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City Conquest passed over for upcoming broadcast season
by | December 14, 2012 | 100 Comments

javabeans: Uh-oh. Looks like City Conquest isn’t heading for prime time anytime soon, although it remains unclear just HOW troubled its path is. Some reports are saying that the production is continuing to negotiate with KBS, and others say plans have “fallen through.”

girlfriday: It’s not lookin’ good. Apparently it was in contention for the slot after current Monday-Tuesday drama School 2013, but KBS says that’s a no-go. So… are they passing on the drama entirely? Or is it just not ready yet?

javabeans: What it sounds like to me—which is me reading between lines, so everybody get that salt shaker ready—is that KBS passed on City Conqeust in favor of that Yi Soon-shin drama, which got the January slot, and the producers are in damage-control mode by saying, “It’s not final yet! Don’t give up on us!”

girlfriday: It’s actually been so long and they’ve been passed up for broadcast so many times that now I’m on the opposite end, wondering, “Are you still going?”

javabeans: I know, right? At what point do you cut your losses? Or do you do the thing all (inexplicable) drama characters do and press on blindly, insisting, “I’ve come this far, I can’t turn back”?

girlfriday: It’s what Anthony would do.

javabeans: But Anthony would make sure the drama didn’t suck, and I have no such assurance about this one. They’ve actually stopped filming—not ended filming, as I would have thought, but halted production—to change writers and modify their plot, and now the shoots have stretched on for so long that the actors’ schedules are conflicting.

girlfriday: Eep. The fact that they’re already doing that mid-production just to get on the air, not even getting into the potential crazy changes that can happen during live shoots, oy.

javabeans: It’s like, c’mon dramaland, you can live-shoot or you can pre-produce, but you sure as heck can’t do both. The production CEO said that they haven’t even submitted the project to MBC or SBS for consideration, thinking KBS would do it. Why would you do that? Um.

girlfriday: Well that’s just dumb. If you’ve been rejected, it’s time to cast your net wider. Other fishes in the sea and all that.

javabeans: Maybe the producer seduced girlfriends or backstabbed the other station CEOs, which is why he’s put all his eggs in the SBC um, I mean KBS basket.

girlfriday: Okay, not EVERYTHING that happens in King of Dramas is real life.

javabeans: How do you know? YOU DON’T KNOW. I say it’s much likelier it has than not. Maybe not all by the same guy, perhaps.

girlfriday: Or maybe the drama is a hot mess?

javabeans: Are we going to see it aired on some random cable channel, cut up into twenty-minute installments, and aired as a daily sitcom now?

girlfriday: Honestly, Full House Take 2 was the first thing I thought of when I saw this drama’s headlines pop up again.

javabeans: By all accounts Full House Take 2 is doing well in Japan… and City Conquest was licensed for some huge fee for overseas viewing… but in both cases this is about as close to direct-to-DVD as you get.

girlfriday: On the one hand, I wish more pre-produced dramas would make it.

javabeans: In theory, I agree. In practice, Paradise Ranch, Terroir, Road No. 1…

girlfriday: I know. That’s the other hand. The other hand is, I like good dramas, and right now, broadcasters giving prime time slots is kinda the basic barometer for that.

javabeans: Right. Getting a timeslot isn’t a guarantee of a good show. And yet it’s a gatekeeper of sorts—so if you can’t get on the air at all, then is there a reason? Yes yes, I’m sure there’s tons of politicking and backdoor dealing going on—I watch dramas, I KNOW—but at the end of the day if you’re a drama that keeps getting rejected… well, let’s just say it’s not me, it’s you.

girlfriday: *pats drama on back, repeats story about fishes in the sea*

javabeans: *except in this case there are three fishes, and they’re mean. with a dozen littler satelitte fishies swimmin’ around.*

girlfriday: *er, I think this metaphor is getting away from you.*

javabeans: *like this drama from dramaland?*

girlfriday: *way to bring it back around*

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100 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Msb

    I so wanted to see this! I am so disappointed!

  2. Orion

    They can’t cancel this now! Not when it finally looks like Kim Hyun Joong is capable of forming almost-expressions! It took him years for this! XD I want to see it now.

