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2012 SBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2012 | 166 Comments

MBC’s over, KBS is to come (on this site, I mean; the actual awards were held concurrently with this one), so now we turn to the 2012 SBS Drama Awards.

Y’know, I was a little surprised when I came to the SBS show, having expected more titles in the winners roster. Because while MBC can always be counted on to give out ridiculous awards that you don’t agree with, SBS and KBS tend to distribute the prizes a bit more. (That’s not to say I love their process more, because every station uses these end-of-year ceremonies as a politicking tool. It’s just that they are a certain kind of predictable.) But then I took a look at the dramas up for grabs, and realized that SBS must’ve had a pretty dry year too.

In case you’re confused at how the shows are broken down into the various categories (by length, scale, production plans), SBS has three: the miniseries, the drama special, and the weekend/serial.

Miniseries from the past year: King of Dramas, Faith, The Chaser, Fashion King, History of the Salaryman. Drama specials: The Great Seer, To the Beautiful You, Ghost, Rooftop Prince, Take Care of Us Captain. (Wow, I’d forgotten all about Captain. Probably for good cause.) And the weekend serials: My Love Madame Butterfly, Tasty Life, When Tomorrow Comes, Five Fingers, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Dumb Mom, Live in Style.

So… yeah. Kinda slim pickins this round, huh?

Even so, I’m super happy for The Chaser for taking home a hefty haul of trophies, since it’s a smart, well-written drama that was anchored by one of those actors who is always amazing but doesn’t always get the crazy fandom love, Sohn Hyun-joo. It wasn’t a drama I recapped this year, sadly, though I would have liked to. But my choice was quite literally to not sleep, or to not recap. I made my choice and I can’t say I regret it.

(On a side note, there’s a curious thing that happens with The Chaser: Every time I want to call it underrated and underappreciated, I have to remind myself that it wasn’t, actuallyβ€”the show was highly praised at the time of its airing and broke 20% ratings and got an extension (which had to be negated for other reasons). With those numbers it was more watched than Nice Guy and closer to Gaksital. So while it may enjoy a quieter fanbase overseas, I’d say it got the recognition it deserved at the time of its broadcast, and again with these awards.)


Daesang: Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Jung Ryeo-won (History of the Salaryman, King of Dramas)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Lee Min-ho (Faith)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: So Ji-sub (Ghost)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actress: Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actor: Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Kim Sung-ryung (The Chaser)
Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Kim Sang-joong (The Chaser)
Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince)
Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince)
Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actress: Shin Eun-kyung (Still You)
Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actor: Kim Su-ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Special Acting Award, Miniseries: Lee Deok-hwa (History of the Salaryman),
Jang Shin-young (Chaser)
Special Acting Award, Drama Special: Kwak Do-won (Ghost), Lee Jin (The Great Seer)
Special Acting Award, Weekend/Serial Drama: Kim Min-jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity),
Lee Jong-hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Jung-nan (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Producer’s Award: Park Geun-hyung (The Chaser), Chae Shi-ra (Five Fingers)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Eun-sook, scriptwriter (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Best Couple: Kim Min-jong and Yoon Jin-yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity);
Park Yoochun and Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince)
Audience Popularity Award: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince), Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Top 10 Stars:
Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince), Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince), Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity), So Ji-sub (Ghost), Shin Eun-kyung (Still You), Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser), Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas, History of the Salaryman), Lee Min-ho (Faith), Chae Shi-ra (Five Fingers)

New Star Award:
Min-ho (To the Beautiful You), Sulli (To the Beautiful You), Lee Hyun-woo (To the Beautiful You), Go Jun-hee (The Chaser), Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser), Lee Jong-hyun (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Yoon Jin-yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kwon Yuri (Fashion King), Park Se-young (Faith), Jung Eun-woo (Bride of the Sun, Five Fingers)


Aww, yay for Sohn Hyun-joo! I always think of him as Mr. Cow Eyes because of his amazingly expressive eyes (and a line in Sol Pharmacy likened them to those of a placid cow), even though he can actually be just as convincing in creepy or dark roles as he is being meek or cuddly. I feel like this Daesang is as much a lifetime achievement for him as it is for The Chaser… although he certainly earned it in this show.


Not really an exciting gown on its own, but Han Ji-min is working the part well as a winner of one of the night’s bigger prizes. Her acting award (Top Excellence) was a cut above the Excellence Awards given to her co-stars, Yoochun and Jung Yumi, which I think is fair. Yoochun’s doing more dramatic work in I Miss You, which got him a statue last night for MBC, even though his hilarious comic antics with his posse of Joseon minions were probably the best thing about Rooftop. The two also picked up a Best Couple win, which was selected by online vote.


Lee Dong-wook and Jung Ryeo-won were the MCs for the event, and are lookin’ sharp. I’m so glad for Jung Ryeo-won that she got an award, although I think I’d prefer it if the station distinguished which role she was being awarded for (Salaryman or King of Dramas). I know, she was great in both, but it feels more careless to just lump ’em in together and say, “Eh it doesn’t matter which one as long as she gets one.”

