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Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 6
by | December 19, 2012 | 142 Comments

How do I describe this episode: it’s 50% cute, 40% Park Shi-hoo, and 10% sweet. And that adds up to… 100% of full crazy fun that makes my heart lift with giddiness. I never thought we’d get this kind of episode from the way this drama started off, but I’m thankful for it.

Ya hear me, Shi-hoo Hubby? I’m thankful!


Seung-jo returns home and smiles over the suited bunnies. (I want one. Hint hint, Drama Marketing Team.) Se-kyung smiles as she remembers how Seung-jo so tenderly packed away her creations, then receives a surprise text message from “Jean Thierry Cha” with a photo of the happy bunny.

Se-kyung is so excited she starts jumping around her room, while Seung-jo wonders whether he made the right choice in sending that text with his spare phone. She replies with a thank you, then calls Seung-jo (on his other phone), squealing that the CEO received the bunnies and texted her. She warns Seung-jo to take care of himself in case he gets any lingering side effects from the benzene. D’aww…

Seung-jo sits at his desk and starts filling out the questionnaire, imagining Se-kyung there with him, asking the questions. He answers easily about favorite foods and places, and admits to having last cried on December 8, 2012. The day he saw Se-kyung’s letter.

The following day, he heads to a Samsung store for some product endorsement an updated phone for Se-kyung. She spends all day and night designing different outfits for the CEO.

Se-kyung falls asleep at her desk, and doesn’t realize till the morning that Ah-jung has been in her room for a while… reading Yoon-joo’s diary. Se-kyung freezes and Ah-jung asks accusingly what it’s all about. Se-kyung admits that it belongs to Yoon-joo. Say what?!

Before she can rail against her, the movers arrive to take the family’s belongings to Ah-jung’s house, where they’ll be renting. Ah-jung welcomes them to her tiny abode, and though everyone accepts their smaller surroundings, Se-jin has a hard time accepting a bathroom without a proper shower.

Ah-jung pulls Se-kyung aside, demanding an explanation. She can’t believe Se-kyung wants to live like Yoon-joo, the girl she looked down on all these years. Se-kyung admits that she pretended to look down on her, when in reality she was jealous of the lifestyle Yoon-joo and Ah-jung led. Ah-jung cries out in horror: Shouldn’t Se-kyung live as herself? But that’s the thing – Se-kyung doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to be a poor errand girl.

Se-kyung escapes to the rooftop, and Ah-jung finally takes her judgment down a notch. She won’t stop Se-kyung, and she’ll do her best to get the information Se-kyung wants on the CEO of Artemis. Ah-jung worries that Se-kyung will be hurt going down the same road as Yoon-joo, but Se-kyung promises that she’ll lead a happier life.

Dong-wook looks through Seung-jo’s questionnaire. He finds the personal questions weird, but Seung-jo is excited by the thought that Se-kyung wants to know hundreds of things about him. (Um – I guess you could look at it that way…) He got to relive some happy memories because of her, so Dong-wook replies that Seung-jo should be more honest about his answers then. Ha! He’s amazed that Seung-jo didn’t get caught the other day, although the three people who really need to keep his secret (Dong-wook, Secretary Moon, and Chauffeur Kim) are now aware of his ruse.

Se-kyung reveals to Ah-jung that she works through “Secretary Kim,” a man who knows everything about the CEO. To get information on Jean Thierry Cha, they’ll need information on Secretary Kim first. Ah-jung already knows the perfect way to find out, because she went on a blind date with a secretary in the company…

…Who is none other than Secretary Moon.

HA! What’s funny is that Seung-jo is most worried about Secretary Moon, as his big mouth could ruin everything. He gets a call from Se-kyung and freaks out, wondering what to do. Dong-wook: “What do you mean? Just pick up.” Seung-jo picks up, makes some noises of agreement, then hangs up. Dong-wook: “So what’d she say? What’d she say!?” (Look who’s excited now…)

Seung-jo promptly tries to kick Dong-wook out. Se-kyung seems to want to meet on a Sunday, which leads to teasing from Dong-wook. Seung-jo shows his friend the wrapped presents and wonders if the ribbon flowers are too much. Dong-wook: “You’re the one that’s too much.”

Se-kyung and Seung-jo meet at a cafe, where he presents her with the cellphone and camera without the gift wrapping. He pretends that the company gives these gadgets to all its employees and that he managed to snag a set for her. When she takes out the ribbon flower that’s still attached to one, he snatches it away. Hee. But on to business: Se-kyung has come up with a few designs and wants Seung-jo’s opinion. He looks favorably on her styles, and makes suggestions regarding the cut. Guess she is talented after all.

While waiting in a cafe, Ah-jung logs in to the company website and looks up the secretarial department. Imagine her confusion when she doesn’t see a “Kim Seung-jo” listed. She calls Se-kyung and warns her that “Secretary Kim” doesn’t exist. Just in time – Secretary Moon arrives, wondering why the woman who dumped him wants to see him.

Now, Se-kyung’s defenses are raised. When Seung-jo comes back with drinks, she pelts him with questions: Did he bring the questionnaire? Did he take pictures of the CEO’s dressing room like she asked, or get his measurements? Of course, Seung-jo failed to do all that, but he makes up the excuse that it’s Sunday. So Se-kyung asks for his business card; the entire time he’s been giving her Jean Thierry Cha’s card, not his own.

Ah-jung gets right to the point with Secretary Moon: is there someone named Kim Seung-jo in the secretarial department? He shifts nervously and his eyes bug out when he learns that Ah-jung is actually Se-kyung’s friend. He discreetly texts Seung-jo that they’re having an emergency, and thankfully gets a call back, preventing him from giving Ah-jung an answer. Whew.

The two men touch base and realize that the women are onto him. How are they going to get out of this web of lies? Secretary Moon wants Seung-jo to tell the truth, but he’s not ready for that yet. Suddenly he gets a bright idea, and tells Secretary Moon to listen carefully…

They return to their respective ladies, and both lean in with a serious expression. Kim Seung-jo is actually… Jean Thierry Cha’s kagemusha. In other words – his doppelgänger, his impersonator. He acts as the president and performs most of his duties because the CEO is just so weird. That’s why he doesn’t get listed in the company registry or has his own card. Technically he is Jean Thierry Cha!