    • 2.1 Rachel


    • 2.2 Maris


    • 2.3 Jess


    • 2.4 Azerjaban

      BWAHAHAHAH almost expressions. I liked him in Playful Kiss he was good at glaring.

  3. Dona

    Really bad news to read I wanted to see this show, let’s
    hope the situation will be better any time some maybe with
    another network…I don’t want this show to be released as a dvd only….

  4. cv

    I hope City conquest get a time slot. It doesn’t look bad unless the writing and directing is bad.

    • 4.1 Annie

      Changing writers is always a sign of impending doom. I’m betting it’ll get the Full house treatment…

      • 4.1.1 Mystisith

        And they STOPPED filming! I agree with you about Japan being the savior for all those doomed dramas: Probably the reason why we see news on Twitter about KHJ being the new Hallyu Star, the new Prince of Asia etc… They are prepping the audience out there.
        PS: Japan, why can’t you import the good dramas? Is it to protect your own drama production? Don’t worry guys: We love both! 🙂

        • Annie

          I used to wonder about this too since I thought the Japanese were famous for having GOOD taste and their domestic dramas are amazing anyways. The real story is that Korean dramas are usually broadcast on satellite (i.e. subscription based) channels that are catered to Hallyu fans, who are a very small percentage of Japanese society. However, Japan is so wealthy that even the money coming from these fans of Kpop/Kdramas exceeds that which could be wrung from the small and saturated Korean market. The Japanese also have a certain… it’s hard to find the right word, but I’d say ‘reverence’ for pop culture and thus it’s much easier to commodify it over there compared to Korea or China.

          Since we get most of our news from Korean sources, I think we as international fans of Hallyu get a rather warped view of how popular Hallyu really is in Japan.

          • Mystisith

            Thanks for the data. *Processing*. 🙂

          • Annie

            *Disclaimer* This is what I’ve come to understand from some cursory research, so please feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken…

          • D'andra

            I agree with you there. The whole Hallyu wave is overestimated. What I realize as well is that some individuals think S. Korea is the only “HOT” place out there for dramas/music and whatnot. I mean Japanese dramas are great as well. and yeah I bet it will get the FH2 treatment. I just finished watching FH2 and while it was not a good drama it was *hard to not look at* if you know what I mean. With all the ridiculousness, divaness and the predictable side. It was a fun watch and shows the varied acting styles of the actors/actresses. I hope atleaste City Conquest is similar! I was really hoping to see KHJ in this drama. I thought it would have shown a different side of him and that we can really see his acting skills… but say what there will be another drama for him out there!

        • Sajen

          I think the problem is that judging by the recent dramas Japan has put out Japan no longer knows what a good drama is or what good acting is.

          • Annie

            … care to explain? Generalizing a whole industry on the basis of a couple of lackluster dorama seasons strikes me as a bit shortsighted.

          • Moko

            Doramas surely are different from kdramas. So it is a thing about taste I guess. And the culture is also different, so either you like it or you don’t. But…Annie I would like to know more good doramas. Because I have think I never watched a decent one. I mean, they ARE decent. Better explanation would be…I never saw one that would make me scream and crumble, that would make me beat my chest, or maybe run away because of a high cringe factor, that would make me giggle like 13 year old…I never saw such a good Dorama. …maybe it just doesn’t suit my taste. Or … do they really suck?

          • Annie

            @ Moko, I think on the whole doramas are just really restrained, more cerebral than visceral. You’re right, it’s a matter of taste… I just reject the notion that doramas are/have become substandard. Different strokes for different folks.

  5. ch

    oh no….but why can’t they broadcast it when the drama has a very popular star like Kim Hyun Joong??

    • 5.1 shiku

      Because he can’t act.

      • 5.1.1 Minea

        ^ LOL.

      • 5.1.2 D'andra

        lol…Harsh but so true. I was hoping to see this drama because we would have seen a different side of him and thus we would have been able to see his true acting abilities. Well I guess even if it gets a 20/30 min time slot it won’t be that bad. FH2 was not a good drama but it was addicting! It was funny and light!

      • 5.1.3 ana

        he cant act? thats like one of the biggest BS ever!

        • Shiku

          Well show me an example where he could actually emote in his 2 dramas.

