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Running Man: Episode 118
by | November 11, 2012 | 56 Comments

It’s time to settle the score between the Hunter vs. the Grasshopper in this conclusive finale. This man needs no introduction… because he’s already standing behind you, waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. You ready to go up against the Hunter? Let’s go.

EPISODE 118. Broadcast on November 4, 2012.

We start off this windy afternoon at the Han River as Jae-suk gives a curious look at the lone sign: “R – I want to become a Monday Couple too.” Ah, so are we using the pretense of a dating reality show (“Jjak”) before we’re formally introduced to the Hunter? Sure, let’s go with it.

Then Mr. PD says to Jae-suk, “You’re covering the sign.” Ha.

Spartakooks comes marching in without a jacket and in loafers which basically tells us that this man is never cold. Suk-jin tugs at his half-buttoned shirt and it snaps open, giving us a sneak peek of those pecs. Now I know what I want for Christmas.

Haha and Kwang-soo walk in together and the boys freak out for a split second before Gary ‘the Troublemaker’ rushes towards them, dispelling their doubts that he’s gone MIA. Phew.

The boys lean in to hear today’s mission: Jjak – the Running Man edition. The six of them will be Bachelors and today’s six Bachelorettes are on their way. That sounds like an empty promise, Mr. PD!

The Bachelors smile at the thought of all being paired off, particularly Jong-kook. Then Jae-suk reminds him, “You’ve got Geun-young!” Is she going to be the new joke? No more Yoon Eun-hye?

Their suspicion radar pings when only two vans pull up. Their first bachelorette is none other than Ji-hyo who’s looking mighty pretty today. They’re speechless for a moment and then fit in a round of compliments before teasing her about her love for the nightlife.

Mr. PD shifts gears to announce their second and last bachelorette which gets the boys all wound up: “You said there were six!” Didn’t you think that previous statement was too good to be true?

But they quickly change their minds when the second door opens to reveal actress and returning guest, Park Bo-young (Wolf Boy). Anyone else sad that Joong-ki isn’t here with her? I suppose he’s busy filming a drama like the nice guy he is.

They’re still a little hopeful, and Jae-suk asks, “Is there anyone else here with you?” Bo-young: “… It’s just me.”

Kwang-soo covers Bo-young with his jacket but the other five bachelors don’t let this chivalrous act go unnoticed. “Don’t try to act cool!” So they strip him – literally – and Kwang-soo comes out from behind the sign covered by his animal print scarf. As if you already didn’t look like a Giraffe enough, keke.

Anyway, back to the mission. Successfully being coupled in the missions will earn them a date coupon. Once their feelings are confirmed for one another (methinks we’ll never get there), the last couple standing will be declared the winner.

If they’re talking about couples, Jae-suk notes that the ex-Monday Couple already have an advantage. Gary: “Does this mean we’re already in first place?” Ji-hyo: “You don’t know if I’ll pick you or not!” Gary: “Don’t make me laugh. You’re feeling blue [in the fall]!”

Time for introductions. Bachelor 1, Jae-suk, explains that he’s been working in broadcasting for the past twenty years to which Bachelor 6, Kwangsoo, asks, “How old does that make you now?” Jae-suk: “I started when I was 10!”

I love that Ji-hyo’s sasy attitude has made a comeback as she interrupts Jae-suk, “We’ll see Bachelor 2 now!” It’s like, Let’s move it along, people!

Before Bachelor 3, Jong-kook, can say anything, Jae-suk declares, “He’s Moon Geun-young’s boyfriend! If you google him, both Eun-hye and Geun-young come up in the searches too!” HA.

Then there’s Bachelor 4, Gary, who calls himself a troublemaking playboy who “wants to cause trouble today!” With whom? Bachelorette 2: Ji-hyo.

Despite Bachelor 5’s “soon-to-be married” status, Haroro makes one last desperate push with his playboy antics: “Bachelorette 1 [Bo-young]! I love you!” and then mouths into the camera (to his fiancΓ©e, Byul): “I’m sorry! I only have you!”

Then Kwang-soo, Bachelor 6, is referred to as “Song Joong-ki’s friend.” Awww.

It’s apparent that the bachelors favor Bachelorette 1 during the ladies’ introductions. Ji-hyo remains unperturbed as the boys makes jabs at her and flippantly comments, “I won’t be picking [enter Bachelor Number here].”

Each of the cast are pulled aside for a private reflection check-in. Oh man, these are so hilarious. Jae-suk: “I think Bachelor 4 and Bachelorette 2 had a little ‘something-something’ goin’ on before.”

Bo-young’s initial impression on the bachelors crack me up. “Bachelor 1 is kind-hearted but he’s got a kid. Bachelor 3’s name is attached to those women. I heard Bachelor 5 is getting married soon. And Bachelor 6 is too tall!”

Cut to Bachelor 6: “[Bo-young]’s about 40% fallen for me but I’m keeping my options open with [Ji-hyo].”

It’s time for lunch and the group heads to the local convenience store owned by Maknae FD. The boys fret over what to buy whereas Ji-hyo shrugs her shoulders – there’s no need for her to buy food. She and Bachelor 1 bicker some more, making their disinterest towards the other loud and clear.

