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Uhm Tae-woong to be husband and father
by | November 4, 2012 | 157 Comments

girlfriday: So… Uhm Tae-woong is getting married?! Did the sky fall down?

javabeans: Basically what I’m taking from this is: Tae-woong is a better actor than I gave him credit for (and I give him a lot), because he totally Keyser Soze’d us with the Captain Lonelyhearts routine.

girlfriday: I know! All this time he was all “I’m so lonely” and “I want a girlfriend” and “Where’s my other half?” and getting sympathy from his bros and from the entire country, and he totally had a girlfriend.

javabeans: Maybe all his lovey-dovey antics (talking about dating every chance he got, making props kiss) was just him being giddy with romance.

girlfriday: We’ve been hoodwinked. He was in love this whole time and just being a doofus about it?

javabeans: Or… in lust? Because apparently his honey is knocked up. For five weeks. Now there’s a man of action for you. She’s one week late and he’s all, “Let’s get hitched!”

girlfriday: Well, he WAS in a big ol’ hurry. So, to back up: Tae-woong announced out of the blue on today’s episode of 1 Night 2 Days that he’s getting married to a ballerina, and also apparently going to be a dad too.

javabeans: She’s the daughter of veteran actor Yoon Il-bong, and she’s a 32-year-old member of the Korean National Ballet. Why do I feel like he’s going to jump back into the “I’m better than you haha” game with Lee Seon-kyun now that he’s got a (to-be) wife and kid too?

girlfriday: Yeah now it’ll turn into how many kids and who’s smarter and eats all their peas. I have a feeling Seon-kyun wins all their contests even if he loses anyway, because he’s just a better talker. I’m just happy for Tae-woong finally getting to join the Married Team on 1N2D, because he just seemed to want it So. Badly.

javabeans: Is it mean that I think that does nothing for the balance of which team has the bigger advantage? HA. If anything he’s just adding to the Bumbling Game Player quotient, which gives the Singles the edge.

girlfriday: Yeah it actually groups Seung-woo, Tae-hyun, and Tae-woong (the Cannots) all on one team now, so they might put up a fight. Tae-hyun will probably argue for Dads vs. Non-dads or something to keep the mathically-challenged Tae-woong at bay.

javabeans: He’s only got eight months to make that work. Better get a move on.

girlfriday: Can’t you see follow-everything-my-hyung-does Joo-won suddenly going, “I wanna get mawieed too!”

javabeans: Yes, so he finally has someone to kill his bugs for him. The question is, now that the news is out in the open, just HOW disgustingly, publicly romantic is Tae-woong going to get? Are we talking frequent mentions of the wifey on camera, or full-on serenades and poetry performances every episode?

girlfriday: I dunno, but it’s Tae-woong, so it’s guaranteed to be really, really embarrassing for everyone, including us.

javabeans: That’ll just have to be his cross to bear.

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157 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. thehaydn

    CONGRATS TO TAEWOONGIE! <3 😀 (when is his sis getting married now? o.o)

    i was SUPER ecstatic when i heard the news. (and also HYPERVENTILATING) cause he's FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! 😀 😀 😀 YAYYYYYY! (i could totally see him comparing his kid with Seon Kyun hahaha) and now he can finally join the Marrieds.

    • 1.1 JIW_sobangnim

      Sorry let me ride on your post since I reckon most will see first comments :)

      1D2N HAVE FINALLY SECURED a 20% RATING WITH YTD’s episode! REJOICE HURRAH! (Making them the 1st in their time slot for 2 consecutive weeks 😀 )

      Truly… the Tae Woong Force? 😛

      • 1.1.1 JIW_sobangnim

        3 consecutive, SOWWIE :)

  2. MsB

    Yeah! Happy for him! And someone in his age group!

  3. blokkoms

    WOW, that came out of left field… Congrats to him!

  4. lovepark

    The news totally caught me by surprise, and I seriously thought he was saying he was going to have to quit when they showed the clip at the end of today’s episode. He kept up the lonely act really well because it never occurred to me that he could be dating. Anyways, so happy for him, and many blessings to the future family!

    • 4.1 pereleal1

      I was watching 1N2D on a bus in Korea last night and didn’t pay much attention throughout the episode, but I caught his announcement and I almost didn’t think he was being serious o.O (It didn’t help that I was in the back of the bus and therefore couldn’t see or hear very well.) But I figured Dramabeans would be all over this news if it was true, hehe.