I love that black-and-white gown on her with the touch of gold… although I’m sad that she had to ruin the effect of her fabulous red-carpet look by changing into gramma’s 1980s Dynasty-inspired evening gown to accept her award.


Lee Min-ho, really? Okay, so you’ll probably know very well by now that I have great love for Lee Min-ho, but Faith was the drama that made me fall a little bit out of love with him, so I have a bit of raised eyebrow at his Top Excellence. Well, he did propel City Hunter to great heights for SBS, so they’ll definitely want to keep him on their side. I can’t say that he really earned that award for Faith, except maybe by default considering the small number of miniseries on that list. No, not even by default, considering that Kim Myung-min and Lee Beom-soo had miniseries too. Sigh. Well, we’ll always have his Faith hair to look back on. Which I really miss.


Bad Daddy’s back! Kim Sang-joong will never not be scary to me, but in an awesome way. His crooked politician role in The Chaser was a fantastic opposition for the dogged hero, and he took home an Excellence Award for it.


So did his co-star Kim Sung-ryung, who played his wife in The Chaser and served as a catalyst for the conflict in the show. I love how she looks in this dusty rose number, which is the very definition of casual chic. The waves in her hair complement the elegance of the overall style.


Another The Chaser win, this time going to Jang Shin-young as the trusted campaign secretary in the presidential race. It took her a while to get that career on a roll but she’s been picking more interesting roles lately, and hopefully continues on her upward trajectory of the past couple years. The dress… is a safe black number in a sea of safe dresses. I think she has the confidence to pull off something way more interesting.


Hm, but is this too interesting? Don’t get me wrong; I really love what Go Jun-hee’s wearing. It’s so cute and fresh and has pockets in the skirt! The shoes are flirty and fun! She looks comfy and stylish! It’s just… I think she came to the wrong party. Perchance she took a wrong turn at the yacht club, but figured she’d stay to pick up an award (for new star, another hashmark under The Chaser’s tally).


More love for The Chaser. Are we sensing a bit of a pattern here? Park Hyo-joo has been around way too long to qualify as a New Star (she debuted a decade ago), but if the trophy says so it must be true? And we all know that most of these categories are just word games to ensure that they give out enough awards to the cast of their big winners. Her dress is kinda shiny and constricting-looking (don’t breathe too hard!), but it’s a pretty champagne color.


Chae Shi-ra had two big roles this year, but Queen Dowager In-soo was a cable show so this appearance is all about Five Fingers, the weekend melodrama about pianos. I’m sure it was much more interesting than that description, what with all its family secrets and antagonistic rivalries and makjang twists. She’s stately and commanding, as I always expect her to be.


Ji Chang-wook was the rival in Five Fingers, which didn’t really get a lot of mentions here, which may be why most of its cast isn’t around. I love him. I really want him to pick better dramas.


So Ji-sub and Kwak Do-won, lookin’ sharp, both got awards for Ghost. Man, it really looks like the only people who showed up were the ones getting something out of the deal. Should we draft a new law of dramaland, whereby the best (as in most interesting) awards shows are the ones that have the highest percentage of NON-winners at its red carpet?


Pretty lady, pretty dress, kind of boring. Lee Jin’s (The Great Seer) dress is that exact shade of tan that makes you look nude at a quick glance, which is a lot less exciting in practice than that sounds. It all kind of washes out into the same hue.


Lee Hyun-woo (To the Beautiful You), man is he growing up nicely. And this, my friends, is our consolation during the two years Yoo Seung-ho will be away in the army. Lee Hyun-woo is basically that other teen-to-young-adult actor who is charismatic and talented enough to carry a drama; it’s pretty much a two-person category, and it’s allllll his. Choose wisely, young one.


Here’s idol-turned-actor Minho of To the Beautiful You, whose name I always read as Shiny Minho. I guess there are worse ways to misread idol group names…


Sulli rounds out the trio of To the Beautiful You’s young leads, dressed like she’s ready for a luau. Very fresh and sweet, though her dress in particular reminds me that it’s freezing in Seoul these days.


Park Se-young was one busy lady, with not one, not two, but three costume changes of the night. She was also at the KBS Drama Awards (did she magic herself over?) wearing a long white number, probably to support her current KBS drama School 2013. But it’s the SBS award show where she had a dance performance and an award awaiting her (for Faith), and somehow she made it all work. Maybe she’s stumbled across the fourth dimension too? The royal blue is by far my favorite of her choices, and befitting the calm, regal queen she played in the drama.


Park Geun-hyung, aka everybody’s scary dad, got a producer’s award for The Chaser. I love his crisp, perfectly fitted tux; he’s looking dapper and dignified.


Yuri is the sole nod SBS gave to its catastrophe of a drama, Fashion King, with her New Star Award. Perhaps it’s odd that her three co-stars were ignored (Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon, Shin Se-kyung), given that they’ve all earned budding reputations as strong actors… but maybe they’d rather just expunge this one from their records and move on to bigger and better things. Her dress is pretty. She’s pretty. I’m not really feeling anything for most of these dresses, though.