It’s Bachelor’s Choice for lunch and as the majority of the men rush towards Bo-young, Gary and Haha sit with Ji-hyo. And why am I not surprised that Jong-kook, the health addict, is like, “You need to eat healthy things too!” and takes out fruit juice.

Haha complains that Table Bachelorette 1 is too rowdy and Jae-suk stands up, his mouth stuffed with food: “If you wanted to eat somewhere quiet, go eat at home!”

Oh Haha, did you really think a half-eaten hotdog would win Bo-young’s heart? Her reply [via Kwang-soo]: “I wanna skewer you with this.” HA.

The group is ushered into a fancy camping car to head to their next mission location. They laugh in the car ride over, save for a moment when a coffee cup slides off of the table onto Suk-jin’s lap. Ouch.

Elsewhere, we get a glimpse of the Hunter…

At their first mission location, it’s a race to be the first to grab an umbrella and chivalrously cover their lady of choice with it. The ladies, however, have the option to refuse that suitor.

They set off, and surprisingly it’s Bachelor 5, Haha, who runs ahead of the pack, umbrella in hand. But before he can open it, Kwang-soo yells out a congratulatory reminder (or is it warning?) to Haha about his upcoming wedding.

Haha chooses ‘pocket girl’ Bo-young who throws it onto the ground. One man’s despair is another’s happiness and the other bachelors burst into cheers.

The bachelors push and shove each other and this time, it’s Bachelor 6, Kwang-soo, who beats the rest to the punch. He’s like, “Who’s the one who elbowed me?” Easy. Spartakooks.

He holds his umbrella out for Bo-young… and she accepts. Kwang-soo gapes while the others gripe in playful jealousy, “This isn’t entertaining! Are you trying to ruin this show?!”

Then they flock over to Ji-hyo with a pat of sympathy. At the start, they’re all, “We’re coming for you!” and the Ace just gestures, That’s right. Come to me. HAHA.

Jong-kook bashfully walks in between the two ladies… and then Kwang-soo shoots him this look as if saying, Don’t you dare. Oh but Kookie does dare, stepping towards Bo-young who chucks Kwang-soo’s umbrella aside.

While the cast bickers about how Bo-young’s name will be added to Jong-kook’s ever-growing ladyfriend search terms, the Hunter waits with bated breath among the reeds, eyeing his target.

At the opportune moment, he kidnaps one of the staff. Oh no – not Kwon-ryul VJ! So he was serious about the RM VJ hunting?

When we check back in with the cast, Gary establishes his rightful position, standing between Ji-hyo and any other guy who thinks otherwise. Ji-hyo’s “Jjak” sticker starts to come loose and Gary shouts:”Your other half is right here!”

Ji-hyo’s going to give Jae-suk a hard day as she throws his umbrella to the ground. Poor Jae-suk but yay ex-Monday Couple!

They all pile into the camping car and the rejected sit on the top bunker. Bo-young offers Jong-kook a sausage. When Ji-hyo reminds her that the health addict might not eat it, the peanut gallery chants, “Eat it! Eat it!”

… and all the while, they have no idea who’s driving them to their next location.

The couples are awarded a barbeque (YUM!) and Ji-hyo astutely asks, “Why are they feeding us? It makes me uneasy.” Bo-young feeds Jong-kook a lettuce wrap and Gary does the same for Ji-hyo. It’s just that hers is filled with garlic. Gary: “I put in 4!” Pfft.

Another mission is announced, meaning another date coupon. The ladies will wait in a random tent and coupled with the lucky bachelor who finds them.

The bachelors head out and Jae-suk immediately notices that it’s not his trusty Kwon-ryul behind the camera. When asked about his VJ’s whereabouts, the substitute answers that he doesn’t know.

The search continues but the boys find dud cards that instruct them to return to base camp. What’s stranger is that the ladies really are waiting in some unidentified tent. What’s going on here?

Just then, a shadowy figure lingers outside of the tents. Kwang-soo: “Bachelorette 1?” Gary: “If you’re a girl, answer me. If you’re a guy, go away!”

Haha’s figured enough is enough and decides to investigate. Bad idea! BAD IDEA! Sure enough, he nearly has a heart attack as the skull-masked figure swoops in, pinning him to the table.

Then the Hunter ever so slowly rips off his name tag and locks Haha away before running off into the darkness. Totally badass.

Meanwhile the boys fume with jealousy, thinking that Haha’s been paired off. Jong-kook sighs that he should be the one protecting Bo-young and Kwang-soo yells back, “She was just playing you!”

Ji-hyo returns to join them – something’s definitely gone awry. Suddenly, a message projects onto the screen before them, instructing them to pair off to find the mission card. Rather than being alarmed at this, the cast groans at the added note to link arms (Jae-suk and Jong-kook exchange looks.)

The ex-Monday Couple head out and Gary remarks that this setup is eerily reminiscent of most horror movies: The couples are formed, then scattered, and then… disappear. He goes, “Boo!” and Ji-hyo nearly bursts into tears.

They can’t find the mission card anywhere, so Gary wonders, “Then what do we do here? [Go on] a date?” Ji-hyo all but rolls her eyes but plays along, even averting his attention away long enough to playfully poke his cheek.

