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2012 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the year
by | December 3, 2012 | 583 Comments

Can you believe it’s December already? I know the awards shows have started to come ’round again, but it always feels like This Time Of Year always sneaks up on me — as in, the time when we take a look back at the best, the worst, the weirdest, and the most surprising dramas of the past year.

Our so-called Beanie Awards have been a tradition on this site pretty much since the beginning, and you can take a look into the wayback machine to see the state of years past. Here’s the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, 2010 Polls, and 2011 Polls.

You know what else this means: We’ll be rolling out our annual Year End Review Extravaganza in the coming days and weeks as well! Keep an eye out for our reviews, and if you’re curious at past installments, here’s a Year In Review tag for your convenient browsing purposes.

On to the voting!



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.


















































583 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. olivia

    It is that time of the year!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 luvs

      After a dozen of dramas – King 2 Hearts still resonates with me. It is my number 1 in every aspect.

      • 1.1.1 ilikemangos


        • anonymous

          King 2 hearts. lsg very much improved. Not a typical k-drama

          • misscupcakees

            I agree, TK2H really stepped it up on both the storyline and the way the relationships clicked with each other.

        • Ms.Simone

          I love the cheekiness and the humor of the descriptions for the nominations, but I think some of the descriptions might bias the results of the poll.

          Yes, I get it, this is not a scientific poll. But, still whether or not the writer liked the drama shouldn’t have been added, cause it biases people’s reaction and votes.

          • Annie

            Yeah, I see Answer Me and Nice Guy bias. Answer Me was nice, but good lord I hated Nice Guy.

          • nomaden

            Yes, but the part that says: Faith – Lee Min Ho. The End. That cracks me upppp!!!! Oh I love dramabeans…the writers ARE AWESOME!!!

          • luvs

            I voted on the dramas I have watched and not affected by the reviews.

        • Minea

          Agree!!! Can still remember the fun times i had commenting like crazy with the rest of the Hearties. Love love love.

      • 1.1.2 pillowhead

        Hi Luvs,
        King2Hearts, totally most under-rated. Loved Seung Gi in it. Could easily be one of my favorites. Only comes after Arang and SUFBB cause club m bored me and i ff through those parts.

        • nene

          ewww …king 2 hearts sucked..it is the worse drama ever..idiotic..

          • luvs

            hi nene,
            watch K2H again when you are more mature – it’s not for babes.

      • 1.1.3 Airyn


      • 1.1.4 AnnaBanana


      • 1.1.5 estelle

        Totally agreed!

      • 1.1.6 Startulle

        Yes!!! 2012 , the drama that comes to my mind King 2 Hearts!!! I love all the characters!!

      • 1.1.7 Yushi

        I’m not bashing or anything, but what’s the appeal behind King 2 Hearts? I tried watching it and just… couldn’t. I couldn’t take the villain, the main characters were awesome though.

        • news

          I’d say LSG had the most noteworthy break out performance because he really surprised me. I’ve seen him in previous dramas and thought he was passable but in K2H, he made me believe he was an actor.

          • crazyajummafan

            Totally agree with you there! Lee Seunggi certainly gave an outstanding performance!

        • mel

          LSG and Jo Jung-seok were awesome. And the strong main female never turned weak. The main couple (and secondary couple, who had their own love and storyline) were amazingly well written with great chemistry and had healthy equal relationships. The main bad guy started out a bit too cheesy, but settled down later into a more sinister character later.

          • mel

            Oh and King Jae Kang was a heartwarming and wonderful guy. All the main characters were so lovable (minus evil bad guy and his evil sidekicks)

        • ilikemangos

          For me, the appeal was the combo pack with this show.
          It had comedy, melo, action, and romance all wrapped up in one. It has so much heart with its characters that you really do feel for them every time something went wrong.
          It’s not your typical k-drama and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.
          I think for this show, if you didn’t care for it then you probably won’t fully immerse yourself into the world of K2H. But for the people that loved it, man. they LOVED it.
          If i were just looking at the scenes for the cinematography, I’d say the K2H ranks up there as 2012’s most beautiful shows. And the OST, man. The ost was to die for, used to heighten the emotions I felt for this show.
          But given the premise, i can see why it wouldn’t be someone’s cup of tea.