Oh. My. God. You didn’t just try and make this lie more complicated, did you?!

Se-kyung is still skeptical, and demands proof. Who’s to say that Seung-jo isn’t actually a con man? But she gets a call from Ah-jung, who confirms the exact same thing, and nowSe-kyung wonders whether Seung-jo was telling her the truth. At that moment, Seung-jo exits the cafe with Se-kyung’s things – if Se-kyung wants proof, he’ll give her proof.

Tommy has been quite busy, trying to collect more information on Cha Il-nam and Cha Seung-jo. His assistant managed to gather some information on all the Cha Seung-jos living in the States around 1999, which is when Cha Il-nam’s son purportedly went to college there. There’s one search result of a Seung-jo looking for a roommate in New Haven, and another who placed third in a rowing competition.

With his seemingly photographic memory, Tommy remembers that Cha Il-nam once sponsored a rowing team where three members were Korean. One was Han Dae-chul, one of Tommy’s contacts, a 2003 graduate of Yale and now dermatologist. Which means Seung-jo could have graduated in the same class.

What he doesn’t realize is that In-hwa is already a step ahead of him. She vists Han Dae-chul, her dermatologist, and confirms both his Yale background and Seung-jo’s, with a graduation photo. So it’s 100% confirmed then? Cha Seung-jo = Jean Thierry Cha. Now the next step is for In-hwa to introduce herself to Cha Il-nam.

At the Shin household, Yoon-joo is still shaking after learning that In-hwa is being matched with her ex-boyfriend. She gathers her wits just enough for dinner with the family, until In-hwa suggests that they donate some of their clothing to charity. They could donate the clothes to Royal Group, who is hosting their own party. Mrs. Shin and Min-hyuk like the idea, while Yoon-joo keeps quiet, trying to figure out just how much In-hwa knows about her ties to the Cha family.

Seung-jo takes Se-kyung to his home, and they happen to see Chauffeur Cha outside the building. He manages to correctly address him as Secretary Kim in front of Se-kyung, but once out of earshot, the chauffeur mutters, “That man is out of his mind…”

Seung-jo takes Se-kyung inside and leads her all the way to his dressing room. There, Se-kyung notices all the rabbits lined up in a row. Seung-jo even picks up the mail on the table, which is addressed to Jean Thierry Cha. Yep – he brought her to the CEO’s home, and as his private secretary, he knew the door code. Even Chauffeur Kim recognized him and called him “Secretary Kim.”

All the doubt is washed away, and Se-kyung eagerly takes a look around the dressing room to take pictures and get the CEO’s measurements.

Then, a doorbell. Could that be… “Jean Thierry?!” But why would he ring the doorbell to his own house? Seung-jo tells her to stay in the dressing room as he goes to check it out, finding to his surprise that his visitor is Yoon-joo. She noticed he was home by the lights flicking on.

Yoon-joo barges into the apartment and plops down on the sofa. Seung-jo grabs her wrist and quietly but forcibly drags her outside. If she wants to talk, they’ll have to do it outside. Yoon-joo is confused over his lack of hospitality, then spots a pair of shoes by the door. Does he have a girl over? Thankfully, Seung-jo drags her out before Se-kyung can spot her.

Yoon-joo is curious as to why Seung-jo didn’t introduce the girl to her – perhaps to boast? Seung-jo cuts to the chase: what does she want? Yoon-joo asks if he’s aware of the match made between him and In-hwa. Seung-jo doesn’t seem to know, but he assures her that no such relationship will exist. He and Yoon-joo are finished.

Yoon-joo: Fine. I’ll go. But this time, protect her. Don’t put your emotions first. Make sure you know what she really wants and try to understand her. Then you’ll be able to protect her. Don’t fail. I’m being sincere. This is the only way that you and I can move on.

Kaedejun: Oooh – I wonder how you’ll feel when you realize you just advised Seung-jo to take care of your frenemy!

In the dressing room, Se-kyung takes a look at his watches all laid out, and notices the handmade bracelet that she had given him. More proof that Seung-jo isn’t lying! She notices the metal bracelet is inscribed with ‘S.J. Cha’ but does not give much thought to the initials.

When Seung-jo rejoins her, Se-kyung notices that the CEO seems to be a little obsessive-compulsive about neatness, as all of his clothes are organized by color and fabric. Seung-jo: “It’s a type of mental illness.” Heheh – I love how frank he is about his own weirdness. He starts purposely messing up his stuff to show that he thinks this “Jean Thierry” is a bit crazy.

Se-kyung becomes curious over how he and the CEO met, and he says it was while he studied in Paris. He’d done some cleaning and grunt work for him, and at least the pay was good. Seung-jo adds that he was homeless during that time, which Se-kyung can’t believe because he dresses so well. Seung-jo assures her that he worked hard, even doing construction work like building bridges. Se-kyung laughs – there’s no way he could have done that. He can’t trick her, because she knows Paris better than he thinks.

She draws him a map of Paris, marking the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the bridge Pont Neuf. She draws all the districts in Paris as well, from memory, and he’s impressed. It’s because she always dreamed of going… Seung-jo smiles and shares his own secrets of Paris – the local restaurants and his favorite place, Montmartre.

The cartoon map comes to life with color as Seung-jo and Se-kyung bond over their memories – or dreams – of Paris. I’m sorry to say that this beautiful moment gets interrupted when Se-kyung receives a call from Secretary Moon. Apparently Ah-jung is very drunk.

Ah-jung is still in disbelief over the CEO’s doppelgänger, and keeps asking Secretary Moon for confirmation. He’s already exhausted, especially since he’s not quite as drunk as she is. Se-kyung and Seung-jo finally arrive, and Seung-jo and Secretary Moon communicate in heated mouthed words. Ah-jung is incredibly happy to see her best friend, and Seung-jo in the flesh, but in her drunkenness very nearly reveals Se-kyung’s goal of becoming a Cheongdam-dong wife. Se-kyung clamps her hand over Ah-jung’s mouth and leads her outside.