That’s how you became the Monday Couple in the first place!

Eep, I know that’s just a high bar but it gives off that creepy, unsettling feeling of an unused gallows. Every little thing puts Jae-suk and Jong-kook on edge, especially that standing wooden plank conveniently placed underneath the bar.

They’re both say to the other, “YOU knock it over.” Both men talk pretty big, “What’s this that I can’t knock it over *air kick*” “You do it! The mission card’s beneath there!”

So Jong-kook resorts to pushing Jae-suk into the wooden plank which falls over… and reveals nothing.

Elsewhere, the Easy Brothers rifle through boxes in a room when the lights flicker off and the skull-masked man approaches them slowly…

The other couples regroup and spot Kwang-soo in the distance. But this expressionless robot isn’t the same happy-go-lucky giraffe we know and love. He utters one message: “Gather at the playground.”

They follow his instructions despite their suspicion that he may just be relaying instructions from someone else. Kwangvatar continues to bark orders via the little voice in his ear.

As soon as Kwangvatar says, “Grasshopper,” Jae-suk’s face falls. Min-soo hyung is here?! He starts to sweat.

Kwangvatar then calls Jong-kook to approach and then slaps him. Uh, that’s more like something YOU would do.

And as if Min-soo read my mind, he instructs, “I wasn’t the one who called that order. Kwang-soo did that of his own accord. Relay that word for word.” Kwangvatar stammers and Jong-kook gives him a little taste of his own medicine.

The cast becomes more convinced that it’s Min-soo on the other end of that line the more Kwangvatar keeps talking. Jong-kook tries to talk his way out of it and Kwangvatar barks, “Kim Jong-kook! That mouth!”

Another avatar glitch moment and this time, Kwangvatar chooses not to relay the correction. Instead saying, “It’s your mouth that’s the issue.”

Kwangvatar relays that they’ll play a game of “Red Light/Green Light” and to the winner, Min-soo promises that he’ll give them a kiss. Kwangvatar: “What?” HA.

They start their game and elsewhere, the Hunter affixes his mask and pops the hood over his head. Time to make his grand entrance…

Min-soo reaches the playground at a ‘red light’ moment and Kwang-soo gulps. The cast is immobilized and unable to see behind them, they ask frantically, “What is it? What?”

Min-soo strides towards them, and then wraps his arms around Ji-hyo and Jae-suk. Jae-suk screams.

There aren’t enough words to fully describe the chills that run down my spine as Min-soo ever so calmly instructs his avatar to continue the game. Gary’s the only one left standing and Min-soo rips his name tag about two-thirds of the way off before he lets go.

Jae-suk asks where Min-soo acquired the skull-mask and he answers, “Do you want to see my face?” Is there a Door Number 3? He unmasks himself and the game continues.

But then at the very last second, the cast makes a run for it. Min-soo isn’t at all and calls out in a ringing voice, “Jong-kook, stop right there!”

He instructs Jong-kook to raise his fists – they’ll do this man-to-man. The dark cloak doesn’t seem to slow down Min-soo down in the slightest. He throws lightning fast punches as Jong-kook defends himself.

And then somehow, Min-soo whips around and grabs Jong-kook’s name tag. He gives a hair raising smile before he tears it off.

The terrified members run away and see skull-masked Kwangvatar in the distance who wonders, “What will become of me now?”

We flash back to that frightful moment when Easy Brothers were left speechless by Min-soo’s arrival. He simply told them, “You two fight.” And so they did.

Kwang-soo tore Suk-jin’s name tag off with his teeth and became Min-soo’s avatar.

But then we roll the clocks back even further and see that Min-soo had planned out every teeny detail of this wild goose chase from the camping grounds to his sneaky entrances. Keh, I love that he flashes a quick smile for the cameras.

In jail, Min-soo dryly explains that he’s set up a way the Running Man cast can win. All they have to do is collect the pieces of the Hunter’s name tag and attach it to his back.

At the same time, Ji-hyo comes to this very same conclusion: Min-soo didn’t have a name tag on him. They start their search for it, though they have no idea the pieces are scattered.

The jailed think of ways to relay this secret to the others which include paper planes and a paper cup telephone. HAHAHA. Suk-jin’s totally convinced and puts a cup to Haha’s ear, “See if you can hear anything. Can you hear me?” Haha: “I totally hear you.” Snerk.

Haha’s paper airplane takes a nosedive on its maiden journey right outside the window. A VJ retrieves it for him but before he can throw it again, Min-soo rounds the corner. Uh oh.

Min-soo tells him to read it aloud and Haha lies, singing praises about the Hunter. So Min-soo orders him to hand it over and Haha tears it into pieces, stuffing it into his mouth. HA.

Min-soo’s voice booms from the speakers and he instructs the remaining four members to search for boxes lest they be hunted down. Gary clings to a pole, “It’s better off that I get eliminated early!”