Cute camaraderie for a few of the stars of A Gentleman’s Dignity, which was the big winner of the night. Urg. I get why, and I don’t necessarily disagree with its awards… although that drama just annoyed me and seemed pointless, so it feels strange to be lauded as one of the best of the year. Oh well. Here we have Kim Su-ro with two of the Best Couple winners, Kim Min-jong and Meahri. Um, she has a name. It is… Yoon Jin-yi, and I will probably have to learn it now. I do think Yoon Jin-yi has been doing quite well in the fashion department at the red carpets this year, looking polished and put-together, but still youthful and fresh.


Here’s their Gentleman’s Dignity co-star Lee Jong-hyuk, who thankfully has rid himself of that strange llama hair he was sporting all drama long. (Love him, hated that hair.)


Not to be confused with yet another Gentleman’s Dignity co-star, Lee Jong-hyun, idol boy of CN Blue and New Star Award recipient.


Their co-star Kim Haneul wasn’t on the red carpet, but she did show up to pick up her Top Excellence Award. Jang Dong-gun was also given one, but since he’s shooting overseas his buddy Kim Su-ro picked up his statue on his behalf.


Another star absent from the red carpet was Jung Yumi, who did show up to get an award for Rooftop Prince. I don’t know why certain stars opt to skip the red carpet, but it’s too bad we don’t get the bevy of detailed photos of her gown, which looks quite pretty.


Shin Eun-kyung is rocking this tux. I’m not watching her daily drama Still You, which got her an award here, but if I know her she’s probably rocking that role as well.


I always thought Park Shi-eun (Beloved You, I Must Have Loved, Just Like Today) could have had a bigger career, but she’s gone the daily-weekend-family drama route in recent years. I think she looks good, but again, not feeling the dress choice. It’s flattering and safe and sort of fades into the pile of other black-gowned ladies.


…and then, there’s Nancy Lang. I don’t quite know who she is, exactly, other than that her profile is listed as pop artist and that she crops up in the news fairly regularly, usually under criticism for some silly thing or another. Here she is taking a splat on the red carpet, and I was all set to be impressed with photogs for getting the moment so clearly captured on camera, only to find that it was a “fall performance,” planned and deliberate. I don’t really get it. Is this part of her “art,” or is she just an attention seeker? I don’t know. We may never know.

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166 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. coffeeluva

    they gave all the idol actors newcomer awards but nothing for kim woo bin….. if lee jonghyun gets one why not kim woobin??!?!

    • 1.1 coffeeluva

      ok i’m back after reading the rest of the article (i always come here for your posts on the award shows, because no other kpop news site can cover it right like you do)

      my favorite looks: jung ryeo won’s first gown, lee hyun woo, meahri

      lee hyun woo still has a way to go to reach where yoo seung ho is at imo tho, he’s still on the cute younger side whereas yoo seung ho is more on the matured adult side

      seems like sbs did have a dry year of dramas..

      • 1.1.1 paar

        everybody seems to like jung ryeo won’s dress, am I the only one who doesn’t feel it

        • jusash

          Not feeling the love for the b/w gown here too, which reminds me of a gymnastics, skating type bodysuit.

          And the gold sash accent tops it as Wonder Woman or something. But she’s looking luminous and is rocking this black outfit way better than the gold and white dated one later. I am missing KOD already!

        • Zeffir

          For me the dress also looks so-so, even if the cuts suppose to compliment and make a a “hoor-glass” look, they ruin it.. IΠ° to choose, I would say the one with not naked sides and the pure black versions were the best. But have to say, that among all photos, Jung Ryeo-won looks the best.

    • 1.2 Aiya

      YES, where are they?! Let’s just wait for the KBS awards and wish for a little bromance. πŸ˜€

      • 1.2.1 Dominique

        Can’t tell who the hell Kim Woo Bin is or why everyone is fussing over him. But it is funny that what everyone is saying about Kim Woo Bin applies to Lee Min Ho times one hundred and that Javabeans does not miss yet one more opportunity to bash Faith.

        Lee Min Ho appeared only briefly on the podium but he radiated his megawatt charisma like the true prince of dramas that he is. He truly outshines everyone else. He spoke of the production difficulties that Faith endured before and during production. He also spoke of his hope for ensemble dramas. Though good looking in his own right and possessed of superb acting skills, Lee Min Ho is not about boy-toy come-on or skin-deep pretty face.

        As far as pretty face goes, Lee Dong Wook, the MC, was the best looking person in either gender of the entire lot. It was good to see Ji Chang Wook.

        The KBS version starts and ends with Joo Won at his most oafish, who must have a tendency to put on weight. Already a tall person, he looks uncomfortably large on stage when his face looks like a gigantic balloon.

        • Sintia

          You are so funny Lee Min Ho fan πŸ™‚
          You always bash and insult other actors. And you always find their acting β€œwooden”, lol

        • Favoree

          I also think that Lee Min Ho’s award was well deserved. He was the THE ONE who kept the drama Faith together. If not his effort to act as well as he can, even without good directing and with a lacking partner( Kim here sun’ acting was very mediocre and old fashioned), this drama would have been a total disaster. While LMH truly has behaved like a decent person and professional.

