for a few hours… even if it is slow. so needless to say I’m not watching any dramas at the moment, I’m just glad that I can read it from the DB website! I love you all 🙂

    • 12.1 DayDreamer

      Life without internet does suck in modern times. I hope you’re well though and don’t worry…you’ll be back in dramaland soon. I’m also glad this site exists. It seems all the sane fans are all concentrated here, lol.

      • 12.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        HI daydreamer… yes it’s horrible not to have internet at home especially when I’m paying for it and it’s so not cheap, I think Mexico has one of the most expensive internet services while being quite sucky in terms of speed and customer service (they basically told me to suck it up and wait).

        So far the deprivation has only made it so my starbucks addiction has reared it’s ugly head once again… It’s so bad I know every worker in the four different starbucks cafes in the city by name once again 😛

        I do love that every sane drama addict can be found on this site and I can find out what’s going on in dramaland with one click 🙂

        • DayDreamer

          Min from Mexico, nice to meet you. I live in New York where a lot of things are expensive too but reading your comment, I’m at least happy my internet isn’t that expensive and works fine, hehe. Of course, it helps that my dad’s paying for it. 😉

          And oh! I know how you feel….at some point I fell in love with a particular kind of doughnut sold at every other street and all the vendors know me by face that when they see me approaching, they know exactly what I’m going to order and they have it set for me, lol. It’s a bit embarrassing. It’s why I stopped eating them for about two years to go back to anonymity, lol.

          And ya, the discussions here are great. Really makes me think about the dramas outside the superficial.

  13. 13 015B fan

    Soompi Reply me 1997 page 119. A present has been left there.

    • 13.1 015B fan

      This is not my usual ID on viki but you guys won’t regret checking out this hint.
      Have a good OT now.Am off to bed and to avoid Nice Guys spoilers .Not watched from ep 12 and don’t intend too until next week.My heart can’t take the stress and pain.

      • 13.1.1 lucy

        THANK YOU!!! I cannot thank you enough! I love this drama series and I’ll enjoy it even better with better quality videos and subs.

    • 13.2 Anne

      You are heaven sent! ILY!

  14. 14 Anne

    I am LOVING! just loving! Can We Get Married, an dim sure alot of you guys are too.

    So spazz with me!!!!

    And also, i hope we get a feedback from the dramabeans crew about the drama, i’d love to hear what they think it.

  15. 15 whimsicalnet

    I’m also reading recaps of most shows. Not actually watching anything seriously now but Full House 2 is beckoning with its short episodes and fairly fast developments. Anyone else watching this?

    I can’t watch Nice Guy but even reading recaps… it’s so intense (kudos to the reviewer for the awesome writing) and I sorta still hoping for some kind of happy ending for the leads… even tho all signs seem to be heading towards a massive heartbreak...and if Maru dies…. urgh!!!

    This is a great year for dramas… So many with the winning combi of awesome writing + fantastic directing + spot on casting. I’m a happy camper.

    • 15.1 kika

      You should just watch Nice Guy! Nothing beats watching it yourself. For one hour, I’m entirely absorbed in every moment and forget everything around me.

      It feels great, even with all the pain, heartache and tears. I sound like a sadist.

      • 15.1.1 DayDreamer

        I must be a sadist too then because that’s exactly how I feel.

        • whimsicalnet

          Thank ye sadist, but pls spare my fragile heart for the moment. kekeke… I’m sticking to more fluffy stuff currently. Reading it, I can still cope with but I suspect actually watching all that bitterness and pain beautifully portrayed would be akin to a tattoo addiction and I’m gonna leave this hurts-so-good thing for till when i think I have enough tissues at home. 🙂

    • 15.2 dustdevil

      Full House 2 is great, enjoying the short episodes, fast pace and crazy hair!

    • 15.3 Jilly

      I’m watching Full House. The plot is a bit WTF; I wanna see how far they can take it before it becomes too ridiculous. but I’m loving it so far. How can a grown man sucking his thumb be so darn adorable XD
      I hope the ahjumma hair never changes, just to spite the people who can’t get over it.

  16. 16 Carole McDonnell

    I’m discovering something about myself: apparently, I can’t deal with melodrama stress when I’m totally invested in a story. Every time I see a new episode of Ooh La La couple, there’s all this inner stress as to whether I should watch it or not. That’s how invested I am in that drama. Please, please, scriptwriter-sshi, do not do NOT DO NOT make Hyun Woo’s cancer murderously return so divorced couple can remarry.

    Other than that, I’m at peace reading-but-not-watching Nice Guy. I’d be stuck in bed unmoving if I was actually watching this. I want a happy ending, I want the hematoma to go away, I want understanding and honesty all around. Frustrating and stressing all at once.

    Did a quick mini-marathon of Can we get married? Am liking this. I was afraid I’d be stuck with tons of youthful pretty folk antics but luckily, no!

    Gotta get back to the Great Seer or it’ll be hard to keep up. Anticipating the end of Vampire Prosecutor. Gonna miss it. Haven;t seen Madame Butterfly in a while. Sometimes flaky coincidences (and scripting “bad timing” or “just in timing” work for me, especially in comedies) but sometimes not so much and the contrivances just turned me off. I guess I should give it another chance.

    J-drama: Am watching Priceless, Ooku, and Monsters. All are wonderful, although I want Priceless to pick up the speed a little. Not sure if Moai-san is gonna get fired and thus all three will be battling Big Bad Brother. Wondering if Brother will come down with a physical ailment and need a transplant. Am really wanting to see something about the past about both brothers and both mothers…and yeah, deceased dad.

    Looking forward to Missing You (I miss you)

    Thanks to you guys for all your witty fun recaps.

    • 16.1 zgznoona

      I’m also afraid of the cancer coming back. I hope they don’t go in that direction. I would hate the drama if that happens.
      Hyun-woo should get the girl, she deserves a nice guy.

    • 16.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Ooku is surprisingly well done. And it’s following the manga very tightly with almost no variation which I really like. The actors are doing a fantastic job of it. What I liked from the manga I like here too. It’s hard to *hate* one character a whole lot because you are made top understand them over a period of time. And the women’s issues addressed are done with such class and style that I envy the writing ability.