          • LSGLover

            Amen! Agree 100% to our wise maknae’s words of wisdom πŸ˜€

          • melbee

            Double amen to that. I was just drawn in and Lee Seung Gi blew me away. At first I thought it was going to be the same over privileged annoying character. But it wasn’t. The characters were so well written. We all got to see them grow and struggle with who they thought they were and who they had to become. The metaphors they used were brilliantly done. It was the first drama where I didn’t guess the ending and didn’t know what was coming.

            Although, I as well almost stopped watching for the first few episodes because I found bong gu really childish, annoying and ridiculous as a villain. But I’m glad I kept going and gave it a chance as it got better and better! Yay TK2H!

        • Annie

          I would say everything. From small things like how the mother-in-law was actually awesome and supported the daughter-in-law and herself. That there were no damsels in distress. That the secondary couple was its own couple. There was no love-triangle. There was no first love story. It was simply a breath of fresh air. And Ah-Ha couple was perfect!

      • 1.1.8 rbee

        Ya, me too. For me, it had by far the greatest stickiness factor…as the girls would call it.

      • 1.1.9 Kitzeekat

        Yes K2H FTW! I miss Jae Ha & Hang Ah couple <3 πŸ™‚

        • tikhearties

          TK2H absolutely!!!
          LSG, HJW, JJS, LYJ… perfect ^^

      • 1.1.10 Natalie

        Yes…a thousand times

      • 1.1.11 girlinterrupted

        King 2 Hearts is the best 2012 drama for me too! Everything worked: the romance, the plot, the acting, the villains, the bromance…everything except the foreign actors, that is. =)

      • 1.1.12 Lhej

        TK2H – still the unbeatable drama in my heart!

      • 1.1.13 crazyajummafan

        Hi guys! Missed u! Great to ‘see’ so many so u here again!

      • 1.1.14 diandrina

        Lee Seunggi’s Jae Ha will always be my favorite king ever!

        BTW… I freaking love this poll!!!!
        thanks DB Girls<3

        i haven't watched Gaksital and Answer Me, try to catch up someday, perhaps,, hehehe…

        • Zainab

          BEST DRAMA EVER! <3<3

        • rose

          you dont know what you’re missing out on. Answer me 1997 is one of the awesomest dramas ever!!!!

      • 1.1.15 Maily

        The King 2Hearts For The Win. <333

        • sulthanah

          The King 2 Hearts has been the best drama so far….for me especially. It’s not a typical k drama. there is no triangle love story, there is no fierce mother in law, there is no cancer. lol

      • 1.1.16 Osi

        Agree. TK2H has a special place in my heart.

      • 1.1.17 gomigom

        KING 2 HEARTS FTW~!! ><

    • 1.2 Jade

      It’s the first time I’ve voted for these polls. Love some of the answers πŸ™‚

      My favourite was Queen In Hyun’s Man!! Thought it was simplest and to-the-point drama of 2012.

      Loved the ending although it didn’t make sense πŸ™‚

      • 1.2.1 Renee

        I really enjoyed watching Queen In Hyun’s Man. One of my favorites so far.

      • 1.2.2 hottestjen

        i love Queen InHyun’s Man too. it is definitely underrated….

        love themβ™₯

      • 1.2.3 Kittymommy

        Queen In Hyun’s Man all the wayyyy!!!!

    • 1.3 Jo

      My forever favorites:
      Shut up
      Padam Padam
      Queen Inhyun’s man
      You who rolled in unexpectedly
      all of these happened to not be on the major broadcasters and deserve so much attention…kyaaa!
      I currently love:
      King of Dramas

      Everything else disappoints me. πŸ™

      • 1.3.1 Jo

        mistake: You who rolled in unexpectedly was definitely on a major broadcaster. lollll

      • 1.3.2 rbee

        Yay! Somebody else who liked Padam Padam. I really enjoyed it. No other show has grabbed me in the first 10 minutes like that one. Just, wow.

        • luvs

          i have yet to watch padam padam so i cannot comment on it.

      • 1.3.3 ella zala

        I voted twice for the best drama category… for I cannot choose between

        ANSWER ME 1997
        NICE GUY

        I’m sorry! but I abide to the rule for other category…
        please don’t hate me…T_____T

      • 1.3.4 dbfan

        ditto with king of dramas. Dramaland felt more like a deserted land this year, except for a few show here and there. Besides, Answer me: 1997 and King of Dramas, everything else was pretty disappointing. Moon/sun was good but mehh, I probably only really liked it cause of Kim Soo hyun. Same with To the Beautiful you! The guy that played Eun Gyul stole the show. Don’t really know what will happen this month though, School 2013 looks very promising!

