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Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 11 (Final)
by | November 18, 2012 | 114 Comments

Badass. So badass, in fact, that I immediately want to watch it again. I sort of wonder if they saved all their eggs for the finale this season, instead of doling out the awesome little by little, because the final episode is considerably better than the past ten. It’s go-go-go from start to finish, and I’m still reeling from the heart-pounding thrills. They drop everything but a grand piano on our hero in the final hour, and even still, I’m waiting for that piano to drop.

EPISODE 11: “Return of the Vampire”

Tae-yeon races to go save his team before it’s too late. Well that’s what happens when you let yourself get tied up by your former bartender/hyung/informant/doctor, leaving the humans to fight the vamps without you, while you have ambiguously kinky time.

Red Eyes (We find out from the “Previously On…” that he’s called L, but gee the final episode sure is a great time to finally tell us his name, Show.) has Runa by the throat. He says goodbye, but she ekes out that she can feel his past.

“Why do you use the same method that was used on you, to cause pain to others?” Glimpses back to Ji-ae’s drowning take him back to his own torture as a human—someone repeatedly holding his head underwater as he screams, “Save me, save me!”

And after the torture—by two scientists, one of them Dr. Jo’s father—he is given a syringe full of vampire blood with the choice to live or die.

Back in the present, Runa pleads with him to stop, and to use his strength to protect those precious to him. And then we see Red Eyes’ first moment of human weakness, shaken up by her words.

…or so we thought. He raises his head with a sneer, “Do you believe in stuff like that? I don’t.” His eyes glow red and he gets ready to snap her neck, when Runa reaches for something in her pocket and cuts him in the face.

It’s a lighter—is it Tae-yeon’s lighter? She falls to the ground and says under her breath, “Please stop him. I believe in you, Prosecutor Min…”

The cut heals over in seconds, and Red Eyes grabs her in a fury, ready to chomp down. Opening credits. Aaaaack.

Dr. Jo comes back to the car to find Runa missing. He tears down the road, which Jung-in sees on her way towards Soon-bum. She whirls around to follow him.

She calls Soon-bum, but he doesn’t answer, because Dr. Jo has left him in a horribly mangled heap. Oof, it hurts to look at him this way. I can’t. He’s supposed to be the big fluffy teddy bear. Why is he lying on the ground in a bloody heap?

He manages to reach a bloody hand out to answer his phone, and ohthankgoodness it’s Tae-yeon on the other end. He freaks out to hear Soon-bum’s voice that way and asks what happened.

Soon-bum can barely get the words out: “I thought… I could handle it. I wanted… to help… I’m sorry, Tae-yeon-ah.” Nooooo, stop saying deathbed things!

“Dr. Jo… vampire…” and then the line goes silent. Tae-yeon, “HYUNG!” Soon-bum lies on the ground, unconscious. Please don’t be dead. Please don’t be dead.

Dr. Jo uses the last baddie’s cell phone to call the boss of the kidnapping operation, and warns him that he’s going return all the children to their parents. Clearly his intentions are in the right place, yunno, minus the whole uncontrollable killing thing.

Dong-man wails, “Soon-bum-ie hyung!” as Soon-bum gets rolled out on a stretcher. Tae-yeon runs up, terrified, but then Soon-bum wakes up. OH PHEW.

“Hey Ddong-man [poop-man], why am I your hyung?” Hee. They both let out a sigh of relief and smile. Dr. Blood is there too? How’d he get here?

Soon-bum swears he’s in tip-top shape, and takes Tae-yeon’s hand. He apologizes for not being able to help, and says that Tae-yeon is the only one who can handle Dr. Jo.

He asks Tae-yeon to take care of his hyung (awwwwww) with a squeeze of his hand. It kills me that he’s still worried about Dr. Jo after he nearly beat him to death minutes ago.

Tae-yeon sends him off to the hospital, and then turns down the street—something catches his eye. Or no, it’s his nose, because it’s the alley where Runa was, and she’s left behind a pool of blood.

He reaches out and sees her final moments… pleading for him to come, and Red Eyes killing her with a bite. Aw man, why’d she have to die?

He tastes the blood, and it’s like an instant download of Red Eyes’ past, which Runa felt moments before her death. A tear rolls down his cheek as Tae-yeon comes out of the vision, and Dr. Blood catches up with him.

Dong-man calls to say that Jung-in is chasing Dr. Jo, which sends Tae-yeon into another tailspin. He turns to go, and Dr. Blood tries to stop him. Tae-yeon: “Hyung, I can’t watch another one of my people get hurt. I’m going to catch him myself… Bad Blood.”

Dr. Blood offers to help, but Tae-yeon asks him to do something else—to check out the bunker where he first met Red Eyes, to see if there’s any evidence that Little Sis Yeon-ji is the other non-prosecutor vamp he was talking about. He asks through tears, which you just can’t say no to, ever.

He calls Jung-in and warns her not to act alone, and to wait until he catches up to her. She wonders what the hell is going on, and Tae-yeon shouts that he doesn’t have time to argue, and to just do what he says. I know the situation is terrible, but his panic is so sweet.

Dr. Jo enters a warehouse, where the kidnapper talks to him over the PA system like he’s the wizard of Oz or something, and then unleashes his minions.

Dr. Jo shoots? (Does the vampire need a gun, really?) and bests them all. It leaves him bloody though, and he limps away in search of the boss.

Jung-in waits and waits, and gets antsy of course, and takes out her gun to go in anyway. I honestly didn’t even hold out hope that you’d wait that long.

But as soon as she steps out of the car, Red Eyes shows up behind her. Eeep! He asks where Tae-yeon is. She raises her gun at him, and he just laughs as he grabs it and presses it up to his temple with a smile.

He tells her to go ahead and shoot, and then snatches it out of her hand. He takes out all the bullets but one, and then presses the gun to her temple for a game of Russian roulette.

He asks where Tae-yeon is, and she grits her teeth to answer that she doesn’t know—once, twice, three times. He warns that it’s her last chance, and asks again.

But this time she grabs the barrel and presses it up to her forehead, “If you’re gonna shoot, shoot, but don’t scare me with this crap.” Bad. Ass. I love her so. Even a villain’s gotta have some love for that kind of gumption, right?

Dr. Jo is bleeding profusely and losing his strength, but gets it together when the kidnapper offers to trade Ji-ae, and puts her on the phone. He heads up to find her.

Meanwhile, boss lady Prosecutor Joo arrives on the scene with a SWAT team, and orders them to kill Dr. Jo on sight. Seriously? She actually says the words, “That would be less embarrassing for me.”

Tae-yeon calls her, from what looks like inside the warehouse. He asks her to call off the team and let him handle the matter himself, but she just mocks him and decides he’s next once she’s taken care of Dr. Jo. At least in Tae-yeon’s case she means losing his job, not so much the killing, but in any case, she’s not going to let him handle it quietly his way.