Secretary Moon can’t believe they’re keeping up with the lame excuse that “Secretary Kim” is a sort of impersonator. Ha – he leaves for the bathroom but actually ditches them, leaving Seung-jo to pick up the tab and take the girls home. By now Ah-jung has passed out and Se-kyung can’t get her to stand. Seung-jo tries to wake her, but ends up piggybacking Ah-jung home.

He complains about the steep walk and wonders to himself when Se-kyung moved to this hilly neighborhood. They arrive at the house, and just before Seung-jo lays Ah-jung on her bed, she retches.

And retches.

Seung-jo freezes. Did she… really… just vomit over his suit? HAHAHA!

He practically throws Ah-jung on to the bed and then quickly removes his jacket, bemoaning over the state of his stained jacket. Ew – is her vomit… a grayish white?! Se-kyung frantically tells him to lower his voice, or else he’ll wake her dad, and grabs his jacket to clean it.

Left alone in the girls’ room, he notices Se-kyung’s family portrait, and also the red diary. He picks it up… and opens it… Dude – has anyone ever told you never to read a person’s diary!?

“Who are you!?”

Seung-jo jumps, and sees Se-kyung’s dad standing outside the room. He puts the book down without having read a single word, and Se-kyung arrives.

Of course, now Seung-jo must kneel before the family and greet Se-kyung’s parents properly. Dad gives the pair the third degree – asking how they met and why the CEO is being so nice to Se-kyung. Seung-jo explains that instead of the CEO helping Se-kyung, he’s actually receiving help from Se-kyung because of her hard work. Se-kyung is embarrassed by both sides’ questions and answers, but Deuk-gi is not done. He asks what Seung-jo’s parents do, as though questioning his future son-in-law.

Seung-jo says his mother died when he was in middle school, and that he no longer keeps in contact with his father. Deuk-gi calls for soju and asks, is Seung-jo married? Kekeke.

Deuk-gi also wants to know where Seung-jo went to school, and Seung-jo honestly says that he studied art in Paris. Because his father was against it, he had to work hard on his own to pay for tuition and rent. It seems that his stories of doing hard labor in Paris were true, and his sad story endears him even more to Se-kyung and her family.

Se-kyung walks Seung-jo out, apologizing for her family’s nosiness. He’s actually fine by it all, and I’m sure touched that she has such a loving family. Se-kyung wonders how he knew she moved to this area, and he grudgingly admits that he followed her home after he told her In-chan fled for Brazil because he was worried. Se-kyung smiles: “So why’d you pour the soy sauce?”

Seung-jo’s eyes widen – how’d she know about that? She admits to having seen a text from Tommy Hong while he was in the hospital, but she didn’t mean to snoop. She thinks he did it for her, but Seung-jo says that Tommy’s actions also insulted the CEO’s intentions. Se-kyung: “You did well.” She raises her hand for a high-five, and they end up clasping their hands waving it back and forth happily… until it gets juuuust a tad awkward. He sends her back to her apartment before leaving, and smiles happily at the hand that just touched Se-kyung’s.

Ah-jung wakes up from her drunken state, and Se-kyung gives her an update: Seung-jo proved his identity by taking her to the CEO’s home. Guess he’s not a scammer then… Se-kyung gets a text from Seung-jo to meet at La Vien Hotel at 5pm to discuss the party details, and her face lights up. She starts extolling Seung-jo’s hardworking virtues, and how he always helps her out and gives prompt answers to all her questions.

Ah-jung smiles wryly: “Don’t lose sight of your goal, Han Se! Secretary Moon says that Secretary Kim has a lot of debt too.” On that note, Se-kyung realizes that she needs to focus on winning the heart of the CEO, not the secretary. She revises her reply by taking out the little emoticons and encouraging statements, stripping her message down to a simple “yes.” 🙁 Oh the art of texting…

The following day, In-hwa receives a call from Il-nam to meet at La Vien Hotel at 6pm, to discuss the donation GN Fashion will be making. At the same time, Yoon-joo is with her brother, worried about what In-hwa may know and why she contacted Cha Il-nam. If he finds out that his son is being matched with the daughter of GN Fashion, he would not oppose it. However, her lies would be found out sooner than later.

Min-hyuk calls to see whether she can join him and his sister for dinner with Cha il-nam. That’s Yoon-joo’s worst nightmare. She gets into her car to head home, and calls Seung-jo numerous times. He doesn’t pick up, which exacerbates her fears. Feeling like her world is about to fall apart, she steps on the gas pedal – hard – just as the traffic light turns green.

Later that evening, Seung-jo invites Se-kyung into a private room, where all the dishes for the party are laid out for her tasting. Aw – why didn’t you just say it was a dinner date?! Se-kyung takes note, recognizing the French dishes with her near-perfect accent. (Or, at least a better accent than Seung-jo’s.) The only way she was able to improve her accent was by watching the film “Before Sunrise.” Two of the characters had faked a telephone conversation to reveal how they truly felt about each other, and taking a cue from that, Se-kyung continuously pretended she was phoning a friend in France to practice her French.

Seung-jo: Let’s do it now! Ring ring! Ring ring rrrring! Aren’t you going to answer?
Se-kyung: (picking up, in French) Hello?
Seung-jo: (in French) It’s me! Where are you?
Se-kyung: At a restaurant.
Seung-jo: With whom?
Se-kyung: Someone I know.
Seung-jo: A friend? A guy?!
Se-kyung: Yes.
Seung-jo: Is it a date?!
Se-kyung: What? No it’s for work.
Seung-jo: You should be careful of men!
Se-kyung: Don’t worry, he’s not that kind of guy.
Seung-jo: How do you know?
Se-kyung: Because… in the beginning he was a bit strange.
Seung-jo: …Wh- what… strange?

Se-kyung wants to stop already, but Seung-jo keeps at it – what does she mean by “strange”? They continue in Korean.

Seung-jo: You’re working with a strange guy?
Se-kyung: It’s not that he’s strange… But that I think I’m strange. You know how I often act like a fool.

Oooh – though vague, her words suggest that she may be falling for him. She hangs up so they can eat.

At 6pm, Cha Il-nam and the Shin siblings arrive at the same hotel. Turns out Yoon-joo has gotten herself in a fender bender, so Min-hyuk will have to hurry to the hospital after the meeting. Just as they enter their dining room, Se-kyung and Seung-jo walk out from another room. Close call!

