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Vampire Prosecutor 2: Episode 9
by | November 4, 2012 | 77 Comments

Whoa. I don’t even know how to preview this episode without giving anything away. Let’s just say the Big Bad wages his war, and he’s not messing around. You might want to cover your eyes for this. Now that we’re entering the final three episodes, I think it’s safe to say: The showdown has begun…

EPISODE 9: “Cold Blood vs. Bad Blood”

Tae-yeon goes tearing into the house and the team runs in behind him. They scan the house and the surrounding woods, but there’s no sign of Ji-ae.

We actually find out her name is Ji-ae because Dr. Jo is sitting in his office back in the city, filling out the adoption papers. Oof. He signs them with a smile… and then he gets the call.

He runs out in a panic, and we see that his desk is now adorned with a picture of the soon-to-be father-daughter duo, where he’s stuck the band-aid Ji-ae put on his forehead. I’m not gonna make it out of this episode without crying, am I?

Opening credits. The team reconvenes at the office, but each of them only has bad news to report: no sign of Ji-ae, reported missing, found, or otherwise. They reach the only conclusion they can – that she’s been kidnapped.

That’s the moment when Dr. Jo joins them, and he asks with bloodshot eyes why anyone would take Ji-ae, and if they even searched properly. To each of them in turn: “You said you would watch over her!” Oof, oof, oof.

He turns to Tae-yeon, “You promised me you’d watch over her. You all know what kind of heartbreak she came to us with. I’m not the only one who knew that.” Tae-yeon says it’s his fault, and Dr. Jo doubles over in a coughing fit.

He pleads with Tae-yeon to find her, his voice breaking, “She has suffered because of me. And there’s nothing I can do for her. Please, please…”

Tae-yeon says he’s the one who should be pleading for the chance to fix his mistakes, and promises that if Dr. Jo gives him the chance, he’ll do whatever it takes to find Ji-ae.

The air is somber when a familiar voice calls out to them cheerily – it’s fortuneteller Runa, who was in the country and wanted to stop and say hi. She immediately asks what’s wrong.

She takes out her tarot cards and asks Dr. Jo to pull out three cards – one for Ji-ae’s condition, her location, and her kidnapper. He pulls the first card: Death, but upside-down, meaning Ji-ae is still alive.

The second card indicates the strong presence of water wherever she is. And then he pulls the last card: Choice, and Runa says it must be a mistake. She puts it back and reshuffles the cards.

He picks another, and it’s the same: Choice. She puts it back and reshuffles again. I don’t know what it means but it’s freaking me out. This time Runa picks the card herself… and it’s the same one.

She thinks to herself, “Does this mean that depending on my choice or the doctor’s, Ji-ae might live or die?” She doesn’t share this thought with the team, and just suggests that tarot cards might not be the most helpful this time.

She asks for the things that Ji-ae was playing with around the time she disappeared, and senses her aura on the case of band-aids. She uses it to reconnect with the moment Ji-ae was taken.

Runa submerges herself under water, and it transports her to the vacation house. She sees Ji-ae, and then each member of the team as they run in searching for her. She deletes their auras one by one to eliminate them, but senses something strange…

She deletes Tae-yeon’s aura but still senses vampire. And suddenly in her vision, the vampire grabs her by the neck and prepares to chomp down. Dude, are aura-visions allowed to do that?

She screams in terror and the team rushes in. She and Tae-yeon relocate to his office behind closed blinds, and the team paces nervously down in the conference room. Runa tells him that she could sense a strong vampire, one whose aura was covering Ji-ae’s.

Tae-yeon knows right away it means Red Eyes, and Runa says there is one good thing about it – a vampire’s aura is strong enough to be singled out among millions of people. Time to do a locator spell.

They pinpoint an area and go tearing out of the office. The team obviously wants to come along, but Tae-yeon doesn’t want to endanger them, and leaves them behind.

Of course, that lasts about ten seconds before they all go running out after him. Dong-man adorably brings up the rear shouting, “Ji-ae, oppa is coming!”

Tae-yeon and Runa stop in the middle of a neighborhood, and she says it’s too difficult to be more exact than this. Tae-yeon goes to his car and hands her a bloody knife, “Will this do?” Dude, you kept the knife he stabbed you with in your glove box?

She closes her eyes… and when she opens them, she’s in a different part of the neighborhood. It’s confusing because we only see it from her perspective, but based on the thing she did on the last case, I’m guessing she sort of trance-walked over here.

She sees Red Eyes walk past, and follows him into an abandoned courtyard. He grabs her from behind in a headlock, but she uses the knife to stab him in the leg, and wriggles free.

He yanks the knife out and guesses right away that Tae-yeon sent her, and that she must be a shaman if she used the knife to locate him. And then he licks his own blood (I know he’s a vampire but that’s just gross), and dangles the knife in her face.

He says he warned Tae-yeon to stay away or people would get hurt, and gets ready to bite down on Runa’s neck…

But Tae-yeon FINALLY shows up and conks him on the head. Fight! At least this time Red Eyes is injured, not to mention the fact that Tae-yeon is fueled by anger and urgency.