Tae-yeon: “Then I guess I have no choice.” Cue action music. Hell yeah. Now I’m glad she said no. He takes down the SWAT team with one swift move after another, and then finds the trail of Dr. Jo’s blood.

Dr. Jo finally reaches the room where the baddie is holding Ji-ae hostage, and the guy offers him a trade: his life for Ji-ae’s. He agrees, and Ji-ae is set free. She runs into Ajusshi’s arms and they each check on the other, and then he tells her to run.

She shakes her head, crying that she doesn’t want to go without him. They’re killing me. This little girl is so good. He promises that he’ll be right behind her (LIES!) and then finally picks her up over his shoulder to make her go.

Tae-yeon gets closer to the top, when the two lead agents show up behind him, guns drawn. He just turns back at them like he’s annoyed at the buzzing flies, and then in one motion, he grabs both guns out of their hands, drops the cartridges, and tosses them aside. *Rewind*

They’re not so easily deterred though, and give him a good fight.

Dr. Jo tells Ji-ae to go and that he’ll come home to her no matter what. She cries and cries that she won’t go without him, and he yells at her to make her go, and locks the door between them.

She bangs on the door with her tiny little fists, and on the other side, he whispers, “I’m sorry, Ji-ae-ya.” He hears her cries growing faint.

And then the baddie comes and knifes him in the gut, laughing that he’d fall for such a stupid ploy. He fully intends to kill Dr. Jo and then just kill the little girl anyway, which duh, but he also doesn’t know about Vamp 1 in front of him, and Vamp 2 just a few floors down.

Sure enough, Dr. Jo kills both his minions and then overtakes the boss. He reaches up with his… wait, has he been killing people with a scalpel? Pffft, that’s funny.

At the same time, Tae-yeon finally reaches the top floor and finds Ji-ae huddled in the corner, crying. She points to the room where Ajusshi is, and Tae-yeon runs in just in time to stop Dr. Jo from killing the last baddie.

He says it’s over, but Dr. Jo says he’s come too far, and that this trash needs to be taken care of. Tae-yeon promises that he can start over, and he starts to hesitate, but argues that he can’t.

That is, until Ji-ae’s voice rings out, “Ajusshi!” He lowers his weapon with a pang, and turns to face them.

But in that split second when he turns, the SWAT team shows up, and suddenly Dr. Jo’s chest is covered in laser points. Oh no.

Tae-yeon turns around in slow motion, screaming, “Nooooo!” But it’s too late, and one shot takes him down.

Tae-yeon and Ji-ae run to his side, and Dr. Jo returns to his old self, smiling up at Ji-ae and promising that he’ll always be looking out for her, till she’s twenty, and thirty. He turns to Tae-yeon and leaves Ji-ae in his care, and dies in their arms.

Ji-ae cries and cries, breaking my heart all over again, and Tae-yeon slowly reaches out a hand to comfort her.

He gets held up by Prosecutor Joo in the aftermath, and the only reason she lets him go is because they find out that Dr. Jo didn’t kill Runa after all.

Tae-yeon had insisted the same, and she asks now if that means he knows who the killer is. She lets him go and puts agents on his tail.

As he runs out, we get a flashback to the moments following Dr. Jo’s death. Tae-yeon gets a call from Jung-in’s phone, but it’s Red Eyes, who says he has Jung-in.

Tae-yeon loses it and growls into the phone, “What do you want from me?!” Red Eyes just gives him a location to meet the next day, or Jung-in dies.

He races there now, and it’s… the middle of a shopping mall? He’s tailed by agents all over the place, but I’m thinking Red Eyes doesn’t much care one way or the other. He suddenly appears behind Tae-yeon. Can we get this guy a bell? So creepy with the appearing out of nowhere.

He’s clearly decided to up his game, because this time he’s armed with a remote detonator for a bomb that’s wired to go off in Jung-in’s face. It’s timed as well, for three hours from now.

Tae-yeon grabs him by the collar, “What do you want?!” Red Eyes: “You.” Get in line, buddy.

Tae-yeon asks if he has Yeon-ji too, but Red Eyes continues to be vague about it. He orders Tae-yeon to protect him if he wants Jung-in and Yeon-ji to live, and then gives himself up to the agents on Tae-yeon’s tail.

They run up to arrest him, so Tae-yeon has no choice but to fight them all off. Aw crap, now he looks all guilty and shit. He grabs Red Eyes and they run to the car, only to have Soon-bum show up and put a gun to his head, asking for Jung-in.

Red Eyes lies that he already killed her, and Soon-bum just about goes crazy with rage. Meanwhile Tae-yeon has to calm him down if they’re going to get out of there before the agents catch up, and I’m freaking out right now.

Tae-yeon panics and tells Soon-bum that Jung-in will die if he kills the bastard, but I don’t know if he can even hear him over his own ragey thoughts. But Tae-yeon finally gets through to him, and Soon-bum makes him promise to save Jung-in before sending them off.

Standing ovation for Soon-bum in this episode. Man, he doesn’t have much to do by way of screen time, but damn is he killing it every second he’s onscreen.

Commence high-speed chase, which Red Eyes seems to be enjoying like it’s a picnic. He actually hangs his head out the window like a dog on a sunny day.

They nearly get caught, but Soon-bum and Dong-man show up to interfere, giving Tae-yeon a chance to slip away.

They stop somewhere, and Tae-yeon asks why he’s doing this to Jung-in. Red Eyes reminds him that he warned he’d hurt the people around him if Tae-yeon kept chasing him. “Is that why you turned Dr. Jo into a vampire?”

Red Eyes says no, actually—he dug into all his team members’ files, and discovered that Dr. Jo was the son of the man who “made me what I am.” Ah, so it WAS a calculated revenge. I figured he had to have known.

He finally shares his backstory, as we see the young man captured over labor union battles of all things, tortured, chained up, given more and more blood and kept in a cell for years. Geez, no wonder he’s a psycho.

He says that Dr. Jo Sr. was the one person he thought understood his pain. He pleaded for his help, but the guilt-ridden doc said he couldn’t, because it was the only way to find a cure for his son’s illness.

“And that’s when I found out that there’s no such thing as a good person in this world. Just people who pretend they are. I hate people like that the most. They make a person confused.”

He says that Dr. Jo was the same in the end. We see in flashback that it was Red Eyes who hired the kidnapper to go after Ji-ae. He says that human beings are all the same, and that he caved to his baser instincts when all was said and done.

Red Eyes: “Do you think I haven’t tried to live like you before? But the world isn’t that kind a place. You just live, taking another’s to protect what’s yours.”

But Tae-yeon surprises him: “There’s one thing you can’t deny—the reason Dr. Jo let you go.” Red Eyes wonders what tricks Runa played in sharing his past, and acknowledges that he was set free.

Tae-yeon asks if that wasn’t Dr. Jo Sr.’s choice because he wanted to give him a sliver of hope. Red Eyes scoffs as he says sure, hope is all good and well… and then a flashback takes us to him returning to his family’s home after everything, and finding it all destroyed and his family gone.