      • 1.3.5 Gasenadi

        YES! Padam, Padam! So many issues,themes in that drama besides the sizzling romance (that man’s adoring GAZE was unforgettable).

    • 1.4 kilmenyanne

      This year needs a ‘Best Time-Travelling Drama’ category. So badly.

    • 1.5 eternalfive

      Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. :O Time flies by so quickly. D:

  2. Sanicia

    omo it’s here again! i love the year end voting post!

    • 2.1 Sanicia

      and the descriptions! i died laughing ^^

      • 2.1.1 am

        this pretty much. took me longer to laugh than to browse the choices and vote.

        • zsa

          Exactly : DR JIN; my love trancends sense…..HAHAHA

      • 2.1.2 Arhazivory

        LOL. I laugh so much at each post.

      • 2.1.3 unacchan

        best part of the award..

      • 2.1.4 nomu nomu nomu

        I enjoyed reading the captions and people’s comments more than the voting, they’re entertaining hilarious. πŸ˜€

        I do wish (based on previous years polls) that some people don’t take the vote-results too seriously and get angry because they don’t agree with the results. Have fun folks and good luck to all your favorites πŸ™‚

        • dulcedeleche

          Does anyone know how long the polls are open? For Favorite Drama series I want to wait until some of the current ones are done before I vote.

      • 2.1.5 WM

        I laughed so loud people came in to see if I had finally gone off the deep end. πŸ˜‰ Their descriptions are always so darn spot on! lol

      • 2.1.6 whimsicalnet

        me too… totally cracked me up.

      • 2.1.7 cheekbones

        I came for them ! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the laugh !

  3. huiting

    omg Horsitaaaaaaal needs an award. I don’t care what it is.. it needs one.

    • 3.1 Jade

      Agreed! πŸ™‚

    • 3.2 Minny

      ahahahahaha thumbs up for horsitaaaaaaal!

  4. Daktari

    No comments even though quite a few have voted?

    • 4.1 Daktari

      NVM that will teach me to refresh before posting comments after reading the post.

  5. reeen

    The descriptions are soooooo… I’m dying… πŸ˜€

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      Seriously. I thought my comp would end drowned in coffee. I just love those awards: Funniest on Earth.

    • 5.2 eternalfive

      HAHAHA, I know right! XD

  6. Enz

    Omg.. I haven’t watched most on this list but thanks so much for making me LOL like a mad person in my hotel room

    • 6.1 am

      This made me realize I haven’t seen that many this year. But it makes it easier for me now to choose which ones to watch.

      • 6.1.1 Fab

        That’s a way to view it. Which reminds that I’ve got to watch Gakstial sooner than later…

        However King 2 Hearts is definitely my best drama of the year.

    • 6.2 Danna

      I feel the same way…that is even after seeing 13 dramas….I really do need to get to Gaksital

      • 6.2.1 Anabanana

        Omg you guys — Please watch Gaksital for sure! We’ll probably never see another drama that’s beautifully made like Gaksital or with tremendous, awesome acting (mostly from Park Ki Woong and Joo Won) in our lifetime again. Well, maybe never say never…

        • Arhazivory

          I agree~! πŸ˜€ Awesome drama.

        • jusshina

          Gaksital for favorite drama!:))

        • Maya

          Yes, Gaksital still top the list for me personally. I’m rewatching it right now and it’s still as good (if not better) as the first-time.. πŸ™‚

  7. ebeb

    please re-check the biggest waste of talent, i think you got some typo error on 2 fashion king.

    • 7.1 Dol

      Yeah, there’s a picture on Gong Yoo, but he’s not in the list.

      • 7.1.1 skinnymocha

        Heh. I’m surprised Gong Yoo’s off this list. He was the only one who kept me watching – and my faith in the Hong sisters, but they smashed it to smithereens.

  8. ailee

    omg this is so much fun πŸ˜€ fav is def the hairstyle!

  9. jc

    Faith!!! Faith for everythinggg!! I loved the chemistry more than anything (and ofc Lee Minho). Also ‘brojusshis’ pmsl

    • 9.1 Misha

      I think Faith should be in underrated category but:


      What the f***!