But they bump into Cha Il-nam instead. Seung-jo sends Se-kyung ahead to the lobby, and confronts his father privately. He asks if his father has a dinner reservation at the hotel, but Il-nam is more curious if Seung-jo just ate with his “girlfriend.” Seung-jo tries to dismiss him by saying he shouldn’t take interest in other people’s private lives, but Il-nam insists that as a father, he’s interested in his son’s dating life.

Seung-jo can see right through him, and knows that Il-nam is forming some plan with GN Fashion. Well, this matchmaking business won’t work! Il-nam: “Seung-jo, I need you! Come back home.” Hmm – daddy’s desperate for a heir… is he dying!?

Seung-jo doesn’t take his statement to heart. Of course Il-nam needs him; to him, everything is a business transaction and therefore there must always be a practical reason for why he needs to acquire something. Il-nam says that’s the way of life – everything is about give and take, and nothing’s free. If Seung-jo would accept that, things would be easier. Being sentimental will get him nowhere, as that’s why he got hurt so many years ago.

Il-nam leaves Seung-jo wounded, and it takes some strength for him to compose himself before joining Se-kyung. Of course, she notices right away that his mood isn’t great. In need of cheering up, he asks if she’d like to go for a drink.

They end up at a nearby pojangmacha. Seung-jo doesn’t drink much but he does have a confession to make: He lied about saying that he hadn’t heard from his father in a long time. The truth is he knows exactly where his father is, but just chooses not to see him at all. Se-kyung sits silently, letting him talk, which surprises Seung-jo. Se-kyung, the girl with the never-ending questions, is actually not asking him why he won’t see his father?

Se-kyung feels it’s more tactful not to ask, and Seung-jo thinks that she’s just curious about the CEO and not him. But that’s not it; Se-kyung doesn’t ask about Seung-jo because she feels like she already understands him. It’s as if they’re similar on some level.

Seung-jo points out one difference – at least Se-kyung has a better relationship with her father than he does. Her father seems to praise and love her; his never praised him once. But even though he dislikes his father so much, he can’t help but always be conscious of what his father thinks of him.

Seeing that he’s in need of cheering up, she offers another high five. They clasp hands and encourage each other about things being better in the future.

At that moment, a drunk man clumsily knocks into Se-kyung and pushes her into Seung-jo’s arms. They freeze in a sort of embrace, and slowly pull away from each other. This time, both can feel the chemistry sparking.

Se-kyung pulls away first, but he grabs her around the waist and pulls her in closer. Their lips are just inches away from each other. To kiss or not to kiss? Oh kiss her dammit!

And she turns away first. GAH! They leave the pojangmacha, and he walks her a little ways. She bids him goodbye, heading for her bus stop.

As Se-kyung walks away, she makes a call to Yoon-joo, who’s lying on a hospital bed. Se-kyung: “Of the three obstacles you mentioned, what is the first one?”

Yoon-joo: “Love.”

Se-kyung turns around, and she sees Seung-jo smiling at her brightly, waving goodbye.



Someone’s in looooooooooooove! It’s funny how Se-kyung just naturally seems to be attracted to men who have had money troubles, and work hard to improve their status in life. Clearly, she’s not changing anytime soon. I first doubted Seung-jo’s claims of having done hard labor in Paris, but having him talk about it several times made me realize that it’s not too far-fetched an idea. After his father cut him off from his inheritance, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his son’s life a financial hell. Seung-jo’s situation in life proves that it is possible to work hard and change one’s station in life though, and so it’s no wonder Se-kyung is attracted to him. He’s succeeded at doing what Se-kyung could only have dreamt of doing.

Of course, that is if Seung-jo’s story about working hard is true. Just by being abroad and coming from a wealthy family, he certainly had more opportunities than Se-kyung and had certain advantages that could have put him on a different starting level than she.

I loved this episode for the cuteness between the leads. For a long time leading up to the premiere of this series, I just could not buy into the idea of pairing Park Shi-hoo and Moon Geun-young. Moon retains an ever-cherubic look that makes her look much younger than she really is. It just emphasizes their 9-year age difference. But after these six episodes, I’m finally sold on the idea that they could make a very good pairing. I guess Seung-jo acting like he’s a little teenager also helps.

Aside from the cute in this episode, I also loved watching Seung-jo be his real self around Se-kyung, as well as watching Se-kyung act more interested in this “Jean Thierry” figure when all she really cares about is “Seung-jo.” I do feel his pain when he wonders if she’s more interested in the guy that he’s actually not, but I hope he realizes that Se-kyung is actually more concerned about his well-being – whether she’s aware of that fact or not. I can feel an emotional roller coaster coming on with these two, so here’s hoping that however high I go, the drop to hell is not as far as I think it’ll be.


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  1. cg

    Thanks a lot for the recap 🙂
    But i have a doubt: it has been only a few days since Se kyung’s boyfriend left and her break up. So how she started falling in love again, so soon??

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Hi, that’s Kdrama for you?

      • 1.1.1 cg

        i guess you are right 😉

    • 1.2 kakashi

      well … it’s Park Shi-hoo! who wouldn’t? 🙂

      • 1.2.1 JoAnne

        Yes because even the mighty have fallen, have they not?

        Yes, I just referred to myself as the mighty. Because everyone around me loved him and I was ‘meh’. And now – oh, now – NOW I see the error of my ways.

        • rearwindow

          I feel the exact same way about Park Shi Hoo. Even (and I know this is a totally unpopular opinion) in The Princess’s Man–I thought he was great, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t swooning. But in this. OH, IN THIS. I can’t even. Words? Words.

        • Ash

          It’s official: watching PSH knock us all down like dominoes is one of my favorite things about this drama. Is ANYONE escaping this thing unscathed? Because whoever you are, you are a stronger person than I.

        • Minea

          Same here. Did not really understand the Park Shi Hoo love as I did not especially dig him in Prosecutor Princess but man! after this episode, I’m now enlightened! *swoon*

          Yup. Can’t wait for the weekend.

        • Kayleigh

          Mighty indeed! I admire your efforts but as you now know, resistance to THE Park Shi-hoo is futile. That man’s smile should be bottled and available on pescription.