“Living with the belief in that hope… is what made me this way. I’ll show you what the end of hope is.”

The clock is ticking down, and they have an hour left as the sun starts to set. They reach the warehouse and Red Eyes sends Tae-yeon in alone, which can’t be good. He runs inside, and is greeted by this:

Whoa. And who should step out in front but that mob boss from the first case that brought Red Eyes onto the scene. (He proved to be harmless in that case, and was actually friends with a cop.)

Red Eyes saunters past Tae-yeon and tells him to fight his way through them, and he’ll be waiting at the top. Did… you just slap his ass? Hee.

Tae-yeon yells at the gangsters to get out of his way, and the mob boss swears he doesn’t want to do this, but Tae-yeon doesn’t know what kind of monster that guy is. I’m pretty sure he knows. I love Tae-yeon’s slow-motion sigh, followed by his imma-have-to-kick-your-ass-then glare.

He makes his way down the longest corridor known to man, through the biggest group of mobsters ever—they’re like zombie-mob big—putting them down left and right.

This. Is. So. KICKASS.

By the time he gets to the last one, the floor is covered in bodies, and he has to step around them to do his hero walk-away, out of breath but with laser focus on getting to Jung-in.

Omgaaaaawd, I love this. Hold on, I need to watch that again.

He runs up to Jung-in, where Red Eyes is ready to make things interesting, and starts a fire. With Tae-yeon’s lighter? Give it back!

They fight, and then Red Eyes takes out Jung-in’s gun with that last bullet in the chamber. Damn. This guy really likes his circular poetic send-offs, doesn’t he?

He shoots, and Tae-yeon goes down in front of Jung-in’s eyes. His eyes light up blue and he vamps out as he reels from the pain. I can’t tell how much of it is visible to her, with all the smoke and mirrors (literally) and with her strapped to a chair.

And then of course comes Red Eyes’ final choice. He really is a one-trick pony with this obsession, isn’t he? He tells Tae-yeon that he can drink Jung-in’s blood and walk away, or they can die together.

He tells him to hurry it up, with that droll tone in his voice that says he’ll do what everyone else does, per his mantra. He throws her down next to Tae-yeon, and adds another carrot to the deal: if he kills Jung-in and gets out of here, Red Eyes will tell him where to find his sister. You ass.

A tear falls as Tae-yeon listens to him ask if Yeon-ji isn’t more important to him than his own life. But he won’t kill Jung-in, so Red Eyes says he’ll help him along. Oh no.

He grabs Jung-in and vamps out… Tae-yeon screams… and Red Eyes bites her. Crap crap crap crap.

He asks if he’s going to live or die with her, and Tae-yeon looks up at the bomb, with three minutes on the clock. Red Eyes turns to go, but Tae-yeon gets up and says he’s the one who feels pity, for the guy who has never truly had hope.

Red Eyes grabs the nearest pipe and starts to beat the lights out of him, when Tae-yeon sees his chance to throw him to the ground.

He vamps out and takes a GIANT crunch out of Red Eyes’ neck, wails on him, and then freaking REBARS him by lifting him up like a giant vamp skewer. Holy crap.

With thirty seconds on the clock, Tae-yeon limps over to Jung-in, and picks her up. “Jung-in-ah, I’m sorry, for letting you go through this.” He holds her… over the ledge?

He hesitates, and then lets her go. She falls in slow motion and lands on the pile of trash down below. Dead? Alive?

Soon-bum and Dong-man arrive, calling out her name.

Red Eyes drags his bloody, mangled self across the floor, and Tae-yeon grabs a chain. Oh my, I’m terrified.

He wraps the chain around his neck and whispers, “This is my choice.” He yanks on the chain, and looks over at the bomb as it counts down 3… 2… 1…

Boom. The explosion engulfs them.

Fade to black, and then some unknown time later, Dong-man eats ice cream in the park with Ji-ae. He asks her what she wants to be when she grows up, and she says, “A doctor, because if there are fewer sick people in the world, people can live together a long, long time.” Oof, this little girl kills me.

Soon-bum rides along with Dr. Blood, going over how weird it is that he can’t find a single trace of Tae-yeon at the scene of the crime. He takes out the photo of Red Eyes and mutters, “This guy must’ve been there too…” Wait, does that mean you couldn’t find either of them? That’s the definition of good news/bad news.

He asks Dr. Blood—this is the same guy right? Dr. Blood glances at the photo and says he’s never seen that guy before. Wait. WUT. Soon-bum: “You said you’ve seen him! Bad Blood!” The car comes to a screeching halt. He grabs the photo, “No. That’s not him.” OH MY GOD. Bad Blood is someone else??

And then, someone walks into a room and uncloaks someone held captive. Oh thank goodness, it’s Tae-yeon.

He lifts his head… his eyes go wide.

And with the closing credits, we get bits and pieces of dialogue from previous episodes, cut together to give us cheeky clues: “Isn’t that game over?” “Is that the end?” That’s not the end, is it?” “That’s not the end.”

“Where’s Prosecutor Min?” “Where’d he go?” “Is he hibernating?” “Where would he go at a time like this?” “Where is he, Min Tae-yeon?”

Cut back to Tae-yeon, wide-eyed at his captor (Or savior? Both?), who cloaks him again. Dun dun!


Okay, that was fun. Overall this second season didn’t have the flair of the first for whatever reason (perhaps because it was less shiny and new), but the finale alone was a great hour. Before this episode, I was rather ambivalent about a third season for this show, but now I’m intrigued. Probably because they didn’t answer any questions (sigh), but I suppose that’s one upside to being cryptic. Though the downside might be that I wonder if you’ll EVER answer any.

I wish the entire second season had been this taut and action-centric, but I think there was a bigger disconnect this year between the murders of the week and the overarching mystery, or perhaps it was just that we’ve come to know that the weekly murders have less impact on the overall story, so there’s more of a tendency to skip past that stuff, or watch with a less attentive eye till we get to the meat and potatoes of the central conflict. With such short seasons to begin with, I would’ve much rather pared down a lot of that, and gotten more backstory with Park Hoon, Dr. Blood, or Red Eyes.

There’s one thing they really did get right this time around though, and that was in Red Eyes as the villain. I loved his darkness, his anomie, his one-track obsession. He was a really rich character, and if there is a third season, I hope he survived the blast. If there isn’t, I suppose I’d sleep better at night thinking he died… but I know better—if Soon-bum didn’t find a body, then he’s out there somewhere.

We did confirm that Red Eyes was a prisoner-turned-lab-rat and made into a vampire, (which we pretty much guessed), but from whose blood remains unexplained. Is he the first vampire literally born of science? Or was his blood transfused with existing vamp blood? This is really the qualm I had with this season, though it’s really this show’s tendency from the beginning—to ask way more questions than it ever answers. I just always want them to be more forthcoming than they are, because you have to reward us with some narrative payoff when you engage us with these twisty (and twisted) stories.

