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Song Ji-hyo’s shoot for Singles magazine
by | November 26, 2012 | 47 Comments

Even though I saw Song Ji-hyo in dramas before variety shows, now I’m so used to her awesomely confident and thoroughly undone, un-actress-like variety persona on Running Man that when I see her all dolled up, it always surprises me. Here she is in a photo shoot for Singles magazine to promote her new movie The Jackal Is Coming, looking relaxed and ready for a rather balmy winter season. That’s my kinda winter: pants optional.

It’s really in the promo shots for the film where she looks amazing, like the posters below. In Jackal, she plays a legendary assassin who’s hired to kidnap and kill off an idol (Jaejoong), which she takes as the last job of her career. He’s a ladykiller; she’s a killer. One gets in the way of the other, and hijinks ensue.

I don’t see it being a big movie, but it sounds funny and fun, and it’s great to see Song branching out to varied roles and headlining ones at that. She’s got spunk for miles and will hopefully be playing all sorts of badass heroines for many years to come.

Her movie The Jackal Is Coming is in theaters now, and Running Man airs every Sunday on SBS.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kopi_adik

    ok that 1st jackal poster is hot, not gonna lie… even with that “hmph” expression on Jaejoong lol! and watch where that gun of yours is pointing honey! lol

    • 1.1 Sammy

      those were my thoughts exactly when i first saw that poster….

  2. mynn

    she is all kinds of awesome <3

  3. Keshia

    Love it! When Gary sees these pictures he’s going to go ga-ga over her. (Running Man watcher inside joke). But she looks amazing and I van’t wait for the moment to come out and be available with subtitles!~~

  4. almea

    That first poster made me do a double take at where the gun is pointing. LOL!

    • 4.1 gala

      It’s worse in the film cause it was a knife!!! Lol. The movie was funny. It’s not Werewolf Boy-level, in terms of quality and acting, but both SJH and KJJ (as well as the rest of the cast) did a good job

    • 4.2 KitKat

      Same here. I scroll down and see the first part of the poster and think “heh! Ladykiller looks mighty unhappy for being manhandled by a pretty lady”, then I scroll down a bit more and go, out loud, “….now, THAT’s alarming.”
      No wonder he looks a bit pouty. I’m surprised he doesn’t look more terrified!

  5. janet

    wow, she can really do sexpot. I’m so used to seeing her low-key style on running man.

  6. ladida

    I am SO. EXCITED. for this movie. It looks hilarious.

  7. pogo

    Oh man, I remember her from Goong! How time flies….

  8. Daktari

    I remember her from Jumong. She certainly has come a long way since then.

  9. Jyyjc

    Whenever I remember that jihyo was the mopey ballerina second lead in goong I almost can’t believe it. She’s so spunky and funny and adorable on running man that i just want her to star in a hit drama already!

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    Ye So Ya agasshi, what are you doing? lol…watched Jumong last month.

    The stills from the Jackal look awesome. That’s a movie I’d want to watch.

  11. 11 JC

    Having followed- and adored!- her through all of Runnng Man’s 100+ episode run, it always surprises me when I see Song Ji Hyo all made up and gorgeous in her actress persona. She looks totally badass and amazing in these shots, though- I hope we’ll get to see more of her in dramas and such in the future.

  12. 12 Steph

    I absolutely love her! I wasn’t a big fan of her when I first saw her in Goong, but I love how real she is on Running Man. I love her just being herself and it makes me love her actinG even more. I love when guests come on the show and they say they’ve never seen an acrtress like her (lol), but are stil in awe of her awesomeness. She looks great in thes pics!

  13. 13 canxi

    WERK. I still remember her as the queen in Frozen Flower. Sure, it was R-rated but she was awesome with flawless everything.

  14. 14 Annabanana

    She looks gorgeous!!! XD

  15. 15 Yoowang

    Wow the promo for these movie is forever however love to watch it jaejoong super yum Song jihyo becomes so well known now coz of RM she became an A list Star now I bet lots of projects are pouring in wish he wud do with Jisung saguek fantasy like Arang and Magistrate they wud look great together

  16. 16 Yoowang

    Personally just my opinion shes more popular now than Eun Hye dont know what happen to Eun Hye think its a bad decision to handle youself She no top rating drama since Cofee Prince so sad

    • 16.1 Katherine

      What does Eun Hye have to do with this article ?!! *clueless*.

      • 16.1.1 9to5

        i’m guessing it’s the fact ppl have been mentioning Goong and since both Eun Hye and Song are it in, that’s where that comes from.. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Katherine

    Song Ji Hyo is a stunner. Absolutely love the first photo & the first movie poster, simple can’t take my eyes off of her. I so badly want to see her back in dramaland again, perferably a rom-com cause I want to see Ji Hyo do comedy. (I randomly thought to myself imagine if Ji Hyo had signed on opposite Joo won in Level 7 Civil Servant drama. I think she would’ve been a good choice – Still can’t believe the casting for that show LOL.)