A hunter plays with his prey before he chomps down and he chases Gary around until they reach the jail. Gary pleads for his life and Min-soo’s got bigger fish to fry. He lets Gary know but the reason is, “Because I can always catch you again.” *chills*

A hunter also knows where his prey is hiding and he literally pounces on Kwang-soo who begs as well. And though Kwangvatar was a poor avatar, Min-soo drags him alive for now…

Jae-suk and Gary both find pieces of Min-soo’s name tag. Meanwhile, we’re brought back to that creepy high bar. Min-soo jots down a note, ‘If you save Kwang-soo, I’ll bite you.’

And he leaves Kwang-soo humming and hanging by his arms.

The other boys successfully find the boxes and head back to the projector as instructed. However, Ji-hyo is still deep in the woods trying to find hers. She opens it as soon as she does but then something grabs her by the knees: the Hunter.

Her screams of terror can be heard from basecamp and Jae-suk jumps in his seat.

Gary discovers Kwang-soo just as the wooden box beneath him tips over. He puts it back but when he reads Min-soo’s message, he tips it over again. Aww.

Jae-suk’s heard Kwang-soo’s yelling as well and by the time he runs over, Kwang-soo’s barely holding onto the bar by his fingers, his name tag slowly tearing away from his back.

But he can’t hold on any longer and Kwang-soo lets go and collapses to the ground while the name tag hangs in the air. And though Kwang-soo is in a ball crying, Jae-suk marvels at the hanging string, “This is what it’s for?”

They exchange a dramatic and tearful goodbye. Jae-suk: “Kwang-soo you tear off my name tag!” Kwang-soo: “Hyung, you’re the only one who can win this!”

Jae-suk deduces that he’s playing cat-and-mouse with Min-soo and that he’s last on the Hunter’s Kill List. Gary thinks along those same lines and hands Jae-suk the piece of Min-soo’s name tag he found earlier.

The projector flickers on and Min-soo’s looming voice narrates, “Do you know what the heaviest thing in this world is? It’s air.”

Why? “The very last breath you breathe before you die. You guys might resent me. It’s okay if you do. But don’t make it obvious. Because I’ll bury you.” The boys shift uncomfortably in their seats.

There’s more. The pieces of Min-soo’s name tag are where their fellow members were eliminated.

He turns to Jae-suk – he still can’t forget that day when Jae-suk attached his name tag to his back. Jae-suk: “That was two years ago!” Min-soo gives another menacing smile…

…and then pops out the screen, scaring the living daylights out of Jae-suk, Gary, and myself. He pins them to the ground as Jae-suk asks why he had to come out of the screen like that. Min-soo deadpans, “It’s not my first time.” Hee. Why so scary and funny?

Min-soo makes them engage in a rock-paper-scissors match and sends Jae-suk off when he wins. Then when Jae-suk actually gets up to leave, Min-soo’s like, “You’re actually going to leave? And leave [Gary]?” Omg stop with the mind games!

Jae-suk: “Gary… See you next week!” HAHAHA.

Min-soo throws Jae-suk a thumbs-up. “You’re this.” and then rotates it 180 degrees: a thumbs down. “And you’ll be this.” Jae-suk just twists Min-soo’s hand up again which gets him to genuinely laugh.

As Jae-suk runs away, he vows that he’ll eliminate Min-soo. Yeah, in what universe? It looks like luck might be on his side as he retraces his steps and finds the rest of the pieces.

The name tag now reassembled, Jae-suk walks around the camping grounds cautiously. Suddenly, Min-soo leaps out and chases him around the tents. Jae-suk drops the name tag and Min-soo steps on it.

He tells Jae-suk to retrieve it and starts rearranging his cloak. Now the velcro is in front of Jae-suk’s eyes and he goes to stick it on… and Min-soo blocks his hand instinctively. Woah.

Min-soo sits Jae-suk down and turns around, giving him another opportunity. So Jae-suk throw it and it flies into the air… and Min-soo whips around at the last second. Daebak.

Min-soo whispers that they’ll continue this battle in the forest and the Hunter retreats. He calls out Jae-suk’s name in a reverberating voice that echoes across the camping grounds.

Jae-suk trudges up into the woods and spots a mysterious dark figure in the distance. The Hunter has his back turned and Jae-suk quietly walks towards him. The name tag is now inches from his back. Just a little more…

Jae-suk stops short and realizes that it isn’t Min-soo after all. Kwon-ryul, is that you?! But then that means…

…and the real Hunter sneaks up behind Jae-suk and grabs him into a hold. He cleanly rips off Jae-suk’s name tag and Jae-suk stammers, “Hyung, do you always have to eliminate people like this?”

Min-soo asks in return, pointing to the masked man, “Aren’t you curious to see who that is?”

Aww poor Kwon-ryul gets ripped a new one for helping Min-soo instead of Jae-suk and Kwon-ryul squeaks that he was captured.

Min-soo ties Jae-suk to a tree and shoots him another thumbs up before he turns it into a thumbs down. The Hunter disappears into the woods and Jae-suk easily slips out of the rope.

Will this be the last we see of the Hunter?


56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jay

    Thank you!!

  2. Jywoi

    Am I the only one confused about Bo-young’s disappearance? I don’t remember the cast/staff explaining that she had a schedule or something… maybe I missed it^^.