Red Eyes swings with the knife, but Tae-yeon manages to get the upper hand and pins him to the ground. He hovers above him with the knife in his hand, screaming, “Where is Ji-ae?!”

Red Eyes just mocks him for playing with the knife when he can’t even use it, taunting him that he doesn’t have it in him to kill. Urg, he’s totally messing with his mind, Seven-style. And yet, I’m still like, STAB HIM!

Tae-yeon growls and lifts the knife, ready to stab…

…when his team runs in. DAMNIT. Red Eyes immediately turns into the innocent victim with his hands in the air, and Tae-yeon drops the knife with a sigh.

Runa comes running out of the house – no Ji-ae, but she did find her hairpin inside.

Red Eyes lets Soon-bum cuff him without any trouble, the whole time smiling at Tae-yeon and taunting him to bite.

In the interrogation room, the team waits and Jung-in says suspiciously that there’s something weird going on here. That man has torn clothes and blood stains making it look like he was stabbed, and yet no scars.

Soon-bum knows enough to guess that it’s something he should help cover up, and suggests it must’ve been someone else’s blood. But Jung-in asks if he didn’t see the way Tae-yeon was wielding that knife. Uh-oh, her suspicion-dar is pinged.

Tae-yeon joins them and sends everyone outside while he questions Red Eyes alone. Dr. Jo puts up a fight, but Tae-yeon pleads with him to go, and Jung-in follows him out. Soon-bum doesn’t budge, and asks if the guy in there is a vampire too.

He puts the pieces together – that Red Eyes was the killer from their last case. Tae-yeon stops him before he goes any further: “Hyung, sometimes I wonder – if we hadn’t met two years ago, how would you be living?”

Soon-bum asks what he’s talking about, out of nowhere. Tae-yeon: “Meeting you was good fortune for me. But was meeting me… fortune for you?” Awww, don’t say things like that!

He says with a wistful smile, “I honestly don’t know. I found someone with whom I could share all my secrets. But you met someone for whom you have to keep all secrets.” Soon-bum’s eyes well up with tears and alarm, and I love that even though he’s the hyung, Tae-yeon is actually much more of a hyung and father when he’s talking this way.

Tae-yeon says that Soon-bum has dealt with more than he should have because of knowing him, and asks him to just let him handle this one case alone. He promises to tell him everything the second he finishes the case.

Soon-bum blinks back tears and turns to go, and then stops at the door. “Just don’t go running around and getting yourself hurt. You’re my one good fortune, Tae-yeon-ah.” He pauses to look back at him one more time, and they smile. *TEARS*

Tae-yeon just bursts into the interrogation room with a kick, knocking Red Eyes out of his chair. He demands to know where Ji-ae is, and Red Eyes plays dumb, saying he has no reason to kidnap her.

He fixates on Jung-in, calling her the “pretty prosecutor,” earning him a violent punch. But that just makes him laugh, “Do you like her?” Aw crap. Stop giving away your feelings to the bad guy.

Red Eyes swears up and down that he doesn’t have any use for Ji-ae, and that he went to that house looking for someone too. Maybe they’re chasing the same person. Oh we’re supposed to believe that from you?

Is it wrong that I enjoy how many times Tae-yeon slams his head into the table? He uses the chair to choke him, and holds it in place as he takes a call from a mysterious man… who says they have Ji-ae. Er?

Red Eyes gasps, “See, it wasn’t me!” At the same time, the team gets a package in the mail, and Dong-man runs up to tell Tae-hyun. This is what he sees:

Ha, you’re gonna have some ‘xplainin’ to do after this case. Also, I thought once we got Red Eyes into the room we’d at least find out his real name, but no dice.

The team stares at the package, which has the message: “If you want to find the child.” Dr. Jo rushes to open the box, and the rest of team jumps to stop him. There could be a bomb in there, sir!

Dong-man gets to work x-raying the thing, and opens it to find a USB drive inside. It’s a recording of Ji-ae locked behind a glass door, screaming, “Ajusshi! Ajusshi! Save me!” Augh, it’s heartbreaking for everyone, and Dr. Jo crumbles at the sight.

The team gets busy trying to track the signal (it’s apparently a live feed), but they’ve covered their tracks. Suddenly Tae-yeon scans the room, “Where’s Dr. Jo?” Oh no.

Nononono – he’s in the interrogation room with Red Eyes. Why are you in there? Red Eyes plays the victim to a tee, saying in a trembling voice that he went there looking for someone too, and that he can’t say anymore or someone important to him will be hurt.

Dr. Jo begs him to tell him what he knows, and leans dangerously close. Tae-yeon and Soon-bum arrive outside but find the door locked, and Soon-bum grabs a fire extinguisher and goes to town on the door handle.