  5. Mdee

    I’m happy for Tae Woong :-)

    LOL… Baby Joo Won want to get mawied too?!!

    We’ll never know.. We’ll never know…

  6. Ann

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Maybe Jongmin will bring his girlfriend to the wedding and we can find out who she is!

  7. Biscuit

    So….. No more Taewoong and Soo-Ae fantasies?

    At least he is happy. Although I wonder if he wanted to keep his relationship a secret, or him simply sticking closely to his on-screen persona for the show.

    • 7.1 Danna

      I’m pretty sure Soo Ae has a guy in her life already…there’ve been rumors going about for sometime now

      • 7.1.1 Iviih :)

        I heard she is dating a CEO…


    • 7.2 mud

      I was on that ship up up until I read the marriage news. We can always hope for an on-screen couple chemistry! Drama Gods & Goddesses work your mojo!

  8. costshort

    hmm, so you all fell for it?

    me too…

    • 8.1 misso

      I’m so happy for him, but I feel duped. haha here I was, wondering why this adorkable, hunk of a man is still single, when really, he’s in a serious relationship.

      awwww.. now it’s sung shikyung’s turn!

      • 8.1.1 Kiu

        Yah, sHi kyung n me getting married soon. Watch the next , next episode for his confession

  9. Danna

    because he totally Keyser Soze’d us with the Captain Lonelyhearts routine.
    DUDE! this is totally what I was laughing about when I saw this on my twitterfeed….also the whole Lee Seon Kyun thing about them one upping each other…also I thing this brings to light why he’s always jumping onto projects left right and center..he’s got a growing family now….also This: Can’t you see follow-everything-my-hyung-does Joo-won suddenly going, “I wanna get mawieed too!”
    anyways congrats to everybody’s favorite Uhmforce

  10. 10 mud

    I love his embarrassing antics and will totally welcome more prop kisses, haha. And yep, he totally Keyser Soze’d everyone. UhmForce was actually an UhmMaster all along.

  11. 11 Yeha

    LOL the first thing that i thought when i read the title wa “gosh tae-woong is going to act in another movie?does he ever rest?”….jokes aside i’m happy for him ^^

    • 11.1 mud

      Maybe his workaholic tendencies was to save up for the big day and family life with his new family & dogs? In any case, this is fantastic news!

    • 11.2 Fab

      My thoughts exactly.
      It’s kinda chocking to hear that double news of relationship, marriage ánd baby.

      Happy for them though, best of luck to his new family!

      • 11.2.1 Fab


    • 11.3 asianromance

      me too! I thought the title was referring to a character he was going to play, and then read on and found out he’s going to get married and be a dad for real! And he scored himself a member of the Korean National Ballet. Dang!

      • 11.3.1 mav

        Apparently she is the freaking prima ballerina so yeah……

  12. 12 charoula

    i feel betrayed lol 😛

    • 12.1 h311ybean

      Me, too, haha! But after I got over the shock, I’m totally happy for him and his wife-to-be. She sounds like quite a catch! They’re both really lucky :)

      PS Now I don’t have to choose between UTW and Sung Shi-kyung anymore, hahaha!

      • 12.1.1 charoula

        i liked lee min ho and song chang ui more anyway:PPP

  13. 13 stars4u

    This news was really surprising… after his lonely antics and now finally!

  14. 14 JoowonLover

    He got himself a ballerina! D’awwww! How cute is that?!

    I’m so overly ecstatic for Tae-woong!! This really was a good year for your cute ahjussi, huh?!
    Everything is going so fast for him, getting married and a baby too? :) I hope he takes good care of his bride and live a happy long life with his new fambam!!

    Btw, I heard Uhm Jung Hwa actually hooked him up with his fiance…lol Noona power FTW!

    And NOOO!! Joowon cannot get married this soon (unless it’s to me) lol! If he gets hitched, i might lose my sanity!

  15. 15 diorama


    At least his ballerina wife will make up for his two left feet 😉

    • 15.1 tika


    • 15.2 Enz

      Haha that was Funny

    • 15.3 mary

      Haha was thinking that too!

      His wife will be so graceful and composed and balanced… while UTW can trip while walking on level ground. O_O

      Now I want their wifeys to guest on the show! We need a 1N2D WIFEY EPISODE!!!

