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Park Su-jin added to Flower Boy Next Door
by | November 20, 2012 | 47 Comments

Another cast member joins tvN’s rom-com series Flower Boy Next Door, and it’s about time since hitherto we have only heard of one lady (our lead, Park Shin-hye) amongst a crowd of flower boys. Not that I’m complaining about the lineup, mind: After all, this drama has got Park Shin-hye peeking at her hottie neighbor Kim Ji-hoon, whose assistant is the rascally freeloader Go Kyung-pyo, then getting caught in the act by another hottie, Yoon Shi-yoon, kicking off their romance. What’s not to like?

But every good romance needs conflict, and Park Su-jin will provide some as a woman who looks perfect and refined, though upon closer look she’s got cracks in the facade. As a businesswoman—she runs a shopping mall—she projects an elegant image, but she’s easygoing and friendly with friends.

However, that friendliness doesn’t extend to our heroine, apparently: she’s got history with Park Shin-hye dating back to their schoolgirl days, and they’ve got a “deep,” “bad fate” between them. We don’t yet know why, but it has to do with a past our rival is hiding. Hm, that could be interesting.

I’ll be honest in saying that I am at best ambivalent about Park Su-jin as an actress, so she’s the first cast member who doesn’t have me totally excited. This kind of role is old hat for her, and she’s played the second lead/rival character several times before (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store), so I have a feeling I know exactly what to expect of her.

On the upside, who needs to love her when the rest of the cast is so winning? I’d love for Park Su-jin to break out of her rut and show a spark of charisma, but even if she doesn’t there are plenty of others to invest our emotions in.

Flower Boy Next Door premieres on January 7.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nomu nomu nomu

    Hopefully she will be a character that “I love to hate” instead of just being annoyed or indifference to her.

    anybody know how to speed up time???
    January 7th is taking forever to arrive 😡

  2. ninji

    Oh no. One thing that I really did not like in FBRS was the the bitchy white swan one. Hopefully this girl won’t destroy the awesomeness that is gonna be this drama. I really hope not, pretty please.

    • 2.1 jomo

      I liked how they treated the Swan’s story with the Chicken, though.
      She wasn’t a third wheel to the love story of the main leads – just sort of out there to help us understand JIW’s character better.
      She and the Chicken had their own conflict, which made me fall in love with Park Min-woo even more.

      • 2.1.1 Mar

        I agree with jomo and ravens_nest. The swan was a pretty funny side story and not the typical second female lead. FLRS was a little more layered than people think at first glance all around. The swan was just a character to cause conflict, but she was not really the clingy ex or wannabe. She just liked to stir the pot and she wanted to do what she wanted to do. That works for a lot of people in real life lol. The character really was a character lol. She reminded me a lot of a Joss Whedon character like Cordy or Spike or even Anya-character that had their own ethics code, and generally told the truth, said the things others don’t say and don’t want to hear.

      • 2.1.2 sugarpunch

        omg i was shocked to see swan and chicken in the same sentence i had to do a double-take on this post:) yes, i agree with you, but the swan really got on my nerves. she had a lot of gall to declare Chicken her backup boyfriend.

        i really hope this time round the pretty rival won’t be like that….

    • 2.2 ravens_nest

      lol I know I’m in the minority here but I generally liked White Swan in FBRS. Her blunt and carefree attitude was very similar to my own.

      I feel like people misconstrued her character as far bitchier than she really was. Was she careless of other people’s emotions? Sure but not in a deliberately malicious way. Rather she just did not agree with their dating philosophies. Was she just 100% evil bitch? Not really. She very calmly and respectfully told the absolute truth as she saw it but people never liked hearing it.

      The most objectionable part of her character was how she went about an open relationship:

      1. Getting jealous of Ba Wol maybe wanting to date other women when she in turn wanted to date two men. – You can’t get jealous of your partner doing the same thing you are.
      2. Attempting an open relationship with someone who clearly is not of the same mindset. – It’s not fair to force an open relationship on someone who doesn’t want to be in one.

      Anyway, that’s neither here nor there anymore. I have faith TvN will do alright. They have their previous dramas as record. While there were characters people didn’t like, there weren’t really any 100% evil characters. The only really villainous character was that one Strawberry Fields dude who indirectly killed Byung Hee in SUFBB.