          • Dux


        • Kdramarama


          Totally agree with you! I too fell for that crinkly eyed smile, those plump lips (has anyone else noticed the way he smiles make you melt into a puddle of warm goo??) All in all he’s a very attractive man, yes. BUT what i LOVE is how utterly ,ridiculously cute he is when trying to act like a maniac.

          YES, that coming from someone who after just a few episodes of this drama had to see more of him so i watched Prosecutor Princess in the space of two days.

          i can’t wait to see how this drama turns out.

          Park Shi – hoo, mama’s rooting for ya!! <33

    • 1.3 rearwindow

      I think it’s also got to do with the fact that they’ve been together SO long and gone through multiple breakups. If she’s already grieved over her ex before, it makes sense that this time, when it’s really over, she is able to quickly accept it and move on with her life.

      But yes, other explanation: kdrama. Haha.

      • 1.3.1 houstontwin

        I think you’re right. Maybe there were ties of loyalty rather than love. There didn’t seem to be any passion at all with boyfriend #1.

      • 1.3.2 ayveyn

        Haha. spot on! 😉 i’ve been through that situation before.

        • rearwindow

          Haha yeah, me too.

    • 1.4 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      Anything can happen in a Kdrama.

      In reality, I think it can still happen. Love moves in mysterious ways. You’ll never know who and when will you fall in love. 🙂

    • 1.5 kumi

      The boyfriend took all her money savings to pay his debts. Just because she offered it doesn’t mean he should have accepted it. That was a very evident END in relationship.

    • 1.6 Lilly

      In real life if a person has spent most of their life taking care of other peoples’ problems as well as their own it can be pretty earth rocking if someone comes along that does things to help and take care of them.
      Those are the kinds of younger women that actually fall in love with older guys quite often, not the gold digger type, but the ones that actually care about the guys.
      Maybe more a big brother romantic relationship than the same age friends type of one, and works better for some since they do not fall back into care giver mother mode.

  2. rainbow

    Thanks….. I just love the ballad played in the drama 🙂

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      So do I.

    • 2.2 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      What’s the title of that song?

      • 2.2.1 Perevell

        Daddy Long Legs by Baek Ah Yeon. Just had to have it in my playlist on repeat the minute it came out 🙂

        • Fab

          Thanks! What a lovely song.
          Though I wish ther’s also a more cheery happy go lucky song…

    • 2.3 Lovebug

      Love that song too! I love all the music and sound effects used in this drama. I hope they are able to keep it up during the live shooting!

    • 2.4 Heidi

      Well aside from PSH those are may favourite parts of the show when that song starts 😀 btw I like this show! Thanks a lot for recapping it!

    • 2.5 rearwindow

      You can download the OST at Koala’s Playground: http://koalasplayground.com/2012/12/17/fan-snapped-spoiler-pictures-for-cheongdamdong-alice-and-ost-download-links/

      • 2.5.1 Dux

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    Can Saturday come any sooner??!

    And why is there no preview so early in the drama?! This is pure torture…

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    • 3.2 rearwindow

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      • 3.2.1 JoAnne

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      about the previews, SBS is just messing with us. they are not showing any previews for CDDA and KOD! i want more!!!!!! ¬¬.

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    The scene in SK’s house talking to her dad. I really felt for him suffering because of his principles. PSH is really nailing the role.
    That shadow warrior excuse, I was in fits laughing. This might be my favourite PSH role. It’s even better than PP. Cha Seung Jo has such character here. 🙂

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      Because I love him so much, I created many many gifs of him. And I stare at them all day (sometimes I work a little, but mostly, I stare)

      Am I allowed to share them here or is that attention grabbing? Oh well …
      here they are. My PSH’s smile gifs.

      • 5.1.1 Perevell

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        Gawd his smile.sigh. Guess i’ll have to wrestle with you(and a million other people) for the marriage documents to be in my name, and he’ll be my FIRST 😛

      • 5.1.2 Lovebug

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        • kakashi

          thank you, Heidi – that post is not one of mine but from one of my guest bloggers. I’ll pass on the praise to her 🙂 (my entries are usually far more shallow and all about the beauty of men such as PSH or Lee Jun-ki)

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    By 2 pm ,I was very in love with Cha/Kim Seung Jo.
    Tooo sweet…too pure hearted..tooo cute. (I fear for his easy breaky heart )
    As for Geun Young , my top-o-the-heap Kdrama lady love , while she always delights me but no out of the box surprises here though . But this time round , its PSH who’s sending tingles down my spine & making me giggle like a silly infatuated girly gal . Kudos to these 2 actors for making combustible chemistry between ’em! ~ sizzle~

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    • 10.1 kika

      You’re spot on! I’ve always wondered why people rave about PSH, and now, after watching him for the first time, I totally am infatuated too.

      I’ve even checked out PP becos the 5 days in between just feels sooo long! I need my PSH fix!

      • 10.1.1 ayveyn

        @Kika: it’s my 1st time watching PSH too. i can say that this guy has a great acting chops! and unlike kika, i still don’t like to watch his previous dramas until his current one ends. hehe.

  11. 11 Ivy

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    • 11.1 Alex

      Me too, I also worry… I was so afraid he’d read the diary and realize what Se-kyung is doing, BEFORE she falls for him as the poor secretary.

      Once she’s done that, and he’s aware of it, and she’s given up her plan, he’ll be able to survive a reveal.

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    • 12.1 Alex

      The French is adorable, even though – seriously, her much-lauded accent is atrocious. I can’t understand a single word without subtitles, not even “oui”. 🙂

      • 12.1.1 Z

        I think it’s pretty good. It’s better than mine and I studied French for several years. I do have trouble understanding it, though you’re right (but I still have trouble understanding most spoken French). But it’s better than his. At least I can recognize it as French. When he was speaking I was sure he was just muttering sounds.

        • SandrOu

          hmm, i am french. They’re trying hard.. yeah but this feels a bit uncomfortable. This is just like, when in dramas they’re speaking english and you’re like “that’s not it, what’s the need of speaking english ?” Well, That’s how i feel.

      • 12.1.2 jomo

        I think PSH’s accent is more understandable than hers actually.

