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  1. Leaf

    Happy OT Friday Everyone!!!
    Well… remember a few weeks ago I said I had a crush on a guy… well I figured I’d give you a status update…
    So… I still really really really like him a lot and now most of my friends know as well… (Let’s just say I’m not terribly subtle – wait that makes me sound much much worse than I actually am…)
    Firstly… let me tell you something about him: Perhaps unsurprisingly he is Korean (Although he’s lived abroad almost his whole life including in Poland which means he speaks better Polish than me who is actually half Polish… ^sigh^ kinda depressing really), he’s really hot (literally one of the first things when my friend met him was ‘so this is the guy you’ve been hiding?’ They were all like ‘he’s so hot! And SO TALL’ haha. He even had a drunk british guy confessing to him that he was ‘sexy for an Asian’, the guy was going on about Asian girls being sexy and Oppa – yes… he got me to call him that… – was like nah, see he prefers blonde girls hah, he’s very much a normal guy LOL), 190cm and also his family is rich (But they seem to be sensible enough to have not trusted him with much money at Uni though lol)
    So basically… he sometimes feel like a K drama hero come to life (But… well more realistic… he doesn’t have massive glamour shots or such things hehe)
    But don’t worry… I do actually like him cause of his personality! I’m not that superficial 😛 I found out most of this stuff after I started liking him. Which was honestly the moment I saw him… first thing I thought was literally ‘I’m gonna have a crush on this guy’ and well… I was even more right than I thought I would be.
    We do end up hanging out a lot on nights out and I would definitely say we are good friends. We spend a lot time teasing and joking with each other. ‘Banter’ as he has now discovered it is called LOL (fortunately he isn’t the type of asshole who uses ‘Banter’ for stupid sexist drivel so it’s harmless in this context). He can come across a bit assy sometimes but never in a mean way and well… he’s not actually like that. It’s kinda a joke/persona thing.
    He’s actually very kind and a total gentleman (which is not a trait shown by British guys EVER). He’s lent me his coat when I was cold and makes sure I’m always safe on my way home.
    However… the great mystery is whether we are anything more than friends… some things which have happened makes me believe this could be possible… however the rational part of my brain tells me I’m just reading what I want to read from the situation… I mean, it’s not like I have any such experience in such matters so I can pretty convincingly argue anything that’s happened could either support or disprove the theory that he may possibly one day like me.
    So yeah… there is definitely something between us however I have yet to understand what this something is…
    I hope it ends up good… but… relationships are confusing… Leafbot does not have the software needed to comprehend.
    Love you all <3 Sorry for boring you and hope everyone has and has had a great week! xxx

    • 1.1 V

      How long have you guys been friends? I say stay friends for awhile and don’t make any moves just yet.

      • 1.1.1 Leaf

        Hmm… since beginning of October…

        and haha don’t worry… I’m not that type of person…

        • V.

          Good luck with him! It took my guy forever to tell me he liked me. He is Korean also. I don’t know if it was because he was Korean or if it just was his personality, but it took foreeeeeeever 🙂

          • Leaf

            I think Oppa would be… um… much more straightforward…. haha

      • 1.1.2 enz

        good luck leaf! 190cm – wow that is really really tall. here’s wishing you a romance with him for the new year 🙂

        • Leaf

          Yeap… he is very very tall…
          and I’m 152 so the height difference is large… insanely large
          But he was like ‘doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall’ LOL
          So yeah… not gonna be an issue… haha

          • blokkoms

            Aww, that is cute: I LOVE couples with huge height differences, so I’m shipping you guys already. I want to try it out myself sometime (I’m 158) so tell me how you find it~ And good luck!

    • 1.2 Korazy Lady

      Leaf, how great! And you actually have someone to call Oppa!

      If he’s anything like most of the Korean men in dramas, it will take you some time to hear him tell you if he really likes you haha. But with all your drama watching experience, you should be good at reading the clues.

      I’m so happy for you, Leaf!

      • 1.2.1 Leaf

        Haha well he’s not like most guys in Korean dramas… and well… I know he likes me and thinks I’m cute etc but whether he likes likes me… that’s the question…

        And yeah… I don’t think my drama watching is gonna help me haha

    • 1.3 iZzie :)

      Eeeeeee! Leaf! I’m goin’ giddy hearing about this. :)) gosh! I’m so sending lucky stardusts your way. 🙂

      Aja! Aja!

      Happy Friday! 🙂

      • 1.3.1 Leaf

        Thank you!!
        I truely need all the luck I could get on this…

        • iZzie :)

          “Leafbot does not have the software needed to comprehend.”

          A hot Korean guy is like a virus that messes up a girl’s relationship status recognition system. I do not know any anti-virus for that.

          • Leaf


            Leafbot technically doesn’t have any relationship software installed.
            And if Hot Korean Guy is a virus that most girls can’t deal with then Leafbot is mega doomed…
            Ah well… at least Leafbot is enjoying herself…

          • iZzie :)

            Haha! iZziebot’s software doesn’t have the latest update, but it reads: he likes likes you. 🙂 the coat thing and the making sure ur safe? I’ve seen those signs before. They say: things are looking good. very good. 😉

            The guessing/not knowing right away – it makes things more interesting & exciting. Like what u said, enjoy. That’s what’s important. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            Mamabot’s software concurs. But there’s no rush, so let it play out – which you seem inclined for anyway.

    • 1.4 Fab

      Not boring at all, your story is actually a fresh of air to clean up my crappy mood I got from all those melos I am watching and reading these days.

      About your crush: sooooo lucky! I’d say try to give him hints that your chemistry is off the roof. Oh no not just mere trying, guys are slow on that take, instead just tell him to go on a date in a romantic way.

      Enjoy your crush! :p

      • 1.4.1 Leaf

        Glad to help cheer you up!
        And hmm… I don’t think I could do something like that… lol
        Subtle is my middle name… (wait… actually it really isn’t…)

        But still… I want to get though this with my dignity intact…

        • enz

          when you get to the point where you like him more than your dignity ,you know what to do.

          in any case, the oft repeated you only regret what you didnt do and not what you did is often true (eeks did i get that right?)

          • Leaf

            oh dear… I really hope I don’t get to that point haha…
            But I think I wouldn’t be very good at relinquishing my dignity…

            Actually… if it worked I think I would do it… but seeing as I don’t think it would work I will hold off embaressing myself…

          • skelly

            Hmmm, I wish that saying were true, but looking back on my life (as a fairly impulsive person with a wide streak of romanticism) there are many, many more things that I wish I had not done, than missed opportunities that I regret.

            Or you could say, I really miss those opportunities for restraint and reflection (dare I say dignity) that I ignored…

        • Fab

          October is not that long ago, so the straightforward approach is a little too early now. Since guys are in general slow in this things, I mean the good type who hang out with you- not the loose ones who go for anything-, you may wanna wait to get to know each other more. That you know that you’re his type is a big plus. Happy OT!

    • 1.5 ck1Oz

      Oh wow. He sounds great as a friend and more.
      Whatever happens… go with the flow?
      Unless you can’t help yourself and have to make a ” confession” K drama style 🙂
      How exciting though. Good luck.

      • 1.5.1 Leaf

        Don’t worry… I can totally stop myself from making a confession… I think I would actually die than do something like that haha
        So yeah… go with the flow is the current plan…

    • 1.6 mud

      Aww, you guys sound cute together as friends and as a potential couple. And your story was 150% NOT boring. Good luck!

    • 1.7 cv

      Leaf! I’m so excited for you! ^^ heheh
      Best part is you guys are friends to start off with. Anything can lead from there on. Most of all, you need to be comfortable in each others present and it seems like you guy are already. OOOH is this going to be the start of a great relationship…… I mean, when it happens that is which is going to be soon. 🙂

      • 1.7.1 cv

        Opps, meant to say presence…lol

        Oh yeah… forgot, when you do become a couple, don’t forget to show us a cute pic of u and him with your V sign. hehe ^^

        • Leaf

          Haha we are definately comfortable in each others presence…
          And LOL… yes I will post a picture, if that does happen….

    • 1.8 momosa

      Hey Leaf, just go with the flow. Do what you need to or like to do at that moment. Go with your guts as well, if it meant to happen, it will and if it’s doesn’t work out, at least you have hoped & tried.

      Three cheers for someone in love!!!!

      • 1.8.1 Leaf

        Haha oh god that’s embaressing… having a crush is weird enough to think but being in love is in a whole different league…

        • Big Unni

          So wait….it’s not love?

    • 1.9 Saner

      Aja aja hwaiting Leaf!

      It definitely seems like things are going smoothly, and you should just let things happen.
      I’ll be rooting for you and hoping you don’t have as many makjang moments as some of our favourite k-drama!

      You both sound adorbs – definitely my new OTP 😉

      • 1.9.1 Leaf

        Whoot!! We are totally drama worthy 😉
        But yeah… to be honest with me involved I can’t imagine it would get to makjang… haha

        But thanks <3

    • 1.10 whimsicalnet

      oh wow. what a lovely story to start the OT. i personally think it’s great for two persons to start out as friends first. go with the flow by all means but i, for one, don’t think it’s a bad thing to let him know that he means more to you. Good luck and i hope it will all turn out good for you!

    • 1.11 pillowhead

      aww Leaf. Talk to noona. I’m much older than you and have lots of, uh, er, some experience with men. jk. I’m clueless with guys, but I’m so excieted for you. I wish I were back in college, wondering if my crush shared my feelings. And how cool is it that he’s a tall, nice, good looking Korean guy (minus the skinny jeans and guyliner, I hope… actually the guyliner is growing on me thanks to T.O.P.) Good luck 🙂

      • 1.11.1 Leaf

        Haha yeah… minus the skinny jeans and eyeliner…
        How we meet was through the Rock Music Society so he did actually used to wear skinny jeans (not pastel ones though lol) but he said that made people think he was gay so he stopped haha.
        But he did do the metrosexual look one time but I made fun of it so so much that he ended up changing it haha.

        But whatever… he’s hot so can get anyway with it lol…

        Haha and don’t worry! It doesn’t matter how much experience you have has long as one day you do find the right guy! <3

        • pillowhead

          hey that’s a good sign that he changed things up for you! I did find the right guy finally. He’s snoring next to me. In a little while he’ll wake up and complain that I’m watching another Korean show. haha.

          • Leaf

            THAT’S AWESOME THEN! <3

            And lol… guys just don't get Korean Shows haha…

    • 1.12 Petto

      Oooh, what a nice story to end my Friday and welcome the weekend! Lurvey-dovey stories always warm my heart. Your crush totally sounds cute and awesome. But… I have no internal software regarding man-woman relationships either, so can’t help you there… haha…

      Although… This is not just directed at you… but I always wonder about those couples with huge height differences.
      Like, how do they stand up and kiss each other??? Can they reach each other?? Or is this a chance for that “romantic” girl-steps-on-guy’s-feet-and-tiptoes-to reach-his-lips kind of move. Of course, the taller person (usually guy) can bend down to kiss his lovely, but then I guess the shorter person (usually lady) wouldn’t be able to give him a surprise kiss that way… unless he’s sitting or lying down… or she climbs him… 😛

      Anyways, good luck snagging your oppa!! 😉

      • 1.12.1 Petto

        But of course, that kissy thing is the least of your problems. I mean, I’m not against couples with huge height differences (I don’t actually care actually, haha, as long as both are happy with each other), I was just curious, you know, in that ~forever~alone~ scientific way…

        • Leaf

          Well… we haven’t kissed yet (obviously) so I can’t really help….
          I’ve never kissed anyone so actually I really have no idea…

          • Petto

            Haha, just a hypothetical question actually.

            Well… how do you think you’ll handle that kind of situation…? Who knows, it might just happen to you someday soon… *whistles*


          • Leaf

            Well I would expect the guy kissing me to work it out haha.
            And I truely hope I do get kissed by someone in this lifetime… ^sigh^

      • 1.12.2 Rashell

        Well, as a 5 foot 2 inch woman married to a 6 foot 4 inch man (yeah, I don’t know cm. America struggles with the metric system) I can tell you that height difference does not make kissing difficult. If we’re standing, he bends down, I tiptoe up and we meet in the middle. Also stairs can be a help. Have him stand one step down on the front porch for the “goodnight” kiss.

        Once you get passed the standing and kissing stage, things get VERY simple. 😉

        • Leaf

          Glad to hear it doesn’t cause any issues 😉
          And I’m 5ft and he’s 6ft 3 so yeah… there is quite a height difference… lol

          Wish you all the happyness in the world with your husband <3

    • 1.13 Rashell

      Leaf, congrats on your crush! Don’t move too quickly those first few moments of butterflies and giddiness are worth savoring. Even if it doesn’t go any further then friendship, just having that rush of liking someone and being sooo excited to see them is wonderful.

      Keep us posted on any and all progress. I don’t have any great advice on how to tell if he “really” likes you. But trust me, most guys will eventually make a move if they think you’re open to it. And if it makes you feel any better, my husband swears that men don’t have friendships with women they aren’t interested in more then a friendship with. And that they only stay friends if they think the girl doesn’t want more.

      • 1.13.1 Leaf

        Hmm that does make sense…
        Well hopefully that will turn out to be the case haha.
        Thanks <3

      • 1.13.2 Enz

        I agree with rashell. This time of uncertainty is precious. Don’t hurry it. My personal motto has been, good or bad, I wanna have a create a bank of memories that is varied and interesting. So, one just have to be prepared to embrace pleasure and pain in life.

    • 1.14 Dorotka

      I don’t think guys spend time with girls they don’t like ;–)
      Good luck and happy ending!

    • 1.15 Carole McDonnell

      Wow! I’m hoping he “confesses” his love soon.

      • 1.15.1 Leaf

        Yeah… not gonna happen…

        • indigowine

          hahahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!
          Gotta say we’ll probably get along just by lookin at the sentence above.

          Don’t kill the hope just yet, darlin… let it grow but don’t overgrow it, if u catch my drift 😉

          Anyway, enjoy this for as long as you can. If you really2 like him, sometimes a bit hint here and there won’t hurt, just.. don’t overdo it 😉

    • 1.16 mary

      Heehee that is so cute! ♥

      *counts 44 replies to your story*

      Looks like there are a lot of people just dying for a cute story recently.

      I wouldn’t know what do in your place re: fessing up or not, but at least enjoy the feeling of liking someone right now. 😀

      Keep us updated if something nice happens!

    • 1.17 Raine

      I hate that question: where do we stand cause we both know this could go further! ACK!

      So jealous. I will live vicariously through you!

      • 1.17.1 Leaf

        Haha trust me… there is absolutely no guarantee that this will go further…
        I still fully expect nothing to come from this. I don’t want raise my hopes too high.

        • Raine

          I had one of these with a Puerto Rican/spanish guy. Ended up broken hearted…but worth it.

          He took me to the opera, the symphony, came over to my house really late to watch movies…

          And I’m a classical musician so the symphony is like…omg for me.

    • 1.18 Aliiiiiiiice

      Your story is TOO CUTE.

      Please keep us posted!

      He sounds like the ideal love interest in a shoujo manga or a 90s melo. I’m getting uber nostalgic right now. I’m totally shipping you two!

      If you don’t mind my asking, what are your signs? Do you know his birthday? At the risk of sounding totally hippy dippy, I’ve found that different signs (though it’s most accurate knowing the rising, sun and moon in combination) have different ways of processing information and expressing how they feel. Maybe I can offer some insight that may help you both out!

    • 1.19 kopytko

      Lucky you!
      It’s not like I can boast much experience in those matters, but in my eyes it’s the slow approach that leaves you most pleasant memories. Like getting closer step by step lets you see things and experiences you wouldn’t notice if you moved any faster. So take your time and enjoy!

      BTW A Korean speaking Polish induces a massive nosebleed in me – I’d like to see a wonder like that 😉

      I wrote “lucky you”, because the only men that pay attention to me recently are married ajussis. Not that I mind ajussis as such, I value a good chat with any interesting person, but you know, it feels bothersome. Why do they think I want to drink coffee with them? I don’t drink coffee. And I don’t fancy married men. yeah, lucky you 🙂

    • 1.20 FishcalledWanda

      Joining in to say you’re not boring at all, I love to hear an update! Even if nothing really happened I still love to hear how things are going. And I’m a bit jealous of you’re potential Korean Polish speaking boyfriend, haha!

      That’s he’s being a gentlemen I see as a good sign! But boys are the most difficult to understand sometimes. Nonetheless I keep my hopes up for you, Leaf, Fighting!

    • 1.21 Shukmeister


      Sorry for the late reply; I’ve got a bit of SGO going on in my personal relationships today too.

      I have a friend I crunched on in MS (I was 15/16). We are still good friends; I got him into rescue, he got me into scuba diving. Even though we never ‘sparked’, I can still go to him for anything, and he even knows how to dance. Keep positive thoughts and good luck!

      • 1.21.1 Shukmeister

        MS = “Middle School” not “Military Service”

    • 1.22 ladysarahii

      Wow, how cool! The start of a new relationship is always difficult to navigate. I don’t know what I can’t say that other, no doubt wiser, people have already said, so definitely keep us posted! 🙂

    • 1.23 directioner

      Hi sweetie,

      I really think you might be reading a bit too into it. Best of luck though~~

      • 1.23.1 Leaf

        Haha don’t worry I am not.
        I fully expect nothing to happen. I think we will just stay friends. And even then I imagine we would probably drift apart after a while.
        See, I guess this is the advantage of being forever alone but you learn to not expect anything relationshipwise.
        I think he just sees me as a mildly interesting friend who it’s fun enough to talk to every now and again.
        And that… well doesn’t really bother me a huge amount. I don’t really see how I could be anything more.

  2. Korazy Lady

    Good Morning Everyone! I just love it when I sleep in on Friday mornings and then the OT is up. Nothing better than OT and coffee!

    So it’s back to reality after the Big Bang trip. I’m so happy to have meet the DB chingus! Oh, and to have seen those boys, of course!

    Nice Guy – what can I say? I will miss spending my weeks obsessing over you. SJK, it may take me a long time to get over this crush! And it is the first drama I got my daughter to watch (she was definitely crushing on Lawyer Park, haha!) So hopefully I have a new drama watching buddy!

    Have a great weekend, all!

    • 2.1 kakashi

      I can fully understand your daughter. Lawyer Park is super cute. Poor guy. And you know what, Korazy Lady? Why don’t you just start from Epi 1 again – that’s what I did 🙂

      • 2.1.1 Korazy Lady

        I plan to do that, with French subtitles. And then again in English. And then again……and again

        • kakashi

          that sounds like an excellent plan, KL

    • 2.2 cv

      Hi Korazylady!
      Have a good weekend! 🙂

      • 2.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Are you coming down from your BIg Bang high yet? Have you seen this article:

        It makes me happy to know we were there, probably while this interview was going on!

        And I will definitely go with you when they come back! I keep telling people (who think I’m insane, by the way) that it was the most fun concert I’ve ever been to!

        • cv

          Haha! NOt really. I still can’t believe I went! LOL I told my little niece(who is 7–also a big fan of BB–all thanks to me and my other older nieces) I went and she was like, what? I wanted to go too! hehe I told her I’ll take her if they come back to play in the US. *fingers cross that they do*

          I agree, their concert was fun. So much better than when I went to see Maroon 5 even though M5 did bring out a good show. My niece would have loved it too! Next time, we definitely need to go together again! 😀
          Although, if another kpop group do come to the US, I might even consider going if they are good and I like their music. hehe

          • Korazy Lady

            Hey, you know I’ll be onboard. I didn’t even know Big Bang before everyone started talking about going. Now they’re my favorite running partners on my ipod!

          • cv

            KL, Okay! Now, just keep an eye and ear open about any Kpop concert coming up next year. ^^ Well, not really. Here is a few band that I will go see if they come!

            Bigbang–they have to come back!
            2ne1 ( I missed their August concert–was aiming for BB)
            JYJ (I really wish they hold concert here in the US before they have to head to MS–missed (Xia)Junsu’s concert this past Aug? or Sept? but I want to see all three of them cuties together though!)
            Super Junior—just cause their’s so many cuties in the group. :p and my niece is a fan of theirs.
            FTIsland–omg! Hongki! Love his voice.
            Infinite–all cuties. I like their music.

          • Korazy Lady

            Erhhh, I gotta say, I’m not quite as onboard for the girl groups!

          • cv

            KL, as you can see, on my list is just one group—same ent company as BB. I just love their music. Really different from all the other girl groups out there.

          • JoAnne

            Korazy – girl groups I am with you but I make exception for 2NE1 in almost every case, and in certain cases, Miss A.

            If you are looking for female voices, though: Gummy, Ali (highly highly HIGHLY recommend), new girl Lee Hi…and surprise surprise, little Han Groo of Girl K and now CWGM fame!

            I’d see BB babies again in a heartbeat and yes, I’m paying more for a ticket up close this time. I’d enjoy MBlaq, CNBlue, Dalmatian, B1A4, Shinee too…but none so much as The Boys. Well. Rain. There’s him. That’s more than the boys but that’s also a concert I must attend alone. I need to limit the people who know anything about my plan to kidna…err, I just want to admire him uninterruptedly.

          • Raine

            JOAnne unni, We all know of your plan and some of us may have to thwart it. I’d paid good money to see him, CN Blue 10cm, FT Island. Ali….omg Ali…

            These guys need to come to Denver!

          • Shukmeister


            Bianada for the late post. It was awesomesauce meeting up with you, starting with our Tea Party in the hotel lobby. I would looove to go to another concert, as long as it’s waayyyyyy outside hurricane season. lol

            Esp JYJ!

          • Korazy Lady

            Shukmeister! Just think, last week at this time we were all aflutter with anticipation of the start of the concert. Too bad we can’t do a rewind!

