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Baek Sung-hyun joins IRIS 2 as genius hacker
by | December 11, 2012 | 45 Comments

I was wondering when this spy unit was gonna get some brains. Now that action spy sequel IRIS 2 has cast all its field agents and enemy spies and possibly-maybe-doubling-crossing-agents, it finally adds an analyst to the roster: Baek Sung-hyun has joined the cast as a young genius hacker without whom NSS wouldn’t go ’round.

It’s a pretty funny character description if you still see Baek Sung-hyun as Lee Min-jung’s dumb little bro in Big. He was adorable, but epically dim – perhaps adorable because of it, but in any case, a box of rocks for brains. But he can certainly pull off a drastic transformation — he’s played dark characters before (White Christmas), and as a former child actor, he’s had more experience than the average 23-year old.

In IRIS 2 he’ll play an extremely gifted brainiac, and NSS teammates with field agents Lee Da-hae and Yoon Doo-joon. The three of them will work under team leader Jang Hyuk, who apparently trained them all. His character will be the speedy source of information within the agency, and also the mood-keeper-upper of the group, promising to bring some much-needed levity to the NSS set. He’s also known as a problem-solver to the rest of the characters, which is potentially really funny. It’d be awesome if they treated him like an Answer Man, for everything from How do I save the world? to How do I break up with my girlfriend?

He’ll hopefully have some delightful character quirks, because I don’t want to rain on this team’s parade or anything, but he’s the first member who doesn’t sound like a total bore. Not that badass is boring, but in a spy drama, it’s kinda like having a pulse.

IRIS 2 premieres in February on KBS.

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45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dita

    Like Fujimaru-kun?

    • 1.1 Yume

      Yeah, that was also the first thing I thought of XD

      • 1.1.1 Blondie

        Apparently we have a lot of Bloody Monday fans in the house because that’s where my mind went too!

        • mysterious

          Mine as well! Once you’ve seen Bloody Monday, it’s kind of hard NOT to associate genius hackers with Falcon.

        • ness36

          hello blondie , i just wanna ask you if bloody monday is an interesting drama ? as i can read you are a fan and there are a lot here speaking about it , is it worth watching? thkxs

    • 1.2 sajatokki

      Haha Bloody Monday!!


    • 1.3 Bengbeng

      oH, will he be as fast in cracking things. this will be fun to see. can’t wait for the drama because of BSH and Jang Hyuk =)

    • 1.4 yamapisukii

      the fist person to come to my mind too. lol BM is still my all time fav. hacking drama. is that how you label it?. lmao

    • 1.5 lordj

      I thought of him too… I’m actually imagining him more of Fujimaru-hacker vibe + Spencer Reid-know it all genius.
      It would be funny if he is super smart but socially awkward.

  2. Jyyjc

    Ahh the tech guy, every crime-fighting/world-saving group of people needs one.

  3. jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    I always like a spy drama with a techie buddy to backup the field agents. The hacking theme is the reason why I love So Ji Sub’s Ghost. I hope there would be lots of hacking done on this drama ‘coz that will really turn me on. It makes the spying more interesting. 🙂

    • 3.1 BellaMafia

      Is Ghost good? I was wandering about this one..

      • 3.1.1 blue

        it’s a great drama,definitely worth watching,you should start it!

  4. cg

    Liked him a lot in Big 🙂
    So it’s a great news 😀

    • 4.1 elainestale

      me too!!! i can totally see him playing the comedy part.

    • 4.2 girlatsea

      Ok, I was right. That WAS him! I like him a lot, this is a big plus for me.

  5. Misslenis

    hmm, isn’t it Lee joon character in iris2 an hacker? so what happen? i like Baek too.. but i get confuse cuz im waiting for joonie..

    • 5.1 Soo Won

      what’s gonna happen to my joonie then?! :(((

    • 5.2 Fab

      Obviously such a big spy team as IRIS would need more than one hacker. And Baek Sung Hyun can be the fun and genius one.

  6. Yume

    lol, the first thing that came to my mind after reading the title: Bloody Monday? O.O

    Whoa, now I want a korean Bloody Monday Remake with Baek Sung Hyun as Falcon (yeah, Fujimaru xD). Would be so awesome!

    But I am happy to see more of him in any project. Loved him in White Christmas and he was maybe one of the best parts in Big as well…

    • 6.1 sajatokki

      I want a korean Liar Game.