      Monsters is also on my list… though I’m not sure I can buy Yamapi in that sort of role. I probably know a bit too much about his history… and his comedic timing isn’t always good. =P I kinda liked him as the Ken type… and the drak broody type…

    • 16.3 Jilly

      It’s too late to bring the cancer back now right? Unless he starts coughing blood by the next episode and is dead within the next three but that would be such useless writing.

    • 16.4 Awe

      holy cow, Carole!
      you need to go into rehab from drama overload. i extend invitation to texas, you can sit on the front porch and shuck peas…anytime.

  17. 17 Ladytron33

    I remembered the open thread early today! Woot.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of drama watching this week. I’m still sooo in love with Full House 2. Even with the bad hair, that’s a lot of beautiful 4 days a week. I like where the story line is going at the moment, just so long as the second female lead doesn’t come in to stink up the joint. She’s giving me shingles already.

    Really enjoyed the first two episodes of King of Dramas. It wasn’t anything like I was expecting, which is always a plus. I’m excited to see where this one goes.

    Nice Guy is amazing! I’m so glad I decided to start it while it was still airing. I feel like I would have missed out on the shared moments of “WTF?” over the last few episodes. Kang Maru just breaks my heart.

    I think the best part of being a drama addict is passing along the addiction. I recently got my mother into dramas. She is sooo obsessed. She just finished Rooftop Prince, and actually loved it. She said she had to watch it because she loves Yoochun so much. Ha, sad.

    I’ve also gotten my sister into them! She was really against it at first, but I caught her watching MGIAG last night. Busted. I’m just so happy they can appreciate these gems as much as I do.

    • 17.1 kika

      Same here, I got my mum into watching k-dramas too and she enjoys it.

      The only bad thing is that she gets so addicted to them, she forgets to cook and we have nothing to eat.

      • 17.1.1 DayDreamer

        LOL! I can’t get my family into dramas….they seem to have drama-phobia. O_O So I watch my Kdramas in secret under a snug blanket. 😛

      • 17.1.2 Ladytron33

        Haha, that’s what my dad says too! I don’t live at home anymore, so it’s my own addiction that’s causing me to starve.

  18. 18 LizJ

    Nice Guy: I am holding off watching from last week’s episodes, to the finale. After the finale is over I’ll make a decision on whether or not to finish watching. Likely I will. I just want to know what to expect.

    Full House Take 2: Wasn’t this show supposed to be AWFUL? Wasn’t that what leaked prior to airing? Hadn’t it been sitting on the shelf for that reason?

    I’m wondering because I’m finding it pretty enjoyable right now. Fluff is always welcome when the majority of dramas airing are such downers.

    Can We Get Married?: The subs for this seem to be getting posted slowly at the “legit” sites. So far, I think it’s interesting. I’d say it would appeal to those who liked I Need Romance 2012. I’m intrigued that the show uses a lot of English-language songs for the soundtrack.

    That’s it as far as my current KDrama viewing right now. I have a feeling I’ll eventually be sucked into Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2 because my husband has expressed an interest in watching it.

    • 18.1 pinny

      nice guy: me too. I marathonned (marathoned?) the first sixteen eps this week and then peeked at the end of 18 but now I’m stopping until next week. I just want to KNOW! I’ll be happy with any kind of ending where Maru and Eun Ki are together! Obviously would prefer them to actually be living…
      Just pleeeeeeeeeeaaase can they be together!!!

  19. 19 sea

    Hello OT friends~It is somewhat hard to write a first post.I keep writing and deleting.Anyway,currently watching Full House 2 bcoz I need laughter with my hectic life and mid-term exams.I am not used to having k-drama friends so this is a bit weird,the first drama I watched was J-drama Hana yori dango that my sister bought cuz she is a japanese language major.I recently saw Bokura ga ita movie and its sequel and something clicked with me about the messed up hero.Usually k-dramas are about a gruff hero and a heroine that melts his gold-cold heart but in this movie the hero was no good guy.Even in Nice Guy, SJK character is not totally dark or dysfunctional.I also watched How to meet a perfect neighbor and I liked Park shi hoo character for being messed up.Bottom line is,Is there any kind soul to recommend a somewhat similar premise in a drama or a movie but not with a depressing ending? I would be totally grateful..

    • 19.1 DayDreamer

      I could never bring myself to watch Hana Yori Dango in any version after reading the manga. Just didn’t like it. Bokura Ga Ita was interesting manga and I did like it but I didn’t know there was a movie, only that there was an anime. Thanks to you, I guess I’ll check the movie now.

      Hmm, I can’t think of any movies/dramas off the top of my head that match what you want to watch. But I can recommend a Jdorama that I did like a lot…it’s called Love Generation. The guy in it loves his high school/college (I forgot which one it was) sweetheart long after they broke up but she’s getting married to his brother instead. Anyways, he harbors unrequited love while a quirky woman from his workplace falls in love with him. I’m not sure if you want any spoilers or more plot summary so I’ll stop it here. 🙂

      • 19.1.1 sea

        Thanks a lot 🙂 You sound like a manga fanatic.I once tried to read a manga online -Skip Beat- but it was really confusing and I didnt know where to start.I watched HYD when I was in high school so it was perfect for my hormones and it first introduced me to the mighty “Love Triangles”-or squares- which was an idea I liked a lot. Bokura ga ita has 2 parts but I liked the first movie better and it is beautifully shot.I searched Love Generation at my go-to site Damacrazy but didnt find it so I shall google it! Thank you for your recommendation.What are you currently watching?

        • DayDreamer

          Yes, I am a bit of a manga fanatic. Actually, that’s how I started before entering the world of Jdorama, then Taiwanese dramas, and now finally Kdramas, lol. My horizons expanded in a linear fashion (one thing led to another). I started reading Skip Beat a long while ago (and haven’t ever finished it) and from what I remember, it wasn’t confusing. Maybe you happened to read on a site with incomplete or messed up order pages. I read most of my mangas on MangaFox so you might want to try that. And hmm….I thought Love Generation would definitely be on DramaCrazy. I actually watched it first on mysoju but that site was removed due to some legal issues.

