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Thing vs. Thing: Actors playing actors
by | November 25, 2012 | 120 Comments

javabeans: Not all meta is funny, but actors making fun of themselves always hits the spot. Like Siwon opening up a twitter account for his King of Dramas character Kang Hyun-min, who resembles nobody so much as, perhaps, Zoolander. Though I suppose Eric and his alter ego for Myung-wol the Spy come close.

girlfriday: Eric the real-life actor is definitely zanier, but as far as characters go, Siwon’s Kang Hyun-min takes the cake.

javabeans: He’s hilarious. Just the variety of facial expressions alone is a crack-up. He’s vapid and vain and totally willing to go there to look absurd.

girlfriday: I love that every time you think the drama’s going to show you that he really has a deeper layer, they undercut the moment and it turns out he really is as shallow as he appears. So funny.

javabeans: Totally. You think he’s going to be this misunderstood bleeding heart… and then you see that nope, you understood him just fine the first time around.

girlfriday: Underneath the surface… there’s just more surface.

javabeans: To contrast, it’s strange that Eric’s Kang-woo character wasn’t more fun, given how off-the-wall he is in real life.

girlfriday: I know. They really could’ve taken him to funnier extremes. They certainly got the diva thing down. He might even beat Hyun-min in that department, with his designer water and such.

javabeans: The downside to that is, Myung-wol treated the diva setup totally straight, instead of making it… you know, funny. Why? Who knows why anything was the way it was in that drama? Whereas with Hyun-min, you see him putting on the generous front for the public, and then fuming in all his petty vanity behind the scenes, but it’s in this absurd and laugh-out-loud way.

girlfriday: And it’s even funnier that he’s on point with everything, like the fact that he gives good interview, knows exactly what to say and when, and has the image aspect down to a science.

javabeans: With Eric’s Kang-woo, I wondered, “How’d this guy ever get mistaken for being a charming top star?” With Hyun-min, I wonder, “How’d this guy ever graduate elementary school?”

girlfriday: Hee. So yeah, I think Hyun-min blows Kang-woo out of the water. But then, what about say, against Dokko Jin?

javabeans: Ooh, good one. With that, I think we have to break down the category further. They’re both media-savvy and glib to the cameras. They’ve got a lot of things in common. It would be interesting to see who’s got the bigger ego, though I think Dokko Jin edges Hyun-min out for sheer braggadocio.

girlfriday: And he certainly beats him in the facial hair department. Though to what end, I don’t know.

javabeans: I do think that Hyun-min is more manipulable of the two, despite how difficult they are with their handlers. Dokko Jin is putty in the hands of the woman he wants to impress, but Hyun-min wants to impress everyone. Plus, Dokko Jin’s honey is way smarter than Hyun-min’s, who, like him, is hard-pressed to string together a coherent sentence on her own.

girlfriday: Dude, his idol girlfriend is friggin’ hilarious.

javabeans: I love her, for the sheer fact that she’s absurd. A singer who’s told not to speak?! Bravo, King of Dramas, bravo.

girlfriday: I died laughing at her introduction.

javabeans: I don’t know if any of them could beat the fashions of Rain in Full House, though. And by beat, I mean be any more questionable. I get that these things are tied to the era they were shot in… but some crimes against fashion are just timeless.

girlfriday: Oh yeah. You can’t leave out the icon of fake actors in dramaland.

javabeans: He wins for having the worst wardrobe and being the shoutiest star.

girlfriday: I dunno, wasn’t Oska quite shouty as well? Or was he just whiny?

javabeans: Oska was loud, but I thought of it as a half-joking thing. Rain was the king of shouty. Shouty shouty shouty. It was back in the era where loud bickering was romantic, apparently. That and orangey floppy hair.

girlfriday: OH, now we’re gettin’ out the big guns. Hair? Lessee… there’s Jang Geun-seok’s Mary character…

javabeans: But… but… you almost can’t compare dramaland actors with pop stars and idols. Because idols… they are a breed of alien unto themselves. And Full House 2 wins that hands down (…in defeat).

