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Jang Yoon-ju – “가을바람” (Autumn wind) [ Download ]

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  1. JoAnne

    I bet this isnt first

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      How does it feel to be wrong? Hello everyone!!!!

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith

        Hello JoAnne and Ivoire! Happy OT to everyone and a big welcome to the newbies who will come chatting with us. ^^

        • pogo

          I guess I’m mostly an OT newbie? I started commenting with the Arang/Nice Guy recaps, but I’m not really into any of the shows being capped right now so the OT is a good excuse to come hang out on DB anyway.

          • Shukmeister

            Hey pogo! It’s always fun, hanging out, unless your tshirt is too short – lol.

            I actually rewatched the ending of Arang recently as I haven’t gotten caught up in any of the current sageuks. I watched one episode of The Great Seer, and one of Jeon Woo-chi, but neither caught my eye like King of Dramas. Just as well, as the end of the year is hectic!

          • pogo

            yeah, I know what you mean- none of the current sageuk crop is a patch on the stuff we had earlier in the year.

            I tried The Moon That Embraces The Sun and LOVED its child cast, but I felt Han Ga-in fell a little flat as the adult version of her character. Really liked Kim Min-seo, though – that lady has charisma, can someone just make her a proper lead already!

          • Shukmeister

            I agree! It’s time to give her a role she can really shine in!

          • OMG

            the arang ending is too cute…i have watched it at least 10 times….haha

          • Shukmeister

            OMG –

            It’s like Big vs I Love It Tae-ri.

            Each had a similar theme, and Big probably had more going for it, at least at the beginning. But ILITR hit the perfect note for the ending, though, and that made all the difference in my mind.

          • pillowhead

            Hi Pogo, I’m a newbie and started commenting with Arang too. The only show being capped right now that I’ve gotten into is King of Dramas, so I’m watching older stuff. I miss Arang.

        • Ivoire

          Bonjour Mysti!!!!! Happy OT to you as well. How are you doing this fine day? (I hope fine for you) :-).

          • Mystisith

            @Ivoire. It’s sunny here but i’m freezing. Hot soup and tea at will! Is KOD the only show you’re watching these days? You’re sure invested in this drama.^^

          • Ivoire

            Awww Mysti, I hope you will feel warmer soon. Maybe you should consider moving to CA :-). Yeah, TKoDs is the only drama I am currently watching, and as I think you could tell from my comments on the recaps (is that what tipped you off on my love for this drama so far?), and maybe in last OT, yes, I am definitely invested in this drama. Good observation there 🙂

          • Korazy Lady

            Bonjour Ivoire and Mysti! It’s fun to see all the fellow Beanies on here on Friday mornings. Hope you both have great weekends.

          • Ivoire

            Bonjour KL, and a wonderful weekend to you as well!

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello again everyone,

        I have two questions about TKoDs I would like to get out of the way. They are not really deep questions, yet I would appreciate some answers. Thanks!
        I am trying to understand how dramas are made as I go along and as I am watching this drama, so in episode 8:

        1–the TV station gives a time slot (and days to be aired) to a drama and they also give money to the drama production team to cover the costs necessary to shoot (or make) the drama? (is that it)? Does that mean the money given by Wannatabe was just to lure and secure the actors and cover the preliminary costs (I know it wasn’t a lot). I just didn’t know that TV stations gave money as well to the production companies.
        I remember that Anthony also talked about the investors’ money (Wannatabe’s) having to be paid back in full (to CP Lee). So is that also why the TV stations help the production companies with some of the costs?

        2–And the set that was built, it is a set at the SBC station or site, right? (Or on one of their locations)?
        **END OF SPOILERS**

        I hope everyone is doing well today. It has been raining here all night, and it is still raining. It is not very cold however, so that is nice. I had a fairly quiet week, just the usual (ok, so maybe not so quiet). That and the fact that a third family has contacted me to care for their infant son since the mom will be going back to work soon. I love babies, so we will see…

        Drama wise, I am still currently enjoying TKoDs, and I hope it will stay good till the end (I really hope so). I guess we will find out soon enough, four more weeks to go.

        Have a wonderful weekend!

        • ladysarahii

          Don’t know the answer to no. 1, but I figure you’re right about no. 2. At least that’s what I assumed. At least having the back door right behind them gave me that impression. 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Hello Ladysarahii, thank you for responding.
          So we are thinking along the same lines. I know that TV stations have sets, and so for the “in studio” filming, I guess that will be done on the SBC site. I just wanted to double check, since I saw the (younger) producers there putting the finishing touches on something that was being built. And yes, I do know that producers (especially the assistants) work on everything and that they wear many hats.

          • Ivoire

            Good to hear from you, OMG!!! Thanks for stopping by :-). I am good. I updated the Dbeaners on my life in the last OT. What about you? How are you?

          • OMG

            m gud…a little update below… but cant wait till Christmas break…when i can sleep for as much and as long as i want to!! HAHA

        • OMG

          Hi Ivoire…how u doing…haven’t heard from u in a while……hope all is okay!!!

          • Ivoire

            So I guess you just have to wait for about 4 weeks, right? And Christmas break will be here. And don’t forget that you will have the time to watch dramas 🙂
            I will read you update later :-)…

      • 1.1.3 oftheshore

        Hi JoAnne and Ivoire – and everyone else! Long time no see!

        • Ivoire

          Hello OTS, I hope you are doing well!

    • 1.2 Enz

      Hi everyone! Happy OT, happy Friday and weekend :). I should be sleeping cos have a flight to catch early morning to Myanmar . Will be missing the k-land action till next Sunday but am sure RL will make up for it 🙂

      I know am not gonna be able to resist reading though. Ok ok good night

      • 1.2.1 Ivoire

        Hi Enz, and good night!!! Sleep tight :-)!!!
        Have a safe trip to Myanmar and come back safely as well. Are you going for business or pleasure? I didn’t respond to your last comment in the last OT (I meant to) but I liked our banter, it was fun. We should do it again, some time. I hope you will have a pleasant time (if not great time) during your trip.

      • 1.2.2 Shukmeister

        Perjalanan selamat, Enz! Happy and safe travels.

      • 1.2.3 Korazy Lady

        Yes, it’s hard to give in to RL sometimes, but I hope you enjoy yours! Safe travels

      • 1.2.4 Korazy Lady

        Enz, have a good sleep but don’t forget to come back and join me on the QSS lovefest down under Aryast’s comments!

        • pillowhead

          I’m heading down to join in the Love…

      • 1.2.5 Enz

        Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!

        It’s half past 3 am and taxi is here at 4.15. Am all ready and having a cup of coffee. Just CANNOT Resist having a last look at OT. And now that I know there is a love fest below, I NEED to check that out and join it before I leave. Nobody else can ‘chup’ Eric coz I did it already.

        Ivoire, am going on holidays til 9 th. and shukmeister, terima kasih but have to correct you a little bit. It’s selamat berjalan.. Very close though 🙂

        Am a little stressed coz Myanmar is the first place I’ve been that has no ATM machine and does not accept credit cards so one is forced to carry cash for the WHOLE trip. Eeks. Really hate that. Everything that can be booked has been booked online including internal flights. And I have to just pray that it’s all in order when I get there. I travel alone quite a bit but this time am with a friend. We’ve travelled together before AND still remain friends despite temper tantrums (mine), annoyances (mine) and general moodiness(mine). :p. I’m so bad. But am so consistently so that friends are able to ignore it!! Shame on me.

        • Shukmeister

          Enz –

          Sumimasen! Yunno, since I am half way around the world, maybe you could consider that the letter P refused to flip over as it travelled? And then the trip near the earth’s magnetic pole allowed a few extra letters to latch on? Darn pesky alphabet! lol

          Bring us back some tales of Myanmar. Don’t bring back a python. 😉

          • enz

            for you shuk, i will not just consider it, I will fully accept it and make it the new safe journey goodbye greeting from now on. have a great time with your formal do. wish I could weigh in on the shoes and outfit thing.

          • Shukmeister

            For you, Enz, I added a post. 😎

        • pillowhead

          Hi Enz, wow I had to google Myanmar. How cool! Is this business or pleasure? Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. :)Lala!

          • Enz

            It’s a holidaaa..ay pillowhead! Yes will share whenever the wifi is available 🙂

        • owl

          Hey, Enz, just like in kdramaland where everyone has envelopes stuffed with cash, or like in KoD, where a huge (and I means huge) suitcase filled with bills is plopped on the table for the director – haha.

    • 1.3 kakashi

      haha, JoAnne! wroooong! Hello!
      And hello everybody! Hope you are really well and happy.
      My little one is ill, and I am also not entirely well (will I get the same cough as her? Hope not!)
      Anyway, just saying hello, wishing you a nice weekend.
      I will watch some KoD tonight and am preparing a blog entry on Park Shi-hoo’s hairstyles in various dramas.
      And I am still heartbroken about NOT seeing Lee Jun-ki when he was in Switzerland.

  2. JoAnne


    • 2.1 cv


    • 2.2 Korazy Lady

      JoAnne, it takes a strong person to admit they are wrong! haha. Did you see episode 8 of IMY? I need to revisit it tonight, cuz the sandman took over last night. Also, I cannot tweet and watch or it takes toooo long.

      Actually, the show I like best is CWGM. At least it’s the one I look forward to the most!

      • 2.2.1 JoAnne

        Korazy and all My Wondrous Beans!

        I was first! It was like wet cement. I saw it and I had to try. There were no commenters! How could I not? And yet, I knew someone would be there at that moment too and I would not be first…but I was wrong about that!

        However, I was not prepared to talk at that time, so I’m a bit conflicted about the propriety of having jumped in there like that.

        No, what am I saying? I was first, I WAS FIRST.

        Someone give me a medal, right?

        I Miss You – Haven’t seen Ep 8 yet but Ep 7 thrilled me deeply for what I see as hints to come of a kuh-RAZY Zoey and the two men who love her and try to deal with that, except maybe they get sucked onto the crazy train too and anyway it’s all going to spiral down into madness and misery and I’m HOLDING MY BREATH from excitement. I continue to think Yoochun is more than holding his own with these more experienced actors, and am LOVING many of the secondary roles – pony-tail partner; everyone’s favorite ahjumma as the cleaning woman; MOM (otherwise known as Jung Woo’s girlfriend – I LOVE their relationship.); even the gangsterish daughter. Please continue to be kinda weird and therefore wonderful, drama.

        Full House 2 – I cannot find a thing not to like about this show. I’m not happy poor Bunny is going blind, but I don’t hate how they’re doing it. Yes, I know there’s some stuff that doesn’t quite make sense but its minor stuff. I don’t really give a sh**. I love these people and I love this show. No Min Woooooooooooooooo you are so cuuuuuute when you try to be a man. And poor little Road Manager got suckered too – all this time he thought he would be a singer? Kinda love that the show fooled us – the house we thought would be full isn’t the house that ends up being full at all, is it? Grandpa! I love you!

        CWGM? – I am completely infatuated with Sung Joon and Young Jae don’t get me wrong. But this show is PISSING ME OFF. I HATE HATE HATE these mothers. And now he’s mad at HER mom? Today’s ep better go a long way to convincing me yesterday’s had me fooled because I may have to stop. Yes. Stop watching. Stop watching Sung Joon. Stop watching Motorcycle Lovers. Stop watching the inevitable reunion between Ki Joong and Dong Bi and that little BITCH of a fiancee getting her comeuppance. Because those mothers are giving me heartburn and I hate them with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. …maybe I could just skip the mom scenes. (breathing into a bag)

        Great Seer – how is it that people think this is boring? This is so not boring. You can all kiss my butt.

        Summer’s Desire – let’s HEAR it for Big Nosed Ho and the Serial Killer Starer. Two more eps to go. I kinda like Barbie Hsu catatonic, but the movie within a movie is creeping me out a little bit.

        Time Between Dog and Wolf – I got to see like…10 minutes of that this week. Once I finish my side journey into Summer’s Desire. I promise. (pats list of in-progress dramas.)

        I get Korean food tonight! Last night I took Tori to the train station in Providence so she could spend overnight in Boston. My reward for being that kind of self-less mother (HEY. It’s an hour away, it’s driving at NIGHT, and I have to do it again TODAY) was that I was going to Moon Sun and eat something yummy and maybe talk drama with the daughter there. And yet that did not happen, because my card got on the train with the fruit of my womb. Who I hated for a moment. But then I regrouped and realized the silver lining: now I won’t have to eat ALONE because when I pick her up tonight, she has to come with me. Ha. Forced conversation with Mom, that’s your punishment!

        I made soon dubu with kimchi and beef the other day. Also asparagus pancakes. Not entirely pleased with the results. Have to try again.

        • JoAnne

          oh and I’m up to – hmmm – ep 4 of King of Dramas. Maybe? No Siwon yet. I think he’s the next episode. Anthony just figured out Watanabe is a gangster who does gangster stuff. I can tell already this show is going to be awesome, even without the raving from our drama sunbaes up there (gestures vaguely toward the header because yes, in my head JB and GF are kind of sitting above us, on clouds, a little like heaven, sending down missives. Maybe it’s more like Mount Olympus. No, this is drama. They’re up there at the top of Namsan Tower, sending down little thought jolts to us keening masses.

          Speaking of keening masses – MAMA looks like it rocked. Have to try and search out more videos. Yay uri babies for winning artist of the year!

          • Korazy Lady

            JoAnne, check in with me when you’ve finished episode 8 of IMY. I’m not sure if it’s me or what, but this show seems to be going every which direction to Crazyville. And I’m interested to hear your opinion of Harry’s “party” look!

          • JoAnne

            I give up and accept the fashion in drama just as I have learned to accept the bad hair and the sleeping in street clothes and the constant diarrhea – that being said I suppose he wanted to appear continental and mature but it doesnt suit – as for crazytown well – I have a bunch of words about that but have to save for afternoon

        • erinlibrarian

          I am totally with you on Full House Take Two. I have taken to stalking the internet for anyone talking about it. My only beef is that I have to wait two more weeks to find out how it is going to end!
          I am really hoping that the conflict between Kang-Hwi and Tae-Ik ends quickly. I want so badly for them to team up (Kang-Hwi as best friend and Tae-Ik as boyfriend) and fight LJ to the death, maybe dropping that girl off a tall cliff in the process.
          Tae-Ik is killing me with all the little ways he shows Man-Ok that he likes her. The poor guy, he’s so transparent and doesn’t much care 🙂

          • JoAnne

            I really really like how once he realizes he likes her, he just – shows it. There’s no back and forth and no hesitation. He likes her, she likes him – even if she hasn’t admitted it sober – and so he’s just going to move forward as her boyfriend.

          • Shukmeister

            From when they faked the engagement, there’s only been her in Tae-Ik’s eyes. Even at his blustery best, he still gave in to her every time, whether or not she knew it. It has to be love, to look past that hair mop!

            I really love the more mellow Tae-Ik, out from under LJ’s pressure. Now he can come into his own and kick some serious buttage!

            I worry for the next episode, given how this week’s ended.

            ** SPOILER **
            Man Ok going back under LJ’s clutches gives me the heeby-jeebys, and I hope she uses the time to collect the evidence needed to bury him for good as well as help out poor Kang-hwi. Tae-Ik, don’t lose faith!

        • Hillary

          @Joanne: I am totally with you on both Full House 2 and the Great Seer. I am going to get around to watching I Miss You (for Chunie, of course) but think I may wait until the drama finishes… just in case.

          • JoAnne

            That might be wise. This has the potential to crash and burn – which in an odd way would be ok with me too as long as it did it in a really big way. Commit to the crazy, Drama Writer. That’s all I ask.

            What I couldn’t take would be another deeply emotional show which then when to visit the WTF Fairy for the last couple episodes.

            I think my twitter should be updated from Noona Waaaaaaaaaaants to Commit to the Crazy. What do you think? How’s Trini?

          • Hillary

            @Joanne: That is also why I did not watch Nice Guy right away. Plan to marathon Nice Guy as soon as I have free time now that I know that the ending is totally not sucky (a sucky ending would be if one of the OTP dies or worse yet, they don’t end up together).

            LOL re twitter.

            Trinidad is fine. I have settled into my rhythm now. Adoption is on track (waiting on Adoption Board to give go ahead but the social worker is going to recommend me for the adoption). Hate the traveling though as I have to go to Chicago once a month for a week (leaving on Sunday for my December home office visit). My youngest daughter (4-year old) has finally gotten accustomed to Mummy leaving for “Cago” so she doesn’t cry as much. She also adapted well to full day school (she gets up at 5:30 a.m. to leave house by 7:00 and reach school for 8:00 … and generally reaches home at 6:00 p.m. as all her cousins are involved in competitive swimming so they have swimming practice 5 days of the week). My two new “kids” have also gotten use to having a new “mother” who does not allow them to stay up all night playing games on playstation and computer. It was a struggle at first because they did not want to do their homework and wanted to stay up late, watch tv and play games all hours of the day (before school and after school). The discipline has proven to be good for them as their grades have gone up. My 72-year uncle is with us now and he is no longer talking about dying soon. My mom is not doing so well (she is a long-term diabetic and we recently discovered that she is probably going to need dialysis within the next 6 months), so I sent her back up to Florida by my aunt to get back into the US Healthcare system. Still hoping that I can make it back to the States with the kids by June of next year but that is a long shot.

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          I agree with you with THE GREAT SEER! I actually enjoy watching it. It’s not boring as what other people says. Maybe they have just watched the first episode only. I was kinda confused when I watched the first episode, but as I continue to watch, the story gets better and better as it progresses. The first episode is essential for you to understand the whole drama as well as the connections and conflicts between the characters.

  3. Korazy Lady

    Good Morning Beanies! Happy OT!

    • 3.1 cv

      Morning! ^^

      MAMA awards done, i’m taking another nap. LOL

      • 3.1.1 Korazy Lady

        How were they? Did our boys win anything? I guess I can catch reruns on Mnet, right?

        • Shukmeister

          Good morning Korazy! There were plenty of BB tulips in the audience lol. They won several awards! Woot!

          • Korazy Lady

            Wish we were there! Is your banquet tonight?

          • Shukmeister

            Nope, Saturday, although I’m sad that not one of my asian grocery stores has face masks [pout]. Should have bought out the store in NJ. lol

            I’m getting my 25-year plaque from my rescue squad, so I want to make sure I look all awesome and stuff. So I’m reducing the arm jewelry but wearing some sassy earrings to compensate!
            Now it’s just shoe decision time: pumps, open-toed platforms, or my black patent-leather strappy ones with the zipper up the heel!

    • 3.2 Ivoire

      Good morning to you and Happy OT as well!!!!

    • 3.3 Korazy Lady

      OH, I forgot to mention the highlight of my drama week. I marathoned Que Sera, Sera again. I LOVE that drama! Where are my fellow QSS lovers on here? Raise your hands! (I told you last week we could do a weekly ode to it!)

      • 3.3.1 okiejune

        me! me! me! *waving hands vigorously*

      • 3.3.2 jomo

        Me, too!
        Love it love it love Eric.*

        *but not as much as Enz.

      • 3.3.3 enz

        raising raising!! from a taxi heading to airport at half past 4 am!!!

        thanks jomo 🙂 hehe

      • 3.3.4 pillowhead

        hola! hands in the air… 😀

    • 3.4 OMG

      ugh i cant watch the video of their performance on YouTube…….some company is calling copyright infringement!!! UGH!!!!!!

  4. cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^_^

    I’m soooooooo happy BigBang won Artist of the year! Yay!

    That’s all.


    • 4.1 Korazy Lady

      OK, just saw that! Yeah for them!