  10. 10 djes

    So, I’ve been following you since…2007? Wow, am ancient.

    Really..really looking forward for the year end’s reviews.

    Thank God for Dramabeans!

    • 10.1 Tha

      Me ,too!

  11. 11 ladida

    “Maybe if the writers were hungry for a beating.” Bahahahahahahahaha! And the eye open kiss for nice guy, so creepy. *Shivers* thanks for the Beanies, can’t wait to see what everyone else loves.

    • 11.1 Manila 2011


  12. 12 YourElle

    whoo~ can’t believe a year of flops and pops has passed in drama land. i’m so excited for the year end reviews. :)) can’t wait!!! ^^

  13. 13 ss

    there’s so many hits and misses for this yr!! cant choose!!! >.<

    • 13.1 Kiara

      IKR? I have a few ties but had to pick just 1.

    • 13.2 dbsklove

      OMG YEAH i wanted to say how this year i actually had so many dramas i loved πŸ˜€

  14. 14 dongdong

    LOL!! i was laughing through the whole post!! u guys are geniusly funny!!! *baa aaa aaah*

  15. 15 Rie

    I can’t wait for your reviews… That’s the best one.. ^^

    Thanks once again guys for the great year… I can’t believe 2012 is almost over.

  16. 16 Momi

    Answer me for all the awards!!!!! πŸ˜€

    • 16.1 whimsicalnet

      hear hear!!

  17. 17 lizzzieQ

    Seriously i died laughing, came back to vote and died laughing again. Seriously the bromance one………

    • 17.1 Minea

      Lol. That’s the funniest for me, too. My fave is the padam padam one – “broangel guardian bitchmance”. HAHAHA. Srsly, dramabeans always come up with the nuttiest stuffs.

  18. 18 marina_sakhalin


  19. 19 row.an

    voting is taking much longer because i keep scrolling to read the descriptions XD

  20. 20 chane

    Holy Crap! It’s finally here!

    And it’s my first time voting!!!


    • 20.1 naya_marie

      Yeah! Gaksital for me too!!!

      • 20.1.1 naya_marie

        ..and Shunji for Best Villain!!!

        • chane

          Also for:

          FAVORITE ALTERNATE PAIRING: Rie & Katsuyama

          • linisha


          • Maya

            They’re my fave alternate pairing too! πŸ˜€

        • gabby


    • 20.2 katiamon

      Horsitaaaaal!! i loved it and laughed so hard at the office XD

      • 20.2.1 henii

        A big LOL @Horsitaaaaaaaaaal!!

        • gabby

          My favorite one ever!!

    • 20.3 Arhazivory

      Gaksitaaaaaaaaal. πŸ˜€

    • 20.4 jusshina

      Gaksital is the drama of the year for me!:)


    • 20.5 mrmz

      I LOOOOOLLED at “You don’t know that I know that you know that I don’t know you know… OR DO YOU?” in the dysfunctional relationships category πŸ˜›

    • 20.6 lemonade candy

      i literally said

      *everytime i choose in whichever category. lol. oh yes, except for Horsitaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. kekke

      • 20.6.1 jusshina

        I literally raped every Gaksital Button!:))

        • lemonade candy

          I’m literally asking…how do you LITERALLY rape Gaksital Button?

        • SHema


    • 20.7 Maya

      Gaksitaaa~aaa~aal! Pyong! πŸ˜€

  21. 21 rgma

    The polls are always so adorably written! Love them.

  22. 22 Abbie

    I love this year end stuff. πŸ™‚

  23. 23 elainestale

    best descriptions ever. hahaha i would vote gaksital as most underrated… because none of my friends can get over the weird looking mask + the time period to start watching it!! T.T they will never get to enjoy gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

    oh and if there were a “best child actor” poll, i have my mouse waiting over the yeo jin goo button.

    • 23.1 Kelinci Biru

      I’m going to abuse my computer just to vote for him. so in retrospect, its a good thing there’s no such award.. ^^

      • 23.1.1 elainestale

        i would just click it before i get to think twice because of his 2 other female friends..

  24. 24 neener

    I’m totally looking forward to read your reviews!!

    another list will be added to my already loooong list dramas that I should watch!

  25. 25 Kwhat?!