girlfriday: Is that crossing a hair line? Fine, then Full House wins the hair award, though Hyun-min’s floppy ‘do right now is climbing up there.

javabeans: I really hope King of Dramas shows us snippets of the drama-within-the-drama, because I can’t wait to see Siwon in a Gaksital-style pompadour. Please?

girlfriday: That would be really fun. Okay, what about Siwon vs. Siwon, since he did play two fake actors?

javabeans: Hm. Again, you’re gonna have to be more specific. ‘Cause for instance, if we’re talking SIwon’s character’s acting skills, I suppose Hyun-min wins, because despite his uber-shallow, greedy, questionably coiffed persona, he’s supposedly a decent actor. While Siwon’s Oh My Lady character was known for his foot-acting. And yet, he was so much less interesting, despite that deficiency.

girlfriday: I do find that despite Hyun-min’s vapid persona, I do want him to be good in the fake drama in the drama. I don’t even know why. The other guy’s foot-acting was hilarious, but maybe in King of Dramas we have more invested in the fake drama being good?

javabeans: Yeah by all indicators they’re making something on par with Gaksital, so I want it to prevail. Plus, it’s just funnier to have the dichotomy of the vain idiot being really talented.

girlfriday: Yeah maybe that’s it — it would be the joke to top all jokes, if the guy who couldn’t bother to read the script was just some natural talent who blows everyone away, and they all gape, “Wait, he can ACT?”

javabeans: I suppose there’s also some vicarious thrill in the message — however unintentional? — that at the end of the day, no matter what it took to get us there, the good drama prevailed. Otherwise life would just be depressing.

girlfriday: But they’d have to bring it back down to earth at the end, like the thing that Hyun-min walks away from the experience with is more CFs and a video game based on his drama character.

javabeans: I suspect that asking for depth from Hyun-min might be an unreasonable order, but a little more room in that wading pool he calls a brain could be gratifying.

girlfriday: Well, if Dokko Jin could make room in his ego to love someone else, then I suppose anything’s possible in drama-within-dramaland.


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I am off to read now…

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Interesting read and witty, thanks again!

    • 1.3 Azerjaban

      “girlfriday: That would be really fun. Okay, what about Siwon vs. Siwon, since he did play two fake actors?”

      Actually Siwon’s played THREE actors. In Skip Beat he plays this superstar amazing actor.

  2. ninji

    This made me think about the fact that Siwon has played three very different actors in dramas, the third being in Skip Beat. So not like Hyun-min.

    • 2.1 La' Vete

      Yeah! And he was a very talented actor, except for the fact that he couldn’t act a convincent romantic scene ’cause he had never get in love…

      • 2.1.1 Laurita

        What a reason 😀

        Looking into his three roles, in my opinion, Skip Beat’s Ren was the least well acted. Maybe he acted as some typical romantic hero, but it was totally different from the complexity of Ren Tsuruga’s character… As in the actual story they analyzed how an actor should understand his/her role, I kept thinking, whether Siwon actually understood his. But yeah, maybe it was because of his language barrier (hope so…). As a person he does have this distinct charm and I also want him to act good.

        I totally love the idea of Hyun Min being a raw character 😀

        • Laurita

          *raw talent* sorry 😀

    • 2.2 Reena

      I looooove Siwon here!!! ^^

  3. Danna

    HAHAHAHAHA! Hyun Min is aweseom!!!….can you guys do an actress vs actress too?..lol

    • 3.1 cg

      Great post 🙂
      I like dokko jin and kang hyun min….

    • 3.2 WM

      I second the request! You guys put into words exactly what I see/feel with Hyun Min. Cracks me up every time he is on the screen. His girlfriend made me do a spit take the first time I heard her voice, and I can not stop laughing any time she is on screen. Brilliant comedy acting, both of them. Pretty please do the actress playing an actress next.

  4. Miss D

    Hyun-min is sooooo great! Thanks for this hilarious article dramabeans! Your thing vs. thing is always my favorite 🙂

  5. peacestar

    I really enjoyed watching siwon in oh my lady, his relationship with Ye-eun was so sweet and heart warming

    • 5.1 Lilly

      Yes, still one of my favorites.