      (I wanna see Kim Nam Joo too…)

      • 15.3.1 pauper

        The idea of the wife special was suggested in Season 1 but the married ones were all against it. Especially Su-geun and Kim C. I’d love to watch it.

        Congratulations, Tae-woong! Shi-kyung, we’re next ;D

        • mary

          Aww… perhaps their wives were very private people. :)

          What about a baby/kids episode? Though we’d have to wait a couple of months for UTW’s baby to be trip-ready.

          Let’s see if Bird PD can bear to give punishments when the guests are THAT cute.

        • lemonade candy

          hey! Shi Kyung iz mine! ^^

        • omo

          Sugeun’s wife is not in the best of health after the birth of their 2nd son. Her kidneys were so badly damaged that it’s going to be a long, drawn battle to recovery.

    • 15.4 omo

      I hope all their kids inherit the good genes. 😉

  16. 16 Ace

    Woah! Really? DOUBLE Congratulations, Tae-woong! So sly… 😉 This is 2012’s biggest surprise coz honestly among the single members of 1N2D, I’d have been less surprised if Jongmin got married first. I’d have put Tae-woong in last place (Joo-won’s still a baby so I didn’t count him in).

  17. 17 Eli

    I dropped yogurt all over my dress when i read it from shock, and i don’t even like him that way! Never expected this…

  18. 18 Jilly

    No need to feel sorry for him any more:)
    ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ♥ Congratulations, Oppa’s Hyung! ♥ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧

  19. 19 nomu nomu nomu

    I’m not much into the whole celebrity personal life thing, but I would like to give him a big CONGRATS and best wishes for the future family-to-be.

  20. 20 capecrusader

    i legit thought this was about another drama he was going to be doing lol, but I’m happy to be wrong about it! Congrats to him and his soon to be wife :)

  21. 21 Farpavilions

    Awwww. Someone get Joo Won a hyung arm-pillow quick for those lonely non-1N2D naps!

  22. 22 Keshia

    LOL! I feel a little betrayed too and I’ll have to drop him off my Ahjussi I’d Like to …. Yup because he is gonna be a dad as well. But I’m so shocked so happy for him and have to reframe him in my head as a DILF LOL! 😀

  23. 23 crazedlu

    I told myself I would take this news from no one but Dramabeans. Ha. Good actor for sure.

  24. 24 meowmeow

    LOL, as soon as I heard about this I thought, “Man, I bet the girls over at dramabeans are having a field day with this one.”

    Wouldn’t it be so cute if he had a girl and his girl and one of bff Lee Seon-kyun’s boys married her in the future? <3

    • 24.1 muhloy

      HAHAH! i cant believe you are shipping their babies already!

      • 24.1.1 meowmeow

        Lol, a lot of parents do that :) Like the ones in Reply 1997
        I’m not a parent though hehe, I guess I’ve shipped too many kdrama and book couples..

  25. 25 tweetie

    Noooooooooo. I think I need anti depressants T_T

  26. 26 Fatemeh

    Uhm Tae Woong getting married and becoming a father?
    But wait. I can. I think he will be a fun father! :)
    Happy to hear that!

  27. 27 Mar

    I’m all for celebs keeping their personal lives as quiet as they can, especially for the sake of the spouse and children and extended families, and well, probably their sanity. I do not blame any of them for re-directing attention from their personal lives. And we have to remember, actors, and I’ll include anyone that performs for the entertainment of others in that category, are professional liars, so anything they say is suspect and could be just part of the show lol.

    All that said, best wishes to Uhm Force and Ms. Ballerina.

  28. 28 muhloy

    i was fooled big time.

    this feels like when he was pretending to be the super sneaky blind guy in equator man, and then he totally made eye contact with his murderer saying “it was nice to see you again” ahhhhhhh!!

    seriously though, this news made me so happy!

    • 28.1 Myeloid

      spoiler -_-

  29. 29 Farpavilions

    How bizarre. If you google Uhm Tae Woong, the infobox that pops up on the top right says his spouse is Jung Ryeo Won (co-star in Never Ending Story). Do rabid fangirls have control over Google/Wiki?

  30. 30 lizzie

    Am I the only that thought it is too fast?