    • 5.2 song pong

      check Love Rain’s ratings for the answer.

  6. SH

    I feel bad for the cast and crew 🙁
    Is Kim Hyun Joong popular in Korea? I know he’s very well liked in Japan, hence the investment from Japan in this show. I know some stars have enough credential and reputation to get their shows on air, but I guess those are very few.

    • 6.1 maldita

      He’s ridiculously popular in Korea. SS501 were once the rivals of DBSK, and Kim Hyunjoong’s popularity far, far eclipsed his whole group’s popularity. Then he got cast for BOF and he got even more popular. Bae Yongjoon personally scouted him to transfer to his company once his SS501 contract was ending. They’re making him the next big thing, but the fact that he’s a mediocre actor keeps him from surpassing the likes of Lee Minho, Jung Ilwoo, Song Joongki, Kim Soohyun, etc.

      • 6.1.1 nomu nomu nomu

        I just wanted to note that popular in K-pop land does not necessarily translate to popular in dramaland. Different entity.

        His drama Mischievous Kiss/playful kiss bombed big time ratings-wise.

        • cv

          I thought he did pretty good in that drama. Loved it. :p
          It was light and fluff and he was HOT. ^^

          • nomu nomu nomu

            I won’t rain on your parade, So, I’ll highlight the positive.
            The story was cute and the couple was sweet together. Jung So-min did a pretty good job, even though her character drove me up the wall, she was still loveable. As for the rest… er, the end.

          • cv

            IT’s alright. Different people, different taste… have no problem with other peoples opinion.

            The story was cute, no mean boy or girl. IT’s a happy go cutie fluff that you can watch with a happy heart without having to think about who is backstabbing who–melos which I don’t really care for. hehe
            I’m sure plenty of people didn’t like it…which is fine. I’m one of the few that do. I like watching after watching something else that’s dark and depressing.

      • 6.1.2 manassuper

        lee min ho drama ratings of faith were also below 10%i would say kim soo hyun and song joong ki had a great breakout this year with TMETS AND NICE GUY.BUT lee min ho BOF was a great hit..probablythe most poular actor in term of viewer ratings of all his dramas and splendid acting is lee seung gi…………

        • dee

          Don’t forget Joo Won. 🙂

      • 6.1.3 red

        Popularity and familiarity is different. I think in the kpop scene, he’s popular. And the general korean masses know him. But to say a celebrity is popular in korea, I think a more accurate meter for that is how much CF/endorsements he or she has. It sounds ridiculous but in korea, its a whole different story. Companies spend a lot of money,effort and time in picking out their endorsers, and usually,they have to be both well-known AND relevant. Tvcf.co.kr actually runs a legit top ten every month or so on who has the most number of endorsements.

        Although in Japan, he’s really popular.

      • 6.1.4 red

        Once again, popularity in other asian countries does not equate the same level of popularity in korea.

    • 6.2 manassuper

      may be becoz playful kiss(mbc) had most dismal ratings lee than 5%….but it was popular in other parts of asia….i don’t know he has been releasing japanese albums continously but yet to release a album in korea this year….

      • 6.2.1 ilikemangos

        I don’t think ratings for one show really account for quality of a totally different show.
        Although his acting was totally bleh in playful kiss.

      • 6.2.2 Annie

        What is the basis for concluding that it was ‘popular’ in other parts of Asia?

  7. topper

    I do hope that the production company did not get their funding from the Yakuza. What would Anthony Kim do?

  8. rynea

    I’ve never watched Kim Hyun Joong except for some sneak peaks of BOF, but I always feel like, with the right project, director, and dedication on his part, he can be better than Lee Min Ho. I just hope he can catch a break.

  9. Mystisith

    “What Anthony would do?”: Donnapie has to do a meme with that line.
    “You can live-shoot or you can pre-produce, but you sure as heck can’t do both.” Hot mess indeed.
    “Are we going to see it aired on some random cable channel, cut up into twenty-minute installments, and aired as a daily sitcom now?” I’ve been burnt with FH2. Never again.

  10. 10 dulcedeleche

    What is this show even about? And wwwwwwwwhy would you just start filming and worry about the broadcasting later?