  6. katiamon

    I love HM, he’s so ridiculously funny and his relationship with the idol GF against her terrible voice. I also want him to be good in his KMorning.
    His behaviour makes me wonder how many actors and actresses nail their characters but are freakingly different in real life… like Joo Won, i love him since OB but he’s nothing like Kang to’s Gaksital in real life (Pyeong!!!!!… Bugs!!) hehehe

  7. nomu nomu nomu

    Hyun-min – absolutely hilarious and generally very amusing. Yes, Siwon is doing a great job on the comic relief (I repeat, comic relief). But, does no one want a little more beside some pretty boy being funny? I dislike 100% air-headed female character and I dislike 100% air-headed male character, no double standard from me. It’s fine, of course, if you’re a side character, but Hyun-min is one of the main character. Just like CEO Oh, one dimensional.

    It’s still very early in the drama of course, so I’m not going to assume there might not be more of him that we haven’t seen yet. Here’s hoping there will be more to CEO Oh and Hyun-min.

    • 7.1 jomo

      I think we get to see other sides of HM – the calculating side, for example. He isn’t all that dumb when it comes to money.

      But being vain always makes characters seem so stupid since they appear to be buying into their own fakeness.

      • 7.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        That’s true, the only reason he agreed to ‘Kyungsung Morning’ in the first place was 2 billion won and he knows what $ells $cript wise (noir vs melo, for example)

    • 7.2 asianromance

      I think there is a little bit more to Hyun-min than being just a funny guy. You could see it in that scene where Lee Go Eun was entreating him to take part in her drama. And there is a flash of loyalty in him when he believed in Anthony’s promise of the 48 hours he needed to get the show back in its timeslot.

      Actually this funny role has gotten me to find Choi Si Won awesome and adorable. Choi Si Won isn’t on the list when I think of great actors but he always got the job done well enough. He has always played such a straight character, that it’s refreshing to see him be the gagman, especially when it’s his 3rd time playing an actor.

      • 7.2.1 nomu nomu nomu

        I also find Si-won doing a great job as his Hyum-min character. It’s just, so far, I feel there’s not a whole lot to go by with this character. Everything about him seems very superficial, I’m still waiting to find out what makes him tick, it can’t be all about money with him, can it? I do see what you were referring to about that ‘flash of loyalty’ but, at this point, I would just be reading between the lines that might not exist. So, I still hope for more for Hyun-min

  8. Nutella

    I was about to mention.. Siwon’s played an actor within a drama thrice, counting Extravagant Challenge, where he was surprisingly quite good (especially given the language barrier).

    But I honestly like him best in The King Of Dramas. I don’t even want him to be part of the inevitable love triangle… I want him and his gf to stay together. I mean, he’s probably the only one who can love her with her voice and err… questionable mental faculties.

    And I really *do* want him to be able to act. Wouldn’t it be fun if, as a homage to Joo Won, they sent him on the in-drama equivalent to 1N2D? I would so pay to see that~

    • 8.1 Mawiie

      OMG yes please! I love those variety shows within a drama xD And Hyun Min in 1N2D? I can already picture it… the sissy boy who will be so worried about his skin and who’ll be scared about being thrown in the water LOL

      And I’d die from the meta if netizens from that drama world will be all like “Oh Hyun Min has so much aegyo in real life how can he play the badass freedom fighter from the occupation area so convincingly???”

      • 8.1.1 Caitlyn

        Oh that would be hilarious. The shows full of meta already but bringing in variety shows and netizens would be awesome! I wonder how Hyun Min would do on a variety show. He knows what aspects of his personality he needs to hide from his audience, but would he be able to hide that on a show like 1N2D?

        Lol, now I wish Hyun Min was an actual real life person…

        • Laica

          Who knows how many Hyun-mins are actually running around BTS of the kdrama world? It’s not like we would know. 🙂

        • ladysarahii

          I could see him trying to get out of it by being like, “Do you really think beer pong should decide whether I get to sleep indoors or outdoors tonight? Really?”