  3. Ara

    GOOD. I was expecting someone not so age appropriate.

  4. Mystisith

    Why the second girl almost always has to be a bad girl? Why can’t she have her own story / love line (Protect the Boss)? I also like when they play matchmakers: It’s just so much fun to conspire in order to make people happy.

    • 4.1 cutieblue

      Agree completely. I mean with so much yummy eye candy boys, there should be someone for her, right? 🙂

    • 4.2 kopytko

      Or why not make a real dilemma: both girls are nice, normal people. It is so easy when one of them is a b****.

    • 4.3 mashimomo

      a little off topic: i wasn’t too keen on her character on MGIAG and have never seen her on other dramas, but she is so cute on Tasty Road! i caught an episode at mnet one time and i was hooked. i prefer the season with seong eun, they are so adorable on the show. she seems so much fun to hang out with IRL (well, from the show anyways).

      but yes, from my relatively short history of watching kdramas i really don’t know why (most) kdramas dictates that second lead lady is beautiful but evil. while it gives viewers conflict, it sometimes does not add much to the story, and mostly just annoying filler especially if the plot was not well-thought out. plus i guess we’re supposed to feel more sorry for the main lead when the mean girl is being,well, mean to her.

      • 4.3.1 nomu nomu nomu

        yeah, unfortunately, you’ll see that pattern very often. Female second lead as “The-pretty-bitch-face” and Male second lead as the “The-perfect-gentleman/daddy-long legs” There are exceptions of course, I’m just saying more often than not, that is the formula in K-dramaland. *sigh*

        • Laica

          I’d love to see the second male lead be a full-on creepy stalker for once. Now THAT would be different.

          • nomu nomu nomu

            have you tried ‘Story of a Man’ aka The Slingshot? The male second lead is damn pretty creepy. or how about Que Sera Sera? It’s the male lead himself that you might end up hating. Anyway, it’s good that Dramaland does at least change things up once in awhile, unfortunately not often enough imo.

          • pogo

            Four words: A Love To Kill.

            Well, he’s not a stalker, but he is a controlling bastard who thinks our lead girl is his property. (and the second lead girl is good at heart but annoying – well, annoying to me anyway)

        • pogo

          I thought Goong did a decent job of subverting that a little – they started out with that formula, but by the end Hyo Rin (second lead female) was a lot more sympathetic than Yul.

          Even Boys Before Flowers, for all its other faults, didn’t demonise its second lead girls (and Jan Di had at least one stalker-seemingly-perfect-at-first boy after her, too). I mean, that’s all in the manga but it made it to the screen too.

    • 4.4 jomo

      Yeah, PTB did a great job with Ice Cream.
      We need more love squares like that one.

      • 4.4.1 anicheung

        Very agreed. Even though I didn’t really care for the series itself, I still enjoyed it mostly because of the girls’ friendship…. erm… there’s bromance for the men, but what do you call it when it’s with girls. Kinda sucks that there aren’t enough girls’ friendships out in dramaland for the relationship to merit a proper name, though.

        I really DO enjoy watching the girls actually getting along with each other rather than one of them trying to out-b**** the other. They really DID do a great job with Ice Cream in Protect the Boss — and she was in fact my favorite character among the entire series.

  5. Matt

    At least she’s pretty lol <3

    • 5.1 zsa

      I think she’s ‘pretty’, but not enough to fit the description …when dramas cast a second lead to threaten the existence of the female lead, they should really find someone that will give her a challenge….don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike plain janes, but her description is not plain, and obviously Park Shin Hye is more beautiful than her. In baby-faced beauty however, the second lead was actually more attractive and beautiful, but we felt for Jang Nara coz she’s the one with the heart…sigh!

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        A lot will depend on makeup/styling, too – Park Shin-hye does well at playing believably plain-but-cute (You’re Beautiful) so if that’s what they’re going for here too…

  6. cg

    Eagerly waiting for the drama 🙂

  7. kopytko

    It cracks me up when the second female leads are touted beautiful as oposed to the main leads, which is the opposite of what my eyes can see. Even more when they ridicule the main leads about their looks and challenge the main leading gentlemen per “I am so pretty and wear nice clothes. Why don’t you love me?”
    But it may be my personal taste, speak of beholder’s eyes etc. It’s not her fault that I’ve never found her pretty.

