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2012 SBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2012 | 166 Comments

MBC’s over, KBS is to come (on this site, I mean; the actual awards were held concurrently with this one), so now we turn to the 2012 SBS Drama Awards.

Y’know, I was a little surprised when I came to the SBS show, having expected more titles in the winners roster. Because while MBC can always be counted on to give out ridiculous awards that you don’t agree with, SBS and KBS tend to distribute the prizes a bit more. (That’s not to say I love their process more, because every station uses these end-of-year ceremonies as a politicking tool. It’s just that they are a certain kind of predictable.) But then I took a look at the dramas up for grabs, and realized that SBS must’ve had a pretty dry year too.

In case you’re confused at how the shows are broken down into the various categories (by length, scale, production plans), SBS has three: the miniseries, the drama special, and the weekend/serial.

Miniseries from the past year: King of Dramas, Faith, The Chaser, Fashion King, History of the Salaryman. Drama specials: The Great Seer, To the Beautiful You, Ghost, Rooftop Prince, Take Care of Us Captain. (Wow, I’d forgotten all about Captain. Probably for good cause.) And the weekend serials: My Love Madame Butterfly, Tasty Life, When Tomorrow Comes, Five Fingers, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Dumb Mom, Live in Style.

So… yeah. Kinda slim pickins this round, huh?

Even so, I’m super happy for The Chaser for taking home a hefty haul of trophies, since it’s a smart, well-written drama that was anchored by one of those actors who is always amazing but doesn’t always get the crazy fandom love, Sohn Hyun-joo. It wasn’t a drama I recapped this year, sadly, though I would have liked to. But my choice was quite literally to not sleep, or to not recap. I made my choice and I can’t say I regret it.

(On a side note, there’s a curious thing that happens with The Chaser: Every time I want to call it underrated and underappreciated, I have to remind myself that it wasn’t, actually—the show was highly praised at the time of its airing and broke 20% ratings and got an extension (which had to be negated for other reasons). With those numbers it was more watched than Nice Guy and closer to Gaksital. So while it may enjoy a quieter fanbase overseas, I’d say it got the recognition it deserved at the time of its broadcast, and again with these awards.)


Daesang: Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Jung Ryeo-won (History of the Salaryman, King of Dramas)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Lee Min-ho (Faith)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: So Ji-sub (Ghost)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actress: Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Top Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actor: Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Kim Sung-ryung (The Chaser)
Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Kim Sang-joong (The Chaser)
Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Jung Yumi (Rooftop Prince)
Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince)
Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actress: Shin Eun-kyung (Still You)
Excellence Award, Weekend/Serial Drama, Actor: Kim Su-ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Special Acting Award, Miniseries: Lee Deok-hwa (History of the Salaryman),
Jang Shin-young (Chaser)
Special Acting Award, Drama Special: Kwak Do-won (Ghost), Lee Jin (The Great Seer)
Special Acting Award, Weekend/Serial Drama: Kim Min-jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity),
Lee Jong-hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Jung-nan (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Producer’s Award: Park Geun-hyung (The Chaser), Chae Shi-ra (Five Fingers)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Eun-sook, scriptwriter (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Best Couple: Kim Min-jong and Yoon Jin-yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity);
Park Yoochun and Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince)
Audience Popularity Award: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince), Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Top 10 Stars:
Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince), Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince), Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity), So Ji-sub (Ghost), Shin Eun-kyung (Still You), Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser), Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas, History of the Salaryman), Lee Min-ho (Faith), Chae Shi-ra (Five Fingers)

New Star Award:
Min-ho (To the Beautiful You), Sulli (To the Beautiful You), Lee Hyun-woo (To the Beautiful You), Go Jun-hee (The Chaser), Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser), Lee Jong-hyun (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Yoon Jin-yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kwon Yuri (Fashion King), Park Se-young (Faith), Jung Eun-woo (Bride of the Sun, Five Fingers)


Aww, yay for Sohn Hyun-joo! I always think of him as Mr. Cow Eyes because of his amazingly expressive eyes (and a line in Sol Pharmacy likened them to those of a placid cow), even though he can actually be just as convincing in creepy or dark roles as he is being meek or cuddly. I feel like this Daesang is as much a lifetime achievement for him as it is for The Chaser… although he certainly earned it in this show.