          • Nutella

            He would be sweet-talking his hyungs in an effort to get dinner and/or sleeping inside xP

  9. RockPaperScissors

    Dokko Jin makes anyone else’s “crazy” appear to look “sane”. Period.

    • 9.1 Lilly

      I wish they would make another drama with him as maybe an over protective father or trying to run his own business or having moved into a haunted house.
      That character was so funny. There is a lot they can do with that character.

    • 9.2 Mar

      I agree. Hands down, Dokko Jin wins all around on that comparison, no doubt.

  10. 10 Doonala

    SW silly hair can be passed now because of his silly character!!
    hopefully he will breakthrough as a good actor in this drama and in his drama within a drama

  11. 11 sogazelle

    I love Hyun-min…He’s totally hilarious. But who is his love interest in the drama…does anyone know…I hope it’s not the idol girlfriend, although she’s irritatingly hilarious also.

    • 11.1 Porcelain

      I wonder if it will be a love triangle between Anthony-Lee Go Eun-Kang Hyun Min will develop but for now it seems it is set up that Hyun Min is ridiculously adoring his idol girlfriend.

      Idol girlfriend, she is hilarious… I think she is she was actually the cordi noona in You’re Beautiful, I think she is in a Gangkiz now, a new girl group. Talk about art imitating life or is it the other way round.

      • 11.1.1 Chelsea

        Yes, she is the Noona (when i saw her face, i said: “Noona?”, and looked in dramawiki. Is the same actress).

  12. 12 kakashi

    buahahaha, what a great post! First it made me laugh, then it made me realize the following things: that I desperately want to start watching KoD, and … that I miss Eric, Rain, and Cha Seung-won!

    • 12.1 ilikemangos

      You won’t be disappointed if you start now and join us! 😉

    • 12.2 Koirv

      Join the absolute fun! We are celebrating the best weeks of our lives too by watching KING OF DRAMAS!

    • 12.3 enz

      kakashi, its very fast paced and suspenseful , so the 6 episodes will just fly by.

      get going! 🙂

      • 12.3.1 jomo

        And the music is FABULOUS!!!
        Best choice of background music in a series EVER.

    • 12.4 Nasus

      me too.. I miss Rain acting in a romcom…

  13. 13 Hagar

    I really want Hyun-min to be a good actor too.
    He just brings that kind of sympathy for him.

  14. 14 JoAnne

    so wait – Siwon is a good actor then? Not just good-for-an-idol-good but actually good?

    • 14.1 jomo

      Can’t tell yet, with what they have asked him to do in KoD.
      He has been playing very BIG!
      Surprised! Horrified! VAIN! ANGRY!
      His funniest moments are not little moments where he has to raise an eyebrow to evoke laughs.

      Although I thought he did really well playing the humble idol during the talk show interview in the drama. Maybe because that is closer to his real self?

      If we get to see him be introspective, and have smaller more contained moments, maybe we will see good acting that is really good.

      • 14.1.1 jomo

        This is cute of him being interviewed.
        What is real?
        What is scripted?
        Siwon comes in at 1:26

        • nomu nomu nomu

          My beliefs regarding interviews:

          Actors/actresses are like Politicians. They are both selling or trying to buy public opinion. They say what they want the public to hear. Politicians has speech writers and so does actors in the form of managers and PR teams. I’m sure they are told what to generally say and what not to say. I do think, their personalities tends to come thru because you can’t fake that every single interviews, but generally, I take what I hear from interviews with a grain of salt.

          • Birdie

            Totally agree with you. All the interviews have to do with image building.Most of the time, the questions have been pre-screened, which means they already know what questions are going to be asked. Mind you, they are very good at acting as if it is the first time they hear the questions.

        • NN

          Thanks for the youtube link to the interview – that was cute!

      • 14.1.2 JoAnne

        You know, I think an argument could be made that to do the over the top caricature without just looking like someone who is overacting requires a certain degree of skill -although it COULD just be a finely honed ‘variety show’ shtick.

