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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving all! Or maybe I should say, Happy Black Friday. Be safe out there. No TV is worth being trampled for!

Sung Shi-kyung – “Thank You” [ Download ]

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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Leaf

      Happy OT Unni!!!!

      Hope you have a great week! <3

      • 1.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Leaf, same to you :-)! Good to hear from you!!!!

    • 1.2 kakashi

      Hello, Queen Ivoire!
      And hello, dear Beanies and OTlers …
      how is everybody doing? If you are from the States, you are probably still digesting delicious food … hmmm, I’m hungry!

      My big excitement this week is Lee Jun-ki’s arrival in Switzerland, where he is going to spend the next two weeks or so shooting a photobook for his fans. I’m totally obsessing over him being HERE, most probably in my home town. I wouldn’t have a clue what to say to him if I actually DID manage to see him somewhere … but still, thinking about a meeting is a lot of fun! I’m waiting for him to tweet something … seriously, I didn’t know about my fangirl side up until a few days ago. It’s a bit scary.

      • 1.2.1 Leaf

        WOW!!! That’s amazing!!!!
        And good luck! I hope you do get a chance to see him! πŸ˜€

        • kakashi

          me too, me too!!! Zurich is so tiny, there IS in fact a good chance. but only if he gives a clue to where he is approximately … I guess. Or should I believe in unmyeong? haha

          • Leaf

            If it’s fated to happen haha

          • Shukmeister

            Wishing you good luck in spotting him! And tell us if you meet him [fangirl moment]

          • enz

            good luck kakashi! remember priorities!

          • kakashi

            haha, enz.

      • 1.2.2 Gaeina Lee

        Hope you get a chance to meet our cheeky magistrate, goodluck dearie!
        BTW, is it a kind of Mike He’s photobook or conventional? If the earlier, I need to find a way to pre-order it, stat! ^^

      • 1.2.3 Jeannette

        Oh, I hope you see him! I love him to pieces!

      • 1.2.4 Korazy Lady

        Maybe he needs a picture of nice Swiss maiden in his book! Braid your hair and get that vest and some ribbons out!

        • kakashi

          I’ll send my daughter. she has cute curls, is cute overall and would be perfect for his foto book. If I dye her hair darker, she’ll look just like Heidi

          • Korazy Lady

            She is a cutie. Hey, anyway you have to work it is acceptable!

        • kakashi

          wait … have you seen a pic of her?! that profile pic the other day … that was me when I was her age πŸ™‚

          • Korazy Lady

            OH my gosh! I totally thought it was your daughter!!!!! (yeah, I don’t understand German!) Well, you were adorable, too, so I say back to my original plan – don the braids and vest!

      • 1.2.5 pogo

        aaaaaaaaaaaaah good luck darling, I hope you get to see his magisterial hotness in person!

      • 1.2.6 sweetcloud

        Omo! Good luck in spotting him, do share if you happen to see him in person!

      • 1.2.7 kakashi

        yeah, crazy, I just found out where he is (From his latest Tweet)
        not in my town πŸ™‚ but another nice one, the one my husband is from!

      • 1.2.8 pillowhead

        Wow, good luck! Hope you get to see him. Loved Arang and the Magistrate! And I’m so jeolous you live in Switzerland. I was there in the early 90’s. Spent a weeking in Lucern right before that beautiful bridge caught fire.

        • pillowhead

          sad about the bridge. But you live in the most beautiful place on the planet.

          • kakashi

            thank you, pillowhead. not sure it’s the most beautiful, but it is indeed a nice place to live. yes, the bridge burning is a tragedy. but they did restore it really well!

      • 1.2.9 FishcalledWanda

        Aaah, I hope you managed to see him!! How big is the chance he’s actually in you hometown! I want updates! πŸ˜€ Haha, pretty men bring out your scary-unknown side.

    • 1.3 Mystisith

      Bonjour Ivoire! Happy OT!
      Are you here to spazz about King of dramas like me? ^^
      Dramacrack alert!!!

      • 1.3.1 kakashi

        damn, I so want to start watching that drama!!! Am behind with so many things …

      • 1.3.2 Ivoire

        Bonjour Mysti, absolument!!!!! Please read my post below :-)!

      • 1.3.3 Korazy Lady

        Doesn’t it make you wonder how trained the actors are to give interviews? The one SiWon did was so similar to Song Joong Ki’s in real life that now I’ll be doubting all the real actor’s sincerity!

        • Mystisith

          I almost never pay attention to actors/singers interviews: It’s can-speech like for politics. From time to time you fall on a gem but it’s the exception and not the rule.

          • Korazy Lady

            You know everything is just so different here in the States. My daughter is an entertainment reporter, and at most a publicist may tell her not to ask personal questions about a certain issue, but basically you never know what is going to come out of an actor’s mouth!

          • Mar

            I’m with Mystisith. Always remember entertainers are professional liars. I’m not saying expect everything to be a lie, just don’t be shocked when it is lol.

        • Ivoire

          KL, should we trust what “your” SJK says from now on? πŸ™‚

          • Korazy Lady

            I am sure my SJK is just as nice and humble in person as he was in the interview! πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Huhuh… And you would know that because… ?:-)

          • Enz

            Because his eyebrows are perfectly shaped and his mouth is as red as ruby and his teeth is wonderfully aligned. Someone like that CANNOT lie ivoire. How is it that I need to educate you on this?? Hheeee

          • Ivoire

            Good morning Enz,

            Well, thank you for educating me on the criteria used to determine whether a Korean celebrity is lying in his/her public statements or not :-). I certainly was not aware of said criteria.
            Why do you have to educate me on that? Well… because those criteria are so… superficial? :-). However I understand and I can see how and why people would be swayed by such physical attributes. To each, its own (set of criteria). Also based on the criteria you just gave, a lot of celebrities “don’t lie then…” Is that really so? (What do you think?) πŸ™‚

          • enz

            ivoire, mais oui!! πŸ˜€ it was published in the sceintific journal of hoasiology – but i need perhaps to share the full criterias. it is extremely precise – only perfectly shaped eyebrows ie when you draw a line down the beginning of the arch, it should fall on the outer aspect of the pupil and the space between the brow should be about a third the lenght of the brow itself.

            the lip colour must be the shade of a grade A ruby from myanmar and nowhere else and the teeth really has to be a complete set and on smiling can show up to the second premolars.

            only those that fulfill all three criterias were shown to be unable to lie.- lie detector tests were used in the study.

            you should know that i sadly possess NONE of these criterias and it is possible that i am lying through my teeth right now.. OR NOT as the case may be.


          • Ivoire

            Hello Enz,

            Your comment (last one) was funny and witty!!!! I didn’t know you had that in you :-). I do have a question, what is this: “the sceintific journal of hoasiology?” Please explain?
            I didn’t know you to be so knowledgeable about so many things in life :-). I look forward to other pieces of information/gems of wisdom you will be sharing with me. One is never too old to learn.

          • enz

            haha ivoire – hoa siau is a hokkien term for big bluffing or making up tall tales – like the ones suguen likes to use on 2d1n.

            yes yes.. i shall dig deep into my well of hoasiology to further share with you as and when the occasion calls for it!! πŸ˜€

            glad you enjoyed the last one

      • 1.3.4 lalala




        • Ivoire

          Hello Lalala,

          May I just say: I LOVE your enthusiasm for this drama, AND I share it. Did you read my post below? πŸ™‚

    • 1.4 becca_boo

      Hello, Ivoire!

      • 1.4.1 Ivoire

        Hello becca_boo and happy OT to you :-)! I hope your Friday started well!!!! Have an amazing weekend!

    • 1.5 Ivoire

      Sorry, I made a mistake, I meant to have my comment here :-(… Please disregard comment # 13.

      Good morning everyone!

      I have a favor to ask and get out of the way: I have a friend who is currently in Seoul, and it is her first time there and she would like to buy human hair (for extensions and such). Can anyone recommend stores in Seoul she could go to, please? She would like to buy (human) hair for both black and white people (so, different kinds of hair). If you happen to also have any addresses (of said stores) you could include, that would be wonderful and much appreciated, thank you!

      Also, if you have any ideas about activities I could do with a 6 year old (girl) and a 4 year old (boy), and a 2 year old (girl), please share them with me. Thanks!

      A month ago, I did my 4th move. It was on a Thursday, and we got done around 8pm. I stayed up all night (until 4am) to put things away and I had to start working the same day (Friday). My back was killing me, my feet were killing me (from being on my feet for so long) and I felt that I didn’t need to go to the gym for that weekend, I had just had my workout and I was that sore πŸ™‚

      It has been very busy ever since and I am wearing many hats: taking care of three children (two different families), cooking, translating many letters from 18th century French for a book that will be published, tutoring a 15 year old in French (and I get more excited about the tutoring sessions than he does πŸ™ ) and constantly cleaning. Whoever said β€œa woman’s work is never done,” was not kidding πŸ™‚

      Drama wise, I am currently LOVING and tremendously enjoying The King of Dramas and I just love the cast (all the actors and actresses) and the characters they portray. So much subtlety in their portrayal and acting. I love everything about this drama: the plot, the pace, the OST (can’t wait for that to be available to be ordered. I keep humming those songs. Does the OST remind anyone of the OST of the TK2Hs? Because it does for me. The instrumental pieces sound almost the same). I love the different surprises they throw at us (which so far I haven’t seen coming) and just watching the chemistry between the different actors and actresses. That chemistry is crackling.

      The leads (all four) are just awesome and I love that this drama makes me think. How much meta can I understand and detect? And how much am I learning about (some) of how things are done in the Korean entertainment industry and what it all means? (I know that some of it is dramatized, of course). The humor in this drama is an added bonus, as well. I will stop here, I think that is enough rave for now πŸ™‚ . I just wanted to let you guys know what my new addiction was.

      It has been raining here in my neck of the hood, but the weather for Thanksgiving Day was nice. I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend. I will be working all day, so I probably won’t be able to answer any comments right away. Feel free however to comment. I will get to them when I can.

      Have an awesome day, or night πŸ™‚ !

      • 1.5.1 Sabah

        Hey Ivoire, : )

        Just reading your schedule makes my feet hurt.

        I agree, King Of Dramas is good. I am enjoying the crackling dialogues. That quick witted back and forth banter which reminds me of 1950’s Hollywood movies or even the 1980’s TV series Moonlighting. (I’m so old!)

        Wishing you much joy and love, as always.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Sabah, good to “read” from you and thank you for feeling my pain :-)…

          I agree with you about KoDs. I DO love everything about it, and ESPECIALLY the crackling dialogues as you call them. They are so well written!!!! And well delivered, I appreciate that. I have seen some dialogues that were not well delivered, where one of the actors (it was obvious) would wait for the other actor or actress to finish his/her lines and then say his. It didn’t feel organic at all and it was a distraction.

          I appreciate the acting more here, it feels so organic, and the characters feel consistent. We know some of them will change, but things are written in a way that make sense (so far) and I also love that about this show. I am planning on rewatching it soon (I always miss a few things when I watch an episode the 1st time around).

          Interestingly, the streaming for me on viki is also good, the image clearer than some of the shows I have watched (even recently). So that is a plus as well.

          Have a lovely, lovely, lovely weekend Sabah πŸ™‚

          • Sabah

            I really do feel it. I hope you are able to put your feet up for a bit, even if just to catch up on your dramas.

            As they say acting has an element of ‘re-acting.’ I agree that some actors don’t always seem to be in the moment so that, as you say, they are just waiting for their turn. The best actors, in my opinion, not only are able to give their lines with precise accentuation and timing BUT react to the expressions and delivery of lines of the person/people acting opposite them. As someone who has very poor co-ordination (nope I can’t rub my belly and pat my head at the same time) I am always impressed with I witness it.

            So many times, I have wished good lines better actors because in a world of mediocre they deserve it. King of Dramas has both aspects down and I find all the players really in sync with their characters AND other characters. The ending to episode has me nervous but in a good way, in that I am wondering how they are going to continue on.

            I hope this weekend treats you auspiciously too.

          • Ivoire


            I LOVE all that you said AND you said it well, so I won’t take it apart (repeat it). I especially LOVE what you said about KoDs and I TOTALLY agree with you. I hate it when an actor struggles with getting into character, or staying in character, b/c then it is glaring and it feels more like watching actor X or actress X acting, as opposed to simply seeing the character. Yes, I still know it is actor X (b/c it is his/her physical features) but I want to forget it is him/her.

            Some actors (and actresses) know or manage to play a role like it is fitting them like a glove, a well fitted one at that. And that is when it is a feast to watch them. It feels like they are taking you along with them, and telling you a story, murmuring that to you and you are RIGHT THERE with them, watching as it unfolds. I hope my description makes sense, that is how I LOVE to experience dramas and movies (performances in general, including theater).

            I am SO THERE with you, regarding The King of Dramas, and I hope they will be able to deliver to the very end :-).

            The King of Dramas, Fighting!!!!!!!

          • Sabah


            You spoke the truth. There are very few actors/actresses who can leave their image/persona behind and embrace the characterization. Furthermore, those that leave that character full of flaws and even hateful but engender empathy or pity through depth.

            Maybe it is the fault of fans that can not tell the difference between the two. However in truth there is a big difference between celebrity and artist, and unfortunately modern actors form the former rather than the latter. I hope this drama is able to do something special and despite low ratings, isn’t persuaded to change for the worse.

            Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

          • Ivoire


            We just keep thinking along the same lines today :-). I am always amazed at some of the fans who can’t (or won’t) distance themselves enough to see the flaws in their favorite actor(s)/actress(es). I don’t think it does a service to the actor/actress. What is even worse is when the director praises the actor (or the actress) and you just want to say, “but s/he isn’t that good. S/he is not staying in character the whole show/movie/performance through, (when s/he manages to be in character)” *Sigh*

            And I have seen that happen (unfortunately) that some of those actors/actresses are being praised by directors and it makes me shake my head (and now they start believing it). I also agree with you about many actors are being celebrities and not artists. Is it b/c society and the industry demand more of that? How did we get there? Everything seems to be about becoming a celebrity these days, getting those endorsement deals, etc… Makes you wary of worshipping them. (I don’t think we should worship anyone, to start with, imho).

          • Sabah

            I agree, it isn’t healthy to worship something that is inherently weak. It’s better to view them as artists, enjoy the art that they create so that when things go wrong you can step back and say, ‘that piece/set/character wasn’t good but I respect your effort anyway.’ Like the Hong sisters & Gong Yoo in Big. Though I thought it was a failure, I can not belittle their credibility as artists, trying to create something.

            It should be about the art, more than the artist. I loved that part in KOD, when Go Eun tells Hyun Min that even if she isn’t part of the project and can’t keep promise that he should still care for the project. It’s about coming together to create something, not the something being a means to create you.

            What can we do? I don’t know, maybe as Gandhi said, ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world,’ except I am not artist. hehe.

          • Ivoire

            Sabah, I have to go clean the kitchen. I will respond later πŸ™‚

          • Sabah

            Take your time. : )

          • Ivoire

            Hello Sabah,

            Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I did not get done until 11:00pm last night (after having been up since 4:30-5am) and as you can imagine, it was a busy day. I am getting ready for day 2 (I work on weekends with this family, so I will be done on Sunday night).

            I agree with your statement about not worshipping celebrities, however I also understand how that can happen as I have been guilty of that. I have however been able to distance myself and acknowledge (or at least think about/question) when I would do it (or you know, a few months later πŸ™‚ ). The danger, in my humble opinion (at least to me), is when we don’t recognize it or acknowledge it (at least to ourselves) and worship someone who is far from being perfect (and treat him/her as such). I would not want to do that, personally. As you said, it is not healthy and that is personally not where I would want my energy and focus to go.

            Like you, I do appreciate and acknowledge the effort writers and actors and people involved in the arts make as a whole, however we have to also say that when some of them become famous and established, they can tend to believe their own press and as one of my friends says, “drink their own Kool aid.” And we have seen (I am sure at least once) the kind of work (whether it is a book, script, acting and directing wise), the kind of mediocre (or not very good πŸ™‚ ) performance we end up getting. What I find regrettable is when we are made to believe that said work is as good as previous works that were better, (it kind of feels like one’s intelligence is being insulted, at least to me).

            This is interesting, “It should be about the art, more than the artist.” because I don’t know if you remember **SPOILER** the interview-date with Hyun Min where he says things along the same lines, when asked how much he gets paid for projects. “I don’t care about the money (He supposedly doesn’t know how much he gets paid), just about the art.” **END OF SPOILER**
            Yes it should be (about the art), however, we know it is not always, or maybe not as much as it should be. In this day and age, it seems to me that often, it is “the something (which is) being a means to create you,” as you well said.

            What can we do? All I want to do, is being aware when that happens and being educated about such things. That is the best I can do (at least for now), in my humble opinion.

            I think we are all artists on some level. We might not produce art that people read and buy and watch, however, I wonder if there is not an artist in all of us…

            I hope your Saturday is going well :-)…

          • Sabah


            I don’t want to intrude beyond propriety, for we have only just begun talking, but I do worry about you. I’m not going to tell you how to run your life, but as long as you aren’t causing any detriment, I won’t say anything. I hope that you are able to save just one part of the day that is for yourself. Wishing you ease and prosperity.

            It’s like the Wendy Cope poem, “Two cures for love.
            1 Don’t see him. Don’t phone or write a letter.
            2 The easy way: get to know him better.” The less we know of a person, it easier it becomes to love them because we have yet to learn of their deficiencies. Celebrities are easy to love because we are given bite size pieces of goodness, beautiful portraits and heart twisting emoting in dramas. I think my faith helps me a lot because anything good, any beauty or talent I see in an artist/celebrity I always attribute to God, because my belief is that everything belongs to Him. In that way, I don’t ascribe it to an individual. It’s more about inspiring aspirations. Of course, I too traversed youth to get here, with many an emotional and irrational dip into silliness.

            “Drink their own Kool aid.” I have never heard that expression before. Is it American? Actually the last few years I have been working on my own naivety. I think to perceive that truth of yourself, or know thyself, is very difficult. I haven’t met many people with clear inner sight. Criticism is difficult for most people seeing that we tend to incline towards contention most of the time. Being in an industry that is built on constant criticism/assessment, profit/returns, I can understand why it is countered with so much praise, even if it might be superficial.

            The drama is very sharp. There are so many moments that really hit home certain cliches (or are they habits? accepted norms?) of this industry but I do wonder if people are really paying attention. Do people recognize their counter-parts on TV? I know many people who do not see parallels between their actions and those depicted on TV.

            I am enjoying it immensely but it does make me wonder about the difficulties and trials that lay behind kdramas which I love. To think that they might have come out of hardship, injustice, cruelty does taint them negatively.