    • 12.2 Mari

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    • 12.3 houstontwin

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  16. 16 Alex

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    Quite apart from how funny and sweet I think their interactions are as errand girl and secretary. It’s the classic use of disguise to allow people to really get to know each other, unhindered by the social divide that would otherwise keep them distant, each locked in their roles.

    The series got off to a too-melodramatic start for me, but now the cute and sweet and funny is in full swing, and I LOVE IT.

    They are cute like fluffy little kittens in a basket. I just want to d’aaawww at them all the time.

    And I so, so hope poor Seung-jo’s battered heart isn’t broken yet again…

    • 16.1 Fab

      And as per the end of this episode we know she loves secretary Kim. It will be sad if she’s gonna see love at this stage as a ”crisis” and dismiss it as a hurdle to her main goal..

      • 16.1.1 Alex

        Yes, it will be awful – for both of them! But especially Seung-jo, if he finds out she’s refusing to love him (the poor secretary) because she’s holding out for a rich man.

  17. 17 Pam

    Loving this show…this episode! It’s so good in a subtle way. The acting is phenomena! At first I didn’t buy that these two had any chemistry but boy was I wrong! That hip thrust hug was so hawt!!! I wonder what YJ would do if she knew SK’s white rabbit was no other than her ex-bf (or betrothed…..not clear?). Would she be protective of him because she’s hurt him in the past or allow SK to use him?

    • 17.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      They got married in Paris, but she left him.

      I hope she will help SJ and SK against her sister-in-law. There’s In Hwa and SJ’s father, I think it will be too much to have a third antagonist on the scene.

      • 17.1.1 mary

        Haha looks like Yoon Joo is going to be Se Kyung’s White Rabbit then. 🙂

        vs Tommy Hong as In Hwa’s rabbit.

        And the bunny war is ON.

  18. 18 rearwindow

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    Hilarity? Check. Characters I can root for? Check. Social commentary? check. Subversive but totally giddy-fying OTP? YES AND YES.

    I knew CA had hits hooks in me when I kept finishing a scene this episode and being like, “Wait. I have to watch that again!” and then rewinding and watching it 2 or 3 times before moving on. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that experience before.

    And that final high five scene!!! OMG. One of the hottest things I’ve seen on television–and that’s ALL thanks to the actors, because that whole “forced contact” thing is certainly a well-worn kdrama trope. I think what made it so daebak for me (in addition to the phenom acting) was the fact that Se-kyung initiated the high five and the subsequent hand clasp. After a lot of kdramas where the guy takes the lead in initiating or even forcing the first sexual contact, it is SO refreshing to see mutual attraction play out in that tantalizing dance that comes naturally at the beginning of a relationship.

    The wait for episode 7 is killing me! I MUST HAVE IT INJECTED DIRECTLY INTO MY BLOODSTREAM.

    • 18.1 Pam

      You’re hilarious…yep, Alice in Cheongdamdong is addicting …hehe.

      • 18.1.1 rearwindow

        Sooooo good!

  19. 19 Chimera

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  20. 20 Lovebug

    So I have been stalking the dramabeans site for days waiting for this! Thanks for the awesome recap.

    I loved these past two episodes! I especially loved the opening scene or rather the closing scene from the previous episode where they are just standing there smiling at each other and she thanks him. Both are genuinely touched by each other at this point. I really do think they have awesome chemistry together. (PSH has chemistry with everyone).

    Also it interesting seeing Seung Jo describe the President (or himself) as crazy so often. I wonder how much of all his sheningans are purposeful. (likes he knows he’s beeing silly, or indulging in neurosis). Because overall he is much more grounded in these last two episodes. And he has the ability to turn it off on depending on the situation.

    Its so adorable to finally see the cute side come out Se Kyung. She has been pretty miserable because of life circumstance since the begining and its nice seeing Seung Jo help her smile, joke, and have fun! They seem to be connecting on multiple levels and share a lot in common. Which in alot of dramas we don’t often know why they like each other other than that they just do.

    It might be quick for Se Kyung to fall for Seung Jo so fast. But (this is a make believe drama) to a degree though she loved and was committed to Inchan, I don’t know if they both were still “In Love” with each other when they broke up.

    With all the cute going on I am just getting nervous for the onslaught of pain. They both will feel betrayed and hurt and ofcourse misunderstand.

    Overall I am enjoying this show so much. I normally don’t rewatch episodes over and over again but I have watched this episode like 4 times already.

    Finally my true Drama Love PSH is so awesome in this drama. I am so happy he finally getting the recognition he deserves!

  21. 21 Jae

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    But man, the almost kiss is super hot!

  22. 22 Faranak

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    • 23.1 Mari

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    • 24.1 V

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    • 24.2 Ladytron33

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    • 25.1 Annie

      And I want to add, what I think this drama is doing well right now is motivations. I understand every single person’s actions because I can see why they would do what they’re doing.

      • 25.1.1 V

        Yes. The writer really thought through the characters background and motivations.

    • 25.2 lenrasoon

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  26. 26 dany

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  27. 27 Lovebug

    Oh and I noticed people saying in the last recap comments that it was unrealistic for her to not be able to find a picture of the Seung Jo as president. Well I work in business development (its a part of my job to internet stalk people) and I am always googling C-Suite or executives to find bios and pics for our sales team and you would be suprised how many of them don’t have pictures or any information online. Also in this situation it sounds like Seung Jo rose through the ranks in Artemis France is the Marketing/Sales side of the organization which is not as highly visible role as say CEOs, CIO, or CFOs. He was just recently appointed CEO of Artemis Korea so from my perspective/experience its actually pretty reasonable for there not to be pictures of him. Especially if he purposely was keeping a low profile to better exact his revenge.

    Also believe it or not paparrazzi does really show up to executive roundtables and conferences. So unless they video tape presentations of investors meetings/calls or they do press conferences it pretty hard to find a candid picture of a executive (especially if they are not CEOs). If there is going to be any photos floating around its going to be their professional suit and tie bio photo.

    Yes I know I taking the analysis of this show to a whole nother level! But these are the things I think about!!

    I also wonder if the reason he has kept a low profile because of his history of mental illness. It seems pretty common knowledge withing in the rich circles that JK marts son went crazy or something like that. He purposely maybe trying to keep distance from that stigma. Also could be part of the motivation for the name change.