        Still, under that premise we could only say that he’s a good comic actor. Whether he can handle more serious material is interesting to me.

        • redfox

          comic is not easy. in my country, all the funny guys have died and the rest are depressed cause the funny ones died, so nobody makes jokes except morbid ones. not ever. they are either serious, more serious or have a “I wanna kill ya!” look in their eyes. I want estonian funny-guys back. we used to make such awesome comedies, when did we become so dark?
          often you see actors try too hard to be funny and they end up ridiculous and embarrassing.

  15. 15 saranga

    siwon’s portrayal is THE BEST. i love him for going all the way—the facial expressions are priceless. all three leads are so good, and i love them all, which is a rarity! honestly, though i knew siwon was a decent actor, i didn’t think he’d be THIS good here. so a very, very pleasant surprise.

    awww what was wrong with rain’s style in full house? it’s been a year or two since i’ve rewatched the show (one of my emotional favorites), but i don’t recall cringing at his fashion in particular. in retrospect, his fashions were borderline metro, with a lot of form-grazing tops and too many white pants that were arguably a bit too tight in the rear end, but overall i had no problem with most of it. should i reevaluate my taste levels? lol

    • 15.1 Mar

      Rain’s pants can NEVER EVER be too tight in the rear.

  16. 16 redfox

    is it me or does the last picture look like he is about to pick his nose? hahah

    I would say Hyun-Min as an absurd portrayal of an actor is better than Dokko Jin cause we didn´t really see the last one in his actor-role very much. there was more love-pain y´know.

    I havent seen the others you brought for comparison.

    he is so funny, so damn Monty Python kind of funny.

  17. 17 Anne

    So does this mean javabeans and girlfriday thinks siwon is a good actor? And not in the idol actor sense.

    I’ve known they’ve thought him to be decent. But now, hopefully more?

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    I totally agree with you ladies — I would totally love it if he ended up just wowing everyone in the drama within the drama within the drama. (Kyungsung Morning, in case anyone’s lost).
    I think alot would expect him to be just the pretty face, without the acting chops (in KOD) but if he blew us away I’d probably just love this show more.

  19. 19 blokkoms

    OMG, reading this just pushed me over the edge – I’m going to need to marathon King of Dramas this Christmas.

    By the way, love the throwback to Rain in Full House – but c’mon, you could have found a screencap of him wearing way worse clothes than that. My defining image of that drama is him in a pink swirly shirt that can only be described as raspberry swirl on drugs.

    • 19.1 Koirv

      Oh, goodness. What a grave NEED indeed!!!
      Something that prevents you from witnessing a Happy New Year without watching it! Haha!

  20. 20 kopytko

    Dokko Jin and Hyun Min are exactly the type of character I like seeing in dramas. Vain, simple, loud, with an attitude – a good laugh guaranteed.
    And when they find an object to care for, be it a pet-potato or dimwit girlfriend, I am officially done for and basically a laughing poodle of goo.

    Eric’s character in MuyngWol the Spy seems a bit bland in comparison, and Rain was more of a pain-in-you-know-where than a real excentric diva. I liked him better as a resident of the asylum in I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK – he can indeed go wacky. No matter what hairdo he sports 😉

    • 20.1 jomo

      I loved Rain,too, in IaCbTOK. Soo sweet.
      He was rather SHOUTY in FH.

      • 20.1.1 kopytko

        I guess the boys in FH2 are actually doing slightly better. But then again, when was the first FH done? Sometime short after the dinosaurs. Mammots were still running.

      • 20.1.2 Arhazivory

        IaCbTOK~ He played a great role in that. ^^

    • 20.2 Mystisith

      Makes me want to rewatch The Greatest Love: A crazy guy with a pet-gamja as a companion is a winner in my book. That plus the noraebang session with “Heartbreaker”. I’ll never recover from that drama.