    Thanks for the recap πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 Dita

      yes, me too…
      it’s the first thing came up in my mind at the last scene.
      Where were our Bo Young??
      It’s a little bit confusing…
      But, it’s pretty fun too πŸ™‚

    • 2.2 racheose

      they didn’t explain but i think she was just a distraction for the rm members to promote her movie maybe and the cast thought she was with haha since they both dissapeared so the pds just let them think like that.

      although they tried hard to make it scary i liked it anyway there were a lot funny dialogues between the cast and bo young… especially the way ji hyo reacts to all the male members… i really laughed hard when gwang soo was in that high-bar it was creative hahaha
      and yes i think they tried so hard to make min soo look so scary… he can be fun and cute too i hope they forget hunting and guest him in a normal ep again

    • 2.3 Sabah

      At the end of the episode there was a message which said something like, ‘We thank Park Bo Young for making a special appearance.’

  3. Unnursvana

    It kinda felt like they mashed two episodes together in this one. It was a little bit confusing and weird for me. I love Bo Young and I have been waiting for her to come back (ep 25 is one of my favorite RM episodes ever) so I got a little bit disappointed when she just left so suddenly.

    I also just wanted Choi Min Soo to come back as a regular guest, no as the hunter, again. I thought it would have been more entertaining if he had just showed up with Bo Young and Song Jihyo as a guest, and just taking part in the games and stuff.

  4. Village Mrembo

    Bored me to tears, its like they tried too hard to recreate the epicness that is always the Grasshopper Hunter! This week’s looks epic tho, cant wait for subs

  5. Daisy

    Don’t like how Park Bo young just disappeared does that mean she knew the plan from the beginning

  6. biankoy

    I love, love, love the Monday couple. Can they just get back together again (or what I’m really hoping for here, is to get together in real life as well). Ji-hyo’s attached and all, but these two really have amazing chemistry and I’m pretty sure that Gary’s REALLY likes Ji-hyo.

  7. lemonade candy

    i’ve been attached to runningman since episode 1; so I’m definitely gonna watch this… Choi Min Soo ajusshi and yoo jae suk battle is lol inducing ~

  8. Reena

    OMG when Min Soo tore through the screen I literally screamed my lungs out… and I watched this show at 2am!

    Goodness! ^^

  9. Wan

    This is one of the few episodes where I thought it was pretty boring. Minsoo and Boyoung are great and all but I felt like I had to struggle to finish this episode.

    Gwangsoo was the best thing that happened during this episode. hahah.

  10. 10 cg

    thanks for the recap!!

  11. 11 Sofia

    I found this episode boring, and am feeling like I am being disappointed by this show a lot lately.

    • 11.1 kamen

      I’m totally with you.

      The last truly entertaining episode(s) for me was when Park Jisung appeared as a guest. After that it kind of went downhill, again.

      • 11.1.1 tika

        yesss,, it’s hard to beat park ji sung episode…

    • 11.2 Unnursvana

      I hear lot of people say that tbh. I still think Running Man is very enjoyable show, but maybe not as enjoyable as the first half was. The gap between amazing episode that rock my world is getting wider, the rest is just ok episodes that I think are fun, but not amazing.

      I still enjoy a lot of these episodes, but I sort of miss the old format. They have changed it up a bit and I don’t think it is working as well, but it has gone sort of downhill and then up again so I have faith in the staff.

  12. 12 Running Man Fan

    Min Soo is scary as a hunter, i am really terrified of him. At his age, he is so fast and agile, even won Kim Jong Kook in the one to one fight. But i do think that Jong Kook gave in to him a little out of respect and courtesy.

    Gwang Soo as always make me laugh. He being shirtless at the beginning, rejected by the girl, slap by Jong Kook and became an avartar. Those are the moment i enjoyed.

    I also love the Monday couple, their onscreen chemistry is good. Totally enjoy their interaction, especially the bickering between Ji Hyo and Jae Suk.

    Like some people, i wonder where is Bo Young and later then i know that she is only making a special appearances to cover up Min Soo strategy. She is pretty cute and lovely.

    Lastly, I think Jae Suk, Gary and Ji Hyo did a great job to last towards the end. Haha, SuK Jin and Jong kook were eliminated very early. Yeah, i know it is all planned out.

    Jae Suk being tied at the tree is also funny.. Next, let’s make a series on Min Soo hunting and we gather all the Running Man to hunt him down.. HAha. πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Aryast

    TBH, I found this episode to be a huge, HUGE disappointment, in part due to one week’s worth built up anticipation all for it to boil down to nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Everything felt rehearsed and had bad acting moments in it.

    A few key points that made me come to this conclusion that this one is heavily scripted down to the tithe:

    The decoy mission – “Monday Couple” – had like ONE task(I don’t consider the “eat on the same table as the one you wish to be coupled with” a mission task) which was the umbrella one and then by night they’d already started bbq-ing. Isn’t it a norm in RM to have like 3-5 tasks done by nightfall? What I found weird was the RM’s lack of questioning the simplicity and the amount of tasks given since they’ve always been suspicious of anything that’s “easy”.

    And then there’s the real mission. It had no solid plot, no proper mission. The whole time I was thinking, how is this is fair to RM? Choi Min Soo obviously has the upper hand in this and thus there’s no excitement. The whole time I was going dafuq is going on here?

