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Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 5
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This world is so rich with story, and yet so small. I should not be surprised that everyone is intertwined as it is a Korean drama, but everyone in this world is believably connected for good reason. It’s just, in a small world, no secrets can be kept for long.

Episode 5 Recap

Seung-jo exits the party, shaking the pain off from his fist. Punching a guy in the jaw hurts. He scans the streets, searching for Se-kyung, but she’s nowhere to be found. It doesn’t help that she’s not even picking up her phone.

Back at the party, Tommy apologizes to all of his guests once again, having been humiliated twice in one night. He’s especially sorry to Mr. Jang, who’s actually more relieved that Seung-jo didn’t catch him requesting for another woman for the night. The horror that would have caused. To add insult to injury, Mr. Jang thinks that Tommy may be losing his touch in being able to connect people. Ouch.

His totally unsympathetic assistant adds that she doesn’t think Se-kyung came to the party to get a sponsor; she didn’t dress like she needed one. Before he can mull over it any longer, he gets a surprise guest – Se-kyung. She came by to get an apology from him. If Jean Thierry Cha had recommended her to be his designer and he didn’t like her, then he should have just rejected her outright. He shouldn’t have humiliated her by offering her a sponsor.

Tommy judges her – (1) she waited by the staircase as if she was waiting for someone, (2) she knew every guest’s profile and had an interest in all of their interests, and (3) she was always the most conscious about Tommy and making sure that he noticed her. So with all those things (which by the way was all advice from Yoon-joo), was he wrong in thinking that she wanted a sponsorship? Since he doesn’t seem all too apologetic, Se-kyung decides to make her leave.

And that’s when he sees it.

Tommy stops her and apologizes sincerely. Now that he’s gotten a good look at her, he can see the greed in her eyes – she wanted to enter Cheongdam-dong right? She wanted him to help matchmake her, right? Se-kyung: “Do you see anger, or devastation, in my eyes?” After she leaves, Tommy finds her an interesting character, not unlike someone he knew long ago. Don’t tell me he means Yoon-joo?

Se-kyung leaves the party again, and a few blocks later breaks her heels. Oh great. She doesn’t get far walking on her tiptoes and wearing only one shoe, and it’s only when she takes a break that Seung-jo finally finds her. She’s surprised to find him there – was he possibly looking for her? Pretending that it’s his CEO driving him crazy (heh), Seung-jo orders her to follow him.

They enter the Artemis department store and he hands her a replacement pair of heels to wear. He then shows her the men’s clothing. Historically, shirts were undergarments, so they should always be 100% cotton, with the basic colors of blue and white. He then shows her the different styles of blazers that are preferable for a slim look, and the different types of shoes laid out on the table. Se-kyung’s confusion increases as Seung-jo lists out the measurements of Jean Thierry Cha, as well as his favorite colors and favorite materials.

He is offering her the position of being Jean Thierry’s personal stylist. Say whaaaaat?

Pretending that he doesn’t know the reason why, Seung-jo says that “Jean Thierry” knows all about what happened today, and he’d like to help her out. The job will include her picking up a few things here and there, but all of them will be pertinent to styling him for the day. With this job, she’ll be able to develop her “eye for fashion.”

Se-kyung nearly rejects the offer, but Seung-jo points out that a kind CEO like Jean Thierry is presenting her with a new opportunity. Se-kyung remembers Yoon-joo’s last words: “Find a new White Rabbit.”

She takes the night to think it over, and looks to Yoon-joo’s diary for further advice. In it she says, “Don’t be anxious, but if there’s an opportunity, grab it right away.” Se-kyung learns that she must use her sincerity to gain the “White Rabbit’s” trust. She shouldn’t be found out – as Tommy had with her.

The following morning, she tells Seung-jo that she’ll take the job. Since she works at GN Fashion from 9am to 3pm, her hours with “Jean Thierry” will start at 4pm. Her first project will be to help style his outfit for the Artemis Christmas party in two weeks, and this will be the first official event “Jean Thierry” will attend as Artemis Korea’s CEO. The theme is “Paris.”

Se-kyung: What type of Paris?

Seung-jo: It’s just… uh, Paris. Do we need to be more detailed than that?

Heh – he settles for “Dynamic Paris” and Se-kyung thinks she’s pulling his leg. She wants more specific details on this party, and wants to meet the CEO. Seung-jo thinks she’s “clucking” a bit too much (feeling a bit henpecked here, huh?) and repeats that she can never meet the CEO. He will never meet her – ever. Hah. Oh boy…

Seung-jo explains that because the CEO hates meeting people, he will act as the conduit betweeen Se-kyung and Jean Thierry. Not being able to see him should not prevent her from being able to do her work, and Seung-jo will provide all the information and instructions she ever needs.

Since “Jean Thierry Cha” has never gone to any official events, there’s nothing on him when Se-kyung tries to look him up. She even asks Ah-jung to help her find more information on him, and she herself can’t find anything. Ah-jung herself has never gotten a good look at him, but only knows him as a “devil” because of the ruthless way he runs the sales of the company.

I think he’s just the devil to work with because of his crazy mood swings. At work, Seung-jo harasses Secretary Moon for more details on the theme of the Christmas party – how can it just be Paris? Is it Architectural Paris? Revolutionary Paris? Artistic Paris? Well if only Seung-jo read the brochure, he’d realize it’s about the “history of fashion” and that a guest speaker will provide a talk during this exclusive, VIP party. Secretary Moon is befuddled over why Seung-jo all of a sudden cares so much about the party, especially when he didn’t want to go before. Seung-jo snaps: “Me?! Not care?! When I’ll be meeting our clients for the first time!?”

Seung-jo visits Dong-wook and explains that because he’s sooo busy, he’s hired Se-kyung as a personal stylist. It will also help her become a better designer in the future, so Seung-jo thinks that he’s actually doing charity work. Dong-wook can’t help but be amused, and wonders if this is all helping Seung-jo “heal.” In fact, Seung-jo’s actually more curious about the effect Se-kyung has on him, as he’s noticed that he’s now starting to open up more. He wants to know how far his heart will open up again.

Il-nam visits Tommy for an update, and doesn’t believe that “Jean Thierry” would have such an ambiguous relationship with Se-kyung. She’s either his girlfriend or not. Tommy is curious as to why Il-nam has taken such a personal interest in him, and how he knows so much. Il-nam: “I want to make him submit to me.”

Tommy doesn’t understand Il-nam’s words, and learns from his assistant that Jean Thierry had rejected Royal Group for a business deal. It seems that Il-nam has a personal vendetta against him, and reasons that they must have a connection in the past – or even must be related. Suddenly he remembers reading an article some time ago that the heir to Royal Group is left undetermined. He requests his assistant to bring him information on Il-nam’s family tree.