    Anyway, I’ve discovered my very own kdrama law: only one of a kind. So one installment of Flower Boy series was enough, I enjoyed only one time-travelling drama, one centered on cooking and so on. So, although obvious eye-candy (Kim Ji-Hoon *swooooooon*) is warm welcome, it may be not enough to make me watch it. Park SuJin playing a nasty second lead is so much of old stuff, that she doesn’t need to appear on screen any more. It will be difficult for her to surprise viewers. A surprise would be good.

  8. myra

    totally off-topic here, but talking about new dramas to come, i wonder if in the end May queen was granted an extention as there are no news about the following drama….does anyone know what drama will air after May queen?…. and when?
    and how about City conquest? i think they finished filming a long time ago, but no premiere date yet? it’s a little bit surprising!

  9. snow

    meh, not keen on park su-jin. so long as she doesn’t get a loveline with kim ji-hoon, all’s good XD

  10. 10 JJ

    not enthuse with her either, i luv the others park, kim ji, yoon shi – so looking f/ward to watching this drama, can’t wait! i miss kim jihoon!

  11. 11 jomo

    I am in the minority as someone who liked FBRS more than SUFBB.
    I’ll admit it was because of my love for JIW and the fact that I really didn’t connect with the lead girl of SUFBB as I felt she was too passive.

    But, I have to say the FBRS biggest flaw was how they handled the second lead male, the Pillar. He really needed to try more with Eunbi, and he just didn’t.
    This cannot happen with KJH!!! I forbid him playing a non aggressive, non kissing hot man!

    And I certainly don’t see how KJH and Park Su-jin can couple, can they?

    Btw, to me, Park Su-jin will always be that girl who turns down all of SS501 in their video.

    • 11.1 mellowyel

      “I forbid him playing a non aggressive, non kissing hot man!”

      LOOOOL DEAD @ this. I feel you, though. Couldn’t stick with FBRS because none of the characters aside from JIW made any real progression.

      If I was Lee Chung-Ah I’d be mad, though. “You’re telling me I’m working with a full cast of attractive guys and I only get to kiss ONE of them???!!!”

  12. 12 Aya

    smh at the second female role clichés

    Park Su-jin played in some of the biggest kdramas (Queen Seon Deok, Boys Before Flowers, Gumiho, Loving You A Thousand Times, Unexpected You)
    maybe homegirl likes smaller roles she’s been in the industry for quite a while…

  13. 13 cherkell

    I thought Park Soo-jin was freakin’ awesomesauce in “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”!! She could have played a total bitch on wheels, but reigned it in enough to elicit a bit of sympathy for her damaged character. (Besides, I really wanted her to end up with Tae-yang in the end instead of that waste of space Wang Ji-hye turned out to be. Hmpf.)

    Anyway, there’s even more reasons to push this to the top of my Must See List when it premieres — come on January!!!

  14. 14 Laica

    Park Su-jin was terrible in MGIAG, but I actually liked her in that family drama where she was paired with Heechul. Was it Loving You a Thousand Times? (Horrible drama, don’t ever watch it.) She was still bitchy, but in a funny way. And she even grew a bit of a heart after a few episodes, if I recall correctly.

    I hate the bitchy second female lead cliche too, and I don’t need to see it again here. BUT, the one thing that does appeal to me here is that the girls have a reason in their own past that makes them rivals. It would be nice to see an adversarial relationship between women that doesn’t revolve around a man for once. Romance is great and all, but we do have other motivations in our lives than men.

    • 14.1 Annie

      Re: Loving You a Thousand Times, the main couple had no chemistry but I kept watching for Ryu Jin and Lee Si Young’s storyline. I know, it’s completely awful to root for a man to be with his mistress, but I felt until the very end that she was the one he loved despite his history with his wife.