    I remembered clearly the second time that Choi Min Soo appeared on RM. They had to run around completing tasks(answering questions) and whoever failed was left behind; they were later used as hostages and Jaesuk had to save them. Now THAT’s a solid plot and mission. It may seem like Min-soo had the upper hand but it wasn’t so because the odds were balanced with whatever rules that were used at the moment.

    Lastly, the bad over-acting and overreaction by the RM to Min-soo’s so called “appearance” and at whatever he does. It didn’t feel genuine and organic at all.

    Other than that, the comedic aspect of it still saved it(A BIT) for me.

    To end this on a positive note, I just wanna clarify that I love Running Man and Choi Min-soo to bits. Can’t wait for this week’s episode! Looks fun!

    • 13.1 Jta_0358

      I honestly agree with you. I was anticipating Bo Young and Min Soo’s appearance. Bo Young’s appearance was lacking and wanted more of her since I liked her since episode 25. This episode, it is a bit unfair since strength-wise, JaeSuk is going to lose. The first Choi Min Soo appearance where they were all given a mission – now that is a better and more exciting plot..

      For some fans who miss the previous episodes, I guess it varies by preferences. I would admit I miss some of the old episodes such as the Tea Time or even the Hide and seek. However, some current episodes are awesome as well although, there are times where they may fall short. RM is doing their best and for that, we should continue supporting them.

  14. 14 Minz

    This episode for me was pretty great just because Ji Hyo seemed more alive than she has been in awhile, probably cos filming for Jackal is over…? I value cast interactions much more than plotlines and so the first half was still fun just cos the main cast got to interact and play around a fair bit without all the story lines and scripting. Second half got quite lame as much as I love Min-Soo. Miss the old RM days so much!

    P.S. Wolf Boy and Jackal were represented by their female leads and not male leads O.o

  15. 15 JC

    Ahh, I love Choi Min Soo. xD
    He’s so crazy that it’s daebak-
    This man doesn’t half ass things- I can’t believe the amount of effort and detail that always goes into his hunting plans.
    And when he burst through the screen, I think my heart stopped right then.

  16. 16 Mika~

    I love Choi Minsoo’s appearances on Runningman, but this game seems really skewed to his favor. I mean, it’s funny to watch the Runningman members scream in horror when they’re captured and everything, but it’s not really fun anymore when you know they don’t stand a chance. I feel like Jongkook would’ve totally been able to take on Choi Minsoo had he known what he had to do to make him out. In the last episode when Choi Minsoo came, I at least thought, wow, maybe Jaesuk has a chance, but in this episode, it was like watching the Runningman members go up against an omnipotent entity, and I had no one to root for.

  17. 17 BattleAngel

    Thanks for recapping! I Love Running Man! Funny as always in the beginning and it did seem too easy for a RM episode in the beginning but I enjoyed it because Bo-Young is so cute! Looks so small next to Giraffe…and she’s 2 inches taller than me! Love the uproar by the guys when she was feeding Jong-Kook a wrap and hilarious of Gary to put 4 garlic’s in Ji-Ho’s wrap.

    Love Bada** Min-Soo and that high bar contraption was so creative and good job hanging Kwang-Soo up on the high bar for disobeying Min-Soo as his avatar and doing whatever he wanted to Jong-Kook. But I am disappointed that again there was no “REAL” man to man competition between Jong-Kook and Min-Soo. Jong-Kook always just lets Min-Soo take him out due to respect. The first time Jong-kook just gave up..this time he barely threw a punch at Min-Soo and let him tear his name tag. You know if it was anyone else (other than a pretty girl that is) Jong-Kook would be fighting the name tag ripping and trying to drag them through the park! Min-Soo was punching incredibly fast for his age and his outfit but I’d think Jong-Kook could’ve done better…guess Jong-Kook couldn’t beat Min-Soo for the sake of the show keeping up Min-Soo’s scary monster character up.

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

  18. 18 lily

    dont care what others are saying, i quite like this episode! min soo was scary as hell lol.. ji hyo also come back alive and kwang soo was sooo funny!

    but i wish haha and jong kook weren’t killed that early hehe

  19. 19 Bum

    I like the opening its really funny I wish theyve done it inside so the Pretty Jihyo doesnt messed up her style.

  20. 20 Bum

    I dont like The hunter thing Iam glad its the end the lat one its so predictable and not fun coz its like the first time the plot looks very similar just a change of setting. Even YJs doesnt feel as scared and the casts too Jihyo is a scardycat so not even counted to scare her at night in a forest ofcourse everygirl will scream… Dont like the hunting thing and Iam happy its over….

  21. 21 Jemin

    Jihyo needs to just do movies she cannot do dramas and rM at the same time I think drama is 24/7 until it ended movies I feel is much better I guess I feel bad at Kwangsoo he looks so pale thin and ready to faint… I think thats why Soongki quit now he looks heathy. Kwangsoo needs some rest just do rm Health Is Wealth

  22. 22 Fwer

    I loveee RM its the besttt betting 1n2d b4 I used to love 1b2d but after Hodong mong jiwon seungi left I dont watch it anymore Iam just hook to RM even top celebrities love it sooo Daebak! Wish to be suprised with an Alist superstar guest… Miss Moon ep is super good and the Three Seer is awesome tooo…

  23. 23 Fwer

    I know its impossible but Kang Hodong in RM with Seungiii will be an Epiccc time!!!YJs fighting!

