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Drama awards preemptions for King and School
by | December 27, 2012 | 126 Comments

Bad news for addicts: our Monday-Tuesday drama dosage will be greatly reduced next week, due to the end-of-year awards ceremonies scheduled to air in their time slots. Monday December 31 is the day for both KBS and SBS Drama Awards, and well, you can’t really air dramas while you’re trying to award dramas, can you? So sadly that means both King of Dramas and School 2013 will be skipping their Monday broadcasts, and will resume on Tuesday, January 1.

King of Dramas, because of its extension, will still have one episode left to air the following week, and has decided to add a special to end on an even count. So Episode 18 airs January 7, the special on January 8, and then its follow-up drama, Yawang, will premiere Monday January 14.

School 2013 hasn’t announced any plans to either extend or reduce their episode count, but they have time to figure that out since it’s still early on in the series. Preemptions are never a good thing for ratings momentum, but when you’re live-shooting dramas during the holiday season, sometimes a break is a godsend. Hopefully both shows get some much-needed sleep for cast and crew, and will return to their respective awesomeness by the new year.

Here, have some mind-blowing, character-breaking cuteness from the set of School to tide you over:

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126 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arhazivory

    NO! NOOOOO! I can’t wait another week for KOD!


    *falls over*

    • 1.1 Arhazivory

      *gets up*

      The BTS pics are really cute though. Hehe~

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        lol that’s how i feel about School! how will i survive on one episode next week only?!

        p.s. i am kinda freaked out that jung-ho can smile…

        • fangorn

          …and have dimples, too.

          • Byul

            he’s actually relatively cute…*shakes herself and looks at the monitor again*…the boy ain’t all that bad;)

          • lemonade candy

            give me back my only source of entertainment! *yes, i don’t have a life outside*

          • bishbash

            He needs to stop playing the bad guy/rebel role like, NOW!

        • Fab

          Sooo cute, hard to believe the rivalry…

        • hallyukid

          lol right..Jung-ho being so not like him. If he plays the adorkable nice guy in his next role, I think I’ll lose my mind.

          • dbsklove


    • 1.2 monch

      IKR, I can’t either

    • 1.3 Elaine

      After that ending and NO PREVIEW?!?!?!

      And now the last episode will be pushed to the week after?!?!?! ARGH

  2. JoJo

    KOD…Rats! An extension and a special…it’s already becoming a melo.

    • 2.1 katiamon

      So KOD’ style! hahaha

    • 2.2 Mystisith

      The only reason why I tolerate the delay for KOD: Time to write the final episode (if it’s not good, then I fly to Seoul!) and some deserved rest for the cast.
      Btw, I really need to know what the special will be about: BTS?, interviews?, Special New Year? Weddings galore? Parody by Big Bang? I’m going nuts with this show!

      • 2.2.1 katiamon

        The director said it’s an unexpected ending, let’s hope it honors its title…
        and you know what? it would be awesome to have a parody of Min Hyuk meeting Brad Pitt??? hahaha, I can’t get enough of him πŸ™‚

      • 2.2.2 Arawn

        I’ll be flying with you. Armed up to my teeth. Grrr!

      • 2.2.3 Orion

        I’ll have my machete ready! I don’t own one, that’s what I call my nails coupled with my rage.

      • 2.2.4 JustSoYouKnow

        Yup, I’m curious too on what the special ep will be about! Maybe they’ll show Kyeongseong Morning? Heehee

        If it’s about interviews, then I’d like to know what KMM do to prepare for this role.

        The wait is killing me too! Each time waiting for a new episode is like waiting for exam results, or medical report…! My heart wants to explode! And this is an understatement!

        While waiting for the next ep, I really really wish someone could Eng-sub the BTS vids! I so do want to know what they’re talking about… sob sob sob

      • 2.2.5 mjfan

        yup , this show is driving me crazy toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,

  3. jomo


    I already have to wait for Alice.

    I think we will need to have a virtual bonfire or something so we can hang out and sing OST songs together and drink virtual beer and wine. Yes?

    • 3.1 Katie

      Thinking the exact same thing. Darn it! No Alice and no King of Dramas?! Next week is going to be hell. We need constant drama updates during that week/end. UGH.

