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Running Man: Episode 119
by | November 18, 2012 | 39 Comments

What do you get when you combine sports with Running Man? Hilarity. And when you mix in a chock-full of superpowers? Confusion. Try your best to keep up with the plethora of superpowers the cast throws at us. This sure isn’t your traditional game of baseball you played in gym class. I suppose two adorable baseball superstars make up for it.

EPISODE 119. Broadcast on November 11, 2012.

On this fine autumn day, Jae-suk arrives with a smile: he’s already seen the headlines about today’s guests. He frowns a little, however, at the green jacket. What do you mean it’s not your favorite color?

Gary picks up Ji-hyo’s jacket for her and stares into the camera, “If you miss [me/it], then come find me!” One by one, the speakers announce their entrance and they wonder if they’ll be starting today without an opening.

Just then, another guest arrives: actress Jin Se-yeon (Five Fingers, Gaksital) who’s an adorable ball of nerves. “What if I get eliminated right away?”

We hear voices in another part of the building which belong to none other than today’s guests: baseball stars Choo Shin-soo (Cleveland Indians) and “Monster Pitcher” Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanhwa Eagles).

They’re busy practicing each other’s name tags and Shin-soo admits that the ripping noise certainly feels unsettling. He feels that it might be rude to rip the cast’s name tags off right away and Hyun-jin jokes, “So we’ll say ‘Nice to meet you!’ and rrrripp!”

They continue to joke around and then Hyun-jin freezes – he took the stitches out with the name tag already. HA – I think I love them already.

A mix of shock and fear washes over the cast members’ faces as the sports stars are introduced and Haha whines, “It’s like having three Jong-kooks today!”

And then the speakers blare their first mission – time to tear off some name tags. Ohhh yeah. I love an episode that starts off with a bang.

The cast start to panic and call to join forces but that’s no use because Shin-soo charges towards Haha and takes him out in seven seconds flat. Woah.

Kwang-soo runs into Jong-kook and the two of them whisper that they have to team up but then Shin-soo bursts out of the stairwell. He grabs for Kwang-soo and Jong-kook bolts. HA.

Kwang-soo pleads for his life, calling out for Jong-kook who hides in a corner. Shin-soo reaches for Kwang-soo’s back… and Kwang-soo has Shin-soo’s name tag in his hand as well.

It’s no surprise that Shin-soo’s the one who comes out victorious, Kwang-soo’s name tag in hand. And as Kwang-soo heads to jail in the elevator he comments that things would’ve turned out differently if only he was a little faster. Mmhmm.

Shin-soo gives chase when he hears a voice in the distance. It’s Yooruce Willis who spotted him around the corner. Jae-suk runs like his life depends on it but let’s assess here – you’ve got an MBA player on your tail.

Soon, Hyun-jin joins in on the chase and Jae-suk’s run so far away that he loses his VJ in the process. But Shin-soo catches up with him and rips off the name tag with ease.

That’s three cast members down in 10 minutes. Impressive.

We hear someone else’s screams in the corridors. Those belong to Gary who is currently running away from Hyun-jin.

I love that everyone is so good-hearted about this entire game, both the chaser and chased alike. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Poor Hyun-jin grabs his side and is breathless and Shin-soo gasps, “I haven’t exercised since the season ended!”

They form an alliance and comment that this show sure is tiring. That’s right, sir – Running Man can take the wind out of any athlete, even Olympians. Then, someone else grabs their attention and Shin-soo sing-songs, “I got you~”

Jong-kook looks in surprise… to see Ji-hyo and Se-yeon. Ji-hyo worries about the brute force of the baseball players. The screams liken to those when they were hiding from Choi Min-soo.

Ji-hyo relays that Se-yeon’s got one wish: to take out Suk-jin. Cut to: Suk-jin hiding beneath a TV stand. Pfft.

After some time, Suk-jin finally resolves to venture out into the jungle. He’ll be safe just as long as he remains out of sight, right? But just his luck because he catches Shin-soo’s eyes. Ah, so that’s who he started chasing after.

Suk-jin tries to run away from Shin-soo… only to find Hyun-jin waiting for him. Ack! His elimination is announced and Se-yeon stomps her feet. She was supposed to take out the Impala!