    • 23.1 kimchi

      no kang ha dong but seung gi will be there on the next episode. weeh! half of your wish came true ^_^

  24. 24 Cindy

    Hm, I didn’t enjoy the episode much because it felt too scripted for Choi win.

    But RM’s last episodes were good and I really did have fun, I don’t get why every week have people complaining ”how good rm was isn’t anymore.”

    I mean, if you aren’t having fun anymore, I think it is time to go find something else then, instead of complaining it over and over. Just watch the episodes people say were good, that is it.

    I just started watching (because of MGY episode) and since that episode I’m watching and enjoying a lot RM.

    You say how good it was before, makes me think it was really something. I hope I’m not disappointed.

    I guess because it already had so many episodes and you already know the members and games it can be tiring… that is why I say watch another thing πŸ™‚

  25. 25 sss

    this eps was so boring…
    like every member in RM just act to be scared.

  26. 26 Laica

    I actually loved this episode from beginning to end. I don’t know how scripted or whatever it was. I don’t doubt that that it was scripted to a large degree, because it’s a variety show after all. Personally that doesn’t bother me much as long as the episode is entertaining, and the cast has funny interactions. I mostly watch for the cast’s chemistry and for specific guests anyway, and for the games which are usually a lot of fun, and not necessarily because I want to see who wins – though that’s fun too. I’m not under any illusions that these aren’t entertainers playing roles and trying their best to give funny “ments” and get as much airtime as possible. Heck, they admit it on air. I actually prefer it this way because there is no pretence that this is reality. Or even “reality”. It’s one of the things I find so fascinating and entertaining about K-variety, which is like nothing else I’ve ever watched.

    Thanks for the recap gummi!

  27. 27 JenJen

    Choi Minsoo is a handsome and funny ajusshi but I found his previous episodes to be more entertaining. It could have done without the Park BoYoung misdirect. Instead it should have just had a reasonably quick game before heading to the camp ground. There was also not enough means of discovering the mission or of defeating Minsoo. Ah well, maybe next time will be more entertaining…

  28. 28 Fiekaman

    I have a tendency to watch pat episodes of RM repeatedly even if it is boring or not that good, but with some hilarious moments.

    This episode, I have to struggle to finish watching it. There’s tooooo much scripting that I feel like Bo Young’s dissapearance didn’t even get explained on the show. Which left (I think) the majority of the viewers confused. They should atleast explained at the end.

    Seriously? I prefer the 3 seer men’s double eps or the middle-aged flower ahjussi’s eps than this. Hopefully, if they intend to invite Min Soo again let it be hilarious and less-scripted. I bet most of us hav3 had enough of the Hunting Game.

  29. 29 Katherine

    It’s the FINAL HUNT so this was the final encounter in regards to CMS hunting down the RM members. As much as people have said it was all scripted etc I still enjoyed this episode. It was great seeing Park Bo Young back on even though it was only for half an episode (I actually think she’ll be back on soon with Song Joong Ki once Nice Guy is finished) it was clear that she was used as a cover story for the end game & they even noted at the end a special thank-you to PBY for her appearance, it’s not like they blindsided her and made her disappear, she obviously knew before hand what was going to go down.
    I really wanted Yoo Jae Suk to win but I have a feeling he just let him win so this could finish LOL. I loved seeing zoned out Kwang Soo, it was just hilarious (especially when he slaps Kim Jong Kook).

  30. 30 onyxx

    oh boy, i’ve been anticipating this episode for so long i guess it was inevitable that reality would fail to match my expectations. some parts of this episodes felt too obvious and “contrived” to be truly enjoyable — the only thing missing was cue cards telling the audience what was going on .

    at any rate my favorite part is the easy and playful banter between the cast. ji-hyo, in particular, was in fine form this day. she gave as good as she got — and more! go Ace! the female guest didn’t have much an impact, but the RM cast alone could make any episode a blast.

  31. 31 tika

    choi min soo is handsome T_T

  32. 32 ice

    Please let this be the lasting of the Hunting series. Please.

  33. 33 KZ

    You guys are so picky. I found this episode really enjoyable. Only the ending felt lacking. Like it was just cut to black without really concluding anything. Watched this with my homies though and we were all dying the entire time. Maybe it’s just me though. I don’t go to each episode really expecting anything or nitpicking things so that’s probably why I enjoy it more.

  34. 34 Ok

    I really enjoyed this ep. Maybe because I did not have expectations.

  35. 35 Claire

    I know a lot of people wanted the old format coz it’s greater and funnier but for me it’s ok if they keep changing it..the production and staffs keep experimenting games and tasks..sometimes you just need to CHANGE whether it’s gonna be bad or good coz if they didn’t change the format it’ll be repetitive and in the end it’ll get boring so CHANGE is fine..