I’m just waiting for Red Eyes to pounce, but it’s Dr. Jo who goes to make a move first. He grabs the pen on the table, and raises it to stab like a pen knife. He starts to cough…

Red Eyes smiles… I can’t watch…

They finally get the door open and bust in, and it’s just in time to stop Dr. Jo from stabbing Red Eyes. Oh phew. Soon-bum takes Dr. Jo outside, and Tae-yeon glares as Red Eyes just smiles calmly.

Dong-man reports on his analysis of the feed: there’s a reflection of a partial street sign and a red brick building, she’s on at least the second floor of a building, it’s raining (which narrows it down to a few towns that got rainfall in the last hour), and there’s some sort of blip in the signal that’s caused by something unknown.

They notice an opening for a tube or a hose in the video, but can’t figure out what it is. I have a terrible feeling about this…

The team loads up on guns (Soon-bum wears enough bullets for a one-man blitzkrieg), while Runa goes back to her map. Her eyes widen. She tells Tae-yeon that there’s another aura – one that isn’t as strong as Red Eyes, but definitely a vampire.

Is it the other vamp, the non-prosecutor that Red Eyes talked about? Tae-yeon goes to ask the same thing, but unsurprisingly Red Eyes isn’t very forthcoming. Tae-yeon has him locked up in chains, but he simply takes out a pen hidden up his sleeve and grins.

The team gets ready to head out, when suddenly Dr. Jo screams from behind the monitor. Water starts gushing into the box where Ji-ae is trapped. I knew that was bad news. Runa mutters the sign from the tarot card, “Water…”

They scramble to split up and start the search, and Tae-yeon asks Dong-man if the place that Runa picked out on the map had any rain today. It’s a no so he decides against it. Argh, is that a good idea?

Dr. Jo wants to help, but he’s still doubled over from coughing fits every few minutes, so they tell him to wait here. He waits with Runa and Dong-man, just sitting in agony as the water rises to her knees and Ji-ae cries, “I know Ajusshi will come. I know Ajusshi will come.”

The first locations are a bust, and they urge Dong-man to give them more direction. Well, Soon-bum yells and threatens him and his mother, Jung-in tells him to calm down, and Tae-yeon tells him to concentrate on the sounds one more time.

He takes a breath and listens again to just the ambient noises. And then it clicks – the signal interruption that he couldn’t pinpoint, and the noise – it’s a plane.

The team rushes to the location that matches, and back at headquarters, Dr. Jo finally caves and breaks down in his office. At the same time Red Eyes looks up at the clock and gets ready to make his move.

Tae-yeon finds the right building and Soon-bum and Jung-in join him. They hear Ji-ae screaming from inside, as the water gets higher and higher. They break down the door and run inside…

And all they find is a TV playing the same feed. Damn. How are they supposed to start all over again? She’s waist-deep in water and standing on her tippy toes… doesn’t that mean they have minutes at most?

Dong-man races out of the office to join them, when Red Eyes grabs him by the throat down the hallway, and throws him on top of the pile of guards he left behind. And then he slaps himself like he’s psyching up for what’s to come…

Dr. Jo decides he can’t just sit around anymore and Runa tries to stop him. But as soon as he steps out of the office, Red Eyes stumbles out and falls to his knees.

He pleads that his sibling will be killed just like Dr. Jo’s daughter, and that the same people have kidnapped both of their loved ones. He says they told him not to involve cops in any way, and snatches Runa’s phone away when she goes to call Tae-yeon. Crap.

I think Dr. Jo is the only one falling for the we’re-in-the-same-boat act, but Red Eyes knows to quietly threaten Runa out of earshot that Ji-ae will die if she doesn’t play along.

Thankfully Tae-yeon remembers the location that Runa pointed out on the map—the other vamp—and decides to go there as a last-ditch plan. He leaves Jung-in and Soon-bum behind and follows his nose into a creepy abandoned building. He pauses at the door…

Meanwhile Dr. Jo and Runa take Red Eyes to the neighborhood where he directs them, and they split up to search for Ji-ae. Dr. Jo can barely make it down the street before he falls over, coughing up blood. I’m terrified that he’s the one who isn’t going to make it out of this alive.

Red Eyes baited them with a reflection of a cross that was visible in the video, and so Runa goes looking for a church. But it’s Dr. Jo who finds Ji-ae first, behind a chained door. Wait, then where is Tae-yeon??

Dr. Jo breaks through the chains with a crowbar and finds Ji-ae completely underwater in the tank. Ohgodohgod. How long has she been under?

He pounds the glass tank with the crowbar until it cracks and shatters, and Ji-ae comes pouring out with the water. He grabs her in his arms to check if she’s breathing…

And she is. Ji-ae spits out some water to gasp, “Ajusshi, Ji-ae is fine.” Awwwww.

Runa sighs in relief as Dr. Jo hugs Ji-ae close, but then she starts to look around her and notices that everything has been set up like a prop. All the clues, from the cross to the street sign to the airplane noise – all planted.

She doesn’t even have the chance to ask the question before the place gets stormed by thugs in black suits, who beat the living crap out of Dr. Jo and take Ji-ae away. AGAIN. That is so cruel.

By the time Runa comes to, she finds Dr. Jo beaten so bloody he’s hanging onto his life by a thread.