Seung-jo goes shopping for suits with Se-kyung giving her more details about how the CEO likes his suits. She writes it down the old fashioned way, rather than using a voice recorder, and he is about to tease her for it when he sees the exasperated and serious look on Se-kyung’s face. Once again, she asks if it’s possible to meet the CEO since she needs to get his measurements.

Seung-jo reiterates that the CEO is very very weird (hee!) and so he offers to do the measurements for her. She can just teach him how to get them. He grabs a tape measure, and Se-kyung, realizing that it’s futile to keep asking to meet the CEO, starts measuring Seung-jo’s shoulders and arms, showing him where to measure. He giggles over the size fitting, until she asks him to bend down lower so she can measure his neck. Wrapping the tape measure around him, her face is only inches from his cheek. Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump. Is that my heart racing, or Seung-jo’s?

He thanks her for showing him how to take measurements, and then offers to take her out for a meal. Se-kyung declines, as she still has things to do for GN Fashion.

Mrs. Shin meets with Yoon-joo at a gallery to transfer the responsibility over In-hwa’s marriage to her. She admits not liking Yoon-joo too much as a daughter-in-law, but she can’t have her children fighting over control of GN Fashion. Mrs. Shin picks out a painting and has Yoon-joo deliver it to Tommy Hong, as a way of ensuring a successful match.

Yoon-joo heads to GN Fashion and congratulates In-hwa on her marriage. Clearly she doesn’t know who In-hwa’s match is yet. In-hwa is all business, preferring to concentrate on the collaboration first before marriage. But Yoon-joo doesn’t really care about what In-hwa thinks, as a successful marriage under her supervision will win her brownie points all around. At the elevator, she bumps into Se-kyung – just the person she wanted to see for some more gossip. Did Se-kyung really throw soy sauce at Tommy Hong?

Se-kyung corrects her: she got hit with soy sauce instead. Yoon-joo has a good laugh from imagining that scene play out in her head, but she wonders how Tommy got soy sauce on him instead. People who were there swore that Tommy was embarrassed; they just didn’t know who the perpetrator was.

Yoon-joo adds that after the diary and introducing her to Tommy Hong, that’s the end of her helping Se-kyung. But she also wants to give some bonus advice (…because she loves acting all mentor-like to the smartest girl in her class?): if Se-kyung chooses not to stop where she is, she might encounter three obstacles in her future. She exits the elevator with an air of mystery, and Se-kyung stops her with one question: Who was Yoon-joo’s white rabbit?

A flashback reveals that in Paris, a year before Yoon-joo broke up with Seung-jo, Il-nam had given her the money to leave his son. Yoon-joo did not want just the money. She wanted a promise that Il-nam would let her finish her schooling in Paris first and then give her a recommendation letter for any job that will give her access to the elite in Cheongdam-dong. Dang… can I laugh that father and son are White Rabbits to two frenemies?

Yoon-joo reveals to Se-kyung that she got a job in an exclusive store – so private that only those who heard about and were extended an invitation could shop there. Yoon-joo started out working on the floor, learning the elite madames’ tastes and acting as a delivery girl to Mrs. Shin. That is how she met Min-hyuk, who was divorced, and ended up marrying him. It was not easy, but the most important step was getting that opportunity to mingle with the rich.

Se-kyung admits to having found a White Rabbit, but isn’t sure how to gain his trust if she’s never to meet him. She is only allowed to meet the secretary, so Yoon-joo advises her to get the secretary on her side no matter what. Then, she must find a way to slowly and steadily get the White Rabbit to reveal his emotions to her. Emotional people are usually the type that are closed off to everyone else, hence probably why Se-kyung can’t meet him. Without knowing it’s Seung-jo, Yoon-joo is doing a good job describing him.

Yoon-joo asks who the White Rabbit is; perhaps with a name, she can help Se-kyung even more. But Se-kyung hesitates: “It’s written in your diary. If a person isn’t on your side 200%, then don’t ever open up to them.”

Se-kyung spends the night contemplating how to get “Jean Thierry” to open up to her. She had read previously in the diary some important notes about trust: trust is built on communication, which inspires empathy, which is an emotion that should contain sincerity. She heads over to her university campus to work on a project in her old classroom…

The following day, after meeting Seung-jo again, she offers to treat him for a nice meal to thank him. She hands him a survey of 100 questions for the CEO – things like where he lives, whom he meets, what his beliefs are. These details would help her in styling him, because if she can know his personality, she’ll know his personal style that she’s trying to match. She also wants Seung-jo to take pictures of his dressing room so that she knows what the CEO already has in his closet.

Seung-jo’s impressed – she’s really going all the way, isn’t she? He then asks where he should be driving her, and she directs him to her university. He excitedly agrees and then pretends to spin the wheel – to the left, wheee! to the right, wheee! Goodness – only because I know you’re not really driving the car, I’m not having a heart attack from your crazy driving antics.

Tommy’s assistant receives an update on Cha Il-nam’s son. Rumor has it he became a drug junkie or entered a mental hospital. Because of that, a successor is crucial for Royal Group. Just then, Yoon-joo arrives with the painting to discuss In-hwa’s marriage prospects.

Yoon-joo thanks Tommy for arranging the match and hopes that it will be a successful one. She asks who the prospect is. Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s Jean Thierry Cha! Yoon-joo drops her tea cup and spills it all over her dress. Now now, no need to be so dramatic, is there?

Yoon-joo escapes to her brother’s bakery and even he can’t believe that they keep getting tied up with the Cha family. “They?” Ho-min reveals that Il-nam had hired a baker for his bakery – and out comes none other than Deuk-gi in his chef uniform. Ack! So Deuk-gi is working for Yoon-joo’s brother? He bemoans the state of the bread, which were not sliced up properly and left out to dry. Now the bread is all stale looking. Yoon-joo quickly turns away, using the Christmas tree decoration to help shield her from Deuk-gi’s view. Dang this world is just so small.

Back at Tommy’s office, he gets one more surprise visitor (this guy’s popular lately) – In-hwa. She has one request: to have Tommy stop matchmaking her with Jean Thierry Cha. Whut in the whut? It’s not because she’s in love with someone else. Working with/marrying Artemis is just like working with another GN Fashion company, so instead, she wants Tommy to find her a match from someone in the distribution business – like a company that owns several department stores.