          Anyways, I pulled up another good site for you that has it. Enjoy! 🙂

          I currently watch Nice Guy, Oohlala Spouses, and Vampire Prosecutor season 1.

          Btw, since you watch jdoramas too, what do you think of Sprout if you’ve watched it? I heard it wasn’t that good and I hadn’t read the manga version yet so I’m not sure about it.

  20. 20 kika

    Happy OT everyone!

    Of the two new dramas airing this week, which one are you watching? I’m really into King of Dramas. Kim Myung-min’s charisma’s irresistible. And I love that it has got a rom-com feel balanced with serious undertones.

    Anyone on board with me?

    • 20.1 John


      I’m onboard with KOD, can’t wait for the next episode.

    • 20.2 duguen duguen

      ME ! I’ve watched 5 times for each episode. Although right now I cant enjoy the drama fully because I’m too worried about the ratings. Sigh~ I wish it isnt so ~~~

      • 20.2.1 kika

        Hello duguen duguen! Wow 5 times! You’re more into it than I am!

        By the way, is your name derived from Best Love? (:

    • 20.3 shirin-noona

      Kika,you know how I feel about King Of Dramas;)

      • 20.3.1 kika


    • 20.4 Mystisith

      King of Dramas is quite good. I played the game “What’sgoingtohappennext” while watching the 2nd episode. Some things were predictable, others not.

      • 20.4.1 kika

        And I can’t wait till they get Choi Si-won into the mix. That’ll spice things up even more!

    • 20.5 Elle

      Kika ~ I’m with you, too. So glad you mentioned it here. I’m surprised this isn’t getting more viewers. I’m watching specifically for the wonderful actor, KMM. He’s so awesome!

      • 20.5.1 kika

        It’s my first time watching him onscreen, and wow… what a find! He’s one of those ahjusshis with a really magnetic presence. Speaking of which, I’m really missing Cha Seung-won… What has he been up to the entire year! No movies nor dramas. Sigh…

  21. 21 myweithisway

    I wish we had an official DB fanclub, then we can organize doshirak lunches for Javabeans and Girlfriday and charity donations too!

    • 21.1 am

      Aren’t we ‘beaners’? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

      We may not be able to do those things, though it sounds really nice, we could always thank them in comment sections and stuff :3

  22. 22 Kim Yoonmi

    Watching the J-drama Priceless

    The episodes keep getting better and better. It runs towards warm your heart type of drama, but smacks it with reality which isn’t often in J-dramas.

    For example, at the end of many J-dramas a faculty member is begged not to leave and then the whole school comes together and rallies around–Priceless is not that kind of drama. It shows the reality of what would happen, but in doing that comes about to something more heart warming. Some of the comedy is also low-key and it’s an easy, yet thoughtful watch.

    There are a ton of A list actor for bit roles, so the show has a tone of budget, though it saved a bit by using the same locations over again, it’s not very obvious.

    I also like the music cues and cinematography.

    K-drama Ohlala Spouses makes me really want the second leads to win. There isn’t much for me to root for the first leads anymore–the story doesn’t support it. The only connection they have is a child, which isn’t enough in my mind. (Drama Fever should translate Oppa as Oppa though since it came up later on…)

    I’m mostly looking forward to Jeon Woo Chi… I’m helping that team on Viki… so I’m really looking forward to knowing about the story. =P

    • 22.1 Sabah

      Thank you for the review on Priceless, I intend to look it up.

  23. 23 DayDreamer

    Hi everyone! Hope you all are having an enjoyable Friday.

    I’m just enjoying Nice Guy for now. I Miss You seems too angsty for me (after reading first episode’s recap) even though I kinda enjoy angst. But still, it needs a bit of balance…and I don’t know, something about it keeps me away. Meh.

    I’m still watching Oohlala Spouses even though it remains kinda mediocre to me. Like everyone noted, it really became melodramatic. Although, I think that fits the tone of a plot about cheating husband and divorce. Anyways, I’m not really hung up on who ends with who. Just passing time with it.

    How is Great Seer going for those who watch it? I only watched the first two episodes and it didn’t pull me in. Did it become epic later?

    Also, I’m the type of person who’s really hung up on the romance genre…that’s like the only sort of thing I prefer to watch over everything else. But this time, I’ve decided to expand my horizons first with Arang and the Magistrate (which was pretty good fantasy genre) and now I’m watching a couple of episodes from first season of Vampire Prosecutor. Goodness, I can’t believe I didn’t watch that sooner. I love the execution and cinematography. The stories are really good too. Hope I’ll be able to catch up with season 2 soon.

    • 23.1 sea

      aah….Now I know what you are currently watching!kekeke

    • 23.2 Mystisith

      Vampire Prosecutor 1st season is a blast. I’m a bit less enthusiastic about season 2: Same team = good but writing and prod don’t have the same quality.

      • 23.2.1 DayDreamer

        Aww, that’s too bad. But I guess, for me, it’s alright because I used to watch an Indian version of this (without the supernatural stuff and just plain ol’ fashioned science, technology, and conjecture to figure out murderers, etc…and none of this prosecuting stuff either) and boy it’s so bland. Used to like it as a kid but as I grew up, there was so much ridiculousness that I wondered what was wrong with me, lol. So I think anything better than that (and I find Korean dramas and shows like these infinitely better than Indian ones) is good even if it may be not so good by others’ standards. 🙂

  24. 24 diorama

    Anyone here loving King of Dramas? It’s a little overdramatic, granted, but it’s unexpectedly good. Episode 2 had me hooked, especially with Go Eun and her mom’s sweet relationship. GAH – it just got me. And then her mom’s “message” to Anthony Kim…LOL.

    • 24.1 duguen duguen

      I wish I could gif that ‘message’. I dont know how unfortunately. I want another meeting between Anthony and Go Eun’s mom.