That’s when Red Eyes saunters in, “Why’d you lose her again?” You bastard.

He answers his own question: “It’s because you’re weak. Do you know what the difference is between strong and weak? The strong will worry about what else they can take away, but the weak will worry about how they’ll protect what they have. Like idiots.”

He leans in, “If you want to protect what’s yours, be the one who takes away. I’ll make you strong.” And then he takes out a syringe. OH. SHIT.

He draws his own blood as Runa watches wide-eyed. He hands it to her, “You help him,” and he walks away.

She flashes back to the tarot card: Choice. She turns to Dr. Jo, “I can save your life with this blood, but if I do, you’ll spend the rest of it hungry for blood!” He whispers that if he can save Ji-ae’s life, it’s okay.

She shakes her head no, but he asks her to do it, and then slumps to the ground. Is he dead?? She tries to shake him awake, screaming and crying, but he doesn’t move.

She asks someone—Tae-yeon? The heavens?—not to hate her or Dr. Jo for their choice… and plunges the needle into his arm.

A moment of stillness passes, and then Dr. Jo starts to twitch. He growls in pain and his body starts to contort through the transformation. Runa backs away.

Tae-yeon finally decides to open the door. It’s some kind of mad scientist laboratory… Tae-yeon walks inside, “Hyung.”

Dr. Blood? He turns around. It is!

And then back in the warehouse, Dr. Jo completes the transformation and vamps out, his eyes glowing blue.


That is just not a twist I expected. I really thought he’d die, but that life-and-death choice is so in line with Red Eyes’ M.O. – we just expected that the choice would be Tae-yeon’s, not one of his people. And to add to the pain, the transformation itself was harrowing to watch. I’m dying to know how much Dr. Jo knows about vampires, because he didn’t seem the least bit confused or surprised by the question when it was posed to him. Or perhaps he was so driven by desperation to save Ji-ae that he didn’t care what it was.

To think, Tae-yeon feels this guilty now towards Soon-bum just for knowing him and having to carry the burden of his secret. What will he do when he finds out that Dr. Jo was turned, just to be another pawn in the game? We also don’t know what kind of vampire he’ll be, which is a whole other problem we’ll now be faced with. I’ve grown so accustomed to Dr. Jo’s quiet, dignified kind old soul personality that I’m not sure I could handle an evil bloodthirsty alter ego. But if Tae-yeon was able to remain good, he has a chance too, right? But… then even if he rescues Ji-ae, is he just going to raise her? And what, keep his blood packs next to her juice packs in the fridge?

I really hope Dr. Blood has been discovering something useful in exchange for ditching the hot bartender look. A way to kill Red Eyes? A weakness? A spot where he’s ticklish maybe? I’ll take anything at this point. It speaks to what a good adversary he is for Tae-yeon, that’s for sure, but everyone seems to be underestimating the sick and twisted part of equation when it comes to Red Eyes. What’s interesting about him is that he’s always trying to teach people to see the world the way he does, like a motivational speaker or crazy psychotic cult leader. Is he just lonely for a buddy who shares his worldview? Or is he trying to raise an army of like-minded vampires? Both are crazy; one is far more dangerous than the other.

I know we have the fallout to deal with and Tae-yeon’s big heroic save (already a lot to fit into two remaining episodes), but I hope we take the time to go back into Red Eyes and Dr. Jo, and even Dr. Blood’s pasts, because there are a lot of unanswered questions on the table. I already feel like getting closure on Park Hoon’s story is a pipedream at this point, but if it’s well-planned, perhaps all four storylines will converge at one point.

I think it’s time we lock the team away in a room and everyone shares what they know, because everyone working with their tiny piece of the puzzle just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I absolutely loved Tae-yeon’s exchange with Soon-bum in this episode (their scenes are always my favorite), but by the next episode, I want Soon-bum to say screw what you think is best and just bromance the truth out of him. If Dr. Jo goes Rogue Vampire Coroner on us, there’s not going to be much of a good guys team left to save…


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        Dr Jo becoming a vamp has been described by GF in the recap: She’s not spoiling anything. If you don’t want to be spoiled about what happens in that particular episode, why are you here people, reading comments and all? I don’t get it.

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    • 6.1 diorama

      “But SERIOUSLY, tie the blasted storylines together and let Jung-in know what’s going on! She’s practically there anyway. Show, so just tell her!”

      I know! They did this last season too – they’d spend over half the series on little piddly unrelated cases, and then cram a ton of plot into the last few. That leaves no time for emotional fallout; Jung-in may find out her boss’ secret, but we won’t get to focus on how that changes their relationship.

      I mean, this episode was way tenser and more plot-filled than the last few, and I’m not complaining. Only they seemed to have planned the series-long vampire arc really lopsidedly. I would gladly have traded a few cases for more Red Eyes.

      • 6.1.1 mud

        I know! I want my emotional fallout between Taeyeon and Jung-in. There’s such a lack of interactions between them this season and that’s just too bad because their sassy-ness was adorable. I’m hoping everything comes together really well.