Mr. PD sounds surprised that the two baseball players are now allies and Hyun-jin tells them that he’s even going to lose to Shin-soo sunbae. “He came such a long way, after all.” Hahaha.

Watching Hyun-jin move away from Jong-kook makes me nervous. Surely he isn’t luring Spartakooks into a trap, right? Then Jong-kook proposes to join forces and take Shin-soo out together. Well now…

… and Shin-soo gives him the okay. They part for now and Jong-kook whispers, “Choo Shin-soo, I never thought that we’d meet like this.”

A little while later, Shin-soo rounds the corner and spots Jong-kook who instinctively runs away. Jong-kook remains calm as he does his best to muffle the sounds of his footsteps, buying time until Hyun-jin arrives.

Cut to: Hyun-jin trying to find his way around. “How do I get upstairs?” HAHA.

Ultimately, Shin-soo’s got Jong-kook cornered and the latter tries to reason with him as well. How about they face off in a final showdown? It’s much more entertaining than watching two baseball stars have at it.

Shin-soo contemplates that for a moment and then decides, Heck with that and reaches for Jong-kook. The ladies look on downstairs, nervous, and the two men start wrestling each other.

Jong-kook’s quick to prevent Shin-soo from reaching and soon he’s got the baseball player pinned against the wall. In a matter of seconds, Jong-kook tears the name tag off and Shin-soo collapses to the ground.

Drunk with victory, Jong-kook shouts, “You should have backed down when I went easy on you!” He keeps his smile just long enough to show the name tag to the ladies but when he turns around, a glint of nervousness betrays his confidence.

Jong-kook and Hyun-jin run into each other in the stairwell. He’s ready to forgive the pitcher for not showing up earlier (Hyun-jin: “You should have screamed!” Jong-kook: “I did! The entire neighborhood could hear me!”) if they take out the ladies together.

Hyun-jin nods and a voice calls out, “What’d you just say?”

Ha – it’s so cute that Hyun-jin sends Ji-hyo secretive baseball signals and then admits that he’s already let the ladies off once. Jong-kook: “That means it’s time to eliminate them, right?” He nods again.

This is Running Man which means that people are in danger every time their backs are turned. Like how Ji-hyo moves up the stairs when Jong-kook isn’t looking or how Se-yeon hesitantly reaches for Ji-hyo’s name tag.

In jail, Suk-jin boasts that out of all the times he’s been eliminated (I think we should make up a prize for that), Shin-soo definitely takes the cake. So they’re legitimately surprised to see Shin-soo himself, who tells them that he’s been taken out by Jong-kook.

Shin-soo shares that everyone around him told him to take Jong-kook out because “he acts like he’s too strong.” Jae-suk remarks that those same people will think differently after today’s broadcast.

Ji-hyo decides to sneak attack Hyun-jin but he notices her reflection (or maybe her VJ) and she yelps when he appears. Her scream startles Jong-kook and Se-yeon but it’s too late for them to come to her rescue as he tears off her name tag, smiling brightly, “You’re out!”

Then he runs towards Se-yeon who’s in the elevator. She’s like, “Do you know who I am?” He does but he’s still going to take you out. She cries, “And I didn’t get to tear off any name tags!”

Back in jail, the eliminated hear that it’s down to Hyun-jin and Jong-kook, so they chant for their favored victor: “Ryu Hyun-jin! Ryu Hyun-jin!”

The two men face-off and Hyun-jin asks, “You’ve done this a lot, right?” Wait, what do you mean?! Like Jong-kook’s done this a lot so he should lose?

They decide that they’ll make this final battle an epic one and start from opposite ends, setting up a plan. They go to shake hands… and Hyun-jin reaches for Jong-kook’s back.

Round and round they spin as Jong-kook has a shocked expression. Hyun-jin’s got both his hands on Jong-kook’s name tag now and then tears it off his back. He laughs in a high-pitched gleeful voice.

The others give Hyun-jin a hearty congratulations in jail and gang up on Jong-kook for eliminating Shin-soo earlier. Shin-soo even plays along, feigning injury.