    • 17.1 Maya

      My thought exactly as I scrolled down this page… Ah, the possibilities..

  18. 18 Mia

    She’s so awesome. Love her ^^

  19. 19 Cynthia

    I love seeing Ace in these photo shoots – she’s like a chameleon. There have been times in RM where her appearance can make you yell “Girl! Use a brush on that wild mop!” and then she’ll do an assassin role play for RM and look sleek and spectacular.

    She’s a truly beautiful girl – and smart as a whip!

  20. 20 djes

    I wonder where I can get pink duct tape…..

    Song Jihyo is pretty but I already get used with her variety persona, so right, every time she is dolled up, it feels like seeing other person.

  21. 21 Ani

    Our Beloved Blank Jihyo! The Ace of all Aces.

  22. 22 rinkalove

    Oooh. I had to do a double take because I’m so used to seeing Ace Ji Hyo all bare faced and low key. I forget that my 1st impression of her was in Goong where I thought she was so pretty albeit mopey. Then she was shockingly great in Frozen Flower. SO happy to see her all sexed up in these posters! She’s just awesome and I can’t wait to catch the movie. It should be a blast!! πŸ™‚

  23. 23 Farhana

    Aww Jaejoong looks like a child pouting in the first poster!

    I love Ji Hyo – seeing her dolled up every once in a while is awesome πŸ™‚

  24. 24 mary

    Me at 1st movie poster: why is she holding the gone with her left hand? Is Ji Hyo left-handed? — aah no. She’s just using her right hand for more important things… Good job, Ace!

    • 24.1 visitor

      “She’s just using her right hand for more important things”

      BAHAHA! So true. πŸ™‚

  25. 25 mary

    Me at 1st movie poster: why is she holding the gun* with her left hand? Is Ji Hyo left-handed? — aah no. She’s just using her right hand for more important things… Good job, Ace!

  26. 26 X5

    i *crush* her. love her since (her limited appearance in) Jumong. makeup doesn’t do justice to her simple and kind face.

  27. 27 Quiet Thought

    “Bondage . Pink Bondage.”

    Just relax and enjoy it, Jaejoong. Being a leading man don’t get much better than this.

  28. 28 fANBoi

    Is she the same actress in the movie “Frozen Flower” with Jo In Sung? It’s kinda sexy of a movie for her with the “exposure” and all.. I’m asking ‘coz if it is really her, it would really blow my head off my neck..

    • 28.1 HaibaraChristie

      It is her!

  29. 29 smarto

    look at all the veins at her hands. An evidence of intensive workout.

  30. 30 Noelle

    LOL JJ looks like a giant in the last pic.

    I love the dress in the second pic but the third… the pose is weird, no?

  31. 31 Grace

    I think Eun Hye is the star of Goong and shes the supporting as eveyone know Eun Hye has been a very popular celebrity and SJY become a supporting actress now she is more and more love by the viewers and EH is losing her power stardom due to low ratings drama

  32. 32 Grace

    Maybe thats the reason y theres comparison and theres Kim Joong Kook who is being link to Song Jihyo small world eyyy

  33. 33 Grace

    When is Jaejoong be in RM I was so suprised by Seunggi a pleasant suprise Seunggis reaction is always daebak to watch Jaejoonggg is he too shy to be in Rm what a shameeee

    • 33.1 visitor

      Jaejoong actually said in an interview that he’d like to be on the show. It’s just that the network won’t invite him b/c they’re scared of SM ent.

  34. 34 akikisetsu

    I’ve always known that Song Ji Hyo is pretty, but it still amazes me that she’s also tall and long-legged. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of her as being cute and small. And then I’d see her together with some female guest and realize, ‘Wow! she’s taller than I thought!”

  35. 35 Mar

    I think this actress is so interesting, just like for photo shoots, she can change her look and mannerisms for different roles. This is one of the actresses I’d love to see work with my favorite actors.

  36. 36 Quiet Thought

    What RM ought to do is set up Ji Hyo on one of her frumpy days and keep having these glitzy posters pop up all over the place. They guys would razz her all over Seoul.

  37. 37 Bam

    Deng they are sooo hottt they can even play a vampireeee Screw SM why do they own Korea SBS should be on top of those agency not the other way around arent SBS a huge company???

  38. 38 HaibaraChristie

    Love, love, love, Ji Hyo in the last picture, but Jaejoong, not so much. The hair, the eyes, and the face shape just don’t add up to an appealing picture. He’s been way more beautiful than that–I’m rather disappointed.

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