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by | November 9, 2012 | 282 Comments

Rumble Fish – “으라차차 2012” (Eurachaha 2012), an update of their song.
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  1. 51 Conny

    Dumb question. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of The Man from Nowhere OST? I’m actually just looking for one song in particular, Dear, by Mad Soul Child, but I’ll take the entire CD.

    Korean online stores are ok, I’ll just have to weasel my way through it if they don’t have a ‘english site’ version of the online store.

    Thanks oodles and Happy Friday everyone!!!

    • 51.1 [email protected]

      Have you tried

      • 51.1.1 Conny

        Can’t say I have.
        Thanks for the tip =D

  2. 52 QQ

    Happy OT everyone! This week has been so hectic that I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend. Weee! (I’ve been doing some research for the whole week and it’s tiresome. Yesterday, I sprained(?) my neck from staring at my laptop too much.)

    Anyways, I haven’t been able to check any new dramas. The only on-air drama I’m following is probably Nice Guy. Haven’t checked this week’s episodes. I’m saving it for the finale week.

    I’ve been also watching Time between dog and wolf. Yeah, Lee Jun Ki has had 4 different hairstyles in 8 episodes (lesser if I minus the kids’ portion)! Right now, I’m on ep8. I’m kinda annoyed about the amnesia part. I mean, really? It probably wouldn’t have bothered me if I had watched in 2007 coz right now, it just feels so… unoriginal. It’s hard not to roll your eyes every time these cliches are introduced.

    Other than that, nah… my drama life has been kinda ‘dry’ these last 2 weeks. Uni work is starting to take a toll on my free time.

    • 52.1 Iviih :)

      I liked the amnesia part. He really turned bad, I was like Oh noes! I think this time amnesia was played well, but this is just my opinion.

  3. 53 christy

    The biggest downside to working full-time again is not being able to just jump in OT soon after it goes up! Not that I actually tell anybody in my real life these thoughts. 🙂

    SOOOOO stuck on Nice Guy right now, I can’t believe there are only two more episodes! They are going to be doozies. I hardly ever cry at movies or shows, but watching ep 18 I was def heading that way, big ol lump in my throat all the way through. For me, the best thing is to just not speculate or worry about how it will end, and just dive in. CAN NOT wait for next Wed!!! eeeeee. *tense*

    Otherwise, I’m still following Oh La La Spouses and just watched the first two eps of Can We Get Married? They help balance the crazy. 🙂

    Minnesota is cool so far, and I’m actually really liking my new job. 🙂 This is the first weekend in a month where I don’t have anywhere to go so I’m actually REALLY looking forward to getting to stay in and … what else… watch dramas!! Study Korean! 🙂

    I hope everyone that went is having an AMAZING time meeting up and seeing BigBang!!!!

  4. 54 ladysarahii

    I find myself in a dilemma. I finished ep 27 of Gaksital this morning and I don’t know when to finish the drama. I have thoroughly spoiled myself so I know what happens, but if you turn off episode 27 two seconds early it’s all puppies and rainbows. It’s all going to end in tragedy, isn’t it? *sigh*

    I *need* to find something more cheerful.

  5. 55 Sajen

    Maybe I’m wrong about this seeing as it’s only been about 1 1/2 to 2 years since I started on my Kdrama journey but it seems to me that this year has produced more atypical heroines that ever before. I mean

    Yeo Chi and Woo Hee from History of a Salaryman

    Shi Won and Yoo Jung from Answer me 1997

    Eun Gi from Nice Guy

    Hee Jin from Queen In Hyun’s Man

    Eun Soo from Faith

    Ji An from I do, I do

    and to some extent

    Su Ah from Shut Up Flower Boy Band

    Ji Na from Padam Padam

    And there might be more I’m missing.
    So am I completely wrong or did Korean suddenly magically discover how to write real likable women , if I’m right I hope this is a new trend.

    • 55.1 ladysarahii

      Also, Kim Hang Ah from King 2 Hearts. I haven’t caught many dramas this season, but the ones I have seen have had pretty awesome female characters, for sure.

  6. 56 JoAnne

    I know it’s late and I’m on the much-maligned second page but –

    Greetings, My Wondrous Beans!

    This Movie Noona is back from the wilds of Newark, tired and happy. OY. Drivers in Jersey. In Newark, anyway. THEY MAKE THEIR OWN LANES. Seriously – if it’s two lanes going in one direction and the two cars are far enough apart? A third car will squeeze in like a toddler horning in on mom and dad’s snuggle. I saw it MULTIPLE times. People just stop dead in the middle of a driving lane, put on their blinker like they’re waiting like a NORMAL PERSON to turn, but then get out and have conversations with people on sidewalks. Also suffered through THAT multiple times. And I have no idea what that neighborhood was that I drove through to get back to the turn pike but I’m glad it was daylight. To make up for yesterday’s driving marathon, today I made it home in 2.5 hours. Newark NJ to Stonington, CT. Google that. I bent the space-time continuum and never broke the speed limit.