    • 27.1 kakashi

      thanks for this, Lovebug! It may be hard to believe for some people – but I also know quite many “high ups” that don’t have any pictures and/or any information online. Often, it’s deliberate. Sometimes, not. I’m fully with you on this: I don’t find it unrealistic in CDDA’s case.

    • 27.2 Fab

      Well according to Kdrama rules, an eligible bachelor such as Jean Thierry doesn’t go on unnoticed. But I agree, real life is no drama.

  28. 28 1aco

    One of the best EP I have seen from all the drama I’m watching right now… The balance in this Ep was 100% LOL 100% cute and 1000 ° C hotness 🙂

  29. 29 Windsun33

    So far this is just about the only K-drama that has really held up for me after the first 3 or 4 episodes. I really expected it to start going downhill and dragging (as far too many dramas do), but instead it just keeps getting better. Perhaps that is because it being 16 episodes and the writers not having to fill in empty episodes with Bleh and Fluff.

    I find myself wondering when will all the characters start to crash and burn, especially the evil+greedy Yoon-Joo, who now seems to be on a paniced downward spiral.

    And if Se-Kyung actually gives into the advice in the Diary of Evil, I will be a really Sad Panda.

  30. 30 V

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  31. 31 kakashi

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    Ok, there is one thing: what bugged me in episode 5 was the rather messy editing. Before the school break-in scene (so funny!), we see him looking out of the window (and it’s night). Then they step out together from the Artemis shop (and it’s day). Then they are in the car and he does the crazy thing with the steering wheel (and it’s day). and suddently, they are in front of the school (which is in fact the same location they said goodbye at the end of Epi 4, hence the stone lion) and it’s night again.

    I didn’t see any such editing-issues in episode 6, which is a good thing. I always get weary when there are no previews (because it often means life-shoot craziness), but in this case, it could also be a strategic choice (see how everybody craves every little detail about this drama?!).

  32. 32 exquisitemelody

    yyayy! really loving this show! Maybe because I came in with low expecations, but it’s so hilarious!! I wonder what Se-Kyung is really thinking in the end because is she thinking SHE’S falling in love or that Seung-jo is falling in love with her? All I hope is that she doesn’t find out who he really is until she falls completely in love with him. But of course, in kdramaland, I suspect that wil happen, but the moment that happens, Seung-jo finds out what she’s up to…

  33. 33 Z

    This episode was so good I didn’t even mind the 20 minutes of Samsung commercials that they didn’t even try to disguise.

    I was also super antsy for the recap to come out but now I’m glad that it took a few days because it’s like getting a fix in the middle of the week. Only two days to wait until SATURDAY!!!!

  34. 34 Katie

    Can someone explain to me why it’s such a huge deal that Yoon Joo involved with Seung Jo? I mean…granted he’s an ex-boyfriend, etc. but is it because his dad found out about her wanting to be a Cheongdamdong wife? She seems overly worried for nothing lol. I guess maybe it would expose her to her husband/family? But I’m sure her husband loves her, he seems harmless.

    • 34.1 jomo

      It isn’t necessarily that she was involved with another man, but that she was unofficially married to another man, and she did NOT disclose this info prior to her marriage.

      The other issue is that her involvment was as a nobody with a nobody. She used her time in France as a way to cover her past, and re-invent where she came from.
      I am sure her resume shows a different family background from her acual one, too.

    • 34.2 Fab

      It seems that Seung Jo’s father paid her to leave him and probably helped her with a thing or two that we have yet to discover.

      • 34.2.1 Katie

        Ah I see. Okay, I guess I just wanted more of an explanation for her craziness haha. Also…can we PLEASE have more of the doctor friend? He’s so hot. haha.

    • 34.3 houstontwin

      I think that the husband is OK but the Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law are plenty scary!

  35. 35 Zeffir

    I still could not buy into the idea of pairing Park Shi-hoo and Moon Geun-young… Moon Geun Young looks like she gained some extra weight which is not very nice for her face. the look she had in Cinderella’s Sister would been much better for the role and in compatiability to Park Shi-hoo (IMHO)

    • 35.1 houstontwin

      I like that she is a normal looking girl (not a starlet type). It’s great when a dreamy guy falls for a girl who is beautiful on the inside!

      • 35.1.1 V

        I agree. She is relatable (sp?) and she is still pretty.

        • Zeffir

          she never was a starlet type for me, not a typical beauty, but I just feel that she lost some ‘character’ in her face (which would also helped her to look less age gap with Park Shi-hoo).

  36. 36 ___

    Yeah, I’m really worried about the drop to hell. Please don’t break each other’s hearts! 🙁

    • 36.1 jomo

      Me, too. But what I am hoping for is that the pair doesn’t go hurting and accusing each other.

      I am guessing that when the surrounding interested parties – who at this point is EVERYONE else in the drama – make the connection and interfere, the pair will be pulled apart.

      If this happens before they confess their emerging feelings, then things will get very messy and very uphill climb for their love!

  37. 37 icednoodles

    I’m relieved KoD got an extension, because I wouldn’t know what else to do with myself during the week if all I had to wait on was this drama as KoD’s my only other ‘must watch’ drama nowadays, with the rest being watch or read re-cap, depending on which comes first.

    And am I the only one that was screaming “KISS, DAMN IT, KISS NOW” at the screen when Tommy and In-hwa were talking, or?

    • 37.1 Fab

      OMG you’re alone on that, I only remember secretary Kim an Han Se-kyung hanging out!

      But you are right about King of Dramas! Yeeey for the extension.

  38. 38 Fab

    My favourite scene: http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2012/CheongdamAlice/Alice_06/Alice_06-00040.jpg
    Along with the scene at the street vendor of course…

    • 38.1 houstontwin

      Me too! That was a lovely scene.

    • 38.2 ilovekimchi

      One of my fave scenes (among so many already). So poignant and sweet….

  39. 39 toystar

    Thanks for the recap.
    Seung-jo (PSH) great actor! Loved the pojangmacha scene he’s fallen for her. I’m so excited but please don’t break his heart.

  40. 40 ilovekimchi

    Yay! Thanks for the recaps! I was smiling like an idiot the whole time! Love the reference to “Before Sunrise” and the subdued and funny moments between our leads. I love the fact that our couple actually talk and get to know each other. Bracing myself for the angst, it’s gonna hurt so good.