          • Ivoire

            Wow Sabah, you are deep!!!!! I am impressed with the way you write :-)…
            1–Thank you for your well wishes, I appreciate them. Many opportunities have presented themselves, and I am just trying to fulfill them. I do tend to push myself as I like to be thorough and as I have a standard of excellence. I think I must be like Koreans, who push themselves so much…

            As far as the cure for love, I didn’t understand this: “Don’t see him. Don’t phone or write a letter.” Please explain… Also, I like your comment about why we tend to put celebrities on a pedestal, very well said.

            The expression “to drink one’s own Kool Aid” must be American, since Kool Aid is drunk in the US. The person I heard it from is Nigerian and has lived in the US for 10 years. I like that expression b/c Kool Aid is such a simple drink (powdered drink for children, primarily), that to me, when someone drinks their own KA, it feels like they are just buying all that is said about him/her and is drunk on comments that may not necessarily be true, but flattering, for sure. It basically means that they are high on praises/positive comments about themselves (or spin comments in their mind to be flattering). Another expression is “they are not feeling themselves.” This is usually said when people have achieved success or are starting to get fame.

            I think one can know thyself, if one wants to do so. I think I know myself pretty well. I have to take time to reflect, but I usually am honest with myself and I try to let God reveal things to me (as painful as they might be to face).
            I hadn’t thought of this:”Being in an industry that is built on constant criticism/assessment, profit/returns, I can understand why it is countered with so much praise, even if it might be superficial.” Good point!!!!

            I do agree with you that TKoDs is very sharp and I don’t know that many people watch it and reflect about their own actions and motives in life. Good points made by you there as well.

            I love finding out/learning things about the BTS stuff in dramaland, even if they are dramatized (it is better than nothing). It makes me appreciate dramas that much more.

            I hope you had/are having a great Sunday. I always love reading your posts πŸ™‚

          • Sabah

            I do understand the need to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way because you don’t want to regret anything. Just look after yourself. : )

            I’m not so deep but I have been fortunate to had the honour of knowing many wise people. The first line just means that if you want to cure yourself of ‘love’ then avoid all contact with that person. The other way being getting to know their faults through time spent in their company. My sister says something similar, ‘the best cure for love is marriage.’ It’s all very tongue in cheek, for I don’t think, or hope, they aren’t so cynical about love. I think it is more to do with infatuation than love, when your estimation of a person is based mainly in your imagination.

            I have never heard of either of those phrases. So, if I have understood correctly, it is taking sincerely something that is meant to be superficial? It’s very accurate. People do tend to adorn themselves with airs. I might try the second phrase next time, I don’t think there could be an English equivalent. Hmm maybe Ribena? Hehe

            I feel as though I am very much estranged from myself. I think because for a long time I didn’t want to delve into what lay at the core. However, as you say, even though it is hard, it has to be done. Slowly but surely I am making headway but it is frightening as much as it is daunting. You truly are blessed to have such inner sight, maybe you don’t know but it is a very rare thing indeed.

            I know I have a tendency to dissect things to a point where I destroy aesthetic beauty, i.e. can’t see the forest for the trees, but I do wish people reflected more. Sometimes dramas have profound notes which most people distant themselves from by labelling it as entertainment and nothing more. They acknowledge the pain of the protagonist at the hands of a people fuelled by hate or jealousy but then don’t see those very effects when they themselves are the source of such furies. I’m not innocent of being blind nor hypocrisy. I am just advocating self-reflection. Kdrama or art is an easy and entertaining way to do it.

            I loved your spin on difficulty engendering greater appreciation. It’s a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Sabah,

            So good to hear from you again :-). I have the children this afternoon (and tonight) so I will be back later to respond.
            I just wanted to say that one of the things I have noticed about your responses, is that you are like me: you touch on ALL the points that I make. Like me, you are detailed and thorough in your responses, and I SO LOVE THAT!!!! I feel that I can have this deep conversation with you, and that you are willing to go there with me, to explore topics and issues, whether they be kdrama related or personal. I also like that we have each other’s email addresses, so we can address there what we do not wish to mention here :-). And my comment does not mean that we cannot make jokes or talk about light hearted issues, as I am sure you know :-).

            Thank you for always doing that, being so thorough and pondering all that I say. It also makes me feel like what I say (or have to say) matters, and I know it does (or should) but not everyone takes the time to honor that, if you see what I mean.

            So, many thanks again, for caring and not being afraid to (gently) express it.

          • Sabah

            There are so many things I want to say. Thank you for your kindness. I am grateful to have found someone who notes and notices things, precious things. I love that you want to talk too. Most of all, I love the detailing that you describe. The art of conversation and debate isn’t dead but it has changed so much that I find, these days, unable to find the ‘correct’ words.

            People don’t want to talk, they want you to acquiesce and just agree with them WHICH I would do if their sentiment wasn’t so full of spite or greed. For me conversation isn’t about agreement but comprehending different tangents and viewpoints. Just one conversation with you and I see a point from a whole different angle. It’s wondrous. I am indebted. Thank you.

      • 1.5.2 kakashi

        hwaiting, Ivoire! Have strength …

        • Ivoire

          Thanks Kakashi, could you please send that strength in a bottle? πŸ™‚

          • kakashi

            yes! am bottling it right now!! ^^

          • Ivoire

            Please let me know when you send it :-)! Thanks!

      • 1.5.3 zgznoona

        About the activities with kids, indoors or outdoors?
        With adult supervision or not? how long do you want to keep them busy? How independent are they?
        How much do they share? For instance, my 2 year old niece, wants to have and do everything her 4 year old sister does.

        For indoor:
        I made cookies with them last year and they had a really good time.
        My nieces also enjoy singing challenges one proposes a song and the other one has to sing it.
        They can make crafts, from clay to drawing, painting

        In any case, young kids get bored/tired of doing the same thing soon. So, it’s better if whatever you plan last around 30min and keep rotating

        • kakashi

          I second the cookie baking. That is great for kids. or any other type of baking. For example, we eat something called “GrittibΓ€nz” this time of the year. It’s a dough man. It’s bread dough, but a little sweet. This is a recipe for it:

          • Ivoire

            Thanks for the recipe, Kakashi, I will look it up!

        • Ivoire

          Hello ZGZ and thanks for responding. To answer your questions:

          1-Ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities please. 2–With both adult supervision and none. 3–The amount of time to keep them busy will vary (depending on whether I have them for a few hours or all day, like during holidays) and so I am open to all suggestions, I just want ideas. 4–The 7 year old (I said 6 but she is actually 7) is quite independent, and her brother (4) needs a lot of attention (so he can feel special and important). I would be doing most things with him. Leaving him alone for too long is not a good thing. And the 2 year old, I would be with her as well. 5–The 7 year old shares some, but her brother doesn’t like to. The 2 year old is an only child for now (different family).

          Thank you very much for your ideas, ZGZ :-)… If you come up with some more, please share :-).

          P.S.: I have thought of baking, just wondered if the 4 year old would like it. He seems to enjoy boys’ stuff more.

          • zgznoona

            from my experience, boys like to cook if playing their hand is included. Like cookie baking, same with the 2 year old. Also rolling meatballs could work.
            When cooking you can have things setup with the help of the 7 year old and call the younger ones for the fun or rolling cutting and decorating.
            Modeling clay or any other kind of dough is a good idea. We used to make a one with flower water salt and dishwasher, used it as clay, one dray was easy to paint.
            It’s also good to know what they like and create like a theme. My nieces love Dora the Explorer and Pocoyo. So creating a story about their favorite characters, and you can print coloring drawings (there are may places online) or they can draw them themselves.
            If is for the holidays, they can help to decorate the house, even make the some ornaments themselves. You can find easy projects online.
            on a quick search a I found a few interesting ones:
            I’m sure you’ll find great ideas from this blogs

          • Ivoire

            Hello zgznoona,
            And thank you for your added comments and ideas. You are so resourceful and helpful. I really appreciate that. And thank you as well for the webpages, I will check them out. I hope you had a wonderful weekend :-)…

      • 1.5.4 pillowhead

        KoD is thrilling! I’m way into it too. I love getting into the “industry”, so the story already intriqued me. The cast, and the writing is brilliant. πŸ˜€

        • Ivoire

          Hi pillowhead, I (highly) second everything you just said :-)!!!!!

    • 1.6 Korazy Lady

      Ivoire! You did it! I’m sure everyone is happy to see you in your rightful spot. Hope your Thanksgiving was good!

      • 1.6.1 Ivoire

        Hello KL, and thanks for the welcome!!!! Yes, Thanksgiving was good and very busy :-)!

        • Korazy Lady

          Some tips for you – I find play dough keeps kids occupied for hours. You can make some home made play dough if you want and then not be too concerned if the little one tries to eat it! haha. Also, take nature walks and give each child a list of things to find. I’m always big on crafts – egg carton caterpillars, sock puppets (and then have the older ones put on a show), dress up clothes (you could ask the Moms to pick up some cheap hats and clothes at thrift shops.) My kids loved dressing up and then putting on plays. If you have good outdoor space, you can have them do running races or things like Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light. I was a stay at home Mom so have lots of ideas!

          • kakashi

            wow, KL … when are you coming over? Next year? Will you do some babysitting at my place, please?! hehe

          • Korazy Lady

            It will probably be next fall. My sister is even better with kids, so how about if she stays and babysits and we go out?

          • kakashi


        • Ivoire

          Thanks KL for the ideas, I really appreciate them. How do I make homemade play dough, please?

          • Korazy Lady

            Here is a site that offers several options. I can’t remember which one I used when my kids were small. I’m lazier now so buy real play dough for my grandson!


          • Ivoire

            Thanks, I appreciate it!

  2. Leaf

    The moment when you refresh about 5 times just so you’re not first haha -_-

    I’m currently watching The Killing cause I’m obsessed with Danish TV, it’s amazing!!! And I’ve been meaning to watch the Killing for ages… but I still prefer Borgen! Just my political side coming out lol

    Anyway Happy OT Friday everyone!!! Wishing you all the best!!! <3

    • 2.1 kakashi

      hello, Leaf! Are you watching the original series or the US remake? happy Friday!

      • 2.1.1 Leaf

        Why would I waste time watching some silly American imitation? Pfft… hate remakes…
        The only person who should be trusted with doing a remake is obviously me πŸ˜‰

        • kakashi

          haha, well said

        • Fab

          Yes that show is great! And that goes for a lot Danish series. Currently airing on national tv here with subs (which is always the case luckily..).

          Happy OT. And for the US beanies, happy belated TG!

        • John


          I’d love to watch the original. Last time I tried it said, “Unavailable in your region” or some such.


        • Jeannette

          I love you. I watched Forbrydelsen two years or so ago…TRIED watching teh US remake (mistake) and couldn’t get through the first episode. I spent the rest of the time that show was on TV nagging people to watch the original, haha. The US version made me SO FURIOUS! When people said how awesome it was I’d get so mad! LOL

          • Leaf

            I love you too Random Beanie!! <3

            Haha… but seriously… how can people like the remakes??? JUST WHY???

          • enz

            this is what i say of ugly betty – the original from colombia was so much more layered and with so much heart. the us made one was really disappointing

          • Jeannette

            HAHA! When you said “Beanie” I was really taken aback as that is my nickname…lol then I realized..duh, the website…Leaf doesn’t REALLY know your childhood nickname! lol

            People are weird…they either don’t want to put forth the effort into watching the original or they like remakes. That’s the only two options I think. i HATE remakes. I want to say there are probably a couple that I’ve enjoyed, but I can’t think of them.

          • Leaf

            Hmm… you underestimate me… πŸ˜›

            But yeah… most people are boring πŸ™

    • 2.2 aoiaheen

      Where do you watch it? Is it available on any streaming sites?

    • 2.3 pogo

      THE KILLING?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD ANOTHER FAN!!!

      • 2.3.1 Leaf

        I prefer Borgen or The Bridge to be honest… well… at the moment… I’m not that far though to be honest…

        But it’s still epic of course XD

        • pogo

          lol far enough to encounter Sarah Lund’s epic sweater that survives anything at all including being slashed through the sleeve….and can still be worn the next day!

          • Leaf

            Haha yes… everyone loves the sweater!!! πŸ˜‰

    • 2.4 pillowhead

      Danish TV? I should check that out. I did watch one episode of the American version. I didn’t know it was a remake. Was the Dragon Tatoo a Danish trilogy?

      • 2.4.1 shelhass

        Isn’t it Swedish?
        Uh, I’m confused now.

      • 2.4.2 Leaf

        Dragon Tattoo was a Swedish Trilogy and after all my anti remake thing I will admit I actually prefered the US version… ^cringes and goes to a corner to die^

        But whatever ^BRAVEFACE^ the last two books in the series are the best anyway…

        • shelhass

          Well, since you braved yourself first…
          I agree. US version is better, but I can solely blame it on my love for David Fincher work.

  3. drama4mama

    Hey, on my way to work for my 12 hr shift at Macys, took some Black Friday guru on tv advice and shopped online, got a great price for tv on best buy and also Amazon has some good deals, wish I could stay home and catch up on King of Dramas, so far on ep 3 and I’m giddy about how good it is. Have a great holiday weekend!

    • 3.1 Korazy Lady

      I hope everyone is starting their Christmas spirit and treats you well!

    • 3.2 Leaf

      FIGHTING!!! You can do it!! <3

    • 3.3 owl

      ooooo 12 hr shift, harsh. Especially for the black friday madness! Feeling for you today! But, I do like all the Christmas decorations in the dept. stores and the christmas music playing!

  4. aoiaheen

    Hello every one. Happy thanksgiving for those who celebrate.

    Is anyone still watching I Miss you? Episode 5 and 6 were really awesome. If anyone stopped watching because they couldn’t stand the tragedy in ep 3&4 but really like the cast, I recommend watchin 5 & 6.

    There’s a murder (hmm… anyone suspects Dorian grey?) some good revenge and not all that much angst actually.

    But what I really like is how complex the relationship between YEH and YSH’s characters is. They are so dependent on each other and so removed from the outside world that it’s almost unhealthy.

    Also there’s a scene (which I found hilarious but I’m not sure it was meant to be) where Jung Woo is staring at SY and Joon is staring at Jung Woo.

    • 4.1 katiamon

      Hi Aoiaheen, i’m still hooked to I Miss You. It was pretty bad that DB didn’t continue with recapping… anyway, i just watched ep. 5 and i think it was less grim than before but the angst is still here.
      I’m also impressed by the dependance between HJ and SY but both of them had a terrible childhoofd so it’s expected from them to be so close (but not that close)… and the poor girl can’t catch a break while in Korea, talk about bad luck πŸ™

      • 4.1.1 aoiaheen

        Episode 6 is even better. YSH is so perfect as Joon.

        • Shi Kyung widow

          Yeah, I think the drama is getting better. I LOVE the relationship between hang jung woo and soo yeon’s mother!

          BUT don’t get to happy, don’t expect good things. This is a melo lol

          • Shi Kyung widow

            oops, “too happy”

    • 4.2 la dee dah

      I’m still watching I Miss You! All the adult actors are doing such a great job! Yoochun is really bringing it, he was funny one moment (the karoake, ha ha) and then had intensity and angst the next. YSH hasn’t had as much to do emotion-wise, but his smoldering look when he was walking towards YEH, wow! Though I’m peeved that they went with one plotline (don’t want to spoiler it, but the cliff?? Why??). But the show had some heartwarming moments, seeing YEH’s character being assertive at her job and succeeding and her moment with YSH, seeing Yoochun’s character and his makeshift adopted family… And some good revenge going on.

      • 4.2.1 katiamon

        yeah! when i watched the cliff scene i was screaming “mother F!… noooo”. It was so sad, but now it makes sense why JW decided to become a detective. also, the interactions of the new family is pretty cool, i’m happy that LSY’s mom and EJ didn’t end up.
        BTW, YSH is so freaking good looking that my mantra while watching him is “he’s not in your age league, he’s not in your age league” hahaha… I’m repeating this since Arang πŸ˜€

        • Amber

          I’m 2 or 3 yrs older than him.Does that make me appropriate to dream(salivate) of him?YSH & YEH relationship may be unhealthy but many r shipping them.Seriously,I just want HJW & Joy relationship to become more centre as the story progress bcoz they still has a chance unlike handsome Harry Borrison & charisma Joy which r just shells they make to live on.

    • 4.3 hawaiianseoul


      Despite the bumpy ride of emotions this drama has given me, I’m still watching it.

      UGHHHH, though I’m really pissed that they killed off Detective ahjussi. – –

      The adult actors are quite satisfying to watch. πŸ™‚

  5. neener

    waaaahhh Too busy to watch dramas. but I’ve finished Nice Guy, I love it! πŸ˜€

    and also Third Ward. and Idk id I’m the only one but when it was the ending I was like “Huh?!? that’s it??”

    We’ll start watching dramas maybe on my Christmas vacation :((

    • I was hoping that Oh Ji Ho’s character would end up with Kim Min Jung’s. πŸ™

      • 5.1.1 neener

        ME TOO! I mean, come on drama WHY? huhu

    • 5.2 Korazy Lady

      Hmmm, I’m only a couple of episodes into that and not very invested, so maybe I won’t bother if it’s another WTH ending!

      • 5.2.1 neener

        the first few episodes were actually nice, I felt the father and daughter relationship but the romance part was kinda bleh πŸ™

    • 5.3 zgznoona

      I enjoyed most of 3rd Ward, but the ending was kind of disappointing. Too open for a kdrama, I suppose we all wanted her with Seung Hyun

      • 5.3.1 neener

        I really wanted her to be with Seung Hyun. I mean what was the earlier episodes meant when at the last minute you decide to change her heart? I felt like I was cheated.

        • zgznoona

          I know.

  6. cg

    Good Evening everyone πŸ™‚

    • 6.1 Leaf

      Good Afternoon cg!

    • 6.2 kika

      It’s Good Night where I am πŸ˜›

    • 6.3 zgznoona

      still morning for me πŸ™‚
      Good and happy OT Friday cg!

      • 6.3.1 cg

        lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. kika

    Happy OT everyone!

    Just want to ravvvve about how much I LOVE King of Dramas!

    Episode 6 has me falling head over heels with it. It finally perfected the cliffhanger and I can’t wait to find out what happens this coming Monday!

    • 7.1 RockPaperScissors

      At first I couldn’t believe where they are heading with Go Eun’s character but now I think it is brilliant. I’m loving KoD!
      Oh and Happy OT everyone!

    • 7.2 reeen

      the end of episode 6 was so mind-boggling… I liked that frozen shot of the three leads at the end where you can basically only see Go Eun’s hair. It looks so ridiculous… I guess they’re going to poke fun at all drama tropes. I can’t wait for the piggyback πŸ˜€ Maybe they can make Anthony piggyback Kang Hyun Min…

      at first I didn’t recognize him, but the evil lackey of Empire’s current CEO is the guy who had the accident with the deliveryman in episode 1. I could hardly believe it! I thought the guy took the chance of defaming Anthony when it presented itself, but to think that he set the whole thing up in the first place…

      • 7.2.1 zgznoona

        So I was right. I thought it was him, but I was too lazy to go and check back ep1

    • 7.3 Koirv


      CANT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!