          • Shukmeister

            Korazy –

            YOU were aflutter – I was freaking out in front of the Weather Channel. LOL

            Still, although we cancelled the noraebang, it still was a great success! I’m currently writing a fictionalized account entitled “What Now? Adventures of Noonas in the Tri-State Area” Don’t worry, though; the screen names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. lol

            It was funny, though, coming back with a heavier suitcase than when I left. When the big guy needed two hands to schlep it onto the bus, I knew success! [wink]

          • shel

            CN BLue is in LA this weekend. But, they’re with a big Kpop concert that includes just about everyone Cher and I saw at the free Kpop Concert in Mtn View. I wish they’d been there…..

            I didn’t have money or time to run down to LA, but if they had been by themselves or w/someone else we hadn’t seen, we’d probably find a way…

        • pillowhead

          I’ve just started to listen to Kpop. LOVE BIGBANG!!! Where did you guys see them?

          • cv

            Last Friday in Newark, NJ! It was epic! ^^

          • Shukmeister

            pillowhead –

            KorazyLady, CherKell, JoAnne, me, and cv went to the concert together. We met up with OMG post concert for soju and squee-ing, then CherKell and I met up with CMRPrindle in the City a few days later. It was a blast!!

          • pillowhead

            aw man! I wish I live out that way. I would have totally been up for that!

          • pillowhead

            oh, and yeah, I’m not into the girl bands either. Only pretty boys please. hehe

    • 2.3 Awe

      lawyer park = Joon Hawtness

      • 2.3.1 Korazy Lady

        I must definitely find some other things he’s been in. If only to keep her addicted 🙂

        • enz

          penny pinchers korazy lady (movie with song joong ki too – so WIN WIN – for you and daughter) very cute movie. i enjoyed it and had some LOL scenes. one of which involved joon ha

          • Korazy Lady

            THank you, thank you Enz! I actually started watching it a while ago but was having trouble streaming it. And I’m not sure she should watch another show with both of them in it. She as getting some weird ideas! haha

          • enz

            i think i watched it on – speedy joe does seem to always be the speediest!

      • 2.3.2 pogo


        It’s the best when a drama has two male leads I can crush on, I ship Maru and Eun-ki like bananas to Ecuador but I totally want Joon Hawtness for myself.

    • 2.4 JoAnne

      Lawyer Park Joon Ha – whyyyyyyy so adorably cute? Hope we see more of you!

      • 2.4.1 pogo

        I just looked him up and he’s officially old enough to be going into military service soon 🙁

        • Conny

          And once again I wish Military Service was something Korean men did in their late teens.
          Korea, why oh why must you snatch our men away at the height of their hotness???

          • Shukmeister

            Conny –

            I’ve pondered this, and this is what I’ve come up with:

            – The kids are snatched up by the Entertainment Companies while still very young (15~16).

            – Most young entertainers don’t come to the forefront until they are at least 20 years old. There are exceptions, of course.

            – The E-Comps want to make profits on their investment, so they are not going to let these boys go to MS until they have some marketability that will last past the two-year hiatus.

            Therefore, the military service gets pushed back until they are almost conscripted, leaving us to mourn…

      • 2.4.2 enz

        for lovers of joon ha, in case you guys didnt know, he was in penny pinchers with song joong ki too. he was cute in it and speaks really good english. anyone watched that yet?

        • JoAnne

          Yep, loved it. Loved him in it. Loved both of them.

          • enz

            i loved that scene where the girl and him were walking along river han coz she didnt want to spend anything on a ‘date’ and by the end, he was staggering and then he said ” weve reached so and so bridge already” and she says ” oh ya. should we walk back?” and he just about died. so funny

    • 2.5 Hipployta

      I went to both LA shows and I’m still on my high after touching 3/5 boys, getting serenaded, and Daesung holding my hand during the concert.

      I even bought the letter jacket from the concert last weekend on the YGeshop which was a total hassle. If I knew they were going to put it on their eBay store this week I would have waited.

      • 2.5.1 JoAnne

        touched? TOUCHED?


        • Korazy Lady

          Where did we go wrong?

          • JoAnne

            we didnt spring for the expensive tics

  3. swurbel

    Happy OT day!!!!!!!
    Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!!!

    I want to watch Great Seer and Dramaking (and other stuff) – but no time at moment. But I save it for later. I’ll watch it in one piece on a long cold dark winter evenings with nice food or/and pizza, mulled wine…I’m very excited….
    Enjoying the recaps for I Miss You and Nice Guy here in DB – but can’t watch these kind of heavy sad dramas at the moment. Maybe later …

    At the moment I am watching Horse Healer and FH2. Horse Healer is nice but sometimes a bit illogical/cumbersome. I mean in ep14 – ending scene: he had great pain to use the needles. Why does our hero not set the doll on the floor?? That would have made it a bit easier. Or was it prohibited during the test??? And all the other students watching him. But it’s an importent exam/test boys!!! Finish your dummy!!! During an exam, I have to do my own stuff. No time to watch my rivals. but hey..thats dramalogic (…very confused after all…). But I know: our hero has to suffer a LOT and a lot and a lot before he can get the girl, the fame, the money…his own horse to heal…

    I enjoy watching FH2 and reading the nice recaps. (Didn’t expect it in the first place). So funny. so many twists. I am confused about the titel because it has nothing to do with the manga or the first drama. But these are the mysteries of drama titles :-)(((my suggestion: ‘Take One Hapkido Move’ or ‘Love, Hapkido and a Kitty’ or ‘Two Princes and Hapkido Cat’…)))

    Man-ok and Tae-ik are like an old couple already. And sweet Kang-hwi is their son. A kitty is also there. Family complete. :-). Poor pooor poor Kang-hwi – no girl for him?? Only the cat?? (sniff) But it is a very very sweet cute kitten.
    And the manager is such a snake ( Has he not even worn a jacket with snake pattern????) and Se-ryung is such a bichty bitch. I really hate her. Every time she opens her mouth, I want to slap in he pretty face. And yell at her: “Leave the house immediately and let the boys alone”. I can not stand her. But I enjoy her wonderful evil character.
    Maybe she’s not as evil as it seems. I mean, everyone in this drama has known or unknown reasons for their current behavior (Fire, evil stepmom, betrayal, infidelity …(hmm looks a bit like shakespeare????)). But I know the reason for Se-ryung’s evilness yet, so I can hate her with all my heart.

    Have a nice weekend and don’t catch a cold!!

    • 3.1 Leaf

      Oh is Great Seer really good? I’ve been meaning to continue watching it as I enjoyed the first episode.

      And too late… I’ve already got a cold and have been dying in bed for a while now 🙁

      Hope you have a good week! 😀

      • 3.1.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

        The Great Seer has a good plot and great cast. You should watch it. Actually, there are some events in The Great Seer that is also shown in Faith, but if I were to choose between the two, I enjoyed watching TGS more compared to Faith. Faith was kinda boring at times. 🙂

      • 3.1.2 swurbel

        Oh. A cold?? That’s not nice. 🙁
        Hmm. I think Great Seer is pretty good. Maybe not the best (otherwise there would recaps of jb / gf). But I will enjoy it later. And I like Ji Sung. Kim Soo Ro was my very first kdrama and the beginning of my addiction. Also I like dramas of the Goryeo period. Lot of georgous and different costumes and hairstyles- so I can better distinguish the actors. Please do not laugh now – but for me, a European, in other dramas the korean actors all look alike, when they wear the same costumes like palace robes etc.
        Get well soon!!!

    • 3.2 Shiku

      I thought the exact same thing about the Horse Healer. He should have put it down but then I remembered he had acupuncture needles on both sides so it wouldn’t have been easy to balance on acupuncture needles. I also thought the other test-takers should have focused on their test as time was running out. Maybe a few of them had finished?

      • 3.2.1 swurbel

        I think our hero will prick the needle in the very last millisecond. And miraculously, the other test-takers also finished the acupuncture test.:-)

    • 3.3 Raine

      SE-ryung is evil! MadDino and I have named her Evil One/She-monster in our recaps! She’s just horrrrrrrid.

      I am surprised that I like the show, a lot. A lot more than I thought. I only started recapping cause I thought it’d be fun to make fun of, and it is. But it surprisingly has a lot of meat and real heartfelt bits to it!

      JoAnne recommended Great Seer. I need to start that but I’m catching up on AM 1997 cause I was moving when it aired!

      • 3.3.1 Shukmeister


        And cheese! Don’t forget the FH/T2 cheese! I know you have a checklist of KDrama tropes and a nice sharpened pencil to check them off.
        *** POSSIBLE SPOILER ***
        Still waiting for amnesia (Man Ok maybe with the fire stuff), and, of course, the Childhood Friend Syndrome is still looming, as well as the birth secret/Mom issues with Kang Hwi.

        And if we get a car accident, please please please make it for The Evil One!!

        Bring it on!

        • Raine

          We’re expecting the entire gammut of tropes, but that’s cool. Just continue to make it hilarious and I’m allllll good.

    • 3.4 Marika

      I cannot get over how adorable Kang-Hwi is, especially with his pouty face.

    • 3.5 Jumbalaya

      What is your opinion on “I Miss You”? It looks really really emotionally taxing…I’m considering watching it but it seems like a lot..

  4. ym

    Hi everyone,
    Long time reader maybe 5th time commenter? So rather new at comments. Lol.
    I didn’t watch any of the Nice guy episodes and just kept up with it via Dramabeans but I watched the last 2 episodes. Though I wasn’t terribly attached to this drama after finishing it…I feel somewhat depressed. Now I know why I tend not to watch melos. Also a bad idea to watch I miss you right after, but I will drop it soon I’m thinking. Holding out for YEH and my pretty Jade Emperor!

    • 4.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      Jade emperor is pretty awesome. I’ve just finished watching God of Study, and he was just so good in that drama. 🙂

      • 4.1.1 Unnursvana

        He was! I loved him in that drama. I found his character kinda annoying sometimes but I liked him so much that I decided to check out Warrior Baek Dong Soo and I don’t regret it that all. God of study was such a enjoyable drama. It also made me cry so much.

  5. V.

    Right now I love King of Dramas. It is so funny. Waiting for the next episode is a bit excruciating at the moment.

    • 5.1 Anne

      Iam loving siwon’s ridiculous character! I can forgive his hair because i know it amps the absurdness of his ego. Bad hair has a purpose, so it’s forgivable.

      • 5.1.1 V.

        His hair is so ridiculous and for some reason reminds me of Keanu Reeves, lol.

        • Anne

          Like a weirdly parted keanu reeves hairstyle.
          Keanu rocks it tho. Siwon’s just…. Unflaterring, to put it nicely.

          His abs can’t even distract me from the HAIR! I know, can you imagine someone paying attention to his other body parts when the washboards are in the scene?

          • swurbel

            Abs????? Where ? When ? How??

            (((hmmm Maybe I should switch to KOD from FH2??)))

      • 5.1.2 ladysarahii

        Yes! Me, too. He definitely steals the show. One thing I love about that drama is the careful attention to detail with each character, the hair, the mannerisms, etc. How he strikes poses when he looks at himself in the mirror. Haha!

        • V

          That’s true, he does strike a bunch of weird poses. I had never heard of him before, but in this role he is hilarious.

          • ladysarahii

            Yeah, me either. This was the first time I’ve ever seen him, too. I loved it when he looked at himself and went, “I am your father.”

            I was like, “Are you quoting Star Wars? To yourself? In the mirror?” HAHAHA.

        • Anne

          He’s sooooo self-absorbed that it’s too point of funny and no longer insulting. Siwon is definitely killing it in this role.

      • 5.1.3 Ladytron33

        Oh yes, the it’s best character he’s played so far. I’m really loving him. The hair not so much, even though I can see its purpose.

        • Anne

          Best character indeed. Im glad he’s playing off this ridic role amazingly. Definitely going away from his perfect man image.

      • 5.1.4 Ann

        King of Dramas is much better than I thought it would be. What a roller-coaster ride! It has really made a story I thought would be ho-hum into a comedy thriller.

        • Anne

          The music is LOL. Cheeky. They put this really intense back music in scenes to amp the intensity.but it’s like an “in-ur-face” kind of thing to those dramas and there unnecessary dramatic music.

    • 5.2 twentyonebuds

      Me too! I thought I’d check out the first episode when i saw the recap was up on db.. and then i ended up watching 4 episodes in a row haha.. Really loving Jung Ryu Won this year 😀 And Kim Myung Min’s voice is so sexyyy!

      • 5.2.1 JoAnne

        Yeah, I forgot to mention I saw Ep 1 of that and so far I like – but my big take away at this point is that voice. Lord have mercy.

      • 5.2.2 V

        That is how I found out about it too. I saw it on DB and then marathoned the first 4 episodes on hulu!

    • 5.3 pillowhead

      yes! I agree. 😀

  6. Anne


    So i dont normally post personal things here in the open thread, but i thought i would today because, why not?

    I recently migrated to the US. And im not really coping well. Part of ots my fault tho, cause i never leav ethe house except with my family. And im too scared to apply for a job and learn to commute. I cant drive here yet. Life has been very uneventful for the last 5 months and iwantitto change.but im also afraid to move out of my comfortzone.

    Any advices?

    And…those watching CAN WE GET MARRIED! What’dyou think of this week’s episode? Spazz with me!

    • 6.1 ym

      Hi Anne,

      Just get out there! If you’re not comfortable going out alone yet, explore your area with your family for a while and get used to your surroundings first. Take a walk around the block, get friendly with your neighbors…Baby steps! I hope that kind of helps!

      • 6.1.1 Anne

        Thanks, my family has been here for a while already and they’re almost always busy so i can’t somehow tag them along to explore. But i will try to get out there, like i said, i recgnize it’s my fault. And if we knowwhat’s wrong, it’s easier to fix right? So as long as i can get this courage to take over the city, life will be good.

        • Ann

          If you are concerned about your English, take a class in English as a second language. You also may be able to find a conversation class. I am a speech pathologist and I have done a little foreign accent reduction work, and what I found is that we ended up discussing a lot of cultural elements as well as idioms that really helped my client’s understanding.

          Also, you can meet people who are also new to the country and can empathize with your situation.

          • Anne

            Well, my english is fine. Im from the Philippines, but english is my first language so obviously no problem in that department. But i agree, it might be a great place to meet people who are like me, new immigrants, i might just take a class. Thanks.

    • 6.2 ck1Oz

      Go for a walk along your neighbourhood first- in the daytime.

      Yes, driving is a must I guess in the US. I drove for the first time with license when I bought a new car. NOT the best time to drive… so take things slow.

      But yeah, take buses everywhere to learn your city and things will get better once you’re used to your environment.

      This is from me… moved to 2 different cities/countries on my own. No family. But yeah, baby steps works best. Good luck 🙂

      • 6.2.1 Anne

        Driving isa must, esp since im in SoCal. I took my first bus ride yesterday with my mom. It was kind of uncomfartable for me, but not as bad i’d imagine. I never commuted back in the home country.

        Lots of people my age on the bus too! But that’s probably only because the route of the bus i took was headed-straight to CalPoly.

        • skelly

          I would suggest networking – do either of your parents, or anyone else in your family, know of someone looking for some part-time help? Is there a little shop along your bus route, or something within walking distance in your neighborhood, that could use a cheap, part-time employee?
          A good friend of mine who moved here from India said that she was really lonely until she went back to school (she is now a doctor). She said that there were three ways to fit in when you move to a new country: get a job, go to school, or have a baby.

          • Anne

            I think getting a job soon would really help me. Thanks.

    • 6.3 Mystisith

      Can We Get Married? Cracktastic show.
      They should use it to help people who are about to marry (or divorce). I can disagree with some of the characters but I understand the point of view and the actions of all of them. Thanks for organic conflicts, taken in our daily lives!
      ***Spoiler for episode 5*******************:
      That first kiss scene for our bikers: I was dead laughing! Man is so straightforward and honest. What a teddy bear. 🙂
      I’m European so I can’t really help you with your immigration problem. Sorry! 🙁

      • 6.3.1 Anne

        I just want Dongbi to be insanely rich just to piss off her jerk ex-boyfriend. But i also want them to get back together so i hope he starts winning DongBi back before he knows about her background, or that will just ruin their whole love life for him.

        I hope haejin and her husband divorce for good, cause i cant see how they can redeem the cheating bastard’s actions.

        Haeyoon is really lucky to have her fiance who is such the sweetest man.

        The aunt and the uncle! Omg, their story is really cute.

        • shelhass

          “I just want Dongbi to be insanely rich just to piss off her jerk ex-boyfriend” – Well said.

          Dongbi has to be some chaebol heiress, there’s no other way. Do you remember her talking to her brother on the phone? I think he comes back to Korea and then we’ll know about her full-of-riches past, and maybe her oppa will make Ki Joong’s life into hell. Ha.

    • 6.4 V.

      Welcome to the USA Anne! I agree with taking walks. Take short walks around and then slowly start to take longer walks.

      If you are in school try joining a club. If you are religious try joining a church. Churches have lots of activities for their members.

      • 6.4.1 Anne

        Im not in school, but i do go to church.
        Except my parents often want to leave rightaway after the service so we never mingle with others. Guess i have to find some place else to meet people. 🙂 thanks for the advice and listening to my boring life.

        • Ladytron33

          Hi Anne! Welcome to the states. It’s a pretty great place to live, I promise! My husband moved here from Europe a few years ago and had a hard time at first too. He had me to show him around of course, but it wasn’t long before he was able to make a life for himself without any help.

          A really good way to meet people would be to take a class. Even if you’re outside of the “student” age, there are lots of continuing ed classes out there that don’t cost a lot. Or you could do something like cooking, karate, or pottery classes. Find something you enjoy and the people will follow. My hubby joined an ultimate frisbee league and met all of his good friends through that.

          The best way to get out of the house and meet people is to volunteer. (And you get to help others in the process!) I’m sure there are a lot of these opportunities in your area.

          I’ve been there, so I know how hard it can be. Good luck and I hope things pick up for you soon!

          • Anne

            I will be taking some classes by early next year. And i’m really excited.

            I’m a homebody. Always has been. But i think it’s about time i start exploring the outside world. Thanks.

    • 6.5 enz

      hi anne, just wanted to say that it really takes a long time to fully settle into a place. and it does take effort too, which the rest have already advised you on. as someone who have moved quite a few times in her life, i hope it helps to know that its usually hard for EVERYONE to adjust to a new place and life.

      so hang in there.

      as for can we get married, i just found out that its the same director that did que sera sera!!!! so, am definitely interested in checking it out now. cant believe i was just checking out his filmography and found that out just as everyone is raving about this drama

      • 6.5.1 Anne

        Awwthanks, that makes me feel better. I just need to find the will to exert effort. Enthusiasm about life in general is what i need from Santa this season.

        Que sera sera any good? I am really enjoying can we get married, do check it out! Im sure some of the characters will drive you crazy. They do that to me too, but i like the fact that the characters are like people i know exist in real life, and have problems people i know irl have. We all know at least one meddling mom who thinks her child is too good for anyone to have.

        • enz

          well i wrote a looong post on que sera sera below – i love it a LOT – almost every aspect but the fashion and the female lead hair, which was extremely distracting! – but it is INTENSE and not a rom-com as marketed. the only thing funny was the pain in my heart fighting with the heat in my… well you get the picture!

          eric moon played the smoldering swaggering completely lust worthy kang tae joo perfectly, for me. but it is not a happy happy show. just so you know.

          • Anne

            If it’s a sad one, then i guess i’ll pass. I can’t take anymore melos after Nice Guy. Gonna let the tears rest for a while.

        • enz

          and anne, everyone goes through phases where the will to exert effort is lacking. some more so than others. but at the risk of sounding preachy, i have to say that one has to just continue. i think exercising is one of the best ways to fight that. maybe you could look into some physical activities around your area – gym, kayaking etc?

          sometimes we all have to force ourselves to do it and find that things have gotten better without us noticing it.

    • 6.6 whimsicalnet

      hallo! i stayed in the States for a while. Uprooting and moving can be hard but yes, do go ard the neighbourhood first and at least getting to know one or two friends from the neighbourhood or church would hopefully ease you into your new environment. hwaiting!

      • 6.6.1 Anne

        Thanks, my parents are good friends with our neighbors so maybe i can be good friends with their kids who are my age.

    • 6.7 Korazy Lady

      Hi Anne! I was wondering if you could sign up for a class or two somewhere. Maybe there is a community college near you. I’m not sure of your age, but you can always meet people of all ages at a community college!

      Good luck! It sometimes takes a while for a place to seem like home, but you’ll get there

      • 6.7.1 Anne

        I will be taking some classes early next year. Im excited to meet people, thanks!

    • 6.8 Sabah


      I would encourage you to take people’s advice here and set yourself mini daily goals. I would add though, that you should make those mini goals, so that even though individually they seem minuscule to the point of ineffective, within a week or month it would have amounted to something. For instance, say that you will walk just past your neighbour tomorrow, then the following day two houses down, then the third day three houses down. It seem so small, so paltry but therein lies the wisdom because there isn’t an excuse or fear not to do so. In this way you trick yourself so that by the end of the week or fortnight you would have made it around the block!

      Our own selves are our biggest enemies. Belittling and casting doubts on any good intentions. The thing is when we fight, we always end up losing because, well, ‘we know ourselves too well,’ especially our fears. The best way is just to take steps that are so small it is almost secretive, sly because they really isn’t a fight. Seriously, tell yourself right now, that you will walk around the block and there will be 1001 contentions filling your head BUT tell yourself that you will just walk past your neighbours house AND your ego will just laugh at you! BUT then at least you will get to do it! Each day, the smallest increase and trust me they will so very quickly amount to something grand.

