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2012 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the year
by | December 3, 2012 | 583 Comments

Can you believe it’s December already? I know the awards shows have started to come ’round again, but it always feels like This Time Of Year always sneaks up on me — as in, the time when we take a look back at the best, the worst, the weirdest, and the most surprising dramas of the past year.

Our so-called Beanie Awards have been a tradition on this site pretty much since the beginning, and you can take a look into the wayback machine to see the state of years past. Here’s the 2007 Polls, 2009 Polls, 2010 Polls, and 2011 Polls.

You know what else this means: We’ll be rolling out our annual Year End Review Extravaganza in the coming days and weeks as well! Keep an eye out for our reviews, and if you’re curious at past installments, here’s a Year In Review tag for your convenient browsing purposes.

On to the voting!



Limit your votes to your TOP 3 picks for the year.


















































583 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 201 missjb

    It’s hard to choose character category, from best villain, fav. character, and and my fav relationship. Since this year, I’m pretty much watching and enjoy my drama because I love the character alot, like the relationship, and root for them.

    Best Villain: absolutely Kimura Shunji. But interesting enough, I watching Gaksital just for him alone…. And I can’t bring my self to hate him despite all his bad deeds demeanor. Because the writers makes me understand and pitied him so much. When create a character who are trying to kind for a people he has supposed to be his enemy, but his unfortunate situation, with no one cares about him except his nanny, and makes the event against him that makes him the way he is and extremely misguided, I just can’t hate someone like that. Evertime he acted to extreme, I just cried for him, the darker he went, The more I pitied him and want to scream “Please someone save him!”
    My second fav. villain is Jae Hee in Nice Guy

    But despite my love for Kimura SHunji and PAr Ki Woong. My fav. character of the year in 2012 absolutely Kang Ma Ru. I’m just soo attached to him. It must be SOng Joong Ki awsome acting that makes me feel for him, and the way writers write this character. Because It must be something to I have a soft spot for someone who are so selfless,naturally a kind heart like him >.<, but this time his saviour complex always makes him in trouble, because he always went it to the extreme. And unfortunate event he has faced is not always something because outside of him that makes him pitiful character, but rather than something his decision and his own choice , which is refreshing, because there is alot of drama where their misfortune always something someone else bad deeds called antagonist. The writers always makes him look like a bad guy which is interesting stand of point. I become concerned about someone who has saviour complex that I search this kind of behaviour, andthen realize this is something happen in real life also. eventhough I admit I don't think I would be so attached to the character if not played by Song Joong Ki.

    My drama fav drama this year so far are SHut Up flower boys band, Nice Guy, repply 1997, and History of a salaryman.

    • 201.1 missjb

      oh my fav drama that still airing right now, is can we get married? I just realize this drama is directed by Kim Yoon CHul who also directed Que Sera – Sera! My Fav Director >.<
      No wonder some of the score seems familiar…

  2. 202 ck1Oz


    Here. I was browsing through and stumbled on this. No not even browsing through the subject matter. I was watching Full House 2. I know there are a huge number of his fans here. Not me as I didn’t see the attraction but the comments put in by the uploader on what Yoo Seung Ho said- so funny.
    His kissing scenes + BTS.

  3. 203 rheina07

    oh my god

    how come you only allow us to vote for 1 drama for each section (except drama of the year)

    it’s so damn hard.

    to choose between kang to vs ma roo vs bong do :s

  4. 204 kram

    weee.. this the 1st time that i can join in this dramabeans poll..haha… and im very happy to say tha this is year i discovered dramabeans.. i dont even know that there is a recap on dramas hahaha…but maybe because i just started watching kdramas last Dec 2010 haha…

  5. 205 Mel

    still in love with Queen in hyun’s man. I haven’t been that hook to a drama in a long time.