Not really an exciting gown on its own, but Han Ji-min is working the part well as a winner of one of the night’s bigger prizes. Her acting award (Top Excellence) was a cut above the Excellence Awards given to her co-stars, Yoochun and Jung Yumi, which I think is fair. Yoochun’s doing more dramatic work in I Miss You, which got him a statue last night for MBC, even though his hilarious comic antics with his posse of Joseon minions were probably the best thing about Rooftop. The two also picked up a Best Couple win, which was selected by online vote.


Lee Dong-wook and Jung Ryeo-won were the MCs for the event, and are lookin’ sharp. I’m so glad for Jung Ryeo-won that she got an award, although I think I’d prefer it if the station distinguished which role she was being awarded for (Salaryman or King of Dramas). I know, she was great in both, but it feels more careless to just lump ’em in together and say, “Eh it doesn’t matter which one as long as she gets one.”

I love that black-and-white gown on her with the touch of gold… although I’m sad that she had to ruin the effect of her fabulous red-carpet look by changing into gramma’s 1980s Dynasty-inspired evening gown to accept her award.


Lee Min-ho, really? Okay, so you’ll probably know very well by now that I have great love for Lee Min-ho, but Faith was the drama that made me fall a little bit out of love with him, so I have a bit of raised eyebrow at his Top Excellence. Well, he did propel City Hunter to great heights for SBS, so they’ll definitely want to keep him on their side. I can’t say that he really earned that award for Faith, except maybe by default considering the small number of miniseries on that list. No, not even by default, considering that Kim Myung-min and Lee Beom-soo had miniseries too. Sigh. Well, we’ll always have his Faith hair to look back on. Which I really miss.


Bad Daddy’s back! Kim Sang-joong will never not be scary to me, but in an awesome way. His crooked politician role in The Chaser was a fantastic opposition for the dogged hero, and he took home an Excellence Award for it.


So did his co-star Kim Sung-ryung, who played his wife in The Chaser and served as a catalyst for the conflict in the show. I love how she looks in this dusty rose number, which is the very definition of casual chic. The waves in her hair complement the elegance of the overall style.


Another The Chaser win, this time going to Jang Shin-young as the trusted campaign secretary in the presidential race. It took her a while to get that career on a roll but she’s been picking more interesting roles lately, and hopefully continues on her upward trajectory of the past couple years. The dress… is a safe black number in a sea of safe dresses. I think she has the confidence to pull off something way more interesting.


Hm, but is this too interesting? Don’t get me wrong; I really love what Go Jun-hee’s wearing. It’s so cute and fresh and has pockets in the skirt! The shoes are flirty and fun! She looks comfy and stylish! It’s just… I think she came to the wrong party. Perchance she took a wrong turn at the yacht club, but figured she’d stay to pick up an award (for new star, another hashmark under The Chaser’s tally).


More love for The Chaser. Are we sensing a bit of a pattern here? Park Hyo-joo has been around way too long to qualify as a New Star (she debuted a decade ago), but if the trophy says so it must be true? And we all know that most of these categories are just word games to ensure that they give out enough awards to the cast of their big winners. Her dress is kinda shiny and constricting-looking (don’t breathe too hard!), but it’s a pretty champagne color.


Chae Shi-ra had two big roles this year, but Queen Dowager In-soo was a cable show so this appearance is all about Five Fingers, the weekend melodrama about pianos. I’m sure it was much more interesting than that description, what with all its family secrets and antagonistic rivalries and makjang twists. She’s stately and commanding, as I always expect her to be.


Ji Chang-wook was the rival in Five Fingers, which didn’t really get a lot of mentions here, which may be why most of its cast isn’t around. I love him. I really want him to pick better dramas.


So Ji-sub and Kwak Do-won, lookin’ sharp, both got awards for Ghost. Man, it really looks like the only people who showed up were the ones getting something out of the deal. Should we draft a new law of dramaland, whereby the best (as in most interesting) awards shows are the ones that have the highest percentage of NON-winners at its red carpet?