    Heard they dated just for 5 months and she is pregnant, will this lead to a happy marriage? I just hope this will and they be pretty happy. Because most of rushed marriages don’t end well…

    • 30.1 Mystisith

      I also have a feeling of “wedding under pressure and because I have to…”. Time will tell.

    • 30.2 malta

      When you are older, these kinds of decisions sometimes come faster and with more confidence.

      • 30.2.1 hunB

        generalization really, and why wait till baby makes 3 if they knew?

        anywho for all we know they could have been f^ck buddies and technical mishap leads to marriage.

    • 30.3 jomo

      I agree with malta and am guessing that a 32 year old ballerina does NOT get pregnant accidentally.
      Doncha think?

      • 30.3.1 ilikemangos

        Jomo, complete sense.
        I’d think a ballerina would be more conscious then ever about serious changes to her body.

      • 30.3.2 Yh

        Well, at 32, for a ballerina, can’t dance anymore, so need income, get rich n nice husband.

  31. 31 infinite7l

    OH MY GOD.
    I was in shock when i first heard the news

  32. 32 Kim Yoonmi

    Haha, I made the joke on the Jae Hee page that he too could be secretly married with a kid and people wouldn’t know it–I wasn’t far from the truth, was I? Do I have psychic powers?

    • 32.1 lizzie

      We never know, maybe Kim Nam Gil is also married.

      So long he doesn’t appear on tv or any news about him…

      or is he married and I don’t know? lol

      • 32.1.1 Danna

        Hey! One heart break at a time guys!! lol…there are only so many marriage announcements I can take before I decide to jump on a plane to Korea to stake what’s mine

      • 32.1.2 Will work for soju

        Yes he is, to me!

        • Cindy

          I have to confess he is cheating on you with me….


      • 32.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        Gong Ji Cheol/Gong Yoo, I also think he’d be getting married soon. He’s older than Kim Nam Gil… and Jae Hee. He could pull the same kind of thing Jae Hee did since Gong Yoo is a stage name.

        • Cindy

          Gong Yoo has been rumored for a long time to be dating Im Soo Jung, and the rumors even heated up this year that the two secretly got married and filed for a marriage certificate. Both sides continue to deny it.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            But that was a year ago–if it were true, it would be hard to keep under wraps for a year. They didn’t even seem to confirm they were ever dating either…

          • JIW_sobangnim

            INDEED. AT LEAST SHE IS PREETYYYYY. I forgive.
            Good babies will come out :)

            AND. UTW is DAEBAK. So shocked last night when I watched 1D2N! :)


            I CLAIM LEE SEUNG GI in KWORLD :)

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @JIW–until he gets married around 30, right? =D I’m joking, joking.

      • 32.1.4 Jodasg

        Argh,no no no. Kim nam Gil better dun give me an announcement like UTW. No objection to having gf, being married or even becoming a dad but to be given the news with no prior rumours that he is dating …etc????? My heart cannot take it.

  33. 33 shiku

    Mouth hanging open!!!!!! He is totally a better actor than I thought! Wishing him all the best!

  34. 34 ck1Oz

    Whoa.Thought it was a new movie.This is so unexpected I am in shock.Wow.

    Congratulations but gosh,what a shock.

  35. 35 kcan


    Is it wierd that I’m both super excited for him and also, kind of disappointed? Not really disappointed… More cheated? But mainly excited (cheated as in: I totally bought into the find-tae-woongie-a-wifey-asap act, and now that it was actually an act, I’m scratching my head).

    Anyway, yay for tae woong hyung

  36. 36 houstontwin

    Great news!

  37. 37 Cindy

    I think I saw loneliness in joo won’s eyes when tae woong announced his marriage

    • 37.1 chane

      Awww, maybe he’ll want to get married next.

  38. 38 Kandiboo

    i thought it was a drama or movie plot! wow.

  39. 39 katiamon

    i love him and i’m so happy for Uhm-force!!! he totally fool us!!!!!! now we can’t understimate his acting chops, i believed the “loner” role he played in 1N2D all this time!
    maybe it’s a hurried decision, i read comments that this is too rushed (maybe because of the baby) but, i just hope he’s happy with ms. ballerina, they have cute babies and a lot of dogs, and live happily ever after :)

  40. 40 malta

    Awwwww! He is so cute. What exciting news and one lucky bride!