          • QΓ­tko

            Agree with you. LMH did good job in this drama. I liked the way he portrayed main character.

          • Faith-in-faith

            I totally agree! πŸ˜€ Minho was by far the best thing about Faith (although Imja couple comes very close but then again Minho is one half of that) and i think it was truly a well deserved award. I often think that Faith doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves. Minho was absoluetly breathtaking in that role. Is portrayal of CY was excellent and although some thought it was boring and tedious, it is important to understand that his character was meant to give out that vibe. Not everyone in the world is hyperactive,passionate, ridiculously opinionated and down right jerks as most k-drama heroes are. Minho did a superb job with his acting and all you need to do is look into his eyes to see the depth of emotions and feelings that he can convey. I loved him City Hunter but faith just propelled my love into a whole new dimension. I seriously want there to be another season of this!!!

        • AnotherFan

          Lee Dong Wook being the prettiest of all – I so love that comment! πŸ™‚

    • 1.3 asianromance

      I know, right?! Couldn’t argue much with any of the other winners since it really has been slim pickings for SBS.

      Kim Woo Bin will get his turn one day. That kid has the talent and charisma that you can’t ignore.

      The pics of Nancy Lang are hilarious! So is Nancy Lang Korea’s version of a “famous for being famous” celebrity?

      • 1.3.1 denise

        I agree Kim Woo Bin will get his turn πŸ™‚ no doubt.

        • eternalfive

          I definitely hope so. He’s just too good (and handsome and charismatic and talented and eeeverything) to not.

    • 1.4 mysticmalady

      Call me cynical but I guess some behind-the-scenes politics would come into play in awarding prizes here…and also whether the nominated people show up at the awards show or not.

      That said, I LOVE both Jonghyun and Woobin, but I do feel that Woobin is a better actor. At least Jonghyun improved MAJORLY from his 1st acting role in Acoustic, plus I would be very surprised if Woobin doesn’t get anything from KBS for School 2013 next year. He’ll get his turn soon! ^^

      • 1.4.1 canxi

        Don’t tell me Anthony has a say in the awards too??! O__O

        • mysticmalady

          Who knows! KoD has made me waaaaaaaay too cynical >.< (Though I was actually thinking more about the real big entertainment companies like SMEnt, etc.)

        • Femme

          The corrupt and the icon Anthony Kim! You don’t say! Hahaha!

          • pipit

            I can see that Anthony is going to be immortalized here ^-^
            But how could they not give an award to Kim Myong Min?! How could they?!

            But then again when he got an award he had to share it with Mr. Hand Towel…Sigh. I love that beautiful man but him and Kim Myong Min? Yeah, I kow I know it’s these awards aren’t about your acting prowers but still.. I really want Kim Myoung Min to get an award.

      • 1.4.2 canxi

        Also agree about Woo Bin. He’s a model too, so I’m pretty sure the day he gets on the red carpet in a tux will be the day I need to buy myself an inhaler for hottie-induced asthma.

      • 1.4.3 AJ

        I don’t really follow Korean idols but Jonghyun was terrible. Without looking him up, it was obviously he was an idol masquerading as an actor. Woobin, on the other hand, was at first glance “idolish” in that he was tall and not traditionally good looking but was effortless in his role.

        • mysticmalady

          Even as a big fan of Jonghyun (all the way from their Japanese debut days), I must admit that his acting leaves much to be desired. In fact, his bandmates occasionally make fun of his acting and he himself admitted that he almost didn’t take on the role as he was worried about his poor acting. Honestly, I sometimes wished he stuck to song-writing and singing….

          That said, it was much better than the short movie (Acoustic) he did a few years ago. *Cringes just thinking about it*

          • coby

            I am a big fan of CNBLUE! I just hope that they will just continue with the music and just do cameos left and right, or small tiny of a micro role in drama. I really skipped AGD because it might re-live those cringes while watching Acoustic. Minhyuk seems better.

    • 1.5 Sammy

      hMM i think because WooBin’s role was a very small role in AGMD, well JongHyun’s role was small as well but he played one of the main lead’s son so thats why. πŸ™‚ but dont rush. he’s in 2013 now and he’s gonna do better more than that. To be honest Im happy that he didn’t receive that award. Its not rlly worth at all. Basically juz give out awards for a bunch of young newcomers though not all of them were good in their dramas rlly does not sound nice at all. Award should be for ones who rlly deserve it not all of them like that. I don’t mean any offense but tbh MinHo and Sulli weren’t that good in TTBY. Though im a fan of SHINee, its still so… πŸ™‚

      • 1.5.1 canxi

        Very true.

    • 1.6 nyss

      i was thinking of the same thing too. for me kim woobin definitely steals the spotlight from his co-stars every time he appears on a scene even when his role just needs him to do nothing. that’s how charismatic he is. but yeah, his turn will come soon hopefully.