    So. Awesome. Gummi babies all the way! (I mean that ironically. Also, I’m afraid it will eat me and then send me back in time. *Shudders*)

  26. 26 Dorotka

    Sometimes it was really hard to decide.
    And I missed Lee Jae Kang as an option for the best king. Loved him in K2H.

    Had big fun. Thanks.

    Horsitaaaaaaaaaal! :–)

  27. 27 Skyblaze77

    Omg I seriously want earnest bot to win something…king2hearts was pretty early on in the year but I still think he’s my favourite character of the whole year. And I still ship junhee and yoon jae together XD

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      Seems like he’s on his way to best break out performance! πŸ™‚

  28. 28 befuddled

    I had a really hard time deciding; I *loved* at least 5 of the dramas.

  29. 29 Aleena

    Awesome descriptions xD I died laughing! xD

  30. 30 am

    My top 2 dramas this year, QIHM and NG taking home the cake. I made the wise decision to watch the best this year. ehem ehem

    • 30.1 Sweetcaroline

      Totally agree. I love QIHM and NG. Two best OTP of the year for me πŸ™‚

    • 30.2 Danna

      heh….me too….i didn;t watch most of the shows on the dissapointing category…my worst show was Gentleman’s Dignity and that wasn’t even that bad

    • 30.3 Kiara

      Same for me too.

    • 30.4 bebu

      Wow, we have the same taste πŸ™‚

      • 30.4.1 am

        You have good taste :3

  31. 31 Lixie

    I wanted to vote for FH2 in my top 3 but it’s not there! Can’t wait to see the final results!

    • 31.1 justcommenting

      It’s not in the running for a reason.

      • 31.1.1 justreplying

        And why’s that?

  32. 32 Laurita

    Eh, this time I also was able to fulfill this “duty” πŸ˜€ so much fun. P.S. I hoped that “favorite drama” award will be taken by Gaksital or Nice Guy… hm…

  33. 33 kopytko

    I had fun chosing my votes.
    I came to a conclusion that there won’t be many dramas that will stay with me for longer. Most were fun while they lasted, but in several months I will have to look them up for basic info. But it’s ok, otherwise my brain would suffer drama overload and combust πŸ™‚

  34. 34 sajatokki

    I think you missed Gong Yoo for the biggest waste of talent…

    • 34.1 birdscout

      I noticed that too. Gong Yoo’s picture is there, but his name does not appear in the choices. (Maybe girlfriday is subconsciously protecting her man) πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for another hilarious list of choices! and *cheers* to another year of dramabeans awesomeness!

    • 34.2 amhrancas

      right? totally holding off on voting for that one until we see if he gets added *fistshake of rage at Big* (>_<β™―)9γ‚›

    • 34.3 crizzyville

      i’m so looking for his name there… oh boy, that’s the biggest waste ever…. i mean this drama is what we’ve been waiting for since coffee prince and then this is all we got?! it’s bad enough that i pass on a hong sister-written drama and to add more insult to injury, it’s a gong yoo-starred drama… whichever angle i look at it, i’m forever scarred… d*mn! GY has a lot of making up to do.. i’d watch CP again to get over my frustrations..

    • 34.4 elainestale

      oh gawd yes this. the show ended and i was like “WHERE ARE MY HOT KISSES?!”

  35. 35 cv

    Love the awards. πŸ™‚

    Definitely some great and some bad ones. haha!

  36. 36 iiverin

    I’ve waited for this time of year, time of polls & (soon) year end reviews ^ ^ Great categories btw. ; )

  37. 37 ladysarahii

    Had a hard time deciding which to pick for best kiss. Loved the Gaksital one, which was some much-needed relief from all the tension, but King 2 Hearts was pretty classic. Picked King 2 Hearts in the end, though.

    • 37.1 skelly

      Hmmm. Did you see QIHM? My guess would be no.

      • 37.1.1 Kiara

        QIHM wins hands down no contest end of story.

        • jandoe

          I beg to differ. I watched both K2H and QIHM and despite loving the toe-kiss, there’s something so novel about the refrigerator kiss in K2H. To each her own though πŸ™‚

          • Arhazivory

            The toe kiss in QIHM was hot but the refrigerator kiss in K2H was hotter. That was some serious kissing right there.

          • Janelle

            Absolutely. The King 2 Hearts kiss was steamy stuff.