      • 4.1.1 cv

        They won three awards: Best male group, Guardian angel world wide award and Artist of the YEar! YEah! Go BigBang! 🙂

        • Korazy Lady

          Awwwww – so happy! I can’t wait to watch the show now.

        • Korazy Lady

          Hey, was crazy Jang Geun Suk on it?

          • cv

            I don’t think he went? IF he did, I must have missed it. Saw the first half of red carpet, went to sleep, woke up and saw the last half of the show. Caught up with pics and awards on Twitter and hehe

          • Korazy Lady

            I was with my friend from Taiwan last night (she’s your age) and was filling her in on the whole concert experience. She just had a baby and is so jealous! Maybe I’ll see if she wants to tag along next time (hopefully there will be a next time!)

          • Shukmeister

            Korazy –

            Just waiting on JYJ!!

    • 4.2 pillowhead

      Weee! I saw a clip of them on stage in a gun pointing triangle stand off. Was that part of the show, or was it from a previous year?

  5. kika

    Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

    Not so happy for me ‘cos I tried to cut my hair, Yoon Eun-hye style last week, and the hairdresser messed it up!!

    This was the hairstyle I wanted:

    But now, it looks like the dog ate my hair… What should I do?! :’(

    • 5.1 Cabbage


      • 5.1.1 kika

        I can’t wear a hat to work!

    • 5.2 pogo

      Owwww, I’m sorry about your hair bb! But it’ll grow back in no time, and besides the pulled-back look is cute too (I hope – my hair is long so I have to wear it pulled back at work anyway).

      And if it’s long enough to use a few cute clips and headscarves with during the growing-out phase, you could try that.

      • 5.2.1 kika

        Wow, headscarves is something I’ve never learnt to use. Any tips?

        I’ve been pulling back my hair, but maybe it’s the shape of my forehead, but I look somewhere between a nun and a secretary…. 🙁

        Everyone’s been telling me to cut it real short, but noooooooooo. I love my hair!

        • pogo

          I don’t know what length your hair is at, but I’ve seen pics of Rihanna wearing her hair in headscarves quite a bit when she had it short and it was REALLY cute. Her hair was a pixie cut, but I think the scarf look can work for longer hair too.

          It’s probably best to get something in a fabric that folds easily and won’t cause static, and a scarf+a few pins to hold it in place could work.

          • kika

            I think I’ll try that out. Now I just need to get the right scarf and perfect the knot! Thanks pogo! You’re a dear!

          • pogo

            I’m sure there are youtube tutorials that will be more helpful with how to wear it, good luck with your scarving bb!

          • pogo

            and here’s a pic of what it COULD look like:

          • kika

            the stylenoted pic looks really great! i’m definitely it out! i’m shopping for a scarf tomorrow first thing.

            really grateful to you pogo! many thanks!!

          • kika

            *trying it out

        • Lizzy4e

          Oh Sweetie!! Eat lots of jello, it helps hair and nails grow long and strong. you already fired the stylist, good! what an idiot he was.

          You wanted “bangs or fringe” cut to frame your face.

          You might go get a consultation from a REALLY expensive stylist as to your options. Look for a salon with great rep or will the rich ladies go.

          You might consider a perm as the curls will distract from the cut itself.

          • kika

            I think a REALLY expensive stylist just may do the job. But argh! There’s no way to go but shorter.

            Thank you so much for your suggestions Lizzy4e! I’ll make sure to eat lots of jello from tomorrow onwards!

        • sweetcloud

          In the same vein as the headscarf idea, you could try headbands!

    • 5.3 Korazy Lady

      I have been through a million bad haircuts in my life and luckily they always grow out! It looks a lot worse to you than others, I’m sure.

      Speaking of YEH, I wish they would cut her hair on I Miss You. It looks soooooo long and almost straggly. I’m hoping they do the mid series haircut like they do so often in these dramas.

      • 5.3.1 kika

        Agreed! I prefer her earlier haircuts too. One thing I love though, is her bright pink lipsticks in I Miss You, even though red is the color this season. Makes me want to get a pink shade too. It’s amazing how YEH can carry off almost anything…

        • Korazy Lady

          I love YEH but am not sure about this role. I fell asleep while trying to watch episode 8. It seems a little confusing to me (but could just be the sleep induced haze) and her character seemed a little flat last night. I hope it picks up. I almost prefer her in the disaster that was Lie to Me! (at least we had awesome kissing scenes!)

          • kika

            Yeah, the drama feels off. Maybe it’s the really conventional lines and the music, but it feels like I’m watching something from 10 years ago but with a modern visual sheen to it. It feels strangely archaic.

        • pogo

          I like the lipstick, but they need to be careful about the shade – pink lipstick can sometimes clash with red hair.

          And yeah, I feel like YEH needs a trim too. Or less straggly ponytails, the way her hair looks when it’s tied back as a grownup is not very appealing either – which is a shame when the child version of her had such gorgeous, glossy hair.

          • Korazy Lady

            I just watched episode 8 and I really think the make up artist needs to lighten up on the lipstick. And I mean on Harry!

      • 5.3.2 pillowhead

        I haven’t seen this actress in anything else except a youtube video of a variety show ( I was searching for more Eric Mun).
        She’s totally hitting on my man, and she does have boring hair. lol.

        • kika

          You should check out the drama coffee prince! She was greats in there. Not so for hairstyle though.

          • pillowhead

            oh? was she the girl/boy?

          • Korazy Lady

            Pillowhead, you need to watch Coffee Prince just because. Because it is a CLASSIC. Because of Gong Yoo. Because of the kisses. Just because!

          • pillowhead

            ok. I did start watching that a while ago, I don’t know what happened cause it was cute, but I got distracted. Maybe it was when I noticed LMH and started watching all of his dramas. Ok, I will get back on that. 😀

    • 5.4 FishcalledWanda

      Ow Kika! That’s one nasty thing to happen to your hair. It feels like it took ages to for my hair to finally reach the length it had before I had the insane idea to cut it shorter and the hairdresser messed up. Stupid hairdressers! Luckily it’s now longer than it’s ever been, and I’m not planning to ever cut it short again! I hope you hair grows fast and you find some nice way to deal with it in the meantime! Maybe you can curl it a bit, so the short parts won’t be too noticeable?

      • 5.4.1 kika

        The long parts are too long to make it look like it’s one with the short parts even with curling I think. But I agree that long hair’s always the best! It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with it. And I actually think that short hair makes one look older even though conventional opinion is otherwise.

    • 5.5 Shukmeister

      Put a colored streak in it, long earrings to focus on the neck, and proudly dare anyone to say anything bad about it!

      Act like you deliberately wanted the dog to chew your hair. Confidence is everything!

      • 5.5.1 kika

        “Act like you deliberately wanted the dog to chew your hair. Confidence is everything!”

        I tried, and it doesn’t work ;(((

        Apparently dog-ate hair doesn’t appeal to anyone’s sense of beauty.

        • Korazy Lady

          Maybe you should go back and demand a recut! Unless you are afraid to have her ever touch your hair again!

          • kika

            Yes I considered that! And he actually offered a recut, but no, he’s coming nowhere within 1 feet of my hair. *shudders*

        • Shukmeister

          After watching FHT2, I’m not convince what people think is beautiful hair. I haven’t had mine more than blunt cut in decades, and my mother has despaired of ever seeing her youngest in bangs again (the last time was…oh…maybe 1986?). Hee hee hee

      • 5.5.2 Enz

        Great idea shukmeister ! Haah

        • Shukmeister

          Thanks! I usually just bull ahead with any and all crazy hair, because even if it causes small children to cry, no one is going to tell me it’s awful to my face. [grin]

  6. piaaa

    Happy OT beaners, kdrama addicts/enthusiasts!!!

    How’s your day? I’m only watching King of Dramas and it’s sooo good! My only complaint is that the plot is kind of repetitive. I mean, when will the drama start to shoot? Will it ever get to shoot? Can we get the conflict on the drama’s shooting and storyline not the same old villain machinations?

    I’m still enjoying the show because of the characters. They’re just so endearing.

    • 6.1 kika

      Oh yes… I’m so tired of the repetitive back and forth between Director Oh/Empire & Anthony/World Productions. The machinations does reveal much of the characters we love, but we all know too that World Productions will prevail.

      And… I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I want more the the cute between Go-eun and Anthony!

      • 6.1.1 Pinkeu


        Cute (at the same time INTENSE CHEMISTRY) scenes between Anthony & Go-eun!!

    • 6.2 DeeDee315

      I’m enjoying King of Dramas as well, but it totally exhausts me. I’d like one episode where we just have fun & enjoy the characters & the art of producing dramas. Because frankly, if this is how it REALLY is, why would anyone want to be in the business. I’d rather go to the gynecologist 😉

      • 6.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Hahaha! I actually used the term “manic” to describe it. I, too, would like more personal interaction between the leads and less of the constant back and forth with Anthony and Empire. Plus I’d like to see how they handle the actually filming of the drama.

      • 6.2.2 piaaa

        Hahahahaha. Yes. That’s the same feeling that I had. But I still can’t wait for episode 9, hoping it would be much better.

      • 6.2.3 pillowhead

        that so true.Would be nice to have a relaxed episode. I haven’t watched the last one yet cause I’m gathering strengh. haha

  7. pogo

    I’ve just had a crap week at work but I’m so glad it’s the weekend already (well, I have to work a half day tomorrow but that’s better than a full day).

    What’s everyone up to? This bean is currently stuck on a You’re Beautiful rewatch, and I don’t want it to end because that show is SO. MUCH. SQUEEEEEEEEEE. Also debating catching up with this week’s I Miss You (I’m in the mood for fluff/happy right now and downers are not welcome, good as that show is – even Nice Guy was more of a thrill ride than the devastation this threatens).

    I’ve also started on Shut Up Flower Boy Band, which is AWESOME – probably coming in second place to Arang as my favourite drama of the year, and I love the music (Robert Smith/Crystal Castles cover? I like this already).

    • 7.1 Aryast

      Oh yes, the Robert Smith/Crystal Castles cover surprised me when I heard it. Their music choices are spot on and even their originals (sung by Sung Joon in future episodes) are simply delightful. Ahh and the eye candies!!! My sister is absolutely head over heels for lee hyun jae!

      • 7.1.1 pogo

        You know a show has good eye candy when you aren’t lamenting the loss of LEE MIN KI after two episodes, lol

        I love all the boys, and your sister has great taste. And speaking of Sung Joon, idk if it’s his hair in SUFBB, but he kind of reminds me of Oguri Shun here!

        • Aryast

          That’s what I thought too! Sung Joon = Oguri Shun Lee Min-ki = Narimiya Hiroki. well, just by the vibe they gave off. Just so happens that Oguri and Narimiya are quite the close friends.

      • 7.1.2 Enz

        Aryast, you sure have an incredible knowledge for music. You’re not studying it are you?

        • Aryast


          How I wish I can study anything related to music but my family’s too conservative to let me pick that path. I just really love music and it’s the only real passion I have in my life.

    • 7.2 mud

      Shut Up is great, isn’t it? I love all the music they have. I haven’t finished Arang yet, but come Christmas holiday I’m going to get on that.

      • 7.2.1 pogo

        yeah, it’s almost cinematic in feel somehow – not at all like a normal drama.

        Arang is probably my fave kdrama of all time now, I was nervous hearing that LJK (reason #1 why I watched it)would be doing another sageuk but his chemistry with Shin Mina (reason #2) is so amazing, my fingers are crossed that they’ll reunite in another kdrama some day. And it’s a fantastic cast *sigh*

        • piaaa

          I hope they will, but in the land of Kdramas, it’s rare. Maybe in movies they would.

          Ahhh, they’re my favorite couple of the year along with Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-won.

          • pogo

            yeah, she’s done a drama+ a movie with Joo Ji Hoon, so maybe she can do a movie with LJK now?

            I don’t care if it’s just a movie or they pull a Jang Hyunk-Lee Da Hae, I just want to see them together onscreen again!

        • OMG

          pogo u needs to watch Gaskital and/or Queen In-Hyun’s man……then we shall see if arang remains ur fave of the year…haha

          • pogo

            lol I did, and I like Gaksital but I don’t LOVE it the way I do Arang. And QIHM is adorable (and it prob. has my favourite kdrama kiss of 2012, the tiptoe one), but Arang is still safely my fave!

        • pillowhead

          aghh! Pogo, you must be my lost sister. I LOVE Arang and I just finished Shut up Flower Boys and I was awesome!! You MUST watch Que Sera Sera if you haven’t already.

          • pillowhead

            “it”, not I…

    • 7.3 FishcalledWanda

      Shut Up Flower Boy Band is such a good drama! And the music is amazing, I got the songs stuck in my head weeks after I finished it, sometimes blurting out randomly ‘wake uuuup’!

      • 7.3.1 RockPaperScissors

        This is one of the few OSTs I have purchased. Every song on the CD is awesome, and it cycles over & over as I am never in a hurry to eject. SUFBB is one of the years best dramas, at least it is in my top 3 (along with QIHM and TK2H).

  8. vivi-chan :)

    Hello everyone! Happy friday I cant believe that I’m awake at this hour just to write here (6am)
    Am I the only one who is currently feeling sad that the is no more I miss you recaps 🙁 please bring them back

    • 8.1 pogo

      Hey vivi, if you want someone to discuss IMY with, dangermousie is doing recaps/reaction posts at her livejournal.

      I’d love to have recaps here too, especially since the events of episode 3 haven’t been handled in an exploitative or disrespectful manner as far as I’ve seen (upto episode 6), and they do a good job of showing us the impact it’s had on Soo Yeon and Jung Woo’s lives……BUT it’s still a minefield to include in a drama, and I don’t blame JB or GF for not wanting to take that risk, no matter how good the show is or how haunted Yoon Eun Hye looks as the older Soo Yeon.

    • 8.2 Hillary

      @vivi: Koala’s Playground is also doing recaps of I Miss You … she loves that show and usually has the recaps up within a few hours of its airtime.

  9. nappy

    Yo everyone jus dropping by to say hello n Happy Friday to everyone but dat happiness does not extend to me have finals coming up in im currently beating books no time to become invested in a drama
    sigh the life of a student is sad and depressing
    need my milo fix

    • 9.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Nappy! I totally know the feeling of having to study but actually really wanting to watch dramas! I hope you finals go great, Fighting! And a Happy Friday, even though you have to study!

    • 9.2 kika

      awww, which year are you in?

      i still remember studying all the way through christmas last year for my finals. it really sucked but now i’m outta school!!!

      hang in there!

      • 9.2.1 nappyforlife

        im in my final year of university thank god
        but where im from our exams end jus before christmas so no studing through d holidays

    • 9.3 Noemi

      I can totally feel your pain! Hope you make it through ok 🙂

      • 9.3.1 nappyforlife

        i hope so too it sure sucks though

  10. 10 vivi-chan :)

    Pogo! Don’t worry your are not by yourself I have been reading the recaps from beans for Years but until today I made up my mind to actually write something lol I sound so lame but I had always wanted to write here when I would read the posts :'(

    • 10.1 pogo

      Hey vivi! I started reading here during, I think, the Boys Before Flowers recaps? lol. But I only started hanging out here like a compulsive when the Arang/Nice Guy combination happened.

      And I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier – there are SO MANY SHOWS that I would have loved to comment on while they were being recapped, and going back to past comments just kills me.

  11. 11 OMG

    Happy OT everyone. So much to say….

    1 finally watched arang and the magistrate n it was such a cute little story. I loved how everything made sense even the reincarnation stuff. Not gonna say more don’t wanna spoil it for those who have not watched it! All d characters, hell even the side characters were all lovely and I loved that the villain wasn’t just a villain for villain’s sake….if anyone understands that. There was a reason behind her madness. That being said, I think the storyline dragged out too much… There was no need in my point of view for it to be a 20 episode drama….16/18 would have been just fine. I also wished the romance showed a little more, I feel like they could have included it more….but the ending scene was just the CUTEST!! Those child actors were toooo cute, especially the girl! That being said….
    2 I can see how Nice Guy took over in ratings. I finally watched nice guy and oh boy!! I had to marathon thru that shit!! I couldn’t watch one episode at a time and I don’t know people did that! That show was epic….except the last two episodes. I swear why is it that once a drama is nearing my epic list, they fuck up in some way or another…the last two episodes had me in WTF-land!!!! Nothing made sense its like all the progress made didn’t mean anything anymore…especially the last episode. I don’t even know till now, if he had amnesia or propasgnosia, of he remembers who she is…..ahh it’s so frustrating. N what happened with the company?? n i can’t believe how short the murder sentence is in Korea. With my cons out of the way, SJK and MCW are amazing actors. How she managed to pull off a total amnesiac after being a total bitch the previous episodes was amazing!!! SJK is an amazing actor n I HAVE LAIN CLAIM TO HIM! He was able to play Maru in such a way that I can’t imagine any other actor in his role! The storyline was a little predictable but it didn’t stop it from being amazing! The villain bitch….ahhhhhhhhh I wanted to jump into the drama n strangle her to her death…haha. She just pissed me off in soooooooo many ways! Choco and Kwang Soo’s character…at first I thought they were useless but they served their purpose n were a little cuter I finally understand what Jb and GF meant when they said they wanted her to die….the story would have been more epic if she did!
    Okies well m rambling….haha. Next on my list is answer me 1997… But exam finals are coming up in three weeks n there’s a whole lot of shit to read so maybe over Christmas break…we shall see…haha.
    How is everyone else doing???

    • 11.1 cv

      Happy OT OMG! Good to see you and good luck with school! Fighting!

    • 11.2 Korazy Lady

      Hi OMG-
      Glad you jumped on the Nice Guy train, but you should have been warned about the ending!!!! There are quite a few people ranting about it, including our own Kakashi:
      And I did guest post on alternate endings there as well. We could spend days, weeks, months talking about it!

      BTW, how are you classes coming? Getting ready to wind down for Christmas break?

      • 11.2.1 OMG

        ugh d ending just about ruined that drama for me… i was like i stayed up till 7am for this bullshit! NO!

        • OMG

          i mean the last two episode….he offered to take her back and live in a “loveless life” with her….i was like WTF is happening here…did i miss something! i feel like the writers had no idea what to do anymore…so they were just like fuck it…we’ll go almost BIG-style on them!!! UGH!!!

    • 11.3 Shukmeister

      Hi OMG! Good luck with your finals.

      Things are sunny in Virginia.
      I had a cold last week, where I just took NyQuil and stayed under the comforter for two days, but I’m out of it and raring to go!
      I also have a formal affair to go to this weekend, and, on an impulse, I pulled out last year’s gown and it fits better this year! Woot! I have this year’s couture (ha ha, not really a fashion horse) narrowed down to two: elegant or flirty. Decisions decisions!

      Glad to see everything is well with you!

      • 11.3.1 OMG

        hi shuk!! hope u used those two days to watch some KDRAMAS cuz i certainly would have!

        Go with flirty….elegant is nice and all but Flirty gets u places!!!!!

        • Shukmeister

          LOL – it would be easier to dance in, and I could wear my WTF shoes. Problem is, I’d like to do the elegant think just to make people say HOLY SH## SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!

          • Shukmeister

            Okay, weird. It duplicated. Sorry, Oh DB Ladies!

        • Shukmeister

          LOL – it would be easier to dance in, and I could wear my WTF shoes. Problem is, I’d like to do the elegant think just to make people say HOLY SH## SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!