Pretty lady, pretty dress, kind of boring. Lee Jin’s (The Great Seer) dress is that exact shade of tan that makes you look nude at a quick glance, which is a lot less exciting in practice than that sounds. It all kind of washes out into the same hue.


Lee Hyun-woo (To the Beautiful You), man is he growing up nicely. And this, my friends, is our consolation during the two years Yoo Seung-ho will be away in the army. Lee Hyun-woo is basically that other teen-to-young-adult actor who is charismatic and talented enough to carry a drama; it’s pretty much a two-person category, and it’s allllll his. Choose wisely, young one.


Here’s idol-turned-actor Minho of To the Beautiful You, whose name I always read as Shiny Minho. I guess there are worse ways to misread idol group names…


Sulli rounds out the trio of To the Beautiful You’s young leads, dressed like she’s ready for a luau. Very fresh and sweet, though her dress in particular reminds me that it’s freezing in Seoul these days.


Park Se-young was one busy lady, with not one, not two, but three costume changes of the night. She was also at the KBS Drama Awards (did she magic herself over?) wearing a long white number, probably to support her current KBS drama School 2013. But it’s the SBS award show where she had a dance performance and an award awaiting her (for Faith), and somehow she made it all work. Maybe she’s stumbled across the fourth dimension too? The royal blue is by far my favorite of her choices, and befitting the calm, regal queen she played in the drama.


Park Geun-hyung, aka everybody’s scary dad, got a producer’s award for The Chaser. I love his crisp, perfectly fitted tux; he’s looking dapper and dignified.


Yuri is the sole nod SBS gave to its catastrophe of a drama, Fashion King, with her New Star Award. Perhaps it’s odd that her three co-stars were ignored (Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon, Shin Se-kyung), given that they’ve all earned budding reputations as strong actors… but maybe they’d rather just expunge this one from their records and move on to bigger and better things. Her dress is pretty. She’s pretty. I’m not really feeling anything for most of these dresses, though.


Cute camaraderie for a few of the stars of A Gentleman’s Dignity, which was the big winner of the night. Urg. I get why, and I don’t necessarily disagree with its awards… although that drama just annoyed me and seemed pointless, so it feels strange to be lauded as one of the best of the year. Oh well. Here we have Kim Su-ro with two of the Best Couple winners, Kim Min-jong and Meahri. Um, she has a name. It is… Yoon Jin-yi, and I will probably have to learn it now. I do think Yoon Jin-yi has been doing quite well in the fashion department at the red carpets this year, looking polished and put-together, but still youthful and fresh.


Here’s their Gentleman’s Dignity co-star Lee Jong-hyuk, who thankfully has rid himself of that strange llama hair he was sporting all drama long. (Love him, hated that hair.)


Not to be confused with yet another Gentleman’s Dignity co-star, Lee Jong-hyun, idol boy of CN Blue and New Star Award recipient.


Their co-star Kim Haneul wasn’t on the red carpet, but she did show up to pick up her Top Excellence Award. Jang Dong-gun was also given one, but since he’s shooting overseas his buddy Kim Su-ro picked up his statue on his behalf.


Another star absent from the red carpet was Jung Yumi, who did show up to get an award for Rooftop Prince. I don’t know why certain stars opt to skip the red carpet, but it’s too bad we don’t get the bevy of detailed photos of her gown, which looks quite pretty.


Shin Eun-kyung is rocking this tux. I’m not watching her daily drama Still You, which got her an award here, but if I know her she’s probably rocking that role as well.


I always thought Park Shi-eun (Beloved You, I Must Have Loved, Just Like Today) could have had a bigger career, but she’s gone the daily-weekend-family drama route in recent years. I think she looks good, but again, not feeling the dress choice. It’s flattering and safe and sort of fades into the pile of other black-gowned ladies.


…and then, there’s Nancy Lang. I don’t quite know who she is, exactly, other than that her profile is listed as pop artist and that she crops up in the news fairly regularly, usually under criticism for some silly thing or another. Here she is taking a splat on the red carpet, and I was all set to be impressed with photogs for getting the moment so clearly captured on camera, only to find that it was a “fall performance,” planned and deliberate. I don’t really get it. Is this part of her “art,” or is she just an attention seeker? I don’t know. We may never know.