      • 3.1.1 monch

        What? what? No alice??? Really? How? Why? aaaaaah

        • Katie

          That channel has an awards ceremony too! πŸ™

    • 3.2 pipit

      Yes Jomo! I can do all those things!

  4. pogo

    So between New Year’s and the drama awards, no School 2013?


  5. rainbow

    oh no πŸ™

  6. Chisaicherry

    Darnit! The only dramas I’m currently watching are both being stunted?!?

    This is a poop situation.

  7. mysterious

    Lee Jong Seok and Kwak Jung Wook have been playing their roles ofGo Nam Soon and Oh Jung Ho so well that it is kind of weird to see them smiling and looking like, dare I says it…friends?!! It’s really surprising to see Jung Wook smiling since his character never smiles like that. But that just says how good an actor he is; he is so immersed in his character and makes him so real that when he breaks character it seems odd. And of course all the pictures are just beyond cute. Teacher In Jae with bully Yi Kyung and Kim Woo Bin with the spoon?! I’d give anything to be that spoon! I’d give anything to be ANYTHING he TOUCHES!! God I wanna marry that boy!

    • 7.1 TS

      Me too, sigh.

    • 7.2 alua

      Ha ha! That was the first thought I had about that pic of Lee Jong Seok and Kwak Jung Wook too!

      I don’t mind the preemption, because I still have to watch eps 5-8 of School 2013. I looooove the show, but then I’m like Can I really take the heartbreak today? and postpone catching up for another day…

      Love those pics.

      • 7.2.1 Ivoire

        I will be in the minority as well and admit that I actually welcome the preemption. Less distractions for me and maybe more resting time for HeadsNo2, who has been doing a wonderful job recapping KoDs. I still have to rewatch ep.11-14 (and maybe rewatch 15 and 16 too) fully subbed in English, and this turn of events would give me the time (I hope) to do that, and the time to write my thoughts for the comments on the recaps :-).

        • Ivoire

          And as GF said, the cast and crew gets to rest a little as well. That’s important too (actually, that’s very important, come to think of it).

          • alua

            Yes! Very VERY important! Happy for them πŸ™‚

    • 7.3 Denali

      I was like, “Jung Ho’s got dimples? Who knew since he never smiles?” lol

    • 7.4 cheekbones

      For Kim Woo-bin’s fans, have you read this kinda old interview ? When he was Kim Hyun-joong and from White Christmas period.


      He’s close friend already with Lee Jong-suk. I didn’t know that.

      • 7.4.1 inxomnia

        Aww, thanks for that interview. I wasn’t really attracted to Kim Woo Bin initially, but his character certainly is growing on me. So cute to see that they were good friends prior to the show πŸ˜€

        • inxomnia

          Btw, do you know where I can watch White Christmas with Eng subs? Searched it up on Dramawiki and the premise seems pretty interesting.

          • trotwood

            I watched it on dramacrazy.net. Here is the link:


            It is really good and with so many great actors. I kept saying, “oh my goodness. I didn’t know he was in this.” or “look he is is so young here.” One of the best dramas I have seen.

        • TS

          He’s in episodes 9 and 10 of To The Beautiful You, which I’m only tolerating for those two episodes to see him until the next School 2013.

  8. CoH

    *joins the NOfest*


  9. addylovesbwood

    nooo!! but then again yessss!!! I’m really excited about the drama awards and have been voting for the best couple and popularity award!!

    MBC awards on Sunday December 30th!! I plan on watching it live although I only understand a little Korean.

    KBS and SBS are on Dec 31st. I’ll be at work so I can’t watch it live but will download as I get home.

    This is will be an awesome and rewarding experience for me as I’ve invested a lot of time in K-dramaland this year!!!

    • 9.1 Peking_Duck

      Where will you be downloading/streaming the awards ceremony?

  10. 10 bjharm

    no anything that helps keep down the number of episodes they do under that time pressure period is a good thing. Everything goes down hill 95% of the time in k-drama once they reach that point, so less episodes made under that pressure means less time for the script production and filming to go down hill and bringing the acting down with it..after all it hard to stay in character when the writers or producer changing it very week to fit the time limitation.