          • Shukmeister

            I do have the reputation of being more fun than fashionable. [grin]

  12. 12 im_inadaze

    hi everyone….
    Anyone here watching I miss you/Missing you? I’m on the inevitably sinking ship that is Soo Yeon/Hyung Joon. I just can’t get with Soo Yeon/Jung Woo ship. The writer did a very terrible job with jung woo character and making me sooo not root for him, ugh this is making me frustrated 😛

    • 12.1 pogo

      I haven’t decided whether to catch up to this week’s eps (not in the mood) but dangermousie is doing IMY caps/reaction posts on her livejournal and is quite welcoming to shippers of all stripes 🙂

      And if he wasn’t so messed up/have this really strange power imbalance in his relationship with Soo Yeon, I’d be rooting for them too.

      • 12.1.1 im_inadaze

        hi thanks, what the website for that? I might check it.

        you should check the latest episode that was seal the deal for me to get into the SY/HY ship.

        SY relationship with HJ might kind of unhealthy, they’re in the bubble that is the world that only consist of them two, but so far I didn’t see the power imbalance, HJ always ask SY whatever she wants, he never force her way to her, even tho he’s worry at the end of the day he lets her decide what best for her. While with JW…don’t let me started…

        • pogo

          It’s at dangermousie(dot)livejournal(dot)com. And as for SY and HJ….the bubble is precisely what’s unhealthy imo, her staying in it means she never really got the chance to heal, and HJ’s weird little ‘she’s my fiance’ game and tendencies towards jealousy ever since he was a child freak me out a little.

        • la dee dah

          But the reason HJ doesn’t force her to him is because he knows that SY will still come to him and be with him. It’s because SY thinks no one was looking for her or cared for her during her trauma as a child, so she grew up not making any new relations and latching onto HJ and only him all these years. And the reason she thought this was because HJ did not want SY to leave him (which is understandable for a small kid that was abused most of his life) and told her that she was abandoned and no one was looking for her, which wasn’t true. So I do see an imbalance in that relationship.

          But on the other hand, she should also not go to JW. They weren’t even “lovers” 14 years ago, they still have that big issue between them (him running away), they’re at a place where SY is bitter towards him and JW is going crazy processing having her back in his life.

          Right now, the SY should not be with any of the guys and actually do some healing from her trauma.

          • shelhass

            “Right now, the SY should not be with any of the guys” – AGREED.

            I just wish she would try to take care of herself, you know, like going to a shrink or something like that – ignoring the trauma is way worse – fully-clothed-bath-crying scene says it all.

            And even though JW/SY is the OTP I just wish she (or the writer) would put some thought into how important is a 14 year companionship. Come on, SY and HJ they have been their own everything for these past years, you cannot toss this aside for a 15-year-old crush.

            Sorry, I’m just so Yoo Seung Ho biased! ^^

    • 12.2 Mystisith

      As people know, I’m following IMY from afar. Very far… The writer of this show is problematic from the very beginning for me. And YEH tweeting that they are already at the “all-nighters shooting stage” when Show is not half-way is worrying.

      • 12.2.1 im_inadaze

        yes…the writer is so confuse, from the premise is supposed to be SY/JW the separated first love, finding their love again, etc, but from the latest episode I don’t know how I can root for the supposed to be hero of this drama when he act bordering stalker/asshole-ish while the “villain” treated the girl with with so much understanding and respect.
        I really don’t get Jung Woo character, like seriously writer, …how am I supposed to root for him.

        • Korazy Lady

          I agree, confusing is a good word. And I don’t feel the characters are consistent, either.

    • 12.3 la dee dah

      I think people are interpreting the scenes in the recent episode REALLY differently from each other. Some people are looking at JW’s actions towards SY as forceful and insensitive since he knows she’s a rape victim (as well as the general view about wrist-grabbing in Korean dramas), other people are interpreting his actions as playing the game that SY had been playing against him the previous episode, her pushing and pulling of him to taunt him when she had the upperhand, then he got the upperhand because he started playing along and it unnerved her. We’ll just have to see how this plays out once they stop these “games” and confront the actual issue of 14 years ago.

      • 12.3.1 im_inadaze

        the moment when jw decided to act semi-a**hole-ish to sy is when he review the video footage of sy freaking out in the car after the kdrama most serendipitous car accident with her rapist. at that time he might be 80/90 percent sure that zoe is soo yeon. and after watching her freaking out like that the first thing he do is to get up all in her personal space, wrist grabbing, asking her to be his secret love etc, that was the problem for me. like what sy feel it doesn’t matter, all that matter is he find her, the lee soo yeon that he been looking for.

        • la dee dah

          But you do realize when he “accepted” her proposal to be friends and was asking her to be his secret love, etc., he was throwing back what SY was saying/doing to him before when he wasn’t having any of it? And it’s not like SY suddenly dropped the whole facade and whimpered in fear after – she kept doing it again when they went to the restaurant. What they are “both” doing is not good.

    • 12.4 Llamaesque

      I’m so on board that sinking ship, too. Yoochun is doing fine as Jung Woo, but the character just isn’t being presented in a very compelling way. We see that the people around him like him a lot, but the grownup version of the character hasn’t really given us any reason to join in on the lovefest. Being nice to ajummas will win some points with me (being an ajumma and all), but his character needs some sparkle.

      One the other hand, Hung Joon is so sparkly he practically blinds me every time he’s on screen. The thoughtless intimacy he shares with Soo Yeon is incredibly appealing— when they were sitting on the couch in episode 7 with her feet in his lap, I was practically hyperventilating. We know how she feels about her scar, but it just wasn’t an issue, because she’s so sure he loves her unconditionally that her self-preceived “flaws” become charms. I love those two together, and can literally not even think of a way for the show to get me to switch teams.

      I guess ultimately the closeness between Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon is going to be played off as too much like a sibling bond, but come on. This is Korean drama! I just watched a pair of *actual* siblings kissing in I’m Sorry, I Love You, and it was awesome 😉

  13. 13 mud

    Happy Friday all!

    I am on the last episode of White Christmas and am super pumped to see how the final showdown will end. It’s so suspenseful and the tables keep turning that I’m sure it will keep me guessing the outcome to the last second. Other than White Christmas I’ve been keeping myself busy with exams. Cannot wait to binge on dramas over the holidays =DDD

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      I think you’ll finish the series content, if not happy. Of course, it never really was a happy story anyway, neh?

  14. 14 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday! This will be my second attempt at popping onto to OT. I love my new smartphone, but those darn little buttons! LOL

    I”m up to Ep 4 of KofD and trying desperately to find a friendly neighborhood mad scientist to squeeze more hours into the day. It’s a crazy ride!

    All the way caught up with our boys of Full House, and now I’m afraid the angsty side is going to catch up with our Crazy Coiffured Couple. It’s definitely one I can’t help but watch with my Cheerios every morning.

    Just screencapping episode 14 of 18v29. Yay, just 2 1/2 more episodes, and my first ever recap will be complete! After which I drink an entire bottle of makgeolli I brought back from the Big Bang concert, and work on completing the rest of my writing projects.

    And how about the MNET Awards last night? Awesome performances all, with a big ole shiny-eyed fangirl stair for the 5 cuties of BIG BANG, winning Artist of the Year, Male Group of the Year, and, my personal favorite, Guardian Angel World Wide Award!

    • 14.1 Korazy Lady

      Shukie, you still amaze me with the amount of stuff you do in a week! BTW, don’t forget I owe you money! If you don’t tell me how much soon, I’ll have it all spent on Christmas presents!

      • 14.1.1 Shukmeister

        Korazy Lady –

        LOL – Alright, I dm’d you the deets on Twitter. Plus you can vote on the dresses / shoes!

    • 14.2 sweetcloud

      Wait, what is this Guardian Angel World Wide Award, I haven’t watched MAMAs yet but the title intrigues me 😀

      • 14.2.1 Shukmeister

        “A special category called the Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Award was made for the performer who excels and has garnered the attention of a worldwide audience through their music and stage presence. And with this category, Big Bang has received recognition with such a great fan base and even a tour that’s been attended by almost half a million people worldwide.”

  15. 15 cg

    hi everyone…..just finished Answer me 1997….one of the best dramas ever!!
    I’m watching King of dramas right now…..and planning to start Queen In Hyun’s man..

    • 15.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi cg! You definitely should watch Queen In Hyun’s man! It’s really good and has one of the best OTP’s and no love triangle! Well, only a little bit, but no serious danger. So that’s a pro (unless you’re really into love triangles..). And the two leads were very cute together and I can go on and on about all the great things, but you should really see it for yourself! Definitely recommended!

    • 15.2 Korazy Lady

      That’s another really good one! It’s even better knowing the leads are a couple in real life! I’m starting to like the cable dramas much more than the other ones.

      • 15.2.1 OMG

        cable….especially TVN is stepping up their game…i find myself looking forward to those dramas than the big 3…

        • cg

          Thanks everyone 🙂

    • 15.3 Carole McDonnell

      yes, yes, yes!!! QIHM!!!!!!

  16. 16 kaka

    Happy Friday, all!!

    Is there anybody watching The Romantic & Idol here?
    This show is so addicting I almost regret I started it!

    If you haven’t heard about It, It’s a kind of matchmaking reality show. 4 girl-idols and 4 boy-idols are given a chance to spent some days (4 days and 3 nights?) together in jeju-do without their managers and stylists. There are some dating sessions during that time and the pairings of every dating session are decided by “preference shuffle”.

    At first I was skeptical about it because idol matchmaking TV show is not a new idea, and usually it’s either scripted or boring (or both of them). But after I knew that Its production teams is the same team behind 1n2d and reply 1997, I decided to give it a chance.

    Although It is actually a reality show, It’s felt like a romantic drama. It has twists, cliffhanger on every episode’s ending, distinguishable characterization, beautiful scenery, and suspense. But no, It doesn’t have bitchy-first-love noona or I-love-you-but-I-will-make-you-suffer-first-until-you-love-me oppa.

    • 16.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi kaka! That sounds really interesting! Do you watch it with subs and where if I may ask? Who are the idols involved? If the 1n2d team is involved it almost can’t go wrong, haha

      • 16.1.1 kaka

        Hi, Wanda!

        Kshownow subbed it. TVN aired episode 3 last week and it will only have 8 episodes.
        The Idols are mostly rookies: Jun-K (2PM), JB (JJ project), Hyungshik (ZE:A), Mir (MBLAQ), Nam Jihyun (4minutes), Seung-ah (Rainbow), Jei ( Fiestar), Hyejeong (AoA).

        Actually, I haven’t known most of them before watching this show. But It make the show more interesting.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Ah thanks! I will check it out (sometime in some other space-time continuum where there is a person with my name who looks like me but who has one thing that I don’t have: that thing called free time). I don’t know any of them, but that was pretty much the same (except for Joo Won), with 1N2D and I love that to pieces now, so that should be no problem!

        • JoAnne

          ooh I like Mir and Jun-K and JB so I will check this out

          • kaka

            Yup! I think It’s worth to try. Things get more interesting in episode 3.

      • 16.1.2 kika

        hmmmm, i know this is off the topic (sorry kaka!), but speaking of the 1d2n team, does anyone have updates about the new variety show The Human Condition by Na PD that was slated to air in November?

        • FishcalledWanda

          Oeh, I would like to want to know that too! That sounded like it would be hilarious. Anyone any updates? And btw kika, wasn’t the whole point of the OT to be off-topic, so who cares if you start another topic in someone elses post ; )

        • kaka

          Hi, kika! I saw its thread on soompi. Here it is:
          The pilot was aired last week.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Thanks kaka! I hope somebody will sub this soon, I can’t wait to watch it! Are you going to watch it too?

            Btw, your names are confusing; ) Kika, kaka, sounds so similar, haha.

          • kaka

            There is a chance it will be aired in kbs world, hope somebody will rip it for you.
            I still don’t have a plan to watch it. I know the casts are mostly from gag concert and I don’t like gag concert 😛

    • 16.2 Carole McDonnell

      yeah, i started watching Idol & Romantic as well. Trying not to get too sucked in.

      • 16.2.1 kaka

        Good luck! It’s too late for me to try. I already sucked in.

  17. 17 FishcalledWanda

    Hi dramabeanies!

    I hope everyone had a better week than I did. Caught some nasty stomach virus and been lying in bed all week. I was wishing the past few weeks I had more time for more dramas, but that was not what I meant! Be careful for what you wish for, I guess. And now I finally have time, I feel to noxious to even watch a drama, sigh…

    So, how’s everyone liking Jeon Woo-chi? I was really looking forward to it and will definitely watch it when I have time (and am not sick)! I’m curious what the verdicts are.

    To what dramas are you looking forward too? I’m have really high hopes for the spy drama with Joo Won in it (though I have a bit of feeling it might turn out not so great) and the new one of the Flower Boy series. Please be good!

    Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      Jeon Woo-chi: I will follow the advice of the DB recappers and will wait for ep 3 to appear subbed somewhere before giving it a try.

      • 17.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Haha, thanks! I’ll wait for the subs to come out for ep 3 then. It’s weird why a show wouldn’t start with their best material..

    • 17.2 kaka

      I’m sorry to hear that.
      Get well soon!

      • 17.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks! Been eating lots of fruit, I’m sure that’ll help, haha

    • 17.3 kika

      Take care! Glad you’re feeling better!

      I’m not watching Jeon Woo-chi, but I’m really looking forward to Alice in Cheondamdong, even thought the 20 minute preview makes it seem rather conventional a drama…

      I just can’t resis Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo together!

      I’m looking forward to the spy drama with Joo-won based on the premise. But the female lead… I’ve never felt partial towards her, even in Protect the Boss.

      • 17.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Thanks! Yeah, I agree with you that Alice looks (and sounds) like it’s going to be a very conventional drama. I don’t think I’ve seen Park Shi-hoo in anything (I know, I know!), but I thought Moon Geun-young did a pretty good job in Mary Stayed Out All Night (even if the rest of that drama was completely wacko), so I might consider watching it. The whole the-point-is-to-get-married is not really appealing to me, but maybe it’ll turn out great!

        I feel ambivalent about Choi Young Hee in the spy drama, one moment I’m cursing the directors for casting her and the next I’m thinking she’ll actually do a pretty good job. We’ll see, but please don’t let the drama suck dramagods!

    • 17.4 Sabah

      Hey Wanda! : )

      Lots of ginger! Ginger tea or raw ginger but plenty of it and honey! I don’t know whether to laugh or commiserate. Genies and their subterfuges! Why can’t they just give us want we want instead of having fun in being pedantic! Hehe, I mean ‘aw, feel better.’ : )

      I seem to be in a bit of a drama dip. I have put everything on hold for now apart from King Of Dramas because everything lately has been leaving me lukewarm. I mean they aren’t terrible just not diverting enough I guess. I’m not really looking forward to anything except Flower Boy next door and Yoon Shi Yoon & Kim Ji Hoon with Park Shin Hye! Yay!

      • 17.4.1 FishcalledWanda

        Sabah! : )
        Thanks, I’ll try it out! Yeah, stupid genie! Now, where’s that lamp of yours, I’ll put you right back in it!

        Hmm, a drama dip is not so nice! Luckily you still have KOD. Do you like it, really like it or totally love it? I still want to start watching it, because it sounds hilarious!
        I’m also really looking forward to the next Flower Boy, because the last two were so great. The second I liked even better than the first, so that gives me good hopes for the third! And with that cast it can’t almost go wrong.

        • Sabah

          Seriously, I hope you are feeling much better. The only thing to do is to rest.

          Did you manage to finish NG? If so how did you find it? As of KOD, I am liking it but I am worried where they might take it, especially considering their low-ish numbers. I fear that they might just take the conventional route. So far it has been interesting. For me the best parts of it are wonderful like the lead characterizations and there is some crackling dialogues which I haven’t seen in a long time but I do tend to find long periods in between that are dry. I don’t mean to be confusing but I can’t really say whether I love it yet because my love is very much conditional on where it ends up.

          This year has been a series of disappointments in the ‘ending’ of films/dramas for me. I just finished ‘The Killing’ and again I loved the drama the whole way through, all the ups and downs but then that end! Argh! I think the last thing that had an ending I could really be inspired by was SUFFB. How about you, does an ending make or break a drama for you? Or can you remain content regardless?

          In contrast, its award season, and though I don’t really care for the outcomes or ‘ending’ of those, I love the beginning or namely the red carpet. Blue dragon pictures/videos are out so I am off to look at some pretty dresses and dashing suits!

          • FishcalledWanda

            I’m already feeling much better, thank you! Though I still cannot eat every food, fruit is going well so I’ve been eating lots of that. And biscuits, haha. My mother and brother caught it too, so now we’re all hanging on the couch doing towel imitations. I watched the whole first season of the Gilmore Girls with my mother, cause I needed something cute and funny. Though not really how I imagined it, it’s nice to spend some time with my mother just watching telly and laughing. So I haven’t really watched Nice Guy, but seeing as I’m feeling better now I might pick it up again!

            I don’t really think you’re confusing about KOD, I hope it won’t take the conventional route, but will go somewhere different so that it can gain your love.

            Sorry to hear about the ending of the Killing. What is it with endings that they’re often such a disappointment? I agree on the SUFBB ending, in that it was one of a kind this year. As you said somewhere in an earlier OT, it’s more about the journey towards the end, than the real end itself. So if and ending is very bad, but the rest of the series was very good, I can get over it (as in the case of Queen In Huyn’s man or in some extent White Christmas), but it can put a damper on things. Because an ending is the point where you say goodbye to the characters about whom you’ve started caring and you lived with them through all their troubles, you want an ending that is satisfying. It also needs to inspire you or give you just that extra bit of emotion. And then it’s a sad thing when that just doesn’t happen and you’re left wondering (in a bad way) and don’t really get that feeling of disclosure.
            And the only thing I really care about with the awards are the outfits, haha! There’s my materialistic side again! Though I really like it when an actor or actress receives an award I think he or she deserves.

          • Sabah

            I’m glad to hear that. Ah! I love a ‘family cold.’ It is as if time stops within a household and you regress back to your childhood lazy days of lying around the house, in an effortless lethargy. I liked Gilmore Girls up until…well I won’t spoil it for you.

            I really do want to love KoD but I think experience is making me cautious. Of course, I agree it is very much about the journey there BUT as long as that journey was meaningful. I was talking more about stories which are played out as tales, just stories nothing more, nothing less than maybe an OTP getting together. Then I do wish for something profound in the finale, something to raise it above the bar. I got that with SUFFB. WC was more about the journey there because it asked interesting questions along the way so that the end wasn’t so much a culmination but just one way of answering them and left it up to you whether you would take that end or create something for yourself. I think the vagueness actually added something there.

            KoD is kind of in the middle of them both (yep more confusion) there is the setting which is interesting, because it is asking questions and making points about drama productions BUT it is all just things I kind of knew or expected. If I compare it to HOSM, I would say that HOSM had me from the beginning and right until the end and wowed me all the way through. It was original and probed and prodded and had an end that left me more than satisfied, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat! I just don’t know where they are going to take KoD and if it just meanders through, even in an interesting way, though I might say I enjoyed it I might not say that I loved it, like I did SUFFB or HOSM.

            So whose outfit did you like?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah, but luckily my dad’s still healthy so he can get us drinks and stuff, haha.
            I already watched all the Gilmore Girls seasons twice with my mother, so don’t worry there’s nothing left to spoil! The relationship between the mom and the daughter resembles mine and my mother’s very much. Except we eat much healthier! Where did you stop liking it?