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166 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 saranga

    snsd yuri looks gorgeous! her look is number one for me, hands down. the gown is stunning, and i love the sheerness at the shoulders. she’s one of the more underrated members of the group i think—she gets her bit of recognition, but not enough in my opinion.

    also love han ji-min’s gown. i love tulle! i do think she could have used a bit more spizzaz somewhere, maybe bolder makeup or some jewelry, but overall good.

    go jun-hee’s choice is interesting, and it’s not what i would wear on a red carpet, but i think she’s one of those people who could truly wear a paper bag and still kill it. she’s got the face, the body, the height, and the self confidence. there’s something so effortless and refreshing and breezy about her look (again, you could chalk it up to that glorious height of hers).

  2. 52 risa

    Yay for Mr. Cow Eyes (Sohn Hyun-joo) and Jung Ryeo-won’s awards but Boo for many of the others. What a farce! Several of the awards were for mediocre to downright sucky performances. So Ji Sub is super purty but Ghost really highlighted his limitations as an actor– he did zilch-zippo-nada to show that he was embodying Daniel Choi’s character. And I loves me my Lee Min Ho, but if anyone deserved an acting award for Faith, it was Ryu Deok Hwan. I think Yoo Oh Sung’s Ki Chul was also a better performance than LMH’s. And as others have said, no love for Lee Beom Soo or Kim Myung Min shows how ridiculous these awards are. Oh well, at least most people seem to know that the awards are based on politics rather than merit. (Good on KoD for getting a jab in about this practice.)

    Happy New Year, yorobun!

  3. 53 Viki

    Nice wrap-up, can’t wait for KBS’

    lol, isn’t that Nancy girl on Strong Heart? She’s…interesting…hmm

  4. 54 lovebof

    Lee MinHo speech: “First of all, I am really honored to be selected as one of the candidates amongst all the outstanding sunbae whom I respected. At the same time, I feel ashamed winning the award this time. Last year, I won the same award; but I feel especially ashamed this year. There were lots of gossips & rumors about this drama ‘The Great Doctor’ even before it started filming. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the people who helped to complete this drama. In addition, this year’s summer was the toughest, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the staff & actors. Last year when I was on this stage, I said I hope that in my next project, it would be the whole team instead of myself alone rewarding. It cannot be realised this year, I feel sorry and it’s a bit pity. Every actor in The Great Doctor, I miss you. Hope that we could gather together in this new year, forget everything and have a drink. For all the local & overseas fans who always support and love me, you really grant me a lot of positive energy every time when we meet. Whenever I see your gaze, I feel more reponsibility on me. I will be committed to return your love with better projects. Thank you, I love you all.”

    He looked upset when making his acceptance speech. Really love him – a simple, honest, and humble guy with a clear mind and goal. I believe he has tried his best in Faith where he had limited screentime as a main lead. The drama was poorly written, directed, edited , and most importantly, it suffered from financial/budget issue during shooting. In fact, he still performed very well in the drama among his senior co-stars, didn’t him? I personally think the actor who played the King should have been awarded as well.

    • 54.1 Mystisith

      When you read between the lines of his “thank you”… Ouch. How did it become a public apology? I was really sorry for the whole cast stuck in that less than average drama. Looks like a lot of misunderstandings happened and some grudges are persistent. I feel bad for him cause he sounds like a nice guy, but I still think he was awfully miscast in the role. I keep thinking “what if” Philip Lee had been given his part: He was age appropriate, he is comfortable in sageuks and knows how to fight. Show would have been much better if they had reversed the 2 characters. Well, such is life.

      • 54.1.1 lovebof

        All the “what ifs” are mysteries for this show. But I disagreed with the word “awfully” you used in your comments. The production team had the problem of getting the main male lead. SBS may “compensate” him with this award because he finally accepted the role and made the drama move forward after 2-year struggle in different areas. But I admire him for his courage to face the obstables you mentioned: aging issue, sageuks and fighting scenes. If the production team has more budget and time, a lot of things could be done much better. No money no talk. Well, afterall, I still like/enjoy this drama. I think all the actors’ performance and efforts saved this show. It deserves a recognition.