  6. 206 kimjandi

    3 years straight of voting and still having fun!!! πŸ™‚ thankfully i have 3 choices for favorite drama of the year or i might have gone craaaazzzyyy choosing among 3 of my favorites(namely NICE GUY, EQUATOR MAN and ROOFTOP PRINCE)! thanks again drama beans! till next yr!:)

  7. 207 aoi

    YAYY!!! looking forward to your “year in review” articles <3

    I'm utterly behind in the drama watching- but QIHM deserves to take the top award..

    And someone, please award Kim Jaejoong for "The Most Valiant Attempt To Save a Sinking Ship"

  8. 208 Airen Adel

    King 2 Heart Lee seung Gi is the best !
    Fighting …

    • 208.1 crazyajummafan

      Couldn’t agree with you more! And Lee Jaeha – most awesome, bada** and romantic character of all!

  9. 209 Devi

    whoa… prosecutor Min Tae Yeon is 2th under Arang. but no problem. ’cause he’s a cool and sexy korean vampire ever. and him who make me crazy to KPOP.

  10. 210 Raine

    ROFL that HORSITAAAL cracked me up so bad XD just for that I’m voting the horsie!

  11. 211 Joy

    Surprisingly FAITH didn’t fare well here considering its popularity with international fans, bloggers, fanfics and soompiers. I voted for FAITH a few times here.

  12. 212 Fasiris Fay

    Oh man, I love this time of year! After going through the categories, I realised how few dramas I watched this year. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I couldn’t really get into anything, unfortunately.

    The 2 exceptions though are HISTORY OF A SALARYMAN (made me laugh until I cried) and ANSWER ME 1997 (made me smile so much my face hurt)

    Thanks for an awesome year everyone at DB!

    • 212.1 Khrisstyne

      I know I feel the same way. Some drama’s lacked a lot or got lost somewhere….

      I am watching Answer Me 1997 now, I love it so far. and H.O.S was really hilarious as well. πŸ˜€

  13. 213 myra

    for me the most underrated drama this year is FULL HOUSE 2……it’s not even on the list

  14. 214 KStyle

    Oh Kdramaand: you brought it this year, ya really did.

    We had some Highs: King2Hearts, Nice Guy, Gakistal, Salaryman, INR12, Shut Up, Arang, Faith, etc

    We had some Lows:Dr.Jin, Fashion King, K-pop Survivor( something like that, you can tell that i didn’t watch that one)

    Some ” oh no they didn’t: H-Lovers, Operation Proposal, Big, etc

    And some, ” Oh snap, I have to watch this now, it’s so good, my new drug: Answer Me 1997, Hero, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Twelve Men in a Year, the Thousandth Man, etc

    But all in all, we thank you Kdrama God’s for always feeding our addiction.


  15. 215 Maris

    Answer me 1997 in every area. Original story, well written script and direction. Well casted( rarely seen in 2012) and well acted. Good characterization of each role. Excellent, heartwarming, believable relationships. Good music. Every episode eagerly awaited. One of my all time favorites.
    King2hearts was another of the few dramas I could complete this year inspite of the casting misgivings of the main leads. Just could not get over the huge age difference between them. The fact that I could finish it says a lot for overall like ability of the drama. LSG, Jo jung suk, yoon Je moon exceptional in their roles. Rest were good too except just a small wish that HJW could have acted a bit less younger and childish in the way she talked. Was wondering how much more I would have enjoyed if…

    • 215.1 sulthanah

      I think it is her north korean accent… I can accept it because it is needed

  16. 216 Mar

    I’m doing a write in vote for the Stairwell kiss from Answer Me. πŸ˜‰

  17. 217 Mar

    well that’s just fun!

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    Best Show: Answer Me 1997 -Consistently good throughout and just so much more fun and real than anything else.