            And I agree with you that if the whole point of a serie is to just get the OTP together, an ending that’s satisfying, surprising and upraising is very nice.
            My brain’s all fuzzy, so while I rack my brain I can’t come up with where the abbreviation HOSM stands for!
            I find it interesting that you mention you find KOD in the middle of deeper, question raising dramas and just conventional dramas. It’s not a combo you might expect. But it’s a shame that if they are veering towards the more deeper type, they do it in a conventional way. Hopefully that’ll change…

            Haha, nice question. With the Blue Dragon Film Awards I really liked Go Ara’s dress. The colour is beautiful and the feathery pattern makes it exceptional, but still classy. And I thought Kim Sae-ron was so cute in her little white fluffy dress! And Suzy’s little black dress is something I might wear too (maybe just a liiitle less short). I was baffled by what Ha Na-kyung wore though, eeks! Which outfit did you like? Or not at all?

          • Sabah

            Oh no, the curse of ‘the heathly one,’ who gets ill but a week too late to join in with the ‘festivities.’ Hehe.

            Don’t misunderstand me, I did enjoy Gilmore Girls regardless of my little annoyances. I liked the writing and thought the mother and daughter relationship was wonderfully explained and explored. I actually connected more with the relationship Lorelai had with her mother. I think it is wonderful that you share such a bond with your mother. I think my alarm bells began ringing with the introduction of Logan, a character I could never get behind nor understand Rory’s attraction to. Of course, I was a big Dean fan so that might have been prejudiced from the start, honestly I don’t think so. The rest I enjoyed, especially the dialogues.

            Sorry, History of a Salaryman. Have you seen it? In regards KoD, it is something I kind of wished I liked more when I watch the best of it, little scenes of insightful and crackling dialogues as well as the leading pairs’ acting just haunting and detailed. However I can not deny that sometimes, though I am not bored, I wish they would just get to the point that I almost sense is coming (which wasn’t there in the beginning but is now.) The last few episodes general trend also has me worried and I just don’t know where they are going with it AND it all depends on whether they have something to say or just something to tell. I am ever hopeful though.

            Go Ara’s dress was classy but I think you really needed confidence to pull it off, and she really has the charisma to give the all outfit style. I really liked what Han Hye Jin wore. However I think the person who stole the show for me was Kim Hye Soo. You can’t really tell from the pictures on the DB post, but though her outfit was simple, her natural beauty and elegance just wowed me over. Let me see if I can find some better pictures…

            I find that you need to watch the video to get a better idea of the dresses, or you know, be there in person. : ) Try this one, you can see Suzy’s and KHS’s.

            Did you like any of the male outfits? I don’t think I have ever been overly impressed by any of them with the exception of what Lee Min Ho wore a couple of years back.

            Here’s KHS’s from last year. Sorry, I just love her style (Song Ji Hyo is my favourite in that regard.) Anyone whose style you love?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, yeah poor dad. If he gets sick he’ll probably get it in the midst of a work week when everyone is away!

            I love Girlmore Girls so much, it never fails to make me laugh. All the antics of that little town and their weird festivities are so funny and the dialogues so witty! Ah Dean, I want a Dean of my own, haha. I really like the actor too (he plays in my favourite American series Supernatural as Sam while his brother’s name in that series is Dean, confusing!), so I was already a little biased when Logan tuned in.
            History of the Salaryman, of course! It’s been on my to-watch list for ages (like so many dramas), it looked so hilarious! I think I’ll watch for KOD to end, to see how it goes and if it’s worth my time, hehe.

            Yes, Kim Hye Soo looked so beautiful! The dress was simple, but in a very elegant way. And she does have such charisma, which is so much better to see in the videos, thanks for those! I always think the male outfits kinda look the same (with some wacky exceptions). Lee Min Ho’s outfit you linked was indeed very nice! That coat I really like, the style is perfect. I haven’t really been following awards ceremonies long enough to have a favourite in style, but after doing some research I have to say that Kim Hye-soo always looks so elegant and comfortable. And Kim Sae-ron always wears such cute dresses, if I was still that age (and a moviestar) I might have worn the exact same things! Though sometimes it’s a bit over the top. And Suzy always looks very fresh and cheery! But what I’m wondering about is: how do all these women walk on those super high-heeled shoes? I mean I like heels, and I wear them occasionaly, but I fall over like a log if I wear heals that high!

        • Sabah

          Oh no, poor dad. He gets the worst of both ends…How are you feeling today?

          Team Dean! I think the dialogues kept me tuned into Gilmore Girls, it had so much thought and detailing that was impressive. I really enjoy things like that, especially 1950’s movies. I really tried to watch Supernatural, I mean again I found the wit and humour wonderful but the thing is, I’m a coward at heart. I just don’t watch horror, I can’t or otherwise I don’t sleep. The thing that got me in Supernatural is that they are both so tall! I knew Jared was tall from GG, but Jensen is really tall too. Yeah, I have a thing for tall guys. Anyway, their chemistry was really amazing in that show. I have seen some good buddy duos but this one was excellent. Too bad I just can’t watch…*cries*

          I think at this stage I would recommend HOSM rather than KoD, if you had to pick between the two.

          Snap! About the heels. I mean there are long heels and then there are Korean actress heels. Seriously! Did you see Suzy’s heels, they didn’t have any heels. Check out 0:10 to 0:20 in the 1st video & 2:14. I’m a DM girl, I’m on my 5th pair since high school and I haven’t bought any other shoes. I had to borrow some ‘elegant’ flats for my cousin’s wedding AND guess what, I fell over…Hehe, I’m just used to wearing big, heavy boots now, though, I would admit sometimes I want to strap on a pair of heels but I just don’t think I can afford the insurance. Hehe. Do you have many heels in your collection?

          • FishcalledWanda

            I fell much better, though with a bit of weakish knees at times. But I’m up and doing stuff again, so that’s a good sign.

            Haha, yeah Supernatural can get scary (and gory) at times. I don’t like horror movies whose purpose is only to splatter blood and gore out the audience. But with Supernatural I can take the scary aspect, I think it enhances the difficulty of their ‘jobs’ and makes it more real. And they’re both tall indeed! I like tall guys too, Jared is insanely tall. I think it’s funny that he plays the younger brother but is a head taller than Jensen (who’s not tiny either). Their chemistry is the thing I like most about the show, the bromance! But if you’re scared easily, this show is definitely not for you!

            Suzy’s heels were insane! I cannot imagine how she walks on it! Haha, without the weight of your DM to keep you down, you fall over. I find DM style shoes always so cool looking on other people, but when I try them on myself I look kinda weird. So I prefer a little heel on my shoe. I mostly have boots (in the winter) with heels and some summer sandals with heels, but they’re not pencil thin and never longer than my thumb! My motoric skills are not the best (you don’t want to see me doing any sport), so why some women can and will wear those skyscraper heels is a mystery to me!

            By the way you mentioned in an earlier OT that you’re very interested in other cultures. Now I was wanting to ask you since you’re also taking care of your parents, if you’ve travelled a lot to other countries?

          • Sabah

            I’m glad you’re up and about but don’t overdo it because you will ‘feel’ it later. Baby steps.

            That’s the thing, I thought Jensen was short, because he looked so much shorter then Jared but then I realized that Jared is just so tall! Yeah, I managed to get into season two by watching it in daylight and hugging a pillow but my heart just couldn’t take all those ‘jumpy’ moments.

            Suzy’s heels! Truly impressed by her calf muscles and the ability to be on tip toes for such a long duration. I would love to be able to wear ‘kitten’ heels like you. Very cute and classy. I remember last winter me and my sister were slowly walking in the snow, in our boots moving at the pace of a tortoise and this girl in 4 inch heels zooms right past us. We actually stopped and stared, then felt pretty useless.

            Nope, never been anywhere. We once went to Barcelona for two weeks. I was so amazed at the difference in the pace of life. They actually have a siesta in the middle of the day, when everything stops and then starts again until late into the night. It made me miss all those things that I have yet to seek and find. However I am always hopeful for tomorrow. Would you ever wish to visit South Korea or have you already been?

          • FishcalledWanda

            True, I always think I can do everything but then get super tired when I’m only halfway done. I was actually watching Nice Guy episode 14 as a break from studying when I almost fell asleep, hopefully I can now finish it.
            Haha, yeah Jensen looks short next to Jared, but he really isn’t. Jared just smurfs everyone. Did you know he just had a baby with a co-actress from Supernatural? In one episode they had to play a married couple (in some kind of alternate reality) and that was actually a pun on them being a real couple. The show does that kind of things all the time, so funny.

            Your anecdote made me laugh out loud, I can totally imagine the scene. How do they do that? Do they have extra (invisible) muscled legs or something? Or is is just some gen I’m missing? Guess I’ll never find out, hehe.

            I went to Barcelona once too, while I study in a busy city it was nowhere comparable to that business. I like the siesta part, napping in the daytime and then going out at night. I’m a evening person, and while I don’t really like partying my energy boost comes mostly in the evening, so it fits my rhythm. I’ve visited some European places and cities when on holiday with my family. I’m a bit of a coward, so travelling really far sounds kind of scary to me, but I really really want to go to South Korea once in my life. Maybe I meet someone who wants to go there too (with me preferably), so that I don’t have to go alone! I’d really like to experience it with my own eyes and not just through my laptop screen. And I’d love to hear the language for real! Holland is really small, so it doesn’t really take a long time to see the highlights. Did you ever go travelling/sightseeing in your own country?

          • Sabah

            I did not know that! I do enjoy in jokes, something which I am sure that I miss in Kdramas. Fortunately DB recaps do mention some of them.

            I think there is a mental quotient too, as well as the muscles because you need real steel nerves to even try standing up in some of those heels.

            Barcelona is wonderful, I agree. I too would like to travel to South Korea but a few things worry me. Would I be the ugly foreigner? Since I’m vegetarian would I find away places to eat? Would my basic understanding of culture cause unintentional offence? Of course, I know that a lot of these worries are just fears from ignorance. I don’t know Korea, which is why I am going there to begin with. However just from watching K entertainment shows, I do think I might not be allowed in the country due to my lack of beauty and style. Hehe. Seriously though, I don’t judge Korea like that, I mean I wonder what conclusions people would make of England based just on our TV. Probably not good! A lot of crime, I guess.

            We used to sight see more often as children but in my adulthood not so much. Have you been to England? If not, would you like to someday? Hope you are well on the road to recovery!

          • FishcalledWanda

            True! I often have the feeling I’m missing something, be it a joke, some reference or just an expression. But as you said, luckily there’s Dramabeans!

            I totally agree with your concerns about travelling to Korea, especially the unintentional offence part. Judging from dramas there are so many mannerisms and I certainly don’t want to come off as rude! And I’m not vegetarian, but I don’t like most meat and in Korea they eat (again based on dramas) much meat, and fish too! I’d probably live on just rice, hehe.

            I’ve been in London once, with my dad when I graduated high school. It was fantastic! Saw all the highlights, and we also went to see the musical We Will Rock You. And I loved the British accent, hehe. I’ve been trying for ages now to go to England in the summer vacation. This year I almost succeeded, but then we found this beautiful holidaycottage in Wales. But we go with our car and make a stop in Oxford. I heard that are many beautiful university buildings there, so I can’t wait to see it!

            And tomorrow I’ll go back to the city where I study and start classes again, I’m feeling much better. But it’s going to be difficult to adjust to the normal live again, after all that couch hanging and watching Gilmore Girls with my mom, ha.

          • Sabah

            Agreed! I think the recaps for FBRS were the ones I was most grateful for since there were so many puns and detailing in the dialogues that I would have missed.

            Oh right yeah, I’m not a vegetarian. Sorry, I mean ‘I’m relatively more vegetarian than my family and people in Kdramas…*ahem* What I mean is ‘I eat fish.’ I just forget that I’m not a vegetarian because I eat fish, eggs etc. There’s actually a word for what I am. I mean apart from idiot. Hehe, sorry.

            My mouth is always watering after watching Kdramas and I once asked about being vegetarian and tee-total in Korea and this is response I got on a forum, “Yes vegetarians exist. I don’t know what a tea-totaler is so I can’t answer that. The most difficult thing is the fact that many dishes, even if all vegetables, touch meat in some way during preparation. And many dishes have broth, which is usually made from beef. But I knew vegetarians when I was there and I think it’s more enjoyable being a vegetarian there considering how many ways they have of cooking up vegetables! Also if you are offered food, be ready to eat a LOT!”

            Wales is beautiful. They have their own accent too. Endearing in its own way. England does have good things about it. It’s just like accents you become inured to them so that they lose their sparkle but then when someone new to it comes along and points out all those things that you have lost sight of and kind of brings back the shine.

            I wish you well for your ‘re-acclimatization.’ Hehe, I hope it won’t be too painful.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, I always call myself a part-vegetarian, because I usually don’t eat meat (or fish), not really out of an ideology but because I don’t like the taste and texture of it. But explain all that when you’re in a restaurant, so then I’ll just say I’m a vegetarian. In my country it’s totally not clear what a vegetarian doesn’t and does eat, some eat fish, some don’t, some don’t eat anything that’s from an animal, so you weren’t really being confusing for me, hehe. Have you been a vegetarian for a long time?
            The food in Kdramas always looks so appealing (but in some cases I wonder how they can eat things like live squid, brr), and especially while watching 1N2D I’ve taken the habit to eat my dinner while watching it! Yeah, I heard it’s polite too to eat a lot, if not finish all. But I’m a always full really fast, so that may be a problem!

            Welsh is totally not understandable for me! It sounds like gibberish, but in a beautiful way. So I’m looking forward to hear how it sounds like in the real. The pictures looked so beautiful, the hills and cliffs, I can’t wait!

            Haha, thanks! : ) I just had 4 hours of lectures, pretty tired now! Maybe I’ll take an quick nap….

          • Sabah

            Excellent, you get me! I thought I might have debased myself, I mean more that usual. I too just say vegetarian to avoid confusion and lengthy lectures at both ends. I actually really enjoy meat but then I met someone who worked in the ‘meat industry’ and after hearing horror stories I decided to become a ‘vegetarian’ just as a protest against the manner the industries treat live animals. So it’s not so much about being against eating meat but rather modern day industry practices. I visited a friend who rears his own chickens and lamb on a small farm and I was able to eat meat there, so that was nice.

            It’s funny because I started watching Kvariety shows after beginning my diet because I just couldn’t watch Kdramas whilst trying to stop eating/snacking. TV is rife with food/people eating food and variety shows relatively show less of it AND its always associated with punishment rather than pleasure. hehe This holiday season is killing me though, everywhere I go I smell candied apples and cinnamon.

            It’s so easy to fall into being lazy! Not that you were being lazy, just inactive due to being ill, but still your body and mind just mesh so readily with that slow pace that even if you just go up one gear, it implodes upon itself!

            After reading JB’s recap, I think I might give School a go. How about you?

          • FishcalledWanda

            I think it’s nice that you protest in your own way against the modern day industry practices. The horror stories I sometimes hear, make me want to stop eating meat altogether. Knowing that what you’re eating had a nice life, makes it much better. But if I were to keep chickens and lambs myself I could not bring myself to kill them I think, so I’d probably not bond with my food!

            Haha associating food with punishment is a very good way to handle your diet! When I was sick and feeling nauseous everything on tv and in my books all of a sudden was about food! But I couldn’t stand even the sight of food, even the Gilmore Girls series wasn’t save! They eat so much!

            It’s so much more easier getting accustomed to doing nothing than to working hard. Sigh, and I have to catch up on all the work I didn’t do because I was sick! Time, I want extra time! But I should be careful with those sarcastic genies around…

            School sounds really good! And I read on various other blogs that the first episode was well received, so it’s definitely high on my to-watch list (with a million other things, but at least it’s high on the list). Let me know what you think after you gave it a try! Did you already vote on the annual drama voting on this site? I always enjoy doing that, even though I’m far from having watched everything.

          • Sabah

            “Knowing that what you’re eating had a nice life, makes it much better….But if I were to keep chickens and lambs myself I could not bring myself to kill them I think, so I’d probably not bond with my food!” Aw, agreed!

            “They eat so much!” You know, I really didn’t realize it until I started my diet and then I just didn’t know where to look. It’s like watching something with your parents, suddenly you are hyper aware of all the ‘touching’ that’s going on. Hehe

            Seriously, genies are just itching to pull the trigger, you don’t want to make their day!

            Yeah, I voted like a good citizen! Hehe, seriously it’s so hard. So far, I think my favourite drama of 2012 was SUFBB. That’s the only category that I am happy about picking one, the others there are just so many I want vote for! How about you, was it easy choices?

            I hope to watch School this Friday BUT have you seen the trailer for Flower Boy Next Door? My problem is that the 5th of January is kind of like a D-day of disaster waiting to explode all over my life and yet I have to go through it to get to the 7th and all this goodness! I don’t know what to wish for anymore…Genie on standby!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, so true what you say about watching with your parents, also when you watch with someone whom you’re not entirely comfortable with. I once went with a boy to the movies and we were not really comfortable around each other and then there was a pretty explicit ‘touchy’ scene and the awkwardness level went through the roof!

            I found it really hard to vote too! I was extremely torn between picking Gaksital and SUFBB for the best drama. Both had me emotionally invested to the point of obsessiveness. Though SUFBB was objectively better and the beginning of Gaksital was rather slow, I still picked Gaksital, hehe. The rest of the categories were difficult too! Only the bromance one was easy, SUFBB no doubt! And the descriptions were so funny!

            Yeah, the trailer looked wonderful! What’s happening on January the 5th? Something possibly bad? At least you have something to look forward to! And beware of genies!

          • Sabah

            Hehe. I don’t if there is anyone I would actually ever feel ‘comfortable’ with in regards such scenes. I mean at home I just FF them anyway but at the cinema, you are kind of stuck. AND it’s so loud and big. Very awkward I imagine. It’s been ages since I went to the cinema. Truly, I think it has been five years or more! What’s the last thing you watched?

            Something like this there aren’t any right or wrong answers. I mean a drama isn’t bad or good but rather a person finds it bad or good depending upon their temperaments. If anything it just informs you of the inclinations of DB’s readers. Also it makes our minds hurt as we agonize over questions. If only I worked this hard for other stuff. It’s funny because I would place Gaksital above SUFBB in terms of objective merit because it was epic in nature. Both had beautiful endings though and featured intense relationships between friends. I placed SUFBB as my favourite because it spoke to me on a personal level, whereas I have been off the grid lately in terms of community/global activities. I’m trying to fix me before I look towards the outside world.

            Which leads me to 5th January when I have to visit the bank manager and explain to him why I still don’t have a job…

            Anyway, I have started watching school. I really like it. KoD is going in a good direction and I am loving the development of characters. I was relieved but those ‘extension’ plans have me concerned again. Have you been able to finish NG or start another drama?

          • FishcalledWanda

            I know! I always FF those scenes too or pay less attention. But in the cinema you can’t hide from them, haha. It’s been a while since I went too, but not longer than 5 years! I think I last saw some weird action movie I wished I didn’t go to a few months back. I’m really excited for the Hobbit movie, though. Did you watch the Lord of the Rings movies? They are one of my favourites, so I hope the Hobbit will be as good!

            That’s funny. I though SUFBB was objectively better because the beginning of Gaksital was rather slow and some parts (involving the politicians/leaders) could get draggy and the romance part in SUFBB spoke more to me. But when Gaksital got me it really got me. Another example of emotions not being objective, hehe.

            Oh, that doesn’t sound nice at all! Luckily, if you’ll survive that, there’s Flower Neighbour to cheer you up! But seriously, I really hope you get through that meeting alright.