      Ah but Korean Bloody Monday could be good too. Minus the cheesy typical Japanese thing xD /toomuchofthatinBM

    • 6.2 Dita

      LOl 😀

      I (or we?)will definitely watch if there’s korean remark of Bloody Monday…
      Never thought about it before..

  7. Orion

    I first saw him in ‘That Fool’ as the actress’ brother. I was very surprised. A good-looking kid who can act and be in sync with more experienced actors (let alone a monster like Hwang Jung Min). I think he should definitely be given more and bigger roles. He has potential, let’s not waste it (which I am sorry to say, ‘Big’ did, but then that trainwreck messed up a lot).

    Very glad to see him here, although this won’t exactly showcase his acting very much, but at least he’ll have it in his credits and maybe gain some popularity from it.

    • 7.1 hangukdrama

      felt exactly the same way! His role in The Fool was really memorable but he’s always hovering around all the smaller roles. Can’t wait for him to have a breakthrough.

  8. Bu Young

    I’m not even really looking forward to this :/ I don’t want to get my hopes up only for it to be a bust

  9. ailee

    OMG OMG OMG alright i’m totally onboard now 😀 hehehe even doojoon oppa couldn’t attract me before. waiting on baited breath now 😀

  10. 10 Bashful82

    Oh he is a very good actor.

    I’ve only seen him in “Queen Insoo” and he was very good in that – he played two different roles and I think successfully manage to differentiate between the two (he played both father and son e.g. Insoo’s husband and second son).

  11. 11 gray

    Kind of getting some interest in this drama.. Probably will watch it just for Baek Sung Hyun! Hope he get a main role soon though…

  12. 12 jomo

    He’s so cute. Maybe a reason to watch.
    The big names are big and all, but the genre doesn’t thrill me much.

  13. 13 Joanna K.

    Child actor indeed! I’ll forever associate Baek Sung Hyun with his early roles in “Stairway to Heaven” & “Damo”.

    Glad to see so many “Bloody Monday” fans here. Sadly, the sequel killed the fandom for me…namely episode 2. /le sigh/

    • 13.1 Lily

      He was my absolute favorite child actor back in the day! I absolutely loved his roles in “Stairway to Heaven” and “Damo”. *swoons*

  14. 14 christy

    How is this kid not getting more lead roles? Somehow hoping he and Park Shin Hye will reunite and do a trendy romcom in the future.

    • 14.1 exquisitemelody

      ahhh! THEY WOULD BE ADORABLEEEEE!!! Maybe too adorable. That’s why it hasn’t happened. Because the cuteness would kill.

    • 14.2 Joanna K.

      I so agree with your comment. I would love to see him and Park Shin Hye together, this time as the main leads.

      They had great chemistry together in “A Stairway to Heaven”. 🙂

    • 14.3 Cam

      Yeaaa! I really agreed with you ~ I’ve watched him with actress Park Shin Hye in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ about five or six years ago! They was doing great job together, yups. As a matter of fact, I really would like to see him with Park Shin Hye reunite together in a new rom-com drama somedaaaay!

      AH! Please make it come true!!! (crossing fingers) ^o^

  15. 15 exquisitemelody

    Whoa, I had no idea he was the young lead in Stairway to Heaven! He definitely grew up! And he was so adorable in Big. Can’t wait to see this! I’ll watched for him 😀

  16. 16 HeadsNo2

    Every time I think I can maybe resist this drama, a new cast member I love just reels me back in. Darn you, all star casting!

  17. 17 DC

    Hell yeah! Love Baek Seung Hyun!

  18. 18 Danna

    Yay for some non kpop idol uoung faces ( and one that can genuinely act)
    You know I think BSH as the 3rd wheel in the love triangle would be way more believeable to me than Yoon Doo Joon

  19. 19 Viki

    So so happy! He’s such a cutie, glad he’s doing more dramas 🙂

  20. 20 glace

    this cast is becoming more and more tempting grrr.

  21. 21 Jeannette

    Never saw the original but now with my hottie in it, I’ll have to watch season 1 so I can watch 2! AGH!

  22. 22 cattleyae

    OMG! So happy! I’ve been missing him. Him in White Christmas and Big was so awesome.

  23. 23 kit

    Does this mean … I … have to watch this.

    He was the first love I had that was actually kind of my age growing up watching korean dramas, ha. He was the child actor for the protagonist of Hae Shin (Emperor of the Sea) and he was so heartbreaking in it.

  24. 24 lynnie

    Fell in love with him after watching Stairway to Heaven xD

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