    Biggest Fiasco deserving a Throat Punch-Big

    Gross Misuse of Entire Cast of Awesomeness Talent and Potential Badassery: Faith

    Best Potential of Smoking Up the Screen because of the lead cast but it’s a frigging MELO-I Miss You

    I’m just not that into you/I’m tired of hearing about it on the level of a Nickelback song: Bridal Mask and Nice Guy

    Best Couple of the Year but not as good a series over all as we think it is: Queen InHyun’s Man

    Gross Failure to create the funniest and cutest Couple EVER: Arang

    Sexy Mama- Mom on Answer Me

    Probably better than I think it is over all, but it couldn’t hold my interest- King 2 Hearts

    Most Under-rated-Padam Padam and Dream High 2

    YAH, you want to die?, Gross Misuse of Sex Appeal Potential- Jung Il Woo and Jaejoong.

    Best Old Married Couple Ever-Jade and Hades

    Blew Me Away- Jeong Jin-woon in Dream High 2

    Supporting Character Actresses that Stole the Show and they need to be cast as Friggin Awesome Leads- Oh I-na- Panda and Hedgehog, Im Joo-eun- Wild Romance and Kim Bum -Padam Padam

    Made Me burst into tears Moment of the Year- “Hyung is Sorry.” – Answer Me 1997.

    Thunder Stealer: Lee Sung-min K2H and GT

    Fan Service Heat- Red Eyes and Min Tae-yeon

    Under-rated Female Lead- Go So ra -Haeundae Lovers and Hwang Ji-ah I Do I Do

    Biggest Casting WTF- The Mouth Breather Boy in I Do I Do.

    How Can such a goof ball looking guy be so friggin hot and such a player? -Kim Boong Do

    So friggin adorable I wanna put him in my pocket and be my best friend forever: Cha Eun-gyeol and Kang Hwi

    More Dropped Plot lines than Harry Potter Series-Faith

    Character I wanted to Stab the Most- Hong Se-na / Hong Hwa-yong of Rooftop Prince

    A Class Unto Herself-Lady Choi

    Biggest Pleasant Surprise- Full House 2

    • 217.1 oftheshore

      Love these! Would also add Best Wardrobe I’d Like to Steal But Probably Wouldn’t Fit Into: Kim Sun Ah’s Wardrobe in I do I do.

      • 217.1.1 Mar

        HA! good one! Mine would be Best Wardrobe I’d Like to Steal But Probably Wouldn’t Fit Into-Tae-ik’s in FH2. I like his coats and leggins lol.

        • oftheshore

          See, we already have 2 nominees, sounds like a legit category to me…

      • 217.1.2 Addylovesbwood

        I’d want Sena’s wadrobe from rooftop prince

    • 217.2 jat


  18. 218 Noelle


  19. 219 song yong in

    omo, I had a hard time voting πŸ™‚

  20. 220 erm...

    How come there’s no Golden Time on any of the lists? T.T

    • 220.1 Gasenadi

      Right?! My very first on-air addiction. Don’t know how many times I re-watched while waiting for the next episodes. Dr. CHOI!!!

  21. 221 hehehihi

    Oh no, the only drama that made me head over heel this year is K2H!! It is seriously the most underrated one. I couldn’t bring myself to watch any other drama until 1 mo later. But why there’s no Lee Jae Ha in the favorite character? this is not fair!! :((

  22. 222 oftheshore

    P.S. Vegetabros is killing me. Also, should’ve been ‘brosecutor and his broc’. πŸ˜€

  23. 223 loveDramabeans

    This is addictive, I have just revisited your website again today. (Yesterday I took part in the voting.)…I can’t stay away…your comments are sooo funny!!
    Keep up the good work Dramabeans team.

  24. 224 ilikemangos

    Hm. I’ve noticed the ones that more recently finished airing are really high in top drama.
    Like Nice Guys, who just wrapped up, taking in 38%! Moly.
    And after, Answer me.

    • 224.1 Mar

      I noticed that also.

      • 224.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        yea, cuz thats what’s fresh in everyone’s mind. I’m really surprised Lee Min Ho didn’t take over the polls like he did last year. Guess we all mutually agree Faith sucked

  25. 225 Khrisstyne

    QIHM is the best in every way possible. I am happy it’s in the lead in some categories so far.