But that was just the preview. Today’s theme is a superpower baseball game. They’ll pick up associated ‘superpower’ cards through mini games that will help them for the match.

The guests look at each other – confused – and Suk-jin tells them, “We’re clapping because we don’t understand either!” HA.

The group is divided into two teams (Hyun-jin, Jong-kook, Gary, Kwang-soo, & Se-yeon vs. Shin-soo, Jae-suk, Suk-jin, Haha, & Ji-hyo) and the Hyun-jin’s team starts off with two unknown superpowers.

In the car, Kwang-soo guffaws as he listens to Jong-kook tell Hyun-jin that he better put in his A-game today. Caption: It’s like teaching Michael Jordan how to shoot hoops.

What do you know – Shin-soo’s actually the maknae on his team (He’s born in 1982) and the others talk about the chant from the States, “Go Choo!” LOL. Oh man, that’s… (laughs).

(Gochu means ‘pepper’ but is also a slang for ‘weenie’.) Omg, the more they say it, the more I’m laughing. Hey, I wasn’t the one who made it up!

At their first mission, the game rules are as follows: One person tries pushes their legs out while the other pushes in using their thighs. Either the person must separate the other’s legs or the other must endure until time runs out.

Jae-suk goes up against Hyun-jin first and the literal size difference of their legs is a sight gag in of itself. The clock winds down to the last few seconds as Jae-suk cries out in literal pain. The victor is a bit unclear but Jae-suk is declared the winner.

Now Shin-soo and Jong-kook face off for Round 2 and as soon as the whistle blows, Shin-soo turns a bright red. Jong-kook can barely budge an inch and all we can hear is chants of, “Go Choo! Go Choo!”

Stop making me laugh – this is supposed to be a serious battle!

Spartakooks rounds up one last burst of strength but it isn’t enough and Shin-soo wins the battle, picking up two superpower cards for his team.

Mr. PD asks the cast to turn around and the curtain drops to reveal a small crowd. Jong-kook is pleased to see that it’s a ddakji elimination battle and they put the two baseball players head to head.

Shin-soo flips it on the second try (Hyun-jin gives an adorable Hmph on his face) but then Gary flips Shin-soo’s ddakji to much cheering from the crowd. It’s like Gary can do no wrong as he sends away both Suk-jin and Haha.

Man now I hope that Ji-hyo wins but then she completely misses his ddakji. Gary crumbles a little when she asks him not to flip hers over, “Then say that we’re dating again.” Pffft.

She might have missed that ddakji but she ain’t gonna miss slappin’ your face for that comment. No matter because he flips it over.

Now it’s undefeated Gary against the former ddakji champion, Jae-suk. HAHAHA – Jae-suk sans glasses always cracks me up.

Gary fails to send Jae-suk away in one round… but so does Jae-suk, who misses. LOL.

But it’s Gary who comes out victorious with an all-kill and walks away like a cool cat. Jong-kook tells Jae-suk, “Come back [to fight me] when you’ve beaten Gary!

The cast arrives at the baseball field for their Superpower Baseball Match. Aww and Hyun-jin gets some good news. (He was offered a posting bid to work with the LA Dodgers.)

Shown an array of available superpowers, each team starts choosing. Each team choose a “Hyun-jin/Shin-soo Controller.” When Kwang-soo asks if he can have a power named, “Glove Metamorphosis.” Hyun-jin asks, “Why?” As if it’s useless. Hehehe.

This can get confusing so we’ll tackle the powers as they come. The teams greet each other and waitaminit, that’s Kwang-soo and Haha pretending to kiss each other. Wouldn’t Byul have something to say about this?

Though now everyone is souped up on superpowers, they can only use their power once per inning. The pitcher, however, can change powers whenever they like.

Gary’s up first and safely makes it onto first base. Suk-jin’s pitch to Se-yeon goes short but it hits the edge of her foot. That counts as an injury as she runs to first base and the boys chase after Suk-jin.

Haha revs up for his first pitch against Hyun-jin and calls upon his power as a Devil Pitcher.

He throws the ball and suddenly, smoke bursts in Hyun-jin’s face. HA. (The power actually distracts the batter and the throw is declared a strike.)