Where we do get payoff is with our main characters and their relationships, because this show does a great job of always getting at the heart of the prosecutor team’s found family, and Tae-yeon’s connections to all of them. And I liked the finale because it was Tae-yeon being the big hero and the papa bear, running in to save his people, win or lose.

I’m sad that we lost Dr. Jo, who was a really warm addition to the team. I do wish that his final vigilante arc didn’t feel so rushed and forced, because it was a little hard for me to believe that a guy who was SO kind could turn on a dime like that. And it wasn’t like he had flipped a switch and completely lost himself or anything—he was still Dr. Jo, but killing people, and it was all a bit abrupt. It’s the kind of arc that I think could’ve gotten an entire season rather than a pair of episodes, though on the upside, the faster version delivers more punch.

OCN is really taking to the multi-season show, with series like Vampire (and God’s Quiz), still the rarity in a primarily single-season dramaland. It still feels like an experiment in many ways, though that’s interesting in and of itself. I don’t know if they’ll be back with a Season 3, but all I know is: If they killed Jung-in, WE WILL HAVE WORDS.


On the other hand, I was decidedly unimpressed with the finale, and the season as a whole. I’ve been trying to pinpoint all season long what about it wasn’t getting my attention the way the first did, and I still don’t have a definitive answer, though I have a few ideas.

Perhaps it was the extra emphasis given to Red Eyes, which split the focus between the hero and the villain, whereas last year Tae-yeon was on an intensely personal trajectory. His sister was the huge trauma, his enemy was his boss/hyung, and he had some personal demons to fight. This year, there were huge stretches where Tae-yeon was offscreen, just reacting to stuff. And while Red Eyes has a really tragic backstory, I had a hard time connecting this present-day villain with the guy in the flashbacks (mostly since we barely saw the flashback version, and were not privy to the extent of his misery until this episode)—so basically the series afforded a tremendous amount of story time to a sadistic fuck who liked to toy with people.

Or perhaps it was the way this season seemed determined to outdo everything about the first season, and in so doing turned up the technical trickery. The show had a PD switch, but I don’t actually think there was much of a difference (or a dip) in the directing; to me it felt like the same show in tone, mood, and visual style. Even the types of crimes of the week weren’t very different from last year—we had comic cases alternating with serious ones, with some heart-tugging moments slipped in every now and again. In fact, this year’s overall crime arcs may have been better plotted than last year’s—Season 1 had more variety, but tended to be more all over the place. Surely Ji-ae and Dr. Jo’s connection trumps last year for weekly cases that had emotional impact. It was just that there was an overall attempt to out-gore itself, and go darker and bloodier.

That particularly applies for this finale (along with that torture-fest of a premiere), which had so many dead bodies left in its wake that I just stopped caring. There was so much torture and stabbing and growling “Where is she?!” that I mentally checked out from the repetitiveness. It felt like I Miss You, the dark-action version—lots of pain, more pain, how about some more pain? Bored now.

To be honest, after everyone just kept dying there was no more shock factor for anyone else because it seemed the show was just going to keep killing. After Dr. Jo and Runa, I wasn’t expecting any hope for Jung-in or Tae-yeon, so I was checked out of the big bomb countdown. It’s like a Tarantino movie; once you realize everyone’s likely to die, you’re not very invested in them staying alive. I did think of Tae-yeon’s suicide maneuver as fitting more than sad, which was a nice touch. (Though if he lived, then there’s no guarantee Red Eyes died, and then where does that leave us?)

I did enjoy the season as a whole, and there’s no question this is a slick, well-produced franchise with lasting potential. It’s just… perhaps the novelty has worn off, but wasn’t replaced with extra heart or brain or cleverness. Which means I got what I expected, but nothing more in the way of emotional payoff.

It seems obvious the show is planning a Season 3 with that tantalizing twist so I won’t complain about the cliffhanger nature of the finale. It did, however, strike me as willfully cryptic, which is annoying. Something designed to say, Tune in next year! Well, maybe girlfriday will. I’m not so sure that goes for me.


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  1. Boaelly

    Thanks for the review… Maybe its me and i am being simple minded but i LOVED this season as much as the first one… maybe the episode of Jung In as a model was a bit overrated but everything else i LOVED. I NEEEEED a third season! NEEED!

    • 1.1 kakashi

      omg, ME TOO!!!! loved it, need it, want it. NOW

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        I’m actually more with JB on this season. I thought the last episode did pick up steam, but overall I couldn’t help feeling disappointed with the finished product. At the same time, I’m glad others enjoyed it and that I’m in the minority.

        • cat03

          mee tooo…. I really need third season. huhuhuhuh…
          they need to hv third season and answer all question.

  2. Onichick

    Oh god my rage if Jungin is truly dead will be HUGE AND POINTY AND RAGEY!



    I loved this season. I actually really like L as a villian even if he is the pointiest man to have ever had pointied.

    There better be a season three with a Jungin and Taeyeon reunion with clutching and other things or I am swimming my ass to Korea and having words with the PDs and writers.

    • 2.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      Lol, that’s gonna be a long swim…I have a boat, I’ll just pick you up. You’ll be less tired, this will be more effective for the giving and saying of WORDS. If no reuniting with clutching occurs.

      • 2.1.1 Onichick

        I would appreciate a ride. Just swing by the Pacific Northwest. Ill provide coffee ^^

    • 2.2 Joy

      omg all I want is to see Jung In as a sexy vampire 😀

      And is it just me or does every vampire (excluding Yeon Ji) magically get eyeliner after turning? LOL

      • 2.2.1 May

        Eyeliner AND martial arts skills. Buffy and the Scoobies figured that out in the 90’s.

        • Amaya

          and leather. I can’t have been the only one to notice that all of a sudden, Dr. Jo was wearing a leather jacket. I was like LOLOLOLOL that doesn’t fit you at all, but I guess it was in the job description.

          • Rachel

            Not to mention that they all somehow understand Japanese without a translator..? LOL. But I definitely noticed the eyeliner and leather jacket.

            I also got a Korean Vampire Taken vibe from Dr. Jo. “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.” Yeahh, Korean Liam Neeson!

  3. xn_lonie

    Aweeeeeesome! ;D Jung In better not die mhhhhhhm.

  4. Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Cliffhanger?! All I can say to that is…season 3 here we come!!!! I knew that Dr. Jo had to die but even so it was hard to take. For the record, while this season wasn’t as slick as the first. The show totally turned it up a notch with the villain. Red Eyes was bad, baaad, BAD! Yet, totally enjoyable to watch even though he scared the bejesus out of me. I really hope the cliff hanger means a season three. Thanks for the recaps!

  5. ss

    i think the novelty of the show is starting to wear off:( last year i was so hooked on to the show that i’d wait till 2am to catch the raw. but now, i have to remind myself that, ahh today is sunday. and sunday means vampire prosecutor.
    im glad that eventhough they changed directors, the whole season still felt the same.
    i dont want to wait for season 3 to know what happens to jung-in. and OMG! i cant believe that all this while, L wasnt bad blood. pfft. i felt cheated watching the whole time. at the last scene, i thought that the guy that was caught was L and that the guy in suit was taeyeon.
    anyway, my take is the guy that saved taeyeon was lawyer park.