      Even if you have to use your hatred, JUST REMEMBER ME, Lee Go eun!! –Anthony Kim

      • 7.3.1 DayDreamer

        I know, right! That was my favorite line in the preview too.

        Goodness, I thought Nice Guy and Arang and the Magistrate were great but King of Dramas is really on a level of its own. What a superb show. I am just going nuts over it so much so that I’m planning to rewatch episodes 1-6 this weekend again. πŸ™‚

  8. JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    • 8.1 Leaf

      Happy OT Friday JoAnna Unni!!!!
      Hope you have a great week! <3

      • 8.1.1 JoAnne

        Leaf! How’s school and the HKPB*?

        *Hot Korean Potential Boyfriend

        • kakashi

          oh yes! the HKPB!! Updates!

          • Leaf

            Lol… everyone wants to know? haha..
            Told you this is all getting too weird…

        • Leaf

          Let’s just say the situation is getting beyond insane. Everyone knows about us (seriously everyone… random people on Facebook have asked about us) and even me at my most cynical has too admit he must like me now, there is actually no other possible explanation for our frigging weird and insane relationship.
          When I went out for a meal with my friend she was doodling me and him with hearts and she was upset she doesn’t know his surname so she couldn’t do the whole Mrs. blah blah thing haha. Seriously it’s like I’m back in Primary School except this kind of thing NEVER happened to me then haha.

          So yeah… I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t think about all of it or I may freak out and scream because… this whole thing is just too bizarre…
          So yeah… that’s this weeks update… haha

          • Korazy Lady


          • zgznoona

            We are all exited for you.

          • Leaf

            haha I’m excited for me…
            But to be honest it feels too perfect I swear something is gonna go wrong… it’s going too well…
            Not to mention people talking about me is quite weird… I’m not exactly used to that…

            But still… thanks everyone <3

          • Dorotka

            I openly admit I’m peeking here in my busy schedule just because of Leaf ;–)

            …and now I’m all girly and giggly…

            <3 <3 <3 !!!FIGHTING!!! <3 <3 <3

          • zgznoona

            oops, typos…
            there is never a guaranty in love.
            You are still young, so whatever happens, it will be a valuable experience.
            Just have fun, and enjoy the moment.
            Most likely, whoever you date now, won’t turn in to your life partner. But it will help you find the right person when the time comes.

          • Leaf

            Aww thanks everyone <3

            But seriously… I have no idea any more… I'm just gonna carry on and see if somehow miraculously we do actually start dating…

    • 8.2 becca_boo

      Good morning, JoAnne!

      • 8.2.1 JoAnne

        Good morning, Becca!

    • 8.3 JoAnne

      waahhh what happened there I never say nothing but HI right?

      Hope Thanksgiving was great for all who celebrate – ours was very quiet and enjoyable this year but we are doing it again on Saturday so…

      FH2 continues to be my baby love snugglebuns and I adore Tae Ik and Man Ok and Kang Hwi and the managers.

      CWGM? is still a lot of fun but you know? Underneath it makes me very sad. Still – exceptionally well-done show.

      Great Seer – ah, why is everything so good to me lately? This is just ridiculous how many shows I can’t let go of.

      Missing You – I was worried for Yoochun, following after Yeo Jin Gu (noona loves you, baby boy!) but my worries are gone. Grown up Jung Woo is a deeply hurting soul who covers it up with MASSIVE DOSES OF FLIRTY CUTENESS and you can totally see Yeo Jin Gu in the grown man. If you couldn’t watch because of the intense (like, Korea melodrama squared intensity) of the first four episodes, pick it up at episode 5 and give it a try. Here’s the short synopsis: YSH is Yoochun’s uncle (father’s second family); YEH was Yoochun’s first love. Their lives were massively affected by a horrible trauma pretty much entirely caused by YSH’s mom and Yoochun’s dad. YSH saved YEH’s life and they were raised together (by his kidnapper, but whatevs, right?)but are now in love. Yoochun has been searching for YEH for 15 years. And now we pick up at episode 5, when they all come together again.

      Time Between Dog and Wolf – this was set aside because of a few busy weekends (I still miss you, BigBang!) but I will finish it this weekend.

      Summer’s Desire – MASSIVELY overacted (and two of the stars I’ve seen before and wouldn’t consider as bad as this outing makes them appear) but intensely crack-like. The third lead is new to me and has a way of looking at Barbie Hsu with this creepy grin that makes me think of serial killers, but that is not the intended effect by any means, and he’s freaking gorgeous. And he likes to bite her when he kisses her. (!) Peter Ho looks sullen, mostly. Barbie is making lots of melodramatic speeches while presenting a 3quarter profile to the camera and not looking at the person she is preaching to, and the supporting cast is either hilariously bad or just plain fun. I can’t stop watching.

      No new music – but I love the OST for Missing You and CWGM? so I keep listening to them, what I can find at least.

      • 8.3.1 JoAnne

        Oops also have gotten a few episodes in on KoD – great stuff. So happy these days!

      • 8.3.2 Shukmeister

        JoAnne! I was seriously surprised at the shortness of the entry. lol

        I agree with your synopsis of SumD. 2nd lead was creepy-stalkerish, but given the back story, I never took him as a threat. I thought it was still an enjoyable ride.

        FHT2 is a show I can’t help but wait impatiently for the next episode. Maybe I like over the top emoting? I just wish (a) there would be some type of decent wardrobe for Man Ok; and (2) that everyone get a happy ending including both boys!

        • JoAnne

          but who IS the second lead? At this point I understand the following, although the highschool story is told in flashbacks and I haven’t actually SEEN this part but can imagine this is where we are going:

          Barbie (Xia Mo) was dating Peter Ho (Ou Chen). It was a fairly unhealthy relationship – he is obsessive/possessive and she is – hard to understand. Does she ACTUALLY feel anything for either guy? At this point I don’t know.

          A foster kid (Huang somebody playing Xuo Li) is brought into Barbie’s house. He has this creepy grin/stare that makes me think of Crispin Glover but the resemblence ends there, thank God. I can see that he is going to be the misunderstood guy who acts the jerk to protect himself, though.

          Barbie and Xuo Li must develop a relationship – not sure at this point if it’s ever actually love on either side but he at least will say it is. This makes Ou Chen (who actually IS creepy stalkerish but doesn’t look it) crazy and he forces them apart – it seems he sends Xuo Li out of the country to go to school because, of course, he’s the Richie Rich character. Something must happen to make everyone think at first that it’s good/necessary for him to leave, but then at the last minute the parents change their minds but it’s too late. And they die.

          Somehow Peter Ho loses his memory, and Barbie uses the combined opportunities to rid herself of both men, who have remarkably undeveloped senses of her as an actual human being. and then they’re all back together again, and I have no idea who actually cares anything for whom, except that despite his creepy stalkerish ways, I sense that Ou Chen actually does love the girl he lost way back then.

          • Shukmeister

            JoAnne – LOLOLOL – well said!

            SumD is the only thing I’ve seen that actor in (Hwang Xiao-Ming is his name, btw), but he’s one of those Taiwan A-dols, with music albums, TV series, movies, and CF’s to boot. I watched far less TDramas than other countries, partly because there aren’t alot of subbed ones available.

            Yeah, BHsu is an enigma in this one right up to the end. If it wasn’t for the fact I’ve seen her in several other series, I would think she can’t emote. I have to guess the automaton feel of her emotions is deliberate, but I have no idea why the PD thought that was necessary.

          • aoiaheen

            lol. That was a funny synopsis of the show. I remember just trying the first episode because I like Barbie and the next thing I know, I’m addicted – even though I’m going – “This is ridiculous.”

            There were some crazy over the top character quirks – like a ten year old kid trying to shoot an arrow perched on the head of a girl. That is really some prehistoric brand of craziness.

            Anyway, I enjoyed it.

            I think it was a novel made into a series.

      • 8.3.3 Matt

        Hey Joanne Noona! I wanted to comment here because you talked about Summer’s desire… I forget to mention in my post that I watched like the first 20 mins an episode of that this week… I find the premise to be intresting but I was confused on who Barbie Hsu’ character sent away?

        What you say about it makes me want to give it another shot.

        • JoAnne

          Ou Chen (Peter Ho) sends Xuo Li away on the pretext of educating him abroad. Ou Chen has had an obsessive love for Xai Mo (Barbie Hsu) since they were children and until Xuo Li showed up, Xai Mo kind of went with it. Xuo Li comes back after 5 years and then the fun REALLY begins.

          • JoAnne

            It’s Luo Xi I keep getting it wrong.

          • Matt

            Thanks for the info Joanne I’m less confused now haha

  9. becca_boo

    Happy OT Friday, everybody! Wow, it feel like ages since I’ve been in here. *looks around to see if anything has changed* So… how’s everybody doing?

    I’m been pretty behind on dramas these days – mostly because when I DO have time to watch something, I only have time for a twenty-minute something. I’ve only just started Can We Get Married and King of Dramas, but I really like what I’ve seen so far. On the other hand, I’ve been reading recaps for I Miss You (here and other places), and I have to say I’m disappointed. Not surprised, but disappointed. By all accounts, it’s not at all as bittersweet or heartwarming as I was hoping it would be. I think I’ll just say “pass” now. I need lighter fare these days, anyway.

    But back to CWGM – can we have some collective squeeing over how adorable Sung Joon is? He’s like the complete opposite of his SUFBB character, and I love it (I loved Ji-hyuk, too, if you were wondering). His facial expressions in this are so funny, it’s killing me – I actually rewind sometimes just to see him do something again, and I hardly ever do that. I’ve only seen two episodes, so please don’t spoil me!

    • 9.1 Aryast

      I saw some short vid clips of CWGM and from what I can deduce from them is… OH MY GOSH SUNG-JOON IS SO FRICKKIN SWEEEET AND ROMANTIC!!!! It’s actually in my to-watch list along with King of Dramas.

      Can’t wait!

    • 9.2 LingLing

      I Miss You was never meant to be heartwarming for sure… Anyways, where are the other places you read I Miss You from?

  10. 10 barsha barsha

    hy every one .. I wish you a happy week.

    • 10.1 Leaf

      Same to you!! πŸ˜€

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday, everyone! For the first time in a long while, I’m actually awake and available at the beginning of OT. Blame it on the cats; I’m house sitting for Thanksgiving week, and his cats are playing Attack The Toes.

    I’m finally getting back into my routine after the Big Bang concert. It’s amazing how 2 hours of enjoyment translated into almost three weeks of settling down!

    For me:
    – Up to the current episodes of Full House (both episode 10’s) and I’m really enjoying it, surprisingly! It has that over the top, can’t take it too seriously feel that keeps me invested. Of course, we are going into the angsty portion of the story arc soon. Show, please don’t go too deep! You work best as light-hearted fair!

    – Watched a couple of movies, most notably “My Little Bride” a 2004 fluff starring Kim Rae-won before his great performance as Ji-hung in the melo A Thousand Days Promise, and Moon Goo-young, who took a similar dark bent with Cinderella’s Sister. Its nice sometimes to see where an actor has been in their career.

    – Which brings me to my 2005 project, recapping 18v29. I posted Episode 13 this week, so only three more to complete! I promised myself that all current and open projects will be completed by December 21st, just in case it IS the end of the world. LOL

    – I’ve watched the first episode of The Great Seer and Jeon Woo-chi, and I’m not really invested in either. Any thoughts?

    • 11.1 Leaf

      Happy OT Friday Unni!!!!
      Enjoy housesitting!!! And hope you had a great Thanksgiving and all that stuff…
      And wow… it takes that long to get back to normal after a Big Bang concert? haha lots to look forward to then! XD

      PS) And don’t worry… the world won’t end!! πŸ˜›

      • 11.1.1 Shukmeister


        Yeah, the days in NYC post-concert with CherKell, cv, and CMRPrindle, then the housework home (read: leaf-raking – why are there so many of you!!!!???), then getting all my jobwork caught up.

        I think I write better if there is a deadline, so I want to really try and finish my two fictions and my recap project by Christmas, if only to look at what to start for the new year!

        And, of course, I’ve got my fingers crossed that you end up with a New Year’s midnight kissing partner πŸ˜‰

        • Leaf

          Haha yeah… I remember having to do that when I was in the US (My Grandparents lived in a forest so the amount of leaves WER TOO DAMN HIGH!!!)

          Good luck with the deadlines!!!

          And haha I won’t have a New Years Eve kissing partner but I may actually have a boyfriend by then…
          Let’s just say the situation is getting beyond insane. Everyone knows about us (seriously everyone… random people on Facebook have asked about us) and even me at my most cynical has too admit he must like me now, there is actually no other possible explanation for our frigging weird and insane relationship.
          When I went out for a meal with my friend she was doodling me and him with hearts and she was upset she doesn’t know his surname so she couldn’t do the whole Mrs. blah blah thing haha. Seriously it’s like I’m back in Primary School except this kind of thing NEVER happened to me then haha.

          So yeah… I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t think about all of it or I may freak out and scream because… this whole thing is just too bizarre…
          So yeah… that’s this weeks update… haha

          • kakashi

            ah, here’s the update … hehe GOOD LUCK. who’s going to take the next step?!

          • Leaf

            NOT ME!!!!

            I am Social Awkward penguin in human form…

    • 11.2 Aryast

      Good news for Full House 2!: They will be switching to more bearable hairdo’s. Yippie-kay-yay!!

      • 11.2.1 Shukmeister

        Oh yeah, I’m totally looking forward to that, too. Better hair for our leads, please!! But still, her fashions are just pushing into ridiculous. I mean, who wants a coat where you can’t even move your arms??

        • JoAnne

          the person who strings teddy bears around their throat

          • Aryast

            Seriously she’s only 27 but dresses like a halmeoni. I wouldn’t let anyone who can’t dress her age to be my stylist. And ugh yes! The teddy bear as necklace thing and why does she put on so many layers of clothing?? Is she an onion? Ooh and that above waist yellow windstopper jacket in the recent episode.

            At least they make up for it with the cute though so it’s all good.

          • JoAnne

            I thought it was the safety thing crossing guards wear

    • 11.3 enz

      shukmeister! why are you not watching king of dramas?? its really really good. thats the extent of my eloquence. πŸ™‚

      • 11.3.1 Shukmeister

        I’m thinking about trying out an episode or two for that one, as well. Since the batch I watched pre-BB have all ended, I do feel a bit at loose ends drama-wise. So that one is definitely on my radar.

      • 11.3.2 whitewire

        King of Dramas is really really reaaaaaaaaaaally good!!!!!

        I mean sorry for it being a gross understatement… But yeah, it’s quite THE BEST KDRAMA TO DATE.

        I don’t know how mortals do a drama as perfect as King of Dramas!!!

        God, help!!

        This is too amazing to be true!!!

        • Shukmeister

          All the squeeing, fangirling, and just plain gushing have got me convinced to try King of Dramas. Thanks everyone!

          • Shukmeister

            Watched the first epi of KofD, and, yep, I’m in! Now I just gotta play catchup

    • I’m actually watching The Great Seer and enjoying it. It has a good plot. All the conflicts are laid out nicely. I love Ji Sung’s character. I like how he cleverly handles everything just to enter the palace and find his mother. πŸ™‚

      • 11.4.1 Shukmeister

        jΡ”Ρ•Ρ•Ξ±β„’ μ£Όμ›μ‚¬λž‘ (@jung_kYro)

        Thank you for your thoughts! The recaps tell me its gets better than the confusing first episode, so I will try to find time to start over.

  12. 12 Saner

    Hapy Friday all and a wonderful Thanksgiving aftermath to everyone in the US!

    Just checked on dramacrazy, and Jeon Woochi is STILL in the raw…arrrrrrgh! First World Problems…..

    Fortunately, JB has her King of Dramas ep4 recap up so I can finally finish the episode while I deep condition my hair! I’ve been waiting for it all week πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Ivoire

    Good morning everyone!

    I have a favor to ask and get out of the way: I have a friend who is currently in Seoul, and it is her first time there and she would like to buy human hair (for extensions and such). Can anyone recommend stores in Seoul she could go to, please? She would like to buy (human) hair for both black and white people (so, different kinds of hair). If you happen to also have any addresses (of said stores) you could include, that would be wonderful and much appreciated, thank you!

    Also, if you have any ideas about activities I could do with a 6 year old (girl) and a 4 year old (boy), and a 2 year old (girl), please share them with me. Thanks!

    A month ago, I did my 4th move. It was on a Thursday, and we got done around 8pm. I stayed up all night (until 4am) to put things away and I had to start working the same day (Friday). My back was killing me, my feet were killing me (from being on my feet for so long) and I felt that I didn’t need to go to the gym for that weekend, I had just had my workout and I was that sore πŸ™‚

    It has been very busy ever since and I am wearing many hats: taking care of three children (two different families), cooking, translating many letters from 18th century French for a book that will be published, tutoring a 15 year old in French (and I get more excited about the tutoring sessions than he does :-() and constantly cleaning. Whoever said β€œa woman’s work is never done,” was not kidding πŸ™‚

    Drama wise, I am currently LOVING and tremendously enjoying The King of Dramas and I just love the cast (all the actors and actresses) and the characters they portray. So much subtlety in their portrayal and acting. I love everything about this drama: the plot, the pace, the OST (can’t wait for that to be available to be ordered. I keep humming those songs. Does the OST remind anyone of the OST of the TK2Hs? Because it does for me. The instrumental pieces sound almost the same). I love the different surprises they throw at us (which so far I haven’t seen coming) and just watching the chemistry between the different actors and actresses. That chemistry is crackling.

    The leads (all four) are just awesome and I love that this drama makes me think. How much meta can I understand and detect? And how much am I learning about (some) of how things are done in the Korean entertainment industry and what it all means? (I know that some of it is dramatized, of course). The humor in this drama is an added bonus, as well. I will stop here, I think that is enough rave for now :-). I just wanted to let you guys know what my new addiction was.

    It has been raining here in my neck of the hood, but the weather for Thanksgiving Day was nice. I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend. I will be working all day, so I probably won’t be able to answer any comments right away. Feel free however to comment. I will get to them when I can.

    Have an awesome day, or night :-)!

    • 13.1 kika

      Hello Ivoire! I’m enjoying King of Dramas tremendously too! I’ve always seen you posting (often first!) at Dramabeans, and knowing a lil of what you do in real life really impresses me.

      ‘translating many letters from 18th century French for a book that will be published’ sounds really quaint πŸ™‚

      I’ve been trying to pick up French for the longest time as my boyfriend’s Mauritian and that’s his first language but it’s just too difficult! Especially when I’m living in a place where French is almost never used.