    Haha and the brain fetus tripped me out soo much that I couldn’t sleep one night. *shivers*

  26. 226 mrshobbes

    I nominate this post as Best. Writeup. Of. A. Poll. EVAR. πŸ™‚ Even if I haven’t seen the drama in question (and there are a LOT I haven’t seen), the descriptions are cracking me up. Especially the bromance ones.

  27. 227 conan

    First of all, love your little descriptions of each nomination. Had me crackin’ up all night. Way to go ladies.

    Second of all, I always watch too few dramas. Seriously. I can only judge from the 4-5 dramas that I watch. Which sucks for me. So… yeah… Hopefully my votes isn’t that biased. It probably is.

    One thing though, nothing really stands out that much this year. To me at least, and the few dramas that I’ve watched. Like in previous years there will be categories where I’ll be like OOOOHHH definitely this one. But no, not this year.

  28. 228 Engshi

    Marriage Plot AKA Wedding Scheme is not even included??? *tears* ^.~

  29. 229 nimgal

    dont beat me up for saying this but i thought Faith was overrated too.

    • 229.1 Silverteem

      Your not alone on that sentiment.

      Now I’m gonna turn on the flame shield. But I think K2H is a bit overrated too.

      Seriously, what’s up w/ LSG’s roles? It’s always the same ‘rich punk’, can’t he be casted differently?

      And sorry, I just didn’t find HJW’s character cute at all. It’s either she’s a [email protected] or a hopeless romantic. The mix just didn’t work for me.

      • 229.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        I think K2H was underrated, it deserves more praise and higher rating than it got.

        K2H to me was beyond LSG and HJW. I was moved by the story itself and actually learned alot about NK & SK’s relationship.

        I would love LSG to take on a different role but damn if that’s his niche i’d leave him alone. He cud come out with 20 more dramas with the same spoiled rich brat role and I’d still droll over him.

        HJW’s character was a bit annoying but she still pulled it off by showing she could be pretty and girlie and also badass.

        IMO, K2H is the best drama of 2012 followed by Bridal Mask.

        • Silverteem

          I don’t want to be a pooper, but the “SK-NK relationships” was a fictional portrayal. If you want a more accurate SK-NK relationship portrayal, I think K2H ain’t the best drama to do it.

          I do get that it has a moving story though, I watched it all the way through ep12 or 13 I think, then I just found myself bored.

          Unfortunately, Im not an LSG fan, but after watching Secret Garden I was really pumped up to watch HJW again, and I was disappointed, enough, that I dropped the entire drama altogether.

          However I do give you that the story is moving on face value. I might try to finish it sometime in the future.

  30. 230 Evenstar

    Faith: Lee Min Ho. The end. HAHAHA

    • 230.1 Mar

      That’s kind of accurate lol

  31. 231 flour

    answer me 1997!
    k2h comes in second.

    inhyun’s ending disappointed me πŸ™ but still good. i hope 1997/k2h wins though!

  32. 232 iyra

    NICE GUY all the way!!!!!!!!

  33. 233 Ace

    Kim Boong-do’s still the hero to beat out of all the leading men out there (aka jerks), and I loved how his romance (in reel and real life) developed, but my favorite pair’s the Imja couple: Choi Young and Eun-soo. Man, they were quietly hot even without those smoochies. Yeah, LMH should definitely be with someone older (*raises hands and feet*) πŸ˜‰

    I also noticed that some dramas weren’t included like Wedding Scheme, I Love Lee Tae-ri, Can We Get Married…but al in all, I have no major objections to the beanie award *winners* this year.

  34. 234 guideked

    Absolutely fantastic. Firstly remembered all the good, bad and so-so dramas I watched all of the year and the comments near the drama names make me laugh very much. It is very funny, not an ordinary vote poll. I love it.