But Haha the pitcher isn’t done yet and calls for his second power. He throws the ball but then another one drops from above and lands close to the catcher’s outstretched glove. HAHA – it’s Hyun-jin’s WTF just happened face that sells the moment.

Another burst of smoke later, Hyun-jin strikes out and he falls to the ground, laughing.

I love the little captions in the player introductions. Like how Jong-kook’s strength is ‘all sports’ but his weaknesses include, ‘Yoon Eun-hye, Moon Geun-young.’

He hits the ball with two bases loaded. Gary runs safely to third base but Jong-kook gets ahead of himself and runs towards second… and turns right back around when he sees that Se-yeon is already there.

He gets tagged out by the time he reaches first base and Hyun-jin lets out a cry of exasperation.

Ji-hyo starts off the bottom half of the first inning and she uses her power right away to transform her bat into a huge board. She cries, “This is heavier!” But thanks to a slip by Jong-kook, she reaches first base.

Kwang-soo uses his ‘Lol Lol’ power to throw three pitches simultaneously but that also means he gets three balls thrown back to him by the catcher.

Jae-suk somehow hits one of the three on the second pitch and both Haha and Shin-soo arrive at home plate to bring the score to 2:0.

Haha (Strength: New Husband. Weakness: Married Man) calls upon the power to control Hyun-jin, which basically means Haha gets to choose the ball that is pitched to him. It works and though Suk-jin slides into home, he’s tagged out by Gary.

Kwang-soo calls on the ‘Shin-soo Controller’ and gets to choose the bat of his choice. Omg, this is getting more hilariously ridiculous by the minute. Anyone else confused and overwhelmed yet?

Jae-suk asks, “Are you letting him hit the ball or not?” Jong-kook: “Not!”

Shin-soo isn’t too deterred by a small stick and hits the ball anyway. Two of his teammates make it to home plate and he runs to third base. Flabbergasted, Kwang-soo yells: “Don’t we have a toothpick [to give him]!”

Se-yeon uses her ‘Homerun’ ability to score an automatic home run. She runs around the bases embarrassed. Then Shin-soo sighs when Hyun-jin uses another power: moving the fence just around the bases.

Hyun-jin easily hits the ball outside of the makeshift fence and brings the score 4:2 against his team.

HAHAHAHA – and the “fence” has to walk backwards to their original position. So much work for one superpower.

Gary’s superpower is hilarious. He basically dons a fat suit, which means that any throw that hits him is considered a ball. The opposing team cries, “Your belly is covering home plate!”

Gary: “I gained some weight! What can I do about that?” Is he going to have to run across the bases in that too? He does. LOL.

The bases are loaded with two outs and Kwang-soo faces off against Jae-suk. He runs outside the line which results in the end of the inning. Kwang-soo defends, “I honestly don’t know anything about baseball!”

Turns out that Jong-kook is weak when it comes to baseball as he flubs the ball again. “Let’s play baseball with Jong-kook from now on!” The others cry.

Hyun-jin throws a ball back towards Ji-hyo who has to slide back to first (it’s more like a ‘kerplunk’). Then with two bases loaded, Jae-suk uses his power to teleport bases.

Then we see the home plate zip towards third base. AHAHAHA – my brain can’t even compute this anymore.

It feels a little more like a traditional baseball game as Hyun-jin and Shin-soo are pitted against each other. The ball rolls towards Jong-kook, who catches it this time, but it’s too late – Ji-hyo’s already stomped on home plate/third base. It’s just not Jong-kook’s day.

By the top of the third inning, the score’s now 5:2 in favor of Shin-soo’s team. Kwang-soo hits and runs towards second, only to find it missing. He runs towards third base, “Where did second go?!”

Then with some encouragement, Se-yeon calls for another automatic home run. I get why and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault but it does sound like a cheap shot at this point.

In any case, it brings the score to 6:5 in favor of Hyun-soo’s team by the latter half of the last inning.

Haha eggs on the other team to lure Hyun-jin out but Kwang-soo comes out instead. Using his ‘Lol Lol’ power, he effectively confuses Haha with the simultaneous pitching.