  11. 11 forgetdeadlines

    I’m spending my Christmas break stressing out on 3 school projects and now the only dramas I’m watching are getting preempted… Will I get a happy new year?

    • 11.1 Ennayra

      Oh no! I hope your school projects turn out really well and you get super super high grades!

  12. 12 a_diva

    i just can’t take it anymore . . . have never understood this korean obsession for throwing a peace sign in pictures . . . but here, it’s in like every SINGLE picture, UGH!

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      Don’t worry: I don’t get it either!

      • 12.1.1 bjharm

        lol maybe becuase they still at war…they have a speacil feeling for the pease sign.

        • roobi

          it’s not just Koreans. all asians do that.

          • Rach^^

            I’m asian and I do not do the peace sign.

          • yay13

            I’m asian too…but never do the peace sign..:)

      • 12.1.2 a_diva


    • 12.2 jomo

      My daughter does it, too.
      I think it has come to mean:
      “LOOK at MEEEE, aren’t I cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?”
      Just like every thing else on Facebook.

      • 12.2.1 starlit

        Basically yes….that is what it represents today.

        I am from the UK and loads of young teens use this sign these days as well as the small heart…. with a little tilt to the head….I am cute!! right right!! I know it!!

        When flipped the other way though…basically means fuck off.

    • 12.3 adette

      wow, why does such a harmless gesture incite such anger/disgust? o___o

      • 12.3.1 alua

        In some places it’s actually a victory, not a peace sign (in other words, given the situational context and opposite meanings, it might not be so harmless at all!).

        Seems to be Lee Jong-suk whose particularly fond of making that sign.

      • 12.3.2 cindy

        you know I heard it is not a good sigh to do on UK.

        It has a not so good meaning behind it…

        I also heard it is like showing the middle finger to people on Australia, is it true?

        • Yasmin

          Nah, we do the peace sign here but it was never really popular…also apparently if you flip your hand the other side, it becomes a swear word *shrugs* the things you hear in primary school πŸ˜€

          But seriously no school and no king :(( what a nightmare, although my exams are starting the week after (jan 11) so maybe it’s a good thing that there are less distractions!

        • Pookie

          yea the V sign. Facing you palms in is an insult in the uk.

          • bjharm

            pretty sayingf f**k you with it around the wrong way in britain and ex colonies…

          • InSu

            “V” was a Victory salute during World War 2, a counter to the Nazi salute.
            Also as an insult, “V” symbolized spread legs.

    • 12.4 girlatsea

      I’ve heard it’s because Koreans like to emphasize having a V-line and so they pose with the V-sign. But I’m not 100% sure

  13. 13 katiamon

    boooo, dramalords!! why are you messing with me? i want to watch KoD!!!!!! and now i have to wait for a week to watch the finale ¬¬.
    you better give me a good finale special, ok????

  14. 14 pigtookie

    No! Funny, I know New Year’s Eve is the day for end of year ceremonies, but they’ll be airing on New Year’s?

    Add that to no Cheongdamdong Alice too, but I think we need a break from last week’s doozy.

  15. 15 crazedlu

    Teeeeeaars! Okay fine, I’ll take one episode of School. Although, I hate it when they throw off the ep count.

  16. 16 addylovesbwood

    On December 25, an official from KBS announced, β€œActor Joo Won will be re-enacting the unforgettable scene from the drama β€˜Bridal Mask’ at the β€˜2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards.’”

    The OST β€œJudgement Day,” which was sung by Joo Won himself, will also be part of this performance. A choir and the famous tenor singer Lee Jung Hyun will appear as special guests as well.

    How EPIC will that be?? **Dies**

    • 16.1 Laurita

      is there a possibility to get subbed that award ceremony or at least watch it raw? I don’t want to miss THAT hahaha :O…

      As for other news, I would say… noooooooooooooo πŸ™
      I am already thinking about KOD all the days, so how can I wait even more …

      • 16.1.1 addylovesbwood

        Yea. It should be easy to find online. I downloaded the KBS entertainment awards on Sunday a few hours after it aired and no it wasn’t subbed…

        • bjharm

          yes you find it easy enough after all it is the one show KBS would have no troubles over seeing all over the web, but eng sub.. you may get clips cut out if they feature people with strong fan base that get subbed over time, but the whole show..doubtfull.