        • moo

          I agree! Thanks for posting his speech. It sounds like it was draped in sadness but his appreciation & humility – trademarks I adore him for – are touching. Faith is not my favorite of his dramas, but there were WAY worse dramas in 2012. Keep your chin up, LMH…nothing but LOVE for you always!!

        • shiku

          I don’t get it, you admire him for having courage to act in a saguek while thousands of actors in Korea have acted in one already and will probably act dome in the future? Other actors have also being aged and have been in shows with financial difficulty too! I don’t understand.

          • Ichigo

            @shiku: ahhh… you should know that the Great LMH will always save an otherwise awful drama through his acting, handsomeness, amazingness, humble speech or personality– LOL

          • lili

            Reality is that Kim Myun Min should have won for “The King of dramas”…that’s my take on it. Now, I feel people are a bit harsh with Lee Min Ho… yeah he doesn’t deserve this award, he himself recognized it so why the hate? What the hell did you want? You wanted him to hand over this award to a more worthy actor? Awards are a farce, get over it!

    • 54.2 wanne

      Aww poor boy. Thank you for sharing this. I love him and respect him more now. He did well with this speech, recognizing his sunbaes who deserve the award more than him, showing love and gratitude towards the drama and his fellow casts and staffs in such a way. I feel bad for him and the whole production. But Lee Min Ho dear, please choose your project more carefully. With such rumors and problems already surrounding the drama years ago, I couldn’t believe how you can accept the role. Learn from this, and comeback with a better drama next time. I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.

    • 54.3 linda

      Lee min ho is a fine young man. Love him even more. Thank you for posting his speech.

    • 54.4 bluemountain

      What a class act in your acceptance speech, Minho-ssi! Bravo!!!

      • 54.4.1 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

        This “acceptance” speech was such an
        unexpected bombshell, that LMH’s fans
        (who usually scream at everything LMH
        from the upper balcony “cheap seats”)
        were quiet, because they realized that
        his words were from the heart. Amazing……

        I have to commend the guy for his total
        honesty. He knows that he won this 2012
        acting award because of his popularity,
        and from his point of view, it must really
        upset him that so few comments, anyplace,
        are about his acting, but usually about his

        I betcha’ that his next role will be about
        some guy whose face was disfigured from
        some accident in the past, bitterness
        warps the guy’s soul, and he turns into
        an ax murderer. Once LMH gets rid of that
        dopey product-placement Trugen wardrobe
        (too short pants; jackets designed in outer
        space) that he usually wears, and drops
        the pink lip gloss, I think that we fans will
        see a new version of Lee Min-ho: THE ACTOR.

        I think he could pull it off very well. I hope so.


  5. 55 Suzume

    I want Nancy Lang’s cat 🙂 And…. that’s all 😀

    Congratulations to all the winners ^^

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. 56 quincy

    Happy that Jung Ryeo Won gets recognized for her performances in HotS and KoD. But like what jb said, it would have been better for SBS to distinguish the role she was awarded for. For me, Baek Yeo Chi is really THE defining role for her and Lee Go-eun is the icing on the cake. 🙂

    and it’s totally bizarre that Lee Beom Soo and Kim Myung Min did not win any awards!

    • 56.1 Femme

      Most bizarre thing to happen in this living world.

  7. 57 Byul

    completly out of topic but:
    happy new year my fellow drama addicts! i hope you’re all having a wonderful time wherver you are, or however far after new year’s eve it is for you:)

  8. 58 Kami

    No Lee Boom So @SBS, AJW @MBC… what’s going on …politics…?

  9. 59 mlou

    So in summary it looks like eye candy wins over veteran actors, even if the drama is fairly well written.

  10. 60 jademwong

    Just ridiculous honestly. Really upset that KoD was basically passed over – these stations and their obsession with ratings jeesh.

  11. 61 grumpy

    LOL. So all of them got an award.