  2. Fasiris Fay

    Woohoo! Pretty clothes and pretty faces! πŸ˜›

    • 2.1 Fasiris Fay

      Hmm, after going through the pictures, none of the outfits were really outstanding. Meh overall…

    • 2.2 OMG

      yea i have to agree…none had a “wow” factor to it…

  3. Annie

    Not a real cat, right? No, can’t be.

    • 3.1 melonhead

      Haha, that was the first thing I thought. “Is that a…..cat??!” I’m pretty sure no real cat would ever allow itself to be handled like that..

      • 3.1.1 gg

        omg disastrous “fall performance”…. whatever it’s supposed to be

    • 3.2 Taeya Lee

      Lol and she managed to carelessly flash her tits upon falling down the carpet though ><

  4. Kiara

    Yessssss finally The Chaser got some respect. I guess thats all I need to know about this award show.

    • 4.1 kakashi

      that does it! this drama has always been on my must watch list … I guess I’m gonna start this week. yay! looking forward

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  6. thehaydn

    i’m more excited for KBS Drama Awards. ^^ LOL
    SBS made me realize, all my favorites (dramas AND actors – taewoong & joowon!) are @ KBS. XD

    so disappointed Lee Beom Soo got nothing πŸ™
    Versailles Yoo will be very sad. LOL

    • 6.1 toritorisan

      Ditto for me… I just realized that only completely watched four SBS dramas this year (Faith, Take Care Captain, Ghost and To the Beautiful You). I know how Dramabeans feels about Faith, but very happy Lee Min Ho and Park Se-Young won for their roles there. It’s still my favorite drama out of the year. Also glad that Lee Hyun-woo was recognized for a newcomer award. I think out of all the new stars transitioning to adult rules, he’s definitely among the top.

    • 6.2 Miss D

      Hahaha me three! After running through all tr winners, I was just like…meh….good for them I guess. I’m excited to hear from the other drama awards (Gaksitaaaaaaal!).

      Uhm…so I adore LMH and all of his amazingness…but really? He got that award for Faith? Okay okay, I guess we all love him unanimously.

      The one win I was very excited to see was Jung Ryeo-won. I loved both her characters in HOTS and KOD. Still hoping for a happy ending of the later.

    • 6.3 nomaden

      Agreed…I thought Lee Beom Soo was really awesome. Glad for Jung Ryeo-Won, though. (and she won DB’s award too, how awesome is that?) Just wondering..is there ANY Kdrama award that’s not sooo political and include ALL dramas, including cable and whatnot? U know, an award that really mean anything? (other than our awesome DB award :P)

      • 6.3.1 canxi

        Probably not. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if cable channels start holding their own award shows in a couple years.

    • 6.4 lenrasoon

      i agree i’m so upset with Lee Beom Soo not winning awards, he was amazing in History of the Salaryman and the show had a decent ratings too so what gives? well at least Jung Ryeo-won was given something.

  7. Mystisith

    Kim Eun-sook: Life Achievement Award and one for AGD. Congrats Ma’am! πŸ™‚ (Plus the cast generously served.)
    I can now quietly wait for your next project in 2013. I think SBS rewarded the show for 3 reasons:
    To secure the goose that has laid the golden egg.
    To be forgiven for the blunder with the scheduling (Olympics)
    Because the show was REALLY entertaining, even if not perfect (and I suspect pressures from SBS for the ending eps, so… here again, begging for pardon.)

  8. Mmkay

    Lee Bumsoo should have won an award for History of Salaryman!

    • 8.1 Danna

      Yeah admittedly the only real dissapointment here

    • 8.2 lenrasoon

      mte they totally snubbed him πŸ™

  9. Aiya

    Can’t wait for KBS awards! πŸ˜€

  10. 10 Indigo

    Park Se Young’s electric blue gown is by far the most memorable one. She looks very pretty and stands out from the rest.

  11. 11 Carole McDonnell

    Sohn Hyun-joo.

  12. 12 kopytko

    Call me a maniac but So Ji Sub’s shoes are weird. Really weird. Those high heels – yuck. Or is he a latino dancer?

    But SJS and KDW look nice together πŸ™‚

    Except for the lifetime achievement in writing, the awards themselves make little sense to me. Couple award for a couple devoid of any chemistry with King of Dramas on air… But who cares. May everybody get an award of their liking πŸ™‚

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      Weird, furthermore for a tall man. *Handing him Berlutti’s.*

      • 12.1.1 kopytko

        Exquisite taste you’ve got, girl.

  13. 13 Meeyeong

    Am I the only one who’s a bit annoyed by the sudden amount of praise directed at The Chaser, a drama that got mentioned on this site maybe twice over the course of this year before award time came by? Too little, too late.

    • 13.1 hanni12

      MBC Award 2012, Nr.

      No comment from me to this post.

  14. 14 Chewy

    Anybody care to explain if there’s a difference between “Drama Special & Miniseries?”

    • 14.1 jademwong

      I was going to ask the exact same thing! What IS the difference?