      Wishing you success upon success.

      As for the show, ‘Can we get married?’ I love it! I only began watching for Sung Joon and was very wary of Jung So min BUT I am really enjoying ALL the relationships. I am really loving cable programming. First TvN and now JTBC. I would watch the other ratings buster, childless comfort, but I can’t find it anywhere subbed.

      • 6.8.1 Anne

        Thanks, i will be taking things one step at a time like everyone has been saying. If i want things to change, i need to exert effort and work on myself.

        I’m really liking Han Groo’s character the most. Well, i just really like Han Groo in general.

        • Sabah

          I am glad you are feeling optimistic. I truly wish you well.

          It took me such a long time to work out where I knew her from AND Kim Young Kwang. Seriously that’s all I was thinking all through their ‘hot’ scene in the beginning…which dramas have I seen them in? Completely distracted until well, you know and then ‘where’ do I know them from became ‘what’ are they doing?! Hehe.

          • Anne

            I watched the series for han groo and jung so min. Imagine mu surprise when we have them both in passionate liplocks (though, not with each other) within the first 15 minutes.

            Kim young kwang is so hot! Not a very good actor, but he suits this role, and like i said, HOT.

          • Sabah

            It definitely has a lot of hot scenes with hot people. I must say though that this show has showcased these actors really well for which I am really glad. I just hope it rides out this escalating momentum.

    • 6.9 Awe

      greets Anne–
      start by walking out the front door every hour. then adventure to walk down the street and be sure to look for pretty flowers and notice the trees. find one nice thing you like about every house you walk past. or every car you walk by.
      doing this will build up your spiritual pressure of gratitude and gratitude allows you to overcome your fears and negative thoughts.
      when your fears and negative thoughts have subsided, you’ll become more excited to try new things,
      hang in there.

    • 6.10 constellations


      i guess i can’t really help since i’ve never moved before, but perhaps you could try to get to know your neighbours? that might help (if they’re nice people!), especially if you need company or a guide to bring you around.

      been watching can we get married, and i can’t wait for the next episode! really liked the motorbike aunt and motorbike uncle’s relationship, omg. they’re like a breath of fresh air esp after all the bickering between the two mother-in-laws.

      also, really want dongbi and kijoong to get back together even though he was such a jerk to her before and after their breakup. doesn’t help that kijoong is the kind of guy that people love to hate but can’t fully bring themselves to…

      i need a junghoon for myself too!

      • 6.10.1 Anne

        Kijoong is a very charismatic person. He’s like one of those salesmen who you know is prolly selling crap to you but you buy anyway cause he’s very enticing.

        I think kijoong really does like dongbi, but he can’t bring himself to commit completely to her because she doesn’t know much about her family. And judging by how he is with his fiancé, im sure he’s just getting married for the sake of pleasing his parents. Love be damned, he treats it like a business deal.

        I honestly dont know which mother frustrates me more. Although i can get how junghoon’s mom is reacting. If haeyoon’s mom was being nice and not calculative, i’m sure junghoon’s mom would have just accepted haeyoon completely. Lavish gifts or not. It’s just that haeyoon’s mom is bringing out the worse in her.

    • 6.11 Naz

      take a class of some sort, like salsa, martial arts, yoga, Frisbee or something that makes people interact with others. I’m a really shy person so I know that can be hard.

    • 6.12 JoAnne

      Sung Joon can KISS.

      Leaf, watch him and Jung So Min for a lesson on how the height difference gets handled. And in highschool, when I was still only 5’2” – my boyfriend was 6’4”. He used to pick me up a lot. Or I sat in his lap.

      Ahem. If you recline, it makes not one bit of difference.

      • 6.12.1 Leaf

        I’m sure we’ll work it out 😉

      • 6.12.2 Anne

        Well, i’m pretty sure Jung So Min is getting help from a wooden block or a couple of books. But yeah, their kisses are great.

        I saw a BTS of shut up! Flower boyband, and Sung Joon said it was his first. But he was really good at it so i’m not sure if he meant first onscreen kiss or first kiss in life. But boy can kiss for sure.

    • 6.13 Carole McDonnell

      A good thing is to discover organizations or groups that do things together. Like a neighborhood garden club or some such thing. In that way, you will get to know other folks in addition to your family. (of course, this is winter so that garden club idea might not work right now) You could check out reading clubs at the library, or find the local hang-out spot. If you’re in a small town, just go walking outside a lot and if you see anyone in their yard, just smile and say “hi.” Big cities are a little harder. Driving is good but not driving is a blessing if you’re in a new town. Walking around will help you meet new folks.

      I like Can we get married? But the last episode seemed slow to me, maybe a bit repetitive. I guess I have to get used to the pacing. Welcome to the US, btw

      • 6.13.1 Anne

        Thanks for the advice. I dont know what you guys consider a big town or whatever. I live in Southern California in one of those san gabriel valley cities, and im not sure if our place is a big or small town.

        I hope we get dongbi’s backstory sooooooooon. She’s my fave character.

    • 6.14 Raine

      Well, here’s what a few people have told me

      1) Find people or a group or activity group organized people from your home country. \

      2) Haunt a coffee shop and become a regular!

      3) Check out local sights, especially if there are little artsy places. I live in Fort Collins and there are all these cool crafts shops, record shops, photo gallerys, stages, etc.

      It takes time. A lot of time. I just moved from Florida to Colorado in August and I’m slowly adjusting and meeting people.

      Do learn to drive even though it’s scary. Parking lots are great! I grew up in Miami and driving there is pretty much one of the scariest things ever, but now I’m equipped for my Colorado city.

      I’m watching Answer Me 1997 and FHT2. Just finished recapping the Thousandth Man…ow my heart.

      • 6.14.1 Anne

        I didn’t finish thousandth man. That’s the gumiho one right? I think i’ve only watched up to the 5th episode. Should i continue?

        And im glad to know you’re adjusting well to your new environment. At least one of us is, right?

        • Raine

          We’ll support each other!!!

          I would finish TTM just to know what happens. Or you could read the recap. I was disappointed with the last two but at the same time was very entertained…

    • 6.15 kdramapedia

      Congrats on the relocation!

      I know it’s super scary at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll be happy. I’ve never immigrated, but I have moved to opposite sides of the country and lived without any family or friends nearby, too!

      I would say, you have to get out of the house! I know it’s hard at first because it’s scary, but you have to! I’m a “homebody” so I don’t like going out much, but in order to get comfortable, I had to push myself beyond my comfort zone and discover new things.

      The thing that made the most difference was joining a group. I love to dance, so I research dance places, scoped them out, and picked one. I’m so glad I did because they became my second family. I just relocated (AGAIN! haha) and I am missing them SO much! But I know I can start over again and find a new group of people here.

      What are your interests? Is there something you want to learn? Is there something you always wanted to try? Take a class at a community college (not for credit, but for learning) like another language, photography, art, etc and meet people there. Or join a local Meet Up group and do group activities with other people your age. National Novel Writing Month is going on right now, and if you log onto you can find groups near you who meet at libraries and local coffee shops, and you can talk to people who know the area.

      Those are just some quick suggestions. My lunch break is over, so I have to go. But if you want any help or suggestions, you can always reply here or email me. It’s my username!

      Good luck! =)

      • 6.15.1 Anne

        Aww wow, that’s really nice of you to take some time off your lunch break to reply to me. 🙂 i appreciate it very much.

        I am a homebody too, i actually prefer staying in with friends rather than hanging out. But i know if i want to have friends, im going to have to go out some time.

        And maybe i’ll continue my japanese language at some college. I learned it for a month back home, i was really good at it too. I learned the “alphabets” in like an hour or so. But i was just not interested enough to learn the language more cause i’m into korean more.

        • kdramapedia

          Since you’re in Southern California, I’m sure there’s plenty of places to take a Korean language course. I’ll be signing up for one myself in the spring. Where I used to live there weren’t any classes available, but here there’s plenty!

    • 6.16 Shukmeister

      Anne! Welcome!

      Just work within your comfort zone. You didn’t say where you are living, but I can tell you, there are great people everywhere.

      For the BB concert last week, the people that met up were from California, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. Not sure where OMG lives, but I know she drove in, so it has to be around the Tri-state area.

      My area is a vast melting pot, including many ethnic groups and religions. If you check the website for the local paper under “Local Events”, you can frequently find safe and family-friendly things to do. Good luck! Fighting!

      • 6.16.1 Anne

        I’m in southern california. I’m sure there are a lot of nice people here somewhere. I just need to meet them. Lol.

        Im not really good at meeting new people, so we’ll see how that goes,

        • Shukmeister

          Thank you! These old eyes found that out after I had already hit the ‘Submit button. Southern California has great weather and even better people (wave to Shel and CherKell; I can never remember who is NoCal and who is SoCal, but you are both awesome people!)

          I agree with the majority of what people offered you as advice. Stay in touch on OT, and let us know how it goes!

          Magandang araw sa’yo!

  7. ck1Oz

    Happy OT everyone. Have a great weekend.
    Watched ep 20 of Nice Guy live streaming.
    Now going back to watching ep 13 onwards- that is one emotionally draining show.

    On a drama note, softy translated Joo Won’s Win Win episode… and I admire him more than ever. Talented, hard working and not conceited.

    • 7.1 stars

      Do you know where I can watch that episode of Joo Won in Win Win? =D

      • 7.1.1 ck1Oz

        Oh dear, sorry, I hardly ever stream variety shows or dramas. I download the torrents. I tried looking at dramastyle for you but it’s not there.

        • stars

          thanks anyway… i use torrent to download stuff too. THANKS!

        • stars

          Do you know where I can get subs? =D

          • ck1Oz

            Ah no, I don’t watch variety shows much only 1N2D raw. Plus Strong Heart- subbed. Sometimes.

            Someone on OT would know. Me am not really helpful 🙁

      • 7.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        On is a great translated recap of that Win Win episode, so I’ll recommend to check that out. Hope this’ll help you! I really love Joo Won in it, he speaks so truly from his heart.

    • 7.2 Raine

      I’m waiting to marathon Nice Guy so I won’t have quite the emotional strain on my heart as waiting from week to week…

  8. Aryast

    Finally! Happy OT and happy Friday my fellow DB-ers. I’ve been sooooooo busy this past few weeks that I haven’t been able to even post on OT and worse, been trailing behind with a lot of the dramas that have ended. :'( Namely, Faith and Arang.

    I am currently watching Nice Guy though and just marathon-ed Full House Take 2 up to the latest subbed episodes.

    After TTBY, I decided to refrain from going into any dramas that involved idols – both real and fictional – but there’s just something about Full House Take 2 that makes me addicted. It’s probably the zany antics and Park Ki Woong and in recent episodes – Tae-Ik(Noh Min Woo not so much, boy needs to pack on the pounds!). It is, however, definitely NOT the hair! Especially Jang Man Ok’s, it annoys the bajongas outta me. Another thing or more specifically character that annoys me is Ga Ryun, I’m so glad there’s less of her.

    Well, that is all. I’m going to finish Nice Guy now and hopefully marathon Vampire Prosecutor 2. Thanks guise!!!

    • 8.1 enz

      hey aryast, good to see you again on OT. hope everything is good on your end of the world

      • 8.1.1 Aryast

        Hi enz! Everything is fine. Just the usual student stuff! 😀 Thanks for the concern!

  9. iZzie :)

    Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

    I am on a high. ’tis the day I saw Lee Min Ho in person. 🙂 I didn’t get that near to him. But I saw him! And I’m happy with that. He’s got a new haircut and he looks so fresh. And so nice – he smiles a lot.

    • 9.1 piaaa

      Glad to know that you saw him!

      One girl right here is freaking jealous.

      • 9.1.1 iZzie :)

        Pia, i think u can still see him on the meet&greet day. I’m thinking if I’d still go, but part of me wants to save myself from being jealous watching him sign autographs and meet the few lucky fans.
        Btw they moved the sm north venue from the block to the skydome for security reasons. I think they’d be giving away tickets for that cuz the venue’s enclosed.

        • piaaa

          Oh great! I will still go even though I knew that I’ll definitely get jealous! Haha. I will take any risks just to see him. 🙂

          Thanks for that info anyway!

          I’m wondering where can I get the tickets. Hmm.

          • iZzie :)

            Try inquiring from the bench store at North. Or check out their fb page.

          • iZzie :)

            pia, good news! The entry to the skydome tomorrow will be given on a 1st come 1st serve basis – for those wearing “i’m yours” & “lose my heart” shirts. So u have to be there early as there are only limited slots.

          • piaaa

            WOAH! Great! Now all I have to do is buy his shirt. Thanks again for the info! 🙂

          • iZzie :)

            ur welcome. 🙂 but if u don’t want to purchase anything, u could still see him if u go to glorietta or moa.

          • iZzie :)

            Piaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Success! 😀
            I went to Skydome too! (Were you there?) I wasn’t able to resist it. It didn’t matter if I watched the others get autographs.
            OMG. I was closer this time. Yay!!!

            Kamsahamnida, Lee Min Ho-sshi! Saranghaeyo. 🙂

          • piaaa

            YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! In Glorietta though. Haha.

            OMG. He’s so adorbs. He must’ve been exhausted at that day but he’s still smiling and being just awesome until the end.

            GAH! I WANNA MARRY HIM.

            He would truly come back here. I can sense that. He loves us that much already. 🙂

    • 9.2 Leaf

      OMG That must have been awesome <3
      Wow… wish he'd come to the UK some time haha

      • 9.2.1 iZzie :)

        It was! 🙂
        But I didn’t scream – I just smiled the entire time and captured him on video.
        Result: all the giddy that was contained is keeping me from falling asleep. Haha!

        Maybe u should start a request campaign for LMH in UK. he got so many requests from Fil fans that it was one of the reasons he picked the Phils. to visit.

    • 9.3 iZzie :)

      Haha! I was so into LMH these past few days that I forgot to download the latest episodes if I Miss You!

      I’m so sorry Micky!

      Btw, I heard that Kim Beom’s coming to town next. Can’t wait! 🙂

    • 9.4 Korazy Lady

      He’s not even my favorite (ducks objects hurled towards me) but I would be so happy to see any actor in person! Good for you!

      • 9.4.1 iZzie :)

        Thanks! 🙂 don’t worry, I won’t hurl anything at u. (I don’t mind.) But I can’t speak for the other fans. haha!

    • 9.5 Raine

      I’m jealous. I haven’t watched Faith and have been on a Lee Min-ho low!

  10. 10 piaaa

    Lee Min-ho is in the house!!!!!!!!!

    I mean in our country. LOL

    And yet…… I didn’t get to see him because of my damn work! There’s a fan signing event on Sunday too. But I won’t be able to go, because the tickets was so limited, you have to purchase the product that he’s endorsing for a minimum of P3500 (it’s like $85) and you have to bought it in a limited time. Which lasts only for 5 minutes! Yes! 5 freaking minutes! How sad my life is right now.

    At least he’s in our country, I would just try to stalk him in my free time. LOL

    • 10.1 Anne

      I kept telling myself not be jealous of the friends who’ll get to see him. lee min ho does not look like his usual lee min HOT self recently. So if i did see him, i’d only be disappointed. #denial

      Plus, im also not in the country right now so whatever.

      • 10.1.1 piaaa

        Haha! I try to do that but sadly, it doesn’t work for me. No matter how chubby he is now, he’s still the dorky Lee Min-ho that I love. And I would be so freaking jealous to those fans who will have a chance to TALK to him. Damnit.

        Oh well, I could just go to Korea sometime later and personally meet him there.

        • Anne

          Well, i’d be glad to invite you to our wedding! You can talk to him there, #delusional

          • piaaa

            I would not rather go. LOL

    • 10.2 SD

      OMG I just got home from the Bench event in Araneta and I had a blast!!! This is one of the best days of my life. He’s just soooo adorable and I love how he’s a mix of dorkiness and hotness. He seemed shy at first, but he quickly adapted to the atmosphere. At first, I wasn’t too keen on his chubby face, but it’s starting to grow on me. Even if we were sitting at the farthest part of the arena, it was definitely worth it. I don’t care if we had to line up for more than two hours. Seeing him is enough to make my day. 🙂

      • 10.2.1 piaaa

        I actually followed the updates on twitter. To tortured myself.

        I could almost imagine how loud the big dome is. And I heard that he can’t even talk because you guys are so loud! He’s so overwhelmed. Aw. I’d be so happy if I was there too!

        • SD

          LOL yes, he took him a while to answer some of the questions ’cause the crowd was going craaaaazy. Good thing he seemed so cool with it. He seemed genuinely nice. I just wish the event lasted a bit longer though (it was really bitin).

      • 10.2.2 pillowhead

        wuahahahahaahaha. U got to c him? omg. I would die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        so he’s chubby now? hm. he was kinda looking a little chubby faced in the last scenes of Faith. Oh well, I’d still ravage him. LMH is not safe around me. lol

        • SD

          Yup he’s got chubby cheeks! He looks really adorable. The crowd was really insane!!! My friend and I were seated really far from the stage, but it was still hella worth it. Hahaha had I been one of the lucky winners who got to go up on stage to meet him, I would’ve clung to him like crazy!

    • 10.3 SH

      I think he’s coming to L.A. in February next year as part of Toyota’s promotional event. You can enter a chance to win two tickets to meet him at Club Nokia. Unfortunately, I live in the East Coast 🙁

      I saw some pics of the event in Manila. Dang! he has lots of fans over there 😀

      • 10.3.1 piaaa

        He does!

        ALL of his dramas was been aired here. Next will be Faith.

  11. 11 stars

    Hey everyone!

    I know it’s a bit late but I’m watching Ojakgyo Brothers! Hahahaha….. Can’t stop staring at Joo Won the whole time. That guy just have an overflowing charm oozing out of him. So much eye candy. Can’t wait to watch Bridal Mask~~

    Oh and Javabeans, I didn’t know you listened to Baek Ah Yeon. She debuted this year under JYP. I thought you were a hipster when it comes to music. =D

    • 11.1 whimsicalnet

      i loved OB…. and Joo Won… but when i watch him on 1N2D, i’m like … goodness … ok, totally diff guy. hahahaha

    • 11.2 Jolyn

      Hey! Oh my gosh I love Joo Won’s character in Ojakgyo Brothers! Just that sometimes his actions are a little (okay not just a little) ridiculous. But in a cute way 🙂

      I really like Baek Ah Yeon’s voice! And I won’t really count her as like an idol idol, as she came out from a music show. So I categorise her with singers like Huh Gak, Ulala Session etc. 😀

  12. 12 cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^^

    Wonderful week/past weekend. hehe!

    Had a great time at BigBang concert last Friday(The boys are hotties–TOP–oh my goodness! look better in person then on youtube, lol) and hanging out the the OT ladies–Joanne, Shukie, Cher, Korazylady and nice meeting you OMG! 🙂 I hope BIGBang come back next year for more concerts cause I will definitely go watch them again. This time, I want to be up closer. :p LOL

    Otherwise, I am behind on watching dramas this week. Sad but true. Real life intervene of course. Need to read a book for book club and am not even half way through yet. No worries though, I’ll probably crunch it in the next couple of days. ^^

    I’ve been reading recaps for “IMY” and dang, it’s going to be a good melo and go out with a bang(I hope). hehe Too bad my heart won’t be able to handle watching melos. (So sorry Yoochun sweetie–I want something happy and lighthearted.)
    I hope JB and GF keep up with the recaps though! (fingers cross)

    • 12.1 Leaf

      So glad you all had fun at the concert!!! Must have been epic <3

      • 12.1.1 cv

        Leaf, it was!! ^^ I’m so happy I went! <3 Who knows when the next time I'll get tickets to go see them if they do come back to the US.
        Aren't you going to see them too when they come to London?

        • Leaf

          Yeap! On the 15th Dec!!! The tickets just arrived today appartently!!!

          I think I’m gonna put ‘Leaf’ on me somehow and see if anyone is from Dramabeans and knows who I am haha…
          I had that at my Uni which was epic as it made me feel totally famous!! Lol…

          • cv

            Oh nice! You are so going to enjoy BB’s concert! 🙂
            Yea, do it. Wonder if any other DBer’s is going too? IF you do find anyone else, take pics! ^^ :p

          • Korazy Lady

            Speaking of pics, I do have a picture of 6 of us DBers from the noona meetup. I’d be happy to share – with the highest bidder haha!

          • Leaf

            I WANNA SEE!!!
            I may not have money but I can blackmail them off you muhahah!!!

          • cherkell

            If it’s the one I’m thinking of… there isn’t enough money or makgeolli in the world available to satisfy the bribe. Take my word for it. 😛

          • Leaf

            Oh everyone has there price… 😉

          • Leaf


            ^facepalm^ such an idiot…

          • enz

            shouldnt i get to see it? after my jung il woo photofest?? *puppy dog eyes*

          • cv

            I love the one of us in face mask. lol ^^ pics are on my fb. Ladies, I hope that’s okay with you all. lol

          • Korazy Lady

            It’s fine for You to post, cv, but I would still like to perpetrate the myth that we’re ALL young and beautiful! Now I will have to friend you to see if I approve 🙂

            (I have them on my fb page, too! Even the scary, Jason-like mask picture!)

          • Leaf

            You ARE all young and beautiful… I don’t understand….

          • Korazy Lady

            Love you, Leaf!

    • 12.2 Raine

      Guh, BB with crazy DBers must have been a lifetime experience. Hey, people on the West side! Let’s do it too! I’m in Colorado. LET’S GO!!!!!

    • 12.3 Shukmeister


      It was great meeting you too! I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do it, given the chaos outside the Pru Center both before and after the concert.

      But it was kewl meeting with you!