    I’m a fan of pre-production but looked what happened to What’s Up…

    Are the producers not business men? Do they not understand the concept of sunk costs?

    • 10.1 Ivoire

      Hi dulcedeleche, what happened to What’s Up?

      • 10.1.1 Mystisith

        Hi Ivoire! Poor drama had his lot of production problems…

      • 10.1.2 dulcedeleche

        What’s up was suppose to debut in March 2011 but hadn’t secured an air date when they had already started shooting. It’s 100% pre-production drama (a really good one at that). I think they started releasing Trailers in Feb 2011, but they still hadn’t secured the airdate…and then SBS cancelled that drama timeslot completely.

        They eventually found a cable time spot later on in December (i think) . My that time the lead was in army duty and Daesang had the car accident incident…so I’m pretty sure it didn’t get that much publicity when it aired.

    • 10.2 Ivoire

      Also, just out of curiosity (and ignorance on my part, probably), does anyone know of any drama that went straight to DVD, if that has ever happened?

      • 10.2.1 dulcedeleche

        Tamra Island? No actually they did air…but got cut and then the full version was on DVD.

        • Bernadine Moore

          omg….I JUST started watching/turned on Tamra Island on Netflix a couple days ago, watched about 2 minutes (literally…maybe less) and was so HORRIFIED I turned it off as fast as I could grab my controller! OMG OMG….how in the world does something like that happen???? I was sitting there staring at a blank screen thinking…did I just see what I thought I just saw?? I’m too afraid to go back.

  11. 11 jambo

    ISN’T Kim Hyun Joong popular in Korea? I thought he is already a Hallyu star. I know he’s well known in the Philippines. I guess, I’m just surprised this question is being asked.

  12. 12 queencircles

    What’s up was a good preproduced show … paradise ranch, not so much. I don’t have high hopes lol. But yeah, pitch it to other stations wtf? Confused about that..

  13. 13 rose

    I can’t believe it!that’s so funny…

  14. 14 Nana

    I can’t believe this! I mean, recently we were watching like a dark cloud on top of this dorama, but I was hoping it was still going to be aired, and I still do. I won’t loose my hope until 17th or an official statements says it is cancelled 🙁

  15. 15 jomo

    It really is difficult to read these newses now without referencing KOD, which is a fabulous filter.

    KHJ may be acting his heart out, and doing well (It COULD happen) but, if the script is so-so to start, and then gets worse (It DOES happen.) who is going to take the risk and air it?

    Whether it is a stinker, so they stopped filming, or whether they ran out of money, so they stopped filming, it sounds like it is time to cut your losses. Doesn’t anyone else worry everytime you hear “investment from Japan?” Maybe the guy died and the son isn’t interested?

    KHJ would be wise to take the project as a way to improve his drama-filming knowledge and acting skills, and run.
    What does he have to lose here? Saying that your schedule doesn’t allow you to continue is valid. I mean, he is a singer and entertainer, right? There must be a concert coming up somewhere.

    • 15.1 casualobserve

      Yes,he’s loaded with his forthcoming concerts.

      But what’s happening to that drama sucks. There are so many dramas that are being aired that suck as well I can’t stand going past episode 1.

      From the press releases,teasers and cast, CC has the characteristics of a drama potentially good .

      So what is wrong ? Unless the TV stations want to co-produce it and they are doing some arm twisting now. Uh -oh do they have to show that dark side now ?

      As far as KHJ is concerned ,we may not know it but the guy has invested a lot of efforts -is that all practice for the next big one instead -that is also time lost, opportunity lost for him to do other things he must have turned down for this drama.

      But you may be right there, charge it all to experience.

      But it still sucks.

    • 15.2 Ryoko

      I think KHJ might be very personally attached to this project. On an episode of Family Outing several years ago he mentioned that City Conquest was his favorite manhwa. In other interviews, I think he said that he loved the series so much that he always wanted to make it a reality (so to speak). Put this together and KHJ is one of the main driving forces behind the drama and not simply an actor cast to play the lead. Personally I feel for the guy; it just seems sad to me that if one of his dramas wasn’t going to make it to the air, it would turn out to be the one in which he is emotionally invested. Maybe he’d be able to turn out some decent acting in a role that he loves.