          • nomaden


        • ilikemangos

          I think the toe kiss in QIHM was hot.
          But the K2H kiss was just built up sexual tension between the two and denials that when they did actually kiss = SUPER hot.
          I think if one were to judge both scenes individually the QIHM would probably top the cake but if you completely immersed yourself into K2H’s OTP the feeling is much more potent.

          • pillowhead

            K2H’s kiss was epic. <3

          • Minea

            Agree with you, maknae. The undeniable attraction between our K2H OTP was just sizzling so when they finally succumbed to that attraction, the screen was practically crackling during the refrigerator kiss. It was just so awesome, I think.

          • crazyajummafan

            What’s so awesome about the fridge kiss is that on one hand, they are trying to break the engagement, but Jaeha is telling HangAh that her idea of marrying an Arabian man isn’t going to work and she’s telling him how she’s gonna do it… yet their mouths are drawing closer and closer to each other as if they have a life of their own. It’s like trying to pull 2 magnets of the opposite poles apart, but you can’t cos their pull towards each other is too strong!

            i also LOVE the way they eye each other and how Jaeha looked that HA’s mouth, them back to her eyes and then the mouth again as if it was a juicy morsel he has to savour!!!!!!

      • 37.1.2 danna

        heh, actually I didn’t even watch QIHM (had not time) and I still know that it had the best kisses thanks to all the Youtubers that chrioncled every move between that OTP

      • 37.1.3 ladysarahii

        Haha, not yet, but after reading the comments here, I think I may just need to.

        I’m thinking more of the after-effect of the kiss in K2H… the fridge door bonking him on the head, the king trying not to laugh, the dad looking stern. Seriously awesome.

        • ilikemangos


          it wasn’t the actual kissing itself but everything that followed up to it, and AFTER. ahha.

        • anonymous

          The best kiss-refrigerator kiss considering the age difference between HJW and LSG and still turned out to be superhot. Best OTP.

    • 37.2 elainestale

      am i the only one who wanted to vote the staircase kiss for answer me 1997 instead of the super awkward one at the fountain??? THE STAIRCASE ONE WAS WAY BETTER!

      • 37.2.1 crazyajummafan

        I agree! The staircase kiss was way better!

      • 37.2.2 Zelaii

        Agree! I don’t seemto find any spark on that scene and why they always point that out. Out of all the kisses in Answe Me 1997.
        Staircase kiss would make a fight among those nominees!
        Or the one in the sink. You know, Shi-won bending over blah blah. HAHAHA

        • nomaden

          Yes, what happened to that bend-over backward kiss by Yoon Jae?

    • 37.3 news

      Haha..I can’t even remember the Gaksital kiss but yeah, I’d say K2H completely wins this. I had to refresh my memory via youtube and the kiss in K2H was sweet, sexy and hot all rolled into one. The combination of acting, what was said between them and OTP made it really quite epic.

      My second favorite was Answer Me’s fountain kiss. It was sweet and pure, and completely conveyed that first kiss feeling. Loved it!

      • 37.3.1 ella zala

        hahhaha~ gaksital’s kiss scene wasn’t even in my consideration…

        i kinda had to recall when did the kiss actually happen…so King2Hearts got my vote… ^^

  38. 38 bishbash

    I almost died laughing at the options!!

    Show more love to Horsitaaaaaaaaaaal folks!!!

    • 38.1 lenrasoon

      i voted for Horsitaaaaal lmao.

      • 38.1.1 henii

        Yeah! Horsitaaaaaaaaaal for the win!!:)

  39. 39 matz

    i should’ve watched more dramas

    descriptions were a laugh XD

  40. 40 swinter111

    Wow i have watched lots of dramas this year

  41. 41 cherkell

    Oh yeah… there quite were a few dramas at the beginning of 2012 listed that went off my Brain Radar big time. Thanks for the memories… and now off to vote!

  42. 42 Pea

    Oh my god!!! Can I just vote for the best tag line instead??!!! ROFL

    • 42.1 Mystisith

      THIS. πŸ™‚ We want a section for the funniest writer on DB. Let the shipping fanwar begin! *Evil laugh*.

      • 42.1.1 danna


    • 42.2 pogo

      I will vote if they let me!

    • 42.3 risa

      Great idea except I’d never be able to narrow it down to just one tagline as being the funniest. Thanks so much jb and gf– I hope you guys had as much fun coming up with the taglines as we did reading them.