      • 20.2.1 enz

        i LOVED that noaebang scene!!! just LOL funny everytime

  21. 21 jomo

    I am absolutely loving Siwon in KoD – glad he is having a ball with it. I am sure he has specific role-models in mind when he gets to play vain and self-centered.
    I was wondering how many folks out there in the Entertainment industries all over the world are like that – divas, and why the industries let them get away with it.

    It’s one thing to protect “the talent” because they really can bring it: singing, acting, dancing or musicians, but if all they are is pretty propped up by good PR? They must know how replaceable they are, don’t they?

    • 21.1 kopytko

      It depends on whether they are capable of assessing honestly their own potential and not only get carried away by their “dream to be famous”.

  22. 22 glitzmadrb

    Si Won’s character in King of Dramas is definitely one of the good points in this drama! I can’t believe Si Won can be that good. Kudos to that!

    The show’s already entertaining; I just hope it continues to be that way, even better!

  23. 23 asianromance

    It has been so long since I’ve watched Full House – have we ever seen Rain’s character on a drama set?

    Dokko Jin! Sort of surreal to have him be this badass in Athena and then months later out pops up Dokko Jin! I never realized how possessive celebs could get (or supposedly get) over CFs until Greatest love.

    Spy Myung-wol….i mourn thee…

  24. 24 Koirv

    Still Hyun-min. Hats off!!

    Though Song Jae-bin (Jung Joon-ho) in THE LAST SCANDAL OF MY LIFE is amazing too!

    Siwon in KING OF DRAMAS

  25. 25 Suzi Q

    Si Won is doing a wonderful job as Hyun Min except for the goofy hair which looks “normal” considering his crazy character. I think although he’s crazy about making money, he really wants to be respected as an actor.

    It was mentioned his girl friend was like “Lina La Mont” which I remarked “Right On”. She was the character in the movie, Singing In the Rain who couldn’t sing and was lip synced by Debbie Reynolds. Hyun Min and his ditsy girlfriend were hilarious.

    I hope Si Won doesn’t get typed cast portraying bad actors. The first episodes were slow, but I’m enjoying watching KoD now especially when Si Won, who’s really talented is in them.

    • 25.1 sugarpunch

      haha I loved Singing in the Rain! it’s a classic, with Gene Kelly in it :D:D Lina Lamont KILLED ME! “what do you think I am, dumb or something?” to which, i nodded my head at the tv. ><

      I thought the hair gave him kind of like, an "act cool" vibe. because he can keep swishing it around. sort of played up the shallowness of his character. Maybe i'm just reading too much into hair.

      just wondering, is he going to get a love story line or, he'll stick to his ditsy girlfriend?

    • 25.2 ladysarahii

      Yes! I thought the same thing. In fact, when she got on screen, I thought, “Round tones, round tones!”

      It would crack me up majorly if they ended up having to cast her as the female lead somehow. I mean, her voice can’t be awful for nothing, right?

  26. 26 liza

    I was happy just reading your post, funny as usual and then I saw the picture of Rain, god almighty, these lips should be outlawed.

    like who you like, like what you like, seriously, most Korean men have the sexiest pair of lips in the world bar none. so unfair, that trait is more dominant in the male than the female. whoosh, calm down, fan, fan,

  27. 27 Arhazivory

    Hehe. Nice post. I’m really loving Hyun Min right now and I give Siwon a big thumbs up for pulling out that many facial expressions. This is my first time watching him in anything and I am definitely pleased. 😀

    I’m on a KOD high these days. But finally – tomorrow is Monday.

    • 27.1 Pinkeu

      Whoaaaah finally, yes!!!

  28. 28 Pinkeu

    KING OF DRAMAS, fighting!
    Who’s excited, I know I am!
    And I don’t care if I’m alone in this world! 🙂


  29. 29 RosesML

    Don’t forget the actors in QIHM! They were also lots of fun. 🙂

    • 29.1 jomo

      Which reminds me, LOVED Kim Jin Woo’s cameo as the actor who Kim stole a woman from. I hope we see more of him and learn more of that story.

      Kim Jin Woo looks like he result of someone sculpting the most beautiful man and then animating him.