      I just hope if we are lucky enough to do this again, the weather is a lot more cooperative (although the rest of my stay in NYC, the weather was great! So was the company, for that matter. And the food, and the hotel…and…)

      • 12.3.1 Shukmeister

        Oh, and cv, I hope you had a good time in NYC the next day, roaming through KoreaTown, and sharing K-BBQ!

        • Korazy Lady

          Sooo sorry I missed that Korean BBQ……

          • Shukmeister

            Next time!!

  13. 13 DayDreamer

    OMG, OMG, OMG! Just finished watching last episode of Nice Guy. Excellent ending to the series and I will definitely miss the show. Next drama I’m anticipating is the one based on the Japanese version (heh, I already forgot the title). Also, marathoning Vampire Prosecutor 2, so far only got to the third episode but loving it sooo much. What a sexy vampire.

    • 13.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I envy Han Ga In for having Mr. Vampire Prosecutor by her side. 🙂

      • 13.1.1 cv

        Just imagine when they have babies! 0_0 Beautiful babies indeed. ^^

  14. 14 kakashi

    Happy OT everyone! I am so tired today I could fall aslepp right n……zzzzzzzz …

    • 14.1 kakashi

      so, there were some rumors a while ago that my beloved Lee Junki would be coming to Switzerland for a photoshoot in mid November. That is NOW. But do I know whether he really is coming or not?! No!! He might be landing this very minute at Zurich Airport and I wouldn’t know! It may be the once in a lifetime chance to go see and stalk him! aaaaaah! It’s killing me.

      • 14.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Kakashi, where’s that fighting spirit? I’m sure you can track him down. You have people here waiting for pictures!

        • kakashi

          I know!!! Ah, I feel the pressure! I could of course set camp at the airport. If only I didn’t have a life, a job, and a family.

          • enz

            kakashi! where are your priorities??

      • 14.1.2 Raine

        Korean stars need to start making it over to Europe and the US! COME ON OVER! PSY, you rock bringin Kpop to the world, but we need more than you!

  15. 15 JoAnne

    Good morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    What a week it has been, ne? I am still feeling the letdown of not having those pretty boys to look forward to – BigBang was a fun event and I love them to even smaller bits of preciousness now.

    Hmmm, dramas. Somehow, Great Seer has fallen behind for me, but I will catch up over the holiday if not this weekend. It’s not an indication that I don’t enjoy it greatly, but more that there was so much else going on.

    Can We Get Married – My God these mothers irritate the devil out of me, especially the rich one. She is more materialistic than the poor one, but pretends to not care. I dislike that two-faced behavior. And what kind of person tells people constantly: oh, I don’t like how you responded to X or Y or Z you should have done A or B or C instead! Constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY calling up that poor girl to berate her and make her cry. Expecting a girl with no family money to buy her a purse that costs what a car costs, as a wedding gift? And the poor mom, making Joonie feel like dirt and less than a man. You know this is all going to be about her not wanting to look like less than her sister, in the end.

    Honestly, I get Ki Joong’s attitude of treating it like a business transaction. He is the only one making any SENSE here, even if we know he adores Yi Bong and is trying to ignore his heart in favor of his convictions. There’s a lot to redeem the show, not least of which is the Auntie/Ahjussi side plot – and that OST is fabulous – but oh good Lord people, why not just be HONEST WITH EACH OTHER? I think some of my frustration must be cultural as well because much of the plot circles on things that just wouldn’t be such an issue here but are perhaps part of the process in Korea, for at least a segment of society. It’s my first time feeling REALLY out of my depth with the differences, actually.

    Nice Guy. Well. I am not *unhappy* with the ending, and as I said last night, there are people who will continue to live their lives today who might not have, otherwise. *Looks towards the writer’s office in Seoul.* Everything wraps up neatly and in some cases quite humorously and…I guess that’s my issue? It wasn’t a funny show. And yet the ending is very light hearted, almost. It was jarringly different….and all that sunshine came on the heals of one of the saddest scenes I’ve EVER seen, in any language. It just felt, I dunno…rushed through and…itt felt like FAN SERVICE. I’m not unhappy. My baby boy is good. But I’m not HAPPY, either. And I feel bad about that. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be satisfied? Before I stop talking about it though – the acting in this series really impressed me, for the most part. I mean, we had Wooden Lawyer Ahn who I found difficult to read, but even he wasn’t exactly one-dimensional. And all the key characters besides him were so multi-layered and wonderfully acted that I know without a doubt this is one I will watch again, and never, ever forget.

    Full House II – and now we get to the part where people go crazy, and don’t just have crazy hair. Loving the ride – really I am. I’m just still so surprised that it doesn’t suuuuuuuuuuuuuck that I almost feel like the fact that I like it is insulting to the show because I’m so surprised that I like it.

    And I want to watch My Beloved in the first one again because this just keeps making me think of that one. This one is probably better than that one…but no one will ever replace Papa Rain in my heart so it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter I love Full House. I guess I just love it in any iteration!

    I Miss You – holy hell on batwings, people. I’m in. I’m soooooooo in, but man, this is sparking heavy debate everywhere. This will not be an easy ride. I hope it’s not a STUPID ride somewhere in the middle. So far the kids are AMAZING. I really hope the adults will be too. You should all tell me about it when you visit me in jail, because – Yeo Jin Gu, ladies. That is just not RIGHT, universe. You sure you didn’t confuse him and Song Joong Ki’s birth dates?


    In other news: I watched the first episode of One Fine Day because it’s got Hot Monk from Greet Seer in it. And then I discover it’s got a shaggy haired lots of english speaking GONG YOO in it too! I’m so happy! I’ll be marathoning this right after I finish Time Between Dog and Wolf, which should be this week.

    I need to find out who sings that peppy song that sounds like an american song in the background on CWGM – does anyone know who it is? Part of the chorus goes oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhh…that one.

    • 15.1 cv

      Happy OT Joanne! ^^

      Oh my, I read the last ep recap for NG and yea, I thought it had an okay ending. I agree with ya, this seem like such a dark melo and yet the ending just wrapped up too nicely–fan service indeed. I think if they had ended with him gotten stabbed and died, that would have made a more impact on the dramas as a whole. LOL But man, the fans would have gone crazy with that ending tho. ahahahhahaha Me included even though I read recaps only. :p

      I’m glad you’re watchin IMY. I’m reading recaps. Can’t take the angsty. My heart hurts just thinking about it. (sigh)

      • 15.1.1 Korazy Lady

        ‘Morning, JoAnne

        Yeah, I’m still trying to process last night’s ending of NG. I keep thinking that while it would have been sad, or even tragic, a different ending would have had more impact. I mean this show has been emotionally beating us up all along and now it wants to play nice? I need to go rewatch the last ten minutes, because honestly some things didn’t seem to make sense to me! (But why would I expect a drama to make sense? haha)

    • 15.2 kakashi

      JoAnne, thanks for your analysis of Nice Guy’s ending. I must admit that I haven’t yet seen it (I’m stuck somewhere around episode 12 right now), but ever since I got wind of the happy ending (some sites posted spoilers last week) I was quite certain that I would be happy emotionally (because which heartless creature would want to see Song Joong-ki suffer or die?!) but not happy drama-technically.

      • 15.2.1 JoAnne

        Kakashi – the sad ending does carry more impact, and is actually what elevated Sang Doo for me. This time, I did hope against hope for happy but I expected some time dealing with his injury (injuries) and the aftermath, and the rebuilding. I wanted to see the rebuilding. All I saw was the result, so I feel a bit – gypped, I guess.

        • jomo

          Before I comment on your comment, did you watch WBDS?

          • JoAnne

            Couldn’t bring myself to watch the end. But I know about it.

          • jomo

            What you described “Everything wraps up neatly and in some cases quite humorously and…I guess that’s my issue? It wasn’t a funny show.”

            is the disconnect in how I felt WBDS ended.
            We see this glorious PAINFILLED event that ripped my heart right out…fade to black, as it should be, but then
            NOT how I felt at that moment.
            Even if it was not going to be sad, I wish it were less bright. Tonally it just didn’t go.

          • JoAnne

            That’s how I felt, Jomo – it was just one extreme to the other, and so many things left unexplored. I mean, yes, we see how each person ends up and thank you for that – and we learn how he felt in that tunnel, and that he really does want to live now, but – I wish a couple of the episodes towards the end had been saved for more exposition of the afterstory. Or that the drama had been a little bit longer.

    • 15.3 Anne

      Cultural difference. Koreans are expected to save up for their wedding (girls) and give lavish gifts to the parents.

      Us filipinos don’t do that. At least amongst the people i know. I mean, sure you can give to your in laws. But it’s not really a tradition or custom. And who ever has the better financial situation between the couple usually pays, or the couple could split the expenses in half.

      Korean marriage is more about the families rather than making it a day for the bride and all her whims are granted. Korean weddings/marriage is complicated, which is why it makes a good drama plot.

    • 15.4 Sabah


      Yes, I am not happy either. Though I am not a fan of open endings or vagueness, I don’t mind them when done well. However when it is so vague that it is almost as though the writer is asking you to, not draws your own conclusions but actually create your own ending, I am irritated. People are happy because OTP were happy, but there was no satisfaction because my happiness is very lukewarm if not cold. Yes, there are many ways/interpretations that could lead you from Maru’s amnesia to him proposing to Eun Gi, but my heart didn’t traverse through them, so that I don’t feel connected at that moment. There is an intensity that one feels when you travel from A to B to C and so on that you won’t get if you rush from A to Z. I felt the same way at the ending of Rooftop.

      Also, the drama didn’t really answer the whole ‘nice guy’ conundrum. By taking away Maru’s memories it kind nullified the debate. Argh!

      So close but so very, very, far.

      • 15.4.1 Korazy Lady

        I felt it was a little too vague, too. I mean, yes, he wanted to start over and date, etc. etc., but I was like – seriously? Is that how you date? Act indifferent then give her a ring? (But then again, they never did have to speak – they always kind of spoke in their heads to each other. So I guess they could still read each other’s minds.) I think they could have used his amnesia in a much better way. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the endings have been my least favorite things with many of my beloved dramas.

        • Sabah

          Agreed, I can count on one hand the number of times that KDrama endings have left me satisfied. Excellent point about being in synch with each other, which is a nice way to see it. It just felt too much like a dream to me. I honestly thought it might just have been Maru’s last dream as he died in that park from the stab wound.

          • Korazy Lady

            Wow, never thought of that. To quote Carrie Bradshaw – “Me likey!” (This would probably be one of the first times that people are actually making the writer’s ending MORE tragic!)

          • Sabah

            Hehe, that’s so true. As JoAnne pointed out the finale just didn’t mesh with the mood and tone of the what came earlier.

            It’s a shame because I really did enjoy it right until that last thirty minutes or so.

          • Korazy Lady

            I just read this article that helped clarify why they went with the ending they did. Song Joong Ki says the staff all sat around and discussed what kind of ending they wanted to give the viewers. Interesting! So I guess they listened to most of the viewers who were begging the writer to let MaRu and Eun Gi be together (and not dead–haha)


          • Sabah

            Ah! Thanks for the article. So it really was fanservice, which is within their rights but it makes me feel that they didn’t have a message they wanted to present. It was just telling a story and since I enjoyed 98% of it, I can’t lambast the writers. Still, I can lament over what might have been.

            Death didn’t have to be involved but I would have liked more detailing on the issue of Maru and Nice Guys. If the world ‘forces’ you to be cold and calculating to get what you want whether wealth or revenge, aren’t their paths just about survival? If being the nice guy means you still end up losing, is it worth it? I remember a TV drama called ‘Belonging’ about this issue and they related it to Darwin’s theory of evolution, so that if you try to be forgiving, giving and nice, you will find yourself, your kind extinct because this world isn’t a place for nice anymore. However if you change just to survive, you are killing your kind anyway because what remnant of it remains? You can’t be nice and hard at the same time. Isn’t it better to die as a human than live like an monster?

            I got no answers from the writers except ‘all’s well that ends well.’ Yep, I am still annoyed…

        • SD

          I initially found the ending awfully vague, but the clarification in the article made perfect sense. Maru giving the ring to Eun Gi meant that he hadn’t forgotten her. He was pretending not to remember her all this time. It only dawned on Eun Gi after seeing the rings from 7 years ago that Maru remembered her all along.

          • Korazy Lady

            But that bugs me even more. If he remembered her, why would he act like he didn’t all that time, visiting her cafe every meal, taking her camera, asking if she liked him. Obviously she liked him because she left her company, which she had told him was the most important thing in the world to her, and followed him to some remote village to sell sandwiches. Unless, like I said, he thought that was his idea of dating? But given that he almost lost her before, if he did remember he was being stupid not to confess to her right away.

        • Korazy Lady

          Wow, Sabah, that’s some heavy thinking!

          I felt all along he was going to get amnesia. I didn’t have a problem with that. But I would have preferred that he fell for EUn Gi all over again, not knowing who she was. I would have liked to have seen that relationship developing, with Eun Gi getting to enjoy MaRu without him remembering what he had put her through. Or even better, if he did remember her, he could have hid it from her so that she felt it was a clean slate. But this? I’m not quite getting it.

          But like you, I still do LOVE this drama – 98% of the way

          • Sabah

            My sister gets really annoyed with me, ‘why can’t you just look at things rather than trying to see into them?’ I do get what she means.

            I see your point, though. Even if we understand the happy ending he was trying to create for himself and Eun Gi, 7 years of ‘who are you, again?’ seems like some kind of punishment, for both of them. Song Joong Ki was wonderful in it, as were all the actors and I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions; there were some really intense and beautiful moments. Actually, I think I have enough here to create both an happy or sad ending depending on my mood, which is very generous of the writers. Anyway, on to the next…

          • JoAnne

            oh but there is nothing to say that it was seven YEARS of that – he had to have the surgery then recover then he went off to the US to school – I guess we pick up the story shortly after he arrives back in korea but yeah I wanted to see the new relationship develop too

          • Sabah

            Yes, that makes more sense, maybe it was just a few weeks of hide and seek. The pacing was just wrong in that last part, there was so much that needed to be said. It need not be any longer either. I have seen a few movies where the finale encompasses years of development until finally we are at the same point in time as the protagonists. Still, it was a good show and I don’t regret investing my time.

    • 15.5 pillowhead

      lol JoAnne, too funny, especially the Yeo Jin Gu affliction. ok, i have to ask, did Maru really lose his memory, or are we hearing him narate what he was thinking of before his surgury. argh, i need a night cap, i mean re cap. Memory loss is such a frequent theme, like girls pretending to be boys.

      • 15.5.1 JoAnne


        She would NOT. She would NOT pull another Sang Doo dream sequence confusing people. NO. I refuse to entertain the possibility.

        Sang Doo died in that intersection with the love of his life, I was reduced to sobbing hiccuping daughter-worrying jelly on the floor, and the whole bit after was Bong Cha’s imagination as she wrote a letter to her papa in heaven.

        But NO. NO. NO.
        Maru did NOT die in that park. NO. Magically seven years flew by and we saw one day when he first arrived in town and didn’t know her and then we saw what happened when he figured out it was her at some point later. He gave her the rings from 7 years earlier. Was it handled clumsily? HELL yes. But is it a dream? Better FUC*** NOT BE.

        • jomo

          I vote not a dream.

        • Amberscube

          No way… It was not a dream.

        • RockPaperScissors

          It was not a dream. If you watch the credits montage that is at the beginning of each episode, for episode 20 there is a different head shot of Maru. He has a small smile and also notice that the STOPWATCH RUNS CLOCKWISE just as it should. Previously in the other episodes the stopwatch ran backwords. This tells me that he got his “do-over”, that life is going to be better for him now. What does everyone else make of this?

    • 15.6 jomo

      As far as Yeo Jin Gu, resistence is futile.

      The boy’s got whatever IT is, and we are beholden to admire it, and therefore cannot be held responsible for our attraction to outstanding genetic material.
      Seriously, how can we fight millions of years of genetic development? It’s for the good of mankind, Joanne.

      • 15.6.1 JoAnne

        but I’m having a slightly Rain-like reaction to him. And he’s 15.

        • jomo

          Yeah, there’s that.

          • JoAnne

            *sitting on grabby hands and looking for distraction*

          • Raine

            That’s what happens when you watch K-drama with some of the most beautiful ppl in the world. Someone asked me the other day for handsome non-korean actors and I seriously had to pause cause I have about 50 names on the tip of my tongue…and they’re all Korean.

        • Korazy Lady

          JoAnne, the pedonoona police have been alerted

          • JoAnne


    • 15.7 Raine

      Full House T2 seriously surprised me, too, and I think everyone. It’s like…so ridiculous even while you’re watching, but so entertaining. The writers knew it. They have the elements from uri oppa’s version but are twisting them for humorous effect and it’s great. Except for the She-Monster. How is it possible that she’s MORE annoying than the 2nd lead in Rain’s version????

    • 15.8 John


      Re CWGM. Lee Mi-Sook as the momma.

      Hard to believe that is the same actress that played the mouse of a mom in Love Rain.

      Sheesh. She’s a tigress in this one. And her blue “bird shit” eyeliner, hah!

  16. 16 ade

    Happy OT!!

    Nice guys ending came as a shock to me. For one, I think the writer needed more episoded to have successfully wrapped up the series. This ending we got felt a little rushed leaving me unsatisfied and with loads of questions.

    Is anybody watching my daughter Seo Young?

    • 16.1 Anne

      A lot of people are unsatisfied with the nice guy ending, The writer usually kills someone off in the ending or makes it really really sad. She gave us a vague one that’s not depressing, so i’ll take it. Thinking of the alternative endings just messes with my feelings.

    • 16.2 iatetoomuch

      A fan of My Daughter Seo Young here. Such a long wait for the subs! I’ve seen a lot of long, weekend dramas so I’m kind of prepared for things to go bananas at some points, but right now I’m just so captivated by the chemistry between the main leads. It was like a rough adaptation of Harlequin books set in Korea. LOL.

      • 16.2.1 Addylovesbwood


        I’m glad someone shares my point of view. The drama isn’t epic or the greatest, its just the sizzling chemistry between the leads and the distinctive personality of each character. I fell in love with the lead in a matter of seconds!! he’s not the most handsome but just the average good looking gentleman you’ll find next door. He’s not too skinny or well dressed like our usual leads which makes him seem more down to earth and just plain normal.

  17. 17 Mari

    Hi! Just wanted to share, I’m currently watching my girlfriend is a gimiho. I’m having a Hong sister moment. After I finish this the only other drama by them I haven’t seen would be Fantasy couple. I haven’t heard many good things about it, so maybe ill skip it. Well back to MGIAG, I love it. The otp is just the cutest, and Shin Mina is so pretty. I mean does she even have make up on???

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      I loved MGISG. I know a lot of people didn’t but I thought it was cute and it really pulled at my heartstrings!

      • 17.1.1 Unnursvana

        Me too, I love Gumiho so much! I cry every time I watch the ending though. It made me so emotional and I love it for that.

        • pillowhead

          Me Too!!! I’ve watched it a few times. That show (plus my first K-crush on Lee Seung Gi) gets credit for my K-addition. If you haven’t seen Arang and the Magistrate, I hightly recommend it. 🙂

          • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

            MGIAG is one of my favorite Kdramas. SMA and LSG is one of my favorite OTPs. They are just so cute together. They have an effortless chemistry.

    • 17.2 Llamaesque

      I haven’t seen a few Hong sisters shows, so I was excited to see that Delightful Girl Choon Hyang just got added to Drama Fever’s coming soon list. I love when they add interesting old dramas like this…

      • 17.2.1 Raine

        I totally couldn’t finish MDGCH…it drove me nuts! *shame*

      • 17.2.2 Mari

        I love that one! I’m actually considering Dramafever because I want to watch some of the older dramas. I saw DGCH on YouTube so parts of it were edited weird, then halfway I had to watch it with Spanish subtitles & sometimes I felt like the person was not translating it right. But yessir I had to put things in order
        1. You are beautiful
        2. My girlfriend is a Gimiho ( I haven’t finish this soo might move up)
        3. Greatest Love ( I still love Dokko Jin, and his messed up heart)
        4. DGCH…
        5. My Girl
        Big ( I must point out that I hate it! Hate it Big. But I love Gong Yoo since Coffee Prince so I watch the whole thing. What in the world happen???)

    • 17.3 Raine

      I just got my sister to marathon MGIAG. We would come home from work and be like “Do you want to Gumiho?” LOL. It’s seriously amazing.

      As for Fantasy Couple, I really liked it. It wasn’t great, but it was a fun watch. I didn’t really like My Girl, which other people loved.

    • 17.4 Marika

      I’m actually currently watching it as well, and I completely love it. Mi-Ho and Dae-Woong are just way too cute together.

    • 17.5 mel

      I thought Fantasy Couple was cute. The main female takes some getting used to, but how she spoke/acted mostly amused me after a while. It’s not the best they’ve done, but not even close to being bad (Big).

  18. 18 enz

    happy OT everyone! am looking forward to this weekend coz am totally off work. so happy

    just want to share with everyone the awesomeness of que sera sera which i marathoned over the last few days. it is really one of the best dramas i have seen and so different in its feel too. really refreshing to find complex characters that speak directly from their hearts, even as they struggle to figure that ou; nobody is a pushover in this drama – one person is manipulative but finds nobody that allows themselves to be manipulated. nobody is truly bad, just making bad choices perhaps and then having to live and eventually get over them.

    can you tell i love it? 🙂 it felt like i was watching an arthouse movie or a play sometimes. really satisfying to the end. solid solid acting, great directing. awesome soundtrack. totally agree with javabeans now with the high ratings.

    so much to rave about. i wont talk about nice guy, in case i give away the drama to those who have yet to see the last episode.

    anyway, on account of nice guy and my newfound love for song joong ki, i checked out penny pinchers (the movie) and really enjoyed it too. utterly cute and his character was complete opposite of kang maru in that he was a lighthearted, bright cheerful sort , completely carefree and he played it so so well. he really has got great acting chops. check it out – its a real easy watch and has some funny lol scenes.

    that was an extra long post!! have a great weekend y’all

    • 18.1 Korazy Lady

      I love, love, love Que Sera, Sera. One of my favorites! I keep meaning to rewatch it. The writing was great and all the characters had depth. I just remember thinking the whole time that they were all so intertwined and either directly or indirectly emotionally torturing each other. My kind of show! I loved the ending, too

      • 18.1.1 kakashi


        • JoAnne

          *grabby hands* Noona waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants!