            I’m at episode 15 now of Nice Guy. Slowly but steady I’ll get to the end. But I’m losing a bit of interest in the drama. I can’t connect with any of the characters at all. Their actions are mysteries to me, I don’t get why they say or do most things. And what they’re really thinking is also not clear to me. Is Maru in love with Eun Gi or is he still ‘using’ her? I also never really saw how Maru is ‘using’ Eun Gi to get revenge, a thing he’s been accused throughout the series. I’m getting a bit tired of everyone making it each other so hard, so I guess it’s a good thing it’s coming to an end now. And I always get so depressed after watching an episode! It’s all misery and gloom.
            My to-watch list just keeps on growing, but so do my assignments and that pile of work I still have to catch on. And when I’m done with everything I want to do for the day, I’m so tired I just go to bed straight-away! So I haven’t really been watching any other dramas than Nice Guy. But I’m glad that you like School and that KOD is going in a good direction. That extension has me worried too, it never really turns out good for the quality of the drama. Hopefull they’ll blast it off! What do you like most about School as of now?

    • 17.5 Enz

      Wanda, just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery before I go. Hope to see you all well and good and watching dramas again when I get back from hols !!!

      Take good care!!

      • 17.5.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Enz! Thank you very much! I wish you a good trip and journey, have a great time!

  18. 18 Pinkeu

    Seriously been trying to watch other dramas to close the 1-week gap. But I can’t take my eyes off KING OF DRAMAS I end up watching the episodes and memorizing each details.

  19. 19 Aryast

    After Enz’s(you there, woman?) recommendation, I started watching QSS and finished it in 2 nights and let me tell you it’s become one of my favourite drama! At the beginning of the drama I was apprehensive towards Eun-soo because she gave off that typical innocent and annoying vibe but gradually I started to like her a lot because her character isn’t just one dimensional. And then there’s Tae-joo, I seriously didn’t like the way he treated women rough and midway what he did to Eun-soo. Unacceptable! However, as he did redeem himself, I’ll let him slide just a little.

    I became an Eric fan after that. He is a really handsome one but who knew he is the originator of 4D idol. I started watching Shinhwa Broadcast because of him and realized I like Shinhwa as a whole now. They’re all as zany and funny as Eric and I love their relationship with each other. Ahh… Fan-service at its best.

    Also, started watching TKoD(finally!) and loving it.

    Lately been sleeping like a log though. Dunno what’s wrong with me. Missing classes because of it. I actually just woke up from 9-hour nap. :/

    • 19.1 Aryast

      Oooh and Happy Friday everyonee!!!

    • 19.2 Shukmeister

      Korazy Lady likes QSS too, so you are not alone.

    • 19.3 Korazy Lady

      Ah, yes, I knew I was talking about it with someone last week! I’m now officially obsessed with QSS – it’s moved up to my favorite drama ever (and that’s saying something since
      a) I’m not gaga over Eric – he was great in the role but not my ideal type
      b)The clothes were so horrific! OMG, how could Eric even wear those outfits! Let alone Eun Soo.
      c) Eun-Soo’s hair, which started out cute, got progressively worse, distractingly so

      So, even though the show had some controversial parts (aka forced kissing, etc.) I thought it was very smartly and maturely written. And I really felt it was one of the BEST endings, no matter how you wanted to view it, of any drama I’ve seen.

      OK, finished now! haha

      • 19.3.1 Aryast

        Ugh yes the fashion and the hair! Eun-soo yaa~

        Although controversial, I think that’s what sets it apart from so many other dramas out there. It has a genuine sense of realism and there’s believable chemistry between Eric and Jung Yoo-mi. I really applaud Yoo-mi for being able to carry Eun-soo with such weight. Give it to any other actress and they’d probably make me hate the character.

        I couldn’t agree more with you on the ending. No complaints whatsoever. I remember Tae-joo telling Hye-rin that marriage was not the end and that they’re wasting their lives if they did get married; and I think that the writers wanted to emphasize on this point with an open-ended ending like that.

        • pillowhead

          It does have a retro feel and I think mainly it’s cause the music. The W&Wales song sounds very 70s. I love it.
          The clothes, yeah. The jacket with the sleeves folded up…tsk tsk. But even tho, Eric was dreamy I can’t stand it.
          I watched SUFBB this week and it was nomu nomu good. It’s up there in my favorites. I might have loved it more if I didn’t just finish QSS. QSS was still on my mind so SUFBB became like my rebound show.

    • 19.4 owl

      QSS is my catch-up kdrama for the week, too, based on recs. I’m halfway through it. Can’t put my finger on it, but it has an older feel to it (made in 2007?)compared to current kdramas, but good acting. Aryast, you’re sleeping like a log, I’m shut up in my room with kdrama mania, not sleeping at all and not very good company these days!

      • 19.4.1 Aryast

        Yea it does have an older feel to it doesn’t it? And the fashion…. *facepalms* Overall, still a great drama!

        I’ve been shut up in my room too! It’s classes -> room -> park(jog) -> room -> classes. I’ve even neglected any form of social networking LOL I slept from 12am-6am yesterday and then had that 9 hour nap from 1pm-10pm. It’s currently 6.45am and I’ve been awake since 10pm last night. Something’s wrong with my body clock.

    • 19.5 Enz

      Yay for all the QSS love!!! I totally agree that it looks so retro almost like in the 70’s from the fashion. Tae joo’s outfits were soo distracting as we’re eun soo’s hair. Agree agree agree with KL.

      I keep comparing it fashion wise to coffee prince cos both were made in 2007 but who’d believe it looking at not just the clothes but also all the places they were in.the decor looked dated too

      KL, I LOVED the ending.. Yes and either way too. KTJ is the most ‘real’ male character so far in k drama. Just a regular kind of guy, who really conceivably exists in the real world unlike all these chaebol characters so commonly found in k dramas. No I wouldn’t have him as a boyfriend either but boy, I do lust after him. He is just too hot.

    • 19.6 Enz

      Aryast, where do I watch shinhwa broadcast cos I really want to too. Help! And thanks. Really gotta go now

      • 19.6.1 Aryast

        Uhmm… That’s odd. I clearly did reply to this comment earlier but I don’t see it. Anyway, just in case it doesn’t appear, I will give you the sites to watch the english subs for Shinhwa Broadcast again.

        – d r a m a c r a z y . n e t
        – k s h o w n o w . n e t (for more recent episodes)

        – o r a n g e b o x 8 8 . b l o g s p o t . c o m
        – s h i a r e a g y . t u m b l r . c o m

        Hope this comment comes out this time.

        • Enz

          Thanks aryast!! I know about the shinhwa broadcast coz of eric tagged tumblr but didn’t know where to find them. Maybe should have googling huh? But thanks so much. I wonder what his real life persona is like but the whole group seem to have a lot of love for each other.

          Eric or shinhwa was on win win once, before I was into Eric. I caught a little of it and was touched by how they support each other. Fr the life of me I can’t find that anywhere online!! Let me know if you find it ya


          • Aryast

            Once you see their interaction on Shinhwa Broadcast, you’ll immediately know why they’ve lasted 14-15 years together compared to other idol groups who’s average lifespan is 6 years.

            I found the Win Win episode you’re looking for

            h t t p : / / s h i n w a f o re v e r s f . t u m b l r . c o m / p o s t / 2 3 4 0 5 9 2 7 1 7 5 / e n g s u b – 1 2 0 3 1 3 – 1 2 0 3 2 0 – s h i n h w a – o n – w i n – w i n

            Apparently they’ve stopped publicizing the latest stubbed videos because of the wave of complaints they’ve been receiving about how slow their progress is, how they can’t prioritize etc etc everyday.

            I don’t get these people who complain about the quality and progress of subbing. They should be grateful that someone is willing to translate these shows when they don’t have the obligation to and just enjoy the shows themselves. Ugh.. Annoyed level 99!

  20. 20 piaaa

    Yeah!!! I want more cute between them and bicker between Hyun-min and Min-ah!

    Cute Anthony is priceless.

    • 20.1 piaaa

      Oops. lol this should be a reply to Kika. Sorry.

  21. 21 Wondering

    Kind of wondering:

    What to watch — CAN’T BE TWO/THREE because it confuses me. ONLY ONE.

    One comment = one choice

    • King of Dramas
    • Missing You
    • Jeon Woo-chi

    And why.

    JUST ONE DRAMA for one comment. I will start one drama this weekend. I thought you may help me guys. Thank youuuu!

    • 21.1 Mystisith

      King of Dramas because:
      -Great story line, suspense, mix of comedy and serious. They make fun of Dramaland in so many ways… It’s fun and you learn things in the process.
      -Great cast: Really, everyone is great including the cameos.
      -Beautiful music.
      -There is money on the screen.

      • 21.1.1 Ivoire

        Mysti, what do you mean by “there is money on the screen?”

        • Mystisith

          The costumes, the sets, the filming on locations, car stunts… You can see they have a comfortable budget. I hope the quality standard will be kept until the end. *SBS, I know you can do it!*

    • 21.2 ladysarahii

      I personally really love King of Dramas. There are compelling characters, amusing situations, and all the main actors are really, really good. The male lead isn’t entirely your normal male lead, either.

      • 21.2.1 PayPhone

        To “Wondering” haha indeed you won’t be wasting time with KING OF DRAMAS.

        I tried watching MISSING YOU/I MISS YOU seriously coz I’m a fan of both leads there, I didn’t know what’s in that series that made me JUST A LITTLE BIT disappointed in them and the prod. It’s a little bit dragging and the theme is, well, overstated. Thinking of not going on now with that one… as of the moment.(still hoping here!!)

        I looooooove Kim Myung-min! Ahh such charisma bursting forth the screen. Anyhoo, yeah I’ve been watching KING OF DRAMAS… I’m terribly surprised by the actors – even Jung Ryeo-won, Siwon, Jung Man-shik and Oh Ji-eun! Wow, so good!!!

        For now, it’s really KING OF DRAMAS. Hands down!

        • ladysarahii

          Ah, yes! Kim Myung-min… his name escaped me this morning, and I was on my way to work. I swear, he could read the phone book and I’d probably tune in.

    • 21.3 Sabah

      That’s three for King of Dramas! Kim Myung Min is electric. Wonderful acting by all. Also as others stated, the plot is intriguing and I haven’t felt the urge to ff at all. It opens up interesting debates about drama productions and the business of entertainment. Though I am not sure where they might take this, especially in light of the low-ish ratings, I would say up until now it has been a good watch.

  22. 22 Mystisith

    In Dramaland this week:
    Five Fingers and Ohlala Couple ended ****Spoilers****.
    Got to love the all redemption stuff at the last minute which erases 1000 years of bad deeds. Sorry guys, it’s a bit short and not politically correct in my book. For 5F, I did see it coming but since the script was already crazy it didn’t bother me. For OC it was a bad surprise… Yes I’m still a bit naive and I want the good guys to win. *sigh* ANYWAY,
    I’m still having a ball with Can We get Married? My bikers are just so cute and adorable and honest: You can throw at me all the dragon MILs of the world, it won’t affect me. That’s a well balanced show, with emotions of all kind.
    I’m waiting for School 2013 and Rude Miss Young Ae (Season 11). Alice in C: Praying for it to be good but not much hope.

    • 22.1 nomu nomu nomu

      Thanks for the heads-up about Oohlala C, from that JGS post. It saved me over a dozen episodes to watch. 🙂

    • 22.2 noi

      OMG finally people who watch can we get married. i wonder why the show isn’t popular. this is a really cute show!!!! a light, fluff, and cute romcom~ the fck with chaebol and all those past conflicts or revenges, kke. jung so min is really pretty! >w<

  23. 23 John

    It’s Friday!

    Watching Forbrydelsen season 1. Gripping, awesome !

    also, KOD, CWGM, Great Seer, May Queen, Priceless and Zhen Huan.

    I’ve almost finished Zhen Huan. I need another C drama to watch. Any recommendations?

    My wife if currently watching HOTS. It’s fun to see those characters again.

    • 23.1 Korazy Lady

      Morning, John

      Wow, you always amaze me at how many dramas you get in a week. I’m only watching KoD (losing a little interest), CWGM, and IMY (couldn’t watch episodes 1, 3, + 4, but went from there.) I keep meaning to check out Priceless though, so thanks for reminding me.

      • 23.1.1 John

        Korazy Lady~

        Priceless is fun.

    • 23.2 pogo

      Forbrydelsen is one of my favourite shows ever, and I say this as someone who normally HATES procedurals. Sarah Lund and her sweater have my fangirling for life.

      • 23.2.1 John


        Yes, Sarah Lund rocks.

    • 23.3 Annie

      Have you tried Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei yet? I think it’s one of the best dramas to have come out in the past few years regardless of region.

      • 23.3.1 John


        Actually, I have seen most of that series and have enjoyed it. I have about 3-4 more eps left.

        The wife didn’t care for it. Once we finish Zhen Huan, that’s going to difficult to replace.

        She likes love/intrigue more than kung fu fights.

        • Annie

          Do you guysspeak/read Chinese? There’s a series called Cuo Dan Yuan Yang currently airing that I really liked. No kung fu but a very realistic romance and good writing.

          • John


            Alas, no.

            I wish, as there so many dramas that I’d love to watch.

          • John


            I’m going to suggest The Mischievous Princess / My Bratty Princess to my wife. Have you seen this? I see it has Jang Nara in it.

            In the meantime , I’m going to watch Princess Returning Pearl, ( (Huan Zhu Ge Ge). Not sure the wife is up to watching this version.

            We’ve watched New My Fair Princess. Xiao Yan Zi is one of my favorite characters.

  24. 24 karecity

    anyone here watched MAMA? my friends were squealing over the likes of SuJu and i was just going crazy over the actors. like Jung WooSung (SO FINE) and JoongKi!! Other big names like Song Seung Heon, Han GaIn, Han ChaeYoung and Choi JiWoo were there also!
    last year when MAMA was at Singapore i was at the red carpet and couldnt understand why all these actors were at a MUSIC awards haha.

  25. 25 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday to all.

    Out of the currently airing shows, I’m only watching King of Dramas. It’s definitely a lovely show but with not so lovely ratings that frighten me. C’mon Korea, please watch it so I can enjoy it completely too. 😛

    Because none other shows are interesting me, I’m going back to look at some older dramas I haven’t watched. I started watching Que Sera Sera but I’m not feeling its mood so I quit that somewhere along the way. I took up Thank You (which has Jang Hyuk in it) and that one is really getting to me. I love what I see so far.

    I hear Oohlala Spouses ended with the cheater and his ex-wife getting back together. I’m glad I dropped that drama long ago too. Don’t see how it had better ratings than King of Dramas, hmph.

    • 25.1 Addylovesbwood

      I agree, I’m following most of the dramas airing and none of them excite me.

      I remember this past summer, when I’d rush home from work to catch an ep of Gaksitaal, Big, A gentlemans dignity. Even TTBY was exciting

      but noooooo all that excitment is gone. we’re stuck in era of melodramas…even the projected rom-coms got too angsty for me…

      Oohlala being one of them. I almost wished I dropped the drama with the nonsensical ending we got this week. But I overlooked it because the actors were awesome!

      • 25.1.1 lalala

        King of Dramas 🙂

        This may be a little bit of an understatement, but it’s the first time I fell actually in-love with a drama. Seriously, God knows.

  26. 26 Sajen

    hello everyone, hope today’s a wonderful day.

    On to random ramblings.

    Sometimes I think I could run K-pop companies better than their current CEO’s, especially DSP Media.

    Does anyone know where I can watch Jeon Woo-chi with English subtitles?

    I find it somewhat unnerving how much I’m loving King of Dramas.

    • 26.1 OMG

      i totally agree with u…ESPECIALLY with the DSP Media….Kara is not being managed the right way….ugh dont even get me started on all the companies i can run better…

  27. 27 cherkell

    Happy Friday OT Beansies! Trying to cope with periodic power outages with storms rolling through NorCal for the past few days, so if this post goes missing or gets cut short, you’ll know why. 🙁

    Five Fingers ended. Yes, I cried hard during the last two episodes, but that was mostly fueled from a mixture of exhaustion, frustration, and massive amounts of Vicodin flowing through my bloodstream. I’ll be putting up my usual Crazy Noona Rant ‘N Rave on the 5F Soompi forum later today. But I just found out this morning that TWO endings were filmed just to throw everyone (cast and crew included) off the Spoiler Train! JCW spilled the beans in a post-show interview — he was watching the Finale at Joo Ji Hoon’s house and they were both quite surprised to see what the PD-nim and Editor-nim cobbled together for the ending. Ah Dramaland… you never fail to amaze me (and in not-so-good ways). Hmpf.

    The soft cast finally came off my ankle yesterday, so now I have this brace to wear for another two weeks. Still hard to walk normally; my ortho guy says that’s to be expected but he’s pleased over my progress. Now where’s my drugs, dammit?!?

    But I have to run — three interviews today and I want to look semi-presentable for them. Be back laters!

    • 27.1 kopytko

      Huh. I’ve always thought that vicodin existed only in House Md. *silly me* Anyway, I hope your ankle gets better in no time!

      Five Fingers ended. It was really the time. The whole thing was already eating its own tail. I must say, I had been expecting something worse of and ending and was quite satisfied with what I got. The conflicts were resolved, but somebody had to suffer, so that the happiness doesn’t get too obvious.
      It wasn’t the best drama ever, but I did enjoy it, as far as makjang can be enjoyable. Some old cliches (evil stepmother hating her stepchild) were shown in a fresh way – the said stepmom had something more to herself than hatred towards the kid. It was sooooo nice to watch an ajumma who did her scheming skillfully, without yelling and whining, the way chaebol ajummas typically do.
      Other characters seemed rather flat, especially the girl (DaMi or whatever?) I guess the actress went too cutesy and the writer presented us with another bland mix of noble idiot and Candy.

      But if I were to pick one thing that I will remember about Five Fingers will be JJH’s ugly collars. Really, they were too short and he looked like a poor clerk from 1920’s. I guess the collars and the ugly haircuts were there to punish him for his pre-army scandal.

      • 27.1.1 pogo

        I guess the collars and the ugly haircuts were there to punish him for his pre-army scandal.

        I hope the punishment ends here, then – those haircuts are a crime against his face – no, a crime against eyesight.

        I want JJH back in something better-written that doesn’t uglify him for the first half of its run.

    • 27.2 Korazy Lady

      Hope your interviews went well, Cherkell! I can’t believe you did such damage to your foot while in NYC, but a least you’re out of the cast. You may have to end your relationship with Prince Valium soon, though. Breaking up is hard to do!

  28. 28 Jules

    Hi everyone! happy friday!

    So I’ve been watching many of the time travel dramas that have come out these past few years and I’ve come to a conclusion about my life. The reason I’m still single is because my soulmate is from another time period! Where’s my warp hole when I need one?!

    Just wanted to ask you all for drama recs. I’ve really been wanting to watch a historical drama with a lot of action which is why I started Faith, but it’s not exactly veering the direction I thought it would.

    I don’t mind it but I think the lead actress kind of threw me off the first half of the series and now I’m in the second half where she’s gotten a bit better… a bit.

    So guys, any good historical/action drama recs? I’ve seen Queen Seon Deok, Strongest Chil Woo, Damo (awesome drama btw!), Gaksital, The Princess’ Man (love love love), both Iljimae dramas, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Just started the Great Seer and I’m finishing Faith. NOT checking out Dr.Jin. Contemplating Jeon Woo-Chi. Recommendations??

    Hope you all have a great weekend! and good luck to everyone taking exams and having interviews!

    • 28.1 pogo

      Hey girl, if you’re into sageuks and don’t mind a little fantasy you should definitely check out Arang and the Magistrate – Lee Jun Ki is in that, and it’s 10xbetter than Iljimae. It’s fun, and sweet but can also be epic and heart-wrenching, and LJK and Shin Mina have fantastic chemistry.