  25. 25 Sarah aka theknitter

    I’m so excited! Dramafever is having a trial period where I can actually watch some episodes in my area. Yaaay! Fingers crossed they get enough users to keep it going and I can watch more than 4 episodes per show.

    (btw, if you think it might be available in your area now as well, you have to sign in. Otherwise you will still get the get the automatic “not in this region”-thing…apparently. And some of their subtitles aren’t working…but still yaaaay)

    • 25.1 Jilly

      Don’t know if you’re interested, but you can download this thing called “freegate” that solves the not in your area problem for shows licensed in the US. It works on Hulu and Viki but I haven’t tested it on Dramafever since it’s licensed in the Americas.

  26. 26 shirin-noona

    I forgot to say something in my previous comment.Don’t you guys think that Park Joon Ha is one of the best second leads ever?I mean Eun Ki was always his priority.He never once put his own happiness first…and I don’t remember when he said this,but in one episode he said “Does loving someone always mean that you have to have them?” .Best line EVER!:)

    • 26.1 am

      HANDS DOWN. He’s never really gotten on my nerves. I like how we’ve gone so far in this NG journey, we sort of understand how the characters operate. Everyone just knows.

    • 26.2 DayDreamer

      I agree. Normally, I don’t like second leads. Actually, let me correct myself. I never get the second-lead syndrome for some reason. Once a show’s plot summary tells me who the leads are, that’s it. I root for them no matter what (except in situations of affairs, divorce, etc). The second leads just appear to me like flies, acting like a filler and getting in the way of things, LOL. But Joon Ha’s probably the only second lead I liked. He can read a situation, act within his own boundaries, not be forceful, etc. Even when the actual male leads do that, I also get annoyed. So Maru and Joon Ha were constructed really well as the really nice guys of the show.

      • 26.2.1 Enz

        Gasp. You didn’t like pil joo in best love??!!

        • DayDreamer

          I haven’t watched Best Love….

          I guess I should make a disclaimer that I did watch a rather limited number of Kdramas, heh. 🙂

    • 26.3 jomo

      I have to differ. I DO love him love him love him.
      But a great second lead doesn’t LIE ALL THE TIME!!
      HE’s the one who tells the truth, is supportive of the lady no matter what.

      • 26.3.1 shirin-noona

        Dear Jomo,I answered you in comment 28 by mistake!Whoopsy daisy:D

    • 26.4 pogo

      Don’t you guys think that Park Joon Ha is one of the best second leads ever?

      He really is! I’ve liked him from the start, even if we all knew his love was never to be, and adore him for his unflagging devotion to Eun-ki no matter what.

      And like I was saying in the NG 17 post, that scene when he realises she finally has her memories back…..asgadfdfsklfslksalk;flksaljs HIS EYES just kill me.

      He may not get the girl and is a perfect prince who doesn’t need to (even if there is the matter of that thing about her mother) but if Eun-ki doesn’t want Park Joon-Hawtness, I’ll take him!

      • 26.4.1 shirin-noona

        I know!That tear that fell from his eye…

  27. 27 Enz

    I just have to put it out there that song joong ki has the best looking eyebrows in a Korean male actor. Is there a category for that at daesang?

    Loving nice guy still.

    • 27.1 FishcalledWanda

      Haha enz, I’m so with you there! I’m voting for him if that category exists :p Thanks again for the link on the last OT, I watched it many times already!

      • 27.1.1 Enz

        You’re welcome. I wasn’t sure if you would go back to check. Am finding him very squeal worthy right now.

        Pogo, his skin is really great but at the corner of his right eye it looks like he had some tags removed or something.
        BUT his eyebrows are just so beautifully shaped and frames that face so well. And once I noticed that it’s hard not to keep looking at brows only!

      • 27.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        Well, it was a bit coincidental. I decided to check out the last OT one more time, and there your comment was! Glad I decided to do that, hehe. And indeed, once noticed you can’t stop focusing on something other than his eyebrows, haha!

    • 27.2 pogo

      He also has the best skin, I know makeup does wonders but his is just glowing and gorgeous, more than even his leading ladies in NG lol

  28. 28 shirin-noona

    I get what you say Jomo,but he kind of had a legitimate reason for that,you know?He just didn’t want to hurt her,but I too wish he hadn’t lied to Eun Ki…

    • 28.1 shirin-noona

      Whoops,this was in response to Jomo:p
      What is wrong with me today?!

    • 28.2 jomo

      He needs to be cruel to be kind!
      The last thing she needed from him was another lie.
      I love him, but he was being cowardly.

  29. 29 Jae Shin

    Happy Friday!
    Today is not going to be my day, but I will buck up and hang on (with Nice Guy helping.. ^_^) because you can’t just quit life like you quit extremely bad dramas…

    Anyways. Dramafever is the only website not working on my computer for some reason. -_-

    How is everybody doing today?
    And please note that I have no idea how to check if I got replies or not… ^_^
    I hope y’all are doing better than me! ^_^

    Happy OT-ing~~~~

    • 29.1 zgznoona

      Dramafever isn’t working for me either
      They must be having problems

  30. 30 cg

    hi everyone….. 🙂
    I’m watching Nice Guy…really good..
    And started the king of dramas this week :D….it’s going very good so far..

  31. 31 dustdevil

    Totally hooked on Full House 2 and King of Dramas. I love all of the showbiz-behind-the-curtains drama and silliness.

    Along those lines, I decided to go back and watch The World Within/World They Live In. I was reading the recap of Episode 3 on Dramabeans, ( which was posted on election day in 2008 and there were lots of comments about election results, so I had a brief funny moment where I thought “wait, why are all these people posting about a 4 year old drama this week?”

    • 31.1 PiggyBunny12

      Just looked at that briefly–the song of the day is by IU, described as “by a new young (15-year-old) singer” How times have changed… 😛

  32. 32 Bashful82

    DramaFever has come to the UK for a temporary period – if it proves popular it will become permanent! However, when I tried to watch one of the dramas, no subtitles appeared…so am wondering if you’re limited in what you can watch during this period?