  6. stella sun-ju

    but what about JUNG-IN????alive/dead??
    nice recap jb!

  7. jen

    already ended?? after nice guy, i’ve been searching for a new drama. looks like i’ve found it 😀

  8. Aqee

    Who is Bad Blood xtualy.. Their new lady boss..?

    Mayb Tae Yeon lil sis has something to do with all this after all..

    Ohh waiii..soo much question left hanging..! *wail..

    • 8.1 Mystisith

      Lol. I thought she looked like a vamp the second she appeared on my screen.

  9. Jinny

    Woahh…that was an intense read. Anyone else think that Yeon-ji might be his savior/captor? Eeek I was really surprised by the ending…I think this season as a whole got the story moving along but it tried to play on the whole mysterious we’re not telling you anything trajectory and they got carried away with it, leaving the viewers too much in the dark until the very end. It makes for a satisfying ending, I was literally going “Oh so that’s how everything is supposed to play out” for the past two eps but before that I was so confused.
    I really did like the heartwarming episodes between Tae-yeon and his team though and I’m sad that Dr. Jo and Runa had to die :/ Jung-in has to be alive!

  10. 10 JADE

    Loved this season as much as the first. Though most of the weekly crime were irrelevant to the Red Eyes villain arc, it was still nice to see little character moments plus the comedy in those episodes. I do wish they had introduced Red Eyes earlier though, because having him come in mid-season makes me feel like the beginning episodes were just there to be there, not that I don’t love it anyway. I do. But earlier intro of the villain leaves more room for the arc to be expanded. Though that’s just my thinking. And I’m so sad that Dr. Jo died. I kept hoping that he’d be like Tae Yeon and use his vamp powers to do good, but after the last episode, it seemed more and more prominent that he was not going to make out of the season alive, but I still hoped. I guess they can’t keep everyone. But overall, without a doubt, this season was awesome.
    Now onto my hopes/wishes for season three: AHHH! I can’t wait for season three! I hope they let Jung In turn vampy, since that would let her understand Tae Yeon better hence the bigger sparks in their romance. They better not have killed her off or I will have lots of words for them. Plus, I hope all of us will get more answers in season three, for example, who the hell is Bad Blood and what’s his connection with Tae Yeon??? They don’t have to have Bad Blood be caught and killed off or anything, but it would be nice to at the very least know who is making Tae Yeon’s life so miserable. Oh, and I really really really hope they kill off the Chief Prosecutor cuz she just makes everything harder for our Prosecution Team. Hated her from the very first ep, and the hate is still going strong. Also, they should do an episode with a backstory for Soon Bum, like his life before he met Tae Yeon. It’d be a nice change since Tae Yeon is always center attention. We’ve seen a bit of Jung In’s past already in the first season, but I’m hoping they’ll expand, because really, all we know about her is that she’s a gangster’s daughter, totally and epicly BADASS, and in love with vampy Tae Yeon. Hopefully the cast will all return for the next season since it wouldn’t be the same without even one of them.
    On a side note, the little girl that plays Ji Ae is totally adorable! And a great actress too.

    • 10.1 JADE

      Ooops, forgot about Runa. I actually liked her and really hoped that she could’ve stayed alive to help Tae Yeon figure out who Bad Blood really is. She would made a nice addition to the team, but then I don’t really know how she’d fit in.

  11. 11 Amber

    Well,maybe bad blood is dr.Jo’ brother.That’s why dr.Jo.sr is experimenting red eyes.I haven’t watched a single episode so I maybe wrong.I’m obsessing with I Miss You right now.

  12. 12 whitethorns

    anyone bet it was Lawyer PArkhoon who uncloak Taeyoon and Jung-in was turn into a vampire to save her from death?
    im pretty sure they’re making season 3, otherwise they wouldn’t end the season like that.

  13. 13 Judy

    Please let there be a 3rd season!!! They can’t end it like this and not give us one!!! >__<

  14. 14 befuddled


    How did all that just happen in one episode?

  15. 15 Sajen

    I may be the odd one out but I think I enjoyed season 2 just as much as season 1, maybe pretty much forgetting the first season except that I liked it helped.

    Why’d they have to kill Runa and Dr. Jo as for Jung In Lee Young Ah has said she won’t do a third season I doubt she’s dead but most likely now knows of vampires and that Tae Yeon is one, possibly they even make her one so as to have a real love line in the next season.

    And there better be another season because while I like perhaps even love open endings this is not an ending they better come back and finish the story.

    • 15.1 Sajen

      * unless right before Lee Young Ah

      • 15.1.1 sundae

        Dude, you scare the hell out of me. I was about to declare war if she wasn’t going to return. 😀

        • Ellan

          Sorry, still didn’t get it. Lee Young Ah didn’t want to be back?

    • 15.2 sundae

      She really said that she won’t come back for another season? If she isn’t, then why didn’t they just kill off her character?

    • 15.3 Alexandria

      When and where did she say that she won’t do a third season?! In one of the BTS vids she said “Season 3, fighting!” so I thought that she’s all up for a 3rd season. o_O

    • 15.4 Jyyjc

      Lol calm down people, i got scared reading sajen’s comment too. I believe sajen meant “unless LYA says she’s not doing a third season, i doubt she’s dead.”

  16. 16 policebox

    I’d go and say that I think it was Jang Chul Oh who saved/caught Min Tae Yeon. Is Jung-In alive? UGH. She can’t be turned by Red Eyes because he’s done that for Park Hoon. If I remember correctly, vampires could be turned two ways: be the first bite or be infused with the blood. JUNG-IN-AH, PLEASE BE ALIVE ;____; We need a season 3, PDs and Writers… Or there won’t just be an exchange of words.

  17. 17 Nam

    Dr. Jo died? But he was a vampire! So he can’t die just by some measly bullet wounds! o\/o

    • 17.1 aec

      Thinking that Dr. Jo died because of those wounds is so absurd. He’s a vampire. He shouldn’t die just like that.
      On the other hand, I was thinking he grew weaker coz he hasn’t fed a blood since he turn. Maybe that’s the reason why he eventually died.

  18. 18 Jenny

    I hope red eyes isn’t dead and I he isn’t bad blood then who is dun dun dun.
    So it’s entirely possible that little sis vamp is alive as well, I do hope they make season 3 and if Lee Young Ah isn’t returning then I think they’ll kill her character after all we don’t now if she’s dead or alive.
    Dr. Jo and Runa, sad that they killed both but I guess it was the plan from the start but I liked both characters a lot so sniff.

  19. 19 Sabah

    Despite being intense this wasn’t the greatest of endings to a less interesting second series. However I do intend to tune in for season three because I still remain invested in the characters and group dynamic. As someone once said, ‘sometimes you feel like punching yourself in the face for loving certain people.’