      You can also check out The Moon That Embraces The Sun (PHENOMENAL child cast, go through the first 6 episodes for them alone) or Sunkyunkwan Scandal, which has kinda-lukewarm leads but an amazing supporting cast, especially Song Joong Ki.

      • 28.1.1 Jules

        I saw Moon That Embraces the Sun, loveddd it! I think I’ll definitely give Arang a change. I started it when it was first airing and then suddenly dropped it but I don’t remember why!
        Maybe a drama overload? :p

    • 28.2 Shiku

      I can recommend Age of Warriors although it has a lot of episodes. It is really good!

      • 28.2.1 Jules

        I haven’t heard of it but I just looked it up and saw that there isn’t a lot of information about it anywhere. 158 episodes sounds like a doozy but if it’s interesting, I’d definitely be up for giving it a try!

        • trixicopper

          Try Emperor of the Sea/Hae Shin/Sea God. It’s pretty, and the “bad” guy totally steals the show! He is a Pirate-Ninja-Assassin. What’s not to love?

    • 28.3 Shukmeister

      Jules –

      Have you considered other countries? I know John (thread 23 in this OT) watches a lot of Chinese historicals, which are longer than Korean dramas but have the lush clothing and court intrigue you might find interesting.

      I’ve tried a couple of Thai lakhorns with previous-life flashbacks, but they aren’t for everyone, for sure.

      • 28.3.1 pogo

        yeah, if other countries’ dramas are a go then I’d rec Atsuhime.

      • 28.3.2 Annie

        Lakorns are my guilty pleasure. I know they’re bad, but I can’t seem to look away.

        • Shukmeister

          Annie –

          I try to stay away from the slap slap kiss ones, but they do occasionally real me in. My fave is actually a vampire one, with minimal face slapping, called “Love Never Dies”.

          The time-slip one is called “Roy Mai”, where the characters mimic their grandparent’s lives.

          • Enz

            Shukmeister, have you ever watched the action Thai movies? Those and the scary ones are the ones we get here in Malaysia. I remember one loooong ago where I think the girl had special powers cos she was the product of a human and a snake.

            Recently, ie a few years back there was one really big hit of a young autistic girl that could really kick butt cos when she watched fighting videos and Bruce lee movies, her power of concentration was so good, she memorized all the moves . That was a good oen but can’t remember the title :p

          • Shukmeister


            The Thai movies I’ve seen have been more rom-com or comingi-of-age, with my favorite being “Hello Stranger”. Others include “Memory”, “Little Thing Called Love” and “Bangkok Traffic Love Story”. No martial arts or supernatural in these, but I’m willing to try new stuff. Let me know wha the names of the movies are!

      • 28.3.3 Jules

        I’m definitely up for historicals from other countries! Any particular ones I should start off with?

        I think I’ve seen maybe two Thai lakhorns and they were just ok. I don’t remember the name of it but I think the main lead girl married the main lead boy in place of her older sister and ends up falling in love with him??
        I just re-read what I wrote and realized it sounds like the plot to a LOT of dramas :p

    • 28.4 Addylovesbwood

      I would stay away from Dr. Jin if not wasting your time means anything to you.

      • 28.4.1 Jules

        I had a friend pull her hair out, literally, at some of the absurdity so I figured it would be safer to skip it :p

  29. 29 QQ

    Happy OT, everyone!!! I haven’t been able to catch up to any new dramas. School work’s piling up and I can’t be bothered to catch up with lectures. For now, I’m just focusing on my deadlines. 2 more weeks of Uni for me and then it’ll be the winter holidays! Whee!!!

    I haven’t been able to tune in any new dramas lately; just reading recaps and collecting the eps for now. I don’t think it’s a good time to marathoning any drama.

    I did manage to get a glimpse of the parental and childhood years of The Great Seer. There’s not much fantasy going on for a fantasy sageuk drama so far. I’ve finally watched OUAT s2 and let just say how hot Hook is. Swoon! Other than that, after a few months of hiatus, I’m back to watching animes. There’s just so many shoujo anime this fall/winter.

  30. 30 piaaa

    Their OST is one of the greatest ever. I’ve watched the drama last June but I’m still playing the OST every single day.

    Speaking of OST, what are your favorites? Here’s mine:
    *Coffee Prince
    *My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    *Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
    *The King 2 Hearts
    *Secret Garden
    *You’re Beautiful
    *Answer Me 1997 and;
    *Who Are You?
    I’m sure there’s a lot more but that’s in my mp3 right now.

    • 30.1 FishcalledWanda

      Gaksitaaaaal! I get thrilled everytime I hear that action OST one with Joo Won singing! And I love SHUFBB’s OST too of course! It captured so well to feeling of the drama. And Queen In Hyun’s man was really nice too!

      • 30.1.1 piaaa

        yeahhhh! Gaksitaaaaaaal too! Why did I forgot that? The instrumental and Judgement Day excites me and makes me giddy all the time. My neighbors always gave me a weird look. But I don’t give a damn about them. Ha.

    • 30.2 pogo

      Music in a show is really important to me, bad music makes me want to stop watching, especially in kdramas where themes get used over and over again. But these are my faves.

      You’re Beautiful
      Shut Up Flower Boy Band
      You’re Beautiful
      The Moon That Embraces The Sun – the opening theme just makes me want to swoon
      Answer Me 1997
      Bad Guy (really gorgeous background music, even if the show was so-so)

      and Arang and the Magistrate had some gorgeous background music that didn’t make it to the official OST, but I love the main theme and MC Sniper rap.

    • 30.3 Shukmeister

      Good question.

      The one with the most music in my playlist by far is Winter Sonata, mostly for Ryu and that piano!.

      Second is Secret Garden, which coincidentally was the first KDrama I chose by music before I ever read a ploy synopsis, and it’s still one of my favorite KDramas of all time.

      Believe it or not, I really like the instrumentals from IRIS, which was sold as a separate CD. From the booming fight scenes to the introspective pieces, it runs the full emotional scale!

    • 30.4 kopytko

      Almost paraaaaaaaaadise!

      But seriously, for me it’s definitely I Need Romance – Donde Estas Yolanda has been the ringtone on my mobile since the drama aired and I haven’t thought of changing it yet. Also most people who travelled with me in my car know those songs 😀

      I tend to like single songs, but hardly ever bother to check whole OSTs. So I like Fox Rain, Snow Flower (Yuki no hana in original). Oh, and I liked quite a few songs in A Gentleman’s Dignity. However, I think they weren’t really the part of OST – I loved a song sung by JungRok and Maria Elena aka Bathrobe Mambo, which now I always play while pampering myself on Sunday mornings. A very feel-good thing to do.

    • 30.5 Hillary

      My list is as follows, in their ranking:

      – Princess Man
      – Queen InHuyn’s Man
      – Full House
      – Secret Garden
      – Shut Up Flower Boy Band
      – City Hall
      – Boys Over Flowers
      – Rooftop Prince
      – Scent of a Woman
      – Protect the Boss
      – You’re Beautiful
      – Heartstrings
      – Sungkwankyun Scandal
      – Someday

      • 30.5.1 Addylovesbwood

        The OST from SHFBB is on the top of my list. Plus, I dowloade Lee Mi Ki’s song – Tonite… awesome chill music

        Goodbye to Romance by Sonya (MAY QUEEN OST) is amazing!! I’m falling off the drama but I still like the song.

        Others I love:
        Love Rain – I love all the songs

        King 2 Hearts – Missing You

        BIG – Hey You and Moraso

        A Gentlemans Dignity – all the ones by Big Baby Driver and the song HIGH HIGH

        Bridal Mask – I have the entire OST. Holy is my favorite song.

        Operational Proposal – great ost

        TTBY – Stand Up and In your eyes by O’new

        • ladysarahii

          Holy! My favorite piece from any OST for any kdrama ever. It always gives me goosebumps.

      • 30.5.2 Korazy Lady

        Every time I think of Princess Man I think of Carol of the Bells! That is a great OST, though

    • 30.6 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

      My top 2 the woman who still wants to marry and golden time.

  31. 31 owl

    My kdrama quote of the day (KDQOTD) texts out of context:

    “Now that I’ve been in a relationship, I think love is like In-Young’s farts. You want to hold it in, but you can’t.” (INR ep 16)

    “What a pair of Sherlocks. I want a solution, not a mystery.” (I Do I Do ep 1)

    “Fraud is 99% truth.” (AGD ep 11)

    →(Serious mood switch) To other I Miss You followers out there ~ I’m thinking of a psych/counseling course on boundaries – crossing boundaries, crossed boundaries and no boundaries–with IMY as the case study (although many kdramas would provide fodder for such a course). IMY’s dark mood is for good reason. If we made a diagram of the relationships thus far, the board would be a crisscross mess and impossible to figure out clearly. The relationships are murky. Understandably murky, mostly unhealthy, and tragic. Look at Jung Woo and See Yeon’s mother, JW and his team leader, or JW and his detective partner, Harry and Zoey, and See Yeon and JW as the meet and reveal identities. Everyone is so fragile and broken. The emotions and relationships feel real and possible, and I attribute that to good writing and acting. I finished ep. 7 so far.

    Catch up: half way through Que Sera Sera.

    “Just Crazy” post was a blast– thanks javabeans and girlfriday. ♥ Mr. Peacock Jang Geun–Seok!!

    Must read girlfriday’s recaps for Jeon Woo-Chi . . .

    What else did I do this week other than be a kdrama girl in a kdrama world? Not much.
    \/ Fighting!

    • 31.1 Mar

      My offerings for the week:

      “Good shoes take you to good places.”- Seo Hyun- BOF

      Chef-“Why the hell do you like me?”
      Seo Yoo-kyung-“Why do you dislike me?”
      Chef- “Did I ever say I disliked you?”
      Seo Yoo-kyung- “What do you mean by that?”
      Chef-“I don’t know!”

      • 31.1.1 owl

        Oh yeah, Pasta – it is one of those just plain good stories – it was 2nd kdrama I ever watched. The Italian trained Korean pasta chefs are soooo gorgeous! If anyone is not in love with Tae-IK’s look in FHT2, just check him out as Philip in Pasta – gah! I love the significance of the cactus (cacti??) in the story too.

        • Mar

          Pasta is on my favorite list, it was just consistently good throughout. And the romance was just there was day one and was interesting to watch them struggle with accepting each other with out it being oh gees when are they going to kiss? Who cared, all we needed was to see them together to see sparks. There was such good chemistry among the cast as a whole. It was pure joy to watch. That was my introduction to No Min Woo and I have been appreciating his loveliness ever since. Now with FH2 I am appreciating his acting and dedication to his career.

  32. 32 come2noona

    Ohlala Spouses…

    WTF? Why oh why did I waste my precious time?

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      MTE! My office is opened for all those who want to cry, laugh maniacally, roll on the floor or scream their head off at so much insanity.

    • 32.2 katiamon

      Yeah, the finale sucked like a rotten hell! i was also saying WTF??!!!! I’m so pleased to know i jumped that sinking ship on ep. 5 or i would be really pissed… sorry, come2noona 🙁
      (SPOILER ALERT) why, oh why did they messed up with the characters??? i can’t believed she let oppa leave, but let’s face it he was to good for her… and i think the husband had a brainwash between ep. 5 and 17 because he was trying to act sort of sweet/funny/or something but i found him more annoying than a whinny 2 year old child.

  33. 33 only-bigbang-for-me

    Ode to Bigbang at 2012 MAMA

    Bigbang my dear,
    Why did you take so long to appear?
    Tuned into MAMA right from the start
    If you’d won nuthang – it would’ve broken my heart

    Why did I fear?
    Best Male Group and Artist of the Year!
    VIPs worldwide – give a big cheer!
    Bigbang’s the best – that much is clear

    Last night I was depressed
    You were losing in the polls
    I was so stressed

    Tuned in just for your big show
    When you were not on the red carpet
    That was a big blow

    Then blonde GD came but he was all alone
    One of a kind – Ji Yong’s no clone
    I cheered, I lusted
    Best Male Group [you won!] – my worst fear had been averted

    Then Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer
    Things began to look so much better 🙂

    The other performances I patiently sat through
    Bigbang’s would surely be the best
    [Yup] They were better than you-know-who
    TOP opened Crayon followed by the rest
    Coupled with Fantastic Baby – my sanity was put to the test

    Finally for Artist of the Year
    at last all five appeared
    I love Bigbang
    2012’s their year
    C’mon everybody
    – cheer! cheer! cheer!

    • 33.1 Shukmeister

      [thunderous applause] DAEBAK!!

    • 33.2 only-bigbang-for-me

      I seem to be very inspired by last night’s MAMA to write silly limericks. Another one below – watch MAMA then you’ll know!

      Bigbang dear
      What took you so long to appear?
      Dyeing your hair?
      TOP perfecting his stare?
      Get on stage quick – that’s all I care

      GD’s first yellow next he’s all red
      Woaah…there’s must be some mistake 🙂
      GD’s half dressed but YB’s fully clothed?
      Bigbang, Bigbang – I still love you guys the most

  34. 34 Matt

    Hey everyone! I don’t have alot to say this week..Going on a month of Kdrama fever and it’s started to slow down a bit.. Not cause I don’t enjoy it, just been busy with the holidays you know?

    I’m only really into Missing you and King of Dramas but neither are giving me what I want exactly. I want some love, romance… Not exactly fluff but I don’t know, conflict with an epic love story. I’m a romantic at heart.. Just how I’m wired. I’m not looking for sappy stuff but I can’t really put it into words..

    The reason missing you isn’t working in that area is because I feel like Su Yeon needs to become whole before she can even think of romance. I want her with Jung woo but I would be on the HJ/SY team if it didn’t feel so fake. Not to mention that the writing is very iffy.

    King of Dramas on the other hand is a joy to watch but the romance of the show is the last thing it focuses on and in fact, it makes the show feel weird when it goes there lol.

    I hope people understand my problem.

    • 34.1 shelhass

      I think I get it.
      I Miss You is getting too twisted for my taste, even if I do like this type of melodrama. SY need therapy. That’s all I’m asking for.

      I tried You’re Beautiful again for the lighter stuff, but it was too light.

      So I don’t know… maybe I’m in need for something less dramatic but not too much fluff.

    • 34.2 shelhass

      I think I get it.
      I Miss You is getting too twisted for my taste, even if I do like this type of melodrama. SY need therapy. That’s all I’m asking for.

      I tried You’re Beautiful again for the lighter stuff, but it was too light.

      So I don’t know… maybe I’m in need for something less dramatic but not too much fluffy.

      • 34.2.1 Matt

        A Balance really! City Hunter was great like that even though that type of romance they had isn’t my preferred type, it worked perfectly in the context of the show..

        I almost feel like their should be no romance in “i miss you” because the writer put too much trauma in and didn’t really *fix* anything.

        I want something that is not rainbows and love mush but not too dark, I can’t even see the light that is supposed to be there.

        • shelhass

          Yes. City Hunter’s core was really the daddy-issues. I still think Nana was just part of the package (action: OK, revenge: OK, comic relief: OK, romance: Park Min-young will do) not the important stuff.

          There’s too much trauma and despair in IMY. It’s like the writer’s trying to tell us that once you romance your life up, everything bad will be just a dim memory (JW + SY), but then she goes and says that THIS ^ doesn’t really help you at all (Zoe + Harry). *headdeask*

          I think we’ll have to wait for “Flower Boy Next Door” for the last part. This tvN trend (Flower Boys) is quite a surprise since we all thought it was oing to be just another dose of eye candy, but then it turns out it has a REAL brain, heart and soul.

        • Hillary

          Korean Dramas: Queen Inhuyn’s Man, Princess Man, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Shining Inheritance, Can You Here My Heart, Scent of a Woman, Dalja’s Spring, Goong, New Heart, One Percent of Everything

          Taiwanese Dramas: Office Girls, Fated to Love You, Autumn Concerto

          Most, if not all, are on dramafever, viki or dramacrazy.

          • shelhass

            Fated to Love You is the only one I haven’t seen (from your list). If it’s heartwarming, I’m a goner.

        • Korazy Lady

          Did you say you already watched Que Sera, Sera? (Yes, it is the broken record that is Korazy Lady) Because it is certainly love and relationship driven, but you have to be ready for a crazy emotional ride.

          I agree that neither KoD or IMY are really doing it for me. But I’m still hanging in for those.

          • pillowhead

            Yes I’ll second QSS!

          • Enz

            I’ll third it!!! Am like a broken record on this too. QSS and for happy FBRS

    • 34.3 owl

      Try Coffee Prince~

      • 34.3.1 shelhass

        I’ve seen already. *sadface*

    • 34.4 piaaa

      I bet you haven’t watched The King 2 Hearts or The Princesses’ Man! Those are the 2 that I think that will fix your problem.

      • 34.4.1 Matt

        I will definitely be watching Coffee prince, The king 2 hearts and the Princess’ man this week! I need something different and I think I started all of them lol.

    • 34.5 Shukmeister

      I liked I Do I Do. She’s a strong character in a life-changing situation, and a he’s a boy-man with some good character development. No great highs, no epic lows, but a nice ride nonetheless.

      • 34.5.1 Mar

        Yes watchable for the plot and themes and Kim Sun Ah. I Do I Do, great lead female character and great plot. Not the typical plot, progressive yet still conservative if that makes sense, probably does only if you watch it lol. Male lead CHARACTER really was a good guy, but the actor was a mouth breather (ran around with his mouth hanging open a lot) and most of the time appeared to need to go to the bathroom which I found distracting and not appealing. I am sure I’ll offend his fans by saying that, but that is my perception.

    • 34.6 pogo

      I know I rec this all the time, but for love stories that are not just fluff, you could try Arang and the Magistrate,

      And there’s also The Moon That Embraces The Sun, if you want epic love story+major conflict, and it does have its cute moments, especially with its younger cast.

    • 34.7 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

      I recently managed to finish sandglass. The pluses are great acting, great writing beautiful relationships. Something as simple as a congratulations dinner between friends will eat you up. I’m holding in sobs even now. I’m also recommending damo. I’ve never seen a sexier or more loving fight scene.. There’s also the return of iljimae which isn’t as intense as the other two but equally addicting.

      • 34.7.1 Matt

        Love all the recommendations from people.. haha I don’t know what I would do without you guys..

  35. 35 shelhass

    Happy OT everybody!

    I wish I could try King of Drama, everyone’s saying it’s funny and all BUT Siwon? Sorry I just… can’t.
    And yeah I know I’ve been through a cardboard Sulli in TTBY (if we just keep measuring idol’s worth and all that), but that show had LOTS OF EYE CANDY.

    I think I just want something fluffly. Watching I Miss You right after Nice Guy is not doing me any good. Plus, no more wine at home. He.

    • 35.1 kopytko

      Siwon is a hoot. He’s doing a fabulous job.
      Just forget that something as absurd as idols exist and have a look. I’ve never bothered to watch TTBY (I dislike idols and silly stories), but I guess the very premise of KoD is much more interesting.

    • 35.2 Hillary

      @Shelhass: Siwon has actually gotten much better … I have watched him in 4 dramas now and he has definitely learned on the job. I hated Poseidon (but who didn’t) but he was definitely much better in Skip-Beat and is hilarious in King of Drama.

    • 35.3 lalala

      It’s Siwon’s best performance. King of Dramas. Trust me.
      I’m NOT a fan of his, but became an instant one with his Kang Hyun-min role. Very surprising. 🙂

  36. 36 pogo

    Also, I’m going to start Love Rain this weekend – someone told me the drama wasn’t bad, and I have a weakness for Jang Geun-seok’s grin (idk how, but it transforms his face COMPLETELY, it’s unbelievable)

    • 36.1 John


      Love Rain has a lot of pretty.