      Anyway, perhaps more importantly, if City Conquest doesn’t air we don’t get to see Nam Goong Min! Agh, somebody give him the lead in a good drama, stat.

      • 15.2.1 Just Me

        I think you’re referring to the manga “One Piece”, not City Conquest. I read that “One Piece” was his all time favorite manga.

  16. 16 confused


    I still don’t understand the difference between pre-produced and live shoot :s (could be cause I’m kinda new to doramas and all…) somebody kind enough to explain this to me? pretty please?? xD

    • 16.1 shiku

      Pre-produced just means all of it is filmed before its aired. Live shoot means that the show is being filmed as it airs which means little to no sleep.

    • 16.2 Mystisith

      Pre-produced is what is done for movies and maybe 1% of the dramas: You shoot all at once, do the editing than patiently wait for your product to be bought and aired.
      In SK, almost all dramas are produced with the live-shooting system: 2 X 65 mins of drama to provide each week.

  17. 17 DayDreamer

    Totally reminds me of the track in KoD when Anthony was trying so hard to get the time slot for his drama. *puts on What Would Anthony Do? bracelet*

  18. 18 Ashley

    My heart is breaking right now, KHJ fighting!!!! On the positive side, this is one less drama I would have to try to keep up with on top of a 16 hour class load.

  19. 19 Maris

    I am surprised by the news. I was under the impression that KHJ was extremely popular in Asia. Some Idols with equal or lesser acting skills have had popular dramas on the main channels. Also, I believe he was appearing on a drama after a long interval so many fans were eagerly waiting for the drama. The fault cannot totally be blamed on him. Surely there are other unknown factors in play.
    Whatever the reasons, I would have watched at least few episodes if it was aired.

  20. 20 ~~ July ~~

    I am surprise at the news! BUT I have a feeling that another network will air it … maybe in cable. One of this networks will see the $$$ wise they will make. This drama was sold to other countries just by name alone when Kim Hyun Joong sign to do it.

    IF this is a good drama or not … it won’t be the first bad one to air (*.~)

    • 20.1 shiku

      The problem is that the big 3 already has a set schedule for next year. Most cable channels also may have a full schedule. But you never know.

  21. 21 mel

    His lack of acting talent and previous drama being a complete flop might have something to do with this choice. Though it’s unfair to put the blame only on him. KBS just isn’t that into you City Conquest.

    • 21.1 canxi

      Agreed. While it sucks what is happening to the drama, I can’t say I have been particularly excited about it.

      • 21.1.1 minhoswife

        Agree also! I’m a huge KHJ fan but I’m not excited about City Conquest per se. KHJ should look for a less serious role that would fit his “lack of acting” ability. Sorry, like I said, I’m a huge KHJ fan but seriously, he can’t act! City Conquest is like City Hunter wannabe..

        • Biscuit

          It was in during his time acting in “less serious roles” (BOF/PK) that even then he was deemed to lack any acting ability.

          Boy should just stick to variety. Or

          • Biscuit

            …or do a WGM spin-off show with Hwangbo.

  22. 22 Damselfly H

    Oh gawd. I hope they are not going to pull a Poseidon. Having that “what it could have been feeling” in the back of your mind while watching the drama is never a good thing.

  23. 23 Suzi Q

    Was wondering what happened to City Conquest…

    Watching KOD..Why are some of the problems coming up like the drama? Boy! the KOD writers are good.. Just call in Anthony Kim…WWAD?

    WOW! Reality bites! Seriously, I thought Kim Hyun Joong was hot entertainer of the moment although his acting skills are less than stellar.Hopefully they need to pitch it pronto to another network and start filming again before more looming schedule conflicts.They definitely need a Plan B at this point.

  24. 24 Anvesha

    I love how any conversation about behind the scenes drama of a drama goes back to Anthony…

    I didn’t think this drama will have trouble Herron a slot because compared to FH Take 2, this looks much better.. Superficially speaking.

