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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 417
by | December 22, 2012 | 55 Comments

EPISODE 417. Broadcast on December 16, 2012.

javabeans: New episode, new trip!

girlfriday: Whee! The boys gather someplace cold (though I guess at this time of year everywhere in Korea is cold) and hop around during the opening. It seems like they’re talking just to keep their lips from freezing shut.

javabeans: Why does Bird bird look so funny in his winter getup? Why does he just look funny, no matter what?

girlfriday: Because his face looks like a bird?

javabeans: I think it’s also the perpetually sheepish posture, like he’s in a constant state of embarrassment. Given that you were more in awe of Na PD than mocking him, it’s nice to have a PD you can laugh at. No, I mean WITH! Laugh WITH! …no, I mean at. Speaking of laughing at, poor Shi-kyung, who says he no longer sells out his concerts since being on 1N2D. Aw! He gained admirers the nation over for his variety persona, but he says they no longer see him as the singer. Tae-hyun jokes that now when audiences see Shi-kyung deep into an earnest ballad, people just burst out laughing.

girlfriday: Poor Sungchoongi. We’ll buy tickets! Not that we can go. The boys are gathered in a town that’s apparently famous for making people ten years younger (What, do they have a fountain of youth there?) and the guys run with that, deciding they should spend the trip acting ten years younger.

javabeans: That makes Joo-won sixteen for the day, and Seung-woo tells him he can’t come because he’s still a minor. HA.

girlfriday: Hee. Tae-hyun yells at him to bring them his homework.

javabeans: So Seung-woo is 34 today, and ten years ago was doing the movie Break Out. Cut to a clip, and the caption: “So he always looked old.” Pwahaha. It’s true.

girlfriday: Aw, 24-year old Jong-min looks like such a little idol baby.

javabeans: Joo-won says at 16 he weighed 90kg and was only 160cm tall — he grew 10cm in a year. This strikes a small blow in Su-geun’s heart (always the height), and Shi-kyung adds that he grew 7cm one year, then 8cm, then 9cm, and actually worried about it. Ha, like he’d turn out freakish? Dude, can you imagine how much food was eaten then?

girlfriday: Seriously, I bet teenage Shi-kyung could out-eat adult Shi-kyung five times over.

javabeans: Bird says that today they’ll show the viewers “the true taste of winter” (which sounds like a dish I’d like to pass on), and Tae-woong is skeptical that such a trip would allegedly restore their health and vitality. Tae-hyun warns that he’d better not catch a cold.

girlfriday: Su-geun nails it when he asks Bird if he’s not just fancifying 1N2D’s famous severe winter training camp, and calling it by another name. Caught. Bird hangs his head and starts to stumble over his words.

javabeans: He tells them they’ll be dropped off at this island, adding that it’s uninhabitable. The guys are like, Uh… then how will we survive there? So really, it’s more like they’re aiming to just make it through the night.

girlfriday: That’s…insane.

javabeans: How cute (and snarky): Bird calls this a “General Special” as in the military general, as in survival boot camp. So out comes this graphic of the hanja for “winter” dressed as a general. Cute, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about the trip.

girlfriday: The first relay game is for lunch — either warm soup and rice, or ice and rice. That’s just mean.

javabeans: Talk about insult to injury.

girlfriday: The boys are broken up into three teams, and it’s a relay-task mission, so all three teams have to complete their game and make it to the final location in time for everyone to eat.

javabeans: No phones allowed, so Bird will confiscate. Tae-woong is visibly reluctant, asking, “Can’t we just keep them and not use them?” Heh. I know he means he really won’t use it, but psh. Jong-min’s all, “You can’t look inside mine!” Lol. What incriminating secrets does he carry around?

girlfriday: Pictures of him and his “mom”?

javabeans: Okay, the teams divide and head out. The Art Museum Team is Tae-woong and Seung-woo (that’s where they head out), while Su-geun and Tae-hyun are the Marketplace Team. This must be age-based today. Joo-won, Shi-kyung, and Jong-min drive to the botanical gardens.

girlfriday: On their way, Seung-woo asks Tae-woong how the wedding prep is going, and advises, like a good hyung, that he should participate in all the planning. Tae-woong says he’s definitely there for all the baby stuff, which aw.