          • Korazy Lady

            JoAnne, if I didn’t know you were such a nice, sweet woman in person, I’d be smacking the heck out of those grabby hands! You can’t have everyone! haha

          • JoAnne

            I’m greedy for the boys, I admit it. It’s really just shorthand for ‘I heartily approve of the way in which your parents genes came together to create the miraculous male version of a human being who in this case happens to be you.’

          • Korazy Lady

            And this, my friends, is why I love JoAnne

          • JoAnne

            *hugs to you* or a shot of soju – take your pick!

        • jomo

          Eric is what manliness is, from the top of his strangely arranged hair, to the tip of his perfectly bumped nose, to his lovely kissable lips, over his strong square jaw, across his broad shoulders, ever so lightly over his clavicles (oy!) to places below I shall only describe in my heart…

          Did I miss anything?

          • JoAnne

            adam’s apple. you forgot that. Or, as I prefer to think of it: speed bump on the way to Heaven. Which you can only reach via the Happy Trail.

          • jomo

            Oh yeah, *swallow*, that, too.

          • Enz

            Jomo, Eric is testosterone on legs.. Really. And when he turns on the sweet, die!

    • 18.2 enz

      my god, eric was just this smoldering swaggering heat – he was like an asian kanye west toned down. i dont know how they could have called this a rom-com. the only funny thing as i keep saying was how pain in my heart was coexisting with heat in my unmentionables. he is sooooo lustworthy there.

      but i have to say that the fashion is bloody distracting. esp those jackets he kept wearing with the sleeves up but with the shirt sleeves under still not rolled up. that looked so weird but he was still sooo hot. i dont think i have lusted over a character as much. i usually love a character but i think this one i lusted over.

      as joanne so eloquently puts it NOOONNNNNA WANNTS!!!

    • 18.3 jomo

      Agree with you on QSS.
      Awesome. Gripping. Fabulous. Moving. Surprising. Sexy. Sweet. Intense.
      Both leads were sooooo different in what they brought to the characters, and in a million years, I wouldn’t have put them together. That is, until the elevator scene. Then, I was like, “Oh, there’s a LOT more to this little girl.”
      LOVED IT.
      Definitely in my top 5.
      Strangely enough, produced by Kim Yoon-cheol, the same guy who directed MNIKSS and is directing Can We Get Married? Strange combo of genres, eh?

      • 18.3.1 enz

        i didnt think about it but youre right – never would you have thought those two could work but SUDDENLY, you see that being completely inexperienced and naive in love, instead of making her timid, made her so completely fearless – she just goes for whatever her heart wants. she is so different from almost any female lead i have seen so far in k dramas.

        i havent watched can we get married but definitely is on my list now. i loved what this director did with QSS. even the opening scene with that drive and the camera going long and then closing in on the car with that moody music playing. just love it.

        i liked MNIKSS and really LOLed many times but emotionally its not one of those that got me. QSS is right now definitely in top 3 for me.

      • 18.3.2 JoAnne

        Remember that scene in the hotel early on when he first meets the other girl? And he walks away down the hallway? That was way before the kiss, and all it took to win me forever after seeing his amazing FACE was dat ass, swaggering away from me without a care in the world. I was like…you little pimp. Get back here!

        • enz

          all i can say is NNOOONNNNA WAANTTTS BADLY! *grabby hands*

          • JoAnne

            *grinning at Enz*

    • 18.4 Aryast

      SJK IS a really good actor. I wanna watch Wolf Boy but they don’t screen it here unfortunately. 🙁

      As for QSS I might just watch seeing how y’all are practically salivating over this “Eric” guy. But I gotta finish A Man’s Story(which I left mid-way due to the hassle that is reality :P) first. I so love Park Ki Woong!

    • 18.5 Raine

      I think you’re feeling like a lot of us after SKKS. Well in that it was SKJ and Yoo Ah -in’s Geol-oh. Haha.

      I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch QSS. I dunno why. Luckily for me, I can download it and do what MadDino does, watch it at 2x speed!

      • 18.5.1 Aryast

        SKKS, that’s Sungyungkwan Scandal right? I saw these fan-made compilation videos of SJK doing the “twirl and wink” playboy moves in SKKS. Haha!

        • Raine

          So great right? and yes Sungkyunkwan Scandal. You totally should indulge.

          • Aryast

            I’ve been meaning to watch it but haven’t been able to find a proper time. ><

    • 18.6 FishcalledWanda

      Hi enz! How are you?

      I have to confess that kinda because of you I also have a newfound love of SJK, haha. Because you kept saying nice things about him I finally started Nice Guy and then you posted that Guerilla interview and I was sold! So now I’m planning to watch Pennypinching romance to see a happy SJK, cause I can’t take the depressed and sad SJK no more! I also want to see Wolf Boy very badly, but sadly I’ll have to wait a while for that one to get subbed and uploaded somewhere on the web!

      • 18.6.1 Enz

        Hey Wanda 🙂 he is definitely a good antidote for kang ma ru in penny pinchers. Cute as hell AND funny.

        I wanna check out ssks at some point too coz so many like it.

        Attach, definitely check out QSS. It is a jomo says, awesome, moving, sexy. Powerfully moving and wonderfully satisfying to the end for me

      • 18.6.2 FishcalledWanda

        Hehe, SJK is just great! I wish I had more time so I could watch his movie, SSKS and also Que Sera Sera, cause if you say it’s really good I have to go and check it out of course! And the combination of awesome, moving and sexy I can’t resist!

        • Enz

          Oh do check out QSS. It’d be interesting to see what you think of it. I find it has a very art house feel to it

  19. 19 Aleena

    Hi! 😀 I’ve been reading Dramabeans for about a year but this is the first time I’m commenting on an open thread. I’m watching Nice Guy these days. On ep 11 right now. I love it! 😀 Eun Ki ftw. And Maru. Leaf, I hope all goes well with your crush. He sounds cool! 😀

    • 19.1 kakashi

      welcome, Aleena! Hope you’ll become a regular! I also lurked for years but I don’t regret stepping out of the shadows …

    • 19.2 enz

      welcome aleena! am newbie too but have been posting last few weeks 🙂

      • 19.2.1 kakashi

        wait, enz, you’re a newbie?! It seems I’ve seen you one here forever – or it simply means I’m just as new as you are, haha

    • 19.3 Korazy Lady

      Welcome, Aleena! Hope you like your time here.

      And if you’re anything like Enz, you will definitely feel right at home, right Enz? 🙂

      • 19.3.1 enz

        definitely! make yourself at home coz you are! who else can understand the crazy as well as beanuts??

        kakashi. i make up for the newness with excessive commenting and posting! hence giving the impressiion that i have been here forever haha

        • Korazy Lady

          Although now that I’ve read you’re responsible for more people falling in love with SJK, I may have to vote for your ousting. I can only ward off so many!

          • Enz

            KL, we must learn to share … But for now, please allow me ALL of Eric ..

    • 19.4 Leaf

      haha thank you 😀
      And yes… he is cool 😉

      • 19.4.1 Aleena

        Wow, thank you everyone for welcoming me 😀 Yes, I hope I will become a regular here!

  20. 20 Mrembo

    Greetings Dramabeaners from not-so-sunny Orlando! Hope you have all been well. It’s been a while since I have posted something on here – school has been kicking my behind and I barely have time to read through stuff on the OT/main site.

    I am a little behind on current dramas because I finally decided to start Ojakgyo Brothers last week. I have no idea why I held out for so long – I love it! Still have 3 episodes to go but will have to wait to sate my appetite because I am at a conference right now and you know how hectic those can be.

    Not sure which of the new dramas I am going to start next. Any recommendations?

    Y’all have a splendid weekend!

    • 20.1 Raine

      I’ve heard that about OB. I’ll check back in with you when I DL and watch it.

      And you’re in Orlando? UCF? I’m from Miami and had a bunch of friends up there!

      • 20.1.1 Mrembo

        Hi Raine:)

        I love OB and I am sure you will too. It would be nice to talk about it with you as I missed out on the discussions when it was all the rage.

        I am in Orlando for the week (at Disney World) for a conference. I live in the southwestern U.S. I do however have a former colleague and friend who teaches at UCF:)

  21. 21 redfox

    happy OT
    bit late, I had a very busy day.
    I dropped Castaneda I mentioned reading and took up Tales of the Korean Grandmother. Now I understand all the background of the culture way better, and maybe some fantasy dramas as well. there was also some stuff I was looking for, shape-shifting (frog princess, turning a man into an ox, making spirits believe a child is an animal (to protect him); how similar is the korean folklore with estonian! respect towards the ancestors / the dead, the river to the Afterlife, the spirits of sicknesses, the 3 souls. and the little details these stories gave away about the traditions, the family life and the status of women in the old days, and the clothing, everything. It is not like reading encyclopedia, things are better remembered and understood through stories and legends. I even understand the characters and events in Arang better, but I still find it boring and messy.

    • 21.1 kakashi

      hello redfox! that is very interesting, will myself order Tales of the Korean Grandmother right now. thanks for the tipp

    • 21.2 JoAnne

      Pretty sure I have that on my Kindle – or a sample to check out, anyway

    • 21.3 Raine

      *goes to order the book*

  22. 22 karecity

    just finished Nice Guy today. it never got me in the heart (unlike shows like AM1997) but i love how complex the characters are.
    anyone thinks Park Siyeon is pregnant? she looks like she has a baby bump in NG! im waiting for the announcement to come haha.

    now i need a happy funny drama to get over the angst filled NG. anyone has a good drama to recommend?

    • 22.1 Korazy Lady

      I should have posted that other comment under here. But funny, happy dramas? Don’t know what you’ve seen, but You’re Beautiful, Protect the Boss, Rooftop Prince, My Princess, My Girlfriend in a Gumiho, even Best Love (but I really didn’t like this, although soooo many people did) – these all had some really hilarious scenes and were pretty strong overall.

      • 22.1.1 Raine

        You know I find people either love or hate Best Love. At least it gets some kind of strong emotion right?

        • Korazy Lady

          But you have to admit that the panty scene was one of the funniest ever!

          • Enz

            I loved the karaoke scene too. Cracked me up. I fall under the category of loving best love. it deosnt stick in my heart ad much but whenever I watch it, I am still impressed by the clever and the funny and the heart

    • 22.2 pogo

      it never got me in the heart

      yeah, me neither. Arang had me all the way through, but my enjoyment of Nice Guy is much more detached despite how much I like the characters/thrills.

      For happy funny dramas, I’d rec You’re Beautiful but I suspect most of DB’s readership has seen all the Hong Sisters shows anyway. But it’s adorable and hilarious and Jang Geun-seuk just has the sweetest smile, it literally makes him look like a different person.

    • 22.3 enz

      flower boy ramyun shop? so says the broken record :p

    • 22.4 karecity

      thanks guys for all your suggestions! i’ve watched YB before and it was my crack at that time.
      Korazy Lady i’m with you on best love. i read the recaps but the hilarious scenes seemed ridiculous. i’ll probably try MGIAG. i’ve a friend who swears by this show (though she IS a seunggi fan).
      pogo, detached is just the right word for what i felt when watching NG.
      enz, FBRS aired in my country and i managed to catch most of it 🙂

  23. 23 Korazy Lady

    There’s talk that she’s like 5 months pregnant. I hope so, for her sake, because I saw a lot of comments regarding her size. Maybe now that it’s over, she’ll make some kind of announcement.

    • 23.1 kakashi

      wow, but being 5 months pregnant and doing a drama in one of the lead roles must be super taxing. will watch out for the baby bump. (*back to finishing NG and suffering a lot along the way* – winkwink at KL)

      • 23.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Good girl! Suffer, suffer!

  24. 24 whimsicalnet

    happy OT everyone. It’s been a really stressful week for me and only made tolerable by frequent whatapps and msgs from my absent half and the crack known as Full House 2. Personally found it nicer than the 1st series, maybe because it moves along faster and honestly, other than the really broad strokes, the two shows are rather different and for me that is often a good thing. I think I need Romance 1 and 2 are also the same?

    I’m contemplating watching NG just for the last episode but with all the furor that i’ve read regarding the ending… i’m hesitating. Maybe after I read the recap here. And I Miss You? … My goodness. As much as I love the 2 youngsters (and i think these kids are solid, wonderful actors) and the adults lead, I don’t think I can watch it… I mean… i think my eyes would be too swollen to see anything on the screen… reading it is alr almost too painful to bear.

    • 24.1 Peeps

      Aw, at least this week is almost over! (Or if you consider the end of Friday the end of the week, then, THE WEEK IS OVER!!!)

      Keep on chugging on, HWAITING! 😀

      • 24.1.1 whimsicalnet

        Thank so much Peeps. My misery is due to end (hopefully) in approximately 4 hours. So keeping my fingers crossed for that. 😀


  25. 25 blokkoms

    Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently dying at uni and am clinging onto dramabeans as a substitute for actual drama-watching – have never been so grateful for this site. But I still have drama cravings (of course), because it feels like forever since I’ve been addicted to a drama: the last one was Gaksital. Am looking forward to Jeon Woo Chi, but I want something to marathon – any suggestions? I prefer rom-coms to melos atm, need some happiness and light in my life. Action is also good. Thanks!

    • 25.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi blokkoms!
      Gaksital was totally my last crack drama too, sometimes when I see pictures or videoclips I still get teary-eyed, sigh. But as for recommendations, did you already watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band? I really loved the vibe, it has some dramatic moments but the uplifting ones really make you feel great. Plus the music is awesome!
      I also really loved Queen In Hyeon’s man. Though it’s not really a romcom, there are very cute moments between the leads. And lastly a fluff romcom without to much seriousness is Heartstrings. If you haven’t already watched it and you want a summery vibe in these wintery times, this might be the drama for you!
      Hope you survived this day at uni!

      • 25.1.1 blokkoms

        Thanks Fish, I have already watched Shut Up and Queen In Hyeon’s man, but dropped Heartstrings… I might pick it up again since you recommended it, after all it’s the most apt time of my life to watch a campus drama, haha. I drowned in work again today, it’s just deadline after deadline after deadline this week. Zombie blokkoms, over and out.

    • 25.2 Enz

      Should I ? Oh what the heck … FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP for happiness and light BUT with heart

      • 25.2.1 blokkoms

        Haha, that’s been on my list for a while, but always felt a bit iffy about the teacher-student romance trope. But so many people have been recommending it, resistance is probably futile.

        • Enz

          She was an intern teacher for like two days. Some ppl don’t like it but I loved FBRS . I think you’ll prob be able to tell which camp you’re on from first two episodes 🙂

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, enz! FBRS again! But I totally agree with you! It’s a very good and warm-hearted drama and normally I don’t like the student-teacher trope too, but in this drama it didn’t bother me even one second!
            Why and when did you drop Heartstrings? I do think that drama got a bit repetitive and lacked some deep content and real plot development, what did you think?
            Sorry to hear about your massive amount of work. I’m in uni too, so I know the stress of making all the deadlines. Hope you get through it alive, fighting! ; )

  26. 26 John

    Yay, Friday.

    Watching a bunch, behind on some.

    Nice Guy: 18 1/2 (Had problems w/ subs playing), avoiding spoilers.

    May Queen: Behind there too.

    Can We Get Married: Ep 5 . Lol. The two moms need a cage match.

    Great Seer: Ep 11

    King of Dramas: Up to speed.

    Legend of Zhen Huan: So good.

    • 26.1 Raine

      John, how is May Queen? It looks a little…iffy.

      • 26.1.1 John



        Birth secrets, a couple of murders, a life long love dumps girl, said girl pines after the dumper and ignores the oppa that really loves her.

        • Raine

          Hrm…sounds typical? Worth the watch? My list, as is everyone’s, is the length of the Great Wall…

          • John


            Worth watching? Overall, I’d give it a C . It’s tolerable.

            It’s one that my wife picked, wasn’t on my watch list.

            It’s 32 episodes, so they have way too many episodes to knock around with. They could have chopped that to 24 imho.

  27. 27 owl

    Wow, some of you have fun stuff going on (Leaf – your relationship DOES sound like a kdrama – lucky girl!) Karecity – I’m with you about NG “it never got me in the heart” although I have some things to say about the last episode. In that post. After which I watched I Miss You which drags us deep into dark places, I’m still hyperventillating after watching those two in tandem last night – or was it early this morning? Had to save King of Dramas for today. I’m already caught up on Full House 2. Watching Midas on netflix streaming during day hours 🙂

    So my bro may be taking another business trip to Korea and imma so wanna go with! How can I make this work?? My brain cells are working overtime to fanagle going with him – not sure when, but early next year maybe. Any suggestions on what to do since I’ll have free time during the day by myself?

    • 27.1 Raine

      Get the company to pay you to go as his secretary. He needs SOMEONE to hold his suitcase…

      • 27.1.1 owl

        *click* like!

  28. 28 Unnursvana

    For some reason the rape thing in IMY totally past me by, I just thought he was torturing her or something. I had to read it in recaps and stuff to find it out. I don’t know why I didn’t figure it out when I watched it, and now I feel kinda ignorant and bad about it, and I don’t like feeling that way. I am totally viewing this drama in a whole other light now though…

    I am a lot more invested in IMY then NG though, Nice Guy stopped doing anything for me emotionally a while ago, and now I am getting kinda bored of it, I kinda just stayed because I liked the cast so much. Just one episode left and I want to know how it ends so I will be watching the last ep later tonight.

    I can’t wait for the adult actors to come onscreen in IMY (mostly YSH though), even if I will miss the kids like crazy. They are so good, why can’t Yeo Jin Goo be in something like a school drama. I wanted him to be in school 2013. I will also be watching the latest episode of IMY later tonight.

    Not sure if I will be there for the long run with IMY. Not because I can’t handle another melodrama, because I can (I have a heart made out of ice) but because I am worried for the story and melodramas are usually not my kind of things. But I might do the same thing for IMY as I did for NG, just watch it for the cast, or just YSH.

  29. 29 cherkell

    Happy OT Friday/Saturday, Fellow DBers! It’s been awhile. How have you been? Week Two of Unemployment has found me laid up (and not in a good way), having severely twisted my left ankle walking up 6th Avenue on Monday. Damn rogue NYC manhole covers!! But it was awesomesauce to finally meet several of the Movie Noonas live and in person, and to see Big Bang live and in person as well… sigh. Just a big heavy sigh. I think the rest of those boys should take Taeyang and Daesung’s lead and make the entire concert ‘clothing optional’ from now on. RAWR. Pictures and narrative should be appearing on my blog shortly.

    So while my limb heals (not broken but gotta stay off it for a week), a few ponderings come to mind:

    HOLY CRAP NEXT THURSDAY IS THANKSGIVING!!! Now how the hell did that sneak up on me? There are about 7-8 of us who have no blood family members left to visit over the holiday that we decided years ago WE would make our own familial unit and promised to get together for a communal dinner and rabid football watching going forward. The host person (me this year) always provides the venue and the turkey/stuffing; potluck dishes comprise the rest of the menu. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol will be ingested as we discuss the politics and gossip of the day. I hope all your Thanksgiving Preparations are in full swing as well, and Early Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!!

    With all this new-found time off, I will be catching up on several dramas stuck in my queue. “Five Fingers” is a given and even caught up while we were gallivanting around the East Coast. I’m up to Episode 12 of “Nice Guy” and Episode 2 of “King of Dramas” and loving both of them immensely. Tried a few eps of FH2 and cannot wrap my mind around it just yet, so that has been put into the Marathon Pile for subsequent viewings. “I Miss You” has been DLd and readied for watching my little Woon-ah act his 20-year-old hinder off once he appears in the adult cast. I just need to cast a critical eye upon the rest floating around in the Dramasphere before adding them to my growing pile.

    And yes, I know “Five Fingers” is on lockdown screeching towards the finale (knew that weeks ago). And yes, I know I’m behind on recapping (that’s why I left a note on my blog saying I would be away for two weeks and I’ll pick it up once I return). So please stop sending me pleading messages begging for a new post, arraso? You’re making me feel guilty while I nap away my time with Prince Valium (credit to @Shukmeister for that spot-on description). I’ll get another up today and catch up in between filling out EDD paperwork and other important sundry items that will let me keep a roof over my head for awhile longer.

    Saying that, it’s back to my own personal hell: trying to decide between buttermilk biscuits or Parker House rolls for the bread offering this year. Decisions, decisions… 😛

    • 29.1 cv

      Cherkell! I’m sorry to hear you hurt your ankle. Ouchy!
      Hope the drugs helping you hurt less.

      Talk about Thanksgiving, I need to look up ads for day after sale. haha! Haven’t even checked yet…but will soon.

      Brrr… I’m feelin chilly. I hope I didn’t caught a cold. That would suk!

      Nap time! LOL

      • 29.1.1 cherkell

        @cv dahling! Glad to see you returned safe and sound! Still cold out your way?