  43. 43 Justine

    Hehe this was fun! Ahh I had such a fun time reading all the captions for each selection. All my votes aren’t in the top though πŸ™ Why isn’t SUFBB more well-liked around here? Nice Guy seems to be sweeping up everything. Have added it to my to-watch, hope it’s as good as everyone says!

    • 43.1 pogo

      yeah, I voted for SUFBB when I wasn’t voting for Arang (though I am glad to see Arang, at least, getting some voter love!). They’re both so underrated…

    • 43.2 Dorotka

      It may be the “most recently seen” effect.
      SUFBB aired in January…. that’s zillions drama-memory-units ago :–)

  44. 44 eeldeerlove

    I Lol’d big time! πŸ˜€

    • 44.1 dbfan


  45. 45 Beekinga

    I just wish to say that if you could chose up to 3 different shows at the beginning…the same rule should’ve applied else where…

    • 45.1 pogo

      same here

      Best Kiss, at least, needed to be multiple-choice! (I had to choose between SUFBB and the Love Rain fountain kiss, ugh)

      • 45.1.1 owl

        I know, me too! Although Love Rain won out for me πŸ™‚

        • pogo

          SUFBB was the better dramax10000 but the fountain kiss (which was also up against the QIHM tiptoe kiss) won out for me too ^_^

          • owl

            Agree @ SUFBB. I am doing a flow chart of sorts where I find other kd with the SUFFB actors in it – (Dalja’s Spring, White Christmas, etc.)

            Previously did the same thing with BOF actors, creating a convoluted systematic way of working through the vast world or kdramas. Keeps the eye candy thread going.

            Now I just need a wall chart, complete with pics, to hang over my bed πŸ™‚

            I have high hopes for FB Next Door!

    • 45.2 pogo

      And I was NOT pleased to have to choose between Arang and Satto for best character πŸ™

  46. 46 Mari

    OOMG! I have almost watched everything on this list. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed? Did I point out that I only started to watch Kdramas in June. Lol. Never mind I regret nothing!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • 46.1 crizzyville

      omo… is time your bestfriend?! or you’ve got supernatural powers that you can put your life on a freeze mode? so you watch a 16-episode (or moooore) drama with all the sobbing, the laughing, the swooning, the head-scratching, hair-pulling, and kissing you see and feel, you can get back on your life without missing some?! how i envy you my dearie.. to date, i have only seen a few (Operation Proposal, TK2H, and Arang are those from year-to-date), some of those dramas i’ve watched are from previous years… so, imagine how much of catching up do i have to do?! aigooo…

      • 46.1.1 Mari

        My secret…. I haven’t gotten more then 4 hours of sleep since June. It’s seriously become an addiction. The funniest thing is that I been talking about nothing else but kdramas, & gotten 2 of my closest friends hooked too!! Soo now I have people to fangirl with. Now if I can convince them to like Kpop.. I need someone to help me with my Bigbang obsession.

    • 46.2 owl

      Me, too, Mari! I watched kdrama #50 on Dec. 1, my 6 month anniversary to the world of kdramas. What did I ever do before? Doesn’t matter, cuz now imma spend all my time (free and otherwise) in kdramalandia!

      • 46.2.1 Mari

        Lol. I actually started a blog and listed all the dramas I watched since June. If you add the Jdramas, and Tdramas it’s around 80. :/

    • 46.3 befuddled

      Buwhaha, I was having a similar thought. There are actually one or two from this year that I haven’t watched, like “You who rolled in unexpectedly”, but on the other hand, I’ve cut up on dramas dating back to 2003. And I only started watching K-dramas this summer. I had run out of things that I wanted to watch on netflix and hulu, and suddenly I was into foreign language stuff… and then… there were K-dramas. I am self-employed and watch TV on my computer while I work.

      • 46.3.1 Mari

        Same here! It’s all Netflix fault.. It kept suggesting I watch Lie to me… I still don’t know why??? Lie to me led to Boys over Flowers, Coffee Prince, then the drama that I will always love & blame for my addiction, You are beautiful. The rest is history.
        I actually work full time & go to school so I just watch Dramas at nighttime.

  47. 47 Cabbage

    The “romantic comedy” section pretty much sums up the whole year for me: “Let’s do the time warp agaaaaain!”
    Because in K-drama world, crossing the DMZ is harder than time travel. (And, perhaps in the real world, too.)