  25. 25 Mar

    Interesting. Definitely some behind the scenes drama on this drama lol. My understanding is that this thing presold to foreign markets like hot cakes. I have been keeping an eye on it because I am one of the few people on here that liked him in BOF and even PK. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor in the world but I think he’s suited the roles he was cast in. His eyes are expressive. I was wondering why it was so under the radar, no previews, posters, etc., coming out. I was beginning to to think it had hit budget problems. Who knows, right. KHJ just released a new album in Japan, I thought he was pretty popular there, and in Korea, and well, the Asian market. I cannot even imagine how stopping production on this drama has screwed up everything from continuity to actors availability. What a mess.

    • 25.1 Bernadine Moore

      I liked him in both too. So you and are both ‘one of the few’. I didn’t think either role were ones that expected much more than what he gave them, so was satisfied with what I got. And everyone has to start somewhere. The poor kid is under a very hot spotlight being who he is and what he is, so I find it hard to criticize him until he gets a few more shows under his belt. Seems like he (and the rest of SS501) are pushing themselves way too much though. If you try to accomplish too many things in too short of a time, you end up with no quality in anything. He should probably not be trying lead roles yet, unless, as was mentioned above, he has found a role he loves and is doing well in it. My feeling is, if things are going this badly, it’s probably because the show sucks. If it was good they would be hot to grab it. 🙁

  26. 26 acciovino

    Can someone explain what happened with Full House 2?

    • 26.1 canxi

      Basically it’s this same situation–it was trying to find a time-slot for like 2 years, then it was released in Japan before being released in Korea–and even that was only after it got on a cable channel and it’s episodes were split in two. Cable channels are still pretty…unpopular? Can’t think of a better word, so, if you live in the States sending a drama to a cable channel is like the Korean equivalent to sending a show to a Friday night time slot in the States.

  27. 27 reyna

    isnt it weird that everything the we hear about a drama…we now equate to WWAD (what would anthony do) hahaha

    • 27.1 sjkwifey

      “What would Anthony do?” should become a game. Period.

      • 27.1.1 Mystisith

        That’s an idea! A Monopoly where you would have to air a drama: Rivals, hurdles, bribery!

  28. 28 baleful

    If they want to sell this drama they will make KHJ 
    a nudist mute gigolo. Lots of actions scenes, a few bed scenes, tons of shower scenes and no dialogue.

    • 28.1 Mar

      That would work for any hot actor. Yeah, I said it. I support equal opportunity sexploitation. 😉

  29. 29 eve

    I hope this drama will airing soon, i want to see Kim Seung Woo even it just a few episode. 😀

  30. 30 marie

    His actung is amazing! After reading Hana Yori Dango (BoF) i realized he did a perfect protrayal of Rui (Ji Hoo) like perfect!! In PK i think i also portrayed the arrogant jerk really well too! It didnt gwt high ratings but it became really popular overseas, even YouTube launched a mini sequel of it. So the cancellation has nothing to do with his acting. Hes not the best, but with the right character he will be!! City Conquest at the the end will be broadcasted, i know it!

  31. 31 verte

    Am I the only one who thought of Namja Ramyun when EGGS were mentioned?

  32. 32 AngellaWong

    Hahahahaha…It didn’t surprise me coz KHJ seriously cant act~!

    • 32.1 Nasty Beans

      Wu Chun also doesn’t know how to act yet he is getting dramas and movies offer. KHJ acting is better than him.

  33. 33 marie

    Tell which of his characters was emotional? Ji Hoo was the serious type and Seung Jo was the ahole type. You cant expect them to suddenly burst out crying or showing extreme amounts of emotion. Im sure youve seem twilight, would you have rather prefered him acting as the male version if Kristen Stewart????? I know i don’t ….

    • 33.1 shiku

      With both shows you had to figure exactly what he was emoting as he can’t act. He even said he didn’t want to act and was just put on the show by his company. And he knows he sucks at it!

      Aren’t you prejudiced as you assume everyone who criticizes him is a twilight fan? Where did you get that from as I can’t fathom how you would link the two?

      • 33.1.1 Nasty Beans

        I think what Marie is trying to say is that both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting criticize in their acting and yet their movies are still doing well.