  20. 20 mysterious

    I liked the series (even if it wasn’t as spectacular as the first). But even if it had bombed, I would have still enjoyed it just for the sake of watching Red Eyes. Oh god, he is sexy!! I don’t see how Jung-in could have survived since she wasn’t Red Eyes first bite so she wouldn’t have been turned, she would have been killed (like Runa was killed by Red Eyes’ bite). But maybe she survived like Dr. Blood did despite being bitten (though he was TY’s first, and JI isn’t anyone’s first. And Dr. B was bitten by TY while JI was bitten by RE so that may not apply- SO CONFUSED! Why wasn’t Dr. B turned?). I hope they make a season 3 and I hope EVERYONE comes back (Vampire Prosecutor isn’t Vampire Prosecutor w/o Jung-In!). In the flashback of Dr. Blood in the lab where he supposedly saw Bad Blood feeding, it showed Red Eyes as the one who was there and started chasing him. But if he never saw Red Eyes before than that was just a purposeful misdirection. So Bad Blood and Red Eyes aren’t the same, then who is this Bad Blood that Dr. Blood saw? So was there another test subject/vampire? Has everyone been thinking that Red Eyes/L(?) was Bad Blood, going all the way back to Park Hoon? Where is Yeon-ji? Dead? Alive? Jang – dead or alive? WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE?! There are soooo many questions left unanswered; there has to be a 3rd season! And I am sorry to see Runa and Dr. Jo go, especially Dr. Jo. He and Ji-ae became a family only to be ripped apart because of Dr. Jo’s father. A slightly depressing, action-filled, head-scratching finale. Not the best (season 1 had the best finale) but it won’t end up on my list of worst finales ever. Though Red Eyes is definitely going to end up on my list of best villains ever!

    If there is a 3rd season, I hope you will watch despite your misgivings about season 2. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by the show. (IF there is a 3rd season.)

  21. 21 tere

    Jung In-ah don’t die, please!!!
    sure, i need a third season with the same cast. i hope my beloved team investigation can be back to the next season.

  22. 22 pamela

    pls season3….. i love this series and the actor….

  23. 23 Lemon

    Wow! Thanks girlfriday and javabeans for recapping this series, it was pretty awesome.

    I hope next season will focus on Tae Yeon’s sister as a villian, since they’ve been hinting at it, and it will make Tae Yeon’s conflict wayy more interesting.

    Thank you again!

  24. 24 inlovewithtvampiprosecutor

    What else can I say to the finale..I actually watched yesterday without any subs(German time), because I was anticipating it soo much and the finale left me trembling, crying(Dr.Jo, Runa etc.Jung-In) and hoping to solve the puzzle soon that was purposely left unsolved(for a season 3?). Well, I agree with girlfriday and to some parts with javabeans about the show being a bit different, than the previous one. Yes, sometimes you had the impression it wanted to be more perfect than it was, the were more scenes that could have been avoided like these small crime stories that left me wondering, whether they were story fillers or what..The introduction of Bad Blood or well, now we know that he is maybe NOT the Bad Blood we used to think, but just a lab rat, anyway, was a nice move, but felt too late. I also felt that those side stories were quite uninteresting, at least to me, because they led us away from the questions we wanted to be answered, and they let us wait until the season finale for it. I think its always hard to achieve the same perfection as it was season 1 for all of us. And the show is not new to us anymore, with us I mean: Vamp-Taeyon-fanatics;) That is why I have to disagree with javabeans, though I can see her point of this year show’s missing cleverness, because even though this show had its gaps especially up to mid season, it totally caught up for me in the last episodes and the finale gave it all, unfortunately or fortunately(season 3???pleasseeeee) leaving us with more questions that were answered throughout the season. But the big plus for me was, which kept my interest until now, was the show’s main point which at least for me, did what it should do: bloody BAD-ASS action-packed scenes,entertainment, oh did I mention that I actually loved the many sadistic fight scenes in the finale??and more of its darkness-filled mysteries, the deaths, that were tragic but also a part of this dark, crime show and the different cool characters that I really came to love. Last but not least, I am so giddy about season 3, and I think there will be one, because this show is a success and they left us with more questions, which was on purpose too. I really enjoyed the last episodes and this episode was the KILLER for me.

  25. 25 sy

    Thanks for the great recaps as usual!
    Am definitely hoping for and tuning in for season 3!
    Despite not being near perfect, I still think the cast and crew did a great job in the current season. The acting is spot on and flawless and the plot is definitely way more interesting than the other vampire shows on offer (*cough TVD * cough * twil$%&t*)
    Vampire Prosecutor fightin’!!

  26. 26 redfox

    oh my gosh. third season? they want us to OD on the Prosecutor.

  27. 27 Devi

    omo…i hope OCN make season 3 on next year.I very dissapointed to the writer.Why you write a story who make the rating break down?I love season 1 ’cause not too much for me to tearing.It boring but interest.Please season 3!

  28. 28 Dark Justice

    Here let me give you what I think may happen in Season 3 she will now turn into a vampire. So she will become the new Vampire Prosecutor.. Then she and the remaining team will try to locate this seasons Main Lead while at the same time solving cases. What do you think of this plot idea. We can also have the conflict of the 2 personalities clash for the female prosecutor. ie the savage side of the vampire and the bloodlust and trrying to remain human. this will also bring the two lvampire prosectutos to better understand the lives of the other. maybe this seasons lead may escape and will be trying to find a cure for himself. so while they may have located his location and rush in they ind that the place is empty because he had just managed to escape a few hours early. He then tries to find the cure not knowing that the female prosecutor is also a vivampire now. In the end it maybe that he will have to choose remain a vampire or use the cure to save her as he just has one shot of it.

    what do you guys think about these points. Would love to hearyour thoughts. even if you dont agree with me.

  29. 29 Emma

    The show was awesome!!! Going off with a blast (literaly…)
    What I really like tho is the little touches on Tae Yeong side: how he actually reached out to Ji-ae by pating her head (remember at the end of the episode in season 1 about Jung In mob dad? Tae Yeon was not able to comfort Jung In back then, he started to reach out but stopped) and he REALLY lost his cool when L told him that he got Jung In…
    Uri vampire is really opening up. Maybe to much for his own good tho.

    I think we will have a season 3 (what the point of the end of this season if not???) But in the same time I really hope we will not have a never ending story “a la” American series…

  30. 30 Carole McDonnell

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lawdie, lawdie, lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdie, WOMWN! I am so trying to stop myself from reading this recap. Just that opening paragraph and those stills…. Oh my goooooooooooosh! Am trying to hold out but I might turn up in a few minutes to read this hizzy. Dang! Why are subbers so slow with VP?

    Thanks for the recap (which I haven’t read.) Aargh!