javabeans: Tae-woong has these adorably shiny eyes when he talks about seeing his baby on the monitor. So cute. They arrive at their location, but strangely are directed outside to the yard. Lol, why bother with the museum then? Their task is for one to piggyback the other, while the piggybackee covers his eyes, and they have to walk over to ring a bell. This sounds doable. OMG, Seung-woo gets into the idea of being the eyes of the team, and tells Tae-woong he’ll just tap his fist into the side of his head to indicate which direction to go, like he’s the pack mule. To which the PD tells them, “You could just talk.”

girlfriday: HA. They decide this game isn’t really that hard, since Tae-woong’s got strength and Seung-woo’s a talker. But, you’re not even blindfolded yet.

javabeans: It really isn’t that hard and they’re enjoying the race, but I think Seung-woo’s actually having too much fun that he isn’t in a rush at all. And this is a timed mission. I takes them nearly 2 minutes, so they do it again faster, and Tae-woong’s actually jogging along blindfolded. Success! I love Seung-woo when he’s in such a good mood. Which is like always, which makes me love him even more.

girlfriday: I know, he’s more excitable than the maknae, which is why those old fogey jokes are so funny. Because he acts like a kid, mostly.

javabeans: They earn their clue: three cards bearing letters. Initials to a location, likely, though they don’t know any of the local sights. On to the Marketplace Team, and Su-geun and Tae-hyun pull up and leisurely order a hot dog while they wait. Only to be told that Seung-woo just called saying he finished his mission, and that lights the fire under their asses.

girlfriday: Haha, I love the immediate attitude change, from I’m not getting out without a hot dog to sudden panic and eagerness to play. Their game is a word-string shopping challenge, where they have to connect ten words last syllable to first, only they have to BUY the items in the market.

javabeans: This leads to a lot of wandering and mumbling and “Is there anything that starts with this?”

girlfriday: It’s actually really funny, just because they’re running about shouting syllables and making bad puns.

javabeans: I think they get off on the wrong trail because they start with a foreign word, which means your next thing has to start with a weird syllable. If you go down the wrong path this could be impossible. They catch on to this complication and literally sit in a store to to work out the words first, before trying to buy. They’re getting smarter!

girlfriday: It’s hilarious how they just pop a squat in the middle of one of the shops to do it.

javabeans: They work out this whole chain of items… and then can’t find the first one. D’oh! On to the trio, who get to the botanical garden. Aw, the boys go for the newbie PD as the weak link, demanding chocolate and saying that 1N2D is different these days. The new guy’s all, “Gulp.”

girlfriday: Haha, are they hazing the new guy?

javabeans: Omg, they go from persuasive to full-on blatant trickery: they demand chocolate! They refuse to keep walking without the replenishing nutrients of a candy bar! Shi-kyung wears his hat over his face, as if to say they can’t shoot his face till he gets his chocolate. Poor new guy! Plus he looks all of twenty.

girlfriday: He totally has deer-in-headlights face. Call Bird! Show no weakness!

javabeans: The market boys head into a salon to buy perm chemicals (based on their word play), and the ajumma tells them they don’t have any for sale, with her back turned. Then she turns and sees their faces and is all, “Ah! I see!” The offshoot of their word game is that they run into stores basically just yelling, “Hello, RICE CAKES! No rice cakes? Bye!”

girlfriday: The funnier thing is, when they’re running around yelling, “Mother, RICE CAKES!” The ajummas run to get them rice cakes, the way they would answer their own kids. It’s sort of the upside of calling a stranger Mom.

javabeans: On the upside, since they worked out their shopping list chain in advance, they get to split up to buy things. They succeed, but the call to Joo-won’s team doesn’t get picked up… because newbie PD is busy in a round of addition with the members.

girlfriday: Oh no, he got sucked in!

javabeans: They get their mission, a speed quiz requiring bystanders. Only, there are no bystanders here. Off they go to search for some. Meanwhile the shopping team earns their clues, which are three vowels. Ooh, harder. Oh, I bet they go with the other team’s letters… but they can’t call, can they? WOW, an ajusshi in the store actually guesses a location right away, and whaddaya know, his location fits both team’s clues! Then Tae-woong and Seung-woo spot a map with that same location on it, and head over. Why do I feel like the youngsters are eating ice-water rice today?

girlfriday: But worse, I think, is that if the youngsters don’t make it, they ALL eat ice-rice today.