Tommy is intrigued by the offer and promises to look into it. As for Mrs. Shin, he’ll have to tell her that Jean Thierry Cha rejected the proposal; the mother would not throw a fit over that since she can’t risk the collaboration. Just as In-hwa takes her leave, Tommy receives a fax regarding Cha Il-nam’s family register. He stops In-hwa – what about the heir to Royal Group? And what if the Royal Group heir was Jean Thierry Cha – would In-hwa marry him?

He’s only about 50% sure, so In-hwa tells him to be 75% sure before calling her again.

Tommy checks the name again on the family register: the son is Cha Seung-jo. Jean Thierry’s last name is “Cha,” and Il-nam seems to know a lot about Jean Thierry. It is not too impossible that Tommy just unlocked Cheongdam-dong’s biggest secret.

Seung-jo and Se-kyung arrive at the school quite late, and Se-kyung warns him to tread carefully going forward. While men are allowed on campus at this women’s university, because they’re technically not students they could get kicked out. Se-kyung guides him into the building, and orders him to hide behind a corner so she can scope the area. But Seung-jo’s thirsty, and so when he sees the vending machine for coffee, he beelines for it.

Se-kyung practically tackles him and pushes him behind the machine as some students pass by. They’re really close, but only Seung-jo seems nervously happy about that. Hee. She finally gets him into her work studio and brings him to her desk. Laid out are approximately eight bunny dolls, all suited up and wearing different emotions. She wants Seung-jo to give the dolls to the CEO, and then every day he can tell Se-kyung what his mood is. Knowing his daily mood will help her determine his daily style. Putting sentiment into one’s fashion is her philosophy.

Seung-jo is quite delighted by this idea, but he says he’s going to have to relay the proper doll to Se-kyung each day, as the CEO will still refuse to meet her. Se-kyung agrees, and she asks him to wait for a bit as she puts a finishing touch on one bunny. Seung-jo sees bottles of liquid by her desk and asks if he can drink some water.

Se-kyung lets him – but then realizes none of those bottles hold water! Too late – Seung-jo just took a swig of benzene!

Seung-jo is rushed to the hospital, and the ER doctor prepares to pump out the remaining liquids from his stomach. A nurse asks Se-kyung to check in on Seung-jo, but she doesn’t know his name. This entire time, she’s been calling him by his alias “Secretary Kim.” She calls up Secretary Moon and asks him for Secretary Kim’s name. Secretary Moon has no idea who she’s talking about, so she describes him as the man that came with him to Eclaire Jewelry some time ago.

Secretary Moon remembers that meeting – when Se-kyung had mistaken Seung-jo for a mere secretary, and he jumps up in alarm. Which hospital are they at? Another nurse recognizes Seung-jo in the emergency room and hurries to tell Dong-wook that his friend is at their hospital. Dong-wook freaks out as well and hurries over.

Seung-jo’s phone starts ringing, and Se-kyung sees that it’s Tommy Hong calling. She doesn’t pick up, so he leaves a text message instead: “I’m the Tommy Hong who was hit by the soy sauce. I’d like to meet with the president and apologize directly.” Se-kyung wonders if Seung-jo could possibly have thrown the soy sauce at Tommy in her defense.

He stirs at that moment, and groggily asks where he is. Se-kyung tells him that he’s at the hospital for having drunk benzene, and he bolts upright: did she feed him that? Is he ok? Is there anything wrong? Haha – surprisingly lucid, my man. Se-kyung assures him he’s fine, since the doctors were able to get most of it out, but she spots Dong-wook heading towards them.

Seung-jo freaks out at the sight of his friend, and he leaps off the bed and stops him. He greets Dong-wook respectfully and “reminds” him that he’s Jean Thierry Cha’s Secretary Kim. Dong-wook is confused until Seung-jo introduces him to Se-kyung as Jean Thierry’s friend, and then he starts playing along. Whew.

But then… Secretary Moon enters the ER. Seung-jo literally runs and slides across the floor to greet Secretary Moon respectfully, as if he’s the senior worker in the company. Se-kyung adds that she called him because she didn’t know “Secretary Kim’s” first name; poor Secretary Moon, who still doesn’t know who this Kim guy is. The nurse comes by, asking for the patient to be checked in, and Dong-wook leads her away, saying he’ll take care of it instead.

Seung-jo manages to take the moment to tell Secretary Moon to play along, as he’s pretending to be this Secretary Kim. He sends him off, and bids him farewell respectfully when Se-kyung comes by. I love how awkward Secretary Moon gets in using informal speech with his own boss. But then… Chauffeur Kim arrives. Seung-jo hugs him, pretending that he’s touched that all of his colleagues came out of concern for his welfare, and then practically pushes them all out of the ER.

Seung-jo gets his medicine and then checks out of the hospital in a rush. They have to get those bunnies. He packs each one carefully in a box, and Se-kyung takes the opportunity to ask what his name is. She had called Secretary Moon because she wasn’t sure about his own name. After a moment’s thought, he slowly says his name is Seung-jo. Kim Seung-jo.

He leaves Se-kyung to deliver the bunnies, and Se-kyung calls him back. Could it be that day….? But Se-kyung fails to finish her question, and she sends him off instead.

Se-kyung: Secretary Kim, I’m… thankful.

Kaedejun: HAHA – too bad Seung-jo doesn’t have a grandiose speech about love now.

Seung-jo: Finally, you’re saying “thank you” to me? For what?

Se-kyung: Just… for everything.

And they give each other a kind, broad smile.


It’s hard to put all my thoughts together for this drama, as so many plot points are revealed in each episode. The world is slowly – ever so slowly – being unraveled for us, and with each layer being peeled off one more connection is made that makes this world that much smaller. Cheongdam-dong is already not a big area, so imagine going around this area and seeing every single person you could possibly know in your life. Exhausting.

As Se-kyung is becoming more tightly woven into the fabric of Cheongdam-dong, Yoon-joo is starting to get strangled by the ties that bind her. Her connections from the past are coming back to haunt her, whether it be Cha Il-nam and his deals with her, or even Se-kyung’s father, who I’m sure knows all about her high school days. As one is on her way to become the new princess of Cheongdam-dong (as I hope Se-kyung will be), another queen is quite possibly on her way down. Off with her head!

I’m quite tickled by the fact that Seung-jo reveals his true nature and his true name to Se-kyung alone, thus showing how much he’s already trusting her. But when she finds out that he’s the CEO she’s been trying to gain the trust of (hopefully at the Christmas party), it would be interesting to see how their relationship will develop even further. I’m hoping that their relationship will change for the better, but at the same time I’m apprehensive over what will happen with this revelation. Will it skewer Se-kyung’s motives and change her treatment of Seung-jo? This guy is a little too pure for Cheongdam-dong, so I’m hoping our fish-out-of-water Alice won’t use Yoon-joo’s wily advice to do anything to him. Despite his jaded outlook on women in general, I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to catch up with any of the Cheongdam-dong women.