  31. 31 miiko

    nooo.. jungin unnie… please don’t die… 🙁

  32. 32 Emily

    omg this is the final?! I watched it live last night in my hotel in korea (came home early especially to do so haha) without subtitles and even though I didn’t understand what was going on I still ended up sitting, gaping at the end of the episode. I don’t think vamire prosecutor series 1 or 2 is particularly amazing, but it is fairly entertaining and there are episodes, like this one, that not only show the potential the series has, but come close to achieving it. I really enjoyed this episode. I adored finally seeing tae yon becoming ‘ugly’ aka really showing his vampiric side (ie vamp11-00654, vamp11-00686), the cruel inhuman vampire part of tae yeon really intrigues me because he has to have it and he has to fight it somehow, but the show never shows that to the point the vampirism becomes a gimmick at times. so i loved seeing him lose control. and i kind of thought jung in dying was totally left field, but i hope that now that they’ve gone down that path they will stick with it and she won’t be a vampire or suddenly alive again by other means. sorry to all those that think otherwise, but i think that killing a character off or making it appear so to create drama, then bringing them back for w/e reason is lame.

    also, i love red eyes, and his dynamic with tae yeon. i can’t wait to see who bad blood is. although i bet this show will reach like season 5 and we still won’t know!! I agree with the paragraph that has this -” I just always want them to be more forthcoming than they are, because you have to reward us with some narrative payoff when you engage us with these twisty (and twisted) stories. “

  33. 33 Ellan

    Thanks for the recaps! I really hate open ended endings, but if that means a Season 3, then I would be okay with it. So I better get one or I will go to OCN and have a talk with them for having an open ended ending and having no Season 3 to follow up. I’m not even going to try to guess who Bad Blood is cause it could be anyone, it could even be that guy that appointed the Chief Prosecutor to watch over Tae Yeon in the first episode. It’s just hard to guess. As for Tae Yeon’s savior or the one who captures him, considering how wide eyes Tae Yeon was looking at ther person, it’s probably someone he knows. I would find it funny if it’s a huge prosecutor scandal like all the bad prosecutors know about the whole experiment thing, but some people choose to ignore and well, some don’t. For those who don’t, they are trying to kill them off without anyone knowing. Ay…who knows.

    I find that any one hardly dies in this series, well, vampires wise. The writers have always have a way to write those dead back in somehow. I don’t even believe that Dr. Jo is dead because wasn’t Yeon Ji like that and then ended waking up at the morgue or something. As for Runa, I can’t tell if she’s dead or not because the ending didn’t really elaborate that they found her corpse or something. So, she could just pop up and explain how she lived if the actress does come back. If not, then they will probably find her corpse next season or something.

    I don’t think Jung In died. Fainted yeah, but can humans really die from just a vampire’s bite? It’s not like blood is gushing out of those two holes. I don’t think Jung In is a vampire because Red Eyes already used his first bite on Park Hoon, so transfusion is the best. Considering Red Eyes bites so many people, there would be tons of vampires after Park Hoon. Red Eyes could have simply just bit Dr. Jo, but he used transfusion on him too. So, I don’t think the bit part works anymore. Now, if someone transfuses Jung In later with vamp blood, then she could turn into one. Then again, the series is called “Vampire Prosecutor” which means one, not many. Not including the bad ones and the so called dead ones. So, if they add good Jung In to the mix, they would have to change the name to “Vampire Prosecutors”. I honestly think that letting Jung In know the existence of vampires is better than making her part of it cause to me, it sort of takes the attention away from Tae Yeon which has been main for so long. I’m probably the only one, but I like the fact that Tae Yeon saves Jung In a lot even though I know she can take care her self too.

    I want my Season 3 and I want all of Tae Yeon and his team back, if one is missing, I’m not watching it.

  34. 34 lileh

    I’ve been meaning to comment since the show started, but I just never did lol. But know that I always love reading both of you guys’ recaps, it really helps and I like the different opinion that you have on the show.

    I will definitely tune in next year. Although the first season will always be my fav, I think this season did have alot of good points. The villain first of all, and I loved how much the relational dynamics between the group and Taeyeon grew. I think the new additions to the group were refreshing as well, altho I wish Runa and Dr. Jo would’ve stayed for another season.

    I also don’t feel like anything was resolved in this show either lol and I’ve raging at my screen for the past few minutes at that cliffhanger. I don’t know when or even IF season 3 is gonna happen so how can you do this to me?!?
    Anyways, I love the show, the plot, the characters, u guys lol so I’m in for the 3rd season

  35. 35 JenJen

    Jung-in is one of my favorite female kdrama characters ever! She must survive D: or else, as jb says, “WE WILL HAVE WORDS.” D:<

  36. 36 Mia

    dang~ how long till season 3? This episode went by so fast, it doesn’t feel like the finale; more like an introduction for the next season.

  37. 37 Tha

    I’m doing everything I can to Not read! I want to watch first! but I just don’t know how long I can hold out for!!!

  38. 38 Village Mrembo

    The only disappointment i have is that I gotta wait a full year just to find out what happened to TY & co., otherwise thanks for making my sundays OCN! And here’s to hoping there’s a nice replacement for God’s Quiz come next year, get a woman to headline this time pls…
    And thank u JB/GF!!!

  39. 39 asianromance

    Thanks for recapping this series, javabeans and girlfriday!

    Ahhh cliffhinger! They better be filming season 3 right now! I’m not sure if the actors playing the characters are locked in for a season 3, so I hope they film it as soon as possible before they get pulled away with other projects.

    I like this season, but I wish Red Eyes vampire was better integrated to the earlier parts of the season and wish the finale was as good as season one’s.

  40. 40 KStyle

    More, I want more I say more…

    No like seriously I need to know who the heck Bad Blood is. How did Vampire prosecutor-nim survive and whats Red Eyes’ connection with the little sister ?

    Plus can we give a round of applause to Red Eyes/ L, bet a lot of people forgot that’s it’s the same guy from King2Hearts (the lovable and naive soldier on Team Seung Ri Puppy’s side)

    Oh OCN, y’all know how to keep a girl coming back for more, so I definitely have to check out the others shows they’ve put out.

    • 40.1 Ellen

      Oh thanks!!! I keep thinking over and over where I saw Red Eyes before in another drama. Oh King2Hearts!! Oh geez!!! Totally contrast!!! Thank you very much for the reminder…..I think I was going to kill myself trying to remember which character he was before.

  41. 41 Abbie

    Okay, this ending was AWESOME! But sucked too because Runa and Dr. Jo both died. I’m so glad Soon-bum is okay. If Tae-yeon had died, I would have been SO ANGRY at this show, but that ending gives me hope. There had better be a season 3, for real, because I have serious questions (and it better pick up where this left off):

    What happened to the boss/villain from last year?

    What happened to Jung-in? (SHE BETTER NOT BE DEAD!)

    What happened to Red Eyes?

    What happened to Park Hoon?

    Last years baddie made a brief appearance last episode, and then nothing…. Park Hoon was a big deal in the flashbacks, and then nothing…. So that disappointed me in a huge way, but they better show up in season 3, if there is one. (There better be, OCN. *shakes fist at screen*)

    I still love Vampire Prosecutor, and Tae-yeon, but what happened to all those characters (namely Park Hoon and the villain from S1)?