    Still, hopefully it will stay and we in the UK can properly enjoy some quality k-drama (but I have heard that the subbing on these can be a mixed bag).

    Currently watching – Horse Doctor, Great Seer and The Great King’s Dream (spot a pattern!).

    • 32.1 kakashi

      hm. I’m jealous… there’s about 5 KDrama interested people in the whole of Switzerland (ok, there might be 10, but not more than that) so we’ll NEVER get DramaFever. I’m a bit fedup with Dramacrazy to be honest, it’s such low quality most of the times and the constant pop-ups … yikes.

      • 32.1.1 Mystisith

        My fav site for streaming now is All in HD and 2 or 3 mirrors for each show.

        • kakashi

          yes, I was recently made aware of that site by somebody else — I haven’t yet checked it out, but will now. thanks!

        • DayDreamer

          Yes, that site is awesome. I feel like it’s very reliable to find dramas at.

      • 32.1.2 kdramapedia

        When I watch dramacrazy, I use the Firefox browser with Ad Block Plus installed. I never get any pop ups with it. I don’t see ads on dramafever ever.

        Oh, and dramafever is always buggy. I try not to use it if I don’t have to. There was a time period in the US when subs weren’t showing.

    • 32.2 Llamaesque

      If you go to the subtitle button in the upper right corner of the screen, is the “subtitle language” button clicked to “none”? Here’s a pic. With the redesign, Drama Fever’s been a little buggy lately. It’s still far and away the best option for streaming dramas, though.

      (I even posted about all the DF changes in my blog this week—I didn’t know the international access was coming so soon, though!)

  33. 33 Lovebug

    Hi Guys,
    Happy Friday, I have unfortunatley missed the last couple OTs, but am back! Current watching Nice Guy & Full House T2. Absoulutely loving both!
    Nice Guy is becoming one of my favorite dramas period, and I don’t usually do melos! I absoultley love Song Joongki’s portrayal of Maru and now want to watch everything he has ever been in. (I might have to breakdown finally wach Sukgwan Scandal despite the vapidness that is Park Minyoung.)

    Also Full House T2 is super fun! I am enjoying despite the hair. (Honestly No Minwoo’s hair is growing on me *ducks head in shame*) Park Ki Woong can do anything as far as I am concerned! Looking forward to the marriage/engagement shennanigans to come.

    Also started watching Goodbye Wife, has anyone seen this drama. I actively hate the husbance but for some reason am still watching (at episode 5).

    Anyone have any dorama recommendations? I really liked Rich man Poor woman, but don’t what to try next.

    Also is the Great Seer worth checking out?

    Thanks drama compadres!

    • 33.1 enz

      great to hear someone else thinks park min young is vapid :). I feel the same bout SJK. and will prob check out ssks when I have the time just to see him in a different genre although I hardly do sageuk

    • 33.2 pogo

      Finally, I find the one other person who is NOT enamoured of Park Min-young’s character in SKKS! She’s far too ‘textbook’ for my liking, it’s as if the drama is telling us ‘look, she’s so awesome she hangs with the boys and is a bit insecure and so fearless because she’s cross-dressing, now like her!’ …..and most people do.

      And she’s so unboyish it’s like she’s not even trying to pretend – I say this after watching nearly every crossdressing-heroine-involving kdrama heroine out there – PMY is no Yoon Eun-hye, Moon Geun-young, or even Park Shin-hye in You’re Beautiful (who managed to pull off her girl-as-boy despite girl-not-being-very-boyish appearance somewhat).

      I’m far more taken by Geol-oh and Yong-ha (<3 SJK) in that story anyway. If Yong-ha was the lead of that drama, it would probably be one of my all-time faves, but I love their bromance.

  34. 34 kakashi

    Happy Friday everyone!

    My RL stress is finally easing up (if only temporarily) and I can finally watch dramas again without feeling a lot of pressure building up … I will now marathon Nice Guy, I actually started again from the begininng after being stuck somewhere around epi 10, though I’m so afraid of the heartache … Next, I’ll watch ‘Conspiracy in the Court’, and then ‘King of Dramas’, but I’ll wait until more episodes have aired, I think.

    What else? November is such a dark time here, I always get melancholic. Cooking nice, tasty, soulfood things helps, so that’s what I’ll do now. 🙂

    • 34.1 kakashi

      ah, and since it’s Friday, it’s Vampire Diaries time for me … the only American show I am currently watching. Ian Somerhalder is … hmmmmm…. smeksy as hell. But he simply doesn’t compare to his Korean counterparts. Yeah, once infected by the KDrama bug, always infected. and no turning back.

      • 34.1.1 shirin-noona

        Same here!I only watch vampire diaries from all the American shows.I used to watch a lot of things but after I got addicted to K-dramas I just didn’t enjoy them like I used to…I think vampire diaries is sort of similar to Korean dramas- you know,there’s a love triangle and people don’t change their hearts at the end of every season,and that’s why I still enjoy it.

        • kakashi

          ha, you are right!!! it is kind of similar 🙂

        • Mar

          I watch VD too. I got hooked despite resisting. I blame Damon. Everyone else annoys me. I kind of hope Damon just kills them all and sets up an evil dynasty haha.

          • kakashi

            right?! They also annoy me!! I also don’t mind Elena so much: If only she would come to finally realize what a douchebag Stefan is.

            PS: A friend, who also watches VD, mentioned to me to other day how she went back to a few episodes of the first season … and now, she is annoyed with the whole show, because vampire’s shouldn’t age, right? but both Stefan and Damon HAVE clearly aged. It is true: there’s a lot of crowfeet around Damon’s eyes, now I can’t help but notice it myself now. highly relevant comment, right?! 🙂

          • joybells

            Hehe @kakashi , ur comment bout damon and stefan aging was hilarious,but yes u got a point there. 🙂
            Everybody seems to like either damon or stefan,wat bout Klaus!?! He’ hot and I esp love his accent,everythng he says sounds downright sexy:P

  35. 35 oftheshore

    Hi everyone! How are you all doing?
    As some of the people here, I am tempted to check out Nice Guy, but will wait until it ends. It took me a while to watch the last episode of Faith, because I was scared of a downer ending, and character death is somehting I often just can’t stomach.
    Just how ridiculous Full House 2 is? Would you still call it watchable?
    Also, I keep following that Protect the Boss remake I’ve mentioned before, and though it’s almost a scene-by-scene copy of the original, I am strangely addicted to it. It helps, however, that new episodes air every weekday, so you get 5 episodes in a week instead of 2. The two main actors are really adorable, and while I have nothing against CKH, the girl in this version seems to balance the strong and the feminine sides of the character much better (kind of hard to explain, sorry!). The second leads are plain wooden in their delivery of the lines.