javabeans: Oh crap, was it that kind of lunch deal? Bummer. The thing is, nobody’s out for a lovely hike at the botanical gardens in this subzero weather. They finally spot a couple of men on the grounds, but they’re employees. I wonder if they’d normally be excluded from this quiz, but today I think they’ll take what they can get. Speed quiz go!

girlfriday: Thank goodness for the employees. They get their clues, and more importantly, their phones.

javabeans: I know! They get all the clues that are reasonably given, so it’s just up to the boys to give reasonable clues. Jong-min runs into some hairy situations, but they squeak by. They hook up their clues with Tae-woong’s team, and while this is the hardest set to guess independent of the others, at least their teammates have already figured it out. They all head in their cars to convene for lunch.

girlfriday: The first two teams arrive at the observatory and start to leisurely poke around for the final flag.

javabeans: They have nearly a half hour to look, but the trouble is, the youngsters are so far away they may not make it by deadline. They put the pedal to the metal and try to gain every available second.

girlfriday: Oh no, the hyungs discover another hiccup: the flag is a 20-minute hike UP into the mountains. Eep!

javabeans: Now THAT’s more like it. I knew they were gonna hit trouble when Seung-woo started saying the producers’ game was too easy this time and that it was insulting to their intelligence. The youngsters finally arrive, and while the hyungs are making their hike up at normal speed, they start running up — they have 7 minutes to hike 1 km.

girlfriday: Man, they sure know how to build tension into the final moments.

javabeans: It’s like a horror movie. Soon everyone’s sprinting and panting and looking like they’re dying. Jong-min holds up the rear, and he’s really struggling. You want to yell at him to just run, and so do his teammates, but you can tell he just can’t breathe any faster.

girlfriday: At one point I wonder if the younger guys will actually overtake the team in front, but the hyungs reach the top with two minutes to spare.

javabeans: They finally pull the flag and… they didn’t make it, did they? No they did not — they missed by 3 minutes. Bird’s caption: “Ha ha.” And yet, now it’s time for the hair-splitting to begin, and Tae-hyun argues that the PD totally didn’t answer their call in the middle of the game, for 8 whole minutes. Ooh, that’s valid. Bird totally plays the ignorance card, “I wouldn’t know why.” The guys jump all over him: “And who’s in charge of this show?!” They even reenact the moment, with yelling and outrage.

girlfriday: I love that they interrogate VJs and writers to back them up. Time to bust out cell phone logs.

javabeans: They manage to squeak in an extra 2 minutes and 23 seconds, but Bird is riding on the fact that they were 3 minutes late. Until Joo-won pipes up: “Our deadline was technically 12:30 and 59 seconds!” They wouldn’t be late till the clock turned over to 12:31, ergo extra 59 seconds!

girlfriday: Oooh, nice.

javabeans: Bird looks totally bummed, but he does admit he felt a little unsettled with the close miss. Lawyer Sung offers up his bargain: He was ready to eat till his stomach burst (if they won). “I was going to finish off that restaurant!” Instead, he will graciously only eat 1 bowl.

girlfriday: How giving.

javabeans: Bird gives them the win, grudgingly. That was about as exciting as you could make it, wasn’t it?

girlfriday: Why does it worry me though, that Bird is willing to let them eat?

javabeans: Right? It’s like, he figures he can lose this little battle, since he has bigger and better plans ahead. *evil cackle*

girlfriday: Aw, how cute — on the way down Tae-woong calls his bride-to-be and Tae-hyun takes the phone, calling her “hyungsoonim” and laughing adorably at her insistence that she can see the baby’s features at a tiny 3cm.

javabeans: Time to eat. There’s a huge vat of soup, steaming hot, and they dig in enthusiastically. Ugh, hungry again.

girlfriday: They all feel that nervous twinge as they eat though, wondering what happens once they’re done. Cut to: Topless Tae-woong? Oh dear. Suddenly the meal seems bittersweet, like it’s their last. Ever.

javabeans: Especially when you’re asking, “What’re you gonna do after lunch?” and your teammate guesses, “Kill us.” Bird instructs them to dress as warmly as possible, and Seung-woo shows up looking like Stay Puft the marshmallow man.

girlfriday: Ha, he somehow managed to double his width. He asks Bird if they dressed appropriately, and he laughs that Seung-woo may have overdone it a little.