    • 13.2 Ivoire

      Hello Kika, sorry I missed your message. I didn’t check here. I will respond later tonight (DB time), so I hope that you will check here later or tomorrow. Again, sorry for not responding earlier πŸ™

  14. 14 Aryast

    Hi guise!

    Recently finished VP2. The cliffhanger really got me there! Didn’t expect the twist because the whole time we were given the impression and came to my own conclusion that Red Eyes was THE Bad Blood. We as the viewer were envisioning how Bad Blood looks like through Tae-yeon’s eyes/mind. However, I felt like Season 2 wasn’t nearly as good as Season 1(delivered in every single episode)

    Also, just watched the movie Mr. Idol. The writing suffered tremendously, the relationships between characters were either too vague or dispensable or too weak but the film tries to impose on you that it IS the real deal. The potential was there but it just wasn’t convincing. Directing is decent at best, very bland. Music and dance were also meh-worthy. Wouldn’t expect much from a movie centred around pop idols. Overall, I give it 1/5. For the effort.

    I also watched the latest RM episode last night where LSG and Park Shin Hye were guests. I remembered Lee Seunggi as a very “ideal son” type of guy when he first debuted and appeared on variety shows like Love Letter and X-Man. I’ve never watched 1N2D Season 1 but I assumed that he’d honed his variety skills to the tithe because this ep of RM had him display variety pizazz on par with YJS’s talkative-ness, Song Joong-ki’s overconfidence and Kwang-soo’s body gags.

    Speaking of LSG, I recently caught up with a few Strong Heart episodes which had Lee Dong-wook and Shin Dong-yup as the new MC’s. And whaddaya know? LDW is a natural! “Nayo!”

    And in one of the episodes, I had begun another obsession with an model/actor – Lee Soo-hyuk. He’s lanky, gaunt and skinny muscular(not really my type) but he has this aura to him which makes him soooooo appealing. *le sigh*

    Welp, that ends my rant and rave for this week. ‘Til then, Happy OT and Happy Black Friday my fellow Dramabeaners!

    • 14.1 JoAnne

      Lee Soo Hyuk is great as ‘Angel’ Gabriel in White Christmas – he definitely has something interesting and compelling about him. He was also in Vampire Idol but since that was getting subbed about as fast as I grow hair, I gave it up.

      • 14.1.1 Aryast


        Oooh yes. Absolutely adored him in White Christmas! And I did check out Vampire Idol and as of now only the first 7 episodes have been subbed. I think it’s high time we learn Korean. Heh.

        The first time I saw him was in 2NE1’s It Hurts mv and from there I did some more digging, found out he’s close friends with GD and TOP! Well, their eclectic sense of fashion practically shows why they’re friends.

        Have you seen his editorial photoshoots? Amazing work of art. He has very well-defined sharp features and those eyes…. Great, I just self-induced a fangirl spazzing moment over him -_- Excuse me while I gather myself.

    • 14.2 enz

      aryast! i thought you were going to check out que sera, sera. doont know if you have ipad but you can download maaduu app for free and watch it from there – that is if you are interested

      • 14.2.1 Aryast


        Yea I’ve been meaning to but my head is so jumbled up as to which one I should start with first. :/ I’ve got so many on my to watch list! I literally have sticky notes plastered all over my laptop the dramas I’ve been meaning to watch. This is not an exaggeration. Haha. But since you’re recommending QSS to me, I’ll get to it pronto! πŸ˜€

        • Enz

          That’s so funny about the post its. I have a list of dramas I wanna get to too but I sometimes get attached to a really good one and rewatch it again and again before I move on to the next. Also, after a marathon, I am exhausted and need time to recharge. That’s when I do the current dramas. Which is king of dramas right now for me.

  15. 15 Mystisith

    Hello everybody! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate: If you have a leftover of turkey, I’m interested. πŸ™‚
    I hope this week-end will be quiet so I can enjoy my dramas cause it was sure a tiring week.
    Is there fans out there who are counting the days for the return of Binnie? I feel the excitement building from day to day.
    For all those who miss Secret Garden and have a solid sense of humour, a little surprise on my blog:
    I’m also discovering my skills of graphic designer, illustrator.
    I’m thinking of doing banners for dramabeans. it’s just too much fun!
    I guess what I wanted to say is: I love dramaland and I’m glad to be here!

    • 15.1 kika

      I AM!!! *waves vigorously*
      I’m even thinking of camping out at DB on 6 December, so that I can be the first on the post to say: Welcome back OPPAAA!!!


    • 15.2 Mar

      I’m hoping he will come back with something fun for his first project. I’m hoping he doesn’t go complete stab me with an ice pick melo. We need a drama hero dammit all we need Hyun Bin doing what he does best, silly sweet arrogant and charming.

    • 15.3 bbstl

      oh my gosh, your mashup is hilarious! I’m also giddy with anticipation for Binnie’s return. My fantasy is that they will develop the new Dae Jang Geum around him: silly-sweet-arrogant-charming and with big hats!

  16. 16 am

    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    I’ve finally gotten around to watching The Thieves. I had high expectations. It was okay.

    I’m off to watch Architecture 101 because I need get my mind off of some work related stuff. Yes, I am workaholic like that hahaha

    Cheers to the weekend!

    • Where did you watch The Thieves? I watched it already but the sub sucks! I barely understand the story.

      • 16.1.1 am

        I watched the subbed video on Dramacrazy….I think we’ve seen the same one because the translations sent me to the floor laughing.

  17. 17 myweithisway

    Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it! And lets give thanks to the Kdrama gods for a good year in dramas!

    I’m loving FH2 so much (hairstyles aside). It’s rather adorable.

    KoD is also off the hook amazing and pretty!

    CWGM is out to steal my heart and keep it too^^

    And last but not least, Ji Sung, why are you in TGS? If you weren’t in it, then I won’t want to watch it.

    Anyone else already waiting for the Beanie award nominations to come out? I can’t wait to read the awesome one-liner descriptions!

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      Hello! myweithisway
      I dropped The Great Seer at ep 12. Bland, dull, boring. It’s a pity cause JJH was awesome in the first episodes.

    • 17.2 Aryast

      The hairdo’s get more bearable in future episodes of FH2. Well, if the previews aren’t just fakeouts that is. πŸ˜€

  18. 18 topper

    Just in to say I love the song for OT today. Happy Black Friday!

    • 18.1 enz

      hah, i wanted to say that too.

  19. 19 jambo

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m definitely thankful for Kdramas…ha, ha, ha!

    Be safe everyone! Have a great weekend!

  20. 20 am

    I was just wondering since everyone on here is from different parts of the globe, can you guys teach me some slang words in your language? Or your favourite slang word.

    • 20.1 hawaiianseoul

      “see ya this arvo” – I’ll see you in the afternoon

      “ambo” – ambulance

      “barbie” – barbecue

      “Thanks mate, you’re a bloody legend” – Thanks, man. You’re the best.

      There’s a whole lot more of Australian lingos out there. Just writing out some of the most common ones.

  21. 21 topper

    For May Queen child actors part deux, catch it here:

  22. 22 iZzie :)

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Still got the LMH hangover here. πŸ˜€

    Nevertheless, stress at work didn’t relent. (Goodness!)

    I haven’t started on I Miss You – I already have up to episode 5 though. I’m gearing up for a series marathon. πŸ™‚

    And I still have Arang to watch. πŸ˜€

    I guess I’m gonna watch Arang first and then see I Miss You later – when the work stress have subsided. Can’t be too emotional.

    Speaking of emotional… our country turned out to be the most emotional society in the world – according to a survey. Wow. I don’t know what to feel about that. Oh, wait I do. πŸ˜€

    Love ya’ll, chingus! πŸ˜‰

    • 22.1 iZzie :)

      Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. πŸ™‚

      I’m thankful to have my DB friends to exchange crazies with.

      • 22.1.1 piaaa

        Same here! T_T

        Those articles from Soompi and allkpop is not helping at all.

        I’m like “when is his next drama?” I didn’t finished Faith. Stop by episode 3, it’s just so boring. Sorry Lee Min-ho. I love you but I just can’t.

        And by the way, I’m pretty sure you’ll love Arang! Completely opposite of Faith.

        • Misha

          Sorry to read that because Faith is a beautiful drama. But some people need to shut down their ADHD before watching it xD

          • piaaa

            ADHD? I’m pretty sure I don’t have that.

            Everyone has their own taste. I’m sorry if you loved that drama and I didn’t. I want to love that drama like any drama that I loved, I tried, but I just can’t. I’m really sorry.

            Like I said, I love Lee Min-ho and will forever be, but I cannot tolerate those kind of dramas just because of my undying love to the actor.

  23. 23 LingLing

    Hello everyone!

    I’m kind of feeling really underwhelmed by the recent dramas…. Only thing that is interesting to me at the moment is King of Dramas. Everything is just so…. depressing or historical dramas.

    Or maybe I need a break from Korean dramas. Who knows.

    • 23.1 piaaa

      Yeah. Almost all of them are Sageuk and melos. Which is not my thing, especially melos.

      But for a limited time that I have for kdramas, I can’t choose what will I watch first, Full House 2? Jeon Won Chi? Can We Get Married? or King of Dramas? Anyone?

      • 23.1.1 LingLing

        I recommend King of Dramas. XD But then I’m biased. Full House 2 is alright from the recaps though. πŸ™‚

        • piaaa

          Okay, I’ll start on that one.

          Actually, I watched the first two episodes of FH2 and I can’t get through it, those ridiculous hairstyles and Man-ok’s PROBLEMSSS. But, then I continue by reading the recaps and it really got much better.

      • 23.1.2 enz

        i just started king of dramas – full of suspense and humour and heart. very good. cant wait for next year’s batch of rom coms too.

        i wanna get into CWGM at some point coz its the same director that did que sera, sera and i loved that. plus everyone says its good.

        • piaaa

          And yeah CWGM too! I looove Sung Joon! Especially his voice! SUFBB’s ‘Today’ will always be my lullaby.

      • 23.1.3 Femme

        I’ve been following all those you mentioned.
        But it’s a hands down, KING OF DRAMAS is the wisest unbiased answer to that.

        It’s totally the best, no doubt.

    • 23.2 Mystisith

      I know! But don’t worry: School 2013 starts in 9 days and My Flower Boy Neighbor in 1 month.
      If you need a cheerful drama, Pricele$$ with Kimu Taku is the best. Heartwarming with a capital H.

      • 23.2.1 zgznoona

        I can’t wait for School 2013 and MFBN
        I hope they are good

        • owl

          Me too!

      • 23.2.2 John


        Priceless is really good. I can’t wait for the next episode.

        • Korazy Lady

          John, what is Priceless? I saw a French movie by that name, but don’t know any dramas with that title.

          • Mystisith

            Hello Korazy Lady!
            It’s a Japanese drama currently airing with Takura Kimuya. For me it’s the new Rich Man Poor Woman: Great cast, story, ost.

          • John

            Korazy Lady~

            Sorry for the late response. The J-drama Priceless is really enjoyable. Essentially, a salary man is setup and fired from his job, loses his home, etc. Will our hero bounce back?

            The French movie Priceless is worth watching too.

            Audrey Tautou ! Enough said.

          • Korazy Lady

            Thanks John and Mystisith!

            Audrey Tatou – haha. I hadn’t read the cast and it took me a minute to think where I knew her from.

            This is another question for both of you. Do either of you know where I can watch French TV or movies with French subtitles? I used to watch Profilage on Viki (and that’s also where I watched Priceless) but now I can’t find anything on there. It’s so much easier to watch Asian shows than French ones.

            I may have to try Priceless, though. I like the fast pace and shorter episodes of the J-dramas.

          • enz

            I watched priceless the French one and I LOVED it. it was funny and it helped that Audrey tatou had the most gorgeous clothes and wore it with such ease and grace

    • 23.3 Pinkeu

      Yeah I became dry this year…
      What’s with k-dramas this year!

      Hahahaha, thank you KING OF DRAMAS for bringing redemption and saving the year 2012 by becoming the greatest real k-drama of all-time!

  24. 24 kdramapedia

    Happy OT!

    I finally have a day off to chat, but then I’m in a moving nightmare, so I *still* don’t have time to OT! *sad face* Looking at the pile of boxes in my living room, I could make the best fort ever. Oh to be 5 again! lol

    I’m loving King of Dramas and enjoying I Miss You, even though I’m 2 episodes behind on the latter. I get annoyed watching on dramacrazy because it’s broken up into 5 or 6 videos, and waiting for them all to load is annoying.

    A little late, but not satisfied with Nice Guy’s ending. It had “fan service” written all over it. I mean, I’m glad everyone was happy, but it was so against the tone of the rest of the show and it seemed a bit rushed.

    Hope all the Americans are enjoying the holiday weekend! =)

    • 24.1 zgznoona

      I’m in the middle of a move too. Get I get too overwhelmed with everything I escape to watch a couple of drama episodes

      • 24.1.1 kdramapedia

        Yeah, it’s so much to do and I only have this weekend to move. I actually have until the 30th, but I have to work past the apartment office closing time all week, so I wouldn’t get the opportunity to turn in my keys, so I *have* to be out of here by Sunday.

        In the words of our lovely prince-turned-king Lee Jae-Ha, “Ah, stress!”

        • Ladytron33

          Oh my gosh, I’m moving out of my house by the 30th too and am about to go crazy. I have no idea how I’m going to get the rest of my house packed and out in a week! Moving is the worst thing ever (okay, it’s not really, but it does suck a lot). Good luck to you both!

          • kdramapedia

            12 hours later I am out of boxes, starving because I haven’t eaten in 14 hours, and I still have my bedroom and the hallway closets to pack. *sigh*

            Best of luck to you ladies, as well!

    • 24.2 Korazy Lady

      It was admittedly fan service! I even had to write my own ending(s) – tongue in cheek, of course, as did a few others.

      • 24.2.1 kdramapedia

        I’ll have to check it out in between hauling boxes!

    • 24.3 pogo

      I think what spoils the ending wasn’t the ending itself, but that EXTRA-OTT-WATCH-ME-DYING scene of Maru perching on park benches with a stab wound like it’s no big deal just before that. I mean, if the guy wants to live now, at least have him take care of the hole in his side.

      • 24.3.1 Korazy Lady

        I’m assuming they did that so people would really think he died and then be surprised at the last minute, altho him staggering down a totally deserted street didn’t make sense, either. Unfortunately, I got wind of a happy ending, so that made the whole stabbing issue less convincing. I was more upset by the implied amnesia. SJK did say in an interview that he didn’t have amnesia, so where was EunGi after the accident and for the last 7 years? And why was he being kind of a jerk to her and then just push the rings over to her? Too many unanswered questions (but still one of my favorite dramas!)

        • kdramapedia

          @KL I still love the drama, too. In my head, I just edited out the scenes that didn’t make sense, lol.

          I think I paid way too much attention to details in this drama (first mistake, lol) because I enjoyed it so much, and I was upset that everything didn’t get answered properly. Ah well! =P

        • pogo

          there are so many other ways to make people think he died though…make him collapse from the hematoma headache one last time, or have him develop complications mid-operation, or, I don’t know, SOMETHING.

          I assume a good chunk of that 7 years was taken up by Maru being off to medical school in the US and Eun Gi running Taesan in that time but moving to that town with the bakery once Maru came back. I can only rationalise the jerk behaviour by assuming he’s not been around her for too long and is teasing/testing her once he does remember, because otherwise it makes no sense. And the pushing-over of the ring box is something I can live with, he’s not super verbal anyway and the gesture plus Eun Gi’s silent understanding of what it means suits him.

          But god, is that some mood whiplash coming from that ending (which, thank god I wasn’t spoiled for except for seeing set pics of SJK in the doctor coat – I remembered that and guessed Maru was the doctor the minute Eun-ki started talking to that kid ) Talkative Exposition Kid is another part of the ending I could do without, but I love Jae-gil and Choco’s daughter)

          • Korazy Lady

            I understand how the 7 years probably passed, but my point is that Eun Gi would have been right with him after his surgery and known right away whether he remembered her or not. If he had just been teasing her, fine, I would have liked that. But she should have been looking over Talkative Exposition Girl (love it!) and rolling her eyes to let us know she knew he was teasing. She clearly acted as if she didn’t have a clue that he knew her. And you know what I could have done without completely? Jae Hee’s brother running that shop. Talk about not making sense!

          • kdramapedia

            oh, and the ring box annoyed me, too! Keep in mind Eun-Ki NEVER SAW THE BOX. Maru put it on her desk, saw her diary in the trash, and then hid it in his beside drawer before she came home. Then the wedding-that-wasn’t didn’t give them the opportunity to present the rings to each other. So how is the ring box the Moment of Recognition for anyone but the audience? Makes. No. Sense.

          • pogo

            @Korazy Lady: I agree Eun Gi should have been ‘in on the joke’ if she knew he was teasing, and with him right after the surgery.

            And I’m not the biggest fan of Jae-shik and Secretary Hyun either, I know he’s reformed and all now but that lady deserves so much better, bah. I can live with the chicken shop, but not with THAT.

      • 24.3.2 kdramapedia

        oh yes, I was drowning in tears as he fell to the ground in what I thought was his death. only to be deceived by an “X years later” cutaway to fluffy sugar gumdrops. It just ruined it all for me!

        • pogo

          The Talkative Exposition Kid, as I call her, is another part I didn’t really like. Like, can you make it any MORE obvious this is fanservice? And I don’t even care about the kid!

      • 24.3.3 JoAnne

        Right? It’s like they filmed the whole drama up to that point and then went away for the weekend and when they came back the entire crew (production, actors, everyone) had amnesia and completely forgot what dram they were doing and filmed the end to ANOTHER drama that just happened to have the same actors and character names.

        • Korazy Lady

          If I hadn’t LOVED the drama so much, I probably wouldn’t have been as disappointed with the ending! Still not convinced the writer wrote the last segment (especially after watching KoD!)

        • kdramapedia

          You know, that’s probably *exactly* what happened. First Eun-Ki gets amnesia, then she gets it AGAIN, then Maru kinda-maybe gets amnesia, and then the entire cast & crew get amnesia! It’s an amnesia party!

          You get amnesia! And YOU get amnesia!

          • Korazy Lady

            hahahahaha πŸ™‚

          • JoAnne

            Oprahs favorite thing this year!

  25. 25 enz

    just dropping in to wish everyone happy OT and hope those who celebrated had a great thanksgiving although so many movies are made about how difficult a time it can be (with dysfunctional familites) – how true is that huh?

    hope everyone gets a good weekend.

    • 25.1 Korazy Lady

      I think all families have a little craziness from time to time. Every year after Thanksgiving is over (which I always host) I am most thankful if there is NO DRAMA! haha

      • 25.1.1 Enz

        Haha KL I got what you meant :). It’s just that quite a few movies are made about thanksgiving time and how family issues tend to come to blows during that time and then I come here and everyone is just having a good time and stuffing their faces.