          • Laurita

            I see, thank you all for info. So I will search for the “raw” version (finally, who cares, I can listen Gaksitaaaaaaal without subs too hehe :))

    • 16.2 Ennayra

      Wait, what is “the unforgettable scene”? There were lots of scenes. Now I’m curious. I want Park Ki-woong to be in it!

    • 16.3 redfox

      He will yell “GaksitaaaaAAAAAAAAAL!” so loud all the guests will look like Leningrad cowboys.

  17. 17 Katie

    Andweeeeeeee! No Cheongdamdong Alice weekend or King of Dramas Monday-Tuesday? Seriously. My 2 favorite dramas? Tear. What am I going to do next weekend??!? I hope dramabeans posts a lot of posts so we can all still talk to each other πŸ™

  18. 18 TS

    $#!^ those School 2013 kids look young.

  19. 19 dany

    I knew it! Tsk! So bad, I am going to miss School 2013 on Monday!

  20. 20 Arawn

    Girlfriday: Where did you get this info? Seems that KoD’s official site shows that the next episode will air on 7th of January.

    • 20.1 kellie

      That’s what I thought too. I’ve been preparing for a 2-week hiatus — staring into space & running the Japanese movie Love Letter over & over.

      • 20.1.1 jomo

        Good idea!

      • 20.1.2 ainiseunggi

        I was thinking the same. Love Letter. Just like Lee Go-eun.

    • 20.2 c

      Yes, same with School 2013 too..

  21. 21 kdramapedia

    Man, I spend all weekend catching up only for them to be preempted! Story of my life, lol.

  22. 22 myra

    well, I’d like to know what drama will air after ‘School’ and when will MBC air their drama awards

  23. 23 spoonie


    • 23.1 Lilly

      I think they have sighted the end of those Os traveling off the east coast of Africa now.

      • 23.1.1 Arhazivory

        You should see what those Os did to my tablet screen. The actual Page is a very narrow column. lol

    • 23.2 redfox

      dont scream so louds, youΒ΄ll be heard all the way back to Joseon. the brain fetus will come and take you away

  24. 24 Melmax

    …. Shibrows????….

  25. 25 Noelle

    They are holding hands!!! Cute. Hope that happens in the future. Hold the bully’s hand people! Hold it.

    • 25.1 Arawn

      Yeah. Then he can’t hit you…

      • 25.1.1 Mystisith

        Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. πŸ™‚
        And I’m all for hugs to neutralize thugs.

  26. 26 magnus

    NOOOOOOOO! First CDDA now these two. The drama overlords hate me. This is what I get for not sympathizing enough with the election preemptions killing Wed-Thurs dramas, isn’t it?
    I’ll just sit in the corner shaking from withdrawl of this weekend AND on Monday then.

    • 26.1 magnus

      Those pictures were adorable though, so thank you for that πŸ˜€

  27. 27 elainestale


    and i forgot we only have 2 episodes of KOD left. i feel as if it is not even near the end!!! WHY!!!!

  28. 28 Abbie

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why?! I need my School fix! I hope they continue with their original episode count or get a bonus one, because I don’t think I could handle it if they got reduced.

    And I’m just glad King of Dramas will get a bonus episode plus a special. Kind of surprising because the ratings isn’t that good. But whatever, I love it so there, drama ratings!

    • 28.1 pipit

      Second that! Drama ratings you should hear us! There are million international viewers who love and appreciate King of Dramas and other good dramas that don’t get astronomical ratings you bestowed to lesser dramas!

      You should start thinking globally and e-ly!

  29. 29 Dee Dee

    Why?!! That’s all I have to say.

    • 29.1 Dee Dee

      Well, those BTS photos really lightened my mood. I’m no longer speechless.

  30. 30 DaDa

    Noooo! I’d rather watch KOD instead of some corny, cheesefest, rigged, worthless awards show! UGH UGH UGH

  31. 31 Smile134

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO times infinity πŸ™

    The clift hanger of School is not enough, now this preemption is killing me @__@

  32. 32 ladysarahii

    After Cliffhangermas 2012? NOOOO!!!