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  1. Moko

    Thank you so much for being super fast! High Five!

  2. Kayleigh

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun. I think I melted when Seung-jo told Se-kyung his real name. Park Shi-hoo really knows how to deliver simple lines with heart-felt, knee-quivering effectiveness.

    • 2.1 kakashi

      oh yes … I’m melting, I’ve melted … this drama and this man, they melt polar caps!

  3. dany

    I love this series more and more and it’s thanks to Park Shi hoo. He is a great actor.

    • 3.1 Julia

      PSH’s smiles … oh how I love him! I agree this series is winning me over too.

  4. Fasiris Fay

    I really like PSH and really want to like MGY, so is this drama worth watching? The initial premise interested me, but I’m just not sure…

    • 4.1 Ash

      I would say it’s definitely worth watching. The first two episodes do a lot of set-up work and are a bit weaker for it, but it finds its footing after that. And if you’re a Park Shi-hoo fan, it’s worth it if for him alone. I’d never seen him before this, and now his older dramas are wreaking havoc on all my free time.

      • 4.1.1 Fasiris Fay

        lol, well to be honest, I’ve only seen Prosecutor Princess, in which he was GREAT. But I’ve heard only good things about him in his other work.

        Okay, will definitely look into this…thanks! 🙂

        • kungfupigeon

          You definitely need to see The Princess’s Man too.

          But why does he seem more like the mad hatter than the white rabbit?

  5. MsB

    Great episode! I’m definitely feeling the chemistry between MGY and PSH! Its truly working for me!!

    • 5.1 JoAnne

      oh, there’s a moment toward the end of Ep 6 where what doesn’t quite happen literally made me catch my breath in anticipation. There might have been a tummy flutter too. That man can WORK it.

      • 5.1.1 rearwindow

        Oh my god, they were BOTH working it in that scene. Sparks were flying off my screen! (Can’t wait for episode 6 recap so we can squee more publicly).

  6. saranga

    thank you for the recap!

    i’m not sure what i think of this drama, exactly. it’s cute and fun, and i like watching. i think park shi-hoo is perfectly charming, winsome in his role. easily the best thing about this drama! but the lack of a swift, controlled plot makes this a bit anticlimactic for me. and though i’ll always have a soft place in my heart for MGY, i don’t know that this drama was the most brilliant of career moves for her.

    i’m still struggling to understand the character of se-kyung, and i’m not convinced of her reasons for suddenly wanting to gain acceptance in cheongdam. the drama isn’t quite what i expected, but then again, i’m not sure WHAT i was expecting initially…

    • 6.1 houstontwin

      I agree that it isn’t easy to understand SK. I’m not sure that I like her or feel sympathy for her.

    • 6.2 Tara S.

      Let me preface this by saying I haven’t really put a great deal of thought into this…but I think it is just a classic case of the grass is always greener on the other side.

      For Se-Kyung, she has always done what was “right” in her personal and professional life (academic and trying to find a job), because she believed that ultimately living this way would lead to happiness. However when her dreams were stomped, her love dumped her, her family is getting evicted she feels like the way she has been living is pointless. Then she looks at Yoon- Joo who seems to have everything.

      Se-Kyung doesn’t “see” that ultimately Yoon-Joo isn’t happy so she see’s what Yoon-Joo shows her. A loving husband, financial security, autonomy, and happiness, in Yoon-Joo’s life. Se-Kyung is at a crossroads in her life and I don’t believe she has really thought about what her Cheongdam reality may actually be. It is like picking out the shiniest gift wrapped package without knowing what is inside. Instead of taking the time to heal from her recent traumatic events I think she believes that embracing the goal of Cheongdam will solve all of her problems.

      Well this is a drama, so it probably will at the end…but I think that in live when you go through emotional upheaval sometimes leads to a re-examining of one’s life. Instead of “doing the work” sometimes people make quick decisions thinking that if they just do this or that, they can never be hurt again.

      I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I bet by the end of the drama, Se-Kyung will realize that she wasn’t thinking clearly in chasing the Cheongdam dragon. However if she hadn’t gone through the process, maybe she wouldn’t have realized that SHE wasn’t the problem; her problems were situational.

      Thanks for the sub!

      • 6.2.1 Tara S.

        oi! Sorry for all the typo’s and grammar issues. (Reminds herself to re-read what she has written after drinking two glasses of wine).

        • houstontwin

          Thanks for your analysis. I guess it is disturbing to me that SK is ready to mislead and exploit other people for her own gain.

      • 6.2.2 taro_milktea

        I think your analysis of Se Kyung is spot on. And this is what makes the drama interesting in addition to the romantic and funny we get from our OTP.

    • 6.3 nokke

      I think it’s rather simple. she wants to be a desighner. everyone says that she doesn’t have an eye for fashion and you can have this eye only being in a certain environment. she’s not living there and doesn’t see any way to get there not being born into this class.

      and then – ta-dam!!! she sees a way to get to this environment and thus acquire fashion sence -> become a good designer. it’s not that such logic is flawed, but I think it’s supposed to be like that.

  7. k-drama mania :P

    lol i’ve just finished watching ep 5 and 6…. Ohhh Saturday when will you come xD

  8. Cabbage

    We can assume that the outing of big truths will create Conflict and Misunderstandings, at least enough for a few episode cliffhangers.
    I’m more anxious how the Big Reveal will effect our satellite characters. I like In-hwa. Right now, she’s just a dangling plot device, but I’d like to think she has integrity and wants to help Se-kyung. So, I don’t want In-hwa to be disappointed when the girl turns out to be taking advice from the sister-in-law she doesn’t like.

    • 8.1 nokke

      why do you think In-Hwa wants to help Se-Kyung? she only insulted her up to this point.

  9. rainbow

    thanks 🙂

  10. 10 houstontwin

    The character of SJ is so sweet and vulnerable…I can’t help but worry that he will be hurt again.
    On the other hand, while I really hated YJ at first, I am beginning to worry about her too. It looks likes SJ’s dad is not the sweet old man that he seemed to be at first and that he must have been pretty cruel to YJ.