    I love Running Man..I’m so attached to it cause there was a time that I felt so depressed, so lonely I have never known about kvariety shows back then and there was someone who mentioned Running Man so I searched about it and diligently watched from episode 1 up to episode 50+ at that time and instantly it became my medicine, my anti-anxiety, anti-depressant..that is why Running Man is so special to me cause it saved me..up till now whatever the episode is, good or bad, funny or boring, I still watch it and still enjoyed every episode.

    “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.” I now agree to this line cause it really, everytime i feel sad i watch RM and other funny shows πŸ˜€

  36. 36 kim

    this episode was great. just like all the other episodes. Show some appreciation guys or go direct your own reality show, see if you can do any better. hehe.
    Running man is meant to entertain, i think this episode was definitely without a doubt entertaining so kudos to the production team and the cast (: yoo jae suk and the rest fighting!

  37. 37 NagaKarat

    To all of you expecting this episode to be fair, you should realize by now that any Choi Min Soo eps after the first one is not fair. It’s heavily scripted to bring terror to the running man especially grasshopper. Just enjoy the ride on how creative CMS toys with them, that’s what I expected to see and that’s what I get. Now, since YJS didn’t smack talk at the end I expect any CMS future guest starring will be back to status quo hopefully.

  38. 38 Kaekae

    This wasn’t the best RM episode and not even teh best MinSoo episode, but it was OK. But most of the time during the hunt, I kept wondering “what happened to the girl” (I couldn’t remember her name) I even thought she might be the guy in the cloak.
    I want him to come back, but if it is with a guest (so they don’t get suspicious) the guest needs to be totally in on it. Not chasing or teaming with MinSoo, but know what is coming and serve as a diversion to the team members. Let them get captured early and then scare the daylights out of other members
    Joong-ki coming back would work, but any repeated guest that is devious enough could work. (Yong-Hwa)

  39. 39 o

    I enjoyed the episode and don’t understand why people are complaining that running men didn’t win. Would you like it that the running men win every freaking week?? why are you people so obsess with winning. it’s a variety and the point of the show is not to have an aggressive competition which all the members have to go all out.

    Also I read some comments saying things like Min Soo hyung really scared Ji Hyo and she cried blah blah. This I believe is untrue. Members of course have to act like they are really scare otherwise wouldn’t it be so boring???
    some viewers are overly sensitive and easily offensive . it’s so annoying to please them.

    when running men lose they say the running men are going easy on the guest to let or the guest is too aggressive. On the other hand when the running men win some people complain, the guest is not competitive enough, he/she is boring and doesn’t fit to be on running men.

    I love running men members but people should not always be so protective about them.

    • 39.1 Hi yo

      I think Jihyo was actually scared when CMS came at her. I mean, a girl in a dark forest and someone grabs you by the knees? Sh*t. She also wasn’t there when the rest of the RM came out to see the YJS/CMS fight…

      • 39.1.1 Raptor

        That was the part that suggested that she must have been scared out of her wits. We didn’t even see CMS tear off her name tag, probably because they didn’t wanna show how upset she was. If that part wasn’t scripted, then I think CMS really went too far during that part. Any human being, male or female, would have been terribly terrified in her situation.

  40. 40 Hi yo

    There were some things that confused me, like Park Bo-young’s disappearance and the first half of the hunter period (before CMS told them to ind his name tag). Its like they were first trying to find the ladies, then told to return to base camp and then told to set off again to find another card. I was kinda like what?

    However, bad things aside, I still thought it was a really good ep!!

  41. 41 myzoya

    Soorryy…I think I might be the only one who dislikes the episodes w/ Choi Min Soo in it.

    For me they are not scary at all and sometimes they look like they are overacted probably due to their respects to Choi Min Soo as the eldest..

    Soooorrryyy……… πŸ˜€

  42. 42 anonymous

    to be honest the episodes with choi min soo were all ok. It is obvious that choi min soo will win because he’s the eldest one and running man members all respect him. Choi min soo can easily tell them to all stand still and rip their own name tags out and they will do it out of respect and timidity towards him. So honestly, there’s no real “battle” here like the one we saw in episode 145 (law of the jungle one). The only positive part about Choi min soo as a guest is that he can easily scare running man and make them do ridiculous tasks. However, after a while, it gets a bit less interesting. In the beginning when choi min soo appeared, it was interesting because it was new. However, the interest starts dying out since choi min soo is doing the same thing he did in previous epsiodes (scaring them etc. but using different tactics, props etc). I do not think I will be watching anymore choi min soo running man epsiodes unless there are good reviews on it or I am really bored. Sorry. Other than that, running man is still a great variety show!

  43. 43 Julie

    Comedy version of a horror movie. Loved it.

  44. 44 Ingeborg

    Yes! Finally something about booster car seat.

  45. 45 anna-solero

    u forget about steamed buns x’D

  46. 46 Vinn99

    Can someone please help me understand why they are all so scared/respectful of Choi Minsoo? Even in Choi Minsoo’s first appearance, Jongkook basically surrendered himself. Without a fight.
    Why is that? there have been many other famous, senior guests, but they did not get special treatment to this degree.

    Is he a super famous celebrity? Or is it all just scripted concept for all of Choi Minsoo’s appearance?

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