        I don’t understand the Black Friday Onslaught thingy at all (especially this year with a tight budget). All those years having to pull triple-shifts getting ready for the product drop at the US stores made me gun-shy over ‘special sales’ and all that. It wasn’t until recently that Apple started ‘discounting’ peripherals and third-party items like iPhone cases, etc. Really? How about a nice discount on an iPad, hm? Nope; never gonna happen so don’t get your hopes up, purchasers! 😛

    • 29.2 enz

      get well soon and good luck with the thanksgiving cherkell

    • 29.3 jomo

      So sorry to hear about your limb. I’m glad you have some royal pain relief.
      I’m thinking you did it in sympathy with your Woon-ah, didn’t you? Limp attracts limp, innit?

      As far as buttermilk biscuits or Parker House rolls? Both, of course!

      • 29.3.1 Shukmeister

        A pun! A pun!

    • 29.4 JoAnne

      OUCH. Good thing you can take it at least a little bit easy, but travelling westward could not have been fun. Enjoy Thanksgiving, but I’m sure we’ll chat before then anyway 🙂

    • 29.5 Raine

      Cherkell! Oh no your ankle.

      HAHAH Prince Valium *goes to watch the movie*

      I love that you do that for Thanksgiving. I have a pre-thanksgiving dinner dinner with friends who can’t go home. It’s so much fun!

      I’m dying to read about the concert on your site!

      Is it just me, or is the person playing the piano for them in FF really taking stylistic liberties?

    • 29.6 Shukmeister

      CherKell –

      Don’t forget my royalties, although to be honest, it was the Trivia Trap in my head that pulled that out of “Beetlejuice”…

      Anyways, I’m happy I didn’t have to piggyback you to your airport bus. lol

      Sending healing thoughts to your ankle, and I vote Parker House, so fluffy inside…

  30. 30 Lizzy4e

    I am currently watching Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy with Kong Hyo-Jin (greatest love, pasta, thank you) and Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, Big)

    Where are you watching Ojakgyo Brothers? I have had a hard time finding this drama.

    • 30.1 Lizzy4e

      well poo. my last comment (#30) was a reply to Mrembo (#20) Hi y’all! 🙂

    • 30.2 Mystisith

      If you stream, has Ojakgyo Brothers. I suppose the other sites like dramacrazy have it too.

      • 30.2.1 Lizzy4e

        thankyouthankyouthankyou! WEEEE!

  31. 31 pogo

    Late to the OT thread, but hey everyone! I’m sitting on episode 20 of Nice Guy, but really too tired to pay attention to it just yet so I’m distracting myself with the thought of trying out an episode or two of some non-melo dramas before I hit that.

  32. 32 Kim Yoonmi

    TT Too many dramas.

    Great Seer (on hold–I need some distance from Faith)

    Horse Doctor enjoying it… though after watching Dae Jang Geum, I can’t help but feel I watched this drama before. And oddly the acting feels the same.

    Missing You– I’m missing it. I watched the first episode and then quit around the time the mother ran away. I did note that the girl said “A-p’a” instead of “Ap’eo” though sometimes it sounded like “Appa” keke Just hoping for Yoon Eun Hye to rock it enough that she ends up on Running Man. (Invite her)

    Still watching Oohlala Spouses, which is gaining heart on top of the light plotting. I still don’t feel convinced enough that they should stay together at this point. Gi Chan isn’t a good enough reason, sorry. I knew they would play him since he’s been missing for a while (Child Labor laws?) I don’t think it’s makjang yet… though there was a car accident… no one has gotten cancer, lost their eyes, or died yet.

    Madame Butterfly: I did watch the first few episodes, but ended up dropping it for being predictable…

    Can We Get Married?: Watching it to the end, but on back burner mode.

    King of Dramas Watching this to the end. I think it’ll come from behind. It’s fun watching the self-referencing. Subsequent episodes also heat up as well.

    Jeon Woochi: Looking forward to this one. <3 Not just because I'm modding on Viki either, but it looks like it's fly in your face fun, which I've missed this drama season.

    J Dramas:
    Monster– Still not a fan of Yamapi in this one though I like him overall.

    Sarutobi Sansei: Watched. I’m lukewarm about it. It’s not that well scripted, but the acting is fairly good for the genre. The script isn’t noticably bad. Back, back burner.

    Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo– dropped the ball on Episode 2, but episodes 3-5have really picked up and it still is the father-daughter relationship that sells it for me.

    Kodoku no Gurume 2– still really good. It’s simple, yet presents food in a way that even when I’m eating while watching, I feel like I’m dying of hunger. (Warning attached as such). The drama itself is really charming without the moralizing part of some Japanese dramas. I still watch it near the top of my list.

    Kekkon Shinai– Still watching and I still am wary about the rug being pulled on me. Each episode much like Hotaru no Hikari 2 goes over the meaning of marriage and what it means to get married… which is fun from a cultural standpoint, but I still feel like the rug is going to get pulled.

    Hana no Zubora Meshi– still watching this one.

    Akumu-Chan still weird. The tone doesn’t match the theme at all… in a round about way I like it, but at the same time it kinda feels like the tone and the theme are conflicting because it’s trying to do a slice of life heart-felt thing with a really dark tone… This would be a third line drama, though not a back burner for me.

    Priceless: Warming up a lot. A line actors in bit roles. And the show manages heart warming without moralizing… also cuts some usual J-drama conventions. First Line drama.

    Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen is still good. First line drama for me. I really like it. The characters aren’t all “good” or all “evil”, but very human. Plus the feminist message isn’t overdone or lost. Plus the acting gives me good chills. A ton of money is coming out of the drama too. With a really excellent sound track. It is an alternate history drama.

    Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi still makes me laugh really loud. I can watch it twice and still laugh. The self-referential humor and some of the in-your-face low budget stuff (and know it and even make jokes about it) is funny. Kinda has that appeal of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Chihuahua… Haha. That was great.

    If the car drama (talking car) gets finished being subbed, I’ll also watch that. ’cause it really funny.

    TW Dramas:

    Miss Rose: Still watching it. Still don’t know why. I showed a friend the opening song and she too went WTF.

    Winnie (Director of ISWAK, TKA and The Rose) didn’t do a drama this year. TT I would watch if he did do a drama. the TW dramas this year for me have been lukewarm… I like it better when they at least give a shot to try to be original, but I didn’t see that many that pressed towards trying anything new… most of the time I could call it when I saw it.

    Upside, I did find out about Korean Script format. I got really, curious after seeing King of Dramas, so I looked it up and found it. The convention is different than it is in the US. I was kind of surprised… But then Japanese format is different too.

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      About the J doramas: Priceless is also my number 1. It’s like Japan is becoming the specialist of “economy dramas” after RMPW. Monsters is still my dose of silly slapstick comedy. Guilty pleasure for sure. And Kekkon Shinai: It’s light, it’s actual. I want to know what the characters will choose in the end, may it be wedding or something else.
      About TW dramas and Miss Rose: I have the same feeling. Emptiness. Roy Qiu is nice to look at, sure. But the story? Copy and paste. I tried an episode randomly and I thought I would die of boredom.
      For the K shows: CWGM? King of Dramas and Horse Doctor. I read a lot of comments saying than HD is similar to Dae Jang Geum. Since I didn’t watch this show, it feels fresh to me. It’s remarkably light for a sageuk and there is a lot of lovable characters. Thanks show! Ohlala Spouses: I believe the writer wants to give us a little scare before giving us the happy ending with childhood oppa. Can I say I don’t understand those who want for her to return with her ex-husband? Well, I don’t.

      • 32.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Rich Man Poor Man was leaking money to me, especially with the amount of money it takes to do websites of that quality and get website experts in (the information was amazingly accurate–when I balked at the too programmer design, so did the drama. =P). But that may just be me. Certainly there are dramas with higher budgets…

        Japan while it does Moralizing (the hit you over the head type that I don’t like) on the lower end, really does know how to stretch a budget really well and get bang for yen. Also I like the fact that the dramas on the lower end *know* that they don’t have the supporting budget and play to that, even making fun of it.

        Priceless while it saved mostly on sets, has money leaking out of the music, cinematography, and acting list. Some actors are playing bit parts that are A-list actors… That drama can’t be cheap to make.

        Horse Doctor… the issues are that a lot of the basic situations are the same from Dae Jang Geum (without spoilery effects) When they go to the village and there is that problem, also matched a similar problem in Dae Jang Geum. Also the source of the problem was similar to a problem that Dae Jang Geum had once she became doctor. The original source of the problem also was similar to the Dae Jang Geum problem with nutmeg… I don’t mind so much, but I do wish on some level the writer would challenge herself a bit more… I do recognize that the writing has gotten better, but recycling plot elements makes me wary.

        On Ohlala Spouses, I so think that the second leads have a better shot… they are running out of episodes to make it compelling that the first leads would end up together. I kind of feel like they are going to build the house and then the manager is going to give her the house… rather than they end up together. In Dramaland having a child together is major points that usually supersede all else, but with a more than 50% divorce rate in Korea, I would think that the media would allow them to show how a real divorce happens… (and I’m kinda sick of the cheaters getting reformed model…)

        • Mystisith

          Ha. My bad: I should have said dramas ABOUT Economy and even alter-Economy. I didn’t mean RMPW was a cheap production at all!

    • 32.2 DayDreamer

      OMG Kim Yoomni, you have a lot of dramas on your plate. I currently am not watching any Jdramas and Tdramas. None of them are capturing my interest. But definitely, definitely, definitely wish Winnie would create another Tdrama. His ISWAK was like the greatest Tdrama I have ever watched. Nothing, for me, could compare to it. I could not even watch another drama for about a year. I was like on a ISWAK high. But then gradually, later I started watching other stuff too even though I’m still waiting for a drama that could have as much heart and love in it as ISWAK did.

      • 32.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I agree.

        TKA was also great too (the sequel). The ending scene in that–it gave me chills from the cutting and acting alone. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

        The Rose was also very well done.

        I’ll watch any Winnie drama at this point. I think he’s a master director… He does bedroom scene without the sex or romance like no other.

        • DayDreamer

          Oh, DEFINITELY. I most certainly watched TKA…though the site I watched it on called it, It Started With a Kiss 2…hence why I just lumped everything together in my comment as ISWAK. And I agree….the bedroom scenes are tantalizing but beautiful. Most importantly, the leads had awesome chemistry. This is the only on-screen couple that I have ever wished would actually become real-life couple; they just seemed so perfect for each other. *sigh* I’m feeling nostalgic again….feel like rewatching the series for like the eleventh time now, hehe. And to keep my memory of ISWAK forever beautiful and unblemished, I never watched the Korean version because I heard it wasn’t good though I did watch the Japanese original before ISWAK but that was just wtf for me. Didn’t like it.

          Hmm…the Rose? That sounds familiar…was it the one with the weird stepfamily and the chubby protagonist? The premise never appealed to me for some reason. Other Tdramas I liked was Mars, Fated to Love You (up to a certain point before I stopped watching it), My Queen, Love and Bread, and some others.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            The Rose gets better as it goes. Winnie dramas in the beginning were very slow to warm up.

            My art side was dying with glee over his shots in In Time With You and how much the simplest shot changed the meaning of what was being said and if you rewatch it, new layers come out of the drama. The drama never pretends you’ll love the characters entirely, but I like the overall message of the drama, some of the feminism, the tone, and the direction and acting were great too. I felt like I was learning a ton by watching some of his shot work… (He’s very meticulous like that… in ISWAK he pulled that with one shot where the characters were emotionally distant, so he had them speaking their lines and a train divided them just at the right time. Then when they got back together, he visually had the characters climb over the train divide…. I was about dying when I saw it. (He also is a fan of using mirrors to add meaning)

            Plus he picks some really cool and feminist stories… such as in the Rose, the girl never loses her weight… in ISWAK, he followed the manga so closely that when he cut something from the manga he made reference to it. =P He also makes in-jokes.

            One of the best directors in East Asia… he garners my envy often in many ways, even though I’m not a director.

    • 32.3 Jumbalaya

      ….hmmm…I never heard of Miss Rose…

  33. 33 jomo

    Hello All in the World!

    We had a cyber-bullying happening in my house.
    My 17 year old daughter broke up with a boy and within minutes, Twitter was alive with nasty, four-letter word strewn tweets from twits. Oh yeah, these were her (former) friends. How stupid ARE these boys?
    They used their own names and called her by a very identifiable nickname. I was shaking with fury by the time I was on the phone with one of the moms.

    Luckily, it stopped as abruptly as it started, and we were able to contain the online comments, but I know her social life as it pertains to this group of kids is over. It is no great loss to my daughter, fortunately, and has other buddies to hang with. She understands how dumb a 17-year-old can be and how little they think about their actions.

    On a much lighter note.
    Pimping Drama Go, Go, Go from Taiwan, starring Ruby Lin in a role reminiscent of Kim Tae Hee in My Princess, meaning she has figured out how to make the cute but smart work. Jiro Wang, who is really good as an has been idol struggling to be an actor, and my favfavfav Lin Geng Xin as the roommate all ladies need to cuddle up with after a hard day’s night.

    Why do I like this show, when it is chock full of all the drama cliches EVER? Because it is all about how a drama scriptwriter has to create a romcom drama script with a less than perfect cast, a demanding producer, a not-at-all-nice director. What I have fallen in love with in the good Taiwan romcoms is: even though you KNOW what is coming, and see the cliche scene a mile away, you can’t wait for it. I also like how the moms and dads are portrayed. It’s very real to me.

    Koala has written up her first impressions,
    and it is on viki being slowly subbed, but I have watched the raws and still love it.
    It also has the catchiest theme song ever sung by Jiro Wang. On replay on my ipod now

    Anybody else watching?

    • 33.1 Leaf

      I hope things get better for your Daughter… 🙁

      And oh yeah! I saw Koala Unni mention Go go go and as I like Jiro meant to go watch it…

      Hope you have a good week!!

    • 33.2 Mystisith

      Cyber bullying… Can really happen everywhere. Glad it ended quickly without too much damages.

    • 33.3 JoAnne

      sorry about your daughter – you’ve been noticeably quiet off thread this week and I wondered what might be up. Glad she came through relatively unscathed. Kids are cruel, and dumb – animals we must civilize, essentially…I know this, and yet it catches me by surprise every time.

      I’ll check out Go, Go, Go – I like the TW-Dramas I’ve seen so far

      • 33.3.1 Raine

        I’m sorry to hear about the bullying too! It’s so awful and all too prevalent. Give her a hug for me and a huge FIGHTING!

    • 33.4 Aryast

      Does anyone else think Ruby Lin looks different or is it just my memory of how she used to look like has faded? I haven’t seen her in ages to remember tbh. Hmmm…Oh well…

      And Jiro Wang! Yumm… Boy has never looked better!

      So many dramas, so little time!

      • 33.4.1 Aryast

        Oooh. And am sorry about the cyber-bullying too. Be strong!

    • 33.5 Enz

      That’s really horrible what happened to your daughter. Hope no repeats.

  34. 34 Matt

    Hey everyone… I’m new to the K-Drama scene…I love this site! All the recaps, and all the cool people..

    I found out about K-Dramas a few months ago but couldn’t find a site to watch so I gave up.. Then about a week ago, I just was looking around found dramafever and the rest is history.

    Here’s what i’m currently following/ watching:

    I miss you: It was the first drama where I watched a full episode.. mesmerized by the kid actors. I’ve watched episode 3 and the rape didn’t really bother me.. I like that it’s dark but I really think it’s well done besides the villains having no good qualities whatsoever.

    I look forward to what the two adult leads do with it.. I really really hope their will be a happy ending somehow because that makes the pain worth it.. the tragic nature of the show loses impact if its not overcome.

    I also finished Nice Guy last night. Didn’t love the ending..I don’t really want to spoil but I could do without all these people getting a slap on the wrist especially Ahn Min Young.. It’s a great drama with grey characters but last few episodes were subpar to me..

    Anyway, I’m also watching City Hunter, being blown away.. its my kind of show.. Action, intrigue, romance.. father/ son battling.. I dig it alot.

    A couple other dramas I just started: The king of dramas and Coffee Prince.

    I also started Princess’ Man because of my love for Moon Chae Won.. She is so gorgeous (I’m a straight male so you won’t see me swoon over the guys..LOL) and so talented..Only problem with Princess’ Man is the Dramafever subtitles go fast and the subtitles have explanations in them.. its hard to figure out sometimes..

    I think that’s enough from me… Thanks for reading ha.

    • 34.1 jomo

      Welcome to the DBOT. It is fun to read and share.
      Believe me, it is invaluable to have a male POV here. Don’t worry if you suddenly have to become an expert on being a man!

      I will be rabidly watching IMY and commenting on the recaps if JB decides to continue, or here on the OT.
      It is NOT sunshine and roses, but I also like the crime aspect of it. It’s dark dark dark, but the Daddy detective provides the light we need to get the hell out of the tunnel of despair.

      If you love MCW, MUST see the movie Bow: Ultimate Weapon. She rocks in that and won an acting award.
      I liked the start of TPM, but it got way too weepy and repetitive for me towards the end.
      She was also in Painter of the Wind – AWESOME drama with another Moon girl – Moon Geun Young.
      In Shining Inheritance, she was lovely, but they didn’t give her much to do as a typical weepy female second lead.

      • 34.1.1 Matt

        Thanks! I guess I’m used to being one of the only Male POV cause I happen to like alot of tv that women do here in america.. I don’t really like romantic comedies.. but I love romance added in with action or melodramas.. I’m an soap opera watcher lol.

        I agree IMY.. its least its dark but has someone who’s clear headed, not crying every second or evil.. I also find it fascinating how they’ll transition to the adults.. and how the reunion will go.

        Thanks for the recommendations for MCW.. like I said she is beautiful but from what you’ve said about her, it looks like Nice guy and Bow: Ultimate weapon were the only ones to let her show her full acting chops.. Shame, because she’s great.. Scary into vulnerable really quickly 🙂

      • 34.1.2 JoAnne

        that was Moon Chae Won? How did I miss that? Shining Inheritance? Really?

        • jomo

          She was the one crying all.the.time. and looking really sad when she wasn’t crying.
          You know, the one with the worst mom EVER!!

        • Raine

          Yeah, I know it was her because I LOVE her speaking voice so when I saw her in TPM I didn’t recognize her, but her voicE!

        • pogo

          lol come to think of it, she and Song Joong-ki have been in the same drama once before, too – she was second lead on My Fair Lady and he had a cameo!

          (but I gave up on that show pretty quickly, I love Yoon Eun-hye but she really can’t do bitchy convincingly)

        • pogo

          and in case we missed it, she and Song Joong-ki also featured in the same drama once before Nice Guy – she was second lead on My Fair Lady and he had a cameo!

          (I didn’t like the show much, to be quite honest)

    • 34.2 JoAnne

      I really really hope their will be a happy ending somehow because that makes the pain worth it.. the tragic nature of the show loses impact if its not overcome.

      you really are new…

      Welcome. Buy tissues.

      • 34.2.1 jomo

        OMG – there is no question about it. It will have a happy ending. I believe that is required for MY to take this role after whatever it was that happened at the end of RTP.
        I have a feeling poor YSH won’t end up happy, again, although I really do look the detective’s daughter, Eun-joo.
        He has my permission to be with her at the end.

      • 34.2.2 Matt

        Haha thanks for the warning.. I’ll keep that in mind when it comes to the end of I miss you.. but hey I didn’t think Nice guy would have a happy ending but..:)

    • 34.3 John

      Matt ~

      Welcome to the OT & DB.

      My wife is currently watching City Hunter. I’ve only seen bits of it.

      I enjoyed Princess’ Man.

      • 34.3.1 Matt

        Hey John.. nice to see another guy here.. I’m not sure what you like but if you’re down with revenge stories and government corruption with a vigilante and a dash of romance then City Hunter is for you.

        • John


          If I get around to watching City Hunter, it’d be for PMY, (Na Na).

          • Matt

            Oh yes! PMY is such a beauty.. I like MCW’s acting a little more but PMY has an innocent toughess about her that I like at least in City Hunter.

      • 34.3.2 JoAnne

        Ok but Matt – on to the important stuff. Are you an Oppa, or are we Noonas?

        there’s only a couple of guys here…we never really got into using the titles with John, and we all call Ricky Oppa but he also calls all of us Noona, so I guess that cancels itself out.

        I’m an end-stage ahjumma mascarading as a noona until I become a halmeoni.

        • jomo

          Pul-ease, I will never admit to ahjumma.
          I am jomo18 and will be forever.

        • Matt

          I think most of you will be noonas but I can be oppa to the younger crowd lol…

          • Raine

            I’m a late-20s noona…I am not an ahjumma yet! I don’t have any oppas anywhere! I don’t call Ricky oppa…unles I can call John oppa…:P

        • kakashi

          haha, JoAnne (and the rest of you ahjumma-noonas), you crack me up

          • Korazy Lady

            I’m dying with laughter here because when I went to welcome Matt, I thought my comment didn’t post. That’s because it was so far down the page! You get one new guy on here and the ladies are like a bunch of piranhas!!!

            And JoAnne, no asking for pictures!

          • JoAnne

            I do not do that!

        • DayDreamer

          Haha, I see noona, oppa, ahjumma flying around a lot on Open Threads so I wonder what category I fit in because I’m not too sure how they work.

          I’m a 22-yr old woman. Does that help? 😛

          • Korazy Lady

            Not the rest of us, no 😉

          • DayDreamer

            Oh Korazy Lady (heh, I love that name), I don’t get a title?? *cries pitifully*

            So do I call everyone here (except the guys) unni? 🙂

          • JoAnne

            We are your unnis – the guys are your oppas

          • shel

            You would be unni to Leaf, who is only 18 or 19.