      • 14.1.1 Meeyeong

        Miniseries is the Monday/Tuesday drama, Drama Special the Wednesday/Thursday one.

  15. 15 crazedlu

    wow you’re fast.

    lee minho!? suuuure, sbs. woe is you, ji changwook. please, PLEASE choose better. lee hyunwoo will fit nicely in the void in my heart once yoo seungho leaves for the army. then he’ll have to move in next to lee hyunwoo when he comes back. ha. i don’t know, yoo seungho’s awesome has plateaued. i hope he comes back ten times better. good project, GOOD PROJECT! because “i miss you” friggin sucks.

    weeellll.. i just wanna go back to school (2013). ha.

  16. 16 Kelsie

    I got the chance to stream it live, simultaneously with KBS Drama Awards and I kinda prefer the this one, just the overall feel of it.

    Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won MC tandem is really cute, although I kinda wish JRW to speak a bit louder because she tends to whisper in some occasion, or is it my laptop volume? Heh. LDW’s voice and his gorgeousness- SWOON..

    Go Jun Hee’s attire is really off for this kind of event, IMO, it’s cute and all and I get that she wants to make a statement but really, it just doesn’t fit.

    So Ji Sub, OMG, so scruffed and rugged looking. I LOVE.

    Lee Min Ho has always been such a beautiful sight to look at. Although at some point last night when he received his Top 10 Star Award and got interviewed by JRW, he seemed to be distracted..? I didn’t catch what JRW asked (seriously, she’s whispering ALL THE TIME) but LMH answered with a LONG pause and a blank stare and I think he asked JRW to repeat the Q again(?).. It was really awkward, even his fans seemed to have felt the awkwardness that they kinda stopped screaming after his turn. LOL.

    Rooftop Couple wore matching colors! They still look adorable together and really, whenever these 2 are onscreen, I keep on forgetting their age gap, I don’t know if Han Ji Min looks younger or Park Yoo Chun looks older, although it certainly not the latter because he has such a baby face IMO, it’s just his hairstyles that makes him look oddly old or young enough. But yeah, I really adore their onscreen (or even their off-screen) chemistry. Park Yoo Chun looks dashing and charismatic in all black suit. He really doesn’t give off an an idol/singer vibe to me, in fact, I almost forgot he is one, until LDW asked him to sing/serenade HJM on stage when they received their couple award. He looked so cute slowly walking to the mic stand and nervously started singing a line. Haha, was he more nervous singing in front of established actors than in front of his thousands of fans? Really, adorable. πŸ™‚

    Gentleman’s Dignity table looked really fun. Too bad JDG isn’t there.

    Daesang winner SHJ truly deserves his award. ‘Nuff said.

    • 16.1 broomhilda

      you got that right regarding park yuchun! he really doesn’t give off and idol feel does he? i would totally forget that he’s an idol when i watch his dramas.

  17. 17 queencircles

    Wtf? Fall performance? So random

  18. 18 BellaMafia

    Omg…poor cat…:(

  19. 19 Anne

    I just watched all the performances in between the award givings. Lee hyun woo and meahri’s mighty mouth cover was cute!

    Yuri and minho’s tango was a drag but Yuri sure looked hot and sexy.

    Park Se Young was sooooo shy dueing her Son Dambi cover, she looked pretty though. Awkward, but pretty,

  20. 20 Ash

    I found Lee Min-ho to be totally acceptable in Faith… but better than Lee Beom-soo AND Kim Myung-min? I’d like some of whatever you’re smoking, SBS.

    Jung Ryeo-won looks absolutely stunning in that blue dress. She’s at the top of my favorite list this year, so I’m happy to see her getting some recognition.

    • 20.1 Koirv

      Hahahaha I was really rooting for KMM, no doubt. But really I was willing to give up that award ONLY for Lee Beom-soo. Either Kim Myung-min or Lee Beom-soo, I finish this award ceremony with a huge smile on my face.

      SBS must have had an advanced drinking party BEFORE the awards night. πŸ™‚ Hihi.

      • 20.1.1 pipit

        I know! That’s the only explanation for passing either Kim Myoung Min or Lee Beom Soo!

  21. 21 cherkell

    I’ve watched all the Big Three Drama Awards shows for years now, and SBS’s seems to always be the more serious and sedate of them all. Funny that 3/4 of the shows I watched this year came from SBS as well. (There’s your plug; now where’s my free Samsung Galaxy III phone, hm?) About time for Song Jin Poong… erm, I mean Son Hyun Joo finally getting some well-deserved attention! ‘The Chaser’ was well worth waking up early to watch live!

    TRUE FACT: I had a dream last night trying to figure out what sort of outfit Ji Chang Wook was going to redeem himself with after last year’s Little Boy Suit travesty. An Edwardian look with French cuffs popped into my brain… I wake up, log on at 2:20 AM, and looky there! SO totally rockin’ the long tails suit and French cuffs! Except I pictured his hair swept up instead, a la Mr. Darcy. Shared Brain Alert! πŸ˜€

    And the camera sure loves him as well — I have over 64 press shots of My Precious to put up on my Tumblr now. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    • 21.1 YY

      So I had a dream too, same time as you, cherkell, but in my dream, Chang Wook was dressed in nothing but this huge wooden barrel around his nether regions. Strange, huh

    • 21.2 Vinn

      I LOVE THIS POST <3 Chang Wook!