    I will definitely watch Season 3, SO THERE BETTER BE ONE! I need more Min Tae-yeon and his prosecutor gang!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  42. 42 Lily

    Thank you for the recap. We never saw Luna’s body, so I’m actually in denial. I refuse to believe she’s dead. We need her back in season 3 if there’s one and… Could Vampy have a little romance? Don’t long-teeth have a love life too?

  43. 43 JO

    KYA!!! This episode really made me excited for Season 3. GASDFKJASDLFKJSDAF
    I’m super super excited.
    Also “Did… you just slap his ass?” I TOTALLY THOUGHT THAT TOO!!!

  44. 44 Antic

    Maybe it seemed more striking to me because I didn’t watch season 1 until about a week before season 2 premiered, but I think the director change made a HUGE difference. The plotting for this series has never been much more than competent; in season one that didn’t matter overmuch because the substance was so closely married to the style. The lovingly stylized blood drops, the consta blue camera filters, people being murdered on rewind – it really looked like nothing else on tv – neither your standard k-drama nor American procedural, and I think that lent it an almost otherworldly feel, even though, on the whole, there were actually fewer supernatural events/characters than in season two. And it seemed like the new director got caught up in trying to reproduce that, but never managed to integrate the visuals in the same way, which made the visual tricks less an inherent part of the show, and more just cinematographic bling.

    But what I think I missed most this season was the tone of melancholy that the show created around Tae-yeon’s character. His relationship with Yeon-ji is a pretty good example of what I’m talking about – that scene they’d always show of her running to meet him by the seascape was so lovely and poignantly done that it managed to totally paper over that actually, we know nothing about her cept that she’s gone and oppa feels bad about it. He went from lone wolf to papa bear, and the tension of his status as a vampire got lost in the process.

    Mildly intrigued by the cliffhanger (pretty sure whoever captured him has got to be a man, so not the boss lady), but whether or not I keep watching will probably depend on if I still remember to care if/when they get the third season on air.

    • 44.1 smurfett

      i think you’re spot on. Since I watched VP1 & VP2 back to back, I could totally see how they’re stylistically different. I liked the style in VP1 better. Everything was shiny and had this other-world quality to it. And watching the last moment of the victim was cool. More so than us seeing it reflected in his eyes in VP2.

      The second season was way more gory for me than necessary. The endless fighting and killing (ep1) just turns you off and you get kind of numb after awhile.

      The characters had to grow a bit but I thought it was such a big turn. For me, part of his attraction was how he doesn’t show too much emotion and yet he also shows us that it’s there in the bits of dialogues and expressions in VP1. But in 2, the bantering between boy/girl seemed like a huge leap. (the scene where Jun-in helped him cuff all the bad guys) For me, he lost some of his appeal by going from lone wolf to very apparent papa bear.

  45. 45 Ellen

    Hmm..I just think that first Season is always the best one because that’s when no one really has any thoughts about what it should be like. So, if people are hooked on it, then yay, if not, then fine. Sequels almost always suck, because that’s when people have a feel of what the first season is and they formulate about what they want to see in the seasons coming and if not, then people usually just give up. Before Season 2 started, I really had doubts as to what kind of other storyline can they bring up that is better than Season 1 and I really couldn’t think of it. I’m glad that Season 2 still got me hooked because my expectations were really low and I was really worried about the ratings. It’s one of my favorite series and I don’t want it going down as some series that people ended up hating. Even though there has been a variety of different viewpoints on this series, I’m glad there are still people sticking around to watch it and hope for a Season 3. Season 2 to me, wasn’t meant to answer everything because if they did, then what else would people look forward to in the coming Seasons? That’s why, if I really like a series like this one, I would still watch the upcoming seasons (hopefully there is one) to have some hope that my tons and tons of questions may get answered somewhere in there.

  46. 46 Person

    i just had that epiphany, i feel so smart, although all of you probably had it first.

  47. 47 Adjovie

    I have to agree with JB on this one…

    This season (even the finale)—It just didn’t…It just didn’t (can’t place my finger on it)…

    It left me underwhelmed 🙁

  48. 48 shansanwawa

    i just watch Daddy Long Leg… love it so much, ’cause i can see my favourite Vampire smile a lot… kyaa… (but the story is so sad, hiks)

  49. 49 Carole McDonnell

    I liked this season but I was a bit detached from it. The finale was a great ride and yet I couldn’t help feeling a might manipulated. True, all dramas are manipulative but it annoys me to think that whenever a really nice guy or a kid shows up in this show…it’s probably a set up for major heartache later in the series.

    Weirdly, although this show aims for emotions, the only time I felt strong emotions was when the female prosecutor popped up. I really despise that woman. Which only goes to prove that a villain doesn’t have to be bloody…she can just be utterly self-serving in her own official cold-blooded capacity for us to want her demise to come very badly, very publicly, and very shamefully.

    Funny what the mouth waters for in a drama. I was kinda indifferent to Red Eyes. Maybe I got numb to his over-the-topness. And I did get annoyed with the baddie’s minions fighting Tae-Yeon. It was overkill and felt like a Taiwanese wuxia comedy. I would’ve preferred three or four really strong fighters, each with different weapons or different ways of fighting…and we would see maybe 30 seconds or a minute of their own particular style of beating the heck out of Tae-yeon while he triumphs in the end. But the fighters were so mindless and all so alike…well, I kinda sighed.

    If the over-arc of the series is Tae-Yeon finding his sister, then I’m ready for a third part. But I would’ve wanted them to have shown little bits of sisterly action. Instead of a couple episodes which almost seemed to have parallel plots, the writers should’ve maybe had one episode where we and Tae-Yeon sees his sister. But one can’t go keeping the object of his obsession out of sight for the entire series and expect us to hold on to it.

    I’m wondering if we lost some important plot points in the seires by only having eleven episodes. The entire thing seemed rushed to me. But that said, I do like the relationships of everyone in this series.

    Thanks so much for the recap.

    • 49.1 Ace


  50. 50 jomo

    Thanks for your recap and final thoughts, GF and JB.

    I agree that VP1 was better, but only because it was new and the stories were original, but I don’t want to take away from the fact that VP2 was well done.
    Plus, there were actually no COURT scenes in this season, which makes me wonder where the Prosecutor went.

    I would like to see TY go off the grid for VP3, with no authority, but also no boss.
    Since nobody knows where he is, or even if he is, it would be easy for him to be doing black ops stuff.

    Maybe instead of Bitchy Boss, he could be contacted by someone even higher up to solve things [not clear on what those things would be…thinking Joseon X-Files stuff…or actually regular X-Files since that came first..]

    I would watch another season because YJH is hot as hell, and Red Eyes, too. I wish they didn’t kill off Luna, it would be kinda cool if she were also out there vamping now.

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