  11. 11 Nilechoclat

    Please MGY don’t hurt PSH he is already crying from his ex I hope he won’t discover the white bunny thing the drama is brilliant 🙂

  12. 12 kakashi

    I’ve been in love with PSH ever since I first saw him. But now … I’m falling even deeper! My heart races when I see him, I get sweaty palms, and fuzzy-warm feelings … help!! 0_o

    I’m tremendously happy about this gem of a drama – it’s the perfect way to end this year … and the perfect drama to start the new one! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody in a KDrama as foolishly, sincerely and cutely in love like Park Shi-hoo at the moment. Oh, I don’t want to see him suffer!! Pleaaaase writers, don’t make him suffer!

    • 12.1 Ash

      I think we need to start a support group. Maybe a search and rescue team. I can’t even remember the last time I fell for an actor this hard, this fast.

      Oh god, the angst is going to be KILLER, I can already feel it now. ;___;

      • 12.1.1 Nilechoclat

        Take me with you to your group I melted Like Ice cream when Park shi hoo smile Oh I can’t bear my heart wish a noble prince like him 😀

      • 12.1.2 houstontwin

        I don’t know if PSH is a great actor – time will tell. But…he certainly has a knack for making the viewer care from the very beginning. This is true of all of his dramas (even Iljamae -sp?).

        • zhill

          try to watch “The Princess Man”, his best drama so far. his acting now is quite similar to his acting in prosecutors princess … if you like him in Iljimae, then you will love him 10X in the princess man, one of the best drama in 2011.

          • houstontwin

            I really did love PSH in The Princess’ Man and many others in the cast too. I was kind of disappointed with the ending though.

      • 12.1.3 Perevell

        I just found out about him. in this drama. And I’m 100% on board your support group. I’m going crazy everytime he smiles *swoons*.

        It’s the acting I tell you. Can’t deny PSH has skills, but I know many actors who have them as well it’s just…this guy melts me *becomes a puddle of goo*

        Okay. I just strengthen my resolve to brush up on korean and take a oneway flight to Korea. I’ll be your search team 😛

    • 12.2 Mari

      You are not alone my friends.. I loved him since the end of Prosecuter princess. He is just a great actor. His face does so many expressions. Buti have to admit that I love his dorky smile the most. Sigh***

  13. 13 kopytko

    If I were Se Kyung I would change my plans. I would drop all that Cheongdam-dong bullsh*t and set my eyes on the handsome doc. Just saying ;p

    • 13.1 Fab

      He is hot, isn’t he??

      • 13.1.1 TS

        Especially when he looks stunned at PSH…

        • Mystisith

          ^ This. It’s not handsome men who are lacking in this drama, but I must say he is the cutest for me.

      • 13.1.2 katiamon

        oh, yeah! the doc is attractive but… may i have both? the doc and mad hatter, please?

        • Fab

          I’ll take secretary Kim any time of the day!
          Unfortunately at this point doc is not an option for our heroin, regarding Tommy H.
          Although we do have bromance galore guaranteed!

    • 13.2 miss unknown

      I would too! But the thing is right now, her main plan is to get out of the slump that her family is in because they are in debt with no place to live and only by finding her white rabit, she will only find happiness. If it were me, I would go for the doctor too, but in her case it’s a bit different. She never even dream about being rich or anything, she just wanted to work hard to earn money, but even till this day, she can’t do that. And she only knows 1 way, which is marry someone rich like Yoon Joo did, so that’s why she’s blinded by that…

    • 13.3 rearwindow

      Lol! You can have the doc, I’ll take Seung-jo’s hot secretary. Love. Him.

  14. 14 Fab

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Seung-Jo!(or should I say secretary Kim? ) He really lights up my screen. I was either laughing out loud or smiling just when he appears on the screen. Hope Se-kyung falls for the secretary Kim before finding out he is the CEO. Can’t see how she could resist him, he is too adorable! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    Gah apparently every other character has a dark side. Damn. I just hope that neither Seung-jo or Se-kyung get caught in the scheming doomed fishnet of the people around them.

    • 14.1 houstontwin

      No doubt they will get caught in the net. There will be lots of crying and misunderstanding. Too bad that they won’t be able to sustain the “cute.”

  15. 15 Fab

    One ”the” too many….

  16. 16 iatetoomuch

    I hope they won’t make too much of the company storyline and/or matchmaking thingy. Amen.

  17. 17 Z

    So good! But I’m ready for the Big Reveal do they can commence the real taking in love. I’m a little scared what it will do to the busing relationship with Yoon Joo, though. Either she’ll be full on against it to avoid bring entangled with Seung Hi, our she be full on for it to avoid the prospect of him bring get brother in law. Fingers crossed for the latter.

  18. 18 katiamon

    CDDA is my new crack and i’ve become a PSH fangirl. The man is so great and has amazing timing for his quirky and crazy behaviour. MGY is so cute and has a lot of chemistry with him (actually she had great chemistry with all her male co-stars, how awesome is that???!!!), i want more action between them ASAP, they are burning up my laptop screen.
    The plot is getting better and i’m sad the cuteness will have to fade soon because we are almost halfway (ep 8 is coming this week) and the secrets have to start to come up and mess with them.
    thank you for the recap 🙂

  19. 19 cherkell

    Will the Emo Bunny Dolls mirror the Pig-Rabbit Craze? WE CAN ONLY HOPE SO!!!

    Love this show. Love these characters. Love it all!!!

  20. 20 Carole McDonnell

    I am so so so conflicted about this drama. I want to continue seeing it. I love all the characters. I love the actors. I love the theme. BUT that false identity thing is really annoying me. Okay.. I’m trying to deal with all the coincidences that keep popping up. Coincidences are one of my big bugaboos. But, I’m pliable so I’m accepting the coincidences even though they make me roll my eyes. But that FALSE IDENTITY THING. I just want to scream.

    I can accept Mentally-wobbly Jean-thierry creating this world where he has a false identity….because he’s a mad hatter. But I can’t accept his power over the media. Seriously, the fight isn’t in the tabloids? Don’t Korean society have to deal with tabloids? And when someone goes to a party and researches everyone but doesn’t see pics of the head of Artemis Korea, NOT to mention everyone not knowing about the previous marriage when everyone seems to know so much else… then my mind reels. “REELS,” I tell ya. What kind of non-computer-literate world do these rich folks inhabit?

    The secrets BETTA start unraveling next week. I need some fallout from the truth, especially the truth about the secret false identity.

    Patience about to run out here. The gameplaying has gone on for far tooooo long. His gaming is one thing but everyone’s being in the dark about so many things…..REALLY??? REALLY?????