    • 29.2 PollyRose

      Totally agree! The moment I saw this post was about actors playing actors, my first thought was Kim Jin Woo as Han Dong Min, our cheeky playboy actor who can’t fathom the idea of woman not being interested in him.

      I’m with you Jomo, would love to see him again. I’m hoping he might get cast in rival drama Elegant Revenge 2 (ha, that name…).

  30. 30 'dalia

    i do want to mention Eric having a twitter-war with his alter-ego Kang Woo, which was probably funnier than anything in the actual drama, sadly.

  31. 31 ...

    don’t know if it’s just me, but the second photo on this page, where siwon is wearing the yellow jumper, makes me think of angry birds.

    • 31.1 PollyRose

      Oh, that’s funny, I hadn’t seen that originally. I was getting a strong Charlie Brown vibe from it 🙂

  32. 32 enz

    thanks for this. great start to the week. you girls can really come up with funny observations 🙂

  33. 33 ahjummaMAMA

    javabeans: I don’t know if any of them could beat the fashions of Rain in Full House, though. And by beat, I mean be any more questionable. I get that these things are tied to the era they were shot in… but some crimes against fashion are just timeless.

    haha couldn’t agree more. i found myself cringing a LOT of times with his fashion choices in full house! and i hate the other girl (who was supposed to have a dress shop) but just kept on showing her bra straps! ugh!

  34. 34 Sajen

    “I suppose Hyun-min wins, because despite his uber-shallow, greedy, questionably coiffed persona, he’s supposedly a decent actor”

    He’s supposed to be a decent actor? Where did they say that I remember the exact opposite?

    As for Hyun Min’s girlfriend I wonder if there’s any chance she’ll get killed off or something I mean her speaking style makes me want to kill her and I’m almost a pacifist so surely she’s get lots of convenient stalkers who want to kill her, right

  35. 35 lizzie

    Siwon is doing it right. It is too funny, really good.

    As for the main of best love, I didn’t laugh at all, he was just annoying………

  36. 36 crazedlu

    muahah! me likes this post. heh.

  37. 37 super

    GF & JB might just get their wish. for unlike the others who being leads in their dramas had to have some manner of character growth and depth, Hyun-min is not thus burdened and can remain as vapid and ridiculous as you please till the end.
    but of them all, siwon makes the best faces, have to give him that! his oh my lady faces were great too…

  38. 38 Porcelain

    This is probably the first role of Siwon that I was not as invested from the get-go because of shallow reason, I can’t with his Tommy Page hair! But after skimming thru a few episodes,I think I am getting a grasp and slowly warming up and with the awesome recaps and positive comments, Imma marathon this soon!

    I mean, we already know Siwon is a dork in real life, so seeing this side in his 3rd actor role is refreshing… that’s a lot for 3 years! Means he acts as an actor once a year!

    Min Woo in Oh! My Lady was charming but just too tame, mostly he is just worried his love child and yeah, improve his “foot acting” and romancing his noona housekeeper.

    Ren Tsuruga in Skip Beat, I didnt watch this but from can’t help but feel Siwon was just playing the romantic protector role in this.

    But this… man… can’t help but feel that Siwon is going all out with Kang Hyun Min… Initially I am worried about how he might seems to familiar to Dokko Jin, but now I am glad, coz they are on 2 different trains…
    Loving Siwon to bits, I really hope he have a breakthrough with this role!

    I actually kinda hope ditzy and hilarious as she is, Hyun Min gf, Bit Na will be the voice of conscience-ness for Hyun Min. That they are in this for the love or art or performing and not just for $$$. I hope she has more “weight” than just being ditzy.

    And… “if the guy who couldn’t bother to read the script was just some natural talent who blows everyone away, and they all gape, “Wait, he can ACT?””

    THIS! Can’t wait for this to happen in the drama soon enough!! Also I hope that below his surface and the shallowness this character has talents and also hopefully a heart too.

  39. 39 bear99

    LOL I love this post. Yes !! Hail to Kang Hyun Min … Siwon completely nail it. Before this, I always thought that Siwon wont dare to jump out of the box from his handsome and cool image. But in this King of Drama, he prove that he is a serious actor.