    It’s good it was a quick trip though, because I forgot to tell the parking guys that my car doors only unlock on Leap Day, so of course they locked the car. Triple AAA took a while to get there, but that was ok, too, becuase I got to meet a lovely family coming into the hotel for a wedding. First I would see little clumps of pretty girls and women with suspiciously sparkly hair, all curled to hang loosely like a shampoo commercial but with the faintest touch of glitter like diamond dust or something. Then I saw a slightly older woman with the same glittery deal (not quite as much as Edward Cullen, but you get the idea) and she had her hair half up and half down and it this little spray of jeweled flowers. Very small flowers, just scattered simply along one curve of the updo – made to look (or perhaps really were, who knows?) as if they were diamonds and platinum. Really pretty. THEN this even older woman came in with another young girl and they both had the sparkle hair and they were carrying garment bags. WELL. They stood in the foyer for a bit and they were a little bit near me, and they turned and the front of the bags was clear. I literally gasped and said oh my God that’s beautiful, but mostly quietly. Still, she heard me and smiled and she held it up straight and said ‘My son is getting married today. These are the traditional clothes in Pakistan – we had them made there for this day.’ I never saw anything so incredible in my life. I wanted to CRY it was so beautiful. Deep, dark, rich red – like garnets or rubies – with so much gold needlework, plus gems, all in heavy design along the hems and neckline but still – embroidery over the entire outfit. All hand done, she said. It was incredible. I wished them a long life, many grandchildren, and a beautiful, beautiful day, and considered myself lucky to see such a lovely thing.

    And that’s AFTER the lovely things I saw the night before. Those boys. THOSE BOYS. They are even more adorable in person. And TOP is ridiculously handsome. I will alert you that that voice, when heard in person and in the same room, reduces all lady parts to their tiniest molecules of WANT…but apparently it’s also true for boy parts because the boy behind us screamed out ‘Top, I love you, I want to have your baby!’

    What a great show. Just – beautifully costumed, staged, so much fun to see. The boys were happy, energetic, perfectly coiffed and exceptionally entertaining. I’m so glad I got to go! GD – he is something else, that one. In Seungri’s words: He is genius. I love him. TOP – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a man who looks as thoroughly handsome and elegant as he does. Daesung – the grin that lights up a room, and that strong, passionate voice. (and yeah, the bow legs in tight jeans and motorcycle boots. you got me.) Seungri is much more handsome in person and his English. Oh Lord. He was awesome. Taebaybay is an entire litter of Lab puppies worth of energy and cuteness.

    Guess what the neat side benefit of going to a Big Bang concert is?

    A fairly decent number of the attendees who were of some sort of Asian parentage kinda looked like they should be in dramas. I wasn’t hating sitting so close to the aisle, is all I’m saying.

    Oh yeah, I watched some dramas this week. I still love Nice Guy – gonna finish 18 shortly – and I think I need more tissues for this ending that’s coming. Great Seer haven’t seen this week but will watch tomorrow. Full House II – aww, they have twaumas now….just makes me love them more. I even started to like Tae Ik’s poodle hair, that’s how bad it’s getting. Can We Get Married? I dunno. First can I kill your mother?

    Okay lovies – if any one reads this – we had tons of fun and are hoping for a Rain comeback tour on the west coast in a year or so. SHEL. I’m looking at YOU.

    • 56.1 Enz

      Thanks so much for sharing and making us feel just a twinge of the excitement that you all must have felt. What a fantastic weekend!!

    • 56.2 canxi

      Seungri was hilarious, he kept apologizing and saying his english was bad. But, I think everyone’s english is pretty good, I was most surprised by Daesung. But, I love them even more. And gawd, TOP. I think I am still jelly in some places.

      • 56.2.1 Shukmeister

        [nodsnods][fans self] Oh yeah.

    • 56.3 Jeannette

      I didn’t care for TOP til I saw the spoof of Secret Garden they did. His gentle baby eyes got me. GD is still my bias, but TOP is a close second. My daughter likes Daesung best…I have a feeling it was him chained to the wall in Fantastic Baby.

      *shakes head*

  7. 57 enz

    i know very few would read this but i just finished the first episode of que sera sera and it is so good. very different feel to most k dramas i must say. am excited to finish it. moon jung hyuk even in the first episode is charismatic and i find yung jumi really charming. anyone else has watched this drama?

    • 57.1 mud

      I really like that drama, despite still needing to finish it. It just got too intense for me at episode 12 (I think…)

      • 57.1.1 enz

        oh really. it has a very real life feel to it. it starts out interesting. seems to be highly recommended. hopefully it’s good throughout

  8. 58 Gene

    To anyone who haven’t watch My Love, Butterfly Lady, I high recommend it. Daebak heroine. She’s got spunk.

  9. 59 enz

    just finished penny pinchers – i really liked it. very laid back, easy to watch, funny in bits and totally cute. watched it just to see song joong ki in something less intense than nice guy and what do you know? he is excellent in this too. lawyer park (lee song yeob?) from nice guy was in it too as was shi won’s best friend from reply 1997.

    i had read the review from this site and was not expecting too much but i was charmed. its better than finding mr destiny for me, if we are comparing rom-coms. there is more funny but maybe lighter on the romance.

  10. 60 owl

    Dalja’s Spring (2007) popped up on DramaFever, so I watched it – really cute! Here’s my question – Why are Korean mothers so suffocating to their ADULT sons? Poor (adorably hot) Tae Bong – give him sapce! What I liked so much about this kd is that nothing was really extreme to the gag reflex.

    Sure, there were plenty of woldn’t-be-a-kdrama-without-it like unspoken love misunderstood, spoken love misunderstood, required trips to the hospital, older woman younger man romance, good second lead couple, ex-girlfriend appears (but she wasn’t the extreme _itch), parent trouble, office antics, career/romance tangle, 2 year trip at the end, then, fianlly reunited – ah, love!

    Funniest sidetrack – the ceo reading comic books to find out about what women like in a man- ha!? such a wierd dude, wierder ex who sings her story in minor key? super creeps! yeech

    Anyhoot, good filler catch-up kdrama!