javabeans: This trip, he warns, will supply nothing for them on that lonely island — they’ll have to take charge of their tents and food and other materials. To kick things off, Bird says he picked a game that should be favorable to them: the dibidibidip game where you have to turn your head contrary to the direction of the lead in order to stay in. They relay for 54 seconds, so that’s the amount of time they’ll have to ransack the props truck. Oh, I remember this game. Don’t forget the potatoes!

girlfriday: Or the sleeping bags! Or the water!

javabeans: It’s smart to make the strong guys go first and grab the heavy things, like tents and firewood. After that it’s a free-for-all of throwing and kicking and scrambling. I think they do pretty well, actually — they get the essentials like sleeping bags, and a bag of rice and potatoes and eggs. They’re set. They even (HA) manage a chamber pot. Su-geun warns, “Only pee.”

girlfriday: That is the strangest collection of camping equipment ever. At least they got the essentials.

javabeans: The uneasy feeling grows when the writer tells them buh-bye, since most of the staff won’t accompany them on the trip. When they arrive at the waterline, they see the mounted cameras and canoes laid out and understand that they’ll be heading off using their own manpower.

girlfriday: Wow, they weren’t kidding around. They have to row their own supplies in?

javabeans: The guys set off in their two-person canoes, and get used to paddling. Then the camera pulls out, and they have SO MUCH WATER to cover.

girlfriday: I know, it feels like a pretty epic journey. Is it because the boats are tiny that it feels so vast?

javabeans: I think it’s pretty vast, ha. They finally make it to the island — or, as we are told, “hell.” Ha, you know, I think they should just Blair Witch this sucker. Make up some storyline and film it like it’s real and convince everyone that there’s some island smoke monster or something.

girlfriday: I know, they already have the creepy soundtrack to go with.

javabeans: The guys are told they’ll have to give up their phones again, and Jong-min balks that he’ll be in big trouble. Everyone actually stops at that — inconvenience we get, but trouble? He says sheepishly that his “mother” will get suspicious. LOL. Shi-kyung says he feels strange and uneasy on this weird uninhabited island, and Seung-woo tells the wife that he’s giving her a final farewell call, just in case: “Protect the kids.” Bird asks if he’s talking to Kim Nam-joo, and Seung-woo laughs, “Who else would I say that to?!” Ha.

girlfriday: Lol. Once final calls are made, it’s time to build their tent and start a fire, before the sun sets.

javabeans: Chef Shi-kyung stands in front of the boxes of food muttering to himself and sighs over his limited dinner menu. I love Chef Shi-kyung, so serious and professional, even as he’s cutting potatoes with a swiss army knife on a cardboard box.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun gets put on woodcutting duty, and he mutters, “Bring me my fairy!” Hee.

javabeans: And then, all of a sudden, it starts to snow. It’s the first snow of the season, and they all perk up happily at the snow… Or at least, I suppose they’re happy NOW, at minute 1. Let’s see how they feel buried in snow over the course of the night, ‘cause it’s really coming down.

girlfriday: Aw, but it’s so purty!

javabeans: Warm beats pretty any day.

girlfriday: Hm, preview says: I think you might be right about that.


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  2. chane

    I just watched the 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards and the 2D1N gang did a gag sketch that imitates the ‘four men’ sketch of gag concert, I didn’t really understand what they did but it was so fun watching…does anyone have a link for the video with eng subs? It would be highly appreciated! Thank you!:)

    • 2.1 Aera

    • 2.2 ajuma

      I also watched it, it aired in KBS World but with no eng subs…I’m sad that Sugeun didn’t win the daesang and the show didn’t win the best program award, but i’m glad JW, CT and KS won!!

      • 2.2.1 JIW_sobangnim

        Joo Won? Cha Tae? Kim Seung?

        Actually, Its Tae Hyun and Seung Woo! 🙂 The first word is their surname 🙂

        • ajuma

          Lol! Sorry about that, it’s how I actually abbr. their names!:)

      • 2.2.2 latteholic

        Aw, does that mean SSK is the only (new) member who didn’t get the award? 🙁

        • ajuma

          All of them got nominated, but only the 3 members won, SSK got nominated in the category that Joo Won won, the Best Rookie MC award

      • 2.2.3 ayuuri

        Who got the Daesang award?
        And what did the three of them win for?

        • ajuma

          I think it was the MC for immortal songs who won the daesang, too bad because I really wanted Sugeun to win!