    • 35.1 kopytko

      Hi, Oftheshore!
      I used to think that FH2 was a bad idea. When I saw posters I was sure it would be a disaster, but suddenly I find myself enjoying it! It’s not only watchable, it’s funny, light, absurd in a good way. I guess I am the only person in the universe who likes ManOk’s hairdo – strangely enough, the hair itself is ugly, but looks very flattering with her facial features. I did some research and found out she looks worse in other styles. But I am on the verge of tears whenever I see NMW’s masterpiece of a face with an ajumma perm.
      It’s also nice that I get a bit of this crack four times a week, it gets subbed quickly and is a good antidote for some heavier dramas like Nice Guy or Five Fingers (Which I both like a lot)!.
      Did I mention that FH2 should get some award for best use of a sauna? No, I am not shallow ;)!

      I also had a look at the Russian version of Protect the Boss – and my first thought after several episodes was – that’s what I call a copy! Even the interiors are almost the same. I must say it bothers me a bit, but I think I’ll continue to watch an episode or two every now and then.

  36. 36 FishcalledWanda

    Hi everybody! I hope you all had a good week!

    Finally gave in and started Nice Guy, that show is so intense and I’m loving Song Joong Ki, he’s incredible. But I do feel a bit depressed after watching an episode….

    On another note, I got tickets for Mumford and Sons!! They are finally coming to my country and it was sold out in twenty minutes, so glad I’m one of the lucky!

    I’m thinking off the BigBang goers, I hope you have so much fun, fantastic baby!

    Wishing everyone a superduper nice Friday and weekend!

  37. 37 Dix

    I think the “Person of Interest” series is based on the manga City Hunters with an American twist. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • 37.1 Dix

      Meant “City Hunter”.

  38. 38 shelhass

    Happy OT everyone.

    Let’s hoep for a ‘Maru-lives’ situation for Nice Guy. I’m so not ready to cry my eyes out whe he dies. If he does. Which is possible. AH *pulls hair*

    But at least for the mellows addicted party we have “I Miss You” to console us. If that’s even possible. #NOT

  39. 39 ida

    Hey guys,
    I recently watched some awesome old dramas, like taereung national village, and evasive inquiry agency… I really REALLY would love lee minki to return to the small screen..
    But other than dramas been watching variety shows a lot..
    And movies!!! I watched the pace maker with kin myung min and go ara in it and.. It was ok, Kim did a gd job, and it was much like how I expected it would be like . Go ara.. Was ok too I guess. I wouldnt say she was a major major character and I personally liked that they didnt play up the romance that much. All in all a good unchallenging watch, much like what one would expect from a ‘human movie’.
    I saw the trailer for bandage a.k.a. Love 911 with go soo and han hyo joo and.. I’d love to see it! Looks like a nice mix of comedy ,character developments, romance. And
    What else were good… Oh yeh, I’d love to see fortune tellers as well! Lee jehoon is amazeballs!

    Anyhow any recommendations for older, ‘classic’ dramas??? Or movies? Preferably not horror..
    Really only want to watch dramas that have good plot, directing, acting these days. I think it must be the side effects of watching and sticking with rubbish dramas. And once you see one or two amazeballs dramas with the trifecta, it is rather jarring when you see average to bad acting etc..

    • 39.1 kopytko

      Call me a broken record, but my first drama love was Attic Cat. I enjoyed it a lot and I still like it, but I understand that today we apply some other standards, especially to the technical stuff and it may look awkward. But I can’t help loving it. Such a human story.
      Another classic is I Am Sorry I Love You. It’s a melo by the same author as Nice Guy. It’s a sad story, some sensitive people talked about preparing loads of kleenex before watching it, but it’s not loaded with absurd cruelty and therefore not depressing. And here again, the cinematography moved on since 2004…

      • 39.1.1 ida

        Thanks, I’ve seen attic cat when I was younger, and I dont remember a lot of it.. Just that it was a workplace, leads living in close proximity romcom with Kim rae won in it..
        I have seen I am sorry I love you but I’ll have a whirlof that.

  40. 40 ida

    Oh yeh, and I dnt know if someone’s already mentioned it but dramafever is trialling in the UK as well so everybody in the UK check it out and watch some stuff so they decide to stay!! Spread the word!

  41. 41 Mar

    In a bit of drama lull, since we are in the midst of the season of Melo Hell, and nothing else on excites me to jump on board. Still following VP2 and Full House 2. I jumped over to Taiwan (mentally not physically haha) and started watching Miss Rose. Pretty cute so far, but annoyed with drama gods yet again casting a drop dead pretty actress and acting like she’s an ugly duckling. Seriously, lets drop that trope drama gods. Only a few epi’s in. Really like the lead’s quirks.

    Into the last half of the semester. Drinking too much caffeine. Will be in detox over winter break.

    • 41.1 jomo

      I like MR a lot, too.
      Love Roy. Love her parents. Love his best friend.

      But I have to say that Megan Lai is rather odd looking at times. There are her teeth, of course, and also she is awkward in an adorable way, and looks like a little boy…somehow.
      She is perfect for the role because she is one of those models who when dressed the right way, and when her hair and make-up are just so, she is drop-dead gorgeous, but not always. That is what I like about the character. CK and LS are NOT physically compatible, and if they hadn’t met the way they did, he would never have given her a second look. Doesn’t he even admit that?

      Did you see Office Girls, too?