        Our Chinese equivalent would prob be Chinese New Year. Can be a leeetle stressful if this relative doesn’t want to talk to that one and yet all are visiting you at the same time!!

    • 25.2 Korazy Lady

      Oh, and I didn’t mean that as in Kdrama, because I’m always happy to have a Kdrama to watch after everyone leaves!

    • 25.3 Aryast

      Happy Friday to you as well, enz! πŸ˜€

  26. 26 zgznoona

    Happy OT!!!
    This Wednesday I’m flying to Spain and from there, I’m not sure what my plans will be.
    I’m moving out of my current apartment just before my trip. So I’ve been quite busy with RL, never the less I’ve found time to watch some of the current dramas.
    FH2, CWGM?, and King of Dramas are my favorite currently airing kdramas at the moment.
    I also revisited a few old dramas, I got a friend to start watching The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. But is complaining about how dragging the show is. I thinks it is because we watched together RMPW right before. and jdramas go much faster.
    I’m not sure if any of the unnis has mentioned it before, but the other day we started talking about creating a recipe sharing blog, and soon enough Shel had created one for us.
    So if you are interested on finding recipes or want to share some feel free to stop by.

    • 26.1 FishcalledWanda

      Just checked out your blog ’cause I’m always interested in finding new recipes, and I must say that your brownies look amazing! The other recipes look very nice too, I will definitely try them out sometime!

      • 26.1.1 zgznoona

        You have to thank Korazy Lady for the brownies. It’s her recipe. πŸ˜‰

  27. 27 Korazy Lady

    Good Morning, DBers! I was so busy picking up from yesterday’s dinner that I forgot the OT. I hope all of you in the US are happy and well-fed.

    Currently loving Can We Get Married (especially having gone through 3 weddings with my daughters). I feel it is very bittersweet.

    Also watching King of Dramas and maybe will start the Great Seer IF I can get my husband to watch. Vampire Prosecutor didn’t work out too well.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. 28 Jeannette

    Happy Friday! I’m currently buying all sorts of CRAP off eBay, haha. I bought the new Boyfriend CD (okay, I bought two..but they are both gifts!), the new Sunggyu CD, SHINee’s Sherlock CD (Onew edition, of course!), SHINee stickers to make pendants with, more SHINee lip balm (I only need Minho and Jonghyun for a complete set!), MORE K-pop decals for my car…I’m a Korean culture addict over here!

    Seriously, I can’t wait to show you all my decals when they get on my car! I’m too excited!

    I’m behind in dramas. I find myself watching TTBY again because I don’t have to pay such close attention. I watched Infinite’s “Sesame Player” and that was really hilarious. The boys tried running away so many times. It was so cute! Infinite is the one group where I cannot choose a bias. It started with L, then to Sungjong, then Sungyeol, then Hoya, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sunggyu in quick succession only to waver between the first three and maybe Sunggyu. At this very moment, it’s Sungyeol…but I feel like I’m cheating on Myungsoo (L)… I love them all equally! I want them all for my sons! πŸ™

    Anyway! I feel like I need a second job. I bet I could use THAT money to save to put in a Korea fund. Cella wants to go as a foreign exchange student in HS and again after college to teach English. My best friend is moving back there in a year or so (probably…jerk) so if the timing is right, she’ll have at least ONE person there that she can call if she needs anything.

    I wish I had cool opportunities like that. Alas, I’m too old haha. I’ll keep pretending that dramas are real and listening to my K-pop and attempting to learn Korean.

    I hope everyone has an AWESOME day!

    • 28.1 Aryast

      I only really know L and Sunggyu. Ha! Discovered L from SUFBB and did some digging and realized that his nose(which I assume from older pics of him) is real but so impossibly perfect. I like his eyes the most though.

      And Sunggyu I discovered from watching Immortal Song 2. His nervous bouts in the beginning was so endearing. Maybe I’ll check out Sesame Player to get to know more about them.

      • 28.1.1 Jeannette

        @Aryast I really suggest you watch it! There’s a playlist on YouTube so all you have to do is click the automatic play button at the bottom! The only thing is they don’t have episode 9, part 1 on there so you have to watch it separate.

        I also found out about L through SUFBB! My friend Sam is all about Korea so he told me to watch Infinite videos and that I would like Sungyeol and Sungjong best because they are true flower boys. After that I was hooked! However, he was wrong because they are ALL flower boys!

        Oh! And they also did a show called “You Are My Oppa” but I haven’t watched it yet…just a clip. It looks good.

    • 28.2 sweetcloud

      I found myself liking (not daring to say loving… but possibly?) the latest Boyfriend single Janus, I used to cringe watching them on music shows, it was just too much cheesiness and hearts and pink and candies. But somehow I got hooked on Love Style (which actually embodies all of the above, lol) and the trend is continuing with Janus (which, since you mentioned Infinite, kind of sounds like something they would release :)). Boyfriend is my new guilty pleasure!

      • 28.2.1 Aryast

        Hahaha. I think about 85% of the male idols are pretty boys. Although… the more recent of male idols – specifically those who are going for the flower boy concept – is getting too flowery for my taste. Like waaaaaay too flowery.

        When DBSK (am not a fan, just taking them as an example) first debuted, I swear Jaejoong was the prettiest guy I’ve seen at that point but him and the rest of DBSK were all really athletic and manly. The variety shows back then were a bit different.

        The male idols(read:flower boy concept idols) now just seem like they will break their femur if they so much as lift a dumbbell. :/ Not. Macho.

        Anyhoo, thanks! Will check Sesame Player out. ^^

        LOL I couldn’t take Boyfriend’s “Janus” seriously because of their pronunciation of “you’re not a bad girl” during the chorus and watching this did not help dispel my conviction:

        Hahaha. Oh, speaking of over-flowery boys… A good example of seemingly-weak-I-might-collapse-any-time flower boys, the twins in Boyfriend gave off that vibe. Sorry. πŸ˜›

        • Jeannette

          LOL! They might give off that vibe, but it’s okay because they are only 17 or so. They have plenty of time to become butch! LOL!

          I can’t help it. I love all the femme boys. Explains why I date so many gay men…

          • sweetcloud

            I’m probably blinded by all the marketing thrown at me but I feel more comfortable ogling Infinite than Boyfriend, I feel less like a pedo noona, maybe it’s the concept or the slight age difference πŸ™‚

            When I said I didn’t want to watch the video I was talking about the Eat Your Kimchi one Aryast posted, I think it will forever distort the way I hear the lyrics so I don’t want to try that haha (actually now I can only hear “you’re not a fat girl” and I giggle to myself in the bus like a crazy person). I did watch the MV, I like the concept change (but skirts!!! Why??? Why do stylists insist on having their male idols wear skirts???)

            I think I have a bias for slanted eyes so that’s why I’m not a fan of the twins’ eyes (Infinite L, on the other hand, omg). Had to google Minwoo to check his identity but I’m in with you about his smile, and actually the only letdown for me in Janus is that he doesn’t really get a good focus πŸ™‚

          • Jeannette

            @sweetcloud: Ahhh I understand now! The EYK video was kind of rude tbh. I don’t really perv on the BF boys…I think they’re adorable but I kind of see them as little brothers or sons. They’re going to be KILLER CUTE when they grow up a bit more! Plus my daughter is in love with them so that would be weird. As it is I feel weird about even having a bias, but there ya go. Infinite on the other hand….I’m on the fence about my 19 year old doll, Sungjonggie (especially since he still sleeps with stuffed animals…I do too but I’m a girl!), but I have no problem perving over the other six. BAD NOONA!

            About the skirts. Yeah, what’s up with that? Okay, I didn’t mind Onew in them in Dazzling Girl because whatever, it’s Onew. He could be wearing cardboard and I’d think it’s the best thing ever. Even in The Chaser with those skirt like wrap-py things Myungsoo was wearing…I’m seeing those a lot, too. Of course, I’m too busy looking at his face. Hopefully it’s just a fad and will go out quietly.

            Finally, Minwoo was a meanie in Janus. I didn’t like that. πŸ™ And he looks TOO SKINNY! Are they starving my sons? WTH!

        • sweetcloud

          I actually didn’t understand that “you’re a bad girl” part was supposed to be English until I saw the subtitles on a music show hahaha! Engrish is inherently part of kpop to me (except for a few groups) so unless it’s completely nonsensical it doesn’t bother me anymore πŸ™‚ I’m kind of reluctant to watch the video because I enjoy the song I’m afraid I won’t be able to after I watch it xD

          I have to agree about the twins, and whoever gave them those lenses to enhances their googly eyes should be fired. It’s actually a group for which I find myself buying into the music and not the looks, too skinny and boyish for my liking!

          • Jeannette

            I didn’t mind their eyes, lol! They’re kind of like SHINee and Infinite to me…I like everything they do. This MV isn’t cutesy like their other ones…they have a cool soldier-ish military-ish prince theme going on. I liked it. You should check out the dance practice video at least. The dancing is so spot on…100% in synch. It’s crazy.

            My friend has me saying “You’re not a fat girl, you’re not a fat girl, I need a number, a number, dial tooonnneee!” HAHA

      • 28.2.2 Jeannette

        I love Boyfriend, haha. I loved the from their first single! I just love the cutesy crap! πŸ™ Plus Minwoo smiles brighten up the whole dang place…I can’t help but love him! I LOVE the new single. I bought one for my daughter and the other copy for her best friend, but I’m stealing it first to put on my iPod, haha! Make sure you watch the dance practice of Janus. You can really see the beauty of that choreography.

        • Aryast

          The only rookie male group that I really like so far is B.A.P. Their warrior-cum-military fused with stomping and dance concept is a refreshing breather from all that flowery chicness concept that’s been bombarding the industry. Badass to the max. Can’t get enough of Bang Young-guk and Zelo’s rapping. Ultimately, I’m BYG biased. Hehehe I just love his voice.

          • JoAnne

            wash he the one with the dreads – because ugh – yes noona waaaaaaaaaaaaants

          • Jeannette

            I like BAP! I got a BAP decal for my car, haha!

  29. 29 enz

    true story – had a chance to say a few korean words to a real korean living in malaysia. she asked me what words i know and of course (i cant get spelling right) i could say an yeung ha se yo and kamsahamnida and then suddenly, cha chi soo popped up in my head and i said uljima – and she said i wont cry! so am happy that she said my pronunciation was good. maybe she was being kind. but there are so many words i can recognise now but their sentence construction is just too different – its like yoda speak! hopefully i will get to learn it one day

    • 29.1 FishcalledWanda

      How nice you got to try your Korean out on a real person! I always practice by myself, but I’m sure my pronunciation is not very good, haha. I agree with you on the sentence construction, it’s so different from my own language or English!

      Have a very nice weekend! : )

      • 29.1.1 enz

        thanks Wanda : ) you have a good weekend too. I really had to stop myself from coming across like a crazed Korean addict. wanted to clarify so many things but would have been inappropriate. oh we’ll hopefully there will be another chance socially to try out some Korean

  30. 30 cherkell

    Happy OT Friday Fellow Beansies! Didn’t set an alarm this morning because I needed to sleep off yet another wonderful Thanksgiving meal with The Strays from yesterday. It was good to catch up, but we had two folks drop out at the last minute due to illness — the weather has turned damp and cold here in NorCal, so I’m not surprised everyone’s coming down with the Creeping Crud. So if anyone wants a leftover turkey sammich, I’ve got tons to spare! (The carcass is mine, though… turkey soup will be on the menu later today!) Hope everyone else had a great day as well!!

    The ankle is still in not-perfect shape; it’s still quite swollen and bruised and I figure it’s only back to 40% of its mobility. But between the physical therapy and icing and rest, I should be back to kicking asses by the end of the year! At least this downtime has me perfecting my Anipang skills — new high score this week, baby!! πŸ˜›

    BUT THE FIVE FINGERS FINALE IS THIS SUNDAY!! Oh my gosh, what a wild ride this show has been, taking makjang and totally turning it on its ear. Even with a lockdown on the set, tweets are flying around left and right with all kinda speculations running rampant. So here’s hope that it finishes well enough to where I’m not picking up my monitor and chucking it out my patio doors in anger and frustration!! What’s next for JCW after this? Ha, not telling… πŸ˜›

    And speaking of which, I gotta get back to my 5F recapping. Being away for so long from my keyboard has put me so behind — so sorry for that. Be back online later, chingus!

    • 30.1 Korazy Lady

      Hey Cherkell! I’m so sorry your foot is still in such bad shape. I think you should take this long weekend to keep your foot up and watch as many dramas as possible. I plan on trying that – no Black Friday shopping for me, unless it’s online. πŸ˜‰

    • 30.2 kdramapedia

      I’m still at episode 21 of Five Fingers. I thought I’d have time to catch up before the finale, but that’s not going to happen! T.T

  31. 31 pogo

    Happy Friday, beanies! (and happy Thanksgiving to all American beans, I’d kill to have a holiday weekend sometime but work gives me only one day off for Christmas)

    I’m currently debating restarting I Miss You (really squeamish after Episode 3 now, even though I love the young leads so much and kinda wish this whole drama was just them now). I don’t think even Nice Guy had this level of flat-out MISERY for everyone concerned – yeah, Maru had the world’s worst luck and a big case of Noble Stupidity to boot, but it was more edge-of-seat than endless tears, y’know? But this….WHOA.

    Anyway, to counter the misery I’m rewatching You’re Beautiful – I’d forgotten how much I loved it, or how much it makes me want to grab Park Shin-hye and Jang Geun-seok and just squish them together because HOW ARE HUMAN BEINGS SO CUTE?!!! Even now, when I know the whole story and all the plot twists, it’s still one of my favourites – I can’t believe its ratings were so low wen it aired!

    (also JGS and PSH were once considered for the lead roles in Boys Before Flowers? That is news to me, even though I can kind of see why it might have happened – JGS kind of reminds me of Matsujun sometimes, and at the time he’d have passed for a teenager wayyyyy easier than Lee Min-ho – whom I love as Jun Pyo, but did not look 17 at all in the show. Mind-boggling to think he and JGS are the same age….)

    • 31.1 la dee dah

      You should continue with I Miss You, there is still the angst, but the adult actors are great, there are some nice (i.e., no misery) moments, and some bad guys get what’s coming to them.

      On another note, loved You’re Beautiful! That is my go-to drama for “having a bad day so want to watching something fun” drama. And the BTS videos are too cute as well!

      • 31.1.1 pogo

        hey la dee dah – I’ve watched eps 4-6, and I’ve decided I’m pretty much going to continue with it as far as I can, because even if it DESTROYED me, it’s sensitively handled.

        And despite what some people said on the last recap, the trauma of what was done to Soo-yeon is not treated in an exploitative fashion – I would have dropped this show like a hot potato if I felt it was. I’m not surprised that people are shocked that a kdrama went THERE, so to speak, but I’m going to give this a chance – Yoon Eun Hye is wonderful as the adult Soo-yeon even if she is breaking my heart, and unlike the Moon/Sun adult cast, IMY’s grown-up leads have as much chemistry as their amazing child counterparts.

        I cannot believe the cuteness of YB sometimes, when I’m watching it. It’s just so fantastic, even if the last two episodes lack some of the energy of the previous 14, and I really want JGS and PSH to do another drama some day – they’re just SO GOOD together. (and I’ve watched their etude House kiss CF and the BTS videos of one of their kiss scenes, and god are they cute!)

    • 31.2 owl

      I’m not as excited about the current kdrama combos as I was when NG, Faith, and Aarang were all on at once and it fed my kd addiction for all those weeks, yeah!

      I Miss You – I trust the 2 leads (when the leads are grown up) for choosing to be in this darker drama that it will pan out.

      mini *SPOILER* for FHT2 – Over already? Huh? It wrapped up so fast that I had whiplash as the loose threads flew out the window, wow! For MO and TI, lots was left to the imagination and I guess I am okay with that seeing as how the kd was lighthearted for the most part. Eh. Fun to watch, not heavy, and I don’t care whether or not it all ended in a neat package. Fluff. In an okay way.

      King of Dramas – my speed addiction, loving it!

      Can We Get Married? I am along for the ride. Crazy mothers in this show!

      Just finished Midas – really great, along the lines of City Hunter only in the stocks/trading/investing take ’em down hard business! Smart women, good leads!

      I see a few recommendations for White Christmas – is it a yes? Haven’t seen it, yet.

      Watching I Need Romance – awfully cute story, awfully cute guys πŸ™‚

      Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

      • 31.2.1 JoAnne

        FH2 isnt over – there were previews for next week

        • JoAnne

          ooh wait – did I see 4 eps or 3

      • 31.2.2 Deeliteful

        White Christmas is definitely a yes!

        • JoAnne

          Just mention the words White and Christmas and people will come out the woodwork to praise it – me included. They took a cast of unknown kids and made something incredibly watchable as well as thought provoking. And almost every one of those kids has gone on to have featured or leading roles in many of the better-known dramas since. Whoever selected that cast either has a really good eye or should have bought a lottery ticket that day.

      • 31.2.3 owl

        Then White Christmas is my next catch-up kdrama, thanks!

        Btw, abotu FHT2, I can’t figure out then, if ep 20 WAS the end, or if there is more. Either way, I’m fine. It’s totally possible I don’t know what I am talking about πŸ™‚ If it’s over, then there are random lost threads blowing in the wind; if it’s not over, then there is hope that those loose ends will get tied. !! Cute cute cute !! minus the hair, teddy bear choker and plaid MO’s plaid parka cape!

        • Hillary

          I believe that Full House Take 2 is only half way completed. I think the drama is 20 hours long … which should translate to 40 half-hour shows … but I could be wrong.

      • 31.2.4 Jeannette

        I got two of my guy friends to watch WC and they LOVE it. It’s amazing! YES! WATCH IT!

      • 31.2.5 FishcalledWanda

        Yes, you should definitely watch White Christmas! It really makes you think and is different from your average Kdrama. The cinematography is stunning too!

      • 31.2.6 pogo

        I think Nice Guy, Answer Me 1997 (before it) and Arang being on at the same time was just ultimate kdrama combo heaven – Arang had my heart, of course, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the other two shows.

        I agree that the current crop isn’t quite as exciting, I’m following I Miss You but mostly checking out already-aired shows (recently gave up on The Moon That Embraces The Sun after episode 7 because Kim Yoo-jung >>>>>> Han Ga-in, both chemistry-wise – with Yeo Jin-gu – and acting-wise. And someone told me my favoured beta couple wasn’t going to happen – beta couples can keep me watching when the main leads are not my taste, e.g. Boys Before Flowers, but if they don’t even have a beta couple I like….)