  35. 235 missjb

    @137, saehee: i love your analysis about kang maru. One thing I really saw, actually maru naturally is a nice guy, but not so much as a good guy??? Haha he is not nice to people because he really doesn’t want to attached to people who aren’t relate and depend on him. We had saw him he actually regret for makes JH depends on him too much. He learned that and me thinks that’s one of the reason he tried to refuse EK who had amnesiac. But the 2nd time he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes and this time he help EK but he helped her until he can stand up for her own feet, so when he left her, he can be independent, and not repeat the same mistakes like he did to Jae Hee.
    For me, Nice Guy is about a guy, who are trying to fix his own mistakes from the past, before he actually start his journey and start all over again. Ahhh how much I learned from watching him. He is really the best and most fav character this year for me,
    because I can’t get tired for studied his character.

  36. 236 Cary

    what a good year for k-dramas: moon/sun (what? i liked it), answer me 1997 and queen in hyun’s man. characters like kim boong-do, ueno rie, kimura shunji, and sung shi won are unforgettable. also this is the year that i knew kim soo hyun, joo won, yeo jin goo, and song joong ki. and the currently airing dramas king of dramas and school 2013 will end the year with a bang. just so much good stuff all around.

  37. 237 Noora

    What about Operation Proposal kisses? :/

  38. 238 otchosais

    Waah! It’s been a year since i voted here in these polls. Times flew so quickly! Not to mention i’ve been busy due to work and so i missed out alot of dramas but followed the note-worthy ones πŸ™‚

    Last year’s beannie awards CITY HUNTER almost took it all and I definitely miss the actor behind in it to do some badass drama again.. CITY HUNTER 2???!!!! Where are you!!!

    Now, i am having trouble that many dramas have the potential to be the best.
    But i’ll choose mine.

    Best drama for me is definitely NICE GUY πŸ™‚ soo joong ki deserves an award here!

    The only CONSISTENT from last year and these yr’s drama poll is that LEE MIN HO keep the MANE OF GLORY’s title πŸ™‚

    Let’s all wish for 2013’s Kdramas.. πŸ™‚
    Now i am excited to see editors choice post πŸ™‚

    *i will miss the editor’s love for CITY HUNTER πŸ™‚

  39. 239 kimchi pop

    what would i do without dramabeans?! this was hilarious!

  40. 240 Marcella

    The most underrated drama of 2012 that I’ve watched is Can Love Become Money starring Yeon Jung Hoon (Vampire prosecutor) and Uhm Ji Won (Woman who wants to marry). When it was originally broadcast I incorrectly assumed that it was a dark melo that would be too dreary for my tastes. Instead, I discovered a drama that made me laugh when I least expected to and which had an ending that felt right for the characters and for me.

  41. 241 flour


    • 241.1 crazyajummafan

      I’m here! Voted several times already! Will try to rally the S’porean Hearties.


      • 241.1.1 wanne

        You can vote several times? How come I can vote one time only..

  42. 242 candy


    Lots of good dramas this year! πŸ˜€

  43. 243 annag

    I think Soldier/Mushin is one of the best historical dramas ever and strangely overlooked. It’s actually my first comment on this site; i just found it weird nobody was mentioning it. As far as action goes that drama was the best this year i think. Fight scenes are rarely done well in dramas. And the writing didn’t have the usual sloppy/hurry/filler bits a lot of dramas get- especially longer ones.

  44. 244 Rosemary

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    I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more.
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  45. 245 Bashful82

    Come on, more love for Queen Insoo which kicks the arse out of all the other sageuks this year! *grin*

  46. 246 deb

    Nice Guy: Most OVERRATED Drama of the year. I went in expecting to be blown away based on comments but was disappointed…not saying it wasn’t a good drama though.

  47. 247 Silverteem

    Wow Nice Guy peaking at 50%?

    This ain’t even close.

  48. 248 lily

    Gaksital is the best.

  49. 249 hienthanhpham

    i love Joo woo, Bridal mask ‘s very good

  50. 250 kahlanrich

    choosing gives me headaches. this is like an exam.

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