      • 41.1.1 Mar

        Possible spoilers for Miss Rose:

        I like Li too. A lot. I do not she her boyish in any way. She’s quite the bombshell really, but I like her teeth being not perfect. I’m assuming she had some cosmetic work that is what her face does odd quirks sometimes.

        Yes, I too like that the the show was not afraid to cast this pairing, I do not think they are mismatched, I personally would just say that it goes against standard drama casting where it appears the guy (whether its true or not) is huge and the girl is tiny. What I do not like is that we are supposed to believe that Li is cast in a role as an average girl in looks. I do love the character of Si Yi so far and I like how that they write her smart. Not only is she the girl friday that could run the company even tho she’s everyones bitch, she’s not a total victim, she chooses to be a team player. She knows when she’s being used and played by people at work, including CK, and even better, she is not miss little naive, she is quite aware that the attraction is mutual. Good stuff. I’m hoping as the mean girlfriend enters the picture, Si Yi doesn’t turn into the typical drama suffering victim. We’ll see, I’m only into about episode 5. So far no backstory on CK to know why he is putting up with the political girlfriend to get ahead in business so I’m assuming that will play out as a plot device too.

  42. 42 PiggyBunny12

    I was like laughing at Full House 2 for being ridiculous and only watching it because it was so short…and all the sudden I’m hooked! Didn’t see that coming…But the plot is really kicking it into gear now… -hides in feigned shame-

    Am really liking King of Dramas 🙂 I hope it stays lighthearted…and also concerned that about which ship I should be looking for…we shall see

  43. 43 Noelle

    Happy OT! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  44. 44 far away

    Hi everyone,
    I just finished watching Faith. humm, not reall sure what I think about it. I’ll start with Flute Boy and Firestarter, half-way through the drama they felt like extras, thought I thought they are main chracters! they were set to do all Strange guy dirty work and they used swords instead of their super power! wasn’t Flute Boy practicing alot to master his attacks? well, I didn’t see that pays off because he simply didn’t use it when it counts! same for Firestarter, although she used her power more than him. I’m so disappointed with these two.

    Ki Chul, the Strange guy, I kinda liked him toward the end and felt so sorry for him when Eun-soo told him she is not from heaven. He broke my heart. I was waiting for an epic battle between him and Young! but that didn’t happen. I feel bad that many characters could’ve been written better or have more to add to the story, especially the villians.

    anyway, JB & GF thank you for recapping the drama.

    • 44.1 owl

      oops, responded to you in 46!

  45. 45 MeeisLee

    HI OT! Still haven’t convinced my mom to let me go to the concert but I plan on going anyway :P. Gotta channel my inner Shi-won from Answer Me 1997.

    I still haven’t been able to contact Viola either. I wonder if I’ll see her at the concert.

    • 45.1 MeeisLee

      Convinced her. It was a success. Didn’t see the Movie Noonas and maybe I did and didn’t know. Saw a good portion of older folks at the concert. I was channeling my inner Shi Won. My legs hurt and so does my throat. Signs of a good time. :).

      And yes, they’re just as beautiful in person *.* or maybe even more. I have serious envy for the VIP ticket holders… Im sure stye got to smell Tae Yangs sweat from off his naked abs. Yes, stripping was involved.

  46. 46 owl

    Yay! Someone to keep talking about Faith with! I don’t know, I was so invested in Faith, for the obvious shallow reason of LMH, but other characters too. Fluteboy and Firestarter were disappointments cuz I LOVED the superpowers and flying off roofs and stuff but then they turned out to be ~neh~ (We have discussions here about what X-MEN power we would choose if only one – I vascilate between mind reading and invisibility). But martial arts/powers – a whole ‘nother thing, loving it!!
    Ki Chul – never did like the dude, a baddy psychopath, remember all the trouble/deaths he caused? He ended up being such a weakling, “saddest popsicle” ever, ha! Now if you wanna talk about Lady Choi and ES – both wa-a-ay up there in my book. They made the show move forward, added stability, smarts, and action – And, sorry, can’t mention Faith without the wudalchi kids – ^sigh^ deaam on. What a band of hot dudes in uniform (14th century tho it was)! Anyhoot, thanks for the Faith chat!

    • 46.1 far away

      Yay! More Faith chat 

      I totally agree with you regarding wudalchi, I so LOVED them, their connection with each other and their general. BUT, weren’t they supposed to be the best worriers ever???? Why did the drama keep showing them in lacking in so many ways? First the spies in the palace, then sneaky strange men, Fluteboy kept going in and out of the palace like it’s he owned it!! That just pissed me off. Aside from that, I felt for them all the way till the end, and when 2 of the close ones they died, that just broke my heart :’(

      Kim Mi Kyung I’ve always loved her. She has awesome acting skills. She was one of the reasons I watched Faith.

      Ki Chul – he is the super villain so I thought he deserved an epic death. I agree he has very dark ways of handling issues that bother him but when his world fell apart I felt sorry for him.

      • 46.1.1 owl

        Well, it’s nght owl here, as it’s 3 a m and imma watch more Dalja’s Spring, tho I am tempted to pick a fav Faith episode. Yeah, the wudalchi definitely had holes in their (de)fence, but then the eye candy, ya know? Can’t stop thinkin’ about the pretty scenery when they were around. How about little Dae Man goofball, who couldn’t just turn around like a normal person, but had to flip upside down and backwards all the time ( and wasn’t he a doll in the wudalchi lunchroom scene when ES returned 5 years later – fixed up hair and all!) The whole time travel bit is not my thing, especially in books, but this kdrama made me think I could get into it more at least in a show. I am not too bothered about figuring out how it works, but I was totally entertained reading the posts that did try to explain it!

  47. 47 Jeannette

    I am so HAPPY! I’ve had a BLAH week but it all turned around when I found someone to make custom KPOP decals for me!I have two coming in this coming week! And I was able to snag some Onew, Taeminnie and Key lip glosses! SO AWESOME. I hope everyone is doing well!

    • 47.1 shelhass

      I have such a terrible mind that when I ready ‘lip glosses’ I laughed.