      I've always preferred KBS' awards I think, though SBS' aren't that bad. I just don't like how they do all that excellence awards stuff, and then have to go and do a Top 10 Actor/Actress, and then 10 Newbie awards. Kind of takes away the meaningfulness of the awards.

      I liked Chaser and Ghost, and managed to at least fast-forward my way through Rooftop (the minions!) and Faith, but truthfully I didn't think it was so great a year for SBS.

  22. 22 AnotherFan

    JB, thanks for the awesome caps of the award shows – they must be keeping you busy !

    And I want to give a huge loud “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay” to Sohn Hyun-joo for his grand prize. you know what , awesome acting is sexy!!

  23. 23 JoJo

    Thanks, JB. Always enjoy commentary on these useless awards. Dresses are fun, tho’. Loved your comment on Jung Ryeo-won’s Dynasty style dress. Add a couple of shoulder pads and you would think you were looking at Joan Collins. Shin Eun-kyung looks cute in the tux. What’s the trend with too-short, pegged trouser legs on the men’s tuxedos? The three Lees: Min-ho, Jung-hyun, and Hyun-woo are all wearing that style. Don’t think it’s flattering, but I’m probably in the minority.

  24. 24 ilikehim

    I’ve always thought Park Se Young looks older than her age.
    Especially here, I thought she’s an actress in her late 20’s ..until you pointed out she is Ha-Kyung of School. She also looks older than the other students in School.
    But she looked age appropriate for her character in Faith, though.

  25. 25 namnam

    Forgive my ignorance but don’t SBS and KBS give a drama of the year award or something like MBC did? (I never follow award ceremonies, just curious who won and what not and looking at the pretties. lol. I’m interested this year though, especially KBS *ahem* Gaksital *cough* Joo Won hehehehe.)

  26. 26 Lilly

    Sailor Moon wore it better.

  27. 27 Juby

    I’m really glad that Sohn Hyun-joo won the daesang, but I’m a little bit skeptical as to why Yuri won an award for Fashion King. I thought that she was the worst amongst the 4 leads…

    Btw I liked Lee Hyun Woo and Yoon Jin Yi’s performance of Mighty Mouth’s song I Love You (feat Yoon Eun Hye), especially when Yoochun was sitting right there. I’m getting pretty delusional with the PYC and YEH couple in IMY lol

  28. 28 Daisy

    A gentleman’s dignity was an amazing drama so I’m so glad they won soo many awards πŸ™‚
    Surprised Kim Haneul and Jang Do Geun didn’t win best couple though.

    • 28.1 jomo

      It could be that she seemed to suppress a shudder every time he came near her! LOL They were not warm to each other. Some say it is JDG’s wife’s influence.

    • 28.2 happy2013

      JDG + Ha Nuel look so perfect and beautiful together in the drama, they should win the couple award….it’s okay though, they won the much bigger and meaningful award, best actor/actress.. πŸ˜‰

      AGD is a very nice drama, you guys should try and watch it..

  29. 29 lizzie

    The King from Faith was better than stiff and blank general choi (LMH)…..

    LMH is good but not that good like people praise him…. It seems the Young and handsome guys Will Always get some Awards from the TV dramas stations huh? Look yoochun, Kim soo hyun and all. .. I feel Bad for the not sΓ³ Young actors. …

  30. 30 azzih

    I kind of felt sorry for Lee Min Ho. His award speech seemed so sad. I didn’t think the drama was as bad as people said either.

  31. 31 canxi

    My favorite looks are Jung Ryeo Won’s red carpet dress (also did not like the outfit change but SOOOOO happy she got an award!!!!) and Shin Eun Kyung’s tux. I don’t know her but any lady that can rock a tux that well is OK in my book.

  32. 32 ladysarahii

    Park Se-young looks great! I loved the blue gown, but I kind of liked the black and red one, too.

    And I also really liked Jung Ryeo-won’s black and white dress. It’s so classically elegant.

    I just got into this obsessively watching Korean drama thing a few months ago and honestly I have not seen a single drama up for awards for this network, so I have no comments on who won what. Oh, well.

  33. 33 Ben

    Wow, just wow. Nothing for King of Dramas?

    I’m flipping tables here.

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      Bad ratings and you’re out… Even if the drama is great. πŸ™

      • 33.1.1 lu

        faith did had bad ratings but LMH got an award…


        • Mystisith

          Cause he is labelled Hallyu Star (Faith has been sold to Japan). Plus he basically saved the drama which had many production problems & couldn’t keep a male lead…

          • shiku

            He saved them at a steep price as his salary was about $60,000 an episode and compare that with the guy who won a daesang and who got paid $6,000 an episode for the Chaser.