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        It may actually work out for the best becos as we all know Dr Jo is dying… This way he can actually watch over little Ji Ae so that she can grow up… then he can…. fake his own death? haha … However it goes, I believe in dear Dr Jo, because as far as I can see, vamps do not become evil, but by their own discipline and friends….

        this ep was thrilling, I never knew which way the story would turn… way to go team!

        thanks gf for the awesome and deliciously scary recap!

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    Wow Dr Blood! I actually didn’t expect to see him again.

    And I didn’t like this episode. It has nothing to do with the episode, but more of personal preference. I usually love police procedurals, where the team solves crime together, and while the case is serious, the team dynamics are fun. So I really dont’ like it whenever one of the team members are affected during the case. But oh well, this happens in every procedural.. So I’ll just suck it up, lol.

  12. 12 Sajen

    “Is he just lonely for a buddy who shares his worldview? Or is he trying to raise an army of like-minded vampires? Both are crazy; one is far more dangerous than the other.”

    so am I the only one with the viewpoint that the first option is the more dangerous one simply because if it’s the latter there will be an easily countered pattern but if he’s looking for a buddy that makes him and the fall-out from his actions completely unpredictable.

    • 12.1 KatieB

      You’re not the only one, I was just thinking exactly the same.
      What bugs (and scares) me the most isn’t quite the “buddy” part. I’d actually like it better if he was just looking for a bro, because, well, they would be kinda “together”, having the same goal and trajectory.
      No, what I find unsettling, scary and dangerous is the fact he could really try to be a kind of “motivational speaker or crazy psychotic cult leader”, because that’s just… brrrrr. He’s planting seeds in the heads of whoever he bumps into and just lets them be afterwards, like someone planting weed as he goes for a stroll. The way the people will react to his words is the most unpredictable thing ever, especially when those people are on the “good” side. And that, THAT is gonna give me nightmares tonight…

      • 12.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I just wonder why Red Eyes is so fricking bitter. I mean..was he a little nerd beaten up in school? Was he poor like Jae-Hee or a sufferer like Maru? Was he power-mad even before he turned? OR does mere vampiric powers make you see all the regular humans as mere digestive fodder? There’s too much anger in the guy. Not just power but…seething anger. It’s like…seriously? “Get over it, Red Eyes! There is some joy in life. Get a girlfriend or something.”

        Of course the vampires in this series are not as sex-obsessed as regular vampires. They only seem to be power-mad and murderous. But the guy should find something good to enjoy in life…other than murder and lustily sipping aged blood beer.

        • sundae

          He doesn’t have a girlfriend because he ate everyone of them.

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      First time commenting here EVER, but I just wanted to say that I’m having trouble with this season because red eyes is way, way too hot for his own good (and for mine). I blame K2H. I don’t want him to die for those reasons and, well, his hotness factor.

  22. 22 racheose

    oh my i’m so tempted to read >.< but i don't want to be spoiled before i watch it… waaah it looks so good!!!
    thanks for the recaps by the way ^^

  23. 23 halfmoon

    OMG!! the preview looks like a full on war.Hope our team will be fine…n we get answers!!!ah sunday is soooo far awaya…

    • 23.1 mysterious

      The preview looks awsome! Old enemies, new enemies, evil Director Joo (who may not be a vampire but she does knows how to suck the life out of everyone), old friends who we don’t know if they are still friend or now foe. The previews each week just leave you begging for more. An entire week of waiting is painful to say the least. I feel your pain, halfmoon.

  24. 24 Carole McDonnell

    Wow, you guys are the best recappers. Loved this: “and just bromance the truth out of him” and loved tons of other witticisms. You guys have the best sense of humor.

    Vampire Prosecutor always gets eng-subbed so late that (although I resist reading the subs) I always read them before I actually see the episode.

    I’m thinking that after Dr Jo and Tae-yong have bonded over the whole “we’re vampires together” thing and Tae-yong hooks Dr Jo up bloodwise, that Dr Jo will ask Tae-yong to kill him — ya know…surreptitiously and all. Was there a fore-shadowing when Dr Jo asked Tae-yong to take care of Ji-ae if anything should happen to him? And seriously, we can’t have “Vampire Coroner” in addition to “Vampire Prosecutor.” I know there are tons of vamp prosecutors floating around, a nice balance to all the baddie regular thug vampires…but seriously?

    So, yeah, Tae-yong’s about to become a dad…by the end of the series. Which would definitely bring out Jung-In’s maternal “marry me so the kid will have a good mom” feelings.

  25. 25 Kristiana

    Yoo Jung In kidnapped? What? 😀

    • 25.1 Poshong1227

      on one hand i’m like, “Jung-in, please don’t die!!”….
      but on the other, i’m like, “Finally! Now we will see how Tae-yeon really feels about her!”