    • 20.1 miss unknown

      OMG! I completely agree with you! This identity thing is really making me anxious and worry for this drama at the same time! I really love all the characters, but I hope for the writer to really know how to pull it together in the end. Because right now, you have two people who are in love with each other who are using another identity really… although SK is using her own name, she has become someone else with a different goal, so she’s still using another identity…It makes me worry so sometimes I tell myself not to invest in this drama cuz it may turn out bad in the end…

      Also, next week is already the midpoint of the drama, I really hope she finds out who he is at the party already because that will at least solves 1 identity crisis…I actually think that SJ’s identity will be find out first and then SK later on when they almost get marry or something like that…cuz that really ties in the whole point of her really learning to find her own love through marriage thing..

      • 20.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I so understand how you feel about fearing to invest in this story. I know it’ll probably turn out well and I understand that it’s good that she falls for him while he'[s good and poor. And I understand that he doesn’t fit into Cheondam-dong either. But will his daddy issues, his idealism, her creative needs, her dad now employed in one of Daddy Cha’s franchises, the whole ex-wife thing, the whole matchmaking marriage thing….. Is all this gonna be worked out satisfactorily in the little time we have left? Will I then have to endure two or more episodes with them not talking to each other because she felt deceived by his shenanigans? or he felt hurt at her possible growing cynicism? I just keep seeing misunderstanding piled on misunderstanding and silly double-dealing and scheming…when all I want is a love story? Please, drama, don’t do me like that.

    • 20.2 Fab

      I am sorry girls, but I love the identity crisis, I feel like we(or SK for that matter) could never learn how Seung Jo REALLY is. How he is around Se kyung is just endearing. Poor guy got his heart crushed once for his status, let him ”heal’…

      • 20.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Identity crisis, I don’t mind. The screenwriter totally disregarding the real world of tabloid, the internet, etc…and asking the viewers to go above and beyond the call of audience believability duties… that I mind.

        While I understand that the Mad Hatter is in his own little world and is dragging everyone in his circle into the lie, I can’t understand how the writers didn’t create a more believable atmosphere for this lie. In a world like this — in the real Cheondam-dong– this sort of thing would not happen. Internet, fashion shows, etc. Am I to believe that some guy can disappear to Europe then return unknown?

        If the characters were in another place outside of Korea, then I could understand all this happening. Say…if they were expats or if they were in the Fashion industry in NY and were hiding their identity. That would be believable. And I would respect the writers for aiming for believability. So, this is what makes me doubt the story. If I lose trust in a writer on one thing …then I start losing trust in another thing. And another thing. And another thing.

        Again, I didn’t say the story was wrong or bad…Nor did I say I disliked the story. I just said that the setting of the story was badly chosen and that I am very conflicted. I really like everything about the characters…but the writers messed up the setting and didn’t mirror the real world. Which i guess is allowed…. it being Alice and all.

        • Fab

          Ah I know what you mean, It is hard to comprehend that the CEO of a famous brand is not known to the public by his face. Taking on a new identity abroad is one thing, but to also manage to hide the SECOND identity is not convincing. But I personally overlook those kind of flaws b/c I think they make the funny story work. At least in this case.
          On the other hand we are almost halfway so we need this secret to come out, in order for the plot to move on…

          • Betsy Hp

            I can buy it because he’s new and he’s in sales not design (if I understand the company-speak correctly) — so it’s not a position that necessarily needs to be PR-hyped. He’s not the face of the company, he’s the bank.

            Plus, a whole foundational aspect of this story is that the truly rich and powerful are the people not seen. That’s Yoon-joo’s whole point about Se-kyung needing a White Rabbit. These are people who will not show up in tabloids or even be photographed at fashions shows. (That’s for the new money and pop-stars.) Because their parties are occurring at a level the public doesn’t even know about.

            I don’t know if that level of wealth actually exists in the real world. (I suspect it does to a certain extent.) But it does in the drama. I think this secret, powerful, unseen world is the whole point. So of course the main catch is a guy not even the hidden people really know. And that works for me. 🙂

          • rearwindow

            @Betsy Hp: Perfectly said.

          • aaastrike

            I think you haven’t watch Me too Flower….it’s not that famous…but we have a CEO who has a double life….(>_<)

        • sietorito

          Recuerda la hija de los osborne que no quiso salir en el realiti.
          y mantuvo su identidad en secreto. creo que si alguien invierte en el anonimato es posible

          • houstontwin

            Lo que Osborne se refiere?

    • 20.3 Mystisith

      I can buy it cause for me it’s really the fantasy world of Alice. Remember the Matrix who was used as a funny effect in a previous episode. It’s an alternaverse where things are more extreme than in the real world. For some reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of this drama the heroine would wake up in her bed…

      • 20.3.1 kakashi

        yup, good point. I also don’t measure this drama by how “real” it is. Who knows whose version of reality we’re actually seeing … things don’t make sense in Alice in Wonderland. Quite the opposite! It’s a story that is there to challenge what we consider normal and to actively undermine the distinction between dream and reality.

      • 20.3.2 Woody

        “I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of this drama the heroine would wake up in her bed…” – bwuhahaha, would be funny ending

        • Woody

          @Betsy Hp – A “Like” to your comment

  21. 21 JoAnne

    I was kind of thinking that when Tommy Hong says Se Kyung reminds him of someone, it’s himself. Paving the way for TWO now jaded men to be converted into true believers in the time-honored method employed by all KDramas everywhere which says there MUST be a triangle.

    Doc is hot, yep. Something about his overly manicured brows/eye area in general is odd though.


    wow. Was I ever missing out. I thought he was strange looking and I never like those dark lips on anyone and I don’t like the general shape of his whole chestal area *waving hands enthusiastically mid-torso on imaginary actor in front of me* but wow, wow, wow. His comic timing is impeccable. His ability to show emotion believably is strong. His smile is – when he shows up on screen, I just smile in anticipation of whatever he’s going to do next.

    Actually…both he and MGY have great ‘eye smiles.’ Totally buying them together. Full price, even. At the end of Ep 6 this moved ahead of School 2013 for me to become End of Year Crack.

    • 21.1 Betsy Hp

      Oh my gosh, totally seconding you on PSH. I saw pics of him before I saw him in a drama and I was like, “Him? Really?” Because everyone was so crazy about him. But once you see him in action… Yeah, then I got it. 😉

      • 21.1.1 Fab

        I think the first I ever saw of him were his ABS. Simply WOW!
        It’s his work that I kept missing out on.

      • 21.1.2 Mari

        Watch “Prosecuter princess” you love him even more!!!

        • Betsy Hp

          Oh, I’ve seen it. 😀 I believe I’ve seen everything he’s in. Because yeah… once you catch a glimpse it’s near impossible to stop looking.