  33. 33 heonheemoon

    I am praying for KoD not to go down the overly beaten path of cliche full of amnesia, incurable cancers, birth secrets and eternal blindeness…

    Come on KoD!!!…Please do not disappoint me after such a tremendously well-written and well acted series….


  34. 34 kumi

    Oh, no “Alice” either? πŸ™
    What was that old song … “Now I never get used to not watching next part of “Alice”. πŸ™‚

    • 34.1 JustSoYouKnow

      LOL. Yes, there was such a song!

      My fav Mr Google tells me it’s Living Next Door to Alice by Smokie!

      What a catchy tune! The chorus here:

      Oh, I don’t know why she’s leaving,
      Or where she’s gonna go,
      I guess she’s got her reasons,
      But I just don’t want to know,
      ‘Cos for twenty-four years
      I’ve been living next door to Alice.
      Twenty-four years just waiting for a chance,
      To tell her how I feel, and maybe get a second glance,
      Now I gotta get used to not living next door to Alice…

      • 34.1.1 kumi

        Yup, the tune is catchy πŸ™‚

  35. 35 Aleena

    NOOOOOOOOOOO :'( Schooooooool! How awful πŸ™ My exams are starting next week πŸ™ I was counting on two new eps of School to support me through the terrible time I will go through πŸ™

    But, AW, such cute pics xD !!!!! I will look at these pictures and learn to be patient :'(

  36. 36 Mic

    This is upsetting news. But maybe it means a less dramatic ending? Hopefully?

    Anyways, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jeong Suk from School 2013 did a photoshoot for ‘School 2013’ together. For those of you that want to see the pictures, click on this link: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/10326286.html?view=1044934414#t1044934414

  37. 37 Kate

    Guys, Jung Ho was that smart nerd from Flower Boy Band. Can u believe the character difference?

    • 37.1 sayya

      he was the deaf journalist from white christmas right???

  38. 38 goldeng

    lolololol you all read my mind… while i was reading i wa slike “NOOOOOOOOOOO” too xDD! ugghh i so wanna know what will happen in king of dramas…! the last minuted of the last episode were heartbreaking and depressing :((( wish they can make it a happy ending somehow…
    and those school 2013 pics are shocking XDD well, pretty much jung oh’s and nam soon’s pic together lol i had to rub my eyes and everything! xD

  39. 39 kilmenyanne

    Love all of KOD’s promo pics, but the top one is just SO CUTE

    • 39.1 pipit

      I think that one is the cutest I’v seen so far. Perhaps the best promo IMO.

  40. 40 haaruka


  41. 41 Lisa

    No school 2013 on monday!? Oh well… also the bts pics are really cuteeee~ γ…‹γ…‹ κΉ€μš°λΉˆ ν™”μ΄νŒ…! ~β™‘β™₯β™‘

  42. 42 earthna

    OHMAYGAHD! What will my Mondays be like without King of Dramas? We have to wait another week for the ending? /stabs self

  43. 43 Valleydale

    Too bad Drama Fever and other streaming services won’t be airing these awards shows with English subtitles. I’d love to watch. Musing out loud…I wonder if my lovely Hyun Bin will put in an appearance and present an award at either of these galas….?

  44. 44 Sunny

    Dammnit, I was hoping to finish KoD over the holiday break! I marathoned it and finally caught up. Now I’m not sure when I’ll have time to watch the finale since I’ll be back in school by then :(.

  45. 45 Uhnny


  46. 46 redfox

    hah the V signs. I canΒ΄t wait for OT thread I have something to show you concerning the V sign. a little prank I pulled on christmas eve

  47. 47 Abbyshosha

    The preview its Out alredy, search for it on Youtube, its on The kbsdrama channel so you won’t have a problem. Sadly it does not have subs yet and no one has translated it either, but we have some good glimpses of what happened after the last intrigued scene.

  48. 48 maldita

    At least Siwon has finally cut his hair.

  49. 49 Rach^^

    No nomination list at all??

  50. 50 mjfan

    that poster of KOD is soo awesome , I love them so much , JRW laugh is so pretty , KMM look is daebak ….

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