However, Haha calls him ‘a cowardly Giraffe’ and Kwang-soo dismisses his Lol Lols… so he can send a pitch right at Haha. This breaks into a (play) fight and effectively, the umpire pulls both of them out of the game.

Haha and Kwang-soo both cry, “We get along [in real life]!” Given your pretend kiss earlier, very much so I’d say.

Now with two outs, Hyun-jin warns that he won’t joke around anymore. Jae-suk hits a foul and Hyun-jin throws a strike. With two outs and two strikes, can Jae-suk make it?

Jae-suk hits a ground ball that rolls towards Hyun-jin… but it slips through his fingers. He belatedly throws it to the first baseman who misses it. Run, Jae-suk, run!

Jae-suk makes it to second and Shin-soo’s team calls to teleport home plate towards third. Oh, now it is on.

Not only that, Ji-hyo changes her bat and Jae-suk calls upon another power and piggybacks Haha. (If they both make it to home plate, they score two runs.)

Hyun-jin’s team has their own weaponry and calls up a defensive outfielder army. Oy, this is two steps to utter chaos.

Ji-hyo misses the ball and Jae-suk ever so slowly inches towards home plate. She hits the second pitch and it rolls towards Hyun-jin who picks it up and runs to first before it even registers to Ji-hyo. He yells, “We’ve won!”

HA – then Haha screams out, “The power to see the future!” and throws down his ‘ddakji.’ Er, I don’t think it works like that anymore. He calls Jae-suk to do the same and Jae-suk, breathless: “I can’t do this anymore.”

Hyun-jin and his team win a fancy golden trophy for winning the Superpower Baseball Game. Shin-soo pouts and yells, “We should have won that! I came here for that!”


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  1. cg

    thanks !! 🙂
    yay for being the first!!

  2. riya88

    thanks for the recap guys!..
    i really enjoyed this episode it was super funny..
    Hyun-jin is really cute!

  3. sponge

    This and the superpower soccer game are probably my favourites! (but then again its so hard to choose). So much hilarity and so much going on, as much as i want to join them in the fun, im already busting a gut watching, running man cast and pds/editors/vjs are daebak! 🙂 such a gem, cant wait to watch the next ep, psh and seunggi as guests!

  4. gebotsky

    i don’t like it when the guest is a girl who acts cutely-adorably-calmly all the time. i mean, it’s really useless. some girls win at the end just because running man members “pity” them and can’t rip their name tag. ugh.

    • 4.1 topper

      I think she’s just not used to variety, in the end didn’t get much screen time and very much a forgettable outing for her.

  5. Running Man Fan

    Funny episode with sporty guests. I like the chasing for the hide and seek game. Jong kook is so adorable and incredibly cute here. He is able to win the first baseball player because of his skills and strength, but I think Jong Kook give way a little to the monster pitcher at the end when he rip his name tag off. I laugh when haha exclaim there are three Jong Kook today.

    I like the second game and their expression were funny. Jong kook is weak in baseball! Haha, yeah it is not his day. The last game of supernatural baseball game was confusing but fun. However, I still like the classic soccer game with ji sung better. 🙂 thanks for review.

    • 5.1 Lila

      He’s been weaker in games than usual.

      Poor guy must be really tired with all those promotions he’s having for his comeback + being a MC for emergency escape + Running Man.

      He’s kind of cuter this way, though. xD

  6. Running Man Fan

    Not to forget, Gary is supper cute too.. His fat suit and his expressions were funny. Kwang soo and haha were comical. The female guest was outshone by the baseball player though. Hope she will come again.

  7. huiting

    I missed this kind of opening! And I love it.

    And I really, really love it when athletes visit Running Man. I don’t know how do I explain but there’s this kind of feeling. Haha.

    Also, I can’t help but feel that day of filming this episode was Hyun-jin’s VERY lucky day. First, he won the ‘ripping off name tags’ game when he didn’t think he would (Shin-soo was superb!). Next, he received the great news of receiving a $25 million bid to join Dodgers. Then, at the baseball match, initially Shin-soo’s team was leading by 4 points but in the end, Hyun-jin still won.