      Seo In Guk is in Love Rain too

      Lee Mi Sook is in Love Rain and Can We Get Married. Hard to believe it’s the same actress.

    • 36.2 la dee dah

      I actually know what you mean about Jang Geun-seok’s smile. When I was first watching You’re Beautiful, tbh, I thought he looked weird but was taken in by his acting. And then when he finally smiled, it just changed my whole opinion about his face, heh!

      Love Rain…it’s not that bad… the cinematography, especially during the first episodes in modern time, they were gorgeous! But it does get really draggy as the drama went on, so I unfortunately lost interested halfway through…

      • 36.2.1 pogo

        I went into YB all prepared to scoff because the whole ‘crossdressing nun+idols’ thing sounded so silly (I’m not into all the Hong sisters dramas) and Taekyung looked so emo, but JGS and PSH completely won me over – and that smile of his is lethal, the moment with the 100! score and the pig-rabbit had me dead for about a week.

        Though not as dead as the drama actually acknowledging the existence of FANFIC!!! I was screaming for weeks over that one (‘love stories with no women’, omggggggggggg)

        • Shukmeister

          That part made me blow milk out my nose. I wonder how many NG”s they got while filming that bit!! 🙂

          • la dee dah

            I liked watching the BTS videos of You’re Beautiful, there were many. But I was miffed they didn’t include the BTS of that scene!

      • 36.2.2 JoAnne

        ohh, his eyes squish up and disappear behind chubby cheeks and then he is just this cute baby you want to tickle and feed!

        • Korazy Lady

          He was definitely one of the who is this weird guy turned omg I’m in love with his smile!

    • 36.3 owl

      Love Rain – I’ve watched it a dozen times. After the 1st run through, just start at ep 5 where Joon (JGS) gets off the train in Japan. Fastforwarding through the parent scenes (tho I love Joon’s interactions with his mom and dad). So love Dr. Lee , he’s in my top 5 for 2nd fiddle males. Love the cafe boys, and Minho (DR Lee’s sister), Joon’s sidekick, okay – the whole eye candy cast. Love the conflicted love twists (are we lovers or step bro/sis? or both?). Moody broody love story. Ima Love Rain-iac!

      • 36.3.1 pogo

        Thanks for that advice bb, I pretty much skipped most of the 70s bits (which were gorgeous and romantic in places, but got dull really quickly) and I love the present-day leads! JGS is channelling Taekyung from You’re Beautiful, if TK was a playboy, and it’s a lot of fun so far.

        • owl

          have you gotten to ep 10 yet???

          • pogo

            Yes, and this is my ghost typing because I’m still dead from THE KISSING.

        • owl

          I love JGS in Love Rain and You’re Beautiful. But in Mary Stayed Out All Night, not so much. It is one of the few kdramas I didn’t finish cuz I just didn’t care. But I’ve watched the other two mega times – luv!

          • pogo

            I know MSOAN is such a shame because it’s a waste of not one, not two, but THREE potentially amazing leads – I love Kim Jae Wook, but I just couldn’t make myself go through it either.

            Love Rain’s present-day parental bits are really draggy so I’m fast-forwarding quite a bit, but I like the present-day leads (ok, love JGS and Yoona isn’t all bad) and strongly approve of the amount of skinship in it.

  37. 37 KrazyK

    Happy Friday everyone!!!

    I am currently watching KOD and I live it. The story is moving along and I see some sparks between the OTP, but my favorite part of this drama is Siwon. OMG I don’t know why but his facial expressions crack me up. His character is so over the top and the way he interacts with his manager and assistant, it’s awesome.
    I am also watching CWGM I like all of the storyline but I can’t stand the two moms any more. They make me angry and I cannot stand all of this back-and-forth between there kids. I want them to shutup and sit down for an episode or three. I understand that preparing for the wedding and house are important, but I tune them out when I see them on screen. Does anyone else feel the same way.

    On a personal note I started my new job this week and so far everyone has been nice and welcoming.

    • 37.1 kopytko

      Congrats on your new job! I hope you’ll have fun working!

      As for CWGM – I picked a random subbed episode and heard a daughter telling her mom something to the effect: “You’re happy bacause you do your thing without caring what people say. I am embarassed because of you.” and I thought jeez, finally a normal character not starving herself (or ruining others, grrrr) to get a posh bag, but doing what she believed her family needed and what – she should bend to those stiffling expectations that the society upholds for sake of some stone age reasons. And then there was something about wedding preparations as if it was really important, life or death matter. Appearances, oh appearances… So this very episode turned me off.
      I guess there was something less cliche or cliche but less offputting, but I realised quicly on, that this drama is not for me.

    • 37.2 Korazy Lady

      Hi KrazyK, Glad that you’re liking your new job so far.

      I like CwgM, but those two Moms are really starting to drive me crazy. There are few relationships on that show that I’m invested in so I’ll probably stick with it to see how everything ends up. It makes me think how happy I am to live in the US where the brides don’t have to buy crazy expensive gifts to appease the groom’s mother!

  38. 38 whimsicalnet

    hallo folks,

    missed u guys last friday cos i was away on a trip. but i’m sure u guys had fun as usual.

    i’m only watching Full House 2 now, and having a blast with all the fanfiction that mostly had me laughing or at least smiling. The show does a fairly good job of injecting little bits of funny here and there. hehe. Which is y I’m tempted also by KoD. Laughter is my drug.

    On a personal note, I will be returning to work sometime mid next month with the full blast hitting from Jan onwards, after a very very very long hiatus. So far the bosses seem ok and i can’t help the slight apprehension and also of cos, I won’t be able to keep up with the shows the way I used to. So I’m really gonna b reading recaps for my kdrama addiction and thank you in advance… actually that’s what i’m alr doing. hehe.

    Happy Friday, Happy OT, Happy weekend everyone!!

    • 38.1 Addylovesbwood

      Why were you out of work for so long. You’re lucky. I start grad school in january. I’m thinking of giving notice at work so I can have some free time to myself because I start school.

      Good luck to you @ work next month!!

    • 38.2 pogo

      Hey, are you me? I started a proper office job for the first time in two years just last month, and the butterflies in my stomach were no joke. Good luck, bb!

  39. 39 Trina

    Happy Friday!!! we have Koala Unni blog too for IMY but be warn that she is on HJ/SY shipper…. I just hope the ship/fan wars will Died down… I think it is writernim fault as to confuse us and and she/he need to relax and then go back to the story to make sense again…

    In another note, I have not finish Nice Guy yet so I am hoping to finish watching it… Does anyone know how many episode s of can we get married… It look interesting….

    • 39.1 noi

      it’s a total of 20 episodes (idk if there’ll be an extension). currently it’s 10 episodes. WATCH IT. omg. please please please. i know many dramabeans readers are romcom fans, so idk why this drama isn’t popular here. i love that this drama’s conflict is much more relatable than other rom-com with such repetitive conflicts, birth secret or revenge of the ex or such. fun, heart-warming, and characters live an ordinary life. highly recommended! :3

  40. 40 Trina

    Oh yeah, It has been raining in souther Cali and hopefully we get some snow in the mountains….

  41. 41 Noemi

    Happy Friday!

    I just wanted to say good luck to anyone approaching finals week for your school/university! I have finals coming up in a week (and am trying to finish three research papers in the meantime) and I think treating myself to King of Dramas episodes is the only thing keeping me sane! 😀

    • 41.1 whitewire

      Wooooooooo KING OF DRAMAS fighting!

  42. 42 Jinny

    Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe it’s Friday already, 1week and 2 days until I get to go on winter break 🙂 Good luck to everyone finishing up last-minute midterms or preparing for final exams!

    Currently watching Can we Get Married? and Rascal Sons. I must say I’m watching the first drama mainly for the Dongbi-Kijoong loveline because I’m a sucker for unfulfilled romantic we-can’t-be-together stories haha. The main OTP really really annoys me; all the drama for their marriage makes my head hurt. They need to get their communication together! It’s the whole pride thing that prevents them from saying what they actually feel and instead they go behind each other’s backs to negotiate….

    Rascal Sons is surprisingly nice. On episode 13 and the pace is a little slow (but it is a family drama) but I love all couples individually and am rooting for each one 😛 Hm interestingly enough, it’s the mothers/fathers I hate in this drama as well….It makes for good conflict but it still seems so overused. I just don’t understand in this case because Inok’s husband has passed away for 7 years already and her father-in-law is still allowed to get pissed that she keeps meeting Hyongi? Is this a culture thing or is it just because she has been living with them for the past 7 years and he is just a little obsessive?

    • 42.1 Addylovesbwood

      Goodluck on your finals!! I’m starting grad school in the spring and I’m scared I won’t have time for kdramas anymore. I wonder how you guys do it. I’m currently following 10 dramas…lol…that # will significantly drop by January lol.

      I agree, Dong Bi and Ki Joong need more screen-time. I was strangely annoying with her disappearance in episode 9 and 10. wth?? They didn’t even go in dept with why she disappeared…seems like they’re saying it for later episodes…I can’t wait…I’m sloowly falling for the actor that plays Ki Joong… didn’t like him at first but hes sorta growing on me.

      I’m following Seo Yeoung but the episodes are being released too slowly. I’m gonna try Racal sons…it sound alittle like Ojakgyo brothers.

    • 42.2 noi

      but that makes me even like the main OTP more hahaha. they’re so frustrating that it’s entertaining lol. >w<

  43. 43 Lixie

    Hello everyone! I know I’m late but I’ve read there are a lot of people here still watching IMY and I’m really confused with eps 5 and 6, I don’t know if it will continue to get even more strange. Maybe I should drop? I’m a fan of Yoochun and YEH, I’ll give 7and 8 a chance but I’m not sure I’ll go all the way anymore. My confusion earlier was about this:

    Why did that guy confess murdering her??? Did someone pay him to do it?
    Why would she disappear? I know she was traumatized first but later why would she do that? Because HJW didn’t answer her phone call properly??? What about her mother????
    Why would gangster father just abandon his only son just because he ran away? It seems very crazy.
    Does she recognize him? I know it’s Yoochun now but people don’t change that much after 15 years old, they would easily recognize each other. I know she had some plastic surgery but it is strange.
    Seriously, did they just ran over the same guy who kidnapped her on the very day he gets out by accident???? That’s way too much coincidence.
    Did she go all the way over there just to tie him in a tub? Ok,maybe that will come up yet but weird scene.

    • 43.1 la dee dah

      1) I may be wrong, I have to rewatch the earlier episodes, but I thought he was told by one of the adults to lie and say she was dead. Again, I may be wrong…
      2) She was taken by the nurse after HJ pleaded for her not to kill her. Then she tried to call JW but was cut off by the nurse. Then HJ showed her the newspaper saying she was dead and told her no one was looking for her and that she was abandoned. So she believed that and went with HJ and the nurse.
      3) Are you talking about JW’s father? He’s just a bleeping bleep. And I don’t think JW would have stayed with him anyways knowing he was lying about looking for SY.
      4) I think she sort of recognized him when she first saw her, but was unsure. It’s been over 14 years, a lot of change can happen to a face, especially if you knew the other person as a teen/child. But at the house, when she heard his name, then it was confirmed that she knows who he is. But what the, SY had plastic surgery? I must have missed that part.
      5) Yes, they ran over the rapist guy… yes, so unbelievable.
      6) It is currently unknown if SY is the person who tied up the rapist in the tub. It could have been a guy dressed as a girl. It’s not confirmed yet, they are still investigating.

    • 43.2 owl

      My answers (not necessarily the right answers)
      _Back a couple of episodes, the rapist made it look like she disappeared (hence, murdered her)
      _the crazy aunt took the her (now Zoey) and him (now Harry) when they were little and hid out – story on that between then and now so far is not clear
      _Yes, she recognizes him. By ep 7 they definitely know each other and have thei own agendas for staying in touch (with twisted but understandable reasoning)
      _Yoochun was waiting for the day and hour the rapist was released, but I wonder if Zoey (subconsciously) and maybe even Harry knew around when the rapist would get out, so the fact that they were in the vicinity isn’t as strangely coincidental as it may seem…
      _(ep 7 spoiler) Did she really kill the rapist or did someone else posing as her do it?

      I am going to keep watching – l’ve maintained all along that I trust the main leads’ confidence in the script/story. I hope it’s worth it.

      Okay, not only am in spending all my time on kdramas, I’m just as hooked on dramabeaners dialog! Bye 🙂

      • 43.2.1 Lixie

        Ok, now I’ve watched ep 07 and it makes even less sense. I can forget all other questions but the second, her disappearance, is the main theme of the story, the event shaping everything around it so I can’t.

        The kid says she was abandoned, first he was just a sick kid and she knew that, besides, it doesn’t even make any sense! She was reported dead because some guy said he killed her not because people abandoned her. Just to be believable I’d have liked if her relationship with her mom was complicated and if HJW had REALLY left when he could have done something else. I don’t get it, I mean, I’m a woman, I think most here are women too, would any of us react like that? What was he supposed to do, try to drag her out and probably get caught and both killed? We know he ran more out of fear than to get help but she doesn’t know this. Besides he didn’t ran home, he was chased and called the police straight away.

        It’s been 14 years and the guy is still looking for her, she knows she pretty much made him crazy disappearing and still she decides to torture him? I think I’m ranting but it’s just annoying when stories make no sense.

        • owl

          I just watched ep 8. I really like this dark, sad, melodrama, especially the actors now that they are grown up. So, about Zoey thinking she was abandoned – her mom thought she was dead, HJW thought she was dead, the detective/step dad (who thought she was still alive) died when the jeep went off the cliff and that knowledge went with him. There was no one to look for her. I think the crazy aunt told her that, too. HJW grew up to become a detective to ease his conscience, perhaps, and also he was crazed. Harry’s aunt took Harry and they were driving off to escape Harry’s dad’s henchmen, when Eun Soo (aka Zoey) stumbled onto the road trying to escepe after being raped. The aunt’s car nearly hit her and she got in the car by being at that place at that time. The aunt obviously wasn’t the nurturing kind, but had seen Harry’s mother driven crazy and presumably killed by Harry’s dad.

          So all Zoey and Harry knew was the primal protective care that she and Harry have given to each other for the past 14 years.Now that they are adults, their tragic romanticized child caring for child into adulthood is not going to work as a bona fide romantic relaitonship (hence the miss kiss). They have stayed together in the world they created where Zoey wants her life as Eun Soo to be erased and Harry has created his persona as well.They are fragile and shattered on the inside, but have created a facade life that has worked so far. Their time in France has not been revealed yet.

          Meanwhile, HJW and Eun Soo’s mother (Mrs Kim) have created their own crippled relationship based on sorrow and emotional pain. Really such a tragic story, and no one has been to therapy as far as I know.

          Harry is so awesome and debonaire in the last scene. I really like him as an actor. HJW and Zoey have this e.s.p. thing going on as the episode ends – very whoa! I think I am right when I say these actors knew this was a good script. This was my favorite episode so far.

          If this doesn’t help or make sense, I have to admit that I have not been able to get anyone to watch kdramas with me. Especially after I try to explain them. Heh.

        • owl

          So I write explanations as bad as I tell them.

          It’s nt Eun soo, but Soo Yeon aka Zoey. Eun soo is the lead in Que Sera Sera, and I’m on ep 13. Mix up, sorry!

          I am really bad at telling jokes, too.

          • Lixie

            Hi owl! I haven’t watched ep 08 yet but I will later today.:)

            The thing I don’t get about her disappearance is that faking her own death is a horrible thing to do. Why would she do that to her mother? Besides she did call HJW after that so he had good reasons to believe she was alive and she knew that, and the stepfather chasing her would have been in contact with him. The story hasn’t really been explained like that, it’s more like she just didn’t care if everybody was hurt or not.
            I agree about everything else and I’m a fan of the actors so I’ll give them more chances I just wish the story made sense for me.

          • Korazy Lady

            She didn’t fake her own death. She was reported as dead in the newspaper after they found her clothes by the river (?) and couldn’t find her. I feel that Harry is responsible for her not pursing the truth of what happened, reinforcing her belief that she was abandoned by Yoochun and her mother, but feel he really did it out of his own need. (I’m sure the nurse/aunt perpetuated the myth, too. But it would have been nice to have seen some of that relationship before they killed her off.)

            And I keep thinking that surely somewhere over the past 14 years she had access to the internet, and I would think she would have googled the rape to see if the guy was caught or not, or at least looked up her mom or Yoochun.

            Also, maybe it’s because I’m older, but I feel some people are really being super harsh in judging Yoochun’s character. He was was – 15? Sorry, but rational thinking is not 100% established by then so I’m sure the fight or flight reflex would have kicked in. I’ve read of adults who have left others to die to save themselves (the captain of that sinking cruise ship is one of many!)

            The whole Aunt thing, with her suddenly mysteriously out of the picture, what’s that? And it’s amazing that they are so messed up emotionally but went on to become, as Harry did, one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the US and Zoe became a top fashion designer.

            I liked and understood Zoe when she was terrified when some of her memories came back. As for Yoochun’s character, he is also fractured so can understand his craziness. But then in episode 8, I could not understand how forceful he was, in a kind of mean, mocking way, to Zoe. His character seems very frenetic and all over the place. (Not sure I like him constantly calling her Mom my lover, either. Maybe it’s just the translation I’m reading.)

            I guess I was hoping they’d pursue the psychological damage and healing of the characters a little more than the mean father/power games thing. I’m still watching, but not sure I care how it’s going.

        • owl

          Hi Lixie, Between the two of us, this show doesn’t have a chance in making sense – haha

          She didn’t fake her own death – the rapist led them to believe she was dead when he was caught and the mom begged him for info. WHen SY called HJW the aunt grabbed her phone and the dad grabbed his phone and there was no definite connect except that JHW realized she was alive. Oh! so that ‘s why, when the dective died, JHW became a detective to be able to carry on the search ( which he could not let go). But, as a young, traumatized girl, who has been raped in front of the guy you’re with, dragged off by a random woman who is not nurturing, and left to cope with another traumatized young, injured boy, I can understand who they have become 14 years later. SY and HJW are not communicating as healthy, whole adults. They are crazed and blocking deep emotions and events.

          Anyway, there are several comments posted that until SY is healed in body soul spirit, no relationship will work. For me, their creating a life that ignores the pain and hurt is realistic and happens all the time in real life. Then when a shocking event like running into the rapist when he is realesd it results in a scene like the shower scene where it all floods forth. But again, she wants to run back to France. Harry enables all this – as he too, is part of the create-a-new-life-and-identity–to-escape-all-the-bad-things situation. They are going to have to face the past – I wonder how that will play out.

          As always, I am torn between the 2 lead guys, and SY has to become whole. But the ending of ep 8 leads us in a new direction… I love the acting! This is the first time I’ve ever walked through a kdrama to sort it out – I must not be very deep 🙂

          Off to meet a friend at Starbucks, maybe do a little Christmas shoping – Sat. is my day off. Then Imma catch up on QSS, CWGM, and start White Christmas for a cozy evening cuz I don’t got no social life – ^waaah^

          Happy watching, Lixie!

          • Korazy Lady

            Owl, you make some good points! I know the past would have been better buried for Harry and Zoe, and I’m sure the nurse/aunt stressed it was a necessity. I would have liked to have seen a little of that so we had a better feel for their last 14 years. (Another story with a time leap and unexplained years – maybe we’ll get back to that at some point.)