  41. 41 Carole McDonnell

    A really fun episode. I guess I have to drop my American sensibilities about organic plotting and jump into the it’s all karmic so coincidences are gonna bring EVERYONE in the story together in some way that is convenient to the screenwriter.

    I can play the game, I guess. Watching a movie or reading a book is accepting certain games and certain rules. Writers in the US are trained to believe that coincidences in dramas are like Deus Ex Machinas and show laziness on the part of the writer. So, while it’s absolutely anathema for the writer in me to endure coincidences in a drama at ALMOST every turn, I am not so much of a killjoy to give up on a funny drama just because it’s fabric is all about coincidences.

    Of course, I have given up on other k-dramas that were riddled with coincidences and indulged the writer by being way too easy. But this is such a funny drama. And I’ll go with it. I guess this kind of stuff is about gameplaying and part of the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the game is winking and giggling at the many coincidences.

    Mercifully, School 2013 is solid and coincidence-free so I can watch that without feeling as if I’m bending over backward to play along with the story.

    Thanks so much for the recap. It certainly captured the fun of the episode.

  42. 42 Abbie

    I’m really enjoying this drama. Seung-jo is still my favorite. But instead of being a White Rabbit, I find he’s more like a Mad Hatter. He’s just so hilarious and kind of crazy. Park Shi-hoo really pulls it off, though.

    I love the main pairing and am glad they spend so much time together. Just more of them together is all I need.

    I hope Se-kyung discovers the truth soon about Seung-jo, but I wonder how that will affect their relationship.

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun!

  43. 43 pandasaurus

    I just RE-WATCHED episode 6 again, without skipping, and this drama keeps getting better and better.

    (^.^) Moon Geun Young always plays these characters that you just can’t help but adore and cheer on, while you just love to hate the So Yi Hyun characters <- she's also a great actress. And Kim Ji Suk is such a classic comical protagonist – he's simply fun to watch!

    But what I wasn't expecting was to fall really hard for Park Shi Hoo. *SWOOON* Can I get an AMEN that this man was cast for this particular drama! I seriously believe that NO ONE would have given the character "Secretary Kim" aka "Seung-jo" aka "Jean Thierry Cha" the justice he deserves. I've become so attached to him that I don't think I'll survive watching him go through the heart-ache he's bound to face once Sekyung's true intentions are revealed. Ooo hang in there Secretary Kim!!!

  44. 44 Kimchi


  45. 45 Fangy

    Whose side would Yoo Joo stand when she gets the full picture?

    Sekyung’s side – she won’t get herself entangle with the Cha family and risk her future? Yet, her MIL won’t be pleased, and her status in the family will be even lower…

    In-hwa’s side – so that she finally able to get on the good books of her MIL and SIL? But, she will be travelling on thin ice for the rest of her life ….

    She is one super conflicting character in this drama ….

    Sekyung sshi, look what’s happening to your frenenemy… ditch the book now and hang onto Kim Seungjo~~

    • 45.1 Fangy

      Cha Seungjo – Jean Thierry Cha – Kim Seungjo.. hmmm…

      It reminds me of multiple personality disorder, except all personalities conscious about the other personalities.

      Cha Seungjo – pure-hearted chabol’s son who dreams of living with his loved ones, with or without riches

      Jean Thierry Cha – the strewd businessman who thinks women are shallow-minded in material purchases

      Kim Seungjo – the hardworking poor man who works his way into the elite world

      • 45.1.1 sarahlina

        totally agree wit u..u genius buddies..

    • 45.2 Sajen

      I think Yoo Joo will be on Se Kyung’s side or want Seung Jo back herself, as the last thing she wants is Seung Jo as a brother-in-law.

  46. 46 maxzzr

    Thank you so much, I never thought that I would like this series as much as I do. It is amazing, yet I still need to prepare myself for the couple of episodes of sadness that will comes once he finds out her early intentions.

    Dear writers, I know that hurt/sadness and crying are the norm in K world but please dont torture the viewers too long when that happens.

    aspiring to be a happy bunny

    • 46.1 jt885

      LOL.. your comments are super funny ** Happy bunny me too. This drama has become one of my personal favorites only because of PARK SHI HOO. I have to say his acting style is so authentic. I feel him as seung jo. He is quite sincere with her.

  47. 47 anvesha

    I feel like I keep repeating the same thing when I’m talking about this drama… I’m scared to see Seung Jo get hurt in this. He is just so naive and genuine towards her. My heart breaks when he thinks she is interested in his imaginary boss than him. I’m glad that’s not the case anymore.

    I think it’s true that Seung Jo did all those hard work and even was homeless because he was forced to sign away his inheritance and studied on his own. He is probably the person she hoped to be…

    I also like how smart Tommy is.. I hope he puts it to good use.

  48. 48 sarahlina

    this show is awesome..im so addicted it..from this drama i know about PSH..i watch it because im MGY fan..i hope all of u can join me at soompi thread for spazzing..

  49. 49 YY

    Well, if all goes well, the almost-kiss will translate into a real kiss really really soon and for those of you who have not watched PSH in “action” before, rest assured our gallant hero is a great kisser (go watch Prosecutor Princess for proof). So please, Santa, no wooden ziplock kiss from MGY….I saw enough of that in “My Princess”. PSH seems to have lost weight though…his face seems really narrow and his eyes look really tired at times, but then again that could be due to his hair being swept up so HIGH to resemble the Eiffel Towel, which I suppose is to remind us constantly of his French Connection. But happily though, the quick glimpses of his abs have shown that they are in pristine condition, all perky and um, absy. I’m waiting with baited breath for his clevage scene, which is another staple of PSH dramas (again, go watch Prosecutor Princess for proof…*Hint: V-shaped tees)

    • 49.1 YY

      *V necked tees I mean

    • 49.2 Lovebug

      lol, remember PSH’s v neck checkered sweater vest athletic apparel when he was running on the treadmill. (It was a crazy outfit but he pulled it off).

      Also I swoon everytime I remember him in his bright yellow v-neck in the last episode. Sigh

  50. 50 Jinsight

    Ha! Thankful indeed!

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