        • wandy

          May be you don’t like the plot, but he acted well. you all know to comment and criticize but you can’t act am i correct, so just admire their acting then you can enjoy anything. I think “Faith” is a great drama.by the way i personnel like lee min ho, (His acting and appearance) he is
          special person

    • 33.2 Koirv

      I flipped a thousand tables yesterday already. I have many film critiques friends — Hollywood, yes — who were surprised by an actual existing Korean drama that is THIS GOOD. They bet a thousand times that this will bag all awards, and is even less than it deserves.

      • 33.2.1 Ben

        I can imagine. This is the sort of show that could potentially be remade in the west.

  34. 34 anaro

    Kim Myung Min the acting guru is much better than Lee Min Ho, I think.

    • 34.1 whitewire

      What a fact. Lee Min-ho, while still a newbie actor with yet no big name to stand on, said he admires Kim Myung-min (among all other actors) and dreams to act like KMM someday.

    • 34.2 shiku

      Way better.

    • 34.3 pipit

      No argument here.

  35. 35 Huong

    Too bad Jo Ji-hoon from Five Fingers did not get a mention. He was great in that drama, better than Lee-min-ho or Park Yoo Chun in Rooftop Prince, according to my opinion.

    • 35.1 DeeDee315

      True, the kid is a pretty good actor, but we all know why Jo Ji-hoon didn’t get a mention. Considering his past and the powers that be, he’s lucky he was cast. Hope to see more from him, but not sure 2yrs in the army was enough dues. He needs a good rom/com.

  36. 36 Bu Young

    I LOVE Jung Ryeo Won’s first dress and her hair! She has a the main mane of glory in the Hallyu Wave
    and So Ji Sub, with that earring….

  37. 37 LLL

    Hurrah for The Chaser ! So glad it won more awards than RTP which never appealed to me.

  38. 38 dhud

    Is it just me who lol-ed at the number of new sta awards… too many of them and somehow the award loses its credibility

  39. 39 Marirn

    I wish Kim Myung Min could receive an award for his perfomance in King of Dramas.

    • 39.1 whitewire

      It was his best role in my opinion. His Jang Joon-hyuk and Kang Mae bagged the biggest, most prestigious awards back then… While his amazingly stellar ANTHONY KIM got nothing. Ratings are everything, basically. Doesn’t have anything to do with the actual “acting” performance.

  40. 40 MariD

    Lee Hyun Woo is 19, Shinee Minho is 21..
    **Runs to hide in corner because she feels guilty!!!

  41. 41 beggar1015

    No love for Lee Beom Soo?!?!?!

  42. 42 rainbow

    LOL πŸ˜€ what were those last photos about !!???hahaha

    Anyways, awesome post, like always πŸ™‚

  43. 43 Fiona Fey

    tq JB !

    Joo Ji Hoon and Jo chang Wook’s acting is so much much

    better than these two actors Lee-min-ho and

    Park Yoo Chun who won the awards last night .

    Should they deserve to receive those awards ? Faith ?

    and now still MBC drama on going with MY ?.

  44. 44 honeywell

    I must have watched a lot of cable dramas this 2012 because the only sbs drama that I’ve seen is rooftop prince.

  45. 45 Sajen

    I love Go Joon Hee in my opinion she’s got to be the most underrated actress in Korea, but new star she made her debut with Breathless back in 2003, but it’s about time someone gave her an award so whatever.

  46. 46 Abbie

    Lee Hyun-woo is looking so dapper here, and I’m eager to see where his career goes. I hope he takes on a lead role soon.

    I think SBS had a better batch of dramas this year than MBC. Or maybe it seems that way because I watched more of SBS’s dramas. I don’t know.

  47. 47 Steph

    Um, no to Faith, but yes to Lee Min Ho in that suit. So say we all? Of course.

  48. 48 Annie

    All my Han Ji Min – So Ji Sub feels are still there. I’ve never shipped celebrities together harder than I continue to do with these 2.

    BTW, speaking of celebrity couples, anyone hear about Kim Tae Hee dating Rain? I’m not sure if I should believe the rumor. If it’s true… KTH, you can do so, so much better.

  49. 49 MariePhils

    I have been a fan of Daesang winner, Sohn Hyunjoo since his funny antics via Foxy Lady, indeed a well desrved award for him.

    Park Yoochun and Lee Hyun Woo…they are my favorite actors and they too deserved their awards

    Yay! Han Ji Min seemed look old now…lol! Just look at her close up pics above… il stick with my belief that she has no chemistry with Yoochun… compared to PMY and YEH.

  50. 50 wanne

    Lee Min Ho winning here is pretty much like Yoo Chun winning over Yoon Je Moon and Lee Sung Min at MBC Awards, yet you didn’t complain about that. Oh well, I think both are undeserving of the awards they get. As well as Joo Won who was picked as the best actor here. And the pattern,The Chaser sweeping the awards mirrors Gaksital sweeping at Dramabeans, that it almost becomes predictable. Anyway, thanks for this post. I enjoy the pretty. I love Park Se Young’s dress best.

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