  41. 41 boholAnna

    I felt bad for him when he was on that fishing boat on 1N2D by himself. He was talking to the captain about marriage and family. ‘Now I totally get it. He wasn’t feeling sad he didn’t have a wife and family – he was thinking of having one himself soon.

    Happy for him!

  42. 42 rainbow

    so happy for him……congrats :)

  43. 43 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB.

    News to put a smile on the face in the morning.

    Way to go UTW! You got us good:)

  44. 44 whitethorns

    everyone who loves Taewoong is probably more happy than sad that he’s getting married. He’s almost 40 and REALLY want to get married and have a family soon, I think everyone is happy that he’s wish came through. and I’m one of them.

  45. 45 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    No fair! we’ve been duped…call the cops, the national guard. Someone must pay…*faintsfromshock*

  46. 46 Noemi

    Aww, too cute! I’m so happy for him!

  47. 47 cv

    Congrats! As long as Oppa is happy, I’m happy. LOL It’s wonderful news… better be true though cuz I don’t want to hear anything bad/rumors later about him and his wife considering that they have a baby along the way too.

  48. 48 Porcelain

    I am so happy for him. No reason a sweet silly adorkable hunk should be single! And double happiness too… Being a husband and father to be!

  49. 49 MissLenis

    i hope his wife love the dogs as much as he is… congrats btw…

    • 49.1 Airyn

      She probably does. I think that’s a requirement. LOL

      • 49.1.1 chane


  50. 50 Airyn

    I’m glad he announced it on 1N2D first. Totally love the reactions of the boys when he did.

    And now I have flashbacks of UTW’s very first episode on the show! Ji-won told him that the show is gonna go on for a long time and they will see UTW get married and have children. And what do you know, we did! 😉

    If he’s been dating her for 5 months, then that’s like half of 1N2D Season 2. Maybe all the Lonely Boy comments then weren’t really Lonely Boy comments because he said he wanted to marry her from Day 2. So maybe he was seriously thinking about it and that prompted all the love-related comments. Maybe he wasn’t acting like he didn’t have anybody; maybe we all saw it differently because we thought he wasn’t dating anyone. o_O

    But hey, congrats UTW! I look forward to the 1N2D ep after the wedding. Muwahahaha!

  51. 51 ida

    Woah, that’s a.. Lovely surprise!
    Glad for him, so.much.
    Man, this is epic EPIC news.

  52. 52 adette

    what?! Uhm Taewoong is probably the last person I expected to marry. Ever.

    hehe I’m mostly kidding…. I really do (did?) picture him as an eternal bachelor, lol. But goood for him :)

    Congrats to them bothh

  53. 53 Titi

    Hey I just realized it… Tae Woong’s and Seon Kyun’s wife have a same name!
    Tae Woong: Yoon Hye Jin
    Seon Kyun: Jeon Hye Jin
    Hahaha anyway congrats Taewoongie oppa! His wife must have love dogs too…

    • 53.1 crazyajummafan

      I wouldn’t put it pass TW to say, ‘Seon Kyun, u got a wife named Hye Jin, I got one too! Now, we’re even!’

  54. 54 Noelle

    HOLY SHIT! All this time? I feel hosed. I am happy for him, his future misses is stunning. I just hope she’s just as dorky as him and loves dogs just as much. I wish them happiness, love, and understanding.

  55. 55 Jade Butterfly

    I remember during the recent 1n2d’s Chuseok event where they all dressed up & they passed by a bevy of beauties ( newscasters ) , they all pushed Tae Woong to the fore like over-eager nannies dying to matchmake their charge. hmmmm! Good acting from the men or they were in the dark ?

    • 55.1 Airyn

      Seems like they’re in the dark ‘coz they seem super surprised in the 1N2D preview. Unless all these guys have become really good actors, in which case someone should cast them all in dramas! LOL

  56. 56 Sophee

    I totally thought when I first saw this article, Uhm Tae-woong was headlining a new drama/movie !!!!! 😀

    I’m so happy for him and totally caught off guard… Seriously it came out of the blue. I really can’t believe it at first, he totally tricked us allll…. ★☆★☆★

  57. 57 Joyce

    WOW Uhm force is getting married! When I saw the title on dramabeans I thought it was for a new drama or something! He totally fooled us with his want-love talk on 1n2d. Good luck and be a happily married man!

  58. 58 estelle

    Omo omo omo congrats Tae Woong ah! So happy for you!