    His role might be silly and stupid actor but the way he play his character wholeheartedly, really satisfied me ^^ … KOD wont be this fun if his not around 😀

  40. 40 AuntieMame

    I love your Thing vs. Thing series! And, this one was no exception.

    Hyun Min is hilarious. I really have to wonder if there there is a real life actor that he’s patterned on. Or, if it’s a compilation. And, he girlfriend . . . OMG!

    Thank you so much for a good laugh.

    • 40.1 AuntieMame

      BTW, in the first introduction of the Hyun Min character, I really thought they were going for a The Handtowel impression, especially with the haircut/style.

  41. 41 A-M

    You two are making me really want to watch King of Dramas. I am holding off right now. I have a semester I need to finish. Need to focus, can reward self with wonderful Siwon antics later.

  42. 42 Melmax

    JB AND GF–THIS just goes to show you are both ELFs!!!!

    But really, thanks for bringing on the drama within a drama–the actor within the actor in the small kdrama screen….

    Doko Jin, I really enjoyed, Siwon–right now over the top– and Erik–I have yet to see Myung Wol…

    Siwon–JB & GF fighting!!!!

    • 42.1 Melmax

      … Siwon follower… I don’t know if anyone has pointed out that in Oh! My Lady–Chae Rim’s character adored actor Kim Myung Min to the dismay of Siwon’s character actor Min Woo, Isn’t it ironic that Siwon now actually gets to act with Kim Myung Min… If only Oh! My Lady were somehow connected to King Of Drama…

      And so with character Hyun Min has a twitter account, will he translate his teeets into English? And will I get my wish of Choi Siwon meeting Hyun Min maybe on the red carpet somewhere…ummm split screen? Hey PDnim, can you think about this and make it come… Really get Hyun Min’s goat if Kim Myung Min and Choi Siwon are acquaintances..

      Wishful thinking.. Thanks JB & GF

      • 42.1.1 AuntieMame

        It would be hilarious if Chae Rim does a cameo in this drama, professing her admiration of Anthony Kim’s dramas and ignoring Hyun Min who is standing next to Anthony Kim. LOL

        • Melmax

          Hey Auntie Mame…sorry for all the mispells…it’s hard to type from a tiny iphone keyboard….

          wouldn’t it be just…awesome if Chae Rim did show up, how about a three split screen with Siwon, OML-Min Woo & wife Gae Hwa (I’m assuming they married…) and KOD-Hyun Min with silent idol GF-Bit Na, all present to congratulate Kim Myung Min…

  43. 43 SandrOu

    “And by beat, I mean be any more questionable. I get that these things are tied to the era they were shot in… but some crimes against fashion are just timeless.” ahahah

    True, the fashion is terrible and not in a good way. I really can’t take it. I only watched just the beginning of the first ep. The fashion killed my interest in this show.

  44. 44 Kimchi

    “Underneath the surface… there’s just more surface”

    this post is so funny… thanks gf and jb, you two should write your own drama

  45. 45 whimsicalnet


  46. 46 Ingrid

    “He’s hilarious. Just the variety of facial expressions alone is a crack-up. He’s vapid and vain and totally willing to go there to look absurd.” My thoughts exactly. He’s very funny. I can’t help but question “Does real life actors are like that?” I have this gut feeling that they, hmmmmm maybe, mostly?

  47. 47 ella zala

    hahahahhaha…so hilarious!

    and on a different note, I think Dramabeans should allow us to pick up to 5 favorite drama this year in ze yearly poll. Because 2012’s KDrama rocks! PLEASE! ^^

  48. 48 Noelle

    OMG his faces are so ridiculous. FTW Si Won.

  49. 49 kstalls

    Please do more Thing vs. Things! I love them so much <3

  50. 50 UJ

    Wow now I really wanna watch king of dramas just so I can look at all the ridiculous faces Siwon makes in it 😀
    I loved the post guys!! You 2 are hilarious together 😀

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