    • 21.2 kakashi

      JoAnne. tststs. This is called “falling fast and hard”. I remember a time, not so long ago, when you said something along the lines of … PSH being one of the few Korean actors that did nothing for you?! ha! HA! ~~^^

      Remember that I saw him first!

      I tell you how this will continue: You’ll hunt down every single thing he’s been in, including “how to meet a perfect neighbor” and “Family’s Honor” and you’ll watch everything, even the bad stuff … simply because he is in it. And then you’ll rewatch Princess’ Man at least three times and you will hope he doesn’t decide to do another movie next.

      • 21.2.1 houstontwin

        Perfect Neighbor is perfectly dreadful!!! Even if you love PSH you must not punish yourself by watching it.

        • kakashi

          I did 🙂 … if you still love him after that, you know you’re a true fangirl

  22. 22 Betsy Hp

    I adored that even Tommy Hong’s assistant was like, “Yeah, you kind of butchered that one.” Man’s having a bad day. But I really adore that Tommy is such a game-master himself. As well as his trusty assistant. As well as In-hwa. So many games being played! I loves it! 🙂

    On a totally different note: I’m wondering if there’s some social commentary going on here. My understanding is a vast amount of wealth in S.Korea is held by a teeny-tiny amount of people. The smallness of the Cheongdam-dong world as shown in this drama — the difficulty of breaking into it, even to just get a decent job as was Se-kyung’s first goal, and the way marriage partners are chosen to “keep it in the family” so to speak — I wonder if those are all there to make an underlying point?

  23. 23 bebeswtz

    might be obvious at this point, but I’m wondering if Yoon-joo is supposed to represent the Queen of Hearts? With all her pink and/or red lipstick that she always has on?

  24. 24 Laeah

    At first I didnt want to see this because it seemed like just another normal chaebol son/poor girl.
    I like the twist on this show! Ep 5 and 6 really picked things up.

    As for shipping:
    Tommy H + In Hwa
    Secretary Moon + Ah Jung
    Sscha + Se Kyung
    Yoon Joo + divorce + kicked back to France.


    • 24.1 houstontwin

      I hope that Yoon Joo will be able to work things out with her husband (that he will really love her in the end) and that she will have kids and live happily ever after.

      • 24.1.1 Odet

        me too. I’m liking Yoon Joo now and I’m starting to symphatize with her. I hope that there is love between her and her husband…

        • houstontwin

          I like dramas where you are able to care about “the other woman.” Protect the Boss was like that.

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    K I’m happy you got this drama to recap. It gets better every episode. I think you deserve it after such a mixed bag of dramas this year.
    Hurrah CA for coming through as one to watch.

  26. 26 Fab

    Anyone else wondering why SK only measured his suit jacket…

    • 26.1 kakashi

      … cause he would have died of a heart attack otherwise? ^^ the poor boy almost fainted …

    • 26.2 momosa

      It’s weird right? I was waiting for the waist & legs and there was none ……

    • 26.3 miss unknown

      HAHAHA…we are all preverts! LOL>..

    • 26.4 mysin

      Wkwkwkwk… ROFL… my stomach hurt XD XD XD

  27. 27 anna

    What is up with this drama’s ratings? It always slipped a few points during the second episodes. This episode the rating was 13%, and then it just slipped down to 10. So weird. Same for episode 3 and 4. 11, then 9.

    • 27.1 Mystisith

      Presidential debates are messing with the ratings: Most of the dramas on Sunday were aired at 11pm instead of 10pm.

  28. 28 Suzi Q

    Should Se Kyung be following Yoon Joo’s instructions on how to nag a rich husband in Cheongdam-dong?

    Although SK might be envious of her material assets, Yoon Joo’s life just isn’t that great as it appears. Her mother and sister-in-law don’t seem to place her in high regard. Also her past with Seung Jo’s dad and her prior romantic relationship with Cha Seung Jo is coming back to haunt her current marriage. She’s skating on thin ice if her sordid past is being slowly revealed to her current relatives.She is in big trouble…. OFF WITH HER HEAD!

    I like it when PSH plays the wacky, looney, secret Jean Thierry Cha. Great comedic timing… I hope that his true identity will be revealed soon to Se Kyung. Although she wants a rich husband and all of the material things it has to offer, I think that her parent’s moral upbringing will finally wake her up and get her out of the rich rabbit hole.

    Not liking In Hwa who kind of cold hearted. She originally rejected Jean Thierry Cha of Artemis. Her tune changed when she found out that he is the heir to Royal Group. To her, marriage is like a merger of rich companies. I liked her in the beginning but now I am totally disgusted by her greed. I’m wondering if she was disillusioned by a previous love.

    • 28.1 houstontwin

      I’m not so sure about SK’s moral upbringing. Her parents really overextended themselves financially and seemed to ready to rely on SK for help.

    • 28.2 rearwindow

      “Should Se Kyung be following Yoon Joo’s instructions on how to nag a rich husband in Cheongdam-dong?”

      Oh, if we’re talking happiness then I definitely think she shouldn’t. But we have to remember that SK is coming off of a devastating break-up with a decent man she loved for 10 years, who fled the country and stole her money. So yeah, it makes perfect sense that she’s lost faith in the male species and figures that if true love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship through the bad times, she might as well find someone who can improve her life in a concrete way.

  29. 29 Suzi Q

    Typo … Snag

  30. 30 midwestmz

    As ever, thank you for your excellent recaps. Sometimes I read them before the English is on the episode, I always read them after and relive the moment. I even get clarification on some things I thought I had totally understood, not!, in ‘reading’ the episode.

    Started watching this one being bored one night, and was sooooooo deliciously surprised. Poor little down trodden, but ever so faithful girl. Looser (super-super large L on that one) boyfriend she stalwartly tried to stand by and help, who finally has the good graces to depart. The Me Girl (again capital letters on her moniker) that you can just love to dislike. And a new squirrelly boy to fall in love with. The mix and match could not be any better here.

    You are sucked in within the first few minutes, and hang on every minute thereafter, and sorry when your allotted time with them is up. A really enjoyable production, and the mains are just sooooo right for their parts. How could you not just laugh, love, adore, and like squirrelly boy. The more you see him the more, hubba hubba, you want him to ask you for some nuts!