      • 25.1.1 Poshong1227

        Sorry for the above spoiler!! Somehow this intense episode has affected my cognitive ability to post social comments properly :/

      • 25.1.2 Kristiana

        me too ;D I wanna see Taeyeon worried about her, and I want them to finally admit how they feel about each other.. because its just going too slow if u ask me 😀 I want them in a life & death situation :DDD I don’t know if I’m the only one though xD

        • jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

          i want a scene where Jung In is wounded and Taeyeon comes rushing to her, telling her to hang on and don’t die. While saying don’t leave me! haha!

          • Kristiana

            now that would be freakin’ amazing ! 😀

  26. 26 Kristiana

    Only 2 more episodes ? Is there gonna be season 3? Say yes pleaaaaaaase 😀

  27. 27 Abbie

    This episode was so GOOD! I’m glad Runa’s back. She’s awesome!

    Ji-ae better be okay. They better get her back, safe and sound!

    I was not expecting Dr. Jo to become a vampire, but when he talked about his illness in episode 2, and that he didn’t know when he would die, I thought, why don’t you become a vampire? But, seriously? Whoa. Mind=blown. He better be a good vampire.

    Red Eyes is seriously scary. He’s scarier than last year’s baddie. By like a million. I’m still waiting for last year’s baddie and Tae-yeon’s sister to show up. That would be awesome.

    Dr. Blood is back too! Yay! He better know something!

    I cannot wait for next week! So much angst!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  28. 28 lorac

    I posted this query at the end of episode 8 recap, but thought I’d re-post it here. That is, without reading anything on this page because I haven’t watched ep 9 yet.

    “…and there is one theme that still mystifies me. Was it ever revealed how Soon-Bum learned that Tae-yeon was a vampire? They are comfortable with the idea, but if it was ever explained I missed it. Clarification would be most appreciated.”

    • 28.1 Ryoko

      No, it has never been explained how Soon-Bum knows that Tae-yeon is a vampire. Presumably Tae-yeon told him at some point in time before the start of Season 1, but the why or how is a complete mystery.

  29. 29 ailee

    we have expected this sort of thing to happen anyways. three more episodes to go. please writer-nim, don’t make me have to buy 10 boxes of tissues for the final.

  30. 30 Emma

    The talk between Tae yeon et Soon Bum is soooooooo sad.
    I feel like Tae yeon is saying good bye, that he knows he cannot come alive out of this mess….
    Please, show, don’t do that! Neither him or Soon Bum should die!!! (Or anybody from the team, actually!)

  31. 31 Ellen

    Thanks for the recap. I wanted to watch this episode, but I went to watch the preview for the next one and stopped. I was speechless at what happened. So, I got curious and decided to go here to read what happened rather than watch it because I don’t think I can watch it without knowing how the series ends.

    I keep thinking about how Soon-Bum knew that Tae Yeon was a vampire and how it wasn’t elaborated on before, but I stopped thinking about it because it’s like hope for me that this series could get a season 3. The more questions that pop out could be answered in season 3. But, if there isn’t one, I would be seriously depressed and well, answer those unanswered questions with my own guess. There is only, I think, 2 more episodes left and well, I don’t think everything will be answered. But, maybe this Soon-Bum thing could be something that Tae Yeon thinks back since they seem to be emphasizing this bromance thing.

    I really hate Red Eyes and his psychoticness is actually driving me insane. I don’t know what he wants, but I think it’s also the company thing. He’s lonely and wants someone to be be like him, hence he is trying to make Tae Yeon, well now or Dr. Jo to think that there is not justice in the world, there is nothing they can do to help their love ones, fall mad and think like him. I think it’s working on Dr. Jo more than Tae Yeon which really sucks.

    I felt sorry for Dr. Jo dying, but turning him into a vampire was way off my mind. I would have rather he did die, if he had to, rather than having him turned like this at this sad time. Vampires give into their instincts and it gets heightened at stressful times, and being that Dr. Jo is a new vampire and Ji-Ae, missing, I’m pretty sure he is going to be a baddie for the next two episodes. He might wake up in the end and end up helping Tae Yeon in the end, but for now, he isn’t going to be much help to the team and might in fact harm them which is something I don’t want to see. I knew all this warming up to Dr. Jo was going to mean something, I just didn’t think it was going to go this way. And Ji-Ae, I really hope she doesn’t die.

    I’m really getting depressed cause this series is ending again and I really want more. So happy to hear about Season 2, and well, now I hear nothing about Season 3 which bums me out. Ay….I really hope the team is okay in the end, and no one dies. That sentence didn’t include Dr. Jo because I have a feeling he might kill himself after he saves Ji-Ae. I don’t know why. Like, maybe if Tae Yeon fights Red Eyes and can’t win over him, Dr. Jo will do something heroic or something. I don’t know…speculations. Right now though, there is too much things going on and I have a feeling that 2 episodes won’t finish it, unless miraculously, another episode pops up to finish it. I also have a feeling that Jung In might be close to finding it out in the end…..well…when I mean finding out, I mean she will probably know the existence of vampires, but not really quite sure if Tae Yeon is one. Hence, Season 3!!!! I really want season 3! Can the writers give me one?!?! Please?!?!?!