  59. 59 djes

    I googled her father yesterday and dunno why I had this mental image, UTW was grilled by the father when he revealed he got the daughter pregnant! hehehe

    Anyway. So happy for him. Next year we’ll see him bragging about his kid. Oh! I bet he’ll have a baby girl and becomes a totally daughter babo dad.

    Now, he shall hook his noona up with someone too!

  60. 60 Quiet Thought

    When you were describing the man as a workaholic, I assumed you were talking about movies, dramas, CFs, and variety . . . and then he manages to squeeze courtship and pregnancy into his schedule. The Korean Iron Man, indeed.

    • 60.1 ilikemangos


  61. 61 mysticmalady

    Tae Woong fooled us all with his AWESOME singleton act, but I’m sooooooooooo happy for him! =D No wonder he has his phone attached to him all the time (even when he’s being a scarecrow…) and suffers severe withdrawal symptoms when the PDs take it away from him. And here I was thinking that he was just a hopeless adorkable geeky bachelor….

  62. 62 JoowonLover

    you think Joowon will be his best man ? or maybe just a groomsman?
    I’m not completely sure, but how do Korean weddings work? do they have maid of honors, bridesmaids, etc?

  63. 63 folie a deux

    OH MY….oh well, it’s about time anyway.

    Congratulations Tae-Woong oppa and wife-to-be ballerina! :)

  64. 64 Toya

    Holy SHIZNITZ!!!!! **DIES**

    Uhm Tae-woong you sneaky bastard! Wasn’t he on Win Win talking about his long run as a singleton a while back, too? Man just struck gold. Baby and wife in that order, whodathunkit?

    • 64.1 Toya

      His sister must be happy, she’s finally gonna be an aunt.

  65. 65 Gustave154

    Now we know why he was always stuck to his smartphone all day * wink wink
    Anyway congrats taewoong!!

  66. 66 ck1Oz

    His BFF sings.He eats with Tae Hyun and Joo Won sings.Now I want to know who would sing the congratulatory song at the wedding.

  67. 67 JenJen

    Totally wasn’t expecting this piece of news but congrats to him nonetheless. Thankfully there are other korean men to oogle after even if they aren’t all as adorkable as the Uhmforce.

  68. 68 Mia

    First time I saw this I thought it was another role coming for him and so on, so on i started reading I got confused LOL : D
    Congratulations UTW!!
    *I’m more curious how the people who knew he has a girlfriend feel/react with his I’m lonely persona :)*

  69. 69 Evaleena

    Yay… wish some 1N2D Uhm Tae Woong Special Wedding Party Episode like they did for Lee Seung Geun at Season 1….

  70. 70 Rexy

    Well, that totally came out of left field. But I’m happy for him! He did such a good job putting on a lying lie-face of loneliness!

  71. 71 Z

    Wow, do this is the exact same feeling I had the first time I saw the endings of The Usual Suspects and The Sixth Sense. I just sat there watching the credits roll waiting for the big “just kidding” that never came. Color me flabbergasted once again.

  72. 72 ryland345

    I saw this news on another site and was so shocked. This definitely came out of nowhere. I told myself I wouldn’t believe it until dramabeans confirmed it. I can’t imagine a goofy, childish Taewoong with an elegant wife. She must get so exasperated, haha

  73. 73 Sajen

    so congratulations to Uhm Tae Woong.

    But am I the only one wondering what this does to his bride to be’s career? I mean I don’t know much about dance and ballet but I’m pretty sure marriage and a baby tends to end ballerinas careers.

    • 73.1 J

      Actually at age 32 a ballerina career is already at the end.

  74. 74 Lady Seoul

    WOA~! I can’t wait to see what their baby is going to look like. They are both gorgeous!

  75. 75 lala

    I feel so happy now. Very Happy!! As if i am the one who will get married.


  76. 76 Arhazivory

    I hope we can get some shots of the wedding. Ho Dong, Seung Gi, Ji Won will probably be there. Hehe 1n2d: Clash of the Seasons…

    • 76.1 Airyn

      It’ll be awesome to have them all in one place. *_*

  77. 77 redfox

    why that sneaky li´l bastard, had us all feeling so bad for him and fooling everybody. but it is a terrific news nevertheless. And I agree, I bet Joo Won will be feeling obliged to follow the lead.