  31. 31 beldaran

    i mentioned it on soompi but… i think that when the big reveal comes, she’s going to feel betrayed… like he’s been laughing at her between his fingers all this time that she was trying to get close to jean thierry cha, not knowing that it’s been him all this time. all shows of concern will be interpreted as his attempt to stave off boredom, playing with a new toy. on the other side, he’s going to feel betrayed, as well, feeling that she was just using him (the secretary) to get to his richer side (the president) so that she could make her big break in cheongdamdong. all of her expressions of sincerity, empathy, and love will be interpreted as acting, as just using him to get a step up in the ladder. 🙁

    i’m wondering which will make the first big crack and what will finally break the dam – one of their friends, the diary, one of their parents, tommy, the media? (i’m assuming the media will eventually get involved. XD)

    i am love-love-loving this show so much. i’m totally suffering from the long weeks and the lack of previews! aaaaargh!!

  32. 32 Lilly

    This just keeps getting crazier. More and more people pretending they are not really who they are to others, more and more people spying on others, and more and more people with plots to try to manipulate people who may or may not be who they are or pretend to be or not be. Really funny.

    Like that screen shot of Yoon-joo facing yet another OMG moment at bakery, lol.

  33. 33 abby

    The scene in the hospital really make me scream like crazy. PSH is really hilarious and trying to hide his identity just crack me out.

  34. 34 abby

    The scene in the hospital really make me scream like crazy. PSH is really hilarious and trying to hide his identity just crack me out.Well this is the first time for a long time to make a comment again and you rejected me. I don’t think so that’s fair.

  35. 35 rearwindow

    Thanks for the recap! I adooooooore this show.

    I think I want Se-kyung to fall fully in love with Seung-jo and actually “choose” him before she discovers his true identity. Mostly because Seung-jo is such a perfect, kind-hearted, innocent little puppy and I don’t want him feeling anything bad ever. Se-kyung’s already on the fast-track to falling hard, even if she doesn’t fully admit it to herself. I wonder if the guilt will get to her when she is actually faced with getting everything she wants (love + $).

    Seung-jo is a fantastic character. At first I thought he was a little too outrageous, but he’s actually acquiring a lot of depth as the show progresses.

    It’s so refreshing to see a romance unfolding because of mutual respect and attraction. In spite of the lies surrounding their pairing, I feel like Seung-jo and Se-kyung have a substantive connection (especially in episode 6! OMO!!!). Watching them come together is a bit like falling in love.

    • 35.1 Lovebug

      I love absolutely everything about your comment. Couldn’t agree more!

  36. 36 lenrasoon

    loved this episode and the hospital scene was hilarious, Park shi hoo is really shinning in this role.

  37. 37 TS

    The only characters that I’m caring about are Se-jeung and Lady Mishil, oops, I mean, Yoon-ju.

    • 37.1 melonhead

      Hahaha, Lady Mishil 😀

      Yeah, I’m surprisingly really liking Yoon-ju. She may act snobbish and conniving, but it’s clear she’s used her skills and effort to get where she is, which I respect. I also love her grudging friendship with Se-kyung, but I hope she doesn’t descend into bitchy second lead once she finds out Seung-jo likes Se-kyung. She’s been too nuanced to waste with that.

      • 37.1.1 TS

        I don’t think she will. what I”m surprised about is that her inlaws and husband don’t already know her background. They must’ve done a check.

  38. 38 laughingrose

    I feel like Seung Jo’s personality is like the entire Madhatter Tea Party rolled into one. It’s so pronounced in those hospital scenes. The instrumental soundtrack for those moments with the quirky horns is spot on too. Kudos to the composers for this drama.

    This series took me a few episodes to get hooked but with each one I find myself falling a little further down the rabbit hole.

  39. 39 Sajen

    All I can say is so far this show is not what I expected, which is a very, very good thing.

  40. 40 Lilian

    Such a good episode! But I am biased. I can look at Park Shi Hoo the whole day. My fav parts are those when he criticizes his “boss” aka himself…haha

  41. 41 aiguebelle

    park shi hoo is amazing in this role! Never knew that he had it in him to be this comedic. Almost died laughing at some of his out-of-this-world expressions. Somebody needs to make a gif of the scene where he slides across the hospital floor to hug the driver!

  42. 42 k-soup

    I’m still contemplating if this is worth watching..

    to watch or not to watch that is the question…

  43. 43 Pam

    Thank you for the recap of ep 5! Now where is episode 6? I’m greedily fangirling here…ahaha. Loving SJ. Please don’t hurt him, SK! I volunteer to be your shield, SJ…LOL! Thanks again!

  44. 44 nods

    I love this show. A huge fan of the leads, so I hope it does not descend into a melo wallowing of regrets and bitterness. I want all the characters to grow more before reveal identity/agendas and to develop real empathy for each other. Furthermore, I would never have anticipated making this remark of an atypical Kdrama’s antagonist but poor Yoon Joo, I don’t want to see her fall from her throne. Yet, I suppose Yoon Joo must fall in order to develop; I hope Yoon Joo gets a fresh chance abroad in the end with her spouse and baby in tow. I certainly hope for her sake that her husband is aware enough of her agendas but loves and will support her anyway. I believe that may help her to become a more emotionally fulfilled and mature woman.

    Moreover, I hope they set some scenes in France in the latter episode(s), after a suitable period of separation, like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ or ‘After Sunset’ which I believe they made a direct reference to in episode 6. I’d like to see a scene of them eating the french New Year’s cake to eat away the regrets of the past year and begin anew. Some of these cakes, namely La galette des Rois, have a fève within which means that person must offer the next cake during the following year. I think this would a truly symbolic means of forgiveness, reconciliation and promise to spend the next year together.

  45. 45 AirRearai

    this show is truly amazing… love PSH and MGY so muuch on screen. Now I do understand you Kaedjun, this drama way tooo much better to watch than only reading the recap.. worth watching ^^

  46. 46 Windsun33

    I almost passed on this show, but now I am glad I did not. So far it is much better and more than I expected. If it keeps going as well as it has up to ep5, it may turn out to be my fave of 2012.

    I just hope that Se Kyung does not give in to following the “Diary of Evil” to the end, it would be like smooshing a cute puppy.

    • 46.1 TS

      Is it so evil? Yoong-joo’s husband is happy with her and her with him.

  47. 47 Anvesha

    Omg, is this the first time were referring to the guy as pure? Lol funny but true.. I’m so anxious over their every interaction and then the looks he gives her. She can totally destroy him if she wants. What will happen when he finds out the truth? I’m so scared to watch at times.

  48. 48 ORA

    I’m dying of laughter when I watch the scenes in the hospital. OMG ha ha ha.. PSH is just ssoooo cute…

  49. 49 PSH

    What is the name of the melody as they are at the university?

  50. 50 Jannette

    Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I’m inspired!
    Extremely helpful info specifically the final part 🙂
    I handle such information a lot. I was looking for this certain info
    for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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