  32. 32 Kristiana

    We all want a 3rd season!!! 😀

  33. 33 mysterious

    Why is it that they can all understand Runa now and she can understand them when they’re speaking korean and she is speaking japanese? Dong-man isn’t interpreting but everyone can understand each other now even when speaking two different languages? I guess it would be too time-consuming and inconvient if they always needed Dong-man to interepret. TY and Runa couldn’t run off on their own if they needed DM w/them to always interpet. I guess it’s something we just have to roll with while watching.

    • 33.1 Ryoko

      There was a throw-away explanation for that when Luna shows up at the office. Apparently she’d started to get a lot of shaman(?) jobs in Korea after she went on that Korean show and worked with Tae-yeon earlier in the season, so she’d been getting a lot of Korean practice in, working with Korean clients. And that somehow made her fluent in what, a couple months? Lol. Anyway, since the actress is Japanese and doesn’t actually speak Korean, they just had her deliver her lines in Japanese, but the audience is supposed to assume that she’s actually speaking in Korean.

      • 33.1.1 Emma

        Japanese and Korean are quite close actually. I don’t think it would be far off for a Japanese to learn Korean relatively fast (especially with a lot of practice)
        And I think Runa is speaking most of the time in Korean not that the audience ” is suppose to assume she’s speaking in Korean”, they use subtitle because of her accent.

        • Ryoko

          Yes, Japanese and Korean are quite close; I’ve studied both languages. Having already studied Japanese for a long time, it definitely made learning Korean a lot easier because the grammatical structure is so similar.

          That said, I still stand by my explanation for Luna’s speech in the drama. When she first walks into the office, she speaks her first few lines in Korean; that much would be easy for the actress. But for the entire rest of the episode, everything she says is in Japanese, hence the need for Korean subtitles. Because there are so many lines, and it just wouldn’t be feasible to show Dong-man interpreting the whole time, the writers wrote in that explanation of her learning Korean. This way the audience would know that she’s supposed to be saying everything in Korean, which explains why the rest of the cast can understand her without interpretation even though everything she’s saying is in Japanese.

  34. 34 KRush

    There must be something wrong with me. All I can do is sigh heavily after watching. Pipedream, indeed. With a lot of plot points/arcs….soooooo season 3, yes? :))))

  35. 35 AsianDramaFreak

    Omg please don’t kill Runa, Dr. Jo. If you kill her, I will eat you.

    • 35.1 Julia

      So true. As soon as she stuck in the needle, I started screaming “Run, run, run for your life!”

  36. 36 nabithoj

    I confess I’m too scared to watch season 2. Lol…I watched up to episode 3 or 4, don’t remember and had to stop, watch some happy scenes from Faith and then went to sleep. And I haven’t seen the rest of the episodes, only been reading them. Why? Because it is waaaaaay tooooo creepy for me. The only time I can watch without interuptions is at night and that is not something I want to be doing right before I go to sleep. I’m gonna wait until all the episodes have been subbed and then watch it all in one go in one day…only during the day…lol

  37. 37 halfmoon

    yup,the wait i so long.This drama is so good,just checked it out randomly and then ranting abt it the day after till my k drama addict friend gave me a look..hahahha!!! I want more…wish there was season 3…

  38. 38 Sirena

    This episode had me on edge! Dr. Blood is alive and apparently so is the prosecutor from the previous season! I’m really curious to learn what Dr. Blood has been up to all this time, as well as Red Eye’s motivations behind his actions. Is he just here to be a thorn in Tae-yeon’s side or is there more to his behavior? Only two more episodes left!

  39. 39 x

    Just one thing, that popped into my mind while reading the comments. what happened with the guy in ep1 who was revived with red eyes blood. Ah, and also2, j figure, the guy who did this knew what he was doing. which leads to the meet question. How and from where. Also3, regarding Dr Jo, he was the soon-to-be? already but young coroner under Park Hoon? coincidence? that he’s now with Tae-yeon?
    Why did red eye mention yeon-yi as “his sister” to Dr Jo? So the dr knows about her, too?

    OK that was a bit more than one question. And yes2, a third season would rly be :-):-):-):-):-)♥

    which leaves me with ×#$&%#@!!!!!&%@= [insert random chosen adjectives] for waiting again another week. ugh
    /end rant

    • 39.1 Jessica

      OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO NOTICE THAT! When Red Eyes said “They will kill my sister Yeon-ji if you involve the police. We have to find her and your daughter”, I was like YOU KNOW YEON-JI????!!!

  40. 40 mud


    *spazzes madly in the corner*

    Seriously, I did not expect that ending. At all. What a curve ball! I’m going to be on pins and needles all week long now just waiting for the next episode to come. I mean, there’s so much waiting to happen now, all of which Girlfriday has addressed in her fantastic recap. I don’t even… Oh my goodness, I’m kind of scared where this will take us….but at the same time I want my stories to come together now.