  32. 32 Deeliteful

    Speaking of black Friday, I got my TV! Well I got an “I-owe-you” from Walmart. Will pick it up as soon as its delivered to the store. 32″inches for $148. I must say my first black Friday went very smooth. I get a Garmin GPS for $69 also…and I wasn’t trampled on.
    I just might go again next year…its almost…fun? lol

  33. 33 sweetcloud

    Happy OT everyone!

    I’m usually a silent reader of the blog but since the OT seemed so lively I decided to join in the fun!

    I had a bit of a drama slump after finishing Arang and Answer me 1997… Nice guy seemed like a good watch but I don’t have the courage to watch melos. Thankfully the King of Dramas came up and seems right up my alley with its crazy world I can buy right into. So glad that the dB team is recapping it, I find that I can never fully enjoy a drama if it’s not being recapped here πŸ˜€

    Very excited for the upcoming broadcast of School, right before Answer me I was watching Dream high and I want to keep watching some high school dramas where I can both feel for the characters conflicts and be relieved that my own adolescent days are over πŸ˜€

    • 33.1 Korazy Lady

      Hi Sweetcloud! Welcome to the OT. Yes, it is usually a lively crowd so glad you’ve joined us!

      • 33.1.1 sweetcloud

        Aw thank you Korazy lady!

  34. 34 John

    Currently watching :

    Great Seer: Taking awhile to get to the meat of the matter, but I still like it.

    King of Dramas: The show I can hardly wait for the next episode.

    CWGM: I like it.

    May Queen, about 2 wks behind. Not sure if I’ll finish.

    Priceless: So good.

    Legend of Zhen Huan: Only 13 or 14 eps left.

    • 34.1 Annie

      How is legend of Zhen Huan? I heard it was a runaway hit in China but I’ve never been a big fan of scheming concubine dramas.

      • 34.1.1 John

        I like it.

        The costumes and actresses are beautiful.

        Yeah, typical in fighting for a C drama of this type.

        I enjoy the story and the characters .

  35. 35 redfox

    just got home, it is 8:49 pm and this is an early day at work. really dont wanna talk to anybody or hear anything. I had 6 tours at the museum. I am so tired I cannot speak.
    done reading and not watching anything except Full House. concentrating on writing my story . and fantasizing about Park Ki Woong playing my main character LOL. He would be perfect. and it would be something new again for him. a scientist type of guy, but a bohemian scientist. usually orderly and serious but sometimes gets these prankster moments where he lets out steam. a very tiny sleeping volcano, quite innocent.
    if anybody is interested in more book recommendations, then there are quite a lot of world mythology books on project Gutenberg online, but undfortunately they dont have korean folklore, just china and Japan, but they are interesting too. the traditional legends might be similar in parts.

  36. 36 katiamon

    is someone watching ohlala spouses???? i stopped watching since ep. 5, read some recaps util ep. 13, then decided to watch ep 16 because my cable signal didn’t work on wednesday night and (SPOILERS AHEAD)………. i’m so upset with the outcome! WTF writers???? why are you forcing her to get back together with her cheating ex-husband??? i don’t care if he cries an ocean and becomes a stalker!!!! i’m so rooting for the second lead, he’s a good catch and yet you wanna make him an ass with random behavior? also, the scenes were so terribly edited, the transitions between scenes sucked… and don’t make me start to talk about the C word!!!!!! The worst way to stretch a drama ¬¬.
    My curiosity tells me to watch the ending but i don’t know if i can bring myself in front of computer screen :(… maybe just to critized the ending if it’s a bad one??? (it’s pure guilty pleasure) πŸ˜›

    • 36.1 Mystisith

      About Ohlala, 2 possibilities:
      1- Writer is trying to give us a good scare before the finale and will give us a “surprise” good ending. Which means with oppa and noone else.
      2- Writer really wants to go against the tide and put the exes back together because they are fated, bla, bla, bla. I’d rather have her dead at that point. Everyone dead even, and let’s start proper relationships in the next life.
      PS: If choice 2 wins, the head of the writer is for me.

      • 36.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I am so nervous about the ending of this drama. Trying to trust the screenwriter to do what feels right for the characters…but well…lord knows….

    • 36.2 Ladytron33

      Funny, I didn’t see the ending heading in that way at all. I had the feeling that the transplant would be a way for her husband to atone for his sins (in this life and the one before) and to finally get her forgiveness. I thought they laid the groundwork quite well for an ending between YO and her oppa. But I’m not a Korean drama writer, so what do I know?

      I will admit that this drama has not benefited from the 2 episode extension, unfortunately. Final act cancer scare, huh? Seems lazy to me…

      Also, anyone else see a surprise pregnancy in the works for the sister-in-law and the uptight Manager? Would serve her right πŸ™‚

      • 36.2.1 katiamon

        It’s pretty obvious, you know that when a writer uses cancer as a plot twist is because they are out of ideas unless it’s written in your plot description that one of the character is seriously ill like in “Scent of a woman”… but it would be interesting if, like you said, the husband atones for his sins, YO finally forgives him for messing with her previous and present lifetime and lives happily ever after with oppa.
        It would be the cherry on the cliche drama-cake if sister-in-law ends up pregnant ^^’

        • Ladytron33

          Well, we can only hope it ends up that way and not with the main couple back together! As much as I like the actor who plays the husband (tooo lazy to look his name up right now, sorry…), there is no way I could root for his character to end up with the “girl” in this drama. 12 years of neglect and abuse should never be forgotten, but can be forgiven.

          And I would love to see the sister-in-law with her own difficult domestic situation after being waited on hand and foot by YO all those years. That old cliche wouldn’t bother me a bit πŸ™‚

  37. 37 Anne

    Happy blackfridaaaaay! Anyone going crazy with shopping?

    Oh i took everyone’s advice and kept going outside if the house. I haven’t met friends yet, but i was able to ride the bus this week.

    I also got to experience my first thanksgiving. And black friday shopping. I didnt really buy a lot of things, just went with the fun and the craze.

    How was CAN WE GET MARRIED this week? I’m behind because of all the festivities.

    • 37.1 Ladytron33

      Hi Anne. I’m so glad you had a chance to get out of the house and start exploring! Baby steps are always the best.

      Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you got a chance to eat some traditional American food (as in turkey, cornbread, and cranberries, not hamburgers, lol).

      I did some Black Friday shopping today as well. My in-laws were over from England and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We had a lot of fun and got some great deals. My favorite item was the $140 sheet set from Macy’s for $30! You can’t beat luxury sheets. Got about 50% of my Christmas shopping done too! Love to get it out of the way early πŸ™‚

    • 37.2 Korazy Lady

      Hi Anne! Good for you for taking steps to feel more at home. Hope you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving.

      I love Can We Get Married. It was my treat to watch after everyone left last night!

  38. 38 Matt

    Hi fellow KDrama addicts!

    I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I skimmed through all these comments after a tiring two days.. I only watched one episode of the King of dramas because I was watching City hunter at the time… Speaking of…

    City Hunter: I finished actually monday lol. I loved it.. out of the two Kdramas I finished, CH is number one.. I don’t see why people thought the ending was confusing or flat. Yoon Sung would have done anything to stop jin-Pyo in the end.. even shoot himself.. I thought that scene was really well done and loved Jin-Pyo finally showing his love for Yoon Sung.

    The romance between Yoon sung and Nana was pulled back a bit but that didn’ hurt the story. I do hope LMH and PMY work together again though.. something light and cute..

    Matt rating of City Hunter – 10/10

    In other dramas I’ve watched…well since Nice guy is over and I finished CH, I’m only really hooked on I miss you..

    the rape and tragedy of the four episodes was so intense that I was worried about adult Jung woo and Su Yeon but the adult leads have done a great job. I’m pissed they killed off the detective and it makes me root against Joon lol cause he caused the accident really. Plus, he’s sheltering Su Yeon from Jung woo and he knows exactly what he’s doing.. so obsessive.

    That said, I feel Su Yeon is holding some resentment to Jung Woo because he left her and so she buried him and now she’s being confronted with those feelings.

    As for Jung woo, I feel so bad for his anger at himself and the world..Yoochun is doing such a great job conveying a compelling character.. I love also that Jung Woo and Su Yeon’s mom are so close.

    Honestly through, the more the three leads are on the screen the better… I don’t really care about the murder or Jung woo’s father.. Just give me Jung Woo and Su Yeon and I’m good <3 The end of epi six is heartbreaking.

    wow, I wrote alot.

    • 38.1 owl

      (In post 31.2) I compare Midas, which I just finished, to City Hunter. They both have a contemporary story (CH-politics; Midas-business/strock trading & investing) as the backdrop to the romance/betrayal/plot twists that combine action and heartstring tugs. What is so cool about them both, I think, is they are not as predictable as a lot of kdrama plots. They keep you on the edge. Anyhoot, my recommendation for the day!

      • 38.1.1 Matt

        Thanks Owl.. I’ll be sure to check out Midas.

    • 38.2 la dee dah

      I think Su yeon does feel like she was abadoned, esp. after Joon showed her the newspaper and basically told her that Jung Woo did abandon her and isn’t looking for her, which was far from the truth.

      Which brings me to my beef with Joon. Yes, he was a pitiful character where the douchy adults were trying to have him killed, etc. and he was doing what was necessary to survive. But his actions have caused hurt around him as well. He clinged onto Su Yeon because she was nice to him and helped him, but he ignored that Jung Woo was also trying to help him too. And by telling Su Yeon that Jung Woo basically ditched her from his life, he hurt both Su Yeon and Jung Woo when they have done nothing to him. And there was the thing he did to Detective Kim. I guess you can call it survival mode again, but again, he hurt someone that did not deserve to be hurt. So that’s why I’m having problems with people saying that Su Yeon should be with Joon because he has been taking care of her for the past 14 years… but ignore the things he had done to get it to that point. But I have no problems with YSH, he’s great. Just his character that’s bothering me…

      • 38.2.1 Matt

        Yeah, I have no problem with any of the actors and the story isn’t actually written that well because if it was, I would be more confilcted about who I want Su Yeon with. I think Joon found Su yeon to be someone he could latch onto even as a kid and he doesn’t want to give her up. He’s known all along that HJW has been looking for her.

        I also have a problem with Joon and Su Yeon’s realationship that Su Yeon has buried all her past and basically is living a fake life. She needs to confront her pain to get over it which extends to HJW.. She also needs to confront him about him “abandoning” her.. Living a sheltered life like she is, she will never fully be happy.

        The writer has a very tough task but it’s obvious the actors can it pull it off.

      • 38.2.2 JoAnne

        I can give Joon a little leeway for his mistrust of Jung Woo because he knows who Jung Woo’s father is, and any association there would dangerous for Joon. Add to that a child’s level of understanding of the situation that Jung Woo and Su Hyeon found themselves in and the fact that Jung Woo left Su Hyeon – not to mention her precarious mental state both then and now – and you have a completely understandable explanation for why Joon would actively work to keep both Su Hyeon and himself unknown from Jung Woo. JW is the only one of that threesome who knows that he has spent 15 years trying to find Su Hyeon and that his life is basically forfeit to hers – and he does NOT know who Joon is and has no reason at all to suspect that Joon is the little boy from so many years ago.

        • JoAnne

          oh and the thing about Detective Kim – we hate that Joon did that because we know that Kim was a ‘good guy’ but Joon only knows that the people who’ve come after them to date have been from his half-brother, who has murdered not one but several people so far. How would he be able to tell that Kim wasn’t part of that? How could he be expected to figure it out? he was what? 12? He couldn’t exactly stop and say – wait, are you a good guy or a bad guy? So I can’t even blame Joon for that, even though I hate that it happened. I assume it is there not to make us hate him, but to give Su Hyeon a reason to reject him at some point so that she can go to Jung Woo.

          • shelhass

            I don’t think they trying to make us hate him yet.
            I’m guessing the writer is trying to show us that Joon has learned from a very young age to protect himself from anyone – back then he had put all his trust on Mom and then she gets killed (she was killed, right? I don’t recall it well) which prompted him to fend for himself.
            If he has the same survival instincts, he’ll end up doing more horrible things to avoid danger, only now he may be out of excuses to do bad things, and that’s how we’ll all be clear to hate him or whatever.
            Since this is Seung-hoo I’m talking about this is going to be a hell of a task. I can’t hate him -that’s just against nature. I keep remembering him in FOA and my mind just… blanks….

        • katiamon

          JoAnne makes a good point: Joon behaved the way he did because he was chased to be killed for money. He didn’t mean to kill a person but unfortunately it happened after acting to survive without any family. also, he was so mistreated that he had nobody to trust, not even the nurse (at least i had that impression for a moment), Soo Yeon was his only emotional and human support in such a tense situation.
          Also, let’s not forget that if Joon didn’t save SY she would had been killed by JW’s dad because he didn’t want any witnesses of his awful behavior and actions.
          I just want JW and SY to find each other and make up for so many misunderstandings and years past. It is, indeed, a tough task for the writer.

      • 38.2.3 la dee dah

        Oh, I completely understand why Joon acted the way he did. So I get why he would think JW may be his enemy or that the Detective was the bad guy. Still, his assumptions resulted in hardships for other people. Even if his intentions were good, that he thought he was doing what was right by protecting himself and SY from the people he thought were bad, he still made the wrong assumptions. It’s very much like the detective – he made the wrong assumption about SY’s dad, thinking he was the murderer when he actually wasn’t. So SY had all these hardships because of that. So the detective sought out to “right” his wrongs and help out SY to make amends. I’m hoping that Joon finds out later that his assumptions before were all wrong and that he also try to make amends. But judging from his attachment to SY, I’m afraid even if he finds out he did wrong in the past, he may still turn to the dark just to try to keep SY with him. So that’s why for now I’m on the JW/SY pairing. But I don’t “hate” Joon. Well, let’s just say darned evil adults screwed up all the kids!

      • 38.2.4 pogo

        @la dee dah: I think Joon’s only redeeming quality is his obvious love and concern for Soo-yeon, but their relationship is NOT a healthy one – she needs him like a security blanket, and he is more than a little obessive and jealous of anyone in her life, and has been since he was a child – remember, he was jealous/hostile towards Jung-woo even when he didn’t know his name, only that he was someone Soo-yeon liked and hung out with. I get the feeling he really likes it to be just him and Soo-yeon in whatever little world they have, and he’ll do pretty much anything to keep her by his side only he doesn’t have to, since he’s her only emotional support.

        There’s too much of an emotional power imbalance in that relationship, even though in other circumstances I might ship it because Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye are wonderful together.

    • 38.3 mems

      If you liked City Hunter, I think you’ll really enjoy Story of a Man / The Slingshot. Brilliant in acting, directing, and writing: a combination which you don’t see too often.

    • 38.4 Jeannette

      Everyone keeps talking about IMY…I wanted to watch it, but I’m kind of nervous to watch it…I hear it gets better after eps 3 and 4.

      • 38.4.1 Matt

        I found the young kids to be adorable which is why I stuck thru the tragedy and poor writing.. The Adult leads really come on halfway thru episode five and it gets better.. It’s not so focused on the horrible parents but moreso on Jung woo and Su Yeon’s journey back to each other.

        I recommend it unless your prone to crying alot lol.

        • Jeannette

          Okay! I’ll watch it! I am so far behind on dramas…But it’s on my list!

      • 38.4.2 katiamon

        yeah, ep. 5 has lie three sad parts but nothing compared to ep. 3 and 4 that were a sob fest for me, it also has cheerful scenes to watch…

      • 38.4.3 shelhass

        Hey Beanie, I’m liking it. Sort of I guess, since I skip when it gets too blurry from my own tears.

        Seung-hoo is SO.DAMN.HOT here! And Yoochun is acting his entire soul – ep 6 was all about him. Aside the cute guys there’s a good drama, I’m not saying it’s perfect (pffft), but I’m hooked.

        Have you caught up with Sung Joon and Young Kwang? I want to know what happened to Dong-bi!!! Poor girl.

        • JoAnne

          we have not *seen* it yet but we can extrapolate that it was her brother who died of the drug overdose and so she has gone to Busan – soon it will come out that she is quite wealthy – at least that is what I expect

          • shelhass

            Oh I remember that scene now! She was so shocked at the restaurant.

            I so want her to be stinky rich, so Young Kwang character can bite his own words, ha!

        • Jeannette

          @Shelhass I’m still behind! I’m sucha failure!

    • 38.5 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Matt!
      Good to see you enjoyed the ending of City Hunter (and the series overall). I thought ending scene with Yoon Sung and his father was great too, but the scenes after that felt a little bit rushed, but I still enjoyed it greatly. City Hunter is on top of my list too (has been for ages, even after more drama-watching). Are you planning to watch something else besides I Miss You?

      • 38.5.1 Matt

        Yeah the aftermath to City Hunter was a bit rushed but that was probably effected by live shoot and it was never really about the aftermath.. I wish Nana and Yoon Sung could have spoke instead of smiled at each other.. maybe have yoon sung give her the ring but the show was about father and son revenge so I didn’t mind it.

        Yes, of course plan on watching something else besides I miss you.. I’m all caught up, so I’m gonna catch up on the King of the dramas then either watch princess’ man or Coffee Prince πŸ™‚

        • FishcalledWanda

          Yeah, the ring! I wished it didn’t just disappear out of the storyline! Luckily, the ‘aftermath’ didn’t really ruin the ending for me, but I know It could’ve been better.

          Those dramas are different from City Hunter, I hope you’ll like them! And when you’re in for some more action after all that melodrama of I Miss You, I’d really recommend Gaksital!

          • Matt

            Yeah since I’m so new to Kdramas as whole I want to try different stuff… this is a little weird, but I don’t get overly emotional about TV so watching Meldramas is not hat difficult on the heart lol.

            I will most def. try Gaksital.. probably start that this week depending on how I like the other dramas.. I like to watch about 3-5 different dramas a week.

          • FishcalledWanda

            I wish I had the time to watch so many too! But uni won’t let me, unfortunately.
            Haha, I always get too emotionally invested. I was such a mess after Gaksital, people would ask me if I was sick or just broke up or something. But (luckily) that only happens with the good dramas! Do you never get really emotional about TV watching, or are there some exceptions?

  39. 39 Trina

    Happy Black Friday everyone!!! =) Well, I am totally behind of Nice Guy. I am barely on episode 15. I so need to catch up. I watch a few minutes of King of drama and love it.. I will catch that up after NG. Oh, I did read the recap Miss You and still debate to watch it. So, I will see the next recap on Koala unni blog and see if it is still good to watch it. I am not sure of Jeon Woo Chi. I saw the raw link of the first two episode and woah Kim Gab Soo is soo evil and I love him to death but not sure to watch it.. Oh well.. we shall see.. In another note, I hope everybody have a wonderful week-end… =D

  40. 40 Sabah

    Hey Wanda! : )

    Just in case you drop in, I wanted to leave you a smile. I hope your presentation rocked!