          • xenni

            Aww! I wanted LSG to win so badly, he deserves it!!:(

        • ajuma

          JW – Best Rookie MC
          CTH – Best Entertainer
          KSW – Best MC Entertainment Show

          • ayuuri

            Me too. I wanted Sugeun to win coz he’s really good plus this is the year where he really broke out as the main host for the show since Kang Ho Dong’s leave.

    • 2.3 yvette

      That skit was so funny, luckily I know a few korean words so I understood what they were saying!!

  3. chane

    ….and thanks for the recap!!! Off to read now!

  4. Arhazivory

    I totally love when they have the Severe Winter Camp. Hehehe… week will be even more fun.

    Thanks ladies~

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    Omo! The last pic!<3

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    Can’t wait for next week’s recap! Thanks Girls!

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    Finally! I was refreshing like crazy for the past three hours. Haha. Thanks, JB & GF! <3

    • 7.1 Cherry

      Have you seen this video already?

      Shi Kyung doing aegyo at around 2:20. Soooo cute. Hahaha.
      And… is that Yoo Hee Yeol?

      What is this show all about? It looks fun! This is the first time that I’ve seen it. I hope someone could translate this. Thank youuuu 😀

      • 7.1.1 oppa

        Isn’t this Hee-yeol’s show? I think it’s called sketchbook, they mentioned it in previous episode

      • 7.1.2 oppa

        Hahahaha! Thaw was great, Shikyung acting cute=swoon!

      • 7.1.3 latteholic

        haha… so cute, so… unexpected… 😀
        I think my face looked like YHY’s face when he’s watching him..

      • 7.1.4 Cherry

        What’s with this kwiyomi song? I see other idols doing this.

        PS. I hope JB and GF could talk about 1N2D in their next podcast! 🙂

      • 7.1.5 yvette

        OMG!!! Sikyung so cute!

      • 7.1.6 xenni

        Wahahaha! That was awesome!!! Thanks

  8. MAC

    Don’t have access to cable now and can’t watch last week’s episode. Anyone knows where I can watch last week’s episode with english subs?

    • 8.1 shaniqua

      Google Boosays!:)

    • 8.2 latteholic

      last week’s episode isn’t subbed yet. The only episode subbed now is the one from 3 weeks ago. I agree with shaniqua, that’s where you can get episodes with english sub.

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    Yayy! It’s finally here…thanks ladies.

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    Lol! The new PD!

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    Such a fun ep!!

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    Call Bird! Show no weakness!


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    Thanks for the recap!!

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    It’s been a while since I watched an ep of two days and one night usually I just read your recaps which are really hilarious by the way, now that it’s christmas time and I have school off, I’m gonna catch up with all the episodes I’d miss, and thanks GF and JB, your recaps always make my day!

    • 15.1 dark laser

      Hold on, Taewoong’s getting married? Whoa! I must’ve missed that recap ep. Well, i’m so ecstatic for him, i’m glad he’s finally settling down!

  16. 16 enz

    my family and i just laughed so much this evening from the part 2 of the episode where they performed with the three guests for the islanders. really, the show gives you the warm fuzzies 🙂

  17. 17 mikayla

    Awww! It’s always so cute when SW calls the wifey!<33

  18. 18 Ann

    Didn’t Tae-Woong carry his girl in Equator Man when he was “blind?” No wonder he was so good at it!

  19. 19 Hui Ting

    Hahaha, they bullied the new PD! Have yet to watch this episode but he looks cute in the screencap, teehee. :p

    Still cracking up over the recap. Thank you! But ohnoes, I saw the preview screencap where all the guys were half naked. What will happen?

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    Are they really gonna be naked in the next ep? Wow! Can’t wait.

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    I want to watch this ep so bad, but we don;t have KBS world, but thanks ladies for the recap!!!

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    TY girls!!

  24. 24 yvette

    Anyone know the ratings for this ep?

    • 24.1 ayuuri

      17.9%… 2nd to Running Man’s 19%
      this week, which is the continuation for this ep…
      1N2D at #1 20.9% while RM 17.9%
      so yay!~

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    haha lol at the last pic!

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    Aw! I just watched this in KBS world and they cut out the part where they showed Seungwoo in his thirties and Jong Min in his twenties!!!

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    Well, thanks anyway girls for the awesome recaps!!

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    Hi, can someone help me?
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    The song is about Christmas. And is the singer SKK? Sounds like him! Nice song, I want to look for it but I do not know the title…. Thanks in advance!

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