  12. 62 leynie

    the fault with faith is how the story was written but I believe Lee Min Ho’s acting here is good. He did his best with the fight scenes and confrontation scenes that’s why I know he deserved this award. 🙂

  13. 63 Maris

    Did they leave anyone while distributing the awards? It seemed like multiple awards for one title. Really looses their worth.
    None of the dresses worth mentioning except park se yngs …that too maybe because of the color. They looked good but they did not wear anything worth talking about

  14. 64 Koirv

    All I can say. Thanks King of Dramas (Episode 16) for addressing this whole political, ratings-wise basis for choosing the winners. KOD is a big winner for me. Now I know what’s really going on.

  15. 65 ladyana2j

    No award for Kim Myung Min??? :((

    • 65.1 Koirv

      Nothing — at all — for King of Dramas. Well, JRW won but widely considered for her Salaryman performance. In the previews for nominations, her Baek Yeo-chi character is shown. Hardly any Lee Go-eun can be seen. Haha!

      ANTHONY KIM is a permanent drama icon now, and we get this. 🙂 SBS… 😀

  16. 66 sampirexx

    WTF is wrong with the Nancy person???? i just don’t get it

  17. 67 df

    My goodness, you all were not joking about what a mess these awards are. KOD winning NO awards and AGD being the big winner of the night don’t make NO sense! And I say this as someone who enjoyed AGD.

    This picture is consoling me a bit though:http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/news/2012/kbs/NamGoongMin1.jpg

    Damn, he’s fine o_o

  18. 68 djes

    I was thinking KoD would counted as 2013 drama since it will end in 2013, but then why SBS mentioned it for Jung Ryeowon nomination…and there were some clips of KoD on the award show.

    oh well. I still hope KoD will be on the 2013’s drama list so KMM can get his Daesang.

    I accidentally watched Nancy Lang’s act on YT, and shuddered in horror.
    I never like her in the variety show, she’s pointless – not comedian/gag woman, not a presenter – so they called her TV personality. Well yeah, she has some kind “personality” by brings stuffed cat around.. I wonder where she got the idea for her ‘character’.
    Her fall, was totally fail. She tripped when she tried to make poses on the red carpet.

    Anyway. I watched less SBS shows this year, and mostly the bad ones ( and yet I managed to finish them all, yay me! )

    For all idols who won awards, well, because the category was decided by poll numbers, so no surprises here.

  19. 69 Amethyst

    That fall was epic

  20. 70 it'sme

    No offence, I truly feel that Lee Min Ho doesn’t deserve the awards….I think the majority of the audience feel surprised…..

    • 70.1 lili

      Yeah but at least he is honest about it…he himself recognized that he doesn’t deserve the award. Lee min Ho is by no means the best actor out there but he is neither the worst either…there’s room for improvement imo. I loved his speech, he is really humble. Faith was definitely not a smooth ride for everyone involved in the cast : drama postponed for two years, actors dropping the project, lack of fund………Props to the whole cast who have been very patient and dedicated. Faith wasn’t the best drama of 2012 but it had definitely the best OST and one of the sweetest romance imo.

  21. 71 it'sme

    God, I love Han Ji Min and Park Yoo Chun…though I feel that Rain is more gentleman when it comes to his co stars. He would smile and lead his co-stars to the stage

  22. 72 jane

    who the eff is Nancy Lang? she seems drunk.

  23. 73 kfangurl

    A fall performance????? I had to read that twice to believe it. That might be the weirdest thing ever attempted on the red carpet. And with a fake cat on her shoulder too. Don’t people try to AVOID falling on the red carpet??

    So very, very weird.

  24. 74 eternalfive

    OMG Park Se-young looks so pretty and elegant in that blule dress. She looked great at the KBS Awards too, but the blue is so vibrant and eye-catching here. One of my favourite looks. <3

  25. 75 baran

    i love so ji sub , Park Yoochun , han ji min and Lee Jong-hyun


  26. 76 linda

    Happy to see Lee min ho win. Fighting~

  27. 77 we don't get SBS in san francisco :(

    SF doesn’t get SBS. This is why I don’t get to see all these great dramas. We only get KBS (I’m at least grateful for that) and one other Korean station (which doesn’t subtitle).