  48. 48 saranga

    king of dramas i wanted to rate highly, but since it hasn’t finished its run yet (aka has plenty of time to go downward spiraly on us, as so many initially-fine predecessors have doneβ€”please no) i left it off for a few categories.

    kind of a lackluster year on the whole in my opinion. there were some very good ones that i thoroughly loved to the end, like queen inhyun’s man (beautiful, beautiful) and vampire idol (i usually hate hammy stuff, but this show really got my heart and i loved it for all it was worth). i liked what’s up (for the life of me, i could NOT find quality torrents for that show while it was airing, so my viewing was limited to not-as-satisfying tudou links…). answer me 1997 was, of course, a gem. i couldn’t relate to everything since i was a few years too young to have lived through that period, but eunji was the breakout star for me in that one. loved, loved her performance. she deserves just as much praise as yoon-jae!! also, unexpected you was a great favorite with me this year. it was the perfect dose of light comedy/romance/family and much needed.

    gentleman’s class was very overrated, and i got quickly bored, but i do get why it was popular. pretty things and people abundant, with lots of snappy dialogue. in the end i couldn’t stand either jang dong-gun or kim ha-neul, and was mostly checking it out for the eye candy/fashions. breakout star? the chungdam witch.

    in a way, i almost might rate rooftop over big as my biggest drama disappointment. big was far worse overall (THAT. ENDING), but i adored rooftop much more to begin with, so the letdown was bigger in that sense. big was a pretty terrible drama. hong sisters will want to/should want to sweep that under the rug/stash it up in the attic with the skeletons.

    then there were dramas that i loved and were suckered into quite intensely, but forgot about surprisingly quickly once they ended. namely, moon-sun and arang. i enjoyed both, particularly the latter while the mystery was in full swing, but i don’t know that i’d want to re-watch either one, except kim soo-hyun and the child actor scenes.

    i had such a fun time picking my categories and reviewing/remembering what i watched this year! thank you!! πŸ™‚

    • 48.1 Mystisith

      “breakout star? the chungdam witch”: Agree!! Park Min-sook all the way.

    • 48.2 Kay

      I agree, I’m surprised at how many I have NOT seen this year….usually I only have 1 or 2 that I haven’t seen…there is a TON more….not a great year for dramas in my opinion….2011 faired much better imo

  49. 49 lenrasoon

    my 3 top favorite dramas this year was Queen In Hyun’s Man, History of the Salaryman and ,Gaksitaaaaal.

    Answer Me 1997 and Arang and the Magistrate was awesome too.

    I skipped so many melos this year but maybe i should watch Nice Guy and Padam Padam before the year ends.

  50. 50 mel

    I can’t decide between Queen In-Hyun’s man and K2H for best couple. It’s impossible.

    • 50.1 Annie

      I agree. I went with K2H simply because it’s more of a partnership, but the love story is better in QIHM. My two favorite dramas this year for sure.

    • 50.2 ilikemangos

      K2H couple I think is the best couple in k-drama land.
      They kept each other going and individually are such strong, layered characters. Seriously, I can’t find a love that’s stronger than theirs.
      But i thought QIHM’s couple was bursting in chemistry and just so sweet and fresh the way they fell in love.
      All in all, K2H OTP killed everything I ever thought of kdrama couples (in a good way).

      • 50.2.1 Addylovesbwood

        I agree with you 100%

        • anonymous

          I also agree with you considering the wide age gap between otp, K2H still was able to create the best chemistry for me . Although my number 1 otp of all time HB and HJW

      • 50.2.2 mel

        Yeah, I ended up voting K2H. Such a lovey and adult relationship with two people who worked well together and were equal partners. QIHM was amazing, but Boong-do had most of the plot relevant action, though that’s no slight to Hee Jin because there wasn’t much she could do. Plus they had less votes for QIHM.

      • 50.2.3 sulthanah

        yes…agree with you k2h otp couple isss hooootttt

    • 50.3 Bakachild

      I went with QIHM couple because i loved them more. I honestly felt as if i was watching two friends fall in love from the sidelines and cheering them on. Though I will say that i was stuck between them and K2H. Both the best couples this year I believe. I just went with what I loved to see more of and seeing as how i liked The Princess/Guard love story a tiny bit more in K2H thats a sign that I shouldn’t be voting for it. IMO.

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