    • 34.4 Ladytron33

      Hi again, Matt! Oh no, it looks like the addiction has really taken hold of you. Welcome to the party 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed Nice Guy (even if the ending was a bet meh – a common occurrence with the live-shoot process). Coffee Prince is great and I’m also enjoying King of Dramas. I have yet to watch City Hunter and Princess’ Man as I like to save the ones that have a lot of hype and mete them out in doses. That way I don’t blow all of the good ones at once. Lol.

      I would recommend you trying out for your dramas. Since you live in the US (right?), you should be able to watch all of the shows with minimal commercials and have them subbed in lightning speed with amazing quality. It’s a great site!

      • 34.4.1 Matt

        Hi yourself ladytron! KDrama is the best addiction i’ve had since I found ice cream lol.

        I hear about what you’re saying with the hype but I’m just looking for dramas that I can get into..I’ll read the synopsis, or I’ll like an actor..etc.. City Hunter drew me right in from the synoptic and first few scenes.

        I’ve tried I like the more real subtitles (especially with the names… I thought it was Kang Ma Roo not Maru LOL) but I don’t like the design and I’m not sure why they say its subbed fully in English and I still can’t watch.. It is faster then Dramafever though.

        • Ladytron33

          Yes, drama watching is so much better than ice cream. Fewer calories and less chance of getting diabetes.

          I do have to talk up Viki though. Viki is a little different than most of the other drama sites. Because each video is subbed by volunteers (many of them are regulars here at DBOT btw), the time it takes for an episode to be finished can vary. You need to check the % for each episode’s subs, not just the one you get on the main page. I’m not sure if that was your problem, but I’m hoping that helps.

          Also, you will grow to appreciate the accuracy of the language on Viki even more once you become more familiar with the culture. It drives me crazy when Dramafever calls kimbap “rice rolls” or they don’t translate a person’s title. Little things like that make a big difference after a while. But it’s all down to personal preference, so do what you like best!

          And I know you have a long list of dramas already, but they go by so fast. Once you get through those, you should give Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2 a try. They’re really well done and are a lot of fun (even if you hate vampires!).

          • Matt

            Thanks for the input about Viki.. I definitely will keep it in mind. I’ve watched some on there on already and will when I want new episodes most likely.

            As for different dramas, I don’t hate vampires.. I find the premise of Vampire Prosecutor.. I’ll check it out when I can.

        • owl

          So I’m reading this, eating a dark chocolate raspberry icecream bar with my daytime catch up kdrama Midas netflix streaming… (thinking, gotta get stuff done today, okay, gotta get stuff done today)

          • Ladytron33

            Ooh, I keep looking at Midas on my Netflix list and wondering if I should give it a go. I love No Min Woo in Full House 2, so I want to watch his other dramas at some point. But the business world doesn’t interest me much. Is it one to recommend?

            Also, yum for the dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bar. What was I saying about dramas being better??

          • owl

            I am not an either/or person, and I totally a both/and person!! As for Midas, ladytron33, I’m liking it a lot (NMW of course). There are smart women in the show – I like that too.The thing with netflix streaming is most of the kdramas are older and its pretty limited, so I watch those during the day on straight up tv when I’m nannying. Then at night or days off, I hulu, viki and/or dramafever current/other kdramas. It’s what an addict does to get what she needs and I work around work.

            I’ve even tried watching two-a streaming AND viki at the same time -but couldn’t read the subtitles on both fast enough. (This is from taking classes and watching 2 different lectures – one on dvd and one downloaded at the same time, which actually worked.) But the subtitles are a glitch, hey?

    • 34.5 jomo

      By the way, here are some recommends based on what you said:
      Time Between Dog and Wolf – loved it – crime drama
      HIT – cop/crime drama – great cast. Great overarching mystery intertwined with the episodic ones. Ha Jung Woo – now a movie star/director, last TV show.
      Vampire Prosecuter – first season was so good.
      Ten – soooo scary
      Return of Iljimae – the one with Jung Il Woo – awesome fight sequences
      Queen In-hyun’s Man – Awesomely perfect male lead with cool fight and romance moves. Time travel. Best OTP of all time.
      Sandglass – 60’s 70’s 80’s Korean history – brutal show from 1995. It influenced SK society like Roots did for the US.
      There are more, but these are some of the best.

      • 34.5.1 JoAnne

        For some quick viewing, Girl K (3 episodes, on DF amonth other places). WHITE CHRISTMAS. 10 episodes of awesomely awesome awesomeness. I watched that on Youtube but I think you can find it on dc-net.

        • Raine

          It’s 8 episodes! And better to download WC. A lot of places have faulty links!

          • JoAnne

            oh yeah…those last two episodes are just me and Mad Mireu back at the empty school.

            You did know I wanted to be a teacher at one time, right?

          • Raine

            I should’ve figured that.

            And I bet it wasn’t a teacher, but a disciplinarian…:P

          • JoAnne

            He is a VERY naughty boy

      • 34.5.2 Matt

        Thanks Jomo for the recommendations.. I’m really open to anything.. K-dramas are so new to me and I don’t want to be close minded but I’m not looking for fluff story… I need conflict of some kind.. Doesn’t have to have action.. I love Nice Guy/ Innocent man and that has no action.. I’ve found one thing I tend to dislike is over the top acting lol.. So I try to stay away from that.

        • jomo

          Oh, Matt, I just remembered the mother of all the PAIN! and CONFLICT! and Rockandahardplace dramas.
          You are still a Kdrama virgin, imho, until you watch —
          dun dun duuuuun:
          What Happened in Bali
          Jo In Sung, the male lead, was so impressive in the early episodes that the writer rewrote the part to give him more screen time. As far as over the top acting, I would say it is BIG, but not too big.
          Quick! Before you read spoilers!
          But be prepared.

          • Matt

            okay Jomo, I’ll put What happened in Bali n my queue tonight.. if I don’t finish city hunter that is.. With Nice guy being over, and only having to watch one IMY episode.. I’ll have alot of older stuff to watch.. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            You are a horrible horrible person and I love you

    • 34.6 Mar

      Hi Matt,

      I recommend a movie for you, “The Man From Nowhere.” It’s action with a lot of heart.

      Action k drama, there are several and I’m sure others will pop up with recommendations- Runaway Plan B is goofy but action packed. And not that you care, but Rain is so smoking hot in that show. Had to say it, sorry. The Time Between Dog and Wolf is supposed to be intense but I’ve not watched it. Then there is Iljimae and Return of Iljimae, but they are not connected shows, just 2 takes on same legend. You might like Hong Gil Dong. Faith-I hesitate to recommend it for action, but I’ll throw it out there. Then there is IRIS and Athena. Also Vampire Prosecutor and VP2. You might like God’s Quiz also. Joseon X Files.

      K drama is more like happy as you can be sometimes. Be forewarned, K drama is not like western tv. Shows billed as rom com can go melo and even tragic.

      And especially if you watch movies, you will learn no one does vengeance better than Korea. I Saw the Devil and Old Boy pretty much define that genre. Do not watch either of those movies if you cannot handle squicky, both mental and physical.

      If these are available to you: Netflix had Korean dramas and movies. Viki to me is the quickest for new stuff subbed. Hulu also has Korean shows. I like Dramafever subs the best out of all these sources. Netflix can have the worst, it’s hit or miss.

      Happy viewing!

      • 34.6.1 JoAnne

        HIGHLY recommend The Man from Nowhere and I Saw the Devil

      • 34.6.2 Matt

        Mar: Thanks for recommendations on Movies, Kdramas and the Korean culture.. I’ve already noticed that it is very different then the western tv and Culture.. It’s not a bad thing.. I embrace new cultures but in some areas, I have to condition my mind to the Korean way of thinking.. I’m still learning.

        • Mar

          K drama and movies will ruin you for western tv lol. This is a great place to help you adapt and learn that is for sure. There is a lot lost in translation and ignorance of culture, things we will never comprehend simply because do not speak the language and are not Korean. But, there is a great deal of awesome to be had for what we can experience. I’m taking Asian Religions this semester and actually watching Asian tv shows and and movies has helped me with the class. And I totally referenced City Hunter in a paper haha.

    • 34.7 Raine

      Matt, you may want to start downloading your dramas or finding other sights for streaming/watching.

      This site has a bajillion links to streaming sites, other great blogs and all sorts of goodies!

      Welcome to the fold. We have a few other straight men here. Yes, MCW was beautiful in Shining Inheritance, it was just too Makjang for me and that mom…omg. City Hunter was the first show I watched live! You’re Beautiful was my first drama ever!

      • 34.7.1 Matt

        Hey Raine, I probably won’t download much because I don’t like having video files that big on my pc.

        Isn’t City Hunter great? I’m already up to episode 14.

        I’ve been thinking about checking out You’re Beautiful simply because Park Shin-hye caught my eye (really shallow of me lol.)

        • Lizzy4e

          Oh Matt, you are preaching to the choir when you check out a drama because an actress (in our case actor) caught your eye. We have ALL done that… repeatedly. 😉

          I am sorry but the ubiquitous shower scenes are geared towards women’s taste, what with all the abs.

          • Matt

            Oh I know geared towards women.. just seeing the poster image tips me off to that 🙂

          • jomo

            YES, I DID watch ALL 20 of Summer Scent for the bleached, permed, sleeveless Song Seung Hyun at one point in my drama watching…
            Can’t say it was the best decision of my life…

        • Raine

          Uh, she’s gorgeous! I totally can’t blame you. Besides, I’m recapping a drama just because Park Shi hoo is in it even though I’m not really interested in the drama…

          • Matt

            For me, I have to find something to latch onto.. With western TV, I’d be less likely to watch something solely for a performer since it can turn into years of watching.. but a 20 episode KDrama? I could possibly suffer through to see the pretty (women in my case :P) Unless the story is horrid.

        • skelly

          To continue in this vein (more or less), both my husband and my father-in-law really enjoyed City Hall – my father-in-law especially liked Kim Sun Ah. 😉

          My husband also really enjoyed City Hunter and Jumong (all 80 some episodes!) and the J-drama Change (more politics). Right now we are watching Queen In-hyun’s Man, and he is enjoying that as well because the story is intelligent, the action scenes are pretty good, and Yoo In Ah is incredibly cute.

        • owl

          Then there’s that gender bender thang going on in Coffee Prince and You’re Beautiful that kdramas do best! Don’t we love ’em!

    • 34.8 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Matt! Yay for more guys and yay for more addicts! Welcome to the crazy world of dramas! (where sleep is hard to find).

      City Hunter is probably my favourite drama ever! The actions scenes are so good and so thrilling! I really want to recommend Gaksital to you! If you have time to watch it after all these other recommendations, that is. It also has awesome fight scenes and a bit of romance. And the main actress is pretty, seeing as you find that probably important, haha 😉 I really like the main actor, ha.
      I’m still watching Nice Guy, and I really like it, but seeing as I’m not really hearing very good things about the ending, I’m embracing myself.

      I’m always curious to hear how people find their way to Kdramas, so how did you?

      • 34.8.1 Matt

        The story isn’t that interesting lol but I know a friend who would tweet about Kdramas and it got me curious.. I’m only fluent in English (Just barely ha) but subtitles don’t bother me.. I tried using a site the twitter friend used but it wouldn’t work for me… This was probably almost a year ago…

        Last week, I was bored, looking around and I found Dramafever.. played a video, it worked and had subtitles and the rest is history. 😛

        • FishcalledWanda

          Haha, well all these kind of stories are interesting 😉 luckily you have that friend, cause what you would’ve missed! Along the road of drama watching you’ll eventually pick up some Korean, so if you go on long enough, maybe you’ll become fluent lol. And I’m so jealous that you can watch on dramafever, it won’t play in my country!
          Let me know when you got to the end of city hunter, I’d like to hear what you think about it. Also, do you watching any american shows regulary? Cause kdramas might spoil these for you, hehe

          • Matt

            If I start speaking Korean I’ll be shocked lol but it would be nice to understand the words enough to watch a drama 🙂

            Yeah, I’m Tv Crazed.. I’m into American TV, British Tv programs so KDramas is just a different art form for me..

            That said, I have this desire to watch Kdramas more then anything else right now.. its partially the newness of it and the unique quality of the dramas compared to anything I’ve ever seen.

            Like from the dramas I’ve seen, the way Koreans deal with sexuality on screen is vastly different then America..

          • FishcalledWanda

            I used to watch every show airing, whether in my own country or in America or England, but since I seriously started watching Kdramas I watch those a lot less. Only Supernatural sustained, do you watch that too?
            And it’s what you say, Kdramas have such a unique quality and they’re just so different. And how they deal with sexuality, I like very much. It’s not that there’s a sexscene in every series, just for it being there. Very refreshing. The building up of the romantic relationship also goes very slow and deep, so it’s really believable!

    • 34.9 Korazy Lady

      Welcome Matt!

      Let me just warn you about the OT. It starts out as a curiosity, and then you start looking (and then waiting) for it on Friday mornings. Next thing you know, you start meeting up with other members from around the country and go see Big Bang and do soju shots!

      It’s a beautiful thing! Enjoy 🙂

      • 34.9.1 Matt

        I love meeting new people so that doesn’t scare me off none 😛

    • 34.10 Mari

      City Hunter will ruin you for life. I love it soo much, that I now expect all action shows to be like it. Plus Lee Min-Ho, I did not care for his character in BOys over Flowers, so here is where I fell in love with him.

      • 34.10.1 Matt

        City Hunter is a show that I could see myself watching over and over again.. through 14 episodes its been pitch perfect although someone dying could have made it even better lol.

    • 34.11 mems

      Hi Matt and welcome to the OT!

      Based on your likes, I think you would love Story of a Man. It has brilliant acting, directing, AND writing (a combination that is rare to find). Oh yeah, the OST is pretty awesome too.

  35. 35 Carole McDonnell

    Watching Can We Get Married, Vampire Prosecutor, Ooh La La Spouses, Priceless, Monsters, Ooku, Osozaki no Himawari. All of which are really really good.

    Reading recaps for Nice Guy, Missing. I’m thinking I can’t deal with over-tragitude. This is why I avoid melodramas. Contrived. Still, am really hoping all turns out well for Ma Ru

    Catching up on Fujiko F. Fujio no Parallel Space and a coupla other Japanese dramas.

    Saw My Scary Girl which was really funny, funnier than Penny Pinchers, I think. Trie to watch Thieves” but the translation was konglish to the highest degree and although i generally don’t mind that, it makes a heist caper even harder to understand.

    Downloaded Korean learning audios from the US Foreign service so am trying to commit to learning Korean. Am avoiding American TV. Especially the news shows. Too stressful and all those ads showing up in between progrms or during the daily pundit programs are turning my hypochondria into a full-blown mania.

    It’s not really cold yet but am already hating winter.
    Happy watching, all.

    • 35.1 Leaf

      When I went to Korea me and my friend went to see The Thieves!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
      Didn’t really understand much of it as no subtitles but Kim Soohyun is pretty… haha
      nah it was really epic <3

      And yes… Winter is hell 🙁

      • 35.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        maybe i’ll try seeing it again. Thanks

    • 35.2 Sabah

      “audios from the US foreign service…”

      May I ask, are these free? If so, may I have the link to the website? Thank you.

      • 35.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I downloaded it from foreign service institute

        but now the site is having issues. So you might have to wait for a while ( a couple days) to go back.

        But you can still get the FST course from

        or try this site for another language course.

        The Korean course, like all the language courses done by the US Foreign service institute, is in the public domain so it is free, although there are a few folks out there who are selling it.

        • Sabah

          Thank you. I am much obliged. Wishing you much success in your goal of learning Korean. : )

          I like this blog which is about self studying Korean and Japanese. It has some resources but it is more about inspiring yourself and realizing that your goal is achievable.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Thanks so much. I like anything that says a goal is achievable. Thanks so much and much appreciation.

          • Sabah

            Your welcome. I truly hope that your hard work and good intentions find fruition.

          • hangukdrama

            oh wow Thanks Sabah for introducing my blog here!!:D Came here when I saw the referrer link from my blog stats.

            I’m a huge fan / everyday reader of Dramabeans too ^^

          • JoAnne

            then you should totally be hanging out on the OT with us!

          • Sabah


            Wow, even the WWW is getting smaller. I really like your blog. It inspired me to raise my aspirations and I have learned a lot too. So, you see, there really isn’t a need to thank me because it is all your hard work. It is me who is indebted to you. Thank you.

  36. 36 km

    hi everyone it took really long to reed all ur comments.
    I was watcng 11 dramas so itried to cut them short to 5. But still am having fun. I love king of dramas i loved it when he mis-interprated on purpose and also can we get married is tottaly amazingly cute in a way. Cnt wait wait for vampire prosocuters last episode. And am sooooooo looking farward to flower boy next dooor park shin hye nd one of my fav kd actors.. Nive guy and missing am just their recapps since am not big fan of melos but so far great. On ther hand the historical dramad r rokin. and yh did i forget the only tai drama am watching at da moment (when love walked in) although i dnt like the acting but i do love the story. Gave gteat weekend everyone

    • 36.1 Sabah

      Wow, 11 dramas. That’s is probably the amount I might watch in a year. (That would be completed dramas, since I do tend to watch at least the first four episodes of most, just to give them a chance.) Very impressive, do you manage to sleep at all?

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

    • 36.2 Carole McDonnell

      am watching King of Drama as well. And yes, so looking forward to flower boy next door.

  37. 37 Mar

    Hi all,

    Thanks to Dramabeans for continued awesomeness. You rock the party!

    Question to my fellow Beans: Woodalchi? Is there a translation of this term? It came up in conversation and my googling failed to produce results.

    I’m in the homestretch of the semester, my viewing time is limited. Good thing there is nothing I’m totally addicted to right now.

    We are planning a BOF marathon for Winter Break. And a big dinner at the fav Korean Restaurant. My daughter is introducing her boyfriend to the awesomeness of bimbimbap and bulgogi and japchae. I do not think however she will get him to watch BOF tho lol.

    I remembered I wanted to comment on the movie Heaven’s Postman. I watched that early fall, and wow, what a beautiful movie. I loved it. I had not watched it previously because I never really saw any really positive reviews of it. Wow, I was missing out.

    Still in kitten name search. Little dood doesn’t come to live with us until December so we have time. My daughter pointed out Joanne’s suggestion of Chona is too close to her own name, so that is not going to work.

    And this name search made me notice something because hey we all know we all tend to learn words in other languages that are curse words and that have to do with naughty bits even if we learn nothing else. Cha Chi Soo from Flower Boy Raymun Shop.
    Cha Chi.
    Is that a play on words like it seems to me to be? or am I just slow to catch on as usual. Because hey, that’s frigging hilarious.

    • 37.1 John


      I need to finish Heaven’s Postman. I started it a few weeks ago and got distracted. Maybe this weekend.

    • 37.2 JoAnne

      ohhh that movie is so lovely. I enjoyed it so much I watched it again that same weekend, and I used it to lure someone into KDrama. The cinematography was just stunning and the story – ah. I won’t spoil it for anyone. Just really a beautiful story that made me cry for several different reasons at several different places.

      I am always reminded of the movie Atonement, although the plots are not at all the same and neither are the endings. But the dreamy, lush world and the achingly romantic story? Yes.

  38. 38 km

    Recomended rom-com kdramas that have aired couple of months ago really good.

    The moon that empraces the sun
    Salery man
    Can love become money
    Gentelmans dignaty
    Kings 2 hearts

  39. 39 Raine

    Hello all,

    I’ve been in and out of OT all summer/fall. I had major surgery on my wrists/elbow for carpal tunnel/ulnar release in May, went to England in June and then moved from Miami, FL to Fort Collins, CO in August.

    I’ve been getting back on my feet (and trying to get my blog back on its feet) and I finally feel like I have. I’m so behind in dramaland. It’s. SAD.

    I’m living in a house with my sister and my cat, Timmy. If you don’t know about Timmy, he’s my feline love. We’re total BFFs. He’s lying on the window sill behind me soaking up the sun and praying the temperature doesn’t drop below 30 for a while…

    Anyway, my parents and brother are coming out next week and it will be the first time my mom and brother have seen our house! EEK! Basically that means we’ve been cleaning and trying to finish unpacking and make sure that all the plants don’t die before they get here!

    Oh yeah, we also need more towels…*makes shopping list*

    *** SPOILER***

    I just finished The Thousandth Man and recapped it. It was a good watch, but the ending highlighted some SERIOUS flaws. Pacing was so off and I’m sorry, but that fox bead exchange was disgusting and ruined the moment. The ending didn’t have to be as happy, hold-handsy as it was. They could’ve all gone their own way and it would’ve been better. I did like seeing his daughter.

    ***end SPOILER***

    Watching AM97 and LOVING it. Will post more on that when I’m through.

    Watching FHT2, loving that. MadDino and I are recapping it and seriously biting our nails waiting for new episodes. And it’s the weekend. After 4 days of FH, we have to wait THREE?!!!!! ACK! We have also renamed Tae-ik “Sheepy” for his hair and Kang-hwi “BunnY” because he’s as cute as the bunnies in Deeno’s army. And then she chibi’d them both and put them in costumes. SO. CUTE.

    Watched RMPW. LOVE. I forgot how much I love me some J-dramas. I need to get on Priceless.

    Yay OT!

    Again, Thanks Javabeans, GF and the crew for being awesome!

    • 39.1 swurbel

      Sheepy and BunnY??? That’s funny!!! 🙂
      And the name for Man-ok??? Maybe karatekitten??

      • 39.1.1 Raine

        We haven’t settled for one for her. We keep just calling her Man-ok. Se-ryung is Evil One to Deeno and She-monster to me. No we can’t agree on it. Names tend to pop up by sheer coincidence. karatekitten…kekeke

        kopytko – thank you!