    I am really enjoying King of dramas and Can We get married? They are still just beginning, so I wouldn’t say they are profound or ‘must-see’ but have good aspects to them. Out of the current crop, I find them the most interesting. Did you manage to finish NG? What did you think? What’s next on your list? Have you managed to watch anymore Runningman?

    • 40.1 FishcalledWanda

      Sabah!! I was reading through the comments and then I saw your comment! You actually made my smile and and warmed my heart. Thank you very much for leaving a comment for me πŸ™‚ My presentation went okay, I had to do it with two others who were not so great (bit of an understatement) and the whole class was zoned-out by the time I had to do my part. So I had the feeling I had to ‘save’ our presentation, I think I managed that a bit. At least I got everyone to pay attention in the end. But it’s done and over and I’m very happy with that!

      I haven’t watched even one episode of anything this whole week, arg! It gives me a bit of a frustrated feeling, because I want to watch the current shows (King of Dramas, Can We Get Married) and Nice Guy, and Running Man, and al these other thing but I just don’t have time! Hopefully I can manage to watch something this weekend. I also haven’t slept very much or good this week, so I hope I can catch up on that too! Here’s to hoping…

      I wish you a good weekend and thanks again for leaving me a smile!

      • 40.1.1 Sabah

        Wanda! Please don’t thank me, I am happy that I could do that. Argh! Group projects are the worst. People never pull their weight, especially if you are lumped with people who leave everything until the last minute. I think you should treat yourself to a long lie in. Then watch something good.

        Currently, I am banned from watching things late at night because I laughed so loud that I woke up my mum, the other night… Yeah, not good. I might just watch something sad instead…or, you know, go to bed. Hehe.

        Ah, hope! I have been looking for a good quote about hope for a few months now, for a project. Can’t seem to find something ‘hopeful,’ they tend to lean towards glib. Anyway, I sincerely hope you found some time to catch up. You deserve it. : )

        • FishcalledWanda

          But I will anyway ; ) It was just very sweet of you.
          Yeah, I don’t like group projects at all! I’m always the one who has to stimulate the rest, sigh. But at least my part is always done well.

          Haha, that problem is something I have too! It’s not easy to hold yourself in when something is very funny! But I don’t think your family will like it when they wake up because you’re crying too loud, haha. What were you watching that you had to laugh so loud?

          I was already half-expecting a nice quote from you, hehe. Indeed, a quote about hope can get cheesy very easily. For me hope is all there is left, when everything else fails. I can’t imagine having no hope at all, what a depressing world that must be. The song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, I like very much. Maybe it’s more about dreaming, than about a realistic hope, but it does give hope for a better world nonetheless. And that is for me what hope is about: not necessarily a realistic goal, but knowing, hoping that things will get better. And I already got a good sleep last night, so that’s one hope fulfilled! Going to catch an episode now, not yet decided if I’m going to watch something cute to lift my mood or fulfil my curiosity for Nice Guy, with the danger that I’ll depressed, hmm.

        • Sabah

          Well, I have my moments. I also am the cause of disappointments too, so I am even more grateful that I had the opportunity to this little thing.

          So what did you end up watching? I was watching old episodes of Runningman. One of my favourite episodes, number 71. The last time I watched it, I splurted out water all over my keyboard. The thing is because I wear head phones at night, I don’t really realize how loud I am being. It’s only in the morning when I see the dark circles under my mum’s eyes…and that cold stare.

          “For me hope is all there is left, when everything else fails.” That is exactly what I wanted to say (I just quoted you!) Most quotes tend to imply that hope is about the existence of an impossible dream for tomorrow but I want something that illuminates the strength it gives you today. My grandma used to say, ‘no hope, no faith,’ but I wanted something more universal. For me too, it is that last handhold before letting go. With your permission, I think I might quote you. You are free to refuse, I won’t mind.

          • FishcalledWanda

            I decided to watch Nice Guy, my curiosity won over my need for something cute, haha. I also missed watching Song Joong Ki on my laptop screen! I’m feeling a drama-marathon coming up, so I guess I’ll be sleep deprived tomorrow. Maybe I’ll end the session with a Running Man episode, to end it on a happy note!

            Of course you may use that quote! I have my moments too, haha. Actually, I feel very flattered! I’ve never been quoted before ; ) What kind of project are you doing?

          • Sabah

            Hehe, sleep has a way of creeping up on you. It’s a stronger pull than food, and I say that as someone who has been defeated by a doughnut once too often! Still, I hope you get to finish NG, just so we can talk about it. RM is an excellent goodnight lullaby. Definitely leaves me in a good mood.

            The more I read it, the more I felt that your line was perfect. Maybe because you weren’t trying to be ‘clever’ but just spoke from the heart. Sincerity beats rhetoric every time! It’s for a community group I attend were discuss different things. At the moment I am the topic maker and I am working through different human emotions. Thank you. I would of course give you credit for the line. : )

  41. 41 Carole McDonnell

    Wasted much of yesterday and today marathoning Star no koi. Oh i get so annoyed when i invest in a drama and it slowly dawns on me that I am hating one of the main characters more and more as the story goes on. So kinda peeved and reminding myself why I fear watching Japanese dramas. Still have hope that the ones I’m watching will be good but although I like Osozkai no Himawari, I’m thinking it’s gonna pull the rug out from under me.

    Still watching and liking Ooku, Priceless, and Monsters. Still waiting for eng sub of Piece and Sugarless. Liking Ooh la la ppouses Trying to get back into Great Seer. Wondering why I feel Can we Get Married is draggy and repetitive. The main characters — the to-be-married– are the most boring characters. I like the mom-in-laws, the angry cheated wife, the cheating girlfriend, the boyfriend marrying the rich girl, the much-married biker. But the main lovers..not so much.

    Re:Nice Guy and the happy ending.
    I generally don’t mind fan service or a happy ending or both combined if it works with the story. Right now with Missing You we are dealing with extreme depression/angst. I think fan service can also be a sad ending, especially if one is dealing with melo-lovers who are addicted to depression. Sometimes I can see how badly it fails when a writer goes to fan service mode. But kneejerk fan service happy endings and kneejerk fan service sad endings are both annoying to me. I think the ending of Nice Guy worked because the entire thing was so over-the-top. So wanting a real or probable ending seems odd to me.

    The mind-wipe idea is a good one because what was needed most for the character was to be free from his stupid decisions, to be free from his own evil, to be pure again, and to have a pure love. Since the beginning he had wanted a pure love and had loved purely but he loved a person who decided to go impure. In the end, all kinds of lovers. Impure lover, and impure beloved (Jae Hee and Lawyer Ahn), pure lovers Jae Gil and Choco, mixed purity lovers Maru and Eun Gi all got just desserts. Should Jae Gil and Choco be the only ones with a happy ending?

    • 41.1 Carole McDonnell

      oh gee, why did i forget to mention King of Dramas? That is my favorite drama so far.

  42. 42 Carole McDonnell

    oooh, forgot to mention this. Was wonderfully surprised yesterday when I decided to watch Old Miss Diary. Saw it on youtube cause it was nowhere on my regular drama sites. Oh my! Imagine my surprise when I saw Jo Hyun Woo in the story. Brought back all my newfound-but-momentarily-forgotten crush on him. Good sweet little flick. Left me with a good feeling. So i highly recommend that.

    Plans for this week..if I can get to them

    City Hall
    Prosecutor Princess
    Super Rookie
    Tokyo Juliet
    Kim Sam Soon

    Will see which will become faves. Happy weekend, all.

    • Yay! I recommend Prosecutor Princess. If you’re not a Park Shi Hoo fan yet, you might become one after you watched the whole drama. πŸ™‚

      Btw, I find Kim So Yeon’s character annoying at the first few episodes, but it gets better as the story progresses. πŸ™‚

      • 42.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks, Jessa.
        I’ll keep that in mind. -c

    • 42.2 owl

      Kim Sam Soon – a BIG yes!
      I also want to watch Prosecutor Princess – somehow I missed that along the way.

    • 42.3 Mar

      Sam Soon and City Hall, you can’t go wrong. Those are top shelf.

    • 42.4 Koirv

      Hello Carole! Your name is remarkable in the KING OF DRAMAS recaps pages! Watched all those you mentioned, but CITY HALL is really a good romance drama… If you’re looking for love. πŸ™‚

      PROSECUTOR PRINCESS is good too. I just didn’t finish the drama because personally in the later parts it got draggy imo.

      CITY HALL β™₯

      And of course, my favorite drama to date (and for eternity I think) KING OF DRAMAS. β™₯β™₯

      • 42.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
        Sorry about using my full name but I started that years ago and can’t undo it now without messing up other stuff.

        Anyone watching Idol and Romantic? Just too episodes subbed so far but I’m really liking it.

    • 42.5 pillowhead

      wow that is an ambitious list!!! Does Super Rookie had Eric Mun? That sounds familiar.

  43. 43 cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^_^

    I’m a bit late to OT….forgot about it…(truth be told) LOL Thought it was the weekend already. haha! :p
    (That’s what happens when you have a long weekend starting since Thursday thru the Sunday.)

    Have not been watching much dramas this week. I’m behind on Great seer, King of dramas, and jeon woochi–but I’ve read the recaps though–will watch it sometime this weekend. πŸ™‚
    Been busy with family and shopping! haha~!

    I hope everyone have a great weekend~ ^^

  44. 44 Jeannette

    I JUST GOT MY KPOP DECALSSSS! I will update you all when I put them on, haha! My dad better fix my car now unless he wants to be driving in a car with a big SHINee decal on the back window!

    • 44.1 shelhass


      I want pics of it. With your dad behind the wheel. Hehe.
      That’s why nobody in my family borrows my things – they’re all full of K-world or Superman or Chelsea stickers. Plus my angry notes of “You better take good care of this you’re borrowing or I’ll rip you off!” sorts.

      • 44.1.1 Jeannette

        HAHA My dad is a nearly 60 year old mechanic…I can see it now! As it is, he has to deal with my Harry Potter and Doctor Who decals, haha! I ordered another set of SHINee decals, too. These ones are the actual member’s names in hangul. Of course, if I could have a GIANT decal of Onew’s face…oh gracious, I’d probably crash. I saw those life sized SHINee posters they have for like $70. I’d never leave my room if I had one.


        I have no pride when it comes to my bias.

    • 44.2 Enz

      Ok.. I have to know. What are decals!!!??? Jeannette??

      • 44.2.1 Enz

        Sorry, so rude.. Please and thank you in advance! If u read this that is

  45. 45 pillowhead

    Hi Beanies!, I’ve been commenting for a few months but I don’t think I’ve introduced myself … , An-yŏng-ha-se-yo Pillowhead imnida and I am a K-aholic. Its going on 6 months now, streaming anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a day, and I’ve marathoned entire weekends away.

    My favorite shows so far are Arang and the Magistrate, Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Que Sera Sera( which was recommended here, and I just finished) HELLO Eric Mun. smoking-hot . Right now I’m watching Shut up Flower Boy Band (which I am enjoying so much more than I expected) and the King of Dramas.

    I’ve been bombarding FB with my K-post so I opened a secret alias account just to β€œlike” all my Korean stuff and not weird out my friends and family more than I have to.

    My screen saver is Lee Min Ho. grrrrr yum :9

    I’ve recently discovered that my friends are BORING. Seriously, I love them, but they are boring me to tears. When they talk about work or their kids, or whatever, I want to bust out, β€œFOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN’T U WATCH JUST ONE KOREAN DRAMA PLEASE!!!!” lol Aishhh Tsk tsk. Its funny cause I’m more interested in Leaf’s love life, Joann’s grabby hand and Korazy’s inappropriate feelings. Lol!

    Happy Holidays!

    • 45.1 Jeannette

      HAHA I understand about the secret Korean pages…that’s why I had to start a secret group, too! My friends were threatening to abandon ship if I didn’t stop posting KDrama/pop stuff. For the most part my friends refuse to watch any Kdramas or listen to kpop but some have at least given it a chance. I still get picked on a lot though. It’s really bad when I mutter under my breath something in Korean and my co-workers will say “Are you speaking in Korean!?!” And I’m like “aniyo!” I’VE BEEN CAUGHT!

      I love SUFBB so much! Another good one is White Christmas. And if you like fluff, To The Beautiful You is also good.


      • 45.1.1 pillowhead

        LOL. I’m doing the “under the breath Korean” too. haha.
        Ok, White Christmas going up to the top of my list to watch :D. Thanks!!

        • Jeannette

          Yeah! Make sure you tell us how you like it! I”m desperate to find another drama like it. It’s so good.

          (I’m glad I’m not the only Korean mutterer)

          • pillowhead

            lol. For sure!

    • 45.2 kakashi

      lol, pillowhead, very, very funny. I also don’t have (real) friends that are into KDrama, but I have found virtual friends on here. Dramabeans is such a wonderful community! Yeah, and I guess I am weirding a lot of people out … on various fronts. Whatever, I say! Leave me be! I’ll just watch my stuff, quietly, in the corner and not bother anyone.

      • 45.2.1 pillowhead

        I’m so glad to have found this refuge. haha. Thanks Kakashi… c u in the quiet corner. πŸ˜€

    • 45.3 Korazy Lady

      OH boy, it has hit you badly! Ahhh, the covert life of an addict! I had to open a separate twitter account for my Kdrama friends only, and I never post anything about my kdramas on my real facebook page (although I did admit I went to see Big Bang and posted some pics on there. Come on, my friends have to accept me as I am, at least in some small way!)

      I am also guilty of bribing my daughter to watch Nice Guy (and now Princess Man), and have started working on my husband, too. And it’s not a coincidence that the nail salon and dry cleaners I go to are owned by South Koreans so I can actually try to engage in a little conversation with them.

      The people on here are just so interesting and funny! It always makes me laugh, especially at myself. Surely, nothing can be wrong with that, right? (I’m still trying to convince myself about the pedonoonaness, though!)

      • 45.3.1 Jeannette

        @Korazy Lady If you use “Korean age” on your crushes it’s not so bad! It’s like gaining an extra year!

        My daughter watched BBF with me but that’s it. She will only watch alone. I”m pretty sure it’s because she’s squeeing over the boys like I am. lol.

        • Enz

          I refuse to look at yoo seung ho.. Even with Korean age, he is too young for me to have a crush on without being weirded out. Plus I have my Chinese age too! So the Korean age thing really doesn’t help in my case!!

          • Jeannette

            He’s a ’93-er…I have one of those too (Sungjong from Infinite). There’s also Minwoo who is a ’95-er, but I don’t consider either of them real crushes…I really want them as my sons! And I want to feed Sungjong. He has a 24 inch waist! >_<

          • Enz

            Jeannette !! How do you know his waist!!?? You’re gonna tell me his shoe size next!

          • Jeannette

            @enz ROTFL! OMG! HAHA! I only know because he was on a variety show and they measured it. He’s SOOO teeny! Please eat, Sungjonggie! Nonna says!

          • shelhass

            @Enz do not doubt the amount of random information we gather through the years of K-world addiction.
            It’s a GIFT.

          • enz

            @shelhass – noted. i have the same ‘gift’ – once these important information has been read i dont know why but it sticks in my head forever. imagine being demented in future but just remembering gong yoo’s favourite drink or sungjong’s waist and such mattters only!! die!

          • shelhass

            @enz This is me too! I read so much about korean variety and stuff I have no idea how my head is still intact and not like that guy in Star Trek. lol
            Right now I feel so proud knowing Sung Joon and Young Kwang are the same height (1, 87 m) – Damn that CΓ©Ci photoshoot.
            Which makes me remeber, is it Monday already? I need my CWGM fix!

          • Jeannette

            @shellhass and enz…you two are worse than me!

            See how tiny his waist is:

            Seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen. I almost died when I saw it.

        • Leaf

          My Mum watched BOF in TWO DAYS.
          She thinks Kin Hyun Joong is a good actor… and every so often asks me how he’s doing.

          And two summers ago I had the house to myself for a month and my best friend came and visited and we watch almost all of BOF in basically three days.
          My friend also loved Hyun Joong… but we did make fun endlessly of the show… haha fun times…

      • 45.3.2 pillowhead

        LOL Korazy Lady. Yes, game over for me. I’m a pedonoona too.
        I try not to post andy Korean links on my real FB but I had too much wine on Thanksgiving and posted some BigBang songs, like butterfly, which got totally ignored. Later after coming to, I had to message my sister to beg her to like it.haha.

        I do love the company here.

        • pillowhead

          oops, correction: it was my drunken, “how hot is TOP” post that I eventually deleted in shame. haha

          • Korazy Lady

            Now that is what I’m talking about when I say I come here for the laughs! Kasahamnida, Pillowhead!

            And BTW, he is really hot. Especially when he comes out on stage in sunglasses πŸ™‚

          • pillowhead

            haha. yeah right? hot! not gay.
            oh, do u know what ” ma-de-a” means? I’m not sure how it’s spelled or if that’s even close. G-Dragon says it a lot in One of a Kind.

    • 45.4 owl

      What I like about Shut Up Flower Boy Band is that it is such a classic coming of age story. Reminds me of The Outsiders. Both my favs. I could watch (/read) them over and over. (Oh, and check out Dalja’s Spring too – actor [cameo] in SUFBB is lead in this kdrama. I absolutely loved it – watched it in 3 days!)

      • 45.4.1 sweetcloud

        Dal Ja’s Spring! I love everything about that drama, and it’s the one that made me discover dramabeans πŸ™‚ I’m considering the backwards option, watching SUFBB just for the Lee Min Ki cameo haha! Ok well and because everyone on DB loved it πŸ˜‰

        • piaaa

          I also watched SUFBB just because of Lee Min-ki’s cameo! And glad I did!

          I’m the type of kdrama watcher who won’t watch a drama if I have no idea whose the main leads haha. I’m shallow that way.

          • sweetcloud

            I’m shallow that way too! Working on it thanks to db and a few selected gems. But I wish Lee Minki would come back to dramaland in a lead role! It’s been a while since Dalja’s Spring and Evasive Inquiry Agency, and cameos and movies are not enough to feed my addiction πŸ™‚

      • 45.4.2 pillowhead

        Yeah, I agree, its totally reminds me of the Outsiders. I’m using that to trying to convince my niece to watch it. If I can get her, slowing I can convert the rest of em. haha.
        Gosh I keep hearing about Dalja Springs. Ok. that’s on the short list too. πŸ˜€

        • enz

          I think I must be in the minority then in not enjoying dalja’s spring. I didn’t relate much to the lead female character I think so that even though I could see the drama was clever and well done on most parts I didn’t bother to finish it. I tried to epi 5 I think.

          one of my favorite coming of age movie is breaking away. so good and with a young and handsome Dennis quaid although he wasn’t the main main lead

          • pillowhead

            wow, breaking away. That was forever ago. I should rewatch that if I ever leave Kdrama land. πŸ˜€

          • Enz

            Yes I am! Old that is.. At least chronologically :). I remember I was in the theaters and I broke into claps at the end of the bike race.. I just couldn’t contain it then haha

          • pillowhead

            I chronologically old too but otherwise I’m a boy crazy 16 year old. lol

        • owl

          I hope your niece watches it – how could she not like it after episode 2? Such a shock grabber, right to the heart!