    This episode’s saving graces were definitely the bromance exchange and that helluva ending. I thought that bromance exchange was going to reveal how Soonbum came to become BFF with Taeyeon. Come on writer-nim, we want our bromance! And not that it was a bad episode, but I did find myself not as tense as I would like to be while we were frantically searching for Ji-ae. I wanted to feel like my heart would jump out, but no dice…. perhaps it was the overuse of the running camera.

    I wanted Runa to save Dr. Jo, but was also torn about it because of the potential for him to become a bad vamp like Taeyeon’s boss from last season (sorry, I forgot his name already…) And then as soon as he started twitching, I thought “shiiiit, Runa may be his 1st victim”, so if that’s the case we would have 2 new vampires in the series. And then would Runa be another breed of vampire if she is also part Shaman? Oh man, I’m so curious as to how Taeyeon will react to finding Dr. Jo like this. And Dr. Hotbar?! Where have you been? I guess, that at least confirms that he is also a vampire. Do you think if we now have potentially 4 good vampires we can take down Red Eyes? Or like GF said, Dr. Hotbar has something else medically-speaking that can make Red Eyes weaker.

    And what about Taeyeon’s sister? Urggh….there’s still so many unanswered questions. They’re so stingy with the reveals. I’m down for another season, but I would want it to be more like season 1’s mysteries, where there’s more interactions among our Scooby Gang.

  41. 41 Pepper Fish

    I can’t help thinking there is more to Red Eye’s end game than this. (At least, I hope not!)

    Dr. Jo is the son of the scientist who worked at the facility where Red Eyes was chained up for who knows how long, correct? There are still a bunch of unanswered questions regarding that place and the people there. I just don’t think it was a coincidence that Red Eyes kidnapped Dr. Jo’s adopted daughter and then left him with the choice to become a vampire.

    Though Red Eyes threatened Tae-yeon via all his friends, I just don’t think that Tae-yeon is Red Eyes’ main focus. Throughout the season, Red Eyes has been trying to get Tae-yeon to back off. Is Red Eyes after revenge? Who knows!

    Of course, I could be totally wrong!!!

    Also, I though Dr. Blood was already a vampire before Tae-yeon bit him last season. On multiple occasions, they both sat in the back room with a glass of blood. Sure, his glass could have been red wine, but it was the same shade as Tae-yeon’s bloody glass. In fact, I thought Park-hoon turn Dr. Blood years ago to get his help with the blood research.

    So confused…

  42. 42 dewaanifordrama

    Oh crap!!!! Oh crap!!! Oh crap!!! Oh crap!!! I am not sure my nerves are going to be able to handle the last two episodes!!! *still trying not to have a panic attack*

  43. 43 racheose

    finallyt gave in and watched… and i regret it now i have to wait so long for the subs… i have to forget about this until the last 2 eps are subbed or i might get crazy thinking about it…

    i really liked that runa came back and it seems she’ll be with us until it all ends. at first i thought red eyes took ji hye but it was so easy how they got red eyes and those thugs… it doesn’t seem that red eyes would hire humans… but then again it could be him since he used those 3 cops from before to collect blood for him… what is so confusing to me is when he mentioned yeon ji… and i am so worried on how everyone will fit in the last two eps… park hoon, dr. hotbar, yeon ji, tae yoon’s boss sang chul, red eyes and now dr. jo and those thugs who took ji ae.. but i remember those people who is talking about granpa in the first ep… he could be behind this since we didn’t see him die or those who were arguing about granpa they seem to be connected with those thugs,will it be good versus bad or will it be based on their individual beliefs thus giving us many teams…. awww this is seriously hurting me and it’s night time too… and i have a class early tom but with all those questions i don’t know how to survive… i really hope there is season 3 and that it wouldn’t take a year…

  44. 44 panda

    Man, I saw the preview for the next episode somewhere, it’s even scarier than this episode! I’m gonna freak out!

  45. 45 Lilian

    The series is too short. Can we have a season three please? So many questions still left unasnswered!

  46. 46 Shiku

    Never in a million years did I see this twist coming. Ji Ae poor girl after being abandoned by her mum, her grandpa dying for her uncle, her uncle who is killed minutes before the real culprit is found, she is kidnapped and sent to a watery grave, only to be rescued by Dr. Jo then she is kidnapped again? Aiyaiyaiyai! Too much suffering so much a little girl!

    Poor Dr. Joe, he would do anything to save her and I can’t fault his choice.

    Red eyes, I hate you so much!

  47. 47 MIKEY

    Ok Im confused. Did Ji Ae get kidnapped by a gang that sells kids? If so, why the water tank and no ransom. The kidnappers are totally unrelated to Bad Blood and Red Eyes? I don’t like the rogue Doctor plot. I liked think his investigations were the most interesting part of season 2. Are we going to get the “hot” coroner back since Dr. Jo is getting a little long in the tooth?

  48. 48 Julia

    Why is Red Eyes so bitter/crazy? Have you folks forgotten how he got started in all this … being muzzled and tortured by the military? That would drive anyone to want revenge. And if Dr. Jo’s Dad was a participant in the torture, no wonder why Red Eyes wants some payback on tyhe son.

  49. 49 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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