  34. 34 marie

    I never said i was a twilight fan, but mostly everyone has at least seen a movie. The actress over does absolutely everything. I think he portrayed his characters pretty well, and especially Ji Hoo, he did id exactly as he was made in the manga. Kim Hyun Joong is by far, currently, not the best but his acting is not bad either, thats my point. He did say he had not wanted to act but he also said he would like it if a good role came along, and im sure that role was in City Conquest

  35. 35 Marie

    Finally someone who understands me 🙂 Thats exactly what I was trying to say. He should be judged once he has tried different kinds of characters, not when hes only done 2 similar ones. And if he is anything like he was in WGM id say his acting was really good then. There was absolutely a big difference from himself and his characterals. And yeah, I agree with you but maybe theyre trying to do as much as they can before joining the army….
    I hope the broadcast station changes their mind because the plot really didnt sound so bad, and plus this is his chance to show a more …. human character along with his acting skills.

  36. 36 suzy

    Ok… this is sad news.
    First of all… I just want to say that I think that KHJ’s “bad actor” label is a tad bit unfair. Lets look at the roles he played and the people he was acting beside.
    In BOF- He played Ji Hoo… who was such a flat character. There really wasn’t much there for him to work with folks. He played an eccentric teenager who was traumatized at a tender age and has never talked or socialized much since. HOW ELSE WAS HE SUPPOSED TO ACT? lol. And he was lecond lead male to Lee Min Ho, who was playing an extremely expressve bratty rich kid who falls in love and changes his ways. That about closes the deal for any stunning acting that may or may not have happened on his part.
    In PK/MK- He plays the part of a genius expressionless jerk. HEEEELLLOOO? The guy he plays is supposed to be aloof and standoffish.
    KHJ got jipped in the ccasting of both of these dramas. I am not saying that he is an acting genius, I am just saying that his true acting ablity is probably not best depicted by the whopping two roles that he has played. Inexperianced coupled with the fact that the chemisty with the cast was a tad off is not really his fault. (Could anyone truly say that they could see Ji Hoo and Jan Di together as a couple?? *especially with Lee Min Ho waiting in the wings?*)
    Soo producers? The smart thing to do would be to spin this as a sequel to City Hunter, tear the first couple of episodes apart and insert Lee Min Ho as City Hunter for a couple of episodes-while putting scenes with both KHJ and LMH faaaaaaarrrrrrr and few between-, come out with a couple of kick butt trailers, and start pitching it to anyone who will listen. That would probaly be one of the only ways to get this thing to air. Just make sure that KHJ is better than great because critics would have a feild day with sub par acting.

  37. 37 ButtFlaps

    You crazy, you so crazy!

  38. 38 Rachel

    just air the DRAMA you’ll never know how big it will get, besides you have one of the most big time Korean Singer/actor as the leading man what are you worried about. I don’t really care about the drama I just want to see him on a Tv show it’s been awhile now,it’s about time to see him on a drama. I will watch it I don’t care how good or bad the ratings it would be I just want to see on Televion

  39. 39 vanessa

    Kim hyun joong Mexico esta contigo…. fighting!!!

  40. 40 vanessa

    Kim hyun joong Mexico esta contigo…. fighting!!! Acabo de leer en la red una noticia KBS si pondra al aire city conquest, por fin podremos verlo. Te amo khj.

  41. 41 Rubie_rubz

    Are there any latest news about this drama I have actually been waiting for this to air.. Can’t wait to see it. I hope they would take into consideration the people who have been wanting to see this drama. Many fan are getting hooked by the main actor so I hope they would release and air it as soon as possible.

  42. 42 Lammy

    Oh come on khj is a good actor. I ve only seen boys ova flowers nd i think e did gr8. I was able 2 relate with his character coz he was deep. Sometyms i think about ji hoo nd regret dat he s alone. Lee min ho got a better deal acting a brat, i mean seriously?? Dats like a typical role. Dont get me wrong, i loved city hunter, he was totally awesome. Buh dey ve had diff roles nd i cant see lee min ho playing ji hoo. He doznt seem like e has d patience or d look. I want 2 c city conquest sooo bad. Just 2 c khj again

  43. 43 karie

    This is messed up…. I wanted to see this drama…. Im a little disappointed that I may never see it … Ive been hearing its because of the political issues in the drama and somethings about N. Korea…. I just feel like thats a lame excuse to not air the show… and yes their bad for not going to the other station and just relying on KBS

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