          • pillowhead

            me too. I’ll let you know =) there was a tiny, insignificant scene in one of the early episodes, of the friend (girl w the glasses), where she’s sitting infront of the lead girl, and she’s shaking her head and laughing wildly. For some reason, I can’t stop invisioning that. It was so funny.

    • 45.5 Mar

      You are not alone. It sucks when you don’t have anyone to share your interests in real life. And annoying, I’m like I don’t care about what your boyfriend said, would you just friggin look at Hyun Bin cry?

      • 45.5.1 pillowhead

        I know! It is so fustrating especially when you know that they’d totally love it if they tried it. I’m like a K-drama pusher. I want to save everyone from their boring lives. LOL!

        • Mar

          I gave up on that. My perception is that reading subs requires more effort than most people want to put into watching a tv show. Hell, watching a tv show or movie where they have to listen to the dialogue in their own language to actually follow the plot requires too much work for most people lol.

          • piaaa

            That is basically their problem, they’re too lazy to read the subtitles and won’t like to be glued to tv all day.

            They don’t know the precious experience they’re missing.

            Good thing our local channels are dubbing some kdramas for those people who are lazy to read the subs. Like my sister who loves Coffee Prince but refuse to marathon because for the same reason. But, really, it’s not a complete experience. Dubbed dramas look like the actors are over acting when they’re actually not. Dubbers usually shouts, exaggerates everything.

          • pillowhead

            yeah, true. myself, I love it cause I think the Korean launguage is so cool sounding. Although, in the begining I was a little worried cause the captions can fly by pretty fast. πŸ˜€

        • Enz

          Hah. When ppl irritate me, I go up to them.. Point to their head with my index finger and say ” you you! ( in my head its noh noh) you go watch Korean dramas. You having sucky life and need to get better.. I try to only do that to those I know we’ll enough or maybe those that know ME. Well enough :p

      • 45.5.2 Jeannette

        AMEN! Why won’t anyone watch my dramaaasssss with me? *whimper* Can you imagine what would happen if we all got together IRL for a week of K-everything and stuff? We could start our own convention and get SHINee to perform and Lee Min ho and Il-woo and Ki-woo and Jun-ki and Sung Joon etc etc to visit and teach us Korean and I’ll marry Onew and we can all watch the world implode because of such fangirling…

        Is that too much?

        • pillowhead

          LOL!!!! No way, that is fantastic! I don’t even know most of those guys but I want it. =D

          • Jeannette

            @pillowhead You will, grasshopper, you will.

          • pillowhead

            LOL!! Master, can we have kissing booths for LMH and Eric Mun? πŸ˜€

        • Shahera

          Please bring Kim Hyun Joong as well!

        • Enz

          I want kissing booths for Eric and gong yoo! And joong ki and a little box to stand on so that the height difference is not so inconvenient!

      • 45.5.3 owl

        I text a KDQOTD (Kdrama quote of the day) to some of my friends and family. Don’t think most appreciate it or get it, but 3 for sure look forward to a quote a day. Totally out of context, but you know, I send ’em anyway.

        Some of my fav KDQOTD: (I want to say them to someone for real every day)
        1 – “If apologizing is enough, why are there laws and police?” (BOF ep 2)

        2 – “Do you know why people say the words “I Love You” so often? Because it doesn’t cost money.” (MTF)

        3 – “Wow, that much narcissism is beyond repair, you know that, right?” (MP ep 1)

        And best I-don’t-love-you-anymore slam:
        4- I didn’t call not ’cause I didn’t have time . . . you never showed up in my mind.” (MG ep12)

        Oops, guess I have a lot of free time with 3 days off from nannying, for watching, thinking about and talking kdramas!

        • Jeannette

          Oh my god that is BRILLIANT! @Owl, great idea! There should be an app for that!

        • Mar

          I love quotes too. I just think I know a lot of less than clever people. They don’t even appreciate american tv quotes lol.

          I did post Bi Rain performing Hip Song once and some of my female friends did appreciate that lol. πŸ˜‰

        • pillowhead

          LOL! I don’t know if everyone is long gone, but those quotes are awesome! What drama’s are MP and MG? I’ll watch them just to see someone say those lines!

          • Jeannette

            MG is My Girl…MP…My Princess?

          • owl

            My Princess, My Girl, right. I jot down quotes that have become my Kdrama psychology notes. Used when needed.

            Another thing I find myself doing is signing emails with “Fighting!” and I say “chincha? really? (sp?) and smile really big with a two-fingers peace sign at my cheeks to people’s annoyance and dismay.

            I love what kdramas do for me – ESCAPE-ISM!

          • Jeannette

            @owl, I do the same thing too! I’ve become a huge fan of TTMIK’s “Korean Drama Phrases” on YT. That way I can mutter stuff at work and have a good giggle at the looks I get. Plus it makes me feel smart!


          • pillowhead

            LOL!!!!! That is sooo funny about the 2 finger at the cheek smile. hahahahaha. I did it once and yes, it does annoy and dismay, and I looked makjang in the picture.
            I also love the word makjang! I’m not even sure I’m saying it right, but I love saying it.

          • pillowhead

            @ jeannette, lol, I’ve done the “fighting” acouple times with my friends and I burst out laughing, and my friends do an uneasy “ha”. They are so worried about me. Haha

          • enz

            @owl, we call that the la-la pose when you do the peace sign at the corner of your eye. i find myself refelxively doing thay now when taking picds. its terrible! :P. i love chinchia too but thats also how we say it in Hokkien.

            i should start taking down quotes too. they are awesome.

            one of the memorable and true ones – non korean would be from notting hill – its the hardest thing in the world to find someone to love hwo loves you back

            thanks for the quotes

          • Jeannette

            @enz and pillowhead my daughter did that finger cheek pose thing recently. I put her pic on FB and my aunt said “Oh, what a hippie!” I was like “WHAT?!?! That’s her aegyo! SHE’S NOT A HIPPIE!” haha! My friends have all been convinced of my madness. I’m sure some of them have me blocked on FB. lol. OH WELL. I forget that I have a separate FB account and post K-stuff on my regular FB very often. *shrug*

            I wish this place had forums. I was kinda hoping my FB page would kind of work as something like that but I only have 4 likes, haha!

          • owl

            enz, I LOVE that the pose is called the la la pose – because i say ‘la la’ instead of good-bye at the end of a casual phone conversation (again, a habit which either delights or diismays my frieids). So. la la is my style – yay! Thanks for the little cultural tidbits that makes watching and ‘knowing’ a tiny bit about Korean style super fun! (giving a la la pose πŸ™‚

          • enz

            well, for me EVERYONE knows about my k drama addiction. recently my mom and all her sisters and one brother plus several in laws all went to Xiamen, our ancestral home and they took group pics with the saranghae pose with a bit of head tilt and posted it on my FB saying this is for you enz! I have yet to do a pic with that pose but find it really cute that e en really big stars in Korea do it for their fans. so cheesy but so lovable

    • 45.6 Enz

      I am so HAPPY that you LOVE QSS!!! Another one to share the love with..

      And so true about how Korean terms coming into my everyday speech!! I wanna say jebal instead of please, jongmal instead of really? and my fb is dotted with aigoo and omos!! It’s bad πŸ™‚

      I am coming to my first anniversary of entering k land. Couldn’t be happier to have discovered it

      • 45.6.1 pillowhead

        oh yes! I’m in LOVE with QSS! haha. Was it you Enz, that was talking about it in last weeks OT? If so, thank you for introducing me to my secret lover. Can’t tell LMH cause he gets jealous.
        but seriously, that show was near perfect. =D

        • Enz

          Yes it was me going googoo gaga over QSS. And I agree it’s pretty close to perfect for me.. Truly love almost everything about it. I call it exquisite pain. I love reading the recaps of it too on DB after watching. There is an article here on the director’s take on that ending. Check it out if you haven’t .

          I love also that opening scene with the moody music and the shot of the roadster going into the car park … The camera goes long and then zooms into the car and the couple making out. So many great scenes in QSS

          • Korazy Lady

            We can have a weekly ode to Que Sera, Sera. I loved almost everything about it (but I think I said that last week!) And if the Nice Guy ending had been handled as well as Que Sera, Sera, I would have been a very happy camper!

          • enz


            KL, I think for me even a satisfying ending to nice guy would not make it comparable to QSS. I love NG in a more intellectual way than QSS. QSS gets me deeply at my heart. and for me has many many memorable scenes, not just with the OTP. I loved the scenes of tae Joo finally breaking up with hae Lin and also the male second lead letting go of eun Soo and her feeling his pain and being sorry for being the cause of his loneliness.

            I could rewatch QSS many times again but I think not so NG. prior to its end, I may have rewatched it cos I do love SJK’s take on kang maru. but with this ending I doubt that I’d rewatch. whereas for QSS knowing the end doesn’t make it less watchable. there are just too many layers to it to be peeled and noticed and analysed

        • pillowhead

          Yes please. πŸ˜€
          the scene where Tae Joo finds out that Eun So is pregnant, drops his glass, then in a haze tries to scope up the broken glass was so fking intense! left me breathless!

          • Korazy Lady

            I definitely think it’s time for a QSS rewatch. I was wondering what to do with this long weekend!

          • enz

            yes yes Korazy!! i hope you will still love it

          • pillowhead

            Oh-oh…. I should have put a “SPOLIER ALERT” on how do I edit or delete?

          • pillowhead

            And I LOVED the music. Especially the W&Wales, Moonlighting. I think that set the mood just perfectly.

          • Enz


            I guess it’s too late for yours to have a spoiler alert :). Yes I LOVE LOVE the music too. The one you mentioned and two hands and also the haunting instrumental that comes on at crucial scenes but it can suddenly turn happy, eg when she was waiting for joon hyuk at the ferry and flashed back to the same moment with tae joo and suddenly joon hyuk turns up.. That music suddenly became a light piece.. Ahhh so much to love about it

    • 45.7 Leaf

      Once you join the club the addiction will never let you go muhahaha….

      But seriously… my love life has yet to reach anything that interesting…

      Basically this is what happens:
      I go to the night out on a tuesday. This tuesday I had a headache and was in a bad mood. I am with friends and they are having a convasation about comic books which I am bored to tears of because while I’m a geek I’m not THAT MUCH OF A GEEK.
      Oppa is on the other side of the room and cause I’m a stubborn evil girl I refuse to speak to him first.
      I’m about to leave early cause I feel awful but this means I have to pass him. Which I do.
      He steps in front of me and smiles at me and says ‘You’re not leaving.’ Yes… that legit actually happened.

      And so I am not leaving. My headache clears up immediently and I start having a much better time.
      And now we wait for next week…

      • 45.7.1 pillowhead

        omg. that is awesome. my stomach is all butterflies. can’t wait to hear what happens next. Date-a? Kiss-a? πŸ˜€ haha.

      • 45.7.2 Jeannette

        Who’s been Living Vicariously Through @Leaf’s Life Since 2012?

        *points to self* THIS Unnie!

        • Korazy Lady

          Me Me Me, too!

        • shelhass

          Wait, is @Leaf the one with an adorbs crush on the Korean oppa dude?

          What happened?! Gosh, I scroll up, but I still miss a lot of comments!

          • Leaf

            Yes… the one currently suffering from the tragedy of unrequited love with all the required heartbreak and over analysis is me…

            Haha… yes I’m not meant to deal with relationships obviously…

            But seriously… I’m so frigging confused about everything…

        • Leaf

          @Jeannette and Korazy Lady


          Trust me… no good can come of that…
          Just look at me mess around like a cute puppy which I am so often compared to haha

          • Jeannette

            @Leaf Hey, don’t worry! The last guy I dated ended up being gay. Still, the best 3.5 years of my life. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

            And I have to live through someone as I refuse to date anyone that isn’t my age or older and into k-pop. Unless it’s Onew.

          • Leaf

            Well obviously…



          • Jeannette

            LOL @ Leaf…did you see the straight man rebuttal? It’s even funnier! lol

            But seriously, all my crushes end up being gay or taken…and all my gay boys forget I’m a straight girl. haha

          • Leaf

            ‘If we thought marrying our girlfriends would be awesome… we’d already have done it’ LOL

            Is it bad that having sex to midday (yes I know it’s apparently overrated and all that) and then steak sounds like the most epic day ever?

            It reminds me of when Oppa said he hated Kimchi…
            I was like ‘How? You’re a complete disgrace!! Kimchi’s awesome!’
            He just went ‘It’s not meat.’

            So yeah… I was like… you have a point… haha
            MEAT FOR LIFE <3
            Seriously… I could never date a vegetarian…

      • 45.7.3 Enz

        Squee worthy moment! Thanks leaf! It sounds like a good chance of potential romance… Come on, we’re all rooting for you here. Make it happen and have the new year kiss on an escalator like gong yoo and Kim sun ah in s diary. You won’t even have to worry about height difference then. Just make sure he stands on the LOWER step :p haha

      • 45.7.4 cv

        WAhoo! my goodness LEaf, your life is almost like a kdrama. ^_^ Can’t wait until next week to see what happens in between. heheh Fighting!

        *Wonder if those kdrama writers ever browse the internet for drama ideas? This one is the start of a goooood rom-com. * ^^

        • Leaf

          Let’s hope I’m in a happy K drama and not a melo where I am about to get crushed and broken… haha… dear god my cynicism is getting too high now… I think I’m actually slightly afraid that I may actually be getting a boyfriend soon… cause well… I’ve never had one before… but I can overcome the nerves right?

          Well… at least I’m not the evil second lead!! haha….

          Large possabiltity that I am the best friend…
          ‘You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God’s sake!’ Still remains one of my favourite quotes…

    • 45.8 Carole McDonnell

      I hear you about FB friends and k-drama obsessing but I do all my k-drama posting under my regular FB name. I have way too many weird aspects of my personality to create start splitting myself into different FB personalities for my friends’ sanity. It’s all of me or none of me, I say. When I post k-drama stuff or an url to my latest fave ost (Yuya Matshushita’s “See You” being my latest) folks just have to suck up. Life’s too short to hide the flaky me.

      • 45.8.1 pillowhead

        lol. You r my hero. My FB world is not ready for me fangirling over Block B yet. haha!

      • 45.8.2 Jeannette

        I forget to switch most times, but I’m tired of being picked on. πŸ™

        Plus this way I can have all my k-friends in one section! But don’t worry. I still blast them with Teen Top!

  46. 46 merry

    Wow, it says there are 575 other people on this site now. Thank you for making my saturday start off well. i started reading before bed last nite, couldn’t finish and started earlier, still couldn’t finish. And now here.

    Belated Thanksgiving day for those in the US. We had one American in the office and she prepared pumpkin cake. over said, everyone said what they were thankful for. It was quite therapeutic for whom it was the first time, like almost all of 18 people. We’ll probably bring it back next year, if she is still around.

    For those on the loose end of dramawatching, here’s what i’m watching now–

    Full House 2
    King of Dramas
    Missing you, started with 1st episode and jettisoned to 5 and following
    Priceless (Japanese)
    Kekkon Shenai (Japanese)

    so, what can you say about me from my drama choices? I’m enjoying them all. In the last drama, what can you not like about the drama that has a line — ‘I’m fine with loneliness. We’re friends. We’ve learned to live with each other.’ How cool is that?

    Lovely week-end everyone. OT will be something i will miss in the next few weeks. Off to the boondocks of Africa for field monitoring visit. More than 24 hours travel from where i am to get there. In the meanwhile, be happy everyone!

    • 46.1 Enz

      AFRICA! Sounds so exotic. Safe journey and enjoy yourself. And yes, that line is very cool.

      • 46.1.1 merry

        Thanks. Hard work more likely than exotic.

    • 46.2 zgznoona

      I’m watching all those dramas except for Missing You. I’m keeping my self away from makjang.

      I love Kekkon Shenai. Out of the current jdramas, it’s one of my favorites.

  47. 47 Mar

    Happy weekend. Taking a break from course work.

    I’m still in Taiwan drama land watching Miss Rose and Office Girls. They are okay, I had to read recaps on some of the mid teen episodes of Miss Rose and skip viewing, I got tired of the mean girl bitchyness and the lead girl crying all the time. I finally realized Roy Lui reminds me of Robert Pattinson in his acting mannerisms, just a little less quirky and doesn’t smile as much.

    Looking forward to some less melodrama in k drama in the future. I’m too full of coursework, too friggin tired and have cried enough tears in my own life over the last few years to watch too much heartache right now.

    • 47.1 Enz

      Lets hope next year’s batch brings us some good rom coms

      • 47.1.1 Mar

        I’ll take an order of that. I personally think Big left us all going wtf and we never recovered. and I’m still scratching my head on Faith and trying to decide if I am going to watch it again or it will just end up pissing me and I’d better just live with what fondness I do have for it. Answer Me 1997 was my happy pill but the dosage is wearing off.

        Let’s have some hot chemistry and romance and fun, drama gods, I’m starving up in here.

        • Enz

          I am hoping secret agent or that level 7 delivers AND the flower boy next door. I loved FBRS and if its the same director, am excited!

          • Mar

            I’m looking forward to FBND. level 7, I’m ambivalent. It’s a maybe.

    • 47.2 Hillary

      Did you mean Roy Chui?? If you look closely, you will see that he smiles a lot with his eyes.

      • 47.2.1 Hillary

        I have also seen his name spelt Roy Qui.

      • 47.2.2 Mar

        Doh. Yes, Thinking Megan Lai and Roy Chui and ended up typing Roy Lui lmao.

  48. 48 Kes

    Is anyone else watching νž˜λ„€μš”, λ―ΈμŠ€ν„° κΉ€! / Cheer up Mr. Kim?

    It’s my first time watching a daily drama, and one with no subs…but the ‘found family’ story is my weakness and I love Dongwan, so there we go. It isn’t good for my heart, because there are so many episodes to get invested in, and I am totally in love with the main character and life keeps crapping on him.

    • 48.1 zgznoona

      I wanted to watch, but since there are no subs… I’m waiting for now

  49. 49 Enz

    Omg. I am enz bombing this OT to borrow a phrase from ms koala. Prob bad for my real social life but wth.

  50. 50 violetish

    Stars That Remind Me of Other Stars

    jin se yeon, park min young (right????) (5fingers and that one pmy did about baseball? also doppleganger dramas)

    jo soo min, gu hye sun

    kim soo hyun, yoo seung ho (in youth and Eye Intensity) (ysh doesn’t have so ji sub’s swagger yet but has Youthful Pretty instead)

    any else?

    • 50.1 Enz

      Yoon shi yoon and lee junki