  78. 78 Abie

    here i was not paying attention to this article thinking that it was just TaeWoong landing another role in a drama (he’s been in a roll) wherein he’d be a husband and father. then i started reading the article. i literally had to read the first few sentences just to let the article sink in. LOL!

    but congrats to TaeWoong. So happy for him! 😀

  79. 79 fdyane

    wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha he really fool us didnt he..well, im glad he is getting married and an instant dad at that..i can totally imagine he laughing giddily and crying when he heard the news that he is a dad… its great that he announced it on 2D1N first

  80. 80 hawaiianseoul

    omg congratulations!!

    you got me there woongah.
    acting all coy and then bam!

  81. 81 biankoy

    wow!! that totally took me by surprise. here I am feeling really awful for the guy and questioning the womenfolk of Korea why this great catch of a guy ain’t hitch, and suddenly poof!! but I’m happy for him though, it’s about time. yay!! for the both of them, and for the baby on the way :)

  82. 82 shoesrgreatrite


  83. 83 topper

    Even his wife is introduced by his noona, pretty much sure she runs his life. And his dork personna on 1N2D I guess is just a role and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

  84. 84 nedenuleyn

    I know it sounds wierd and maybe she doesn’t even care but I’m wondering how Lee Young Jin felt when she heard the news. He dated her for 2 years then-break up! And I read somewhere that he dated a girl for 6 or 9 years(that’s a lot:)) but they broke up. He said in an interivew in 2005 (resurrection era) that his former gf had gotten married and had kids. What does she think now? A: “I dated him for 9 years” HA!

  85. 85 peter

    yes finally uhmforce will be added not 1 but 2 or better yet twins :) married team ftw just no math questions hahaha 😀

  86. 86 peter

    caught by suprise with this news for all we know taewong hyung is currently lonely with his love life then suddenly this news hahaha taewong hyung can now go to married team. will it be advantage for them? definitely yes just no math questions hahaha. congrats and best wishes! taewong hyung fighting!!! 😀

  87. 87 whimsicalnet

    oh wow! totally fooled me and the apples as well. hehe. congratulations!!

  88. 88 astro

    imagine if KJK also announces his marriage soon.

  89. 89 Bri

    After the initial shock, I am absolutely overjoyed, I can’t wait for the wedding!! I honestly thought he would just remain a bachelor and totally didn’t expect us to be able to marry him off this soon! (It’s so unreal haha)

    All the best to the married couple-to-be!!

  90. 90 DaDa

    UTW you sly dog having us all believe you were lonely..

    This is so shocking though

  91. 91 tiffany

    haha im so happy for him! big ol’ dork finally getting hitched!! about time 😉 shes one lucky ballerina 😀

  92. 92 widya

    Tae Woongie, congratulations!!! Truly truly happy for your new little family !! Always knew you’ll find a great match :) All the best!

  93. 93 Barbarella

    thanks jb,

    So, all UTW’s fangirling had been tricked !! like kwan sang

    woo’s previous news too.

    No more his fans lovey dovey for him – now call him papa !!.

  94. 95 ien

    To barbarella, but I hope the nitezens not become ‘insane’ like what happen to kwon sang woo. :(

    Anyway, congrats to tae woong.. happy for him,..although I’m still suprised…. 😀

  95. 96 Abbie

    YAY! I’m so happy for him!

  96. 97 Esmee

    Wow !!

    so happy to hear that 😀
    Joo won totally knew.. i watched the clip and he was completely unsuprised when Tae Woong announced his marriage.. Joo Won was watching the others’ reaction !

  97. 98 Dix

    I never believed he was lonely for a moment. I could see through all that act, it was still cute though. The episode when he was the only one took a boat and went fishing, he talked about marriage a lot. I did not interpret his somber words and actions to mean lonely, I felt he was contemplating on proposing to someone. I guess I was right.

    • 98.1 Airyn

      That’s what I think, too, on hindsight. Maybe most of us fooled ourselves. LOL. I think what we saw on 1N2D was still real UTW, just that we interpreted it differently because he’s always carried the lonely bachelor persona since Season 1. I think I’m gonna go re-watch some of the episodes. 😉

  98. 99 pogo


  99. 100 canxi

    HAHAHA, I am totally laughing so hard! I thought it was a drama and then it turns out to be forreal!
    Awwwww congrats Uhm Tae Woong! Hahahaha, so funny.

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