          • owl

            Hi Korazy Lady – reading your post filled in details. Also, remember the rapist headed for SY’s house the day he was released, so the underlying fear of him was real. I hope that we get parts of the last 14 yrs in backstory (it is so kdrama format), Wasn’t the scene at the end of ep 8 in the restaruant with Harry, Yoochun and SY all dressed up so cool and such a dramatic breaking point? Also, I loved the blue sweater and necklace SY wore that day. She is such a natural beauty!

            What a switch for Yoochun’s from the romcom Rooftop Prince role – I really like him in this a lot. And right, he was only 15 when all this occurred, and he is crazed from the guilt and the unknown and the what ifs? of it all. Not in his right mind, but I think that is realistic like you said.

            This is fun – my first dialog on unraveling the questions of a kdrama – should I be worried? Nah …
            tho my friends and family would be if they knew.

          • Korazy Lady

            Welcome into the foray of drama blogs and commenting– where we can discuss ad nauseum the intricate details of character and plot lines of our favorite dramas while ignoring real life! (It’s also reassuring to see that no matter how bad things may be in our RL, they will never be quite as messed up as in the dramas!)

  44. 44 earthna

    Hi~ My first time posting in OT. Looks like it’s fun! Bbyong~!

    • 44.1 Korazy Lady

      Welcome earthna! I’m kind of late here, but hopefully you see this and feel welcomed! It is fun place to hang out!

      • 44.1.1 earthna

        oh my i only saw this now. Haven’t checked coz busy with work but I really appreciate your reply. Thank you 🙂

  45. 45 Addylovesbwood

    Hello Everyone!! How was your week?
    Mine wasn’t that great especially in kdramaland.

    I finished Oohlala Couple last night. The ending was def not what i anticipated. I love the lead actor(Gaksitaal) but hated his character. This is the one time I felt 90% of viewers wanted the 2nd lead.
    But I do get that Family comes first and as a nigerian woman I know we have strong family values in our culture and most women would never leave their husbands because of an affair.

    Five Fingers – I watched the first 20 episodes, read recaps for 21-28 and Watched the final 2 episodes last night.
    It’s one of those WTF endings that leaves us with more questions than answers. That ending absolutely made no sense. I almost wanted to slap the writers. But I didn’t invest too much time in it.

    Can We Get Married – I’m enjoying it so far I just wish we got less of the motocycle couple and more of Dong Bi and Ki Joong. I’m so much more invested in their story. I love Sung Joon but his moms constant bickering makes me skip over their scenes, plus him and his fiance fight way too much.

    May Queen – I’m staying away from this drama for now. Can’t handle right now. I fell in love with Chang Hee and I can’t stand what the writers have done with his character. I luv KJW but I just don’t feel the chemistry btwn him and Hae Joo… but I know they’re gonna end up together…which is why i can’t watch anymore…


    I agree its the most popular drama, but i’m dumfounded at the amount of votes it got. it is def not the best drama of this year….

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      -About the voting for best drama : I know, it’s sad… This site is mostly consulted by young fangirls and they vote as an army for a show because oppa is in it. Quality of the drama is not even taken in consideration. Like Dr Jin in 5th position? Pffft. Thanks Jaejoong!
      -About MayQueen: I root for KJW’s character but even I recognize there is no chemistry with the leading actress. And the script makes no sense whatsoever. To comfort you I can say than Jae-hee is really handsome in a 3 pieces-suit…

      • 45.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        I totally felt insulted Dr. Jin is even on the top 20. I’m rooting for King 2 Hearts and it barely made top 8 last i checked. I had to go on fb and message all the King 2 Heart pages Admins to put out a link so ppl can vote it up… i know… im jobless…lool

        I hate the lead actress in MQ… I’m ready to give up

    • 45.2 Farpavilions

      I’ve been playing May Queen in the background (likewise with gradually diminishing interest — apart from the quirkiness of KJW’s character the main appeal was the child cast). But 30 eps in I still have no idea what the title has to do with the plot — is it that the heroine is virginal? Will there be a shipbuilding related spring awakening? Is it just bad marketing?

  46. 46 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Am currently watching several dramas passionately and whole-heartedly, trying to catch up on other ongoing dramas and trying to watch some recommended dramas from way back.

    First, current faithfully-watched present passions:
    King of Drama (k-drama)
    Ooku (j-drama)
    Priceless (J-drama)
    Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance (J-drama)
    Hitorishizuki (J-drama) — a good mystery with girl serial killer.
    Monsters (J-drama) —

    Really liking the might-be-killer in Falsified Romance. Don’t really know Hitorishizuki enough to like her. IF I’m gonna be walking alongside a serial killer, I would like to know them and to feel their pain. Hitori is way too distant and cold for me to hang onto. But episode 2 was sooo good I was totally drawn into the episode. That young neighborhood patrol cop was an amazing character. I think that’s the last we’ll see of his hot crazy self though. Priceless is good. I can deal with the “good girl who gets hero after he’s wounded by bad girl” theme cause the rest of the story is so good.
    OOKU is just too wonderful and twisty and heart-rending for words. Loving it. Liking Monsters although I wasn’t really pleased when yamapi’s character pretended the girl leaving his room wasn’t Emi-Chan. Wasn’t sure if it was just shyness on his part of shame that he had a fat girlfriend. I like it that he’s so hot and he has a chubby girlfriend and so hope the writers don’t break up that romance. And King of Dramas is downright perfect.

    Dramas I’m tempted to watch a little of to see if I was right to drop them:
    Missing You
    Can We Get Married?
    Osozaki no Himawari
    MY Seemed way too overwrought, CWGM was getting repetitive and the leads were boring compared to the secondary characters, OnH felt I was gonna get slammed with yet another story about the good deserving girl who gets the guy after bad girl uses him.

    Dramas I might give a chance (because I wasn’t interested in them when they first began)
    Full House 2:

    Dramas I have to start watching or return to:
    Jeon Woo-chi
    The Great Seer (Might have to marathon this, kinda sorry I dropped it. I so hate playing catch-up.)

    Recently seen movies that I liked:
    I am Happy — can a depressing story really be said to be uplifting? Yep.
    Kidnapping Granny K — a really good and funny heist pic
    Old Miss Diary. (Old Maid Diary) — Was so happy to see Ji Hyun Woo in this and it reminded me of why I liked him in Inhyun’s Man. A really sweet noona love story.

    Old dramas I’m watching cause they were recommended or mentioned on Dramabeans:
    Conspiracy in the court
    City Hall

    After I read a few recaps of Ooh la la Spouse, I am so so so glad I dropped that drama. I would have been royally p*SSed to have invested my poor little heart into that drama the way things turned out.

    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 46.1 Annie

      I have the urge to stop Ooku now that the shogun appears to have transferred her affections to the servant… I’m not versed in the source material so I was really surprised by that since she seemed so in love with Arikoto. Or maybe I’ve been fooled by the preview…

      • 46.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I am so hoping she hasn’t totally transferred her attentions to Gyukei. I just couldn’t deal with Arikoto’s pain if that were true. I like Gyoukei but I have seen that he can do whatever is necessary. He might remain faithful to his master through it all…but who knows? A woman getting between the best of friends. Who knows? Maybe…maybe not.

        • Annie

          I initially thought that she may have been trying to make Arikoto jealous via Gyoukei’s reports but if not, she may be in a for a shock. Gyoukei is quite the little weasel.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Gyoukei is definitely pragmatic..but for Arikoto’s sake. I worry what he would become if he ever decided to get/do anything for his own sake? I’m thinking, though, that we might end up with her liking two guys and because they’re such good friends, the guys will be okay with it…cause they love each other so much. But where would the drama be if that happened? no conflict?

            We’ll see.

    • 46.2 kopytko

      just like you I am supper happy to watch KoD. I am an avid fan of Anthony as a fine specimen of cute jerks (copyright by Mysti). A strong personality, very stylish, by no means obvious – my favourite type of character. THe rest of the cast are also doing their job with lots of heart. Jung Ryeo Won is a relatable young woman trying to find her place in a difficult professional environment and to fullfil her dream. And SiWon. Oh, dude. Words fail me. *giggles*

      If you have time, do have a look at FH2 – nothing out of the ordinary, but much much better than I thought it would be. Characters are likable, the story is pretty much ok – nothing off the wall, but doesn’t make you roll your eyes either. It’s also really funny.
      And the best thing is you get it daily in small doses 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend, too!

      • 46.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Will see if I can get into Full House Two. Thanks. From your description, I might like it. I don’t know what it’s about really and sometimes I can fall for young things falling in love and sometimes I just feel stuff is empty. (This from the woman whose fave rom-com k-drama was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

        I gotta say this site really does keep one’s brain working. All these initials and abbreviated titles and actor names! It makes the mind think….and then voila!

        • kopytko

          Full House Take 2 is fluff, but not empty fluff. The characters may seem a bit oblivious, it’s kdrama after all, but their interactions are believable and amusing. I find myself waiting for each episode (or hlaf-episode to be precise) and rooting for my favourite characters. I used to be reluctant to the very idea of a sequel to the first Full House, and I have no idea what made me watch the first episode, but I am glad to be watching it.

          • Carole McDonnell

            uhm..if it’s a half-episode, maybe I can deal with it. I don’t mind fluff generally but if it’s cliched inorganic plotting fluff with girls overdoing the aegyo I kinda balk.

    • 46.3 Carole McDonnell

      okay…back on Osozaki no Himawari. It’s won me back, even though I fear it might do the old Japanese Drama “unworthy love-match” thing. It’s just so good…maybe I can excuse that if it pops up.

  47. 47 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

    Want to experience the longest month in the world’s hiistory? Lose your internet service. My local library has kdramas for rental but did not have any that I was watching at the time of my intert outaage ( moon embracing the sun episode 6 36 minutes and 26 seconds. I rewatched 49 days attempted to watch que sera sera ( without subs I think I could’ve made it if I was watching alone or with a drama addict on my level) I also rewatched gourmet, save the last dance and shining inheritance.
    My dear dramabeaners teach me to download!

    • 47.1 jomo

      I feel for you formerly bunny!
      I was out of internet for an hour and almost lost it!

  48. 48 jomo

    Hello All!
    Busy week of planning trip to INDIA! YES! With my 17 year old daughter in January 2013 for a wedding.
    Very excited.

    Am thoroughly and stronger than that enjoying Stars Falling from the Sky. If you are feeling the stress of the holidays, and too much melodrama, watch this!
    20 episodes riddled with all K-drama cliches, but lots of heart, and cute kids, and Lee Soon Jae gets to be the good grandfather this time.

    Does it have the best actors? No.
    Does Choi Jung Won actually have somone directing her in this show, or is she possessed by an 75 year old woman? I am not sure, but I still love her and the character.
    Do I think Kim Ji Hoon looks really good looking over his right shoulder? The director does, and he uses that shot all the time.
    Is Jae Young out of her effing mind as a second lead female who does NOT UNDERSTAND the words “Go away, I DON’T LOVE YOU!!” Apparently, she must be. My favorite line she doesn’t get from KJH’s character is “I am trying to think of ways not to hate you.” She is by far the worst or best of the female leads who if they existed IRL, someone would murder.
    (I am hoping KoD gets their version right, and is only playing with us like they did the amnesia.)

    But mostly, are these the best kid actors to ever appear on screen. OH YES! Made me wish this was an american sit-com that went on for years as we watched the kids grow up.

    KJH has bad hair, good topless scenes, great suits, but mostly the best bromance ever with 8-year old Chun Bo Geun. It is unbelievable how good these two are together. If they made some sort of bizarro Courtship of Eddie’s Father, I would like to see this pair in it.

    I know there are fans of this show out there! Anybody?

    • 48.1 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

      I actually watched this show a while back. I thought it was so funny and I thought that it was possible for it be less crazy that it becomes. I noticed you didn’t mention shin dong wook.
      Are you being hosted at someone’s home in India? Won’t it be strange if they’re pasta/knish crazy and everyday they prepare those dishes? I would die. I hope you get to try 7 curry in it’s original form. I’m assuming the bride and groom ae having a hindu wedding.

      • 48.1.1 jomo

        I should have!!! I really liked him in that, too, like Soulmate. He was the best actor in the pack, I think.

        I am so worried about his debilating pain that he suffers from IRL. I know he hasn’t acted in a while after being released from MS. I hope he is better!!

      • 48.1.2 jomo

        It will be a Christian ceremony, oddly enough, but with lots of local goings on for the engagement and after party.
        We are staying in a rented house with the bridal party, since her family lives in the US. I plan on eating everything I possibly can! I can wear a loose-fitting salawar to avoid that tight belt feeling, LOL.

        I may be flying over everyone’s house:
        Toronto – London – Dubai – Hyderabad

        • 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

          Salawars are for comfort! I might put a large inflated carrot on my roof so look out for it while flying over houses.

          • jomo

            I will wave!!!

          • JoAnne

            AJB I missed you!

          • Shukmeister

            Ditto with JoAnne!

        • pogo

          lol jomo I’m Indian and Christian and get the ‘strangely enough’ reaction from non-Indians A LOT, once they find out. Though my community tends to have horrendously boring weddings, so hopefully this won’t be one of those – have fun!

          • jomo

            She sent me photospreads of famous Indian brides covered with gold and a jewel encrusted sari and giant earrings, but then we looked for dresses at a bridal chain.
            She tricked me!

        • Enz

          India is close to Malaysia! Come over!!

  49. 49 oftheshore

    Hello everyone! How are you?
    Since none of the currently airing dramas have captured my interest, I don’t visit DB as often as I normally do these days. Looking forward to some of the January premieres, though. In the meantime, I joined Twitter, and I’m really enjoying it so far.=) I wonder if any of the DB contributors are on Twitter too…

    • 49.1 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

      are you really not watching any of the new dramas? I have the great seer on my list and I’m itching to watch it. Most dramas are vague about shamanism or mock it but after seeing a little of it in god of war I can’t seem to get enough of it. I hope it isn’t disappointing. I also want to watch jeon woochi and probably many other dramas. I really want to be able to vote for a best drama after being educated. I don’t know why, but this seems like a long year for dramas. I think I’ve seen 10 of them but that’s not really enough. Anyone else feeling like there are many many dramas this year? I’m not on twitter I tried once but I don’t socialize enough with other people to say hip things nor am I interested in the hip things other people say. I find it all really vain. I’m the cocoon sort when it comes to relationships.

      • 49.1.1 JoAnne

        We don’t use it like normal twitterers though – it’s more like one big constant Movie Noona party with everyone commenting on what they’re watching and often a bunch of people watching the same thing. I don’t have anyone on my twitter account that isn’t a Kdrama person. It would be way too irritating for normal people to get THAT many texts about ‘Oppa’.

        • oftheshore

          Oooh, maybe I should get a secret K-drama Twitter account!

      • 49.1.2 oftheshore

        Haha, I certainly understand your attitude to Twitter! I joined mainly because a lot of other young academics I wanted to connect with were on it, and unlike LinkedIn, it allows you to contact people who are not in your ‘circle’. I really try to keep it professional, but sometimes it’s hard not to comment on spoilers for TV shows or stuff from Refinery29! There were a lot of dramas this year, indeed! Looking forward to DB’s and everyone else’s final ratings for the year…

    • 49.2 Mystisith

      A lot of people of DB are on Twitter now! JB and GF have their account, as gummimochi, kaedejun and Heads and…a lot of other people. PS: I use the same name on twitter. If you want to join our group of crazy dramalovers, :).

      • 49.2.1 oftheshore

        As I said above, will probably create a separate account – I’ve been planning to do that for a while, as it’s getting more and more difficult to limit myself to ‘professional’ (ahem) tweets, and I’d love to join you guys!

        • Mystisith

          Good idea! palli, palli! 🙂

        • Korazy Lady

          I have succumbed and created a separate account also, under the name KLnoona. But it can be really crazy because all these tweets will be flying back and forth and it’s hard to figure out what conversation people are actually participating in! Plus, it’s hard for me to watch a drama and tweet at the same time, because then I can’t concentrate on either! But it’s fun to be able to comment if someone is watching the same thing.

    • 49.3 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore,
      don’t tell me you aren’t watching King of Dramas!? It’s really entertaining, with great characters and off the wall vibe – should you feel bored, do have a look.

      Btw, how is Protect the Boss – Spast’i Bossa – doing – does it still air? How are the viewers reactions?

      • 49.3.1 oftheshore

        Witaj, Kopytko! How are you?
        King of Dramas is the only current drama that I’m planning to watch more of – love all the meta stuff! To be honest, though, the last drama I was absolutely crazy about was…City Hunter. I’ved enjoyed many other series since then, but it’s never been quite the same again. Have I lost the drama groove? =(
        I haven’t seen the last few episodes of Spasti Bossa (just haven’t had the time), but seems to have followed the original version pretty closely. I do wish they’d done more to reflect the Russian reality, as some of the things just didn’t feel quite right. For instance, in one episode the main character (=boss) takes everyone on a surprise trip to Paris, and I just laughed because we, CIS citizens, would need to get a visa to go there, even for a weekend. Could he could have stolen everyone’s passports and applied for visas on their behalf? 😀 On the other hand, I think that the characters translated well into the Russian/Ukrainian reality, especially the main trio (although the guy who plays Jaejoong’s character clearly cannot portray the ‘cool and reserved’ chaebol types and just comes off as wooden). The reception seems to have been positive – not overwhelmingly so, but people liked it. There clearly is an audience for such shows in Ukraine and Russia – hope we can make something of our own in a similar format.

    • 49.4 Matt

      I’m on twitter : I follow HeadsNo2 on there but I don’t talk much about Kdramas there because I don’t have many followers who watch it…

      my handle is LK3185 if anyone is interested.. Just say hi 🙂

  50. 50 MeeisLee

    Hi OT! Hope everyone is doing well, Ive been out of the drama scene for a while. However, I’m writing a research paper on Gaksital (ok, not really, but Gaksital is a big part of it) and I was wondering if anyone knows about other dramas set in the colonial period? Or any Korean movies about the Japanese occupation? Or any books (manhwas, fiction, etc.)? I appreciate any suggestions! I’m also thinking about using dramabeans as a source, though I’m not sure if it acceptable as such per guidelines. I’m really looking forward to this paper and if anyone wants to know more feel free to ask :). I now have a legit, academic reason to watch dramas ;D.

    • 50.1 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

      jejoongwon is also set at the cusp of it. there is a very little to do with the rebellion aspect of it at the end of the drama. But it does give an idea of the politics of the time. There is an episode of rebirth/next that deals with it as well. One of the characters is journalist that prints something revisionist.

      • 50.1.1 John


        Plus Jejoongwon has Han Hye-jin. I love her.

    • 50.2 auzakia

      Eyes of Dawn is set in Korea during WWII. Maybe the time period is a bit off but it is better than nothing.

      Maybe the first few episodes of Seoul 1945? Not too sure about that as I haven’t seen it yet.

      Freedom Fighter Lee Hoe Young is only one episode, but the time period seems about right.

      The there is also Capital Scandal, but you shouldn’t base any research on that, since it is really too far of reality.

      Hope that this helps!

    • 50.3 kopytko

      My Way with Jang Dong Gun starts from the occupation time. The main issue is WWII, but still, if you want to have an insight into Japanese-Korean everyday relations, you may want to give it a try. It isn’t much, just the beginning of the film, but may be useful for your paper. Good luck!

    • 50.4 MeeisLee

      Thanks so much guys! I’ll definitely check these out!

      There’s also some actual colonial-era Korean films that have been somewhat restored and rediscovered. They’re being distributed by The Korean Film Archives under several box sets under “The Past Unearthed”

      Has anyone watched any of the films before? I would love to get my hands on them but Im afraid they won’t ship in time for my paper deadline.