    Love this episode. Hyun-jin is just a ball of adorableness. Humble. Just, aww.

  8. Starstruck.

    Great episode! For those who didn’t know today’s episode (ep 120) features Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye!!!
    I’m so excited! Can’t wait for subs to be out! 🙂

    • 8.1 Nilechoclat

      I watched totally fun I laughed really amazing episode 😀

  9. topper

    This episode was really funny. Kwang Soo’s power and the power to move the home plate to third base is my favorite.

  10. 10 onyxx

    great episode (or at least, a far cry from the last one). it’s always nice when RM has athletes/physically well-conditioned celebs as guests because of the unpredictability and high-level action it brings :).

    and when you have 3 strong alpha males in the game, you can be sure it’s going to be a blast.

    the superpowers were absurd, unexpected and entertaining to the max! gary was especially funny in this episode lol!

  11. 11 Minz

    Such a goooood episode! The athletes were so fun hahaha ^^ the folks over at Seoulbeats were absolutely right when they said Running Man is pretty dependent on their guests these days. I used to watch every single episode from day 1, no matter who came on the show. In any case, it’s Lee Seung-gi next ep! Can’t wait!! /even terrible scripting can’t put a damper on him

  12. 12 Lilian

    Oh man! The show usually starts off slow but this episode was awesome from the start with all the running. Haha caught in seven seconds…wow! one sore point though, the female guest was really quite ineffective. it would have been the same with or without her….

  13. 13 JC

    This was hilarious!

    I’m always surprised by how down-to-earth (and funny!) these athletes are when they come on RM- the soccer episodes, the Olympians, and now the baseball players- all of these episodes were some of the most entertaining RM episodes so far.

  14. 14 hanabi

    I didn’t really have an interest in watching this episode because I felt the last couple were rather lackluster. But! This was such a funny episode! The more ridiculous it gets, the better (so long as it isn’t too obviously scripted). I love whenever there are superpowers.

    Thanks for the recap. The DramaFever subs were a little confusing, but you filled in what I missed.

  15. 15 Mari

    Where can I watch this show??? YouTube has some old clips but none of the newer episodes. I really enjoy reading the recaps, so I figure Ill love watching it.

    • 15.1 nomu nomu nomu

      here you go:

      • 15.1.1 Mari

        You might be my favorite person Today!!!!!
        Thxs!!! I just watch the recap episode, I’m thinking a marathon for rest of day…

        • catiechan

          you should go directly to kshownow(dot)net for english-subbed episodes of Running Man. they’re the fastest subbers around. and from the looks of it, runningmanclub is just linking the videos from kshownow and even their logo is cropped.

  16. 16 racheose

    i wish hyun jin will come back with teddy bear ajushi (sorry forgot his name) lol they are both adorable…

    i really liked this episode it wasn’t that confusing to me since i understood a bit of baseball but it was obvious that they cut a lot of part that’s why it became confusing to others… i can’t believe though that jae suk won over hyun jin in that chair game the difference of their legs was so funny… thanks for the recap! ^^

  17. 17 pigtookie

    LOL that display picture of Gary!
    This was a very fun athlete-themed episode, and the baseball superstars were very good sports! (And hardcore at hide and seek too!) Gary, the unexpected odd game master makes a reappearance.

    They forgot to add “Song Ji Hyo” in bold font to the list of Jong Kook’s weaknesses, not as romantic interest but he often shows her mercy, as in this episode (I see you, Jong Kookie! How come your “flubs” always happened when your job was to take Ji Hyo out?)

    • 17.1 pigtookie

      Forgot to add, Ryu Hyun Jin is so so cute! There was one scene where the Running Men just patted and hugged him all over from the cute.

  18. 18 JenJen

    Great episode! I just wish Jin Seyeon had more air time. I know she’s probably not used to variety shows but I’m sure she’d have a better experience if the PDs had not geared the games more towards the boys (even JiHyo didn’t get as much air time as usual).