    • 77.1 Mystisith

      Let’s be honest: 90% of the viewers watch dramas on the internet with their computers. TV is only interesting if you like to use your BIG screen at home. But even there, I’d rather buy an extra larger monitor than I could connect on my laptop at home: Dramas for free at will, and without ads.
      I thought San Francisco was part of the Silicon Valley: That request leaves me confused… I’m ready to hear an explanation though.

      • 77.1.1 Mashimomo

        I think they like to tie Silicon Valley with San Francisco because SF is the more “famous” city, but San Jose is about an hour south of San Francisco. So I guess when the whole tech boom happened, people refer to Silicon Valley as part of San Francisco although geographically they are two different (and VERY distinct) cities.

        But I swear I saw SBS on a couple of Korean restaurants here, and I live in a town between SF and San Jose/Silicon Valley. I believe you have to have subscription for those channels to be available, except for KBS which is included on a basic cable package (I have Comcast cable).

        Your sources would be at least for our area would be: 1. Internet (As Mystisith pointed out – love the Sith reference btw!) 2. Subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Dramafever. If you want to watch your dramas on TV, I highly suggest getting yourself a streaming device that connects to your TV such as Roku, Apple TV or even your PS3/Xbox that you can download Netflix, Hulu or Dramafever as well.

  28. 78 pipit

    ‘Should we draft a new law of dramaland, whereby the best (as in most interesting) awards shows are the ones that have the highest percentage of NON-winners at its red carpet?’

    I think we could name our award Honesty Award. Given to the shows for being honest in giving awards to those they think they should reward and for not giving those awards to those who really deserve it. Like Kim Myong Min or Lee Beom Soo.

  29. 79 MEalways

    I am soooooooo happy that ‘The Chaser’ casts got a lot of awards! They really did brilliant at the drama, and made the drama really intense and interesting.

    They hit the right spot even if they didn’t have any idol stars in there. No offence, though (some idol are good actors/actress).

    I also glad that ‘Ghost’ – So Ji Sub won.

    I wish 2013 will bring me more dramas as good as ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Ghost’. Two of my most top favourite dramas in 2012.

    Go, fighting!

  30. 80 bd

    Lee Min-ho and Han Ji-Min getting Top Excellence awards for “Faith” and RTP is a good bit generous (and I really liked HJM based on her appearance on RM).

    But then again, it was a weak year for dramas.

  31. 81 KoDFighting

    I was EXTREMELY upset that there was no award for Kim Myung Min!!! T.T SBS is usually better than MBC at giving out awards where they’re due, so I was hoping that for once, ratings would be overlooked and KMM and King of Dramas would get the spotlight they deserve…. (Especially after that KOD jab at the awards ceremonies…) But noooooo, of course not. >:O Lee Bum Soo should also have gotten something as well. I haven’t seen him in Salaryman (it’s on my watch list), but he was the only reason I managed to watch Dr.Jin all the way to the end…

  32. 82 ieny

    Yay for the chaser! ★★★★★

  33. 83 emma

    Congrate for AGD… Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi, looking good together. Fighting for next project…

  34. 84 Charrie

    I watched AGD, it’s a great comedy/drama series. Glad to hear that most of them won the awards but I was disappointed that Kim Ha Neul & Jong Dong Gun didn’t get as best couple..how come JDG was not there? anyway congrats AGD!

  35. 85 aicy

    oh no.why is FIVE FINGERS not one of the top awardees.to think that the acting of the casts are indeed superb as compared to other winners.joo hi hoon for example.he could have been one of the top 10 stars.owww.

  36. 86 arina

    I still dont get why Kim Hee Sun(Eun Soo) didnt get any awards..I think she show better acting than LMH (whom i still adore..) i guess the ppl prefer really dramatic and emotional acting but for me KHS is the saving grace of that drama..

  37. 87 blookie

    disappointed !!!
    Kim Myung-min got nothing. LMH is outstanding but still Anthony still the best

  38. 88 ševča

    Funny, I loved Lee Min Ho in Faith, but other roles got me to stop understanding what people see in him.

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