      • 39.1.2 redfox

        just call her Young Manic

    • 39.2 kopytko

      Love your and Deeno’s recaps of FH2. The form of dialogue is very suitable for that crazy drama. Allows good thought flow 😉

      Hope you have a great time with your family at your new home!

    • 39.3 Deeliteful

      I TOTALLY agree about Thousandth Man. The fox bead exchange was awkward at best.

      I knew they were going towards the whole she’s going to die for love route so I was surprised at that bit. Glad he moved on with his life though.

  40. 40 jambo

    Happy Friday all!

    It’s now 1:40 pm US Central Time….It took me half the day to read all the comments. 🙂 This group really rocks!
    I just have to share…, I’ve been watching Kdramas for about 2 yrs now and finally feeling the guilt of neglecting my Filipino movies (I’m Filipino American) So I thought I’d watch this movie called “Every Breath You Take” a rom-com, and guess who is one of the characters in the movie? A guy named Ji Soon who is in love with heroine. He belongs to the growing Korean community in the Philippines. He’s crazy for this girl and was constantly venting to his other Korean friends. His scenes were the funniest part of the movie for me. So, there….I just gave up. The Korean effect is just too…effective. It’s everywhere. No escape. And soon after I’m back to watching my Kdramas. Oh, well!

  41. 41 Sabah

    This is very random but I would be much obliged for any help. Does anyone know what Movie/drama/MV this gif is taken from?

    Thank you.

    • 41.1 FishcalledWanda

      Sabah! I was reading the comments and hoping yours would be there somewhere, and there it was! Did you have a good week?

      I’m sorry I cannot help you with where that gif is from, but it looks really nice. And her dress is very pretty!

      • 41.1.1 Sabah

        Hey Wanda! : )

        How have you been? Is your new workload very tiring? Are you able to at least follow one drama? Have you tried any new recipes?

        I’m fine, thank you for asking. My sister is teasing me with that gif, I am meant to answer who the people are in it to win the last piece of cake. I gave up and admitted defeat BUT she says I need to try harder. It look likes Shin Minah but I can’t work out who the guy might be. Maybe a member of FT island…The sad and lonely confessions of a sugar addicted k-entertainment fan…

      • 41.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        Hi! : )
        Well, it’s do-able, but I have two big presentations next week, so I’m a bit scared. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but it’s not that I look forward to it. But I always prepare very good, so it’ll probably turn out alright. Thanks for asking!
        Luckily I managed to sneak in some Nice Guy watching, at episode 11 now. Where did you stop watching and are you going to pick it up now it’s finished?
        I also watched the first episode of Orange Days, and I really liked the feel of it so when (if) I have some more time, I’ll definitely watch it whole. Thank you for suggesting that one!
        Have you been watching anything new?

        Didn’t really try out something new, I’ve mostly been rotating the recipes suggested here and the ones I already new, but it’s nice I have some variation now.

        Haha, the last piece of cake! Now I’m double sorry I couldn’t help you ; ) I do have a feeling I know the guy from somewhere, but I can’t put my finger on it! The problem is that you can’t get a really good look at their faces. If you do find out, will you tell me? And the more I stare at the dress, the more I want to have it, haha! I’m so materialistic..

        • Sabah

          The best thing for your confidence is to prepare well, which you already have, so rest assured you have done everything you needed to do. Wishing you much success.

          I finished Nice Guy. I caught up on Thursday night (watching from episode 12 and then the finale.) Friday is my day off so I could do that. I won’t say more until you have finished. Oh, I am glad you have started Orange days, it really is a beautiful story and well told. I am really enjoying Can we get married? and I am hoping to watch ‘King of Dramas’ to see if I find it as good as people tell me it is. Other than that I am going to start a Danish drama ‘The Killing.’

          Hehe, I was just talking to my sister about the need for variety in our meals. Though I hear people say ‘I could eat (fav food) for every meal’ I don’t think it is actually possible. Our oven stopped working and we had been having our favourite take away for nearly four days and well, I am quite sick of it, more than just bored. Hmm, I wonder if it is a human condition, this need for diversity or is it just me. What other things need this aspect? Clothes? Hair? People? Hmm, time for some soul searching.

          She won’t tell me! She ate the cake AND she still won’t tell me. She said she is waiting until she needs something from me and then she will use it to bargain with. The dress is beautiful so it is only natural to want it. I love pretty dresses too, but unfortunately they don’t love me back… Hehe.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Aah, I want to marathon Nice Guy too! It’s as you said sometimes what you want to do doesn’t really compare to what you have to do… I hope Nice Guy didn’t break your heart!
          And I really want to watch Can we get married en King of Dramas too! And the rest of Orange Days! Sigh, damn you days for only having 24 hours. I heard some good things about The Killing, let me know how you find it!

          Haha, yes I love spaghetti (mom-made), but I don’t think I could eat it every day. At one point you don’t notice anymore how much you like it. And I have the same with clothes! When I haven’t bought something new in a long while, I always feel the urge to! Luckily not really with people. Though I’d like to meet new nice people, it’s not an urge I feel, like some people do, to have this massive network of acquaintances and expanding it more and more. Apparently clothes are more boring than people ; )
          It sounds like you live together with your sister, is that true? If it’s alright to ask such a personal question.

          That’s unfair! Curiosity is a crazy-driving force! And a way to get your way, ha.
          Going to sleep now, it’s past bedtime so if I’m being incomprehensible it’s because of that!

          • Sabah

            There is this quote, ‘I dreamed that life was beauty but woke up to find it was duty.’ Like you, I don’t mind hard work but I just wish I could find time for things that I want to do. I have this motto, live poorer but be happier. I don’t know if it is an excuse just to be lazy but I try to work less, be more economical with my money and spend that ‘saved’ time doing things with my family and friends as well as quality time for me.

            Let’s talk about NG after you finished because I don’t want to affect your anticipation in any way.

            Hehe, ‘Apparently clothes are more boring than people’ I love this quote! Who knew? hehe, I think we aren’t as materialistic as we thought. The real shocker is if you extrapolate that sentiment then even food is more boring than people WHICH I wouldn’t have reasoned seeing how many of my thoughts are about food. Hehe. Very profound, I think I might have had some kind of epiphany.

            Of course you can ask. I actually live with my family, mum & dad, whom I take care of, so no family of my own and my sister too. My brother moved out a while ago and has his own family. I am what you would call a spinster, though I have accepted this fact, if I am ever given the chance to have my own family, I would take it but for now it is about my parents. Though just recently my friend told me not to give up hope because another friend just had twins, after years of trying, at the age of 49. I am ever the optimistic! May I ask, is marriage & family something you want, even if far in the future? Or are your thoughts just about its borders, of love and romance? Or are you just too busy to think of such things right now?

            I fell asleep on the sofa again, just woke up to the computer screensaver, off to bed too.

          • FishcalledWanda

            I can really agree with that quote and your motto. If you only work to get a lot of money, but don’t do things that make you really happy, then what’s the point? Unfortunately it’s not so easy to choose to study less, haha.
            And I love your epiphany!

            If it’s meant for me I’d really want to get married eventually, and start a family of my own. Cause I see how happy my parents are with each other and with my brother and I and I really want that too. To have a person who loves you for who you are (and not just in the way your parents and friends love you). But I don’t think that getting married and all is the only way to happiness. My biggest fear is to end up alone and not in the sense that I don’t get a partner, but in the sense that I don’t have my family anymore or good friends and fall into an isolation. I’m not that good at making new friends, so as long as I still have good contact with family I have now and my dearest friends I think I could be happy.
            But those are thoughts for the future, as for now I’m more busy with the whole romantic and Prince Charming aspect, haha. Most of my friends are getting boyfriends and not me, so it’s more of a daydream for now.
            And wow still having twins on the age of 49, that does give hope indeed. How wonderful that you take care of your parents, that cannot be said of everyone.

            Hehe, falling asleep next to a computer is something I’ve experienced multiple times. One time I had dents in my cheek from the keyboard!

          • Sabah

            Studying is one thing about youth that I don’t miss. That isn’t to say that I don’t like gaining knowledge because I do but the whole assessment of it and gaining certificates thing really depressed me. On a more inspirational note, hwaiting! Wishing you well for your presentation. (hehe)

            I agree with you that we shouldn’t define what ‘family’ means but just try to seek and keep as many people to love and them in turn love us back. I also understand that fear of ending up alone. I have that image of the crazy cat lady looming always. Nowadays it just isn’t about people not wanting to give you love, but they turn away from receiving it too as though they might become burdened. Still, we should remain hopeful because there are many good examples of good things coming to those who wait.

            Hehe, it reminds me of a Garfield comic where Jon falls asleep on a tennis racket in the sun and ends up with criss cross lines on his face.

            Once again, wishing you success on your presentation!

        • Sabah

          Just in case you check in again. I found out the video. It was a MV for Davichi. Yeah, my sis is a cheating cheaty cheaterson. I’m not going to tell her I know yet, let’s see her try to fool me twice.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Ooh, I would’ve never guessed that! How did you find that out?

            And thanks for wishing me success with my presentation! I hope I get done studying today real soon, so I can watch Nice Guy. A good drama is a good motivation, hehe.

            And I agree with you that we should stay hopeful even though nowadays it’s like you say: people turn away from receiving love. Luckily there are still people who do want to receive and also give : ) And there are indeed examples of many good things to come to those who wait, so that also gives me hope.

          • Sabah

            Well the conversation went something like, I asked if it was ‘Korean’ and she replied yes knowing that I was assuming that it was a drama/film. So she didn’t cheat but she didn’t help me either considering she knew I had narrowed my search to those fields AND most importantly she had almost 2/3 of that cake! Anyway, I found it by asking at another forum where I kind lady replied.

            Here’s the link so you can view the dress close up.

            I use dramas as motivation too. It used to be food but it just did more harm. Dramas have so far not been as detrimental to my health. Hehe.

            There are loving people around but their definitions of what love is normally differs significantly from mine. That is just a whole other discussion, which can wait until after your successful presentation. : )

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, so she kind of manipulated you! But luckily you found out, so you won’t be cheated again, hehe.

            Ah, thanks for the link. Quite a nice song, actually. And the dress is so pretty! In fact all of her clothes are, sigh.. Bit of a weird ending of that MV, though. He just swaps her for his old girlfriend?

            Yeah, food as motivation does work, but not for your health! Not that being sleep deprived is any good for your health 😉

            I’d love to hear your point further on that, so keep that thought until our next discussion!

          • Sabah

            Yeah that MV had a weird story and knowing the lyrics didn’t really help me either. I tried to ‘twist’ the meaning to something comprehensible but never liked any of the conclusions…Pretty dress though!

            Yep, see you at the end of the week!

  42. 42 Trina

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I sooo need to catch up on NG… ahh Real Life sometimes I do not like you in my life. Oh well… In Koala unni blog, she have the pictures of the first script reading of The Wind, that Blows…… =) Other than that, I hope everyday have a wonderful week-end… =)

  43. 43 pogo

    I finally finished Nice Guy, and the ending really worked for me – even if I spent what felt like half the time wanting to scream at that fool Maru to GO TO THE HOSPITAL ALREADY DAMMIT.

    also, I’m happy to report that Joon Hawtness gets to look hot again, minus the bandages. I’ve never wanted to take a second lead off a heroine’s hands so badly, except for Seo Jeong-woo in My Girl lol. And that had quite a bit to do with the fact that he was played by Lee Jun-ki.

    • 43.1 Matt

      The last episode was so slow haha.. and I would have liked the last scene to not be a voiceover but whatever.

      • 43.1.1 pogo

        yeah, it would have been nice but I’m ok with it and frankly I’m just glad NG didn’t take the ‘pile of bodies’ approach to its ending.

  44. 44 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are you all doing?
    I’ve finished Nice Guy today. It turned out a good drama, although I hadn’t even planned to watch it. I must say I am immune to Song JoongKi – he did his job decently, but in my eyes he wasn’t really “in” his role – I had that constant feeling that he’s pretending to live someone’s life and will soon disappear into his own world. As for the ending *SPOILER
    – too good to be true. Seriously, everybody happy andwell? nobody died? nobody suffered serious consequences of their misdeeds? nobody ended up mentally unstable? Huh. I guess I am too vindictive a person. Not that I dislike happy endings, but this drama just begged for some guts to crown the whole series. Just one scapegoat would do 😉

    Am I the only one who’s bothered by FH2 resembling You Are Beautiful? Especially because of the blond haired cute guy and his cranky, ekhm… stylish bandmate. But actually, as a wacky crazy ride it’s a good one. I hope the newly introduced second female lead will get some human traits, otherwise she’s to hateful to fit into the landscape.

    Oh, does anybody watch My Love, Madame Butterfly? I do, and I quite like it. I love the main character’s personality. She’s not very bright, but can get by, she’s gorgeous and sexy yet, she’s pure, she’s not talented, but she’s aware of it and can still find her own strengths as an actress. What cracked me up was her lil’ pep talk before an attempt to cook: “I’m Nam Na Bi. Except for acting, I can do anything!”.

    King of Dramas is exactly my cup of tea. Waiting for more. Choi Si Won is definitely good for my eyes. And Kim Myung Min! Words fail me.

    Other than that, I am hooked on our weekend melos May Queen and Five Fingers as well as family drama Rascal Sons. I want a writer oppa on my own!

    • 44.1 Matt

      – too good to be true. Seriously, everybody happy andwell? nobody died? nobody suffered serious consequences of their misdeeds? nobody ended up mentally unstable? Huh. I guess I am too vindictive a person. Not that I dislike happy endings, but this drama just begged for some guts to crown the whole series. Just one scapegoat would do 😉

      I agree kopytko.. I would have preferred a certain lawyer to bite the dust but nope…it was a little frustrating on that side of it..

      • 44.1.1 kopytko

        I would also like a certain b*** to reside in slums, but huh, the writer went generous this time…

        • Matt

          I think its not clear where JH is living…Show was very vague in the end about that..I don’t think she’s living in the mansion that’s for sure.

          • kopytko

            But she didn’t drive a 10 year matiz or wear cheap clothes either…

        • Kate

          I can’t with people who all a character that word even after the ending/ side eye you

      • 44.1.2 Korazy Lady

        I posted this earlier in the OT but you may not have seen it. Looks like they succumbed to viewer pressure:

        So many unanswered questions – I say we all take one of them (such as what happened between Eun Gi and the Tae Son Company) and write our own ending!

        • Matt

          I’m fine with a happy ending, but yeah, it was very rushed I thought.. in terms of resolution to the storylines..

      • 44.1.3 pogo

        well, not everyone got a perfectly happy ending, remember her kid wasn’t even talking to her by the time she came out of prison. That’s got to suck.

        • kopytko

          It isn’t nice, but it can be mended. I can imagine some more retribution. You know, I grew up listening to Grimm Brothers’ stories, they knew how to punish villains 😉

  45. 45 Russe12

    Hello, all! I know I’m a bit late, but oh well.

    I never formally introduced myself, so here’s a small bit about me. I’m female, and I originally got into Hallyu through k-pop but several months ago transitioned more into dramas. I still occaisionally listen to k-pop (mainly Big Bang, 2NE1, FT Island, and CN Blue). I am a bit of a Jung Ilwoo and Yoo Seungho fangirl (even though I haven’t actually seen them in as many dramas as I would like). I have a varied taste in k-dramas, my main favourites being 49 Days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and Gaksital. That’s about it!

    Also, a quick question..I’ve begun watching Who Are You, as I previously read the recaps of it here and thought it seemed really sweet and enjoyable. I’m on episode 4, and really enjoying the comedic bits, but the whole angst mainly seems really overdone (there are a few scenes that were really good, but there’s so much wailing from Go Ara xD) and Go Ara has several scenes where her character is terribly annoying. I’ve heard a lot about her bad acting, but I was just wondering if the show’s heart balances out the bad acting (and supposedly non-existant chemistry). Thanks! 🙂

    • 45.1 Enz

      Welcome russe, am a big fan of Jung il woo too on account of FBRS mostly. He came to Malaysia in sept and I went to see him and got to get his autograph and take pics with him. I would say he is actually better looking in person. There is a charm that you can’t get in pics.

      I posted some of the pics on OT but can’t remember which OT already. Prob late sept or early oct OTs if you’re interested in viewing 🙂

      • 45.1.1 Russe12

        I’ll be sure to try to find them! Thanks for the welcome as well 😀

    • 45.2 Korazy Lady

      Welcome Russe 12,

      Always happy to have another 49 Days lover on board. I think we are a rare breed!

      • 45.2.1 Russe12

        Oh, yes! I haven’t found many who loved it as I did, so it’s good to know there’s others out there. 🙂

      • 45.2.2 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

        Count me in. I also like 49 days. 🙂

  46. 46 Audrey

    Speaking of Japanese drama remakes (That Winter). The japanese version was awesome, I hope they don’t butcher it…like they did with Dr. Jin.
    I was wanting to see if anyone had seen this Japanese drama called Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna.
    It’s sooooooooooo good. I want to see Korea remake this drama. Whichever actress plays the villian would be epic, I vote for Kim So Yeon. Or Son Ye Jin would be great too(even though she sort of played this character in Into the White Night (remake of japanese drama Byakuyako ).Or Ha Ji Won…oh so many choices.
    But please, Korea needs to remake this drama….anybody with me?
    here is a link to watch it:

    • 46.1 mskololia

      Hi Audrey. Happy OT.

      I think Kland would ruin this one by making it: 1) longer than it needs to be followed by, 2) unnecessary angst just to turn around and 3) give it a HEA ending. That would make the inner conflict nonsensical to me because they are claiming “romantic” LCA.

      For some, there is a PONR…..

      • 46.1.1 Audrey

        Happy OT to you too :]
        Kland does ruin lots of Japanese drama…Boys over flowers, dr. jin. hana kimi….so it might not be such a good idea. But Guilty has a perfect plot, that I would rather it be remake, than another gender bending comedy.

        • mskololia

          I would like to see a K version of Liar Game. Since they love their “candies” girls so much Toda Erika’s role should be easy to reinterpret.

          LMH can star in Matsuda Shota’s role though. Both are gorgeous. 🙂

    • 46.2 BB

      A bunch of people recc’ed Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu as well. Unfortunately, Eng subs for the entire dorama aren’t available. 🙁

      Thanks for recc’ing Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna. Looked it up and was surprised to see it stars both Kanno Miho and Tamaki Hiroshi (who’re both in Kekkon Shinai as well). Will check it out when time permits.

      • 46.2.1 mskololia

        @BB, thanks for the recc’d. I hope the episodes get fully subbed one day soon.

        I started Triangle, which is very good and will try Trick next…..

      • 46.2.2 Audrey

        Currently watching Kekkon Shinai rite now. So refreshing to see Kanno Miho and Tamaki Hiroshi in a comedy/ not “revenge” drama.
        I am liking it so far, here is hoping that Tamaki Hiroshi continues to be this great looking.. so delish… 🙂

        • mskololia

          I will check this out since it’s currently airing with five subbed epis out.

          Domo arigato.

      • 46.2.3 Audrey

        Currently watching Kekkon Shinai rite now. So refreshing to see Kanno Miho and Tamaki Hiroshi in a comedy/ not “revenge” drama.
        I am liking it so far, here is hoping that Tamaki Hiroshi continues to be this great looking.. so delish…

    • 46.3 pillowhead

      Great, I’ve been looking for a good Japn drama. I will definetly watch that right after I finish Que Sera Sera. Is it a teacher story cause they love those. Have you seen Ryusei no Kizuna? Excellent! One of my favorite all time dramas.

      • 46.3.1 mskololia

        Well, if you like teacher stories, how about giving Gokusen a try. She’s a teacher and boss. 🙂 We can talk bad-ass later…..

        • pillowhead

          Ok I’ll check it out 😀

  47. 47 Jeannette

    This week SUCKED. CANCER SUCKS! I’m so sick of my patients getting cancer. I’m tired of drama at work. I’m tired of being bloated. I’m just TIRED.

    Thank god for drama, because I needed something nice to distract me.

  48. 48 dreamgirl

    Aww girl, you found yourself a korean oppa! Lucky girl 🙂 There seems to be some chemistry but i think you should wait longer. By the way, as much as we love korean dramas, they don’t help us at all when it comes to choosing someone. They spoil us and and we raise our expectations. As much as we want our boyfriend be like a guy in a korean drams, it’s prolly not gonna be exactly the same. BUT, we can dream. LOL. Hope it works out for you!

  49. 49 MeeisLee

    So, I don’t think many people check OT after Friday but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on something!

    Alright so I have a Historical Investigation (really just a fancy way of saying history research paper) that I’m required to do for my history class and the topic must take place in the 20th century and international (not America-centric). One of the first ideas that came to mind was the Japanese occupation of Korea and Gaksital ofc!!!

    So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions on what my research question should be or if this is a good topic to do? Initially, I was going to see how accurate Gaksital portrayed real events.

    I appreciate any replies :). I would’ve posted earlier, but I was too busy being anxious about SATs yesterday (thank god they’re over now!).

    • 49.1 Shukmeister

      You might want to consider the sovereignty dispute of the Dokdo Islands. They recently had a 1N2D episode, but SK and Japan have fought over these couple of rocks for over a hundred years, which makes it a 20th century topic.

      • 49.1.1 MeeisLee

        Dokdo definitely sounds like an interesting topic to do but I’m worried it might ‘too current’ in a sense. There’s still a lot of tension and on-going disputes and lingering intensities, at least that’s what I’ve gathered from my limited exposure. I suppose you could argue that with the Japanese occupation on a whole but looking at it more generally seems less controversial (?). One of the topics I’m not really allowed to do is on North Korea and 9/11 (it fit the previous requirements for my first research paper which was that it had to US history related and prior to 2002) for example.