  19. 19 Katherine

    Whenever you get Athletes on Running Man, it’s bound to be an awesome episode, especially with Super Powers. Hyun-jin owned this episode, I was genuinely surprised that he was younger than Kwang Soo, whenever he popped up on-screen I really wanted to hug him cause he was so adorable.
    The baseball match was funny from start to end, I don’t know how Producers come up with these super powers but it’s hilarious [Jin Se Yeon: Home run/Hyun-jin: Fence Mover/ Haha: Hyun-jin Controller etc].
    Even though Jin Se Yeon didn’t feature in this episode that much but I still enjoyed having her apart of the team regardless – would’ve been EPIC if she had taken out Song Ji Hyo when she had the chance.

  20. 20 Pokioki

    Not gonna lie, its going to be kinda weird to see Lee Sueng-gi on Running Man when he used to be on 1n2d….

  21. 21 Jessica

    GREAT episode but very confusing. Se Yeon’s powers and Hyun Jin’s fence moving powers were like you said cheap shots.. though i can’t blame them for using it.

  22. 22 Mika~

    I thought it was cute how Seyeon followed Jihyo around in the name-tag ripping game, and her personality seems relatively likeable, but I absolutely hate that she got the automatic-homerun power. I guess you could say that the other team had the chance to pick that power, and that the scene was edited out, but I’m just inclined to think that part was scripted. The other powers gave the person using the power a huge advantage, but the person still had to have some capability for the power to be useful. Like Jihyo’s, for instance. Her bat was huge, but it didn’t 100% guarantee that she would hit it. Even Hyunjin’s fence-moving required him to be able to hit the ball (granted, it was a lot easier for him considering he’s a professional). Seyeon’s, on the other hand, just let her get a homerun as long as she swung the damn bat.

  23. 23 Octopus

    Absolutely agree with you regarding the cheap shots, don’t quite like Seyeon from this episode… Almost wanting to rip out jihyo’s tag >:(, acting cute after being caught, and still using her superpower despite her being fully able to try to play a fair game.

    Oh wells! Next ep’s gonna make up for it!! 🙂

  24. 24 Jo

    I actually really like Seyeon from what I saw. She & Jihyo seem to get along well which was cute. But a lot of the focus was on the boys so she seemed a little out of place.

    Mm, & I don’t like how they made her use the Homerun power twice. I understand why they would use it (Free points!) But I felt she should have been given a chance to play fairly too 🙁

    Some of the more godly powers should have limited usage 😛

  25. 25 runningmanfan

    This episode was just LOL. Gary’s body suit is so phunnny. It’s even funnier now, knowing another meaning of Go Choo~
    Thank you for the recap.

  26. 26 Kim Seo

    Turns out that they gave the trophy to Se-yeon since she was so happy to win ^^ Shinsoo even signed it for her

  27. 27 Lady Seoul


    This episode was okay. I’m happy with the team who won, because Shin-soo, I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny, but he makes the atmosphere somewhat tense…made me tense.

  28. 28 Raptor

    Can’t believe no one commented on how awesome Ace was in this ep. You saw the way she got so much screentime during the baseball game, even more than Commander, Jae Suk, Gary etc? That girl means business! The way she hits with that gigantic bat and the way she slides into the bases…. WOW!!!! She’s definitely a very worthy opponent, compared to the very weak female guest this time round, who had such a cheap shot at winning. The only person who mattered more in the Ryu team, was Ryu himself, with the Giraffe and Gary scoring some funny moments in their adorable geeky ways. Commander and the female guest really didn’t add much to the game. Team Choo should have won IMO. the odds with that stupid Homerun potion were tipping too much into Team Ryu’s favour.

    • 28.1 Raptor

      You could definitely see way more teamwork in Team Choo than Team Ryu, and that really won the episode for me, rather than that shallow victory.

  29. 29 Anna

    I loved this episode, all the super power episodes are great! Does anyone happen to know what the music that plays in the background is at the 55:09 mark?

  30. 30 Kuilam

    That anyone know background music when gary win in ddakji battle

  31. 31 duo

    LOL! This episode used a lot of Super Robot Wars themes during the baseball game.

    Ryu team’s powers are too imbalanced. They can get homerun easily or no effort. Even they haven’t made best use, they still won. But very funny episode anyway.

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