      Are we going to bash about SHINee, right?!

      ps: are you having that ‘shameful noona’ feeling with the young cast of IMY, too? (say yes, please so I don’t feel bad).

      • 47.1.1 Jeannette

        LOL! Oh god, I planned on starting IMY this weekend! You have no idea how excited I am for it, haha! What’s worse is I’m completely conflicted over Teen Top right now. Luckily I like CAP the best and he just turned 20, so at least I’m not a pedo-noona.

        I still love Onew best, haha.

        Fun story: I was at the fair a few weeks ago with my 13 year old daughter and the whole time she was looking for Koreans. -_- She found one and he was ADORABLE. Probably around 16. Anyway, he was all that we saw, really. My friend Sophia is half Korean and she’s in this Korean International Student club thing at University. She went on a different day and was with the whole club at the fair and there were TONS of boys. I told Cella and she was so MAD. It was hilarious. Then I delivered the final blow: my buddy Sam is going to Korea for a month to visit his gf. They met when he was looking for pen pals to practice Korean with. Cella turns to me and says “That’s not fair! I WANT A KOREAN MAN!”

        I almost died. It wasn’t even 7am and I was already so shocked, haha! Then she confirmed that she is going to the high school she picked only because there is a large Korean population.

        Seriously, what have I created?

        • enz

          jeannette, at least whatever you created, you created it early enough so that she will never have to feel like a leery old ahjumma for a very long time to come .. unlike some of us here 🙂

          • Jeannette

            ROTFL! Too true…too true. She’s too little to call anyone “oppa” (MY RULE) but I bet next year she’ll get away with it. Little stinker.

          • Enz

            As the say in the dramas Jeannette, you worked hard and you did well hahha. Anyway, your daughter is the only one on OT who could call that yeo Jin gu oppa!

          • Jeannette

            @Enz ROTFL! I’m dying! Oh my god, it’s so true. It’s funny though, because she’s p-o’ed that there aren’t more boys of her age in Kpop. I just look at her like she’s a dork because everyone’s too young! I’m older than Shinhwa! I was super excited when I realized that I could call Song Jong-ho “oppa.” It doesn’t take much to make me happy, I guess!

        • shelhass

          You get to tell me that?!

          I spend my whole Friday watching kpop videos with my sister (she’s 7) and she was totally rocking my world when I would say, “ok let’s stop” and she was all like “no, I want to watch the funny milk boy again”. She was talking about TaeMin in Ring Ding Dong!

          I’m so going to hear about this when my mom hears about it. Yikes. She cannot blame me – she was the one who started all this dating a half korean dude some time ago.

          • Jeannette

            HAHAHHAHAHA! It’s definitely your mom’s fault! Funny milk boy. LOL! I have a cap of that scene in RDD and I love it. When I first saw the video I was like “IS TAEMINNIE DRINKING MILK!?!?” lol I about died.

          • shelhass


            I LOLed the first time I saw it. But I need to satay away from kpop or it’ll be the death of me, since I’ve started liking those EXO boys too much.

            They should just go and call themselves JAIlBAILT. or JAIL’BAILT (wtver stylized way).

            Talking about jailbait, Yeo Jin-gu has to grow up ASAP. Nobody should have that deep voice and perfect skin at 15. That’s illegal.

            Ha – that’s coming from a leery noona. =)

          • Jeannette

            @shelhass I bought an EXO decal for my car, haha! When I get everything in, I’ll take pics and show you guys, lol!

  48. 48 Leaf


    Oh my dear twin… I love you and everything but get some better taste in guys though ok???

    I will help you ok? Given I have offically the best taste in guys ever haha

    • 48.1 lizzie

      I’m worried for IU her image is going to be ruined, caught on bed with older guy (7 years old)

      With her pajamas and he shirtless?

      Plus she was the one who uploaded the picture. The fuck.

      • 48.1.1 Leaf

        He looks totally out of it… I think they must have been drinking….

        And yeah… while me and others have been joking about this… it could really hurt her 🙁

        I don’t know what she was thinking with the photo though….

        • lizzie

          well, knetizens are saying this:

          1. [+148, -14] I know Eunhyuk’s facial expression very well. It’s the expression men feel after sweating from doing ‘something’ and it’s the physical exhaustion that follows.

          • Leaf

            Yeah well obviously… you can’t really draw any other conclusion from it… haha

            But yeah… this sucks for IU…. ^sigh^

            TWIN FIGHTING!!!!!

    • 48.2 Jeannette

      Did you like the statement the company came out with? Totally predictable cover-up. Poor IU. I still find her awesome though. I wish she had the freedom to be happy, if he’s what makes her happy. But PS he is not cute at all imo.

  49. 49 -K

    Okay somebody hit me with a list! I’m trying to convince my bro that dramas have gotten better in the past 5 years but he only prefers sci fi. I’ve recommended Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2, Hero (2012), Joseon X-Files…. what else am I missing? Thanks.

    • 49.1 BB

      God’s Quiz
      Keizoku 2: SPEC

  50. 50 lizzie



    they were caught on a bed, he shirtless her with her pajamas.

    Uh Oh, Iu will get so much hate because she is supposed to be ”pure”

    • 50.1 Leaf

      Haha I just posted this at 48….


      Please twin… get better taste in men <3

    • 50.2 am

      When I heard about it earlier this year, I was like, damn, netizens are gooood. There were so many solid evidences but this one just takes home the cake.

      Still, IU, unbelievable. I thought she had good taste in men.

    • 50.3 am

      and btw, I love the sh*zz fest of fans flipping out how and why this dating thing shouldn’t have happened. hahaha

      • 50.3.1 joybells

        Scandal aside im realli happy for the couple if they are dating.Whats hilarious is the statement Loen issused stating that IU was sick and eunhyuk visited her to check up on her.Why would u remove ur shirt (atleast he looks shirtless in the pic) and take a selca with a sick person!!
        If they are gonna lie,they should atleast make up a solid lie 😛
        Hehe,congrats to the couple,if they are realli dating 🙂