  15. 15 Jyyjc

    She was a bitchy character in that makjang A thousand kisses too. I really wonder why she doesn’t try to expand her roles a bit. Or maybe she does but fail. Anyway, so excited for this drama. I hope this rival female role of PSJ isn’t as significant like the love rival females in the first two installments. Heck I even liked the one in SUFBB but since this one sounds really annoying then please don’t take up too much screentime if she’s not going to be super significant to the story.

    • 15.1 Jyyjc

      Correction: loving you a thousand times.

      Seriously, all these “thousand” dramas.

      • 15.1.1 Laica

        And they’re all so, so bad. There’s also Thousand Years of Love.

        • ravens_nest

          I still think Thousand Years of Love is the worst of the lot, tho. omfg So Ji Sub’s Sonic the Hedgehog hair and the complete fail!whale acting all around. lmfao

          I would hate it more than Big if only it hadn’t made that full circle where something becomes so bad it just morphs into something absurdly funny. XD

        • Mystisith

          Discriminating dramas cause titles bring bad luck: Check!

  16. 16 Mar

    Didn’t she portray So Yi Jung’s first love in BOF? She played a sweet mature girl in that. I remember the character well because she just glowed with this aura of serenity and she had a great line for such a tertiary character, (paraphrased because I don’t know it verbatim) that So Yi Jung thought she was the air he breathed, but she was just a breeze. A breeze comes just once, and once it passes by, it cannot come back to the same place.

    She was the typical annoying clingy stalker girl in MGIAG, annoying and expendable.

    For the new FB show, I like the idea that the two women will have a past outside of competing over a dood. (ugh)

    What I hate most about the bitch old/wannabe/psycho/our family has known each other forever your are my oppa we are supposed to be together bullshit girlfriend- trope- is: 1)The male lead puts up with the bs. 2)The female lead puts up with the bs. 3)the trend to either forgive them or redeem them or find them a man in the end. I’m sorry, but someone tries to ruin my job/family/friends or in some cases, is murderous, yeah, sorry, I’m just not that forgiving. I guess that’s why it’s fiction lol. The one I hate the most is the rich girl in Scent of a Woman. She was horrible. And the crazy murderous sister in Rooftop Prince. Oh, and the girl in Sam Soon, that dips out on Hyun Bin’s character (as if) because she has cancer or something and comes back YEARS later with no contact while she was gone, and was like we are still together we never broke up, why are you hanging out with the old chick? Like that was not PSYCHO.

    I like it when characters are not black and white and are layered but that kiss and make up stuff after someone makes your life hell is just bat-shit crazy.

  17. 17 pogo

    Park Shin-hye is in a new drama? And it’s a Flower Boy drama?!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and, if I’m reading correctly, Yoon Shi-yoon is her eventual love interest? Sign me up for this!)

  18. 18 puddingpie

    I came to like Park Su Jin after I watched her in “Tasty Road” show. she’s so adorable! honestly, I hate her past role project but I wish now she gets more likeable role

  19. 19 Abbie

    I am so looking forward to this, but I don’t really like this actress. I first saw her in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and I hated her. In Bachelor’s Vegetable Store she was okay, but I haven’t finish that drama yet, so I’m not sure how it all turns out. I’m not crazy about Park Su-jin, but I can’t wait for the drama.

  20. 20 kcan

    Eeeesh I call her bug eyes because of her role in MGIAG. I haven’t seen anything else she’s in but let’s hope she has more than 2 facial expressions in her acting arsenal now….

  21. 21 Biscuit



  22. 22 kstalls

    I knew this drama was too be good to be true.

  23. 23 am

    TVN loves PSJ.

  24. 24 Steamy Bun

    Oh gawd, I do not like this actress. She’s weird looking — which would be totally okay if she were a good actress and were in a role where she could channel her weird looks into an interesting/nice character. But she was so freaking annoying in MGIAG! (And not in a love to hate her way but more like a PLEASE get off my computer screen annoying actress! way).
    With luck she’ll be featured very minimally. I really don’t wish to see her clinging around YSY or harassing the heroine.

  25. 25 justcommenting

    I have no idea what’s the hype about the flower boy series because the first drama on ramen or something really disappointed. But everyone else is excited, so I guess probably my tastes just differ greatly from most people’s.

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